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File 120856733950.jpg - (29.75KB , 341x289 , girlsfighting.jpg ) [iqdb]
525 No. 525
You stop just before you leave and Hold out the hand carrying the plate of snacks to Shanghai, she does a happy little leap in the air before scurrying onto your hand, up your arm and settles on your head swaying happily.

Stepping out onto the porch you have to take a second to let your eyes adjust again, it's midday now and it's very bright out. A breeze is stirring playing with Marisa's plants and keeps you thankfully cool.

There's chairs on the porch as well as cushions for kneeling on, you could get quite comfortable out here.

[ ] Sit on a chair

[ ] Use a cushion

[ ] Sit on the grass out in the sun

>> No. 528
[x] Sit on the grass out in the sun
>> No. 529
[x] Sit on a chair.
>> No. 530
[ ] Sit on a chair
>> No. 531
[X] Sit on the grass out in the sun.

Ah, nature.
>> No. 532
[X] Sit on a chair.

Fuck that, Anon doesn't need to sully his clothing.
>> No. 533
[ ] Sit on the grass out in the sun
>> No. 534
[x] Sit on the grass out in the sun

Dabido needs a tan.

>settles on your head swaying happily.

>> No. 535
Anything is good here.

>>she does a happy little leap in the air before scurrying onto your hand, up your arm and settles on your head swaying happily.

I awww'd
>> No. 536
[ ] Sit on the grass out in the sun
>> No. 537
File 120857081950.png - (22.52KB , 97x203 , Shaghai1.png ) [iqdb]
Stepping out from the under awning and into the sun, you look for a spot to settle down. The trees are sparse here and there's not much shade about, a great big stone probably set here long ago by some ancient glacier seems like a good spot and you climb on top of it and set down your food and drink. Shanghai jumps off of your head and goes to sit in the slight shade the stone has to offer.

The rock is warm to the touch, feeling uncomfortable you loosen your clothing.
In fact, fuck it! You strip off your shirt and lay on top of it, selecting a sweet bun you start munching absently. You've never eaten food like this before, but then again you don't really have anything to compare it against either.

Laying on your back you stare at the deep blue sky thinking, trying to recall something. Anything. But you keep coming across this great void in your mind, a vast blank spot marked "Memories." The furthest you can recall is the falling dream, something about it niggles in your brain but nothing jumps out at you.

That sleepy feeling over comes you again, you realize that last night you didn't really sleep at all. Your body could probably use a nap, confident that you'll be called back inside before you burn you close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

Random event!

[ ] One

[ ] Two

[ ] Three
>> No. 538
[ ] Three
>> No. 539
[ ] Three

Three is the third option. Three times three = ⑨.
>> No. 540
[X] Three

Largest number means largest disturbance?
>> No. 541
[ ] Three

Three had better be Wriggle >:|
>> No. 542

>> No. 543
>> No. 544
Fuck you.
>> No. 545

I shake my fist in your general direction.
>> No. 546
[X] Two
>> No. 547
[x] Mishap
>> No. 548
File 120857589197.jpg - (80.73KB , 550x527 , 1208446031680.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nothing is coming out right at the moment guys, I'll post after I've taken a break. I may go to be for a bit, dunno.

I offer Wriggle in penance
>> No. 549
*bed for a bit
>> No. 551

Just so there's 5 votes.
>> No. 552
File 120859605882.jpg - (95.76KB , 500x573 , Giant-Praying-Mantis-Attack--34221.jpg ) [iqdb]
Good. Fuck that serial killer.

And don't give me any bullshit about her being a different species so somehow we can't hold it against her. That goes both ways, she can't hold it against us if we hunt her down and slay her like the monster she is.
>> No. 553
File 12085987266.jpg - (19.24KB , 200x200 , raid.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forgot your Raid.jpg
>> No. 554
[ ] Three
>> No. 555
Fail for being a wuss that, by your standards, must hate a good 70-80% of gensokyo's inhabitants because funnily enough, the vast majority has 'human' on their list of suitable foods.

Besides, Wriggle is love no matter what she eats.
>> No. 556
I imagine that most humans in Gensokyo don't like and perhaps even hate Youkai to various degrees.
>> No. 557

Then explain why so many humans gather around 'em, and why if this is so, those with the powers to don't go on crazy ass crusades to get rid of 'em.
>> No. 558
That's why humans live in Gensokyo in the first place, they're the descendants of heroes who fought the youkai. But the youkai vastly out number the humans so the battle would by a Pyrrhic victory for who ever wins.
>> No. 559
You sound like the type to end up in abusive/manipulative relationships (if at all)
>> No. 560

Except for the fact that, y'know, Reimu can kick pretty much everyones ass almost single handedly.

Wait, what? Exactly what has that got to do with this?

All i mean to say is that you can't diss the Youkai of Gensokyo based on their eating habits otherwise you have to refuse the vast majority of the gensokyo populace too. You either accept that they are goddamn youkai / whatever other monsters, of you can get lost. If 552 wants to be pissy about Wriggle eating people, then i damn well don't want to see him saying anything nice about any of the other youkai or similar because that'd just illustrate blatant hypocrisy.
>> No. 561
We can't expect to exterminate Wriggle, so the only way to reduce her consumption of human is through love and friendship.

Also, you don't want to piss her off. Giant fucking bees, man.
>> No. 562
File 120862512058.jpg - (81.31KB , 500x714 , alice.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Hey..... wake up." A sweet soft voice murmurs in your ear.

Eye lids fluttering open you are greeted by the sight of Alice bent over you gently shaking your shoulder. You find your self gazing into her deep blue eyes, her face framed by her hair hanging past it.

"Come on it's time to go in, we'll be having dinner soon." She says as you sit up.
"You're staying for dinner?"
"Well I could hardly leave you in the hands of Marisa's cooking, could I?" She smiles softly at you. "I'm making dinner tonight."
Stretching you look around the sun really has moved on and is beginning to set setting the sky ablaze with orange, you guess you were out here for longer than you thought you'd be. Turning to Alice you notice she hasn't moved her hand and more importantly your still not wearing a shirt, meeting her eyes she blushes and quickly withdraws her hand.
"Oops!" She turns her head. "I'm sorry."
You apologize in turn and look for your shirt but it isn't there, the snacks have all been eaten too.
"Alice can you see my shirt?"
The two of you search around the rock for the missing garment but to no avail, you're sure you were sleeping right on top of it....
"Oh! David!" Alice picks something up and holds it out to you, it's a bunch of wild flowers bound with a loop of grass. You have no idea where they came from, upon closer inspection it seems that some of them have been slightly ravaged and have plucked petals or torn leaves as if who ever picked them did so in a hurry or angrily. You wonder who could've left these here...
"Did you pick these for me maybe?" Alice says half joking as she smiles winningly at you.


[ ] "Uh.. Yes!"

[ ] "Sorry Alice these are for Marisa."

[ ] "I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me."

[ ] "Wasn't me who picked them, leave 'em here."
>> No. 563
[X] "I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me."
>> No. 564
[ ] "I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me."
>> No. 565
[x] "I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me."

So she took our shirt, and left us flowers?
Nightbug moe~
>> No. 566
She also ate your food and tore the flowers out of the ground forcefully
>> No. 567
>Nightbug moe~

I am now thinking Wriggle making love to us forcefully.
>> No. 568

[x] "I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me."

Wriggle molested us in our sleep.
>> No. 569
Well, exactly how often has she ever had to pick flowers before? Probably never i'd wager.

You sir, are my new god.

[ ] "I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me."
>> No. 570
Tying you down with webbing, riding you until you're raw and then biting your head off and laying her eggs in your chest.


Running her delicate fingers over your bare chest, laying her head against you to hear your heart beat.....
>> No. 571
[x] "I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me."

>You have no idea where they came from, upon closer inspection it seems that some of them have been slightly ravaged and have plucked petals or torn leaves as if who ever picked them did so in a hurry or angrily.

>> No. 572
>Tying you down with webbing, riding you until you're raw and then biting your head off and laying her eggs in your chest.

Why this sound like a good idea?
>> No. 573
Point of contention, wriggle is generally seen to be a firefly youkai - not a mantis. Get yer insect mating habits straight there.
>> No. 574
[ ] "I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me."
>> No. 575
>She also ate your food

Yes but she didn't eat her us, her preferred food. Therefore, we should leave food outside regularly for her regularly.

And oh god the image of her huffing the scent of our shirt.
>> No. 576
i think it was mentioned in an interview with ZUN somewhere that most of 'em would eat human food over humans if given the chance... but uh, don't trust me on that unless i can find the proof of that being said.
>> No. 577
[x] "I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me."

Shanghai was with us, she'll know if we lie.
>> No. 578
We get a powerfull flashlight and flash that at her untill her pants are wet?
>> No. 579
[x] "I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me."
>> No. 580
Shanghai took a nap too. You have no idea how.
>> No. 581

Perfect Memento means they're particularly a threat to livestock, but can be placated by leaving food out for them.
>> No. 582
I'm pretty sure Wriggle doesn't embody any specific insect, but rather, insects in general.
>> No. 583

Independent doll confirmed?
>> No. 584
Shanghai is like a mini personification of Alice, she only has the illusion of free will. Like a persocom, compare her to uhh. That maid one I forget.
>> No. 585
No, she does state 'I'm a firefly' at one point, (Though i forget who she states it to).
Either way, everyone gets hung up on the whole 'insects eat / lay eggs in their mate' crap which is actually not anywhere near as common in the insect world as people seem to think.
(That, or some people have been reading Franken Fran lately... which does have such a scene, heh)
>> No. 586
>>"Not only did the females prefer the faster flashing males, they really preferred males who were faster than the average male in the population. Some of the females would flash back to those mediocre males who were just around average but the really slow flashers didn't get the time of day," Branham said.

Just found this on google, think you're faster than the average firefly anon?

Still, it makes me think of all those fire flies around her as stalkers trying to get in her pants.
>> No. 587

Poor Alice
Your doll is more moe than you~


Reimu\Yukari, I believe.
>> No. 588

Well her official title is "Stage 1 Boss, a Bug of Light Wriggling in the Dark"

Likely she's "firefly" in the way that Mystia is a "night sparrow". None of them over 10%.
>> No. 589
You have no idea what mental image that gives. Anon must flash fast enough to impress Wriggle? Hahaha...
>> No. 590
I lol'd
>> No. 591
So how long does it usually take for corn to update?
>> No. 592

He's quite slow, I'd go have some tea while waiting.
>> No. 593
Not slow, he writes a fuckton. Both modes of writing (A whole shitload with slower posts vs. lotsa smaller posts w/ lots of decisions) are both viable styles.
>> No. 594

Told you guys she was like a little wooden persocom.
>> No. 595

Slow is slow, regardless of how much text comes with it.
>> No. 596
It is indeed updated at a slower-pace. He himself said it would be.
>> No. 597
>>"Oh! David!"
Sorry Marisa, this name... It's an eyesore.
>> No. 598
File 120863094099.png - (18.77KB , 400x400 , alice.png ) [iqdb]
"I didn't pick them. I think someone left them for me." You say as Alice hands them to you.
"Who would go around giving you flowers?" Alice sniffs turning her nose up, you frown at her. "Oh, I'm sorry I must sound like a total bitch."
"Well, let's get back to the house then. Maybe Marisa has a shirt I can wear."
"Shanghai come!" Alice commands extending her hand, sleepily Shanghai climbs over the edge of the rock and floats lazily to Alice's hand.
"Bad girl Shanghai, you should've kept a look out for him."
The doll give a demure curtsy and takes her place floating behind Alice faithfully.
"Well, shall we go?"
Crossing the garden Alice rests a finger on her chin and says.
"You know, if you give me some time I could sew you a new shirt if you'd like. It's better than wearing Marisa's hand me downs don't you think?"
She doesn't even wait for you answer before continuing.
"Yes, that's what I'll do! I'll have it ready in a couple of days, is that okay."
All you can do is stammer out a thank you in the face of her aggressive kindness.

"Looking good there Davey -ze." Standing at the porch leering and grinning at you is Marisa, suddenly you're embarrassed to be so exposed and fold your arms across your chest.
"Don't make the poor boy blush Marisa, go find him something to wear." Pushing past Marisa, Alice steps into the kitchen and puts on a apron.
"You may as well go take a bath while dinner is on -da ze." Marisa chucks a towel at you. "It's the third door on your right from the hall way."

Between them the girls eject you from the kitchen and close the door on you, at first you can't help but feel slightly offended until you catch a whiff of your self. How long was it since you last bathed you stinky bastard? Standing shirtless in the hall way you think you can hear the girls talking as they work.
"Pay attention Marisa and maybe he'll survive the week..."
"Bite me Alice -ze."
Looks like you should stay clear of the Kitchen for now.

[ ] Go take a bath. Third door on the right.

[ ] Explore the house.
>> No. 599
Yeah, but as long as I imagine it as being pronounced the isreali way, I can live with it.
>> No. 600
Sorry about that, I could've been faster but I was hanging up wet clothes and talking to my hall mates at the same time. Also I have a fag on MSN right now too
>> No. 601
[X] Go take a bath. Third door on the right.

We should've taken Shanghai with us into the bathroom.
>> No. 602
[ ] Explore the house.
>> No. 603

Maybe we should invest our AP in Ranged Attack, so we will become known as "The Archer".

And, eventually, as just "Archer".

Or as "David the Ranged Attack Master". Either one seems like an improvement to me.
>> No. 604
[X] Go take a bath. Third door on the right.
We'll just end up making mess with going around house.
>> No. 605
[ ] Go take a bath. Third door on the right.

If Shanghai slipped into our pocket, then Alice is officially a closet pervert.
>> No. 606
Go to Remilia and ask her to give you Star of David
>> No. 607
[x] Go take a bath. Third door on the right.
>> No. 609
>>If Shanghai slipped into our pocket, then Alice is officially a closet pervert.

And this would be awesome. We could strike a few poses
>> No. 610
[ ] Go take a bath. Third door on the right.
>> No. 611
Oh ho~ Why not molest Shanghai while bathing
>> No. 612
[X] Go take a bath. Third door on the right.

Anticipating hijinx.
>> No. 613

I suddenly had the thought of Shanghai rubbing our dick appear in my head.
>> No. 614
[ ] Go take a bath. Third door on the right.
>> No. 615
A Shanghai is fine too
>> No. 616
[X] Go take a bath. Third door on the right.
>> No. 617
If something funny won't happen in the baths I'm going to be one sad Anon
>> No. 618

I believe that applies to all of us.

Except for *Scorn*. He, like Kira, just loves to see us squirm. Just not to as high of an extent.
>> No. 619
while bathing cirno comes around and freezes the water
>> No. 620
File 120863538938.jpg - (47.00KB , 612x351 , 1208439824279.jpg ) [iqdb]

The bathroom is much more lavish than you ever expected, you recall Marisa mentioning something about hot springs under her house at some point. Whatever the reason the bath it's self is huge, like a small swimming pool filled with warm soapy water.
Not wasting any time and eager to soak yourself in that inviting water your strip down immediately and lower yourself into the bath, the water is at the perfect temperature and it feels like you're melting into it.

All the tension releases from your body as soon as it's submerged, you lean back and allow your self to relax totally as you wriggle your toes.
You simply lay there for a time enjoying this feeling of total contentment.

Next to you there's a disturbance in the water, opening your eyes you can't believe what they see. Sliding into the water next to you is Marisa, totally naked! Her nubile body glistens as it sinks delicately into the water. Before you can even react however you feel something slippery and soft press up against your back, whipping your head around you see Alice pressing her naked body slimy with soap against your body.

Without a word Alice begins to kiss you and run her slippery hands over your chest, her tongue explores every inch of your mouth and leaves you gasping with excitement. A hand slides along your inner thigh, you try to turn to look but Alice holds your head in place and kisses you further, gently tugging the back of your hair. Out of the corner of your eye you see Marisa positioning her self between your legs and running her hands up and down your inner thighs, drawing ever closer to your throbbing member.

As Alice begins to tweak your nipples and rake your chest with her nails, Marisa takes your straining cock into her mouth. You nearly blow your load right there an then, but you maintain enough presence of mind to hold it back and stretch out your hand to begin stimulate Alice's clit. Alice moans into your mouth and begins to buck her hips trying to grind your hand into her harder. Mean while Marisa's tongue stimulates the head of your penis and massages your balls with her hand, you really can't last much longer!
Soon you blow your load all over Marisa's face while Alice comes to a mutual orgasm from your nimble fingers and let's out a shuddering cry.

Sliding into the water with you Alice begins to clean your cum off of Marisa with her tongue, alternately licking and kissing her. While Marisa rubs your cock getting you hard almost immediately. Grabbing you by the shoulders Marisa bears you on top of her then turns and grinds her ass into your crotch.
"Fuck me. Fuck me from behind!" She wails at you, Alice slides in front of Marisa and buries her face in her cunt. As Marisa begins to lick Alice you enter her tight cunt, you're a little surprised to see a little blood mix in with the water but this only serves to drive you wild with passion and you begin to ram your cock in and out of her tight cunt.

You can feel her cunt gripping and squeezing your cock with every thrust, every orgasm she has clenches around your cock so tight you can barely move it for the next thrust. Your rampant thrusting sends waves rippling through the water.
Marisa's own cries of pleasure are muffled in Alice's cunt as she probes deep into her friend's pussy. Alice practically screams with orgasms as her body shudders again and again.

Soon you find your self at the point of orgasm, you pull out of Marisa and let loose a stream of cum that spatters over her back and Alice's breasts.

"Me! Fuck me now!" Alice desperately cries rubbing her pink cunt, Marisa grabs you and pushes you into position and begins to bite your next as you enter Alice.

She practically cums as soon as you enter her, as she pants Marisa begins to massage your balls from behind.

"I'm cumming!" You yell, your balls straining to unleash their fury.
"M-me too!" Alice pants, "Cum with me!"

You furiously pound Alice's cunt, the wet slap of your skin against hers and your mutual groans fill the air. Grabbing your hand Marisa forces you to touch her swollen cunt.

"I'm CUUUUUMIIIIING!" Alice cries and a stream of shit erupts from her ass as she comes to a full body orgasm. The water turns brown as wave after wave of poop leaks out of Alice's ass hole, Marisa wades over to her and begins to finger her butt making the shit spray out around it.
"Good girl Alice! MORE MORE!" Marisa cries as she forces Alice to have another shit spraying orgasm. Tears of pure joy stream down Alice's face as she slowly turns the water brown, lumps of feces float past you as you stand stunned.
>> No. 621
File 120863551264.jpg - (139.02KB , 522x373 , 1208554768397.jpg ) [iqdb]
That's me done for tonight, I'm going out. Maybe I'll post tonight if I'm not too drunk or perhaps tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the fapfic.
>> No. 622
[x] wat
>> No. 623
>> No. 624
The hell?
>> No. 625
File 120863578755.jpg - (84.14KB , 635x480 , rekku57.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 626
File 120863585161.jpg - (38.42KB , 522x373 , 1208554768397.jpg ) [iqdb]
This isn't canon BTW
>> No. 627

>> No. 628
File 120863642156.png - (26.96KB , 500x500 , y.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 629
File 120863694730.gif - (84.55KB , 138x120 , 1182758193301.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 630

He does this because where GM wants to drive us crazy and Kira wants to fuck with our heads - Scorn just wants us to end up crying ourselves to sleep.

>> No. 631
Good going Scorn! I for one fapped.
Thank god.
>> No. 632

It was good going until Alice started leaking.
>> No. 633
File 120863998210.jpg - (144.15KB , 503x297 , what3.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 634
File 120864559518.jpg - (117.27KB , 453x400 , Alice5.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 635
File 120864793282.jpg - (71.84KB , 1024x768 , 1196537327181.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 636
It is only for this post that I am not hunting you down and raping your family and murdering the one who fucked with your head in such a way as to make this seem hot.
>> No. 637
File 120865099040.jpg - (44.48KB , 600x454 , respectknuckles1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 638
File 120865208982.jpg - (127.06KB , 400x400 , Marisa1.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 639

[x] WAT
>> No. 640
To be honest, I don't really feel like archiving that post.
>> No. 641
Do it.
>> No. 642
>> No. 643
>> No. 644
File 120865845848.gif - (1.96KB , 128x94 , Ultros.gif ) [iqdb]
I was reading your post and I couldn't help but think, that is one shitty story.
>> No. 645
How dare you call my work ..... a pile of crap
>> No. 646
File 120865993844.png - (18.17KB , 300x309 , RAGE3.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 647
File 120869537562.jpg - (7.51KB , 280x268 , air18.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 648
File 120871729513.png - (210.71KB , 500x600 , 120865538179.png ) [iqdb]
It's probably not the best idea to go wandering your host's home while only half dressed you decide, dropping the flowers into a small vase in the sitting room you step out into the hall way and open the door to the bathroom

What you see surprises you ....... you're shocked to see so much pink! The tiles and walls are all done in a light pink, pink towels hang from steel rails attached to pink tiled basins with white ceramic fittings and brass taps. Clustered around a pink framed mirror above the sink is a collection of small fragrant pink and purple bottles. Along one wall are a set of baskets. For a moment you wonder where the illumination is coming from, a quick inspection of shell shaped scones on the wall reveal a collection of purple crystals that emit a soft slightly tinged light.

You shake your head and smile even Marisa must have a girlie side you suppose, but you never imagined something like this. Locking the door, you approach the bath. It's a large brilliant white ceramic deal with big clawed brass feet and piping to match the sink, you're amazed at it's size considering it probably only see one person using most of the time. Long hot baths must be one of Marisa's vices you suppose. The entire bathroom is much tidier than the rest of her house, this room must be the bastion of the tom boy's femininity you guess.

Twisting the taps a stream of steamy water shoots forth into the bath, waving your hand through the collecting water it feels like it's at just about the right temperature if perhaps a little too warm but you can probably afford to leave it alone for now.

Stripping down to your skin you have a moment before the bath fills up.

[ ] Check the cabinets

[ ] Open up the baskets

[ ] Wait for the bath to fill
>> No. 649
[X] Check the cabinets

Might as well. Might be some bubble bath in one of them.
>> No. 650
[ ] Check the cabinets
Rule number 1 in someone else's bath: make sure you have fucking EVERYTHING before you get in.
>> No. 651
[x] Check the cabinets
>> No. 652
[ ] Check the cabinets

[ ] Open up the baskets

double vote
>> No. 653
[ ] Check the cabinets
>> No. 654
[x] Check the cabinets
If we find Marisas pink vibrating magickal mushroom I'm going to lol
>> No. 655
[ ] Check the cabinets
>> No. 656
File 120872087025.jpg - (43.60KB , 542x688 , 1208669533910.jpg ) [iqdb]
You reach under the sink and open up the cabinet reasoning that they'll be soap and such here.

Other than the pipes leading from the sink into the floor there are a few miscellaneous bottles and containers with more foreign writing on them. Not quite sure what is what you open each in turn and check the contents:

One blue jar with a wave pattern on it, contains dried herbs with a pungent smell.
A purple glass bottle with a lead stopper, contains a thick black liquid that has a sickly sweet smell.
A tall twisted clear glass tube containing a slivery liquid with the sweet smell of straw berries, there isn't much left.
A big bar of brown soap. A smaller bar of white soap that smells of flowers.
A squat earthenware jar containing a clear viscous liquid that smells like ammonia.
A pink bath robe.

[ ] Take (choose which items) and put them by the bath.

[ ] Wait for the bath to fill

[ ] Check the baskets
>> No. 657
[X] Collect underpants
[X] ????
>> No. 658
[ ] Take (choose which items) and put them by the bath.

All of em'
>> No. 659
[x] Take tall twisted clear glass tube and put them by the bath.
[x] Take soap
[x] Check the baskets
>> No. 660
[X] white soap
[X] Check the baskets
>> No. 661
[X] Take white soap, twisted clear tube, and bathrobe, and put them by the bath.

Lulz, Marisa, we gon use your favorite bathing supplies.
>> No. 662

I meant the white soap here.
>> No. 663
[ ] Take "A big bar of brown soap."
[ ] Check the baskets
>> No. 664
[X] Take the pink bath robe and big brown soap and put them by the bath.
[X] Check the baskets
>> No. 665
[ ] A smaller bar of white soap that smells of flowers.
[ ] Check the baskets
>> No. 666
[X] Take blue jar, brown soap.
[X] Check the baskets.
>> No. 667
[ ] Take "A big bar of brown soap."

I don't want to smell pretty.
>> No. 668

The "brown soap" is actually a hardened momento from one of Alice's "accidents".
>> No. 669
Enjoy your *squeeze* bar...
>> No. 670
File 120872238771.png - (132.29KB , 453x400 , Alice2.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 671
Why would Marisa keep something like that?
>> No. 672
I don't want to know, I don't even want to THINK about it.
>> No. 673
[] Items: Bathrobe if it fits, white soap, twisted tube. Nothing else.
>> No. 674

When she's all alone she uses it to pleasure herself.

Enjoy that image.
>> No. 675
Great. Now I'm imagining her filling herself with those Alicebars, sticking them up her asshole.
>> No. 676
Stop giving him ideas
>> No. 677

A better question is why did she carve it out to look like soap?
>> No. 678
>> No. 679
I bet Alice did a bit of tub girl in that bath.
>> No. 680
It's her hobby?
>> No. 681
[x] Bathrobe
[x] Flower Soap
[x] Strawberry perfume.

We're gonna walk out of here clad in a pink bathrobe, and smelling LOVELY.
>> No. 682
You grab the brown soap, the tube that smells of strawberries and the bath robe as well as a towel and put them beside the bath on one of the ledges.

Unable to resist any longer you walk over and open one of the baskets, inside are Marisa's unwashed clothes. Dresses, undershirts, skirts and a few hats are in this one. Opening the next you find bed clothes, sheets and towels.

Your heart begins to race, you already anticipate what might be in the last basket. With trembling hands you open the lid and behold it's bounty. Jumbled in with various bloomers are Marisa's panties and bras. Just seeing them sets you breathing heavily as you are filled with both excitement and fear of being caught.

[ ] Grab a bra and put it on

[ ] Grab a pair of panties and sniff them

[ ] Wear the bloomers on your head

>> No. 683

I know you. I wish not to see what depths of debauchery any other decision will bring.

Plus, you know, if we're caught we'll be boned horribly. In the bad way.
>> No. 684

Those options would be lulzy to get caught in, but no other good could come from them.
>> No. 685
Other than resisting there is one choice that will not kill you if you don't act retarded.
>> No. 686
>> No. 687
[ ] Grab a bra and put it on

[ ] Grab a pair of panties and sniff them

[ ] Wear the bloomers on your head

>> No. 688
>> No. 689


>> No. 690

I'm on a mission to show that Anon learns from his mistakes.
>> No. 691
>> No. 692
>> No. 693
[x] sniff a pair of soiled bloomers

oh baby
>> No. 694
You guys are being so boring. I'm giving just a bit longer to pluck up your courage, the correct choice will offer an extra life.
>> No. 695
[x] put on panties
[x] strike a pose
>> No. 696
>> No. 697
[ ] Wear the bloomers on your head

We'll be pitied for being an idiot? If not this, the panties.
>> No. 698

Stop tempting us to gamble! You know we're addicts.

It's way too difficult to guess which patently perverse action would be right, anyway. Better to keep a life than lose one in the vain attempt to gain another.

That said,

[X] Grab a pair of panties and sniff them

We might be able to pass that off as picking up stray laundry. The other options involve wearing the clothing itself, which would is pretty hard to talk our way out of.

Damn it.
>> No. 699
[x] Wear the bloomers on your head
sounds reasonable
>> No. 700
Somehow I doubt we'll be changing our mind.
>> No. 701
[X] Grab a bra and put it on

Red 23!
>> No. 702
File 120872906970.jpg - (156.68KB , 676x507 , 120309863276.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ ] YES

[ ] NO
>> No. 703
[ ] NO

>> No. 704
[ ] YES

Let's mess shit up.
>> No. 705
[x] NO
[x] Wear the bloomers on your head

>> No. 707
[x] NO
>> No. 708

[x] Wear the bloomers on your head
>> No. 709
[x] NO
[x] Wear the bloomers on your head
>> No. 710
[X] NO

C'mon, Anon! Take a chance! That bra's a sure thing, I know it!
>> No. 711
[ ] YES
>> No. 712
[x] YES

ITT we see how a writer can easily lie and manipulate Anon.

Also, I didn't even vote to leave them alone.
>> No. 713
[ ] YES
>> No. 714
[X] No.
[X] Grab a pair of panties and sniff them.

Come on, we can actually get away with that one, right?
>> No. 715
File 120872953349.jpg - (19.71KB , 240x320 , 1208307552825.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ ] Grab a bra and put it on

[ ] Grab a pair of panties and sniff them

[ ] Wear the bloomers on your head
>> No. 716
[X] Grab a pair of panties and sniff them.

This one is the least retarded, and the easiest to come up with an excuse for.

The others are going to make appear completely insane or deviant right off the bat.
>> No. 717
[x] Grab a pair of panties and sniff them
>> No. 718
File 120872971111.jpg - (41.38KB , 306x600 , Hentai Kamen.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Wear the bloomers on your head
>> No. 719
Your logic is, uh... hm.

[X] Grab a bra and put it on

Never mind.
>> No. 720
[x] Grab a pair of panties and sniff them.
>> No. 721

Hey, I'm right. It's easy enough to claim you picked up a pair of panties because you jostled the basket open, or they were laying around.

How are you going to excuse WEARING their undergarments?
>> No. 722
You're an ass, Scorn... "A Descendant of the True Ass" ass...

[X] Grab a pair of panties and sniff them
>Locking the door, you approach the bath.
Incognito safe option is incognito! Let's pray Shanghai isn't in here with us
>> No. 723
Oh-ho let's insult the DM~
>> No. 724
[x] Wear the bloomers on your head
>> No. 725
[ ] Wear the bloomers on your head
>> No. 726
Given Marisa's character, she'd only laugh her ass off about it. May even join you.

Still, door's lock, [X] SNIFF 'EM, FAGGOT!
>> No. 727

Please don't hurt us.
>> No. 728
File 120873080648.jpg - (44.10KB , 430x630 , 120865752428.jpg ) [iqdb]
PANTIES WIIIIIIIIN! (remember folkes it's most over an hour or first to five during peak times.)

You can't stop breathing so fast, you're a beast. An animal driven by lust. Fearing discovery you work quickly, taking no time to select a particular pair. The ones you grab are so adorable you almost loose it there and then, a light pink pair with a chibi tiger on the back. You almost faint when you see the tiny stain of period blood on the crotch.

Unable to wait any longer you raise them to your nose and inhale deeply. The aroma is powerful, seems Marisa is the kind of gal' to wear the same pair a few days in a row. The delicate sent tinged slightly with a delicious hint of blood is so heavenly it gives you a raging erection, to think that these were so close to Marisa's tight little.... (1UP!)

[ ] Stash them in the pockets of your clothes

[ ] Hide them in the pocket of the bath robe

[ ] Put them back and get in the bath.
>> No. 729
He's not, in fact, he's relish the fact they're being thrown. Insults only means he's doing it right!

Now on to spam-voting. [X]SNIFF 'EM FAGGOT!
>> No. 730

Don't be a faggot.

Bring it on.
>> No. 731
[x] Put them on and pose
>> No. 732
[X] Put them back and get in the bath.


Now to avoid losing that extra life down the line, I suggest we dispose of the evidence. Impulse tempered by reason.
>> No. 733
[x] Put them back and get in the bath.

1 LOL and 2 UGHHs. You're something, Scorn...
>> No. 734
[x] Put them back and get in the bath.
>> No. 735
[x] Put them back and get in the bath.

Funs over. Now take a bath you damn pig.
>> No. 736
[x] Put them back and get in the bath.
>> No. 737
The mist of lust clears from your mind, Marisa may notice if there's a pair missing so you replace the panties after one final quick sniff and finally get in the bath after turning off the water.

As you slide into the water you can feel your cares melting away, the water is fine and seems to wash the tension right out of you.

Next to you there's a disturbance in the water.....

It's a pumice stone! Floating in the bath next to you, probably for scraping dead skin off your feet.

Just as you begin to consider using one of the various soaps you grabbed there's a knock at the door.

"Davey? It's me -ze! I've come to collect your clothes for washing, I'll leave you something to wear. I'm unlocking the door so make your self decent!"


[ ] "Don't worry it about it, I'll wear them again!"

[ ] "Come in!" Strike a pose

[ ] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain

[ ] "Wait a second!" Get out, wear the robe and open the door your self.
>> No. 738
[X] "Come in!" Strike a pose.

I can't resist.

Besides, it's Marisa. She'll probably just laugh.
>> No. 739
[ ] "Come in!"

Aren't we in a bubble bath? Decent enough
>> No. 740
[x] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain

The pose was so fucking tempting.
>> No. 741
[ ] "Wait a second!" Get out, wear the robe and open the door your self.
>> No. 742
[ ] "Come in!" Strike a pose
>> No. 743
[x] Put them back and get in the bath.

Just get in the bath, you degenerate.
>> No. 744
[X] "Come in!" Strike a pose

Air guitar with your penis! ROCK OUT WITH YOUR COCK OUT!!
>> No. 745
[x] "Come in!" Strike a pose
>> No. 746
[x] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain
>> No. 747
[X] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain

Man, that pose was tempting, though.
>> No. 748
File 120873240731.jpg - (122.97KB , 986x334 , ginyutrapforce.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Come in!" Strike a pose
Ginyu Force pose.
>> No. 749
Oh dear....
>> No. 750
[ ] Put them back and get in the bath.
>> No. 751

Did we just fuck up? I thought you told us to live a little?
>> No. 752
[ ] "Come in!" Strike a pose
>> No. 753


>> No. 754
[ ] "Come in!" Strike a pose
>> No. 755
[ ] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain
>> No. 756

Quit being a faggot
This will be awesome
>> No. 757
This always happens to me. As soon as I've got the 1-Up, I die.
>> No. 758
File 120873342639.jpg - (222.26KB , 500x516 , 120775958560.jpg ) [iqdb]
After all that effort you walk right into this one.....


"Ready or not I'm coming in -ze! Nya!" Your timing is immaculate, just like you, leaping onto the edge of the bath you spread your legs wide stretch one arm out to the sky and flex your bicep with the other exposing your rippling manly chest and giving Marisa a good eye full of your junk.

You could cut the silence with a knife, Marisa simply gawks at your exposed genitals. Taking that as a good sign you say.

"How about you go grab Alice and wash my back."

Reality kicks in as does her disgust, grabbing items off of the counter she throws them at you yelling.

Unable to defend the projectile toiletries and balance at the same time you slip and crack your head against the tiled floor, you feel something hot, wet and sticky against your head matting your hair. Your head swims as you look up, Marisa's face turns ghostly white and she runs out of the room screaming.

"Marisa! What's all the commotion about? David what did you do to he-" As she steps through the door way Alice freezes, you try to lift your self up and hide your nudity but all it serves to do is expose your cock to her before collapsing into a pool of your own blood again.

"AIIIIIIEEEEE! SHANGHAI GET RID OF IT!" The last thing you see is Shanghai give you a sad little bow before a bright light fires from her tiny hands.


You had a score of 7
Continues 3
Roll back one post?
You have hints turned: ON

Yukari: "Wisdom is knowing when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em! Did you know that Alice likes to eat a traditional Japanese breakfast?"
>> No. 759

Roll back one post.
[X] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain
>> No. 760
That was worth it.
[x] Roll back one post
[x] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain
>> No. 761
Way to go you fucking idiots. We wasted a life.
>> No. 762
Roll back one post, please.
[ ] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain
>> No. 763
[ ] Back 1
[ ] "Wait a second!" Get out, wear the robe and open the door your self.
>> No. 764
No, it wasn't. If Marisa had sucked us off before Alice blew us to kingdom come, THAT would have been worth it. That... was just pointless.
>> No. 765
Roll back one post

[x] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain
>> No. 766
[X] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain.

Life surrendered, status quo maintained.
>> No. 767
Dammit, people.

[X] Roll back one post
[X] "Hold on!" Draw the shower curtain
>> No. 768
File 120873517710.png - (77.52KB , 294x264 , 120866475616.png ) [iqdb]
You feel a lurch, in fact you can barely stop your self from vomiting. For a moment the water feels icy cold as your mind recoils from a terrifying void.

"Hey! Are you listening to me -ze?"

"Hold on a second! I'm just drawing the curtain." You say immediately, almost unbidden. For a moment you wish to rebel and do ..... something. Already it's fading from your mind.

Shaking off this feeling you draw the curtain across the bath, it's translucent so you can make out the shapes of the bathroom beyond but nothing distinct or detailed.

"Ready or not here I come -ze!" The door opens and a blurry outline of Marisa steps through.
"Please excuse me!" She says bending down, presumably to pick up your clothes.
"I'll wash these now, you can have them back in the morning. I've left you some of my gardening clothes for you to wear. If you need soap or whatever it's in the cabinet beneath the sink, okay?"
"Yeah I already found some."
"Good, good! Don't use the strawberry stuff okay? It's my favorite! If you do I'll give your a thousand lashes -ze!" Exiting she shouts behind her. "Enjoy your bath!"
And closes the door, you're so relieved you didn't snag her panties otherwise she's probably find them as she turned out your pockets.
Leaning back to try to enjoy the bath again.

[ ] Use the brown soap

[ ] Use the strawberry stuff

[ ] Don't use soap.
>> No. 769
[x] Use the brown soap
>> No. 770
[X] Use the brown soap

I figured that strawberry stuff'd be precious.
>> No. 771
[X] Don't use soap.

I don't trust you, Scorn
>> No. 772
[x] Use the brown soap
>> No. 773
[x] Use white soap

Let's smell like daisies
>> No. 774
[X] Use the brown soap.

Though it is tempting to use that strawberry stuff. Maybe we ought to exchange it for something else?
>> No. 775
You don't have it

Now why would you say a thing like that? And after all the effort I went through to get you ingrates an extra life that you just threw away!
>> No. 776

[x] Get white soap
[x] Use white soap
>> No. 777
We've only ourselves to blame. Well, I should say, YOU have only YOURselves to blame. Idiots.
>> No. 778
[ ] Use the brown soap
>> No. 779
File 120873609815.jpg - (825.17KB , 846x1200 , normal_good_girl_remilia_02.png.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nice get.

>> No. 780
File 120873663065.jpg - (291.56KB , 689x556 , blargded.jpg ) [iqdb]
Thank you.

>> No. 781
Feeling bad about taking Marisa's favorite soap you grab the hefty brown lump and dunk it into the water with a splash, it's slippery in your hands and soon you're rewarded with frothy bubbles floating atop the water.

You begin to wash throughly with the brown soap, after the surface layer is rubbed off the soap begins to feel a little bit gritty. But while it's hard to get a good lather going on it cleans your skin well if albeit not exactly gently, it lacks any strong scent but that of soap. You take the time to really scrub your self up, you have to really work at it to make enough foam to wash your hair but you insist on being presentable for dinner.

After scrubbing yourself down and lathering up your hair you dunk under the water and float for a while until you need to come back up for breath. The water is becoming cold now and you're starting to get prune hands so you pull the plug and step dripping wet out of the bath and wrap your self with the towel.

Drying the excess water off your body and hair you inspect the clothing Marisa left you. Only your boxers and socks remain where you left your clothes and in their place is a coarse homespun shirt and a pair of grey woolen trousers.

You return the soaps and such back where they came from and hang the towel to dry.


[ ] Wear the clothes left for you

[ ] Wear the robe for now

[ ] Run out naked
>> No. 782
[ ] Run out naked

>> No. 783
[x] Wear the clothes left for you
>> No. 784
[X] Wear the clothes left for you.

Stop trying to get us killed, dammit!
>> No. 785
[X] Wear the clothes left for you

If streaking wins, I swear, one of you's gonna die tonight.
>> No. 786
[x] Wear the clothes left for you
>> No. 787
[x] Run out naked

Do it casually, though.
>> No. 788
[x] Run out naked

Have no fear, men!
>> No. 789
[ ] Run out naked

Brace for impact!
>> No. 790
[x] Wear the clothes left for you
>> No. 791
[x] Wear the clothes left out for you.
>> No. 792
[X] Wear the clothes left for you
>> No. 793

So close! I think anonymous is a pretty cool guy. eh streaks recklessly and doesn't afraid of bad ends
>> No. 794

Shit. I should've spamed that vote.
>> No. 795
File 120873825390.jpg - (192.57KB , 550x500 , 1208726862117.jpg ) [iqdb]
A mad idea creeps into your head....

"Oh ho why not walk into the kitchen naked?" It says. Pinching your arm however wakes you up from this deadly dream and you come back to reality.

Grabbing the clothes you get dressed, they feel a little tight and itchy. The shirt is too short in the sleeve and the trousers too short in the leg but other than that they fit fine. As your putting on the shirt you get a whiff of various smells, mostly the soapy smell of well laundered clothes plus a hint of earth and grass and finally that ever quintessential scent ever present in this house you've come to associate with Marisa.

"Dinner is ready!" You hear Alice cry followed by.
"Yeah! Grub is uuuuuuup -da ze!"

[ ] Hurry to the kitchen

[ ] Sniff the shirt one last time for a better taste of Marisa

[ ]Grab one of the bottles on the counter.
>> No. 797
[] strip

[] strip
[] strip
[] strip
[] strip
>> No. 798
[X] Sniff the shirt one last time for a better taste of Marisa

Make it a quick one though, and

[X] Hurry to the kitchen.
>> No. 799
[x] Hurry to the kitchen
>> No. 800
[X] Strip
>> No. 801
I'm going to stop offering risky choices if people are just going to spam death options. It's not fun for me and it's not fun for you.
>> No. 802

[] I take it back
[] Seriously
>> No. 803
[x] Hurry to the kitchen
>> No. 804
[ ] Hurry to the kitchen
>> No. 805
[ ] Hurry to the kitchen

[ ] Sniff the shirt one last time for a better taste of Marisa
>> No. 806
[X] Sniff the panties one last time for a better taste of Marisa
>> No. 807
[X] Hurry to the kitchen.
[X] Sniff the shirt one last time for a better taste of Marisa.

Better get in there and eat... but delicious Marisa is delicious.
>> No. 808
[X] Hurry to the kitchen.

Prepare to be forced fed food by both Alice and Marisa.
>> No. 809
File 12087412274.jpg - (20.81KB , 351x375 , 1208724710502.jpg ) [iqdb]
Suppressing your fetish desire to partake of Marisa's smell you tidy your self up and hurry back to the kitchen. Already Alice is serving up bowls of a delicious smelling stew into bowls.
"I'm sorry" She smiles at you as you sit down. "She said she didn't want to wait."
"My house my rules, don't you know beef stew must be eaten piping hot?" Marisa says matter-of-factly while chomping down on a spoon full of stew, before spitting it back out again.
"Too hot? Burn your tongue?" Alice chuckles as Marisa blows a raspberry at her.
You dig in heartily into your bowl of tasty stew, the meat and veg have absorbed the gravy making them very tender. You polish off yours and immediately begin to serve your self another, this is the first real meal you've eaten in Gensokyo.
"Good is it?" Alice says gently blowing on hers, you don't stop to speak but nod enthusiastically and smile between mouthfuls.
"Heey! I helped -ze! I boiled the water! Boiled the HECK out of it!"
You all share a laugh over this, this wonderful homey feeling fills your heart with joy and a little bit of despair. You wish you could recall ever feeling like this.

"I know you don't remember much, but did you eat like this often -da ze?"


[ ] "I guess so, I do remember eating something like this."

[ ] "Not really, I don't think I was much of a cook."

[ ] "I think I ate more stuff like noodles and rice."

[ ] "I don't recall, this is good though!"
>> No. 810
>>bowls of a delicious smelling stew into bowls.

Goddamn it scorn
>> No. 812
[ ] "I think I ate more stuff like noodles and rice."

Let's atleast be honest.
>> No. 813
[x] "I guess so, I do remember eating something like this."
Just like mama's cooking ;_;
>> No. 814
[X] "No, I can't recall eating a home-cooked meal with two cute girls before."

Butter them up.
>> No. 815
[X] "No, I can't recall eating a home-cooked meal with two cute girls before."
Also going with this option. Pimp Mr. Amnesia is Pimp.
>> No. 816

lol who's your mama? HAHA YOU DON'T KNOW!

Step off my grill dwag
>> No. 817

I change my vote to this.

[X] "No, I can't recall eating a home-cooked meal with two cute girls before."
>> No. 818
Sounds good to me.

[X] "No, I can't recall eating a home-cooked meal with two cute girls before."
>> No. 819
[X] "No, I can't recall eating a home-cooked meal with two cute girls before."

...I feel I shouldn't choose this.
>> No. 820
File 120874198333.gif - (777.99KB , 196x207 , bawwwww.gif ) [iqdb]
>lol who's your mama? HAHA YOU DON'T KNOW!
>> No. 821
[X] "No, I can't recall eating a home-cooked meal with two cute girls before."

Previous vote deleted. New choice selected.

>>814, you are a goddamn genius.
>> No. 822
[ ] "I don't recall, this is good though!"
>> No. 823
[X] "No, I can't recall eating a home-cooked meal with two cute girls before."

This seem like a good response.
>> No. 824
File 120874241655.jpg - (20.37KB , 250x191 , kaibagendoimpression.jpg ) [iqdb]
>lol who's your mama? HAHA YOU DON'T KNOW!

Low blow, dude...

Also, [X] "No, I can't recall eating a home-cooked meal with two cute girls before."
>> No. 825
[X] "No, I can't recall eating a home-cooked meal with two cute girls before."

in after shit-spraying orgasm
>> No. 826
File 120874330015.jpg - (29.17KB , 360x427 , 1208464698344.jpg ) [iqdb]
"No, I can't recall eating a home-cooked meal with two cute girls before." You say nonchalantly.


"Oooooh Dave! Take me now!" Alice mock swoons.
"Look at him shooting a line like that -ze!"
"Sooo sauve."
They laugh and adopt evil grins.
"We should punish him -ze."
"Make him wash the dishes."
"Someone's gonna sleep outside tonight -ze."
"Yeah put him in the dog house, literally."

The two of them break into fits of laughter while you turn red to your ears.
"All right, s'not that funny."
Marisa punches you in the arm saying. "Okay Mr stud, you can clean up considering we cooked dinner. Sink's over there."
Grinning Marisa leaves the room with Alice in tow, just as she goes Alice winks at you and Shanghai whizzes over to the sink and begins to wash the dishes.

Sighing you get to work with the little doll's help, thankful for the help with the task. At least Marisa's home has pluming you think to your self as you begin your toil.

Eventually you finish washing and drying each item, as you're putting them away you discover a bag of ground coffee and a few cups. Looking around you see a coffee maker on the counter, it wouldn't take long to make enough for three people.


[ ] Make coffee

[ ] Make tea instead

[ ] Ignore it and go to the sitting room
>> No. 827
[X] Make coffee

Mmm, coffee. We can keep ourselves awake.
>> No. 828
[ ] Make coffee

*barista skill +1*

why must everything be brown?
>> No. 829
[ ] Ignore it and go to the sitting room

Who drinks coffee AFTER dinner?
>> No. 830
[x] Make tea instead

Obligatory "because real men drink tea".
>> No. 831
Europe, you filthy uncultured American.

Not that those filthy continentals are any better with their heathen and barbaric ways...
>> No. 832
[x] Ignore it and go to the sitting room

Touche, but still makes no sense.
>> No. 833
Looks like we embarrassed ourselves with that line. It was still worth it, though, just for the positive response.
>> No. 834
[ ] Make tea instead
>> No. 835
File 120874499010.jpg - (124.10KB , 788x740 , silent_sinner_ch10_credits.jpg ) [iqdb]
All right guys, go enjoy the Kira thread. I have a job interview tomorrow and I can't afford to look like a twat. So I'm going to bed despite my desire not to.

I really wanted to get to the end of day 1 but I don't want to do a sloppy job, expect more tomorrow.
>> No. 836
[ ] Go to the living room

I have a sudden urge to play around with Shanghai before bed!
>> No. 837
[x] Make some hot coffee, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 838
good luck tomorrow Scorn!
>> No. 839
File 120876558614.jpg - (50.08KB , 640x368 , 1204109607293.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 840
Heh. Well played.

[X] Make tea instead

I'll keep a finger or two crossed for you. Being unemployed sucks.
>> No. 841
File 120877729060.jpg - (14.87KB , 233x234 , 1208683582750.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well I did the interview, less than ten minuets long if I'm any judge. I was shitting bricks about it all day, I'm still soaked in fucking sweat, yet all they did was take me up to a shitty storage room to tell me about the job and ask if I could work holidays.
The worst part was when they said
"Why is customer service important."
TO which I replied.
"Customer service uhhh is um important because.
I've just really ballsed that up didn't I?"


"Hahha, yeah it's one of those nasty interview questions." She replied, I CAN STILL SAVE THIS.
"Haha! Yeah, as I was saying customer service is important to encourage repeat custom."


"Who is the most important person in the store?"
"Why that would be the customer."

If all goes well I'll be the store supervisor for Sundays and have the choice to do extra hours when I want. I'll be reluctant to give up my semi NEET life style, I was only one letter away before, but I need the jew gold.
>> No. 842
File 120878014090.jpg - (22.53KB , 125x125 , goodjobshinku.jpg ) [iqdb]
God, I hate those idiotic questions:

Why did you choose to work for [insert company here]?

BECAUSE YOU HAVE A "Now Hiring" SIGN OUT FRONT/IN THE PAPER, AND I NEED THE MONEY, YOU DOOFUS!! Feed that "The customer is always right" bullshit AFTER you've given me my schedule and work apparel.

Anyway, seems you did alot better that I would've on those trick questions. Congratulations!
>> No. 843
File 120878065255.jpg - (154.84KB , 451x614 , 120836171646.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 844
>BECAUSE YOU HAVE A "Now Hiring" SIGN OUT FRONT/IN THE PAPER, AND I NEED THE MONEY, YOU DOOFUS!! Feed that "The customer is always right" bullshit AFTER you've given me my schedule and work apparel.

Damn you, now I've memorised it and will propably say that on my next interview, totally subconsciously.
>> No. 845

>>842 >>844
I've totally given up on that question. "Because you're hiring" has pretty much been my answer for years.
>> No. 846
>I'll be reluctant to give up my semi NEET life style, I was only one letter away before, but I need the jew gold.

>> No. 847
Not in
Empolyment or

I'm in education and now may have employment, but the hours are flexible so yeah.
>> No. 848

Fuck yes.

So when is the next update, Mr. European?
>> No. 849
As soon as I'm done fucking around on Yume nikki, if anyone can give me navigation tips that'd help.
>> No. 850

Oh man, I fucking love that game. Have you gotten to the garden in the sky yet?
>> No. 851
File 120879436654.png - (56.93KB , 906x732 , 1208782434620.png ) [iqdb]

Here's some general stuff. I should be able to get a guide through hell up later.
>> No. 852

Also, if you didn't already know, heading directly in a diagonal north west direction after entering the dark world (where you need the lamp form) will get you to the entrance to the prarie-like area.
>> No. 853
Got that already.

How do I go to mars? I've fallen asleep on the space ship but I can't leave now.

I promise this won't become a Yume thread, I'll be done playing in a bit.
>> No. 854

There's some more tips on this /jp/ thread, including how to get the ability to run extremely fast.

>> No. 855

I'm not sure. There's some guides on jew tube, and all I did was try going to sleep. I then tryed talking to the piano guy, but then went back to the bed and managed to get to sleep,
>> No. 856
Lol it was me that posted the fast trick.
>> No. 857

How ironic. Either way, I'm looking foward to more on this story. Has three- no, four of my favourite characters in it.
>> No. 858

IT'S A FUCKING THREE WAY TIE! I just went to count the votes and it's three votes each!

Get voting you niggers. Heres the options as they stand:

[ ] Make coffee III

[ ] Make tea instead III

[ ] Ignore it and go to the sitting room III
>> No. 859
[ ] Make coffee III

Fuck yes! You are the best after dinner drink ever!
>> No. 860
[x] Ignore it and go to the sitting room III
>> No. 861

>> No. 862

Just as planned.
>> No. 863

Just get working on that Wriggle watersports faggot.
>> No. 864
File 120880198454.jpg - (21.05KB , 295x375 , 1208721977774.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Shanghai can you pour some water into that machine please? It should go into that tall bit on the side, half a pan full should do."
Grabbing the coffee and cups as Shanghai pours the water into the boiler, you take a moment to familiarize yourself with it's operation.
It's an intricate machine made of copper with little levers and tubes all over it, a nozzle in the middle rests above a glass coffee pot. You're quite impressed by the whole out fit considering it doesn't use electricity, although a little cafetiere would be easier, a quick check of the sides reveals a tiny pilot light that must be part of the system to heat the water.
A moment's work with a piece of kindling coaxes a flame from the dying cooking fire and into the machine where it sparks into life, within a few minuets it's steaming and hissing merrily. Loading the ground coffee into the hopper at the top, you prey for a moment it has a built in filtration system, and give a few of the various knobs a twist releasing a jet of steam. Throwing the final lever a gurgle emerges from deep within the little engine and a stream of brown liquid begins to trickle into the waiting pot.

Within a few moments it's done, you suppose it brewed inside the machine ready to pour rather than brew as it passed through into the pot. Regardless you're soon finished, the kitchen is now filled with the rich aroma of coffee and taking a little sip confirms it to be pretty damn good if you do say your self.

Loading the pot and the cups onto the tray you prepare to display your work, you wish that Marisa had some brown sugar but you'll just have to make do without.

"Shanghai, can you open the door for me please?" Cocking her head to one side as is her habit she holds the door to the sitting room for you as you enter with a spring in your step. You can't help but feel a little proud of what you've done.

"There you are -ze! We thought you had fallen down the plug hole or something!" Marisa and Alice are sat on the floor around a low table, laying the tray on the table you sit between them.
"What's this?" Alice asks as you pass her a cup, you explain as you pour them each a cup.
"It's coffee, Marisa had some and a maker so I thought I'd try my hand at it. What do you think?"
"I have a what now? Honestly I get so much junk from Kourin I don't know what half of it is -ze."
You keep a careful eye on both of them as they take a sip, for some reason you're very eager for them to like it. Alice keeps a neutral face as she has hers while Marisa frowns and says.
"Ick. Bitter."
You deflate a bit at that, it must be pretty noticeable because she quickly adds.
"Not to say I don't like it, I eat seaweed after all!"
"Thank you David, it's very sweet of you to do this for us." Alice beams at you and a warm feeling spreads through you at this praise.
"Yeah we'll even forget about that little comment of yours earlier -ze."

Just had to add that, didn't you Marisa?

"So how did you know how to make this anyway -ze?" Marisa leans in curiously, "I mean, is this like what you used to do back in the other world?"
"I. I don't think so." You say hesitantly. "I mean, I knew the basic theory yeah. But it didn't feel like something I've done before, compared to say taking a bath or something. Plus there's no reason I would know how to use a non electrical coffee maker."
"Electrical?" This time it's Alice's turn to be confused.
"Yeah, that tame lightening stuff that Kourin uses -ze."
"Oh, so I guess they use that a lot in your world." The two of them seem quite keen to press you for details, seeing as it doesn't bother you you're glad to talk for a while about what you know. Secretly your glad for the attention.

The evening passes this way, you talk about this and that and drink coffee. It's such a mundane and yet enjoyable thing that you could be anywhere but Gensokyo, eventually the sun sinks below the horizon and night draws over the forest.

"Well, I guess I should head home. I'm sorry for imposing so long Marisa." Alice says as she gathers her things to leave.
"Don't worry about it! You made dinner after all, don't be a stranger -ze!" The two embrace standing in the doorway as they bid each other good bye, Alice turns to you.
"Well, it was very nice meeting you David." She smiles shyly at you with a twinkle in her eye.


[ ] "Take care Alice." Hug her

[ ] "I'll see you around." Wave

[ ] "Good night Alice." Kiss on the cheek

[ ] "......."
>> No. 865
[X] "Take care Alice." Hug her

I know what you're thinking, Anon. Don't you do it.
>> No. 866
[X] "Good night Alice." Kiss on the cheek.

>> No. 867
[x] "Take care Alice." *squeeze* her
>> No. 868
[X] "Take care Alice." Hug her
>> No. 869
>"What's this?" Alice asks...


>> No. 870
[ ] "Good night Alice." Kiss on the cheek

>> No. 871
[ ] "Take care Alice." Hug her
>> No. 872
[x] Breasts
>> No. 873
[ ] "Take care Alice." Hug her
>> No. 874
[ ] "Good night Alice." Kiss on the cheek
>> No. 875
[ ] "Good night Alice." Kiss on the cheek
>> No. 876
[x] "Take care Alice." Hug her
>> No. 877
[ ] "Take care Alice." Hug her
>> No. 878
File 12088046132.jpg - (12.18KB , 236x246 , 1208727078864.jpg ) [iqdb]
Taking Alice in your arms you squeeze her against you, wrapping one arm around her waist and another around her shoulders. Her body feels so good against yours the delicate contours of her body, her warmth, her smell.
"Take care Alice."
Alice squeezes you back, her arms making a loop around your shoulders and her face pressed against your shoulder.
Marisa waits.

[ ] Linger

[ ] Don't linger
>> No. 879
[x] Don't linger

wriggle is watching us
>> No. 880
[ ] Don't linger
>> No. 881
[X] Don't linger


This guy got it right. If Wriggle is watching... we don't want her even more upset. Must meet her again and collect delicious tsundere nightbug.
>> No. 882
I thought anon WANTED to know what it feels like to hold a girl in your arms.
>> No. 883
[x] Don't linger
>> No. 884
[x] Don't linger
>> No. 885
[x] Don't linger
>> No. 886
[ ] "Good night Alice." Kiss on the cheek

>> No. 887

Alice isn't a girl. She's a poop factory.
>> No. 888

We do.

Specifically, we want to know what it feels like to hold Wriggle in our arms.
>> No. 889
[x] Don't linger

>hold Wriggle in our arms.
shit, I read that as anus.
>> No. 890
>poop factory

You just described 99,9% of human population.

Congratulations. Was it worth it? Because despite your malicious intentions, the only thing you've managed to break so far is my heart.
>> No. 891

You just had to say that. Now scorn is gonna make this a reality.
>> No. 892
I imagine it feels like a wriggling person would.
>> No. 893
>what it feels like to hold Wriggle in our arm

Like corpse of a little boy. Only warmer. And far more deadly.
>> No. 894
File 120880562569.jpg - (30.20KB , 357x313 , 1208303991257.jpg ) [iqdb]
Reluctantly you disengage yourself from Alice, removing her arms from around your neck. You sense some reluctance on her part as well, even a little disappointment flickers across her face as you release her. Right down to the last second she trails a hand against your arm running her fingers along it before letting it drop by her side.
"Goodnight Alice." Marisa says with a steely tone in her voice.
"Goodnight Marisa." Alice returns in the same tone. "Perhaps I could swing by again this week." It's not a question.
"That'd be nice."
"Wonderful. Come along Shanghai."

Alice turns and steps out the door, just as she begins to float of the ground Shanghai zips in front of you. Gives you a low bow and hurries after her mistress. You and Marisa stand there watching as Alice disappears beyond the tree tops.

Closing the door there is an awkward silence between you and Marisa. She simply stares at you with folded arms.


[ ] "Well, that was fun...."

[ ] "Do you want to talk or anything before going to bed?"

[ ] "Where am I sleeping tonight?"

[ ] Keep your peace.
>> No. 895

Alice produces far more poop than a human. Sometimes enough to fill a bath tub in one go.
>> No. 896
[X] "Do you want to talk or anything before going to bed?"

I'm guessing we'll be sleeping on the couch.
>> No. 897
[x] "Well, that was fun...."
>> No. 899
Oh! That's Wriggle! I can put that youkai in my anus.
>> No. 900
[X] "Do you want to talk or anything before going to bed?"

Enjoy your floor, anon.
>> No. 901

Put her in alice's anus and fire her out like a cannon.
>> No. 902
[ ] "Do you want to talk or anything before going to bed?"

"If I stuck the mini hakeiro inside Alices ass, would she shoot out Shit sparks instead of leaking poop"?
>> No. 903
[x] Keep your peace.
>> No. 904
She's a Youkai, her ability to create feces far surpasses that of humans.
>> No. 905
[X] "Do you want to talk or anything before going to bed?"
>> No. 906
[X] "Do you want to talk or anything before going to bed?"
>> No. 907
File 12088072422.jpg - (27.75KB , 93x97 , yaranaika face.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Fancy a go at it?"
>> No. 908
[X] Keep your peace.

Anything we say can and will be held against us. Don't give her any ammunition.
>> No. 909
Then we will sleep outside with the bugs.
>> No. 910
File 120880759177.jpg - (90.81KB , 455x650 , 7c1d203.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is a bad thing?
>> No. 911
Fuck Yeah sleeping outside with Wriggle sharing her bodyheat
>> No. 912
File 120880809754.jpg - (22.82KB , 326x332 , 1208464213887.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Do you want to talk or anything before going to bed?" You don't know why but you sense that Marisa is a little put out with you, trying your best to apologize without actually broaching the subject you say pretty much the first thing that pops into your head.
Marisa stares at you and sighs.
"No, it's getting pretty late. There's not much to do at night if I don't have any books to read so I'm better off getting an early start."
Marisa begins to consider you again, not wanting to let silence fall again you try to speak.
"It's nothing, don't worry." She looks away.
"You're okay sleeping in the sitting room right?"
Your heart drops, for some reason Marisa isn't happy with you and now your mind is running in circles trying to find a solution. The night was going so well, you really don't want to end it on a sour note.
You keep going over things you could say or do to try and cheer her up as she gets a blanket and pillows out for you, but nothing you think of will work in your mind.

She spreads out the couch for you to use tonight without a word. Now she's standing there looking at you, she'll say she's going to bed soon. You have to act now!


[ ] Hug Marisa

[ ] Kiss Marisa

[ ] Apologize


[ ] Say nothing

[ ] Smile and wish her a good night.
>> No. 913
[x] "Fancy a go at it?"
>> No. 914

>> No. 915
only solution
>> No. 916
[x] Kiss Marisa
>> No. 917
>> No. 918
[X] Apologize

GENUFLECT was tempting, but that doesn't *always* work, while "I'm sorry" rarely fails to sway.
>> No. 919
[X] Hug Marisa
hug -> hueg -> cho-marisa
>> No. 920
[x] Smile and wish her a good night.
This is not a HARAM GAEM
>> No. 921
[X] Hug Marisa
>> No. 922
[X] Apologize
>> No. 923
[ ] Hug Marisa
>> No. 924
who is our target?
Alice or Shangai
>> No. 925
[X] Hug Marisa
>> No. 926
>> No. 927
MINI STATUS REPORT! (while I'm waiting on my noodles.)

To dodge the "disbelief dropping like a stone" problem again I'm gonna give a little insight into what's happening here.

Marisa grew up without a mother, Alice did. Where as Alice has had a strong (if dead lol) feminine influence on her life Marisa hasn't.

Alice understands the situation quite well, in fact she knows one or two things even you don't. Marisa on the other hand doesn't quite get what's going on, she has a more of a girl's attitude while Alice has more of a womans if you catch my drift.

All Marisa knows is that the hug was more than just a hug, Alice was issuing a challenge. She threw the gauntlet down. Problem is Marisa doesn't know what she's been challenged to, how to win it and why it relates to you. She doesn't like loosing but she's playing blind here, combined with the odd feeling she gets around you sometimes she's very confused and more than a little unhappy.

Wriggle is even more clueless than Marisa, she doesn't know if she wants to eat you, murder you, ignore you or give you more kisses.

Another post in a minuet, after dinner.
>> No. 928
Enjoy your dinner. Please let us meet Wriggle again, I wanna try wriggling her nightbug
>> No. 929
A minuet? That'll take at least 7 minutes.
>> No. 930

Then I suppose we owe it to Marisa and Wriggle to help them sort out their feelings. Especially Wriggle.

That aside:

[X] Hug Marisa
[X] Apologize
>> No. 931
Before going to sleep, Anon gets an option to take something (e.g. food) and place it outside.
>> No. 932
...oho. Ohoho. Ohohohoho.

Marvelous. Anon's gonna turn himself inside out. Somebody post that Dante pic, I can't find mine.
>> No. 933

>> No. 934
For an entire 8 pence I can stave off hunger for another night!



>> No. 935
>>"disbelief dropping like a stone"

Eh, It's Alice.
That's alot more believable.
>> No. 936

In before limes.
>> No. 937
File 120881043686.png - (29.26KB , 700x600 , Danteshot.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 938

Ooh, I love fast women!
>> No. 939
Well, you're the doctor.
>> No. 940
File 120881266657.jpg - (32.68KB , 400x400 , 120865208982.jpg ) [iqdb]
You can't help it, she looks so vulnerable.
"Marisa!" You cry and draw her close to you. Wrapping your arms around her trying to convey this indescribable feeling with this gesture, anything to span this gap between you.

You barely hold her for a second before she recoils, misty eyed she says.

"I'm sorry. I-I-I.... Just no... I just don't know..."

And runs out of the room, leaving you wretched and alone. You stay perfectly still as you hear her foot steps pass through the house until they are ended with the slamming of a door.

Your heart sinks, falling from your chest deep through your body past your stomach and to the floor. This perfect night, ruined and you don't even know why. Your brain rejects thought you feel thick headed and stupid, all you desire is the release of sleep. To allow the night to take you, anywhere from here. You collapse onto the stiff couch and cover yourself with the blanket, but sleep does not come immediately. You're forced to lie awake, Marisa's rejection echoing in your head over and over, starring at the room leeched of all color and life until finally. You drift off to a troubled sleep.


[ ] 3

[ ] 2

[ ] 1

>> No. 941
[X] 1

Wriggle was the first girl we met, so maybe Dream 1 will be about her.
>> No. 942
[x] 2

It's the ronriest number. I think.
>> No. 943
[X] 2
>> No. 944
[x] 1

These hands shall never hold anything
>> No. 945
[X] 3
Since this is the first option, and Wriggle was the first girl that we met, it's obvious tha this leads to her. Also, 3*3=9 and Wriggle is part of ⑨ squad.
>> No. 946
[X] 2

There are two scoops of raisins in every box of Raisin Bran, so maybe our dream will be about Will Keith Kellogg.
>> No. 947
Changing this vote to option
[X] 1
Becuase Wriggle was the first girl that we met, and she's at bottom of the list becuease she has least affection points.
Alice was third, and there's most points for her. That why she's first.
>> No. 948

Changing to [x] 1 as well to get this thing moving.
>> No. 949
File 120881338166.png - (20.33KB , 400x400 , 1208736794064.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 950
I don't think this choice matters, as it's going to be the same no matter what we pick, you just want to make us feel like we have some control.

That said;
[x] 3
>> No. 951
[X] 3
>> No. 952
Oh look, it's getting closer to the get. Maybe I'll stay up late so I can steal it?
>> No. 953

Get back to the main board for a SHaG.
>> No. 954
I'm taking Mondays and Thursdays off.
>> No. 955
Just as planned! Well, I guess you don't believe in me who believes in you? Three girls = three dreams.

Or is it? two girls = two dreams + one wild card? Perhaps all the cards are wild?


(no seriously they are different, for example with the first random number I did. 1 = Marisa finds you 2 = you have to survive on your own 3 = Alice finds you. There is method to the madness.)
>> No. 956

I don't pay you to take time off.
>> No. 957
[x] 1
>> No. 958
File 120881373940.png - (11.13KB , 598x448 , 120432197221.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 959

They all end in either scat or water sports right?
>> No. 960
Yeah, I get paid better for actual work I do when I'm not writing lesbian furry rape fiction on Imageboards.
>> No. 961
The secret end is triple futa end.
>> No. 962

>actual work

What is this? Does it involve getting up?
>> No. 963
It shouldn't, if it does then you're doing it wrong.
>> No. 964
...Is it still furry if she's a bug?

Come to think of it, ARE there insect furries? I guess "I am a wolf lol" helps boost a furfag's ego more than "I am a bumblebee worker drone lol".
>> No. 965

You're Vodka, not Scorn.
I keep mixing the two of you up.
>> No. 966

That tends to happen when you have too much vodka.
>> No. 967
I have something special for the 1000 get~!

>> No. 969

I hope this doesn't mean more adventures in leakage.
>> No. 976
Whatever it is, we must get to 1000 soon for it.
>> No. 977
File 120881932988.jpg - (73.97KB , 700x709 , wrigglel.jpg ) [iqdb]
Bioluminescent Leakage?
>> No. 978
I hope...


...I don't know what I hope. Goddamn it, Scorn.
>> No. 990
File 120881987445.jpg - (158.95KB , 700x600 , 1208445329775.jpg ) [iqdb]
You're falling. Falling down an endless black tunnel. But you're not scared, it's familiar feeling. This has happened before, you are safe here. Safe from that confusing world outside of here.

Remembering the real world triggers something, now you're falling through your own memories.
Over and over scene sail past you; Marisa running away, hugging Alice, making coffee, smelling Marisa's panties, waking up to find the flowers, meeting Alice, picking mushrooms.

It feels like your mind is searching for something, you wince at some memories as they rush past and smile at others. But you feel you're drawing nearer to what you seek.

>>"B-baka-kun. S-stop." She whispers breathily, what's going on? Why are you with Wriggle again all of a sudden?
>>You can't think straight all you can concentrate on is her slight form pressed against yours, her warmth spreading from her to you and the tiny fluttering in her chest. Her heart is beating so hard you can feel it.

>>"Baka-kun." Closing her eye and leaning in, her lips brush yours. It's the kiss of a child, no tongue or lip movement. Yet it's probably one of the most intense kisses of your life.

Your mind is filled with searing light, this is the memory you were looking for. Now it can begin.

>>"What's happening?"

".... Well the way you talk about him he sounds like a very pretty human."
"He's a boy Mystia, boys aren't pretty. They're handsome." >>"Wriggle?"
"Is that so~. He's perfect for you then! Wriggle is handsome too!"
"Uwaah! Don't make fun of me Mystia, I'm a wreck as it is...."
You feel as if you're floating, you try to look around but you can't turn your sight away from the scene before you.
There's Wriggle, she's sat at some kind of food stall eating what the cook serves her. The cook seems human at first glance, but the wings and ears give you the hint that she's probably a Youkai like Wriggle.
>>"Wriggle? Why are you here?"
You try to say, but nothing comes out.
"Well," The chef says busying her self with her cooking. "If he's as good looking as you say and you don't want him, maybe you'll give him to Mystia?" She says pointing to her self with a smile.
"LIKE HELL I WILL! I'M NOT GIVING HIM UP THAT EASY!" Wriggle slams her fists on the counter yelling at her friend, Mystia just pulls a sly face.
"Oh ho! So you do want him?"
"Uh? Um." Wriggle blushes sitting back down.
"Well, I don't know what I want...."
"Ah, young love..." Wriggle leaps up again shouting.
"Ahahaha, my bad."
Calming down again Wriggle eats in an embarrassed silence, you catch Mystia smile tenderly at Wriggle before she says.
"You should go see him."
"I did that already..."
"When he's awake I mean."
"I'll come with you don't worry."
Wriggle visibly relaxes.
"Thanks Mystia."
"And we'll bring Cirno too!"
This time Mystia takes a stern look as she speaks to Wriggle.
"Maybe with Cirno you won't try and chicken out."
"That sounds weird when you say it, Mystia."
Finally surrendering Wriggle sits down heavily and lays her head on the counter, Mystia quietly serves her another plate and cleans away the old one.

Before you can linger any longer however you feel a pull, like a fishing line attached to the back of your head pulling you into the darkness.

The scene in front of you zooms out of sight as you are pulled backwards into normal sleep.........

>> No. 992

No leaking?
No lolwut?

That actually feels kind of anti-climatic
I was expected massive rage
>> No. 993
File 120882022326.jpg - (16.09KB , 477x424 , 1208738513987.jpg ) [iqdb]
Seven posts
>> No. 994
Yes, indeed. This is shaping up into quite the perfect triangle.
>> No. 997
I'm going to laugh when you don't get it.

Of course, you'll undoubtably do something very nasty to us out of spite, but it'll be worth it.
>> No. 998
File 12088205602.jpg - (69.92KB , 800x600 , wriggle016.jpg ) [iqdb]

Excellent, we have a chance with delicious Wriggle Cutebutt!

Now, it's only a matter of time...
>> No. 999
I wonder what he has planned. Maybe we'll get a special H scene. Or maybe it'll have something to do with Marissa, Rinnosuke, and a strap on. Either works.
>> No. 1000
File 120882066486.jpg - (89.34KB , 400x500 , 1208447194193.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Settle down will ya', stop squirming so much Wriggle."
Looking up from where she was resting her head Wriggle smiles at you, her eyes shining with youthful love.
"I'm sorry oni-chan~ It's such a beautiful night, I feel restless."
"You're adorable, you know that." You say as you lean in for a kiss. Wriggle's gotten better at it since your first, her tongue dances with yours in her mouth then back to you. By her heavy breathing you can tell she is already getting aroused. Shifting in the grass you lean forward more and free one of your hands to begin caressing her face, she kisses back more passionately now in anticipation of what comes next. But you take your time running your fingers through her hair, playing with her ears.
"Uuuoo, please don't tease me." Wriggle begs the wait is driving her nuts you can tell, her antenna are trembling of their own accord. She redoubles the passion of her kiss wrapping one arm around your shoulders while rubbing your crotch with her free hand, it's unusual for her to be so aggressive and it takes you off guard for a moment. Not to be out done however your sneak a hand up the small of her back and quickly reach out to gently pinch one of her antenna.
She is now totally within your power, unable to do anything more than give into her lust she rubs your straining cock vigorously and pants heavily while you caress and tease her antenna. At first rubbing then pinching, building up her escatcy to a frenzied point it doesn't take long to give her the first orgasm. Her body shuddered violently as each muscle looses control and her mind goes blank to all but the pleasure. Not relenting for even a second you attack her other antenna with your mouth, licking and sucking on it so tenderly she cums again right there and then. A her own crotch is becoming soaked at this point.
"I can't wait any longer! Give it to me! I need it bad! " Grabbing your belt she rips your trousers off with her youkai strength, she's never been as aggressive as this before but you're loving it! Already she has exposed your rock hard penis to the air and is licking and sucking it along it's length, her technique is astounding. You didn't realise she had gotten this good in the time you had been together.
"Oh Wriggle, UNGH!" You gasp as she takes the entire shaft of your cock into her mouth right down to the base, she's giving you the best deep throat in her life! You can feel your cock sliding down her tight passage and hitting the back of her throat, every movement is pure pleasure and her tongue licks and caresses the base while the tip is squeezed by her muscles. Unable to contain your self you emit a hefty load of seamen into her, with each spurt you hear a heady gulp. She's drinking the cum right out of you and she hasn't even stopped for breath!
Fianlly she's unable to take it any longer and removes you from her mouth, cums sprays over her face and leaks from in between her lips as she desperately tries to keep it all.
"Wriggle, you don't have to save it all.." You whisper to her as she licks the cums off of her self and you.
"But I want it all! Oh anonymous, I love you! I want to give it all to you tonight!"

Those words, oh so long have you been waiting to hear those words.....
"A-are you sure my love?"
"Yes! I must! I can't contain my self any longer!"
Her words makes you instantly hard again, finally you will move beyond mere oral sex and become as one. This is a very exciting moment for you, she has been very shy about showing you hers. In fact she's never taken those trousers off, but you've always been understanding and patient. Tonight this has payed off, your mind races. Will it have hair? How tight is she?

"Anonymous, I love you." She says removing her trousers, her cock is easily the biggest you've ever seen. Definitely twice as big as yours if not larger. Her cock and all surrounding it are covered in her thick cum, all those times you thought she was getting wet it turns out she has been ejacualting into her pants.
She tackles you clamping you mouth to hers as she pins your hands by your head, little thrusting movements from her hips push her helmet against your ass cheeks as they seek your hole.
"I've cum so much, I think I can last a good time for you!" She says in between sticking her tongue down your throat, you try to argue but her mouth covers yours.
Wriggle's enormous cock nestles between your butt cheeks having found your tight ass hole, the tip is poking against the puckered opening trying to squeeze in.
"R-relax! Please relax! I don't think I can stand it!"
"Wriggle I don't think it's going to FIT! ARAARGH!"
A searing pain shoots through your body as Wriggle's immense cock tears your anus open, her massive dick is ploughing into your body tearing up your insides. You're sure a trickle of blood is coming from your violated hole. Taking your throws of agony as orgasmic thrashing and unable to stop her self Wriggle begins to slowly pound your tight rectum.
"Oh anon! You're so tight! I love you! I love you!" Over and over she cries as she builds up the pace, for you there is no relief. Each thrust brings it's own wave of unbearable agony as you bowels are practicality torn out of you with teeth clenching pain each time she pulls back.
Time looses all meaning for you, over and over your little love violates you. Ripping open your chocolate starfish further with each load of white hot cum she pumps into your body, you're sure you can feel it boiling into your stomach. You can taste it on your lips.

Finally she is spent, with one final massive gushing orgasm she shoots an unholy amount of seamen into your body before collapsing contentedly.
"Oh anonymous....."
She whispers, laying there she clutches onto you. In your agony you are unable to speak, finally she begins to withdraw her gargantuan knob out of you. But it seems to be the only thing holding your anus together, as it exits a good deal of muscle prolapses with it and a stream of thick cum comes gushing out like a sticky geyser.

Finally you thankfully begin to loose consciousness just as Wriggle says.
"Can I try having you give me oral this time?"
>> No. 1001
>> No. 1002

Wriggle futafucking us?
That's not bad, that's awesome!
>> No. 1003

Well, hey, that first part is definitely fap-worthy. The rest isn't my bag, but overexposure to Touhou futa has desensitized me. That really wasn't bad at all.

Here's hoping you give us a genuine, non-wutlol fap scene once we hit the appropriate point in the story.
>> No. 1004
>> No. 1005

Bugger, I knew I should've ended it with anon shitting blood everywhere. By hentai standards not having that happen makes this romantic.
>> No. 1006
File 120882123649.jpg - (17.10KB , 299x424 , R1007---Sailor.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1007
File 120882131091.jpg - (116.69KB , 485x461 , gilgameshzoom.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1008
it's like a touhou mr.hands

>> No. 1009
Fuck you I'm tired.

In fact, sorry if both posts were a bit poor tonight. The writing juice is flowing less readily now, I have a little something fun (i.e. not H related) planned a some point but I may well take some time out.

I have course work to do anyway.
>> No. 1010
new thread?
>> No. 1011
Don't push yourself on our account. RL always takes precedence. We'll still be here whenever you're ready.
>> No. 1012
Oh wow I lol'd so fucking hard.
>> No. 1013

You're being far too kind for someone who's admitted he enjoys dicking with us.
Stop sounding like a message groupie
>> No. 1014
Bit late but I came.
>> No. 1015
>> No. 1016
>> No. 1017
Not... exactly.
>> No. 1018
File 120883529511.jpg - (41.10KB , 1049x755 , 1205718069170.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1019
Ok that's it now I gotta fap
>> No. 1020
>462 posts and 60 images omitted.

New thread tiem?
>> No. 1021

No need for one since this board is dead.
>> No. 1022
Thread loads forever
>> No. 1023

[Last 50 posts]
>> No. 1024
Only as long as you don't quote somebody or post something.
>> No. 1025

Click "Stop" button or use whatever key combination you have bound to it after quoting.
>> No. 1026
So what will the next mind rape H scene feature?
>> No. 1027
I'll put money on a vore scene with Mystia.
>> No. 1028

Well considering how much anon seems to hate fetishes related to furfags this would probably work.

Combine with fatty touhous for overkill.
>> No. 1029
It will involve Momizi and a bar of chocolate. Whole hell of guro will be unleashed on poor little 10%.
>> No. 1030
Momizi-pop will be the greatest H story yet.
>> No. 1031
...Or Vodka stuff in a Scorn thread?

damn, you people are schizophrenic.
>> No. 1032
I am the hermit crab of Write fags. I wait until they shed their threads for the night, then convert it into a cheap advert for my own thread.
>> No. 1033

So, does that mean you'll update the story when GM leaves to play D&D Toehoes?
>> No. 1034
File 120890633696.png - (19.09KB , 806x262 , General Touhou_1208905894003.png ) [iqdb]

He's taking the day off. Still we have plenty to look forward to over the next few weeks.
>> No. 1035

I see nothing there about not writing today. Just about not writing any silly/lolwut H scenes for a while.
>> No. 1036
Not tonight, Wedensday is my longest day in Lectures and I need to actually start an Essay. But I'm writing it about Bill Hicks so it's pretty cool.

Also, You can help free up my time to make Story Posts if you can find me the lyrics and piano score to Frank Sinatra's "Some where beyond the sea"
>> No. 1037
"Somewhere Beyond The Sea"? Love that song, though I personally prefer Bobby Darin's version. No Piano Score, but...

Somewhere beyond the sea
Somewhere waitin' for me
My lover stands on golden sand
And watches the ships that go sailin'

Somewhere beyond the sea
She's there watchin' for me
If I could fly like birds on high
Then straight to her arms I'd go sailin'

It's far beyond the star
It's near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
My heart will lead me there soon

We'll meet beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
Happy we'll be, beyond the sea
And never again I'll go sailin'

I know beyond a doubt,
My heart will lead me there soon
We'll meet, I know we'll meet
Beyond the shore
We'll kiss just as before
Happy we'll be, beyond the sea
And never again I'll go sailin'

(No more sailin')
(So long sailin')
(Bye-bye sailin')
>> No. 1039
Now we need Scorn to write up a scene in which Wriggle has hatesex with Cirno.
>> No. 1040
>>and piano score
>> No. 1041

>No Piano Score, but...
>> No. 1042
Some old movie I can't regonize started to play in my head
>> No. 1043
Some old movie I can't regonize started to play in my head