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Okay, I've rewritten the last couple of scenes better to my liking. Nothing big has changed so consider it a director's cut rather than a retcon. The biggest change is in Alice's attitude which works better this way.

"You don't understand David, I am not giving you a choice in this matter."

In response to your outburst Alice draws herself up to her full height and glares at you, while she emits an aura of cold calm, you can tell by the way her hands clutch at that book of hers she's not as confident as she shows. For some reason you absently notice her finger nails are all still broken from last night, leaving her fingers looking more like talons than something human.

"You will resist me, fight me, hate me. You may try to run away, you may spit in my face, you may even try to kill me. But,"
With her icy hard eyes piercing into you, she moves her arm with a measured sweeping gesture.
"You will submit to me eventually."
"Love is not sumbisson Alice!"
A cruel smile plays on her lips, every passing second makes you more and more aware of how alien she looks now. She's human looking, but there are small but significant differences that you can't help but notice. The shape of her nose, the slant of her eyes, her high cheek bones and narrow jaw, the curviture of her facial structure and even the shape of her ears all seem ever so slightly inhuman.
"Enough, I'm tired of induldging you for now. I do not wish to hurt your feelings my love, that's why I will not impose my will on you magically, but I no longer wish to listen to your whining. I will call you for lunch when it is ready, until then you have free reign of the house."

With a sweep of her dress she exits the kitchen with Shanghai in tow, leavining you standing there alone with your impotent anger, furiously you bring your fist down onto the hard wooden surface of the kitchen table. The impact makes your hand throb but you don't care, you're beyond thinking about such crass things such as pain right now. The anger boils in your stomach making you feel sick, you truly do like Alice and you'd be lying to say you hadn't thought about her in that way. But what she is doing is intensely wrong, if she would just allow things to develop naturally then who knows how your feelings may have changed?

It's no good, shaking your head you depart the kitchen as well to sit down in the living room.
It's no good.
As much as you're angry at her right now, you said you can't hate her and it's true, you refuse to let yourself give in to hatered like that. Because the one who is really in need of help right now is, Alice. It's clear to you now that she lost something very dear to her in her past, something that made her want to bury away anything even resembling humanity.
Vaguley you become aware of a noise out side, it's faint though so you ignore it.
Now as her humanity tries to resurface as genuine affection, it becomes distorted by her fear of loss and corrupted by her Yokai side. Alice fears loosing you because she doesn't want to get hurt, her Youkai's mind shows her the way to keep you here without regard to you. Is that what a Youkai is? A creature of dispassionate instinct? Some how you don't think you've gotten it right.


A violent cry rings through the air, an earth shuddering angry call like a challange to the universe itself that derails your chain of thought. The voice, is certainly familiar but why?

"Wait a second...."

But you don't have time to dwell on it before the room is suddenly bathed in a bright light streaming in through the window and searing your senses. With a wall of sound that you feel rather than hear you're sent flying into a near by wall as the shock wave knocks you back, pummpling all the breath out of your lungs.

You feel like your head is a deep underwater with every sound booming and distant, your ears ring painfully as your vision swims, you try to stand but your legs give way beneath you sending you tumbling forward. Vaguely you're aware that the whole world seems to be covered in clouds of dust that choke your lungs, feebly you hack and cough.

Then, with a rush of air and blood the world snaps back into a painful focus, for a moment all you can do is clutch at your head in pain. All around you is the sight of splintered wood and shattered glass where Alice's living room has been torn apart by some devastating blast, for a moment you feel giddy and giggle as you imagine yourself the last survior of an atomic bomb. Slowly the swirling dust is cleared by a breeze, the entire front wall has been destroyed leaving an open space to the outside.

Still confused by the blast you stand again and walk haltingly towards that opening, as if instinctively you reach for your freedom, your eyes struggle to focus but eventually with startling clarity you see the four figures standing defiantly before you. Your stomach pratically drops from you entirely, a cold sweat forms on your skin mixing into a disgusting paste with the cloying dust as you realize who stands before you.


>> No. 5088
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With a face that's contorted with white hot rage stands Wriggle Nightbug, her arms folded in front of her, short green hair tossled and cape flapping wildly in the wind. She looks just like she did the night you met her, although considerably angrier. Through a grimace she speaks.

"I found you at bloody last! Baka-Kun!"

As she stalks slowly towards you her hands clenched by her sides and teeth bared at you, you become aware of other three girls behind her. The ice fairy you met the other day, Cirno and the bird girl you saw in that dream, Mystia, as well as a third girl. The third girl is shorter than the rest with medium length blonde hair and a black dress, she looks quite a bit younger than the rest of them and considers you with wide but disinterested eyes.

The trio are stood in some kind of ridiculous pose, possibly co-ordinted by Cirno judging by her enthusiastic stance, with their arms out stretched and pointed at the smashed house, did they do that?

"You....you.....you!" Mumbling that over and over under her breath Wriggle approaches you with fire in her eyes. Yet even as the tom-boyish insect girl stomps towards you with murder in her eyes, you can't help but feel grateful to your little liberator.

"Wriggle! Boy am I glad to see you!"
She stops for a moment, hanging her head and shaking with anger. With her short green hair covering her face she looks incredibly frightening, you begin to wonder if maybe staying with Alice was such a bad deal. For one she could of kept love sick, jealous, confused and stood up little balls of destruction away from you.


Shit. Instinct tells you to flee but with lightening reflexes she sprints over to you and grabs the front of your shirt pulling you down to her level, nose to nose she glares furiously at you and beings to scream in your face. Her fingers tighten around the cloth until she's almost clawing into your skin, the way her teeth gnash before your nose makes you flinch.
Despite the violence implicit in her actions, you can't help but notice the tears forming in the corner of her emerald eyes or the hurt tone of her voice. It moves something inside of you to see her like this, the mental image of the poor thing stood upon that rock in the driving rain all night waiting for you stabs your heart solefully, you want her to know that you didn't forget her. You'd never forget a promise.
"Wriggle please, it's not my fault! I remembered you when I saw you right? So how could I forget our meeting too?"
She hesitates, the fire flickers in her eye for a moment before blazing again, pulling your face so close to hers you could kiss her she gets angry again. But there's an undertone to it now, her words are forceful yet hesitant and breathy. For a moment you're sure she's about to try and press her lips against yours again.
"But you didn't come!"

Without thinking you wrap you arms around this small girl's shoulders and pull her to you body rather than push her away, hugging her tightly she resists for a second trying to look at your face, yet she still returns your embrace.

"I'm sorry Wriggle, I promise I didn't forget. But I wasn't able to meet you, I was stuck here."
"....I waited all night."

She says softly with her hot breath blowing in your ear, you can feel the anger drain out of her as she melts into your arms. Her light form feels so small against your body, yet you can still feel the marks on your chest from where she grabbed your shirt, it's amazing how strong she is for her size.

"Whooo! Go Wriggle!"
In front of you, behind the girl holding you fiercely, you hear her friends calling out to her.
"Hey, save it for later you two!"
"Wait, so we're not beating him up now?"
"I'm hungry~"

Breaking away from you for a second Wriggle casts a glare over her shoulder at them before grabbing your chin and looking you in the eye, those bright emerald pools give you a look of determination.

"You promise you couldn't make it?"
Without even thinking you reply.
"I promise."

With that out of the way she nods at you, letting go of you head she takes a step back and then.

Kicks you in the head, lights explode behind your eyes and stars dance in front of your vision making you stumble back into the dust.
"I still haven't forgiven you yet! You really upset me! But," She reaches out a hand to help you up, going gentle again for a moment.
"I guess that's enough punishment for now, after all you're just a pathetic human."
Taking her hand you allow her to pull you to your feet, even if you do resent that last statment about your race.

"David, why are you letting that ..... thing hold onto you?"
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File 121312999782.jpg - (46.65KB , 575x782 , 1208444724635.jpg ) [iqdb]
The sound of falling scree and rubble, turning away from your little cute bug savior you see Alice carefully picking her way across her ruined living room towards you, her eyes filled with cold hate pointed at Wriggle. At the moment only Shanghai is with her, but you know that Alice could easily summon a host of dolls to fight with should she need to, you begin to worry for Wriggle.

"He's coming with me!"
Brazenly Wriggle confronts the bigger Yokai, so shocked by the unexpected declaration you can't even think to say anything, she taking you where? The air becomes thick with hostility as they begin to square off, Alice scoffs at her opponent with her mouth hidden behind her hand as if she had to deal with something repugnant.
"You? Buzz of you little bitch, you know you can't face me! I'll sqaush you like last time." Ignoring Wriggle Alice turns to you.
"Come over here David, you might not like me right now. But it's better than running off with a man eater."
"He's mine you creepy kidnapper! I'll fight you for him!"
Alice's eyes narrow into slits.
"Are you challanging me, you worm?"

Spreading her legs and taking a low stance Wriggle's head lights up with a yellow glow as her cape flares out, in response Alice shifts her heavy grimoire and raises a slender hand. All around you even with your eyes open you can feel the currents and eddies of mana as they whirl around the two of them, the sensation makes your heart race and your hair stand on end.

"Are we beating up the doll woman now?"

Running towards you the three other girls prepare to join the fight, at the fore front the ice fairy in particular seems raring to fight. The trio take posistion around their friend each with their hands out stretched in some manner, the girl Mystisa in particular is frightening with claws extending from her fingers. In fact you are more than uncomfortablly aware that each of these girls has some twisted inhuman appearance to them that gives them a frightening wild aura. Desperate to avoid confront tation you try to place yourself inbeween them and Alice, anything is better than resorting to violence surely? Maybe if you can get Alice talking long enough you can slip away with Wriggle or maybe convince Wriggle to leave this place in peace.

"Ladies! There's no need to fight, can' we jus-"

All of them snap at you before you can even finish speaking, shot down before you could even suggest it! Well Gensokyo is a dangerous place and if you have power there comes the temptation to use it, all of them are now holding a card of some sort.

"David, I'm giving you one last chance to come over here."
Impassively Alice Gestures to her side with her free arm, the hard look she gives you almost compells you to do as she says. It she using magic again? No, this is something different.
"Baka-kun is coming with me!"

You don't budge, not an inch, not a muscle, but stay firmly planted behind Wriggle as she puts her self definately between Alice and you. Everything about your body langauge says you refuse her, seeing you reject her again Alice's face drops while Wriggle grins triumphantly. Stepping up to the Youkai you've chosen, you lay and hand on her shoulder leaving Alice aghast.
"Come on Wriggle, I don't want there to be fighting."
She smiles at you, as she does you notice how her features light up making her seem very pretty, then lays a hand on yours.
"I understand."
Then without changing expression she pulls your arm and flings you with a body throw towards the huddle of girls to your right.
"Cirno catch!"
"I'm going long!"

Unable to stop yourself sailing through the air as the world spins around you, stomach lurching as the pull of gravity attempts to make you very intimate with the ground very soon you're saved when a pair of cool hands grab you. Looking up you see that blue haired fairy girl cradling you in her arms, despite the fact she's twice as small as you. She smiles down at you from within a mess of blue locks.

"'ello again, hope you appreciate this."
"I still dun't get why we're doing this...."
"Hush Rumia, it's for Wriggle."
"Look out!"
>> No. 5090
File 121313023113.png - (660.96KB , 700x800 , 1212975400752.png ) [iqdb]
Unbidden from your lips springs a warning, without even thinking you shouted that as soon as you saw Alice take to the air after you, catching sight of her Cirno flits away flanked by the other two girls. Scowling as if she were forced to deal with some irritation Alice gains ground quickly as she chases after, in the distance far behind her you can see her home begin to swarm with dolls like bees from a disturbed hive.

"Stop meddling you little twerps!"
Circles containing strange patterns and writing made of light form in the air around Alice and you can feel the surge of mana aroung her, bright lights of seven different colours form at key points on those mystical diagrams in the air around her. Is she going to attack even if it means striking you down as well?


Wreathed in light Wriggle appears from behind to deliver a flying kick to the back of Alice's head with a vicous blow. The spell breaks and Alice is sent flying from the air to hit the ground with a sickening thud, but soon she stands again almost unfazed and takes to the air again spraying danmkau after her fleeing target. Even as you're born away in the chilly fairy's arms you can't seem to shake Alice as she follows dogedly, Wriggle seems to realize this as well and strikes down the magician once more with her own barrage. Taking the moment's repsite she turns to Cirno who nods.
"You'll take care of him?"
"If you insist, but I wanna help out!"
"Just get him clear of here, then come back this way!" Stoicly Wriggle turns away to face Alice. "I'll hold her off for now."
"Alright, just don't get any of the good fighting done until I come back for you!"

Cirno and Rumia streak forwards away from Wriggle, only to stop when they notice Mystia isn't following. The bird Youkai hesitates watching her friend, Alice is nearly upon her and now the host of her dolls have come to join her, in response the forest air is now thick with flying insects called by Wriggle.
"Mystia! You staying or what?"
She shakes her head, her fluffy ears slightly waving as she does, before rejoining the group. Together again they set off deeper into the forest, leaving Wriggle and Alice to fight it out behind, as you drift through the trees at an alarming rate you notice Mystia glaring at you.

[ ] Introduce yourself ("I'm not Baka-kun by the way")
[ ] Ask her what's wrong
[ ] Don't say anything
[ ] "Where are we going?"
>> No. 5091
>> No. 5092
[X] Don't say anything
Grateful, worried silence.

It's best.
>> No. 5093
[ ] Don't say anything
>> No. 5094
[x] Introduce yourself ("I'm not Baka-kun by the way")
>> No. 5095
[ x ] Introduce yourself ("I'm not Baka-kun by the way")
>> No. 5096
[x] Ask her what's wrong
>> No. 5097
[ ] Introduce yourself ("I'm not Baka-kun by the way")
[ ] Ask her what's wrong
>> No. 5098
[x] Ask her what's wrong

Why not?
>> No. 5099
[ ] "Where are we going? What's that over there? Are you coming back? Oh hello, you're the lady from the test."
>> No. 5101
[X] Ask her what's wrong.

I'm still hoping for a love triangle between Wriggle, Mystia, and us, where Mystia falls for us while trying to help Wriggle score us.
>> No. 5102
[ ] Introduce yourself ("I'm not Baka-kun by the way")
[ ] Ask her what's wrong
>> No. 5103
[ ] Introduce yourself ("I'm not Baka-kun by the way")
[ ] Ask her what's wrong
>> No. 5104
[x] Ask her what's wrong.

Aww, so Alice's emotional breakdown didn't happen? I guess I'll look forward to it later in the story. Broken insane women are so moe~.
>> No. 5105

>> No. 5106
I don't get it.
>> No. 5107
[ ] Introduce yourself ("I'm not Baka-kun by the way")
[ ] Ask her what's wrong
What a WALL, but it's true, i like it now better.
You really did salvage it all Scorn.
>> No. 5108
>"I found you at bloody last! Baka-Kun!"

Holy crap, Wriggle's British
>> No. 5109
And this is why I love writefags.

[ ] Don't say anything.

Must...resist...Depeche Mode reference...
>> No. 5110
Ehhhhhh, I'ma go play Alpha Centuri. I had a good thing going on with The Hive last night.

Not exactly, she broke down to an extent with her remorse but she won't back down from her position. And I totally get what you mean about broken women.

Plus, I want to plan things a little better so I don't freak out again next time I write. So tonight I'll leave things in the air and tomorrow we're going to finish a day and a dream at the least! Thanks for being patient as I go batshit insane.
>> No. 5111
Yandere Scorn, sounds nice.
>> No. 5112
The wait was worth it, Scorm.

[+] Introduce yourself ("I'm not Baka-kun by the way")
[+] Ask her what's wrong
[+] "Where are we going?"
>> No. 5114
[x] Ask her what's wrong
Mystia loves Wriggle confirmed.
>> No. 5115
[x] Introduce yourself ("I'm not Baka-kun by the way")
>> No. 5116
[X] I'm not dinner...am I?
>> No. 5117
Scorn, hey, Scorn!

The lady back in the first thread that Wriggle ate-- her name was Jane, right?

Can we get a Diary of Jane item next playthrough?
>> No. 5118
[X] Introduce yourself ("I'm not Baka-kun by the way")
>> No. 5119
[x] Ask her what's wrong

one hell of a wall, by the way.
>> No. 5121
I want either a Jane route, or the ultimate mindfuck:

David opens Jane's bag to find his own head inside.

Er, wait. David != Atwo.

I mean, David opens the Jane Diary to find it's in his own handwriting.
>> No. 5122

Seconding this, if only because I want a Mystia route to be available somewhere. Poor nightsparrow doesn't get enough love.

[x] Ask her what's wrong
>> No. 5124
[x] Ask her what's wrong

Rejecting the name Wriggle gave us whilst her friends have just decided to save us over eating us may not be the best idea.
>> No. 5126
[x] "You're cute, wanna have sex?"
>> No. 5127

I see what you did there.
>> No. 5129
Where are you, Scorn...?
>> No. 5130
Okay, for all the slowpokes out there, like me: wtf is the joke?
>> No. 5131
Portal joke.
>> No. 5132
Have a massive head ache to be honest, I stayed up all last night playing dwarf fortress. My own fault really. Just enjoy Mouku's liver for now.
>> No. 5133
Dwarf Fortress huh?

I guess we'll see you in two months Scorn ;)
>> No. 5134
Eeh, I gotta be honest. I didn't like much how things turned out. I think it would make much more sense if Alice attacked us in despair when we did that manly speech, trying to negate everything we said and forcing her beliefs into us instead of breaking down. But that was still better then being rescued this way.

Not that this last parts were bad, it's just that they feel...wrong.
>> No. 5135
Alice does seem a bit too stable. Yeah she is crazy, but also consistent and unfaltering in her insanity. It doesn't seem like the kind of mindset that would be possessed by a woman who would lock someone up and force them love her. I would think there would be a lot more denial going on in a situation like that, but maybe she's just really good at hiding it or something.
>> No. 5136
Hmm, if Alice was crazier than she's being portrayed as now, we'd probably never get out of there.

Locked in Alice's house........forever...and ever...and ever.
>> No. 5137
File 121326256177.jpg - (28.25KB , 300x400 , andre3000.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forever-ever? FOREVER-EVER??
>> No. 5138
Sounds like a good deal for me, she will be the perfect woman, doing whatever we want and we do whatever we want with her.
All she will ever ask for is our eternal devotion towards her.
>> No. 5139
>All she will ever ask for is our eternal devotion towards her.

>> No. 5145
You know, that really isn't that bad of a deal. Its kinda like marriage, except that its occurring while David is trying to have a bachelor's party.
>> No. 5146
After a while we will have her convinced that she can let us out of the house again.
And when she trusts us we can go out and have fun while she waits at home for us to return with food cooked and ready to take a bath with us.
>> No. 5147
Looking back now, we should have rapre'd the alice when she told us she was using that spellto seduce us. We could've pushed her down, flipped her over and pooper'd her on the spot and show her the consequences of giving us magical viagra.
>> No. 5148
K', before I begin today and while I wait for my ice cubes to freeze.Who wants to see the end where Alice kept you locked up?

You had a few chances to go in that direction but you didn't explore the house thusly missing certain Alice centric scenes, such as the music room. In general anon was too outraged to think of anything beyond escapingconfronting her to get these moments though, I imagine that had you seen them you may have selected this end more readily.

Remember anon, the sweet and courteous Alice still exists but her Youkai impulses coupled with her broken heart makes her do craaaaaazy things. Perhaps had you developed a more intimate relationship with her things would of ended differently, but as it is I really doubt Alice is going to be the End you get this play through. Not saying it's impossible, just stupidly hard.
>> No. 5149

Freaky Alice is the best kind of Alice.
If Anon managed to get close to her without seeing off her crazyness, no one would go for her.
>> No. 5150
Personally I'd like to see the main story continue. Make the crazy Alice end some time later.
>> No. 5151
would crazy alice end involve us giving in to our desires and giving it full force? if so then yes
>> No. 5152
I honestly don't care what I see, as long as it's a story. I've been off work with a foot injury, and I want some reading material damn it!
>> No. 5153
I want to see the choice if we would have given in to her when she cast that spell on her.
[X] Give in
>> No. 5154
Okay main story, Introduce and asking what's wrong won. Writing
>> No. 5155
Eventually, yeah. Just write it when you have time.
>> No. 5156
If you went out of your way to write the DESPAIR end with Captain Anon/Sakuya I don't see why you can't do the same here with David/Alice.
>> No. 5157
File 121329854116.jpg - (65.22KB , 1000x589 , 1213158308501.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your heart is racing, not beating as fast as it was just now when you saw the terrifying glare in Alice's eyes but still you're pretty worked up. You're still not used to flying even after the trip to the village, the forest floor is a blur beneath your feet and Cirno definately doesn't know that trick that Alice does, she also seems to be a poor flyer anyway as once in a while either you or she will be whipped in the face by a low hanging branch. She doesn't seem to notice beyond the occasional squeaky yelp but it stings your face, hopefully she won't fly into anything bigger than the thin willowy ones and hit something like a proper tree limb.

To take your mind off your discomfort you decide to strike up a conversation, right now they seem pretty intent on making progress but from the look of things they aren't very disciplined. Rumia flits about on a random course playfully with her arms spread out by her sides, occasionally Cirno will cast a glance her way with a longing look on her face clearly wanting to play too, while Mystia continues to glare venomously at you with her arms folded across her chest.

"Um," You start, all three look at you. Suddenly you feel embarrassed being held in Cirno's arms like this.
"I guess you girls are Wriggle's friends?"
They share a look then Cirno smiles and nods, Rumia glances at you then to Mystia who adresses you.
"Yeah, we are. Even if she decides to do stupid things" She emphasizes the word stupid. "We support her because she's important to use, want her to be happy."
"Well," Feeling uncertain in the face of her obvious hostility but left no other choice you press on. "I'm David Lee Roth. Not, um, not Baka-Kun. Just wanted you guys to know that."

For some reason this seems to irk Mystia more, zooming in front of Cirno she continues to fly backwards while scolding you, she seems to be a better flyer than the others seeing she's able to avoid obstacles without looking.

"We'll call you whatever Wriggle does! If she says Baka-Kun that's your name human!"
For some reason her attitude towards you makes your own irritation rise, why is she being so offensive? Does she hate humans?
"Damn Mystia, what's your problem with me? I've know you for the entirety of three minutes and all you've done is glare at me!"
"'E is right y'know Mystia, I saw you giving him the evils." To your surprise Cirno backs you up, although by the mischievous look on her face you'd say it's because she wants to wind her friend up more than anything.

Well whatever her intent you're grateful, flustered and probably caught off guard by your counter she goes red in the face and stutters at you.
"I'm just pissed off! Re-really, I don't get what she wants you for. Wriggle's just being dumb about something, uh, dumb." She floats away from you again and gives you a look of pure malice.
"I hope she eats you."
Before sniffing and looking away, now she just stares dead forward, Cirno giggles at her friend's stuck up behavior.
"The sparrow is green for the queen~" Rumia says in a sing song voice. "And her drone~" she adds.
Baffled you stare at her to see if she'll speak again but she isn't even paying attention to the rest of you.

"Ignore 'er," Cirno's voice turns you away from watching the flying child. "She sez' weird stuff like that sometimes, we think she's not right in the head. Most of the time she's just hungry tho'"

You at Rumia again, she smiling so innocently you can hardly believe she's supposed to be some sort of monster. In fact considering these three are the only other youkai besides Alice and Wriggle you've met you're incapable almost of believing it, if it wasn't for your first encounter with Wriggle that is.

Whether by Cirno's chilly skin or by that morbid thought you shudder, now you're worried that maybe these girls have dinner planned and you're the guest of honor?


[ ] "So....what's going to happen to me?"
[ ] "Cirno, you don't have to hold me so tight."
[ ] "Why did Wriggle want to meet me?"
[ ] "Is Wriggle gonna be okay by herself?"
[ ] Keep quiet.
>> No. 5158
[] "Why did Wriggle want to meet me?"
[] "Is Wriggle gonna be okay by herself?"
>> No. 5159
[x] "Is Wriggle gonna be okay by herself?"
>> No. 5160
[X] "Wriggle's strong, but... is she gonna be okay by herself?"

I don't want Mystia to seize upon us for thinking that Wrigs is weak. I get the feeling that she would.
>> No. 5161
[X] "Wriggle's strong, but... is she gonna be okay by herself?"

This works for me.
>> No. 5162
[ ] "Cirno, hold me tighter." Ruffle her hair.
>> No. 5163
But Wriggle IS weak so yeah.
>> No. 5164
{X} "Is Wriggle gonna be okay by herself?"
{X} "Why did Wriggle want to meet me?"
>> No. 5165
[X] "Is Wriggle gonna be okay by herself?"

Well... Wriggle isn't strong.
>> No. 5166
[] "Is Wriggle gonna be okay by herself?"

Wriggle can give us her intentions when we see her next. It was her meeting, she should be the one to say it.
>> No. 5167
[x] "Wriggle's the strongest...but is she gonna be okay by herself?"

Just to piss Cirno off.
>> No. 5168
[x] Keep quiet.

WALL OF "..."! NOW!
>> No. 5169
[+] "Why did Wriggle want to meet me?"
[+] "I know Wriggle's strong, but... is she gonna be okay by herself?"
>> No. 5170
File 121330429591.jpg - (65.50KB , 713x1000 , 12125566478.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Uh? Yeah?"

You're worried, Alice said something before the fight about squashing Wriggle again. Vaguely you recall Alice or Marisa telling you about how when they teamed up they met and defeated an insect youkai, was it Wriggle? That means that she doesn't have a very good chance against Alice, you don't want her getting hurt over you.

"Cirno, I know Wriggle is strong but. Will she be okay by herself? Alice...."
Pursing her lips Cirno looks slightly annoyed.
"S-she isn't THAT strong, I mean like she's maybe forth or third after me...."
Drawn out of her sulk Mystia snaps at Cirno, is this girl ever not offended by something?
"Don't talk that way about your friend! As much as it pains me to admit it,"
She casts another quick glare at you.
"The human is right, Wriggle might need our help. She's being silly fighting that creepy doll lady all by herself."
"More like selfish if you ask me." Cirno mumbles, seems like she's annoyed that she didn't get to join in.
"If the bug is in trouble, wouldn't the doll lady catch up with us?"

Surprisingly Rumia spoke up just now, but what she said makes a lot of sense, if Alice was free of Wriggle or at least able to ignore her then she's be able to get to you three. You shouldn't undo all Wriggle's done by covering your escape and go back now.

Suddenly there's a rustle above you in the leaves, something falls down from the canopy right past your face making Cirno stop suddenly in the air. Bringing you face to face with one of Alice's Hourai dolls, as if in answer to your question.

"Look out!"

The doll springs to life wielding a wicked looking butcher's knife, trying to stab at either you or Cirno it lunges forward giving you a good long look in it's dead glass eyes. Cirno doges to the left narrowly escaping the doll's attack but getting your arm sliced slightly as a result, the flash of hot pain centered around the cut hits your brain and you can feel a small damp trickle as it bleeds through the shirt Alice gave you.

"I was hoping something would happen!"

Gleefully and with reckless abandon Cirno moves to engage the doll, forgetting you in the process. As she lets go gravity suddenly notices there's a person in the air when they should be on the ground, immediately it goes about rectifying this mistake and you fall rapidly to the ground.

Air whistling in your ears the floor zooms up to greet you in a terminal fashion, soon you will be nothing more than a smear of red paste across the forest, nothing more than compost.

A dark flash in the corner of your vision, then you halt in the air as a juddering pain threatens to tear your arm out of the socket. You've stopped falling, but why? Looking up you see a very irate Mystia holding your hand rather precariously letting you hang from the end of it. She huffs and pulls on you bringing you somehow to her level, you expect she uses some kind of Youkai magic but she gets you to float in the air beside her while only holding your hand very lightly.

It's a very soft hand, smooth and supple that feels good in yours, her long fingernail lightly press into your skin making it itch a bit.

"Can't even fly," Mystia mutters. "I don't know why I did that, it was for Wriggle's sake okay? Not yours!"

Dumbly you nod at he, she is after all the only thing between you and your feet going up through your body into your head. Hearing above you there's an icy crackle, looking up Cirno is surrounded by a blue glow that she concentrates between her hands.

When the doll swipes for her with the knife you almost cry out for her to look out, but the fairy playfully doges away with a big grin on her face then counter attacks. The blue light in her hands disperses around the doll which becomes flash frozen in a block of ice, which falls quickly to the ground where it shatters sending bits of doll flying.

"Um, I reckon maybe you're right 'bout Wriggle." Sheepishly Cirno rejoins you and Mystia, Rumia seems to have not moved at all during this exchange.

"I'm gonna go after her, make sure she's okay."
"Yeah right! You just want to beat up more dollies!"
Hotly Mystia confronts the fairy, squeezing your hand uncomfortably as she does digging her nails in, with a massive grin and a wink Cirno nods.
"Yup! That too, but what do you care! I'll make sure she gets back, rest o' you keep moving 'k?"
"But I-!"

Mystia seems to want to disagree but bites her tongue, already Cirno has started to drift away from the group. She waves at you all and smiles.
"I'm th' strongest, so I'll get her back. See you later guys!"

With that she streaks off through the trees back towards Alice's house, leaving you, Rumia and Mystia alone in the forest. Tugging on your hand impatiently Mystia beckons for you to move jerking you along before starting to fly properly again, Rumia swoops in close and gives the pair of you a pleading look.

"Sparrow, I'm hungry!"
"I told you not to call me that, I'm Mystia! Miss-tee-ah!"
"I'm hungry miss-tee-ahh!"

Clearly annoyed by Rumia's whining she ignores her complaints and flies further on, you consider asking Mystia to stop and get something for Rumia to eat but Alice could well be catching up right now so you really can't afford to wait around. You don't know where you're heading but maybe it's a good idea to try and make better progress and fly above the trees, but that could make it easier for Alice to find you as well.


[ ] Suggest flying above the forest
[ ] Suggest keeping close to the ground to avoid detection
[ ] Ask Mystia to stop and feed Rumia
[ ] Let Mystia handle it
>> No. 5171
[x] Suggest keeping close to the ground to avoid detection

Tactical espionage action gaems.
>> No. 5172
[x] Take Rumia's ribbon off
>> No. 5173
[x] Suggest keeping close to the ground to avoid detection
>> No. 5174


Anonymous you... you...
>> No. 5175
You don't want to destroy gensokyo, do you?

[x] Suggest keeping close to the ground to avoid detection
>> No. 5176
[X] Suggest keeping close to the ground to avoid detection.

Probably our best bet. Alice will have to maneuver her dolls through the forest, which takes a good deal of concentration. Hopefully that will both deter her from following us, and help distract her while she fights Wriggle and Cirno.
>> No. 5177
[+] Suggest keeping close to the ground to avoid detection

This is wise.
I also think it'd be a good idea to drop us off at Reimu's place. That way, she'd have to protect us from Alice, at least long enough for Marisa to take over.
>> No. 5178
[ ] Suggest keeping close to the ground to avoid detection
>> No. 5179
File 121330769716.jpg - (82.92KB , 733x912 , 1212755628453.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Hey Mystia?"

She snaps at you without looking away, Rumia's constant complaints coupled with her worry for her friends seem to have frayed her temper considerably, couple that with her obvious dislike of you and you get one cranky Night Sparrow. Swallowing the lump in your throat you speak up.

"I think we should stay closer to the ground, we might get seen by more Dolls if we stay up to high."

She considers you for a moment, her eyes hard and drawn into a frown, but eventually she nods as she draws you both closer to the ground.
"Fine, makes sense."

You let out a little sigh, you were worried she might just tell you to shut up seeing as how she's been reacting to everything you say but it seems she's actually quite reasonable. She just cares deeply for Wriggle, you can sympathize a bit better with her when you think of it like that.

"What are you staring at?"
Still scowling at you she says in a voice dripping with contempt, looks like you were staring stupidly at her just now.
"I was just thinking that you look pretty cute."

WHAT? Where did that come from? Why on earth would you say that? But then again she is rather attractive; her deep hazel eyes are like pools of molten chocolate, those fluffy ears of hers are really adorable too and she has a very pretty face. But still, why did yo-
Wait, why are you holding the rose right now? Where did it come from?
This all seems very familiar.

Eyes wide she stares at you with what may well be horror, so stunned by what you just said she's actually incapable of saying anything her mouth drawn into a O of surprise. Moving carefully to avoid breaking this illusion you replace the rose to it's usual home in your pocket, but as you do she snaps out of it.
"What the hell wa-"
Before she can finish there's another rustle above your head, another doll?
"What's that!"
Ignoring you for now Mystia casts about for the source of the sound, but Rumia has already taken off towards it.

Looking at where's she's headed you see some kind of bird flit away from the branch it was perched on, in response Rumia gives chase seemingly forgetting you and Mystia in the face of another meal.

"Rumia! Get back here!"
Mystia reluctantly floats up a little bit to try and get the errant girl back, but Rumia just sticks her tongue out before streaking off in pursuit calling behind her.

Veering away from the pair of you Rumia disappears in another direction after her prey, leaving you and Mystia alone. For a moment she just hangs there gawking incredulously after her friend who just abandoned her, you can feel her grip loosening. Frightened she may let go sending you falling again you grab her hand tighter, her instant reaction is to try and pull her hand away waving it around trying to shake you loose.
"Mystia calm down! It's just me!"

Whirling around she looks at you with wide eyes, it seems you shook her up a little. Then she reassumes that standard frown she reserves for you.
"I-I knew that, I just don't like you touching me."
She says hotly as she grudgingly takes a hold of your hand more firmly again and you set off once more, the trees are pretty close together in this part of the forest so you have to move more slowly while dodging them. It's also getting dark under the trees even though it's only just getting to be late afternoon, how long have you been on the run? Mystia doesn't speak but nibbles her lip nervously, without her friends around she seems much less confident even though she could easily tear you apart.

It's then you realize it's probably not you she's worried about, either about Wriggle and Cirno or about other things in the forest you're not sure, but you can tell that loosing Rumia has upset her.
[ ] Try to reassure her
[ ] Just let it go
[ ] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:

[ ] "Does Wriggle talk about me?"
[ ] "Where are we going?"
[ ] ".....Are you guys going to eat me?"
[ ] "I meant what I said just now."
>> No. 5180
[x] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[x] "I meant what I said just now."
>> No. 5181
[ ] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[ ] "Does Wriggle talk about me?"
>> No. 5182
She's tempting, but let's be good.

[x] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[x] "Where are we going?"
>> No. 5183
[X] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind off it:
[X] I meant what I said just now.

Hopefully she'll get flustered and too distracted to be nervous.

I'd like to suggest we calm her down by:

[X] Humming a tune.

If she clams up for too long.
>> No. 5185
[ ] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[ ] "Does Wriggle talk about me?"
>> No. 5187
[x] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[x] "Where are we going?"
>> No. 5188
[ ] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[ ] "Where are we going?"
>> No. 5189
Don't mind filling in more than one conversation option here guys
>> No. 5190
[x] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[x] "Where are we going?"
[x] "Does Wriggle talk about me?"
>> No. 5191
[ ] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[ ] "Where are we going?"
[ ] "Does Wriggle talk about me?"

Mystia talkan gaems.
>> No. 5192
[ ] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[ ] "Where are we going?"
[ ] "Does Wriggle talk about me?"
>> No. 5193
[ ] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[ ] "Where are we going?"
[ ] "Does Wriggle talk about me?"
>> No. 5194
>it's only just getting to be late afternoon
We left Alice's house just after breakfast right? How long have we been flying through this forest?

[X] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her:
[X] "Does Wriggle talk about me?"
[X] ".....Are you guys going to eat me?"
>> No. 5195
[ ] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[x] ".....Are you guys going to eat me?"
>> No. 5196
[X] Don't be direct, but talk to her to keep her mind of it:
[X] "Where are we going?"
[X] "Does Wriggle talk about me?"
[X] "I meant what I said just now."

Chatting with Mystia. I like the night sparrow.
>> No. 5197
File 121331398479.jpg - (118.08KB , 600x882 , 1212497730019.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ehh, time skip.


It's probably best if you just keep her mind off what ever it is that's got her nervous, she may take you comforting her as an insult or something.

"Mystia, I have to know. Where are you taking me?"

She blinks as if she wasn't paying attention to what you said, even as she responds she keep a cautious eye out.
"Wriggle wanted to take you somewhere you can talk to her or something, I dunno. Am I supposed to know what she thinks? We're going to where I left my food cart, it's not far from here so just ..... just don't worry okay?"

Even though she asks you not to worry her obviously cautious attitude makes you unsettled, is she being cautious because of Alice's dolls? You can't tell what's got her like this, maybe it's nothing but worry for the others, but she is holding your hand pretty tight. So you keep talking, trying to keep her from dwelling on it.

"Does Wriggle talk about me? Like to you or the others?"
She doesn't say anything, for a second you think she hasn't heard you and you're about to repeat yourself when she speaks up, so softly compared to before it catches you off guard.
"Yeah, a lot. Last couple of days she's been acting really confused. I've seen her burst into tears over nothing then smash a tree to pieces for no reason, a few hours later she'll be staring off into space looking stupidly happy."
She sighs before going on, a little more aggressively this time.
"She never shuts up about you, someone she met once by accident! She was always going on about how, uh, handsome you were."
She blushes and glances at you before turning away again.
"You know I was really prepared to try and like you when I first me you, Wriggle seems to like you when she's not talking about gutting you and letting the bugs eat your heart while you're still alive. But when you stood up Wriggle, she was really hurt by that you know? So, I can't forgive you unless she does, you're a jerk even if it isn't your fault."

She falls silent again, as if she feels like she said too much. So that's why she was so ticked off by you, Wriggle must mean a lot to her for her to be like this about things. You sigh heavily, that's two girls you've pissed off by missing that meeting; making it a total of four girls with reasons to kill you all together.

Alice is probably no crazy by now she's prepared to kill you, stuff your corpse and use it as a doll for all eternity. You really want to help her but right now she's definately the most dangerous person to be around right now, perhaps when you've got a chance to see her when she's calm (with a little back up maybe) then you can talk things over.

And then there's Marisa, you miss those days you were with her and hell you even miss MAGIC TIME. By now she's either forgotten you or so worried sick she's willing to break your legs to stop you from getting lost again, despite yourself you chuckle inwardly at that. Marisa pulling an Alice on you, that'd be completely insane. But still, unlike Alice who perhaps needs some time to cool down you really should find Marisa as soon as possible, even if just to let her know you're fine.

You sigh again, heavily enough that Mystia glances at you with a frown. With all these girls pissed at you, well you're starting to wonder if maybe you should just take Reimu up on her offer and hide away with her? For a few weeks or forever, yeah it'd be nice to run away from all your problems like that. Or to go back to the village and try to lead a normal life without the man eating Youkai or the crazed Magicians, marry a normal girl and forget about magic and your old world. Actually that's not a bad idea either, just going home and trying to piece together your old life....

But even so, all you can remember is the last couple of days but..... you have to admit it's been fun, living with your life on the line and learning magic, getting drunk with two lovely young ladies and being kidnapped twice! Yeah, it's dangerous and wearing but it's also a lot of fun and enriching, why would you want to exchange any of this for a boring existence?

You think to yourself...

[ ] "As soon as I can, I'm going to see how I can help Alice."

[ ] "When all this is over I'll go to the shrine and talk to Reimu about getting home."

[ ] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."

[ ] "I want to make things up to Wriggle."

[ ] "I wonder if I could find a job at the village."

[ ] "I just remembered, Mystia suggested she might want me if Wriggle didn't in that dream I had."

[ ] Mentally sing the spiderman theme song
>> No. 5198
[ ] Mentally sing the spiderman theme song

There are no other choices.
>> No. 5199
[x] Mentally sing the spiderman theme song

>> No. 5200
[ ] "I want to make things up to Wriggle."
>> No. 5201
[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."

>> No. 5202
[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."
Come on...we all know who we should go for this tiem.
>> No. 5203
[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."

>> No. 5204
[X] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."
>> No. 5205
[ ] Mentally sing the spiderwoman theme song
>> No. 5206
[x] "As soon as I can, I'm going to see how I can help Alice."
>> No. 5207
[X] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."
The other options are just eh.
>> No. 5208
[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."

I'm more attracted to Marisa right now. Alice and Wriggle have their charms but Marisa tops them so far...
>> No. 5209
[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."

Must summon more roses!
>> No. 5210
[ ] Mentally sing the spiderwoman theme song
>> No. 5211
{X} "I want to make things up to Wriggle."
>> No. 5212
[ ] "I want to make things up to Wriggle."
>> No. 5213
[X] Mentally sing the spiderman theme song
>> No. 5214
[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."

>> No. 5215
[ ] Mentally sing the spiderman theme song
[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."
>> No. 5216
[ ] "I want to make things up to Wriggle."
>> No. 5217

[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."

>> No. 5218
[+] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."
[+] "I want to make things up to Wriggle."
>> No. 5220
I'd vote for the Alice option, but it has no chance of winning it seems.


[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."
>> No. 5221
[ ] "I want to make things up to Wriggle."

Wriggle wriggle lyrical wriggle~
>> No. 5222
[x] "I wonder if I could find a job at the village."
Because, you know, being a stay-at-home dad for your whole life would be lame.
>> No. 5223
[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."
>> No. 5224
>Because, you know, being a stay-at-home dad for your whole life would be lame.

Only if you make it to be lame.
>> No. 5225
>Wait, why are you holding the rose right now? Where did it come from?
>This all seems very familiar.
Yay! It's Captain Anon!
>> No. 5226
[X] "I want to make things up to Wriggle."
[X] "I just remembered, Mystia suggested she might want me if Wriggle didn't in that dream I had."

I've already seen Marisa, and yes, I do love her. But now I want to see the girls we've had so little interaction with and fall for them, so that my final selection is an agonizingly painful process.
>> No. 5227
[X] "I want to make things up to Wriggle."

Everyone says they like Marisa the best, but really that's a First Girl advantage. We've seen more of her than we have of the others, so we're biased towards her because we've had more chances to get attached. I'd like to give all the girls an equal chance until I've seen them all an equal amount.
>> No. 5228
[X] "I want to make things up to Wriggle."
>> No. 5229
[x] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."
>> No. 5230
File 121331958749.jpg - (69.53KB , 800x600 , 1213299829980.jpg ) [iqdb]
Weird, but when you thought about Marisa just now you felt a little stab in your heart, dwelling on it makes you long to see her again. You miss seeing her even though it's only been two days, but the more you think about it the stronger your resolve to see her again gets. It's funny but almost every details about her is imprinted on your mind, if you close your eyes you can still recall exactly how it was as you two chatted aimlessly while you brushed that luxurious hair of hers. Hell you can even vaguely recall the smell of her hair, the faint aroma of the strawberries she loves.

In fact every though about her is kind of intoxicating, the way she smiles when she's being clever or those tender moments when her guard drops, right now you could really do with some cheering up and you can think of no one better to do it than Marisa Kirasame. She'd probably just slap you on the back tell you to suck it up and then chase you around the house trying to blow you up or set you on fire. Funny how the idea of her doing that raises a smile to your lips, yeah Marisa wouldn't give you time to feel down. She'd always be there with something interesting to do and a massive grin on her face whether you wanted to do it or not.

You wonder how she feels about you? Alice may be literally crazy for you and Wriggle is alternating between a crush and a vengeance, but how does Marisa feel? The way she spoke to Reimu while she was drunk was very wistful, but at the time it sounded like she regarded you as a friend. But with hindsight and a little more understanding of Reimu's character, you're beginning to wonder if Reimu was trying to get something out of the Black White.

"What are you thinking about?"
Snapping out of your little day dream there you notice Mystia looking at you curiously, none of her usual displeasure at all. You smile at her.
"Just thinking about someone special."
"Who? Wriggle or someone else, because if it wasn't her then I want to know now!"
Of course that non-aggression couldn't last long, no point hoping otherwise as she's already glaring at you again.
"I don't see ho-"

But before you can finish your sentence Mystia cries out in pain and lets go of your hand to clutch at her head, this sends you flying into the ground where you plow across the dirt before coming to a juddering stop. Had you been flying any higher you would've been killed or at least badly hurt, thankfully you're just bruised if covered in dirt.


Mystia's scream makes you jump to your feet inanimately, she's fallen from the air and has crashed to the earth not far from you. Rushing over you see she's still clutching at her head in pain, rolling around trying to in a futile effort to escape it.

"Kyahahahaa! Pathetic little birdie!"

>> No. 5231
[ ] "If I get the chance, I want to see Marisa again soon."
>> No. 5232
>> No. 5233
File 121332024126.jpg - (27.41KB , 399x588 , Batyoukai.jpg ) [iqdb]
What ever is causing Mystia's pain stops and she lets go of her head, her eyes filled with hatred she looks up and you follow her line of sight. There perched on a tree branch, deep within the shadows is a freakish human like creature with leathery folds of skin stretching from it's wrists to the middle of it's back, atop it's head are two over sized bat ears that look far too real to you and it's face is covered by thick, matted black hair that hides it's features.

"Sparrow make good meal for me" It grins exposing a mouth with only four large fangs, coated in dripping strands of saliva. Judging by the voice and anatomy it seems to be a female.
"And I do not mean cook for me."
Grimacing Mystia stands up and faces the bat creature, extending her claws she flaps her wings slightly.
"Get out of here and I won't rip you up, I'm not interested in fighting right now!"

It laughs with that wailing tone again then jumps down and sweeps at Mystia with amazing speed, flying feet first the bat tries to slash at her with it's claws Mystia swipes back with her own talons as the creature passes and lands on another branch. It all happened so quickly you couldn't see it all, but now the bat girl has four long scratches in her thigh that glisten with slick black blood. Mystia on the other hand is unharmed.

"I told you I don't want to fight, weaklings are no fun."
With a deal of cockiness Mystia taunts her opponent, the bat girl however doesn't seem to care.
"Why does it not chase? Perhaps it wants me to not hear the human male next to it?"

She's talking about you, Mystia's eyes go wide then she jumps knocking into you bodily, you fall to the ground as something big sweeps above your head. You hear Mystia cry out and as you regain your feet you see the bat sits once more on a branch, you notice Mystia clutching at one shoulder panting.

"Mystia what's going on? Did you get hurt trying to save me?"
"Yes you idiot! What, did you think I let her hit me on purpose!" She yells at you then takes her eyes of the bat for a second.
"Look, she's just a stupid hungry Youkai. She can't fly very far, only between the trees so I can take her easily. But not if I have to protect your sorry ass! So just run for it and I'll take care of her!"
"I can't do that Mystia! I'm not going to let another person do something dangerous for me! Let her chase me and then you can attack her while she's busy."
"Phah." She snorts and smiles despite herself.
"You just called me a person without even thinking about it, you're really weird for a human you know that? Don't be stupid, Wriggle wants you alive so that's why we're all doing this you dummy. Like I'd ever help YOU in any other situation."

The bat grins then swoops down again, this time you're ready and prepared to dodge. But she moves too fast, by the time you've even though to jump out the way she's already above you and Mystia has dash in protect you.

The two scuffle in the air making screeching sounds for a second before breaking off, both drop to the ground again which leaves the bat worse off you reckon. But Mystia has taken a number of scratches and is bleeding slightly from most of them, the bat on the other hand is barely even hurt.

"Stupid sparrow. You're making dinner too easy, may not work up appetite. Wanted to have room for desert."
Even though she doesn't look at you, but the way those radar like ears swivel towards you makes you know she's talking about you. Defiantly Mystia places herself between you and the bat.

"You're going hungry tonight, that is if you run away now before I kill you!" With her talons raised looking like this, Mystia seems pretty damn scary.
"You can't fly anymore bat bitch, I'll shred you into strips!"
"Stupid sparrow is stupid, will kill you easy. You cannot blind because see with sound and you not smart enough to confuse ears! These ears are very good, they hear truth! Not sparrow lies!"
Mystia hesitates, you don't understand what the bat girl was talking about but by Mystia's reaction it seems the bat may have just taken the upper hand.
"I can still kill you even without that, just watch me."

Lunging towards the bat with talons raised Mystia bursts forward to slash at her enemy, but the bat girl just stands there and simply opens her mouth as if to scream. Yet you don't hear a thing, Mystia on the other hand collapses mid flight clutching at her head in pain.

Ignoring you the bat girl closes her mouth again, but Mystia doesn't recover right away and lies still for a while longer panting heavily, now the bat begins to stalk over to the helpless girl. Her foot claws look deadly as they glint with murder, but the girl her self doesn't seem very big. In fact she looks like she's pretty light so she can fly, you're guessing she's very weak for a youkai and her only weapons are those claws and her silent voice.


[ ] Try distracting her
[ ] Tackle her
[ ] Flee
>> No. 5234
[ ] I am the bone of my sword.
>> No. 5235
[X] Tackle her
its on now bitch
>> No. 5236
[x] Tackle her
>> No. 5237
[x]I am the thorn of my rose
>> No. 5239
[ ] Tackle her
>> No. 5240
[X] Try distracting her.

Captain Anon style time!

Do something flashy!
>> No. 5241
[X] Arc Drive.

Failing that,

[X] Captain Anonymous Rex mode.
>> No. 5242
[ ] Do something flashy.
>> No. 5243
[x] Try distracting her
>> No. 5244
[X] Try distracting her.

Time to earn some stylish points in the real world. Take us one step closer to being the smooth talking ladies' man we are in our dreams.
>> No. 5245
I am the thorn of my rose.
The ground is my body
and the sunlight is my blood
I have created over a thousand petals
Unknown to glucose, nor known to ATP, have withstood pain to create many roses
Yet these hands will never photosynthesize
So as I pray...

>> No. 5246
I know where this came from. There's only one solution.
[x] Let it rape you.
>> No. 5247
Shh, you'll ruin the surprise!
>> No. 5248
[x] I am the thorn of my rose

A rose blooms with nary a sound.
>> No. 5250
[x] Do something flashy.

Like shoot a bunch of roses to confuse the hell out of it, just enough time for mystia to regain her consciousness.
>> No. 5251
[x] I am the thorn of my rose

Time to make this scene less green and more red!
>> No. 5252
File 121332179042.png - (47.15KB , 875x880 , 1183693190330.png ) [iqdb]
>Look, she's just a stupid hungry Youkai.
>> No. 5253
Is there a Bat Youkai path?
>> No. 5254
[x] Do something flashy.
>> No. 5255
[+] Danmaku at her
>> No. 5256
[x] Do something flashy.
>> No. 5257
[z] Do something flashy.
>> No. 5258
[x]I am the thorn of my rose.

time to get our shameful asses owned
>> No. 5259
Didn't see that, lol.

Also, haven't seen fate stay night yet guys even though I've down loaded the anime now I haven't watched it yet. So I still don't get I am the bone of my sword entirely, what do you expect? A bunch of roses to fall on her as she decimates Mystia?
>> No. 5260
>> No. 5261
[x] Do something flashy.
>> No. 5262
More like she gets decimated by the thorns. They're prickly and shit.
>> No. 5263
[x] Do something flashy.
>> No. 5264
I imagined him waving the rose, and storms of thorns break off and fly at the enemy.

Fate/Stay Night really doesn't have much to do with it aside from being a meme (and the anime doesn't show or tell you anything about Unlimited Blade Works anyway). It's just a cool, Engrishy spell chant.
>> No. 5265
Actually while I'm at it, do what flashy?

Currently you're not at the helm of a big aerial battle ship nor are you a bad ass harpoon wielding captain. You are a man, with limited options.

If you can think of something flashy sure, but I sure as hell can't.
>> No. 5266
[x] Try distracting her
Because in the end, "I am the thorn of my rose" and "Do something flashy" will only amount to this.
>> No. 5267
If david can do backflips, there you go. Backflips/hand-stands aren't as hard as many people think. could use it to intimidate her
>> No. 5268
I suggest Insane Magic Improvisation.
>> No. 5269

Something flashy...

Well... I don't know. Can David throw his voice like a ventriloquist?

Either way, we should leave her behind with an elegant speech once she's defeated. Maybe create another rose to leave with her.
>> No. 5270
If we only had a chalkboard. Bats' hearing is very sensitive, and they startle easily.

[+] Look around. Try to find something to improvise a distraction with.
>> No. 5271
Wait, can other people see the blue/red/purple light that we see when we focus on our magic?
>> No. 5272
Maybe rush up and yell in Batgirl's ear? That'd probably mess her up.
>> No. 5273
>> No. 5274
You guys are terrible at improvisation when put on the spot, great at spontaneous but.... seriously? Backflips? That's so dumb I'm giggling at it, what where you thinking? Run up do a back flip and while she applauds Mystia takes her out? Or you suddenly realized you're related to Marital Law and thought you could do his special move?

Shit! Mystia is in trouble, she's totally defenseless right now, you have to help her! But how? Even though she looks pretty light you don't fancy your chances against her physically, you think about throwing a rock or something but there's none to hand and all the wood is soft from the rain. You yell and wave your arms but you are ignored, nothing you do works.

Mean while Mystia has rolled onto her back, she doesn't look like she can stand and her eyes are filled with terror.

Rooted to the spot you try desperately to think of something to do, you refuse to let Mystia die for your sake. Struggling Mystia opens her mouth and begins to sing, she falters slightly but holds on even though she's laying wounded. Her song is a lilting rambling melody with no words, or rather none you can understand, but it seems to effect the bat girl. She stops in her tracks as if transfixed, your heart leaps up thinking maybe she's beaten. But soon it sinks again as the bat girl opens her own mouth and begins that silent wail, Mystia doesn't stop singing even though she's clearly in pain. Even as tears of pain run down her face she keeps singing her baffling song, it's slowed down the bat but it looks like all she's done is buy some time. Soon she will falter and that will be the end of her, she looks at you imploringly through wet eyes.

You try to go over to her but rather than taking a step forward you stumble back instead, when you try to move your right foot your left responds instead, your head feels funny and the world spins around you as you stumble around on uncertain feet. Has the bat girl effected you too? Desperately you clamp your hands over your ears, after a few fumbled attempts, in order to block out the source of your confusion. It helps a little, you can control your feet but the world still spins slightly.

The Bat is drawing nearer to Mystia who's song is growing weaker already, soon the bat will be able to drive her claws into Mystia with a deadly kick. You have to stop her before that happens.

[ ] Rush in and punch the bat girl
[ ] Knock the bat to the ground
[ ] Run
[ ] Attempt magic
[ ] Genuflect
>> No. 5276
[x] Do something flashy.

>> No. 5277
[x] Knock the bat to the ground
Jesus, should've done this the first time instead of wasting time trying to think of something to do.
>> No. 5278
[X] Attempt magic.

While we:

[X] Knock the bat to the ground.

Just charge at her and try desperately to pull off something, even if all we accomplish is a chaotic mana burst.
>> No. 5279
[X] Knock the bat to the ground

Dropkick that bitch. Then yell a warcry in her ear.
>> No. 5280
[x] Headbutt
>> No. 5281
[X] Knock the bat to the ground
[x] then raep mystia
>> No. 5282
[X] Knock the bat to the ground.
>> No. 5283
It's dead here and I'm tired. Keep voting chuckle heads!

Try and think hard about the situation, Mystia's song (that you've mistaken as the bat's effect) will confuse you if you take your arms away from your ears. You could probably manage a small quick action while she falters though.
>> No. 5284

[x] Knock the bat to the ground.

I don't see why we'd have to take our hands off our ears to do that.
>> No. 5286
[x] Knock the bat to the ground.
[x] "EAT THIS!"
[x] Use your magic to clone your rose, then stick the clone rose in the bat youkai's mouth.

The bat is fucking Mystia up every time it opens its mouth. Let's see if it can still pull that off when it's trying to pull thorns out.
>> No. 5287
[ ] Knock the bat to the ground
>> No. 5288
[x] Knock the bat to the ground
>> No. 5289
[X] Attempt magic.
[X] Knock the bat to the ground.

Don't use our hands for it, either. Just charge the bat, and perform a RIDER KICK. Channel magic into the feet, or something.
>> No. 5290
So everyone wants to rush in retard style with our hands on our head, I don't think so.

We've got continues to spare, use the freaking rose!
>> No. 5291
[x] "Hold! What you are doing is wrong! Why do you do this thing?"
Buy Mystia some time to run by making the bat youkai explain her reasons for killing humans.
>> No. 5292
[x] headbutt while holding hands on our ears.
>> No. 5293
[X] Knock the bat to the ground.
[X] Unleash david's scat powers upon her virgin face.
>> No. 5294
[x] Knock the ground into the bat
>> No. 5295
[+] While she's distracted menacing Mystia, sneak up from behind.
>> No. 5296
>of giving us magical viagra.
WTF? Viagra makes you hard, but that is it. It is NOT an aphrosdisiac: it does not, by itself, inspire feelings of lust or make someone feel aroused.

I can't believe there are still people that think this.
>> No. 5297
We should have picked up a heavy tree branch and broken her ankles. Those give out really easy on animals with bird-style legs, supposedly, if heavy force is applied there.

Or was that just goats and orses
>> No. 5298
[X] Attempt magic.

Time to power up!
>> No. 5299
...the funny thing is, I remember pointing this EXACT SAME FACT out before, on a previous thread.

...might've been on pooshlmer, actually. I can't remember the specifics.
>> No. 5300
[x] Attempt magic

Let's stun her with a bright light, or something.
>> No. 5301
[ ] Knock the bat to the ground
[ ] Attempt magic
>> No. 5302
[x] Knock the bat to the ground
[x] Attempt magic

Magic attemptan gaems.
>> No. 5303
[z] Knock the bat to the ground
[z] Attempt magic
>> No. 5304
[x] Knock the bat to the ground
[x] Attempt magic

Fucking bats.
>> No. 5305
[ ] Knock the bat to the ground
[ ] Attempt magic
>> No. 5306
[X] Knock the bat to the ground
[X] Attempt magic
>> No. 5307
[ ] Knock the bat to the ground
[ ] Attempt magic
>> No. 5308
[X] Knock the bat to the ground
[X] Attempt magic
>> No. 5309
Just a few questions to you, Scorn, I need some information for my next BKC session.

1) What is the 'canon' ending of this story? I mean, just like Arc's good is a 'canon' for Tsukihime, which path is canon for FLA?
2) What would one have to do to piss David off? To the point of wanting to use violence?
3) What is love?
>> No. 5310
>2) What would one have to do to piss David off? To the point of wanting to use violence?

If you pissed David off that much, he would probably make a public display of self-immolation in protest of the aggressor's unjust actions.

I gotta admit. That shit is hardcore.
>> No. 5311
David needs to pull a Gates of Babylon style attack with thorny roses. "Rain of Roses" indeed. Drawfags, you know what to do.

Do you have enough love, King of Roses?
>> No. 5312
>haven't seen fate stay night yet guys even though I've down loaded the anime
Don't watch the anime, it's crap and it won't explain a lot of the memes.
>> No. 5313
1) I've only outlined the other story arcs and their endings, so nothing is "canon" yet, after all certain routes will expose details the others won't but whether they are always true in each route or only just that one alone is something I'll decide after we do some of it. At the moment Marisa's "True" (out of normal, true, good) is the closest to canon, explaining a few details about David himself.

2) Like use voodoo dolls to manipulate his feelings? David is very slow to anger. Firstly he has no memories to draw experience from so he has a childlike innocence and wonder, he understands a lot of things but he hasn't lived them yet. Secondly he woke up in a world of powerful magical beings while he himself had nothing, it's in his best interest to keep his emotions in check or he could be killed without a second thought, it's scary being an outsider in Gensokyo!

3) Agape, Eros, Philia, Xenia.
>> No. 5314

Well, I've always been saying that David = Shinku
>> No. 5315
File 121338526045.jpg - (83.59KB , 576x1065 , shinku.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5316
>> No. 5317

>> No. 5318
Can I has updates?
>> No. 5319
>> No. 5321

Would that make Naya Suigintou?

I'd upload the gif of gin violating Shinku right now but it's too big. Oh well.
>> No. 5322
[ ] Knock the bat to the ground
[ ] Attempt magic

also, scorn, i just read your Youmu story, you're a horrible person.
>> No. 5324
[X] Curb Stomp
>> No. 5327
So, are we eventually going to mold David into Captain Anonymous? Or will it forever be a dream?
>> No. 5330
[X] Curb Stomp

>> No. 5331

Enjoy your snow end.
>> No. 5332
File 121347260714.jpg - (47.80KB , 400x300 , SamElliott.jpg ) [iqdb]
Howdy there folks. Hey there Scorn old-timer.

I'm goin' to attach this here post to your thread, as you asked many a man to make a vote regardin' your story, the story being of David awaking up in fairyland (possibly after eatin' the wrong cactus, if you catch my drift). So if you'll indulge in some of ol' Sam's nostalgia, I'll cast my ballot & offer comment on it.

This nostalgia specifically being about the "golden days", around the time when you first suggested "LA"s (this not bein' the city of angels kind) on the main bulletin. If I remember correctly, a certain Anonymous replied with "THIS SHIT WILL NEVER WORK" or the like. Bet a lot of folk would say they be glad you didn't take Anon's advice, as I sure am. I reckon this would be sometime before the "MiG" story turned from a dust devil into full-blown unwritable tornado. I remember that the half-literate posts by the personage calling hisself "Sa-goo-ya" (or somesuch--must be Injun') were simply ignored or even regarded as annoying, while now he's been given an affectionate English nickname, "ℳℴℯ". These were slow times, but these were also good times; you know, before "GM" revealed she didn't like liver so much--and was a woman-writer at that!

The time when the "YWUiG" story was the sole reason this Anonymous fella' would seem to read and post messages on this board rather than at the /jp/ one (apparantly the old /a/ being a sad, distant memory). Now this Anonymous fella I wouldn't claim remembers everything without needing remindin', nor that what he does remember is in complete chronologic order, but I can't help wonder if he recalls an interesting thread where Anonymous was asked out to perform a "JAZZ" session with John Coltrane, somethin' about being a "SAX SLAVE" or somesuch.

Well, now that's enough ramblin' on about the past for now. The commentary I wrote about your story Scorn is kind of long-winded, so you might want to grab yourself a sarsaparilla, or other beverage if you so prefer. Well, here it is:

Originally, the lady Alice's actions in the story were explained as an effect of what was called a "magical feedback loop", which I would reckon to be somethin' like a tonic habit, but with hocus-pocus instead of scientifics. It seemed our hero, David, should have been able to return things to their proper state with diplomatic talk by convincing the lady Alice that she did no damage irreparable, bein' that she done what she did because of the aforementioned sorcery. But with the "retcon" (this industry term would be a shortening of the "retroactive continuity"), breakin' the spell's hold on & attemptin' to reason with the lady Alice did naught but intensify her hysteria. With present circumstances being such, at the story's current completeness, not only is the lady Alice--as well as her doll Shanghai--an adverse party to our Hero, but stands to make the Marisa girl sad to lose her friend. And that would be a darn shame.

And as if things weren't loco enough, the Nightbug creature shows up with her posse to blow half of Alice's house to Kingdom come! While it was quite a spectacle, I cannot help but question the meaning of our Hero's actions over the last day or so, if he was going to be busted out anyhow. Second to mention, this scene does not fit well with the Nightbug's characterization as was presented previous. I recall she was as a dangerous firefly... but confused as to whether she was attracting her prey or her mate! Heh! But in the rescue, the Nightbug seems more overemotional-like and clingish, a child who poses with her friends like the superheroes I reckon she must admire.

Now there were a great many things that the Hero did that were of interest to ol' Sam here: How notice of the doll Shanghai's actions were detailed; how, uh, "Raymoo... Huckstable" was it? Aww, you know, the lewd, bitter, rude one with the drinkin' habit? Well, you her made seem so deserving of compassion that I will admit that I was on the verge of tearing up. I also recall fondly how the Hero's time with the Marisa girl seemed so innocent, despite being an unlikely living situation for a young man & woman--this would be what you may call a polar opposite to the awful awkward mess over in that /eintei/ place. The lady Alice's betrayal itself was very interesting. And I suppose David's friendship with the Beer Spider was quite a holler too. Heh.

Now, those "golden days" you remember me ramblin' on about before? Well, while people say you can't turn back the clock, our Hero being of a fictional persuasion, would not be beholden to such limitations, if you wish it. And so that is my vote for your story Scorn, for the reasonings aforementioned:

[x] Back 56 choices.

And with that I suppose ol' Sam here will hold his peace. About time to saddle-up, too; lest anymore of them metaphorical tumbleweeds blow by. Adios.
>> No. 5333

Just wait for it, you... you...
>> No. 5335
1) You win the award for best movie reference for your excellent execution of that character


I know what you mean, the last couple of post have been victim to my recent contraction of "OH GOD WHEN DID I BECOME A HIKIMORI? I CRAVE HUMAN CONTACT OHGODOHGODOHGOD"

As much as I loathe being dragged out of my lair and blinking into the sun, I think I am grudgingly grateful to my friends for doing it as it helps me keep my sanity. And more to the point, how can I possibly produce dialog when I haven't had a conversation in days and how can I write characters when the last person I saw was my unshaved reflection.

For the past two weeks or so I've been living in the halls of residence and uni has already ended, everyone I know has headed home leaving me to play dorf fortress all day and night with little else to do.

Only today have I shaken this funk, I can see your points all too clearly now my friend and I have certainly been loosing my touch. Heck I recognized it at the time but had no way of remedying the situation due to the way my mind was at the time.


I refuse to give up on this play through, even if I end it short I will not end it now. Simply, I will write myself OUT of this damnable corner and I will reclaim my characters from the haze of HURF and DURF.

I assure you, despite the weakening of the last couple of scenes I have hope to redeem the story. I think I can reestablish some of what has been either lost by my scattered thoughts and perhaps I can fill in plot holes on the way.

I really shouldn't of been writing lately, I've actually managed to gloss over vital characterization scenes and a couple of plot points because I couldn't get my head out my ass.

But I swear, I will finish this story.
I will make Alice's mind work.
I will make Wriggle the predator she deserves to be.
I will recover things.

Have faith
>> No. 5336
>scorn, i just read your Youmu story, you're a horrible person.
Goddamn. You just now figured it out?
You slow, slow, fuck.
>> No. 5338
Goddamn, that was awesome.

fixed and fixed.
>> No. 5339
File 121347782221.jpg - (83.55KB , 850x637 , 12090090168.jpg ) [iqdb]
The pitiful melody that the night sparrow sings sounds so mournful now you'd say it's more of a funeral dirge than a bird song, don't the legends say the nightingale's song is the sweetest just before it dies?

But you refuse, you refuse for this girl whom you've only just met, who liberated you from the clutches of your captor to throw away her life for you. You would rather sacrafice your self then let this beautiful creature die for you, for this too is the path of a true man.

But even so you're shaking, you aren't ashamed to admit you're so frightened you can barely bring yourself to move. But your mind becomes like iron even if your body is of flesh, your will to power will out weigh your pathetic and selfish survival instinct.

Darting your hand into your pocket you withdraw the rose, your focus, mind reeling you clench it between your teeth before the confusion can claim you again. Forcing yourself to be calm you begin to draw your mana with such speed it shock you, in fact you're half way through the process when you notice that your eyes are still open.

Yes, it's faint but even without closing your eyes you can see the ebb and flow of the mana around you. The swirling energy of the universe envelops you, empowers you, you can even see the slight light of the bat and the wavering glow around Mystia. You can see their songs, magical waves that clash in the air merging into a disharmonious chaos.

"A little mana can go a long way."

That's what Alice told you, it's not about how much power you have but how you use it. And you know exactly what to do, even though you can see the energy so easily now your fear makes it hard to muster yourself. But that doesn't matter, because you don't need to expend a lot of power to win this fight, gritting the rose in your teeth until the thorns stab bloody holes in your mouth filling it with the metallic taste of blood you prepare your spell.

A bright ball of violet light forms in the air before you, your first true danmaku bullet, with sweat pouring down you it takes immense concentration to maintain it. Then with one final push you launch the glowing bead of light streaking towards the bat like a midday shooting star.

The bullet is going wide, it won't hit.

But that's okay, cruel grin slits your face.

As it wings it's way towards the bat you let loose a surge of mana into the bullet, intentionally over loading it and loosing control.

Next to the sensitive ears of the Youkai, the bullet explodes with a thunderous roar that booms across the forest sending birds scattering. The bat Youkai screams in anguish as it's ears at blasted by a sonic attack, ending it's song and bleeding from the ears it stumbles about screeching.

Bellowing your defiance you charge clutching your hands together before you, bearing down on the stunned creature you barrel your shoulder into it, then slam your elbows into it's stomach. As it doubles over in pain you give a cry of victory as smashing it in the face with a double axe handle, you feel it's nose break as you fists impact with it sending blood spraying into the air and spattering onto your hands.

The frail creature is sent flying by your viscous blows and is send tumbling away, spitting the rose as well as a little blood into your hand you stand ready to face it again. But the monster lies there, knocked unconscious by the pain.

Suddenly with the immediate threat of danger over, your legs give way and you sink gratefully to the ground. The scintillating energy of mana that you could see like an overlay on reality has gone for now, you wonder if that's how a magician sees things all the time?

Silence falls, the forest becomes eerily quiet even to your over worked senses. Despite your feeling of elation you can feel the blood pounding through your system, the breath that burns in your lungs as slowly adrenaline leeches from your system, you can hear the ragged sobs of Mystia.


Rushing to her side you see her weakly trying to regain her feet, she looks so frail right now that you only wish to hold her in your arms and protect her. But you refrain from being so forward, it's your fault she's like this after all.

"Mystia, are you okay?"
Supporting her as best you can you try to help ease her up, looking at you with wide teary eyes her bottom lip wobbles. Suddenly without warning she grabs hold of you wrapping her arms around you and hugging you fiercely, her nails digging painfully into your back, she's trembling violently as she buries her face into your chest. Through heavy sobs she babbles at you.

"I thought I was gonna die!"

Heaving with tears she just clings to you, without even need to think about it you enclose her in your arms and hold her close. Looks like you didn't get a choice in the matter after all! But it feels so natural to do this that you don't think about it for more than a second.

For a while, even though the bat lies knocked out only a few feet away, you hold her close muttering reassuring sounds to her and stroking her hair to calm her down. Her leg is placed awkwardly between your thighs right next to your crotch and you have to admit, with your heart racing and your body so worked up it's given you a raging erection. Now you get why people get so turned on by danger, despite the nature of the situation you find yourself enjoying holding this lovely girl to you.

Her warm body seems to seek comfort from you so desperately that she doesn't even care that her chest is pressed closely to yours letting you feel her small breast into you, her very presence is intoxicating as her scent fills your nose with a heady smell. Vaguely you wonder if this is some sort of instinctive way for her to ensure you protect her, but you refuse to allow such thoughts be any thing more than just your bodies' primal reaction.

"Funny, I can't stop crying."
Muffled by your clothes you can feel her voice through your skin as it resonates through you.
"Shh, it's okay. Take as long as you need."

She sighs a shuddering breath, there's a wet patch on your shirt where she's been crying now.

The Bat girl is unconscious for now, but you're going to have to deal with her sooner or later. It may be an idea to sort her out now while she can't struggle, but is it right to hurt a helpless enemy? Even if they would do the same to you? While Mystia calms down you have a chance to decide.


[ ] Wait for it to wake up, then confront it
[ ] Kill it now
[ ] Leave the area soon and hope it doesn't follow
[ ] Hurt it, but don't kill it. Discourage it.
>> No. 5340
[ ] Hurt it, but don't kill it. Discourage it.

Waiting would be bad considering the circumstances
>> No. 5341
>But I swear, I will finish this story.
>I will make Alice's mind work.
>I will make Wriggle the predator she deserves to be.
>I will recover things.

>Have faith

Scorn: "Anonymous, the Stranger, he told me, I'm--"
Anonymous: "The Stranger told you exactly what you needed to hear, that's all. Scorn, sooner or later you're going to realize, just as I did, there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path."
>> No. 5342
[x] Leave the area soon and hope it doesn't follow

I'm a faggot, I can't hurt someone who is unconscious.

We can hope it's still unconscious when we leave.
>> No. 5343
{X} Hurt it, but don't kill it. Discourage it.
>> No. 5344
[x] Hurt it, but don't kill it. Discourage it.

David is too much of a pussy to kill it.
>> No. 5345
Oh fuck I don't know. Hurting it at all while it's down seems too much, especially if we're trying to make David into a good guy.

[ ] Wait for it to wake up, then confront it
It will be scared shitless that we knocked it out or the rest of the 9 squad will be back by ten. We can give it a stern talking to.
>> No. 5346
[X] Leave the area soon, take the bat girl with you.

It's what the Captain would do.
>> No. 5347
[X] Hurt it, but don't kill it. Discourage it.
>> No. 5348
[X] Leave the area soon and hope it doesn't follow
>> No. 5350
[x] Leave the area soon and hope it doesn't follow

1) You are injured.
2) You are out of mana & flower power.
3) Mystia is injured.
4) There are more youkai out there.
5) It will reincarnate. With a bigger grudge.
6) It may be a ruse.
7) It cannot fly now, but Mystia might be able to.
8) David is a gentleman.
>> No. 5351
[X] Wait for it to wake up, then confront it

I know we have to get away from dolls and that bat youkai wants us dead, but leaving seems like a pussy decision and killing or hurting it doesn't really seem to fit David.
>> No. 5352
[x] Leave the area soon and hope it doesn't follow

Youkai regenerate, there isn't much we can do besides dismembering or killing it. If it still follows we'll confront it then.
>> No. 5353
>2) You are out of mana & flower power.
We didn't use much, we should have plenty left.
>> No. 5354
[ ] Kill it now

I know it doesn't suit David, but...
>> No. 5355
[x] Leave the area soon and hope it doesn't follow
We just made an explosion so loud its ears bled and it collapsed from the pain. Would it consider us worth the trouble of a second confrontation if it thinks we can do the same thing AGAIN?
>> No. 5356
[X] Leave the area soon and hope it doesn't follow
>> No. 5357
[x] Leave the area soon and hope it doesn't follow
>> No. 5358
[+] Leave the area soon and hope it doesn't follow

It's what Captain Anon would do.
>> No. 5359
Thread is on autosage. New thread!
>> No. 5360
[x] Leave the area soon and hope it doesn't follow

>> No. 5361
He's who you make him guys, I have an awesome sorta bad end in mind if David goes AWOL.


While you stroke Mystia's hair and shush her, you keep an eye on the recumbant figure of the bat. Ever so slightly you can see it's chest rising and falling as it breathes shallowly, it may be badly hurt but it could get up at any time, if it does you want to be as far away as possible. Considering it's a bat and you've just broken it's ears you'd say it'll probably have trouble getting around now anyway, if you go now you've got a good chance to get away.

Softly you call her name, the sobbing and trembling has stopped now but she still clings to you silently. At least her nails aren't slicing up your back now, you'll have to check that out later.
Gently you disentangle yourself from her, reluctantly she allows you to take her arms away so you can help her stand. Frightened wide eyes watch you as you do so.
"I don't want to be around when that thing wakes up, let's get moving."
"You're not going to kill it?"

What? Kill it? But that would be wrong, even if it was going to kill and eat both of you just now you can't go and murder someone in cold blood. It looks so human, you doubt you could even attempt such an action unless you were driven by anger or something. No, you could never do such a thing.

"No Mystia, I am not going to kill it. She can't fight back right now, it wouldn't be right."
Indignant she breaks away from your support and stamps her foot crossly.
"Why not! She would kill you if she had the chance, don't think for a second she wouldn't! She's a horrible beast!"
"And I am not."
Mystia hesitates.
Yes, that's the key difference between you and that bat. She might kill you regardless of what happens, but you're a human. She might have the semblance of thought but it's only the result of being a very cunning animal. You are no animal.

"I don't understand."
"If we kill her or harm her anymore than we have to, then we're no better than she is. The right way to live is to have mercy and pity for all living things, even those who you are forced to fight."

She gaps at you with no understanding, as a Youkai herself Mystia probably can understand you only a little better than the bat could. If it were just Mystia by herself she would probably strike it down to avoid trouble later, but she isn't human.

"I think I'm starting to understand Youkai a little better....."
You mutter to yourself.
"Well I don't understand humans at all!"

Hands on her hips Mystia frowns at you, but doesn't move to hurt the beaten bat. Looks like she doesn't want to cross you after you saved her.

"Thanks for indulging me Mystia, maybe one day I can help you get what I mean."

She huffs, stamps her foot again before stomping away. Steering clear of the bat she walks due west, if you're any judge of direction, into the a thicket of trees. Catching up to her you match pace.

The two of you walk on in silence for a while, saying nothing although something bothers you. Oddly she walks very closely to you and after a while grabs hold of you sleeve between her thumb and forefinger, looking at her you see her glance away but she holds on regardless.

Finally after becoming annoyed with the slow progress you have to ask.

"Why aren't we flying?"
She looks away again, ashamed and you notice that one of her tiny wings is bent.
"I can't right now, I''m hurt."
"But those wings are way too small to help you fly! I thought they were for steering or something...."
"It doesn't work like that! G-god you're stupid!"
She snaps at you irritatedly, but blushes as she does. You can understand why she's annoyed, a bird that can't fly must be very embarrassing for her. Then she makes a pitiful look and oddly, apologizes.
"I'm sorry, it's my fault we're slow. I can't walk very well with my wing like this, it throws my balance off. That's why I..."
She trails off.
"Well, maybe I can help out?"
You expect her to sneer at you and brush it off, but instead she stares at you apprehensively and holds onto your shirt tighter.
"You can?"

Well shit, now you're going to have to back those words up. But what can you do for her?

[ ] Carry her on your back?
[ ] Let her throw an arm over your shoulder and lean on you?
[ ] Make an improvised crutch out of a branch?
>> No. 5362
>> No. 5363
[X] Carry her on your back?
>> No. 5364
[X] Carry her on your back.

No question.
>> No. 5365
[x] Carry her on your back?

A little injured bird. FUCK, now I'm hungry.
>> No. 5366
[X] Carry her on your back.
>> No. 5367
[ ] Carry her on your back?

This is the only path.
>> No. 5368
[ ] Carry her on your back?
There are no other options.
>> No. 5370
{X} Carry her on your back.
>> No. 5373
You sigh, there's no helping it. If she can't walk then you've got no other choice, you've got longer legs than her anyway so it'll be faster like this anyway you look at it.

"Mystia, hop on."

Stopping her you crouch down pat your back and smile at her, she just gawks at you in return.
"I want you to get on my back of course, I'll carry you."
"But...but that's embarrassing!"

Aghast her hand flies to her face as she takes a step back, then puts her hands on her hips crossly again.

"I'd rather walk! I'm a Youkai! Not some little kid you know!"
"Mystia, that bat could come back at any second you know."
You say reproachfully, her pride really shouldn't figure into this. It's all well and good trying to stand on your own two feet but this isn't the time for that, sighing you stand up again.
She hesitates, then crosses her arms and begins to walk again.
"G-good, really I can take care of myself."
"Oh I wasn't giving up."

Quickly you lunge at her grabbing her by the waist, then you lift her as you duck down again and slide between her legs as you lower her onto your back. It's such a smooth move that you're already walking with her supported behind you before she even thinks of struggling.
"Lemmme! Let me go!"
"If you squirm too much I'll drop you."

You say calmly loosening your grip to show her what you mean, instantly she grabs a hold of you. Defeated she puts her arms around your neck and leans in to make things easier for you, as she does she moves closer to your ear. Her hot breath tickles your neck as she whispers sweetly.

"I could break your neck like this."

That's....disturbing, her long sharp talons look very nasty as they hang mere inches from your tender neck. Is she trying to remind you she's a deadly killer? You hardly need to be reminded, even as you swallow the lump in your throat you refuse to be intimidated.

"I bet Wriggle would just love that."
"Oh you're no fun."

Playfully she cuffs you around the head and settles against you more comfortably, although that cuff was a little harder than you'd like. But she probably doesn't know how to control her own strength, this may be a problem in the future.

"So which way now?"
"Over there, between those birch trees."
"Uh, which ones are birch trees?"

She indicates where she means and you set off. Her light weight makes her easy to carry and you barely feel burdened as you bare her across the forest, oddly she rest her chin against your shoulder right next to your head. It makes you feel uncomfortable for some reason, though that's probably because she's a Youkai.

"Why did you help me, rather than save yourself?" She says quietly.
"I mean, there's no reason for you to do that. I wasn't very nice to you and despite what you think we weren't saving you for your sake, I don't even know if Wriggle plans on letting you live or if she wants to kill you her self. You must know Youkai eat and kill humans, so why did you take such a risk?"

Good question.

[ ] "If you died, Wriggle would be sad."
[ ] "I couldn't let you lay down your life like that."
[ ] "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."
[ ] "I just like blowing stuff up -ze."
>> No. 5374
[+] Carry her on your back?
We're pretty much alright, and she's not. It's the only gentlemanly thing to do.
>> No. 5375
Damn. Slowpoke'd.

[+] "If you died, Wriggle would be sad."
[+] "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."
>> No. 5376
And I repeat - Thread is autosaging, time for a new one.
>> No. 5377
[X] "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."

One step closer to Captain status.
>> No. 5378
[x] "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."
Suddenly, David collapses as the memories come flooding in.
>> No. 5379
File 121348700747.jpg - (3.85KB , 87x96 , 1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] "I just like blowing stuff up -ze."
>> No. 5381
[x] "If you died, Wriggle would be sad."
[x] "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."

Fried chicken~
>> No. 5383
[ ] "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."
>> No. 5384
[X] "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."
[X] "Besides, if you died, Wriggle would be sad."
>> No. 5385
[X] "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."
>> No. 5386
nigger, work, etc.
>> No. 5387
{X} "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."
{X} "Besides, if you died, Wriggle would be sad."
>> No. 5388
[≈] "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."
[≈] "Besides, if you died, Wriggle would be sad."
>> No. 5389

[x] "Because I consider the lives of all sentient beings sacred; categories like 'youkai' or 'human' don't matter in this context, and besides..."
[x] "It's the duty of a gentleman, to help a lady in need."

David is the savior of this world. Don't fuck with the Jesus.


[x] "Hey. Don't take any guff from those swine. Remember, if you have any trouble you can always send a telegram to the Right People."
>> No. 5390
[x] "If you died, Wriggle would be sad."
[x] "Besides, it's the duty of a gentleman to help a lady in need."

Going for affection points. Talking to a woman.
Things tend to get read into.
>> No. 5391
[x] "If you died, Wriggle would be sad."
[x] "Besides, it's the duty of a gentleman to help a lady in need."
>> No. 5393
>>Things tend to get read into.

Or taken into consideration.

>> No. 5395
[ ] "It's the duty of a gOh you're writing already.
>> No. 5397

>Or taken into consideration.