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Well as I promised I'm going to put into motion the idea I had so here goes. This post I'm going to describe my idea for the Limited Adventures, hopefully some young anon will bring the torch to the other boards. After this I'll start the game.

Limited Adventures


Limited Adventures are Waking Up In Gensokyo style threads with a few key differences. These are guide lines more than rules so feel free to interpret these as you wish.

Limited Adventures are smaller in scope, rather than a grand tour of the entire of Gensokyo with an epic story a limited adventure will focus solely on the one region of Gensokyo that the board covers and a more mundane kind of budding relationship kind of story. All the action will take place within the region and the cast of characters will be reduced to those that live there or can conceivably be said to visit there. For example you may see Sakuya at the Shrine but you'll probably not see Flandre unless something seriously is wrong.


It gives those of us that wish to write a chance to do so without stepping on the toes of the writers in /th/ and avoids /th/ being flooded with retarded imitators.
It'll also give people a reason to visit the less used sections of the site and provides something to read while waiting for MiG or WUIG.


Choose a board that's free and write something, set a time that you'll update after your first entry and try to get into the habit of updating at least once a day around then. Limited threads don't have to be 20 minuet updates like MiG, write at your leisure. That said, if your thread is still struggling to get votes after a week delete it and let someone else try.
I suggest someone do /shrine/ first as it's one of the least visited areas and most writers haven't explored there yet.

Story begins next post, wish me luck!

>> No. 44
Sounds good, but you should post a notice back in /th/ so everyone knows.
>> No. 45
Concerning updates:
I'm a Britfag so my time zone is GMT Central, as such updates may be a bit erratic compared to other writers. When MiG usually gets into full swing I should've been asleep hours ago. Concerning this first update, I'll be online well until 1am GMT at least. So if things are moving I'll update, otherwise I'll check in "officially" at about 10am tomorrow. After we've worked out how things are moving we'll figure out a good schedule for all of us.
Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll Begin

You sink into your bed thankfully, it'd been a hard day and you've been up far longer than you should so it's no surprise that you're already sound asleep pretty much as you hit the sheets.
That night your dreams are strange, you toss and turn sweating heavily as images assail your brain. In your mind's eye you see stranger's faces watching you as you tumble through a dark and winding tunnel, suddenly you're floating far above the ground swooping over the canopy of a dark forest. Your breath catches for a moment as you drink in this beautiful vista; upon the horizon the sun is setting covering the sky aflame contrasting with the sea of dark green below you, for miles all you can see is sky and trees.
The only sound you can here is the whistle of the wind, it comes in a high pitch wail as it ruffles your clothes and sends your limbs spread eagle behind you. With a lurch you realize that you're not floating, but falling!
You're powerless to do anything as the ground comes up to meet you for one final fatal embrace, you try to scream but it's as if there is no breath in your body.

You recall hearing that people die if they are killed, in their dreams.

All you can do is close your eyes and mentally brace your self for the impact of the canopy, maybe you'll get lucky and some branches will break your fall enough to leave you alive. if some what broken.

But the impact never comes, you fall at the same rate straight through the limbs of the dense and ancient trees. Literally right through them! One branch, easily bigger than your entire torso, whistles straight through your head and out the other side. But you have no time to marvel at this miracle as already you've broken through the canopy and only the imposing earth is left to stop you, before you've even had time to wonder what the hell just happened you strike the earth at terminal velocity. And out the other side.

You're still falling but you've returned to that twisting tunnel of faces, you're tumbling head over heels now and the only thing that gives you any kind of indication which way is down is a white light at one end of the tunnel that seems to be getting closer. Soon it's so close that it hurts your eyes to see it and you worry that you'll go blind if you fall entirely into it, just before you do you get a good look at one of the mysterious faces that are watching you and you try to commit every detail to memory.

You begin to loose consciousness as you are consumed by the light, but you do memorize one thing: Blond Hair.


Choose a number, anonymous:

[ ] 1

[ ] 2

[ ] 3

(was that okay?)
>> No. 46
In terms of constructive criticism, you started two sentences with "but" in a row. But it's good. I still think there's no real point in putting it here while at the same time linking to it from /th/ though.
>> No. 47

>(was that okay?)

long introduction was long; waiting for character interaction.
>> No. 48
Ok, I will choose a number anyways:

[ ] 2
>> No. 49
I'm more used to writing dialog than descriptions, I'll work on that.
>> No. 50
[ ] 2
Is improv allowed? I mean, Improvised answers?

If so, [] 42
>> No. 51
[X] 2
Twice as good as 1. Not as odd as 3.
>> No. 52
Ehh, In the main story yeah. This number thing is just to add a little random element.

>> No. 53
[X] 3

It's the magic number. A man and a woman had a little baby. Yes, they did.
>> No. 54
[x] Mishap
>> No. 55

That's a nice, even number.
>> No. 56
That's 5, seeing as I wana go down the pub in a second this'll do for now. Writing now.
>> No. 57
"Blond Hair...." You mutter as stirring slightly, the night is hot and uncomfortably humid but the grass feels cool against your skin so you lay there for a moment enjoying the sensation.


Your eyes open with snap and you're greeted with the sight of a forest lit by a full moon filtering through the dense canopy. Brushing yourself off you stand up and scan your surroundings.

You're in a forest clearing that much is clear, lush grass grows thick under your feat and odd tress, of a type you've never seen before, stretch in every direction. Straining your eyes you think you can see a dim collection of lights not far from where you are now and from behind you're certain you can hear a voice raised in song, though the lyrics are too indistinct to make out.

"Hello?" You timidly call out, but no response.

What do you want to do?

[ ] Check out the lights

[ ] Look for the person singing

[ ] Scream

[ ] Leave the clearing and head in any direction

(brb pub, I'll be back about 11pm or so)
>> No. 58
[X] Check out the lights
>> No. 59
[x] Check out the lights

Willowisps only kill people who follow them blindly. This will be safe.
>> No. 60
[X] Check out the lights

Light's good, right?
>> No. 61
[ ] Check out the lights
>> No. 63
[X] Check out the lights
Hmmm... Could be either Wriggle or a human settlement. Most likely the former.
>> No. 64
Back, lights it is.
>> No. 65
File 120821222896.png - (51.98KB , 110x222 , wriggle.png ) [iqdb]
Light = Civilization right? Well what ever it is it's a damn site better than wandering a forest randomly, any heading is as good as another. So you set out towards the faint light beyond the clearing.

It's tough going, once or twice you loose sight of the light and have to take a moment to locate it again, but as you draw near the forest begins to thin again. In this region the trees have a few black scorch marks and the leaf mold gives way to soggy ashes, it seems that there was a forest fire here some time ago.

Eventually you break free of the trees and enter another clearing with a little mound in the center. At the top of the mound sits a young ..... girl? You can't discern their gender, sitting upon a tree split in two by lightening.

Fire flies bathe the area in a pale yellow light, some attracted to your body heat settle on your clothing, a small cooking fire highlights the girl against the eerie illumination The smell of cooked meat wafts over towards you making your stomach rumble, when did you last eat? Drawn by the smell and your stomach you cautiously approach the top of the little hill.

The girl doesn't seem to have noticed you yet, she's sitting crossed legged on the split tree too busy tearing into a meaty bone to look up.

[ ] Greet the girl

[ ] Approach the fire but don't say anthing

[ ] Stay put and watch

[ ] Leave the area
>> No. 66
[X] Greet the girl

Suicidal? Maybe.

But it's Wriggle, so it's worth it.
>> No. 67
[ ] Leave the area
>> No. 68
[x] Greet the girl

I'm choosing this against my better judgment.
>> No. 69
[ ] Greet the girl

Also, Wriggle is a carnivore?
>> No. 70
[ ] Greet the girl
>> No. 71
[x] Ask if you can have some

The guy is already dead, so you might as well partake.
>> No. 72
>Also, Wriggle is a carnivore?

lol whut

she's a youkai
>> No. 73
I like the way you think
>> No. 74
At least Wriggle won't eat us if her stomach is full.
>> No. 75
Winner, writing.
>> No. 76
She knew we were there the moment those fireflies settled on our clothing.
>> No. 77
[ ] Greet the girl

Plucking up your courage you walk up to the fire boldly and say:
"Excuse me miss, I'm lost. In fact I have no idea where I am or how I got here. Where am I and where's the nearest town?"
Or rather that's what you would've said if she hadn't burst out laughing spitting food all over the place.
"Wow, just wow!" She finally says calming down. "You're either really brave or really stupid approaching me human. Either way, you're really really really lucky that I just ate."
She smiles at you but you can't help but feel uncomfortable.
"If it was Rumia you bumped into you'd be seconds by now, wouldn't even stop cook you." You're not sure if you believe your own eyes at this point, but you'd swear that she begins to float and drifts over to you hanging in the air next to your shoulder.
"And if it was Cirno she'd probably play with you until you break." She drifts over to the other shoulder whispers in your ear.
You freeze, you don't understand what's going on at all but you're certain that you're in a lot of danger right now. She does a slow little pirouette in the air, the fire flies following her leaving a little after glow in the air, before alighting upon the split tree again.
"I'm not in the mood to play right now human, I was going to go see Mystia. But I've got some time. What did you want? By the way, you can call me Wriggle and I'll call you. Mmmmm. Baka-kun. Like you're new name Baka-kun?"
Her eyes shine with mischief, you're safe for now but it's probably not best to ruin her good mood.

[ ] Yes Thank you
[ ] Don't call me Baka-kun
[ ] Ignore


[ ] Where am I? How can I leave here?
[ ] Can I meet Mystia?
[ ] What were you eating?
[ ] Ruffle hair.
>> No. 78
[x] Don't call me Baka-kun.
[x] Ruffle hair.
>> No. 79
[X] "Indeed."

[X] Ruffle hair.
>> No. 83
>Like you're new name Baka-kun?"

[x] Ignore

>What did you want?

[x] Can I have some of your food?
>> No. 91
>Her eyes shine with mischief, you're safe for now but it's probably not best to ruin her good mood.

She's in a good mood because she has dominance. Ruffling or telling her off is a bad idea.
>> No. 94
Play it safe with
[x] Ignore

but take a slight risk with
[x]Ruffle hair
>> No. 101
[ ] Yes Thank you

[ ] What were you eating?
>> No. 103
I'll let you guys in on a little secret, Wriggle is TRAINING MODO.

This isn't MiG or WUIG
>> No. 116

As expected from a level 1 boss.

Human friendship level: Normal
>> No. 132
[x] Yes Thank you (sarcastic)

[x] What were you eating?

Soylent green is delicious.
>> No. 160
[x] Yes Thank you (sarcastic)

[x] What were you eating?
>> No. 161
It's a little unclear but I want to get some sleep soon so:

[x] Yes Thank you (sarcastic)

[x] What were you eating?

Wins due to having the most between posts.
>> No. 162
Forgot me trip
>> No. 163

How many posts are we usually going to? Should be low since this is a low-traffic board.
>> No. 164
Not bowed by her flippant attitude you levelly meet her gaze and say.
"Yes, Thank you so much Wriggle-sama."
She holds your stare evenly, for a moment neither of you speak unwilling to back down.
Eventually though you have to ask.
"What were you eating?"
Without blinking she simply leans in and replies.

"I think she said her name was Jane."

With great effort you suppress the instinct to react, thankfully years of exposure to guro has numbed you to most of the disgust you feel but your body goes cold even so.

[ ] So where the hell am I?

[ ] Do people eat each other a lot around here?

[ ] Sorry if I pissed you off Wriggle, let's be friends okay?

[ ] Sorry if I bugged you Wriggle, let's be friends okay?

[ ] Ruffle hair.
>> No. 165
File 120822396595.jpg - (32.37KB , 470x200 , es17pi.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm thinking most votes over a period of time. About an hour between posts is what we're getting at the moment so I guess that's what it is for now.

I'm going to finish things up with wriggle for now soon, my next update will be around 10am GMT so I think I'll leave a longer post and more options for the anon to play with in between.

Also, mue Nightbug
>> No. 166
[x] Do people eat each other a lot around here?
>> No. 167

[x] Sorry if I BUGGED you Wriggle (lolololol), let's be friends okay? And can I have some of that Jane?
>> No. 168
[ ] Sorry if I bugged you Wriggle, let's be friends okay?

Do it! We back down from NO man!
>> No. 169
>Do it! We back down from NO man!

Or boy.
>> No. 170
[X] Ruffle hair.
[X] "So, you eat people often, or what?"
>> No. 171
[ ] Do people eat each other a lot around here?
>> No. 172
[x] Any left? Falling between dimensions builds up an appetite.
>> No. 173
[ ] Sorry if I bugged you Wriggle, let's be friends okay?

Our stunning wit shall win her heart!
>> No. 174
[ ] Sorry if I bugged you Wriggle, let's be friends okay?
[ ] Ruffle hair.

In order
>> No. 176
Winrar, I'll throw in the ruffle for free.

Post reinforcements inbound. ETA unknown.
>> No. 177
>> No. 178
>thankfully years of exposure to guro has numbed you to most of the disgust you feel

Thank god for those ranks we put in Knowledge (Internet)
>> No. 179
"Sorry if I bugged you Wriggle, let's be friends okay?"
"What. Did. You. Just. Say." Wriggle's voice drips with contempt, your mouth goes dry.
"It's a just a joke! Bugged? Night bug?"

"Oh. Har. Har. Har."

Wriggle flying right up to your face really let's you have it.
"You and Cirno are just regular comedians aren't you! Baka-kun and Cirno! The TOAST OF GENSOKYO! WRIGGLE? BUG? SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY! It gets better each time doesn't it Cirno? 'Sorry to BUG you Wriggle!' 'That Wriggle, she's a real lady. BUG!'"
She's not even looking you in the eye now as she raves and recites every lame bug joke Cirno ever told her. Bobbing up and down with every hysterical pun her adorable little antenna dance in front of your eyes.
Desperate to contain the situation and unable to resist those delicious antenna you reach out a hand to run your fingers through her hair and caress those delicate protrusions. Yes, ruffling will make it all better!

"'Yo sucka, don't be buggin'. Fo'Wriggle!' WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?"
Knocking your hand out of the way Wriggle grasps you by the shoulders and shakes you violently while screaming "CIRNO! SHUT UP! YOU STUPID 9!"

Being shaken by a hysterical Youkai isn't something an otherworlder like you should take lightly, your head whips back and forth on your neck like a ragdoll.
Fearing whip lash and spinal injury you take a step back putting her off balance, caught off guard she over reaches her self knocking you down. Instinctively you grab the first thing you can to catch your self and end up dragging her down with you. The two of you collapse to the ground with a mighty thud that sends the fire flies racing.

Your vision swims and it takes a moment to clear your head properly. Laying on top of you is Wriggle, her face inches from yours. Is she blushing?

"B-baka-kun. S-stop." She whispers breathily, what's going on? Why the sudden change in attitude? You can't think straight all you can concentrate on is her slight form pressed against yours, her warmth spreading from her to you and the tiny fluttering in her chest. Her heart is beating so hard you can feel it.

"Baka-kun." Closing her eye and leaning in, her lips brush yours. It's the kiss of a child, no tongue or lip movement. Yet it's probably one of the most intense kisses of your life.

With her head so close to yours you notice that held lightly in between your fingers is one of her Antenna, you must've grabbed it on the way down. Pulling her self back for breath it slips from your grasp, a look of horror spreads across her face.

"What did you do! No one's allowed to touch my antenna! Get away from me!" She begins to beat on your chest with her fists, you try to explain you can't get away while she's on top of you but she's having none of it.

"Oh god! I kissed a human! My first! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" Leaping from you she takes to the air crying, stunned you can't even bring your self to stand up.

"I'm glad you're lost in the forest of magic! Maybe Rumia will come along and eat you up! Serves you right! I bet you won't even survive until morning!" Still crying she flies off into the darkness leaving you alone in the clearing with just the campfire and a few Jane bones for company.

Soon an oppressive silence rushes in and the night is still. You feel the need to correct that, to break the silence. A cry forms in your mind, not fully understanding why you scream into the night.


Anon your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to survive a night in the Magical forest.

MULTI CHOICE (not that some choices eliminate others, you can't combine escape forest with sleep now for example.)


[ ] Try calling out, see if anyone hears you.

[ ] Check if Wriggle left anything to eat.

[ ] Bury Jane's remains.

[ ] Keep a low profile


[ ] Stay by the fire and keep it going.

[ ] Climb a near by tree.

[ ] Head back to where the other clearing was and try to find the singer.

[ ] Strike out in a random direction and try to escape the forest.

[ ] Stay awake, no matter what.

[ ] Get some rest now, if you're exhausted you won't wake up for anything.

Write in ballots will be counted.


And with that good fucking Night! It's now 4:24am and I need to be up and ready for body conditioning at 9am.
Update will be some time after 10am, whenever I feel like it.
>> No. 180
>>(note that some choices eliminate others, you can't combine escape forest with sleep now for example.)


Too sleepy to grammar\spell
>> No. 182
>'That Wriggle, she's a real lady. BUG!'"

ha ha oh wow

I see this was the correct choice
>> No. 183
[X] Keep a low profile
[X] Head back to where the other clearing was and try to find the singer.
[X] Stay awake, no matter what.

Mystia won't kill us, she'll just scam us.
>> No. 184
[X] Try calling out, see if anyone hears you.

[X] Head back to where the other clearing was and try to find the singer.

[X] Stay awake, no matter what.

What's that? I'm crazy? Mayhaps.

Still, it's always nice to have some company, and we need to find someone. It's pretty lonely by yourself, and finding people is the first step towards getting close enough to them to mooch.

Also, Wriggle is friends with Mystia, who's the only person who would be singing out here. We really ought to apologize for that blunder, eh? Besides, moe Mystia is moe, and moe Wriggle is moe.

Also, sleeping in the middle of youkai infested woods is a terrible idea.
>> No. 185
>>Also, sleeping in the middle of youkai infested woods is a terrible idea.

They mostly come out at night, mostly.
>> No. 186
>"'Yo sucka, don't be buggin'. Fo'Wriggle!'

FUCKIN LOL! I'll vote after I can stop laughing!
>> No. 187

And night it be.

That, or the full moon has some explaining to do.
>> No. 188
[ ] Keep a low profile
[ ] Stay by the fire and keep it going.
[ ] Stay awake, no matter what.
>> No. 189
[ ] Check if Wriggle left anything to eat.

[ ] Stay by the fire and keep it going.

[ ] Get some rest now, if you're exhausted you won't wake up for anything.

Eat, sleep, and stay warm.
Danger be damned, a man needs his rest.
Whoever you are, you half-eaten corpse, you shall live on inside of us!
>> No. 190
[x] Check if Wriggle left anything to eat.

Sorry Jane, but I'm very hungry.

[x] Stay by the fire and keep it going.

Rumia will avoid the fire, and being able to see allows us to note if a cloud of darkness is moving around. Weak youkai will avoid Wriggle's favored spot. If Mystia comes by looking for Wriggle, we can bluff and/or offer some Jane. (Befriending Mystia would give us another shot at Wriggle). Cirno will avoid the flame and not give us frostbite in our sleep. Finally, this is the best chance at notifying a passing Alice or Marisa to our presence.

[x] Stay awake all night like the motherfucking Darks of the North Star

We can sleep in the daytime, when it's safer and we can find Alice's, Marisa's, or Kourin's house, and Rumia is more avoidable during the day. Finally, Wriggle might come back to apologize. Or maybe Mystia will sing us a lullaby.
>> No. 191
[X] Bury Jane's remains.

[X] Climb a near by tree.

[X] Get some rest now, if you're exhausted you won't wake up for anything.
>> No. 192
[x] Bury Jane's remains.
while doing this:
[x] Stay by the fire and keep it going.

[x] Climb a near by tree.
[x] Get some rest now, if you're exhausted you won't wake up for anything.
>> No. 193
They'll be a post not long from now. I skipped my 9am lecture due to staying up until 4am, but it's only an hour long so I can afford to this time.

Gunna take a shower and sort out something for filming later, plus I need to go find a job.
>> No. 194
>> No. 195
File 120825813931.jpg - (150.27KB , 570x741 , 120779654536.jpg ) [iqdb]
I need another vote on option one.
>> No. 196
[X] Keep a low profile

[X] Head back to where the other clearing was and try to find the singer.

[X] Stay awake, no matter what.
>> No. 197

[x] Check if Wriggle left anything to eat.

It's safe. We've already caught her cooties.
>> No. 199

I see what you did there.
>> No. 200
Keep voting, I'm gonna be busy for a while.
>> No. 201
[x] Bury Jane's remains.
Don't want her remains to attract more youkai

[x] Stay by the fire and keep it going.

[x] Stay awake, no matter what.
>> No. 202
>I skipped my 9am lecture due to staying up until 4am, but it's only an hour long so I can afford to this time.

I'm doing the same. WTF?
>> No. 205
[x] Try calling out, see if anyone hears you.

We have some tasty human, may as well offer it to some random youkai. Also, maybe Marisa or Alice is in the area.

[x] Stay by the fire and keep it going.

To keep the Rumias away.

[x] Get some rest now, if you're exhausted you won't wake up for anything.

HP/MP restored!

But you're still hungry.
>> No. 208
Okay I'm back, just had tasty KFC. I reckon 5pm GMT is best for me to update. Trying it during the day just didn't work for me.

Anyway the winners are:

[ ] Check if Wriggle left anything to eat. III

[ ] Bury Jane's remains. III

[ ] Stay by the fire and keep it going. IIIIII

[ ] Get some rest now, if you're exhausted you won't wake up for anything. IIII

Bit of an odd mix but it makes sense. Writing nao.
>> No. 209
There's no helping it, you're lost in the middle of a forest filled with dangerous carnivores with no hope of escape or rescue. So you elect to settle here tonight and try thinking of a plan in the morning.

First priority you gather fuel for the fire, there's plenty of charred wood here that'll burn fine even in this humid environment so it doesn't take you long to make the little cooking fire into a merry blaze. It's uncomfortably warm but since the fireflies left with Wriggle it's your only source of illumination.

Your thoughts turn to Wriggle for a moment; the feel of her hot breath on your face and her tiny pressed against yours. She wasn't like anyone you've ever met before, besides the flying and eating people that is. Everything about her was alien, no exotic. The taste of her lips and the smell of her hair, no female you've ever been close with has had such a unique aroma.......

Gah! What are you thinking? She's some sort of monster, surely? Just thinking about her sends your mind running in circles, sighing you decide to distract your self some how before your thoughts consume you.

Consume....... Oh god you're starving!

The angry rumbling in your stomach suddenly makes it's self known and you double over as suddenly all the strength falls from your limbs. Crawling over to the split tree you prop yourself up, if you don't get something to eat then you probably won't have the strength to even leave the clearing by morning.
You sit there pondering whether the leaves around here are poisonous or not when a sick idea crawls into your head. Jane!
Scrabbling in the dirt around the fire you look for any scraps of food left over, but all you find are bones picked clean. She even broke them in half and sucked out the marrow! You mind blanches at that thought, she kissed you after all with those same lips, but soon your stomach reasserts it's self.
All that's left of Jane are some shattered bones, her skull and a pile of rags. For a moment you wonder what Wriggle did with the poor woman's organs, thinking of the fireflies you decide you'd rather not know. Half heartedly you sift through the rag pile in hopes of finding some small over looked morsel when your hand bumps into something unexpected.
Reaching deep into the pile, disturbing some beetles that had taken residence there, you pull out a little burlap satchel embroidered with a diamond pattern. Barely believing your luck and afraid to breath in case it dispels this illusion you lift open the rough folds of the satchel.
You can't stop the tears forming in your eyes when you see it's filled to the brim with sweet red cherries, Jane must have come to the forest to pick them when she bumped into Wriggle. You begin to cram them in your mouth hand over fist, the sticky juice running down your throat and staining your lips bright red. You gorge yourself on the berries, stopping only to spit the stones out ten at a time, until finally your stomach is sated. Wiping your mouth and hands with one of the rags you check the bag again, you've considerably diminished the stash of cherries but it looks like you'll have food for a while at least.

Hunger dealt with you look at the skull grinning at you from the dirt, Wriggle's insects have picked it clean down the bone. Suddenly you're over come with emotion, twice this woman has saved your life. She died to feed Wriggle and she left sustenance for you in her wake.
You decide the least you can do is bury her remains, even if they've been ravaged all ready you should at least commit them to the earth rather than let them bleach in the sun.
Grabbing a good sized piece of wood you begin to excavate a site to bury Jane, the sooty soil is easy to move and energized by your meal you make short work of it and soon you've buried the late Jane in a shallow grave in the side of the mound.

You've never been a religious man, you can think of no wise words to speak on her behalf and no meaningful way to mark the grave. You settle for a simple
"Thank you."
And return to the fire, you've really worn your self out tonight! You're sure you haven't been here for more than, say, five hours now but you're pretty tired already. Deciding it would be worse for you to try and stay awake only to sleep through any danger by accident you choose to take a short nap, try to wake up and wait out until sun rise.

You feed the fire a bit more wood and lay down on the ground, using Jane's bag as a pillow. At first you're too conscious of your situation to let sleep take you. Questions of where you are, why you're here and whether you'll get eaten run your mind ragged and thoughts of Wriggle serve to confuse you further.

But finally, you drift off to sleep.

[ ] Sleep lightly

[ ] Wriggle Dream

[ ] Mishap

[ ] Sleep well
>> No. 210
Huge text is huge, gonna try more options with more posts next.
>> No. 211
[X] Sleep lightly
It's probably a bad idea to sleep too deeply.
>> No. 212
File 120828195136.jpg - (128.70KB , 642x609 , wriggle122.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Wriggle Dream

Please, can it be wet dream time?

Or at least cute dream time?
>> No. 213
[x] Mishap
Who could resist the call of the mishap?
>> No. 214
[x] Sleep lightly

This is serious, soldier. Get rest while you can, otherwise you won't have the energy to fully participate in future hijinx and shenanigans.
>> No. 215
[x] Sleep lightly, have long, intense nightmares, the most prominent one among them being a man in red standing alone amidst an endless field of eggs...
>> No. 216
[X] Wriggle Dream

Screw sleeping lightly. Let's make the most of this!
>> No. 217
[X] Sleep lightly
>> No. 218
[x] Wriggle Dream

>> No. 219
Sleeping lightly does nothing for us. Even awake we're food for any youkai we come across.

Also, I cried manly tears for you, Jane.
>> No. 220
[X] Sleep lightly

Your sleep is troubled and fitful, it seems you can't doze for more than 20 straight minuets without jerking awake with some worry or another. You keep up this tenuous for maybe two or three hours before you give up, you feel unrefreshed but at least nothing attacked you during the night.

You toss a couple of limbs onto the fire for warmth it's gotten much colder now and beads of dew are forming over every surface, you even have to shake a fine coating from your hair.

One side of the sky, you assume it's the east, has begun to brighten with a watery pre-dawn light. It's still pretty dark but it's light enough to see some distance between the trees at least.

As you sit pondering your next move and nibbling on cherries your ears prick up. Some where beyond a clump of bushes towards your right you can hear a voice or voices, it's pretty faint and you can't make out the words but you can vaguely hear snatches of a girl's voice. Listening for a moment the voice neither grows nearer or moves away, who ever it is they aren't moving.

[ ] Go see who it is.

[ ] Follow the voice cautiously and try not to be seen

[ ] Ignore the voice for now, stay put and see if it moves

[ ] Leave the clearing in the opposite direction.
>> No. 224
[x] Ignore the voice for now, stay put and see if it moves
Fuck that noise, can't it see I'm hungry for dead people cherries?
>> No. 225
[ ] Ignore the voice for now, stay put and see if it moves

MGS Caution music is playing in your head manually
>> No. 226
[x] Ignore the voice for now, stay put and see if it moves

A stranger in a strange land shouldn't be wandering around before dawn while in the middle of a forest.
>> No. 227
[x] Follow the voice cautiously and try not to be seen
>> No. 229
[x] Ignore the voice for now, stay put and see if it moves
>> No. 230
[X] Follow the voice cautiously and try not to be seen

I like stealth options the best; enough discretion to avoid dumb mistakes, but enough motivation to keep the story going.
>> No. 231
Wow things are picking up! Okay so you're staying put...
>> No. 232
File 120828818016.png - (98.93KB , 741x592 , 1208185853591.png ) [iqdb]
You decide that fools rush in blind and stay put on your little hill, it's not much in this world of flying bug girls but it's better than nothing!

Keeping your eyes in the direction of the voice you wait, munching cherries. The voice is moving now, getting louder, it's moving towards you! You can make out the voice more clearly now, but it's not speaking words per say.

"AaaaaOOOOOOaaaaahhhhhh! Ah! ... AaaaaaaaOOOOOOaaaaahhhhh! Ah! ..."

Other than the wailing you there's another sound it's making, more quietly than the rest. It's drawing ever closer, now what?

[ ] Ready weapon

[ ] Call out to the voice's owner

[ ] Stay put

[ ] Run to the other side of the hill and lay in wait where you can't be seen.


(pic not related)
>> No. 233
[x] Ready weapon
I think Limited Adventures is a pretty cool guy, eh attacks little girls and doesn't afraid of anything
>> No. 234


[X] Run to the other side of the hill and lay in wait where you can't be seen.
>> No. 235
[X] Run to the other side of the hill and lay in wait where you can't be seen.

Time to see if we put ranks in hide
>> No. 236
[x] Run to the other side of the hill and lay in wait where you can't be seen.
I bet it's Wriggle trying to fuck with us. Well, we'll see who fucks who, you... you... DOUBLE YOUKAI
>> No. 237
[X] Run to the other side of the hill and lay in wait where you can't be seen.

We'll see who it is. Maybe we can get Wriggle back, later.
>> No. 238
[x] Run to the other side of the hill and lay in wait where you can't be seen.

It's the ⑨ trying to scare us by pretending to be Mystia or something. But she's the one who's gonna get scared.
>> No. 239
File 120829021099.jpg - (94.00KB , 774x962 , 1205780612301.jpg ) [iqdb]

it's from /tg/ and Dawn of War.

BTW, when things are moving like this how does fifth vote wins and most votes over say an hour and a half during the down time.
>> No. 240
>>BTW, when things are moving like this how does fifth vote wins and most votes over say an hour and a half during the down time sound.

Goddamnit Scorn
>> No. 241
[x] Run to the other side of the hill and lay in wait where you can't be seen.
>> No. 242
Discretion is the better part of valor and all that you think. Leaping from the top of the hill and down the other side you lay on your stomach on the other side of the hill just as the owner of that voice bursts from the bushes.

"We come from the land of the ice and snow,
from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow -ze! How soft your fields so green,
Can whisper tales of gore,
Of how we calmed the tides of war.
We are your overlords -ze!"

You're not sure what amazes you more, the elaborate white and black witch costume this girl is wearing or the fact she's singing Led Zeppelin. As she stops to perform an impromptu air guitar solo you notice, YOU DIDN'T PUT THE FIRE OUT!

She seems to absorbed in her music to notice anything yet, you judge you've got a couple of seconds before she looks up.

[ ] Run away!

[ ] Wait and see what happens

[ ] Try and throw some dirt on the fire

[ ] Step out and say hello.

>> No. 243
You really suck at this, Marisa! I'll show you how to do an air guitar solo!
>> No. 244
[X] Wait and see
>> No. 245
[ ] Step out and say hello.

I wonder if Reimu is a bitch in this Gensokyo as well.
>> No. 246
I'm even listening to III right now. Freaky-deaky.

[X] Step out and say hello.
>> No. 247
[X] Step out and say hello.

It's Marisa, and she's rockin' out. We're good.
>> No. 248
[x] Wait and see what happens

You don't interrupt someone's guitar solo. That is sin.
>> No. 249
[x] Step out and sing along.

>> No. 250
Best Marisa interpretation yet.

After this lets get wasted on magic mushrooms and blast Jefferson Airplane.
>> No. 251

>> No. 252

Just for that we're not going to.

No Jefferson
No mushrooms

Alice only

>> No. 253
[Yes] Jefferson
[Yes] mushrooms
>> No. 254

Alice throws the radio in the tub when "White Inaba" peaks?
>> No. 255
File 120829618726.gif - (223.47KB , 333x187 , despair1.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 256
[x] Step out and sing along.

This is a good Idea, and I support it
>> No. 257
I'm guessing she bought/stole an iPod from Kourindou
>> No. 258
[X] Step out and sing along.
>> No. 259
[x] Step out and air guitar with her, Bill & Ted style.

The forest probably catches on fire while we're rocking out.
>> No. 260
>[x] Step out and air guitar with her, Bill S. Preston & Theodore Logan style.

>> No. 261
File 120830381885.png - (101.03KB , 416x333 , 1206827314954.png ) [iqdb]

Anyway I'm back, I took a nap while that ban was still in effect so I may pull an all nighter now.
>> No. 262
[x] Step out and sing along. 3

Zeppelin! Fuck yeah!
You dash out from behind the hill wailing "On we sweep with threshing oar,
Our only goal will be the western shore!"

But your dynamic entry falls on deaf ears, she's since turned her back on you and is now wiggling her behind to a song only she can hear. Confused as to why she ignored you and mildly hypnotized by her swaying skirt you suddenly realize why she didn't hear you, in one hand she holds a basket of mushrooms and in the other is.... an iPod? It must be, wires lead from the tiny white box into her ears.

You can't help but stare at this rather lovely girl, her golden hair swishes about playfully as she dances lively improvised steps and her floppy hat bounces happily in time with her beat.

[ ] Keep quiet and wait for her to notice you

[ ] Tap her on the shoulder

[ ] Yell a hearty "Hello" to her

[ ] Breasts
>> No. 263
[ ] Tap her on the shoulder

[ ] Breasts

At the same time.
>> No. 264
[x] Breasts

It's highly unlikely that she'll kill us.
>> No. 265
[x] Breasts
>> No. 266
[X] Tap her on the shoulder
Prepare for Spark.
>> No. 267
[X] Greet her with a slap on the ass.

Oh, come on! She's waving it right in our faces!
>> No. 268
[x] Keep rocking and wait for her to notice you

She'll become amused or confused; either way we'll have the upper hand.
>> No. 269
[x] Tap her on the shoulder
>> No. 270
[ ] Keep quiet and wait for her to notice you
>> No. 271
We play hide-the-sausage with her AFTER we take the mushrooms, you idiots.
>> No. 272
[x] Tap her on the shoulder
>> No. 273
File 12083123936.jpg - (323.80KB , 500x650 , 1208307850559.jpg ) [iqdb]
Snapping out of the booty induced trance you realize you're enormously glad to see a, relatively, normal person in this forest. Reaching out a hand to tap her on the shoulder and get her attention proves to be easier said than done however, her erratic dance makes her a hard target to connect with. Finally after failing after her a few times your hand connects more or less with her shoulder.

"KYAAAAAAAA!" She emits a shriek and whirls on you landing a mighty slap upon your cheek.

"Geese! You shouldn't sneak up on a person like that -ze! You scared the living hell out of me!" You go to respond with an apology but before you even start she pipes up again.
"Awww! Ya' made me spill my mushrooms! They're all dirty now! Pick them up! Pick them up I say!"
Marisa glares at you hands on hips, pouting. My god she's adorable.

[ ] Introduce your self while picking up mushrooms

[ ] Refuse

[ ] Ignore her and ask questions

[ ] Ask her name
>> No. 274
[ ] Introduce your self while picking up mushrooms

Lesson 1. You should introduce yourself before asking someone their name.
Lesson 2. You should've fucking picked [x] Breasts.
>> No. 275
[X] Introduce yourself while picking up her mushrooms.

Might as well be polite.

Not that she is.
>> No. 276
[x] Introduce your self while picking up mushrooms
And stealthily pack on into your pocket. We're going to need it for our obligatory drug tripping episode.
>> No. 277
Freshly picked mushrooms can get dirty?

[x] Introduce your self while picking up mushrooms
>> No. 278
Remember this is the site of a forest fire from a while ago, the soil is all sooty and mushy.
>> No. 279
i wonder if this anon is crazy enough to be ball tripping due eating hallucinogen mushrooms.
>> No. 280
[ ] Introduce your self while picking up mushrooms
>> No. 282
I wonder...


What's your name?

[ ] Anonymous, call me anon. Or whatever you like.

[ ] Baka-kun, if you please

[ ] I-I-I.... I don't know
>> No. 283
[x] Introduce your self while picking up mushrooms
>> No. 284
[x] I-I-I.... I don't know
Let's spice this story up a bit.
>> No. 285
[x] I-I-I.... I don't know

suddenly, anon has amnesia!
>> No. 286
[x] I-I-I.... I don't know
Who am I? What am I? Why is this letter I just got now a blank page?
>> No. 287
If that's a silent hill reference like I think it is, don't tempt me. Half the things in Gensokyo can kill you already, do you really want the whole fucking place to be augmented by your psyche?
>> No. 288
[x] I-I-I.... I don't know
>> No. 289

[x] Spartacus
>> No. 290

>[x] Spartacus
>> No. 291
but silent hill makes you fight your inner demons, and i doubt anon has little girls with silly hats and frilly dresses as manifestations of his inner demons
>> No. 292
[x] dunno lol
>> No. 293

But one of Anonymous' inner demons is wishing to be the little girl.
>> No. 294
[x] Mr. Dumbass

"It's pronounced 'doo-MAHS'."
>> No. 295
[X] I-I-I.... I don't know.

And then Anonymous had amnesia.
>> No. 296
File 120831638063.jpg - (53.83KB , 907x603 , 1208256308024.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I." You hesitate, puzzled. "I have no clue."

"What?" Marisa looks up at you from picking up the mushrooms. "Are you helping or not?"

Quickly you bend down and start to help putting the stray fungi into the basket.

"I don't know my own name! Or where I am, or where I come from?" You can feel panic rising in your chest. You try to recall something, anything, but your mind is a total blank.

"Yo! Calm down -ze!" She grabs your arms, you didn't even notice you were shaking.

"Are you feeling okay? You're not hurt are you?" She begins feeling around the back of your head ruffling your hair, it feels nice but you can't concentrate on it.
"No bumps back there, you can't remember anything?"
"Who am I?"
"I can't answer that for you, but my name is Marisa. If that helps." She stares at you pityingly.
"Marisa," You whisper. "Where am I Marisa? Where do I come from?"
"Judging from your clothes, I'd say your from the 'other world'. I don't know anything about that place sorry. But right now you're in The Forest of Magic, in Gensokyo."

"Where's Gensokyo?" You can't comprehend, your mind rails against it's emptiness. Anything is a memory, everything is worth learning.

"We might as well sit down for this, it may take awhile." Helping her finish clear up the mushrooms takes you by the hand and leads you to a patch of grass beneath the trees.

And so Marisa tells you a little about the history of Gensokyo, about the humans and the Youkai. She explains that magic and faith are real in this world and the concept of Danmaku games. All this takes a better part of the morning and by the time she's done, the sun has begun to rise fully.

"I understand it's a lot to take in all at once, I can't imagine how you feel right now. But what amazes me is that you managed to survive a night in the forest of magic without any help at all." She turns a radiant smile on you.
"Maybe the gods of Karma felt you needed a rebate -da ze!"
"What I don't get," You say. "Is why I can remember things like the song you were singing but not things like my name?"
Marisa shrugs.
"Maybe you can remember facts but not memories, you seem to be able to talk fine... Who knows?"
She considers you for a moment.
"I could take you back to mine if you want, run some tests on you see if we can figure this mystery out? I am a witch after all!" You notice she inflates slightly as she mentions this.

"You can use magic?"
"Uh huh! That's what these mushrooms are for, they're like raw materials so to speak." As you turn one over in your hand she adds.
"They're deadly poisonous as well, though I think some Youkai eat them."

Quickly you replace the mushroom to be with it's brothers. There's so much to take in, you really wish you could just crawl into bed and forget all about this.

"What do you think I should do, Marisa?"
"Well like I said, we can go back to mine and we can look into this for you if ya' like. Or I suppose I could take you to the human village and you can see what you can do there. It's up to you really..."
Something in Marisa's voice makes you think she'd prefer for you to stick around.

[ ] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."

[ ] "Do I have to decide right now?"

[ ] "Can you give me a lift to the human village?"

[ ] "Actually I think I'll wander the forest for a while. Maybe something will come up."

(gonna take another nap, I've got 9am till 4pm today)
>> No. 297
[x] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."
"No, Marisa, no!"
>> No. 298
[ ] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."
>> No. 299
>"Are you feeling okay? You're not hurt are you?" She begins feeling around the back of your head ruffling your hair

>> No. 300
[X] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."

She can work her magic, and we can work ours.

Also, you know, maybe hanging around her will eventually allow us to learn enough about the forest to get around it freely. That way we can find Wriggle again later, and make some Youkai acquaintances.
>> No. 301

[x] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."

>> No. 302
[x] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."

Need to learn more from her.
>> No. 303
[X] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."
>> No. 304
>[ ] "I'd like to stick it in you, if that's okay."

>> No. 305
>Her magical skills are generally limited to destruction, so there isn't much she can do besides youkai extermination.

She likely can't use curative magic. So she's going to attempt to cure (experiment on) us using mushrooms?

>As the fuel for her magical powers is phantasmal mushrooms, she is constantly looking for fresh ones to pick.

>Moreover, she has a peculiar way of preparing them that involves boiling them for several days in a concentrated soup.

>She'll blend a few types of these soups together and dry them into a solid mass over the course of a few more days.

>At that point they're ready for magical experimentation.

>Her experiments are many and varied, including throwing the mass at people, heating it, and submerging it in mountain stream water.

Marisa: "So how does this one make you feel ~ze?"
Marisa: "Okay... now, how about this one?"
>> No. 306
>"What I don't get," You say. "Is why I can remember things like the song you were singing but not things like my name?"
Marisa shrugs.

[X] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay; could listen to some of that?"

Ask to use one of the earbuds while you walk. Nothing like Stairway to form a bond.
>> No. 307
[ ] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."
>> No. 308
read as

[x] "I'd like to stick it in you, if that's okay."

This is now my choice.
>> No. 309
[X] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."
[X] Ask to split the earbuds.
>> No. 310
[ ] "I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."

I'm liking this Marisa. All the rude Tomboy flavor and (so far) none of the apathy towards the well-being her fellow man. I wonder how long it will last.
>> No. 312
File 12083318577.png - (17.02KB , 450x450 , 1208312923998.png ) [iqdb]
"I'd like to stick with you, if that's okay."

"Of course it's okay! I offered didn't I? Thing is though, I don't know any spells that can help you right now."

Your heart drops.

"So I guess you'll be staying with me for a week or so then, while I get things ready! Really depends on how stingy Pat-chan is feeling."

Now your heart leaps with joy! A week living with the gorgeous sprightly witch? You can't stop the smile as it spreads across your face.

"Thank you Marisa, thank you so much! You're Awesome!" You gush at her.

"Ah well, it's not big deal -ze." She seems almost embarrassed by your level of appreciation.
"But this isn't all for free you know! I expect you pay me back! In Rape Dollars!"


"Could you repeat that? I couldn't of heard that right."

"I said, I expect you to pay me back with your body. Fufufufu!"

That familiar sense of dread over takes you, suddenly you don't like that grin plastered all over Marisa's face. In the distance, you're sure you can hear a bell tolling.

"Well! Let's be off -da ze! My house is over in this direction! We can look for mushrooms along the way!"

As suddenly as it came on, the ominous feeling passes and the delightful girl you're getting to know is now skipping ahead of you checking the roots of trees and bushes.

Shaking your head you follow after her.

[ ] "Tell me about your self Marisa."

[ ] "Tell me more about magic!"

[ ] Remain silent, let her talk

[ ] "What do you know about the local Youkai?"
>> No. 313
[ ] Remain silent, let her talk

So much for her caring about her fellow man...
>> No. 314
In rape dollars.

[ ] "Tell me more about magic!"
>> No. 315
[X] "Tell me about yourself, Marisa."

Somehow, when a cute girl wants to you to pay her in rape dollars, it just doesn't sound quite as bad.
>> No. 316
She didn't actually say that, it's just the residual chan knowledge kicking around in your brain made you mishear it.

Anyway, I've gotta go. Have fun and I'll up date when I goddamn feel like it.
>> No. 317
[ ] Remain silent, let her talk

She's already told us about the Youkai, magic, and I'm pretty sure even if we don't ask, she's going to talk about herself, or something useful (about herself). Let her.
>> No. 318
[x] Remain silent, let her talk
I wonder what kind of temporary name Mr. Amnesia is going to get from her.
>> No. 319

[x] "What do you know about the local Youkai? Do they mind having their heads molested?"
>> No. 320
Well, like they say, Anon wishes to be the little girl.
....I now have uncomfortably arousing visions of a coked-up Marisa turning us into a trap.
>> No. 321
[x] "Yare yare daze", let her talk
>> No. 322
Maybe she means we'll be her servant...just not a sex servant.
>> No. 324
[ ] "Tell me about your self Marisa."
>> No. 325
I think Scorn is a pretty cool guy. eh takes naps every 4 hours instead of real sleep and doesn't afraid of anything.

I feel like crap guys, damn you americans and your damned time zone. At least GM has the decency to post during my evenings rather than the middle of the fucking night!

Going to continue today at some point, when I've recovered. After that I'm going to take a break and normalise my sleeping patterns.
>> No. 326

Where the fuck do you live? 'Cause if it's France, then I hate you.

To some extent.
>> No. 327
>I'm a Britfag

Please learn 2 /read/
>> No. 328
WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? I hail from the empire where the sun never set! I told you as much in >>44

Guess I'll write something now, I've eaten, got a cup of tea and nothing's happening on /th/ as well.
>> No. 329

Oh. I forgot.

>> No. 330
File 120837736874.jpg - (27.34KB , 353x400 , marisa-01.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Remain silent, let her talk (4)

You're content to keep your peace, it's very pleasant to walk through a sun dappled forest with a young lady in the morning you decide. You could almost forget that it's swarming with deadly flora and fauna as you follow Marisa along a winding path through the trees.

You can't help but find your self admiring her as she flits from tree to tree looking for her precious mushrooms, the contrast of her flighty movements with her big stompy boots makes you smirk.

"Hey! Hey! Over here -ze!" Marisa waves you over to the roots of a large tree where she's squatting, a cluster of the same blue capped mushrooms are stemming from a little hollow in the wood. Kneeling next to her she begins to pluck the mushrooms with deft hand movements.

"You seem you gotta break them as close to the root as possible or you just waste them. Grab 'em at the bottom and give 'em a twist as you pull." Marisa give a demonstration and with a flick of the wrist she pulls one free. "Just like that, you try -da ze!"

You try your hand at it, grasp at the base then twist and pull. You hold it up for her appraisal.
"Not bad -ze. I can use that."

So you set to work harvesting the little crop of fungi, between you it's quick work and it doesn't take long before you fill her basket to her liking.

Maybe it's just your imagination, but once or twice as you were working you could swear Marisa was staring at you but when ever you turned to look she was suddenly engrossed by what she was doing. Once or twice your hands brushed each other and out of the corner of your eye, you think you saw her blush.

"Gah! Well that's more than enough, well done! Good job!" She gives you a thumbs up. "Expect something special in your Christmas bonus!"

"Right, let's head home!" *grrrrrrrrrrw* "Gwaaa. And non too soon, I'm starving -ze!"

[ ] "I have some cherries if you want some."

[ ] "Can't we eat some of the mushrooms?"

[ ] "Let's get going."

[ ] "Was that YOUR stomach? It sounded like a chainsaw revving up!"
>> No. 331
[X] "I have some cherries if you want some."

Granted, I'd rather be taking her cherry.


Too easy?


Bad double entendre?
>> No. 332
[x] "Let's get going."
I don't think she wants Dead People Cherries and we're eventually going to find out if we can eat the mushrooms.
>> No. 333
[x] "I have some cherries if you want some."
>> No. 334
[x] "I have some cherries if you want some."
>> No. 335
[X] "Let's get going."
>> No. 336
[X] "I have some cherries if you want some."

She doesn't have to know where they came from. I'm not entirely sure she'd care, anyway.
>> No. 337
[X] "I have some cherries if you want some."
>> No. 338
[x] "I have some cherries if you want some."

Now watch while she says that they are weird, or some such.
>> No. 339
Dead People Cherries sounds like a good name for a rock band.
>> No. 340
File 120838137497.jpg - (173.66KB , 800x1200 , 1208313524220.jpg ) [iqdb]
Remembering your satchel you open it up and offer it to Marisa saying.

"I have some cherries if you want some."
"Cherries? SCORE!"
Greedily she plunges her free hand in and picks out a few of the plumpest ones and begins to much them happily, not to mention nosily, as you walk side by side towards her house. You snag one or two your self while you got 'em out.

*pew* Something flicks the side of your head.
*pew* There it is again!
*pew!* This time Marisa giggles, she's spitting the cherry stones at you the little minx!

"Hey Marisa, stop tha-" *pew!*
"BOOM! HEAD SHOT!" That one dings you right between the eyes, just as you're about to let Marisa have it and tell her to knock it off. She smiles sweetly at you, bats her eye lashes and says.

"More please!"

[ ] Give her a handful and tell her to stop

[ ] Pop a cherry in her mouth (in b4 innuendo)

[ ] Refuse

[ ] Spit a stone at her.
>> No. 341
[X] Pop a cherry in her mouth (in b4 innuendo)

Do it. The reaction will be golden, and we get a small victory.

Plus, she's being flirty enough that we can get away with it.
>> No. 342
[ ] Pop a cherry in her mouth (in this 4 innuendo)
>> No. 343

We just MET her, and already she's doing the blush blush thing.


See this? This is my suspension of disbelief, dropping like a fucking stone.
>> No. 344
[x] Pop a cherry in her mouth (in b4 innuendo)
...if you know what I mean.
>> No. 345
[ ] Pop a cherry in her mouth (in b4 innuendo)
>> No. 346
[X] Pop a cherry in her mouth (in b4 innuendo)
>> No. 347

Yeah. And Dangerous Youkai are regularly subdued by having their hair ruffled.

So you can suspend your disbelief for that, but not for a young lady living in the woods by her self being a bit awkward around a man?

Come on, if we're going to talk about suspense of disbelief even after we ignore "magic hax lol". You may as well question the friendliness of the characters in each WUIG story.
>> No. 348

So long as she has partially hidden dere, and she isn't deredere, I'll be fine.
>> No. 349
I know it may feel a bit contrived but that's the thing. It has to be, no one wants to hear the story of how you and Marisa built up a friendship over the years and how it deepened until one day you share your first kiss. That's for fan fiction, because this is a game the player wants instant gratification and hooks to keep him playing. This means having characters acting unrealistically to keep the story moving at a good pace.

But allow me to belay your fears, no girl in my thread is easy modo. Each one has her potential pitfalls and a number of bad ends, good ends will require more than just:

[ ] Flirt x 10

[ ] Kiss

I can assure you.

Besides, you seem to think Marisa is flirting with you. But have you stopped to ask your self, does she think she's flirting with you?
>> No. 350

I actually thing she is just embarrased when anon almost caught her looking at him. Anon is probably a race that she has never seen, and she was mystified by the differences between herslef and him. Then again, that's my opinion.

But I think that if she notices anon flirting with her, even if she were to be mad or embarrased by it, it would slowly work in gaining her affection and winning her over.
>> No. 351
[x] Give her a handful and tell her to stop

She's being childish, and it may get worse (by that, I mean it could result in our death).
>> No. 352
>Anon is probably a race that she has never seen,

What? Aren't we human?

Or perhaps you mean "gender"?
>> No. 353
No, she visits Rinnosuke's shop on occasion.
>> No. 354
[x] Spit a stone at her.

Why not? Let the competition begin.
>> No. 355
File 120838766395.jpg - (624.27KB , 1024x1372 , 1208306544317.jpg ) [iqdb]
No man could possibly resist her impish charms!

You pluck a cherry from the bag and pop it into her mouth just as she finishes speaking.

You stare into her amber eyes as you do so, trying to gauge her reaction. They twinkle at at you and she begins to lean in towards you, your heart catches in your throat as her face draws nea-*pew!*

"BWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Marisa doubles over, snorting with laughter as you wipe the latest projectile from your face.

"Oh boy! You walked right into that one -ze!"

It takes some time for her to calm down enough for the pair of you to continue on your way, even then you still hear her break into fits of suppressed giggles now and then.

Inwardly you sigh, you knew it was too good to be true. Still you feel lucky that she feels this comfortable around you, unless she's like this with everyone. You make a mental note to gauge her actions when other people are around.

Content with her joke for now you and Marisa make conversation as you make the last leg of the journey. You press her for details about her adventures and she is more than willing to boast about them, some details sound a bit exaggerated to portray her self in a better light. But even so her enthusiasm is contagious.

"So it turned out that these ghosts were trying to steal our spring so they could make some cherry tree blossom-ze! Can you believe that!"
You explain to her that at this point you're quite willing to believe most things she tells you.

"Yeah I guess that is the case with you, well don't worry! You've got Gensokyo's number one magician in your corner -da ze!"

"I don't remember loosing to you in that election Marisa."

You were so absorbed by Marisa's story telling that you hadn't even noticed your surroundings until just now, the trees have thinned out and in this sparse glade a cosy cottage sits looking picturesque and inviting.

"Ah! Alice!" Marisa runs from your side over to the girl standing on the path in front of you. "When did you get here? You know I always go out for mushrooms early morning."
"I know, I haven't been here long. Although I thought you'd be home by now..."
From a distance you could almost say that this Alice girl might be Marissa's sister, but as you approach the differences become more pronounced.

Where as Marisa has a healthy complexion from being out in the sun so often, Alice has a much fairer skin tone that's almost porcelain white.
The way Alice speaks is much more measured and, to be honest, refined than Marisa.
In fact the more you look at them the less similar they look to you, the only thing that gave you the sister impression is the similar shade of blond.

For a moment something niggles your brain, something that wants your attention. But you can't grasp what it is and it soon slips away, you realize that they're both looking at you.

"Yeah, I was late because I found this guy lost in the forest." Marisa points at you. "He's an other worlder but he's lost all his memories, the weird thing is that he wasn't hurt or anything when I found him. I think the cause may be magical..."
Alice stares at you pensively.
"An other worlder ... wondering the forest?" She hesitates. "Do you mean he arrived here last night?"

"Yeah seems that way -ze. Why?"

Just for a moment a strange expression flickers across Alice's face, you don't think Marisa noticed it because you even doubt you saw it.

"It's nothing" Alice smiles. "Nice to meet you" She adds extending a hand.

[ ] Shake her hand.

[ ] *squeeze* her hand

[ ] Kiss her hand

[ ] "Nice to meet you too." Ignore hand
>> No. 356
I think he means white, black, hispanic, or any other non-asian race. This isn't entirely true though, because Remilia is defiantly European. I imagine other foreign supernaturals could have come to Genensokyo as well. If anything being white would probably make most humans in Gensokyo think that you're a vampire or something.
>> No. 357
Damn I meant to make that into two posts with a choice each time but I got caught up in the writing.
>> No. 358
[X] Shake her hand.
>> No. 359
[X] Kiss her hand

She's elegant and refined, so it's best to handle this like a gentleman.
>> No. 360
[ ] Shake her hand.
>> No. 361
[X] Shake her hand.
>> No. 362
[X] Kiss her hand

I agree. Meet like with like.
>> No. 363
[X] Kiss her hand
>> No. 364
[x] Kiss her hand

Alice AND Marisa routes, please.
>> No. 365
[x] Kiss her hand
Classy Mr. Amnesia is classy.
>> No. 366
File 120839070477.jpg - (38.13KB , 426x500 , 120736485170.jpg ) [iqdb]
Being the oh-so-suave amnesia victim you are, you take her hand lightly in your and while bending at the knee plant a light kiss on that delicate hand.

"EEEEEEH? What's this! What's this -da ze!"

Looking up you stare into Alice's clear blue eyes, a faint rosy color has risen on her fair cheeks. She smiles at you and gently laughs while withdrawing her hand. You straighten and smile back, but Alice shyly turns her head.

"Well if you two are quite done with the introductions" You can't help but notice the hint of irritation in Marisa's voice as she says this.
"How about we go inside and I make us some tea?"
"Sounds like a good idea to me."

Ignoring you the two girls approach and enter the house, leaving you standing on the path alone for a moment. A butterfly alights on your shoulder and for a moment you feel as though your being watched, but as you turn the butterfly lifts off and all you see are the bushes rustling in the wind.

Shrugging you enter the house of the magician Marisa Kirisame.


Once again I've ended up staying up too late for my liking, though it's much earlier than last night that's for sure.

I may well take tomorrow off from writing, need a break.

So how are things going? You've met nearly everyone worth mentioning now and more importantly the two main paths are open. Feed back?
>> No. 367

No, I meant white. I'd assume that Gensokyo would be nothing but asians.
>> No. 368

Oh yeah. I forgot about the SDM.
>> No. 370
>>the two main paths are open. Feed back?

What? I didn't know we met Rinnosuke yet.

Also, as stated, you cool down on Marisa a bit, she's getting out of character. With Wriggle you've got the excuse that we molested her head, and of course you get away with Alice because it's Alice, but it seems rather odd for Marisa to have that much interest in us already.
>> No. 398
Ah, but is Marisa irritated because she likes us already for some reason? Or is it because you've charmed Alice a little, and Marisa wants her attention? Or maybe because she's just enough of an egomaniac to get jealous whenever anyone's attention isn't focused on her?

Is the butterfly from Wriggle? Has she calmed down, and regretted her little outburst? Mayhaps she just feels the urge to keep an eye on who was, apparently, her first kiss? We should watch for her.

Oh, what fun questions are.

As for feedback, I like this. It's a nice, slower paced sort of game than the others. I might recommend paying attention to your grammar, but that's a minor nitpick of mine. Your characterization seems alright, though if we have somehow charmed Marisa already, that was a little quick. Might I also suggest that, in spite of fanon, you leave Alice with her cool and collected personality from the games?
>> No. 399
It's not that Marisa's "fallen" for us, but her hunger for power leds her to believe we possess something she wants. Surviving the night in a Youkai forest, and "I think the cause may be magical..." pretty much confirms she wants to steal Baka-kun's mojo. Yeah, baby!

Also, she's a bit irritated because Alice got a peck on the hand from Baka Suave, yet, all she got was wasted mushrooms from a bumbling fool. Even so, Marisa does come off a bit egotistical, so that would explain a lot as well.

Anyway, you've done a nice job, Scorn! I can't find anything that needs critiquing. Can't wait to see how this story finally unfolds.
>> No. 400
I may be taking a break (as long as I can resist putting my self through this gain that is) but I'll answer some questions about the characters:

Marisa: She's just a happy go-lucky ordinary girl, her world revolves around her self. If she doesn't like something nothing will dissuade her from saying so and she enjoys teasing or tormenting people for kicks. There's a lot of rumors about her being gay because she seemingly act flirtatious around everyone, but really she's just being playful. She's never really had a romantic thought.
She interested in Baka-kun for two reasons. His mysterious circumstances give Marisa a subject to experiment on and an excuse to steal more of Patchy's books. She also enjoys having company around so she's more than happy to put up with him as long as he doesn't do anything to annoy her too much.
But once in a while when she's with him she feels confused, suddenly she'll feel light headed and want him to pay attention to her. She doesn't understand why and she doesn't particularly like it.

Alice: The introvert Ying to Marisa's Yang, or maybe the other way around? Who knows how those two perceive their relationship? To outsiders it would seem they are simultaneously rivals and close friends. In many respects Alice is like Marisa, she too centers her world around her self, but while the result may be the same the cause is entirely different. Most of the time she seem cold and distant, even around Marisa she seems lukewarm, but those that have seen her fight know that she can be just as passionate as Marisa about certain things.
Living so long has perhaps made her a bit jaded towards humans and their short lives, but Marisa has changed that some what. She doesn't know Baka-kun yet but the kiss stirred something long forgotten deep beneath the surface, it's nothing big yet. But it could be the snowflake that starts the avalanche.

Wriggle: Not much is know about Wriggle at this point. Rumors spread quickly amongst the Youkai and they say that she's been acting erratically. One moment she'll be filled with murderous rage the next she'll be totally still with a soft expression on her face.
Mystia is very worried about her friend.


Currently he is enthusiastically working on a new ad campaign for Kourindou, he strongly believes it will boost sales. No one has the heart to tell him that very few people have a TV in Gensokyo.
>> No. 401
>Currently he is enthusiastically working on a new ad campaign for Kourindou, he strongly believes it will boost sales. No one has the heart to tell him that very few people have a TV in Gensokyo.

That's it. We need to ditch the women and go help out our fellow man. He won't hurt us with magic like Marisa or Alice will.
>> No. 403
>Currently he is enthusiastically working on a new ad campaign for Kourindou, he strongly believes it will boost sales. No one has the heart to tell him that very few people have a TV in Gensokyo.

Anonymous's new primary objective:
Kick reason to the curb and bring cable television to every house in Gensokyo in a matter of days.
>> No. 411
Bump from a Namefag. Keep doing this, it's well written. I like the bigger posts.
>> No. 413
I'll write tomorrow. I may as well use all friday night to write because I'm going out Saturday.
>> No. 415
Because of you, I feel like making one for SDM, but because both being fairly new to Touhou and my imagery skills suck, I'll stick to the the "pros".
>> No. 417
So, when are we going to Rinnosuke's shop?
>> No. 419
File 120853831996.jpg - (25.65KB , 134x256 , Swr_shanghai.jpg ) [iqdb]
Stepping into Marisa's house you take a moment for your eyes to readjust to the lower light inside, no electric lights in Gensokyo you realize.
You're standing in a little ante chamber that separates the front door from the rest of the house, probably to stop heat escaping in the winter. Now in the spring Marisa has left the interior door open as well as a lot of windows, even so it's uncomfortably hot inside the house.
There's all sorts of items scattered about this space, seems Marisa isn't one for organization, a broom is propped up in one corner and various pairs of different kinds of shoes are scattered about here. Some potted plants sit in one window, most have died from neglect except one which is being tended by a diligent bee.

Stepping through the interior door you bang your head gently against the door frame, you're a little too tall for this house it seems as your head scraps just below the cieling.
The hall way stretches to the back of the house with doors leading off in each direction and what must be a ladder to the roof at the end, seeing as the house was only one story.
Not much in the way of decoration, she seems to have been content with painting it and laying carpet then leaving it at that.

A door opens from one side and a little fairy in a red dress with blond hair tied by a ribbon emerges and approaches you. Or at least it looked like a fairy, as it draws near you notice it's wooden expression. Some kind of magic doll you assume, perhaps one of Marisa's servants?
It stops before you and floating in the air it bows to you.

[ ] "Where are Marisa and Alice, miss doll?"

[ ] "What's your name?"

[ ] Ignore it and try to find Alice and Marisa on your own

[ ] Ignore it and explore the house.
>> No. 420
[X] "What's your name?"

>> No. 421
[X] "Where are Marisa and Alice, miss doll?"
Anon may have amnesia, but he is a gentleman. Even when talking to dolls.
Next thing we know we're addressing butterflies.
>> No. 422
[x] "What's your name?"
>> No. 424
[ ] "What's your name, little girl, what's your name?"
>> No. 425
[X] "What's your name?"
>> No. 426
"Hello there, what's you're name?" You extend a finger for her to shake like a hand, but she just cocks her head at you. It's then you notice she has no mouth.
First she does a little curtsy then turns her back and floats towards you lifting up her hair, a fragrant perfume smell wafting off of her as she does.
Written in elegant handwriting is the word "Shanghai" on her neck, below that in a more free hand it says "Alice" as well as a little sketch of Alice and Shanghai's faces surrounded by little hearts.

Grabbing your finger Shanghai begins to tug on you, maybe she wants you to follow her?

[ ] "Lead the way miss Shanghai."

[ ] Go find Marisa without her

[ ] Explore the house and ignore the doll.
>> No. 427

[x] "Lead the way miss Shanghai."
>> No. 428
[X] "Lead the way miss Shanghai."
>> No. 429
[X] "Lead the way miss Shanghai."

>> No. 430
[X] "Lead the way miss Shanghai."
needs more attention/votes
>> No. 431
[X] "Lead the way miss Shanghai."
>> No. 432
File 120854731816.jpg - (20.63KB , 236x370 , 1206573894229.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] "Lead the way miss Shanghai."

She's like a little wooden persocom in this story.
>> No. 433
File 120854741518.png - (30.29KB , 176x241 , th075alice01.png ) [iqdb]
"Lead the way miss Shaghai." You say smiling, she cocks her head again quizzically. Must be a quirk of her's you suppose as she leads you through the house, finger in hand. She indicates which doors you should open and takes you through the sitting room into a brightly lit kitchen with big windows.

From the windows you can see a porch that leads out into what could generously be called a garden, seems that Marisa is willing to tend plants for only as long as she needs them for research. Where some herb bushes are well tended and healthy, others are over grown and neglected.

"Good girl Shanghai, go help Marisa with the tea please." Shanghai does a little curtsy to Alice sat at the kitchen table and floats over to give Marisa a hand who is busy with cups and hot water. Looking over her shoulder Marisa says,

"Welcome to my home! Mai maison est vos maison!"

"Ah, are you staying with Marisa?" Alice asks as you sit down opposite her.

[ ] "Yes! She's been very generous."

[ ] "I guess, it's only temporary."

[ ] "I don't have any where else to go....."

[ ] "Where do you live Alice?" Ignoring the question.
>> No. 434
[X] "Yes! She's been very generous."
>> No. 435
[ ] "Yes! She's been very generous."

Tempted by asking her where she lives, but staying on good terms with Marissa is important. Alice is mainly just bad end material.
>> No. 436
[ ] "Yes! She's been very generous."
>> No. 437
[ ] "Yes! She's been very generous."
>> No. 438
[X] "Yes! She's been very generous."
>> No. 439
"Yes! She's been very generous."

"Oh, I pity you. I hope you've lived a good life." Alice smirks at you.
"Let's just say that Marisa has a cast iron stomach and her personal tastes cater to that, not to mention her cooking is some what .... lacking. And that's if you get fed at all, I've know her to go for days without cooking anything bigger than an egg."

*WHAM* Marisa slaps the tea tray down on the table nearly spilling the sugar.
"Tea is served." She says levelly, turning to you she sits down and smiles.
"Don't listen to her, I may not be much of a cook but if worst comes to worst we can go get take out from that Youkai's stall."
"Tut tut Marisa. Is that anyway to treat your guest? Really I'll be amazed if you survive the week, she'll probably want to use you in experiments and god help you if you want to get any sleep around here."
"Go on Alice, keep pushing. I dare you -ze." Marisa give you a stare with big soulful eyes.

"She's picking on me -ze. You don't think I'm really like that do you?"

Alice not one to be out done, by Marisa at least, pulls the same stunt.

"You don't think I'm lying do you?"

Crap! What to say?

[ ] "Alice stop teasing Marisa."

[ ] "Wouldn't surprise me in the least Alice."


[ ] "........"

[ ] "You two are really good friends, aren't you?"
>> No. 440
[X] "You two are really good friends, aren't you?"

The tables have turned.
>> No. 441
[x] "You two are really good friends, aren't you?"
>> No. 442
[x]"You two are really good friends, aren't you?"
>> No. 443
[ ] "You two are really good friends, aren't you?"
>> No. 444
[X] "You two are really good friends, aren't you?"
>> No. 445
[X] "You two are really good friends, aren't you?"
>> No. 446
[X] "You two are really good friends, aren't you?"
>> No. 447
File 120855572883.jpg - (21.64KB , 298x285 , THEGAME.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Urk." They both stop the cute act and stare at each other for a moment.

"Ohoho! Well I suppose you could say that. Aren't you lucky to have a friend like me to watch over you and stop you from turning into a barbarian, eh Marisa?"

"Why yes! And you certainly are fortunate that I live so near by, otherwise you'd have no one to come and annoy all the time!" Marisa smiles at you.
"Did you know there's this AWFUL rumour that Alice has no friend because she l-"

"DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT!" Alice stares daggers at her friend, Marisa simply leans back in her chair with a smug expression on her face.

There's an awkward silence around the table for a moment, you're just about to break it when Shanghai lays a tray of snacks down in the middle of you all. Then the little doll floats over to you and sits on your shoulder rather companionably, Marisa give it an evil glare before grabbing her tea and a sweet bun. In the corner of your eye you think you see her sticking her tongue out at Alice trying to gross her out, but Alice has your attention now.

"I'm sorry about that rather vulgar display Mr.... Uh, I'm sorry I don't think I asked you your name..."

"He doesn't remember it duh, don't make him feel bad Alice."

"Ah... of course, how insensitive of me. Perhaps we should think of something to call you by?"

[ ] "Well, someone did call me Baka-kun once."

[ ] "How about anonymous?"

[ ] "Why don't you name me Alice?"

[ ] "How about you give me a name Marisa?"
>> No. 448
[x] "When you call me, call me Al."
>> No. 449
[x] "How about you give me a name Marisa?"

I really want to know what she will come up with.
>> No. 450
[ ] "How about you give me a name Marisa?"
>> No. 451
[x] "Why don't you name me Alice?"

Alice has more experience naming objects than Marisa.
>> No. 452
I'm gonna be honest with ya'. I haven't thought this all the way through.
>> No. 453
[ ] "Well, someone did call me Baka-kun once."
>> No. 454
[X] "Why don't you name me Alice?"
>> No. 455
[ ] "Why don't you name me Alice?"
>> No. 456

[x] "My friends call me Murphy. You can call me Robocop."
>> No. 457
[x] "Well, someone did call me Baka-kun once."
>> No. 458
[ ] "How about you give me a name Marisa?"
>> No. 459
[X] "Why don't you name me Alice?"

I shudder to think of what horror Marisa would invent.
>> No. 460
[X] "How about you give me a name Marisa?"
>> No. 461
[x] "How about John Doe?"
>> No. 462
[ ] "How about you give me a name Marisa?"

>> No. 463
[X] "How about you give me a name Marisa?"
>> No. 464
[x] "How about you give me a name Marisa?"

Survival demands we ingratiate ourselves to this one first. And she did find us first, after all.
>> No. 465
[X] "Why don't you name me Alice?"
>> No. 466
File 12085573062.png - (666.77KB , 733x733 , 1208463543338.png ) [iqdb]
"How about you name me Mari-"

"David Lee Roth."

"WHAAAAAAAT? You can't name him that Marisa! It makes no sense, why did you pick that?"

Folding her arms she simply says.
"I have my reasons."

Sitting back Alice sips her tea, on your shoulder Shanghai is squirming but you can't see what she's doing.

"Can't we shorten it or something?" You plea.

"Well, I guess just plain David or Dave could do it." She concedes.

"Tch, such a common name David is. Are you sure you want to be called this, until we know your real name that is?"


[ ] "David is fine."

[ ] "Actually I'd rather you give it a go Alice."

[ ]"I'll think of something."
>> No. 467
[X] "Actually I'd rather you give it a go Alice."

Let's see if we can get a rise out of Marisa.

Plus, Dave is a pretty lame name.
>> No. 468
[x] "I'd prefer Eddie, really."
Or failing that,
[x] "Actually I'd rather you give it a go Alice."
>> No. 469
Bang-up job Scorn. The best characterization and dialogue I've seen in the YWUIG derivatives.

Anyway, before the inevitable Alice vs. Marisa shitstorm starts, there is a harem path:

If you're important to Marisa, you're important to Alice. If you're important to Alice, you're important to Shanghai. If you're important to Shanghai, adorable doll cohort GET.
>> No. 470
[ ] "David is fine."

>> No. 471
[x] "David is fine."

Fuck YES!
>> No. 472

[ ] "Diamond Dave is fine."
>> No. 473
[ ] "David is fine."

Marisa route. Besides, David is a strong name. We'll have an advantage when we have to tackle the goliath that is Suika.
>> No. 474
I don't know why but I've suddenly become very fond of Shanghai.
>> No. 475
Because you like to molest her when you think nobody is looking.
>> No. 476
[ ] "Actually I'd rather you give it a go Alice."
>> No. 477
"Jump" is now playing in your head manually.
>> No. 478
[ ] "David is fine."
>> No. 479
[x] "Actually I'd rather you give it a go Alice."
Let's hope she has a better aptitude for naming than Marisa.
>> No. 480

It's because Shanghai is really an independent doll, but chooses to follow Alice's commands out of love. Alice doesn't know.
>> No. 481
"David is fine, thanks Marisa. I don't know why but I feel a little better about my self having a name." You smile and Marisa beams at you, Alice gives a little sigh but soon she too is smiling.

"Well, I suppose it is a rather quaint name." She admits, "How about a little toast to your new name David? Shanghai, pour him his tea."

Shanghai hops from fidgeting on your shoulder and onto the table, she starts to walk towards the tea set when Marisa grabs you a cup.

"That's all right Alice I've got it!" Marisa speaks in an overly cheerful voice.

"Marisa please, you're our host! Don't feel like you must." Alice says between gritted teeth, standing up she grabs the teapot as well.

"Uh, guys?" That tea pot is swaying dangerously between Alice and Marisa while Shanghai is hanging on for dear life.

[ ] "I can get it guys!"

[ ] "........"

[ ] "Shanghai! Get the teapot!"
>> No. 482
[ ] "I can get it guys!"
>> No. 483
[ ] "I can get it guys!"
>> No. 484
[x] "I can get it guys!"

I have a feeling we're gonna get tea all over David.
>> No. 485
[x] "Shanghai! Get the teapot!"

>> No. 486
[ ] "Shanghai! Get the teapot!"
>> No. 487
[x] "I can get it guys!"
>> No. 488
[x] "Shanghai! I choose you!"
>> No. 489
[X] "I can get it guys!"
>> No. 490
So, when do we get to jack Shanghai?
>> No. 491
File 120856257225.jpg - (85.43KB , 500x600 , 120769744478.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I can get it myself! Seriously guys, calm down!"

Immediately they all freeze and stare at you.

"Humph!" Simultaneously they sit down and fold their arms, quietly you pick up the tea pot and pour your self a cup.

"Anyway, all this aside. What did you want to see me about Alice?"
"Ah! Of course, you see I wanted to get your opinion on this spell book. It sounds like it could make independent dolls, but I wanted your opion..."
"Oh, this again? Alright lemme see it for a second -ze."

Alice reaches under the table and pulls out a fairly large tome, come to think of it she was carrying a pretty big book when you first saw her but this doesn't seem to be it. Soon the two of them are absorbed in their discussion and seem to have forgotten you for the moment, sipping your tea you try to read it upside down from where you are but it's in some language you don't recognize.
Shanghai sits on the edge of the table kicking her legs happily.

[ ] Wait for them to finish and drink your tea.

[ ] Have a snack.

[ ] Scoop up Shanghai and go exploring

[ ] Go explore by your self.
>> No. 492
[ ] Scoop up Shanghai and go exploring

>> No. 493
[x] Wait for them to finish and drink your tea.
Sit there and drink your tea like a man.
>> No. 494

[x] Scoop up Shanghai and go exploring
[x] Look for that butterfly that was stalking you
>> No. 495
File 120856296819.jpg - (37.99KB , 507x381 , POURTHETEAJUM.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 496
[X] Wait for them to finish and drink your tea.
>> No. 497
[X] Wait for them to finish and drink your tea.
>> No. 498
BRB making tea.
>> No. 499
Yeah, all those Shanghai descriptions? I now have Type II diabetes. Thanks.
>> No. 500
[x] Wait for them to finish and drink your tea.
Because real men drink tea.
>> No. 501
[ ] Wait for them to finish and drink your tea.
>> No. 502
[x] Wait for them to finish and drink your tea.
>> No. 503
We need to convert Gensokyo to coffee.
>> No. 505
Damn it I wanted that. If one of you niggers get the 1000 I'm sentencing you to hell.


You let their conversation wash over you while you enjoy your tea, at one point you reckon you hear Marisa suggest depolarising the base manifolds but you put that down to residual memories swishing around your brain.

The tea is pretty good, Marisa brewed it just right to release the flavor. Considering what Alice said about her cooking skills it's reassuring to know Marisa has some domestic talent.

You lean back in you chair, it's really quite nice just to sit there and watch them work. When they set their arguments aside you can see they work well together, seeing them so animated makes you feel warm for some reason. You can't help but admire the way the sun light streaming through the windows really makes their hair shine and you can see that resemblance you noticed when you first saw them together.

Your warm and comfortable where you are, your eyes are starting to feel heavy despite your rubbing them. You wouldn't mind a nap, it doesn't seem like they will be done any time soon.

[ ] Stay put, you're comfy

[ ] Go outside with your tea

[ ] Explore the house

(forgot the trip)
>> No. 506
[X] Go outside with your tea .

There was a porch, right? Lovely place to drink some tea.
>> No. 507
[x] Go outside with your tea.
Take Shanghai with you.
>> No. 508
[x] Explore the house with Shanghai

>You can't help but admire the way the sun light streaming through the windows really makes their hair shine and you can see that resemblance you noticed when you first saw them together.

Alice/Marisa route unlocked
>> No. 509
[ ] Stay put, you're comfy

take it easy.
>> No. 510

[x] Go outside with your tea

Why not?
>> No. 511
[ ] Go outside with your tea
>> No. 512
Do you guys think the next post needs a new thread?
>> No. 513

Yes. Since this story is basically the board, it should always be at the top.

Also, either of these:
[x] Go outside with your tea and Shanghai.
[x] Explore the house with Shanghai
>> No. 514

No, for
>>513's reasoning

This story is pretty much the board, it'll still be on page 0 a week from now.
>> No. 515
It's just getting a pain to scroll down is all.
>> No. 516

Same here. New board.
>> No. 517
You slap yourself in the face in an effort to wake up, fill your cup with more tea and stand.

"I'm gonna sit out side for a bit, okay?"

"Huh? Oh!" They look up at you, at least they have the decency to look a little embarrassed.
"Sorry to be so boring, we won't be much longer." Alice bows her head a little to you and Marisa hands you the plate of snacks.
"Here, you may as well have them now I've had my fill -ze."

Taking the plate in one hand you go to leave through the back door.

You notice Shanghai looking at you.

[ ] Take Shanghai

[ ] Don't take Shanghai

(note: Taking Shanghai will mean Alice will know everything that happens to you outside. This may or may not be a good thing.)
>> No. 518
Okay, then, new thread; sure.
>> No. 519

[x] Take Shanghai

A true man has nothing to hide.
>> No. 520
[X] Take Shanghai

Not like we have anything to hide. Hell, it's probably safer to have Alice aware of what we're doing.
>> No. 521
[ ] Take Shanghai

>> No. 522
[ ] Take Shanghai
>> No. 523
[x] Take Shanghai

Shanghai is our conscience.
>> No. 524
[x] Take Shanghai.
Lets go meet Wriggle again.
>> No. 526
[x] Take Shanghai
Or at least, offer to take her.
>> No. 527
New thread
>> No. 550
File 120858542231.jpg - (53.48KB , 280x207 , ouranharuhi1.jpg ) [iqdb]
If no one else saw what you did there, I did!