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4096 No. 4096
The hard tiles and enclosed space of the bath room amplify the sound of the running water drown out the sound of the rain outside, almost literally you think to yourself smiling. Reasoning that this would be a good time to get some magic practice in seeing as you have nothing better to do you lay the rose down by the soap, baths are relaxing so maybe it'll help with your concentration? Worth a shot.

As you begin to undress you realize you haven't locked the door, not wanting to get into any weird situations with Alice walking in you quickly waddle over with your trousers around your ankles. A solid little click and the room is secure from outside invaders, perfect.

A perverse idea pops into mind, with your ass covered by the locked door you could take this time to try and find some of those delicate parcels cloth that sit so intimately upon Alice's....... OH YEAH! Phew you're getting into a lather just thinking about it, not wanting to waste a second more you begin to scour the bathroom for discarded undergarments.

It stands to reason doesn't it? You get undressed when you take a bath, if you bathe every day then surely you'd keep dirty clothes in here rather than run out to the wash room each and every time? So, somewhere in this bathroom are Alice's panties. A treasure beyond compare.

Under the sink, next to the bath, in the chest of draws, on the towel rack, on the shelf, in the cabinet? No, nothing. This bath room is devoid of your prize once again, of course that means that there's only one place left where they could be..... In Alice's room. But dare you raid such a place to get your hands on a pair of panties? You had a pretty good chance earlier today when you were looking around, you didn't think of it at the time but perhaps you'll get another chance sooner or later.....

Oh! Right the bath. Remembering just in time you shut off the taps before it gets too deep, finishing your disrobing you slide a toe into the rippling depths. It's hot, almost scolding to your skin but you realize that's because you're too cold rather than it being too hot. Lowering yourself into the bath is like an exquisite pain, every inch burns deliciously as it slips in making every muscle loose it's tension until finally you've lowered your self all the way in and dunk your head under water. You enjoy the sensation of complete immersion for a bit and listen to your own heart beat amplified under water, before resurfacing for a deep life affirming breath.

First order of business is get clean, you can play once you're washed until the water goes cold or you get all pruney. Even though you weren't very dirty to begin with it still feels good to wash yourself off, you sweated quite a bit during the night it seems and the soap leaves your skin feeling refreshed. It's got a subtle lavender scent that rubs off onto you, now is that a good thing or a gay thing? Well ladies like flowers you guess, but what happens if Marisa notices you smell like Alice? Probably best not to think about her, she's going to be pissed about you standing her up as it is. Maybe if you wait it out a bit her anger will fade, or just get so bad she hunts you down with magic.

Involuntarily you shiver.

After giving yourself a decent scrub and washing your hair you decide it's time to earn your max stat gains for the day. Grabbing the rose you sink once again into that state of awareness that you relate to visualizing your magic, it's become some what natural to slip into it now and before you know it you're seeing those lights floating in the darkness. You're surprised to see a glimmering light just to your right, opening you eye for a peek shows it's centered around the taps, are they enchanted? That would explain the water supply, in that dark mental world they glimmer slightly with a dim aqua light.

So maybe you can sense the presence of other mana supplies? With a sigh you allow your mind to expand it's borders, the question is not one of ability but rather of being able to comprehend the unseeable. Mana has no visual shape, the light you see is your rationalization of what you intrinsically sense around you. So what you must learn to do, is to train your self to comprehend the mana that exists outside of yourself.

It's difficult, like trying to look at the night sky and understand the distance between stars with only a glance, it feels like you could loose your consciousness in that seemingly empty void and not even fill a tiny fraction of it. The human brain is a mutable thing able to shape it's self to any task, but humans from outside Gensokyo are raised to believe there is no such thing as magic, every thing you've ever learned rebells against what you're trying to do. I've never seen it, I've never seen it's effects and as I cannot observe it I cannot prove it exists!

Only..... you HAVE seen it, you've used it for your self! So that means.

It's like a epiphany, a diamond bullet of understanding straight to your brain that blossoms into comprehension. You become aware, aware of everything. The rippling and swirling lively mana of the water around you, there are various coloured lights glowing steadily like stars above you which you assume must be Alice's enchanted dolls.

And below you, past the floor and beyond the foundation of the house, like the pulse of some ancient giant is the slow and steady flow the earth. A giant sluggish torrent of potential energy moving at the speed of continental drift, but with smaller eddies and currents carrying energy from one side of the world to the other on some unknowable and unplottable course.

For a while you simply sit in awe of the colours and movements around you, it's almost overwhelming, but now instead of rebelling your mind drinks in this fantastic sight making you feel light headed and goofy. Or is that the blood rushing from your head due to the hot bath?

Reluctantly you pull yourself from that vision fearing you'd sit there all day watching it, it felt like you could just dive into the endless current of the earth and loose yourself in the eternity of being.

For a while you just sit dumbly in the cooling water, you feel mentally exhausted from that effort but physically you're energized. A quick check reveals you've recovered a lot of your own trifling amount of mana, was it due to the mediative state you were in? You'll have to experiment further.

You're broken from you're revere by a sound beyond the bathroom door, it's silent in this room and every one of your senses feel sharpened and incredibly keen. All that you can hear in the bathroom is the occasional drip of water and your breathing, but beyond you hear noises.

In the corridor, a door opens and the sound of rain grows louder for a second before fading away again as the door closes, footsteps and the faintest murmur. A voice. Did Alice go outside for some reason?

As much as you strain to hear you can't make out anything beyond a vague murmur from the corridor, you'd have to get out the bath to get a better idea of what's being said. You can't very well leave the bathroom in only a towel though and you're too wet to get dressed.


[ ] Listen in at the door
[ ] Stay in the bath

>> No. 4098
[] Listen in at the door.

Marisa? Quite possibly.
>> No. 4101
[ ] Stay in the bath
>> No. 4102
[x] Listen in at the door

Interesting situation seems likely.
>> No. 4103
File 121251237639.png - (183.75KB , 1024x1024 , Awesome.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Listen in at the door

what could possibly go wrong? we're standing next to a locked door after all!
>> No. 4104
[x] Listen in at the door
>> No. 4105
[X] Listen in at the door
>> No. 4106
Listen won, writing after I get my fish and chips out the oven.
>> No. 4107
Why would you put potato chips in the oven?
>> No. 4108
Quiet, American.
>> No. 4109
i'd his oven
>> No. 4110
>>It's got a subtle lavender scent that rubs off onto you, now is that a good thing or a gay thing

Nothing the matter with smelling fabulous.
>> No. 4111
[X] Listen in at the door
>> No. 4112
[x] activate mana vision
>> No. 4113

Did you mean fabulous or FABULOUS, because there's a difference.
>> No. 4114
What does being American have to do with putting chips in the oven? I'm picturing placing a bag of Lay's chips on a pan and putting it in an oven.
>> No. 4115

Both are applicable.
>> No. 4116
Curiosity rises and gets the better of you, wanting to know what Alice is doing you get out of the bath and wrap a towel round you. Dripping wet you stalk over to the door and press an ear up against it, through the heavy wood you can just about make out two voices. One speaker is Alice definately, she seems to be nearer of the two. You strain to hear but even in your heightened state you can only just catch a few snippets of conversation.

"....seen...around...night." The other person seems to be asking Alice a question, all you can tell is that the person is female. You immediately think of Marisa but you can't be sure, pressing your face against the door you try to get a better idea of what's being said.

"No he.....haven't I .... afraid." That's Alice, she's more distinct than the first voice.

"........town.....he's not....Reimu....." The other voice goes on for a while, you blink when you hear Reimu's name mentioned. What about Reimu? Damn it, you really want to poke your head out the door but that would probably end the conversation if they saw you half naked emerging from Alice's bathroom.

"Really? ......heard anything." Alice again. ".....let ....know. I can't....." Alice moves and her voice fades away, she's walking down the corridor. You can just about hear the two of them say farewell as the front door is opened and the sound of rain nearly drowns them out.
"Worried......-ice. ......David."

Wait, did the second person just say your name? You heard it quite distinctly, David. But as you dwell on this the texture of the sound outside changes and you can hear the door slam closed then silence, for a moment it's so quiet you think Alice has left but after a while you hear a faint click and the opening of a door near the bathroom. You hear the door shut, then all is quiet once again.

What just happened? Why is someone out in this weather? Who visited? You ponder these things as you drain the bath and get dressed. Making a mental note to ask Alice about it as soon as possible, you realize you'd nearly forgotten that she was mad at you earlier.

Dry and clothed you step out of the bathroom and into the corridor, it's quiet and empty save for the ever present sound of rain.


[ ] Go to (pick a room)
>> No. 4117

Alright. I just pictured this moment of FABULOUSNESS as a turning point toward a parody side story for David.

David: "Everybody knows I’m the only gay in the village”

Marisa: "I don't think so."

>> No. 4118
Fries, we call 'em chips.

Oven chips these were, I did a damn fine job of them too as they all came out crisp and golden.
>> No. 4119
[x] Go to the kitchen.

David needs to get the hell out while he still can. Pretend to brew some tea while plotting to escape.
>> No. 4120
Yeah, most American's aren't used to calling fries 'chips'. But besides that, what kind of fish was it?
>> No. 4121
[x] Go to forest

Save me Wriggle!
I don't want to be a doll!
>> No. 4122
[x] front entrance

screw this, let's go back to marisa. besides we probably had our stay for too long and may appear to be freeloading off alice
>> No. 4123
Alice just got very interesting. But now I really want to get to Wriggle.
[x] Go to the ki-GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.
>> No. 4124
[x] Go outside, try to find Marisa's house.
>> No. 4125
Cod, I think.

It was definately generic white fish in breadcrumbs, two for £1.80 from your local Asdas.
>> No. 4126
[x] Go outside, try to find Marisa's house.
Now Alice will think we run home in despair after she threw us out of that room earlier.
>> No. 4127
[X] Listen in at the door.

We heard...
>> No. 4128
I'm an american and they're great.
>> No. 4129
David could escape by sexing up Alice and slipping out of the house after the deed has been done. Unfortunately, such a situation could only happen after a pub crawl.
>> No. 4130
Scorn, did you expect this?
>> No. 4131
[X] Go to the kitchen. Cook fish and chips.
>> No. 4132
Is there a particular room we should pick to get out of here? We need to be heading back to Marisa and Wriggle. Or, actually, if Alice isn't working, we could tell her we have an important engagement to attend, and leave. Or even get her to take us back, though I slightly doubt it.

[]Head to the front enterance and leave after telling Alice (if possible).
>> No. 4133
Jesus shit, when did we wander into obsessive-compulsive Alice territory?

Oh wait, it's Scorn.
>> No. 4134
File 121251699122.jpg - (89.64KB , 1272x1024 , 121169229985.jpg ) [iqdb]
Yes. But anon is jumping the gun, you have reason to be suspicious but not to run away.

Something isn't right.

Who was Alice talking to? Why was your name mentioned? Nothing make sense, you want answers but you feel you can't trust Alice. You're guessing but you don't think that person was in a hurry, did Alice make them leave before they saw you? She's acting weird, if she was talking about you why didn't she go and find you?

It doesn't make sense.

A lump rises in your throat that won't go away even if you try to swallow it back down, it's too quiet. The silence of the house oppresses you, the walls seem too close together and the air is thick an cloying. You want to get out, you don't want to be here any more.

"I... I'll leave." Talking to your self in a mumble you head towards the kitchen. "I'll just tell Alice next time I see her I had to meet someone, that's not a lie!"

Anywhere is better than here. Quickly winding your way through the living room you get to the kitchen, trying your best not to make noise as you go least you alert Alice to what you're doing.

The rain is still pounding mercilessly outside, but where once it's rhythmic beat and endless hiss annoyed you now you welcome it with relief. It's sounds like freedom. Casting about the kitchen you notice a roll of black cloth, rolling it in your hands it feels thin, light weight and slippery. Might give you some cover from the rain, maybe.

Snatching it up you go to the kitchen door and place your hand on the knob, one twist and you'll be gone.

But, do you want to go? Is it such a good idea? Even if you've got your suspicions you still don't know the whole truth, leaving could rob you of your chance to know. Plus the rain has been coming down heavily for nearly a whole day now, the forest could be dangerous to travel in even if the Youkai aren't out at the moment. Seemingly safe ground could be churned to sinking marsh, slick mud could trip you and send you into danger, with no clear direction you could be running to your death. Maybe the risk is worth it?

[ ] Escape
[ ] Calm down, try to work this out
[ ] You're still suspicious, check out the entrace
[ ] Look for Alice in the usually locked door
>> No. 4135
[x] Escape
[x] Follow the path as best you can.

Anon reasoned earlier that if we run into any problems, we ran away in sadness after Alice lashed out at us.
>> No. 4136
[X] You're still suspicious, check out the entrace
>> No. 4138
[ ] You're still suspicious, check out the entrance
Scorn did mention we might be able to find out what's behind the locked door while we're here. Whether we want to or not is another matter.
>> No. 4139
[ ] Look for Alice in the usually locked door
>> No. 4140
[X] Calm down, try to work this out.

We've got to confront Alice about this. What she's doing doesn't sound like it's the healthiest thing for either of us.
>> No. 4141
Okay, is everybody but me blindly missing the fact that Alice just said that she hasn't seen David at all?
As in, she just lied to (probably) Marisa?
As in, this is not shaping up well?
As in, fuck this, I want my nightbug already.

Although, it may prove to serve as an excuse for us leaving, or at least something to guilt trip Alice into letting us go.

"Bitch, think on your goddamn actions. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a murderer to seduce."
>> No. 4142
[x] Escape
>> No. 4143
[x] Calm down, try to work this out
[x] Look for Alice in the usually locked door

Quit being a pansy and go talk to Alice. Just because she's being suspicious doesn't mean we should be rude and leave without talking about it first.
>> No. 4144

But is it really as cut and dry as all that? Consider the Alice we've met so far she's been assertive, fairly self confident, kind and helpful. Maybe Scorn is using our innate mistrust of Alice as portrayed in the fannon to trick us here?

I'm going to wait for more evidence.
>> No. 4145
I know, but I'm willing to trust Scorn on this matter.
>>Yes. But anon is jumping the gun, you have reason to be suspicious but not to run away.
I hope that won't result in us losing Wriggle points.
>> No. 4146
[x] Calm down, try to work this out
[x] Look for Alice in the usually locked door
>> No. 4147
[x] Escape
[x] Follow the path as best you can.
>> No. 4148
Escape is now winning due to the fact that no single choice for staying has beaten it yet, but the general opinion of anon seems to be to stay.

I will wait for moar votes.
>> No. 4149
There can't be dark clouds everywhere. What time is it, or does Alice have a clock?
>> No. 4150
[x] Calm down, try to work this out

The hell with Wriggle.
>> No. 4151
[x] Calm down, try to work this out
>> No. 4152
A true man doesn't turn tail and run when things begin to look troublesome. The spirit of Captain Anonymous Rex must not be dishonored.
>> No. 4153
[x] Calm down, try to work this out

It probably wasn't Marisa, since Scorn's trying so hard to make us think it WAS Marisa.
>> No. 4154
>A true man doesn't turn tail and run when things begin to look troublesome.
It's not like escape means "running away from problems".
>> No. 4155
[] Calm down, try to work this out.

I just don't want to miss Wriggle. We have a number of people (the 9 ball squad) that are expecting us to be there. We must not dissapoint.
>> No. 4156
[ ] Calm down, try to work this out

I come back to the thread and Alice is scaring the shit out of me. I doubt her motives are nasty ones, sounds like she wants us all to herself but isn't sure how to go about doing it properly. We need to let her know we overheard that and confront her about it.
>> No. 4158
[X] Calm down, try to work this out.

Look, after we talk with Alice about this, we can say that we're going to head out for some time to wait for her to cool down. She'll need the time to think, and we can go meet up with Wriggle.
>> No. 4159
File 12125207369.jpg - (18.81KB , 301x368 , 1212209542466.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, let's be reasonable about this. You're head must be all screwed up from convening with the entire of creation just now, you're brain went through a pretty big change and you're maybe not thinking straight.

Letting go of the door knob you drop the cloth on the side and take chair, resting your head in your arms you sigh and lean on the table.

Last night you collapsed from exhaustion in Alice's house after she gave you a ride back to the forest, because Marisa wasn't home yet she let you hang around with her. This much seems reasonable, you had pushed your self abnormally hard yesterday and after relaxing like that with Alice you probably didn't notice your fatigue until you tried standing. Alice could've drugged you, yes you have considered that, but she drank the same tea you did. She didn't expect to see you in town either, that much was clear, so you can't help but find it unlikely that she has done anything directly to you without your knowing.
She's so far declined any request to be taken back to Marisa's house, once again this seems reasonable considering the level of rain that's been falling today. Either by air or by foot travel would be difficult or even dangerous, she can't of planned for the rain to keep you here surely? Then again she is a magician, what are the limits to what she can do? You doubt it without proof but put that to one side for now.

It strikes you once again that Wriggle wanted to meet you at sunset outside Marisa's house, pulling yourself up for a second you cast about for a clock or any way to tell the time. Checking the living room you find a wall mounted clock over the desk, according to it the time is 5:27 presumably PM. So you don't have long until sunset, the rain hasn't shown any signs of letting up yet. In fact you haven't even seen the eye of the storm yet.

Sitting back down now in the living room you continue to asses the situation as you know it.

Travel is possible in this weather, someone just visited the house right? All you have to do is check the front door for water that might of dripped off of someone who came in from the rain and onto the floor, that would prove someone came here while you were in the bath. But what does that in it self prove? You don't know who it was, Alice hasn't told you anything yet so you don't know what's going on.

The more you think about it the more confused you feel, there are a number of things that aren't making sense right now. Little things that seem out of place, but you've got no solid evidence that Alice has done anything wrong, yet you feel so uneasy.

Sitting in the living room you wrack your brain to think of something to do, something to either confirm or disprove your fears. Outside the rain goes on with it's endless staccato on the window pane, thunder rumbles again closer this time.
[ ] Go find Alice as soon as possible, she should answer you herself
[ ] Investigate the front door and the locked room, you have a feeling
[ ] The storm is getting worse, you need to get out before you're trapped for the night
[ ] Calm the fuck down, read a book
[ ] Explore elsewhere in the house (music room, workshop, Alice's bedroom, your(temporary) room, doll room.)
>> No. 4160
[x] The storm is getting worse, you need to get out before you're trapped for the night

We've got continues.
in during Alice refusing to let anon leave, Saying the storm is too dangerous.
>> No. 4161
[x] Go find Alice as soon as possible, she should answer you herself
>> No. 4162
[ ] Investigate the front door and the locked room, you have a feeling.
Something about the front door makes me suspicious. I wonder what we'll see outside?
>> No. 4163
[x] Go find Alice as soon as possible, she should answer you herself

Go about this like adults. No more mucking about like school kids.
>> No. 4165

Hanging from a tree.
By her legs, waiting for you.
>> No. 4166
[ ] Go find Alice as soon as possible, she should answer you herself
>> No. 4167

[X] Investigate the front door and the locked room, you have a feeling.
Feelings are usually worth following up.
>> No. 4168

Like those poor saps that got skinned in Predator?
>> No. 4169
no need to jump to conclusions

[ ] Tell Alice you have an appointment to keep, leave
>> No. 4170
[ ] Go find Alice as soon as possible, she should answer you herself

Need to see if she lies. If so then we need to get out before she breaks our ankles in our sleep.
>> No. 4171
[] Go find Alice as soon as possible, she should answer you herself

After that, we can use our magic to low-altitude fly back to Marisa's, and by extension, Wriggle. I recall the rock being not far away from her house.
>> No. 4172
[X] Go find Alice as soon as possible, she should answer you herself.

Insist on going to meet Wriggle.
>> No. 4173
[X] Go find Alice as soon as possible, she should answer you herself.
>> No. 4174
>Insist on going to meet Wriggle.

Hey Alice, thanks for everything, but I have to run. There's this little thing I have to take care of before the day is out. It keeps bugging me, and I'm worried that if I don't go, I'll be hunted down and ripped to shreds.
>> No. 4175
File 121252374545.png - (44.39KB , 400x400 , 121246631739.png ) [iqdb]
Note, concerning the front door and the locked room. Different choices have a few key differences between them, on one choice they may be one way to facilitate a certain event while on the other choice they may be completely different.
You need to find Alice, you want answers before you jump to any conclusions and she's the only one that can put these matters to rest. If she lies then she's up to something, if she tells the truth you have nothing to fear.

The last time you heard her she was outside in the corridor, so exiting the living room you step out to think where she might have gone. You don't recall hearing her go upstairs but you couldn't hear that well in the bath room, for now you want to check down stairs. Seeing as you're already in the corridor you take a moment to check the front door for signs of it being opened, a quick scan reveals a few drops on the welcome mat and a tiny pool of water forming at the seal of the door. You can't convince yourself one way or the other what that proves so you disregard it for now, on a whim you take your shoes from the cupboard and put them back on. Best be prepared you suppose, good thing you took them off before you passed out yesterday otherwise you wouldn't know where they are.

Next you walk up the hall and check the door past the stairs to the locked room, you're sure you heard a door other than the front door open and close earlier. Logically that would suggest this one, but once again as you try the handle it's securely closed. You try knocking on the hard wood to see if she's inside, but nothing. You don't like the carvings set in the door, they unnerve you for some reason and you just want to be clear of them so walk away from it trying to think of what to do.

You suppose Alice could possibly have another way of getting around the house somehow, if she can fly then it would be a space saving design to have shafts to go between floors instead of stairs. Heh, that's silly, you can't help but smile at your ridiculous idea.

Re-entering the living room you begin to consider going up stairs to look for her, there's no reason to think she's left the house after all. But before you come to a decision you hear foot steps coming down the stairs, so she was up there but that doesn't matter know. You can finally speak to her.

Rehearsing what you're going to say in your mind you stand ready in the living room for her to enter, timidly she rounds the corner. Alice, she walks uncertainly with a worried look on her face, Shanghai clings close to her holding onto a lock of her hair with one hand raised to her non-existent mouth. You notice that Alice holds a heavy looking book bound by thick straps with a large lock on the front, she clutches it in front of her like a shield. When she notices you she stops and looks at you with big eyes.

"David. I," She swallows, she seems upset.
"I wanted to, to apologize. For how I acted earlier, I'm sorry."

In a plaintive gesture she bows her head to you, outside the rain gets harder as if to compensate for her unshed tears and the crash of thunder gently shakes the ground below your feet.

What do you say.


[ ] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
[ ] "Alice, I want to go back to Marisa's house."
[ ] "....Whatever."
[ ] "Who came to the door, Alice."
>> No. 4176
[x] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
[x] "Alice, I want to go back to Marisa's house."
>> No. 4177
[ ] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
[ ] "Who came to the door, Alice."
[ ] "I should go, I have an appointment to keep."
>> No. 4178
[ ] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
[ ] "Alice, I want to go back to Marisa's house."
>> No. 4179
[ ] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
[ ] "Who came to the door, Alice."
[ ] "I should go, I have an appointment to keep."

Those last two sentences are surprisingly good as a justification.
>> No. 4180
[ ] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
[ ] "Alice, I want to go back to Marisa's house."
>> No. 4181
[ ] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
[ ] "Who came to the door, Alice."

[ ] "I should go, I have an appointment to keep."
>> No. 4182
[] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
[] "Who came to the door, Alice."
[] "I should go, I have an appointment to keep."

>> No. 4183
[ ] "Who came to the door, Alice."
>> No. 4184
[ ] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
[ ] "Who came to the door, Alice."
[ ] "I should go, I have an appointment to keep."
>> No. 4185
[x] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
[x] "Who came to the door, Alice."
[x] "I should go, I have an appointment to keep."

Set a meeting for later to get her to ease up and look forward to something in the near future.
>> No. 4186
Apologize, Ask about the door, I have an appointment confirm?
(not all posts agree but there's a large trend here, combined?)

>> No. 4187
[] confirm, yes.
>> No. 4188
Yes yes.
>> No. 4189
Sounds good to me
>> No. 4190
>> No. 4191
[ ] "It's fine Alice, I'm sorry as well."
>> No. 4192
Sounds good.
>> No. 4193
>> No. 4194
Really slowpoke. Don't have that picture right now, dang.
>> No. 4195
>> No. 4196
File 121252569562.jpg - (8.44KB , 183x200 , Slowpoke1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh my. Don't tell me I'm late.
>> No. 4197
>> No. 4198
File 121252634485.jpg - (101.33KB , 1024x768 , 1208724455445.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I'm not worried about that Alice, it's fine really. I was being annoying, I understand that."

She visibly relaxes as you say that loosening her grip on that huge tome, Shanhai let's go of her master's hair in some kind of sympathetic gesture of relief.

Smiling Alice approaches you, for some reason you feel very aware of her presence. You can smell her, the scent of faint perfume and her hair fills your nostrils. You can hear her, hear every breath she takes and every rustle of her dress. She dominates your vision as you take in every detail of her face and clothes, you can't help but notice the brilliant sheen of her golden hair. Her presence is overwhelming, you can practically feel her skin from here as if you were touching her. Each steps she takes closer to you intensifies these feelings until she's stood very close to you, her face mere inches away from yours she watches you fondly with clear, cool blue eyes.

For some reason, she sets your brain on fire.

"What are you thinking?" She says it as an idle question, probably in response to you being so tense, her voice sounds musical in your ears.

"Who came to the door, Alice."

It's a statement, not a question. A tight ball has formed in your stomach as you await an answer, a lot is riding on this seemingly innocent question. You prey she doesn't realize why you're so wound up, if you're wrong you don't want to insult her.

"A visitor?" She inclines her head ever so slightly, a drift of her hair brushing past her shoulder consumes your sight for a moment. Why are you so entrapped by her appearance?

"No one came to the door David. Did you imagine something?"

It's almost a relief to here her say that, the knot in your stomach unwinds and turns to ice as the tension drains from you leaving you cold. She's lying, you know what you heard and that means she isn't telling the truth, so she has an ulterior motive for keeping you here. She keeps looking at you fondly, it almost seems like she's getting closer even as she just stands there, you pray that you aren't giving away your thoughts on your face.

"I see."

Is all you can say, what can you say? Something is wrong, very wrong, you were right in your feeling but now you have more solid evidence.

"Alice, I want you to take me b-back," You stumble over your words, she's still gazing at you so intensely it's hard to concentrate. You want nothing more than to just sweep her up in your arms and kiss her.

NO! She has lied to you, why feel this way? Does the lie change anything between you? Is it so bad? For some reason you find yourself thinking this way unbidden, you want to be angry and to leave this place. But at the same time you want to stay with Alice, to hold her in your arms and lay a kiss on those lips.

"What is it David?"
Languidly she has placed an arm on yours, the tips of her fingers brushing against you set your skin on fire.

"I want you to take me back to Marisa's house, I have a appointment to keep."
It took a lot of will power to say that, you had to force each word out to make it escape your reluctant lips. Alice looks at you curiously and frowns ever so slightly, setting her lovely features into such a beautiful slant....

"That's impossible, you know that I can't take you anywhere in this rain."

She's lying. She lied again. Someone came here, you heard them! So you can take me back! Stop lying to me Alice! Why are you saying these things? What are you doing?

You want to scream these things at her, but you can feel your resolve slipping.

[ ] Give in
[ ] "I know you're lying."
[ ] Run
>> No. 4199
[+] Run
>> No. 4200
[X] "I know you're lying."
>> No. 4201
[ ] Run

We won't be able to get the words out, she's pulling something on us. No matter how awesome Alice might be, any relationship with her has to be natural, not her forcing us. Get out of there now.
>> No. 4202
[x] "I know you're lying."

Man up. Be as gentlemanly as possible when laying this down.
>> No. 4203
[x] Run
Every choice reeks of BAD END, but this one seems like the safest.
>> No. 4204
Well, fuck. I predict we're one false move away from full-on Yandere Alice modo.

However, we shan't be tricked by her womanly wiles and magic charms. Better to take the offensive.

[ ] "I know you're lying."

>> No. 4205
damn your choices that either hurt alice or prevent us from meeting cutebug

[ ] "It's tempting, really tempting, to stay here with you. Sadly I have promises to keep and groceries to deliver. I'll go by foot then, till tomorrow Alice."
>> No. 4206
Also before running.

[ ] Slap Alice, apologise to Shanghai.

For extra mess.
>> No. 4207

I'll have to agree. That'd add a hell of a lot of tension to this story.

[x] Run
[x] Slap Alice, apologise to Shanghai.
>> No. 4209
[X] "I know you're lying."
[X] Run

This is not a time when we can afford to stay with her. I like her, but something's wrong with one of us, and if something happens between us, it had better be natural and not magically forced.
>> No. 4210
[ ] "I know you're lying."
>> No. 4213
Ah, just for clarity accusing her of lying equates to standing your ground, for better or worse.
>> No. 4214
Oh, so run/I know you're lying are incompatible choices? Fine then.

[x] I know you're lying.
>> No. 4215
[X] "I know you're lying."
[X] Run
>> No. 4216
Oh, changing the vote then.

[X] Slap Alice, apologise to Shanghai.
[X] Run
>> No. 4217
[ ] Please don't lie to me like this Alice
>> No. 4218
Thanks you just set it to a tie, next vote wins.
>> No. 4220
I already voted, and won't change my vote. Just wanted to say that hitting a lady is not a thing a true gentleman does
>> No. 4221
[x] "I know you're lying."

>> No. 4222
[ ] Give in
Living creepily ever after with Alice is a GOOD END as far as I'm concerned, but since it'll never win:
[x] I know you're lying.
Slapping her is pretty much the point of no return, so I'd prefer to avoid it if possible.
>> No. 4223
[x] I know you're lying.
>> No. 4224
So, what's the vote limit you use?
>> No. 4225
What ever works at the time with potentially random cut off points.

Minimum of four most of the time, consideration with regard to a certain direction though as was the case with running away. More people wanted to stay they just weren't united.

Anyway, I know you're lying won. Writing.

No one chose GENUFLECT, this will be taken into consideration.
>> No. 4226
>No one chose GENUFLECT, this will be taken into consideration.

*cue cheesy music*
>> No. 4227
>>No one chose GENUFLECT, this will be taken into consideration.

Haha, trying to make storms like I do?
>> No. 4228
File 12125285422.png - (35.48KB , 200x280 , alice.png ) [iqdb]
>No one chose GENUFLECT, this will be taken into consideration.
>> No. 4229
File 121252898743.jpg - (6.62KB , 251x251 , B.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4230
>No one chose GENUFLECT, this will be taken into consideration.

I lol'd.
>> No. 4231
File 12125297401.jpg - (55.43KB , 780x640 , 1208724605649.jpg ) [iqdb]
Resisting the overwhelming drain to your will, you steel yourself and look Alice square in the eye.

"I know you're lying Alice."

The words hang heavy in the air, saying them, hearing them out loud gives you a better grip on yourself. This is real, Alice lied, it matters.

Slowly Alice's smile fades away, a look of hostility and quiet anger takes it's place as her expression contorts into something like a grimace, if she just eat something unpleasant. You're very aware all of a sudden, that Alice is in fact a Youkai.

"So you know."

She doesn't deny it, not for one second does she try to excuse the lie. Her eyes have turned hard and the hand she had lain on you drops back by her side, Shanghai withdraws behind Alice like an obedient child and seeing the two of them staring at you chills you.

"You're exceptional, you know that? Under the effects of a glamor and a sympathetic feedback spell, yet you still manage to resist me?"

You don't understand the meaning behind her words, but you get the gist. Those glorious attributes Alice seemed to posses have faded away, as if the murky light let through by the storm washed them away leaving her true visage behind.

She isn't unattractive, not by a long shot, but her hair doesn't seem to glow with it's own radiance any longer and nor do her eyes entice you. She has beauty, enough to make you wonder why she tried fooling your eyes in the first place, but she isn't radiant either.

"Do you hate me David? Is that why you fought me? Or does your heart belong to another?"

She speaks angrily, raising her voice and swishing her arm slicing the air with the word "hate". You feel like you're frozen to the spot.

"It could've been wonderful, together. Neither of us would be alone ever again, you'd live with me here and I'd make you mine." Her voice chokes on her words for a moment before she can continue.
"I'd give you some of my life force and protect you. Forever we could live in happiness together and not care about the world outside this house. Just you and I, alone forever."

She's scaring you, you barely know her but she tried to force you to live with her for the rest of her life? Involuntarily you take a step back and raise your arms ever so slightly in defense. Seeing you do so she takes a step forward and begins to speak desperately, her voice quivers and she flails her arm around as she shouts at you. In the periphery of your vision you can see Shanghai, her face hidden by her hands as she hides from the conflict.

"What is it? Do I repulse you? Do you hate me? Do you love Marisa? Reimu? They can't love you, I will! Do you hate me?"


[ ] Run
[ ] "I don't hate you."
[ ] "I can't hate you." = (more emphatic)
[ ] "I do hate you."
[ ] Attack her
>> No. 4232
[x] "I can't hate you." = (more emphatic)
[ ] Attack her
would make for a hilarious bad end though.
>> No. 4233
[x] "I don't hate you. But Marisa must be worried sick about me, and I have a promise to keep."
>> No. 4234
Oh shit, I don't know what to choose.

Okay, [ ] Run.

We need to show her that what she's done is wrong, but we can't do it now. She's lost it and she needs space to calm down. If we say the wrong thing now then it could be deadly.
>> No. 4235
[ ] "I don't hate you."

i want Marisa
>> No. 4236
[ ] "I can't hate you."
>> No. 4237
[x] I like her
[x] Hug her
[x] Pierce her point of death

Isn't sad, Alice?
>> No. 4238
[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run.

I can't hate her, because I can kind of understand. But I can't excuse her, either.
>> No. 4239
[x] "I can't hate you." = (more emphatic)

I've only been here for a few days. I still don't know myself, how can you?
>> No. 4240
[X] "I can't hate you."
>> No. 4241
[X] "I don't hate you."
[X] Run.
I don't really want to hurt her, but I get the feeling we need to get out of here.
>> No. 4242
[x] "I can't hate you."

She did help us quite a bit, after all.

[x] "But that's really fucking creepy"
[x] Run.
>> No. 4243
[x] "I can't hate you." = (more emphatic)
[x] [X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you. That wouldn't be love, it would be slavery."
>> No. 4244
[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run
This sounds good, and it means we can avoid breaking Alice/Wriggle's heart.
>> No. 4245
>[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run.

This. Very much this.
>> No. 4246
[+] Run to Marisa's place.
>> No. 4247
[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run.

Sticking around is a bad idea. We don't want to lose our will. That's bad all around.

Remember, we're Captain Anon in another life. Captain Anon has an Iron Will, and so do we.
>> No. 4248
[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run.
>> No. 4249
[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run.

>> No. 4250
[ ] "I can't hate you."
[ ] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[ ] Run.
>> No. 4251
[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run
Back to Wriggle. Right now.
>> No. 4252
[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run.
>> No. 4253
[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run

>> No. 4254
lol psycho Alice. Well done, Scorn.
>> No. 4255
[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run.
>> No. 4256
We should've expected something like this with Paranoia Cat on OP.
>> No. 4257
[] I don't hate you. But I can't love you until you learn why you can't control someone like that.
>> No. 4258
Nice, I'm glad you're noticing the connections. You are doing so right?

If you hadn't taken steps to redeem yourself in the dream you would've resisted much easier but attacking Alice would've taken precedent and wouldn't lead to a bad end.

In fact I didn't take a write in into account, I can't hate you actually led to Alice seeing a weakness in your resolve and her taking you.


[X] "I can't hate you."
[X] "But that's why I can't let you force me to love you."
[X] Run


>> No. 4259
File 121253121910.jpg - (745.35KB , 1000x836 , AliceMarisaHandsDark.jpg ) [iqdb]
Am I the only one who finds her even more irresistable than usual now?
>> No. 4260
Nope, I think she's fucking awesome.
>> No. 4261
Know that part in Higurashi when Rena was acting yandere with hatchet, threatening Keiichi in the forest road in first arc? Yeah, I found that part incredibly hot.
But, this Alice here isn't the right kind of crazy for me. Still, my interest in her grew.
>> No. 4262
File 121253169336.png - (18.64KB , 300x400 , 1211196359814.png ) [iqdb]
"I can't hate you Alice."

She stops in her wild approach, she falters and hope spreads across her face. But it's a malevolent hope, like the expression of fighter seeing an opening in an opponent's defense. She gains a cruel composure, standing straight and to her greatest hight she raises her free hand with a nasty smile. Before she can even begin to try anything however you have already sprung into action running past her with a cry of.

"But that's why I can't let you force me to love you either!"

You shouldn't of been able to get away, there's no reason for her to hesitate right? But she does, her face drops into a mask of horror and her body freezes like yours did a moment ago. But you don't look back, you run out the room and to the front door. In your panic you fumble with the lock over and over before you get a grip on yourself long enough to work it properly.

Slipping the bolt from it's home and turning the handle you push against the door, but it doesn't budge, you try slamming your shoulder against it but the door is immobile. Even with all the locks and the latch open it won't move, in a moment of clarity you feel the door surrounded by mana. Alice has charmed it shut, you can't get out this way.

If she's managed to seal the house it means she's active again, you don't have long to escape.


[ ] Escape through the kitchen
[ ] Run up stairs
[ ] Lock your self in the bathroom
[ ] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
[ ] Break the nearest window
>> No. 4263
>I'd give you some of my life force and protect you

I'd like some of that, but I'm also not stupid enough to fall for the first offer. YOU GOTTA MAKE A BETTER DEAL!
>> No. 4264
[ ] Break the nearest window and get the fuck out.
>> No. 4265
[x] Escape through the kitchen

Breaking somebody's window is just damned thoughtless.
>> No. 4266
[X] Run up stairs

Wasn't there a balcony?
>> No. 4267
[x] Break the nearest window

I'm sure Marisa's done it a few times.
>> No. 4268
[x] Break the nearest window
>> No. 4269

In a race between thoughtless and mindslave, I'm gonna go with being thoughtless.
>> No. 4270
[ ] Escape through the kitchen
>> No. 4271
[ ] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
>> No. 4272
[+] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
>> No. 4273
[ ] Escape through the kitchen --> Probably also blocked
[ ] Run up stairs --> Mmm, would give us more options I guess.
[ ] Lock your self in the bathroom --> You must be joking.
[X] Try breaking down the door to the locked room --> This definitely has potential.
[ ] Break the nearest window --> Meh, don't see it working.
>> No. 4274
Whatever we do, we do need our rose in our hand 'cuz frankly we might need an ace in the hole here and that may be it.
>> No. 4275
[x] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
>> No. 4276
[X] Break the nearest window.


Well, uh, I doubt the kitchen will be any good. I don't remember an alternate exit in there, and if there were then it would probably be sealed shut. Sorry, Alice, but our free will takes precedence over your window.

Anyway, if bursting through the windshield of someone with a distinct advantage who's trying to dominate our will while both our ships are in movement works in our dreams, then the comparably minor task of smashing the window of someone with a distinct advantage who's trying to dominate our will shouldn't be too hard.
>> No. 4277
>>[ ] Lock your self in the bathroom
This will work.
[X] Break the nearest window
>> No. 4278
[ ] Break the nearest window
>> No. 4279
[x] Break the nearest window

reminds me too much of RE4. hope we don't get chainsaw'd
>> No. 4280
Jesus. So we're trapped in the home of a beautiful, psychotic magician who wants to turn us quasi-immortal so she can make sweet deranged love to us for the rest of eternity?


Wait, what's the problem again?
>> No. 4281
Break the window is winning and I am starving, keep voting while I make a sandwich.

Mmm. Tuna.
>> No. 4282
[X] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
At this rate, we'll probably never get a chance to see what's in here. I'd wager it can help with our current predicament.
>> No. 4283
Why must you be like this Alice? Dammit woman.

[ ] Run up stairs
[ ] Break Window.

She won't be expecting a Leon Kennedy style jump from the second-floor.
>> No. 4284
[ ] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
Probably no coming back once we bust out of here (not for a while at least).
>> No. 4285
[X] Break the nearest window
I wonder, what happens when she decides to chase us?
>> No. 4286
[x] Break a window

I would suggest
>[x] Magic at the lock
if we had more time, but we don't.

Also, who wants to bet the Creepy Carved Door is a passage back to Makai?
>> No. 4287
>> No. 4288
[X] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
We'll attack Alice's weak point for massive damage.
>> No. 4289
[x] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
>> No. 4290
☞ Try breaking down the door to the locked room
>> No. 4291
[9] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
>> No. 4293
>>Find out what's behind the locked door.
>>You have a chance to during this stay at Alice's, it will change the events of the plot this play through if you do. Quite drastically.
[ ] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
Curiousity killed the radio star. Or something.
>> No. 4294
Good idea.
[ ] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
>> No. 4295
[x] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
>> No. 4296
[x] break window
[x] Run like hell
>> No. 4297
[ ] Spiral into unconsciousness
>> No. 4298
Fuck! Yes, changing to this.
>> No. 4299
Okay door wins.

A lot of DAVID SMASH going on around here.
>> No. 4300
[ ] Try breaking down the door to the locked room
>> No. 4301
>> No. 4302
>A lot of DAVID SMASH going on around here.
Puny Alice not keep David locked up! DAVID IS THE MOST FABULOUS THERE IS!
>> No. 4303
Scorn, I never doubted you for a minute.
And psycho Alice twist came out of nowhere and was fucking awesome.
>> No. 4304
[X] Break the nearest window
>> No. 4305
Abandoning the door you try to think of something else to attempt, if Alice has sealed the front door then it's reasonable to assume she's sealed any others to the outside on this floor too. To your left is the room where she is presumably finishing her spell by the faint glow emanating from it, to your right a closet and in front of you a locked door and a flight of stairs.

Okay, should have a moment before she finishes the spell. So let's give the locked room a try, something about you hasn't sat right since you got here and now may be your last chance to see inside it. Even if it's a dead end you will place your trust inside.

Dashing over to it you asses your chances, it's a heavy wooden door covered in what you assume are arcane writings and a handle with no key hole. You realize now that it doesn't need one, it can be opened through magical manipulation. Too bad you're all shook up or you'd try that yourself, trying not to think about what may lay beyond this door that would require such security you slam your shoulder into it.

Pain courses through your body, a bruise will rise on that shoulder for sure, but a splinter of wood has jumped free of the door frame. The door is nigh on impenetrable, but the frame is weak. Agonizingly you ram your shoulder into the impassive door over and over, trying to force the latch through the wood of the frame. Each blow sends pain coursing through you but sends more fragments of wood flying through the air.


Your mind begins to go numb, the pain is almost unbearable, but fear and adrenaline give you strength. With one final painful heave you split the door frame open sending the door crashing against the inside wall, thankfully you run inside just as Alice appears around the corner with her cold anger coming off of her in waves.

"David, what are yo- NO!"

With a yelp you slam the door shut, it's dark inside but you can just about make out some indistinct objects in the dark. Next to you is a heavy book case, with effort you command your screaming muscles to push it in front of the door.

Surely it's a hopeless effort, Alice could surely brush it aside.

"David!" You hear her muffled voice on the other side of the door, weak pounding begins. "Get out of there! You mustn't go in any further!"

She doesn't burn the book case to ash, or blow it in with a blast of pure force. She's banging on the door like any normal person would, perhaps to avoid hurting you.

Or damaging anything in here?

It's dark, beyond a faint light from the edges of the door it's completely pitch black. The tiny light that is present only serves to make shadows that loom worse than total blindness, the air is musty and smells dry.

With no alternative, you walk deeper inside this chamber. Behind you Alice's cries grow fainter and fainter as you loose your way between the dark figures all around you, it's almost like her workshop you find yourself thinking. But there is an undercurrent different to that room here, something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Stumbling over something in the dark you come to a small clearing, you cant' see anything in front of you. Not ever your hand when you wave it back and forth of your eyes, behind you the light of the door has disappeared.
[ ] Light the room up with magic
[ ] Hide in the shadows and escape when Alice gets inside
[ ] Hide, prepare to ambush Alice
[ ] Go deeper in, so deep that she won't ever find you.
>> No. 4306
>And psycho Alice twist came out of nowhere and was fucking awesome.

I wouldn't say out of nowhere, people were calling it in the last thread.
>> No. 4307
The question now is whether Alice can be reasoned with. If not, will she try and capture us, or go out and try to dispose of Marisa?
>> No. 4308
[x] Light the room up with magic
>> No. 4309
[X] Light the room up with magic
[X] Go deeper in, so deep that she won't ever find you.
>> No. 4310
[x] Light the room up with magic

Maybe Alice'll send shanghai in while we've locked ourselves in the collection of her past.
>> No. 4311
[ ] Light the room up with magic
>> No. 4312
[x] Use your new ability to sense magic.

Using magic seems like a bad idea right now. Might wake something up or set something off.
>> No. 4313
[ ] Light the room up with magic

Seeing as she's desperate and we don't know her mental condition she might, knowing our refusal to be her mindslave, kill us then devour the body to keep all this hidden from Marisa. Or, on the other hand, she might just let us go and hope for the best.
>> No. 4314
[X] Light the room up with magic
>> No. 4315
[ ] Light the room up with magic
[ ] Brace.

I have a feeling using magic in here is a bad idea, but the other options are worse.
>> No. 4316
[ ] Light the room up with magic
[ ] Go deeper in, so deep that she won't ever find you.
>> No. 4317
Hey Scorn, can you write what would happen in we chose
[x]Give in
I want to see the Bad(potential Alice Good) End that would ensue.
>> No. 4318
>> No. 4319
[X] Light the room up with magic.

Now, see, the reason I wanted to leave was because I wanted to meet Wriggle, too.

Sorry, Wrigs, but if we don't show up it's because we've nearly killed ourself.
>> No. 4320
[X] Light the room up with magic.
>> No. 4321
File 121253786341.png - (47.15KB , 708x708 , 1212529172569.png ) [iqdb]
Man I do not know how you keep your output up so high, I'm goddamn exhausted right now and this is the only thing worth note I've done all day.

Faced with no alternative you withdraw the rose from your pocket, vaguely you're aware that those other items like Marisa's wallet are up stairs right now but that's the least of your concern right now. Trying your best to regulate your breathing and to ignore the distant sound of Alice thumping on the door, you attempt to sink into your "casting" state.

It's hard, you're frightened and the adrenaline is starting to pass from your system making you thick headed and weak, the turmoil you feel is reflected by the flickering light within you. It wavers uncertainly as if being buffeted by a great wind, forcing yourself to be calm you attempt to pass the blue to the red and create a ball that translates to light.

On your first attempt you barely even get a glimmer going before it winks out, second try you over fill it loosing all control and it explodes with a loud pop and bright flash.

On the third try however, you manage to maintain focus long enough to make a blob of light stable enough to keep glowing, like a light bulb, without your interaction. It hangs there in the air forlornly, only a weak whitish light is emitted but it's enough to light your immediate surroundings.

All around you are benches, each bench has a set of draws below the surface which when you open them contains various odds and ends. Things like strange squishy organs from no animal you recognize, various doll parts, gears and cogs, glittering dusts and scraps of parchment with strange writing on them. You assume these are the tool of the Magician's trade.

In the clearing before you is a lone desk, like the one in her workshop only much larger and covered by various instruments, open tomes with pages marked, glass tubes and other alchemical things.

With mounting curiosity you approach the desk, built in a U shape where the worker will sit in the center surrounded by her toil, the books are unreadable to you and the various substances are unrecognizable. But that isn't what draws your attention.

In the center of the desk, are three rag dolls. Not wooden ones like her servants, not intricate porcelain dolls like Shanghai and her sisters, but three very ordinary rag dolls.

Ordinary, except they are dressed to look like.



And you.

Your mind rails at the sight, but there in front of you is a tiny effigy of your self in cloth. He's wearing a mini version of the shirt Alice gave you, touching the head give you a chill as you realize that it even has hair taken from your head. Horrified you drop the little doll, you feel sick to your stomach.

Inserted into it's heart, are five pins with white heads.

You want to be sick, want to burn the doll and scatter the ashes far and wide. It stares at you with dead stitched eyes with a thread smile that mocks you, you're tempted to rip it to shreds right now but you're afraid to even touch it.

Then you notice, tied to one hand is a piece of red string. Which attaches your doll by the hand to the hand of Alice's doll, inserted into the same five points over the heart of the effigy of Alice are another set if white head pins.

The whole scene sends horrendous chills down your spine.

Almost dreading what you'll see you look at Marisa's doll, complete with a sample of her hair and a little floppy black hat. Marisa's doll is kept purposely separate from yours and Alice's, with it's back turned to them. You notice tied around one hand is the broken fragment of a red piece of string and stabbed through this doll's heart, are five black headed pins.

Stumbling back you knock into a work bench sending the drawers rattling and raising a cloud of dust that sends you coughing, your lungs burning you wretch and you cough heavily. You feel as if someone walked over your grave, you feel disgusted.


[ ] Remove all the pins
[ ] Remove only the pins from (choose)
[ ] Break the red thread
[ ] Stab Alice's doll with black pins
[ ] Stab Marisa's doll with black pins
[ ] Stab your Own doll with black pins
[ ] Stab Marisa'sYoursAlice's doll with white pins
[ ] Tie red thread from your doll to Marisa'sAlice's doll to Marisa's
[ ] Destroy 1,2 or 3 dolls (choose)
[ ] Leave the dolls alone
>> No. 4323
[x] Remove all the pins
[x] Take dolls
>> No. 4324
[X] Remove all the pins
[X] Break the red thread
>> No. 4325
[X] Remove all the pins
[X] Break the red thread
>> No. 4326
[X] Remove only the pins from Marisa's doll.
[X] Put five white pins in Marisa's doll.
[X] Tie red threads between all three dolls.

Let's see fate try and figure that shit out.
>> No. 4327
[X] Destroy all 3 dolls.
>> No. 4328
[ ] Stab your Own doll with black pins

i can't resist
>> No. 4329
[x] Remove all the pins
[x] Break the red thread
>> No. 4330
[ ] Remove all the pins
[ ] Break the red thread
I'll keep it simple...messing with pins we don't know about what result in something screwed up
>> No. 4331
[X] Remove all the pins
[X] Break the red thread

Destiny breakan gaems.
>> No. 4332
[ ] Remove all the pins
[ ] Break the red thread
>> No. 4333
[ ] Remove all the pins
[ ] Break the red thread
>> No. 4334
[x] Remove all the pins
[x] Break the red thread
[x] Stab Marisa'sYoursAlice's doll with white pins

The white pins should mean something good, since it's all on us. The black pins might be something bad, since it's all on Marisa. Dunno if stabbing everyone with white pins would be good, it certainly makes us no better then Alice though...
>> No. 4335
[ ] Remove all the pins
[ ] Break the red thread
>> No. 4336
[X] Remove all the pins.
[X] Break the red thread.
[X] Take your doll with you once you figure out how to leave.

So that our destiny is in our own hands.
>> No. 4337
[x] Remove the pins from Marisa and Alice's dolls.
[x] Put five white pins into Marisa's doll.
[x] Tie red thread from your doll to Marisa'sAlice's doll to Marisa's

>> No. 4338
Oh god oh fuck oh what dammit Alice.

[X] Remove all the pins.
[X] Break the red thread.
[X] Take the dolls.

>>Man I do not know how you keep your output up so high

Don't sweat it, your writing style is much better than mine and your story is great. I'm just good at endurance.
>> No. 4339
[X] Remove all the pins.
[X] Break the red thread.
[X] Take the dolls.

Also new thread please...
>> No. 4340
[x] Remove the pins from Marisa's doll.
[x] Put five white pins into Marisa's doll.
[x] Tie red thread from your doll to Marisa'sAlice's doll to Marisa's
>> No. 4341
[ ] Remove all the pins
>> No. 4342

Hush, both of you. You do a great job, everyone loves /forest/ and /sdm/.
>> No. 4343
[X] Remove all the pins.
[X] Break the red thread.
[X] Take the dolls.
Seconding new thread (hehe).
>> No. 4344
[X] Remove all the pins.
[X] Break the red thread.
[X] Take the dolls.
>> No. 4345
[X] Remove all the pins.
[X] Take the dolls.
Seriously, Alice, WTF!


I got fucking stabbed today by someone who tried to mug my empety pockets, and now i'm home, voting in various stories. Isn't life wierd?
Also, i'm not sure the poor bastard will leave the hospital with his leg attached, i ended up causing much more damage than what i received
>> No. 4346
No way in hell am i letting you take the fucking dolls. That will screw with things far too much and I haven't thought of how they would even begin to effect things.

[X] Remove all the pins.
[X] Break the red thread.

Seems to be the consensus, nice show of self control. If you had tampered with them you're no better than Alice which means True Ends only, you'd always wonder if she'd love you if you hadn't fucked with fate. Anyway I've had an Azumanga break which was refreshing. Writing.
>> No. 4347
[X] Remove all the pins.

Nanayanon? is that you?
>> No. 4348
This is interesting, where'd you get stabbed? How'd you mess 'im up?
>> No. 4349
[X] Hotglue Alice's doll
>> No. 4350
>> No. 4351

>> No. 4352

Muggers are fun. Especially when they are disappointed that you don't have shit and decide to take your shoes instead.
>> No. 4353
What the fuck.



What the.


Tearing yourself from the work bench you lunge at the dolls, she wants to fuck with fate? How dare she! How dare she treat people like dolls! Somethings are not RIGHT! Free will, you would rather die than be a slave! Better to die standing than live kneeling!

With fury you pluck the cruel needles from the rag dolls and send them scattering across the room, they make tiny jangling noises as they hit the floor and bounce off into the darkness. Your tempted, oh so tempted, to take the black pins and gouge out Alice's eyes or stud her stomach full of negative energy. But you aren't angry, you are furious! The fury you have is from your insulted sense of ethics rather than some petty survival instinct, this is the emotion that drives men to move mountains. Even as you disdainfully snap the red thread connecting your doll to hers you can practically hear the doors of the future swing open, hear the chains of destiny broken and the tapestry of fate unraveled. In it's place a better path shall be forged. You would destroy these dolls if you had the strength, but you fear to disturb them further and risk anyone's life or worse.

The fury abates, not spent but conserved, ready to spring forth when you call it. Unsatisfied you untie the remains of the red thread from each of the dolls as well, as you are doing Alice's you notice on her other hand is another broken thread. You wonder is it matches the one on Marisa's doll.

Finally the task is done, each doll is now a separate individual with no ties to one another and no burden in it's heart. You're not sure when it happened but you're aware that at some point you started to feel like you had been cleansed, like you had been washed in the rain and that a great weight had been lifted from you.

For now you just rest, absently you refill your light with mana before you even notice you're doing so. A weak smile flickers across your lips at that, you wonder if maybe gaining this magic is such a good thing after all seeing how it effected Alice, the smile grows bigger and wry. Will you lose your humanity for power? Heh.

The pounding by the door has stopped, you wonder if Alice broke through already or if she has given up. Either way you have to make a move now, you don't want to hang around here any longer than you have to.


[ ] Go deeper into Alice's study.
[ ] Hide.
[ ] Go back to the door.
>> No. 4354
As warped as this shit is, it only makes me feel worse for Alice. That's a level of desperation for social contact that's hard to comprehend.
>> No. 4355
[X] Go back to the door.
>> No. 4356
[x] Go back to the door.
>> No. 4357
Stabbed in the arm (i can't beleive someone can be such a loust aim)
The idiot let go of the knife, so i pulled it out, stuck it in his thigh, and twisted. it doesn't let the wound close.
I think he was in shock he actually stabbed someone.

HA HA HA, OH WOW. you had my laughing for a good 2 minutes or so. Excellent.
>> No. 4358
[x] Go back to the door.
>> No. 4359
[x] Hide.
Leaving the way we came back in might get us caught by Alice. Going deeper will achieve nothing. Let's see what happens first by hiding. I'm pretty sure she's gotten in by now (it is her house/door)
>> No. 4360
[ ] Go deeper into Alice's study.
>> No. 4362
Alice is probably crying her eyes out since she obviously felt the effects of what we did. So we can either comfort her once we get out, or run like hell.
>> No. 4363
[ ] Go back to the door.
[ ] Hide.


Don't go further into the study, we could get killed by something horrible. We need to go back and confront Alice with what we've seen, or failing that, if she looks like she's still going nuts, wait for her to pass us in the darkness and then run like hell.
>> No. 4364
[x] Go back to the door.

The Spirit of Captain Anonymous Rex demands this.
>> No. 4365
Yes imagine, you used sympathetic magic to promote feelings of love and affection in another person. To boost the spell you use the technique on yourself to make a feedback loop.

Then suddenly, the loop is broken. The joy and love literally RIPPED from your chest and the connection to that person broken then discarded.

I wonder if Alice is even conscious at this point.
>> No. 4366
[ ] Go deeper into Alice's study.
>> No. 4367
[x] Go back to the door.
>> No. 4368
[ ] Go back to the door.
>> No. 4369
>I wonder if Alice is even conscious at this point.
...Hmm. You may have a point, since the knocking did stop after we did the deed.

Changing my vote to
[+] Go back to the door.
>> No. 4370
[X] Go back to the door.

We can go back to Marisa's, now. Maybe meet up with Wriggle. We ought to carry Alice with us if she is unconscious. I'd rather she not wake up all alone in her current state.

Conversely, if she's broken down and crying we ought to comfort her and be on our way. She needs to have time to think over what she's done. If we stick around too long, she might grow to covet us again, and it might encourage her to start fucking with fate again.
>> No. 4371
>> No. 4372

I was always for GTFO of Alice's house, but now you got me wanting to comfort her or something.
>> No. 4373

>> No. 4374

I kind of want David to specifically say he'll miss Shanghai and leave out Alice intentionally. Just to see what the hell she'd do.
>> No. 4375
I've always wanted to see Alice in full-on youkai mode.
>> No. 4376

>> No. 4377
We could be dicks and take Shanghai away from Alice if she is passed out and truly leave her to wake up alone
>> No. 4378
If you flip the coin enough times, eventually, it will land on its edge.
>> No. 4379
I wonder what would happen if we had arranged the dolls in a small circle so it looks like they're holding hands.
>> No. 4380
And then Alice killed herself.

oh, that crazy writefag will do it, too.
>> No. 4381
>> No. 4382
Threesome teim?
>> No. 4383
[X] Go back to the door.
>> No. 4384
File 121254538942.jpg - (126.94KB , 1280x960 , touhou_1_alice.jpg ) [iqdb]
With the sound of Alice's pounding over you start to wonder if she's okay, even after all she has done you still can't leave her if she's in need. At the very least you can get her into a bed and leave with your conscience clear, knowing that you did what was right.

Sighing and grumbling with reluctance to be moved to do such a thing you head back the way you came rather than deeper into the study, what ever mysteries it may hold can wait for another day.

You're still unable to work out how to move the light you made, so you set another one high above your head to cast light over your path. This makes the journey back across the room much easier as you can navigate the obstacles by sight rather than touch, you can see your hands prints still marked in the dust.

You can hear the rain again, that ever present sound that has haunted you since waking up, you dearly wish for it to end. At least you can confirm it probably wasn't Alice, there's no way she could keep something like that up after a massive spell disruption.

The door is silent, bashed slightly open it allows an arc of light to creep through but otherwise the book case has held. You can't hear a thing, cautiously you approach the door.


By step.


By inch

You draw closer.

Closer to the only barrier

The only barrier, between


And Alice.

The sound of shattering wood, the sting of splinters tearing into your cheek, the smell of resin as the door is torn apart and the flood of light as a steel lance pierces the door. Surrounded by a halo of bright light that cleaves the darkness is Shanghai wearing a black dress and a suit of armor and carrying a lance with a shield.

Only it isn't Shanghai, this is a different doll. She looks the same in design but her eyes are red not blue and a twisted cord of rope is tied around her neck, unlike Shanghai who's face almost can be said to display emotion this doll has an impassive visage of cold beauty. With barely any effort at all it breaks down the rest of the door with a series of stabs from it's lance, yet it's eyes never leave yours as it goes about it's task. Even as it takes it's place obediently by the door, she never looks away.

Through the torn out wreckage of what was once a portal staggers Alice, she desperately clutches at that heavy book keeping it between you and her at all times. Holding it so tight her finger nails are all broken and bleeding, her hair is out of place and she looks ghostly pale as if she had seen her own death. She panting heavily, like she has just exerted herself terribly, and her eyes are wild with fear and rage.

You stand stock still, waiting for her to make a move trying your best not to force her into action.


Is all she can manage to say, you have no idea about her intentions but you don't want to stay and find out. Coiling your muscles you prepare to bull rush her and run past her when she's down, but as if in response to your violent thoughts that doll with the noose around her neck places her self fearlessly between you and Alice, her weapon raised in challenge.

Knowing you have no hope against this familiar you glance behind you to figure out a route of escape, you don't know if it will take you anywhere but deeper into the study is better than being caught right now. But even as you consider this more dolls emerge from the darkness, floating into the the pale light like tiny guardians or harbingers of death.

Every single one looks like the one between you and Alice, right down to the noose tied around her neck. Turning back to Alice you see she's now leaning in the door way for support, still breathing heavily she smirks mirthlessly at you.

"Hourai.....hanged....dolls... Soldiers."

She doesn't need to say anymore, these are her finest battle dolls created to fight. Against these even in a weakened state Alice could easily subdue or even murder you, trembling with rage you try to control your self and not scream or run.

Wreathed in light Alice considers you coldly, a small trickle of blood has seeped from her mouth. Dutifully Shanghai, the real Shanghai, floats over and wipes it away with a handkerchief. Shakily Alice raises her right arm at you.


It's a command, you feel your senses dull. You'd fight the feeling but you know you've been beaten, at least you can take comfort in the fact she didn't kill you and being alive means you have a chance to escape still. You're tired anyway, she needn't of used a spell, you are glad just for the chance to rest.

As the tendrils of sleep entrap your mind, pulling you down into oblivion you're sure you see Alice break down and cry.

>> No. 4385
File 121254545498.jpg - (57.86KB , 236x246 , 1206835668424.jpg ) [iqdb]
You know...I was thinking...

What if we'd escaped the house somehow, gotten back to Marisa and Wriggle and everybody else--but never found out about the dolls?

Anon, attracted to Alice, but not knowing why. Anon, finding that no matter what path he tries, what course of action he takes, it all brings him back and back and back again, always to Alice. Desperation. Anon loving Alice, and not knowing why--it doesn't make sense--it doesn't make any sense at all--he's been trying to get away from her, get away get away get away getawayihateyougetawaywhywhywhywhy

don't i

miss you a lot

>> No. 4386
Oh, fuck you.
>> No. 4387
I liked your Alice. Now, not so much.

I demand Marisa. She's the most sane of the bunch.
>> No. 4388
File 121254574249.png - (28.00KB , 875x880 , Face3.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4389
>> No. 4390
>> No. 4391
You serious? Yandere Alice is awesome.
>> No. 4392
Is that all for today? I hope not.
>> No. 4393
File 121254603822.jpg - (137.06KB , 800x602 , 120420265626.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>I demand Marisa. She's the most sane of the bunch.

lol wat?

Guys please, you haven't even BEGUN to upset the girls yet!

Marisa has gone looking for you in the middle of the storm after you stood her up and ran off with her groceries, she is not best pleased.

And Wriggle?

She waited for you David.

Now she will be LOOKING for you.
>> No. 4394
Davey faces the consequences of leaving precious Marisa.

>> No. 4395
Time for Marisa to steal Alice's precious thing.

>> No. 4396

Awesome, maybe. But she's getting harder and harder to forgive. I always thought of Marisa as being kind of a bitch at times, but compared to this at least she's reasonable.
>> No. 4397
>>Find out what's behind the locked door.
>>You have a chance to during this stay at Alice's, it will change the events of the plot this play through if you do. Quite drastically.

Meaning, we go into Alice's route?
I'm more than fine with that.
>> No. 4398
Seems like all that effort is going to have some pretty shitty results.
>> No. 4399
I still like Wriggle most. In fact, now I feel really sympathetic to her, because by yanking her antennae we screwed up her feelings and fucked with her will. A much, MUCH, smaller scale version of what Alice has done to us.

Seriously, when we meet Wriggle again, we have to apologize for that one.
>> No. 4400
So is a good end with Marisa still even possible?
>> No. 4401

We're still in introduction week my friend.

The last day involves battling the rival reality that David has forged in his head in an epic pan-dimensional war.

Then beer-spider jumps a shark on water skies and gets all the girls at the beach.
>> No. 4402
I'm kinda concerned with Wriggle though. Having missed her meeting is indeed missing a pretty big flag.

Besides, I wanted to ruffle Cirno's frosty dry bush hair some more. Now the nineball squad probably hates us...

Marisa should still be possible if we explain everything to her. It's not like we didn't want to go back.
>> No. 4403

The only problem is whether she'll believe us or not. We're a person who suddenly dropped into her life as opposed to a "friend" who she's known longer than us.
>> No. 4404
>I'm kinda concerned with Wriggle though. Having missed her meeting is indeed missing a pretty big flag.

Even so, she might forgive us when we break down and cry, and apologize profusely for several different things.

Hell, she forgave us for forgetting about our date with her as Captain Anon. No reason to think she won't forgive us for doing the same in the real world, especially considering that it was entirely beyond our control.
>> No. 4405
Asleep already? Does that mean IT'S CAPTAIN TIME?
>> No. 4406
>> No. 4407
OH GOD THAT WAS AWESOME. Yandere Alice is awesome.
Scorn is awesome.
We need more of that shit.
I don't know why you guys dont't like this, suddenly a plot twist, and all the possible fun things we can do.
We need that damn Alice route, hit that bitch until she can think normal again.
>> No. 4408
No. Please no.

I wanna read more about David's adventure in Alice's Wonderland.
>> No. 4409
Scorn, we need more, write more please.
>> No. 4410
>> No. 4411

Beer spider saves the day? I like it already!
>> No. 4412
Yeah, kinda... but it's a bit different:
1) We did that in self-defense.
2) We didn't even know that would HAPPEN.

We really, really, really REALLY should have done this.
>> No. 4413

Glad you liked the idea. Too bad it was a bit slowpoke'd.
>> No. 4414
Reimu will believe us!

She's our friend.
>> No. 4415
Why not just give in to Alice, we will never regret it, she will follow our every Will if we love her.
She just needs love the poor girl.
>> No. 4416
I don't think so Tim.
>> No. 4417
Dammit Scorn, I demand to know what would have happened if we'd turned the tables on Alice by messing around with the dolls.
>> No. 4418
Goddammit, I started reading this before I left for work this morning and all I could think about was Yandere Alice.

>> No. 4419
I don't know what the nails were, but I get the feeling we should have tied the strings to everyone. Harem end?
>> No. 4420
Best End, Threesome all the time .
>> No. 4421
Scorn, you magnificant bastard. Hurry up and update.
>> No. 4422
Should we expect a new thread as well?
>> No. 4423
Everyone is writing expect Scorn, that lazy bastard.
>> No. 4424
File 121262493657.png - (452.20KB , 620x763 , 1212564434865.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4425
Fucking cliffhanger, i want my torture scene, make it extra nasty.
>> No. 4426
Despair, etc.
>> No. 4427
Damn Slacker, get back to work.
>> No. 4428
Scorn you god damned writenigger, get your ass back to the prose fields!
>> No. 4429
>> No. 4430
By the way Scorn, how's the Tsukihime? Doing Hisui route right now?
>> No. 4433
Wow. Just wow. Was going good til the end of day 4. I was hoping Alice was unconscious. I kinda hope Alice gets the crap kicked out of her sometime.

Or David retcons his statement of being unable to hate her, and mentions, "Now that I think about it, I probably can hate you." Wrecking that spell was fine and all... but I'm a spiteful person. I want her to hurt for this bullshit.
>> No. 4434
Nah I took an extended break to play Alpha Centuri so I'm still chasing Akiha.

My my we certainly are vengeful today.

Anyway I have some forms to fill in right now then I'll post.
>> No. 4435
Dammit, and I'm about to head back to work again. awesome.jpg regardless.
>> No. 4436
Just when I thought I could finally go play Kagetsu Tohya instead of F5ing desperately!

Oh well.
>> No. 4437
File 121267202145.png - (962.66KB , 1400x995 , AliceMarisaDollPlay.png ) [iqdb]
I'm hoping Day 5 will see us wake up in bed next to Alice. With our precious thing stolen.
>> No. 4438
>>Alpha Centuri

I bet you Nerve-staple everyone.
>> No. 4439
This will take some time so feel free to do whatever in the mean time, I'll try not to dally.

What, lose all my talents? That's a waste of all the energy I put into psych. I've never nerve stapled or made a punishment sphere in any of my serious games, although I have when I felt like giving up.
But I'm terrible at end game play, I'm great right up until a certain point where I stop expending my territory and military to focus waaay too much on research and base improvements. I either have to planet bust the shit out of the world or rush to transcendence.
>> No. 4495
God fucking damn it Scorn, you're NOT leaving the main story in a cliffhanger while you write that shitty sidestory!
>> No. 4514
Fuck Scorn where is my Yandere Alice torture scene?
>> No. 4539

our pre-frontal cortex?

drool-nonymous needs love too
>> No. 4608
No torture scene.

Alice was taken in by her own spell; when she fully realizes what we snapped her out of, she'll be thankful.