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File 121141060534.jpg - (58.77KB , 800x657 , THE_GAME.jpg ) [iqdb]
3153 No. 3153
"It's beautiful work, do you make these yourself?"
You gesture to Shanghai before handing back the doll she gave you to look at, as you do her fingers brush up against yours.
"Ah! Oh, don't exaggerate so much. They're not that good."
She lets them linger there for a moment before taking it back, as she puts the little captain doll away with his crew she speaks.
"Yes, I make all my dolls by hand. The clothes and accessories too, I got one of the villagers to paint the sets. I pour my heart and soul into them because their like children to me, Shanghai. Come."
Dutifully Shangahi assumes her position at her master's side, fiddling with the back of her gown Alice begins to undress Shanghai.
"It's a shame you couldn't of come and seen the show really, did shopping take long? Or did Reimu take up all you time?"


[ ] Look away as you answer, don't stare at naked Shanghai
[ ] It's just a doll! Respond and ignore the doll
[ ] Stare at Shanghai intensely as you speak, how detailed is she anyway?

>> No. 3154
[X] It's just a doll! Respond and ignore the doll
>> No. 3155
[ ] It's just a doll! Respond and ignore the doll
>> No. 3156
[x] Stare at Shanghai intensely as you speak, how detailed is she anyway? I MUST STICK IT IN
>> No. 3157
[x] Stare at Shanghai intensely as you speak, how detailed is she anyway?

"Oh wow, how incredibly detailed."
>> No. 3158
[X] Stare at Shanghai intensely as you speak, how detailed is she anyway?

I must know.
>> No. 3159
>Alice begins to undress Shanghai.
alice is undressing herself as a doll. ALICE PARADOX

[x] Stare at Shanghai intensely as you speak, how detailed is she anyway?
>> No. 3160
[ ] It's just a doll! Respond and ignore the doll
>> No. 3161
[x] Stare at Shanghai intensely as you speak, how detailed is she anyway?
>> No. 3162
[x] It's just a doll! Respond and ignore the doll
>> No. 3163
[X] It's just a doll! Respond and ignore the doll
There is no Shanghai route. Or Shaghai route. Focus, people.
>> No. 3164
[x] It's just a doll! Respond and ignore the doll

>> No. 3165
[X] Stare at Shanghai intensely as you speak, how detailed is she anyway?

Should be good to know. We can compliment Alice on the fine details.
>> No. 3166

Scorn said something putting her route in at some point. Or considered.

Something about going about a process to make her real.
>> No. 3167
[ ] Stare at Shanghai intensely as you speak, how detailed is she anyway?
>> No. 3168
[x] It's just a doll! Respond and ignore the doll

>> No. 3169

No. We love our dolly.

[x] Stare at Shanghai intensely as you speak, how detailed is she anyway?
>> No. 3170
Studying her close was first to five.

Now give us some dolljoints.
>> No. 3171
[X] Look away as you answer, don't stare at naked Shanghai
Have some decency!

Apparently anon doesn't remember what happened last time he was a pervert. That was a waste of a good continue...
>> No. 3172
[x] Stare at Shanghai intensely as you speak, how detailed is she anyway?
>> No. 3173
File 121141280789.jpg - (36.73KB , 500x539 , 120882048219.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not one vote to preserve the chastity of poor Shanghai? Shame anonymous SHAME! I won't be adding her route now, you clearly can't respect her as a living thing.

Ignoring the vague nagging feeling that you should respect Shanghai's nudity, she is after all only a doll, you continue to talk to Alice without batting an eyelid. Shanghai goes limp as she floats in the air and Alice goes to work on the catches of her clothes.

"I guess it's half and half, I got here some time after lunch and met up with Reimu straight away. We went to the pub for a bit so she could talk to me and then I convinced her to help me shop. Then she buggered off, I guess she wasn't thinking straight after being stared at all day."
Sliding Shanghai's little blue gown off reveals the doll's naked body underneath, I guess it makes sense not to give a doll underwear after all. She's got joints where a person has but those of a doll, beyond that you don't bother inspecting her further because Alice speaks.

"You give her too much credit, she probably was too lazy to take you back."
Taking out Shanghai's usual dress she helps the doll get clothed, for a moment you catch a glimpse of Shanghai's face and you'd swear that in that instance you could see her face wet with tears but as after you blink you realize it's just the shine of two dead glass eyes.
"By the way David, what time did you say you got here?"
"Some time after lunch I'm guessing."
"Really? I got here this morning, didn't you have any time to wander around? Pity. Shanghai stop fiddling."
Dropping her hands by her sides Shanghai holds still as Alice adds the final touch to her outfit, tying the bow in her hair. Your stomach growls loudly, it's been hours since you ate anything and you've been busy all day. Alice put her hand to her mouth as she giggles.
You nod, for a moment she ponders something with her finger resting on her chin and her elbow in her other hand. Finally deciding something rests both hands in her lap.
"David, how would you like to come to my house for tea? We can wait for Marisa to get home there."
She's turned that wonderfully radiant smile on you again and you find your self smiling back without even noticing.
[ ] "Sure I'd love to."
[ ] "Can we check her house first?"
[ ] "No, I'm going to wait here."
>> No. 3174
[X] It's just a doll! Respond and ignore the doll

I never did see the appeal to Rozen Maiden.
>> No. 3175
[ ] "Sure I'd love to."
This is a plan and a half.
>> No. 3176
Well at least one of you had some decency, even if it is for the wrong reasons.

Actually I get the feeling I counted wrong, I started writing before the post I just quoted but I still have no idea. Not going to roll back though, just take a peek when she's alone.
>> No. 3177
[X] "Sure I'd love to."

>Not one vote to preserve the chastity of poor Shanghai? Shame anonymous SHAME! I won't be adding her route now, you clearly can't respect her as a living thing.

We can't help that we lust after dolljoints. Don't punish us for that.

We can still get her route some other time, right?
>> No. 3178
Yeah I said it would be better for a 2nd play through when I would have more time to prepare such a route.
>> No. 3179
[X] "Sure I'd love to."

Hope I'm not just slowpoking again.
>> No. 3180
>>I won't be adding her route now

This single statement has unleashed more despair upon me than any of your adventures into scat, futa, and or animal abuse.
>> No. 3181
[X] "Sure I'd love to."
>> No. 3182
[X] "Can we check her house first?"
Isn't Wriggle meet today?
>> No. 3183
File 121141345890.jpg - (14.26KB , 238x195 , kermit3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "Sure I'd love to."

>I won't be adding her route now, you clearly can't respect her as a living thing.
>> No. 3184

I believe that's tomorrow. Cirno told us two days from yesterday.
>> No. 3185


Thing is, ignoring her means you don't think she's even got human qualities so she's nothing to you. Ogling her means you don't see her as a real girl or as a proper romantic choice.

For Shanghai to be a real girl you got to BELIEVE she's a real girl, which means treating her like one too.
>> No. 3186
>Ogling her means you don't see her as a real girl
That's arguable.
>> No. 3187
>>Ogling her means you don't see her as a real girl

>> No. 3188
>Ogling her means you don't see her as a real girl

I beg to differ.
>> No. 3189
File 121141431896.png - (51.83KB , 411x411 , pinocchio.png ) [iqdb]

Shanghai = Pinocchio, bricks, etc
>> No. 3190

You're objectifying her and she's already an object! You wouldn't be showing her the respect you would a living thing, so she doesn't get the belief she needs.

By looking away you acknowledge she has a right to privacy, which is a step to recognizing her as a living thing.
>> No. 3191
[x] "No, I'm going to wait here."

We promised Marisa.
>> No. 3192
[x] "No, I'm going to wait here."
Eyes on the prize
>> No. 3193
Enjoy being forgotten, having to pay for an in with her money and her getting pissed of at you in the morning. Remember she told us to go home, she's probably forgotten that we can't make it back without Reimu.

[ ] "Sure I'd love to."
>> No. 3194

>> No. 3195

I only mentioned the pervert/continue issue in hopes that it might change some people's minds, but apparently I was too late to save her. :( Stupid anon, if there had been a Shanghai route you could have had all the dolljoints you ever wanted, but noooooo.
>> No. 3196
Lack of a possible shanghai route leaves me in despair.
>> No. 3197

Can't put the blame on anon
You were the slowpoke in getting to the party.
>> No. 3198
[X] Drown yourself in the lake
[X] Back one choice
[X] Look away as you answer, don't stare at naked Shanghai
>> No. 3199

What about the time we scored a continue for sniffing Mari-chan's panties? Her wonderful, dirty panties?
>> No. 3200
Who are you, and what have you done with the real Scorn?
>> No. 3201

[ ] Drown yourself in the lake
[ ] Back one choice
[ ] Look away as you answer, don't stare at naked Shanghai
>> No. 3202

Well, It's worth a shot I guess.
Should have thought of it earlier though.

[X] Drown yourself in the lake
[X] Back one choice
[X] Look away as you answer, don't stare at naked Shanghai
>> No. 3203
[X] "Sure I'd love to."

Ah, you guys should just give him the time to work on a Shanghai route for New Game+. He's already said that he'd have trouble working it in, so just let him do it next time.
>> No. 3204
That worked because we didn't get caught. If you're going to be a pervert, your deeds must not be discovered by the victim. Soon as you're caught, it's all over.
>> No. 3205
I'm very respectful to women, haven't you noticed there's a very low level of misogyny in my writing?

Anyway you're going to Alice's, post up in a sec.
>> No. 3206
File 121141878819.jpg - (63.03KB , 600x750 , 1208721749999.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Sure I'd love to Alice, sounds fun."
"Wonderful!" She claps her hands together and beams at you. "Shall we get going right away?"
"Sure, but" you motion to the bags around you.
"How are we going to carry all of this?"
"I'll have the dolls carry those, do you think I'd carry this box by myself?"
Holding her hands in the air before you Alice begins to move them in a series of repeating wave patterns, all around you the almost invisible silver threads sway as if in a breeze before suddenly going taut. The dolls that were left out side of the box sit up and reanimate jerkily, they look like they're of a lower quality than the performance dolls as they appear to be something like a rough copy of Shanghai. Aa you watch each bag is picked up by a doll and lifted into the air as one by one the Shanghai clones, as you've decided to name them, begin to float and join those carrying the hefty box. Standing up Alice flexes her fingers and gives you a mysterious little look, like pride after demonstrating her skill.

"Are you ready?"
"Yeah, but uhh. Where's your broom?"
She looks confused at you before realization dawns upon her.
"Broom? Oh, you mean like Marisa? No I don't fly with a broom."
"Then, um, how can I fly with you?"
Giving you a sly look she extends a hand to you as you stand up, taking it she places yours on her hip and stands in front of you while taking your other. If you could see yourself from the outside you'd say it looks like your ready to dance.
"Just hold on tight and you'll be fine, are you ready?"
"Let's do it."

Gently you begin to lift off of the floor, all around you her dolls rise with you pulling those items with them, building up speed you leisurely ascend until once again you can see the entire town beneath you. Unlike when you flew with Marisa you aren't buffeted by wind here or feel the pull of gravity below, as Alice starts the momentum forwards back towards the forest, the dolls in close pursuit, you feel no rushing air on your skin or in your ears.
"What's wrong?" She asks, noticing your confusion.
"We can talk?"
"Certainly, why shouldn't we be able to?"
"This is very different to how flying with Marisa was..."
"Well of course!" Taking on a superior tone she explains how she insulates the air around you with magic to create a bubble of still and comfortable air in which you can talk, looking closely you can see a slight blur in front of you like heat distortion.
"Of course, I don't use it if I need my magic for something else. Danmaku for example."
"You do that Danmaku thing too?"
Some how your mental image of a delicate girl like Alice doing something as frenzied and dangerous as Danmaku doesn't fit right, seems more like a Marisa thing to you. Perhaps you were wrong?
"Well of course! Pretty much all Youkai can use Danmaku to some extent, I've only heard of one case of a Youkai not being able." She looks at you.
"Did you hear about Danmaku from Marisa?"
"Yeah, she told me some awesome stories!"
"Ha! Is that a fact, I could tell you about the things I've done..."

And so as you and Alice made your aerial journey towards her home in the forest she told you about the time she and Marisa teamed up to discover what happened to the full moon, picturing it in your mind you see them whizzing through the midnight forest as bamboo trees whip past them and they do deadly battle with Reimu. You can see them dodging hails of brightly coloured bullets and narrowing escaping defeat to claim victory from the hands of the Lunarians, in fact you can almost hear Marisa's quips as she and Alice argue over who stole who's moment to be cool.

"Thankfully Reimu didn't hold a grudge, she is good friends with Marisa after all. And the people of the Mansion are pretty nice too, you can see the rabbits at the village sometimes on a market day although I don't often speak to them."
"Wow, you two sound like you make a pretty amazing team!"
"Oh stop, we're nothing special." She bows her head to you. "Sorry for boasting so much, I got caught up in the story. Really I must come off as ridiculously arrogant."

[ ] "I can hardly believe a word of it."
[ ] "Marisa sounds pretty badass."
[ ] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"
>> No. 3207
[ ] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"
>> No. 3208
>By looking away you acknowledge she has a right to privacy, which is a step to recognizing her as a living thing.

>What about the time we scored a continue for sniffing Mari-chan's panties? Her wonderful, dirty panties?

ha ha oh wow

I forgot about that. Nice double standard, Scorn!
>> No. 3209
[X] "Marisa sounds pretty badass."
>> No. 3210
File 121141925826.jpg - (4.18KB , 95x124 , I FEEL READY.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"
>> No. 3211
[ ] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"
>> No. 3212
Alright you got me, the important thing is to respect her privacy AS LONG AS SHE KNOWS YOU'RE DOING IT.

As soon as her back is turned you can go around sniffing panties and hot gluing her toothbrush.
>> No. 3213
[X] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"

>> No. 3214

It just seems strange that the door would be shut completely. It's not like we didn't freak out around Beer Spider, yet he still gave us the RESPEKT KNUCKLES.

>hot gluing her toothbrush

dammit it scorn

you know that's what they're going to do at the next opportunity now
>> No. 3215
>> No. 3216
[X] "You're FANTASTIC, my dear."
[X] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"

Alice, you're amazing. In a good way.

If she asks us what we know about magic, we should summon our rose for her.
>> No. 3217

Woudln't that be pretty much the equivalent? How does a shanghai know of our deeds if she was out cold from Alice cutting the cord?
>> No. 3218

Now you're thinking of Shanghai as a doll!

That's not how you do it.
>> No. 3219
>> No. 3220

Nah, more like a android.
And what do you always do when an android is powered off?
>> No. 3221

If we get a chance we should try to ask Alice if we can borrow Shanghai for a few minutes to at least apologize for not thinking about her feelings. Shanghai Route may be oblivious in this playthrough but I still feel kind of bad about hurting moe doll's pride/feelings.
>> No. 3222
[X] "Marisa sounds pretty badass."
>> No. 3223
There's not much voting going on and I have an important assessment tomorrow so I'll leave you guys to get on with it.
>> No. 3224

With wide-sparkling eyes. "Can I call you Onee-san?"
>> No. 3225
[x] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"


This is not awesome.
>> No. 3226
>> No. 3227
[x] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"

Someday, Davey. Someday! For now, just dream your manly dreams.
>> No. 3228
[x] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"
>> No. 3229
[X] "You're FANTASTIC, my dear."

This. Want Alice so bad.
>> No. 3230
[x] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"

Going with this one. Must learn the ways of The Danmaku.
>> No. 3231
It's hard to figure out how to deal with Shanghai when it's not even clear how autonomous or "alive" she is. Can she think? Does she have feelings?

>It isn't magic that gives life to the dolls, but magic that allows the user to control them with a thread of magic, so long distance manipulation is very difficult.
>It is said that cooking, laundry, cleaning, and other household chores are mostly done by her dolls. It seems convenient at first, but the dolls are not moving by themselves, if you consider that she is the one controlling all the dolls, she always seems to have her hands full.
>"She said that she controls all the dolls herself, but that sounds like BS." (Marisa Kirisame)
>I believe people who have seen her would understand, but she controls several dolls and makes each one perform separate actions, at times makes them cooperate, and the dolls move completely asynchronously. It really does not seem like she is controlling them, but...
>She may seem like a youkai that is difficult to deal with, but she has her weak points. That is Alice herself. She has her hands full manipulating the dolls, so her movements are dull and her fighting ability is low.

I think the usual assumption is that, consciously or not, Alice is directly controlling all the movements of her dolls. However, that doesn't fit what's been happening in the story so far:
>"Shanghai can you pour some water into that machine please? It should go into that tall bit on the side, half a pan full should do." Grabbing the coffee and cups as Shanghai pours the water into the boiler, you take a moment to familiarize yourself with it's operation.
>"Shanghai, can you open the door for me please?" Cocking her head to one side as is her habit she holds the door to the sitting room for you as you enter with a spring in your step.
Theory: Shanghai is something like the broomsticks in Fantasia - you can order them to do something and they'll magically follow the order, but they aren't really "conscious". Her "personality" would just kind of be programmed in, either on purpose or sort of an impression left from when Alice directly controls her.

But then we have:
>"(note: Taking Shanghai will mean Alice will know everything that happens to you outside. This may or may not be a good thing.)"
Does that mean Alice has a telepathic connection (which also controls Shanghai, presumably), or does it mean Shanghai has a memory and would tell her later?

Finally, the most baffling part, after we take Shanghai outside for an afternoon nap:
>"Shanghai come!" Alice commands extending her hand, sleepily Shanghai climbs over the edge of the rock and floats lazily to Alice's hand. "Bad girl Shanghai, you should've kept a look out for him."
Was that just Alice taking the roleplaying a little too far, or did Shanghai actually do something Alice didn't want her to?
>> No. 3232
[ ] Can I call you onee-sama?
>> No. 3233
[x] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"

If she offers to train us, that gives us a more regular chance to see her (and Shanghai).

And we really should ask her to send dolls with written messages to Marisa's house and the bench at the time square. So that she won't be worried where we are, while we get alone time with Alice.

We could ask if Shanghai would escort us home if Marisa doesn't show up. (gives us apology tiem)
>> No. 3234
[ ] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"
>> No. 3235
>> No. 3236
Alice End could mean that Reimu finally hooks us with Marisa; it would be nice if we could someone else could give Reimu happiness, since she was really sweet.

Alice is somebody we can really help, since she can't do painting, whereas since we're an amnestic Anonymous, we should have some skill in painting figs (amnesia usually doesn't affect trained mechanical skills). Maybe find her a nice sewing machine or serger at Kourindou. And we could get her to be more social. Spend time with Shanghai until she can admit to Alice she's autonomous.

And since she spends a lot of her time absorbed in her work, we get can always chill with her two friends, or maybe us, Wriggle, Shanghai, and Beer Spider together in Marisa's shed having one crazy party. Hell, Beer Spider can probably spin a mean roll of silk thread, which would make Alice ultra happy.
>> No. 3237
Don't be silly. The sexuality of every character in Gensokyo remains in a quantum superposition until the protagonist attempts to "get" her, at which point the wave function collapses into a definite state.

Er, sexuality. Whatever.
>> No. 3238

..and now seriously
[x] "Do you think I could do Danmaku one day?"
>> No. 3239
I read that as "Wargatroid"

Warcueid's doll-playing sister?
>> No. 3240

First thing that comes to my mind would be an Alice Tank.
>> No. 3241

You miss the point. Reimu was obviously interested in us, but she can't have a man because of her position. This is why Scorn told us there was no Reimu route.
>> No. 3242
More like Alice awakened to her nature as the daughter of Shinki.
>> No. 3243

Nah, Reimu would be just too hard for Davey to getsway.
>> No. 3244
O rly?

Or is it because Reimu can't break her vows as a shrine maiden without consequences most dire? Perhaps the only man Reimu could marry and bear the children of is one who could take her place as the defender of Gensokyo until her daughter could take her place?
>> No. 3245

Gensokyo needs to get out of the 1800's.
>> No. 3246

I was just teasing you.
>> No. 3247
I know but it was useful for a little exposition on her character, I mean there's got to be SOME reason why Reimu doesn't just rut with some random villager and produce a tribe of new Hakurei-es. Barring character of course.

Although I'm drawn back to a subject of my pondering lately, how long was Reimu raised by her parents? Did she know both of them? Did she have siblings or cousins? Was her family taken from her at a young age?

Some times I get a mental image of the poor girl going home after saving the world to the shrine, with no one to welcome her home. It's big empty rooms oppressively silent and abandoned, unable to maintain the unused rooms she lives in a tiny section of the massive shrine buildings surrounded by the decay of time. Which only serves to remind her of her loss...
>> No. 3248

Shrine maidens are expected to maintain their virginity to this day.
>> No. 3249
I think Japanese shrine maidens are allowed to take husbands, but there's some kind of penalty for it or something
>> No. 3250
>Some times I get a mental image of the poor girl going home after saving the world to the shrine, with no one to welcome her home. It's big empty rooms oppressively silent and abandoned, unable to maintain the unused rooms she lives in a tiny section of the massive shrine buildings surrounded by the decay of time. Which only serves to remind her of her loss...

And here you described one of the main reasons of my love for Reimu.
>> No. 3251
File 121150086923.jpg - (56.37KB , 600x600 , 1211195807251.jpg ) [iqdb]
She stares at you in alarm at your unexpected outburst, unconsciously you span her around in your arms to clutch her hands between you and gaze at her with star filled eyes. Where the hell did that come from?
An awkward moment of silence passes before you manage to correct your self.
"*ahem* What I mean is, you're fantastic my dear."
Her previous expression of confusion is quickly replaced by one of desperate modesty, eyes wide and red creeping up to her eyes slowly from her neck she tries to cover face with her hands. But she's still holding onto your to keep you afloat and you end up caressing her soft alabaster cheek.
"Ah! I'm not really that amazing, Marisa is the really strong one..."
"Don't down play your role Alice, you're a remarkable girl."
Her cool blue eyes contrast with the hot red flush invading her cheeks, you can feel the warmth of her blood as your hand rests softly against her face, lost for words she moves her mouth silently.

You take this moment to study her further, her features are so delicate she resembles the dolls she makes in her fine detail. Her long black eye lashes that frame such deep blue eyes, the elegant slant of her cute little nose, lips like two blushing pilgrims, her fair skin that's almost radiant with an inner glow and that mane of gorgeous golden locks. In the dying light of the setting sun her features are covered in a warm colour that makes her look so gentle, yet you know beneath that almost fragile facade is an iron will.

"We're not moving Alice."

Catching herself in her own haze she glances around in a panic, your little comment distracted her to the point that she stopped flying all together. Her face is a riot of bright red now so she hides her face from you by turning her back on you and reassuming the flight position again, but even facing away from you it's easy to see that even her neck has turned red too.

You fly on in silence like two ethereal dancers in the sky, you wanted to give her a chance to calm down after that little outburst seeing as it affected her so much. Still you can't help but feel a little proud that you had such an effect on her, David you old charmer.

"Y-yeah, what's up?" She tries her best to sound nonchalant.
"Do you reckon I could do Danmaku one day?"
Apparently happy for a change of subject she answers candidly.
"I'm not saying you can't. But to use Danmaku you need something to use as a projectile, anything can do really, and at least a small amount of magic. Unless you can manipulate arcane or spiritual mana or alternatively can use secret weapon fighting or martial arts techniques you won't be able to. Well, you may be able to summon a small bullet but you wouldn't be very effective in combat without some training."
Glancing over her shoulder she gives you a little apologetic look.
"Sorry David."
You decide not to reveal your little feat of magical aptitude just yet, partly because streaking through the sky isn't the best time for such discussion and partly because you don't full trust this ability your self.

As the conversation lulls again you look upon the forest trying to find either Marisa's or Alice's house just to keep your mind occupied, the dense trees makes it impossible to make out any kind of land mark under the trees however. The eastern horizon, assuming that the sun rises in the east here, is now dominated by those threatening storm clouds you saw the morning.

"David look! We're home!"

Scanning the canopy again you at first can't see what's she's talking about, it just looks like an endless sea of thick green, but an irregularity in the colour catches your eye. Nestled under the heavy branches is a splash of brick red, as Alice begins her descent the odd colour out resolves itself into a roof and as you duck beneath the forest roof you begin traveling up an unkempt path to a solitary house.
The home of Alice Maragtroid.
>> No. 3252
File 12115025915.jpg - (30.56KB , 466x600 , 1208723881619.jpg ) [iqdb]
Settling down in the grass before the house Alice brings your flight to a stop, as she forgets you a moment to order her dolls into action you get chance to look at her house.

Just as the two girls are parallels in appearance and personality so do they oppose in their homes, Marisa lives in a cosy cottage built from rough hewn stone with only one floor and a thatched roof. Just like a traditional witch.
Alice however lives in much more grander surroundings, her home is a two story house that could almost pass for a small mansion. Roofed in redbrick with white painted walls it has the small aesthetic touches that Marisa's home lacks, the wooden frame of the house has little carvings set into it and the front door has a little stone path running up to it with a few small flowers beds in bloom around it. The corridor on the second floor is external rather than inside the house, unlike Marisa who likes to sit outside on her porch with nature it's almost as if Alice chooses to separate her self from the world by having that feature with it's periodically placed balconies.

"Won't you come inside?"
Snapping out of your absent minded critique of the architecture you notice Alice has opened the door to her house and is beckoning to you from it.
"Oh? Coming."

Inside it's dark, the candles are being lit by the dolls one by one slowly filling this room with soft yellow light revealing this room to be some kind of entrance corridor. Even though you're reluctant to keep comparing the two you can't help but contrast the interior of Alice's home with Marisa's. Alice keeps her home clean and tidy compared to Marisa's "organized chaos", you imagine having an army of doll servants must really speed up the process though. She has a lot more in the way of decoration than Marisa too, wallpaper and little tables with vases of flowers are dotted along this corridor.

To your right are stairs up to the next level and below are stairs down one, there must be a basement too, further right than that is a closed door. To your left is another room, you can see inside is one of those low tables Marisa had and set down next to it is the heavy doll case. The corridor extends further ahead of you deeper into the house, there's another door on the right just past the stairs set slightly apart from the rest of the portals. Dolls busily wander from room to room around you and there's no sign of Alice or Shanghai and no indication of where they've gone. Next to where you're standing is a framed newspaper article, there's a faded picture of Alice and Marisa.


[ ] Take off shoes
[ ] Leaves shoes on


[ ] Go up stairs
[ ] Go down stairs
[ ] Check out the newspaper article
[ ] Try the door to your immediate right
[ ] Go further down the hall
[ ] Try the first entrance to your left
[ ] Check the door on the far right
>> No. 3256
[x] Leaves shoes on
[x] Check out the newspaper article
>> No. 3257
[X] Take off shoes.
[X] Check out the newspaper article.

Imperishable Night, or something else?
>> No. 3258


Sorry, disregard the newspaper article. It just disappeared in a a puff of logic. Now I've got a wheel barrow of cocks to suck
>> No. 3260
Revote any newspaper related choices, I want to remove it.
>> No. 3261

Very well.

[X] Take off shoes.
[X] Check the door on the far right.

It's set apart from the other doors, so it must be special somehow.
>> No. 3262

[ ] Take off shoes
[ ] Go further down the hall
>> No. 3263
[X] Take off shoes.
[X] Check the door on the far right.
>> No. 3264
[ ] Take off shoes
Seriously, who the fuck wears shoes in a person's house?
[ ] Check the door on the far right
>> No. 3265
[X] Leaves shoes on
[X] Try the first entrance to your left
>> No. 3266
[X] Take off shoes.
[X] Check the door on the far right.
>> No. 3267
File 121150639016.jpg - (14.92KB , 236x370 , SHANGHAI.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's not polite to wear your shoes in someone's house is it? Slipping your shoes off by the door you enjoy the freedom it allows you and celebrate by wriggling your toes. Feels good!

Curiosity getting the better of you, you decide to go check out the door past the stairs. For now the dolls have cleared the corridor leaving you alone, walking purposefully up to it you try the iron wrought handle. The door handle feels cold against your skin, but there's another sensation underneath that, like a slight tingle that has nothing to do with temperature. As you try turning it to open the door it rattles but is locked tight, for some reason this particular door feels ...... odd. Not necessarily bad in any sense, just disconcerting. It's made of a different wood to the rest of the doors you passed, darker and rougher. The carvings around the edges seem to be symbols or letters of a language you don't recognize, twisting shapes that intertwine with one another in bizarre patterns that confuse your senses. You try the handle again but still nothing, it's then you realize there is no key hole. How does it open then? Looking around you find it strange that this door is set aside like this, the room beyond must take up a considerable amount of room on the other side of this wall.

Noticing a light tugging on your sleeve you turn to see shanghai pulling at your shirt, once she sees she's got your attention she whizzes back down the corridor and picks up your shoes. She looks back at you, another doll opens the door on the right by the entrance to reveal a small cupboard and Shanghai stores your shoes in there. Then she returns to you to give you another tug on the finger before curtsying to you and disappearing into the first door on the left. Now you can smell steam and the aroma of dried tea leaves coming from some where in the house.


[ ] Follow Shanghai
[ ]Ignore her (choose again from the list of directions)
>> No. 3268
[X] Follow Shanghai.

>> No. 3269
[ ] Follow Shanghai
>> No. 3271
[X] Follow Shanghai

Follow the doll moe~

I hope to see the Shanghai route next play.
>> No. 3272
[ ] Follow Shanghai

Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai
>> No. 3273
[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.
>> No. 3274
I reckon I'll leave the next bit for tomorrow, I know it was only three posts and I am sorry about copping out early again. But the next bit will be pretty important story wise. I had a 9 -7 day so I need sleep
>> No. 3275
[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.

Apologizan gaems.
>> No. 3276
[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.

Shanghai route isn't happening this playthrough but I don't want the little doll to dislike us.
>> No. 3277
[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.

Doll moe~
>> No. 3278

What's your timezone, Scorn?
>> No. 3279
[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.

Hopefully she doesn't dislike us anymore if this works.
>> No. 3280
GMT central, i.e. england. So it's 2.55am right now. It put that in the first post.

It's a shame really, I get in the mood to write around mid afternoon when the boards are dead so all I can do is prep stuff. When things pick up I'm usually busy until late and I end up staying up into the middle of the night to write.
>> No. 3281
[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.
>> No. 3282
[x]Follow Shanghai.

It's not alive anon!
>> No. 3283

>> No. 3284
[ ] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.
>> No. 3285
[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.
>> No. 3286
[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.

"It was ungentlemanly of me to watch as a lady undresses. Take this rose as a token of my apology."
>> No. 3287
>> No. 3288
[✓] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.
>> No. 3289
I like how you think.

[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.
"It was ungentlemanly of me to watch as a lady undresses. Take this rose as a token of my apology."
>> No. 3290
Niiiice. You think Shanghai can blush? Probably not. Oh well.
>> No. 3292

Fucking Hell, I typoed like a motherfucker.

It's the thought that counts. We didn't think that we were doing anything wrong at the time of choosing and forgot that she likes being treated as more than a mere object.
>> No. 3293
[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.

Shanhai moe~
>> No. 3294
File 121153928436.jpg - (181.45KB , 1124x1600 , alicemoe.jpg ) [iqdb]

[X] Follow Shanghai. Apologize for your actions towards her.

>> No. 3295
Update, you lazy space-nigger!
>> No. 3304
oh dear Suwako, megane-Alice is hot.
>> No. 3308
File 121157402479.jpg - (28.75KB , 722x244 , 1209049109596.jpg ) [iqdb]
Unfortunately (for you) I'm being dragged out to a club tonight, partially against my will but people owe me money, so there will be no posts tonight probably.

Instead here is the profile for Shanghai:

"A doll in service of the magician Alice Margatroid, she's of a unique design among her many sisters being of better quality and stronger enchantment, she serves as Alice's constant companion and aid.

While most of the dolls Alice commands are nothing more that marionettes with nothing to distinguish them from your average doll, with no special power suited only to menial tasks, there are a subset of those that Alice has enchanted to be more effective in combat.
Foggy London dolls, Eerily Luminous Shanghai dolls, Hourai Hanged dolls, these particular dolls were enchanted to be used in Danmaku fights and are able to react and fight independently during a fight as long as Alice is there to provide them with the magic and presence needed to activate them. The enchantment involves sacrificing a small portion of the spell caster's experience, a few memories that are bestowed upon the doll to give it combat knowledge. Think of it as the XP price for making a D&D golem.

Shanghai is special in that she has more memories implanted in her than most other dolls and that the memories she possesses are of a different nature to the average enchanted doll.

Within Shanghai lies the emotion behind being a child, not all of the memory just the emotions she felt back then. Something in her past made her wish to forget the experiences of a child but not loose them or the memories all together, so she sealed them up inside her Shanghai doll. By accident she realized this enchanted the doll with a limited level of internal programming which lead to the technique's use in making battle dolls.

Shanghai is not sentient, she does not think or feel. But the memories she holds give her preprogrammed responses that give her the illusion of personality, she will always react to the same stimuli in the same way because she cannot grow or change. In a sense she is the timeless embodiment of a younger, more innocent Alice.

However recently something has happened, belief has power in Gensokyo as is evidenced by the gods and spiritual energy. Most people would ignore Shanghai as nothing more than a clever arcane construct, but David met her with no preconceptions and thusly thought of her as an independent entity. The result was that within her that tiny power of belief gave her something she didn't have before.

It's small, but maybe strong magic could feed and nurture it's growth. As long as that spark doesn't die....
>> No. 3309
>younger, more innocent Alice.
>more innocent
>> No. 3310

I see what you're trying to do there, but I'm not going to fall for it. Stay on fucking target, get a real girl, Davey, not a fucking doll.
>> No. 3311
Can i have some sauce on that pic?
>> No. 3312

>> No. 3313

Yaff in hell.
>> No. 3315

Isn't this actually thread eight?
>> No. 3316

I like both.
>> No. 3317
yep, 8th one
>>43 >>525 >>1044 >>1518 >>1942 >>2467 >>2777 >>3153

We can still make Shanghai a real girl while we're going for Alice. Hell, imagine Alice's reaction when Shanghai becomes autonomous just by hanging out with us for a while.

I'd think a Shanghai route would involve Alice anyway. What are we supposed to do, take Shanghai away from her and leave her even more abysmally alone?
>> No. 3318
I like your idea
>> No. 3319
8th thread, but only the 7th LA thread. The 5th of these 8 threads was pure Captain Anon content.
>> No. 3320

I see. But isn't Captain Anon a part of the LA too? I know scorn said the dream could interfere with the LA's reality, and once they were in the same thread.
>> No. 3321
Hmm. Interesting.

So, perhaps this means Hourai is something of a repository for Alice's relation to Shinki. Hourai is more powerful than Shanghai, after all, and is a "cursed" doll...
>> No. 3323
File 121166362165.jpg - (26.73KB , 400x567 , 1211404080246.jpg ) [iqdb]
Following her down the hall and into that room you saw into earlier leads you to a comfortable looking living room, another one of those low tables that seem common in their world is at the center of the room with cushions arranged around it for sitting. A window dominates one wall and every other wall is home to huge looming book cases that are filled with complex looking tomes broken occasionally by a potted plant, small statue or a picture in a frame. In the corner is a desk with pens and paper and the room is lit by a lamp hanging by a chain from the cieling, closer inspection reveals that it's filled with more glowing crystals like Marisa had in her bathroom. Vaguely as you dig your toes into the deep carpeting, you wonder if they ever turn off at night or if they stay on all the time?

Looking around a bit longer you catch sight of Shanghai, she's just about to leave this room for the next from which the smell of brewing tea is emanating.

Acting on a whim you run over to her and grab the hem of her tiny dress, she stops and looks at you while cocking her head to one side in confusion.

"Miss Shanghai," You let her go and address her politely, ever since you left the village you haven't felt right about something. "It was ungentlemanly of me to watch as a lady undresses."

She continues to stare at you with no sign of acknowledgment in her glassy eyes, reaching into your back pocket you pull your rose from it's habitual residence. You've had an idea, you don't want to think about it too hard because as soon as you do you know it will fail, so acting on instinct you go into the mediative as before and repeat the process you came up with.

It came to you that the reason nothing seemed to happen last time was because you weren't trying to do anything with that mystical light, now you have a plan. Perhaps it's a little silly but you quickly push such thoughts away, once again you move that blue light from within you towards the red light of the rose. It's easier than last time but still very, very difficult but you manage to mix them back into that violet shaft of power.

Feeling the thrill of success you curb your enthusiasm, not quite there yet, steeling your mind you will some of that purple light to become separate from the rest of itself. Sweat beads on your forehead as you try, but finally with a little noise like a ringing bell a tiny blob of violet springs forth like a spark. For a moment it flickers and you fight to preserve it's shape but with a final push of effort it resolves into it's own steady existence.

"Miss Shanghai, please take this rose as a token of my apology."

It worked! In your other hand is a tiny replica of the original rose! About one tenth in size but alike in as much detail as you can make out, trembling from the effort and the feeling of elation at your success you place the tiny flower in Shaghai's hair by her ear. Slowly she raises one of her little hands to it and touches the rose before dropping by her side again.

Perhaps it's you imagination, but you'd swear that within that frozen stare is a flicker. What of you don't know, but within the halls of your mind you hear a noise like a click. You feel good.

Suddenly she acts like she's startled by something, bows quickly to you and opens the door where she was headed before. Alice emerges with a tray carrying a tea pot and two ornate cups, smiling softly to you she asks.

"Won't you please take tea with me?"

[ ] Take the tray from her and set it on the table
[ ] Sit down
[ ] Suggest you drink it in another room [name one]
[ ] Knock the tray from her hands


Shanghai route will still be implemented in the next play through. Good job, you saved her soul!

Conjuration skill has improved!
Alteration skill has improved!
>> No. 3324
[x]Knock the tray from her hands.

Oho, why not be marisa-like in nature?
>> No. 3325
[ ] Suggest you drink it in another room [Bedroom, I need to rest and meditate on what I've learned]
>> No. 3326
[ ] Take the tray from her and set it on the table
[ ] Sit down

>> No. 3327
[ ] Take the tray from her and set it on the table
>> No. 3329
[ ] Take the tray from her and set it on the table
[ ] Sit down
>> No. 3330

[ ] Sit down

Scorn you magnificent bastard you. If only you wrote good stuff like this all the time instead of your random scat
>> No. 3331
[ ] Take the tray from her and set it on the table
[ ] Sit down
>> No. 3332
In b4 max stat gains
>> No. 3333
[x] Sit down
>> No. 3334
[x] Take the tray from her and set it on the table
[x] Sit down

Doll soul saven gaems.
>> No. 3336
[z] Take the tray from her and set it on the table
[z] Sit down

Huzzah, We saved little Shanghai's soul.
>> No. 3337
[x] Take the tray from her and set it on the table
>> No. 3338
Thank you.

But come on, the scatfutaguro are way too much fun for me to stop doing and a I know you guys enjoy it just as much as I do really.
>> No. 3339
So like I was saying in >>3317 , how would Alice be involved in Shanghai route? Possible threesome? I mean, we can't just go "hey your favorite doll came to life and we're eloping lol bye"?
>> No. 3340

Of course.
>> No. 3341
[X] Take the tray from her and set it on the table
[X] Sit down


We do enjoy it as much as you. Which is its own brand of horrifying.
>> No. 3342
[x] Take the tray from her and set it on the table
[x] Sit down

>…you place the tiny flower in Shaghai's hair by her ear. Slowly she raises one of her little hands to it and touches the rose before dropping by her side again.

>> No. 3344
File 121166533677.jpg - (21.03KB , 295x375 , 1208721977774.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Alice let me get that!"
Before she can protest you take the tray from her and carry it over to the table, sitting down as you do. Alice stands semi stunned for a moment before coming to life and taking a seat next to you, she sits quite close so that her thigh just touches yours ever so slightly. You set up the cups and their saucers then go to pour the tea, but Alice catches your hands in hers and pours it her self. First yours then her own.
"Please David, let me be a good host. You're such a dear taking the tray for me though, it was quite heavy."
Taking a your cup you blow on it for a moment then take a sip, it's pretty good but you find yourself thinking it isn't as good as Marisa's brew.
"How is it? I'm afraid I don't have any of the coughey stuff you're fond of."
"That's fine Alice don't worry, I appreciate you putting up with me while Marisa isn't home." She brushes off your humbly statement with a wave of her hand.
"It's my pleasure really, I wanted a chance to see you again soon." She sips her tea daintily before setting the cup down again. "Remember what I promised you the other day?"


[ ] "Of course, you promised ...."
[ ] "I'm sorry, I've forgotten."
[ ] "I don't care either way frankly."
>> No. 3345
Well you're going to have to figure it out next time aren't you?

And once again I'll remind you, romance is only half the game here. Getting the girl is good and all but the best ends are reserved for those that find their niche in Gensokyo, being a live at home husband is nice and all considering these girls probably would be reluctant to become mothers but it's not very glamorous.

There are three kinds of ends for each girl other than bad ends:

And for best you're going to have to work your ass off and use your amazing diplomacy powers.
>> No. 3346
Damn, I want to choose the promise choice, but looking back on the previous threads. I see no promise being made, argh!
>> No. 3348
[x] "I'm sorry, I've forgotten."
>> No. 3349
[ ] "I'm sorry, I've forgotten."
[ ] "But that doesn't matter. I'm here now, so you can tell me again."
>> No. 3350
>find their niche in Gensokyo
>work your ass off and use your amazing diplomacy powers
You said we get 2 days with each girl as a sort of introductory phase, how much time do we have after that? Do we need to focus a lot on that now?
>> No. 3351
>There are three kinds of ends for each girl other than bad >ends:
>> No. 3352
[x] "Money and Power?"
>> No. 3353
[ ] "I'm sorry, I've forgotten."
[ ] "But that doesn't matter. I'm here now, so you can tell me again."
>> No. 3354
[X] "Of course, you promised..."

The shirt that Alice poured all of her love into. Must have.
>> No. 3356

[X] "Of course, you promised ...."

Oh ho, why not read the story again?
>> No. 3357
File 121166686284.jpg - (84.04KB , 548x704 , 1197309401313.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 3358
[X] "Of course, you promised..."
>"You know, if you give me some time I could sew you a new shirt if you'd like. It's better than wearing Marisa's hand me downs don't you think?"
>She doesn't even wait for you answer before continuing.
>"Yes, that's what I'll do! I'll have it ready in a couple of days, is that okay."
>All you can do is stammer out a thank you in the face of her aggressive kindness.
>> No. 3359
[ ] "I'm sorry, I've forgotten."

Fuck, I can't find it.
>> No. 3360
[X] "Of course, you promised..."
>> No. 3361
[X] "Of course, you promised..."

I want my handmade shirt, tenderly made with Alice's love.
>> No. 3362
[X] "Of course, you promised..."

Shirt GET
>> No. 3363
[X] "Of course, you promised..."
>> No. 3364
[X] "Of course, you promised..."

Promisan gaems.
>> No. 3365
[X] "Of course, you promised..."

The shirt. Handcrafted with her love.
>> No. 3366
[X] "Of course, you promised to make me a shirt."

She promised us a shirt, you idiots. Don't fuck this up.
>> No. 3367
Oh, I seem to remember now.
[X] "Of course, you promised ...."
>> No. 3368
[ ] "Of course, you promised ...."

That shirt? Right?
>> No. 3369
>Oh, I seem to remember now.

True miracle.
>> No. 3370
What you can do with your life will be directly effected by what you do now, with the final consequences being felt when you have to decide sometime around the end of the week. In other words, there are chances to show what skills David has and by ignoring them or missing them you loose the chance to choose them.

For instance, you chose to go straight to Reimu when you went shopping. That means you missed out on a chance to improve your barter skill which may effect a certain someone's route, on the other hand you gained Reimu's friendship.

Shirt won, writing.
>> No. 3371
Makes sense. Kind of hard to predict, though.
>> No. 3372
File 121166854945.jpg - (58.56KB , 600x750 , 1208724337531.jpg ) [iqdb]
By the hopeful look in her eye you can tell this means a lot to her, a maiden's heart is a precious yet fragile gem and should not be treated roughly by a course brute's hands. It requires the poetry and finesse of true gentleman.

"Of course I recall what you promised me fair Alice, I would never forget something as important as the gift from a lovely young woman. And I could use a new shirt."
In response she closes her eyes happily and makes a little squee sounds of joy as her face turns pink.
"Oh stop you great big flatterer! Do you really think I'm pretty? It's just a little something I made for you."
Funny you think you've been through something like this before, though you can't recall when.
Jumping up Alice runs out the room calling behind her.
"Don't move I'll be right back!"

Taking the moment of silence to sip your tea you smile at Shanghai who's sat on the edge of the table swinging her legs while watching you. Dashing back into the room Alice presents you with a cloth bundle the same colour as her dress. Bowing her head as she does so.
"Um, i-it didn't take me long to make and I-I-I don't know your size but I guessed because you can wear Marisa's stuff and still look good! URK! I mean, um.." She pushes it into your arms desperately. "Here! Take it please!"

Unfolding it shows the shirt is of the highest quality, easily much nicer than the one you lost, the stitching is so fine as to almost be invisible. You reckon it's well made from all the practice she gets making her dolls.

"Thank you Alice, it's wonderful."
"Ha?" She looks up from her embarrassment clearly pleased by your words.
"Thank you David~, it means a lot to me that you like it."

[ ] Wear it now
[ ] Put it away


[ ] Give her a kiss on the cheek
[ ] Kiss her on the lips
[ ] Give her a hug
[ ] Simply thank her again
>> No. 3373

[x] wear it now
[x] give hug

>> No. 3374
[X] Wear it now.
[X] Give her a hug.
[X] Give her a kiss on the cheek.

I love Alice. So much.
>> No. 3375
[x] Wear it now
[x] FLEX
[x] Give her a hug
>> No. 3376
[ ] Wear it now
[ ] Give her a hug
>> No. 3377
[X] Wear it now.
[X] Give her a hug.


>> No. 3378
[z] Wear it now.
[z] Give her a hug.

Huggan gaems.
>> No. 3379
[X] Wear it now.
[X] Give her a hug.
>> No. 3380
[X] Wear it now
[X] Give her a hug
>> No. 3381
[X] Wear it now.
[X] Give her a hug.
[X] Give her a kiss on the cheek.

We kissed her hand the first time we met, this deserves another one.
>> No. 3382
>> No. 3383
[ ] Wear it now.
[ ] Give her a hug.

Fuck yeah, Alice shirt.
>> No. 3384
[ ] Wear it now
[ ] Give her a kiss on the cheek

English motherfucker etc.
>> No. 3385
[ ] Wear it now.
[ ] Give her a hug.
>> No. 3387

Does it have a caption saying "I♥Alice"?
>> No. 3388


Hey, it's memorial day weekend, we're drinking to celebrate our asskicking heroes~
>> No. 3389
Maybe on the inside of the collar or something.

>"Hello there, what's your name?" You extend a finger for her to shake like a hand, but she just cocks her head at you. It's then you notice she has no mouth.
>First she does a little curtsy then turns her back and floats towards you lifting up her hair, a fragrant perfume smell wafting off of her as she does.
>Written in elegant handwriting is the word "Shanghai" on her neck, below that in a more free hand it says "Alice" as well as a little sketch of Alice and Shanghai's faces surrounded by little hearts.
>> No. 3390
File 121167017323.jpg - (17.57KB , 245x242 , 1208723544230.jpg ) [iqdb]
It has aphrodisiac powder dusted on the inside around the nipples. All it does is make them hard for twenty minutes with no other obvious effect.

Unbuttoning Marisa's shirt that you were loaned you start to undress to put it on immediately, as it slides off of your shoulders you stretch your arms in a subtle FLEX OF MANLY and take a look at Alice to see if she's watching, she's turned her head away but you notice she's peeking at you from the corner of her eye with a very flustered expression on her face. Picking up the shirt she gave you, you slip it on and decide not to do up the buttons right away.

"Thanks again Alice."
"It's not a problem David, I reall di-AH!"

Before she can finish you lean into her and wrap your arms around her holding the back of her head with one hand and slipping the other arm around her waist. For a moment she holds still, almost ridged in your arms, before she melts into you sliding her hands under you shirt to hold you back. Her cool skin feels good against yours and she sighs happily into you.

You linger, not saying anything to spoil it. Finally you break off and she lets go reluctantly, you reckon she would've been willing to hold on for longer but you were getting a dead leg. You shift your position so as to get the blood flowing back into your limbs, as you do Shanghai waddles over to her master and leaps onto her to sit on Alice's lap.

Neither one of you is talking, Alice seems a little to fazed to speak.


[ ] Enjoy the silence
[ ] Discuss magic
[ ] Talk to her about Marisa
[ ] Talk to her about her dolls
[ ] Ask her about Wriggle Nightbug
[ ] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai
>> No. 3391
[ ] Discuss magic
[ ] Talk to her about her dolls
[ ] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai
>> No. 3392
>>we're drinking to celebrate our asskicking heroes

Name one, oh whoops! America doesn't HAVE heroes! They don't have legend or mythology! They barely have a history!
>> No. 3393
[ ] Talk to her about her dolls
>> No. 3394
[x] Discuss magic
[x] Talk about her dolls
[x] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai
>> No. 3395
[ ] Enjoy the silence
[ ] Discuss magic
[ ] Talk to her about Marisa
[ ] Talk to her about her dolls
[ ] Ask her about Wriggle Nightbug
[ ] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai

>> No. 3396
[ ] Enjoy the silence
[ ] Discuss magic
[ ] Talk to her about Marisa
[ ] Talk to her about her dolls
[ ] Ask her about Wriggle Nightbug
[ ] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai

wall us.
>> No. 3397
[ ] Discuss magic
[ ] Talk to her about her dolls
[ ] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai

>> No. 3398
[ ] Discuss magic
[ ] Talk to her about her dolls
[ ] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai
>> No. 3399
[X] Enjoy the silence.

Alice is so moe.
>> No. 3400
[z] Discuss magic
[z] Talk to her about her dolls
[z] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai

Oh sweet lonely Alice, so cute and flustered.
>> No. 3401
[x] Discuss magic
[x] Talk to her about her dolls
[x] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai
>> No. 3402
Ugh, control your enthusiasm. Three options or less, you're supposed to be unable to choose things at times guys.
>> No. 3403
[ ] Discuss magic
[ ] Talk to her about her dolls
[ ] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai
>> No. 3404
[x] Discuss magic
[x] Talk about her dolls
[x] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai
>> No. 3405
[ ] Discuss magic
[ ] Talk to her about her dolls
[ ] Ask her about Wriggle Nightbug
>> No. 3406
All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here - In my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm
>> No. 3407


troll harder; I can't hear you over how awesome I am
>> No. 3408
[x] Talk to her about her dolls
[x] Discuss magic
[x] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai

Dolls first, seems the easiest to bring up since since Shanghai is right there. Then segue into the others.
>> No. 3409
[x] Talk to her about Marisa
>> No. 3410

>> No. 3411
File 121167236970.jpg - (26.34KB , 265x306 , bunyun.jpg ) [iqdb]
>America doesn't HAVE heroes! They don't have legend or mythology!

I must respectfully disagree. Picture related.


combating trolling with trolling, huh?
>> No. 3412

Who the fuck is that?
>> No. 3413

Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, Babe.
>> No. 3414
File 121167267613.jpg - (21.73KB , 444x300 , p152659-Krakow-Tadeusz_Kosciuszko.jpg ) [iqdb]

I have no questions.
>> No. 3415

Ten foot tall, fearing nothing, and supposedly the reason there's no trees in the midwest.
>> No. 3416
File 121167289044.jpg - (59.05KB , 500x698 , 1209161336739.jpg ) [iqdb]
[g] Discuss magic
[a] Talk to her about her dolls
[y] Discuss what it's like to be a Youkai

"Hey Alice?" Breaking from her little pink haze she shakes her head and looks at you.
"Can you tell me about magic?"
Considering you for a moment she takes a sip of her tea and you follow suite.
"What did you want to know?"
"Uh, everything I guess..."
"Ha, not even the wisest sages know everything about magic David." She smiles and shakes her head. "There's simply too much to know, even ancient Youkai don't know every secret and spell. I'll tell you basic magic theory, how does that sound?"
"Okay, sounds good."
"Right, where to begin?

Think of magic as like a fire, you can use it for a lot of various things and it's immensely useful like fire is and it's also very dangerous in the same way. If you can't control your magic it can get out of hand and cause lots of problems for you, but used correctly magic can give rise to many amazing things. Once again just like fire.

The manifestation of magic in the world is called mana, every living thing and some things not techincally alive have mana. Mana is at once both the fuel and the flame. It's like a fire that burns inside you, if you know what you're doing you can use your own flame to start another fire. You could use the heat of your flame to burn more mana as fuel and make a bigger fire to use or you could use the heat of a fire as you wish. That heat basically translates to the effect of the magic, though it has more uses than fire obviously.

The biggest source of mana in the world is the earth it's self, it's a huge pool of powerful living energy that a magician can draw upon. But it's slow moving and thusly not suited for every task, the mana of the earth is best used in long complex spells rather than quick ones such as spell cards. So for more immediate uses a magician will draw on another power sauce, some make pacts with demons or other beings, other than that there are items that can be used to store mana or amplify and focus a smaller amount.

People have mana inside them to varying degrees as well, for example we can compare Reimu, Marisa and myself.

Reimu has the most internal mana, her blood is intrinsically filled with spiritual energy so she can command a lot of mana directly. That's why she seems so naturally skilled, she can simply use her own mana to get what she wants rather than use an focus, if she worked as hard as Marisa does she'd be much more powerful than she already is but as things stand she simply wastes or ignores a lot of her own strength. Think of her like a bonfire.

Next would be me, as a Youkai I have a natural power like Reimu but to a lesser degree. All Youkai have a high internal Mana even compared to the humans of Gensokyo, but most don't bother training their abilities though so Youkai are underpowered against humans usually. I do train however so I'm a lot more powerful than your average Youkai. I became a Youkai by training my arcane skills until I left mortality behind and on doing so became intrinsically enthused with arcane power. I still use items of power, like my grimoire, to focus my strength because it's still useful to me. Think of me like burning coals.

Then at the lowest level of internal mana is Marisa, this doesn't mean she's weak. On the contrary she's very powerful and makes what little she has go a long way, by using items of power to focus her energy or by using her own mana to activate the power of a stronger source she makes her smaller amount work a lot harder. But out of the three of us she works the hardest to be strong. Marisa is like a Bunsen burner, through her equipment she concentrates her flame into something much hotter."

She pauses to drink tea, she was talking for quite a while and probably got dry in the mouth.

"But don't take that as a suggestion that anyone of us is stronger than the other. Each fire, each mana, is useful in it's own way that doesn't compare to the others. Truth is I'm probably weaker than those two."
"Where would I be on that scale?"
She smiles fondly at you.
"Something along the lines of a match, assuming you even know how to light the match that is. I'm afraid outsiders don't make good magicians."
"Oh yeah?"
>> No. 3417
File 121167304294.jpg - (37.24KB , 300x350 , arthur.jpg ) [iqdb]
So your one myth is a deforesting mutant.

King Arthur would denounce your faggotry but he, Merlin and the knights of the round table are too busy being referenced by every other culture in the world.
>> No. 3418

As a fellow britfag, get writan and quit bothering the americans.
>> No. 3419
Expect more scat soon for making him write a wall.
>> No. 3420
>>one myth

I assure you, there's certainly more than one.
Unfortunately, the world seems to take more of an interest in American myth from 1920 forward.
So there's not really many known ones.
>> No. 3421
Oh and by the way scorn, here I am. I caught up, and have been liking your story so far.
>> No. 3422
File 121167385668.jpg - (159.13KB , 854x640 , seibahhh.jpg ) [iqdb]
>King Arthur would denounce your faggotry but he is too busy feeling pretty, oh so pretty.
>> No. 3423
Ben Franklin, Paul Revere, etc. a large number of former 'britfags'; Daniel Boone, Sam Houston, Davey Crockett -
All real people.

Same with guys like Sgt. Alvin York.

Anyway- enjoying the story
>> No. 3424

Eh, I figured he'd like something with bit more myth attacted, like John the Conqueror, or Leatherman.
>> No. 3425
File 121167545772.jpg - (48.71KB , 600x839 , 1210204196570.jpg ) [iqdb]
Grinning you pull out the rose again, so outsiders don't make good magicians eh?
"Oh David it's lovely! Aren't they out of season though?"
"I think you're right, would you like one?"

Once again you sink into that state of mind closing your eyes, twice in one day and it's getting easier! You've already sent the blue energy half way up your arm before you even notice, as they mingle into their violet form you begin to repeat that same task from before. Pulling violet energy off into a small pool of it's own in order to create a new rose, only this time you use a much bigger amount. It's going well as you make the second ball bigger by feeding it a stream of violet energy, you can hear Alice gasp. You grin wider and redouble the effort, a little more and it'll be ready....

But even as you think that it suddenly looses it's definition, blurring around the edges the separate pool wavers. Desperately you try to get in under control but you accidentally send a jolt of extra energy into it, the ball swells then bursts sending sparks of purple light scattering.

Opening your eyes you see rose petals drifting in the air, the rose you tried to make exploded with a loud pop sending them all over the room and leaving nothing but a waft of perfume. Alice just smiles at you and commends your effort.

"Don't feel bad, this is about what I would expect from an outsider. I'm impressed you even have the ability to apply your mana at all, really! What went wrong?"
"It, uh, slipped sort of. And then I filled it too much by accident so it went poof!" You spread your hands as you say poof.
"Looks like you need practice controlling what you have, what's this rose for?" She points to the one your holding so you explain the incident with Marisa's MAGIC TIME -DA ZE.
"I see, interesting. It's not uncommon to reveal any power you have during a dangerous time when survival instinct kicks in. Curious that it should assume this shape."
You're reluctant to hand over the flower so you hold it out for her to examine, she peers closely at it for a while before shrugging.
"Well, what ever the situation it seems to serve as a good focus for you. Good thing you hung onto it eh?" She falls silent and nibbles her finger nail for a moment. "If you want I could help you learn to control magic, don't expect immediate results though. Magic is a life style not a hobby, if you expect to get anywhere with it. I suppose if all you want to do is party tricks there's nothing wrong with just playing with it."
She shrugs at you and leans back, putting the rose back in your pocket she tells you.
"Best if you keep experimenting on your own for now. Explore your limits and have fun, you're not really a danger to anyone quite yet so don't worry. Maybe if you show more talent we can do something with it later."

The effort of exerting yourself like this twice in one day has exhausted you, you were already feeling tired from the effort of shopping and magic time so now you're pretty damn whacked out. So this is magic huh? What an incredible power.....

You drink the last of your tea to recover and Alice pours you another cup, gratefully you drain it again and she serves you another dutifully.

"Wore yourself out?"
"Mmm." Putting the third cup down for now you change the subject.
"So I take it your dolls are your medium?"
"Yes that's right, I use spells to command them remotely using magical strings that are invisible." She wiggles her fingers at you and silvery threads flicker between them for a moment.
"Are you always attached to the dolls?"
"Yes, most of them anyway. Some times I'll drop some strings to save mana or mental effort, if I run out of mana or become too tired to go on I'll loose all control of them."
"So, why dolls anyway?"
She blinks, as if she didn't expect this question.
"I-I don't really know to be honest, I just remember that when I had to move out on my own one of the only things I had with me was a doll my mother gave me. While I was experimenting with my magic I found I could use magic to control it and I guess it grew from there, having a few hundred extra pairs of hands can be very useful at times." She wiggles her fingers again making the air flash.
"Still, I can't make a doll that acts independently. If I could I wouldn't need to use the strings, it'd save me a lot of mental effort too. So it's the focus of most of my research."
"I see..."

Once again silence falls over the table, Alice seems quite content to not speak as she absent mindedly plays with Shangahi's hair. You however feel a little uncomfortable and speak up.

"What's it like being a Youkai?" You blurt out.
"Mmm? Oh." She looks a litte down cast as she ties and reties Shaghai's bow.
"It's a little lonely, a little sad to know I'll outlive some of the people I know. I try not to forget I was a human once, I do things like sleep at night, eat human food and try my best to keep my humanity. I-I-I some times worry about Marisa, she could become a Youkai one day quite easily but she doesn't seem inclined to....."
You decide not to press for more information, it seems to be a sad subject for her.

You go to pour another cup of tea but the pot is empty, looking out the window you're surprised to see how dark it's gotten. The sun has almost completely sank below the horizon now, finishing playing with Shanghai Alice looks up and follows your gaze, she puts a hand to her stomach and says.
"Would you like to stay for dinner?"

[ ] "I'd love too, I'm completely starving!"
[ ] "I don't think I can, Marisa should be home by now."
[ ] "If it's quick, I guess it's okay."
>> No. 3426
[x] "I'd love too, I'm completely starving!"
>> No. 3427
[X] "I don't think I can, Marisa should be home by now."
Tough call, but Marisa takes priority over Alice
>> No. 3428
[X] "I don't think I can, Marisa should be home by now."
[X] "I'd love to come visit again tomorrow, though. Maybe we can do lunch?"

Want Alice, but would rather not upset Marisa too much.
>> No. 3429
[x] "I don't think I can, Marisa should be home by now."
>> No. 3430
File 121167670831.png - (18.38KB , 360x239 , fftgoodfeeling.png ) [iqdb]
>You feel good.
>> No. 3431
Come on you faggots! Free meal from Alice who we've confirmed is a better cook than Marisa, plus we get a chance to make Mari-chan jealous.

Even though Alice route is superior.

[ ] "I'd love too, I'm completely starving!"
>> No. 3432

Isn't the meeting with Wriggle tomorrow?

[X] "If it's quick, I guess it's okay."
>> No. 3433
[X] "I don't think I can, Marisa should be home by now."
[X] "I'd love to come visit again tomorrow, though. Maybe we can do lunch?"

That sounds good. We were supposed to get a ride to Marisa's or wait in the town square, so she might show up looking for us...definitely not good while she's feeling uncertain and jealous.

Are we generally agreed on doing Marisa first and Shanghai second? And then I guess Wriggle or Alice depending on how much Alice we get on Shanghai route and how much Wriggle we get in /shrine/.
>> No. 3434

Yes, but as I said, we're suggesting lunch. That way we can head back to Marisa's in the afternoon, and then stop to wait for Wriggle.
>> No. 3435
[ ] "I'd love too, I'm completely starving!"
>> No. 3436
>Isn't the meeting with Wriggle tomorrow?
At sunset. We're free for lunch.
>> No. 3437

Hell, this makes for a good plot device. We can mention to Alice that we have a meeting at sunset, and that we need to get back before then. We leave and meet up with Wriggle. Alice, getting curious, stealthily sneaks after us and watches from the bushes. When she realizes that we're meeting another girl, she throws a conniption fit and makes enough noise to rouse Marisa form the house. They both misinterpret the nature of our meeting with Wriggle, Marisa kicks us out, and Alice refuses to house us.

Wriggle feels all guilty for making us homeless, and we get to run with her for a while until Marisa and Alice realize that they overreacted and we patch things up. Alice, being the softy and less tsundere offers to put us up afterwards. That way, we get to spend a certain time living with each girl before we make a choice.

But, hey, what do I know?
>> No. 3438
[x] "I don't think I can, Marisa should be home by now."
[x] "I'd love to come visit again tomorrow, though. Maybe we can do lunch?"

Sounds good, because we can avoid offending either of them this way.
>> No. 3439
[ ] "I'd love too, I'm completely starving!"

Go Alice.
>> No. 3440

Very clever anonymous, that certainly is ONE way I could've gone about doing it this time. You even got a few of the events partially correct.

Too bad that's not what's happening, but your idea will be stolen for a subsequent play through.
>> No. 3441
If you write in english, make sure you're using the RIGHT english.
>> No. 3442
[X] "I don't think I can, Marisa should be home by now."
>> No. 3443
[X] "I don't think I can, Marisa should be home by now."

As much as Scorn's Alice is LOEV, I must go with Marisa for this play through. Sorry, Anthill!
>> No. 3444
[x] "I don't think I can, Marisa should be home by now."

want delicious marisa.
>> No. 3445
FOOL, you should know as its our first time through that we have to be as much of a player as possible
[x] "I don't think I can, Marisa should be home by now."
[x] "I'd love to come visit again tomorrow, though. Maybe we can do lunch?"
>> No. 3446
File 121168082584.jpg - (73.78KB , 796x814 , 1211196319294.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Sorry Alice, but I don't think I can. Marisa should be home by now, I don't want to make her come looking for me."
Alice immediately looks downcast, her shoulders slump forward and her face drops so her hair cover it partially from where you're sitting. She doesn't say anything for a long awkward moment.
"I understand, that's what you want?"
"Yes, I'm sorry Alice. Maybe tomorrow I can come by for lunch?"
She looks up at you sorrowfully, she's biting her lip.
"Y-yeah, that'd be nice."
You feel pretty rotten about declining Alice's offer considering she'll be taking you home and all, but you really don't want to upset Marisa. Alice will get over a little disappointment.

"I know I'm asking for another favor, but could you take me back to Marisa's house?"
Alice nods, almost dumbly and stands with her whole posture ever so slightly deflated. She looks pretty reluctant as if she doesn't want to do what she has to.

Steadying yourself against the table you stand up, a wave of fatigue passes through you making your legs shake. You're more tired than you thought, wearily you let go of the table and almost immediately lose your balance having to grab at it again to stop from falling over.

"David, are you all right?" Alice goes to your side and supports you, why are you feeling so weak? It's like all the energy has been sapped from your limbs, did you expend too much energy when you used your magic? You ask Alice.
"Maybe, did you use everything you had? If you've exhausted all your mana then you won't be able to walk...."

That..... doesn't sound right. You don't think you used up all of that blue light. Are you sure? Maybe.


Huh? A voice? Why are my eyes closed?

Opening your eyes you see you've slumped back onto the floor, your limbs feel heavy and your head like it's stuffed with cotton wool.

"Alice.....got...to..." You slump forward face down on the floor before you can finish that sentence, the carpet rises up to greet you but you don't feel any pain. In fact you're fighting to stay conscious, you're breathing has become slow and shallow as if you're already asleep.


Rushing to you she lifts you head from the floor and places it in her lap, hazily you make out her face. Something wet impacts on your chest.

"Why? Alice..... Not... Cry."
Light is fading, you feel like going to sleep. Yes, a nice long rest and then you'll feel better. You're so tired.....
"David, I'm...."

But you're wrapped in the black mists of sleep before you hear the rest of what she has to say.


I commend your dedication to Marisa, I really thought that Alice would've tempted you to stay.

Captain Anonymous Rex will be on tomorrow as is good and proper, hopefully it won't take all week to resolve this time.
>> No. 3447
>I commend your dedication to Marisa, I really thought that Alice would've tempted you to stay.

She did. Immensely.

However, it's incredibly rude to ditch your host after she explicitly mentions that she'll swing by to pick you up if you're not home by the time she gets back. Incredibly rude.

Granted, now I feel horrible for hurting Alice's feelings. But hey, the offer for lunch wasn't pity, that's a genuine desire to spend time with her.

Well, either way, looks like we'll be staying with Alice for the night.
>> No. 3448
Can't be said better than that.
>> No. 3449
Alice tempted me successfully. But yeah despite who we want to go for it'd have been rude to Marisa, so I guess I'm glad you guys won.
>> No. 3451
I'd like to find a way to pursue whichever love interest in such a way that we don't alienate the others. That way, David gets (at least) 1 girlfriend, and several close friends as well.

I don't think that's too greedy.
>> No. 3452
>> No. 3453
No Dad, no!
>> No. 3463
So, we ended up missing our date with Wriggle anyway?
>> No. 3469

I really hope your counting is off.
>> No. 3472
Is it time for us to recharge some mana?
>> No. 3473

For the millionth time that's tomorrow.
>> No. 3478
Oh. Never mind, then. Mmmmm, cocks.