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File 14924075961.png - (475.86KB, 600x839, Sleepyhead.png) [iqdb]
29799 No. 29799
**This was written late at night while just as sleepy as Marisa. Future installments will be shorter, but more coherent.**

You are Marisa Kirisame. Ordinary Witch extraordinaire, kleptomaniac, and self-proclaimed best girl of Gensokyo. Also not a morning person. Then again, when being a "morning person" means waking up with the sun, who would? That question rolls through your head for the thousandth time as you attempt to climb out of bed. "Attempt" is the key word, here. You don't really manage to make it out of bed before tripping over the blankets you forgot to push back and tumbling headfirst into a pile of (stolen) books.

*That* gets you awake. Nothing like a headache to start off the day! With a grimace, you grasp your head with one hand and start re-stacking the books. Some of these you don't even remember taking. "Cryomancy vol. I: A Study of Entry Level Ice Magicks" you *definitely* don't remember taking. And to top that off, you don't think you have a real reason to be taking it. Ice magic doesn't interest you except for dealing with a cranky Cirno, and even then a few well placed lasers work just as well. Better to just blast her and let her reform than try to reason with a fairy. Never mind that last time you tried to "reason" with Cirno in one of her moods you ended up in the Misty Lake having to swim back to shore. Setting that thought line aside, you arrange the stack neatly and read the titles on the spines, seeing if there's any you should actually read instead of setting them aside in a "to-do" list. Surprisingly, there is, in fact, one book you like: "Warp vol. V: A Study of Advanced Spatial Manipulation and Other Dimensional Magicks". Sure, the title is a mouthful, but anything about how to get into other dimension should be an interesting read, no?

The headache and your sleepiness forgotten, you open up the book, prop yourself against your bed, and start reading.

**Where will you start?**
[]Chapter 1: Spatial Magicks in Review
[]Chapter 13: Wormholes and Other Shortcuts
[]Chapter 20: Creating Pocket Dimensions
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>> No. 30163
[X] Marisa and Yumeko go to annoy Reimu.
>> No. 30164
>>30162 I congratulate you, anon. You somehow managed to vote for every single option in the space of a single vote.
>> No. 30165
"late" may be an understatement. Welcome back.

[X] Marisa and Yumeko go to annoy Reimu.
>> No. 30166
[x] Marisa and Yumeko go to annoy Reimu.
>> No. 30167
> You somehow managed to vote for every single option in the space of a single vote.

I can top that.

[jk] The Fairies of Light plus Reimu decide they want Marisa, Yumeko and Alice to help bug Patchouli.

[x] Marisa and Yumeko go to annoy Reimu.
>> No. 30168
Votes called! Overwhelmingly so, too. Update should be up before I go to bed.
>> No. 30170

>dude has been awake for two days straight

Stop before you hurt yourself! I want updates, but not at the cost of your health!
>> No. 30171
I had an entire update written out and promptly lost it on refresh. Time to start again!
>>30170 This made me bust out laughing. I needed that.
>> No. 30213
Never, NEVER write an update here directly. It has happened too often that the entire post went away because of technical failures. Waiting for the update, anyway.
>Maria's Magical Misadventure
This made me lol a bit.
>> No. 30227
I HAVE AN IDEA! Just wait a day or two, because this one may end up long.

Yeah, that advice is going to prove useful in writing the next segment.
>> No. 30231
File 150077477729.png - (1.20MB, 1000x1346, Unexpected Guest.png) [iqdb]
It doesn't take much tea before you get bored and start running through Alice's library in your head. There's that famous grimoire of hers, which nobody really knows what's inside bar Alice herself. And maybe Shinki, now that you think about it, if she's the one who wrote it. Before you go any further, though, you stop yourself and decide that Yumeko and yourself should leave before your fingers get sticky. “Say, Yumeko,” you say, toying with your most recent cup of tea. “Wanna go visit Reimu? I think, if I stay here, I'm going to overstay my welcome.”

Alice pipes up before Yumeko has a chance to reply. “Are you planning to steal some of my books?” she asks.

“Well, no,” you say, standing up. “Not yet, anyway. Wanna leave before that happens.”

“Marisa Kirisame, turning down an opportunity to steal,” Alice cracks. “Whatever is the world coming to?” You glare over the rim over your teacup mid-sip, but Yumeko just snickers into hers.

“Whatever,” is all you say before getting up and fetching your broom for the trip to Reimu's. Yumeko isn't far behind.

“It was a pleasure seeing you again, Alice,” she says. “Perhaps we can share tea again, and some stories, too.”

There's a coy look in Alice's eyes, one she usually reserves for you, when she says “Perhaps.”


Reimu, when you get to the shrine, isn't exactly happy to see you. For one, you've got a guest, and for two, she's got two guests. It's not often you see the clever-yet-airheaded Sakuya at Reimu's shrine, and then there's the face you haven't seen since the night you met Yuuka for the first time: Elly. Elly looks none the worse for wear, but for someone who claims to be “perfect and elegant”, Sakuya looks rather disheveled and worn out, kneeling at Reimu's kotatsu. “Sakuya tried to pick a fight with Elly and lost,” Reimu explains. Elly just waves at you with a sunny smile on her face, her scythe resting in the corner. “I swear, can't you go two minutes without pissing someone off?! Every time someone new shows up, you find a way to annoy them!”

An instant flicker and Sakuya is back to her usual, hard-to-read self. “I have to test the power of everyone who comes by, to make sure they don't pose a threat to my mistress' position,” Sakuya says.

“Don't give me that fairy tale,” Reimu retorts. “Every time Remilia stops by, she makes a point of how little she cares about the newcomers. Besides, you guys have probably the single strongest mage in Gensokyo, even if she is a lazy bum. Outside of me and Marisa over there, there's nothing that could possibly threaten you guys.”

“Don't forget Sanae and her goddesses,” you chime in. “They're pretty powerful, too.” Reimu hesitates, but concedes the point. “What did you even do to piss Elly off, anyway? She's got, like, the longest fuse ever unless you somehow insult Yuuka.”

“I simply said that Madame Yuuka might have lost her touch over the years,” Sakuya says. “Keyword is might.”

“Since Lady Yuuka isn't here to defend her honor, I stepped in,” Elly says cheerfully. “Honestly, it was pretty easy to beat her. She relies too much on her ability to manipulate time.” A slight blush of embarrassment reaches Sakuya's cheeks, but she doesn't say anything.

You, meanwhile, are wondering just what the hell you and Yumeko dropped into.

**Whatcha gonna do?**
[]Back off and let them figure it out themselves.
[]Sit down, talk some, maybe have some tea.
[]Try to defuse the situation.
[]Let Yumeko decide what to do.

So, I initially wasn't going to include Sakuya, but after listening to some remixes of her themes earlier today, I decided to try and railroad a maid fight. Elly, on the other hand, was planned. Also, Sakuya has a very bad habit of annoying people.
>> No. 30232
[x] Annoy Sakuya
This is Galm-1, proceeding with the alpha strike, over.
>> No. 30233
[x] Annoy Sakuya

Is this a good idea? Probably not. Am I all for it regardless? Hell yes I am!
>> No. 30234
[x] Annoy Sakuya

How can I resist the shiny red button!?
>> No. 30235
> maid fight

[x] Sit down, talk some, maybe have some tea.
>> No. 30236
[x] Annoy Sakuya
-[x] Ask how Elly beat her
>> No. 30246
I was expecting more votes, but I suppose I can call it here. Annoying Sakuya wasn't on the list, but I'll just count it as Marisa "defusing" the situation by picking a fight.
>> No. 30351
[x] Annoy Sakuya
>> No. 30352
>> No. 30353
>posting with a trip
kill urself fag
>> No. 30377
what's wrong with that
>> No. 30379
Unless you're giving a review on a story and your story is respected, or you are currently posting in your own story thread and want people to not impersonate you, it's a bad idea to use a Trip because it generally makes people think you have an overinflated opinion of yourself.
>> No. 30382
I am a fool who needlessly repeated a bunch of stuff that didn't need to be repeated.

For questions about the fundamental assumptions of an imageboard, try consulting >>/gensokyo/6052

It's not perfect, but it's a very good baseline.
>> No. 30554
File 151219229993.png - (374.90KB, 659x720, Tall and Short.png) [iqdb]
You've never been one to pass up an opportunity to poke fun at Sakuya's various misadventures. As usual, today isn't any different. “Come on, Sakuya,” you say, sitting down next to the Vampire's Maid. “It's not like you haven't lost fights before. You lost to me, you lost to Reimu, you lost to Sanae; am I missing anyone?”
“That ever-frustrating puppeteer,” Sakuya says, clearly starting to lose her composure.
“Oh yeah, Alice,” you crack. “She got you good.”
“If I may be allowed to interject,” Yumeko chimes in. “Alice is a very strong fighter. Difficult to overcome if you’re not quick like little Marisa here.” Yumeko takes this time to remove your hat from its perch and ruffle your hair, despite your attempts to slap away her hands. “Then again, when you can manipulate time, it could be said that you don’t need speed.” The crimson maid stopped ruffling your hair, but held on to your hat.
“Now, just hold on, here,” Reimu interjects. “No fighting on Shrine grounds. Suika just finished up repairs after the last time someone went all out in my front yard.”
“Oh, I won’t go all out,” Yumeko assures, leaving your prized hat on the table.
“Yeah, it’s probably a good idea to go easy on Sakuya,” you say, spotting the opportunity for one last dig. “I mean, she did lose to Elly.”
“And what’s wrong with losing to me?!” Elly says indignantly. This is, apparently, the last straw, as the “perfect and elegant maid” finally loses her composure, grimaces in frustration, and disappears for a second. When she reappears, sitting in perfect seiza next to Reimu on the other side of the table, there’s a knife in your hat and a rather painful bump on your head.
What was that for?!” you screech, clutching your head in pain. Sakuya must have hit hard while time was stopped.
“Being a pest,” is all Sakuya has to say while you stare on in disbelief.
Lesson learned: don’t annoy the maids.

**Whatcha gonna do?**
[] Ask Reimu for an ice pack for your head.
[] Ignore the pain and challenge Sakuya to a fight.
[] Faint.

Welp, you guys did ask for it.
>> No. 30555
[x] Ask Reimu for an ice pack for your head.

Lesson learned.
>> No. 30557
File 15122017085.png - (14.69KB, 278x392, Masc05.png) [iqdb]
[x] Taunt further and prepare for a counterattack.
We have i-frames, there's nothing to fear.
>> No. 30558
[x] Sulk.

Lesson learned, yes, but witches don't need no stinkin' ice packs.
>> No. 30563
So, if I'm reading this right, we have two votes for Ice Pack, and one vote for Fight. It's not yet time to call the votes, though.
>> No. 30564
[x] Ignore the pain and challenge Sakuya to a fight.
>> No. 30567
[x] Taunt further and prepare for a counterattack.
>> No. 30571
Votes called! Marisa's better judgement has apparently gone on vacation, as she'll be picking a fight with Sakuya.
>> No. 30604
File 151390496767.jpg - (290.60KB, 800x800, Badass Sakuya.jpg) [iqdb]
You stagger to your feet, your head throbbing with every movement. “Alright, enough teasing,” you say, almost falling over. “We’ll settle this with a Spellcard Duel!” Something in the back of your head is nagging you about how bad your head hurts, but your pride as a witch trumps all.

Even Yumeko and Reimu’s advice. “Marisa, I’m not so certain this is a good idea,” you hear Yumeko say. “Perhaps that blow to your head has addled your thoughts.”

Elly, on the other hand, is very much enthusiastic to see this fight happen. “Two fights in one day? So exciting!” she says, her eyes positively glowing in her excitement. As hard as it was to get Elly to fight herself, frequent teatimes with Yuuka had the Flower Master of the Four Seasons explain that the scythe-wielding gardener did enjoy watching others fight.

Regardless of everyone’s warnings, Sakuya accepts, likely sensing an easy win to make up for her embarrassing loss to Elly. “First one to get hit three times loses,” she says, laying out the rules. “First one to expend five cards without winning, loses. Any serious injury will void the duel and end it immediately. Lastly, the loser must answer to the winner for a week. Are these conditions acceptable?”

“The conditions are acceptable,” you say, formally agreeing to the duel. Just like in the outside world, the challenger was the one to assign the rules. Sakuya wanted this to be a short duel, but she also wanted to make sure it didn’t end just from a lucky shot. The punishment for losing, though, intrigued you. Basically, if you won, you’d have a maid for a week. If you lost, you’d probably have to work at the Scarlet Devil Mansion for a week. So, to protect your dignity, you’d have to win.

Normally pretty easy, but this headache was really messing with your concentration, so you’d actually have to put effort into winning this if you didn’t want to end up as a maid for a week.

No duels on my front lawn!” shouts Reimu, drawing a stack of paper charms to emphasize her interruption. “Backyard is fine, but if you destroy anything, the repairs are coming out of your time and wallet!”

Sakuya and yourself wordlessly comply with Reimu’s demand, neither of you wanting to deal with an angry shrine maiden.

Who’s going to win?

[] Marisa
[] Sakuya

What this vote boils down to: what do you want to see more? Meido Marisa or Marisa with an entourage of two maids?
>> No. 30606
[x] Marisa

I've seen enough Meidorisa already, but the alternative sounds all kinds of fun.
>> No. 30607
Also, and this is just fluff, but do you guys like the way non-incident spellcard duels are organized here? The challenged ddcides the time, place, rules, and loser's punishment, and the challenger gets to decide whether or not the challenged is overstepping. Drawing inspiration from duels of old.
>> No. 30608
[X] Sakuya

While we have seen Meidorisa before, I don't believe we've ever played as her before, which could be a lot of fun. Duel fluff is fine, a little different from canon but not in a bad way.
>> No. 30609
[x] Marisa
>> No. 30610
[X] Sakuya
>> No. 30612
[x] Marisa
>> No. 30619
Should I call the votes here or wait til after the holidays? Given the alternation of the votes, I'm convinced the next vote will be for Sakuya and we'll end up needing a tiebreaker.
>> No. 30623
Votes called! Marisa gains a party member.
>> No. 30680
Fight scenes are hard, that's why the delay. Reincarnation Quest's update is finished, though.
>> No. 30893
File 152476857595.jpg - (1.57MB, 1771x1240, Spellcard Declared!.jpg) [iqdb]
The duel between Sakuya and yourself takes off almost instantly. Within seconds, you’re going straight up, trying to find the best angle to attack her from. Sakuya, though, isn’t going to let herself go down so easily. While you’re busy trying to find angles of attack, Sakuya’s already saturated the air with knives. It doesn’t take much skill to dodge them all, but it’s distracting enough that Sakuya’s able to set off her first card.

“Illusion Sign:’Killing Doll’!” you hear her shout, and all of those knives you’ve dodged—exactly thirty-two, now that you’ve counted them all, all re-rotate and converge on your position.

“Yikes!” you shout as you spin into a dive to avoid the knives, accelerating with a burst of danmaku from the head of your broom. Of course Sakuya was trying to deal multiple hits with one card. “Three hits to lose” didn’t specify where the hits came from, just that you had to get hit three times to lose! Then again, with one card expended so soon, Sakuya was definitely going for the quick win. Two could play at that game, though.

“Ritual Sign: ‘Orreries Sun’!” You declare your first spellcard and four multicolored orbs start orbiting around you. You reposition yourself above Sakuya, the orbs not too far behind. “Fire!” The orbs keep their orbiting pattern as they converge on Sakuya’s position. Naturally, the maid tries to time stop her way out of it, but she’s a little slow on the uptake and bumps into one of the orbs while she’s stopped, opening her up to get hit by the other three, thereby ending the duel.

The two of you land swiftly, though Sakuya’s landing is marred by a short stumble. “I win!” you declare, wearing the usual shit-eating grin. It was doubly embarrassing for Sakuya, considering her earlier loss against Elly and now her quick and easy loss to you, and boy did it show.

“You won fairly,” she admits with a grimace. “I am yours.”

You don’t actually know what to do with this newfound prize. You’ve never really been in a position to order someone around, discounting fairies. Still, you decide to make the most of it. “First things first, you’re gonna hang out with Yumeko and me til Yumeko goes back to Makai,” you say, laying out Sakuya’s first task. “After that, well,” you pause. “I dunno.”

You look to the sky, thinking about Sakuya’s tasks for the next week. The sun was high in the sky, almost time for lunch. “Let’s do lunch and figure it out from there.”

**What’s for lunch?**
[] Have Yumeko cook.
[] Have Sakuya cook.
[] Eat at Mystia’s cart.
[] Mooch off of Reimu (and probably get yelled at; optional subvote, other options)

I am very much determined not to allow this to die permanently, even if some posts end up months late. Also, I'm now a college student.
>> No. 30894
[x] Mooch off of Reimu
-[x] wind up cooking lunch for everybody instead
>> No. 30897
[x] Mooch off of Reimu
-[x] wind up cooking lunch for everybody instead

That's talking man! We'll be here waiting for updates, guaranteed.
>I'm now a college student.
Good luck then!
>> No. 30907
[x] Mooch off of Reimu
[x] Have Sakuya cook.

Gotta show off our new servant.
>> No. 30917
Well, I've waited long enough for votes. Called! Sakuya's gonna cook, but not before we try to mooch a meal off of Reimu.
>> No. 30970
I know it's only been a month, but...

Any news?
>> No. 30983
Summer has arrived early, making doing anything a slog. Fret not, I have plans.
>> No. 30984
Annnd I mistakenly put the sage in the wrong field. Hazards of phoneposting while trying to sleep.
>> No. 30997
File 153010698181.jpg - (198.16KB, 2048x1143, image.jpg) [iqdb]
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