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File 134056730551.jpg - (438.78KB , 811x1200 , a729c7cf1ebf1eda4a3b8d3e36d751d9.jpg ) [iqdb]
25526 No. 25526
Thread 2! Hey, I'm alive!
I know a lot of people were ragging on me for dropping my other story, but I came out and said I would. This one went on break because of some personal life problems. I'm still here.
Also I feel like people may have deleted their votes for the last choice or something (besides the votespam) but I'll write with what the votes say now.


"I don't know." I respond quietly. "This story is so vaguely written. It is more of a legend than a historical account. I can't glean much from it. The people seemed to like him, but it doesn't say what he did. Sure, he killed some youkai, but did he kill ones that were a major threat? Or did he kill them just because he could?"

Keine smiles. "This is a part of interpreting history. Often times people only have a vague story written about them. Sometimes they seem great, other times, not so great. However.." She gives a small smile.

"This is just one account. There are other was to understand something. For example, this story is recent enough that some people may still be telling it and may know something about it. So, for your first assignment in my class, I'd like you to find out as much as you can. You are free to use any resources you can find, and you have until next week to report to me with your new opinion on the hero and his story."

She stands, and bows.

"Class dismissed." Keine gives a cute giggle while looking me in the eye. Class of one dismissed, huh? I suppose it is time to meet up with Marisa..

But it is a bit early. We said we'd meet in the evening, but class today was rather short. I have a few hours, so I decided to head home. I don't make it very far, though, before a sharp pain strikes my head.

Or, I should say, a dull rock lands on my head.

"Ow! What the-"

I look up, and see a broomstick, huge grin, a black-and-white outfit, and a hint of bloomers.

Oh, sweet bloomers.

I'm relieved to see her..it means she is unharmed and not involved in whatever happened last night. We'll see how long that lasts.
"You are early!" Marisa says happily as she descends.

"I could say the same for you. I thought we agreed to meet in the evening."

"Well, we did, buuuut...I was hoping to get some clues before we met up. You saw what happened last night, right?"

It took less than five seconds to find out that she wants to get involved. I wonder if that is a new record for her, or if our "date" today is keeping her from rushing out there right now.

"Do you have to go rush out every time you see something like that? Isn't it dangerous?"

"Isn't it more fun if it could be dangerous?" There wasn't even a pause. Clearly this is a practiced response..

"Alright, fair enough, but..be careful, okay?"

"Why don't you come with me? You can see that I don't need to be careful, and we can hang out AND find out what happened at the same time!"

"How would I come with you?"

"Well, this broom is big enough for two!"

[] Go adventuring with Marisa
[] Stay here. I have a history project to do.
[] Ask Marisa to stay in the village for our "date".
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>> No. 26034
Yo. I do not plan to abandon this if anyone is still reading. In fact its been on my mind a lot lately. The problem is I no longer have a job, car, or regular internet access. So forgive me for disappointing you guys once again and thus proving the naysayers right all along in a way. My life has gone down the shitter recently, to be blunt, so the story is pretty low priority for me. But I think the fact that I am using what little internet time I have to write this should tell you something.
>> No. 26035
File 134801957689.png - (173.51KB , 500x400 , 9fb2ae9a3b2cd0cd60753867869a18be6f7bc984.png ) [iqdb]
[] "Something I bought while thinking of you."

"W-what?" Her face grows a tad red, but she doesn't cover it or look shy, just flattered or confused.

"Well, yeah..I mean after you saved me I was walking around town and saw this and instantly thought of you. You saved my life. I'm not going to forget that easily."

"Can you play?" She asks, eyes shining with interest. She's a music lover through and through, but alas, I can't impress anyone here.

"Not a bit."

She gives a giggle and nods. "I see. Well, you should learn. An instrument that isn't played is a sad thing. I don't know much about teaching, but if you are ever interested in music of any kind, we could try to play together."

"Heeeey." Rumia plops onto my lap, her mouth full of food. "Don't hog my buddy." Adorable little nom nom sounds come from her tiny frame as she chews on more eel.

"I thought I smelled food." Comes a familiar voice from the darkness beyond the cart's light. A familiar, but not welcome one. The youkai boy...girl..from before. I can feel her gaze boring into me, and somehow I think I'm the one she is talking about when she says food.

"Wriggle. Its okay, he's a friend." Mystia seems to know him..her! Her.

"Well, then.." The girl dramatically flips her cape like a vampire, and then comes to take a seat. "I figured I'd warn you to be careful, Mystia. Something weird is going on here, starting from two nights ago. The earthquake and danmaku don't seem to be the only violence going around. In fact, people are saying there is some kind of beast lurking at night. Something that is even scaring the toughest youkai out of the region. And it isn't far from here. So you might want to close up until whatever this is calms down."

"That's terrible.." Mystia seems concerned, but only distantly. "Thanks for the warning, but Wriggle, I'm not going to close up tonight until these two have had their fill of eel and company."

Mystia gives me a wonderful smile that barely counters Wriggle's glare.

While all eyes on on me, something pops into my head..I should..
[] apologize to Wriggle about the gender thing.
[] ask Mystia if we can meet again so she can teach me music.
[] tell Marisa about what I've learned, ASAP.
[] get Shanghai home. Surely she doesn't feel safe here.

If you choose more than one, please only pick two. Also expecting shitstorm of hatred over me. Its fine, I take full responsibility over it.
>> No. 26036
[x] apologize to Wriggle about the gender thing.
[x] ask Mystia if we can meet again so she can teach me music.
>> No. 26037
[x] apologize to Wriggle about the gender thing.
[x] ask Mystia if we can meet again so she can teach me music.

I Really like this story dear OP, great work! :3
>> No. 26038
[x] Ask Mystia if we can meet again so she can teach me music.
[x] apologize to Wriggle about the gender thing.

Mystia, and politeness. A good combination, and welcome back, Megasen. It was a nice surprise to see this thread at the top before heading to sleep.
>> No. 26039
File 134804028280.jpg - (512.82KB , 788x1000 , 30046308.jpg ) [iqdb]
If I were you I'd probably place this even lower down my priority list, but I'm not complaining.

[x] ask Mystia if we can meet again so she can teach me music.

Not picking the GO BACK NOW options is sort of like picking Rumia. I guess.
>> No. 26044
[x] apologize to Wriggle about the gender thing.
[x] ask Mystia if we can meet again so she can teach me music.

I've been checking forest every day to see if this ever came back to life. Glad to see you are back at least. Still, good luck to you, Mega. I hope things start getting better for you.

Also, curses that I can't vote for Shanghai too!
>> No. 26045
Alright, seems like everyone is on the same page. I'll start writing soon.
>> No. 26050
>> No. 26052
File 134827579885.jpg - (408.66KB , 1644x1157 , 27da5e5d9e555be654a8a5a800245aa0.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Hey..um..Wriggle, right?"

Her glare silences me momentarily and Mystia tilts her head at me with a smile, as if knowing where this is going.

"I'm sorry about before. I guess we got off on the wrong foot." I extend my hand for her to shake it, and it hangs in the air for a moment.

Finally, after a tense eternity, she begrudgingly takes my hand and gives it a weak shake.

"Alright..You aren't forgiven.." she mutters, "I just don't want to fight in front of Mystia.." Her grumbling doesn't seem too unhappy though, and Mystia covers her mouth to stifle a giggle. Rumia seems utterly indifferent to the situation, her head buried in her food. She does give a look up at me though when she realizes I'm looking at her.

"Want some?" She offers me some of her half-eaten food, the areas around her smiling lips stained a bit with crumbs and juices.

"No thanks, I'm full." I say, patting her on the head. Somehow I want to spoil her like a child, though she is far more dangerous than any child I know. There's something cute about the fact that she can kill me at any time but wants to be friends with me anyway. Maybe I'm becoming a strange person, though.

"You two seem close." Wriggle comments while not looking in my direction.

"He's my buddy!" Rumia says happily. "My only human buddy."

"Well, isn't it nice to make friends with them? They aren't much different from youkai after all." Mystia chimes in. I see my chance.

"It is nice. So..I was wondering if maybe I could see you guys again? Maybe I could take you up on that offer for music lessons."

"I would love that." Mystia smiles.

"Oh, can I come?" Rumia throws her arms up in excitement, almost hitting me in the face.

"Of course! The more the merrier."

Wriggle grunts, unamused.

"You can come too, you know." I offer.

"R-right. As if I'd want to."

"Okay, just offering.."

"...Thanks." She says quietly.

"Alright, it is settled! Any time you are free, come by the stand. I'll give you lessons as long as I'm not serving customers!"

We all agree to meet up soon, but its time for me to go, unfortunately. Shanghai seems a bit upset with me for staying out this late, and I do need to get some sleep if I'm going with Marisa to investigate more.

"Ah, let one of us take you back. Its dark and we don't want you to get lost with that thing out there scaring the youkai..maybe their hunting grounds have changed."

[] I'm alright. I have Shanghai.
[] I'll take Rumia.
[] Can Wriggle come?
[] Mystia, I'd like to talk a bit more, can you walk me back?

Sorry these are short. Like I said I don't have tons of time. Glad I still have a few readers. I love you guys!
>> No. 26053
[x] Mystia, I'd like to talk a bit more, can you walk me back?
>> No. 26054
[x] I'll take Rumia.
>> No. 26055
[X] Mystia, I'd like to talk a bit more, can you walk me back?
>> No. 26056
[X] I'll take Rumia.
>> No. 26057
[x] I'm alright. I have Shanghai.

Need time to apologize for staying out late and all.
>> No. 26058
File 134832086535.jpg - (283.72KB , 600x750 , 30190031_p1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] I'll take Rumia.
>> No. 26059
[x] I'm alright. I have Shanghai.

Shanghai needs some more attention.
>> No. 26063
[x] Mystia, I'd like to talk a bit more, can you walk me back?

The tone of the story seems to have changed quite a bit from previous updates. Regarding the other votes, it's important to keep in mind that we still have fresh wounds from falling through the trees, and it's really only been a few hours since Alice patched us up (>>25627). Before she found us, Rumia even stated "I can't stay...you are bleeding..it smells good." (>>25577)

Heck, when we rescued her from the bear trap a few days ago she had to leave quickly because we "smelled too good," (>>25285) and that was after we'd been bandaged for at least 24 hours.
>> No. 26066
Rumia just ate. Vote for whoever you like; safety isn't a concern right now.
>> No. 26069
File 134846461756.jpg - (275.46KB , 1024x768 , 23117 - 1doll bandaid blue_eyes blue_hair bow cirn.jpg ) [iqdb]
Currently a tie. I'll give it until I wake up tomorrow and then I'll flip a coin or something.

In the mean time, a Cirno doll. Enjoy.
>> No. 26075
[X] Mystia, I'd like to talk a bit more, can you walk me back?

Works for me~!
>> No. 26077
[x] Mystia, I'd like to talk a bit more, can you walk me back?

Just in case.
>> No. 26081
File 134854903872.jpg - (231.06KB , 600x600 , 97f5123893dcd2c69141c1f0ee81f21a6035be88.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ah, good. Someone broke the tie.

"Mystia, I'd like to catch up a bit more. Do you mind walking me back?"

"Oh, that's fine! Let me close up the cart."

She starts to bustle around, and the others bid farewell, Rumia cheerfully waving with both hands, and Wriggle quietly, with a single wave with her back turned. I stand around awkwardly for a bit and then finally offer Mystia a hand.

"I'm actually just about finished. This is pretty routine for me by now. We should get going. You are staying with Alice, right? How did that happen?"

"Its a long story. To keep it short, Marisa dragged me out here and we ended up in a danmaku battle...I fell off the broom, and ran into Wriggle." I clear my throat, deciding how to continue. "Well, she wasn't too happy to see me, and my leg was pretty banged up in the fall, but luckily Rumia saved me."

The bird youkai's ears rise and fall at moments in my story, sort of like a dog going through the run of its emotions. Her face seems intent on listening but otherwise mostly stoic, but her ears give her feelings away.

"So, Wriggle was after you, then? That's why the air was so hostile there. I have to apologize on her behalf." Her apology is sincere, like everything she does. "Wriggle has been a bit more hostile lately, like she's a kid trying to be cool or something. She started hanging around an unpleasant youkai lately, and it definitely shows."

"Unpleasant how?" Curious. I guess that explains why she was willing to forgive me despite being so hostile at first..its all a show? A convincing one if that is the case.

"Well, it isn't my job to spread things like that. Maybe you can get to know her a bit better when we meet to talk about music. I'm hoping she grows out of it." The bird blushes a little. "I sound so old when I say that. I promise I'm not!"

"I didn't think you were!"

We both laugh a little.

"Anyway, go on with your story! What happened next?"

"Well, Rumia took me to Marisa and Alice, and Alice patched up my wounds...and well, here I am."

"Hm. So why are you with Marisa? Are you two, y'know..?" She leans in, inquisitive. I get the idea that she likes gathering gossip.

"N-no, nothing like that. We went to check out what s he is calling an incident. That's all."

"Awww. Well, whatever. If she doesn't like you, maybe her or Alice will grow to."

The doll that had been so quiet before seemed to perk up at the mention of Alice's name, and made a fuss on my shoulder, shaking her fist at Mystia.

"Alright, alright, I get it little one. I won't tease your master." Mystia suppresses a giggle, but continues. "The incident has something to do with that beast, right? The one scaring everything in the area?"

"That is my guess, yes."

"I won't stop you, but..be careful."

I nod, and we walk in silence for a moment. It is a nice silence though, one of understanding and comfort. At least until we reach the house.

"Alright, I've brought you back. Now I'd better get flying home myself." She waves goodbye to me, and I do the same. After a few steps, she gives a meaningful look over her shoulder. "If you don't come to see me in a few days, I'll be very worried. Please don't make me worry."

Before I can reply, she flies off into the night. A happy song echoes across the silent forest, and I can't help but linger outside to listen to it for a moment before heading back inside to brood over what she said.

She'll worry? I bet I've made lots of people at the village worry. Keine, my father..I didn't really tell anyone I'd be gone. I didn't know I'd be gone so long! Shangai seems to sense my thoughts and looks up at me, concern in her eyes.

"I'm okay, don't worry. Thank you for sticking with me." I pat her head and she grabs my hand with her tiny arms and gives my index finger a hug with all of her body.

Before going to bed, my last thought is of the information I've gleaned. Should I tell Marisa and Alice about the beast?

[] Tell both of them.
[] Tell Marisa. She needs to know what she is getting into, but Alice would worry.
[] Don't tell. They'd know I went out last night and ask questions.
>> No. 26082
[x] Tell Marisa. She needs to know what she is getting into, but Alice would worry.
>> No. 26083
[x] Tell both of them.
>> No. 26084
[X] Tell both of them.

It's for the best.
>> No. 26085
How is telling Alice about dollnapping for the best? What could she possibly do that she wouldn't do without that information?
>> No. 26086
It's not so much telling her about the doll napping but the beast that's the cause of the incident. That and I get the impression Shanghai didn't really object that much to the detour.
>> No. 26087
[x] Tell Marisa. She needs to know what she is getting into, but Alice would worry.

Help the investigator with her investigation.
>> No. 26088
[x] Tell Marisa. She needs to know what she is getting into, but Alice would worry.

Don't want to get into a "Why didn't you tell me?" situation later on.
>> No. 26089
[x] Tell both of them.

I think Shanghai would stick up for us, if Alice got mad. And I'd honestly rather have her mad at us because we told her, than not to have her know. Just in case, and all that.
>> No. 26095
[x] Tell both of them.
>> No. 26096
File 13487695268.jpg - (630.90KB , 850x566 , sample_67de51a9994809edaa75808288910287.jpg ) [iqdb]
Both wins.

Morning comes with the harsh tweeting of birds outside my windows. I rub my eyes, which are clearly reflecting my tired state, and wonder if Mystia chirps like this in the morning. How annoying that would be, to wake up next to..

My face goes red at my own though. "Heh..she's a night bird anyway, so she wouldn't.." I mumble to myself. And of course, as is the case whenever you talk to yourself, someone is listening.

Alice clears her throat from the doorway, making me jump a little. "Good morning. Incredible, you sleep in as much as Marisa. Well, I suppose you aren't quite that drastic."

"Good morning to you too." I'm not sure if she is upset or not. Her tone is annoyed, but she is like that with Marisa all the time as far as I've seen. So maybe it is a bit of an act, like Wriggle?

"Well, if you'd like to return my doll, I'm going to go wake Marisa."

Shanghai jumps to attention and leaps off the bed, running cutely across the floor to her master. Of course, you could tack the adjective "cute" onto anything this doll does and it would be pretty accurate, so I'm not surprised.

After getting fully dressed, I follow Alice over to Marisa's room, only to hear a commotion. Are they arguing about the incident already? I open the door and peek inside, only to get an eyeful of the two girls wrestling angrily, Marisa still in her night clothes, on top of Alice, her bare stomach showing as a loose shirt hangs off of it. Alice is fully clothed, but her hair is rumpled and she is pinned down helplessly over the more rowdy girl's physical strength.

I think I've just witnessed something nice.

A pillow hits me hard in the face. Of course it doesn't hurt, but it takes me by surprise. Perhaps I was too engrossed by the vision before me.

"Pervert!" Alice screams. "Get out get out getoutgetout!"

Marisa starts to snicker and then laugh uncontrollably when I close the door behind me. Alice doesn't sound too pleased so I give them some space and head downstairs to the living room. I don't have long to brood and worry about their moods before Marisa enters, her grin filling the room and wiping away my worries.

"Hey, you about ready to go?" She plops onto the couch next to me.

"Yeah..but before we do.." I start quietly, and she interrupts.

"Don't worry! Alice isn't mad. She just got embarrassed." She moves closer to me and whispers "But isn't she cute when she's pinned down and helpless like that?" and gives a mischievous laugh.

"What are you two idiots talking about?" Alice stomps in, dolls peering into the doorway behind her, watching like worried kids when their parents are fighting.

"Alice, I'm sorry about before. I didn't mean-"

"Its okay." She interrupts, her voice still annoyed. "How could you have known that this girl always tries to fight me in her sleep when I try to wake her?"

Ah, so that's what that was? That explains a lot..I think. There is something still off about that. Its something newlyweds would do, not friends. But what do I know about female friendships anyway?

"I'm not naive enough to even hope that you two are going to return to the village. So I assume you are going to head towards the incident? I can only hope that whatever caused it is already over."

"Ah, about that.." I cut in before Marisa can say anything that leads them to argue. I suppose this is as good a time as any to bring it up. "I..um...found out some more about the incident last night."

"You did?!" both girls chime in at once, one excited, one concerned.

"Yeah..um..well a friend came to visit last night. A youkai friend. She took me out to Mystia's food cart and I heard some rumors there."

Alice's expression is complicated, but Marisa's is simple, and she speaks her mind immediately.

"What'd ya learn?"

"Well, apparently there is something that comes out a night, some kind of beast that scares away lesser youkai. They have to move out of their territory out of fear of the thing."

"My guess is the danmaku we saw was maybe a fight between some youkai moving out of their territory to hunt for food or something." Alice speaks her thoughts aloud, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "This could be more dangerous than I thought. The human village will likely see more youkai attacks until the beast lets the youkai move back into their natural hunting grounds."

"So we gotta stop it, then!" Marisa pounds her fist into her palm with a determined smile.

"I'd say we leave this to Reimu, but that isn't going to work, is it?"

Marisa shakes her head, causing Alice to sigh.

"Alright. Fine. I'll go with you, then. If you are going to drag an injured boy into a dangerous situation, I'd better be there to babysit you at least."

Marisa and I stand at the same time. "Alright then, lets g-"

"Not so fast. I'm not done with you. Why was an injured boy hanging out with youkai in the middle of the night when he was supposed to be in my care? What if something had happened to you?"

"Its okay. I knew the youkai well and I took Shang-" Oops.

"You took one of my dolls with you?! Without my consent?"

She is more than annoyed now, and takes a step closer to me, but a tug at her dress stops her in her tracks. Shanghai looks up at her with innocent eyes, as if saying "Its okay. Its not his fault."

"...I see. So you went with him of your own accord." Alice sighs, venting her anger.

"So Shanghai can move on her own?"

"Normally my dolls cannot. But lately something seems to have gotten into her. I don't even need strings or commands anymore. She's been walking on her own and doing her own thing since a day before you arrived."

"Huh..another, smaller incident. We'll figure that out next!" Marisa seems pleased. Her appetite for adventure and her curiosity seem endless.

"Well...shall we?" I offer, and Alice nods. She puts on her boots, and Marisa gears up impatiently as well. Shanghai walks over to me and gives a little smile.

"Thanks little one." I pat her head gently.

For better or worse, our adventure starts here, on foot. We aren't far from where we saw the fighting, so we'll run into something within the day if we discover anything at all. As we journey, Marisa and Alice share pleasantries and I bring up the rear, thinking about Keine and my father yet again.

It was irresponsible to leave...but I'm glad I did. Maybe I'm not as exciting as Marisa, but I think a bit of adventuring will do me some good.


The ground shakes. I can't help but feel that it wasn't an earthquake, though, as it seems to be more like thunder, a wave of force extending from a dramatic event. I nearly fall over.

"I think I found our culprit's hideout." Alice points to a cave nearby. Well, it isn't in the side of a mountain of anything. It seems far more like a sinkhole gone wrong.

"Great. Another cave adventure." Marisa sighs.

"You brought Patchouli during that incident, right?" Alice spits the name out with malice, causing Marisa to get a little flustered.

The ground rumbles again, but those two don't seem to notice. In fact, it doesn't seem to be shaking so much as..


I see them turn in horror as I tumble down into darkness. Its the last thing I see before the world goes too dark. My last thought before I fall unconscious is "Not again.."
>> No. 26097
I'll finish part two of this post in a few hours! This was a long bit.
>> No. 26099
File 134885373068.png - (13.59KB , 428x430 , 1334018513979.png ) [iqdb]
Started writing, went to post, internet went down. Time to rewrite the whole thing...ugh.


I wake up in darkness. It feels dreamlike or perhaps nightmarish to open my eyes and still have it be just as dark, but I know this is reality by the bruises I feel all over my body. Luckily nothing seems to be broken. Guess this pile of rocks cushioned my fall.

Marisa and Alice are nowhere to be found, but they should know where I am in a general sense. Still, I've heard underground youkai are especially dangerous, so perhaps I should get moving and try to find my own exit. Moving doesn't hurt too badly, so I start to shuffle along quietly in the darkness.

The cave system is pretty extensive, almost seeming like a manmade set of hallways in their solid complexity. Without the sun it is hard to tell time, but I wander for what feels like an hour before I hear a voice.

"Mistress?" It is a girl's voice, or rather a young woman's, and it sounds like she is searching for someone. She isn't shouting, but her voice doesn't sound afraid either.

I sneak a little closer, intending to get a look at what I'm dealing with. When I see her, I can't say I'm not surprised. A girl in a maid outfit with white hair tied into twin braids? Not the kind of person I was expecting down here.

And immediately she vanishes from view. Without a step, without a sound.

"Why are you spying on me?" The same voice comes from behind me, causing me to jump. Her tone seems cool and sharp, like the cold steel of a knife. I turn and of course there she is, though she seems taller and more imposing somehow, her arms crossed and leaning back slightly.

"I thought you might be...a youkai or something. Y'know, um..dangerous."

My honest answer seems to appease her. "You are a bit banged up. And dirty, though it is hard not to be down here." She says, completely free of dust or dirt herself. "Well, I won't ask why you are down here if it is none of my business, but I am not dangerous to you."

As I breathe a sigh of relief, she gives a polite, forced smile.

"I'm looking to go above ground..I got trapped in some kind of hole during an earthquake, and ended up here."

She shakes her head. "I'm going deeper, unfortunately, otherwise I would take you out. I'm looking for my mistress. Or, her sister at least."

She turns away, wishing me luck politely, and starts to head deeper into one of the tunnels. On one hand, I'd like to have company, but if she is going deeper, then Marisa and Alice are going to have a hard time finding me. There are two tunnels ahead, the one she likely emerged from and the one she is heading deeper into..

[] Ask the maid if you can follow her for safety.
[] Follow the tunnel she came from, it is at least a step closer to the exit.
>> No. 26100
[x] Follow the tunnel she came from, it is at least a step closer to the exit.
>> No. 26101
You sir are a fast reader. There is always one person, and at least in my imagination it is always you, who votes like 5 minutes after I post, and it is very flattering.
>> No. 26102
[x] Follow the tunnel she came from, it is at least a step closer to the exit.

Yeah, let's head out of here.
>> No. 26103
[x] Follow the tunnel she came from, it is at least a step closer to the exit.

I don't think we need to get the SDM tangled up in this story.
>> No. 26104
[x] Ask the maid if you can follow her for safety.

I kind of want to know why the vampires are here. Plus it's dangerous to go alone.
>> No. 26105
[X] Ask the maid if you can follow her for safety.

I'm interested.
>> No. 26106
[x] Follow the tunnel she came from, it is at least a step closer to the exit.
>> No. 26108
Alright, I guess that is about everyone. Calling it here and writing now. Hopefully I can post it soon.
>> No. 26110
File 134912599591.jpg - (351.92KB , 600x800 , d99ee3f3c509f70d4f87dbe593f8239e.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'd feel safer travelling with someone, sure, but it'd be pointless to go the wrong way. Besides, something is off about that maid. She can teleport? That isn't human..but..she doesn't seem to be a youkai either. She had no interest in eating me. Maybe she was just too busy?

As I ponder this, I begin my journey to what is hopefully the way out. I wander tunnels for a while until I finally see hope! The light of day, streaming through a hole in the cave ceiling.

"You seem pretty lost~" comes a teasing voice from the ceiling. "You want out, right?"

Descending from the darkness of the ceiling is a blonde girl, her hair tied into a ponytail with a large black ribbon. She's wearing an earthtone dress, wrapped in a large yellow ribbon. Her eyes are filled with playful energy.

"Back away from him, youkai." Comes a stern, confident voice. Marisa! I turn and she's standing heroically, Alice at her side.

"Are you okay?" Alice asks, and Shanghai floats near her, weapons drawn and pointed towards the girl.

"W-woah, I didn't even do anything.." The youkai girl shakes her hands, her body swaying slightly on the white rope she seems to be hanging upside down from. Is she...a spider?

Marisa seems ready to blast her, and Shanghai seems angry too. Still, the girl didn't show me any ill will so far..

I should..

[] Defend the youkai. She didn't harm me yet.
[] Let Marisa blast the youkai.
>> No. 26111
[x] Defend the youkai. She didn't harm me yet.

No harming innocent disease-spreading youkai on my watch, pal.
>> No. 26112
[x] Defend the youkai. She didn't harm me yet.

Because we've treated all youkai we've encountered so far in a benevolent manner, unless they were hostile to us in the first place.
>> No. 26113
MegaSen, you really should make a new thread after this, we're getting well into autosage.

[x] Defend the youkai. She didn't harm me yet.
>> No. 26114
[x] Defend the youkai. She didn't harm me yet.

That and Yamame is one of the nicer ones (I believe her profile more than biased documents)
>> No. 26115
[x] Defend the youkai. She didn't harm me yet.

Seriously, she wasn't threatening us or anything.
>> No. 26119
[x] Defend the youkai. She didn't harm me yet.
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