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File 127683776336.jpg - (77.28KB, 850x635, sample-2a3cc021eac8d0373e656ffdf557b67a.jpg) [iqdb]
"It's been a while, hasn't it."

I know that footstep. It's you. The time I have spent all alone has trained me to identify people by the way they walk. And it's you. You're back. This is, what, your eighth visit now? Aren't you sick of me yet?

"I'm glad to see you again."

Every year, without fail. And each year, you have come without any visible protection. I don't know if the poison I used on you when we first met had any effect, but you seem to foolishly come each and every year. Like clockwork.

"How have you been?"

What do you plan to do this time? Are you trying to win me over? You know I don't like humans; they're the ones that did this to me. You're just one person. You can't atone for the sins of many.

"There's something I have to tell you."

Ah! What are you doing, idiot! Don't hold me like that, you'll die! You've been safe because you never touched me or held me, but...

"I've wanted you for some time now."

You idiot...you didn't have to listen to my selfish request. You didn't have to hold me, kiss me...

"Touch me."

The words I cannot say. The pleasures I cannot feel. The jealousy I cannot relieve. The companionship I cannot achieve. The people I cannot touch. You...would do this for me?

"Hug me."

Are you here to cause me more grief? Are you going to be another person that haunts me? How can you honestly and knowingly hold me like this? This good and satisfying touch; what motive lies behind it? You must have a plan; what human would give their life for a doll?

"Make me feel loved."

No, there's something different about you. You don't back away, even when I tell you to stop. I think...I think you honestly want to care for my needs. You touch me, you hold me in your arms, you hug me. You want me to feel the embrace I miss. You want me to feel. You want me...no, you wish me to be normal. You can't do anything about it, and yet you still try...

"Make love to me."

But...no matter how many times I scream in pleasure, no matter how many times I feel my insides fill with your thrusting, I know that in a matter of minutes, you'll wither away to nothing, leaving me alone again. Did you think that this pleasure would fill my loneliness?

"Come inside me."

How could I have not seen it? You honestly cared for me. You're doing it all for me, and yet I can't do anything for you. My body is all I can give, and all it can give you is death. Yet you give me all you have to make me feel happy, even if only a moment.

"Tell me you'll take responsibility."

We've been in contact for about thirty minutes now, and it's only now that you're beginning to slow down. And I sadly realize why: you are beginning to fade into my flowerbed. You can only smile, and I can only smile back. I can do nothing for you. Do I exist only to cause pain and misery? What is my worth?

"We'll meet again, won't we?"

I am a doll, a puppet to my circumstances. That's all I am. And yet, for half an hour, I was worth something. I was a person.

"I'll see you later."

I want to live. I want to be...
Bravo. Nice short. I don't get to see Medicine written like this very often.
Good work! And, yeah, Medicine is kinda underrated here
Bloody flowers. Being a youkai isn't all fun and games.

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