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1518 No. 1518
Okay soup, shouldn't be too hard to make a bowl of soup right? I mean, you have no idea HOW to make soup but these little cubes look like soup stock to me. That or you're about to try and eat a mushroom block.

Filling a pan with water you plunk it on the stove and add a little salt to avoid over boiling, when the water is seething you chuck the little brown lump into the water and watch.
At first you wonder if you're doing it wrong, but after a while the water begins to turn a light brown as the stock cube begins to bleed flavor into the mix. For a moment you wonder if you've actually just made a batch of gravy, stirring however breaks it up completely and a preliminary taste proves you struck soup.

On a whim you add a half a carrot and some barely you found next to the rice, you're pretty sure this is what's called a broth.

You've got no reliable method of time keeping at the moment, but you'd say that it's about an hour before you rate it ready. It's a bit thin but otherwise you'd say that with a hunk of bread this is one damn fine soup, what's more you're ravenous from the wait.
Not wanting to leave the kitchen in a mess you tidy up first, that out of the way where do you want to eat?


[ ] Sitting room

[ ] Outside

[ ] Kitchen

[ ] Bathroom......

>> No. 1519
[x] Bathroom......

I eat sitting on the toilet.
Marisa's surely out by now.
>> No. 1520
[ ] Kitchen
>> No. 1522
you chuck the little brown lump into the water and watch.
>> No. 1523
[ ] Outside
>> No. 1524
[x] Outside
>> No. 1527
[X] Outside

Outside meals are great when the weather's good.
>> No. 1528
[X] Outside

) here we come.
>> No. 1529
>>you chuck the little brown lump into the water and watch.

Alice strikes again....
>> No. 1530
[x] Outside
>> No. 1531

You only have one lap, Anon.

[ x ] Kitchen
Dont want to mess up her...messy house. Yea...
>> No. 1532
>> No. 1533
[x] Rape Marisa
>> No. 1534
File 120925744454.gif - (2.09KB , 120x120 , 1pv1.gif ) [iqdb]
>Outside meals are great when the weather's good.

There's a fly in my soup.
>> No. 1535

Not for another day or two.
>> No. 1536
[ ] Outside
>> No. 1537
File 120925984422.jpg - (74.71KB , 933x505 , 1208872896621.jpg ) [iqdb]
Once again you decide to have a meal in the open air, plus you're much less likely to fall asleep and get groped by Wriggle this time. Not saying that's a bad thing of course.

The sun's high in the sky, but there's a bit of cloud cover today and the wind has begun to pick up. Not wanting to sit out in that you settle down on one of the tables on the veranda and begin to eat, not bad you guess. Could use a dash of pepper or something but it's okay if a little bland.

Taking the rose out of your pocket you begin to roll it between your fingers, what is this thing anyway? It looks familiar but you can't think why, you can't help but study it in detail. It's a deep crimson red, the flower isn't quite finished opening and doesn't produce any perfume. All along the stem are little thorns but there a smooth area near the middle where you always hold it, as if it was made that way.

Finishing your meal a whim over takes you, once again you try to summon that powerful feeling from within but focus it on the rose this time.

You try to stay calm during the process, you reason that forcing it won't help anything seeing as it came naturally last time. Clearing your mind proves to be a challenge in it's self as thoughts keep jumping out at you dividing your concentration, reluctantly turning your thoughts from a day dream about Marsia and Alice in the bath you focus solely on the rose.

Once again you sink into that world where it's just you and the object of your focus, within yourself you can feel something resonating with what you hold in your hand. It's all very confusing so you try to rationalize it, in your mind's eye you see what's inside you as a collection of blue light and the aura around the rose as a red light. Maintaining your focus is getting harder each second, you can feel this slipping away from you every second although the imagery does help with that some what.
Fearing you may loose it at any moment you tentatively try to pass that blue light up your arm through your hand and into the red light, it takes all your mental effort to do it while maintaining the image in your head but eventually the blue light begins to crawl towards it's goal. Slowly it creeps along your body filling your arms with an energized sensation, beads of sweat form on your fore head keeping this up but you soldier on.

Just as you think you're strength is about to give out you manage to make the two lights meet, for a moment you see them waver and form a bright violet colour. Did you do it? Have you controlled magic? Unable to contain yourself you snap open your eyes.

The rose remains unchanged, nothing happened.
Sighing you lean back exhausted, you probably just wasted all that mental effort for nothing and all you managed to do was tire your self out.
What were you thinking, Marisa said you had little magic in you. The best you can do is summon a rose in times of great need, wonderful. If you ever need to apologize to anyone at least you can rely on this little party trick, letting out another sigh you pack up your lunch things, put you stupid rose back in your pocket and go back inside.

You can't help but feel in a slump as you wash your bowl. Can't do magic, can't fly, can't play danmaku, what can you do in this world? All you seem to be able to do so far is mooch off of other and eat their food.

Marisa's voice echoes through the house, shit what now?
Oh, thats all.
"Gladly your majesty!" You yell back with a sneer, if you're unhappy everyone is unhappy.


[ ] Make one cup

[ ] Make two cups

[ ] Make a whole pot, why not?

[ ] Don't make tea. Sulk.
>> No. 1538
[x] Make a whole pot, why not?

Might as well. Tea's always nice.
>> No. 1539
[x] Make two cups
>> No. 1540
[ ] Make two cups
>> No. 1541
[ ] Make a whole pot, why not?
>> No. 1542
[x] Make a whole pot, why not?
>> No. 1543

[ x ] Make two cups

Real men
>> No. 1544
[x] Make two cups
>> No. 1545
[x] Make a whole pot, why not?
There is never an excess of tea.
>> No. 1546
[x] Make two cups
>> No. 1547
File 120926106566.jpg - (52.33KB , 300x268 , 1205949859568.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Make a whole pot, why not?
>> No. 1548
[x] Make two cups

Don't waste all Marisa's foodstuffs.
>> No. 1549
[x] Make two cups
>> No. 1550
Hasn't it been a couple days since anon has seen a razor? What about a toothbrush or comb? Anon may be clean right now, but I'm willing to bet he looks rather rugged at this point.
>> No. 1551
It adds to the charm.
>> No. 1552
File 120926174870.jpg - (13.16KB , 380x214 , speedgraph04.jpg ) [iqdb]
Why is it that this is the second thing I thought of when seeing your post?
First was Big Boss, but Anonymous isn't THAT awesome yet.
>> No. 1554
Heh, I wish. If that were true, maybe I could actually get a girlfriend...
>> No. 1555
File 120926255598.jpg - (36.42KB , 450x650 , 1208452264764.jpg ) [iqdb]
Shaking your head you set about making two cups of tea, no sense on taking a bad mood out on others is there? Besides, you may get a chance to ogle Marisa in nothing but a towel. Setting the tea onto a tray you step into the sitting room to find her sitting around the table fully dressed, still reading that book. As you enter she looks up and smiles at you relieving you of some of your bad mood.
"Ah, thanks -ze!" Taking a cup from the tray she pats the table. "Sit down."


[ ] Sit next to her

[ ] Sit across from her

[ ] Hit her with a chair
>> No. 1556

Oh god.

[x] Hit her with the chair.
>> No. 1557
[x] Sit across from her
>> No. 1558
[X] Sit next to her.

Nice and close.
>> No. 1559
[ ] Sit across from her

Don't push it, anon.
>> No. 1560
[ ] Sit across from her
>> No. 1561
[x] Sit next to her
Surprise her.
>> No. 1562
Hit her with the chair, that'll surprise her.
>> No. 1563
[X] Sit next to her.
>> No. 1564
[ ] Sit across from her
>> No. 1565
[x] Sit next to her

Hit her with a chair? Typo??
>> No. 1566
File 120926306593.jpg - (189.42KB , 512x512 , 1204851414494.jpg ) [iqdb]

Anonymous already has 99 problems and a bitch aint one. WHY HAVE ANOTHER TRIPFRIEND?! Srsly, having a gf/bf isnt a fucking need.

[ x ] Sit next to her

D-David! Dont sit so close to me! G-Geez!
>> No. 1567
Oh no, I really do mean that should you wish you could take this opportunity to hit Marisa with a very heavy piece of furniture.

I felt the post was weak and yet necessary to move onto the next point so I threw it in to see who would go for it.
>> No. 1568
[x] Sit next to her
>> No. 1569
[x] Sit next to her
>> No. 1570
>> No. 1571
[X] Sit across from her
>> No. 1572
[X] Sit next to her
>> No. 1573
[X] Sit across from her
>> No. 1574
Yes, sit across from her and strike the Gendo Ikari pose.
>> No. 1575
[X] Sit across from her
>> No. 1576
Nope. I've hit a goddamn wall. Can't think of shit captain.

I'll try again tomorrow.
>> No. 1577
Gambled for the Con-chair-to, I see?

See you today!
>> No. 1578
[x] Sit across from her
>> No. 1579
File 120931628286.jpg - (5.55KB , 126x126 , 1209260768552.jpg ) [iqdb]
Setting your tea down on the table you sit down next to her, she smiles at you so you guess this was the right choice. Reaching under the table she pulls out two bowls, one with hot soapy water in it and another filled with a thick white foam, next to these she lays out a brush and an old fashion cut throat razor.
"If you're going to live here for a while I expect you to look presentable, there's no room to do this in the bathroom. Besides you can drink your tea here."
Handing you one of her pink towels you become curious.
"Why do you have a razor? It's not like you have to shave."
Rolling up her skirt for a moment she exposes a slender and smooth leg, you never though a calve could look so sexy.
"Girls do shave silly, you don't get legs this smooth without working at it -ze. Leg hair is just so itchy you know?"
You hope for a moment to be invited to test how smooth that leg is but she rolls her skirt back before the thought is even half formed in your head.
"So do you want to shave your self or should I?"


[ ] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."

[ ] "I'll give it a go."

[ ] "Actually I'd like to grow a beard."

(honorable mentions go out to the anonymous that mentioned the shaving thing, without that I would've been blocked for even longer. thanks.)
>> No. 1580
[ ] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."

Chances are we'll cut our throat open.
>> No. 1581
[ ] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."

Shit, I remember the first time I used one of these. You do it, woman.
>> No. 1582



Not unless you're drunk. I shaved with a straight razor on a dare before, it's actually not too difficult.
>> No. 1583
[X] "I'll give it a go."
>> No. 1584
File 120931739258.jpg - (10.58KB , 250x305 , 250px-WilRiker.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Actually I'd like to grow a beard."
>> No. 1585

[x] I'm Fred the Beard. Don't shave.
>> No. 1586

[x] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."


I'm only used to safety razors
>> No. 1587
[x] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."
>> No. 1588
[ ] "Actually I'd like to grow a beard."

I bet her legs aren't the only thing she shaves
>> No. 1589
[X] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."
>> No. 1590
[ ] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."
>> No. 1591

>I hope her legs aren't the only thing she shaves

Fixed that for you since we don't want any armpit hair.
>> No. 1592
I should shave my armpits later.
>> No. 1593
[x] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."
>> No. 1594

Men trim their armpits. They don't shave them.
>> No. 1595
[ ] "Actually I'd like to grow a beard."
If we can't do magic, danmaku or flying, at least we can grow a manly fucking beard. Girls dig beards
>> No. 1596
The fuck do I care
I look pretty
>> No. 1597
[x] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."
>> No. 1598
[C] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."
>> No. 1599

Whatever you say, Nancy.
>> No. 1600
[x] "I'll give it a go."

Cue BAD END as we slice our head off. Those razors are hard mode.
>> No. 1601
[x] "You do it, I've never used a razor like this before."
>> No. 1602

[x] remove pants, begin shaving legs

for the lulz
>> No. 1603
File 120932172072.jpg - (45.46KB , 418x582 , 1209159561934.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Could you do it for me? I've never used a razor like this before."
"Hmm? But you were clean shaved when I found you, how can you never have used a razor before?"
"Well I remember in my world, we had a different kind of razor. They were differently designed to this."
"Is that so~"
With a flourish she drapes the towel around your shoulders and begins to lather your face up, working so close to your face you can get smell her fresh clean body. She smells like strawberries....
"Don't you have to sharpen it first?" You say as she washes the it in the water.
"Well I cast a little charm on it so it won't ever loose it's edge. Always sharpening seemed to be a waste of time. Lift your chin -ze."
You do as she asks and she begins to run the blade gently over your skin. She's being tentative, probably to avoid cutting you while she builds up confidence, closing your eyes you try to relax more and communicate that in your body language to her. Even so your heart beats fast, but is that because of the edge at your throat or her hot breath on your face?
"So," You swallow and try to speak again after she moves the razor from your neck. "Why do you shave your legs Marisa? I mean, you always wear long skirts so you don't really need to..."
Stopping to wash the razor clear of foam and stubble she smiles gently at you.
"I'm going to let you in on a little secret David."
Propping a mirror up on a cushion in front of you she walks around behind you and leans over your shoulder as she begins to work on your cheeks. You swallow hard again as her body presses against yours and prey she doesn't notice.
"You see, I'm going to be the best one day."
"The best at what?"
"The best, at everything."
Her eyes light up as she speaks.
"I want to be the best at everything there is and I'm going to do it by my self. Part of being the best means looking the best, so I take care of the way I look." Slosh as she washes the blade again, skrit as she goes back to shaving.
"Being the best is why I study magic, magic can do anything. If you have the right spell that is."

Slosh slosh, skrit skrit.

"Alice and Patchy think the way I use magic is wasteful and excessive, but I believe that it doesn't matter how much magic you waste if you have lots to spare. Besides, it's not magic if it isn't flashy!"
"Why do you want to be the best, Marisa?"
"Because I was born ordinary. Even when I was little I used to read all the time, my dad didn't like it because he thought it wasn't proper for a girl to read."

Slosh, Skrit.

"But he couldn't stop me, I was enticed by books. By stories of the amazing people who came to Gensokyo to live with the Youkai, but when I looked around the village all I saw was boring ordinary people. That's when I realised I didn't want to be ordinary, I wanted to be some one special. I didn't want to scrape out an existence scrabbling in the dirt only to die and have no one remember me, I wanted someone to write books about me one day."

Remembering what she was supposed to be doing she snaps from her revelry and gets back to shaving.

"Side burns on or off?"
"On please, keep going by the way. I'm interested..."
"Really? All right I guess. Where was I?"
"You didn't want to be normal."
"That's right. Yeah, so I started studying magic. That made dad REALLY mad, witches don't get married usually because normal people consider us weird."
You have to bite your tongue to stop your self from saying, I can imagine.
"He kept trying to stop me, threw out my books and made me work until I was too tired to study. But I wouldn't give in, even when all I could do was stumble into bed I'd still stay up half the night and study. That really drove him nuts, he kept threatening to throw me out if I didn't stop disobeying him....." A wistful look over takes her and her hand drops slightly.
"Did he throw you out?"
"Hm? Oh, no in the end I left him! To be honest I don't think he was ever serious about throwing me out, he certainly was surprised when I left with Mima-sama."
"Who's Mima?"
"Just someone from my past, that's another story in it's self. Let's just say that she was the one who gave me the confidence to go out into the big wide world and make a name for my self, she let me hang around her and I used to think that if I stayed with her she'd lead me to something great. I guess in a way she did."

She's nearly finished shaving, you prey that she takes her time. You want to hear the rest of the story.
"Anyway, while I was still with Mima, I met someone amazing. She was opposing Mima and so I saw her as my enemy, we fought of course and she won. I was still starting out back then, now I'm considered one of the most powerful humans alive." You detect more than just a hint of pride in her voice. "This girl who beat me, I later found out that she barely did any training. All her power was natural and here I was struggling to stand on my own, I think it was meeting her that pushed me forwards from then on. I wanted to prove that Heroes are made, not born."
She stops to take a sip of her tea, you follow suit while you can.
"Eventually I left Mima and moved to the forest by my self, but I still wanted to prove my self to that girl. Over and over we fought and while I hate to admit it, she kicked my ass most of the time. And when I finally did beat her, well I guess I felt empty. All that effort I had spent trying to best her and for what? To see her recognize me as a worthy foe? That day was horrible, the world felt hollow. But you know what?"
"All that effort had made me stronger, I guess I was thankful to her in the end because I couldn't find it in me to hate her. So I dusted myself off and set out to reach new goals. That's when I started going on the adventures I told you about. There finished."

With a flourish she swipes the last of the hair from your face and let's you towel off as she cleans the razor one last time, you're surprised to see so much hair in the bowl. Running a finger over your chin it feels smooth, she did a good close shave.

"Thanks Marisa, I guess I needed that more than I knew."
"No problem, sorry about waffling on about my self so long. You must've been bored to death."
"Not at all."

>> No. 1604
File 120932173998.jpg - (17.98KB , 450x386 , norseman.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] "Actually I'd like to grow a beard.

Gentlemen. This is our goal.
>> No. 1605
"I liked hearing about your past, really."
Beaming at you she nods.
"Such a nice boy."
Grabbing a hair brush she chucks it to you, you catch it barely and scrabble to keep a hold of it.
"Could you brush my hair for me?"
Enthusiastically you nod and you switch places with her sitting in front of the mirror. Admiring her hair for it's texture and softness for a moment and thanking your lucky stars for this chance you begin to brush her hair for her.

Your heart is brimming with joy, for her to be so open with you about her past and be willing to allow to do something as intimate as groom her. It's probably because you allowed her to do the same for you or something. At first you wonder if this is some kind of indication of her growing affection for you, but in a moment of rare insight you realize that she's gone back into "friend modo" and probably considers you on the same level as Alice at the moment. Goddamnit. Still, why does she like you in the first place? She doesn't seem to be fond of ordinary people, why should she even have time for you?

Ignoring that for now you focus on the here and now.
There was something very comforting about the way you spent the next couple of hours or so, as you gently brushed her hair the pair of you chatted idly about small thing. Simply enjoying each other's company.

Eventually it begins to get darker, not by much but the sun is starting to go for the touchdown on the other end of the sky. It's about then that there's a knock on the door, followed by a ringing bell.

"Who' calling me now?"
Getting up Marisa heads into the hall way to greet this visitor.


[ ] Go see who it is

[ ] Stay put, but listen

[ ] Look out the window
>> No. 1606


reading now
>> No. 1607
[X] Look out the window

Is this the window where the door is or a different window altogether?
I'm assuming it's a different one.
>> No. 1608
[X] Go see who it is.

Get the door for her. It's the gentlemanly thing to do.
>> No. 1609
[X] Stay put, but listen
>> No. 1610
[x] Look out the window
>> No. 1611
[X] Go see who it is
Alice said she'd come back, didn't she?
>> No. 1612
[x] Look out the window
>> No. 1613
[C] Stay put, but listen
>> No. 1614
Good question I hadn't been thinking about the layout of the house. Let's assume that the sitting room takes up most of this side of the house and there's a window at the end that over looks the front door.
>> No. 1615
[x] Go see who it is.
>> No. 1616
[x] Go see who it is
>> No. 1617
[x] Stay put, but listen
>> No. 1618
[x] Look out the window.

Just in case.
>> No. 1619
[ ] Go see who it is

Its' Alice. Go greet her with a gentlemenly kiss! Then sleep on the couch again.
>> No. 1620
[x] Look out the window
>> No. 1621

[x] Look out the window.

Steel thyself.
>> No. 1622
Holy fuck, that was awesome. And don't even start ragging me about fellatio, Anon, 'cause I ain't hearin' it.

[X] Look out the window
>> No. 1623
>>Is that so~

oh u
>> No. 1624
LOL, can't believe I missed that.
>> No. 1625
File 120932975385.jpg - (104.38KB , 480x360 , dinner.jpg ) [iqdb]
BRB making dinner (spaghetti carbonara, not too long)
>> No. 1626

Man, you eat dinner late.
>> No. 1627
[ ] Look out the window

>> No. 1628
Booi, my Scoooooooooooooorn!
>> No. 1629
I only have to cook for myself so often I'll forget to eat until late. Like Marisa I guess
>> No. 1630
Are you the same fucker with the "why not scorn ourselves"? i have a feeling you are.
..keep up the good work, i grinn'd.

Now why did i read that as " i don't eat until lake"
>> No. 1631

I read it like that too. It's coming for us anon.
>> No. 1632
Can't unsee...
>> No. 1633
File 120933778932.png - (437.12KB , 434x600 , 1209173348674.png ) [iqdb]
Immensely curious as to who is visiting you go over to the window at the end of the room to take a peek at who it is, a happy little thought pops into your head.
"Maybe it's Alice?"
First this pleases you, then you feel guilty for thinking this way after having such an intimate moment with Marisa.

Stepping over to the window you twitch back the curtain and peek through, the forest is filled with shadows created by the dusk light but you can see pretty far between the trees. Leaning forward you try to see who's at the door, but even when you press your nose against the glass you can't make anyone out. Marisa probably already let them into the ante chamber at the front, damn. What's more you can't hear what they're saying this far from the corridor.

Deciding that being caught spying through the window wouldn't be easy to explain you dart back to your seat and sip your tea. Just as you do the door opens.

"..... I haven't sensed anything out of place. Are you sure it was local?"
"Positive, it's rare I'm this sure about a location of a disturbance. Although it's nature is unusual."
Stepping through Marisa hold the door open for another.
"Have you spoken to Yukari?"
"Not yet I-"
A girl with dark brown hair tied with a bow, dressed in some kind of traditional Red and White costume, stops speaking when she catches sight of you.
"Ah! You didn't mention you had another visitor Marisa." Her voice is melodious, but speaks in an informal lazy kind of tone. The result it kind of disharmonious.
"Wha? Oh yeah, this is David. He's from the other world, came here recently so I'm letting him stay for a bit." The other girl frowns at this.
"That's not like you Mari. Since when did you give two craps about other worlders?"
"Ehh don't make me into a monster Reimu." So that's her name... "He's a special case, he's got amnesia from his crossing. I don't think he just wandered in like most people from his account of it."
A strange look passes over Reimu's face and she turns her attention towards you.
"Interesting, when did you pass into this world?"
Confused to stammer out a response.
"About two nights ago I guess."
"I see," Her piercing gaze seems to be evaluating the worth of your very atoms.
"Are you a multidimensional being intent on destroying the great barrier?"
"Are you a demon prince here to claim all unmarried virgins to be your wives?"
"Are you a-"
Butting in Marisa pulls Reimu back ending her interrogation.
"Geeze Reimu ease up there. You only just met the guy."
Realizing her self Reimu blushes a little in embarrassment, coughs and extends a hand to you smiling.
"Sorry about that, it's just I hate having to run around sorting out all of Gensokyo's problems. So I was hoping you'd admit you were behind it all along, give up and leave this world in peace. Fat chance I guess. I'm Reimu Hakurei, the shrine maiden."


[ ] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself

[ ] Shake her hand and etc

[ ] Ignore the hand, Introduce

[ ] Smile but ignore her
>> No. 1635
[x] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1636
[X] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1637
[ ] Shake her hand and etc

Stay on target... stay on target...
>> No. 1639
>> No. 1640
[x] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself

Of we don't do this here, don't you think Marisa would start to think we hold Alice higher than others in our mind?
>> No. 1641
[X] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself.
[X] Offer her that rose you made earlier.

She's not used to being treated with respect. The reaction will be golden.
>> No. 1642
[x] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1643
[x] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself

You guys know that Marisa values us most when her emotions are all thrown out of whack, right? If you want to see her questioning herself again, you know what you have to do. It might get us on the couch for a bit, but lover's quarrels, eh?
>> No. 1645
[ ] Shake her hand and etc

I wouldn't risk kissing her hand after our moment with Marisa. Also with that little story of how Reimu is always better than her. Always.
>> No. 1647
Yeah that'll work. Kiss everyone's hand except hers, she'll surely understand and be reasonable about it.

I mean, women always analyze situations with dispassionate logic. Even when they are confused teens.
>> No. 1648
[] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1649
[X] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1650
[X] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1652
I agree strongly with this anon.

[X] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1653
[x] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself

Bust out the magic rose.
>> No. 1654
[ ] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1655
What happened to your adventurous spirit, Anon? What happened to your desire to provoke reactions in as many people as possible?
>> No. 1656

Looks like more than one Anon has become less willing to stir things up.

Also [x] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself.

Come on!
>> No. 1657
[x] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself
>> No. 1658
[x] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself
If only to provoke Marisa to MAGIC TIME us again so that we can further develop our power of love.
>> No. 1659
[x] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself
>> No. 1660
[ ] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1661
[C] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1662
>> No. 1663
[x] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself
>> No. 1664
[x] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1665
[x] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself
>> No. 1666
[x] kiss hand.

Marisa's friends are our friends.
>> No. 1667
Damn, 24 votes? Do we usually get that many?
>> No. 1668
☑ Shake her hand and etc

[x] is so out of date. Real men use ☑.
>> No. 1669
probably the samefag voting to kiss her hand.
>> No. 1670
[x] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1671
[X] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself.
>> No. 1672
☑ Shake her hand and etc.

Hey, that does feel good...
>> No. 1673
☑ Shake her hand and etc.
>> No. 1674
File 120934180068.jpg - (239.77KB , 518x800 , 1208304724361.jpg ) [iqdb]
Grasping that hand in your own you shake saying.
"I'm David Lee Roth, blame Marisa for the name."
Turning to Marisa she shrugs saying.
"I have my reasons."
"Nice to meet you David, sorry again about the interrogation. I'm responsible for most of what goes on around here, I guess you could think of me as a kind of police woman." Letting go of her hand you can't help but note how soft it was, either through care or lack of work you suppose.
"Anyway we can talk business later, it's a rare day to see you come visit me Reimu." Marisa huffs and smiles.
"It's a nice change not having to fly over to the shrine to find you."
"I'm not sure if I have the time to play Marisa, I mean I left Suika alone at the shrine ...."
A cunning look overtakes Marisa's features, sliding up to Reimu she leans in and whispers in her ear.
"If you stay I'll get you dinner from that grilled lamprey stand."
Eyes dilating Reimu begins to drool ever so slightly, seizing on her advantage Marisa circles a finger over Reimu's chest. If you didn't know better you'd say she's trying to arouse a nipple.
"I'll even lay on some beers....."
She murmurs huskily into her ear.
"Ahh! Oh, I-I-I g-guess I could stay for a little bit maybe."
"Mmm. Good." Christ since when did Marisa know how to be intentionally sexy? Or doesn't she realize the connotations of what she's doing?

"Okay!" Leaping up Marisa begins to dictate each one of you.
"It's gonna be a regular little party! We'll be celebrating Dave's arrival in this world!"
First she points at Reimu.
"Reimu! Go into the kitchen and get the glasses and plates ready, lay the table!"
Next she points to you.
"Davey! Go to the end of the garden, there's a shed where I keep the booze. Take the key by the kitchen door. Oh, and try not to get eat by youkai."
Finally she points to her self.
"I'm gonna go find that youkai with our dinner, okay! Break!"
Without another word Marisa dashes out of the room, moments later you can see her taking to the air from the window.

You and Reimu are left standing alone and silent. Catching each other's eye you share a nervous laugh before getting to work yourselves.

"Heh, that girl." She tuts. "I'm amazed you can live with her."
"Ah, that's what Alice said. I haven't been here that long though so I guess the worst is yet to come."
"You've met Alice? Actually I should visit her before the night is done,,,,"
Stepping into the kitchen Reimu immediately begins to sort through the cupboards for what she's looking for, grabbing the key on a hook by the door you step out side.

>> No. 1675
[x] Shake her hand and etc
>> No. 1676

Damn, 29 votes due to obvious votespam samefag bullshit is enough, we don't this shit popping up after the story path is chosen.
>> No. 1677
>"I want to get the booze Marisa."
Marisa said "No! You will BE EAT BY YOUKAI"
>> No. 1678
Yeah I'm taking all votes with a pinch of salt in certain circumstances. Like the faggots that post 2 minuets after a HUEG WALL OF TEXT, I am in control here so I decide what is fair.
>> No. 1679
[x] Kiss her hand and introduce yourself

>> No. 1680
[x] Shake her hand and etc.
>> No. 1681
>"Mmm. Good." Christ since when did Marisa know how to be intentionally sexy? Or doesn't she realize the connotations of what she's doing?

I'm guessing she doesn't. Wasn't it hinted that she's got more of a girl's mentality than a woman's?
>> No. 1682

>> No. 1683

My little pep talk wasn't intended to make people votespam. Sorry about that.
>> No. 1684

If they are American, then I bet they've managed to screw up filling in scantron test sheets before.
>> No. 1685
File 120934314389.jpg - (5.47KB , 251x189 , iseewhatyoudidthere.jpg ) [iqdb]
>"Davey! Go to the end of the garden, there's a shed where I keep the booze. Take the key by the kitchen door. Oh, and try not to get eat by youkai."
>> No. 1686

>> No. 1687

Let us hope we don't get kidnapped by some curious youkai trying to figure out if the rumors about the strange human are true.
>> No. 1688
File 120934367243.jpg - (90.73KB , 457x650 , 1208966034444.jpg ) [iqdb]
It's gotten colder since you last went outside, for a brief moment you wonder how Reimu could stand flying about with her arm pits exposed.
Mmm. Armpits. Nice.

Once or twice you nearly stumble in the poor light due to some abandoned item in the more over grown areas, bloody hell Marisa is it too much to ask that you trim the grass? Passing by your rock you sight the little squat hut that serves as the shed, considering that tiny insects are beginning to swarm around your head you really want to get this over and done with.

Fiddling with the lock and key you finally get the door open, there's no light inside so you have to prop the door open as far as possible to see what you're doing. Rows of shelves take up most of the shed, most of them are covered in boxes which upon closer inspection contain various gardening tools and seeds. Casting about for where Marisa keeps her booze you catch sight of a chunky box at the end under the window, as you approach you notice it's covered in cobwebs.

[ ] Bastard spiders aren't getting between you and drunken girls! Wipe away the web.

[ ] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web

[ ] Use a stick to try and move the spider outside
>> No. 1689
[x] Use a stick to try and move the spider outside
>> No. 1690
[x] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web

Gotta stay on cute-bug's good side.
>> No. 1691
[ ] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web
>> No. 1692
[X] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web

She is watching. Always watching.
>> No. 1693
Good point.
[x] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web
>> No. 1694
[x] Use a stick to try and move the spider outside
I wonder how deadly magic forest spiders are.
>> No. 1695
[x] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web

Youkai spiders?
Horrible mutations from exposure to Marisa's experiments?
Something equally unpleasant?

I'd really rather not find out.
>> No. 1696
[ ] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web

You're fucking lucky Wriggle likes bugs you son of a bitch spider.
>> No. 1697
[X] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web.

We're not wimps, but there's also no reason to disturb a family of spiders.
>> No. 1698
[ ] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web
>> No. 1699
[x] Use a stick to try and move the spider outside

Don't fuck around with unknown arachnids.
>> No. 1700
[X] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web

Anon is too cool to get BAD END via pissed-off Wriggle.
>> No. 1701
Spiders are actually pretty cool. If she's got any openroken wine bottles in there, the webs will take care of the fruit flies. Might even be her doing.
>> No. 1702

[ x ] No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web.

>> No. 1703
>the little squat hut that serves as the shed
>the little squat hut
>squat hut

oh you...

☞ No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web
>> No. 1704
>Spiders are actually pretty cool.
>pretty cool

Scorn's got nothing on what you've just written.
>> No. 1705
[x] Bastard spiders aren't getting between you and drunken girls! Wipe away the web.
>> No. 1706
☑ No point in disturbing them, carefully open the box and avoid messing with the web.
>> No. 1707
File 12093451463.jpg - (49.90KB , 450x300 , scary-ass-spider-rangiroa.jpg ) [iqdb]
Gently - oh so gently you creep over to the box, seems to be like an ice chest from your world on closer inspection, and carefully lift the lid. God this would be easier if you weren't deadly afraid of spiders.

Moving ever so slowly you lean in to peer inside, it's filled with ice and poking out in a few places are bottles and what look like aluminum cans. Considering that there's no electricity in Gensokyo Marisa must be pretty lucky to have even this. Reaching your hand in it's numbingly cold, you want to get this over and done with before that spider decides to show up.

"Where's the beer?" You mutter to yourself.

To you horror, a long spindly leg reaches down from above your head, reaches into the ice and roots around for a bit, before emerging with a a six pack of beer. A moment later another leg moving with the same eerie measured grace reaches in after and pulls another six pack out.
What really freaks you out is when the third hairy leg descends and pulls out a large bottle of what looks to be expensive larger.

You feel like you've been hypnotized, moving on automatic you accept the beer being offered to you.

Hating your self for doing it and dreading what you'll see you look up, staring you right in the face hanging from the cieling is the biggest spider you've ever seen. It's segmented and hairy body is easily the size of a cow, it's eight shiny eyes glinting at you in the slight light.

Letting out a small whimper you close the chest and back out of the shed slowly, terrified to move even an inch too fast. Reaching the door it raises a hairy limb at you, as if it's waving good bye.
"T-t-t-thank y-y-you." You manage to stammer out quickly before slamming the door behind you, immediately you begin to fumble with the key and lock desperately trying to lock it after you.

Finally you manage to calm down enough to lock the door properly, dropping the beer by the shed you slide down the wall and let out a huge breath. You must of been holding it since you saw the legs.




[ ] Gb2/house/
>> No. 1708
I was tempted to just end the post right after that but I don't know if anyone goes to /tg/
>> No. 1709
[x] Stop and take a breather. Don't want to go back to the house looking like shit now.
>> No. 1710

[ ] Gb2/house/

>> No. 1711
[x] Gb2/house/
>> No. 1712
[x] Gb2/house/

Screaming like a little girl won't help.
>> No. 1713
[ ] Gb2/house/
>> No. 1714

"David, why do you smell like shit?"

>> No. 1715
☑ Gb2/house/

Okay, it was just a friendly massive abomination of God with every facet of a horrible nightmare rolled up. No biggie.
>> No. 1716
[X] Gb2/house/

Marisa, why do you do this?
>> No. 1717
>> No. 1718
[x] Gb2/house/
>> No. 1719
[x] Gb2/gaia/, faggots.
>> No. 1720
[x] Gb2/house/

Hey Marisa
You've got a giant spider in your shack.
I just had a beer with it.
Looks like it was the last one, though.
>> No. 1721
[x] Gb2/house/

>> No. 1722
Nice spider.
>> No. 1723
File 120934620762.jpg - (466.93KB , 640x547 , daddy.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1724
I know Gensokyo is full of wild things, but that would probably be on par with Australia in terms of dangerous and deadly wildlife.
>> No. 1725
☑ Gb2/house/

>> No. 1726
>> No. 1727
Seconding because it'll be funny.
>> No. 1728
☑ Gb2/house/

"HEY DAD! I brought you a beer!"
>> No. 1729
[ ] Gb2/house/
>> No. 1730
File 120934790715.jpg - (17.96KB , 320x240 , snapshot20080427215458.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1731
Suppressing the urge to scream you run a cold beer over your forehead while moving quickly away from the shed, Marisa can get FUCKED if she thinks she's sending you back there again.

The beer is uncomfortably cold against your chest as you walk back to the house, light is really fading fast now. How long were you and Marisa talking for?

You've never been so relieved to be in this kitchen as you are right now, as you step back inside you shut the door firmly behind you. In the gloom you can't see the shed but simply knowing it's there will haunt your sleep tonight....

A giggle from the next room confirms that Marisa is already home, that sure was quick but it does mean you can't speak to the shrine maiden alone. Stepping through you raise your loot in the air and announce it's triumphant arrival!
"Behold Marisa! I got you beer!"
"Hail the beer -ze! Come and grab a plate!"
The table is laid out with three places and stacked with dishes containing various foods, most of which are are on a stick or have eel in them, Marisa is sat at the head of the table imperiously while Reimu sits to her left with three of four sticks poking out of her mouth.
"Mmmph! 'Ail 'he meer!" She mimics through her full mouth.

It's probably the best evening of your life considering your lack of a memory, every day you build a new identity around what happens to you. At first Reimu and Marisa spend most of their time catching up. You're content to let them talk though, it gives you a chance to eat and learn a thing or two about Gensokyo. Mostly names and places. The beer is cool and heady and the food delicious, Reimu must be a close friend if Marisa is willing to put on a spread like this for her...
It's nice to let their conversation wash over you, it gets you thinking if you really want to go back to your old life at all, maybe you could get Alice or Marisa to take you as an apprentice or live with Wriggle in the forest....

[ ] Drink heavily to show off

[ ] Drink lightly to avoid getting too drunk
>> No. 1732
[x] Drink lightly to avoid getting too drunk
>> No. 1733
[X] Drink heavily to show off
This is probably a bad idea, but what the hell
>> No. 1734

[ ] Drink lightly to avoid getting too drunk
>> No. 1735
[X] Drink lightly to avoid getting too drunk.

Let the others get drunk, so they can act embarrassed around us the next day.
>> No. 1736
[ ] Drink lightly to avoid getting too drunk
>> No. 1737
[ ] Drink lightly to avoid getting too drunk

hangovers are a bitch.
>> No. 1738
[x] Drink heavily to show off
We're sitting with the top drunkards in Gensokyo next to Suika. Git 'r done
>> No. 1739
also, do NOT want to return to spider shack for more beers
>> No. 1740
[ ] Drink lightly to avoid getting too drunk

Meh, more of a personal choice. I hate the feeling of being smashed but love being tipsy. Also, you can't properly enjoy the show if you're too pissed to recognize it.
>> No. 1741
[x] Drink lightly to avoid getting too drunk

Need to be thinking straight when the two get wasted. Opportunities may arise.
>> No. 1742
In the bad end Marisa will lock you in there smothered in jam.

Anyway. I'm tired of writing for now, or rather I want to do this next scene justice and that's not going to happen when it's 3:28am and I'm sweating like a pedo at a public swimming pool.

Due to this annoying "spring" thing that's happened the weather isn't freezing cold any more and I can't deal with that. Fucking lizard men who think the sun is a good thing.
>> No. 1743
[x] Drink lightly to avoid getting too drunk

As an experienced drinker, you need to pace yourself. You don't want to be the jackass that people end up avoiding the morning after.
>> No. 1744
I know I''m slowpoking and all, but

>> No. 1745
File 120936409111.jpg - (51.12KB , 750x600 , oh_hi.jpg ) [iqdb]
We should've ruffled his fuzzy head and invited him inside, naming him "Sammy Hagar". Reimu and Marisa would be totally impressed, and then we would play Jenga, Twister (which he totally wins), and Washizu mahjong; Sammy Hagar would be the life of the party.

Or maybe Sammy Hagar wants to stay in the shed, and we would visit him, talk to him about our problems, and get his chittering advice on things. Like an oracle, except we pay in grubs instead of rupees.

And best part: Wriggle points.
>> No. 1746
That's it! Scorn, were going back into the shed for our little spider friend. He/she did give us the booze, let's invite it to drink with us. This is the start of a beautifull friendship. Huge spiders fuck yeah.
>> No. 1747
[x] Drink so heavily you need more beer and have to go out and get more. From the spider.

With Liquid Courage in our belly, we can kick arachnophobia to the curb, and do the unpossible, befriend the unbefriendable.

I can already tell. Looks like this is gonna be one hell of a party!
>> No. 1748
Where's my Dante pic when I need it
>> No. 1749
And before we know it, We have some Guro scat porn of us sexing the spider.

I put my trust in you Scorn
>> No. 1750
File 120936743099.jpg - (47.13KB , 520x520 , 120899709777.jpg ) [iqdb]
Crazy, etc.
>> No. 1751
Alice! Where the fuck is Alice?

We need to get tore up, creep over to her house, have Sammy scare the shit out of her, and then drag her out of her hovel and force her to drink with us.

Also, I wish to see the drunken Shanghai.
>> No. 1752
Ok Everyone, new vote

Befriend Huge spider?

[] Yes

[] No
>> No. 1753
[x] Yes
>> No. 1754

>> No. 1755
[x] I was scared at first of the damn beer spider, but this doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Not only Wriggle points, but Marisa points as well! I mean, she HAS to know it's there, right? She's a top-tier drunk of Gensokyo, so she goes to that shed religiously! How can she not see the spider?
>> No. 1756
File 120937465674.jpg - (3.01KB , 80x80 , spider2jl.jpg ) [iqdb]
Aw, shucks, guys, that's so sweet of you! I don't want to put you through any bother, though. I'm fine out here in the shed, really! But if you need any more brewskis, just give me a holler!
>> No. 1757
[] Yes

you can't deny this friendsihp Scorn
>> No. 1758
Fuckin' watch me.
>> No. 1759
>> No. 1760

There goes our chance of having our good spider buddy weave us a cape.
>> No. 1761

Good work guys, now we don't get a friendly neighborhood spider to save us and we probably get a BAD END too.

Guess meeting a cow-sized hueg spider wasnt enough?
>> No. 1762
Have you ever stopped to consider that spiders are the natural predator of insects?
>> No. 1763
But it gave us booze and waved goodbye! we have alreday become attatched to it, I'm sure Wriggle would understand
>> No. 1764

Eeh, I would argue they're both "bugs", along with centipedes and velvet worms, which aren't insecta either. And there's predation of arachnids by insects too (e.g., tarantula hawk).
>> No. 1765

A spider that big is not going to be able to subsist on random bugs that crawl into the shack. Marisa probably gives it meats. And if it's a youkai, human meats.
>> No. 1766
i want an h-scene with that spider
and wriggle
yes, an h-scene with that spider and wriggle
i want that
>> No. 1767
At the very least, we must propose a toast to the provider of brew.

To the spider!
>> No. 1768
Unfortunately, Wriggle's ability is listed as "Manipulation of insects", not "Manipulation of bugs". So Wriggle haet spider.
>> No. 1769

Too tame. H-scene with wriggle and the spider. The spider is female, lays eggs in Wriggle's head after the freaky sex when she's asleep. Wriggle wakes up with hundreds of newly hatched spiders eating her face off and crawling out of every hole in her head.

We walk into the shed on a dare from Marisa and see a screaming thing covered in spiders with its face missing.
>> No. 1770

Beer spider = Big Spider
Wriggle = Big insect

I'm thinking vore as you rape Wriggle, perhaps you throw the head to the Beer spider and fuck her to enjoy her death throes. Or maybe you chuck her in legs first so she knows what's happening as you fuck her face.

Perhaps it drains her dry and you fuck the dessicated corpse?
>> No. 1771

Well, shit.

I wanted to ruffle that spider good.
>> No. 1772
The spider stuns Wriggle with it's poison and while we rape the paralyzed Wriggle, the spider wraps both of us into a cocoon.
>> No. 1774

Sorry, this is only sounding incredibly badass, not mindscarring.

After that we'd highfive on the spider's legs.
>> No. 1775
The spider is Wriggle.
>> No. 1776
Years ago, David and Beer Spider were roommates and members of the same fraternity. Both were made to eat fireflies during the initiation.

Beer Spider was an architectural engineering major, and had this crazy idea of building using this exceptionally durable and lightweight organic fiber, eventually patenting it and striking out as an entrepreneur.

His fall was half due to being technologically supplanted by synthetic carbon fiber, and half due to his drinking problem. Last David heard of him, he was traveling the world and constantly drunk, living off borrowed money and forged credit.

Little did they know that a freak encounter in a foreign world change both of their lives. Forever.
>> No. 1777
File 120939143176.jpg - (50.60KB , 348x480 , 1209202451763.jpg ) [iqdb]
Beer Spider route is DO WANT.
>> No. 1778
File 120939187354.jpg - (15.50KB , 200x285 , Giant_Trap_Door_Spider.jpg ) [iqdb]
Beer Spider uses Take-down!

It is super effective!
>> No. 1779

That tears it. Even if the chance is minute. We must ruffle.
>> No. 1780
Normally I'd say ReadTheFuckingWiki, but Wriggle's page is still in moonspeak. She likes spiders. Sorry to Alice on your vore.
>> No. 1781
File 120939752361.png - (190.40KB , 521x462 , beerspiderisadick.png ) [iqdb]
Untold centuries in MS paint
>> No. 1782
So...Does this mean we get a huge spider friend?
>> No. 1783
the spider is a personification of scorn himself. he wanted to be in gensokyo, too.
>> No. 1784

I don't want the spider route anymore.
>> No. 1785
Fursona? In my Touhou? It's more likely than you think.
>> No. 1786
Fuck you! I'm a spider!

Seriously though, come on. Why so much talk about the fucking beer spider?
>> No. 1787

Neverwinter nights 2 fans.
>> No. 1788
>Normally I'd say ReadTheFuckingWiki, but Wriggle's page is still in moonspeak. She likes spiders. Sorry to Alice on your vore.

If someone can read it, could they post a rough translation on the discussion page? I'd really like to know more about our charming firefly youkai.
>> No. 1789
>Why so much talk about the fucking beer spider?

It's a fucking BEER SPIDER. BEER FUCKING SPIDER. What did you expect? Anon has to discuss everything that even's even remotely capable of inducing lulz.

Seriously, beer spider. I'd hit that.
>> No. 1790

I think Beer Spider is a pretty cool guy, eh hands David a cold one and doesn't afraid of anything.
>> No. 1791
Beer Spider is a fuck awesome gimmick.
>> No. 1792

Crap, you guys fix onto the weirdest things. I never intended Wriggle to be a serious path at first but you guys seemed so keen on her I couldn't not add her.
>> No. 1793
File 120940480895.jpg - (56.13KB , 531x797 , 1195604633359.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>I'd hit that.

Beer spider loev David?
>> No. 1794
File 120940502734.jpg - (26.63KB , 539x375 , AWESOME.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1795
>I never intended Wriggle to be a serious path
If you go that far in one post, you automatically open a route.
>> No. 1796
Fuck. That's awesome.

Now I have to make a him a recurring character.


"I'm just going down to the shed Marisa."
"What the hell do you do in there all day -ze?"
You wink at her and flex a bicep.
"It' all part of my top secret training! One day I'll be able to out magic even you!"
Marisa just giggles at you and lays a peck on your cheek.
"Sure you will, go on then. Get out of my hair, I've got reading to do."
Stepping out into the frosty morning you breath deep the forest air as Marisa see you off at the door with another kiss and a little packed lunch, her cooking has improved since you married her. Heading to the shed the frosty grass crunches deliciously under foot.

"Morning dude."
You say unlocking the door and stepping inside, Beer Spider extends a limb in his usual greeting and chucks you a beer.
"You're going down today Beer Spider!"
Even though he doesn't talk you can understand everything Beer Spider says to you, right now he's telling you to bring it bitch. Setting up the playstation you got from Kourin's you snuggle up to Beer Spider under a blanket of pure silk.
"I love you Beer Spider."

GOOD END #6934
>> No. 1797

Holy shit
This is the best spider ever!
>> No. 1798
>I never intended Wriggle to be a serious path at first but you guys seemed so keen on her I couldn't not add her.

And did well with this. Very well.

As you will do with the beer spider. You don't have to go overboard and make a path for it. You don't even really have to go in depth to explain its origin: It could be a magic experiment gone wrong, Marisa's familiar that she only uses for mushroom hunting, Wriggle's sent eyes & bodyguard, a semi-sentient youkai with a fondness for brewski, Yukari did it, etc.

He already makes a good deus ex machina:

*chitter* "What's that?" *chitter chitter chitter* "David's stuck in the well?" *chitter* "Lead the way, boy!"
>> No. 1799
Hell yes! You are the best GOOD END ever!
>> No. 1800
>>Yukari did it

Gensokyo's version of "A wizard did it."
>> No. 1801

I realize now why I love the Beer Spider. It's like the best friend at the end of Shawn of the Dead.
>> No. 1802

I bet he thinks about having a bite of Marisa. If you comprehend my statement.
>> No. 1803

Tears of joy.
>> No. 1804

Who wouldn't want to suck on her internal juices, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 1805
File 120940810313.jpg - (19.70KB , 480x480 , 120709547834.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1806
File 120940980854.png - (46.45KB , 332x505 , 1206775289791.png ) [iqdb]
Thank you Scorn,
Fuck Yeah
>> No. 1807
>> No. 1808
>> No. 1809
Yer name is Toby
>> No. 1810
It's writings like these that makes me very sad I can't place you higher than 3rd on the /th/ writer's rank... Well actually I could, but I'll be lynched if I even attempt to remove either GM or Kira from the top 2 spots.
>> No. 1811
who is GM?
>> No. 1812
Ah, touche!

1. Kira (Mindfuckery galore)
2. *Scorn* (Comedy, H, and Beer Spider)
3. ...tie between Vodka and Hungry Youkai, IMO. Others WILL differ
>> No. 1813

Since when were there rankings for fuck sake?

All right guys Scorn is getting a little cranky with the shit that's flying around at the moment, so here's his spin on things.

Comparing writefags is like power level discussion, pointless and sure to cause offense to someone. There are no ranks, that's a retarded idea. I personally count Dr Doujin a better writer than I am and he doesn't even do the VN thing.

You can say what the fuck you want about anyone on the board as long as you're willing to either
A)Debate it properly without using terms like "I hate x because of y" or "x is shit because of y".


B) Deal with the shitstorm you'd otherwise create.

Personally I'd rather just leave things well enough alone, anyone of us could go out and cause a shitstorm of our own any minuet now. But we don't because of an unspoken agreement not to, yes this may result in cock sucking but as long as it isn't waifu or ranking then it isn't a problem.

Can we all agree to this?
>> No. 1814
>GOOD END #6934

Could this be a subtle request for a man and a spidergirl in a sexual position facilitating mutual oral sex?

If not, it is now.
>> No. 1815

I agree wholeheartedly. Comparison of the stories is cancer.

Now please get back to writing.
>> No. 1816
I'd say that's silly. Every writefag deserves credit for different things.
GM is the one who started this all, so without her there wouldn't be anything else. She deserves the most credit for that.
Kira went from silly adventures into something totally different, but he still kept some of the original feel. At the same time he's managing completely different setting. Also, out of all writefags he seems to have things most planned out.

Now, the limited adventures. Their style is much more free when compared to regular ones, no matter how weird it sounds. Just limiting players to one area makes the job so much easier for writers, and gives them more freedom. Scorn gets credit for coming up with idea, and for some really good situations.
Hungry writes really enjoyable story. Yeah, I can't think of anything more to say right now.
>> No. 1817
What. Does NWN2 have a beer spider in it or something? I got that game with my graphics card but I haven't really played it.
>> No. 1818
>>I personally count Dr Doujin a better writer than I am and he doesn't even do the VN thing.

GIve yourself more credit you stupid faggot.
I can't read anything Doujin writes without a facepalm. You manage a fairly decent facepalm to awesome ratio.
>> No. 1819
Comparing stories is pointless. They're all good in their own ways.
FUiG wasn't exactly a shining example of great writing, but it was sure as hell entertaining, for example.
Still, it is hard to choose my favourite anon. On one hand, awesome Captain Anon with his roses. On the other, Anon Belmont who befriends psychotic loli vampires and doesn't afraid of anything.
Anyway, less comparisons and more awesome beer spider.
>> No. 1820

Not a beer, but there's a giant spider that offers to hang out at your fort if you're a drow or have the druid with you.

Later on it knits you a cloak.
>> No. 1821
Sorry but I'm not sure if I'm up to writing tonight. You might get lucky but I wouldn't hold your breath, something does feel right tonight.
>> No. 1822
Damn, I gotta play some more of that. At what point in the game does the spider show up?
>> No. 1823
File 12094193915.png - (21.43KB , 344x498 , DOWANT.png ) [iqdb]

Might that be an invitation for me to revive /border/ tonight?
>> No. 1824

Mid chapter 2.


Do it faggot. The SDMguy is channeling some serious slowpoke.
>> No. 1825
File 120941961131.png - (21.51KB , 344x498 , PROFIT.png ) [iqdb]

Alright then! If you guys don't mind another writefag, I'll step into the light.
>> No. 1826

Great, just cut down on the walfas Cirno if you could.
I can't see it without raging over that fivefaggot anymore.
>> No. 1827

Ah, sure. I don't plan on actually using it in the story.

I'll stop talking in this thread for now, so that there's more space for *Scorn* to keep up the good work.
>> No. 1828
>Later on it knits you a cloak.

Fucking awesome.
>> No. 1829
Not to sound impatient, but slow board is slow.
>> No. 1830
Yeah I'll get on it in an hour or two, need to cook mah' vittles
>> No. 1831
If you know what I mean
>> No. 1832
File 120950832946.jpg - (119.79KB , 460x650 , 1209420685564.jpg ) [iqdb]
Considering that both Reimu and Marisa seem to be hardy experienced drinkers you decide to pace your self, it's a little embarrassing to be nursing your drinks while they pound back the beers. You console your self with the fact that you don't have to face the shed again if you hold out, besides now that Reimu's voracious appetite has been sated somewhat you can enjoy the spread before you without risking having your fingers bitten off.

It's a food like you've never had before, even with your amnesia you can tell that this is an exotic taste for you. It's some kind of sea food on skewers served with various sauces and side dishes of fried rice or sautéed vegetables. Pretty soon you find your self gorging your self worse than the Red White, this stuff is great!
Aware that someone is saying your name you look up from your dish, Reimu is grinning slyly at you her face flushed red with alcohol.
"Whoa there Davey~! Save some room for the main course...."
"Muh? Main course?"
Gently slipping the neck of her dress over her shoulder revealing a good deal of sweet white skin she swoons at you.
"Why meeeeee of course, you silly boy~!"
Prowling over the table, knocking a few plates and such over, she locks you in her gaze.
"Mmm, you know if Marisa ever gets bored of you, I'd be willing to take care of you."
"REIMU." Marisa's furious cry however is ignored as Reimu pulls you over and cradle's your head in her hands against her shoulder, tracing a finger down your spine. For your part, your mind has simply blanked out.
"You know I actually lead a pretty comfortable life at the shrine," She coos to you ignoring Marisa's outraged protests. "I like it when there's nothing happening, I get to just sit around all day and get drunk anytime I please. But it'd sure be nice to have some company, I just get so lonely. Mmm, how about it?"

Before you can respond Marisa screams.

Silence falls over the table, Reimu's grip loosens and you free your self sitting down heavily. Even through your slight drunken haze you can see that Marisa is blushing intensely, either from the beer or embarrassment. Why's she so embarrassed, you think to your self, I'm the one she was draping her self over....

"Ooh, Mari-chan~" Drunk as a skunk Reimu begins to leer at Marisa now with the same expression, forgetting her distress in the face of this immediate threat Marisa's face looses some of it's colour.

Pouncing on Marisa Reimu tackles her to the floor in a tight hug and begins rubbing her face against Marisa's, arms pinned to her sides Marisa can only struggle and protest as Reimu keeps her pressed against herself.
"Oh Mari-chan, you're so cute!" Sniffing around Marisa's ear she adds. "I wonder if I do this you'll make more cute sounds?"
As Reimu begins to lick and nibble Marisa's ear, the witch starts to thrash around desperately at the delicate sensation. They seem to be unaware of your presence.
"Oooh, you're so sensitive." Reimu purrs and releases Marisa to begin groping her chest, Marisa writhes under this fresh assault. God you're hard right now.
"But you're still so small, you need to eat better Mari-chan or you'll have to pad like that maid." Letting go she slides her hands over Marisa's body and grabs her butt in lustily.
"Although you've always had a lot of junk in the trunk, such a good figure you've got. Makes me jealous...."

Before Reimu can grab any other extremity Marisa brings down her fists onto Reimu's head, fairly viscously you might add.
"Geeze Reimu, you spend too much time with that oni and Yukari, do you do this to them as well -ze?" Huffing Marisa pulls her self away.
"Ow." Reimu sits up, rubbing her head. "That really hurt."

Relentless Reimu strikes again, pinning Marisa down with one hand and forcing a beer to her lips with the other. I say this is getting a bit rough isn't it.
"H-hey! Reimu stop! Reimu bullying stop!"
Ignoring you Reimu just keeps the beer pressed against Marisa's lips, you can see her throat convulse as it swallows every drop.

"Here Mari-chan! Drink this, it's good for making your boobs bigger! Big sister Reimu says so!"

Okay, that's a little too far. Reimu is out of line here and Marisa isn't comfortable talking about this kind of thing when sober, if she gets upset while drunk you don't want to deal with the fall out.

But then again, a little voice in your head says, maybe Reimu's harassment will get her "in the mood". Heck they're close friends, this can't be that an uncommon experience surely.

[ ] Grab the beer from Reimu to get her to stop

[ ] Push Reimu out of the way and pull Marisa to you

[ ] Let Marisa drink all the beer, see what happens

[ ] Cheer!
>> No. 1833

Goddamn it Scorn
>> No. 1834
[ ] Push Reimu out of the way and pull Marisa to you

>> No. 1835
[X] Push Reimu out of the way and pull Marisa to you
>> No. 1836
[X] Push Reimu out of the way and pull Marisa to you

>> No. 1837
[ ] Push Marisa out of the way and pull Reimu to you

>> No. 1838
[X] Let Marisa drink all the beer, see what happens.

I... I might regret this, but...

I'm curious.
>> No. 1839
[c] Push Reimu out of the way and pull Marisa to you
>> No. 1840
[X] Push Reimu out of the way and pull Marisa to you
>> No. 1841
[ ] Grab the beer from Reimu to get her to stop

No need to get too violent here with the pushing
>> No. 1842
[x] Cheer!

>> No. 1843

reimuzombie#falsepath.exe = 404
This feature is not supported in this version of LA. Please load the relevant VN ROM to access this path.
>> No. 1844
[x] Push Reimu out of the way and pull Marisa to you
>> No. 1845
[x] Grab the beer from Reimu to get her to stop
>> No. 1846

You seem to be lacking some crucial data in your VN, Scorn. Better download all the official and fanmade patches before proceeding.
I wouldn't like to be bluescreened in the middle of a H-scene.
>> No. 1847
[x] Cheer!
that's what beer spider would do
>> No. 1848
It supports all the features I need it to for this region, any errors are the fault of the user not the programming
>> No. 1849
File 120950995484.jpg - (50.07KB , 275x300 , 1208290063815.jpg ) [iqdb]

You sound pretty MICROSOFT there, Scorn.
>> No. 1850
>> No. 1851
>> No. 1852
Am I the only person who never notices spelling errors online?

[x]Put them both in a headlock and tell'em to quit screwin' around.
>> No. 1853
[X] Put them both in a headlock and tell'em to quit screwin' around.

I like the way you think, Anonymous.
>> No. 1854
[X] Put them both in a headlock and tell'em to quit screwin' around.

So fucking thirded.
>> No. 1855
"Reimu you're acting crazy!" You say in your best 'I'm a man taking charge of this situation' voice and pull her off of Marisa and scooping the poor thing into your arms. Spluttering Marisa presses her face against your shoulder, the beer still gripped in her hand.

"Goddamn Reimu, what the hell was that about?"

But she just ignores your demands giggling at you, looking down you see...


[ ] Heads?

[ ] Tails?
>> No. 1856
[ ] Heads?
>> No. 1857
[X] Tails?

Hoo boy.
>> No. 1858
[x] It landed on it's side miraculously. Perfectly even and still.
>> No. 1859
[x] Heads.
>> No. 1860
[x] Heads?
>> No. 1861
>> No. 1862
[ ] Heads?

>> No. 1863
[x] Tails?

Never fails
>> No. 1865
Slowpoke! You're alive!
>> No. 1866
[X] Tails?

Always tails!
>> No. 1867
>> No. 1868
☞ Tails
>> No. 1869
Something isn't right if a coin land exactly on its side.
>> No. 1870

At least it didn't turn into a butterfly, it's a whole silver.
>> No. 1871
Incoming penis.
>> No. 1872
Resolve the tie in twenty minuets or I'm going to bed.
>> No. 1873
[x] Heads?
>> No. 1874
[ ] Heads?
>> No. 1875

[x] heads
>> No. 1876
Nice head mind
>> No. 1878
[x] Tails?

tail feels so good!
>> No. 1879
Doesn't count, Tails wins.
>> No. 1880


(please don't be bad)
>> No. 1881
>(please don't be bad)

>> No. 1882

>> No. 1883
Yay, dragons!
>> No. 1884
It's a long post by the look of it, keep waiting.
>> No. 1885
In before penis.
>> No. 1886
File 120951926988.jpg - (34.70KB , 500x500 , 1208307602862.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Goddamn Reimu, what the hell was that about?"

But she just ignores your demands giggling at you, looking down you see Marisa staring intently at you, her eyes dilated and unfocused with a wobbly grin plastered across her face.

"Dat's sho shweet."
Holy fuck she's more even more drunk than Reimu.
"R'g'lar Knight in shinin' arma' *hic* -ze."
Her warm breath blows in your face smelling of heady beer fumes. Her hot body pressed against yours, her lop sided grin and glazed eyes staring at you in adoration.....
Goddamn you're hard again, it's a damn good thing you're not drunk or you'd do something stupid right now.
"I tink' mah' knight deserves a reward, dun't you Reimoo." Slurring her words she points her grin at Reimu, seemingly able to communicate without words Reimu apparently picks up on whatever Marisa is thinking and crawls towards to the pair of you.
"Mmm, I quite agree Mari-chan." Damn, she's purring again and that's a bad sign. Right?

Working together they gently pin you to the floor, unsure of what they plan you offer no resistance and by then it's too late. Holding you in a vice like grip Reimu holds you down while Marisa grabs the big bottled beer, props your mouth open and pours it down your neck.

"Look at you! You're not even drunk yet!"
"Drink! Drink!"

Together they chant as they hold you in place forcing you to drink to be smothered in beer, a small spark of manly pride flares up and rises to the challenge. Yeah! You're a man! Red blooded and full of testosterone you swallow that beer like water.

Finishing the bottle you push the girls off of you, as they are momentarily stunned by your clearly superior manly drinking skills, slam the bottle down on the table and then fall back onto the carpet to stop the room from trying to run circles around you.

"Holy crap."
"Heeeey, no fair -ze! You drank all of the good stuff. *URP*." Belching heartily Marisa collapses next to you and giggles.
"Scuzie me!"
Reimu merely scoffs, "You guys are light weights!" Marisa begins to beckon and call for her to join you on the floor though and in your stupor you join in. Soon your cries of "Join us Reimoo!" degrade into nothing more than you and Marisa crying "MOO! MOO!" over and over as you break down into fits of laughter.

Finally giving in Reimu lays down next to you, she on one side and Marisa on the other. The three of you lay there chatting happily about nonsense as you try to combat your swimming senses. Reimu complains about being too hot and flashes some side boob at you while trying to cool down, your voyeurism earns you an elbow in the side from Marisa. But as the night winds to a close you find that your hand has become entwined with Marisa's at some point.

"Uuugh, I don't feel so good -ze."
"Such a light weight." Reimu mumbles.
"I'm gonna hurl...."
Sighing and quite clearly sober now Reimu picks Marisa up and props her by the table.
"No you're not, David." You sit up. "Go get her a glass of water," Looking you up and down she adds.
"And get one for yourself while you're at it."

You're just sober enough to realize she's probably right and tired enough not to want to argue, standing your hand breaks free from Marisa's as you enter the kitchen.

It takes a little longer than it should to get a glass under the pump, you have to take a moment to lean against the counter while the blood rushes from your head but finally you manage to swallow some cold clear water down.

It clears your head a bit more even if your stomach does gurgle a little in protest, preparing another glass you decide to get one for Reimu as well. Just as you're about to go back, however, you hear them talking quietly through the door.

Not sure why but feeling compelled you listen before entering.

"...when did you care about other humans? S' not like you." That sounds like Reimu, peeking through a little crack in the door you can see she's resting Marisa in her lap wrapping her arms around her from behind in an almost motherly hug, Reimu's chin rests against Marisa's head.
"E's different..."
"Do you like him?"
"Yeah, e's cool. He, reminds me o' myself."
"How so?"
"'Cause he came here alone, no one else to 'elp 'im. I remember what itsh like to have no one 'round to help. How it gets."
"But there's a lot of people like that in the world, why is he different?"
"'Cause, I dunno. He's interesting, like today he did magic! You know how rare that is for an outsider? He's ..... special."
"Special, 'cause he came from nothing an' he can make something of him self."
"Like you."

You're touched, you really don't know what to say. You're not even sure if you were supposed to hear that, deciding it would be best for now to pretend you didn't hear that you open the door slowly and loudly to give them a moment.

"Here's the water, how you feeling, Mari-chan?"
"I hate that name." Marisa grumbles sourly, gratefully accepting the water from you she drinks long and deep.
"Well, I think it's about time I should get going I think." Carefully sitting Marisa back up Reimu gathers her things. "I guess we never did discuss business, did we Marisa?"
"Ahh, you were just trying to palm your work off onto me weren't you -ze?"
"Why? Whatever do you mean?" Reimu simply smiles sweetly at her at that, turning to you she turns serious again.
"I still haven't forgotten you David, I think you may be related to what I came here for. Are you free tomorrow? I'd like a chance to talk to you about this occurrence."
Silently you look at Marisa asking for permission, she nods and shrugs.
"Yeah sure, I need to go to the library at some point anyway and I'd feel happier if some one was baby sitting you. I'll drop you off tomorrow before I go, where do you want to meet? If you go to the village I could use some shopping while you're there -ze."
"Oh, I was going to take him to the shrine, what do you think David?"


[ ] Shrine

[ ] Village
>> No. 1887

I'm all for long posts. I'm not one of those pussies that freaks out when they see a wall of text.
>> No. 1888
[x] Village
>> No. 1889
[ ] Village

Go shopping for our precious Marisa.
>> No. 1890
[x] Shrine

Alert Suika of
>>"I like it when there's nothing happening, I get to just sit around all day and get drunk anytime I please. But it'd sure be nice to have some company, I just get so lonely. Mmm, how about it?"
while there. I'm sure she'd be happy to help
>> No. 1891
[ ] Shrine
>> No. 1892
[X] Village

Stay on Marisa's good side, so we can steal her precious thing.
>> No. 1893
[x] Village
>> No. 1894
[c] Village

chances are if we go to the shrine, reimu is going to try and seduce us being the harlot that she is.

>> No. 1895
[] Village
>> No. 1896
File 120952002116.jpg - (46.70KB , 346x400 , spider_close_up-753190.jpg ) [iqdb]
Come on, we have to alert Suika to the existence of the greatest drinking buddy ever.
>> No. 1897
[X] Village

Not that I would mind having a fling with Reimu, but let's minimize that risk all the same.
>> No. 1898
>Not that I would mind having a fling with Reimu, but let's minimize that risk all the same.

She's only trying to seduce you so that you can be easily captured and taken out, painfully.
>> No. 1899
[X] Village
>> No. 1900

Beer Spider is BALLLLLLLIN'
>> No. 1901
>> No. 1902
File 120952179422.jpg - (181.61KB , 500x667 , 1209420599358.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Let's go to the village, can you make me a shopping list Marisa?"
Marisa nods and Reimu swoons.
"Oooh! A date with Davey-chan~!" Goddamnit Reimu, I just saw you being nice to Marisa. Or are you incapable of being nice in public?

"I'll see you to the door." Marisa says staning up, before falling back on her butt.
"No I won't, oof. Davey see her to the door, faeries seem to have stolen the nerves connected to my legs."
"Ah yes the faeries, they always seem to come when you've been drinking don't they? Perhaps the two are related?"
"It's a goddamn conspiracy I tell you -ze."
Bidding Marisa a good night with a small bow Reimu links her arm with yours and leads you out of the room giggling like a school girl before a struggle can be raised, this girl is like a mini whirlwind that's for sure. Stopping you at the ante chamber she unlinks you arm to hold your hands in hers, she's certainly charming you must admit. But with how things stand with Marisa you're reluctant to even stand here with her, even so you can't help but note how the moonlight streams through her hair giving it a ghostly silver sheen.
"Thanks for tonight, I haven't had this much fun for a while. It's nice to take my mind off of my job, even for just an evening."
"Ah, you're welcome."
"How do you feel about Marisa?"
The sudden confrontation catches you off guard and you're left stuttering and confused.
"Good, by the sounds of it you're on the same level at the moment."
"That means there's still hope."
Hope? For who? You and Marisa or you and Reimu? Or does she mean a third party? Thinking about Wriggle and Alice, the promises each one has with you. A shirt from Alice, a meeting with Wriggle and a semi-date with Reimu... Damn it you're confused again!

Before you can formulate a proper response Reimu leans in and brushes her lips against your cheek, it's not really a kiss but her proximity and the smell of her hair make your head swim. She smells like a mix between beer and a natural heady aroma of a woman, that indescribable scent of another human.

"You know the offer to live with me still stands." She whispers.

Drawing back from you she leaves you muddled and horribly uncertain, you feel a little wretched actually.
"I'll see you tomorrow." And with that she winks, opens the door letting in a gust of cool night air and takes to the sky.

Shutting the door after her you step out into the corridor and lean against the wall, sinking to your knees you try to sort the fragments of your mind into order. You have no idea how to feel right now, do you even want to be with one of these girls? You've only know most of them for just a day! Shaking your head you stand and renter the living room, Marisa has relocated to your couched where she's lolling in the heat. The room is uncomfortably hot so you prop open a window.
"Mmm, better." Marisa mumbles stirring, staring blearily at you she pats the seat next to her. Happy to oblige you sit down and she rests her head on your shoulder. You both try to make conversation but the pair of you are far too tired at this point to make the effort, the pair of you are on the verge of falling asleep.

Just as you're considering lifting Marisa up and carrying her to her bedroom so she can sleep comfortably, she lifts a slender arm in the air and clicks her fingers. A little spark pops in her hand and all the lights are extinguished by some small feat of magic.

Settling down into the couch and resting your own head against hers, you drift off to a drunken, but peaceful, sleep.....


Well that was fun, captain anon will happen next but not tonight.
>> No. 1903
Awesome. Good writin', Scorn. Can't wait for the next installment.
>> No. 1904
File 120952250316.gif - (545.51KB , 150x113 , 1200103676175.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1905
That GIF explains the feelings of anon perfectly.
>> No. 1906
So, no Reimu path. I'm guessing she just enjoys making Marisa go mad with a malenky bit of mischief. Anyway, awesome way to end day 2.
>> No. 1907
Marisa is definitely interesting so far, but we've had a lot more interaction with Marisa, and I'd like to see a day or two dedicated to the other girls as well. Maybe be forced via circumstance to room with Alice for a day or two, and then to trot around with Wriggle. After spending a ton of time with each of them, we could be put into a routine that lets us choose who to shower with our time.

Just to make the decision even more emotionally agonizing to make.
>> No. 1908
That WAS fun.
>> No. 1909
>Well that was fun, captain anon will happen next but not tonight.

>> No. 1910
The Spider! We need Captain Anon to meet his left hand, That huge motherfucking beer spider! Then the spider makes us a cape or a cloac out of it's own threads.
>> No. 1911
File 120953511794.jpg - (58.24KB , 580x428 , 1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1912
File 120954130664.jpg - (20.18KB , 233x234 , awesome.jpg ) [iqdb]
What a way to end a day! Awesome writing, Scorn! (thought you were probably heading on strike with the little ranking comment I made Monday)

Capt. Anon today? Guess I have to go back and check out the previous dream sequence then.
>> No. 1913
>>looking down you see Marisa staring intently at you

Dammit guys, I'm betting tails meant we would be looking at something happening "down there".
>> No. 1914

The Beer Spider is to The Herald of Spring as Pilot was to Moya on "Farscape".
>> No. 1915
>"Good, by the sounds of it you're on the same level at the moment."
>"That means there's still hope."
>Hope? For who? You and Marisa or you and Reimu?

I don't trust this Reimu at all. I think she's hard gay for Marisa, and is going to work against us passive-aggressively.

Not to say there's no Reimu good end, just Hard Modo.
>> No. 1916
In what story outside of /shrine/ has Reimu been anything less than Hard/Lunatic Mode?
>> No. 1917
and wait until Belmont Anon accompanies Remilia on her trip to the shrine.
>> No. 1918
Kirk has his tribbles.
Picard had his GOLDDDDDDDDD starships.
The captain of Galactica has Cylons.

Captain Anon...has a giant spider that drinks beer and eats nachos in his room.
>> No. 1919
If you got heads she was going to throw up in your lap.
>> No. 1920

Goddamnit Scorn, where's my bitch tsundere death star Reimu?
>> No. 1921

>> No. 1922
Do we still wear that gardening one-piece thing? We'd have to take it off after []Heads.
>> No. 1923
Yeah you're still in her gardening clothes, sooner or later I was going to get you into your originals.

BTW, don't be surprised if I don't post for a few days. I have essays to write for the 12th
>> No. 1924

If you ain't gonna be writing, where the hell is our ship gonna be?
>> No. 1925

Good luck, regardless!
>> No. 1926
>Captain Anon...has a giant spider that drinks beer and eats nachos in his room.

Which is clearly fucking superior.
>> No. 1934
I can see every time we pull into dock capt anon asks "want anything from the shop?" to beer spider who writes 'corneto' on the wall in web.
>> No. 1935
Do you guys want a new thread for captain or not?
>> No. 1936
New thread, this loads slow.
>> No. 1937
New thread for awesome.
>> No. 1938

>> No. 1939

Yes, please.
>> No. 1940
It's coming, I'm looking for music to listen so it comes out right and Queen isn't doing it.

And what the fuck is EREMENTAR GERAD?
>> No. 1941
>Queen isn't doing it.

WAT ಠ_ಠ

>And what the fuck is EREMENTAR GERAD?

Flyan piratan shipan animu with girls that can fuse with humans to form a weapon. Manga is superior though. And Ren is cuHHNNGHNNNNNN
>> No. 2105
ha ha ha haaa, awesome.
>> No. 18865
Testing after crash.