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11929 No. 11929
[x] “What is hide and seek?”

“What is hide and seek?”

“It's a game,” Mystia says from the kitchen, “One person is it. Everyone else hides, and whoever's it has to go find them.”

You think you understand, but press further. “So, what happens when they all get found? Or when it can't find them?”

Wriggle takes up the response now, since Mystia seems busy messing with things. “When it finds them all, the last person found becomes it and we start again. It can give up if she can't find people, but there's a penalty.”


“Yeah.” Wriggle has a grin cross her face, one with a bit of ill intent behind it. “It wouldn't be fun if there was no penalty. What should it be tonight?”

“Well, we could make them eat the rest of this sauce...” Mystia muses from the kitchen, placing a bowl of something inside a thick box. “Rumia seemed to like it, though. Maybe they could clean my grill?”

“That's not good enough,” Wriggle says, her smile growing a bit bigger. “How about the loser has to go wake up Reimu? No, better; go steal her miko outfit.”

Mystia turns around, an uneasy look on her face. “That's a little... well, I guess it could be fun. I hope I'm not it.”

“Exactly. It's an incentive to not lose.”

“I don't care~” Rumia says, obviously speaking the truth. “Let's go, already~”

“Let's draw sticks,” Mystia says, pulling a few from a drawer in the kitchen. “The person with the short one is it.” Saying this, she snaps one of them into two pieces, and throws the bottom half away. She turns around and turns back after a few moments, the sticks all grasped in her hand. They look like they're all the same height.

She extends her hand to Wriggle, but Wriggle doesn't pick. “Eh, let Phobe pick first,” She says, motioning in your direction. “I'm feeling lucky.”

Mystia brings her arm closer to you, but as she does, a hand reached down and plucks a stick from the hand. It's Rumia's.

“Not it~”

Looking at the stick, it looks to be full sized.

“One in three, now,” Mystia says, calling your attention back to her hand. There's three sticks remaining, one right next to another. “Good luck.”

You reach out and pick...

[ ] The rightmost one.
[ ] The middle one.
[ ] The leftmost one.

>> No. 11930
[x] The rightmost one.
[x] The leftmost one.
>> No. 11931
[X] The rightmost one.
>> No. 11932
[x] The wrongmost one.
>> No. 11933
[ ] The leftmost one.
>> No. 11934
[x] The leftmost one.

If we lose, we can nab some some headgear too.

Having a hair accessory is Gensokyo's unspoken law or something, and our Youkai needs one to fit in.
>> No. 11937
[x] The rightmost one.
>> No. 11939
[x] The middle one.

>> No. 11940
[x] The leftmost one.

Left is always right.
>> No. 11942
[X] The rightmost one.
>> No. 11943
[x] The leftmost one.

...the one on the left. You grasp it between your fingers and slowly pull it out. It's a long one. It looks like you're not it this round. You smile, as does Mystia.

“You're next,” Mystia says, pushing her hand in Wriggle's direction again. “Pick the short one, ok?”

“Hah! As if,” Wriggle says, staring at the sticks intently. She moves her hand forward, hovering above the left one, and stops. Then, she moves it to the right one. She does this a few times, back and forth. You wonder if it's helping at all. You just sort of picked. Then, without warning, Wriggle pulls the one on the left out of Mystia's hand.

It's the short one.

Wriggle looks at the stick for a bit, as if she can't believe that she just lost. “Hmm...”

“Hmm, now it's settled.” Mystia chimes in, looking happy about her choice. “Count to 15? And are we going to have a time limit on finding people?”

“Do you have any of those candles left?” Wriggle asks, “We could use those for time.”

“Oh! Yeah, I think I do. Here, let me find one...”

Mystia turns around, opens a drawer, and quickly comes back with a long thing made of wax. A candle, you recognize. She's also got a small sleeve of paper in her other hand. “Here, I'll light it,” She says, tearing a bit of something out of the inside of the sleeve. She rubs it on the back, causing the bit of something to light on fire.

“It's a match,” Mystia says, noticing your staring. “Humans use these to start fires.”

You nod. “It smells kind of funny.”

“Yeah, I don't know what they put in it,” She says, placing the lit candle in a small plate. It looks like it's made for this kind of thing; the base is metal, and there's a smaller cup in the middle to keep it from falling over. “It works, though.”

“Come on~” Rumia urges from behind you. “Let's get going~”

Mystia comes out from behind the counter, using a part on the end that flips up as a door. Wriggle continues to sit there, thinking. At least that's what you think she's doing.

“I'm going to start counting now, so get ready to run.” Wriggle says, putting her head down on the counter. “ONE...”

As soon as she says the first number, Mystia and Rumia take off into the surrounding forest. The object is to hide, so... you shouldn't follow either of them. You head in another direction, soon leaving the path that the stand is on and entering thicker forest. Wriggle continues to count in the distance. “TEN...”

You should decide on a spot. There's a thick bush nearby that you could probably squeeze under, a few trees that you could climb and hide out in, and one patch of thick grass a little further that you could try to find refuge in. You might not make it before she finishes counting, though.


[ ] Hide under the bush.
[ ] Hide up a tree.
[ ] Hide in the grass.
[ ] Hide on the ground; pretend to be a rock.
>> No. 11944
[x] Hide up a tree.

Let's hope Wriggle won't look up.
>> No. 11945
[ ] Hide under the bush.
>> No. 11946
>[ ] Hide on the ground; pretend to be a rock.


[x] Hide up a tree.
>> No. 11949
[x] Hide on the ground; pretend to be a rock.

The moe~ option is always best.
>> No. 11952
Will Wriggle use her bugs to search for everyone?

[ ] Hide under the bush

Need to train her hiding skills so she can hunt without being detected by her prey.
>> No. 11953
[X] Hide under the bush.
>> No. 11956
[X] Hide under the bush.
>> No. 11959
[x] Hide under a skirt.
>> No. 11960
Changing vote to this.

[x] Hide under a skirt.

Wriggle: "What are you doing under me?"
Phoebe: "Hiding. Shh"
>> No. 11961
>[] Hide under a skirt.

Tempting. Very, very tempting.
Screw it. It's too good to pass up.

[x] Hide under a skirt.
>> No. 11962
[x] Hide under the bush.
>> No. 11964
[x] Hide under a skirt.

>> No. 11965
[x] Hide under a skirt.
>> No. 11966
[x] Hide under a skirt.
>> No. 11967
[x] Hide under a skirt.

What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 11968
Question: Whose skirt would we hide under? Mystia and Rumia are already hiding and hiding under our own would be silly.

[x] Hide under the bush.
>> No. 11969
>[ ] Hide in the grass.
A wild Phobe appears!

[X] Hide under the bush.

As much as it pains me to vote anti-moe~, the only skirts available are attached to girls who will probably be angry if you give away their hiding spot, and it's probably best not to tick off our new friends too early.

Incidentally, how big are we relative to the others? Can we even fit under a skirt?
>> No. 11970
[x] Hide under the bush
Wriggle doesn't wear a skirt.
>> No. 11971
[x] Hide under a skirt.

>> No. 11972
[X] Hide under the bush
>> No. 11974
[X] Hide under the bush.

Not as moe~ as pretending to be a rock, but it might actually work.
>> No. 11975
[x] Hide under the bush.

That bush will work. You run over, get down on your hand and knees, and make your way underneath it. It's slightly uncomfortable; the ground is kind of rough on your knees, and there's a stick pushing on your back, but... this could be a good spot. If you're really quiet, breath slowly, and don't move, there's no way she'll find you here.


Shifting into your final position, you let yourself relax and listen to the sounds of your surroundings. It's really quiet. You can hear creatures moving around every once in a while, scuttling through the short grasses and fallen leaves composing the forest floor. Wriggle doesn't seem to have come in your direction; it sounded like she went after one of the other two, as you can't even hear her footsteps.

You sit, and wait. And wait. It's kind of boring, but kind of exciting, too.

After a bit of time passes, you hear footsteps heading in your direction. Light footsteps, but footsteps none the less. You strain your eyes to try and see what it is, but you really can't see very well in the dark. You should work on that. The undergrowth doesn't help, either.

They come closer, but don't seem to be heading directly at you. Your heart begins to speed up, while your body freezes. A shoe plants itself not 5 feet away from the bush, as the person it belongs to stops. This is it. If you can hide now...


It's Wriggle, definitely. Oh, don't look down here. Don't look don't look don't look...

She shuffles a bit, and then bends down. You notice a bit of a surprise on her face when she notices you.

“Oh, there you are!” She says, laughing. “Good spot, but not good enough.”

You sigh, and begin to worm your way out from under the bush. “How did you find me?” You ask, standing up.

“Well,” Wriggle says, “I knew you came in this direction.” Motioning around, she adds. “And there's not really anywhere else to hide.”

She's right, of course. There's only so many places you can hide out here.

“Now what?” You ask, “Am I it?”

“No, I've got to find Mystia,” Wriggle says, furrowing her brow. “She's pretty good at this. You should go back to the stand and wait with Rumi.”

You nod, and orient yourself. The stand should be back in that direction, and, squinting, you can see a bit of light. Wriggle moves in a different direction, heading after Mystia, while you head back to the stand.

When you get back, you notice Rumia sitting one one of the stools, swinging her legs. She looks at you and smiles. “I got found~”

You nod. “Me, too.”

You take a seat next to her.

[ ] Try to make some small talk (Write-in).
[ ] Say nothing.
>> No. 11981
[X] Say nothing.
Nothing to say, no reason to talk.
>> No. 11984
[ ] Is that so?

For the lulz.
>> No. 11986
[ ] "The meat that was here wasn't as tasty as human meat"
>> No. 11991
[x] "Is that so~?"

>> No. 11998
[ ] "The meat that was here wasn't as tasty as human meat"

Making friend with rumi~
>> No. 11999
[ ] "The meat that was here wasn't as tasty as human meat"
>> No. 12000
[X] Talk about Rumia's hair ribbon, and ask where you can get one yourself.

Youkai want hair accessory.
>> No. 12001
[x] "So how did you get your name?"
>> No. 12004
[X] Talk about Rumia's hair ribbon, and ask where you can get one yourself.

We are incomplete without a hair accessory.
>> No. 12006
[X] Talk about Rumia's hair ribbon, and ask where you can get one yourself.
>> No. 12007
[X] Talk about Rumia's hair ribbon, and ask where you can get one yourself.
>> No. 12010
[X] Talk about Rumia's hair ribbon, and ask where you can get one yourself.

And, if possible...

[x] "So how did you get your name?"
>> No. 12011
[X] Talk about Rumia's hair ribbon, and ask where you can get one yourself.

>> No. 12015
[X] Is that so?
[X] Talk about Rumia's hair ribbon, and ask where you can get one yourself.
>> No. 12023
Sorry for the lack of an update today (yesterday?). I've been doing other things, and will get on it when I wake up.
>> No. 12025

>> No. 12026
[x] Talk about Rumia's hair ribbon, and ask where you can get one yourself.

And you sit there. You look over to Rumia, trying to decide what to do. Should you just wait here? No, that would be kind of boring. You could at least talk to her. That's what people do, right? Make conversation? That seems right. But what about?

“Your ribbon is nice,” You blurt out randomly, saying the first thing that came to mind. “Where did you get it?”

“Oh, I don't know,” She says, reaching up to touch it. “I've always had it. It's nice.”

You continue. “I want one, too.”

“Maybe that man has one,” She says, shrugging. “Kouri... Koure... Kou-something. He has a store.”

A store. You're not quite sure what it is, other than it's a place where you can get things. “It's that way,” Rumia continues, pointing off into the woods. “He's closed now, though.”


Silence. The night creatures continue to make their noises, but you two do not. It's kind of uncomfortable, but you don't know what else to say. The candle continues to burn, shrinking in size. It's only got a minute or two left now.

“What's your power?” Rumia asks, suddenly. “I'm curious~”

“Power?” You ask, turning back to her. You've got no idea what she means.

“Yeah.” She says, smiling. “Like this.”

Suddenly, everything is darker than before. You can't see the candle, Rumia, or the stand anymore. “I can make it dark,” Rumia says from in front of you. She hasn't moved. The world comes back quickly, the darkness going away as soon as it started.

You can't help but be impressed. Smiling, you add, “Can all youkai do that?”

“No, I can make it dark.” She says, “You can do something else.”

“I don't really know what I can do...”

Rumia just gives you a kind of absentminded smile. “You can do something.”

Thinking about it, you can't really come across anything that would make you different. You can't make it dark or anything like that; at least, you don't think so. If you can, it's not obvious. Maybe, but...

“Oh, good. The time's not up.”

Wriggle's voice causes you to snap out of your thoughts. “So, I win! You're it now, Mystia.”

“Ehh... can't we be done?” Mystia says, her voice shaking a bit. “You know I'm not good at being it...”

“Oh, we're hiding again~?” Rumia pipes up. “Good~”

“I'll go get another candle then,” Mystia says, sighing. “Don't make it too hard, OK?”

The second round goes much like the first; you, Wriggle, and Rumia all run into the woods while Mystia counts. This time, you find a really good spot to hide; it's a dead tree, still standing, that is hollow on the inside and in the shape of a “C”. You squeeze inside the trunk and try to be quiet. Mystia passes a few times, but doesn't spot you once.

Eventually, she calls out to you, sounding a little worried. “Where are you, Phobe?”

[ ] Answer.
[ ] Don't answer.
>> No. 12027
[ ] Don't answer.
>> No. 12028
[X] Answer.

If she's trying to trick us, we can act all pouty and sad and moe.
>> No. 12029
[x] Answer.
>> No. 12030
[x] Answer
>> No. 12031
[ ] Don't answer.
>> No. 12032
[ ] Answer.
>> No. 12033
You've been in this position as a child. You know what happens when you don't answer.

[x] Answer.
>> No. 12034
[X] Don't answer.
>> No. 12036
[X] Answer.
I feel bad for not starting to follow this story earlier. It's really good.
>> No. 12037
>> No. 12038
>> No. 12039

>> No. 12040
>> No. 12041
[x] Answer.

Might as well.
>> No. 12042
[x] Answer.
>> No. 12043

{X]Don't answer

Might as well not.
>> No. 12044
She's certainly FABULOUS.
>> No. 12045
[x] Answer.

“Over here,” You answer.

You hear the sound of Mystia shuffling through the woods, leaves crunching and twigs snapping underneath her feet. Peeking out, she wasn't that far away. Soon she's near you, though you can't read the expression on her face. Although, you wonder why she called to you. Did she lose?

“Hey, I lost,” She says, her voice glum. “That spot's really good.”

Lost. That means that you win, which is good. “So, now what? Do we still hide again? ...no, there's a penalty,” You add, speaking more to yourself. “Right?”

Mystia sighs in response. You wonder just how grave this penalty is; it really didn't seem like much. “Haaa... well, lets go back. I'll have to remember this spot.”

You nod, and squeeze your way out of the trunk. Mystia leads the way back to her stand, where Wriggle and Rumia are waiting. They're both grinning.

“Hey, good job, Phobe!” Wriggle says, laughing. “I was hoping someone would lose. The penalty tonight was too good to go to waste.”

Mystia sighs again. “So, we're going through with it?”

Wriggle nods. “Definitely. Should we get on our way, then?”

“Let me lock up a few things first,” Mystia says, pointing to the shack. “Gotta worry about the thieves, you know?”

Wriggle sighs, but motions for her to continue. “Sure, go on.”

Locking up a few things involves turning a key in many drawers and iron boxes, and lowering the canvas cover that shelters the seats from things like rain or heavy sun, you'd assume. Soon, the four of you are airborne, flying high above the forest towards a clearing in the distance. There's a bit of light coming from it. The trip only takes a few minutes.

Upon arrival, you notice that there's a building in the middle of the clearing. You get an uneasy feeling from it, like something doesn't want you here. It's the same feeling that you got from that one man earlier today.

“I'm not sure about this,” Mystia says, her voice showcasing a bit of that fear that those humans felt earlier. “What if she wakes up?”

“Don't wake her up,” Wriggle says, grinning a mischievous grin. “Well, unless you want to get blasted.”

“Blasted?” You ask, curious. This sounds kind of exciting. “Is this dangerous?”

Mystia shivers a bit. “Really dangerous...”

“Come on, you're a youkai,” Wriggle says, slapping Mystia on the back. “You should be fearless! Now, go in there and get those sleeves! The other stuff, too!”

“Good luck~” Rumia adds, also giving her a pat on the back.


Mystia creeps up to the building, slowly, and slides one of the doors open. She vanishes inside the darkness that makes up most of the building.

“Hmm, we should probably leave,” Wriggle says, looking back to the forest. “If she does wake Reimu up, we don't want to be around.”

“I'm tired, anyway,” Rumia says, shrugging. “Can we play tomorrow?”

Wriggle gives her a thumbs up. “Sure thing, Rumi. Try to think of a good game to play, ok?”


And with that, she takes to the air and flies away. Wriggle turns to you. “So, did you have fun? I'm going to go take a nap, too.”

“Yep.” You say, nodding. “Tonight was fun.”

“That's good. We're usually at the same spot, so show up tomorrow night if you want.”


Wriggle, too, takes off into the air, leaving you on the edge of the clearing that surrounds the building Mystia went into. You almost want to stick around, but...

...commotion, from inside. Definitely something being broken, but you don't know what. It almost sounds like wood. Also, there's some shouting coming from inside. Now you really want to stick around. This is exciting. What's going on? You won't know if you don't go check it out. But, there is still that uneasy feeling...

[ ] Enter the building, try to see what's going on.
[ ] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.
[ ] Leave. Last time you felt uneasy, you lost an arm.
>> No. 12046
[x] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.
>> No. 12047
[ ] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.
>> No. 12048
[A] Enter the building, try to see what's going on.

Poor Mystia.
>> No. 12049
[x] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.

A better time than ever to learn just how dangerous humans can be.
>> No. 12050
[x] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.
>> No. 12051
[x] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.

And then we can help drag poor Mystia out after Reimu's done setting her on fire!
>> No. 12052
[X] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.

Watch and learn.
>> No. 12053
{X} Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.
>> No. 12054
[x] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.
>> No. 12055
[x] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.

Oh dear.
>> No. 12056
[X] Enter the building, try to see what's going on.
We have to save Mystia!
>> No. 12058
As much as I would like to save Mystia from becoming yakitori, it's not like a newborn youkai has a chance against Reimu.
[X] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.
>> No. 12059
[x] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.
>> No. 12060
[ ] Enter the building, try to see what's going on.
>> No. 12061
[x] Enter the building, try to see what's going on.
>> No. 12072
[x] Find a good spot to hide, and watch from there.

You don't really want to go closer. Your instincts are telling you to stay back for a reason, so it's probably a good idea to listen. But you don't want to leave completely, either....

...no, you can make this into a game. Hide, and whatever is in there will have to seek you before bad things can happen. You don't know how long you have to hide, so you'll have to do this quickly. There's nothing that great that you're able to hide behind that you can see. However, the trees are pretty full of leaves right now.

“Hey!” You hear, distinct this time, from the building. “Get back here!”

Quickly, you fly up into the nearest tree. You get pricked a bit by the branches on your way up, but manage to find a good, solid limb a decent way up. You can still make out the general idea of what's going on at the building, but your vision is a little obscured by leaves.

A second voice, Mystia, echoes out. “Aaaaaaah! Sorry, sorry, I don't have a choice!”

Soon after, someone leaves the shrine and takes to the air. Mystia, you'd guess, though she's carrying a wad of something light colored. “Sorrysorrysorry!”

“Damn it! Get back here!”

Not far behind her is a woman, wrapped up in a large wad of white. It looks like it's cloth, but it doesn't look like clothing at all. She's holding it together with one hand while carrying a stick in the other. You can't be sure, but it looks like the stick has little bits of paper hanging off of the other end. She doesn't fly, but instead stands just outside the building shouting.

“I know where you live, you damn bird!”

Mystia doesn't return. The woman stands there yelling threats into the air for a while. You wonder why she doesn't just give chase. After a while, she quiets down to the point that you can't make out the words anymore; they're probably at about normal speaking level. She gives the steps leading up to the building a good, solid kick, and then heads back inside.

You watch for a few more minutes, but nothing else happens. Nothing too exciting, at least. A few fireflies flit by, but even they seem to be mostly sleeping at the moment. You're feeling a bit tired yourself, but only a bit. If you wanted, you could definitely take being awake for a while longer.

[ ] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.
[ ] Try to find your way back to that root den, and take a nap.
[ ] Do something else...? (Write-in).
>> No. 12074
[ ] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.
>> No. 12076
{X} Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.
>> No. 12077
[x] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.

If we offer to return the sleeves for her, we can save Mystia's pride and ingratiate ourselves with her and the miko at the same time.
>> No. 12079

Impressionable youkai is impressionable.
>> No. 12080
[X] Try to find your way back to that root den, and take a nap.
This is the third story I've chosen the sleep option for recently.
I like sleep.
>> No. 12081
Silly Sakuya, we don't know where Kourindou is!
[X] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.
>> No. 12083
[x] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.
>> No. 12088
[X] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.
>> No. 12089
[x] Find the Glowing Axe Guy.

Time for revenge. We might surprise him in his sleep and without his weapon.
Or maybe Glowing Axe Guy Route.... would be awesome.
>> No. 12093

I ditto this person's vote.
>> No. 12094
[X] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.
>> No. 12096
[x] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.

Hmm going after the axe guy looks appealing but I doubt we could do much against him right now. Ah well.
>> No. 12098
[x] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.

Steal? Hell, Kourin would probably give us one for free.
>> No. 12101
[x] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.

yknow... if we ate the woman and pointed the finger at Mystia... and let the madness take care of the rest~
>> No. 12104
[ ] Try to find your way back to that root den, and take a nap

Eh, sleepy Mainyu Phobe is sleepy.
>> No. 12108
[x] Follow Mystia. You want to ask her what that was all about.

No, you can sleep later. What was that all about? You only got to see the end of that little scene. And why was Mystia, a youkai, running in fear from that human? Was that Reimu? What was Mystia carrying? You won't find out if you don't ask. You fly up, above the tree line, and can only vaguely make out a flying object in the distance. The moon is out, or else you'd miss it completely. It's probably Mystia, so you fly after her.

It's impossible for you to keep up, you soon find out, but at least you can keep an eye on her in the moonlight. This time, you're the seeker. It's the first time you've had that role. In truth, you kind of like it. Mystia is trying to hide... not from you, but from someone, and you're hot on her trail.

She dips into the forest eventually, not too far from her stand. You follow, but upon entering the forest, it's dark again. You've lost the trail. She's around here somewhere, you think, so you'll just have to seek her out.

You check around. She's not behind the rock, or up in that tree, or scrunched up beneath that angled log. You're suddenly glad that you didn't get picked to be it for the game earlier. There's no way you'd have a chance. Maybe if it was brighter out...

“I give up,” You say, admitting defeat. “Mystia, where are you?”

A voice comes from high above you, inside of a large cup-shaped pile of sticks located high in the tree. “Phobe? Oh, hahaha.” Mystia pokes her head over the edge of the sticks. She sounds pretty... nervous. “I thought you were Reimu.”

“She went back into her building,” You say. Mystia probably wasn't looking at the time, so she wouldn't know.

“So, you were watching?” Mystia asks, “Come on up, there's plenty of room up here.”

Up... she must mean into the sticks. You fly up and find that it really is shaped like a cup; the inside is hollow, with curved edges. It's got enough room for two people to lean against the side comfortably, so you join her. Mystia has a white blob near her. Touching it, it feels like it's made of cloth. It's also quite squishy.

“A pillow?” You ask, trying to come to terms with what that object is.

Mystia sighs. “I didn't mean to steal it, but I was so scared...”

“It's not yours?”

“It's Reimu's,” Mystia says, “She threw it at me, and I caught it, but... I guess I never dropped it.”


“Ah, that was so scary!” Mystia says again, shaking her head. “Next time, try to be easier to find, ok? I thought I was gonna be killed...”

“But, Reimu seemed like a human. Why is she scary?”

Mystia laughs a little bit. “Right. You've never fought her before, have you?”

“No. But, humans aren't as strong as we are...”

“She's special,” Mystia says, “I think she even beat a god once.”

You don't know what to say, so you just sit there and try to understand. That doesn't seem right, but Mystia doesn't seem wrong.

“At least it's over.” Mystia says, “I'll get Wriggle back for that one!”

More silence.

“You don't talk much, do you?”

“Sorry. It's hard to know when to speak.”

“Mmm, you'll learn,” Mystia says, sounding cheerful once more. “Being new is hard. How'd you lose that arm, anyway?”

“I fought a human that had an ax,” You say, telling your story for the second time today. It's much easier this time around. “He was special, I guess, so he almost beat me. I had to run.”

“Where'd he live?”

“I don't know. I fought him over there.” You point in the direction that the fight took place.

“Was his beard kind like this?” Mystia asks, running her hand over her face. “And was his hat kind of goofy looking?”

You nod. “I think so.”

“He's not special. Most humans can fight us, at least a little bit.” Mystia laughs. “That was your first fight, right? That's probably why you lost. The big humans can fight, at least a little bit.”

You also don't know what to say to this. You'll worry about it later. Mystia lets out a loud noise, something between a sigh and a deep breath.

“That whole thing wore me out, so I'm going to rest. Do you have a good place to sleep?” She asks, “You can stay here if you want. This nest is too big for one person, anyway.”

You're still not that sleepy, but it's still dark. Exploring would be kind of hard in this lighting, so you almost want to nap to pass the time.

[ ] Nap here.
[ ] Head back to that root den to sleep.
[ ] Do something else...? (Write-in).
>> No. 12109
{X} Head back to that root den to sleep.
>> No. 12110
[ ] Nap here.
>> No. 12111
[x] Offer to return the pillow.

Time to learn what's so special about Reimu, as well as recieve frank advice on not causing too much trouble.
>> No. 12112
[X] Nap here.
>> No. 12113
[X] Nap here.
>> No. 12114
[X] Nap here.
Naps :3
>> No. 12115
[x] Nap here.

Nice nest.
>> No. 12116
[x] Find the Glowing Axe Guy.

Now is the time
>> No. 12117
>Offer to return the pillow.
I think it'd be safer to do this in morning, when Reimu has had a chance to calm down a bit.
[X] Nap here.
>> No. 12118
[ ] Head back to that root den to sleep.
>> No. 12119
[x] Blush "Is... Is it really okay?"
>> No. 12120
[X] Nap here.

In b4 Yuyuko
>> No. 12121
[x] Nap here.
[x] Remember to offer to return the pillow in the morning.
>> No. 12122
> “I know where you live, you damn bird!”

[x] Head back to that root den to sleep.
>> No. 12126
[ ] Nap here.
>> No. 12130
[X] Nap here.

In before Reimu raping our ass next morning.
>> No. 12131
[x] Nap here.

“I'll stay here.”

You might as well. The den that you slept in earlier was nice, but this way, you don't have to move much. And it might be fun to try out sleeping in new places.

“Oh, ah... seriously?” Mystia asks, laughing nervously. “I was being nice, since I didn't think you'd want to.”

“Why not?”

“No one else thinks this nest is comfortable,” She says, shrugging. “And it smells kind of funny sometimes.”

You sniff the air. It does smell a little different from the root den, but it's nothing bad. And, in the spot that you're sitting in, the branches almost perfectly contour to your back. “I like it. It's interesting.”

Mystia lets out another one of those sigh things; a yawn, you finally realize. “Well, make yourself comfortable.”

Mystia sort of hugs her knees, closes her eyes, and sits there. It's a really odd way to sleep, you think, but she looks comfortable. You lie on your side, instead of sitting upright, but do almost the same thing. Huddling up into a ball keeps you warmer than you would be otherwise, even though it's still pretty warm outside.

You think about things for a while instead of going to sleep. Think about the things that happened during the day, and what things could happen tomorrow. Maybe you could even come up with a game for you all to play, if you think really hard. And there's that one place that Rumia told you about, and that human that you ran into, and...


Please, pick one:
[ ] A
[ ] E
[ ] I
[ ] O
I know this one is kind of short, but my workload this week is pretty high. Bear with me, since it'll remain high until Saturday.
>> No. 12132

[X] U
>> No. 12133
[X] Ö
>> No. 12134
[X] A
Because it is my favourite cupsize.
>> No. 12135
[x] E
>> No. 12136
[X] O
>> No. 12137
[X] U
>> No. 12138
>I, Youkai.

[X] I
>> No. 12139
[X] I
>> No. 12140
{X} I
>> No. 12141
[x] U

I dunno.
>> No. 12142

[x] U
[x] And sometimes Y
>> No. 12143
>> No. 12148
[X] U
>> No. 12150
It's fine if it's short! After all, there's only so much one can do with a "go nap here" option, and it's not like our little Phobe even has a nighttime hygiene routine... Too bad she didn't snug up close to Lorelei, though!

As for the options...

[X] I
>> No. 12151
[ ] A
>> No. 12152
[x] Thumb
>> No. 12155
[X] A
>> No. 12157

“Heh. Fools.”

Looking around, they're all dead. Most certainly. The linoleum floor is coated in their blood, like it should be. These... well, puppets would probably be the best word. The claimed to be doctors, nurses... but you know better. They were sticking things in your food, needles in your body, all things to make you forget.

You know the truth. Oh yes.


A scream echoes out from down the hallway, from another one of those fake nurses. It seems you missed one. Well, no matter. This scalpel will make short work of her, too. You'll just need to catch her. The floor is slippery, but you're sure that your much faster. You have to be. If she tells anyone else, they'll find out. And if they find out before you have time to hide, you'll die.

You let out a laugh. You never thought you'd have the strength to do this. But, they slipped up. They gave you a chance, and you had to take it.


Another dead, or at least dying. You use your arms to give her neck a good snap, just in case.

Now, you'll have to run. Before they call the police. You know, simply know, that they won't listen. You know terrible secrets, and they don't like that. What you need is to find a place in the mountains to hide. They can track you by satellite, but they might not bother sending agents after you if you hide.

“What the hell?”

Another nurse, this one male. He doesn't run like the rest; he runs forward, not back, and slams into you. You struggle, but you can't free yourself. He's too strong. This bastard. He'll ruin everything.

“No! No, get off of me!”

In no time at all, you're surrounded. Another one of those fakes pulls out a syringe and injects it into your arm. And the world fades...

You open your eyes, and find yourself back in the forest. That was weird. A dream? You think that that's what it's called, at least. Well, you won't worry about it. That was a strange place, but you're awake now.

You stretch, and let out a yawn. Your other arm seems to be completely grown back; you wiggle your fingers to test them out, and they all work right.

Looking over, Mystia is still sleeping... the pillow she took last night in front of her. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and the temperature is nice. There's a little breeze, too. A wave of happiness washes over you. Now that it's light, the world's open again; you can explore, go out and meet new people, or do other things. You wish Mystia was awake, but it's fine. You can tell her about it later.

[ ] Go explore aimlessly.
[ ] Try to find that store Rumia described yesterday.
[ ] Try to find that man who chased you yesterday.
[ ] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.
>> No. 12158
[ ] Go explore aimlessly.
>> No. 12159
{X} Go explore aimlessly.
>> No. 12160
[X] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.
Let's do her a favor before Reimu comes to fuck our shit up.
>> No. 12161
[x] Try to find that store Rumia described yesterday.
>> No. 12163
[X] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.

If we can melt Reimu's heart with moe, then we know we can melt anyone's heart.
>> No. 12164
[X] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.
>> No. 12165
[X] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.

Bringing that pillow back could mean death/extermination, but this option could also lead to extreme amounts of moe~, hopefully enough to drop Reimu at 20 paces.
>> No. 12166
[X] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.

>[ ] Try to find that man who chased you yesterday.

Don't seek revenge on someone who kicked your ass before taking a level in Badass!
>> No. 12167
[ ] Go explore aimlessly.

You guys are no fun.
>> No. 12168
[x] Lay down in front of Mystia and wait for her to wake up. Stare at her face the entire time.
>> No. 12169
>[X] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.

Are gouys idiots? The pillow is the only thing Mystia gor from the shrine! Without it, she won't have how to prove she stole something from Reimu!
>> No. 12170
[ ] Go explore aimlessly.
>> No. 12171
[x] Go explore aimlessly.

Reimu doesn't deserve her pillow back.
>> No. 12172
[x] Go explore aimlessly.
>> No. 12173
[x] Lay down in front of Mystia and wait for her to wake up. Stare at her face the entire time.
>> No. 12174
[ ] Try to find that man who chased you yesterday.

I demand Glowing axe guy route
>> No. 12176
[x] Lay down in front of Mystia and wait for her to wake up. Stare at her face the entire time.

Sound nice~
>> No. 12177
[x] Lay down in front of Mystia and wait for her to wake up. Stare at her face the entire time.
[x] Wish her a good morning

Really hope I didn't vote yet.
>> No. 12179
[X] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.
>> No. 12180
[x] Go explore aimlessly.
>> No. 12183
[x] Lay down in front of Mystia and wait for her to wake up. Stare at her face the entire time.
>> No. 12184
[x] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.

Mystia doesn't need proof. She has us to vouch for her.
>> No. 12186
[x] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.
>> No. 12187
[x] Go explore aimlessly.

>[ ] Lay down in front of Mystia and wait for her to wake up. Stare at her face the entire time.

Watch her while she sleeps? Gettin' a little Twilight in here.
>> No. 12188
[x] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.
>> No. 12191
[X] Lay down in front of Mystia and wait for her to wake up. Stare at her face the entire time.
>> No. 12192
[x] Bring the pillow that Mystia took back.

Maybe you'll do Mystia a favor and bring this pillow back, you decide. People like their property, just like you like your dress. Reimu probably wants it back, especially if she was using it to sleep on.


Mystia mumbles a bit, shifting in her sleep. You wonder what she could be dreaming about. Maybe you'll ask later.

You snatch up the pillow, hold it under one arm, and leave the nest heading skyward. Breaking the tree line, you can tell that it's still early in the day; the sun is low, and although you're not quite sure how you know, it's not low because it's sinking. Not too early, but not too late.

Now, though, you don't have to fly, so you sink below the tree line. The ground is moist, and feels good on your feet. You run. Over the logs, around the bushes and other pointy things, you run in the direction of that building from last night, careful to not get the pillow caught on anything. You start humming, too, since you're in a great mood. This forest is much more fun when you can see what you're doing.

It doesn't take too long to make it to the building. You stand on the edge of the clearing, close to where you were watching from last night, and look at it. It still looks the same, though it looks a little run down in the light. Just like before, there's no one outside.

You step out into the cleared space in front of the building, the pillow still safely under your arm. There's a stone path in the middle of the clearing, so you walk over and get on it, walking up to the front of the building.

It's pretty big, you realize, craning your neck up to see the top.

You walk up to the door, and reach out your hand to slide it open like you watched Mystia do the other night, and slide it open. You can see a flat table inside, and doors leading off into other rooms, but not much else. Certainly no Reimu.

[ ] Leave the pillow here. She'll find it eventually.
[ ] Go inside, try to find her.
[ ] Wait around for her.
>> No. 12194
{X} Leave the pillow here. She'll find it eventually.
>> No. 12196
[X] Go inside, try to find her.
>> No. 12197
[X] Leave the pillow here. She'll find it eventually.
>> No. 12198
[x] Go inside, try to find her.
>> No. 12200
[X] Find a pencil/marker and write *We are sorry* on the pillow, then leave it here.

>> No. 12202
[ ] Wait around for her.
>> No. 12203
{X} Leave the pillow here. She'll find it eventually.
>> No. 12204
[x] Go inside, try to find her.
>> No. 12210
[x] Go inside, try to find her.
>> No. 12211
[x] Go inside, try to find her.

This can only end badly.
>> No. 12212
[ ] Leave the pillow here. She'll find it eventually.

I can't believe 'return the pillow' won. Fuck guys, stop with the bullshit, youkais don't do that shit.
>> No. 12213
[x] Go inside, try to find her.



I'm sorry, but you have no idea what you're talking about.
>> No. 12216
[x] Go inside, try to find her.
Bad end ahoy.
>> No. 12217
[X] Go inside, try to find her.
Let's get dangerous.
>> No. 12218
[x] Leave the pillow here. She'll find it eventually.

Somehow I have this feeling that Reimu flew over us, while we were below the tree line. She's probably beating up Mystia right now.
>> No. 12221
[x] Hug the pillow~
[x] Go inside, try to find her.
>> No. 12222
[x] Hug the pillow~
[x] Go inside, try to find her.

Jesus christ
>> No. 12224
[x] Hug the pillow~
[x] Go inside, try to find her.

ha ha oh wow
>> No. 12225
[x] Hug the pillow~
[x] Go inside, try to find her.
>> No. 12226
[X] Hug the pillow~
[X] Go inside, try to find her.

>> No. 12228
[X] Hug the pillow~
[X] Go inside, try to find her.
>> No. 12229
[X] Leave the pillow here. She'll find it eventually.

Wake up to a sore neck. Remember last night. The sparrow. It's not an incident, but it's disrespecting me. Disrespecting my shrine.

Too angry to sit down and eat breakfast. I'm out the door as soon as I'm dressed. Over the forest before I remember where that food stand is. There are fairies around like always. Dancing. Playing. Dropping like flies. Some try to fly away. The smart ones just accept what's coming to them.

I'm at that birdbrain's little cart now. She's here. What's with that look? Thought I wouldn't come after you? "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry--"

I have to hit her in the mouth four times before she wisens up and stops talking. Should know by now this is all about accepting her punishment.

Stop sobbing like those wings will never grow back. Shut up. You light the grill, I haven't eaten yet.

Haven't had yakitori for breakfast before. Don't stay to help clean up. I'll be back the next time you get into trouble.

Fly back. More fairies. More speedbumps. Home. Pillow's sitting on the table. She couldn't have brought it back in time. One of her friends? No, something isn't right.

Hakurei predatory instincts take over. Bury my nose in the pillow. Scent. Prey-scent. New-scent.

Somewhere in Gensokyo. Right in my own home earlier. A youkai I hadn't beaten into submission yet. Blood boiling at the realization.

Back to the sky. Must hunt. Never, can never go unchallenged!
>> No. 12230

>> No. 12234

See? This is what gonna happen if Anon doesn't shut the hell up about the whole Moe Moe youkai Bullshit.
>> No. 12235

>This is what gonna happen if Anon doesn't shut the hell up about the Moe Moe youkai Bullshit.

Seriously. I don't care about having a one-dimensional character that's sole purpose is to act cute. Chen already filled that spot a long time ago. I want a bloodthirsty newcomer who doesn't give a shit about human lives and enough gets strong enough to take on the likes of Yuka on a somewhat level playing field.

I want a youkai who doesn't get stuck as a permanent member of the Level 1 and 2 boss group.
>> No. 12236
>Max Bialystock!f1cFOabQpg

...why aren't you writing? ;_;

Also, that is a fucking fantastic Reimu. Like Tohonifun's rabid, vicious, nasty Reimu, but who didn't break down bawling like a bitch and have everyone comfort her at the end of the 'Koumakyoukan' (or whatever it was called) doujin.
>> No. 12237

Interesting goal. I wouldn't mind seeing it, however, I would like to add in that our youkai is new, so she wouldn't have much of an ingrained knowledge of Gensokyo's customs, probably why she attacked the kid, or she's just going into the shrine now; in a way, the ignorance about certain things can be seen as cute, I suppose. But if Reimu comes in to beat us up, it would at least provide a springboard -to- become stronger.

However, it might be funny to have a cute youkai who becomes rather strong, but stays cute. Sorta like Flandre, only not as insane, I guess.

Or I might be rambling due to it being late.
>> No. 12239
What the hell's wrong with a youkai that acts cute, but when it comes right down to it, a blood-thirsty beast? Or are you getting sick of the generic plot that lies behind every youkai at least once? Of course, that includes Yuuka.

If that dream was any hint, it just may change soon, anyway. Lost memory generic plotline. Complete attitude change. It's all been done before.
>> No. 12240
About that dream:

[18:49] <Klaymen|AFK> Oh, that really doesn't have anything to do with the plot
[18:49] <UBOA> best tell them that next update
[18:49] <Klaymen|AFK> Why?
[18:50] <Klaymen|AFK> I mean, it CAN, if they want to take it in that direction
[18:50] <UBOA> oh?
[18:50] <Klaymen|AFK> That would be boring, though
>> No. 12241
>>12237 >>12239

She will never get any stronger if she keeps playing children games and acting 'cute'. She needs to learn how to be strong, to show that she is strong, she needs to sharpen her instincts, to follow the path of real youkai.

And even if it's a youkai, I don't think Reimu would beat the hell out of someone who just did her a favor. Scrap that, it's Reimu. Oh god, Phobe is gonna die!
>> No. 12242
Oh my, someone doesn't know their elementary child psychology, just look at predatory animals children, they play games in order to learn how to hunt etc. Hide and seek? Sounds moar liek Hunting 101.
>> No. 12243

It seems there is a clear lack of understanding in this thread as to the true nature of youkai moe. Being a youkai isn't about hard work, ambition, or grinding: That shit is for humans. Being a youkai is about mimicking human interactions while still being a vicious and carefree animal at heart. It's about playing with your food, engaging in danmaku duels, and simply doing what feels good man, all in wanton disregard for one's personal safety.
>> No. 12244

But Phobe wan't hunting, she was hiding.
>> No. 12245
Which is a vital part of hunting without a ranged weapon.
>> No. 12246

Well, -someone- has to hide for someone else to try to find/hunt, and it will be useful for stealth, be it to sneak up on the future prey, or to get away from the people who want to hunt -you- (Reimu, Marisa, other youkai, etc).
>> No. 12247

Are you really this stupid?
>> No. 12248
You, sir, have shaped my voting policy for this story with but a single post.

Excellent work.
>> No. 12249
Glowing Axe Guy it is then
>> No. 12250

You offered to share your lunch with him, and he responds by chopping your arm off? Humans are fucking weird man.
>> No. 12253
Apologies, I ended up doing things other than updating again. Updates when I wake up.
>> No. 12255

>> No. 12258

Not that fun.
>> No. 12259

Are you awake yet, Klaymen?