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File 123250739298.jpg - (134.19KB, 900x778, mystia (34).jpg) [iqdb]
11451No. 11451
Today, I met the most beautiful woman.

It was love at first sight. Mad love. The kind of love you hear about in old stories. She truly is the only one for me.

I was on youkai extermination duty that day. In the forest, at that. I can ward off lesser youkai well enough, but but the forest is home to some things I'd rather not think about. And her. Suddenly, from the trees came the woman that even now holds my thoughts. I swear on my life, she must have been the youkai of beauty or I'm a fool.

How her eyes gleamed in the soft moonlight. Her song, a voice clear as glass weaving music sweet as honey. She was pristine, in sharp contrast to the dank forest around her. A true angel, complete with a set of wings. Her talons, sharpened to impeccable points, glistened as they tore into Haku. He may have been saying something, but I only remember the girl's wonderful singing. As he fell, all I could think about was how much red suited her. As she shook her hair out of her face before taking a bite of her prey, it caught the light. Such hair, a rich, silky lavendar that the girls in the village could only dream of. And on the inside, I burned with jealousy. She was enjoying him. And yet I just stood there, transfixed. When I finally found myself, she had gone, and I was alone.

I will return tomorrow to see her. Wait for me, my love! If this is madness, I pity the sane.
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>>No. 11452
File 123251361457.jpg - (134.38KB, 720x576, 35f8ee8747bfd2daa2bcb26d78e472f1.jpg) [iqdb]

Vore? In my Toohoo Project?!
>>No. 11466
Short indeed.
>>No. 11470
Short story is short but i like it. I'm a Mystia fan too afterall...
>>No. 21356
>I will return tomorrow to see her. Wait for me, my love! If this is madness, I pity the sane.

Do I know you? Do you know me? I knew I shouldn't have had an aluminium foil freedom day...

Sorry for bumping~
>>No. 21357
I really like Mystia too, but please consider the use of sage on a story that is over a year old, and is already finished, to boot.
>>No. 21358
Yeah, because he might interrupt the flow of the bustling metropolis that is /forest/.
>>No. 21359
Bumping the newest and most brilliant story on the hyperactive /forest/-board.
>>No. 21375
File 127980275543.jpg - (328.43KB, 800x1000, bird-ham_artist-hat-mystia_lorelei-short_hair-touh.jpg) [iqdb]
>I will return tomorrow to see her.
Finished you say? I say finished is a strong word... we have yet to "return tomorrow" and such.

Jokes aside,I did say sorry, but short as it may be, short is often brilliant and this definitely qualifies.
I just cannot resist to praise the author for something he's done great, plus it's Mystia centered(I'm a sucker for her) and the MC is missing a few screws compared to everyone around him (or thinking differently for that matter).

I'm sure you see where I'm coming from? Maybe we need a "post without bumping" button...
>>No. 21376
>Maybe we need a "post without bumping" button...

Sage works fine.
>>No. 21384
File 128001915455.jpg - (86.38KB, 400x451, 1279587069708.jpg) [iqdb]
lurk more, you fruit
>>No. 21387
'bout time we stop bumping this? There's more spam than story...
>you fruit
>>No. 21388
Lets just keep bumping this because it's so funny to do so.
>>No. 21390
Yes, this thread has good OP pic.
>>No. 21392
This is just pathetic, anon, bumping a dead thread just for the sake of seeing *something* new on top of the page.

But it sort of fits, once you think about it. /Forest/ is doomed to inactivity by the very location it represents. Most stories centered on Alice, Marisa, or even Mannosuke would never have the Forest of Magic as their primary location, so there is no point posting them here when they can be posted in the more active /th/. This, in turn, means /forest/ can never get a decent stream of new stories and updates like the other boards do. It's a vicious, vicious circle.
>>No. 21393
what /th/ stories are centered on them? you have no idea what you're talking about, wiseman
>>No. 21394
Not everyone with a silly opinion is Wiseman, Wiseman.
>>No. 21395
Stop spamming please. Or at least talk about the story... Yes thank you! Another one! Shitty reverse psychology...
>>No. 21397

Why don't you skip on back to Shrine Maiden you intolerable fuck.
>>No. 21398
Shove it. Someone takes their time and effort to write a short, but enjoyable story and then a year later people decide it's time they use his thread for bullshit talk. I definitely would not want to see that if it were my story. If it's yours I don't care spam all you want but if it's not spamming like this is damn rude and you know it.
>>No. 21399

How about you shut the fuck up and stop bumping this thread?
>>No. 21400

Get the fuck out. Nobody wants you here.
>>No. 21401

The general peppiness to your first post made it clear you are not a regular here. While I really don't care, we have a few people around here who just can't leave shit be, and you'll have to forgive them for that. They're probably newcomers from summer /jp/.

Also, type sage in the email field to post without bumping.


Even if you guys are not new here, you still have no excuse. Such enormous hostility is why people keep saying the site is dying, and it's the kind of attitude that drove Harker off. Please quit being faggots until the next shitstorm you decide to instigate, at the very least.
>>No. 21402

I've been more than nice. Recently I've seen an unusual amount of old stories being bumped and it's starting to get annoying. I'll stop being hostile when people start using sage.
>>No. 21403
That whole hostile spirit is toxic to the site as well. Save the hostile faggotry for when you're on 4chan.

But on the other hand the newbies bumping dead stories is annoying; that I agree on.
>>No. 21404
Well I can't very well use sage if I don't know about it you know? It's not like I'm a regular on these kinds of boards...
>>No. 21405
Not really that much of a point in saging when it's already at the top of the board.

Also, that this pointless discussion is the most activity /forest/ has had in days is honestly quite discouraging.
>>No. 21406
File 128054451165.png - (153.35KB, 600x510, 1258387866318.png) [iqdb]
what part of lurk the fuck more don't you understand?
>>No. 21407

u mad
>>No. 21409
File 128059175082.jpg - (108.17KB, 646x1305, 1272394243129.jpg) [iqdb]
This thread.
>>No. 21410
File 128061501240.jpg - (29.67KB, 500x470, 1279460279959.jpg) [iqdb]
>>No. 21411
This is the best thread on /border/.
>>No. 21413
File 128072371110.jpg - (64.32KB, 896x716, 1280451439109.jpg) [iqdb]

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