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File 123067132761.jpg - (130.45KB, 885x626, 120871852495.jpg) [iqdb]
10940 No. 10940
"Fire on deck!"

The shrill cry goes out and a bell tolls somewhere deep within the ship, clanging out a warning. Dirty orange flames tinged sooty black seep across the smooth steel deck rolling around with the list of the ship sending the fire rolling as it singes the mist, the thick black smoke billowing into the hazy white air, smog that reeks of sulfur conjuring images of a blazing hell.

"Why is it always fire?" You mutter bitterly at the ship sailing past your vision, a tiny vessel no bigger than a fishing boat with a pathetic engine that chugs in protest to it's work load, it drifts almost leisurely through the towering flames. As it sweeps past you notice the hull hasn't been touched by the heat or even the smoke, the bright red paint of humble wood is spotless, perhaps treated to be resistant to it's own weapon? You're amazed that anyone would attempt to attack a ship of your size and class in a civilian vessel, yet seconds ago is sprung forth from the fog with no warning or lights to spew gouts of that sticky orange flame at you. Mounted upon the prow of this petite pirate ship is a mysterious device seemingly made of pumps, tanks and tubes set in gleaming brass that spits fire like dragon's breath with a steaming hiss.

"Return fire! Don't let them get close enough for a second strike!"
"Enemy vessel has already left visual range, captain!"

Of course, to deny you any retaliation the smaller ship has slipped off between the narrow channels between the towering islands here, you had hoped these foggy straights would hamper pursuit or even make them lose the trail entirely but now it seems your ambusher is using the terrain against you. By moving through the small, almost porous gaps between the crushing gray rock your opponent can perform a surprise attack from almost any direction while you are forced to follow your prescribed "safe" course through it all.

The bridge is a flurry of activity as all hands do their duty with admirable diligence, but wide eyes and panicked energy reveal the under current of nerves, or even fear, present in your girls at the prospect of an ambush. You had been warned of pirates operating in the more rural, northern parts of Eientei where a rebellious element had been campaigning against the princess for generations. The girls may fret at the sight of hungry fire that gnaws at your ship, but you are simply glad that it's just pirates and not something more serious.

You are curious as to why this one minnow is trying to eat this salmon that just swam by though, could they be so desperate that they have been forced to take enormous risks? After making dock three days ago at the nearest friendly town, you bumped into Captain Reisen of Eientei's elite navy forces once more while you and Rinnosuke arranged repairs and supplies, thankfully she had the typical Eientei attitude to your strife with the empire and made no comment one way or the other. The good captain had been sent to quell the rise of some kind of pirate king up this way who had been terrorizing the north for years and was beginning to strike into the capitol region, what had started as mere piracy preying on merchants had grown into a full scale guerillia war against the state, apparently this kind of thing was common in rural Eientei. After settling your affairs with the local craftsmen and merchants Reisen invited you to accompany her to a local officers club, there she told you that the pirates had been soundly defeated with many being arrested for later trial and summery execution.

However she confided in you over a glass of rum that the pirate king had evaded capture, escaping into the region you planned to sail through where it would be almost impossible to track her down. With a record of rabble rousing based around her powerful cult of personality, Reisen believed it possible that pirate activity would resume within short order. She had departed saying,
"Watch yourself out there, as a solitary ship flying foreign colours would be considered a prime target for her designs."
Followed by quickly inquiring if you'd like to enjoy further drinks alone in her quarters. As the day was drawing to a close and your crew no doubt wondering where you had gotten to, you had to decline her generous offer.

But even with Reisen's fair warning, you hadn't counted on actually being attacked like this if the "pirate king" was still licking his wounds after such a heavy defeat. Could this man have already raised a rag tag group of buckeneers to fly under the black flag and resume terrorising passing ships? Perhaps more of these tiny fishing vessels, these minnows, lay in wait further down the channel ready to pick apart this fat salmon? You don't think it's likely, but how else can you explain this single ambusher unless the crew had the weight of numbers on it's side, in any event you intend to be the one that got away.

Roaring blooms of fire whip around on your armored deck, in front and behind of you impenatrable fog and to either side impassive grey stone honeycombed with channels too small for you to navigate, below the dark swirling void of the impassable depths and above fog so thick you'd run the risk of collision with the higher peaks. You've already sprung the trap, now you must either break it or slip out of it.


[ ] Order the gunners to fight the fire on deck

[ ] Ignore the fire and prepare to engage as soon as that vessel is in sight

[ ] Increase your speed, try to blow the flames out and escape your ambusher
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>> No. 11143
What's this? Is anon not thinking about Nitori's cute 'lil ass? For shame anon, for shame! That's an ass which deserves to be thought about!
>> No. 11199
>> No. 11220
Have you forsaken us once more, Scorn?
>> No. 11221
I would assume Scorn isn't updating due to dealing with >>11059 right now. If he hasn't updated by the 14th, then start worrying.
>> No. 11325
Worrying has commenced.
>> No. 11389
>> No. 11390

She's dead, sir.
>> No. 11432
Update. The sooner you get us through this Scorn, the sooner you get to write the triumphant return of Beer Spider.
>> No. 11505
File 123273618343.jpg - (107.26KB, 1046x500, beerspider.jpg) [iqdb]
Someone just said Beer Spider? I love Beer Spiders!
>> No. 11507
Where are the updates
>> No. 11508

hahahaha what
>> No. 11514

Not as awesome as that MSPAINT RESPEKT KNUCKLES.

And yes. FLA is dead.
>> No. 11515
From what I heard, assuming it isn't a lie, is that Scorn is in jail right now and so if that is true, then FLA is on hiatus for the time being
>> No. 11517
>> No. 11518

Tell us he didn't rob a bank or anything.
>> No. 11519

Remember that girl?

Yea. That one.

He attempted to get laid.

Rape. Vore. Etc.

>> No. 11520
File 123277438990.jpg - (12.53KB, 200x200, shirou02.jpg) [iqdb]
>Remember that girl?

>Yea. That one.

You lost me.
>> No. 11521

Wait what. When was this?
>> No. 11522
>> No. 11524
Fuck nooooooo.

I won't lose faith! Scorn will come eventually. And if not, well I hope him the best.
>> No. 11525
It was only petty theft supposedly and I don't know how long that usually gets you in jail for.
>> No. 11527
Jail? Seriously? Do you really go to jail for petty theft?

Anyway, if true this is somewhat of a bummer.
>> No. 11529

30 days? 60 days? ASBO y/n? (remember, Scorn's a Britfag)
>> No. 11530
>remember, Scorn's a Britfag

Oh no, he probably watching a pic of Crino in public and got caught for pedophilia!
>> No. 11534

Hello Scorn.
>> No. 11535

>It was only petty theft supposedly and I don't know how long that usually gets you in jail for.

Scorn Stole The Precious Thing!
>> No. 11540
File 123284611335.jpg - (146.32KB, 650x650, sadpatch.jpg) [iqdb]
What devilry is this? Has Scorn truly been imprisoned thus?

Well, if so, I think I speak for all of us when I say that he, as our supplier, will hopefully be freed before we all go into withdrawal. That aside, all the best to him, hope we hear from him soon.
>> No. 11550
...The whole jail thing was a joke I made when someone asked where he was. You see, Scorn steals cheese from the shops sometimes. I joked that he got caught and was jailed.
In reality, I haven't heard anything about what's happened to him.

Kinda amusing to see how many people bought it, though.
>> No. 11551

No news on him?

What if he really was arrested?
>> No. 11552
Will you ever shut up about that cheese
>> No. 11553
File 12329002823.jpg - (218.69KB, 575x820, 1231005442851.jpg) [iqdb]

Hate to say it, but keep the IRC faggotry on IRC.

One retarded scandal is enough.
>> No. 11555
Scorn probably robbed a Mc Donalds
>> No. 11556
When I said it, I knew it might have been fake but I figured that if it was, there was a chance that either Scorn would say something about it in order to quell what was being said, or maybe someone who actually knew what was going on would post.

Misinformation to bring about information. I use the strategy quite often, though sadly it wasn't as effective this time as it has been in the past.
>> No. 11557

You... You lied to me.

>> No. 11778
File 123344368962.jpg - (405.56KB, 566x800, 1233439282650.jpg) [iqdb]
She is offically dead, sir.

IRC Nazis agreed.
>> No. 11781

Explain. Did Scorn say in IRC that he's abandoning it?
>> No. 11782

No. No one knows where he is. All we can do is wait.
>> No. 11800
We don't know where he is, we've heard nothing from him. HY keeps joking about heading across England to find him.
>> No. 11922
Every day I check fo updates, every day with the same hope...
>> No. 12820
>> No. 17838
File 125264638478.jpg - (20.44KB, 320x240, 125264427564.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 17842
File 125267268782.jpg - (13.60KB, 400x366, kirk.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 17845
File 125268781826.jpg - (12.23KB, 260x195, blargh.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 17904
So what was this story about, anyway?
>> No. 17905
File 125297380895.jpg - (15.39KB, 250x210, ty.jpg) [iqdb]
plus roses.
>> No. 18417
File 125490735570.jpg - (172.00KB, 700x782, Resteasy.jpg) [iqdb]
You're earned this, friend.
>> No. 18418
I enjoyed reading it a year ago or so.
>> No. 24880
I finished reading it several months ago.

I will wait for you, Scorn, or whatever your name is right now.
This story is a good story. Believe me.
>> No. 30991
story is ded, surprise big not
>> No. 30992
There's a reason we put sage in the email field - it's so we don't randomly bump stories where the author's gone AWOL for extended periods of time... particularly when the last posts were four and nine years ago.
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