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1044 No. 1044
"Captain! A vessel is pulling ahead of the pack! It seems to be on an intercept course with us. Your orders?"
You blink. You seem to be standing on some kind of podium right in the middle of what looks like the command center of a modern battleship, everything is made from stainless steel that shines brightly, but when you look out the large windows all you can see is sky stretching from horizon to horizon in all directions with no landmarks of any kind and the clouds far below.

In the distance you can see ..... this can't be true! In the distance you can see a cluster of what looks like large battleships FLYING towards you as if sailing through the sky! After watching for a moment you can see the ship in question moving faster than the others and approaching rapidly.
"Captain, you orders?"

You blink rapidly again and look at the person addressing you. It seems to be Marisa only she's wearing some kind of uniform, in fact everyone on the bridge seems to be wearing a variation on this outfit and there's a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. A quick glance at yourself reveals you're wearing a similar but more elaborate uniform cut for a man.
Everyone now has their face turned to you expectantly.

What do you do?


[ ] "Contact the gunners and prepare to fire. We're going on the offensive."

[ ] "Call the engine room, let's see if we can't out run them.


[ ] "........."


This is the "fun" thing I told you guys about, it's just a little dream sequence that's been begging me to write it for a couple of days. It won't last more than a few options probably, then we're back into LA.

>> No. 1045
[x] "Contact the gunners and prepare to fire. We're going on the offensive."
>> No. 1046

[ ] "Contact the gunners and prepare to fire. We're going on the offensive."

We have no intentions of escaping, Scorn, nor will we surrender! I have over nine thousand of anons here, ready to die for /th/!

Gunnery control, power up photon beam cannon... commence plasma core insertion!
>> No. 1047
>> No. 1048
[X] "Contact the gunners and prepare to fire. We're going on the offensive."
>> No. 1049
[X] "Contact the gunners and prepare to fire. We're going on the offensive."


>> No. 1050
[X] "Contact the gunners and prepare to fire. We're going on the offensive."

Who the hell do you think we are?
>> No. 1051
[X] "Contact the gunners and prepare to fire. We're going on the offensive."

Those fuckers are not gonna bring us down
>> No. 1052
What's this!
No photon cannons!
No cute crew!
No giant spaceships!
Manly poses only!
>> No. 1053

cho-aniki on a battleship?
>> No. 1054
[ ] "Contact the gunners and prepare to fire. We're going on the offensive."

>> No. 1055
[X] "Contact the gunners and prepare to fire. We're going on the offensive."
>> No. 1056
the twist: those ships are your allies
>> No. 1057

I bet it's the ship run by the DFC touhoes.

Nice job anon.
>> No. 1058
is this sum Irresponsible Captain Anon?
>> No. 1059
Is it dream time?
>> No. 1060
If it's a dream and we end up firing the cannons, we might find a small mess when we wake up
>> No. 1061
File 12089839324.jpg - (17.18KB , 375x312 , display.cgi.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Contact the gunners and prepare to fire. We're going on the offensive. Mystia, turn to port we're going to close the gap."
"Roger captain!" The girls cry in chorus.
That's right, you are the captain of The Herald Of Spring a battle cruiser in the service of the Hakugyokurou Empire with your loyal crew.
Casting your gaze across them you put names to faces:
Wriggle Nightbug your communications officer, she's fairly new to the navy but very competent at what she does.
Alice Maragtroid your navigator, she and Marisa have been loyal officers following your career since the beginning.
Marisa Kirisame your first mate and radar officer, she and Alice monitor the battle in a 3D simulation made with illusion magic.
Mystia Lorelei your helms woman, before you took command of The Herald you used to take the helm your self but now with this larger ship you need to keep your mind free from distractions.

"This is the gunning crew! Head gunner Cirno at ya' service! What's your orders cap'n?"

The enemy ship is looming closer, soon you'll be in hailing range and then within firing range.

"Captain, permission to speak?" Alice has a very serious look on her face as she addresses you.

[ ] "Permission granted Alice. Go right ahead."

[ ] "Denied. Cirno prep your team for a strafing run."

[ ] "Denied. Cirno, prepare for a full scale assault."
>> No. 1062
[X] "Denied. Cirno prep your team for a strafing run."
>she and Marisa have been loyal officers following your career since the beginning.
That Alice is a spah
>> No. 1063
[ ] "Permission granted Alice. Go right ahead."

I swear to god this better not involve poop or dolls. Or poop dolls. Or pooping dolls. Or dolls made of poop pooping poop dolls while Marisa and Wriggle futa rape us.
>> No. 1064
[ ] "Denied. Cirno, prepare for a full scale assault."

>Mystia Lorelei your helms woman

I'd take a trip in her helms, if you know what I mean
>> No. 1065
>That's right, you are the captain of The Herald Of Spring a battle cruiser in the service of the Hakugyokurou Empire with your loyal crew.
>captain of The Herald Of Spring a battle cruiser in the service of the Hakugyokurou Empire
>captain of The Herald Of Spring


[X] "Denied. Cirno, prepare for a full scale assault."

Sorry, Alice, but it's full speed ahead! For the greatest of glory!
>> No. 1066
[x] "Permission granted Alice. Go right ahead."
>> No. 1067

In before suigintou shit baby things story
>> No. 1068
[ ] "Denied. Cirno, prepare for a full scale assault."

>> No. 1069
[ ] "Permission granted Alice. Go right ahead."
>> No. 1070
File 12089852338.jpg - (91.88KB , 500x643 , 120814509735.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] "Denied. Cirno, prepare for a full scale assault."

>> No. 1071
[x] "Denied. Cirno, prepare for a full scale assault."
>> No. 1072
File 120898601944.jpg - (323.35KB , 663x468 , 120872689678.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Denied. Cirno, prepare for a full scale assault." Alice sits down heavily.
"I understand your feelings Alice," You add, then strike a pose.
"But! It's not a plan if it isn't. FLASHY! Cirno get on those guns and get ready to fire a full barrage!"
Hearing a giggle you smile at Alice who looks at you with total faith shining in her eyes.
"I know sir," sighing she says. "I swear one day you're heroism will be the death of us."
"Well, at least we'll go down in a blaze of glory -ze!"

"Aye aye cap'n! Rumia! Daiyousei! Get on those canon! We're going all out! Cirno out!"

The back ground *thwum* sound grows louder as the engines work to turn the ship, soon you're facing your enemies head on. Streaming in the wind at the prow of your ship is your nation's flag, your face splits into a grin. This! This is what you live for! The thrill of a battle, defending your nation and your crew! This is the life of a true man!

"We're being hailed captain." Wriggle's hands fly over her control panel as she intercepts the signal. "Patching you through."

"This is captain Hong Meiling of the Scarlet Devil Republic's Interceptor the SS China!" A melodious voice resonates through the bridge as a woman with fiery red hair appears on the screen.
"I must request you cut your engines and surrender to us! You will not be treated unfairly if you give up now."


[ ] "I'm sorry to inconvenience a beautiful lady, but I have no intention to stop now."

[ ] "Understood, kill the engines." (LIE)

[ ] "Understood, kill the engines." (TRUTH)

[ ] ".....End the transmission Wriggle."

>> No. 1074
[x] "I'm sorry to inconvenience a beautiful lady, but I have no intention to stop now!"
>> No. 1075
[X] "I'm sorry to inconvenience a beautiful lady, but I have no intention to stop now."

Never give up, never surrender.
>> No. 1076
[x] "I'm sorry to inconvenience a beautiful lady, but I have no intention to stop now."

We're Mongols! Let's pillage china!
>> No. 1077

[ ] "I'm sorry to inconvenience a beautiful lady, but I have no intention to stop now."

>> No. 1078

The galaxy quest theme is now playing in your head. Manually.
>> No. 1079
[x] "I'm sorry to inconvenience a beautiful lady, but I have no intention to stop now."
>> No. 1080

Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 plays in mine.
>> No. 1081
[ ] "I'm sorry to inconvenience a beautiful lady, but I have no intention to stop now."
>> No. 1082
File 120898709932.png - (61.56KB , 500x500 , 1208737716653.png ) [iqdb]
"I'm sorry to inconvenience a beautiful lady, but I have no intention to stop now." Where did this rose come from?
"But when this war is over, perhaps I could buy you dinner some time?"
Her skin turns the color of her hair as she looks at her fingers and begins to mumble.
"Oh, but we've only just met. That isn't to say I'm not interested. Do you really think I'm prett- WAIT A SECOND!"
Over coming her self she points at you in shocked recognition.
"You're that ace captain from the Hakugyokurou Empire! The deadly tactician with an all female crew, the one who's know as the heart breaker of the sky!"
"Geeze the captain sure has a crumby reputation." Wriggle mumbles.
"Don't worry, you get over the jealousy after a while." Wriggle does a double take and Mystia chuckles at her.

"Yes I am he." You declare, "If you are familiar with me then perhaps you should surrender. I promise to treat you as a lady should be treated."
Meiling grins and folds her arms.
"Tempting but I stand to gain much more by defeating you, if I can take you out I'll go up a whole three ranks and be given a decent pay check and maybe quarters fit for an officer for a change!"
"AWWWW YEAH! Prepare yourselves captain! In the name of Remillia and the SDR I'll defeat you!"

With that her image cuts out, her ship will be within range any second now. What's the plan?


[ ] "Cirno! FIRE AT WILL!"

[ ] "Fire when ready Cirno!"

[ ] "Wait until my command, then fire Cirno!"

and (pick one)

[ ] "Alice, plot a course and prepare to fire aerial torpedoes!"

[ ] "Marisa, prepare the primary weapon!"

[ ] "Wriggle, jam their instruments!"

[ ] "All hands brace yourselves, RAMMING SPEED!"
>> No. 1083
[X] "Wait until my command, then fire Cirno!"

[X] "Alice, plot a course and prepare to fire aerial torpedoes!"

Wouldn't want to kill their crew with China within it. rather disable their ship and take everyone alive.
>> No. 1084
[x] "Wait until my command, then fire Cirno!"

[x] "Alice, plot a course and prepare to fire aerial torpedoes!"

Don't use the primary weapon just yet.
>> No. 1085
>>[ ] "Wait until my command, then fire, Cirno!"

Just so you understand I missed a comma there, you aren't trying to fire Cirno out of the cannons
>> No. 1086
[x] "Wait until my command, then fire Cirno!"

[x] "All hands brace yourselves, RAMMING SPEED!"

>> No. 1087
[X] "Fire when ready Cirno!"

[X] "All hands brace yourselves, RAMMING SPEED!"

Completely insane maneuvers? OF COURSE! THEY'LL NEVER SEE THIS ONE COMING!
>> No. 1088
[ ] "Wait until my command, then fire Cirno!"

[ ] "Wriggle, jam their instruments!"

Shivan tactics lol
>> No. 1089
Holy crap, this is quite possibly the most awesome thread to date!
>> No. 1090
[ ] "Fire when ready Cirno!"
[ ] "Marisa, prepare the primary weapon!"

We shall sink china in on massive overpowering barrage worthy of announcing the coming of spring
>> No. 1091
>Just so you understand I missed a comma there, you aren't trying to fire Cirno out of the cannons

Awwww shucks.
>> No. 1092
File 120898762038.jpg - (23.86KB , 305x400 , zapp.jpg ) [iqdb]
Perhaps we should offer china some sham-pagen?
>> No. 1093
space icicle fall.

Cirno is a fairy, she doesn't need to breathe.
>> No. 1094

Are our uniforms made of the finest velour?
>> No. 1095
[ ] "Wait until my command, then fire Cirno!"

[ ] "Wriggle, let me jam your instruments!"
>> No. 1096

You aren't in space faggots.

>>Streaming in the wind at the prow of your ship is your nation's flag


Go look up Skies of Arcadia, then flog yourselves for missing one of the best games EVER!
>> No. 1097

>> No. 1098

Of course! Under ware/panties are also strictly forbidden on The Herald of Spring.
>> No. 1099
Are there any drawfags willing to illustrate our glorious ship and stunning bridge crew?
>> No. 1100
[ ] "Wait until my command, then fire Cirno!"
[ ] "All hands brace yourselves, RAMMING SPEED!"

Open the com at that moment.
"My lady, I'm about to slam my long hard ship into your bow"
>> No. 1101

>> No. 1102

Will you do it for a scooby snack?
>> No. 1103

Maybe. But don't expect it for atleast a few hours. Plus, I might forget.
>> No. 1104

Only reason I ask is because I would do it, but my avant-garde style is not fit for representing the Touhou characters.
>> No. 1105
So are we decided on anything so we can continue?
>> No. 1106

Do it faggot!
"Wait until my command, then fire Cirno! All hands brace for impact, RAMMING SPEED!"
"Holy crap not again -da ze!"

"Oh boy! Ramming speed! Ready to fire on your word cap'n"

With a lurch the ship begins to speed up exponentially, everyone on the bridge is pressed up against their controls or gripping tightly onto the nears stable object. You run your hands under your podium and grip the discreet handles you had installed there since the last time you rammed someone and was thrown into the window.

"Captain, the enemy ship is turning it's starboard side towards us, if my guess is correct their main weapons are side mounted." Marisa looks up at you.
"I think they're about to open fire."
"Don't worry Marisa, we're attacking head on so most of their shots will go wide or glance off our armor."
Alice begins to report the battle status.
"Target in range in 5 seconds sir, Danmaku reaction detected in enemy vessel captain."


[ ] Fire as soon as they're in range

[ ] Close the distance a bit then fire

[ ] Wait until just before the ram, then unleash hell

[ ] Fire after they do.
>> No. 1107

Oh I mean

[x] Fire as soon as they're in range
>> No. 1108
Where is everyone?
>> No. 1109
[x] Wait until just before the ram, then unleash hell

We're not going out like Pegasus, are we?
>> No. 1110
[X] Wait until just before the ram, then unleash hell
>> No. 1111
[X] Wait until just before the ram, then unleash hell
>> No. 1112
[X] Wait until just before the ram, then unleash hell.

We'll unleash it all at once! They won't soon forget this show of force!
>> No. 1113
X Wait until just before the ram, then unleash hell

I'd unleash my hell on them, if you know what I mean
>> No. 1114
[X] Wait until just before the ram, then unleash hell
unleash hell sounds promising
>> No. 1115
[x] Wait until just before the ram, then unleash hell

Hold it in, then shoot our load
>> No. 1116

That's a good way to put it.
>> No. 1117
[X] Graze and wait till their spellcard is over
>> No. 1118
File 120899003384.jpg - (118.53KB , 600x727 , 1205944550885.jpg ) [iqdb]
As their ship falls from the sky in a fiery blaze we shall shed a single tear for what could of been.

Farewell my scarlet captain.
>> No. 1119
Yo *Scorn*, does Anon also have a ceremonial sword like the Abh?
>> No. 1120
"Cirno! You know how to dazzle 'em don't you?"
"It's all about the timing my dear, wait until we're just about to ram the other ship." You smile.
"Then give us a real show!"
"Oooh~ I see! Will do captain!"

"Are you sure this is a wise course of action sir?" Wriggle is frowning, oh she of little faith. You regret not having much time to spend with your new crew member since she joined.
"Wriggle, when we get home would you like to go on a date with me?" She immediately blushes and her antenna light up, embarrassed she covers them with her hands.
"I-I-I oh ur um!"
"And then." You continue. "I'll tell you some of my war stories, see if I can't inspire you a little."

Wriggle just nods vigorously and turns back to her console, the rest of the girls sigh. They've been where Wriggle is before.

The sky around the enemy lights up red and blue as a hail of Danmaku fire steaks towards and all around you, explosions send smaller bullets winging their way through the air cutting deadly arcs. The ship rocks and shudders through this deadly storm.

"Damage report!"
"Superficial damage to the hull sir, most shots have missed."
"Audio transmission received sir, it's the enemy captain again."

"Why aren't you fighting back? You're going to get your self killed this way! Fight! Fight I say!"


[ ] "Steady as she goes Mystia!"

[ ] "Cancel the ram! I have a better idea!"
>> No. 1121
[ ] "Steady as she goes Mystia!"
>> No. 1122
He has a rose that always seems to appear in his hand when he's speaking romantically. He has no idea where it comes from.
>> No. 1123
>> No. 1124
[x] "Cancel the ram! I have a better idea!"

Jump out naked, fly into the enemy bridge and shove our monolithic manhood down china's throat.
>> No. 1125
[x] "Steady as she goes Mystia!"
>> No. 1126
[x] "Steady as she goes Mystia!"

We finish what we start.


Just as awesome. I imagine we also get some dramatic sparkles, aura, or some such as well.
>> No. 1127
File 120899117757.jpg - (10.83KB , 207x200 , Mashima.jpg ) [iqdb]
Captain anon is so awesome.
>> No. 1128
[X] "Steady as she goes Mystia!"

Ah, thrusting yourself against the enemy, the solution to all life's battles!
>> No. 1129
File 120899158278.png - (345.01KB , 1006x760 , getter robo.png ) [iqdb]
[x] "Steady as she goes Mystia!"

We will make our own hole, pic related
>> No. 1130
File 120899369257.jpg - (162.71KB , 800x616 , 1208303773009.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Steady as she goes Mystia!"
"Aye Captain!" Mystia responds musically.
"What do you mean steady as she goes? What're you doing?"
"Miss China, please forgive the brash action I'm about to inflict on you. Think of me fondly."
The transmission ends with the press of a button. The Herald sails through the hail of Danmaku recklessly and looms up on the SS China, you can only imagine the panic the crew within are feeling. You nod your head in respect to the worthy foe.

"I'm sorry Meiling, but it's too late for you to dodge us now. Okay! It's time for us to cleave a path through destiny and push through this obstacle!"
"Collision will occur in the next twenty seconds captain."
"Ayeeeeeee cap'n!"
You flick your hair and sniff the rose.
"Make it shine. FIRE!"

The sky explodes in a rainbow of Danmaku as every canon on board unleashes it's fullest potential, Cirno is one of the strongest gunners in Gensokyo and it shows in the sheer fire power she can commit in a single volley.
You'd swear not a single shot missed, the China's hull is scored and crumpled from the mighty attack. But you're not ready to let her limp away just yet.

The prow of The Herald collides with the side of The China with a scream of metal, the steel of both ships sounds like it's screaming in agony. The impact nearly sends you flying again as the entire ship lurches heavily forwards, instead you whack your head against the hard wood of your podium. Thankfully you recover before anyone notices.

A great tear has appeared in The China's armor and it looks like a few decks are on fire from the barrage.
"That was beautiful ladies, now let's haul some ass before the main fleet catches up."
"Aye aye captain!" They chorus sweetly, they would never admit it but they enjoy victory as much as you do.

"Plot a course for home Alice, engines to full speed."

With amazing speed and grace for a ship it's size The Herald makes a full turn and begins to retreat from the battle field.
"What's the status of the main fleet Marisa?"
"Seems they've slowed down to help The China -ze. I mean, sir."
"Looks like we're in the clear."
The crew relax visibly, a small cheer is raised amongst them.
"Cirno, you and the gunning crew can go off duty for now. You did great girls."
"Thanks Cap'n! Come on you two, to the mess hall! Head Gunner Cirno, signing off."

Behind you a door opens, your precious cargo the High Priestess Reimu Hakurei stands there pointing her lovely smile at you. Her every move is graceful and demure as she approaches you and bows gratefully to you.

"Thank you for the rescue captain, I'm sorry to cause you such trouble." Her voice is high and musical, very unlike the navy women you spend your time with.
"It's no trouble," There's that damn rose again, where do you keep getting it?
"After all, it's a knight's duty to rescue a princess."
You say planting a kiss on her hand.
"Oh my!" Reimu laughs charmingly at you and taps you on the head with a fan.
"Why captain, don't you know I'm a shrine MAIDEN? I may loose my posistion..."
"Well then I suggest you return to your quarters before you risk it any further."
She smiles at you again and you almost go weak at the knees, turning to the crew she bows again.
"Thank you for your hard work everyone."
With a swish of her robes she leaves again, an angry silence falls over the crew as they leer at you.

"*ahem* Well, I'm not really into those stuffy religious types, I've always been more attracted to .... uniform."

This doesn't do much to placate them but at least Mystia is holding the wheel now, before she had let go and it was spinning wildly.

"Let's head home shall we ladies? Mystia, bring me that horizon."

>> No. 1131
honk honk, i'm a aerial battleship
>> No. 1132


So is it over?
>> No. 1133
Oh god. Cirno as our head gunner? We're fucked, men. FUCKED.
>> No. 1134
Captain Anon is fuckawesome, and is now a meme.

someone shoop this please.
>> No. 1135
If I die in my sleep tonight I die happy.
>> No. 1136
File 12089942606.gif - (398.85KB , 254x144 , middlefinger.gif ) [iqdb]
>The impact nearly sends you flying again as the entire ship lurches heavily forwards, instead you whack your head against the hard wood of your podium.

We just missed a perfectly good moment to say "YOU GOT FUCKED!"
>> No. 1137
>>Captain Anon is fuckawesome, and is now a meme.

Well now it's not.

Anyway, I honestly expected a kick-to-the-balls scat/futa/watersports/etc sucker punch. I'd say this deserves a slow clap.
>> No. 1138
Right here, right now, my life has reached a new pinnacle.

I salute you, sir.
>> No. 1139
And then Wriggle futa raped anon while Alice shit into Marisa's mouth.

Mystia watched.
>> No. 1140

It could still happen when Captain Anon retires to his quarters and is visited by one of the crew.
>> No. 1141
Desperately requires a spin off story for the main board like gensokyo academy.
>> No. 1142
Jesus fucking christ. The drawfags better get to work on this.
>> No. 1143
>> No. 1144
You guys want to do LA or not tonight?

I can't decide, on the one hand I'm not tired and have a fresh cup of tea nor do I have to be up and at 'em too bad tomorrow.

On the other hand I don't think I can top this without either writing Momi-pop or giving David Lee Roth Unlimited Penis Works and letting him rape Gensokyo. Plus I think I just spent all my mana and now will fail all my Writan skill checks.

Also this isn't a one off, I've mentally written this story up to going to Hakugyokurou, Eientei and heading to Moriya. Not necessarily in that order.
>> No. 1145

I'd like to hear more about Captain Anon's exploits.
>> No. 1146
Epicness should be consumed in small doses. leave the next part for tomorrow, back to original story.
>> No. 1147
No. One per LA night.
>> No. 1148

Sorry, didn't read that last part about you continuing this story.
>> No. 1149

I would be up for some LA tonight. It would be nice.
>> No. 1150

I'd like some LA tonight. The epic story of captain filled my desire for manliness, and now I'd like to get back to the story of David's love square.
>> No. 1151

Do it faggot
>> No. 1152
Oh ho? Why not *Scorn* ourselves

>> No. 1153

I smiled. Slightly.
>> No. 1154
File 120899931323.jpg - (36.29KB , 500x646 , 1208727138514.jpg ) [iqdb]

"Mmmph. ...me that horizon."
An ear splitting voice shocks you out of sleep with a start, in a panic you roll right off of the sofa wrapping your self in the blanket and landing heavily on the floor.
"Mornin' Davey."
It hurts to open you eyes even in the thin light of early dawn, you'd guess that's it's not even 8am yet, but wincing and straining you look up into Marisa's face.
"G'mrn m'rss'a." You manage.
"And a g'mrn t' y' t'. Up you get, breakfast will be on the table in a second, if you aren't up and at 'em by the time I'm done serving you don't eat today!"

With that she steps past you and out of sight, that's just like her you think untangling yourself from the sheets. Then it hits you, like a goddamn bullet to the brain, last night's events unfold in your mind like a horrid flower revealing memories you'd sooner forget.

At first you bury your face in your hands, the morning is cruel and the day is not worth seeing if this is what waking life has to offer.
But wait! She didn't seem to ticked off! Maybe she's forgiven you? Or she's taken her revenge in the middle of the night, you quickly make a check of all your extremities. ALL of them. Finding yourself in tact, if a little sore from sofa surfing the night, you wonder as to what may have brought on her good mood.

Well, no sense speculating when there's answers to be had right through the door. But first things first, you roll up the sheets and the pillow take them out into the hall way and stash them back where they belong. Now it's time to go see Marisa, standing out side the kitchen you take a moment to gird your self. A moment passes when you reach for a rose to present to her but when you go to sniff it your hand is empty, weird.

Finally plucking up the courage you enter her kitchen, Marisa is bustling around the counters making something in a big bowl. You can't see what it is.

"Brekkie'll be ready in a minuet, take a seat."

She still hasn't mentioned what happened, you wonder what's changed.

[ ] "About last night...."

[ ] Make coffee

[ ] Morning kiss

[ ] Sit

[ ] "So what's the plan for today?"
>> No. 1155
[X] Sit

I'm tempted to go with the obviously disastrous choice. So very tempted.
>> No. 1156
[X] "So what's the plan for today?"

Seems she's moved on; probably best if we do the same, even if it is only an act.
>> No. 1157
>>"Brekkie'll be ready in a minuet, take a seat."
Good Marisa, You sound kind of retarded.

[x] Make coffee
>> No. 1158
[x] Sit

Observe before making a move.
>> No. 1159
[x] Make coffee
And inject it directly into our brain with a syringe.
>> No. 1160
[x] coffee

disastrous decisions must be made after anon is caffeinated.
>> No. 1161
Brekkie = breakfast

Marisa uses British slang and contractions, ZUN agreed don't bother him about it.
>> No. 1162

I'm down with the British slang.
>> No. 1163
[X] Make coffee

It is needed for me to live
>> No. 1164

Sounds kind of odd to me.
>> No. 1165
"I'm hip with the lingo"?
>> No. 1166
Marisa saying brekkie actually sounds kind of cute, if you ask me. Makes it seem like her feminine side is leaking out of her tomboy exterior for some reason.


[X] Coffee.

Good morning drink. It'll get us on our toes.
>> No. 1167
File 120900231933.gif - (50.34KB , 400x400 , Marisa6.gif ) [iqdb]

>> leaking out
>> No. 1168
[x] "So what's the plan for today?"
>> No. 1169

Hey Scorn, what specific accent does Marisa have? I need to know.
>> No. 1170
[ ] Make coffee
>> No. 1171
[X] Coffee.
>> No. 1172
[ ] Sit
>> No. 1173
[X] Make coffee

And get some sugar for Marisa's.
>> No. 1174
[x] Make coffee
[x] "So what's the plan for today?"

>The Herald Of Spring
Hahahahahaaaa, perfect. And it makes me think of The Pillar of Autumn, so that's even better.

I laughed, as it made no sense at all, then it clicked, and I oho'd.

>Cirno is the strongest gunner in Gensokyo

I think Captain Anon should be LA's version of the School Days dream.
>> No. 1175
[ ] Sit
>> No. 1176
Navigating the minefield of criss-crossing affections, rivalries and BAD ENDs by day, finding refuge at night as the irresistable, indefatigable Captain Anon. I love it.
>> No. 1177
[ ] Sit

>[ ] "About last night...."
It was a step forward. That's everything there is to know about it.
>> No. 1178
Marisa would make a perfect geordie.
>> No. 1179
Well that was awesome, this screams for more of Captain Anon.... NOW.
>> No. 1180
[ ] Make coffee

It helps you wake up.
>> No. 1181
[X] Sit
>> No. 1187
Gensokyo, the final frontier. These are the voyages is the starship Herald of Spring. Its mission: To cook eggs. To ruffle hair. To boldly go where no anon has gone before.
>> No. 1188
Fuck yes! Captain anon is the best spinoff EVER!


>> No. 1190
File 120907641126.jpg - (71.01KB , 539x850 , 1208307283591.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I'm going to make some coffee again, do you want a cup?" You ask as you step up to the maker and coax the machine into action.
"Uhhh," Marisa raises a finger to her lips as she ponders.
"No thanks, I didn't really like it. Sorry."
And with that she turns back to what she was doing, shrugging you run through the process of making the coffee again using less water and grounds this time. With less water to boil it's done in no time and you have a aromatic cup of fresh coffee to start your day/ Marisa finishes up what she's doing just as you sit down, chucking you a bowl and a spoon she lugs a large bubbling pot to the table.
"It's just porridge I'm afraid." With a big ladle she serves the two of your a generous portion.
"I'm not used to making breakfast for two people and I don't know how much you eat in the morning, feel free to take as much as you want or we'll end up eating for the next couple of days."

It's not the most glamorous food you've eaten but it's warm and filling, add in the coffee and you're feeling much more human than when you woke up. Marisa seems to like it as she's shoveling down bowl after bowl heartily. Before you can strike up a conversation Marisa begins to speak.

"So basically what we're going to do today is you're going to help me out with my magic."
"What does that entail."
"Well first we've got to brew those mushrooms we picked yesterday, that's why we're up at this hour because it takes a good week for the stuff to brew."
Marisa pauses to take a long swig of tea before going on.
"After that you're going to help me practice a few spells for the rest of the day. You may even survive the process..."
A morbid look spreads across her face as she says that, something tells you that magic practice consumes a lot of live test subject.
"Survive?" Your voice comes out in a little squeak.
"Yeah, I've got some aggression I want to work out so don't expect me to go easy on you!"
Her sharp grin filled with teeth tells you that she hasn't forgotten last night, but rather she's decided to forgive you after imparting a little punishment.


[ ] Sigh and accept

[ ] Beg for mercy

[ ] Refuse
>> No. 1191
[ ] Sigh and accept
"... please be gentle..."
>> No. 1192
[x] Sigh and accept

Once she goes a tad overboard and injures us, she'll freak out give us some tender care.
>> No. 1193
[X] Sigh and accept
>> No. 1194
[X] Sigh and accept.

Much obliged, I'm sure.

I was looking forward to an excuse to go outside and look for Wriggle, but I suppose we have some obligations to the land lady.
>> No. 1195
[ ] Sigh and accept
>> No. 1196
File 120907729999.jpg - (135.85KB , 1288x1135 , 1208570448598.jpg ) [iqdb]
You are defeated, if this is what it takes for her to forgive you. Then so be it.
"Marisa promise me, you'll be gentle?"
"Bite the pillow son, I'm going in dry!"
"Uhhhh, what was that?"
"I said no promises!"
Why does that keep happening?
Pushing her bowl and the pot towards you Marisa stands saying.
"I'm going to prepare the mushrooms, you wash these up -ze. Okay?"
Nodding you bring the breakfast things over to the sink, washing up is a little harder this time as you have to pump fresh water for the sink.
"Use the other pump, it comes out hot-ze."
Curious you try the other pump and steamy water streams forth, noting your surprise Marisa adds.
"I used magic to tap into a natural hot spring under the house, it keep the house heated and provide hot water. That's how the bath works too."
This little domestic task will probably be the only time you have to think before Marisa dominates your day with her experiments.

Letting your mind wander, what do you think about?


[ ] Memories

[ ] Alice

[ ] Marisa

[ ] Wriggle

>> No. 1197
[X] Breasts
>> No. 1198
[x] Memories
>> No. 1199
[ ] Marisa
>> No. 1200
[ ] Memories

[ ] Alice

[ ] Marisa

[ ] Wriggle


ADD ANON! Whooooooooooo~

Just kidding.

[X] Marisa
>> No. 1201
[x] Wriggle
>> No. 1202
[x] Marisa

I like Marisa in this story. It's funny how I can go from hating Marisa in one story (MiG), to the complete opposite in another (this).
>> No. 1203
[X] Wriggle

Delicious nightbug, must contemplate!
>> No. 1204
[x] Wriggle

If Marisa's gonna violate us, we'll probably be thinking of the last time we got violated.
>> No. 1205
[x] Marisa

oh god fapfapfap
>> No. 1206
[x] Wriggle CAWKS
>> No. 1207
File 120907797182.jpg - (233.66KB , 695x903 , 12074344273.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Marisa

Because of pictures like this.
>> No. 1208
[X] Wriggle
>> No. 1209
[X] Marisa

Delicious black white.
>> No. 1210
[X] Memories
>> No. 1211
[X] Marisa
>> No. 1212
[x] Marisa
>> No. 1213
[X] Marisa
>> No. 1214
File 120907911650.jpg - (68.73KB , 357x632 , Rogersmith.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Memories
We lived in Paradigm, the City of Amnesia.
>> No. 1215

Are we a tomato?
>> No. 1216
[x] Marisa
Specifically, how we're going to make her squeal out our name in the angry hate sex that will inevitably follow this.
>> No. 1217
File 120907942723.jpg - (276.71KB , 1060x1513 , 1208938640938.jpg ) [iqdb]
You let your hands work on automatic as your mind wanders free.

Thoughts drifting free you find yourself thinking about Marisa, now that you consider it she's taken you into her home without hesitation or any cause to do so. She simply picked you up, dusted you off and gave you a roof over your head, your heart begins to swell with emotion at this thought and waves of gratitude pass through you moving you greatly. A tear wells up in your eye but quickly you brush it off before Marisa can see, you take this moment to look at her back as she works dutifully at what she's doing.

Following the contours of her body you allow your gaze to linger over her, the way her golden locks cascade down her back, the lively colour of her skin. Everything about her sings about youth and vitality. Even in her rather billowing dress you can make out her lovely curves. You couldn't guess her age by looking at her, she could be anywhere between a developing 15 year old or an underdeveloped 19 year old.

Either by luck or instinct she turns to see you looking at her.
"What's wrong, have I got something on my back?"
"Uh. It's nothing, I was just interested in what you were doing." You lie quickly, why is your heart beating so fast?
"Well hurry up with that and get over here."

You don't need to be told twice, redoubling your efforts you clean everything in the sink, finish your coffee and wash the mug. Then go join Marisa.

"Roll up your sleeves as this gets messy, basically I just break down the mushrooms in what ever ways I can think of and stick 'em in a pot of boiling water until they stew, then heat them for a few days and dry them into little blocks."
She give a demonstration of the process first chopping the fungus with a sliver knife, tossing the lot into the water and then labeling the pot.
"I write down each detail of how I make the block so that if I make a good recipe I can repeat it in the future."
Pushing a pile your way she says.
"Here you are, go nuts -ze!"


[ ] Mash

[ ] Grate

[ ] Chuck them in whole

[ ] Peel

[ ] Grind
>> No. 1218
[X] Grate

Aw, I was hoping for Wriggle.

Oh well, plenty of chances in the future.
>> No. 1221
File 120907974310.jpg - (48.53KB , 101x135 , doomguyclose.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1222

>> No. 1223
Boil 'em, [X] Mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.
>> No. 1224
[x] Grate
>> No. 1225

>> No. 1226

Also seconding [x] RIP AND TEAR
>> No. 1227

Lets scare the bitch.
>> No. 1228

>> No. 1229

Anyone who doesn't choose this is a total fag.
>> No. 1230
>> No. 1231
>> No. 1232
Previous vote deleted.


Too perfect to pass up.
>> No. 1233

fuck, sure makes me tingle with a slight happiness seeing my work being posted in XBOX hueg amounts.
>> No. 1234

>> No. 1235

wait what the fuck?
>> No. 1237

>> No. 1238
>> No. 1239

Like REAL men.
>> No. 1240
File 120908294292.jpg - (64.33KB , 947x197 , wat.jpg ) [iqdb]
With a mental cry of "FUCK YOU MUSHROOMS!" you attack them in a rage, you choose to ignore the puny instruments of fungi battle\torture on the counter and engage them unarmed. Just you, the mushrooms and your BARE HANDED RAGE!

Grasping them in your hand you can't help but chuckle over how they squish to pulp already, how weak! But you spare them no quarter, give them no mercy as again and again you RIP N' TEAR these pathetic wastes of organic matter. Each sundered foe is thrown disdainfully into their searing watery grave as their life fluids, a purple secretion spatters your hands and runs down your bare arms like blood.

Finally the Blue capped horde is defeated and forever banished to the boiling fury of your infernal pot and the blood mist clears from your eyes, you hear a gasp. Marisa stands with a look of absolute horror staring at you, all the blood has drained from her face and her hands are covering her mouth in shock.

Fear grips your very being, raising your hands to look at them you can see that your foes have struck a fatal blow before dying themselves. How could you forget the natural defenses of the evil fungus horde, even now their terrible juices must be working through your skin and into your veins then finally to your heart....
Grabbing you bodily Marisa pulls you over to the water pump and begins to work furiously as you hold your shaking hands out desperately to cleanse your self. The pump sputters and for a moment you fear it may not work, but water begins to flow freely and begins to wash the taint from your hands. Relief spreads through you body.
"OH NOES LOOK OUT!" Marisa screams, before you can react however she grabs your head and plunges it under the jet of water, holding it there with surprising strength until you can fight your self free.

Dripping wet you prepare to lay into Marisa and give her a tongue lashing, but she's paralyzed with laughter on the floor now.
"That wasn't funny Marisa." This evokes another gale of laughter. "I thought I was going to die."
"You *pant* should *pant* should of *fresh fit of giggles* SEEN THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE!"

At first you're embarrassed and angry with her, to think you were just considering how kind and pretty she was! But as you wring out your borrowed clothes you can't help but find the humor in this situation and join in the laughter.

It takes a while for the two of you to calm down, after which you're both breathless but elated.

"Oh man, okay. That's enough of your antics for now David. Let's finish up here and we can move on to the bit where I pelt you with magic."

You'd think that statement would dampen your mood but it doesn't, you may be dripping wet and facing the immidiate threat of magical pwnage but well. Marrisa is happy and smiling, that's a good thing.

"Go outside and dry in the sun for a bit okay? I'm just going to finish labeling the pots and then I'll be right with you." Just as you leave she stops you and asks.
"By the way, what would you call that method of preparation you used?"
"Rip n' tear."
She says skeptically and begins to note it down.

Stepping outside it's quite early in the morning, the birds are singing and the sun is pretty low in the sky at the moment. You're guessing Marisa won't stop her experiments until lunch and that's hours away still.
Sighing again you make your way over to that rock from yesterday and clamber on top to dry off. Crossing your legs you try to mentally prepare your self for what may come, damp clothes sticking to your back however make concentration impossible as you shift and fidget trying to get comfortable.

A rustle in the bushes catches your attention, even after everything that's happened to you it's still been only a day since you arrived here and you hold no illusions as to the danger of this world. But most Youkai should be sleeping right now if Marisa is to be believed.


[ ] Call out

[ ] Wait

[ ] Run back to the house
>> No. 1241
[X] Call out
>> No. 1242
File 120908317036.png - (2.81KB , 200x200 , 1208682889503.png ) [iqdb]
Stop skim reading
>> No. 1243
[x] Call out

Ah my delicious wriggle~
>> No. 1244
[X] Wait.

*Scorn*, that post is actually on par with the Cap'n Anon posts.
Well done.
>> No. 1245
[X] Call out

Wriggle? Please be courageous enough to approach.
>> No. 1246
[x] Wait
Our confrontation with Stalker-tan can wait. It's Magic Time.
>> No. 1247
[x] Call out

If it's daytime it would either be wriggle stalking us, or Alice dicking around with shanghai.
Or one of the fairies.
>> No. 1248
[x] Wait
Damn it Wriggle, can't you see I'm about to get Magic'd upside the head?
>> No. 1249
[X] Wait.
>> No. 1250
[ ] Wait.
>> No. 1251
[X] Call out

Moe nightbug is out during the day for us! Come on!
>> No. 1252
[x] Call out
>> No. 1253
[x] Wait

Marisa first. Nightbug later.
>> No. 1254
[x] remove pants
>> No. 1255
[x] Wait
No, Wriggle, no!
>> No. 1256
[ ] Wait.
>> No. 1257
[x] Wait
>> No. 1258
[X] Wait
>> No. 1259
File 120908469119.jpg - (31.90KB , 398x600 , 120714866837.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not wanting to provoke it you stay silent, but keep an eye on that spot. There's a little more rustling as if what ever is back there is unsure what to do before finally someone steps out.

A young girl, you'd guess between 10 and 12, wearing a blue dress that matches her blue hair, bow and eyes steps forward. In fact there's not much of her that isn't blue. protruding from behind her, you're guessing from her back, at what looks like fairy wings only made of shimmering ice.

She stares you in the eye with a determined look and marches forward towards you, as she draws near you'd swear the temperature drops.

"You the human that kissed Wriggle?" She says floating a little to stand upon the rock, you nod and she looks you up and down a few times.

"You don't look like much, Wriggle and Mystia talk about some weird stuff. Bet you're not even that strong." You're not sure where she's going with this tangent but her cold aura is making you uncomfortable. You remember Wriggle but why do you recognize Mystia? You try to recall where you heard that name but it eludes you.
"I 'ave a message for you." She says finally.
"I was told to tell you to come here and wait at this rock in two days time at sun set."
She leans in and leers at you, your face tingles with pain.


[ ] "Tell her I'll be here."

[ ] "Tell her to forget about me."

[ ] "What's your name miss?"

[ ] Ruffle hair?
>> No. 1260
[X] "Tell her I'll be here."
[X] Ruffle hair.

Confession meeting? Hell yes we'll be there. We owe it to her, after all.

Thanks Cirno.
>> No. 1261
[x] "Tell her I'll be here."
I'll be here to END THIS.
>> No. 1262
[x] "What's your name miss?"
Are you gonna get bossed around by a fairy!? Show her who the strongest really is!
>> No. 1263
[x] "Tell her I'll be here, as long as she promises not to eat me."
>> No. 1264

[x] "What's your name miss?"
[x] Kiss her hand

Worked for Alice.
>> No. 1265
[X] "Tell her I'll be here."
>> No. 1266
[X] "Tell her I'll be here."
[X] Ruffle hair.
>> No. 1267
[x] "What's your name miss?"
>> No. 1268
[ ] "Tell her I'll be here."
>> No. 1269
[X] "Tell her I'll be here."
>> No. 1270
File 120908582161.png - (10.11KB , 400x400 , 1209084670116.png ) [iqdb]
Okay I'm done for the night, see you tomorrow bitches
>> No. 1271
[X] "Tell her I'll be here."
[X] Ruffle hair.
>> No. 1272

Nighty-night you magnificent bastard.
>> No. 1273
[ ] Ruffle hair?

>> No. 1274
[ ] "Tell her I'll be here."

>> No. 1275
File 120910472810.jpg - (27.14KB , 400x400 , portable-cirno-1196326990326.jpg ) [iqdb]
On a totally random note, I think of this picture when I see your name.
>> No. 1276
I see you over there on /th/
Get to work.
>> No. 1277
>> No. 1278
I have filming in 50mins go to hell
>> No. 1279

We'll see you there.
>> No. 1280
I see what you did there
>> No. 1282
File 120915549167.jpg - (83.74KB , 788x720 , 1208306602902.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Tell her I'll be there."
She continues to stare you down.
Seemingly satisfied with your answers she nods and smiles at you.
"Good, well you can count on me, Cirno the strongest fairy in all of Gensokyo! I'll deliver that message so fast Wriggle will be all like 'When are you going to go talk to him!" and I'll be all like 'Stop bugging me Wriggle I just DID!"
She grins massively at her own joke, feeling confident you reach out a hand and run it through her hair playfully. It's an odd feeling to be sure like stroking frosty grass or brushing snow off a branch, yet your hand stays dry.
"Hey hey hey!" Ducking under your hand she evades your ruffling.
"Don't muss up my hair! I got it jus' the way I liked it today!"
Smiling you apologize.
"Yeah well, learn to keep your hands to your self Mr!" She pouts at you and puts her hands on her little hips. "Don't you know what they say about men who go around touching little girls."
Normally you'd be offended but her cute little act just makes you chuckle.
"I'll bare that in mind."
Turning her back on you she says,"Yeah well, make sure you do." But peeks over her shoulder and speaks in a muttering embarrassed tone. "I'm not saying you can't do it or nothin', or to me at least. Just gimme a warning or something first."
She stands there in awkward silence for a bit, you start to think she wants you to ruffle her hair again but just as you're about to say something she jumps into the air and begins to fly off.
"Ah. Whatever, see you 'round Baka-kun. You'd better be here in two days or Mystia gonna kill you!"
"Good bye Miss Cirno!"
You call out to her as she retreats into the distance, so that was one of Wriggle's friends?
She's been thinking about you, but when was the last time you thought about her? What about Marisa? Or Alice? Argh, this is getting complicated....

"IT'S MAGIC TIME -DA ZE!" A black-white approaches!
Running at you from the house up the garden comes Marisa, in her hand she holds one of those magical blocks she makes from the mushrooms.
"Let's see what happens when I do thisssssssss!"
The block bursts into purple flames and she hurls it at you. Hurtling through the air it smacks you in the chest knocking the wind from you and sedning you flying off the rock and onto your back.
The purple flames lap your body as the magical fuel burns intensely, this is it. You're gonna die.....

"Up you get David, guess that one was a bit of a dud." Grabbing your arm Marisa pulls you to your feet and the nearly spent cube falls to the floor to be extinguished in the grass. Neither the grass nor you has been burned by the purple flame.
"Confused -ze?"
You simply nod.
"I'm using Danmaku to alter my magic into a more harmless form, it'll still hurt like a bitch though. The pain will only be passing, you should survive the process."
"So that's danmaku huh?"
"Yup, to be honest that wasn't a very good one. It was only one bullet and not a particularly effective one at that."

And so began your nightmare of pain. For hours Marisa abused your body by testing out various new applications of her magical fuel and new experimental spell cards.


Over and over your body is dashed against a magical barrage, if this were a real danmaku game you would have lost repeatedly by now. Yet there's never any lingering pain, sure it may be intense agony for a few seconds but after that you don't even feel tired.


Truth be told you're not in the best of shape, at first you can barely take a step without a hail of bullets filling your mind with searing light, but over time your reflexes sharpen and your muscles warm up. You're still taking a beating to be sure, but at least you're avoiding even a small amount of fire. If she was using repeating patterns like in a real danmaku battle you're confident you could survive a decent amount of time.

With that she declares the next card, three giant lasers split from her hand and begin to rotate around her.

You have a split second to react.


[ ] Duck and try to squeeze under the beam.

[ ] Climb the rock and try to jump over the beam as it passes

[ ] Run and try to stay in the gaps between the beam.

[ ] Charge at Marisa.
>> No. 1283
[x] Run and try to stay in the gaps between the beam.
>> No. 1284
[X] Charge at Marisa.

>> No. 1285

[x] Charge at Marisa.

Past the autocollection boundary
Maybe the item collection will increase our score enough for an extra life.
>> No. 1286
[x] Run and try to stay in the gaps between the beam.
It's danmaku, doing anything like going above or under it would be cheating. IT'S GRAZING TIME!
>> No. 1287

[x] Run and try to stay in the gaps between the beam.
>> No. 1288
[x] Run and try to stay in the gaps between the beam.
>> No. 1289
[X] Run and try to stay in the gaps between the beam.
>> No. 1290
[x] Run and try to stay in the gap between her legs.
>> No. 1291
[ ] Charge at Marisa.
>> No. 1292
Oh my.
[x] Run and try to stay in the gaps between the beam.
>> No. 1293
File 120915928544.jpg - (107.22KB , 712x1000 , 1208217072811.jpg ) [iqdb]
You begin to run towards the beam in front of you, trying to keep pace with it. As long as she doesn't reverse the direction you'll be safe.
She seems to be unable to do anything else at the moment, now could be your chance to either attack or get away. Of course you could end up just making an arse of your self as well.
Will you take that risk?


[ ] Start spiraling inwards towards Marisa.

[ ] Move further out to where there's more room and the beams move slower.

[ ] Stay in the middle.
>> No. 1294
[x] Start spiraling inwards towards Marisa.

Lets pierce her heavens.
>> No. 1295
[X] Start spiraling inwards towards Marisa.

Go for the heart.
>> No. 1296
[ ] Start spiraling inwards towards Marisa.

>> No. 1297
[x] Start spiraling inwards towards Marisa. Say "Pew pew pew!"
>> No. 1298
I was going to choose the option for moving further out, but I'm jumping on this bandwagon.

[x] Start spiraling inwards towards Marisa.
>> No. 1299
Okay that made me smile, if Spiral in wins (you can still vote for the others) what do you want to say?

Write in for this.
>> No. 1300


Then proceed to fondle her mercilessly. And then move on to make-up sex.

Then we forget about Wriggle and Mystia kills us. BAD END.
>> No. 1301


Forgot my [x]
>> No. 1302
Still staying with "Pew pew pew!" Only, I want to point fingers while doing it.
>> No. 1303

This'll do.
>> No. 1304

>> No. 1305
[X] Start spiraling inwards towards Marisa.
>> No. 1306

Sounds fun to me.
>> No. 1307
[X] Start spiraling inwards towards Marisa.
[X] "Brace for impact, RAMMING SPEED!
>> No. 1308
"Soul of a woman was created belooooooow."
>> No. 1309
File 120916030435.png - (64.08KB , 375x260 , black-white.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Start spiraling inwards towards Marisa.


[X] Say "Pew pew pew!"

>> No. 1310
If you want rape to win you're going to have to vote properly, it's too close to call at the moment.
>> No. 1311
Dear god no.
[X] Say "Pew pew pew!"
>> No. 1312

>> No. 1313
[x] Say "Pew pew pew!"
>> No. 1314
[X] Say "Pew pew pew!"

Goes with Captain Anon
>> No. 1315
Fuck no, RAEP TIME is the worst choice of words ever.
[x] Say "Pew pew pew!"
>> No. 1316
Great. Now she'll think we're retarded.
>> No. 1317

We are retarded retard.
>> No. 1318
knowing you it's going to involve way too many body fluids
>> No. 1319
File 120916130178.jpg - (32.65KB , 400x400 , 120865208982.jpg ) [iqdb]
There's no way you're going to late Marisa off leaving you an opening like this, if you can get to her she'd be screwed against a real opponent! Plus a little revenge isn't undue at this point, she's had more than her fair share of payback.

Extending your arms you point your fingers at her and begin to circle in closer to her, heart pounding furiously your body is charged with adrenalin and every sense is sharpened a hundred fold. The beams narrow the gap around you as you draw nearer and the heavy WUUUUUM sound becomes more intense, you notice that like the magical fire the lasers don't affect the terrain around you at all. In fact you're dodging various obstacles without even thinking about it.

With a mighty cry of "PEW PEW PEW!" you pretend you're strafing Marisa with your own Danmaku bullets while evading the beams. Catching sight of you first she shocked, then she grins at you devilishly.

"Bring it on David! Let me show you something new!"

A swirl of green bullets begins to spin from her other hand filling the laser gaps with a deadly field of fire.

You simply cry louder, it's amazing but you're actually now strafing in between this new threat while keeping in the safety zone. Every fiber of your very being is concentrated on this, on the imaginary shots coming from you fingers.

What are you trying to shoot at her?

[ ] Lasers

[ ] Bullets

[ ] FIRE

[ ] Lightening
>> No. 1320
>> No. 1321
seconding [X] LOVE
>> No. 1322


I like this.
>> No. 1323
[x] Bullets
We ARE playing Danmaku.
>> No. 1324
>> No. 1325
I'm drunk and this just might work.
>> No. 1326
>> No. 1327
>> No. 1328
[x] LOVE

This is how I spark
>> No. 1329
File 120916163414.gif - (41.16KB , 1240x1040 , PK Love.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1330

I like this
>> No. 1331
>> No. 1332
[x] LOVE

This will be awesome.
>> No. 1333
File 120916180494.png - (18.92KB , 550x400 , 1205876597050.png ) [iqdb]

[ x ] FIRE

>> No. 1334
>What are you trying to shoot at her?

I'm nominating

>> No. 1335
"These hands of mine glow with an awesome power! It's burning grip tells me to defeat you! So take this! My love! My anger! And all of my sorrow! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

You can feel it, you can feel the energy as it fills your body! With just a little more effort you could release it all!

"Wha-! How did he get so powerful?" Marisa looks panicked, what started out as a game has suddenly become an awakening of some kind of latent talent in you.



Marisa's spell ends and you are left soaked in piss and caked in shit squatting in front of her with an intense expression on her face......
>> No. 1336

>> No. 1337
i LOVE you too, scorn
>> No. 1338
File 120916239414.jpg - (82.37KB , 474x656 , lancershocked.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1339

Woah I must be more pissed than I thought. Is anyone else seeing this?
>> No. 1340

>> No. 1341
File 120916259861.gif - (60.74KB , 300x321 , 1209136686067.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1342
does this mean ... alice route?
>> No. 1343

At first I was like:


But then I was:

>> No. 1344

Should've gone with rape.
>> No. 1345

>> No. 1346
File 120916284758.jpg - (16.64KB , 432x288 , Unimpressed.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1347
File 120916299689.jpg - (136.94KB , 400x515 , MarisaFull.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1348
File 120916301467.jpg - (57.12KB , 400x257 , LOVE.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1349

So, does that mean you're done squeezing out more story for tonight?
>> No. 1350
>>squeezing out

oh u
>> No. 1351
File 120916345158.jpg - (35.07KB , 480x801 , 1208727722446.jpg ) [iqdb]
And afterwards all was silent, save for the scratching of a pen.........
>> No. 1352
I sure hope that's not a serious post.

Fucked up kind of shit is okay in H-scenes or dreams, but this is just going overboard. What were you thinking, Scorn? Or rather, what were you drinking?
>> No. 1353
Well, that spoiled the mood.
>> No. 1354

The PEN IS mightier.


I chortled.
>> No. 1355

No options, I doubt it is.
>> No. 1356

I suspect that may have been the point, what with our LOVE.
>> No. 1357
>> No. 1358
File 120916425947.jpg - (3.06KB , 238x195 , kermit.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1359
File 120916452419.jpg - (8.70KB , 300x231 , Connery.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1360

Anon could have really used an ANAL BUM COVER for this little ordeal.
>> No. 1361
File 120916497752.jpg - (47.64KB , 500x706 , 1208936817174.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry about that guys, it's just that the sudden DBZ power levels twist made me write that. I always thought that this was how an episode would play out one day.

I don't go into these threads with anything more than a sketchy plan of potential events, most of it is reactionary writing and what ever pops into my head.



The world becomes empty, empty of everything but you and Marisa. You can feel your essence pouring through your arm like treacle, agonizingly slow. With great effort you force it through your hand and into your finger tips.

With a rush the world returns, a twinkling light is centered around your hand! So amazed by the you loose your concentration on anything else, stopping to stare at your hand you walk straight into the nearest beam.

You goddamn idiot.

Oh the pain is unbearable! As the spell ends you're sent tumbling head over heels over the grass and dirt, all around you the scenery spins and you finally come to rest in a small scrubby bush.

"Oh David! I'm sorry!" Marisa dashes over to your side, but you're unable to even focus on her your head is so muddled.
"I thought you could dodge it, I didn't mean to hit you with such a strong spell! Why did you stop running?"

You mumble something incoherent and hold up your hand, where did this rose come from?

"A flower? You stopped to pick flowers?" Marisa becomes furious. "Of all the stupid things to do! Why would you risk your life like that, I could've hurt you you know!"
"Ma-Marisa, look at the flower." You finally summon the clarity to speak. "Doesn't it seem odd to you?"
"It'd better be for you to risk your life over it.
"Marisa, I'm no gardener" You hold it up "But aren't roses out of season?"

She falls silent, awe slowly over takes the expression of indignation on her face.
"W-where did you get this?"
Shifting you sit up, you're starting to feel better again.
"I just imagined using Danmaku on you and this appeared in my hand."
Now she looks pensive, helping you up she begins to take you back to the house.
"Let's get you inside, no more magical experiments on you today!"

You could probably walk on your own now, Marisa does seem to be struggling under your weight. But on the other hand she's so close to you can feel her breath against your face.


[ ] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."

[ ] Let her carry you.
>> No. 1362
[x] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."
>> No. 1363
[ ] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."
>> No. 1364

[X] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."
>> No. 1365
[x] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."
>> No. 1366
[x] Let her carry you.

I always wanted to be a bride
>> No. 1367
[C] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."
[C] Awkward pause.
>> No. 1368
[x] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."

One step closer to Captain Anon.
>> No. 1369
>>appeared in my hand.


Also [x] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."
>> No. 1370
The dream was a premonition.
Our rose will pierce the heavens
We will be the manliest of men
I've never been so happy ;_;
>> No. 1371
[X] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."

Even if we can't she'll be watching for if we stumble.
>> No. 1372
] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."
>> No. 1373
[ ] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."

But say the thanks sincerely. No sarcasm whatsoever.
>> No. 1374
Holy shit, we can make roses appear!
Too bad Yuka doesn't live in the forest.


[x] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."
>> No. 1375
[x] "I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."

The spirit of Captain Anon has manifested itself. Take heart!
>> No. 1376
Bad Flower End:
It turns out that all the roses Captain Anon has been magically producing are being plucked from Yuka's garden and fields.
She is not happy.
>> No. 1377
File 120916753543.jpg - (42.54KB , 640x600 , 1208965260074.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I think I can walk Marisa. Thanks."
"Are you sure.." She says uncertainly.
"Yeah, it was danmaku after all."
I guess so."

Going back into the kitchen Marisa worries you into a chair before setting about making you a cup of tea, at first you wonder if it's to do with the rose but you get the inkling that she might be truly sorry about going so rough on you.
The rose..... Why does it seem so familiar? Where did it come from? And why? *sniff* No perfume, if it didn't feel so real you'd swear it was a fake.
"There you are." Setting a cup down in front of you Marisa sits.
"So, what exactly happened -ze?"
"I was going to ask you the same question...."
Leaning back she frowns.
"Well, there's no doubt about it. You did just use some form of magic, but not in anyway I recognize." She grins. "But then again my magic doesn't really center around making things, does it?"
"But why a rose? Why not, cool danmaku bullets or lasers like you've got?"
"To be honest I don't know. I've heard of a youkai that can control flowers, but she can't create them.... Do you think you could pull it off again? Right now?"

You nod and begin to try and replicate the occurrence. First you extend your arms and form your fingers into points again, you even begin to mutter "pew pew pew" under your breath as you try to center some kind of energy into your hand. Marisa lays a finger on your temple as you concentrate.
"Just ignore me, I'm watching what's happening inside you."

Try as you might however you can't recreate that feeling again, sighing you give up.
"That's weird, from what I can tell you don't have much magic power at all..."
You both fall quiet and still for a moment, sipping tea.

[ ] "Maybe your experiments did something to you?"

[ ] "Perhaps it's to do with me coming here?"

[ ] "Could it be something other than magic?"

[ ] "......Do you want this rose?"
>> No. 1378
>>[ ] "Maybe your experiments did something to me?"

>> No. 1379
[ ] "Maybe your experiments did something to you?"

is this supposed to say 'me' at the end?
>> No. 1380
[X] "......Do you want this rose?"

For research purposes. Of course.
>> No. 1381
[x] "......Do you want this rose?"
inb4 poison end
>> No. 1382

"What that's not like you. Sure I'll have it."
>> No. 1383
[x] "Perhaps it's to do with me coming here?"
>> No. 1384
[X] "......Do you want this rose?"
>> No. 1385
[X] "Could it be something other than magic?"
>> No. 1386
[ ] "......Do you want this rose?"
>> No. 1387
[ ] "......Do you want this rose?"

It was formed by our love for her, so might as well...
>> No. 1388
[X] "......Do you want this rose?"
>> No. 1389
[x] "Maybe your experiments did something to me?"
Yes, let's repeat this until the mana infusion causes us to mutate into a Youkai with the power to manipulate LOVE.
>> No. 1390
[ ] "......Do you want this rose?"
>> No. 1391
[C] "......Do you want this rose?"
>> No. 1392

What? That's not like you Anon.
>> No. 1393
File 120916866978.jpg - (52.51KB , 576x780 , 1208936246832.jpg ) [iqdb]
"......Do you want this rose?"
You can't help but tremble a little as you offer it, only you understand what this flower symbolizes.
"Huh? Nah you keep it, it could hold the secret to what you can do. A lot of magicians, myself included, use a medium to improve their spell casting."
She smiles winningly at you, making you feel like you could do anything you set your mind to!
"If you hold onto that flower, maybe you'll figure out it's secrets and you'll be able to use magic just like me!"


[ ] "Maybe, if I start using magic I'd need a teacher..."

[ ] "I don't want to think about that."

[ ] ".....Whatever...."
>> No. 1394

I'd give it to her for experiment purposes, if you know what I mean.
>> No. 1395
[x] "Maybe, if I start using magic I'd need a teacher..."
>> No. 1396
We were still channeling our inner captain. It'll pass eventually.

[X] "Maybe, if I start using magic I'd need a teacher..."
>> No. 1397
[x] "Maybe, if I start using magic I'd need a teacher..."
>> No. 1398
[ ] "Maybe, if I start using magic I'd need a teacher..."
>> No. 1399
[ x ] ".....Whatever...."

>> No. 1400
[ ] "Maybe, if I start using magic I'd need a teacher..."
>> No. 1401
[C] "Maybe, if I start using magic I'd need a teacher..."
>> No. 1402
>> No. 1403
LA has the best write-in choices ever.
>> No. 1404
[x] "Maybe, if I start using magic I'd need a teacher..."

but then

[x] "Hey, Maybe Alice will give me a hand!"
>> No. 1405
No, you're a faggot.
>> No. 1406

No You.
>> No. 1407
no u
>> No. 1408
File 120916940252.jpg - (86.35KB , 451x339 , ohyou.jpg ) [iqdb]

Oh you.
>> No. 1409
File 120916963792.jpg - (42.36KB , 600x467 , 1209066841172.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Maybe, if I start using magic I'd need a teacher..."
"Well I think that's a long way off into the future I'm afraid." She sighs. "You have to be a super genius like me if you want to succeed at magic. Of course I'll help you and I reckon Alice would be happy to help" That's the first time she's mentioned Alice since last night, she's definately put that out of her mind.
"Heck even Pat-chan might help you if I ask nicely."
"Thanks Marisa."
"Ehh, I wouldn't get your hopes up you know. Just keep it in mind."
Leaning an elbow on the the table she scooches a little closer to you, this talk has gotten her really incensed.
"So! So! So! What triggered this off anyway? Did your manly rage over come you and you decide that you had to strike me down? Or did terror grip your heart until a tiny voice of survival yelled NO into the depths of your soul?"
"Tell me! Tell me -ze!"
"I don't remember...."
"Whaaat? That sucks -ze."

You really don't want to confess to her what really made this all happen, not after she rejected your rose just now. Besides, pushing her too hard seems to be a bad idea from what you've observed, maybe patients will bring you your reward. But what about Wriggle and Alice? ARGH NOT AGAIN!
"Hey David."
Snapping out of your revere you notice Marisa looking curiously at you.
"You just said that if you had magic you'd need a teacher, does that mean you want to stay in Gensokyo? What about your old life, your family, your world?"


[ ] "I guess.... I do want to stay. For now."

[ ] "I dunno what I want, can we talk about this another time?"

[ ] "I want to go back, some day."
>> No. 1410
[X] "I guess... I do want to stay. For now."

Sorry, Marisa, but it looks like we'll want to crash at your place for a while.
>> No. 1411
[x] "I guess.... I do want to stay. For now. I still can't remember my old life anyways."
>> No. 1412
[x] "I guess.... I do want to stay. For now."
>> No. 1413
That's it I really want a better name than LA.

I'm once again open to suggestions, this time no "DEFLOWERING GENSOKYO" SCORN YOU PERVERT YOU.

Please, I'm begging you.
>> No. 1414
[ ] "I guess.... I do want to stay. For now."
>> No. 1415
[x] "I guess.... I do want to stay. For now."
>> No. 1416
[X] "I guess.... I do want to stay. For now."
>> No. 1417
[X] "I guess.... I do want to stay. For now."
>> No. 1418
[x] "There's nothing left for me there."
[x] Hum a dramatic tune


I thought it was gonna be FAG?
Forest Adventures in Gensokyo
>> No. 1419

Ripples In the Lake named Gensokyo?
>> No. 1420
[C] "I guess.... I do want to stay. For now."
>> No. 1421

A Rose Grows in Gensokyo
>> No. 1422
"I guess.... I do want to stay. For now."


It's so blunt, yet... Why do you want to stay?

[ ] "I've got no where else to go."

[ ] "I can't remember my old life, I don't think I could ever go back to it."

[ ] "In my old world, I don't think that there was things like magic. I don't want to give something like this up."

[ ] "I'm having fun here though."

[ ] "Why not?"
>> No. 1423

[ ] "I can't remember my old life, I don't think I could ever go back to it."
>> No. 1424


>> No. 1425
[x] "Why not?"

This is always the best answer to a "why" question.
>> No. 1426
[ ] "I guess.... I do want to stay. For now."
>> No. 1427
[X] "I can't remember my old life, I don't think I could ever go back to it."
>> No. 1428
[x] "I'm having fun here though." A rose appears in your hand.

As obvious as "I have no memories" is, I feel like going for flattery.
>> No. 1429
[X] "I'm having fun here though."

Time to make us look like idiots by handing out a simple response.
>> No. 1430
[X] "I can't remember my old life, I don't think I could ever go back to it."

>> No. 1432
[C] "I'm having fun here though."
>> No. 1433
[ ] "I can't remember my old life, I don't think I could ever go back to it."
>> No. 1434
[ ] "I'm having fun here though."

Shit's fun.
>> No. 1435
[x] "Why not?"
>> No. 1436

[ ] "I can't remember my old life, I don't think I could ever go back to it."


[ x ] "In my old world, I don't think that there was things like magic. I don't want to give something like this up."

Slight plot advancement yes!
>> No. 1437
A new name, huh? Hmm...

[X] "I'm having fun here though."
>> No. 1438

>> No. 1439
[X] "I'm having fun here though."
>> No. 1440
File 120917072529.jpg - (13.81KB , 478x301 , DURRRRRr.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] "I've got no where else to go."
>> No. 1441
File 120917080966.jpg - (102.62KB , 500x600 , 50b3066638a0edc517d01886e8319fa3.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ready for this Anons?
My new name suggestion: Unlimited Adventures.

Am I genius or what?
>> No. 1442
God damn it, I just knew someone was going to do this.
>> No. 1443
[x] "In my old world, I don't think that there was things like magic. I don't want to give something like this up."

How about Found in the Lost Forest of Gensokyo.
>> No. 1444
The title should involve the insertion of a rose into the urethra.

Thorns still on.
>> No. 1445

>> No. 1446
Who am I writing this check to?

You hear that? That's the sound of an idea being stolen for me to write into another travesty.
>> No. 1447

Wouldn't be the first time.
>> No. 1448
File 120917235444.jpg - (91.96KB , 780x912 , 1209159510183.jpg ) [iqdb]
"I'm having fun here though."
"Doesn't that seem a little irresponsible?" She chides.
"But then again, considering how I came to live in the forest. I'm hardly the one to lecture you."
"What do you mean, why did you move to the forest?"
A melancholy air seems to surround Marisa for a moment as she smiles faintly.
"Maybe I'll tell you some day, not yet."
She looks so vulnerable, she projects such an outwards display of strength and yet once in a while it drops away like this. Revealing a sensitive girl, you want to comfort her but once again you warn yourself not to push it.
Recovering almost immediately she hops onto the table and presses her hands against her chest, eyes sparkling.
"Yes! I too understand what you're going through, I promise to protect you David! We are comrades in misfortune -ze! I pledge this to you now!"

Oh such a world! With such people in it!

"I'm gonna go take a bath -ze."
Hopping off the table she clears the tea set away, the mood is broken.
"I'm pretty smelly after playing with you earlier, I want to unwind~"
Opening up a cupboard she tosses you a small brown bag, opening it up it contains a preserved lunch of rice, fish and seaweed.
"I eat these when I can't be bothered to cook, unless you want to make something. I'm gonna eat in the bath, I'm bringing a book too so don't wait up for me or anything."
"Okay, I think I can keep myself busy without getting into any trouble."
"Good boy."
"Have a nice bath."
Stepping out of the kitchen Marisa waves a hand in recognition and heads to the bathroom, leaving you alone in her kitchen.


[ ] Go spy on her bath

[ ] Explore inside

[ ] Explore outside

[ ] Cook a proper lunch

[ ] Take a nap
>> No. 1449
[ ] Cook a proper lunch

For both of us.
>> No. 1450
[X] Cook a proper lunch

...assuming she has any proper ingredients.
>> No. 1451
[X] Take a nap
And, well. Eat.
>> No. 1452
She's eating lunch in the bath though.

She said she won't be out for a while
>> No. 1453
[x] Take a nap
And have a MANLY DREAM.
>> No. 1454
[x] Take a nap

Fuck yes! I hope this means Captain Anon time.
>> No. 1455
No, it doesn't. It's choosing to skip forward in time.
>> No. 1456
Maybe I just don't feel like eating dried seaweed for lunch.
>> No. 1457
[x] Cook a proper lunch

Anon's cooking skills saved him several times in different adventures in different setting, i feel that they will be useful in this one too, so earn more cooking EXP and level up!
>> No. 1458
[x] Take a nap

You should be tired anyway. Recuperate.
>> No. 1459
[X] Take a nap

Afternoon naps are godly.
>> No. 1460
[ ] Cook a proper lunch

It's time to call upon the power inherent in all anons.
>> No. 1461
[x] Explore inside.

Find clean panties this time!
>> No. 1462
[ ] Cook a proper lunch
>> No. 1463
[X] Cook a proper lunch
>> No. 1464
[x] Explore inside
>> No. 1465
[x] Cook a proper lunch with LOTS OF MUSHROOMS

>No perfume, if it didn't feel so real you'd swear it was a fake.

Because it's just a traced copy. "I am the thorn of my rose..."
>> No. 1466

"I am the thorn of my rose.
Pollen is my body, and chlorophyll is my blood.
I have created over a thousand saplings.
Unknown to leaving.
Nor known to budding.
Have withstood pain to create many petals.
Yet, those roots will never hold anything.
So as I pray, "Unlimited Rose Works."
>> No. 1467
File 120919718771.jpg - (55.93KB , 503x526 , shinkubang.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Unlimited Rose Works

I like your style, Anonymous!
>> No. 1468
>I'm pretty smelly after playing with you earlier...

>> No. 1469
] Go spy on her bath
>> No. 1470
>"If you hold onto that flower, maybe you'll figure out it's secrets

Think we'll eventually upgrade this into a Belmont-style thorn whip?
>> No. 1471

Whips are for whipping, the rose is for LOVE.
>> No. 1472
[x] Go spy on her bath
>> No. 1473
File 120921211281.jpg - (292.63KB , 1024x769 , 926984_20050826_screen003.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Belmont-style thorn whip


[X] Take a nap

I just have a feeling that says it's a good choice. That is, if any choice can be called good in Scorn's stories.
>> No. 1474
Seems like the more you sleep the more H-scenes you get.
>> No. 1475
Dave? I liked him better when he was called KURAMA!
>> No. 1476
File 120922616430.jpg - (45.57KB , 800x600 , hal9000_2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Open the bathroom door Marisa.
>> No. 1477
>> No. 1478

Then Dave was a Monolith.
>> No. 1479

Maybe if we rub Cirno some more in a few million years she'll grow a brain.
>> No. 1480

Or melt from friction
>> No. 1481

If Cirno licked the Monolith, would her tongue get stuck?
>> No. 1482
I saw you scorn. Get back to work.
>> No. 1483
lookin' a little Dark Berserker there.
>> No. 1484

>>If we licked Cirno, would our tongue get stuck?

>> No. 1485

A better question would be: would we mind?
>> No. 1486
I wouldn't mind a new thread.
>> No. 1487

I was just thinking the same thing.
>> No. 1488
I am good...
>> No. 1489
As expected from me...
>> No. 1490
File 120924474175.jpg - (25.27KB , 437x640 , 1209159820234.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Cook a proper lunch IIIIIII

Wrapping up the little package you put it back into the cupboard from which Marisa took it from, you're going to cook a real lunch. After all you deserve something decent considering what you just went through.

Rummaging through her cupboards and draws you come across a few ingredients, although you're not exactly sure what Marisa plans on using tonight so you do wonder what you can use.

Clearing some space on the counter and making sure to wash off any left over mushroom, you roll up your sleeves once again to get down to work. All the hobs on the stove are taken up by mushroom pots excluding one, other than that you've got the oven\grill. From the other room you can hear sloshing water.

What to make?

[ ] Sandwiches.

[ ] Flour, Tomatoes, cheese = pizza!

[ ] Bacon and eggs.

[ ] Soup
>> No. 1491
[ ] Flour, Tomatoes, cheese = pizza!
>> No. 1492
[x] Soup
>> No. 1493

[x] Flour, Tomatoes, cheese = pizza!

What else would we be having on a saturday night?
>> No. 1494
[X] Flour, Tomatoes, cheese = pizza!

Hell yes. Home-style pizza all the way.
>> No. 1495

............you need more than flour to make the crust for pizza.
>> No. 1496
Do you think he's trying to trick us?
>> No. 1497
File 120924621827.png - (17.33KB , 520x520 , dantepizza.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Flour, Tomatoes, cheese = pizza!
>> No. 1498
[x] Moot-I mean, soup
>> No. 1499

[ x ] Soup

GM flavour!
>> No. 1500
[C] Soup
>> No. 1501
[x] Soup
>> No. 1502
[X] Sandwiches.
Soup takes 7 namekian minutes
>> No. 1503
[x] Sandwiches.
>> No. 1504
Autosage just kicked in, yo.
>> No. 1505
[x] Sandwiches.
Fuck yes, Sandwiches!
>> No. 1506
[x] Bacon and eggs.

Come on people!
>> No. 1507
Really? Okay new thread in a minuet, I'm making dinner.
>> No. 1508
...what do you mean, JUST?

It's BEEN kicked in for... a while.
>> No. 1509

Slowpoke! You're alive!
>> No. 1510

>I'm making dinner.

Oh god no.
>> No. 1511
>> No. 1512

You just cook a turkey and stare at it the entire time or something?
>> No. 1513

I picture your dinner consisting of human feces and various organs.
>> No. 1515
so we know:
soup; for two people; ready when Marisa leaves the bath (in hours)
>> No. 1516

It'll be hours, and still no Marisa. We'll eventually find out she drowned herself for unknown reasons. If only we had peeked, we might have prevented this from happening.
>> No. 1517
soup doesn't need our attention the whole time, does it? We can still peek until we peak.
>> No. 1521

By peeking, we will discover that there is more to Marisa...like an extra appendage that is roughly 9 1/2 inches long.
>> No. 1525
File 120925550763.jpg - (7.78KB , 148x150 , 1209166937894.jpg ) [iqdb]
Poor girl was born with a tail?
>> No. 1526
No, I chucked chips and some chicken things in the oven while playing MiG and browsing /tg/.
>> No. 1553
>"Yeah well, learn to keep your hands to your self Mr!" She pouts at you and puts her hands on her little hips. "Don't you know what they say about men who go around touching little girls."

Oh Cirno, if this becomes foreshadowing I'm going to hate your fairy guts.