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Thread 15452 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124414940462.jpg - (156.38KB, 448x635, f72f8ef044271724f5d309ce239c2c17.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Ask Wriggle what sauce she likes.

“What kinds are there?” You ask, not really to anyone. Kind of like Mystia’s question. Maybe Wriggle would know? “Hey,” You say, turning to Wriggle. “What’s a good one?”

“Good what?”

“A good sauce,” You say, looking back to Mystia. She’s set the red stuff down by now and started looking in the cupboards for something.

“Hmm… well, I like the normal stuff,” She says, “And… what was that other one? Bar-be… something. That sweet stuff.”

“Barbeque?” Mystia asks, turning around. “Yeah, I haven’t used that in a while, have I?”

Wriggle nods. “You really should. It’s been a while.”

Mystia nods back, and returns to digging around in the cupboard thing, emerging with a few things of powder after a bit. “That solves this problem, then. Huh. I wonder if I’ll get any customers tonight, with all this rain…”

Wriggle laughs. “I don’t think so.”

“Yeah,” Mystia says, sighing. “You’re probably right. When it’s this dark at night, I don’t think people can find it. Buisness has been kind of slow lately, too. Or is it just my imagination?”

“Sounds like she got the humans riled up, so they’re probably staying away from the forest for a while,” Wriggle says, shrugging. “You might want to lay low tomorrow, too. I guess they’re bringing out the big guns.”

“Big guns?” You ask.

“Yeah, the council’s hunters,” She says, “That’s what you said, right? That Keine told you that they were going to be used?”

[ ] “She didn’t say tomorrow, though.”
[ ] Nod.
[ ] “I don’t know. She did, but then we talked and stuff…”
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>> No. 15965
[x] Take in the rain for a bit. Feel its wetness and how the ground becomes soft between your toes and why it smells so good.
[x] Puddle jumping!
[x] Take care with the flowers though. It'd be hard to make friends if you squash them under your feet.
>> No. 15984
>Uh... not really. You guys get to make the plot for this one, apart from what I threw you in the beginning. I hope it's not too boring, since I'm trying to do what you guys want to do.

Ok, I guess it's time for me to say this. I'm sorry Klaymen, but this story is getting too boring. The story still has potential, but it's being completely ignored. The absence of an involving plot is bad, and Anon isn't helping with his moe filled votes. Moe alone doesn't make a good story guys, get this in your heads already.

And the longer this story goes on, the more time it will take for SCIENCE! to be continued.
>> No. 15996
[z] Take in the rain for a bit. Feel its wetness and how the ground becomes soft between your toes and why it smells so good.
[e] Puddle jumping!

Speak for yourself. And it's not about moe, anyway. It's about growth. The cute parts are sort of an occasional side effect.

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File 124136673648.jpg - (118.73KB, 450x600, d9834211baf4cc5142d419090ea0c753.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Sleep in the car, the seats are quite comfortable.

“Me, too,” You say, still lying in the back part of the car. It's pretty soft. It's comfortable; not more comfortable than the root den, just a different kind of comfortable. You think it'd be nice to sleep here.

“Well, see you tomorrow.” Mystia says, getting out of the car. “You too, Wriggle. And Rumi.”

“Yeah, see ya,” Wriggle says from the top of the car.

You watch her as she get out of the car and heads up into the night, but beyond that you lose sight of her. Too dark. Especially with that kind of bright light coming from the top of the inside of the car. There are a few circles to push near it, so maybe...

… you reach up and poke them. The light disappears.

“You, too?” Wriggle asks, still sitting on top of the car.

“Yep,” you say, making yourself comfortable. “See you tomorrow.”

“Sleeping in there, huh?” She asks, “I can't see that feeling good at all.”

“'s not bad,” You mumble, more because you're facing into the seat than because you're trying to mumble. “Soft.”


It's quiet. Sleep.

Morning. Bright. You stretch your arms, your legs, your fingers, your toes... your legs?

You smile. Looks like you'll be able to run today. Run and walk and feel the squishy ground in your toes. You just have to get out of the car by going over the seat and out the closed door. Closed? You try a few things on the side, and manage to get it open with something that lifts up. A new day. You wonder what you should do today?

[ ] Your payment. Rinnosuke should be up now, right?
[ ] Go exploring at (write-in).
[ ] Yuuka... you know how to turn it off now. So maybe she won't be angry if you go see the flowers.
[ ] Wander aimlessly. You might find something cool, like a car.
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>> No. 15006
...right. Stupid me.
>> No. 15015
[†] “We can play later, ok?”
>> No. 15715
[┐] "I want to learn."

Thread 13465 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123845042482.jpg - (429.85KB, 798x899, yuyu2.jpg) [iqdb]
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[ ] "Forgive me, Lady of this great hall, for I intruded upon your home uninvited. It would be a pleasure and honor to accompany you, yet I am troubled. For I sense something beyond an otherworldly beauty from you, and it worries me

for I am but a mortal. Friend of the wise blademaster Youki I am, and soon must we continue on with our journey. Still a fair maiden such as yourself should never set unaccompanied, and I ask only for a binding word of safe passage for myself."

You shake off the final lingering unease and sharpen your mind. Fárbautí's son may try and trick and twist your path to his liking, but it is you who chooses where you will walk.

Even so, his words do carry some reason, and it would be prudent to ensure that his warnings are not fulfilled. You know the old master to be a warrior of honour, and thus his princess should likewise be of noble spirit. Perhaps you should trust in your silver tongue, for what a man cannot conquer with weapons, he can win with wit and words. If you can draw a promise from her, there should be neither cause for unease, nor fear of treachery.

You notice that the lady of the hall still watches you oddly, perhaps confused by your strange reaction. You rise up and draw a deep breath, speaking with confidence and power, shaping song and weaving words into silver-spun story.

"He must speak, for caution so bids, if ghost-princess will listen. Words he tells, words wary and wise, for greeting and gratitude."

You pause for a moment and take a step inside the room, stopping and bowing slightly to the lady of ghost-garden.

"Forgive me, Lady of this great hall, for I intruded upon your home uninvited." You gently speak, "Ill guest is he who would enter unannounced, sneaking in shadow like a thief, yet no servant or watchman could I find, though great is the hall of ghost-garden's mistress."

"It would be a pleasure and honor to accompany you, yet I am troubled. For I sense something beyond an otherworldly beauty from you, and it worries me for I am but a mortal." As you speak these words of praise Yuyuko blushes slightly and looks down. For a
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>> No. 15379
I've suddenly found myself writing the longest and most intricate dialogue yet. This might take a while.
>> No. 15420
Worth it.
>> No. 15681
Related to subject matter.

Thread 14183 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124009895120.jpg - (107.42KB, 850x932, marisa.jpg) [iqdb]
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Testing Server Connection.
Connection Resolved.
Loading Scenario: Day 4, Late Afternoon

Option Selection Mode: On
Custom User Input: On
Parallel Threading: On

So you're a long-distance type?
You have quite a bit of power for that type though.
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>> No. 14854
>You left out HLA. I really love her in that, I'd like to see her route next.

>Sometimes she's completely sympathetic to the protagonist (Hakunon in HLA).
>> No. 14874
who am I kidding I can't read

>The difficulty is that in the stories where she appears, she is too important as a plot device to allow the protagonist to like her.
we liked her fine in HLA, that was the part I was responding to
>> No. 15587
>who am I kidding I can't read
That's MY gimmick, jackass.

Thread 14782 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124212621946.jpg - (79.58KB, 600x640, yukari.jpg) [iqdb]
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Testing Server Connection.
Connection Resolved.
Loading Scenario: Day 4, Early Evening

Option Selection Mode: On
Custom User Input: On
Parallel Threading: On

Why would you worry, I wonder?
This is your mischief.
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>> No. 15560
[x] "Gate"
>> No. 15564
Calling it.
[X] "Gate"
>> No. 15576
Server Reconnected: >>15565

Thread 15008 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 12425700616.png - (267.23KB, 600x450, af47d9a9cd99f2ce23f32216c7f3c3b8.png) [iqdb]
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[x] “We can play later, ok?”

“We can play later, ok?” You say, turning back away from him. “I wanna drink with Suika.”

His hand lifts off of the counter, and back behind you. And suddenly, the bartender reaches out. Grabbing something behind your head with speed that you think might not be human. But, he is a human, you think, so it’s very confusing. Maybe he grabbed a fly? You turn around to look.

No, it’s that one guy’s fist. He seems to have caught it in both hands. You look at both their faces. The bartender seems perfectly calm, while the guy behind you still seems incredibly angry.

“You know the rules,” The bartender says, as if he’d said this a hundred times before. “No fighting.”

“Damn it, she’s---“

“No. Fighting.” He says again, motioning back to something behind the counter with a flick of his head. It’s got scribbles on it, probably writing. “Now, are you going to sit down, or shall I have you removed?”

You look around the place. More people seem to be watching now, looking away from their drinks, and some really big guys near the back are walking forward towards the bar. This must be more interesting than looking into the bottom of a cup, you guess.

After a few long seconds, the guy nods.


And, like that, he goes back into the tables section and sits down. There was already a glass at the chair he chose, so you think he might have been here earlier. A lot of humans look the same from behind, since they wear similar clothes and have the same hair.

“… your drink?” The bartender asks, getting your attention back.

“Uh…” You pause. There’s water, you know, but the things other people are drinking don’t look like water. “What is there?”

Suika grins. “First time here?”

You nod.

“A bottle of some of that sake,” She says, pointing back to one of the many bottles behind the counter. The bartender nods, and goes off to get it. “It’s really tasty,” She says, taking a drink of that stuff she ordered earlier. “Better than mine, even.”

“So, what’s up with that guy?” She a
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 15438
[x] What kind of sauces are there?

Create an assortment.
>> No. 15440
[x] Ask Wriggle what sauce she likes.
>> No. 15447
[x] Let Mystia decide for herself. She'd know best, after all.

Wriggle would suggest something weird. And likely sweet. I don't like sweet meat.

Silly bugs and their simple sugars.

Thread 14624 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124163111411.jpg - (85.71KB, 293x320, 1241306391633.jpg) [iqdb]
14624 No. 14624 hide watch quickreply
Capitan Anonymous Rex : The Game?

Reminds me of good old times.
>> No. 14626

What? It was more like the love child of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgM-PTg2Y1g&fmt=18

Thread 14004 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123956435522.jpg - (355.80KB, 600x600, 0bc800a9f4c374306cc8e0521b45b0f8.jpg) [iqdb]
14004 No. 14004 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] It's night, so you should go to Mystia's stand. She might have food, too.

Well, sitting here all night would be boring. Wriggle and the others are probably at that stand, having fun. Maybe eating, too. And, it would feel a little strange if you didn't head there, since you do every night.

You try to stand up again, but fail. It's habit. This is really annoying; you hope it'll go away soon. Instead, you move up and away, the only feeling being the cool air on your face. None of the ground on your feet.

The problem is, though, that you don't really know where you are. It's dark, and you don't know exactly how you got here. Heading above the tree line helps, though. The moon is really bright today. It's almost a full circle tonight, but there's a little piece missing on the left.

You can see the lake from up here, and the field that you were in earlier. It should be easy to find your way from up here. You just need to fly in this direction. Then, when you get to the lake...

… yeah. There it is. You can see the light from up here. It took a while to fly over this far, but you found it. As you get closer, you can see Rumia and Wriggle, sitting in front of it. Like normal. You head lower, and Mystia notices you from behind the counter.

“Oh, looks like Phobe's here,” She says, waving. Wriggle and Rumia both turn to look at you. You wave back, and float your way over to the stand.

“What's up with your legs?” Wriggle asks, “You're usually running.”

You try to think of a way to describe it, taking a seat. “They... broke,” You say, “It's really annoying.”

“They what?” Wriggle asks, leaning a little closer. “Come on, legs don't just break. We're youkai. What'd you do?”

[ ] Nothing.
[ ] You made a strong youkai mad. That's all.
[ ] Tell the whole story.
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>> No. 14474
[x] Slumber party in the car!
>> No. 14480
New thread tomorrow. I spent all day moving, so I'm really tired.
>> No. 14481


Thread 13234 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123776000629.jpg - (108.40KB, 380x380, alice.jpg) [iqdb]
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Testing Server Connection.
Connection Resolved.
Loading Scenario: Day 4, Afternoon

Option Selection Mode: On
Custom User Input: On
Parallel Threading: On

I don't understand. Why does everyone in Gensokyo insist on speaking in riddles?
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>> No. 14178
You consider her as an item?
>> No. 14185
Server reconnected at: >>14183
>> No. 14413
...You don't?

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