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File 148264214210.png - (422.47KB, 1400x600, I think it's time we blow this scene.png) [iqdb]
[X] Which means you've got responsibilities, here. Estimate as truthfully as ya can.

Which means you've got responsibilities.

Regardless of any douchenozzle tendencies this dude in front of you's displayin'.

Nuts. “Eight dollars,” ya say, puttin' the disc back down. “I'm gonna say 'bout eight dollars.”

Rika does a squinchin' of the peepers, royal. “You paused,” she says.

“I didn't pause.”

“You paused,” Rika says again. “Before you named your price, you paused.”

“That wasn't a pause,” ya say. “That was more like a happenstantial ellipsis.”
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I like this story. Hello, author.
File 15111553061.png - (36.35KB, 229x306, 019.png) [iqdb]
One for luck.
Link to new thread: >>30521

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File 150343611692.png - (337.82KB, 800x800, YuugenMagan.png) [iqdb]
This is the restart thread of "Tales of the Flower Youkai's Mansion - Tale of the Outsider". Keep that in mind. Now, let's restart this tale!


It was quiet one moment, quiet the next. Such was my life. Day in, day out, always the same process.

Suddenly, I could hear a quiet song being sung, yet I could not figure out what the person was singing. Then, there was darkness.

"Hello...What...here...Spark..." What? "Why... are you... garden..." I can't understand her, and I think I'm slipping in and out of consciousness. I couldn't run away, nor move at all, to the best of my knowledge.

"Can... hear me? No? ...Mugenkan... go!" ...Something something what? Mugenkan?


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[X] Read the book that Yuuka gave you during her explanation.
// It's called "A Guide to Gensokyo". The author is one named "Hieda no Akyuu".

Vote to see if this thread will crash and burn from votes
[X] Read the book that Yuuka gave you during her explanation.

I'm curious to see your view of Gensokyo
[X] Read the book that Yuuka gave you during her explanation.

Become a bookworm that moves across the flower fields

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File 150484996575.jpg - (225.07KB, 450x600, okina.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm digging through a pile of books in the corner of one of my non-study rooms when I hear the knocking at the door.

My name's Marisa Kirisame. I'm an ordinary magician who likes to make potions, read books, and have a good Danmaku battle. People say I'm a kleptomaniac, but really I just like borrowing stuff.

I'm also not really in that good of a standing with many people in Gensokyo, meaning that no-one really knocks at my door, and the people I'm friends with don't really care all too much for formalities anyway.

Except Alice, but she told me today that I should stay away from her home or she'd kill me. I don't see why she always needs to say something like that, though.

Anyway, the knocking at the door catches my attention. For a moment, I consider going back and rifling through all those books again, since there's probably nothing that I need to do right now. But that's not me; I'm more of a living in the moment sorta gal. So standing up, I take a deep breath and dust off my hands, then raise my voice to say 'Coming!'

I take my time tiptoeing around the small piles of books scattered around the floor, alongside the few relics that I stole borrowed from Kourin. That guy's a bit kooky even if he did help raise me when I ran away from home.

I step into the hallway and turn towards the door. Taking a few steps forward, I put on my best smile and open the door. 'Morning.'

'Good morning, Marisa.'
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[x] I should invite Okina inside; maybe she’ll want some tea. I mean, most people want tea, and I don’t think she’s had any yet with anyone.

Come on people, manners. They're not hard.
So right now consensus seems to be to invite Okina inside; however, I feel like waiting a bit longer before an update, maybe for a day or so, just to make sure.
[x] I should invite Okina inside; maybe she’ll want some tea. I mean, most people want tea, and I don’t think she’s had any yet with anyone.
-[x] Actually, wait a second; why is she here in the first place? Isn’t she supposed to be in her door dimension or something, defending Gensokyo and helping it in the background?

Thread 30100 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149736483510.png - (139.66KB, 256x291, Th09YuukaKazami.png) [iqdb]
You heard... some sort of lyric. They were also the last thing you heard up until this point. Suddenly, you blacked out.

"Why... in my garden...? Get... or you... I'll do..." You are going in and out of consciousness, and it sounds like you're being threatened. You can't even move, or talk...

"Hey... hear me... No... I guess... take you... Mugenkan Mansion..." ...Okay? What does this person want with you? Sounds like they're taking you to a mansion named 'Mugenkan'... or something of the like.

????? HOURS LATER...

"Can you hear me now?" You nod. "Good. Now, who are you...?"

[X] Alex
[X] Travis
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Already? Damn. Hope everything is ok man.
File 150343387010.jpg - (116.80KB, 499x372, 1479972298692.jpg) [iqdb]
Hello, residents of the /forest/.

Two months ago, I created an RP. Yes, this one. Only four days after it began, my mother passed away. As a result, I was forced to take an indefinite hiatus from this website, as well as the internet in general.

I am sorry to say, but...
This story is over.
I am going to rewrite the beginning. Restart the RP. We should have no more issues. Let us begin this story once more... On a new thread.
This failed attempt at an RP is now conidered RETCONNED.
~ Kurzov/FartherYakani
Renewed Thread:

Thread 29818 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 149251112174.png - (80.59KB, 500x500, 1.png) [iqdb]
Moonlight is cast in maze-like patches across the forest canopy, mingling with the ambient magical radiation in a display that would be considered beautiful if not for the implications. Everything under the full moon is made stronger, more violent. Lunatic.
Except you, a human.

You are hunting, but it isn’t hunger that justifies your being here. After all, being consumed by a moonlit beast ill fills your own empty stomach. You have a far grander purpose. Paying your rent. Be it in veal, rabbit, or whatever other tolerably untainted animal happens upon your eye. As long as it’s fresh.
Tomorrow is your due; but if your sense of time is accurate, that tomorrow just became today.
All the more reason to be here.

So you stand, knee deep in the magically doped bramble of reed and fungi constituting the undergrowth of The Forest of Magic. At the stroke of midnight. Under a full moon. No one has died from a youkai attack since the implementation of spellcard rules, but you’re trying your best tonight. The amalgamated array of seals stretching across your body and arms have done a noble job of deterring would-be foes times past; be it by their potency, or the sheer gravitas of the Hakurei brand, even by proxy.
You doubt that under this lunatic light the seals would fare any better than the paper they were scribbled on.

All that‘s between you and a particularly delirious set of jaws is a bow and knife-
-and the fact you haven’t seen a single living creature the entire day.

The Forest of Magic, on full moon, is filled with a silence more deafening than the howling of beasts it has usurped. You've grown accustomed to its usual cacophony, and your place within it. It's your sanctuary of nearly a decade. You knew traversing the forest on the full moon would be reckless, bordering on suicide with the usual berth granted by youkai breached by moonlit judgment. But this eery state of stillness stokes your paranoia to the obscene.
You are filled with the constant sense of being isolated, yet at the same time hounded by the shadows which replace the forest's inhabitants. Each time your foot so much as glances into t
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We'll focus on human-like beings interactions then!

Update should be out in ~2 days? Hard to tell, my schedule aligns disgustingly with my editors. I get home when he goes to sleep!

I already have the update image ready.

Have mercy.

END: 5.8

BEGIN: 5.85


Thread 29047 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 145336820199.jpg - (323.08KB, 800x746, alice hates herself and wants to die.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] … you really did ignore him for days, though. Does he really expect so little of you?

Ken holds your gaze firmly as his apology sinks into your stomach like lead. You struggle for reply, swallowing dryly before checking on Shanghai. Catching your glance, she rises from the drainboard, her bright red ribbon and cornflower blue dress darkened several shades by the persistent dampness. She crosses the kitchen to circle around your back and take up her station to your right, a few last drops of rainwater dripping from her tiny shoes.

And she probably looks better than you do, right now.

“No,” you say, voice low and thick. You swallow again, for all the good it'll do. “No... no I haven't.” You wait for him to reply, each moment scraping down your nerves till you can't stand it anymore. “I ignored you-”

for days,

“-too long. I haven't been-”

thoughtful, considerate, kind,

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I will ask this too, with almost zero hopes, but still.

Flaming faggot, will this go on sooner or later?
If you're looking this over fruitboi, there is at least one person still interested in seeing this continue. I hope to see you writing *something* soon!
Make that two. Come back, damn faggot!

Thread 29124 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 145671177744.jpg - (435.18KB, 800x590, what is my life.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread One: >>28086
Thread Two: >>28601

[X] Through the back!
-[X] Inform the leg of your plan.

Lucky for you, you've got 'sperience in this “hidin'” biz. In through the back of the shop—and that's some breath catchin' in your throat, the way you've gotta juggle a leg while jigglin' a handle, but then the door gives, and ya basically nearly fall through—and then

“Check it,” ya gasp. “Do ya trust me?”

The horse's leg doesn't answer 'cause they haven't got a mouth. They twitch and nudge at your arm with their leg, though, which either means, “I trust ya,” or, “I beg ya, please don't dismember me more than I'm already reverse-unmembered; I've got horse leg family.”

Close enough.

“Okay, listen up—I've got an ace hidin' space. The problem is, if ya make with the buckin', you're gonna give it away. How good're you at playin' statue?”
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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File 148264198583.png - (516.97KB, 1024x682, 1460019315876.png) [iqdb]
One for luck.
Link to next thread for those who always miss it unless there is one, like me:


Thread 29465 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 147589870314.png - (454.99KB, 730x1000, actually Hourai but whatever.png) [iqdb]
My name is Shanghai.

I'm one of the many dolls in service to my master, Alice. Every morning without fail she comes to our room and wakes us . We dance at the end of her strings, carrying out her every command. She praises us when we do well, scolds us when we don't, and mends us when we break. And every night she returns us to our shelves, and we sleep.

...so why can I see her sleeping?

I hear noises. Dolls falling, plates shattering. But I'm not falling. My vision is getting brighter instead of darker.

Master is lying face down on the floor.


The violet doll, Hourai, reacts before I do, diving to Master's side. I quickly follow her. Together we carefully roll Master onto her back.
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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[X] Stay with Master.
[X] Stay with Master.
[X] Stay with Master.

Thread 29297 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146898333121.jpg - (1.46MB, 1600x900, The Trailhead.jpg) [iqdb]
You rouse yourself, focusing your attention as something approaches. It takes you a few moments, as you stare, to realise just what it was that woke you - a pair of girls, snared by the forest, and led astray.

Led to this place, alone. Something follows them, in the darkness, but as you turn your attention towards it, it fades away, into the darkness of the forest. ...At least some of these newcomers know respect.

It's a simple effort of will to lead the two onward, through the darkness, drawing them to the heart of your power, the start of your domain -- The Trailhead.

It's the least you can do for them. They'll be safe here, for a time.

It's just as your torpor is overtaking you once more, just as your attention drifts, that you can feel the thread of power, granted to you.

You shake yourself awake once more, eyeing them carefully.

"Come on, Renko!" The purple girl tells her companion. "We're lost, and it's only polite." Her companion grumbles something you can't catch -- the doubt around her is too thick.

Despite this, it's both of them who leave crackers at your shrine, before withdrawing to argue about which way to go.
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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Not bad at all. I like this indirect approach, this 'earn your happy ending' thing.
Of course, direct intervention is a tempting offer should the worst come to happen. Let's hope not.
File 147264583719.jpg - (78.48KB, 550x587, sorry.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the long silence -- thought I should give you guys an update on what's happening here.

I AM still going to finish this. I want to just make that clear.

The thing is, I'm on a ship right now, extremely busy, and super unreliable for time to write.

I'll get updates for you guys, I will, and the first one should be soonish. I only JUST got issued my shit back, though, so it's going to be touch and go.

I'll try to get at least one or two updates out this week, though.
Oh dear god, it's Berserk all over again. He's still on that fucking boat.

Thread 29193 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 146292621922.jpg - (75.56KB, 800x531, image.jpg) [iqdb]
“What the-!” I say, still waking from my slumber. The feeling of a vine slowly crushing my leg painfully brings me back to reality. “Let go you twig!” I frantically kick at the vine and eventually tear it off of me before leaping backwards. The vine slowly recedes back into the forest as I retreat far enough away from its grasp.

The forest may be a home of mine, but it doesn't mean it's safe. Scanning the forest with my enhanced sight, smell, and hearing, (compared to at least thirty times better than a normal human's), I pinpoint the different creatures and life moving around me. Thankfully none of them seem to be initially hostile, besides the vine tree.

To the east is the black and white, who hums while she gathers mushrooms. To the west, the sounds of a branch snapping, followed by a shriek tells me the forest has claimed another life. To the south, I hear the sounds of a stream, its gentle waters betraying the danger it brings.

Finally, to the north I catch wind of what I was looking for… another youkai.

Getting ready for the trail ahead, I take a deep breath and stretch my limbs after that little incident with the vine. Looking down at myself to see if anything is amiss, I notice a stray tuft of black fur sticking out on my arms, so I quickly fix it back into place. A professional needs to look good after all. Besides, what kind of cat youkai would I be if I didn’t look well groomed? Finishing my grooming and stretching, I snag my gear before heading off.

Catching up to the trail, I can see the locals weren’t joking when they said the youkai’s nearly as big as a house, it's footsteps clearly leaving sizable prints in earth. The tracks in front of me are monstrous, the creature’s feet being at least a meter long by my estimate. Not to mention looking around the trail, the torn up trees also indicate it is immensely powerful.

Well, that sums up the creature is definitely large and may very well be the one causing the issue. Normally this would be Reimu’s job to exterminate unruly youkai, but since I've shown up offering to hunt down the more dangerous ones, she has grown more complac
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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[x] Let's go find Reimu, I should notify her I eliminated another Youkai today, not to mention if Suika’s there, something fun should happen.
[x] Let's go find Reimu, I should notify her I eliminated another Youkai today, not to mention if Suika’s there, something fun should happen.
[X] Let's go find Reimu, I should notify her I eliminated another Youkai today, not to mention if Suika’s there, something fun should happen.

cats terrorize local shrine maiden while tiny oni watches

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