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7624 No. 7624
There's something about this whole ordeal that bothers you. And not just the unusual recovery exhibited by Mokou. That's something that you want to find the answer to as well, but right now it's more important that you understand why this happened. You decide to ask to ask Mokou directly.

“Mokou, why did this happen? How come you got hurt in the first place? I'm not too clear on that.” You say, looking at her.
“Ah, that story will take a while. I'll go make us some tea then.” Keine suggests. You look at her and nod.
“Not really.” Mokou mumbles. “It won't take long at all.”

Keine closes one of her eyes and waves her hand downwards. It seems to you like she's telling you that it's a huge understatement. She then exits the room, leaving you and Mokou alone. You stare at the laid-back girl. She doesn't even make an effort to lift up her head when she begins to talk.

“You saw me yesterday, right? At the schoolhouse.” She casually continues to speak, not really waiting for a reply on your part. “I had quite a few errands to run that evening. So I ran around, doing them. Eventually I went to Eientei, yadda yadda, and here I am.” She glosses over the whole story, oversimplifying it to no end. “And that's that.”

That doesn't tell you anything! You glare at Mokou, but she doesn't even look at you, instead gazing at the ceiling. Dammit! She can't hope to placate you with just that. You try to think of a way to pry information out of her. But all of your ideas seem to fail. How awkward.

As if to lighten up the mood, Keine comes in. She's holding a small tray with three teacups and a teapot. She sets it upon the coffee table in front of the couch and then places her arms akimbo.

“Mokou, you shouldn't be like this. Just tell Shirou what happened. There's no reason not to.” She says in a slightly scolding manner. “He did help you out after all.”
“Tsk. Fine.” Mokou replies. She raises her head and looks at you. “I guess it wouldn't hurt to explain things to you.”

Keine pours tea into the teacups and hands one to everyone. She then sits down in a chair and listens attentively to Mokou.

“Well, like I said. Yesterday I had things to do. So I went into town and got me a couple things that I needed. This took me about an hour or so, and by the time that I had finished it was already getting quite dark.” She pauses to take a sip from her tea. You do the same. It's a pretty average green tea. “Yeah, so anyways, after that I decided to do some recon.”
“Recon?” You ask her.
“Yeah, you know, checking stuff out. Like the last time that we ran into each other in the woods.”

You recall that incident very vividly. Mostly because it ended with you taking shelter in a cave with her. The rockets and other projectiles also left a mark in your memory.

“Why do you do that anyways?” You ask.
“Well, you know how I don't get along with Eientei. I try to find weaknesses in their defenses.”

Her answer doesn't really satisfy you, you wanted to know the underlying reason. The reason for the conflict between them. As far as you knew, Eientei didn't seem to mind her very much. Oh sure, Kaguya was slightly upset when you first mentioned her, but she got over it. This makes their animosity all the more perplexing. You let Mokou continue with her story, deciding to leave any further questions for later.

“Anyways, I had to wait until it was late at night. Because there are less rabbit patrols around. So I found myself a good spot just outside their sphere of influence and sat there for a couple of hours.” She says it as if staying immobile in the woods for hours at a time were a normal thing for her. “When it was late enough I moved in.”

Mokou then tells you the (relatively) dull details of sneaking around. How she crawled most of the way, evading patrols. She even applied dirt to her face to reduce her visibility. She also shared how the bunnies would get distracted if she threw a carrot their way. A real Snake with her techniques. Her infiltration took a while but it was successful. She had to get past a lot of automated systems as well. There's a hint of pride in her voice as she mentions how no one even noticed her sneaking around.

Well, everything sounds peachy up to now. Surely someone with her skills would also have had no problem in getting out. The problem, as Mokou puts it, was during her survey of the area.

“I found that there was a door open around back. Having never seen it open before I decided to check it out.” She finishes drinking her tea and puts it on the tray. “In retrospect, I'd have to say that the whole thing stank, but my nose had been out in the cold for too long. I mean a door being left carelessly open? Not a chance at that place. They run a tight ship, the bunnies do most of the work behind the scenes.”

You try to picture the rabbits diligently working, but you just can't. From what you've seen of them, they seem to be only interested in their affairs, hardly helping out. Maybe there's an elite guard of rabbits that keeps the place functioning? Running about unseen and working without tirelessly without recompense? Nah, that's just silly. A stupid grin still forms on your face, as you picture ninja-like rabbits scurrying around in the shadows.

“So anyways, I went through the door. At first, it was nothing unusual. It looked like a normal back entrance to the joint. I kept on moving, mentally mapping out the area. I guess I got lost somehow, because before I knew it I was in a completely unfamiliar place.” Her eyes seem to harden, giving her a look of resolve. “I was in a large white room. There were only two doors, one behind me and one in front of me. I was surprised to see her in front of me.”
“Yes. Your benefactor.” She says. You can almost feel the venom that laces her words. “She just stood there. Didn't say a word. Looked at me as if I were an eyesore. Next thing I know she's gone. Damn her and her trickery.”

Wow, you can almost feel her rage. Her words are very emotionally charged.

“I tried to get out of there. Both doors were locked. I tried to bash the doors but it didn't work. That's when I got attacked.” Her expression is one of disgust. It looks like she doesn't appreciate at all what happened to her (who would?). “It probably was that sycophant of a quack that did it. Innumerable arrows appeared out of nowhere and hurtled towards me. Needless to say, there was no way I could avoid it. Long story short. It didn't stop at just that. I was put through hell. I was beat up, bludgeoned and a lot more things were done to me. I eventually passed out. Next thing I know I'm in the edge of the village. I drag myself here and voila! That's what basically happened.”

You stay silent. It's, quite frankly, a bit hard to swallow all at once. There's a lot that you want to ask her. There's no way she could have been literally put through all of that. A quick look at Keine, however, confirms that what she's saying is true. The schoolteacher's calm demeanor and almost mute anger gives it away. You stare back at Mokou, unsure of what to say. Why would Kaguya do this? Did she get hurt somehow as well? How did Mokou survive? How in the hell can that be considered humane at all?! One does not simply bludgeon other people for shits and giggles. An awkward silence befalls the room once again. Mokou looks at you, asking with your eyes if you want to know more. Keine just silently sips at her tea.

[] Leave here in silent stupefaction
[] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked
[] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
[] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
[] Anemia option
Tried to remind people with this post the limits of our knowledge regarding these people.

>> No. 7626
[X] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
we don't know, do we
>> No. 7629
[x] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked, and why she snuck into Eientei in the first place

I guess that's similar to
>[] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
but "doesn't get along" is a terrible way of putting it.
>> No. 7630
[x] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
>> No. 7632
[X] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
[X] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked
[X] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
>> No. 7634
[x] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked
>> No. 7637
[x] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
[x] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked
[x] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
[x] Propose your undying love to Mokou.
>> No. 7639
I hope that you people are aware that while I have no (major) problem with combining votes, the more things you choose the more time it takes.
>> No. 7641
{X} Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked.
{X} Propose your undying love for Mokou.
{X} ... and Keine.
>> No. 7642
{X} Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked.
{X} Propose your undying love for Mokou.
{X} ... and Keine.
>> No. 7643
[x] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
>> No. 7645
{X} Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked.
{X} Propose your undying love for Mokou.
{X} ... and Keine.

I am the one that started the trend. Why wouldn't I go ahead with it?!

Then again, this is just asking for a BAD END.
>> No. 7646
>> No. 7647
{X} Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked.
{X} Propose your undying love for Mokou.
{X} ... and Keine.
{X} ... and Kaguya.
>> No. 7648
[x] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
[x] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked
[x] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
[x] Genuflect
>> No. 7653
[x] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
[x] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked
[x] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
[x] Genuflect
>> No. 7654
[x] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
{X} Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked.
[x] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
{X} Propose your undying love for Mokou.
{X} ... and Keine.
{X} ... and Kaguya.
[x] Genuflect
>> No. 7655
{X} Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked.
{X} Propose your undying love for Mokou.
{X} ... and Keine.
>> No. 7657
{X} Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked.
{X} Propose your undying love for Mokou.
{X} ... and Keine.
{X} ... and Kaguya.
>> No. 7658
[X] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked
[X] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei

Even if we don't know about her and Kaguya's immortality, we should know at least enough about Gensokyo in general to know that something like quick healing or regeneration are hardly the strangest things possible here.

As for the "proclaim your love" votes...we're not even trying to reach the finish line anymore, are we? Now we're just running around the track seeing if we can make the largest, most explosive crash possible.
>> No. 7659
Can we check the time on our PDA? Kaguya evidently didn't get injured, so our meeting's still on and it'll be our heads if we miss it (especially if she finds out it's because we were with Mokou/Keine).
>> No. 7660

You apparently missed when the PDA's battery died.
>> No. 7661
[zawa~] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked.
[zawa~] Propose your undying love for Mokou.
[zawa~] ... and Keine.
[zawa~] ... and Kaguya.
>> No. 7662
[] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked
[] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
[] Leave here in silent stupefaction

>> No. 7664
[x] Do a barrel roll
>> No. 7665
[x] DON'T propose your undying love for anyone.

lol let's ruin two good friendships for no reason and have the story continue on in despair because we miss MiG
>> No. 7666
[x] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
[x] Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked
[x] Genuflect
>> No. 7672
[x] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
{X} Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked.
[x] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
{X} Propose your undying love for Mokou.
{X} ... and Keine.
{X} ... and Kaguya.
[x] Genuflect
>> No. 7673
[x] Ask her how her wounds healed so quickly
{X} Ask Mokou why the hell she was attacked.
[x] Ask why Mokou doesn't get along with Eientei
{X} Propose your undying love for Mokou.
{X} ... and Keine.
{X} ... and Kaguya.
[x] Genuflect
>> No. 7674
As interesting as the ongoing voting is, I'm already writing. You self-destructive bastards.
>> No. 7675
You meet Mokou's gaze with you own. You've gotten this far, so you naturally want to know more. You forget about the outside world right now. As far as you're concerned all that matters right now is hearing Mokou out. The modest sitting room inside Keine's equally modest house is the stage for this event.

“Mokou, just why were you attacked in the first place?” You ask. It worries you that Eientei's reaction to her was so violent.
“It's to be expected.” Mokou snickers. “After all we've been through, I would be more surprised if they tried to talk instead of attacking me. At least I got off easy this time. Being dumped into water inside a bag is not a nice experience, kid.”

You just look at her with shock. That seems like a cruel and unusual punishment to you. How can anyone with half a heart do such a thing? It's beyond human to be this cruel, hurting people like this. Your face must have betrayed your disbelief, as Mokou follows up to her comment.

“Don't worry about it, it's all in the past. I can't say I'm too surprised that they try to kill me on sight.” Mokou brushes some hair off of her face. This also moves the hair that was to her side. You can see her rather small and bandaged profile now. You just can't see a body like hers taking all of that abuse. “I've also been no saint. I've tried to hurt them as well, sometimes succeeding. I've set fire to their property, destroyed things important to them, and most certainly inflicted pain on them.” You see a scary smile on Mokou's face. It's a sadistic expression, one of someone who seems to enjoy recalling the suffering others have experienced. It's enough to make you shudder.
“Mokou.” The voice from the other person in the room says. You turn to see Keine still calmly sitting in the chair opposite the sofa. “Don't get hung up on this again. Just tell Shirou what he wants to know.” She looks at you and winks, reassuring your slightly perturbed psyche.
“Right.” The bandaged girl replies. The smile is erased from her face, replaced by her previous expression. “So as you can tell, kid, there isn't much love between me and those people.”

It looks like she's got quite the history with Eientei. Hate begets hate. This is a prime example of that axiom. It's such a shame as well. Both camps have truly decent people. You've been treated alright by both. Eientei has given you shelter, food, and have generally made you feel accepted. The same goes for the others that you've met. No one really has been the cause of grief on your part. Even that junk-dealer is really a big old softy on the inside. Why can't everyone just get along? You're confident that diplomacy is the answer. Sure, sometimes fighting to protect those that you care about is necessary, but it shouldn't have to come to that. At least not in interpersonal relations.

“Tell me why.”
“I already told you why.” Mokou says.
“No, that was just a series of conflicts that have happened since then. I want to know the root of all of this, why is it that you can't get along?”
“Ah, that.” Mokou looks direct at you for a moment. Her gaze seems to size you up, judging you. You feel a bit uncomfortable with this. She seems to analyze every single part of you. From your unruly hair, to your blood-stained pants. She returns her gaze to your eye level. “I don't know.” She simply says.
“Wha-?!” You just can't believe what you're hearing. How can such bitter opponents not know the reason for fighting? You don't buy it at all. “No, really. Don't feed me that crap. There's no way that you couldn't have a reason for fighting!”
“Who knows?” Mokou casually shrugs her shoulders. “One is liable to forget after a thousand years or so. The original reason- it probably doesn't even matter any more.”

You can't believe this answer. Of course that it matters! You don't know about the whole 1000-year bit, but the original reason must be why they can't simply move on. You look at Keine, hoping to garner support. But she just shakes your head, telling you to give up. It looks like this is a subject that Mokou isn't very comfortable speaking about. It peeves you, but it looks like you're not going to get anything more out of her. You lean your own head back on the couch. You let out a big sigh.

“I understand.” You say dejectedly. But you don't want to let this end here. You make a note to keep on insisting in the future. Eventually you're sure that you'll find out the truth of the matter.

There's another thing that you think that you could ask her right now.

“Mokou, I'll let that go for now. But there's something else that I have to ask you.” You perk your head back up. “It's something that's been bothering me for a while now. How the hell did your wounds heal so quickly? I mean, when we found you, you were covered in blood. More blood than I think a normal person could lose. Is it some sort of magic?” You've seen a bunch of weird things here in Gensokyo, so if it was just a regen spell or something you could 'understand' (if one can call accepting magic like that as commonplace understanding).
“Hah! Now there's a good question!” Mokou exclaims excitedly. “I thought I had told you already. But I guess I didn't.”
“Tell me what?”
“Just the fact that I'm a bona fide immortal.” She states with unexpected pride.
“Immortal? You?” You can't really believe her. She looks like a normal girl. Well, a bit tomboyish and callous, but a normal girl regardless.
“Yup. I wouldn't die even if you killed me.”
“B-but! People die when they're killed!” You state. This revelation is almost enough to shatter your whole world view. If people don't die when they're killed that means tha-


A throbbing noise. You clutch your head in pain. Mokou notices this and asks you if you're alright. You think that Keine gets up from her seat as well. However you don't need assistance. Mokou's question is enough to bring you back into focus. You breathe in deep, attempting to calm yourself. You're not sure what just happened but you felt like you were about to pass out.
>> No. 7676
“Ah, I'm sorry. I don't know what just came over me. Please continue.” You tell Mokou, still trying to get over whatever the hell that was.
“Yeah... well. Like I said. I'm not going to die. Even if you cut me up into little pieces I'll come back. So a couple of wounds like those are nothing. Sure they hurt like hell, but it's not enough to keep me out for a whole day. The only trouble I have is if you bury me, or throw me into a lake or something with weights. It's really unpleasant.”

Unpleasant?! That sounds like hell on earth! You can't imagine having to suffer continuous drowning. It would drive you insane. You look at Mokou. How is she still capable of coherent thought. You would have gone mad long ago, lashing out at anyone and everything. Is it because of her laid-back attitude? You stare at her in wonder.

Mokou then goes into more visceral details. She comments about 'a couple of really painful experiences'. How she's been crucified, endlessly flogged, hanged, even drawn and quartered. This can't be true. Surely she's pulling your leg. You look at Keine for confirmation, but her cold and distant expression backs up Mokou's story. How in the hell could one person have suffered so much? And, she even takes pride in recounting the details. How her innards were strung out, or how her limbs were torn asunder like playthings. Her level of detail is enough to make anyone feel squeamish. You thought that hanging around an ER was a grim ordeal, but compared to what she's been through, you think that even the most hardened paramedic or ER doctor would faint. Tales of cruel torture, of impalement. This is the kind of stuff that Vlad the Impaler would enjoy. You can't stomach this. Just trying to imagine it makes you feel ill.

Mokou continues to add more details, not caring about your state. It's as if she doesn't care about all that she's been through. Her eyes have lost their spark and she mechanically recites these deeds. It's more like she were reciting the periodic table of elements rather than the horrendous things that she's been through. It's sickening in its own right.

“Please stop.” You ask of her. You can't stomach any more. “That's enough, I can't take anymore.”

She looks at you in surprise. As if she didn't expect you to interrupt her like that. She stops her recitation and stare at you silently. You can believe her somehow. You're convinced that wounds like these are nothing. There's no way anyone sane could make all of that up. It's simply madness. You don't even think that your mind has fully come to grips with all that she's told you. You look at Keine and see that she also has a subdued expression of horror. It looks like she's heard this before, but it still gets to her. The mood in the room is quite heavy now.

“So, Keine.” Mokou speaks up.
“Yes, what is it?” The schoolteacher asks. A smile forms on Mokou's face again, but this time it's an impish grin.
“If I understood the situation correctly, which I think I did, then Shirou here spent the night here.” She then adds, teasingly. “That's quite the achievement. I never expected you to be so receptive Keine.” And then she turns to you. “Or maybe you're a smooth talker and fast mover.” She gives you a knowing wink.
“Eh!? That's not it at all!” Keine fires back. You look at her and see that she's embarrassed. “I don't know where you got that from but Shirou stayed here because it got late.”
“Yeah, I'm sure that's the reason. You can try to fool yourself, but you can't fool me.”
“Oh, you're just so unreasonable!” Keine puffs her checks and says so.
“Haha, well I gotta hand it to you kid, when you're around it's loads of fun to mess with Keine.” She stretches out her arm and pats your leg.
“Well, thanks, I guess.” You reply.

The heavy mood dissipates almost immediately. The three of you laugh and talk for a bit, with Mokou cheerfully leading the conversation. Seeing her like this makes it hard for you to believe that just a couple of hours ago she was in such a bad shape. The rest of this time is pleasant and you forget the gruesome acts that were described to your just a bit earlier. Shows how easygoing the three of you are together. It almost makes you forget completely about the outside world. Almost.

[] You really have to go now, leave.
[] Ask Keine if you can take a bath now
[] Ask if any of them has the slightest idea of the current time
[] Propose your undying love to both of them
>> No. 7677
[X] Ask if any of them has the slightest idea of the current time
[X] You really have to go now, leave.
>> No. 7678
[] Ask if any of them has the slightest idea of the current time
>> No. 7679
[x] Propose your undying love to both of them
>> No. 7680
[] Ask if any of them has the slightest idea of the current time
>> No. 7681
File 121683512310.jpg - (112.94KB , 640x510 , 07f4a4cf6d58322b8e0fb91d54e162ae.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] Ask if any of them has the slightest idea of the current time
[x] You really have to go now, leave.
>> No. 7683
[x] Ask if any of them has the slightest idea of the current time
[x] Ask Keine if you can take a bath now
>> No. 7685
[x] Ask if any of them has the slightest idea of the current time

“Say, does anyone know the time?” You ask.
“It should be around noon now, why?” Keine replies.
“Oh, no real reason.”

Noon, huh? If that's the case you're running late. There's a part of you that questions the wisdom of even showing up at Eientei. After hearing Mokou's story, it scares you a bit frankly. You still can't picture Kaguya being merciless with you, but you're still scared. And it's oh so fun being here with these two anyways. And then there's the fact that you look like rubbish as well. Surely Kaguya wouldn't like seeing your awful appearance. Maybe a bath is in order first? Still, there's still a large part of you that tells you that the best course of action is to make like a tree, and leave.

[] Take a bath here
[] Wander around the village
[] Ask Mokou if you can get a pair of pants like hers
[] Enough is enough, leave for Eientei
Mini update is mini.
>> No. 7686
[X] Enough is enough, get your ass to Eientei
>> No. 7687
[+] Enough is enough, leave for Eientei
>> No. 7688
[x] Ask Mokou if you can get a pair of pants like hers

Survival be damned, those pants are fucking incredible.
>> No. 7689
Finally, After reading from the beginning of the story I have caught up.

[(9)] Ask if you can get a pair of pants like hers.
>> No. 7690
[] Enough is enough, leave for Eientei
>> No. 7691
[x] Take a bath here
[x] Ask Mokou if you can get a pair of pants like hers

So what if we're late? It's not like our "buddy" has a busy schedule. If we go back now, we'll be standing Reimu up, and from past experience, that's worse than pissing off Kaguya.
>> No. 7692
[x] Ask Mokou if you can get a pair of pants like hers
>> No. 7693
When's lunch with Reimu again?
>> No. 7694
File 12168471684.png - (89.63KB , 571x600 , thesepants.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Take a bath here
[x] Ask Mokou if you can get a pair of pants like hers.

>> No. 7695


>> No. 7696
[X] Ask Mokou if you could get into her pants sometime.

Why settle for an imitation, when you could put on the genuine article?
>> No. 7697
[x] Ask Mokou if you can get a pair of pants like hers
[x] Enough is enough, leave for Eientei
If we get a set of those it's an instant GOOD END.
>> No. 7698
[x] Ask Mokou if you can get that pair of pants that she is wearing.

>> No. 7699
Hold on, if we do get those pants from her then what would Kaguya think?

Ah screw it, Those pants were made for real men. One cannot live with the thought of not getting those pants.

Also, this doesn't count as a vote as I have already voted.
>> No. 7700
What would Kaguya think about us coming back to Eientei covered in blood and wearing a highly-identifiable article of clothing from her worst enemy?

Either she would think we're going behind her back, or she'll think we just robbed her wounded nemesis and she'll become friendlier with us than she's ever been before.

Of course, if we wanted the big bonus points, we'd also come back with Mokou's severed head, and Kaguya would be so impressed that she'd mount us right then and there.
>> No. 7701
[x] Ask Mokou if you can get a pair of pants like hers

“Hey, Mokou. There's something I want from you.”
“Yeah, what is it?” She nonchalantly replies.
“About your pants. Where can I get a pair like them?”
“Ahaha, you want a pair of pants like mine?” She laughs as if she just heard a really good joke. “So would I really, this pair is totally messed up!” She indicates the discarded pile of textile that once were her awesome pants.

You feel a certain sadness, seeing her once-magnificent baggy red pants reduced to such a state. No more pants, huh? It feels like the end of an era.

“And what are you going to wear in the future?” You ask.
“I don't know yet. I guess I'll borrow something from Keine while I get another pair made. Just like last time.” She says and Keine sighs. Apparently this happens often enough for Keine to be weary.
“Made? Then there's a tailor that makes them?”
“Yup. A nice old lady in the village. I get a discount too since I'm a repeat customer. I just need to pay for the materials now.” She says with a careless smile. That's some discount. She must give the lady quite a lot of business. “I tack on the charms myself. I've got a huge stockpile. Cute touch, huh?”

'Cute'? Well, that's not the first word that you'd use for describing the pants. But they certainly do give a distinguishing touch to them.

“I guess.” You say. “So if I wanted a pair made for myself, I'd need to go talk to this lady?”
“Yup. Make sure you tell her that I sent you, she'll surely give you a discount as well.”
“I'll keep that in mind.”

Well, there you have it. You now know where she gets her pants. And you think that you've seen the shop as well, to boot.

“Well, thanks. That's handy to know. My own clothes are severely lacking.”
“I'll say. Even without the blood those pants fail on a lot of level. And that shirt, it's way too generic.” Mokou thoughtlessly criticizes your attire.

Hey, these are clothes that Reisen made! ...You feel slightly hurt at her comments. But you don't let it show. You just reply with a lazy 'yeah' in order to placate her.

You decided that it was more than high time to get the hell out of here. You feel that you don't have much time. You bid your farewells to the two ladies. Keine tells you to confirm if you want the teaching job later, and Mokou just shrugs at your announcement. Well, you don't let that capricious girl intimidate you and leave with a smile.

You don't even have time to check out the outside. You start running as soon as you exit the house. You feel that if you don't hurry up, bad things will happen to you. You first run back to the village, the route that you know to go to Eientei starts there. You run at an accelerated pace through the tall grass and the rural area. You're not very good at running, but you're pushing yourself hard to cut down the travel time. Villagers that are working in the fields stop and stare at you. You must be quite the spectacle, a young man with tattered blood-stained clothes running at full speed. If you were them you'd assume that you were either escaping an angry farmer whose daughter you just slept with or you just murdered some one. Either way, you'd steer clear from yourself.

The sun is high up in the sky, and the heat is overwhelming. Most objects are failing to cast an elongated shadow, confirming Keine's estimate of it being around noon. You reach the village proper in a record time due to your speed. Your throat is dry and you're sweating, but you're making good time here. The people of the village are scurrying about to and fro, minding their own business. You ignore them, and the shops, and just head right for the forest. You think that you recognize the tavernmaster sweeping in front of the tavern as you pass it, but you aren't very sure. You're wholly focused on pushing your body to get back to Eientei. You unbutton your shirt as you run, exposing your chest to the wind. It feels good and refreshes you. This gives you even more incentive to keep up your fast pace.

You run along the forest, following the fastest route that you know. You think that you've been running for at least twenty minutes now. Wow, that's gotta be a personal best. You've never been the best runner around but it seems that your distress and adrenaline is more than enough fuel for your legs. You do, however, contemplate slowing down a bit. It is getting harder to breathe. But, on second thought, you think that you can hold on until you reach Eientei. You start mentally cursing yourself for even thinking of slowing down. This self-depreciation gives you the boost to reach the goal. About five minutes later you spot the familiar structure just ahead. There are some random rabbits loitering at the entrance. Quite the far cry from the ninja rabbits that you had pictured. You run towards the front gate and successfully reach Eientei.

You stop for a moment at the entrance. You try to catch your breath (you're wheezing now like an asthmatic – wait, maybe you are asthmatic) and change your shoes. You swing by your own room first instead of going straight to Kaguya. You've got to charge your PDA. You plug it in and sit down for a bit. Beads of sweat are trickling down your forehead. You wait about five minutes or so until you're breathing is more or less back to normal. Ideally, you'd like to take a bath and change your clothes before you go in to see Kaguya, but circumstances dictate that it's best if you just go in like this. You don't really want to make her angry, a gut feeling tells you so.

“You're a faggot, you know.” A voice says. It takes you a moment to realize that it's a familiar voice in the inside of your head. You thought that you had heard the last of him? “Not a chance. I had to dig my way out, but I'm free. Now listen here and listen good, bub!” The voice begins to preach to you.

Luckily for you, voices in your mind can be easily dealt with. Before the voice knows it, you've mobilized your Internal Affairs department. They arrive on scene quickly and arrest the troublesome dissident. You tell the boys to detain him in some far away hellhole. And if an accident were to happen, then... you guess that it wouldn't be so out of place. “Enjoy your stay at Lubyanka, comrade.” You think to yourself, satisfied. That small diversion gave your body enough time to completely recover.

You get up. There's not much to do now but go see Kaguya. You exit your room and head down the corridor.
Writing next bit soon. Went with 'go to eientei' since that was the second most popular vote. It looks like you'll have to take a bath or get those pants at some other point.

Congratulations. A lot of people are turned off at the beginning of the story (eh, their loss?). I hope you enjoy your stay.
"Take me now!" hehe. Who knows how she might react?
>> No. 7702
>Quite the far cry from the ninja rabbits


Write fastar'
>> No. 7703
File 121686082292.jpg - (316.17KB , 800x480 , neetfeet2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Your destination is more than clear to you. The hallways, as usual, are mostly silent. You don't encounter anyone, but you do occasionally here the pitter-pattering of feet. Maybe those are the elite cadre of rabbits that maintain the place. You weren't really paying attention in the past, so it just might be feasible that there really is a group that works behind the scenes. If you knew the leader of the earth rabbits better, you might have found out earlier. But that girl has been difficult to find, let alone talk to. Well, on the flip side you've gotten to hang out with some pretty neat people as well.

You arrive in front of Kaguya's room. You gently knock on the door. Hearing a reply from within, you slide the door open. Inside is Kaguya sitting at her table, reading a magazine. Is that Young Animal? If so, you want to know if there's a new episode of Berserk in that issue. You shrugg off that thought and greet her, then enter the room. She puts down the magazine as you take a seat opposite her.

“Ah Shirou, I suppose it's that time. I've been waiting for you.” She says, flashing you an ambiguous smile. “It looks like you've been through a lot. It's not often that the people that come see me are outfitted as you are.”

You realize that she's basically saying that you look like crap. That's okay, because you know it as well. You probably look like a senior right after the night of prom. Or a salary man after a rambunctious night of drinking. Your attire is completely messed up, your hair disheveled, stains from questionable liquids on your pants, and heck your shirt is wide open. The only thing missing is a tie wrapped around your head and the smell of cheap cologne. Maybe cheap cologne would be a good thing here, you don't think that you smell too nice either.

“Yeah, a lot has happened.” You mumble. There's nothing you can really say to justify your appearance.
“I assume that you went around looking for things to do? Talk to different people as well?”
“Yes, that's correct.”

You sum up your experience for Kaguya in a few brief statements. You hold back on telling her just how much time you spent with each person and instead tell her the gist of it. You're not sure if telling her that you tried to check up on her motivations would be a good idea, so you keep quiet about that. You just mention the shrine in passing, just saying that you went there but for no gain. She listens to you intently, even though you're being as dry and brief as punctual. She shows interest when you mention Rinnosuke, her eyebrows raising, but she says nothing. You end the tale with stating that you went to the village and ended up staying at an acquaintances' place because it became late. You don't mention this morning and your dealings with Mokou. If anything, you don't feel like discussing that right now.

“Ah, that's all well and good. I had expected you to visit some other places, but it looks like you had enough.” Her expression changes for a bit as she asks you a question. “Say, I couldn't help but notice that you had what appears to be blood on your trousers. Are you alright? If you're pushing yourself we can talk after Eirin gives you a look.”
“There's no need for that.” You say. “It's not my blood. I... just happened to be near someone who was bleeding. Don't worry about it.”
“Oh? Is that so?” Kaguya looks at you, with a puzzled expression. She's resting a finger on her chin, as if she doesn't really get what you mean.

But, of course, you expect her to figure it out anyways. Being the perpetrator and all. Wait, making assumptions without hearing her side of the story is no good. She's your buddy, you're sure that she has a good explanation (or at least an alibi). She doesn't look like she could hurt a fly. Yeah, you don't think she would ever (voluntarily) hurt another person, even if they annoyed her. But, if you're going to ask her, it might be best to do so later. After this whole fiasco is resolved.

“Well, I guess I should ask you the most important question now. Have you decided what you want to do? I assume that that's why you came to talk to me.” She says with her usual smile. “I've been doing my part as well~”

You don't really know what she means by that, but you think about your choices. There was the possibility of taking up dollmaking with Alice. You're sure that you'd get along fine with her as you learned how to fashion intimate objects into beautiful dolls. And hopefully how to better manipulate them. Then there was the possibility of studying magic with Marisa. She said she'd train you well and teach you magic. But you'll have to be her housekeeper. That's not that bad, actually, it'll keep you busy. And magic can be quite useful. And, well, there's the last option that you picked out. You could work at the school as a teacher. You're qualified to do so and you think that it might be a rewarding experience. Plus, it'll let you get a better idea of daily life for the average human here. And you'll be with Keine most of the day. You'll be helping her out.

Kaguya looks at you expectantly. You better give her an answer.

Choose only one:

[] Take up dollmaking with Alice.
[] Magic lessons sound nice
[] Teaching might be my calling
[] "I want to be on the ships daddy."
[] Cartography (map, eyes, keep getting lost, etc)
Yeah, I kinda got sidetracked playing the vidya. Anyways, choose very carefully, this will determine your (principal) activity for the duration of the story (or for however long it's convenient in the pertinant arc). So I'll leave this out for you guys to decide. And go back to wasting my time on games.
>> No. 7704
[] Teaching might be my calling

>> No. 7705
[x] Teaching might be my calling

Regularly interacting with Mokou and Keine while living at Eientei seems like the most interesting option.
>> No. 7706
[x] Magic lessons sound nice
>> No. 7708
[x] "I want to be on the ships daddy."

>> No. 7709
[x] Take up dollmaking with Alice.
>> No. 7710
[+] Teaching might be my calling
I want to try the Mokou/Kaguya Reconciliation Route.

Also, we can still see Alice on the side without it being all about business. If things turn sour with her, well... maybe if we get Keine drunk enough, we can convince her to erase the history of our fuckup.
>> No. 7711
[x] Teaching might be my calling
>> No. 7712
>Congratulations. A lot of people are turned off at the beginning of the story (eh, their loss?). I hope you enjoy your stay.

YAF gets even more hate than you, and he is still going from time to time.

[x] Cartography (map, eyes, keep getting lost, etc)
Secret option maybe?
>> No. 7713
[x] Teaching might be my calling
>> No. 7714

People still VOTE in /shrine/? Wow.
>> No. 7715
[x] Teaching might be my calling

Gotta pay those debts, hombre.
>> No. 7716
[x] Burning in hell sounds right up my alley, because Reimu's going to come soon and she's gonna kill me.
>> No. 7717
[x] Teaching might be my calling

We can hang out with Alice anytime, but would dollmaking really be anywhere near as rewarding as scarring the minds of the next generation of Gensokyoans?
>> No. 7718
[] I want to become the LORD OF THE DANCE!

Seriously, though...

[X] Teaching might be my calling
>> No. 7719
[x] "I want to be on the ships daddy."

I'm almost POSITIVE this leads to a secret special ending that gives us awesome bonus points for us to spend when we start a New Game Plus!
>> No. 7720
[ ] "I want to be on the ships daddy."
[ ] Teaching might be my calling
>> No. 7721
[X] "I want to be on the ships daddy."
And then Shirou was a zombie.
>> No. 7722
[x] "I want to go back."
[x] "I believe I can do far more good with the knowledge Eirin taught me on the outside, than if I stayed here. Even just notes contain hundreds of breakthroughs in medical science alone."
>> No. 7723
Quiet, you.
>> No. 7724
[x] Teaching might be my calling.
[x] Propose undying love to Kaguya.
[x] Mention Cartography right before you leave the room.
>> No. 7725
[showmeyomoves]I have realized my true calling. I wish to become a baker.

I want my unlimited bread works ending Goddammit.
>> No. 7726
[x] Teaching might be my calling

>[] Cartography (map, eyes, keep getting lost, etc)
oh god no
>> No. 7727
We'd need Alice to give us her headband to unlock that.
>> No. 7728
[X] Teaching might be my calling
>> No. 7729

You've just given me a great idea.

First we make two headbands, Making sure one looks exactly like Alices

Then we find a way to knock out Alice without making it fatal and making it seem like an accident.

Tell her that when she fell he head band broke and show her a broken headband(the one you made that looks exactly like hers)and say that you made her a new headband. (give her the other one you made.)

The reality is, you keep the headband that she was wearing and break the one you made. Then give her the other headband as a present. Score points with Alice and you keep the headband.

And then, we have a bakery ending.
>> No. 7730
[x] "I want to be... a lumberjack! Leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of Gensokyo. The Youkai Redwood. The Man-eating Larch. The nail-driven Fir of Magic Forest! The mighty Scarlet Pine! The lofty flowering Cherries of Hakugyokurou! The plucky fey Aspen! The limping Rude tree of Muendzuka. The towering Wattle of Moriya! The Yukkuri Weeping Water Plant! The naughty Mayohiga Flashing Oak! The flatulent Elm of West Sanzu! The Resienus Undongus Eienteii! Tree-Ocean of Hourai! The Saigyou Ayakashi!
>> No. 7731
[x] I want to sing-a About the moon-a and the June-a and the Spring-a
>> No. 7733
I write in /shrine/ too...

on more serious note,
[ ] I want to be a magician. (AKA Marisa choice)

Because Magic is always fun to have.
>> No. 7734

YAF gets hated because of his faggotry, mostly. His stories are actually rather nice.
>> No. 7736
Well, we ARE well on our way to a life of wearing woman's clothing and hanging out in bars...
>> No. 7737
[x] Teaching might be my calling

For a moment there you feel tempted to say a ridiculous line, one that should be familiar. But you could just picture the end result. It would likely end along the lines of “No, Shirou. You are the danmaku” And then you was a fairy.

You clear your throat. Now is not the time for that. You've given this situation a lot of thought. There is now no doubt in your mind that this is the best choice to make. You're already projecting yourself giving classes in front a bunch of young and eager students. Yes – there might be little else in this world that can give the same satisfaction as teaching. Of sharing knowledge and helping others learn. And as an added bonus, you'd be around Keine almost all day. And she's a lovely person to be around.

You look Kaguya in the eye and give her your answer.

“I think I'd like to become a teacher. I feel that it might be my calling. There's a spot open at the school in the village. I've decided that I'd like to give it a try.”
“Teaching, eh?” Kaguya says reflectively. She puts an arm on the table and leans forwards a bit. “That doesn't sound too bad.” She shakes her head a bit. “Nope, not at all!” She flashes you a smile. “I think you'll do just fine at it. I thought that you might have chosen something else, but this would suit you I think. I just hope that you're patient with your students.”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, you just have a tendency to wander off when things bore you.”

Is that so? You think you're about normal in that regard. No one sticks around when things are boring, right? And it's not like you abandon people. Well, at least you don't think so. You've stuck by thick and thin for the people that you've met. Stuff like abandoning an unconscious Reimu and worrying the people at Eientei doesn't count.

“In any case, this is a good thing.” She says. “I'll convey this information to the others. You'll probably be kept under observation for a bit, but you shouldn't encounter any obstacles. We'll see how you do after a fortnight.”
“Is that it then?” You ask.
“Yes, basically. There rest is down to how you prove your worth, and if you fit in properly.” She assumes a neutral sitting posture, straightening out her back. “Anything else? I've got to transmit this information as soon as possible. Conferring with the relevant parties is not an easy task and it takes time. Such a bother as well, it takes away from time I could have spent watching stuff.”

You smile a bit, seeing that despite everything she still hasn't changed. She enjoys the same activities that you do still.

Well, that's that. There's a lot that you still want to know about this whole thing. Like, you've had your suspicions that there's more to this whole ordeal than it seems. There's a bunch of questions that you want to ask Kaguya as well. Not just about this. But you're honestly curious about the whole deal with Mokou. You can't help but feel slightly disturbed at the prospect of your cute, cheerful princess causing grievous bodily harm. It can't possibly true.

But, well, you could always ask this sort of thing later. Right now, you're running really late. You're sure that that's not a good thing. Past encounters have shown that it's not wise to piss off the miko. So maybe you should just hurry the hell up. Then again, taking ten minutes longer isn't going to make her even more mad, and the time could be spent learning useful information. And... there's something else that bothers you. You don't know why, but only small flashes come to the forefront of your mind. Something about a surprise nocturnal visit. You don't really know what you're alluding to. It's a big mess that resides deep within your memory.

[] Leave Kaguya's room
[] Ask Kaguya about last night – and Mokou
[] Ask Kaguya just exactly is it that you have to do to succeed here
[] Sniff Kaguya
This route is probably not going to unfold how you think it will.
Think of all the money we could make. And then we'd build an armed fortress-nation of mercenaries. And invite the best and brightest to join or vision. And eventually we'd conquer the stars or something.
Baking was a valid career option, but you guys missed that. As well as the Baking end.
And well, let's just say that it might have been a way to earn the money for lunch today.
>> No. 7738
[X] Hug Kaguya
as a pretext to
[X] Sniff Kaguya

[X] Leave Kaguya's room
>> No. 7739
>Baking was a valid career option, but you guys missed that. As well as the Baking end.

Well done fagets. We missed possibly the awesomest end since Unlimited Fig Works.

Anyway. I agree with the poster above.

[X] Hug Kaguya
as a pretext to
[X] Sniff Kaguya

[X] Leave Kaguya's room
[lolthisisntaquoteomgwtfbbq] Examine that mystery bottle in your inventory using Eirins training.
>> No. 7740


>> No. 7741
>> No. 7742
>>7740 Melancholy!3GqYIJ3Obs

>>7741 Teruyo!3GqYIJ3Obs

>>7624 Teruyo!Wo5j3FYZRg

>> No. 7743
Well, no shit. But really I wish they would stop making such a fuss over a stupid tripcode. I mean any tripcode can be cracked. Not just the blatantly obvious ones like in this case. Playing around with identities is more fun on a forum than a bbs board. Yeah, so more voting less faggotry.
>> No. 7744
[X] Ask Kaguya just exactly is it that you have to do to succeed here

[X] Ask Kaguya about last night – DON'T mention Mokou

She sounds as if teaching is fine for the purpose of our task, but how well would it help us "prove our worth" or "fit in"?

As for asking about last night, I'm more interested in our "nocturnal visit" than asking about Mokou. Although, given the time-frame they might not be unrelated...

Even if we don't remember the details, we at least have the sense of SOMETHING happening. Perhaps mentioning we think we had a dream last night, and that we think Kaguya was in it, somehow?
>> No. 7745
[X] Leave Kaguya's room

Reimu is probably waiting, and we still need to clean up and put on a change of clothes.
Unless, of course, you think you can get away with taking the miko to a steak lunch covered in sweat and blood.
>> No. 7746
[X] Ask Kaguya just exactly is it that you have to do to succeed here

[X] Ask Kaguya about last night – DON'T mention Mokou
>> No. 7747
[x] Leave Kaguya's room
>> No. 7748
[x] Sniff Kaguya's Hair.
>> No. 7749
[+] Ask about other things later. Right now, you have a date with a shrine maiden who will castrate you by papercut if you don't buy her a goddamn steak.
>> No. 7750
That does sound rather painful. But not very efficient at severing the nutsack. I'll still write it down somewhere for later use...
>> No. 7751
[X] Hug Kaguya
as a pretext to
[X] Sniff Kaguya
>> No. 7752
[X] Hug Kaguya
as a pretext to
[X] Sniff Kaguya

[X] Leave Kaguya's room

Holy shit, this choice is fucking stupid and awesome at the same time.
>> No. 7753
[X] Hug Kaguya
as a pretext to
[X] Sniff Kaguya

[X] Leave Kaguya's room

Time to return the favor.
>> No. 7759
There's something that's been bothering you. And in cases like these it's best to follow your nose. It's a bit base of you to just go up to her and smell her, so you think up a good pretext. Mm, you can't really think of anything to tell her that doesn't sound like a flimsy excuse. So, you just decide to go with a normal hug. At worst she'll think that you're clingy, and that's not really that big a deal. Maybe.

You get up, moving smoothly (at least in your mind). There's not much distance to cover. Your buddy just remains seated, observing your moves. She remains submissive, not even flinching, as you proceed to hug her. Is it because she expected it? Does she not care? In any case, you make sure to complete your primary objective. You take a deep whiff. Given your position, you're smelling her hair mostly. It's a subtle scent. Her shampoo is likely some sort of flower. Ylang-ylang? Anyways it's really nice and seems to be the kind of scent that would be best enjoyed while stroking her hair. Some sort of relaxing, calming scene. Yeah, that'd be ideal.

You wonder why you haven't done anything like that in the past. It just seems like one of those things that should have happened. You sitting on the porch with Kaguya laying her head on your lap. You'd gently run your fingers through her hair, stroking her as well. Ideally this would be over a cup of tea. Something soft like green tea or Chamomile. Yeah, the refreshing afternoon breeze blowing, you'd do well to relax like that. You're sure that Kaguya would enjoy it as well. Call it a hunch.

You let go of her and smile at her.

“See you later then buddy.” You say. There's much for you to do today, you can't dawdle.
“Yeah, see you.” Kaguya replies. You think that she's looking at you in a strange way. As if she's trying to see if anything is wrong with you. Maybe that hug was too out of the blue? She didn't reject it, but last time you hugged her she didn't really react either. Is anything else the matter then? Well, you'll just have to ask her at some other point in time. Right now, you should really get going.

You walk away a bit uneasy. You leave the room and close the door behind you. Something about Kaguya has been bothering you, but you don't know why. For some reason you thought that maybe smelling her would help you figure it out. But that didn't work. Her smell didn't really remind you of anything. It just let you know that she takes care of her silky smooth black hair rather well.

You arrive back in your room. The PDA is still charging. You figure that it'll take a couple more hours for it to charge fully. But you could still take it with a half-charge for the rest of the day once you leave. You hear birds chirping off in the distance. Today is a nice day. It feels like it would be permissible to slack off. Take a quick nap or something. It's not like you'll be hunted down or anything for failing to show up on time.

[] Take a bath before heading out to meet Reimu
[] Just go as you are, you're late as it is
[] Screw this, blow the appointment off, take a nap
Yeah rather short update everything considered. But then again I spent a lot of time waiting to see where the votes would lead us. Just as a tip. There's no need to combine votes like "ask the time" and "leave" or in this case the sniffing and leaving. Cut it out. That sort of stuff is seperate because it either A)Simply removes that choice from future choices or B)Initiates a sequence of choices which are incompatable with the previous onces.

So yeah. Don't do that. You might want to do that, but there's a reason they're seperate.
>> No. 7761
[X] Take a bath before heading out to meet Reimu.

We're stink. It will ruin her appetite.
And it's not like the steak will ran away if we're a little late! We will still treat her in the end anyway. And...oh hey I forgot.

[X] Examine mysterious bottle with Eirin's knowledge.
>> No. 7763
[X] Take a bath before heading out to meet Reimu

>>It's not like you'll be hunted down or anything for failing to show up on time.

>> No. 7765
[X] Take a bath before heading out to meet Reimu
then, dress to kill
i mean, if we can find anything for us to put on at all.
>> No. 7768
[x] Take a bath before heading out to meet Reimu
>> No. 7769
[x] Just go as you are, you're late as it is

Do we have enough money? If we don't, we can scare off the raging miko with our incredible BO.

We'll fire stink lines as danmaku.
>> No. 7770
You're forgetting that Reimu has a small hitbox. So we'd need to probably eat some raw garlic and bathe ourselves in mud and crop run-off in order to maximize the effect. SHE'D HAVE NOWHERE TO RUN.
>> No. 7773
[x] Take a bath before heading out to meet Reimu
>> No. 7774
>> No. 7782
[x] Take a bath before heading out to meet Reimu

There's no need to lose your composure just yet. You decided to take a bath before going to meet with Reimu. You're sure that she'll appreciate it in the long run. You know that you will. Having no other pair of clothes like the ones that you're wearing, you pick up one of the kimonos. It'll do for now. It's better than walking around naked at least. You take your bath without incident. From the heating of the water, the washing off, and actual soak, everything goes without any hitches. It's a bit sad though, the bathroom seems a bit lonely. Heck, the whole of Eientei seems like that at times. You muse about the metaphysical aspect of all of this as you towel off. You think you're clean enough to go out now.

You try to take as little time as possible. You compromise enjoyment with functionality. You just needed to get cleaned and get dressed. You return to your room and grab the PDA. The battery isn't even a third charged. But you still think that you can use this device. You check the time. What you see is more than enough to make your blood turn as cold as ice. It's already way past one o'clock. In fact, it's already almost two. It's a quarter to two to be precise. You gulp down hard. You're lucky that you don't just stand there in stupefaction. Somehow your body begins to move by itself. You're walking quickly towards the exit.

You just keep on walking, almost on the verge of running. Your mind is panicked and you can't quite think of anything. Right now all that you can focus on is making it to the steakhouse. You think that you see a couple of familiar faces as you walk out, but you ignore them. The may have spoken to you, but you're not sure. There's nothing in this world that can possibly hope to break your concentration. What normally seems to take a long time mentally takes but a brief moment. You clear the tall bamboo plants in no time. Your homing instinct takes you right past the outlying constructions of the village and directly to the village center. Reaching your destination you nervously look around.

Standing in front of the restaurant is a somewhat familiar figure. You can't recognize her at first. That's because she's not wearing her usual red-white getup. No, she's wearing clothes that might be more suited to your average village girl. It's a simple white blouse with a long dark skirt. The fact that her hair also lacks her usual ornamentation threw you off for a bit. It instead flows freely. There's no mistaking it, that's Reimu.

She... doesn't seem to be very angry. You don't see any evil auras forming around her nor do you see her displaying any signs of hostility. She looks up and spots you. She waves to you, showing no overt hostility. Is she fine with you being late? You don't know what's the deal here. Normally she'd be threatening you with violence. Is it because you're within the village? Unlikely. She seems like the type to do whatever she wants regardless of her surroundings. Your body still hesitates in going towards her. But maybe that's just because you've been tense all morning. Perhaps you worry too much? People aren't that hard to get along with? Well, you're going to treat her to steak so you don't think she'd beat you up right away.

[] Go to Reimu; Apologize for being late
[] Go to Reimu; Act as if you're not late
[] Go to Reimu; Beg for your life
[] It's a trap! Get the hell out of there
This is it from me for now. Be back in a couple of hours.
>> No. 7785
[X] Go to Reimu; Apologize (PROFUSELY) for being late

It's always bad form to leave a lady waiting. Especially when the lady in question can fuck you up nine ways from Wednesday.
...and not in the good way.
>> No. 7786
[X] Go to Reimu, GENUFLECT.
Please, people. Make it happen.
>> No. 7787
[x] Go to Reimu; Apologize nonchalantly for being late

Reimu strikes me as the type that would get annoyed for over apologizing, wouldn't you agree? She seems fine right now, best to just get a quick apology out and make up for it by treating her nicely the rest of the day.
>> No. 7789
[x] Go to Reimu; Apologize nonchalantly for being late
>> No. 7791
[+] Go to Reimu; Apologize for being late
>> No. 7794
[X] Go to Reimu; Apologise nonchalantly for being late
>> No. 7797
[x] Go to Reimu; Apologise nonchalantly for being late

Reimu's very carefree and straightforward, she's probably honestly glad that we actually showed up. Maybe even a little surprised.
>> No. 7798
[] Go to Reimu; Apologize for being late
[] "much happened blabla"
[] enough money? etc.
>> No. 7801
[x] Go to Reimu; Apologise nonchalantly for being late
[x] "You know, I can give you steak some other time if you know what I mean.
>> No. 7806
Wait, does Reimu even realize we're late? She doesn't have a watch or anything. How miko tell time?
>> No. 7814
By being a woman.
>> No. 7817
If they're there before you are, you're late. Always.
>> No. 7821
[x] Go to Reimu; Apologize nonchalantly for being late
"Shirou, why are you late?"
"Because I'm Player 2."
>> No. 7824
No need to fear the miko. You cross the distance between you and her with a normal gait. Villagers are walking to and fro, going around their normal business. You see mostly groups of women chatting and talking amongst themselves. The men are likely still working the fields. This type of normal atmosphere makes you hope for the best. Reimu wouldn't do anything to harm you in front of all of these witnesses. You ARE late, however, so you think that it's best to apologize to the miko right off the bat. You reach the restaurant and greet her.

“Hey Reimu. I'm sorry that I'm late. I bet you're starving, let's go in.”

Reimu stare at you for a moment before making any move. Now that you're closer you see just how strange her appearance is. Without her shrine maiden's clothes she looks like any normal girl from around here. Her simple dress and lack of any cosmetic applications gives her the look of a simple village girl. It's... not bad. If you didn't know her better you'd say that she looks like she's incapable of hurting a fly. She takes a deep breath and finally speaks.

“Yeah, let's go in. You're going to have to make it up to me since you showed up late.” She says, but with no obvious malice.
“Sure.” You reply, opening the door and holding it for her. So far so good.

The inside of the restaurant is a quiet affair. There's a single couple sitting towards the back of the restaurant. The décor is simple yet elegant. Small wooden tables are covered in light blue clothes, matched by similar-looking chairs. Each table has cloth napkins and cutlery set upon it. The place isn't that well illuminated; the tinted window in the front of the shop limits the amount of light and the other source of natural illumination seems to come from the back. There's a door, rather one of those swinging doors. You assume that due to the placement it leads to the kitchen. The impression this place gives you is that of a relaxing retreat. Like you can probably get a lot of privacy in here.

A man dressed in a simple black and white waiter's outfit comes up to the both of you.

“Welcome.” He says with a pleasant baritone voice. “Please take a seat wherever you want and I'll be with you in just a moment.” The man's voice is uncharacteristically deep and soothing, given his young appearance. It's almost enviable how his every one of his words comes out so smoothly.

Reimu picks out a table that's off to the side of the restaurant. The illumination here is not too dark nor too bright.

“Are you fine sitting here?” She asks.
“Yes, this is okay.”

You were thinking of maybe holding her chair for her to sit but she sits before you can make a move. So much for chivalry. You sit down opposite her and the waiter comes back with two menus. He hands out the menu to the both of you and then offers some advice.

“I'm afraid that we're out of onglet today. So please disregard any items that are made with that.” You don't know if it's the smooth baritone voice, but it almost sounds like he's personally sorry for not having that cut of meat.
“Anything that's recommended?” Reimu asks the waiter.
“Ah, yes. As a matter of fact, I can recommend either the entrecôte with mushroom sauce or the garlic sirloin steak with chips. Both are quite good, if you don't mind me saying so.”

The extremely polite and humble temperament of this waiter is truly praise-worthy. Given all of the wacky things that you've seen here in Gensokyo, you had half-expected some reject from a cheap diner to be staffing the place. But it looks like you've been spared the pain.

“I think I'll have the entrecôte.” Reimu places her order. “Medium-rare please.”
“Very well. A fine choice. And for monsieur?” The waiter asks with his smooth voice. His word choice just sounds so... natural. It doesn't even strike you remotely odd that he would use a French term in referring to you.

You shouldn't take too long to make a choice. You look over the menu quickly; the two recommended dishes are amongst the most expensive. But then again, they are amongst the best cuts. There's less expensive cuts like rumsteak and flank steak. But they're probably not as tasty. You think that you can afford anything on the menu, but you question the wisdom of spending too much. You're not sure just exactly the miko has in store for you.

There's the question of ordering drinks as well. It's likely expected of you to order wine for your meal but you're sure that you could probably get away with ordering beer. Or, if you want to cheapen out, just water or juice might be fine as well. You decide to ask Reimu what it is that she wants, for calculation's sake.

“Reimu, what would you like to drink? I was wondering whether or not I should order a bottle of wine.”
“Whatever is fine with me, don't worry about it.” She replies with a polite smile. But you think that you see a flash of desire within her eyes. Is she holding back because the waiter is hovering by you? Or is it because she wants to enjoy this meal? Either way it would seem that ordering drinks shouldn't be a problem. Well, at least it's not going to cause a scene.

Choose on from each:

[] Order the entrecôte as well.
[] The sirloin steak sounds nice.
[] Rumsteak should be fine
[] Flank steak might be tolerable

[] Bottle of wine
[] Beer
[] Juice
[] Just water
>> No. 7826
[] The sirloin steak sounds nice.
[] Bottle of wine

Sounds like a party
>> No. 7831
[] The sirloin steak sounds nice.
[] Bottle of wine
>> No. 7832
[] The sirloin steak sounds nice.
[] Bottle of wine
>> No. 7844
[X] Rumsteak should be fine
[X] Bottle of wine

The wine is fine, since it's something we can both enjoy, but I'm wary of spending too much on ourselves, at least so soon.
The more we spend now, the less we'll have should Reimu want something else, and the more we'll wind up having to pay back to Keine.
>> No. 7848
[x] The sirloin steak sounds nice.
[x] Bottle of wine
>> No. 7850
[x] The sirloin steak sounds nice.
[x] Bottle of wine
>> No. 7851
[x] The sirloin steak sounds nice.
[x] Bottle of wine
>> No. 7852
[x] The sirloin steak sounds nice.
[x] Bottle of wine

“I'd like to have the sirloin steak, please. Also, could you please bring a bottle of wine for us?” You place your order. The waiter doesn't even write it down, committing everything to memory.

You might as well enjoy your time here. Screw the fact that it's pretty expensive. You don't really plan ahead much anyways. You'll just have to pay Keine back more money. What matters now is that you can enjoy your meal and keep the miko company. The wine is a nice touch as well, it's not as vulgar as beer, nor as cheap as juice, and red wine tends to go well with meat. You're sure that you've made the right decision here. Your mouth is already watering in anticipation of a nice juicy piece of sirloin steaks. It's one of the tenderest cuts.

“Okay then, I have your order. Please wait for a moment.” The waiter leaves your table. He promptly returns with a small basket of bread and some butter. He places it in between the two of you. He leaves again and then returns carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. “Château Écarlate. Made with grapes grown here in Gensokyo using the best techniques. Undergoing a thorough aging period it brings out the grape's rich flavor.” He removes the cork from the bottle. He then serves a little of the wine into a glass and places in front of you.

You pick up the glass, swirling around the deep red liquid within. You bring the glass up to your nose and sniff it. It has a nice full odor. You gingerly take a small sip of the wine. A rich flavor spreads through your taste buds. You're no wine expert, but you think it's rather good. You put down the glass and signal that the wine is okay. Since it appears to be a more mature wine, you don't think it needs to be aerated. In fact, the flavor might be even adversely affected if you aerate it too much.

“This wine is made right here in Gensokyo?” You ask the waiter. It's hard to believe that they'd have a wine as sophisticated as those found in the outside world. The aftertaste and how smoothly it went down is a good indication of its quality. “I wasn't aware that there was a tradition of viniculture here.”

“Ah sir, you ask a good question.” The waiter seems to be delighted. “Normally, we do not cultivate grapes and make wines ourselves here. It is a group of knowing individuals that have undertaken this noble deed.” His baritone voice patiently explains the circumstances. “A special plot of land has been set aside near the lake. It is there that these entrepreneurs undertake winemaking. I believe that they have previous knowledge and experience on how to make wine. That is the reason that they are able to produce such a fine product. It's the pride and joy of all of the wine lovers here. Of course, there is only a limited quantity that is made every year, and aging takes a while. So we are lucky to get but a few dozen bottles for the whole of Gensokyo per year. I am under the impression that the owners of this enterprise also set aside a large cache for themselves, further limiting the general public's access. That is why sir, we are honored to say that we offer Château Écarlate.”

Well, that does sound impressive. It might be interesting to meet these owners. Judging by their product, they must have come from the outside. Or have access to knowledge from the outside world. You look at Reimu and see that she's not that amused with the topic of conversation. You thank the waiter and send him away. You can't really think of anything to talk about with her. You think it wise not to remind her that you were late, so that pretty much prohibits you from describing your morning. You grab a small piece of bread and start buttering it. The whispers from the other couple is the only sound that you can hear in this restaurant. It's almost deathly quiet.

“You know, you must be protected by some higher power.” Reimu is the first to break the silence.
“How do you figure?” You reply, wondering what she meant.
“Well, as I was waiting there outside I was really upset that you weren't there. At one point I had even decided to publicly humiliate you. Or worse. Hurt you for being a jerk.”
“But you changed your mind?” You say, feeling a shiver. You don't dare think what she would have done to you.
“I don't know, when I saw you things changed. And when you didn't make a big deal out of it I was reminded how I depended on you to have my meal. Hurting you would compromise me getting a nicely cooked piece of meat.”

Ah, how pragmatic of her. Still, hearing her say this doesn't really make you happy.

“And, I just decided that I was going to milk this for all that it's worth. That's why, you're going to have to work hard to make it up to me. For showing up late, you're going to have to pay a penalty.”
“It'll be my honor.” You say, giving a small bow.
“It better be.” She says, now smiling. She grabs a piece of bread and gently applies butter to it. She takes a bite out of it and chews vigorously. “Hey, this bread is great. It's soft and warm. Nothing like the stuff I usually eat.”

That reminds you, she probably doesn't eat that well. Judging by how happy she was to receive a donation last time, she must barely get on by. She probably just eats rice and not much else. Not exactly the best diet out there. This nutritional impoverishment could explain her lack of certain assets. You look at her with pity in your eyes.

“Hey Shirou, you're thinking something rude aren't you? I can tell. Knock it off.”

Damn, she's sharp.

“Hehe, sorry. My mind tends to drift off sometimes.” You apologetically say.
“I've noticed. It's annoying.”

You don't think that the food will be ready all that soon. It takes a while to properly cook a piece of meat. So maybe you should talk about something in the meanwhile. You wouldn't want this to turn into an uncomfortable lunch. There's nothing worse than two people that are unable to talk to each other.

[] Ask her why she's not wearing her miko outfit
[] Ask her what she thinks of the wine
[] Tell her about the fact that you're becoming a teacher
[] Sit there silently, eating your bread
Well, that took forever to get enough votes.
>> No. 7853
[X] Ask her what she thinks of the wine
>> No. 7855
[x] Ask her what she thinks of the wine

I'd laugh if the Wine Makers were MiG,YWUIG,and Belmontnymous.
>> No. 7856
[x] Propose your undying love for Rei-

wait a minute

[x] Ask her if she's lonely in the shrine based on what you heard while in the bath with her

Recklessness but it's like they say, no pain no gain.
>> No. 7858
[x] Stare at her armpits
>> No. 7860
They're not exposed. Normal blouse and all that jazz.
>> No. 7861
[x] Tell her about the fact that you're becoming a teacher

Small talk go
>> No. 7863
[x] Tell her about the fact that you're becoming a teacher
>> No. 7867
[X] Tell her about the fact that you're becoming a teacher

For some reason this seems like something better to talk about after the food has gotten here, but by then it might be best to let her either enjoy the meal or talk about herself.
>> No. 7869
Still awaiting more votes. 3v2 majority isn't much.
>> No. 7871
[] Tell her about the fact that you're becoming a teacher
>> No. 7872
[x] Tell her about the fact that you're becoming a teacher
>> No. 7877
[x] Tell her about the fact that you're becoming a teacher
>> No. 7878
[X] Ask her why she's not wearing her miko outfit
also, Château Écarlate...
Scarlet Mansion? wat? WE GONNA DIE
>> No. 7879
[+] Ask her what she thinks of the wine
Opening topic.

[+] Tell her about the fact that you're becoming a teacher
Brass tacks.
>> No. 7880
How the wine is made (my guess):
Grapes grown at/near SDM, aged by Sakuya's timehax.
Few bottles are sold only because Remilia is stockpiling it; some she's keeping to sell at a premium later, some is mixed with blood and kept for her personal use.
>> No. 7895
File 121704355792.jpg - (155.99KB , 965x748 , didnotstealfromwikimedia.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Tell her about the fact that you're becoming a teacher

Well, maybe you should start off by telling her about your latest dealings. She doesn't seem to be that talkative so maybe by leading in conversation you can get her to speak. You finish eating the piece of bread in your hands and swallow the crunchy morsel. Man this is good eatin'.

“Well, starting tomorrow,” You begin to say, trying to get her attention. Reimu keeps eating her bread, but looks at you. “I'm going to become a teacher here in the village.” You say with a smile. “Isn't that great?”

Reimu chews on the piece of bread in her mouth for a bit and then swallows. “Eh, that's surprising. I didn't expect you of all people to become a teacher. I would have thought you too socially awkward to be able to do it.”
“Me? Socially awkward?” You let out a nervous laugh. While it's true that you've committed a lot of faux pas, it's not like you screw up everything you do.
“Yes, but maybe you'll do just fine at this. You do seem to have your redeeming qualities. Although they seldom appear.”

Ouch harsh.

“Yeah, thanks. I'll keep that in mind.”
“So is it a permanent thing or what? I thought they had enough teachers already.” She asks, trying not to show too much interest apparently.
“No, it's not permanent. I'm just a substitute teacher really. One of the regulars is out of commission so I asked Keine if maybe I could do the job. She seems to be trying really hard to keep things running smoothly. So I guess I want to help her out.”
“Oh? Doing this for another person? You're softer than you look. Which isn't that hard, by the by.”

Again with the half-compliment followed by a stinging comment. Does she dislike you or simply enjoy teasing you that much? Either way, you don't really know how to deal with this, so you just continue speaking a bit more about yourself.

“Yeah, so uh, I felt that I could make a difference with this. I'm not that skilled at a lot of things, but I'm confident that I can take on this job head on. I've had the privilege of being prepared by Eirin, so I should be able to cover basic arithmetic and science. I don't think anyone is going to ask me anything beyond fractions or simple algebra.”
“Oho, you sound confident of yourself. That's good. I just hope that that confidence holds up. It's one thing to discuss knowledge with a peer, and quite another to be teaching someone something. You've got to take the other person's needs as well as covering the material that you need to cover.” Reimu grabs another piece of bread and starts buttering it. “Basically, don't think that children will just sit there and listen to you. They'll talk in class, make fun of you, and make your life miserable.”

What she says is true. The kids probably aren't going to make things easy for you. Especially since you're a stranger and not one of them. Still, it strikes you a bit odd how much insight Reimu has into all of this. You can't help but ask her if she has any experience teaching the kids herself.

“Oh me? Not at all. I just know them.” She replies. “We used to hold festivals at our shrine when I was smaller. So these kids would come over. Generally make a mess of things. Back then I didn't care since I wasn't alone, but it'd be a bother now.” She seems to be reminiscing a bit now. She's got a far away look in her eyes, as if she's staring at the past. “Anyways, I remember that they'd get into all sorts of trouble and never listen to their elders. I just think that they'd be the same nowadays in school.”

Huh, this is a side of her that you haven't seen before. It's nice to know that there's a part of her that seems to hold playfulness and childhood innocence in such high regards. She could probably pass off as an average villager today as well. Her attire makes her virtually indistinguishable from any of the young maidens running around doing errands. It's a bit strange though not to see her clad in red. But this is nice as well.

After that, few words are interchanged between the both of you. You just sit back and drink a bit of wine. The food is brought to you soon enough; a sizzling steak with fries with you and an equally tantalizing piece of beef with a thick mushroom sauce and steamed vegetables for Reimu. Reimu's eyes shine like two dark rubies. It actually looks a bit like the wine you're drinking, come to think of it. She's not the only one excited, the amazing aroma coming from the food is enough to make you slobber.

“Bon appétit!” The waiter says as he deposits your meal in front of you. “Please call me if you need anything more.” He then leaves the two of you to your food.

“Looks great, huh?” You comment as you pick up your fork and knife.
“Yeah... almost better than I imagined it.” Reimu says with a distant voice, yet wastes no time in grabbing her own eating utensils.
“Well then, shall we?” You say, beginning to cut into your delicious-looking meat.

The two of you start eating simultaneously. You don't really exchange words beyond a few short comments like 'this is delicious'. The food is so good that you can't tear yourself away from it. You only stop attacking it to sip some wine. Once again you're reminded of the superior quality of this wine. It has somehow become even tastier with the addition of the meat to your palate. You steal a brief glance at Reimu and see that she's probably thinking the same thing. She's got a happy expression on her face as she drinks a bit of wine in between bites.

While not as great as your beef, the fries are also noteworthy. They're crispy without being too oily and are a satisfactory side dish. It's not bad at all. You continue to eat delighted for a while yet. Eventually, after a while, you work your way through the whole dish. You leave nothing behind. You don't think you were that hungry to begin with, but you just felt compelled to eat all of your food. It would be a tragic waste not to. Reimu finishes eating as well, clearing away all vestiges of her food. Heh, her plate might not even need washing.

“That was really good.” You say.
“Yup. That was amazing. Totally worth coming here.”

Funny she should say that, since you're the one paying. You say nothing betraying your thoughts and instead ask Reimu a question.

“Would you like to have dessert?”
“Sure, why not.”

You call over the waiter. He anticipates your needs and hands over a dessert menu to the both of you. You thank him and look over the list. There's a bunch of staple restaurant desserts on the list. Tiramisu, crème brûlée, and ice cream. To be frank, you're quite stuffed, so you don't want anything else. You ask Reimu what she wants.

“Eh, I think I'll have a bit of ice cream. Vanilla please.” She places her order.
“Nothing for me thanks.” You tell the waiter.
“Very well then, one cup of vanilla ice cream coming up.” This guy's voice can make the most mundane lines sound great. What a gift.

It takes less than five minutes for the waiter to return with the ice cream. A single white ball of ice cream is served in a glass dish. You watch as Reimu eats her ice cream. She seems to really enjoy it. She carefully savors each spoonful and takes her time in eating her. Funny, but for some reason you thought that she would have ordered strawberry. You didn't figure her to be the vanilla type.

After she is done, you ask her if she wants anything else, and hearing a negative reply, you proceed to ask for the check. The bill is pretty expensive. The wine cost a hefty sum. But you enjoyed it so, you don't feel too bad about paying the money. You use up almost all of the money that Keine lent you. Still, it's hard to be remorseful after eating that great steak. You thought that you'd never experience something that tasty here in Gensokyo. You make sure to leave a suitable tip as well for the waiter. He was prompt, courteous, and his voice was cool. The ideal waiter.
>> No. 7896
You leave the restaurant with Reimu. You thought that you didn't take very long, but upon checking the time, you spent over an hour in there.

“Thank you for treating me to lunch Shirou.” Reimu says cordially. “It was really great. So much so that I don't think I'll penalize you much for being late. I'll just hold you to some favor to be specified in the future. So don't get lax~!”

Well, it seems that she's in a good mood. Who can blame her? If her food was as good as yours, there's no mystery behind her happiness. It's in this happy mood that you suddenly become self aware. You notice that groups of villagers, mainly women, are looking in your direction and whispering to themselves. You don't really understand why, but it makes you feel uncomfortable. It looks like Reimu hasn't really noticed yet.

“Hey, do you mind if we go over there?” You ask her, pointing to a small garden beyond the village center.
“Sure, no problem.”

The two of you walk to the garden and out of the villagers' sights. You feel relieved now. What was that all about?

“Shirou, I've got to get back to the shrine soon. I can't leave it unattended for long.” Reimu tells you.
“Oh okay.”

You weren't very sure that you wanted to come see Reimu in the first place, but now that you're here... well, you're having a good time. You're not sure if you want this to end so promptly. You can't think of much you can do now with her.

[] Offer to walk her home
[] Ask her if she wants to do something else
[] Sit somewhere and try to get her to talk to you a bit more
[] Part ways with her here
I don't think that her timehax works that way. I could be wrong of course, but I don't think that she can accelerate time for other things.
>> No. 7897
[X] Part ways with her here

We paid our debt to the red-white. Best to focus on paying off our other debt now.
>> No. 7898
YES! VANILLA! TOTALLY WORTH IT... ehhh... *cough*
so yeah...
[X] Offer to walk her home
we can talk while we walk
lol rhymes
>> No. 7899
[] Offer to walk her home

It's just cliched enough to work.
>> No. 7900
[x] Offer to walk her home
>> No. 7901
[X] Offer to walk her home.
>> No. 7902
Remember those folks that were looking at us funny when we stepped out of Keine's house?
Remember the folks looking at us funny just now?
Remember what we were told about Keine learning new things every day?

Do you suppose any of this might come into play, and what it appears we may or may not be doing may come back to certain parties?

>> No. 7903
[+] Offer to walk her home
Eh, why not. Good company makes a meal settle more easily.
>> No. 7905
[x] Offer to walk her home

>“Well, you just have a tendency to wander off when things bore you.”
>> No. 7906
>“Oh? Doing this for another person? You're softer than you look. Which isn't that hard, by the by.”
>“You're softer than you look. Which isn't that hard, by the by.”
>“You're softer than you look."
>“You're softer."
>“You're soft."

>> No. 7908
[x] Offer to walk her home

Well, you're not sure that you'll be able to keep her entertained around here, and you're not quite willing to part either. So the next best thing would obviously be asking if you could walk her back. You could talk on the way as well, so it's a productive choice.

“Reimu, I know you said that you had to go. So, I'd like to, if possible, walk you home. You don't mind, right?”
“Mm? Walk me home?” She looks a bit puzzled at your proposition.
“Then you do mind?”
“Ah, no it's not that.” She retorts energetically. “I was just wondering why you wanted to, I'm sure you have better things to do with your time. Plus, it's not like I need someone to watch over me or anything.”
“Ah, not at all. It's a good use of my time to take you back to the shrine. I thought that we might talk on the way as well.”
“Well, if you want to then go ahead, I don't mind. I usually fly around, but I guess walking is good as well.” She makes up her mind, doing a small gesture with one of her fists hitting her palm.
“I'll walk you home then. Let's go.” You're glad that she chose to walk with you. You're not to sure that you'd be able to fly around just yet.

The two of you leave, walking side by side. It's a nice enough afternoon. It's a bit hot, but there's a breeze so it's not too stuffy. It's only now that you notice the difference in height that you have with the shrine maiden. Walking adjacent to her, you see that you have over a head on her. It's little solace to you, however, you know that she would still kick your ass in a fight. Appearances can be misleading. To the casual onlooker you might look like brother and sister, friends, or heck even lovers. But little would they know the destructive power that lies within this girl. From what you've heard from her stories she usually kicks ass and doesn't even bother to take names. Truly frightening.

“Shirou! You're thinking something inappropriate again, aren't you?” Reimu surprises you with her comment.
“Uhh... kinda, how can you tell?” Damn she's sharp!
“Your face becomes funny. Well more than usual. Anyone could tell that you're thinking something nasty. It better not be about me.” She then cracks her knuckles. “If you know what's good for you.”
“Eheh.” You let out a small nervous laugh. “Don't worry, it wasn't anything about you.” You try to lie to her.
“Good then.” She doesn't say anything further and the two of you continue walking.

There's a bit of an uncomfortable silence as the two of you walk past the outlying fields of the village. You see that the menfolk are still hard at work, tilling, watering, and otherwise farming. It sure must suck to be them. The sun is probably none too kind to their skin. You wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them developed skin cancer later on in life. Well, they do wear those large hats to shield themselves from the sun, as well as long sleeves, but still, your point stands.

You look at Reimu. She's walking normally, apparently still happy about her meal. Her face shows a soft expression and you think that she's in a good mood. Maybe now would be a good time to bring up a topic. You're walking pretty fast and soon will be near the forest of magic.

[] Ask her about the attire that she's wearing today
[] Ask her if she noticed something odd in the village (insinuating the unease you felt from the villagers just now)
[] Ask her if she had fun today
[] Ask her if she wants to go out on another date some other time
[] Say nothing, just silently try to link arms with her
Short update is short.
>> No. 7909
[+] Ask her if she noticed something odd in the village (insinuating the unease you felt from the villagers just now)
>> No. 7910
[X] Ask her if she noticed something odd in the village (insinuating the unease you felt from the villagers just now)
>> No. 7911
[x] Ask her if she noticed something odd in the village (insinuating the unease you felt from the villagers just now)
>> No. 7912
[X] Ask her if she noticed something odd in the village (insinuating the unease you felt from the villagers just now)

Seriously, what is their problem? Do we have something on our face? Has the Booze God and/or Tewi been circulating pictures of us passed-out with someone's balls on our face? Or is it that whole "guy who was seen coming out of Keine's house in the morning now apparently on a date with the local shrine maiden" thing? Or is this like one of those dreams where you show up to class without any pants on, except we're not really dreaming?
>> No. 7913
[x] Ask her if she noticed something odd in the village (insinuating the unease you felt from the villagers just now)

Yeah this is bothering you a bit. The whole village thing. Why were they staring at you? It's not like you were horribly disfigured in a fire or something. There was that incident in the morning as well. Maybe you're prettier than you thought? Heh, that'd be nice. But the world seldom turns out to be as convenient as that. It's likely some obvious reason that you're missing. You just hope it isn't nefarious. Like they plan to sacrifice you to a pagan god next full moon or something. That's why you ask Reimu about it.

“Hey, did you notice anything strange at the village. Like while you were waiting or when we stepped out of the restaurant?”
“What do you mean?”
“Ah, well... like was anyone staring at you, or people pointing or something like that.”
“No, not really.” She looks at you with a face that seems to ask 'wtf have you been smoking?'. “Why do you ask?”
“Well, I thought I saw a couple of villagers, women, pointing at us and talking. It normally wouldn't bother me that much, but this morning something similar happened to me.”
“I don't know maybe you're cursed?” She laughs to herself a bit. How annoying. This ain't no laughing matter. “I'll sell you some charms if you want them.”
“No thanks, I'll pass.” You say, frowning a bit. She could have at least offered you a complimentary charm or something. You have been nice to her. Is money all that she cares about? “But I'm serious, you really didn't notice anything?”
“I told you already, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Are you sure that you didn't just imagine it?”

Well, her answer seems pretty final. It's pretty clear that she really didn't notice anything. Come to think of it, you could picture Reimu walking up to the villagers and asking them what their problem was. So yeah, you can be pretty certain that she's being honest with you. You sigh. It's just one of life's eternal mysteries then. You might find out what the deal was one of these days, but for now it seems impossible. Hopefully it turns out that it's not some sort of secret devil-worshiping society that wants to open you up and offer your fresh entrails to their dark deity. Or ganado. You hate those freaky possessed Spaniards.

Without you even noticing, you're already walking past the forest of magic. It looks like you were too caught up in your thoughts to even notice it. You're on a path that takes you around the forest, directly the shrine. You do, however, see a reminder of your proximity to the forest. You see a familiar girl riding a broom, flying in the sky. She seems to be coming in from over the lake at a fast speed. You look at her with Reimu. The girl riding the broom notices the two of you and slows down a bit. She comes in close (about 15 meters or so maybe less) and waves at you. You wave back, noting that she has the most devilish smile you've ever seen her sport. The encounter is brief. You try to ignore the feeling of dread within you as she disappears off into the distance.

“That Marisa! Always too busy with something to stop and greet people properly!” The miko quips, annoyed. “Geez! She only stops when it's convenient for her.” You find yourself quietly nodding to her words.

Well, that seems to be true. But truth be told, you've already accepted that. It's part of her persona, the abstract summation of her that resides within your mind. There's also the fact that she knows a lot about magic but you wouldn't know it judging by her mannerisms and how aloof she is when it comes to the subject. You know that she shouldn't be taken very seriously as she's whimsical. But... then what about that grin just now? It was enough to make you consider buying one of Reimu's shoddy charms. You don't think that anything good can come from this.

You push down your feeling of dread to a remote area of your body. This, of course, is to make sure Reimu doesn't pick up on your fear. You're not sure that you want her to know how you just felt. You silently walk the rest of the way with Reimu. You barely exchange one or two terse sentences with her. Before you know it, you're climbing the steps to the shrine and you pass through the torii. You've arrived. Reimu stops in front of the main building and turns to you. It seems like she's about to say goodbye to you. If you wanted to, you could probably get a word in edgewise.

[] Say goodbye and part ways
[] Ask if you can't hang around for a bit
[] Kiss her; steal her lips before she can talk
[] Anemia option
I decided to write because slow votes are slow. So there. If you're not happy, then make sure to vote in the threads instead of idling about.

So yeah, unless there are enough votes quickly enough, this is probably my last update for now. And I'd resume in several hour's time.

I laughed at the idea of Tewi passing out pictures of us being teabagged. Just because it's plausable.
>> No. 7914
[X] Say goodbye and part ways

Increasing feelings of persecution and paranoia?
An ominous feeling of dread that something bad is going to happen?
Seeing things that shouldn't be there, and other possible hallucinations?

Better hope we don't start hearing footsteps behind us...
>> No. 7915
[x] Say goodbye and part ways
Beware the curse of Oyashiro-sama.
>> No. 7916
Suddenly Shirou starts hearing Au~Hauu~ everywhere. God dammit Hanyuu

[X] Say goodbye and part ways
>> No. 7917
[x] Kiss her; steal her lips before she can talk
[x] Anemia option

Destructiveness is go.
>> No. 7919
[x] Say goodbye and part ways
>> No. 7920
[x] Say goodbye and part ways
>> No. 7921
[X] Say goodbye and part ways

We need a baseball bat to accomplish our next deeds. Oyashiro-sama is watching us.
>> No. 7922
When toehoes cry?
>> No. 7923
[+] Say goodbye and part ways
>> No. 7924
[]Say Good bye and part ways.

Meanwhile. We need to appease the Beer god in some way. Poor guy's getting lonely I bet.
>> No. 7925
[x] Kiss her; steal her lips before she can talk
[x] Anemia option

>> No. 7926
[x] Kiss her; steal her lips before she can talk
[x] Anemia option

This is going to be hilairous shit.
>> No. 7927
>>This is going to be hilairous shit.
after which we get bad ended, and either kaguya, keine or some other route will be forever locked out

[̷⁇̷‭]Say Good bye and part ways.
>> No. 7930
[x] Kiss her; steal her lips before she can talk
[x] Anemia option
>> No. 7931
It's worth it.
>> No. 7932
[x] Say goodbye and part ways
>> No. 7934
Reimu is totally hot for us.

[x] Kiss her; steal her lips before she can talk
[x] Anemia option
>> No. 7935
[X] Say goodbye and part ways
because i dun wanna get bad ended
[X] Ask whatsup with the attire
>> No. 7936
[X] Say goodbye and part ways
>> No. 7942
[X] Say goodbye and part ways
>> No. 7943
[x] Say goodbye and part ways

“Well then, see you.” You preempt her.
“Yes... see you.” The miko says almost hesitantly. “Thank you for walking me home.” She adds.
“Not a problem.” You turn around and start to walk away. “Bye.”

You don't look back as you leave the shrine. You get the impression that Reimu is staring at you as you leave, but you don't confirm it. You start walking down the steps. To be truthful, you're still thinking about the incidents that have happened today. You're not sure what they were all about. Is your mind playing tricks on you or is it something else altogether? As you reach the bottom of the steps, you're torn in between wanting to protect yourself and shrugging the whole thing off as your paranoia becoming too lively.

Well, maybe you could try confirming things with other parties? You're sure that someone somewhere could back your version of the story up. Or you could give up this fool's quest. It might just not be important. There's lots that you can do right now. There are people with whom you've promised to meet. And this slice of free time will probably be rare in the days to come. So you could just as well spend some time doing something of your own interest somewhere. Like knocking back a few at the tavern. Or you could start with something nearer to you as well. You possess a high degree of freedom right now.

[] There's a bunch of things to do nearby, at the forest of magic
[] Head back to the village
[] Return to Eientei
[] Your sense of adventure is tingling; explore the nearby region
Small update is small.
How the mighty have fallen... going from thought provoking and unconventional choices to merely the ones that are the most shocking. And you would call yourself messiah? It looks like you can't lead anon to the promised land after all.
>> No. 7944
[x] Return to Eientei

You're hallucinating. Stop avoiding Eirin and get your head checked.
>> No. 7945
[X] Your sense of adventure is tingling; explore the nearby region
>> No. 7946
>>There are people with whom you've promised to meet.

>> No. 7947
great... now ill never know why the heck was she dressed like that... i mean, Touhou? and NO HEAD ORNAMENT!? seriously people
>> No. 7948
[] There's a bunch of things to do nearby, at the forest of magic

like..... Alice?
>> No. 7949
File 121709285762.jpg - (796.60KB , 1600x1200 , AM4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] There's a bunch of things to do nearby, at the forest of magic
Better get there before Alice has her precious thing stolen.
>> No. 7950
[]Examine the mystery bottle in the Inventory using newfound knowledge of medicine.

When I was reading this, the bottle was the thing that got to me most.
>> No. 7951
>>like..... Alice?

>> No. 7952
[X] There's a bunch of things to do nearby, at the forest of magic

Oh yeah, oh yeah, I forgot we were going to tell the doll-maker when we made a decision.
Of course, we also still have to talk to Keine to finalize things, but she'll probably still be at work for a couple more hours.
>> No. 7953
[x] There's a bunch of things to do nearby, at the forest of magic
>> No. 7954
[z]Examine the mystery bottle in the Inventory using newfound knowledge of medicine.
>> No. 7955
You suddenly remember the bottle that you've been carrying around all this time. You walk off to a side of the path and lean against a nearby tree. You take the bottle out and examine it. The bottle itself is a pretty generic nondescript affair. It's got a brownish tint. Likely to prevent its contents from being exposed to UV rays. It reminds you of those old-fashioned thick glass bottles that used to contain stuff like isobutyl bromide or even stuff as common as isopropanol. You had hoped to use your expanded knowledge to identify any labels and, thusly, the contents. But you have no luck.

There's no label on the bottle. Instead, there's etching on the glass itself. There's something that looks like a seal of sort. Like the type you would normally see made of wax. You don't really recognize its origin. It's something like a crescent with what seems to be rays or beams of sorts coming from it. There's a bunch of miscellaneous objects as well. You think you can make out a tree in the center and maybe what appears to be a person standing next to it. Weird. But it doesn't really tell you anything. There are a couple of symbols on the bottom of the bottle as well. A couple of polyhedrals of different size. They form a pattern of sorts. Maybe they're symbols? In any case, you really haven't seen them before. Eirin's training didn't cover this. So maybe it's gibberish? Maybe you're just staring at the equivalent of a company logo or something. Something that's not really supposed to make sense.

You feel apprehensive. You don't think it's a good idea to open the bottle right here and now. Maybe the contents are poison. Maybe it'll evaporate. There's no telling what could happen. It'd be best to test it under laboratory conditions. But, then again, it's not likely that you'll have access to a laboratory. At least without supervision. And if you're going to go to Eirin's lab to check it out you might as well ask Eirin what it is.

You feel a bit uneasy again. You think that you'll go somewhere in the forest now. There's a bunch of things that you could do here. From talking to Alice to seeing what's new in the junk shop.

[] Examine the bottle further. Open it and smell the contents.
[] Go to Kourindou
[] Go see Alice
[] Check out if Marisa's about
Well, I was holding out for more votes, but here you go a compromise.
>> No. 7956
[X] Go see Alice

Let's get this over with.
>> No. 7957
[x] Examine the bottle further. Open it and smell the contents.

Here's hoping it's raw ether.
>> No. 7959
[x] Go see Alice
>>You walk off to a side of the path and lean against a nearby tree.
>>You think you can make out a tree in the center and maybe what appears to be a person standing next to it.
>> No. 7960
[x] Go see Alice
>> No. 7961
[x] Go see Alice
>> No. 7962
[x] Go see Alice
[x] Declare your love to the bottle of whatever.
>> No. 7963
Writing now. Expect a new thread.
You don't know just how happy that made me. In more than one way.
>> No. 7964
[] Go see Alice

>> No. 7965
[x] Go ask Alice.

>> No. 8006

You expect me to make a provoking and unconventional choice in a situation that does not really give you one. The most destructive choice would be the choice best suiting that description and we both know where that would've led, this being Reimu.

With Reisen and Keine, I could afford risks. With Reimu, it's different. You know this. Especially with the freaky shit you're pulling Teruyo. Seriously.