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7069 No. 7069
[X] Ask her to dance

To be truthful, your logic can only take you so far. You're just making assumptions as to what the other person is feeling at this point. Just like what you've done with other people in the past. A certain princess comes to mind, but you try to forget her and focus on the person in front of you. As you've concluded, anything at this point would be speculation since you're not exactly the shining example of an empathic soul. You just can't convince yourself that you're good at dealing with people, like Keine suggested. At moments like these, it's best to listen to what your gut feeling is telling you. To listen to the voice inside of you, urging you to do something. In this case this voice is telling you to ask her to dance.

You get up from your seat and take a few steps in the direction of the schoolteacher. She looks up at you, her face betraying what she's thinking. She looks like she's about to ask you what you're doing. You extend out your hand, offering her to take it.

“Would you like to dance with me?” You ask her. She looks at you for a moment with a blank expression. She then turns her head and looks at your outstretched hand. She seems to be hesitating. You just wait silently for her to take your hand.
“I'm sorry but no.” She finally says. “I don't really feel like it.”

It takes a while for you to understand that you've been rejected. You keep your hand outstretched as you process this new information. Then it hits you. You shrink back your hand in embarrassment, and just dumbly go back to your seat. This comes to you as a shock. You did not expect the schoolteacher to turn you down. It feels like a bomb just exploded in your stomach and your throat is as parched as the Gobi desert.

“Why?” You ask, trying to get over the sudden case of dry throat.
“Don't misunderstand.” Keine starts off by saying, looking directly at you. “It's not that I don't want to dance...”
“But?” You anxiously ask, half-expecting her continuing sentence to be 'but I don't want to dance with you.'
“But... I just can't help but feel that you're trying too hard.”

You stay silent as you realize that she's telling you the truth. You're not sure if your advances come off as desperate or not, but you are trying your best to make this situation turn out well. It's probably more noticeable than your conscious had determined it to be. But is that really a bad thing? You wonder to yourself as Keine continues to speak to you.

“I'm not saying that trying hard isn't okay. So there's no need to be depressed.” Keine says, obviously picking up on the internal doubts that have sprung up just now inside of you. It looks like you're surprisingly easy to read. You didn't think that you wore your heart on your sleeve. Or maybe she's just good at reading other people's feelings. Either way she's quite accurate. “What I'm saying is that there's no need to try so hard with me.” She flashes a reassuring smile to you.

Is this pity? Or is it something else? You really cannot tell what's the case here. You're still reeling from being dejected. But it's Keine's next words that really get to you.

“Hey, Shirou, cheer up. There's no need to get depressed. I don't know if it's just the alcohol talking,” she noisily swirls about her glass, the golden liquid sloshing about, “but let me tell you something. I like you as you are. Even this insecure part of yourself that you're sharing with me now. I knew from the moment that you burst into my classroom for the first time, dancing and answering questions, that you were someone fun to be around and special. So there's no need to be second guessing yourself and cursing your actions. It's quite alright to be who you are.”

At that moment, you could do nothing besides sitting there blushing and trying to avoid her gaze. She's surprisingly accurate and this makes you feel uncomfortable. You're sure that deep down you pride yourself in being unreadable, schizophrenic even. A tiny part of you points out how it's ironic how the situation turned out. Your roles are completely inversed now. It was just a few moments ago that you were analyzing Keine as she embarrassedly looked away. It looks like you grossly oversimplified her personality. It seems that there's much more to the schoolteacher than you initially gave her credit for. Does this error in judgment of yours extend to all of the people you've met? The question forms in your mind and you uneasily leave it unanswered.

In any case, the evening from that point assumes another tone. The two of you continue to drink. Yet you avoid the previous subject. Instead, talk is about any other range of topics. You wouldn't say such talk is dull, you learned for example that the village produces a large amount of apples in the fall, but it's nowhere near as captivating as before. It's fine, as the two of you seem to become more at ease with each other, and laugh at each other's jokes. There seems to be no lingering tension. Is this also due to Keine? You feel that if this were any other person you'd feel ill at ease with them and you would probably be bumbling like an idiot.

The alcohol keeps flowing, and you assuredly get more intoxicated, but it surprisingly hasn't gotten to your head yet. It must be because of all the pauses in the evening discourse. At one point, you excuse yourself and take a quick pit stop in the bathroom. You note that the night is quite deep now and, from what you can see from the windows you pass, the whole of Gensokyo is covered by the night's embrace. For some reason, you don't feel as afraid of the night as the common villager here might. You can't say that you're comfortable with the prospect of being eaten up by a youkai, but you can feel that the likelihood of that happening is much less than you imagined. Maybe this sentiment comes from your luck and having not encountered anything too unpleasant in the past. How accurate this is, you're not sure.

You finish your business and return to Keine. She's still as friendly as ever, but you can't help but feel that she's tired now. Well, you think anyone would be tired after all of the drinking you've done tonight. You certainly are.

[] Sit and talk to Keine a while longer
[] Ask her if you could sleep here tonight
[] Bid her farewell and leave
[] Anemia option

Well, more writing should be faster now that I've taken care of my obstacles. So vote it up.

Also, for those of you interested, an irc channel has been set up; #eientei on rizon. It's not just for my story, QWL hangs around as well, and the channel is also for his story, and a few writers from other stories come as well at times. So you're welcome to come and ask questions, make suggestions, or just chat. In b4 IRC faggotry complaints.

>> No. 7070
[X] Sit and talk to Keine a while longer

If we're going to ask or tell her anything important, this is probably our last chance for the evening.
Maybe about our task from Kaguya and the mysterious third party. Maybe about how we got roped into buying lunch for Reimu but lack the funds for it. Or perhaps even ask about possibly helping with her teaching.

I'd go for bringing up the subject of helping her out. No need for an answer. Just something to put out there before we bid our farewell for the evening, and let her sleep on it.
>> No. 7071
[x] Sit and talk to Keine a while longer
>> No. 7074
did shirounon just get Friend Zone'd?
>> No. 7075
[X] Sit and talk to Keine a while longer
[X] Tell her about your task

Telling her that you might not see her again in a while (if ever) ought to explain why you were acting awkwardly earlier. If she brings up the school teaching thing on her own, it's a done deal. If she doesn't, don't bother; it would be clear then that she had been trying to let you off easy.
>> No. 7076
good idea
[X] Sit and talk to Keine a while longer
[X] Tell her about your task
Shirou the teacher.
>> No. 7077
>>Telling her that you might not see her again in a while (if ever) ought to explain why you were acting awkwardly earlier.

We had just asked her out on a second date. We had damn well BETTER see her again.
>> No. 7078
[X] Sit and talk to Keine a while longer
[X] Tell her about your task
Just remembered that Shirou didn't state his point of this meeting.
>> No. 7081
File 121574642536.jpg - (118.31KB , 516x338 , keinex1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Sit and talk to Keine a while longer

There's no need to cut short such a nice evening. You figure that you can spend a bit more talking to the schoolteacher with no problem. You sit back down and continue to speak to her. The two of you seem to slow down with the drinking, and you feel that it's probably for the best. You're not sure what would happen if you continued to drink at the rate you were going previously. It's likely that you'd end up doing something stupid like trying to grope her chest and soiling yourself all over her house. Now that would be lamentable for all parties involved. You don't think that your pride could take it, as tattered as it might get at times. The line is clearly drawn at completely alienating people in this manner.

While chatting, you again cover a whole broad range of topics. At least initially. This time, however, you distinctly move the topic into a direction that you want. You start to tell her about your current predicament. She just listens politely as you go on about yourself. You're not sure that it's interesting or not, but you carry on regardless. It takes you quite a long time to tell her about everything, how you've gone to different places in search for help and how you've encountered less than optimal conditions.

“And that's basically the situation. I've got until tomorrow to make up my mind on what I want to do. And to be frank, I'm not quite sure yet. I'm not sure that I've found anything that might interest me.” You conclude.

You expectantly look at Keine to see what she makes of all of this. She seems lost in thought as she has her arms crossed and a solemn look upon her face. You don't know if it'd be a good idea to interrupt her while she's thinking so you just wait patiently. You have to admit that you're feeling a bit nervous now, not sure of what she's going to say. Is she going to offer you advice? Or is she going to help you otherwise? You can't help but to feel your blood pressure rising in anticipation.


But it would seem that something is wrong here. You lean in closer, to see what's up with Keine. You're honestly surprised at what you discover. Her breathing is steady and soft, and judging by her lack of movement and closed eyes, you'd have to say that she's sleeping. While it does surprise you, you can understand why she fell asleep. You're tired as well and the two of you have been drinking for an awfully long time. Your one-sided speech must have knocked her out. You click your tongue in slight disappointment but then smile, seeing her sleeping face. She looks quite peaceful now, as if she doesn't have a care in the world. Ah well, perhaps this is for the best. You start to get up to leave.

However there's still something that bothers you, you don't know what to do with Keine. The chair she's in looks comfortable, but you don't think that she'll be too pleased to find out she slept in such an uncomfortable position. You could try carrying her to bed, but you honestly see two problems with that. Firstly, you don't know where her bedroom is. And secondly, you don't know if she'll like being touched by you. She might consider it an invasion of her privacy. You don't necessarily feel obliged to do so, but you feel a bit responsible deep down.

There's another issue that is in the back of your mind. You never properly talked to her. About your problems, that is. It's quite late and you've certainly not going to find any money or a job at this hour. Everyone at Eientei must be sleeping by now. Heck, you'd be surprised if even the regulars at the tavern are still lingering at this hour. You could just crash on her sofa or something and ask her early tomorrow about any help you might need. Who knows, this might be beneficial to all parties involved. Yeah, well, that's only wishful thinking. You have no idea how reality will turn out.

[] Carry Keine to her bed, leave
[] Carry Keine to her bed, crash on the couch
[] Don't carry Keine to her bed, leave
[] Don't carry Keine to her bed, crash on the couch
[] Molest Keine in her sleep
>> No. 7082
That's the second person that's fallen asleep on us.

And what of #LAE Teruyo?

Oh yes, and [x] Molest Keine in her sleep

Because I'm an ugly bastard like that. (Oh and being indecisive also sucks)
>> No. 7083


[] Carry Keine to her bed, leave
[] Carry Keine to her bed, crash on the couch
[] Don't carry Keine to her bed, leave
[] Don't carry Keine to her bed, crash on the couch
[] Molest Keine in her sleep

press every button, every time, back to work, etc.
>> No. 7084
[X] Butt Pillow
>> No. 7085
#eientei - no point in keeping #lae, plus it's pretty much the same inhabitants.
This would involve picking up Keine, putting her down on the floor (face down), and then placing your head on her butt. Are you bad enough a dude to do so without waking her up?
>> No. 7086
[X] Carry Keine to her couch, crash on the floor.

We can't just leave the lady sleeping in such a position, so leaving her is not an option. However, we can't just invade her privacy by searching about her house until we find her bedroom, so that's no good either.

The only logical thing to do is to carry Keine to the somewhat more comfortable couch, place a blanket of some sort over her, and then sleep on the floor somewhere.

There's no telling if she will react badly to us touching her in her sleep, or staying over without actually being invited, but she's certainly not the type to let someone go out during the time when youkai are most active, especially not if it's someone she knows, likes, and/or cares about.
>> No. 7089
[x] Carry Keine to her couch, leave

Don't want to go bumbling around her house with her in your arms. There won't be getting anything out of Keine tomorrow, since she'll be leaving in the morning. We have heavy things on our mind, and we need to be at Eientei before noon to beg Eirin to let us work for her.
>> No. 7090
[] Carry Keine to her bed, crash on the couch

We should ensure her comfort, and it wouldn't be safe for us outside at this time of night.

Then again, if it's the night of the full moon, it might not be safe for us at her house, either. I do so relish these moments of danger!
>> No. 7091
{X} Carry Keine to her couch, crash on the floor.
>> No. 7092
If working for Eirin was the idea, I think we would have been better served staying at Eientei and trying to get back into her good graces after tackling her and hurting her leg like we did, regardless of what was or was not happening when we did it.

As is, we're in a perfect position. Mokou thought we'd be good enough to help Keine teach, and I can't help but wonder if it really was just a coincidence that she decided to skip out on dinner at Keine's like she did, or if she intentionally did it knowing we would wind up going there ourselves.
We don't know if Keine would be for or against the idea, but that has more to do with the fact that we haven't even brought the matter up with her than it does with her being opposed to the idea.

So, we hang around for the night, talk to her in the morning after she wakes up, and just throw the idea out there. If she's for it, or at least not completely against it, then we can count that as one valid option for something to do. If not, then we can just go back to Eientei and start a desperate attempt to butter up Eirin. I doubt Keine would be up much later than anyone at Eientei would be, and if we're rejected then the only thing we'd have to worry about is how much time it would take us to get back.

Then it's just a matter of making a decision, telling Kaguya about it, asking if our buddy can spot us a loan because we got roped into buying Reimu lunch, go feed the miko, grab some booze from the tavern, and make an offering to our god. Poor guy's probably getting lonely.
>> No. 7093
29 days in a lunar cycle. So yeah, not a night of a full moon.
Travel time in daylight to Eientei from the village is pretty fast, and *if* you dwadle the alarm will ring, giving you plenty of time and enough warning to get there.
>> No. 7094
Updates when?
>> No. 7095
Kinda waiting for more votes.
2 for carrying Keine to the couch and crashing on the floor (which could be spliced with the one vote for carry her to bed and crash on the couch). But 3 is hardly a majority when you've got an equal number of votes stating to do other things (and one that goes against those three directly).

tl;dr moar votes
>> No. 7096
>> No. 7097
[x] Carry Keine to her bed, crash on the couch
Keine's one of the few people I'd actually want to talk to about our situation, so it seems worth sticking around 'til morning.
>> No. 7098
[X] Carry Keine to her couch, crash on the floor.
>> No. 7099
Okay, okay. I guess there are enough votes, writing now.
>> No. 7100
[x] Carry Keine to her couch, crash on the floor.

>you don't know if she'll like being touched by you. She might consider it an invasion of her privacy.
Hahaha, a little late for that, buttpillow.
>> No. 7101
Hm. Good point.
Although the Buttpillow Incident could easily have been blamed on the fact we were all drunk, it IS hard to imagine Keine getting mad at being picked up and moved to a more comfortable place in her sleep when we've already done something far more inappropriate to her while she was sleeping that she more or less let pass.

We slept with our head on her ass, for fuck's sake. So long as we don't make a point of copping a feel while we carry her, or doing anything weird to her in her sleep, there really shouldn't be a problem here.
>> No. 7102
[x] Carry Keine to her couch, crash on the floor.

Not knowing really where her bedroom is (and not really wanting to blindly look around either) you decide to do the next best thing. That is to say, to at the very least relieve Keine from her awkward sleeping position. You think that the couch might be a good interim solution. It looks like it's a good place for sleeping, and you're sure that at the very least Keine would prefer that to waking up with severe back pain because of the chair. Yes, this sounds like a good plan.

You stand next to Keine, assessing the situation. She's sound asleep and is peacefully breathing. You don't know how light of a sleeper she might be, so you don't know how far you can go before she wakes up. You just hope that if she does wake up she doesn't react negatively. Last thing you need is for her to think that you were trying to molest her in her sleep or something when you were just trying to give her a hand. You determine that the best way to proceed would be to, with one pushing her back gently, scoop her up with your arm placed under her legs and then use the first arm to support her back. This is definitely going to test your strength, but she doesn't look that heavy. You just hope you don't drop her.

You kneel down besides her, preparing for the task at hand. The sofa is just opposite her chair, so it shouldn't be that long a trip. You just have to do this as smoothly as possible. Since you're kneeling to her right you place your right arm under her legs, making sure to grab her legs. You have to work with your arm grasping a lot of skirt first, since her skirt is free-flowing. You eventually manage it and have a firm grasp of the underside of her legs. Next, you start pushing her off the chair gently, tilting her in the process so you can hold her properly. It's not as troublesome as it first seemed, and while minding her head, you manage to more or less position her as you will. Now for the hard part.

You concentrate all of your strength on your knees and get up. If getting up from your knees without using one's hands is normally difficult, you think that it is more than doubly so trying to do so while carrying a person in your arms. You almost falter with your initial impulse, but it would seem that your strength is just enough. You're standing now with the schoolteacher sleeping peacefully in your arms. Alright. So far, so good. You think to yourself at that moment that despite your efforts, she's really not that heavy. Her clothes just make her seem like she's got a lot more mass underneath. But now that you're holding her, you can feel that her relatively narrow back and feminine legs are not really that heavy at all.

You take your first steps towards the sofa. You take special care not to move her about too violently, as the bobbling of her head or other sudden movements might wake her up. You're fortunate, as you avoid any major mistakes en route. Laying her down on the sofa is easy as well. It only takes minimal effort to put her down gently on the sofa. Going the extra mile, you take one of the sofa cushions and gently place it under the schoolteacher's head. She seems to be at peace as she sleeps and her soft expression makes it more than worth it in your opinion to have gone through all that trouble. Well, now to find a solution for yourself.

You had decided that going out at night by yourself was foolish at best, and at worse... well you don't really want to think about it. But you do take the warnings from the villagers and residents of Gensokyo to heart. It's not a good thing to be intoxicated and wandering about this late at night. There are all types of undesirables that could be prowling about, looking for victims. Last thing you want to do is end up as a mere footnote here, as a nameless corpse or forgotten by everyone due to your early and untimely death. None of that, thank you very much. It's a good idea to look for somewhere to sleep here. You're sure that Keine won't mind your presence. In fact, you think that she would encourage you to stay, were she not passed out on the couch. It just strikes you like the type of thing she'd say. And past interactions also seem to support your idea.

You look around the room and try to find a spot for you to sleep on. You figure that if you move the chair a bit, you could fit in the space between the back of the chair and one of the shelves. There's a rug on the floor in that space as well, so it'd be a bit softer than sleeping on the hard wood floor. You silently move the chair forward, making sure that it doesn't make much noise. It'd be bad if you woke up Keine after all that effort now. You're successful and you proceed to lie down on the rug. You can clearly feel the hard floor beneath you, but the rug creates the (psychological) illusion that you're on a futon of sorts, so you are able to relax. You yawn and turn on your side, seeking a comfortable position to sleep in. You feel that it's going to be easy for you to fall asleep tonight.
>> No. 7103
You can't help it, you're tired. You close your eyes and feel the drowsiness overtake you. You've had a long day and the alcohol isn't exactly helping you stay awake. You woke up extraordinarily early, and have walked around for the most of the day. This coupled with the emotional stress and agitation that you've had lately makes it for your body to almost immediately turn into a bag of bricks. Ah well, it's a pleasant feeling at the very least. You can slowly feel your senses fade away and your conscious mind starts numbing. Your thoughts start slowing down. It's just as well, otherwise you'd start musing over the day's events. You can't really think of your anything anymore and quickly your world becomes one of darkness.

However, it that would-be feeling of drowsiness soon fades away. You don't know why but you feel compelled to open your eyes. You do so and are shocked to see where you are. It's still nighttime but you are back in your own room at Eientei. You are extremely confused, you look at yourself and are surprised to see that you're lying in your futon and dressed in pajamas. How can this be? You quickly get up and look around. You don't know why but it you are indeed in your room. Huh, what the hell?

You eventually resign yourself to fate, since you can't really explained what happened. You take a quick look in the hallway but the lack of movement or noises discourage you from further exploration. All of your stuff seems to be in your room, including the clothes you wore from what you can tell, so maybe so sleep walked all the way here? It wouldn't be impossible. Although it would be a tad disturbing. Sighing, you lie back on your futon and relax. There's no point in going berserk in the middle of the night. You'll just have to ask in the morning what the hell happened.

You try to fall back asleep, but something keeps you up. You don't know if it's the warm night, the chirping of bugs, or something else. It's making you feel uneasy. Like something is supposed to happen now. You toss and turn, trying to dispel the sentiment. There's nothing worse than these stubborn cases of insomnia which develop into paranoia. You lie on your futon for a while yet, almost tempted to get up and wander about. But then, something unexpected happens. A light and brief noise. There's knocking on your door. You wonder who it could be at this time of night, and what they could want.

“Come in.” You say, figuring that since you're up you might as well see whomever is there. You might as well make good use of the time you are spending awake. The door slides open and a silhouette appears. “Who is it?” You ask, trying to make out the figure. But you can't really tell just based off the appearance of the shadow.
“It's me.” The shadow responds. “I came to see you. Is it alright if I come in?”

Ah, yes – that voice. There's no way that you could forget it. It of course belongs to her. Yes, but why would she be here at this time of night? It's not like her at all to come bother you at your room. Well, you better ask her.

[] “Come on in Kaguya.”
[] “Come on in Eirin.”
[] “Come on in Tewi.”
[] “Come on in Reisen.”
[] “Come on in Keine.”
[] “Come on in Alice.”

Choose wisely anon...
>> No. 7104
>It takes a while for you to understand that you've been rejected. You keep your hand outstretched as you process this new information. Then it hits you. You shrink back your hand in embarrassment, and just dumbly go back to your seat. This comes to you as a shock. You did not expect the schoolteacher to turn you down. It feels like a bomb just exploded in your stomach and your throat is as parched as the Gobi desert.
>“Why?” You ask, trying to get over the sudden case of dry throat.
>“Don't misunderstand.” Keine starts off by saying, looking directly at you. “It's not that I don't want to dance...”
>“But?” You anxiously ask, half-expecting her continuing sentence to be 'but I don't want to dance with you.'
>“But... I just can't help but feel that you're trying too hard.”

Wow. I had completely forgotten what that was like.

Can you write like a dozen more rejection scenes like this so I can either build up a tolerance for this pain, or just give up and start ordering dakimakuras until I kill myself?
>> No. 7106
[X] “Come on in Kaguya.”

I'm beginning to hear Yakkity Sax in my head. Manually.
>> No. 7107
[x] “Come on in Kaguya.”

Well, if we're back at Eientei I'd rule out Alice, Keine and Tewi just on the sheer balance of probabilities. I'd also rule out Reisen because she does frequently "come bother you at your room." So that just leaves Kaguya and Eirin. Given that Teruyo's a huge Kaguyafag, I'll go with her, though it could just as well be either.
>> No. 7108
I wish I had a dakimakura. WHY MUST THEY BE SO EXPENSIVE!? It hardly seems that they're worth the 100+ USD + costs for the pillow. I've yet to see one that's a must buy.

Also, rejection scenes make me sad, so no.

But don't despair just yet. She didn't *really* reject you, well you don't really know that, but maybe she didn't feel like dancing? There's always that possibility right? She did agree to see you for a date some other time, so it can't be a lost cause.

>> No. 7109
[X] “Come on in Kaguya.”

Makes the most sense.
>> No. 7110
Alternate soundtrack, eh? I preferred the original myself, even though it was a bit repetative at times.

I might be a Kaguyafag, but I'm fair. And try my best not to be biased. Even though it hurts me so ;_;
>> No. 7111
Single sided dakimakura are $50ish, double sided are $100. The pillow is not expensive, and it's nice to have even without the covering.
>> No. 7112
[X] “Come on in Keine.”

Either this is a dream, hallucination, that time/space distortion thing coming into play again, or some sort of mindfuck by Eirin/Yukari/someone else.
In any case, there's no way in hell we fell asleep in Keine's house, only to wake up back in Eientei on our own power.
>> No. 7113
[x] “Come on in Mokou."
>> No. 7114
This is a valid option. In fact, I had considered it but the list was growing too long.

Also, I'm in the zone people, my blood-alcohol level is high enough to stimulate me but low enough for me to be able to write fast and coherently. So yeah, vote moar.
>> No. 7115
I know it's for the purpose of allowing it to be whoever the winning vote is, but how the hell can you not have at least a clue as to who it could be just from their shadow or silhouette?

Tewi's and Reisen's ears would be a dead giveaway that it was one of them, Alice is the only other girl with short hair aside from Tewi, and anyone who couldn't recognize the NEET from the mere outline of her delicious black locks must be blind.
The only ones I could see offering some trouble for figuring out would be Eirin and Keine, and that would only be if neither of them were wearing their rather distinctive hats and Eirin's hair wasn't braided at the time.

Then again, from everything that's happened so far, Shirou could very well be just that damn dense.
>> No. 7116
[X] “Come on in Mokou."

This is the least likely option, and therefore the most interesting.
>> No. 7117
[futile] “Come on in Alice.”
Teruyo's Alice is loev ;_;
>> No. 7118
File 121576458677.jpg - (50.28KB , 332x947 , a7a68c4c6fba048cdde96bade7b6ce2c7d7a3af4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Come on in Aya.”
>> No. 7119
A thought occurs to me.
Is this REALLY one of those "the option you pick determines who it is" choices? Or are we just meant to make that assumption?

What if there's only one right answer as to who it could be, and a wrong answer will result in some unpleasant consequence or penalty? Maybe they'll get pissed and we lose some affection points. Maybe we get deprived of a delcious H-scene. Or maybe we just wind up getting stabbed to death, and our severed head gets carried around in a duffel bag.

"Choose wisely," indeed.
>> No. 7120
[x] “Come on in Reisen.”

>Also, rejection scenes make me sad, so no.
Well yeah, that was the entire point.
>> No. 7122
Yeah, I'll write rejection when I have to. But not for pleasure. I'm not that cruel. Also, don't worry about me going anywhere, I can guarantee that I'll be here for at least a whole day. I might take a short break to nap, but that's it. So expect plenty of updates. This is provided there are enough votes of course.
>> No. 7123
File 121576897120.png - (7.14KB , 125x125 , AWESOME.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7124
[x] “Come on in Eirin.”


>I wish I had a dakimakura. WHY MUST THEY BE SO EXPENSIVE!? It hardly seems that they're worth the 100+ USD + costs for the pillow. I've yet to see one that's a must buy.

There are times like this when I wonder if you really are an Aspie.
>> No. 7125
[X] “Come on in Kaguya.”
Kaguya is love.
>> No. 7127
Me? Asperger's syndrome? Not at all. And why would wanting a hug pillow be indicative of that? If anything you might want to label me as pathethic, a weeaboo, or ronery. Perhaps all of the above.

I've never shown any symptoms of ADD/ADHD, Aspergers, or any other condition that might alter my personality. I know a lot of anons actually have it, but I don't. I mean I'm forced into social functions and such quite often and I do just fine. I can easily adapt to any situation and would not be the best candidate for such a diagnosis. Maybe my preference for seclusion, but that could just be circumstantial rather than conclusive proof for Asperger's. It would be kind of neat if one of the writefags had it and this was the cause of their unrelenting writing. Hmm, come to think of it, I could possibly think of a good candidate.

Well, in any case, I'm holding off until a clear majority forms since it's unfair to go with anything but the will of the biggest majority for this...
>> No. 7128
This could take a day. Be sure to start writing only when Kaguya gets enough votes, everything else is unacceptable.
>> No. 7129

oh teruyo. the living monument of self-parody.
>> No. 7130
I want to, trust me. If it were up to me we'd be eating popcorn and watching the new slayers season with Kaguya. But I must do as the voters will. This is in part why the routes (mostly the endings) have been thought of beforehand. To prevent my favoritism from intefering. That's why I haven't emphasized that much HAVING to do anything except for now. Since it was a system based of affection points. This gave me liberty to create new scenarios out of the blue (where they logically fit, of course) and give anon chances to raise and lower affection points for different characters.

Back to the point. I just want anon to consider carefully what to choose. So I'll be as patient as I can be.

Well, I'd be a shitty person if I couldn't laugh at myself and my own misfortunes. This is why I dislike the 'lol serious business' some readers of other stories might have. Stories, be them shitty fanfics or masterpieces of literature, are meant to be enjoyed. So by getting annoyed by small things or being close-minded you tend to forget the important thing - relax and take it easy. Sometimes the best way to get past something you don't like in life is just to laugh at it. It's not worth condemning things based off a single cursory glance or an unlucky bad experience.

But yeah, not my blog, sorry. Blame it on the beer. Keep voting and sit back and enjoy the ride.
>> No. 7131

>> No. 7134
[x] “Come on in Kaguya.”
>> No. 7135
I don't suppose we could just call this with a coin toss or something?
>> No. 7136
[x] “Come on in."

Who cares who it is? Somebody wants to talk to me? I'll give them the time of day.
>> No. 7137
[x] “Come on in Kaguya.”
Kaguya it has to be.
>> No. 7138
>It would be kind of neat if one of the writefags had it and this was the cause of their unrelenting writing.
I know one of them definitely has it.
>> No. 7141
[x] “Come on in Kaguya.”

>> No. 7142
Kaguya's got eight votes already. Barring a flood of votespamming, I don't think you're going to get closer to a majority than that.


[X] “Come on in Mokou."
>> No. 7143
[X] “Come on in Eirin."
>> No. 7144
[X] "Come on in Booze God."

Clearly it is our Lord, come down to visit us in human (and female) form for those "fluids" we were supposed to offer as tribute.
>> No. 7145
[x] “Come on in Tengu Commander.”
>> No. 7146
[x] "Come on in Tavernmaster."
>> No. 7147
File 121580266157.jpg - (51.59KB , 750x600 , 1201766322022.jpg ) [iqdb]
This is what will happen to Shirou for fucking around with so many Women.
>> No. 7148

>> No. 7150
Truth hurts, I know.
>> No. 7151
Nice Boat end? Oh, that's getting off lightly compared to what could happen to us.
>> No. 7152
[x] “Come on in Reisen.”
>> No. 7153
Where are my fellow reisenfags? Did they get bored and left?
>> No. 7154
Perhaps the revelation that a Kaguya route isn't an entirely lost cause at this point has caused some to shift their targeting systems back to the NEET. Or perhaps some people are just being influenced by the line about it's unusual for whoever it is to come to our room, causing them to pick whoever seems most logical for it to be, instead of whoever they want it to be.

Either way, as much time has passed I would think that anyone who was going to vote for the moon bunny would have done so by now.
>> No. 7155
[X] "Come on in Reisen."

I think this is like that one scenario in ToS, where what you say determines who you talk to...
>> No. 7156

We don't have a clue because if Teruyo DID give us a clue, we'd all be theorizing out our noses as about to who it is, and therefore we'd all vote for only 1 person, the one that fit the description the best, rather than voting for who we want to.


And we're still here, we're just busy with whatever.

[X] "Come on in Reisen."
>> No. 7157
File 121580792259.jpg - (170.88KB , 566x800 , d05c72613abf14ca6f640827880268ed.jpg ) [iqdb]
I will vote Reisen whenever and wherever possible.
>> No. 7158
[x] “Come on in Reisen.”
>> No. 7159
[x] “Come on in Reisen.”

>> No. 7160
[x] “Come on in Reisen.”
>> No. 7161
[x] “Come on in Reisen.”

Reisenfags to the rescue!
>> No. 7162
[X] "Come on in Kaguya."
>> No. 7163
[X] “Come on in Reisen.”
>> No. 7164
[x] "Come on in Reisen."
It's not gonna be Kaguya.
>> No. 7165
[x] “Come on in Reisen.”
>> No. 7166
[x] “Come on in Reisen.”
>> No. 7167
[x] “Come on in Reisen.”

>> No. 7168
Oh so all I had to do was summon the lot of you by saying the moonbunny's name? Awesome.
>> No. 7169
Apparently so.
How extremely convenient and not-at-all suspicious in any way, right?
>> No. 7170
Accuse me if you will, but I didn't spam. I'm in fact surprised that people actually responded.
>> No. 7171
[X] "Come on in Kaguya."
>> No. 7172
oh hi i upgraded your spam
>> No. 7173
[x] “Come on in Reisen.”

I know what I want.
>> No. 7174
I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I am merely remarking that it's seems quite strange that, after several hours of minimal voting for the bunny (not to mention a lack of activity in general), that there would be such a sudden explosion of activity in her favor, especially after a comment questioning the lack of votes for her.

Although, if this isn't the result of votespamming shenanigans, I have to admit I find the notion that Reisenfags are either organized enough or in-synch with each to the point that it's created some strange Reisenfag hivemind that allows them to all come on here and vote at roughly the same time to turn the tide to be a little unnerving and slightly creepy.
>> No. 7175
Well, what I can tell you is that I didn't spam.

Whether someone used my post as an "opportunity" to spam his votes instead, god knows. I didn't really expect an answer at all, I'm just as surprised as you tbh.
>> No. 7176
Even if it wasn't you, I'll be amazed if all those votes are allowed to stand.
>> No. 7177

It's like the Fuuko Brigade from CLANNAD.

Speak of them, and they shall appear.


Indeed. But hey, I'm just as surprised as you are.

And votespammage is DISHONORABLE!

And we wouldn't want to dishonor our ladies, NOW WOULD WE?
>> No. 7178
Eh, I'm fine with either of them winning, so it doesn't really matter to me either way.

The only thing I'm concerned with is just how much of a clear majority there has to be before a winner is declared and we finally get an update. At the rate we're going, it could be another day of waiting, and by that time we could easily see a similar rally from the Alicefags, leaving us with three options to wait for a clear majority to develop from instead of just two. The wait will continue, and more options will suddenly receive boosts in votes (except for Aya, because nobody cares about her at all) as the waiting time grows longer and longer as a clear winner fails to establish itself.

In the end, a write-in of it being Kourin in drag will somehow come from behind, and the next thing you know we'll both be naked and rubbing each other down with oil.
>> No. 7179
>>7178, same guy as before here:
I do agree with that.
Perhaps even if Teruyo doesn't have time to write, he should just call the votes when an option has reached a certain number, and leave the writing to later or the next day.
>> No. 7180

[x] “Come on in Kourin.”
>> No. 7181
Hey, it's your lovable writefag here. I kinda fell asleep even though I said I would be up. Who would have thought that in such a short time something like this would happen? I got more votes than I usually do. No, I'm not even going to acknoledge votespam. It's retarded. And at the end of the day, if you cheated at a mere interactive story, that's your cross to bear. I'll make no judgement since I assume that people are honorable.

That said, I'd like to assert my methood of counting votes. Unless I specify it so, I always go for the first seven, plus or minus a couple of votes, that way I can move on. If I'm gone for a long time cumulative votes seem to be more important. So, how does this apply to this case? Cumulatively Reisen has more votes, but Kaguya was first to seven. The answer? Simple: either go with the first established rule, or out of pity do a dice roll seeing which takes priority. You guys don't seem as lucky (a matter of perspective) as other anon. So both the rules and dice throw seem to indicate that Kaguya takes priority. Sorry there, I shouldn't have let this come this far, I know only bitching can come of this. But hopfully my writing will allay all fears and doubts.

tl;dr Kaguya won
>> No. 7182
Prepare for incoming shitstorm.
>> No. 7183
The Reisen Votes were pure votespam anyway.
>> No. 7184
Hopefully not. I voted for Reisen but what Teruyo said is perfectly fine.
>> No. 7185

So you say.

In all honesty, though, I could really care less about 1 checkpoint.

Even if it IS Kaguya, and the name we called determined who was at our door, that doesn't mean it's the end of the world.

Shirou has made zero romantic progress with Kaguya since we got here, and we've even cheesed her off a few times. It's only by that HUGE apology that we can ever consider ourselves still at ground zero.

With REISEN, on the other hand, we've had a handful of encounters, particularly during the Moon Festival and that night with Tewi. IMO, we've much farther along with Reisen. Therefore, no need for us Reisenfags to worry - WE still hold the high ground. We just need to be sure that by the time all is said and done, that we still do.

>> No. 7186
You say that as if Alice didn't still have a crushing lead over the moonbunny, relationship-wise. While our confession to Reisen was played off as a joke, our confession to Alice seemed like it truly came from the heart.

Nevermind how we probably didn't earn any points by embarrassing Reisen in front of Eirin, and especially not by going into her room and rummaging through her closet.

And let's not forget about Aya. Who else have we so brazenly sexually harassed and wind up not only getting away with it, but recieving a blowjob in return?

Your bunny has got a lot of climbing to do before she can truly claim the high ground, methinks.
>> No. 7187

True. Alice is definitely in the running as far as partners go.

Aya is a so-so case. Ever heard of a "one-night stand" or "friends with benefits"?

But my point, that Reisenfags have nothing to fear from Kaguya as of recent, still stands.
>> No. 7188
brb taking shelter from shitstorm
>> No. 7189
File 121583044558.jpg - (178.58KB , 797x612 , 1203047868379.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7190
File 121583352519.jpg - (295.79KB , 850x1247 , kaguyas.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry about not updating earlier, but I got drafter to do manual labor around here, so I was unexpectedly busy. Also, blame EX Nine if the next update doesn't come soon, he's fatally distracted me.
[x] “Come on in Kaguya.”

There's no doubt in your mind as to who it is. You stare at the silhouette for a bit longer, recognizing the general shape and dimensions of the person. It should be fairly obvious who it is now, but you check again to be sure. That height, build, lack of any rough protrusions or visible ornaments.. It can only be one person that you know of. Well, only one person that you can think that might come visit your room suddenly at night like this.

“Come on in, Kaguya.” You say, certain of who it is.
“Thanks Shirou.” The familiar lunarian says while coming in. She closes the door behind and her and comes to your position. It distracts you momentarily the fact that you think that you see something. You see Kaguya's feet hovering just above the ground. But you shake your head and when you look again you see that it was just your imagination. She's dressed in her usual garb, but something is a bit off about them. Are they not fastened as tightly as usual?

Kaguya sits by the edge of you futon, directly to your right. You can't see much of her face due to the poor illumination, but the soft rays of light from the moon reflect on her hair. This causes her fine long strands to shimmer with an almost ethereal beauty. It's hard not to be captivated by the transient glow that seems to come from her. More than ever, you feel like stroking her soft black hair and gently brushing it. Yet, before you can take steps to even touch it, Kaguya starts speaking.

“Now, now Shirou... there will be time for that later. For now listen to what I have to say.”
“Uh, sure...” You uneasily reply. You can't help but think that she somehow read your mind just now. It's a disturbing thought.
“I have to complete my mission here. And I don't have much time.” She says as you look at her face. You can make out her eyes quite clearly along with her soft and refined features now. In fact, you can almost see them as clear as day. “You should heed my words carefully, since they might save you.”
“Save... me?” You have no idea what she's talking about.
“Yes that's right. There's something going on behind the scenes which you probably have no clue about. If you're not careful you might get used as a pawn and, even worse, be disposed of like one.” You can tell by the glimmer in her eyes that she's being completely serious, so you just obediently listen to her. “I see that you understand the gravity of this matter. Good.”

Kaguya brings her face closer to yours, leaning in quite a bit.

“Now listen well.” She says in a soft voice. “I am not at liberty to say this freely, and I'm taking a rather large risk in saying this.” You lean closer as well, taking a cue from her. “Your foe is closer to you than you would guess. You may have not noticed yet, but that which wishes to hold you back is real close.”
“I don't get it. I don't know what you're talking about.” You say, not entirely sure of why you said it. A wide grin forms on Kaguya's face.
“You'll know what I'm talking about. I'm sure you've seen hints of it already. You can't stick your head in the sand and expect it to go away just like that. Sooner or later it'll hit you, and you'll panic.” You back away a bit, slightly startled. “But don't worry, you'll do fine. Yes – you have to do fine. Otherwise there will be no meaning. And I know that you want things to have a meaning.”

There's a part of you that understands what she's talking about. You try to disavow it, push it to a dark recess. But it's too late, you know you have the knowledge. A whole range of emotions are unleashed within you. Anger, sadness, loneliness; feelings you've felt before, but never with such intensity. You don't quite understand why this is happening, but you can't simply ignore it now. Much like Pandora's box you think that this might be a source of suffering and misfortune. You just wish that what remains inside of you might be hope.

You look upon Kaguya again. She's retracted herself a bit now. And is sitting next to you with a cold stare. You try to tell her something, but find that the words will not come out of your throat. No matter how hard you try, you can't quite say what you mean to say. Not even a squeak. You gesture to your throat, hoping that Kaguya can help you out. She sits there, watching with a cold gaze.

“Don't worry about it Shirou.” Kaguya states, observing your current situation. “It's only natural that your body would react this way. You are starting to realize it. It's cause and effect really. It'll pass before too long. Besides, this gives me a good opportunity to say something I've been meaning to say for a while.” She smiles at you. But this isn't like her previous grin. You can detect actual warmth and kindness coming from it. This relaxes you a bit, and you stop struggling by trying to speak.

You instead sit up, facing Kaguya directly. You can't help but feel that there's something wrong here, but when you look at Kaguya you see your buddy. With no strings attached.

“Since you're an indecisive lout, I might have to take a decision for you.” She says in a cryptic tone. You tilt your head, not understanding what it is that she means. “But I'm not worried, I'm sure that if you are just there when I need you things will work out. You may not even realize that yet, but you'll know it when it counts. All is not lost yet.”

In the blink of an eye, Kaguya disappears from in front of you. You have no idea where she's gone.

“Behind you.” Kaguya's voice says.

You turn around and are surprised to see Kaguya lying there, with one hand supporting her head and her body sideways. Her appearance has almost completely changed. Her clothes... they're loose to the point that they look like they could fall off at any moment. The openings in her attire reveal her clear fair skin in various places. You can see most of her shoulder, legs, and other parts. You gulp almost instinctively.

“How did you do that?” You ask, surprised to find that your voice has returned.
“When one can control eternity, feats like those are child's play.” She answers plainly. “Now then, we don't have much time, we should make use of it properly.”
“Huh, time? What are you talking about?”
“There's no time to discuss it. Just come on over here.” Using her free arm, Kaguya grabs you by the torso, pulling you closer to her.

You lose your balance and fall on your side. Kaguya's bosom is about at the same height as your sight now. You automatically peek at her chest through the openings on her clothes. Because of the darkness you can't make anything out. You feel a trickle of warm air next to your ear now.

“I see that you're interested. It's such a shame that it's dark now. I would so like you to look at them properly. But oh well, for what we're about to do, we don't need light.” Kaguya's voice filters into your ears with a breathy tone.

You turn your head to see Kaguya's smiling face above you. She's got a bewitching smile that seems to strike you to your very core. You smell a fragrance coming from her. It's unlike any smell you've noticed around her before. You don't know why, but it's enough to make you go crazy. It's a refined fragrance that alludes to maturity and elegance. You can't help but associate it with images of glamorous older women. Is this Kaguya's true scent? You hadn't felt it before, but you don't let that fact stop you from becoming extremely aroused.

Kaguya giggles as she notices your excitement, and her silky long hair drapes just above you, touching you here and there.

“Well then, let's get started. You seem like you've waited long enough.”
>> No. 7191
>> No. 7192
in b4 cockblock.
>> No. 7193

>> No. 7194
This is quite unlike you, Kaguya...

>> No. 7195

>> No. 7196
>You seem like you've waited long enough.

Yes, Anon has waited long enough for the next update.
>> No. 7197
So it seems that someone close to us, most likely within Eientei, is jerking us around and possibly using us. Or at least, attempting to use us.
And, it's quite possibly related to some of the stranger things we've encountered lately, like that anomaly outside, or that incident with Eirin.

It's that little rabbit we pissed off and cockblocked that one time, isn't it? He's the one behind all of this.
>> No. 7198
Good things come to those who wait?
>> No. 7199
Like Aya's Fantasies?
>> No. 7200
*cough* Yes - just like that. It's totally not abandoned or forgotten. Just like Gensokyo wars or the other sidestories I was writing. It'll definitely be done before Duke Nukem Forever. That or the english release of Heaven's Feel. Whichever comes first.

Anyhoo~ Shifting to a more pleasant topic... I was distracted, but I'm writing now.
>> No. 7202
I am expecting the most massive cockblock that ever set foot on these sides of the boards to land right here in this story, right now.

Give it to me, Teruyo. Give me all you got.
>> No. 7203
In before it turns out to have all been a dream, we're still at Keine's place, and what woke us up was the sensation of getting a knee to the groin when it turns out we were fondling Keine in our sleep.
>> No. 7206

>Kaguya brings her face closer to yours, leaning in quite a bit.
>“Now listen well.” She says in a soft voice. “I am not at liberty to say this freely, and I'm taking a rather large risk in saying this.” You lean closer as well, taking a cue from her. “Your foe is closer to you than you would guess. You may have not noticed yet, but that which wishes to hold you back is real close.”

The more I read this the more it sounds like a self-admission that she herself is the manipulator.
>> No. 7207

Impossible requests, speculation, etc
>> No. 7208
In before wet dream
>> No. 7209
>Impossible requests

>> No. 7210
Yeah, we kinda speculated that last thread. Back at the "...her request almost feels impossible..." deal Anon pointed out.

He need to grab the nearest human/youkai and mate, then have our son/daughter carry out killing Kaguya for us, because we're not going to come out of this smiling of roses.
>> No. 7211

But Kaguya is immortal so yeah!
>> No. 7213
File 121584808864.png - (508.85KB , 779x739 , sexykaguya.png ) [iqdb]
She flashes you a knowing smile. You try to utter something, but she puts a finger to your lips and silences you.

“I'd like you to sit back and relax. Enjoy this. Just for now.” She says. Her tone of voice has changed slightly, and you think it's gotten a husky edge to it. Your body sure as hell approves of the change. You can feel that certain parts of you have already engorged themselves.

You stare at Kaguya with anticipation, awaiting her next move anxiously. She draws back for a moment, and sits back up. Her loose clothing still haven't, miraculously enough, fallen off yet. The disturbing violation of physics bothers both your mind and your libido. Although, you have to admit, the suggestive positioning of the various sleeves, open buttons, and slipping skirt excite you beyond the levels that prime wanking material normally would. Her wonderful hair seems to shimmer in the darkness, casting pale reflections of light.

“Now for the next step.” Kaguya says, interrupting your thoughts.

In but an instant you've been stripped naked. Your clothes lie in a pile to your left and you're completely in the buff. You've even changed positions somehow, you're lying down, belly up, on your futon. Hell, it would seem that your hands are tied behind your back, you can't move them at all. How did this happen? There's no way you could have shed your clothes in such a short time. Is this some sort of magic? You search for Kaguya, but you can't find her.

“Where are you Kaguya?” You ask, disoriented. How did you lose your clothes so fast and why are your hands tied?
“Why, I'm right here Shirou.” As she says so you see that Kaguya is kneeling right in front of your crotch. Well, adjacent anyways. But that doesn't matter, as you can see that she's eying your erect member.

In all honesty, seeing her stare in a focused manner only serves to arouse you even more.

“Oh? I can see that it's throbbing now. Is it because I'm staring?” Kaguya asks you. You clam due to the forwardness of her question and can't quite answer her. “It's alright, I can tell that I'm right.” She says. “It looks like you really want this.”

She gently places one of her hands on your erect member. You're so sensitive that you shudder on just the slightest of contact. Kaguya doesn't say anything and wraps her long slender fingers around your shaft. You can feel her firm grip as she begins to slowly move. It's a slow jerking motion, that exasperates you. Your body wants more, and while under normal circumstances you'd appreciate any sort of sexual contact, this isn't cutting it. You still feel that scent in the air and it drives you mad. You don't know if pheromones are effective on humans, but if they are you're sure that this smell is something of the sort. It makes you lust after any sort of stimulus – preferably something fast and strong. If you could, you'd use your own hands, but having them tied up frustrates you to no end.

“Oh? Not satisfied with this?” Kaguya asks, flashing you a sexy grin. “Perhaps...” She starts tugging fast at your penis. “...you'd like...me to... hurry this up?”

You emit a groan from her strong tugging. It feels wonderful. But just as you start to revel in the pleasure the stimulus stops. You look down and see that Kaguya has stopped jerking you off. She instead has a devilish grin on her face. You look at her distraught, wondering why she stopped.

“Did it feel good? Do you want me to continue?” She asks you.

You nod your head enthusiastically.

“Well then, I won't – unless you say something. That is, I want you to say that you belong to me.”

You wonder what she means.

“Don't you understand?” She asks you. “Say 'I belong to Kaguya. I am her toy.' Only then will I play with you some more.”

You hesitate for a moment. This isn't like the Kaguya you know. Asking you to state that you belong to her? That you're her toy? Something about this strikes you more than odd. And what was that about you instantly stripping. Something is afoot here. But hell, you're not in any position to think critically. Your instincts have taken over and you just want to feel good. You'll say whatever she wants in order to get your release.

“I belong to Kaguya. I am her toy.” You say, in a bid to get the pleasure back. “Please, if you would be so kind as to continue now.”
“Haha, that's good.” Kaguya says. “You didn't even hesitate there, it looks like you just can't control yourself. Ah well, that suits me just fine.”

She too, doesn't hesitate and comes closer to your crotch. This time she brings her face close as well. Strands from her long black hair drape over parts of your thighs and pelvic area. The silky smooth strands rake across, making your sensitive skin convulse ever so slightly with each touch. You want more of this.

“Since you were so forthright, I'm thinking of giving you a reward.” Kaguya says as she assumes a position with her face directly over your hard member. “I know what you're thinking. And because you're my special toy I'll treat you well.”

Her next couple of actions are a big surprise. She grabs a lock of her hair and gently wraps it around your shaft. The soft feeling from her shiny black strands by itself almost makes you climax. But you somehow restrain yourself and continue to watch Kaguya's movements. With her free hand she brushes away the hair from her face and brings her small mouth onto your shaft. She lightly kisses the tip and begins to stimulate you by moving the hand with her hair up and down. You never thought that you'd feel her gloriously perfect and firm hair stimulating you in such a way. It's tightly wrapped around your meat, almost depriving your member of oxygen. But Kaguya has apparently taken this into consideration and it still hasn't cut off your oxygen supply.

To sum this experience up, it feels divine. You watch as she assertively moves her hand up and down, while periodically lubricating your stick by spreading your pre-cum and her saliva with her tongue. It reminds you a bit of a small animal lapping up tiny bits of food from the floor. But in this case the food seems to be your manhood. You can feel that your whole shaft is becoming sticky due to Kaguya's stimulation. Ah, you can't hold on any more. Your shaft is pulsating like mad and you've picked up on a distinct signal coming from your balls. You lean back and just let yourself go.

“Not yet!” You hear Kaguya exclaim.
>> No. 7214
You feel a tightening sensation around your penis and you can't quite climax. You look down and see that Kaguya has a tight grip around the hair around your shaft. It feels like she's a powerful coconut crab grasping something strongly. You feel that she's going to burst through your skin and perforate your shaft with her powerful grip. She's blocking the flow of semen through your urethra and you can't cum. You clench your teeth as you bear the frustration of not being able to release.

“Wh-why!?” You shout out, frustrated. There's nothing worse than not being able to climax when you want to. It's an almost primal feeling, that exceeds the boundaries of logic. You even feel a slight bit of contempt for Kaguya. That's how frustrating this situation is.
“Well, it's not fair for you to cum without pleasing me first.” She says, smiling at you. “You don't think that I'd let you have a free ride, now did you?”

Kaguya moves her body on top of your chest, crawling up slowly up to your face. You feel even her small delicate feet rubbing up all the way across your naked body. Oh the things you'd do her feet, now that you're reminded of their existence. Her clothing is naturally affected by the drag created by the rubbing of your bodies. All of her remaining buttons come lose and her top starts to come off for real now. She sits up, placing her knees next to your head. You have a clear view of her exposed body and what remains of her clothing. She's leaning forwards a bit, so directly above you is her now exposed chest. The remnants of her top are at her waist and in the darkness of night you try your best to make out what you're looking at exactly.

It is around this moment that you realize that your hands are loose now. The bindings that were there before have mysteriously disappeared. Thank god, your hands were getting numb from the weight of your body on top of them. You hear Kaguya speak as you breathe heavily, taking up the sight before you. You just cannot believe that you're this near to the perfect body of the princess. It's more than a dream come true, your whole being echoes with satisfaction.

“Now, your hands are free, make good use of them.” You hear her say as you inhale more of that sweetly intoxicating smell. Your body can't get enough of it, and you just feel yourself losing to it's powerful effects. “Make sure to pleasure me thoroughly.”
Next part after I calm myself down. Or before. Or during maybe. Yeah. Whatever. Writing soon. Somehow.
>> No. 7215
>> No. 7216
>>You feel a tightening sensation around your penis and you can't quite climax. You look down and see that Kaguya has a tight grip around the hair around your shaft. It feels like she's a powerful coconut crab grasping something strongly. You feel that she's going to burst through your skin and perforate your shaft with her powerful grip. She's blocking the flow of semen through your urethra and you can't cum. You clench your teeth as you bear the frustration of not being able to release.

>> No. 7217
Just a dream.

>Something about this strikes you more than odd. And what was that about you instantly stripping. Something is afoot here. But hell, you're not in any position to think critically.

Seem like a familiar situation?
>> No. 7218
Seconding "GODDAMMIT, EIRIN!!"
>> No. 7219
>You guys don't seem as lucky (a matter of perspective) as other anon. So both the rules and dice throw seem to indicate that Kaguya takes priority. Sorry there, I shouldn't have let this come this far, I know only bitching can come of this.

Or you could write the Reisen scene as a side-story.
>> No. 7220
Normally, I'd be completely for this idea. But I'm afraid I can't since this scene is important. And showing what would have happened differently (if anything at all) if you had choosen another option is a big no no.

Sorry, next playthrough.
>> No. 7221
>It feels like she's a powerful coconut crab grasping something strongly.
>It feels like she's a powerful coconut crab grasping something strongly.
>It feels like she's a powerful coconut crab grasping something strongly.
>It feels like she's a powerful coconut crab grasping something strongly.
>> No. 7222
At least it wasn't a mollusk, OK!
>> No. 7224
>It feels like she's a powerful coconut crab grasping something strongly.

I approve of this.
>> No. 7225
>It feels like she's a powerful coconut crab grasping something strongly.

At least she didn't crystal elderly.
>> No. 7228
You immediately spring into action. Surprising even yourself, you abruptly grope around. You hear Kaguya let out a cute yelp, but you pay it no heed. You stretch out your arms and grab her forcefully, pulling her closer to you. You are now staring directly at her chest. You're mere centimeters from her naked top half. You're surprised to see that she was not wearing anything under her shirt and her shapely breasts stick out. They're not the biggest pair that you've seen, but they're more than alluring to you. You really want to enjoy yourself with them. It's as if they're inviting you to suckle on them.

You don't hesitate at all. You lift up your head and bring yourself to gently suck on her nipples. It's a bit disappointing that you can't see too clearly in the darkness of the night, but there's more than enough illumination to at least let you proceed. Kaguya just accepts your actions, not really being able to move since she's holding herself up with her arms. You move one of your hands to gently massage the breast that you're not currently taking care of with your mouth. Even though gravity is working against them, the two breasts are stubbornly firm and don't seem to particularly sag downwards. How wonderful. You don't know her secret but it greatly pleases you to be able to interact with such a fine example of the female mammary gland.

Kaguya seems to be enjoying the experience as well, as she's been emitting a series of light moans for a while now. They match up with your stimulation pretty well. It's nice to know that you're making her feel good. Thinking that you want to make her feel even better, you grab her yet again. This time you move her whole body, turning her over. Your positions have been inversed and she now lies under you. Her face is red and her breathing a bit shallow. Seeing her like this, her hair slightly disheveled, turns you on to no end. You disengage from her breasts and focus your attention on the downstairs department.

Finally taking off the loose skirt, you expose her fine legs and panties. Her fine white alabaster legs incite you to rub your hands all over them. You trace a path from her calves to her inner thighs, pleasuring yourself with the feel of her fine smooth skin. It apparently affects her too, since she reacts to the strong touch of your hands by shuddering a bit and convulsing ever so slightly. It is at this moment that you bring your face to her neck, kissing it voraciously. You feel like besmirching her pure unmarked skin, so you make sure to kiss her as violently as possible. You feel that this is only fair as payback for not being allowed to cum earlier. She better wear a turtleneck or something if she doesn't want others to see these marks. You do this with such intensity that eventually you run out of breath.

Pulling back, you take a deep breath. You look at Kaguya's face, and you can tell by her eyes that she hasn't had quite enough yet. Smiling softly to yourself, you refocus your present plan of action. You lower your body down, facing instead her lower body. You reach out with your hands, playing with her mound over her panties. However, you're not able to make any significant progress before you're interrupted in your actions.

“Shirou.” Kaguya says with a raspy voice. “Skip the rest, I want to become one with you right now, I can't wait any longer.”

You look up at her, and see that she's being serious. You're definitely in the mood, but you don't know why she suddenly decided to skip the rest. Wasn't the point of this to make her feel good as well? Maybe you've got a magical touch? Well, you're not one to complain. You slide down her panties, exposing her already quite moist hole. You grab her legs and prepare to mount her. You're almost bursting with anticipation to go inside of her. You place your shaft at her entrance eagerly.

“Wait a minute Shirou.” She says with a red face, interrupting you. She gesticulates, indicating you to come closer. You do so and become once again drenched by that intoxicating smell. “If you don't mind, I'd like a moment to prepare myself mentally... this is important to me, you know...” She says in a diminutive voice. If she asks you like that you can't help but comply. You can hold off for a moment before plunging into her. Your penis protests a bit, but it's of no major concern.

You nod and draw back a bit closing your eyes. You still can't believe what you're about to do. You feel that you could cum just by thinking about it. You feel almost every muscle in your body twitching in anticipation. The moment you spend like this is very brief, and you hear Kaguya's soft voice say the words you were waiting for.

“Go ahead, I think I'm ready now... please be gentle.”

You open your eyes and resume where you left off.
Going to stop here for a moment. I've written more, but it's not complete so I'll just post what's 'done'. Expect me to resume in a couple of hours maybe.

A sort of awkwardly phrased sentence does not "even electronic brain pancake crystal elderly" make. Go back to fapping to the idea of you dressed up in Miko's clothing.
>> No. 7229
File 121587000870.jpg - (26.06KB , 147x249 , roa2.jpg ) [iqdb]
>She grabs a lock of her hair and gently wraps it around your shaft.

>> No. 7230
>> No. 7232

>Go back to fapping to the idea of you dressed up in Miko's clothing.

Oh God YAF in Miko clothing....
>> No. 7234
Jesus christ I expected to be cockblocked a nice long while ago.

I'm really curious as to the importance of this scene now. It has to be far from an ordinary wet dream now...
>> No. 7235
Remember the Tewi dream? This isn't real, and we're going to wake up back at Keine's when it's over. Possibly with a naked were-hakutaku on top of us. Or alternatively, a naked Mokou.
>> No. 7236
>>This isn't real, and we're going to wake up back at Keine's when it's over. Possibly with a naked were-hakutaku on top of us. Or alternatively, a naked Mokou.

I fail to see a downside to this.
>> No. 7237
>>Possibly with a naked were-hakutaku on top of us.
>> No. 7238
>>Possibly with a naked were-hakutaku on top of us. Or alternatively, a naked Mokou.

You've caught my interest.
>> No. 7240
Updates plox. DO NOT WANT blue balls.
>> No. 7241

You should know by now that Teru's a veritable blue balls machine. The best kind of ball machine.
>> No. 7245
File 121590771210.jpg - (82.48KB , 730x438 , 1197836743643.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7246
Huh? I waited for you?
>> No. 7247
Anon = Dog
Rain = Teruyo?
>> No. 7248
Something like that.
>> No. 7249
So it's more "I waited in you for something a whole lot better?"
>> No. 7250
Hot? I'm not sure what to make of that. Also I'm sort of writing. I'm definitely not discussing half-dragon spawn on /tg/ and seguing into a discussion on IRC about lunarian/moon bunny offspring and youkai genetics.
>> No. 7251
>> No. 7252
>It feels like she's a powerful coconut crab grasping something strongly.

ha ha oh wow

>A sort of awkwardly phrased sentence does not "even electronic brain pancake crystal elderly" make.

That you really think this is what makes your writing so enjoyable, Bulwer-Lytton.
>> No. 7255
updates where
>> No. 7256
File 121597511218.png - (191.30KB , 550x400 , 32330ce40c8ae0000d22433d33787513.png ) [iqdb]
There are no updates.
Our whole life is Unlimited Blue Ball Works
>> No. 7257
File 121597749055.jpg - (80.07KB , 515x426 , cropped.jpg ) [iqdb]
Frankly, blue balls might be preferable compared to what might be coming.

Doesn't Kaguya's behavior seem a little...odd?
One second she can't wait any longer, and then the next she wants a moment to "prepare herself"?
Maybe I'm just being paranoid, in light of what we've just been told and her saying something about possibly making a choice for us, but it seems almost as if she was trying to time this with something.

...or someone.

So which do you prefer? Blue balls? Despair?
Or how about the combo platter?
>> No. 7258
Oh, despair please. Writefags nourish themselves on the tears and suffering of ronery anons - Scorn agreed, don't bother him about it.
>> No. 7260
File 121598718685.jpg - (15.21KB , 320x249 , blueballs.jpg ) [iqdb]
I read Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy, and all I got was...
>> No. 7261
Blue balls are touching. It's gay.
And frustrated.

Post the full version of that pic in /at/, please!
>> No. 7262
>> No. 7263
I don't know if you're the one who posted that in the first place, but you're awesome for finding it for me. Danke!
>> No. 7264
“Just one more thing...” Kaguya's voice says. You stop yet again and listen to what she has to say. “Could, you... please not look at me while you... you know?”

You look at her, she's beet red and looking away. What happened to the promiscuous girl that was aggressively using her hair to jerk you off? It's hard to believe that someone as domineering and straightforward could be shyly asking you to not look at her. A part of you just wants to hold her tightly for being so lovably cute, but you have other things you want to focus on right now. Namely actually going through with this.

“Okay, I won't look.” You acquiesce, lifting up your head and looking at the wall beyond.
“Thank you.” Mutters Kaguya, and you take that as a signal to begin.

It's a bit difficult to penetrate her without looking. But the level of difficulty isn't about to put you off from your goal. Using one of your hands and your built-in targeting computer, you zone in on the objective. Just like an octopus inserting itself into a coral reef, you plunge inside. It's actually difficult to do so, tight and constricting walls impede your insertion. You also struggle with yourself by fighting back the almost inhuman desire to orgasm immediately. The tight hole additionally feels like a hot melting pot. You don't know how you'll proceed if intercourse is to be so hard. Ah well, it's a man's duty to thrust into holes.

“I-It hurts Shirou!” You hear now an almost hoarse exclamation from below you. It's not easy for you, but you can't begin to imagine what it's like for her.

It is thinking thusly, that you decide to comfort her. You move one of your hands to stroke her head while you thrust. Much to your surprise, however, you find that you can't find it. Your hand passes through the space in which you thought her head was located. The only thing that your hand feels is a colder than normal sensation. The hell?


Wait something is wrong here. You look at the body below you. What you see almost causes you to pass out. Where Kaguya's head would normally be, there's a swirling gaseous mass. It's dense and chaotic patterns cause a deep feeling of unease within you. This isn't Kaguya! You can feel a shout coming from your subconscious. Whatever this is, it's dangerous. This isn't natural! What the hell!? Your whole body screams out in alert. You don't quite understand what in heaven's name this thing is, but just looking at it debilitates you. Your whole world slows down as you fight a strong and familiar sensation coming from within.

This isn't the time nor place to collapse! You rally your remaining strength and look past that insidious black mass. If this isn't Kaguya, then just what exactly are you thrusting into? As far as you can tell your lower extremity is still wrapped inside a warm and tight orifice. You are almost too scared to look down, but you decide that you must. After all, if it's something dangerous, you've got to get out of here as soon as possible.

The black vortex of matter is disconnected, nothing lies directly below it. Braving your desire to pass out, you slowly and uncertainly tilt your head. Your heart is beating at an alarming rate and as you are truly afraid. Your mind is offering you some insight, vaguely alluding to things covered in Eirin's lessons. You curse your gift for rationalization and the knowledge you have. At times like this, not being able to speculate what is going on might have allayed your fear. The rational thoughts in your mind soon stop, as you see just exactly it is that's happening down there.

“...A crimson hole into eternity.” These are the only words that come out of your mouth. In fact, it's the only action that you're able to complete. There's not much else that you can do. You don't think that you can logically express the type and quantity of fear that you felt at that instant. As if being controlled by a single 'on/off' switch, all of your nerves shut down.
>> No. 7265
You jump up in a panicked state. You feel that your heart is about to burst and you feel a sharp pain in your lower back. Your eyes can't focus and all you see is a dimly lit world. Still panicking, you try to use your other senses. You can't smell anything, let alone breathe properly in your flurried state. You can't hear any sounds besides the incessant accelerated beat of your own heart. Your mouth is dry, and you can't even tell if your sense of taste still exists. And it should go without saying that besides the pain in your lower back you can't really feel anything.

You feel like an eternity passes before you can regain control of your body. Your heartbeat eventually slows down to it's corresponding level, light is filtered properly by your pupils, and your other senses follow suit as well. Your first observation is that you're in a dimly-lit room with mostly wooden furnishings. It's only when you see the rug below you that you are reminded that this is a room at Keine's house. You look to the side and see that the schoolteacher herself is still slumbering where you left her.

“What's the meaning of this?” You ask to no one in particular. Your dry voice awakens your sense of feeling in your throat. You feel that you're as parched as a farmer after a long day of work under the sun. It's around this time that you notice that your skin is cold and, furthermore, you're clothes are drenched with sweat. Deciding to rationalize later, your feet start moving and your mind designates the bathroom as the destination.

The first thing you do is to splash water on your face, making your body return to normal capacity. You first determine the time of day. Judging by the little illumination, it's likely the transition period between twilight and dawn. The location, of course, is Keine's house in the outskirts of the human village. You recall what transpired last night and remember that you went to sleep on that rug. You don't really know what happened after that. You fell asleep most likely. If that's the case, then why did you wake up so startled? You felt like your life was endangered somehow. No matter how hard you try to recall, you keep drawing a blank.

You look at yourself in the bathroom mirror and are aghast at your appearance. Your face is completely pale and you look like you had spent a whole day riding a bicycle through a bumpy mountain road. Even your clothes look slightly worn and messed up. You don't recall taking them off, but they look like they were hastily put back on. You sniff your shirt sleeve to see if you reek of sweat. To your surprise a pleasant fragrance comes from your sleeves. It's something you would expect a mature and refined woman to use. You don't know why but inhaling it for a long period of time makes your heart beat fast as well as sharpening your senses.

You stop smelling yourself and look again into the mirror. A bit of color has returned to your face. You take this as a sign of recovery and you fix your attire as well. There's not much that you can do without taking a bath, but you're not sure where it is that the schoolteacher bathes. There's a tub here, but it looks like it hasn't been used in a long time. And even if you knew, you feel awkward about using her bath without asking. You don't know why but that smell continues to linger in your nose. It feels familiar for some reason. But every time that you try to recall where you've smelt it before, your mind draws a blank. You feel that the answer is there, but you've buried it for some reason. It bothers you for some reason.

After completely fixing yourself up, you leave the bathroom. Since it's early, you don't think there's anything you can do. As you see it, you can either go back to sleep or make yourself some breakfast. It does feel slightly wrong to use Keine's kitchen, but you're sure that if you make her breakfast as well she'll overlook it. She's a kind soul anyways. On the other hand, your body doesn't seem to be sufficiently well-rested. You don't know why, but despite supposedly sleeping for a while, you don't feel any better.

[] Make breakfast
[] Sleep for a bit longer
[] Sit down somewhere and think about what's bothering you
[] Step outside for a bit and breathe in fresh morning air
Well, sorry for not updating, but yesterday I was incapable of doing anything at all. I've returned with the conclusion and choices.

Whoah anon! You're too kind! Comparing me, an amateur fanfic writer on the internet, with a popular and successful 19th century writer! Just for you, I'll try my hardest to keep it up! It's this sort of praise and constructive criticism that lets me grow as both a person and a writer.
>> No. 7266
[x] Step outside for a bit and breathe in fresh morning air
Mokou encounter. Why? Why not? After all we're not in very good condition to make breakfast I feel.
>> No. 7267
[x] Step outside for a bit and breathe in fresh morning air

Wait wut? You've lost me, Teruyo.
>> No. 7268
[X] Step outside for a bit and breathe in fresh morning air

Well. Great. Not only are we apparently getting mindfucked by our dear NEET buddy, but we wound up jamming it into some Lovecraftian horror.
>> No. 7269
File 121602804943.gif - (836.31KB , 500x500 , Blue Ball Machine.gif ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7270
[X] Sit down somewhere and think about what's bothering you

>> No. 7271
[x] I feel it would be prudent in the aforementioned situation to attempt to make breakfast.

>Comparing me, an amateur fanfic writer on the internet, with a popular and successful 19th century writer!

oh u

>you don't feel any better.

>> No. 7272
[x] Sit down somewhere and think about what's bothering you
[x] Step outside for a bit and breathe in fresh morning air
In that order.
>> No. 7273
[x] Sleep for a bit longer.
You'll feel like shit for the entire day if you're not well rested.
>>Just like an octopus inserting itself into a coral reef, you plunge inside.
Never gonna be able to get that image out of my head.
>> No. 7274
[x]sleep for a bit longer

>>Just like an octopus inserting itself into a coral reef, you plunge inside

>>It feels like she's a powerful coconut crab grasping something strongly.

Teruyo, are you perhaps, a marine biologist?
>> No. 7275
[X] Crash. Anemia option.

Fuck, blood rushing away, fast heartbeat, confusion, it's just asking for it.
>> No. 7276
>Just like an octopus inserting itself into a coral reef, you plunge inside.

It's like ZUN and Nasu worked together to create this update.
>> No. 7277
Well, what can I say? You guys keep bringing up a lot of the type-moon stuff associated with Shirou so I might as well return the favor occasionally. It feels good to get it out of my system.

Ah, before I forget, I need more votes before I can write. Or really decisive votes. It's pretty split right now. Just one or two tilting the balance... I know there's an anon that hasn't voted yet out there...
>> No. 7278
[+] Make breakfast
>> No. 7279
There can never be enough Type Moon Faggotry, despite what other people claim. The more sea creatures the better.

[x] Sit down somewhere and think about what's bothering you
>> No. 7280
[x] Step outside for a bit and breathe in fresh morning air
>> No. 7284
[+] Make breakfast
>> No. 7285

How much SAN damage did Shirou take?
>> No. 7289
[x] Step outside for a bit and breathe in fresh morning air

After taking but a few steps, you decide on what you want to do for now. You feel that stepping outside for a moment might do you good. The fresh morning air might dispell these troublesome thoughts that you're having. You turn about in the hallway and proceed to the entrance. You take a bit of care not too make too much noise stumbling about, and gently open the main door. Light floods the until then dark hallway and you squint your eyes. After a few moments of adjusting to the outside light you step outside and gently close the door.

The first thing that you notice about the day is the fact that the sun is rising at the moment. The soft pinkish hues coming from the sunrise bathe the land. It's interesting, to you at least, the fact that the sun seems to rise from a seemingly innocuous position. That is to say, there are no mountains, forests, or other landmarks that meet your vision. Instead it just seems to naturally flow from the horizon. You can't quite recall the last time you saw a sunrise, so this one burns itself into your mind. You think that you won't soon forget the simple, yet delicate-looking event.

You take a deep breath. The cool morning air fills your lungs and seems to carry away any feelings of unease that you may have had earlier. Additionally, you feel that you're now completely awake. You stretch a bit, moving your arms and other parts of your body around. The cool air grants you a bit of vitality which you use to relax your muscles. Feeling unwound, you notice that you're being stared at.

Looking around, you notice that there are a couple of villagers a few dozen meters away. They're carrying tools and equipment with them. Judging by their apparel they're local farmers. The large, comfortable hats and the simple dress are dead give-aways. They're going towards some of the fields, but they're all staring at you for some reason. Is it because they recognize you as an outsider? Not wanting to be ostracized by the villagers, you put on a smile and cheerfully wave at them. The best way to get on peoples' good side is to be kind to them.

The group of farmers seem to ignore your greeting. They, in fact, look away and pick up their pace. What's the deal with them? You can't understand for the life of you why they wouldn't at least greet you back. You're not a youkai or anything. And here you thought that rural folk were supposed to be kinder and simpler. What a crock of bull that turned out to be. Really now, is it too much to ask for them to at least have the common courtesy of greeting you? This upsets you somewhat, perhaps more than it normally would. You continue to stare at the farmers until they disappear into a field with their equipment. They never even look at you again.

You linger outside for a bit more, trying to figure out what the hell that was all about. Failing that, you instead just stare out at the agrarian landscape. The different fields have different produce and it makes you wonder just exactly how many different crops they raise around here. They're self-sufficient at minimum. And judging by the food you've seen at the tavern they're not shy about using variety in their foods. You wonder if they're the only village around. You think that you might have seen more settlements from the air, but you're not really sure. If so, maybe they trade and supplement each other's crops? That might be a good explanation on how they seem to have so much food.

You turn around and face Keine's house. The simple wooden design of it is like most of the other houses in the village. There's nothing really special about it except for the resident, you think. There is a small bed of flowers by the entrance, but they look like they've been neglected for a while now. You're sure that Keine doesn't grow food like the other villagers. This is obvious since you haven't seen neither farming tools nor, more importantly, a suitable tract of land near her home. Behind her house lies another one of those massive fields and it's probably cultivated by the villagers.

A large grumble comes from your stomach. It looks like all this thinking about food has made you hungry. No surprise really.

[] Go make something to eat inside
[] Wake up Keine
[] See if you can get breakfast in the village
1d5? Dunno, I try not to assign numbers except for affection scores.

Also, talk about spreading out your votes. I finally just went with the slim majority.
>> No. 7293
[x] Go make something to eat inside

Wake her when it's done, maybe.
>> No. 7294
[+] Go make something to eat inside
>> No. 7295
[x] Go make something to eat inside

We should ask Keine about how to get some money shortly after breakfast.
>> No. 7297
I have a feeling that we're not wearing pants

{X} Go make something to eat inside
>> No. 7298
[x] Go make something to eat inside
>> No. 7299
{X} Go make something to eat inside

Gee. A man stepping outside of Keine's house at this hour, and you wonder why people might be staring?

You should be able to solve this, Shirou.
>> No. 7300
Fuck this, Shirou needs to man up

[x] Go out in the forest, find something edible and kill it.
[x] Track down the largest and meanest thing you can find.
>> No. 7301
Well, I didn't expect to have enough replies for a while more. But, uh, writing now.
>> No. 7303
File 121612940368.jpg - (22.57KB , 277x400 , lolicebox.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go make something to eat inside

You feel that the time is right for you to go back indoors and fix yourself breakfast. Your stomach growling is enough of a tip that your body needs to eat. You carefully open the main door again, making sure not to make too much noise. The inside of the house is dark and it takes you a while to adjust to the level of light inside. You tread softly, attempting not to make much noise on the wooden floor. For the most part, you are successful, and the wooden floorboards don't creak very much. You head to the kitchen, passing by a still sleeping Keine.

Arriving at the kitchen, you assess the situation. First up, ingredients. It's important to check just what exactly you have at your disposition. First thing that catches you eye is a small dome. Upon closer inspection, you see that it contains a couple of slices of cheese. It looks like a type of brie. There's a couple of fruits in a basket on a counter. You count a few apples, a couple of pears, and what seems to be some sort of yellowish orange. In the corner of the kitchen lies a big refrigerator-like box. You open it and realize that it's an icebox. Inside lies a cut of beef, some sliced ham, generic-looking cheese, a couple of eggs, various vegetables, a bottle of milk, and a couple of other things one might expect to find in a fridge. Lastly, you check out a cupboard off to the right of the stove. Besides having a range of spices and garnish, you also see some dry food like rice and noodles stored in there. It doesn't look like there's any shortage of options.

Secondly, you check for equipment. In the lower parts of the cupboard there seems to be pots and pans. You look through these and find that you have both sauté pans and frying pans. Additionally, there's a whole bunch of pots of different diameters and depths. You've seen enough, these should be good for any sort of cooking. You back away and then check for the next requisite. You're satisfied to see that Keine keeps an ample stock of cooking utensils as you open up drawers in the kitchen. There's everything from large ladles to specialized knifes meant for certain types of meat. It looks like there's no need to limit yourself based on materials nor equipment.

You have no idea of Keine's personal preferences. Well, besides the food that she made yesterday and the fact that she seems to enjoy drinking. But those are hardly good indicators of what she might like for breakfast. You're rather hungry so you think that anything is fine, but it never hurts to make something particularly tasty. It's important to plan ahead and visualize the meal before preparing it, so you should separate materials and cooking implements beforehand. You'll deal with waking up Keine after you cook something up.

Choose food to prepare:

[] Omelette à la Emiya
[] Traditional Japanese breakfast (rice and miso mostly)
[] Fruit pancakes
[] Baked beans n' sausage
[] Other

Choose quantity to prepare

[] For one person
[] For two people
[] For three people
[] Eh – however much comes out
Alright, I should be back in 4 or so hours. Maybe sooner. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or some tripe like that, so choose accordingly.
>> No. 7305
[X] Omelette à la Emiya

I'm curious as to how this will turn out.
>> No. 7306
[x] Omelette à la Emiya
[x] For two lovebirds
>> No. 7307
[x] Omelette à la Emiya
[x] For two people
>> No. 7308
[] Omelette à la Emiya
[] Eh – however much comes out
Unlimited Egg Works is actually viable in this CYOA.
>> No. 7315
File 121615225828.jpg - (806.98KB , 2100x1400 , 1216151950125.jpg ) [iqdb]
Deluge of a Lunar Fantasy-THE VN
>> No. 7316
>> No. 7317
What, no Tewi route?
>> No. 7318
[x] Omelette du fromage!
[x] Omelette du fromage!

Omelette du! FROMAGE!
>> No. 7319
File 121615590493.jpg - (860.95KB , 2100x1400 , 1216152067711.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 7320
[x] Omelette à la Emiya
[x] Eh – however much comes out
>> No. 7321
[x] Omelette à la Emiya
[x] Eh – however much comes out

>> No. 7327
[X] Fruit pancakes
[X] Eh – however much comes out