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6782 No. 6782
[x] Begrudgingly accept her offer

You sure as hell don't have any money but you decide that this information is worth it. You'll have to make sure to gather some money from somewhere before going out to treat her. You don't know how much food costs in Gensokyo but steak tends to be on the expensive side of the spectrum everywhere.

“Sure, I'll treat you to steak.” You finally say. The miko's face lights up, as if she can't believe you actually accepted her offer.
“Really!? I mean, of course. You need that information pretty bad, eh? I'll tell you all I know, and in return you'll take treat me to steak tomorrow for lunch.” She says grinning.

Wait, tomorrow? Lunch? You have to meet Kaguya some time before 12PM so if you go a bit earlier you should be in the clear. So you think that the only problem here would be the money. You've got maybe around a thousand yen left. Probably less. You'd check but you don't want to piss off the miko.

“Ah, sure, at what time?” You ask.
“About around one should be fine. I'll meet you there so there's no need to come pick me up or anything. The place is the restaurant just across the bakery in the main square. You can't miss it.”

You make sure to put down your appointment in your PDA. You automatically move your appointment with Kaguya an hour earlier at 11 AM. Sigh, you have around 20 hours or so to get enough money for it. Things aren't looking good. Well, you finish noting things in your PDA and turn your attention back to Reimu.

“Well then, can you please tell me what you know about the balance of power here?”
“Sure. Let's see.” She begins to narrate how power is distributed amongst Gensokyo. “Well, starting with me, my family is charged with maintaining the Hakurei border. This normally means making sure nothing weakens the barrier or gets through, but we've been cursed with the position of the de facto 'cleaners', if you will, of Gensokyo.” She takes a pause and looks at you. Making sure you're listening, she continues. “Basically if anything happens like some youkai rampaging more than usual I'm expected to deal with it. Which sucks because I don't really get paid for that. Sometimes I get help, but that's veering off the subject.”

You just silently nod and let her continue. She elaborates a bit more about some of her duties, which you find interesting, but ultimately useless. She does, however, mention dealing with powerful deities and creatures, such as the gods of the Moriya Shrine, lord of Makai, and even your familiar supporting cast at Eientei. You think that any one of these forces are powerful enough to toy with you.

“... and yeah, I killed her good. She had a daughter whom I spared because I couldn't find her at the time, but that's the gist of it.” She concludes one of her stories. “So it probably wouldn't be her that's hounding you.”

Sounds really harsh. Wow Reimu, you can be a real bitch to your opponents. You think that to yourself as you continue to listen intently to her.

“Well, if you're thinking *most* powerful, then it's likely something to do with Yukari.” Reimu states plainly.
“Yukari...?” You ask almost reflectively. It seems like this is a name that you know from somewhere. But you don't know where.
“What the matter? Have you met her? She likes to hound everyone for no good reason. It'd be no surprise if she had shown herself to you already.”
“No. That's not it.” You say. “I haven't met her, but her name sounds eerily familiar. Like I should know it.”
“Oh? Maybe you overheard someone mentioning her name? She does seem to be a frequent point of conversation amongst the inhabitants of Gensokyo that know her.”
“Is she the leader of any society or group?”
“Hmm? Let me think.” Reimu looks a way for a moment, looking into the horizon while thinking. “While not a group per se, she does hang out with a couple of youkai.”
“But what about an organization? A secret society?”
“Ahaha.” Reimu laughs at your serious question.
“What's so funny? This is important.”
“Well, it's just that I couldn't picture Yukari cooperating with anyone for more than a day before getting bored and moving on. She's very carefree despite her powers and position. One could even say that she's quite whimsical. She only does what's interesting at the moment.” Reimu pauses for a moment before asking you a question. “Why are you so interested in this anyways. All this talk of secret societies and hierarchies is boring.”

You then take time to explain to Reimu what you're going through. How you're not sure who it is that has ordained that you must prove your worth. You've looked for opportunities to do so, but without any guidelines you're lost. Reimu seems to understand the situation almost immediately and offers you some advice.

“It doesn't sound like the preferred operating method for most of our residents, although I could be wrong. It could be the work of some third party, or maybe you're wrong. If it's the former it might be worrying and if anything happens I'll check it out. Despite everything, I don't really want you to be kicked out. Especially if you're going to treat me to a steak! That would just be rude.”

You laugh at her remark. It seems to have taken off a bit of weight off your shoulders. You're glad to know that the miko doesn't really wish you any harm.

“Well then anything else you want to know while we're at it?” Reimu asks. “I don't think I can tell you much more but maybe you have a particular question?”

You think. You've gotten some information about the big players in Gensokyo. Ranging from the loli vampire in the mansion to the gods up on youkai mountain. And most importantly, you've gotten information on this Yukari person. She seems like a prime suspect for everything. But, if you are to believe the miko's opinion, it may be that she's not involved at all in this matter. Well, you can think of several queries that you could ask her, now to prioritize. You can't hang around here forever, you've got to somehow get money!

[] Ask her more in detail about Yukari (or really anyone else)
[] Ask her if she considers tomorrow a date
[] Ask her if she has any advice for you
[] Beg her for a job
[] Nothing further, stare at her armpits

>> No. 6783
[X] Ask her if she has any advice for you

>“... and yeah, I killed her good. She had a daughter whom I spared because I couldn't find her at the time, but that's the gist of it.” She concludes one of her stories. “So it probably wouldn't be her that's hounding you.”


>> No. 6784
[x] Ask her if she has any advice for you while stealing glimpses of her armpits
[x] Ask her if she considers tomorrow a date
Business and pleasure mixing game

What? Yukari's not involved either? ...this is... strange. Don't tell me Sakuya's grudge is the cause of all this.
>> No. 6785
{X} Ask her if she has any advice for you while stealing glimpses of her armpits.
>> No. 6786
Slow replies = continuing later. Don't expect anything for a while more.
>> No. 6787
9 in the morning, dead hours.
>> No. 6788
[x] Ask her more in detail about Yukari

Ask where does she lives. Seriously, I'd much rather talk to Yukari herself at this point than keep playing this ring-around bullshit. It's obvious we're going to help complete Eirin's project since we've already fulfilled most of the prereqs.
>> No. 6789
[x] Ask her if she considers tomorrow a date

>> No. 6790
x] Ask her if she has any advice for you while stealing glimpses of her armpits
[x] Ask her if she considers tomorrow a date
>> No. 6791
[x] Ask her if she has any advice for you while stealing glimpses of her armpits
[x] Ask her if she considers tomorrow a date

And thus began Shirou's armpit fetish
>> No. 6792
[X] Ask her if she has any advice for you while stealing glimpses of her armpits
[X] Ask her if she considers tomorrow a date
>> No. 6793
[+] Ask her more in detail about Yukari (or really anyone else)
[+] Ask her if she has any advice for you
Easy modo time is over, guys.
>> No. 6794
Eirin is a crazy doctor, who knows what she has in mind for us... another silence of the rabbits will be upon us here.
Few hundred years in the future Shirous brain will be in a bottle with Eirin smiling insanly.
>> No. 6798
[x] Ask her if she considers tomorrow a date
>> No. 6800
I say tomorrow is not a good time for steak. We have too much shit to deal with that day. Better postpone it.

[X] Ask Reimu to postpone the steak to two days after.

anyway, if that fails...
[X] Ask her more in detail about Yukari (or really anyone else)
Information is power.
>> No. 6801
I don't think you understand, here.
The Miko wants steak.
And what the Miko wants, the Miko GETS. Capiche?
>> No. 6802
[] Ask her more in detail about Yukari (where she lives)
[] Ask her if she has any advice for you
>> No. 6803
File 121512553371.jpg - (74.13KB , 425x479 , wakimikoreimu2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask her if she has any advice for you while stealing glimpses of her armpits
[X] Ask her if she considers tomorrow a date

While you do have real questions to ask her, you feel much more drawn to another aspect of her. Her most assuredly delicious armpits in fact. You don't know what it is about them but you just feel like those puppies are two concentrated sources of infinite arousal. More so than the miko's other features, her alluring pits seems to trigger something deeply within you that you cannot explain. You quickly devise a way to stare at them without rousing too much suspicion.

“Would you have any advice for me? Like what to do and how to act?” You ask, hoping to get her to speak.
“Advice? Well I can't think of much except that you should-” The miko begins to speak, but you're not really paying her any attention. You instead start to execute your plan.

You try to naturally lean back, putting your weight on your arms as you put them on the top of the steps. You stretch out your legs and put them on the floor. To a casual observer, it would seem like you're merely leaning back to relax for a bit. But you know better. Your true objective here was to reposition you at a better angle. Yes – and you've succeeded at that. At the new angle that your head is now, you can see the miko's armpits. Her arms are positioned slightly forwards as she's got both of her hands in her lap. The miko is still talking, not making anything of your subtle reconfiguration. It looks like you've succeeded.

Although you can't see the entirety of her armpit, you can see quite a bit of it. Your mind starts to wander as you stare at that perfectly smooth bastion of eroticism. You can feel that you've gone past the point of no return. Yeah, it looks like your imagination is in overdrive as you continue to look. You imagine yourself sequestered with the miko in one of the shrine's rooms. She's blushing heavily due to the position that you're in. Yeah, she's lying on the floor, face up, with her arms outstretched, held up by you. She seems unsure of what you're going to do. She shifts her gaze, avoiding eye contact with you as you bring your face closer to her. You stop more centimeters away from her face. At this distance you can hear her heart beating fast. You smile at her. He whole reaction is so cute. You're sure that your own heart is beating quite fast as you continue to stare at her reddened face. You wonder what it is that she's expecting from you. A kiss? For your hands and fingers to explore every single crevice of her body? Or perhaps something more?

You don't know, but you have your own plans. You tear your face away from near hers and instead go for the prize that you've been longing for. You place your face near her wonderful armpit. You can hear the miko struggling with embarrassment, but you ignore this and restrain her flailing about. For you, this is what you've been looking forwards to. You take a deep whiff of the miko's deliciously smooth armpits. You can smell rather pleasant mixed smell of a flowery fragrance mixed in with the body's natural smells. How wonderful. You notice that the miko is protesting your actions, but you don't care and decide to go a step beyond. You stick out your tongue and shyly put the tip of it to her flesh. You can feel the miko convulse. It looks like she enjoys stimulation here. How strange, but you feel happy as you lose your shyness and lick with confidence. You were expecting a repulsive flavor to make its way to your taste buds but you are pleasantly surprised at the rather neutral flavor. You rapidly lose yourself to the armpits and before you know it you're licking and exploring like there's no tomorrow.

You make sure to trace her whole upper side, from her ribs all the way to her upper arm, with your tongue. As you pass through her armpit, the miko emits a moan. It would seem that she really enjoys this, perhaps more so than you. Her sexy moans are ones that you would expect, were you to be playing with her nipples or something of the sort, not with her armpit. But every person has different erogenous zones, or so you believe. You notice that your own manhood has swollen up as you gently passed your tongue through the miko's curvacious underarm. You can't deny that you're really excited as well. It looks like she's ready as well. You pull back your face and see that the miko has an expression of absolute bliss on her face. She's panting quite hard. You don't think that any more foreplay is necessary. You're really surprised that you got this effect without even touching any other part of her. You unzip your trousers, and unleash your bulging shaft. You reposition yourself for maximum efficiency. The miko looks at you and begs you not to do it, but you can tell that her eyes have given into lust. You're about to bring your hard member to her delicious armpit now. The ultimate pleasure.

“Hey Shirou!” A rather impatient voice snaps you back to reality. You lose the strength in your arms after being startled and hit your head on the wooden step. Crap that hurts.

You look around and see that the voice came from the miko. Oh crap. It would seem that you lost yourself in your little fantasy and didn't notice that she had finished speaking. You get back up and sit properly.

“Were you even listening to me at all?” Reimu says, a bit annoyed. “You looked like you were gone to a very distant place.”
“Ah yeah, I was. Don't worry about it.” You say blanket statements to buy yourself some time as you realize that your manhood got really excited with your fantasy.
“Well, if you weren't listening it's your loss. I'm not going to repeat myself.” She says after turning away with a 'hmphf!'

Well things turned awkward between the two of you. You think of something to break the ice. Yeah, you've got just the thing for when the miko is being difficult.
>> No. 6804
“Say Reimu, if you don't mind me asking one last thing, I'd like to say something.”
“You better make it good and listen. There's nothing ruder than asking someone and then not listening to the reply.” She says, with a bit of an irritated tone.
“Well, about tomorrow...” You say, taking a pause to see if this interests her. She seems to be interested as she turns her head slightly towards you, waiting for you to say more.
“What is it? Don't tell me that you're planning to skip out. I'd have to punish you, you know. For toying with a maiden's heart.”
“That's not it at all.” You say, acting as if you were hurt at the idea.
“Then what is it?” She asks.
“Well...” You lower your voice and try to make it seem as if you're embarrassed (which deep down you sort of are). The miko turns even more towards to you, obviously curious to know what's causing your behavior. “Well, I was wondering if tomorrow could be considered a... d-date.”

There you said it. Now to wait for the reaction. Nothing comes. The miko stays silent. You raise your head a bit and look at her face. Oh my, it would seem that the red-white is blushing quite a bit. You begin to open your mouth to say something but the miko cuts you off.

“Y-you idiot!” She yells out, furiously red. “It's nothing like that, don't get the wrong idea!”
“It's just that-”
“It would be improper for a shrine maiden to be going out on a date with a boy!” She yells out, but you can tell that it's a self-defense mechanism to hide her embarrassment at her realization. You can tell from having dealt with many characters like her in galge. “You're just treating me to a steak!”
“...” You say nothing, letting her continue her display.
“Can't a girl eat food somewhere with someone without it being a date?” She says, almost mumbling to herself.

Oh man this is so good that you can't resist.

“But I thought that with your comment the other day about a girl like you being my girlfriend was indicative of something.” You say. You notice that the miko quiets down for a moment. It looks like you hit the right key here. “Or did you not mean that?”
“It's not like that... but... I can't you know... I've got my duties and you're a nice person but still...”

Oh man you can't keep this up. You laugh out loud, much to the surprise of the miko.

“There's no need for you to take it so seriously.” You say, getting up. The miko looks at you, dumbfounded. Her eyes are wide open but she's still blushing quite a bit. You start to walk away, deciding that you've concluded your mission at the shrine. “Good bye Reimu!” You yell turning a bit just before the main steps. You add something before you leave. “See you tomorrow for out little date!”

Perfect. You leave the shrine in high spirits. You didn't quite get her advice for you, but you somehow feel that it was worth it given both your fantasy and what came afterwards. As you've seen again, that bitchy miko can have quite the soft side to her. You take your time descending the stairs, with no worries in the world. Well, that would be untrue. You still haven't defined what you'd be doing and there's a new problem now. You need to get money somehow for your rendezvous tomorrow. Well, you've still got time and hopefully you'll be lucky. The path ahead of you splits off into two directions. One leads back through the forest and the other you assume circles around, goes near the lake, and should lead to the human village.

[] Go see if Marisa is home
[] The lake, it calls me
[] Go elsewhere
>> No. 6805

Wow, YAF better take note of this. Because this actually BELIEVABLE. LOLGLANDANDNANAYARAPE

[x] The lake, it calls me

>> No. 6808
[x] The lake, it calls me
>> No. 6810
[+] Go elsewhere (Human Village)
>> No. 6812
I'll count all go elsewhere votes as a singe vote, then you'll get to choose where to go. So no need to specify yet.
>> No. 6813
[X] Go see if Marisa is home
Time for ADD now, Marisa it is now.
>> No. 6814
Teruyo, I love you so much.

[X] Go see if Marisa is home

Let's see if Marisa can steal anything for us to sell!
>> No. 6815
[x] Go see if Marisa is home
>> No. 6816
[] Go elsewhere

Marisa's broke, and Remi doesn't pay her maid or gate guard, so those options are out. Ugh, BWM, here we come...
>> No. 6817
[x] The lake, it calls me
>> No. 6818
[X] The lake, it calls me

Let's go see if we can get some money from WUiG Anon. It's not like he'll be needing it.

Of course, we might want to get some scuba gear, first.
>> No. 6820
[x] Go elsewhere
>> No. 6822
[X] Go see if Marisa is home
>> No. 6823
[X] Go see if Marisa is home
>> No. 6824

I didn't say the miko don't get the steak, though. just a bit late.
>> No. 6825
I'm no Italian expert but I believe the correct form for 'capiche' there would 'capisco' or 'capito' would do in a pinch. Then again 'capiche' is the americanized version of it so go figure. Also writing now. It took forever to get enough votes.
>> No. 6830
File 121514308647.jpg - (147.56KB , 560x735 , marisahl.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go see if Marisa is home

You decide to go check if the witch is in. Therefore, you take the path that leads back through the forest. You didn't notice it at first, but you spent quite a while talking with the miko. Well no matter, you're sure that you'll be able to complete all of your objectives in time. In a sense, you're like Voltaire's Candide, always looking at the bright side of things. Things will work out somehow. With those thoughts in mind, you make for the witch's shop.

It doesn't take you very long before you're near the Kirisame Magic shop. After all, the path you took was mostly a direct route to it. You just have to turn into an all familiar side path before actually getting there. This proves to be no problem, given your ever increasing aptitude for navigating Gensokyo's terrain proves to be more than enough. After clearing some brush and walking past some trees, you find yourself face to face with the Kirisame Magic shop. A sign says 'open' in sloppy handwriting on the door, and you think you see some smoke coming out of the chimney. It's almost certain that the witch is in.

You boldly step up to the door and push it open. If it's anything like last time, the witch will be too preoccupied to even heed your presence. The first thing you notice when you open the door is the smell. An acrid smell assaults your nostrils, and definitely irritates your nose. Just what the hell is that? It smells like dried leather mixed with paint thinners. You honestly would have expected a smell like this to exist. You try covering your nose, but it's no good. The smell penetrates anything you use to filter it. You sigh, surrendering yourself to fate. You look around the shop and find that it's much more well-kept than you found it last time. For starters, there isn't junk everywhere. Instead everything is lined up on various shelves that are located along the walls. You notice now two door leading out of this room. One of them is opposite you. It seems to lead to a stairwell and an upper level. The other door is to your left and you can't tell what's in there from this angle.

You continue to look around, in search of the elusive shop owner. You navigate past all of the weird objects on the walls and tables in this room and decide to check first on the room to your left. As you step closer to it you feel that strong stench intensify. Man, it's making your sense of smell numb now. The room itself appear to be a kitchen of sorts. Well, the giant boiling cauldron , with a fire lit under it, in the far end of the room seems to insinuate this. There's what appears to be a stove and several other trademarks of a kitchen in this room, including different counters and utensils. Still no sign of the owner.

You can't hold in your curiosity, so you step closer to the cauldron. You can tell that the air around you is becoming thicker but frankly, at this point, your sense of smell has been completely killed off. You look at the cauldron's contents. Wow. It's a kind of thick brownish-blackish sludge. You can't really tell what the hell is in there since it's absolutely unidentifiable. It looks some one had run through all the vegetables in the world and blended them together. Just what the hell is this? What is this for? It surely can't be food? With a smell and consistency like this you think that it'd be more suited as a bug repellent or fuel for kerosene lanterns.

You turn around, quite satisfied with your close exposure to whatever the hell that is. To your surprise you see Marisa at the doorway. She's got a giant wooden spoon in one and and her other arms is akimbo. She's got a great big grin on her face. Her big floppy hat is nowhere to be seen and she's wearing her usual black-white garments.

“Emi-yan~!” She greets you enthusiastically. “I didn't expect to see you here!”
“Hiya Marisa!” You reply just as energetically. Well, you might as well use the same tone that she does.

She walks over to you smiling.

“Could you wait in the other room please? I've got to stir this thing a bit ~ze. I'll be done in a few minutes.”

You nod and obey her petition. You walk back to the other room and leave the witch to her cauldron. She hums to herself as she inserts the giant spoon into the sludge. You wonder if she has the strength to stir that thick liquid. Her steady arm movements seem to suggest so. Maybe she's stronger than she looks? Or maybe that concoction isn't as thick as you thought it would be? Regardless of the truth, you decide to sit down on a stool that's just adjacent one of the shelves. It's funny, but you really don't smell that thing anymore. You don't know if it's because you've grown accustomed to it, or if it's because your sense of smell was damaged.

After a few minutes a smiling Marisa comes out wiping her forehead with a rag.

“Phew, that was a lot of work ~ze!” She comes a bit closer to you, grabbing another stool on the way. She places the stool near yours and sits down. “I really hadn't expected to see you here Emi-yan.” She then forms a sly smile. “Did you have a fight with Alice or something? If so I can give you some advice. A woman's heart is complicated, you know~”
“Ah it's nothing like that.” You say.
“Then what is it?” She asks. “Business or pleasure?”
“Straight to the point, huh?”
“Only because I know that you usually have a lot to do.”

You think about her statement. Why did you come here in the first place? There's a lot you can ask her, from information about one of the people in Gensokyo, to becoming her disciple. Or how to get money for that matter. Well, you could also always say that you came here to chill. She's laid back enough to accept that excuse.

Pick one from each area:

[] “First of all, what's shaking doll?”
[] “Could I first know what the hell that cauldron is making?”
[] “Ya gotta help me out here.”
[] “I didn't come with any particular reason.”


[] “Need the scoop on someone.” (specify later)
[] “I was wondering how I could get a hold of some money – fast.”
[] “I want to become your disciple – teach me magic!”
[] “Just want to hang out a bit.”
>> No. 6831
[x] “First of all, what's shaking doll?”
[x] “Just want to hang out a bit.”

Bad idea to ask about money straight off the bat. Ask after she hangs out with us for a bit.
>> No. 6834
[X] “Could I first know what the hell that cauldron is making?”

and 2nd:
[X] “I want to become your disciple – teach me magic!”

Really, I don't think she will able to provide much help on getting some quick cash.
>> No. 6836
[x] “First of all, what's shaking doll?”
[x] “I want to become your disciple – teach me magic!”

Unlocking Shirou's abilities chapter 2.
>> No. 6838
[x] “First of all, what's shaking doll?”
[x] “I want to become your disciple – teach me magic!”

Pretty sure Albion can be used as a medium. Course, since UNLIMITED FIG WORKS is closed off....even I doubt how effective it would be.
>> No. 6839
You'd be surprised how little mastering the use of dolls has to do with unlimited fig works. Or 'conventional' types of magic for that matter. I mean our namesake didn't even even need much magic capability to use his skills in FSN, just a clarification of what his ability was and a 'mana tank' in the form of Tohsaka. But I digress. If you want to learn magic not having UFW shouldn't weigh in at all.
>> No. 6840
Actually, Shirou had enough mana on his own to do most of anything. He had an unusually high number of magic circuits (albeit not as many as Rin or Sakura) - in fact, the only thing keeping him from being a magic prodigy was his utter retardation when it comes to using the stuff.

[+] “Could I first know what the hell that cauldron is making?”
Curiosity may serve well. Also, talking shop.

[+] “I was wondering how I could get a hold of some money – fast.”
Will need the money for Reimu.
>> No. 6841
If you read in UBW, at one point Shirou quantifies his magical power. He basically says that he could normally project x but with Rin x+z. I'm not saying that he couldn't use his abilities before that, he quite clearly could. I was just saying that once he understood what he could do it properly, he could project at will. I also forget, but I'm pretty sure that he was pretty useless at almost everything besides strenghthening and projection. But that could be due to his lack of formal training. At one point I believe he's described by Tohsaka as something of a 'specialized projection machine'.

Anyways, enough TM talk. More voting people. At this rate I might not update until tomorrow (or depending on your time zone, much later).
>> No. 6842
[] “First of all, what's shaking doll?”
[] “I was wondering how I could get a hold of some money – fast.”
>> No. 6843
[X] “Ya gotta help me out here.”
[X] “I was wondering how I could get a hold of some money – fast.”

Knowing Marisa, there is only one way this could possibly go, and it's bound to be extremely illegal.

Not to mention extremely AWESOME.
>> No. 6845
[x] “First of all, what's shaking doll?”
[x] “Could I first know what the hell that cauldron is making?”
[x] “Ya gotta help me out here.”
[x] “I didn't come with any particular reason.”
[x] “Need the scoop on someone.” (specify later)
[x] “I was wondering how I could get a hold of some money – fast.”
[x] “I want to become your disciple – teach me magic!”
[x] “Just want to hang out a bit.”

>> No. 6846
He's naturally skilled at strengthening and projection because he performs them by activating small fragments of the built-in magic circuits that ultimately generate his Reality Marble. That's what he's truly designed to do, somehow (I'm guessing that gets explained in HF). I think it's different from how most magi operate, with the Magic Crest and all.
>> No. 6847
[x] “Ya gotta help me out here.”
[x] “I was wondering how I could get a hold of some money – fast.”
Need to buy Reimu the steak, or we are the steak.
>> No. 6848
You are both right and wrong with this. There's a lot of supporting reasoning, but it'd take too long (and too many pages) to type it all up and explain why.
Suffice it to say, you're just a little off the mark on each of those points.
>> No. 6850
[X] “First of all, what's shaking doll?”
[x] “I want to become your disciple – teach me magic!”

I don't know what is this "shaking doll" supposed to mean, but my objective is latter choice. so better bandwagon it to make that choice succeed.
>> No. 6851
[X] “First of all, what's shaking doll?”
[x] “I want to become your disciple – teach me magic!”

doll, haven't seen that one in a long time. Good job
>> No. 6853
[x] “First of all, what's shaking doll?”
[x] “I want to become your disciple – teach me magic!”

“Relax, relax.” You say. “While I do have a lot to do, I never am too busy to be nice to my friends.”

You make sure to smile at her while saying that. She confidently smiles back at you. What an easygoing girl you think. She's certainly got a lot going on, but it would never show just by looking at the way she deals with life. She's a prime example of someone who lives true to what her hearts tells her how she should. How refreshing.

“So, first of all, what's shaking doll?” You ask her in a relaxed and casual way.
“Ah, you know, same old, same old.” She replies right off the bat. “Been rarin' all day to go out, but had ta keep watch over the brew.”
“Reckon it'll be much longer?”
“Ain't much more now. She'll be done soon enough. This here baby take a while, but she's worth it.”

Is it your imagination or are the two of you talking like average joes in the 30s? That seems impossible. After all you aren't speaking English.


Wait, you're not speaking English? But then what are you speaking? It sure sounds like English. But how would anyone in Gensokyo know how to speak it? Furthermore there's the various signs; You've been able to read them all. Were those in English too? You try to remember but you mind draws a blank. Are you thinking in English? Or is it some other language. You know that with Eirin some of her lessons were in another language. But that's because she's a lunarian and you (assume) you were learning basic lunarian. Agh! It's making your head hurt just thinking about it. You decide that some mysteries are best left unresolved and just concentrate on the conversation.

“Yeah, and that's how I got a reputation for being handy in the village.” Marisa concludes an anecdote. “'Course no one messes with me now, they're afraid of my old one-two.”

Man, she's really skilled at making small talk. You don't know if it's because of you or her, but the conversation has taken a really laid back tone. The two of you start speaking fast, loose, and more importantly, about a variety of topics. Not really following any particular train of thought, your talk takes you from subjects ranging to the average rainfall this month to the best bread in Gensokyo (Mac's bakery – just off the main square of the human village nearby). You don't even feel time passing by rapidly as the two of you talk, since it's such an agreeable experience. You're reminded that time was passing by a bubbling sound coming from the kitchen.

“Ah, that's a sign that it's almost ready.” Marisa gets up and heads back to the kitchen. She returns after a few moments fanning her face with her hand. “Phew! That fire sure is hot. Putting it out isn't easy either. Gotta starve the flame.”

The lull in the conversation reminds you that you had something else that you wanted to ask her.

“Say Marisa...”
“There's another reason I came here, now that I think about it.”
“That being?”
“Well it's simple.” You take a breath. “I want to study magic! Please let me be your disciple!” You bow your head as you say this, deferring to Marisa.

A silence falls like a curtain around the room. You anxiously wait for Marisa's reply. You raise your head slightly to see what her face is like now. A rather large grin covers her face. It looks like she is extremely amused by your declaration.

“Oho~ Emi-yan wants to study magic?” She can't help but concealed her enjoyment in her voice. “I would have thought that you would have asked your lover for special lessons, but I guess somethings are harder to ask your significant other.”

Significant other? Does she mean Alice? Yeah, most likely. Alice is a magician now that you think about it. She just concentrates on dolls because it's interesting to her.

“Well then Emi-yan. If you're serious then I'll have to warn you first.” She says and you look up at her. She strikes a confident pose. It looks like she's getting into the idea of her being a teacher. “I'm a harsh teacher, but I'm fair. I also will employ my own teaching method. There will be times at which you won't understand you're doing certain things, but I assure you that it will have an ultimate purpose.”

...That sounds kind of shady. Is she going to run you around as her errand boy?

“I will also test you. If you can't keep up, I'll fail you. And failure means punishment.” Her grin somehow becomes even larger as she mentions punishment.
“Punishment? Of what kind?” You ask nervously.
“Interesting punishment. Let's just leave it at that.”

You're not too sure if this part of the bargain is very nice. But you continue to hear her out anyways.

“I'll expect payment as well, ~ze.” She says. “How does you cooking and doing housework around here sound? Excellent I bet! You won't find a better deal in all of Gensokyo!” She laughs a hearty laugh, as if she just told a really good joke.

You just sit there, trying to take it all in.

“What's wrong? Cat got your tongue, ~ze?” She asks jocosely.
“It's not that, but, could I have some time to think it over?” You meekly ask. You shouldn't commit yourself right away to this. You have a feeling that the witch would have you iron and clean right now if you agreed right away.
“Fine... I guess it's an important decision!” She says, letting you off the hook. “Know this, that you'll be a changed man in less than a month! I'll teach you everything there is to know about magic. You'll be able to unleash your annihilation of love before you can say peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!”

A sudden rumbling comes from the kitchen.

“Oh!” Marisa exclaims. “That would be the indication that it's ready! I'm sorry but I'm going to have to ask you to leave. The rest of the procedure is a Kirisame household secret, ~ze!” She then blinks a bit and adds. “If you become my student maybe one day I'll share it with you!”

She shoos you out, and you don't even have enough time to get a word in edgewise. Before you know it you're standing outside the shop staring at a 'closed' sign.

You sigh. What a whimsical witch. Still, becoming her student could be fun. Despite her attitude you feel that she's a competent magician and could probably teach you well. You'll definitely have to consider it.

Crap! You forgot to ask her about money. You can't go back in there, the door seems to have been locked. You're sure that whatever it is that Marisa is making it's completely gotten a hold of her attention. She doesn't really look like she has much money anyways. Well, you try to console yourself with the fact that whatever Marisa would have made you do for money would have been likely immoral or at the very least illegal. Well, you've gotten one more option for an activity, that's a good thing. Time has passed quite fast and you feel that the sun might set in an hour or two. There's really nothing else that you could do in the Forest of Magic, you might want to go elsewhere now.

You still have a lot of time left before having to decide, so maybe it'd be for the best that you look for another activity to do. Just to have variety. And making money on the way would be nice as well. You can only think of the village as a place where you could make money. Where there's people, there's opportunities. But hey, you never know where you might find cash.

[] Go to the human village
[] Check the Scarlet Mansion
[] Head back to Eientei
[]Wander around by the lake
Sorry for not updating earlier. But I decided to switch from my laptop to my desktop and it took a while to set it up. That and I've been exposed again and have relapsed in condition due to one of the most serious diseases to ever assail me - One more turn syndrome. Those familiar with the syndrome know that its episodes can be triggered from even the most minimal exposure to Civilization or similar games. I'm sorry, I just can't help myself ;_;
>> No. 6854
[x] PDA - Check time & Appointment for Marisa's Magic Lessons in 44 hours

Hopefully, this whole thing will have blowed over for the most part. Hopefully.

[x] Go to the human village

Money makan gaems.
>> No. 6855
[x] Head back to Eientei
Kaguya or Eirin will give us a bit of pocket cash if we ask.
>> No. 6856
[X] Go to the human village
Time to rob some people.
>> No. 6857
[x] Head back to Eientei
>> No. 6858
You check your PDA. Holy crap, it's 6:07PM! You hadn't even noticed it. Going by just the sun, you would have guessed that it was around 4:30 or maybe 5, but you guess that time really flew while chatting with both the miko and the witch. You guess that at this time of year the sun sets later, as you think there's still at least a solid hour or two left of light.

You move to mark Magic lessons as an appointment, but then hesitate. If you take it as a regular activity you'll have to inform Kaguya first. So you'll just mark it if you decide to go with it.
>> No. 6859
[X] Go to the human village
Grab some food from Keine.
Let's see what we could take up as a job in the village, Keine has to know this if we tell her our situation.
>> No. 6861
[X] Go to the human village
body sellin gaems
>> No. 6862
[] Go to the human village

Time doesn't matter now, we know our way there and back in the dark like the veins on the back of our hands. Plus it's guaranteed Keine is free of her duties.
>> No. 6863
[X] Go to the human village

If nothing else, maybe Keine could help us figure out some other options for things we could do.

As for lessons with Marisa, I'm wondering if it will really benefit us all that much. She claimed it would take "less than a month" and we have only two weeks to work with, here. Even if we learn a lot in that time, would it really be enough? It's not like knowledge and use of magic is all that special in Gensokyo, and if we're trying to do something to distinguish ourselves, I'm not so sure the best way to go about it is to do what is roughly the equivalent of arming ourselves with a firecracker in a place where almost everyone else is armed with thermonuclear missiles.

This is precisely why it would be helpful to follow Alice's advice about finding out about who we're dealing with, and what they're wanting from us.

Of course, if we gave a damn about useful advice, we probably shouldn't have been ogling Reimu's delicious armpits when she was telling us stuff that might actually have been important to know.
>> No. 6864
We voted "steal glances", not "fantasize about pitfucking".

Teruyo's bad, not ours.
>> No. 6865

I agree, Anon kinda gave up useful information for a (while awesome) mild H scene that wasn't even all that long. Though if we can keep Shirou's erection up longer, then who knows what hilarious antics he may find himself in later!</sarcasm>

And, more or less, I was honestly considering making the magic thing a hobby more or less. I'm confident Shirou could just as easily handle taking a few hour lessons from Marisa while doing whatever job he decides on each day. After all, Shirou's abilities are what interests me most about him.
>> No. 6866
Remember, Shirou is well-established now as having crippling ADD.
Making him so much as glance at such an enticing distraction as Reimu's armpits, especially when potentially-vital information is about to be told, is pretty much BEGGING for trouble.
>> No. 6868
SHE'S 15 YEARS OLD!! Ray Charles wearing earplugs can see you're guilty as sin! ...I don't think I can be your lawyer anymore...
>> No. 6869
Hey, I'm a perv, I can't help it. And that damn miko was just asking for it, with her uncovered pits. NO JURY IN THE WORLD WOULD CONVICT ME. It's not that big a deal, especially when you consider >>6866 you guys influence Shirou's personality a lot you know. Your actions set precedents for default reactions in the future. Even the seemingly non-sensical comments if they're consistant and massive enough influence.
>> No. 6870
You know, now that I think about it, something about this whole mess seems odd to me.

Some unknown party wants us to prove ourselves. We don't know who they are, what they want, or what we could do that would satisfy them. On top of that, from what we could tell from Reimu, this doesn't really fit the M.O. of pretty much all of the big players that she could think of.

Sounds like a rather tall order, if you ask me. In fact, you could say this "request" seems almost impossible...
>> No. 6871
File 121523759824.png - (20.67KB , 550x400 , whatcirno.png ) [iqdb]
...you... you... oh God... OH GOD!!
>> No. 6872

I would gladly step down from my appointed role as "Jesus" and messiah if such were existant for this man right here.
>> No. 6873
As vice-messiah, I as well!
>> No. 6874

>> No. 6875
>> No. 6876
[x] Go to the human village

You set your next destination for the human village. It's close enough, plus you won't be at too big a disadvantage if it gets dark while you're over there. You know how to get back to Eientei from there, plus you could always impose yourself on a certain lovely schoolteacher if things got bad for some reason. The central hub (well, as far as you know) of Gensokyo is the human village. You're sure that you can find plenty of opportunities to rake in cash or, better yet, find something worth doing for the next two weeks. There's got to be more human settlements given the rather large size of Gensokyo, but for you only this settlement is important. Funny, you don't even know its name come to think of it.

You leave Marisa's shop behind and go to the forest's main path. You fail to encounter anything of importance. Funny how you haven't really seen any wildlife besides that bear and those plants since you've arrived here. Wait, come to think of it... the rabbits that live at Eientei count as wildlife, right? Well, maybe they'd count as domesticated since they're routinely used as expendable labor. You should ask someone neutral to the whole situation at Eientei what they'd count as. You can just feel that Tewi would give you some smart ass comment and Eirin would pretty much confirm their status as cattle. Kaguya, you feel, wouldn't really care. And Reisen would try to defend both extremes. You snicker to yourself as you reach the edge of the forest.

The path that you're on becomes a dirt road proper only a couple dozen meters from where you stand. According to your ever-improving navigational skills, this should lead you straight to the human village. A little over half an hour later of walking, you're proven right, as you spot the outlying fields and houses that belong to the village. You note that there's no one working the fields. Well that's to be expected, if you were a farmer you'd be either at the tavern knocking back a few or at home with your family. Both are great rewards for a day's worth of labor. You also note that not all the fields are rice paddies, you think that you spot different types of crops. Among them you can distinguish what seems to be wheat and maybe pumpkins or squash. And you're sure that you've seen what look like apple trees around as well. It would seem that the village produces quite the range of vegetables and fruits.

Well, as you're scouring your brain for information on agriculture and assessing the village's production capacity you keep on walking. After a few minutes you find yourself just outside the center of the village. Shops seem to have closed for the most part, but a shop or two remain open from what you can observe by looking at the rare person or two entering or leaving. There aren't that many people on the streets. From the direction of the tavern you hear great roars of laughter as well as music, it sounds like someone is having fun there. You figure that the school has long since ended its classes, but there's a possibility that someone is still hanging around, like say a certain schoolteacher finishing her duties. Maybe you should forget about that and try to think of a way to make money, there's bound to be some sort of activity that you can do between now and tomorrow that generates enough cash.

[] Go to the tavern
[] Snoop around the shops
[] Go to the school
[] Go to Keine's house
[] Think harder about what you can do here
Good show. This post singlehandedly made get up and make myself a cup of tea with brandy.
>> No. 6877
[X] Go to Keine's house
Or maybe we can catch Keine and sell her body to some people for hard cash.
>> No. 6878
[x] Go to the school

Do want special Keine scene Teruyo teased me with.
>> No. 6879
[X] Go to the school.
Shirou can teach maths to children. His knowledge now should be at least half-genius from all the information Eirin pours in his head.

...And gain cash and Keine's sexy body as a reward.
>> No. 6880
[x] Go to Keine's house
>> No. 6881
[X] Go to the school

It shouldn't be too hard to check the school and then go to her house, should it?
>> No. 6882
[x] Go to Keine's house

>“Know this, that you'll be a changed man in less than a month!

I read this as changed into a man
>> No. 6883
[x] Think harder about what you can do here

Hint taking games
>> No. 6884
[X] Go to Keine's house
>> No. 6886
[z] Go to the school
>> No. 6892
[X] Go to the school
do a sexy entrance
>> No. 6893
[] Go to the school

Because nobody votes this night.
>> No. 6896

[X] DYNAMIC ENTRY into the school
>> No. 6897
[x] Think harder about what you can do here


No. Just no. Don't even think of starting that bullshit again.
>> No. 6899
[X] DYNAMIC ENTRY into the school
hahaha, oh wow this one sounds like fun.
>> No. 6900
It took forever to get enough votes. School won, writing as soon I get over my intense desire to throw up.
>> No. 6902
C'mon, LAE isn't THAT bad...
>> No. 6903
Weekend is just slow.
Gotta work with what you got. Everyone starts somewhere and rises up higher.
Just take a look at QWL, he gets even less votes than anyone else on this board and is still working.
>> No. 6904
I had an unusually busy sunday with unexpected downtime. So sorry, but no update until later. But then I promise that I will resume @ full force.
>> No. 6906
Better keep it.
>> No. 6913

From one writefag to another Teruyo, reach for the heavens and never stop!
>> No. 6920
[x] Go to the school

Normally, you'd be curious to see what's all the ruckus about at the tavern but not today. You ignore the noises and start towards the direction of the school. You pass by the few still open shops. You make sure to confirm the location of the place where you're meeting Reimu tomorrow. Just like she said, it's almost directly opposite the bakery. You can't see inside the restaurant since the windows are tinted but it looks like one of those small places in the outside world that are run by a single chef, usually the owner of the place. What you would like to find out are the prices, but to your annoyance the place appears to have closed for the day. Well no matter, it wasn't your main objective or anything. It just would have been nice to know exactly how much this is going to set you back. “You'll know when the time comes.” is the thought that passes through your mind as you walk away from the village center and towards the schoolhouse.

While there were still some people going to and fro in the center, around the schoolhouse there's not a soul. You don't see any villagers, and definitely not any children, walking about. You can't blame them. There's not much to do at a small rural schoolhouse after hours. Even the houses in this sector seem to be quieter than usual and you can't see anyone through the windows and inside the poorly-lit interiors. You don't let this discourage you and continue to near the schoolhouse. The inhabitants of these houses must be out drinking or something, you're not going to let this creep you out in the slightest.

The small single-story building is little more than a main classroom linked to a small office. There are two doors leading into the building; one of the doors is the entrance one would take from the street, while the other leads to the small enclosed area in the back. This enclosed area (which circles around and which is much larger than the building itself actually) is defined by a small, once while in color, picket fence. When passed by here in the pass, you've seen children play in this area. There's a bunch or rudimentary games set up here, from chalk tracings from hopscotch games to a small seesaw and an accompanying pole which seems to be for tetherball. There's not much here in the way of entertainment for the children. You guess this poor schoolhouse can't exactly afford to put in a swingset or a slide. Well, you see no problem in having the former, but it's the later that might prove problematic. In the moder world slides are made usually either from plastic or metal. You assume that Gensokyo hasn't discovered the magical polymers that make up most hard plastics, so there's no surprise there, and it's probably too expensive/impractical to ask a smithy to melt down metal and make anything remotely resembling a slide. Well maybe through magic or alchemy it could be doable, but you haven't seen any examples of this here yet. Still, the poor children here must be bored to death with their paltry entertainment.

You note something else of interest in this area. Besides a scattered tree or two, ravaged from the years of children climbing them, there's another point of interest here. A shed. On the far side of the enclosure lies a small building. It's made of a mix or mortar and other hard materials, distinguishing it from other buildings in this area. Yes, the wooden buildings in this village do have a particular style to them which cause them to all appear similar to each other and blend in harmoniously with the background. But this building with it's plain construction sticks out like a sore thumb. A single door on the front enables access to the inside. You see no windows or any other means of getting in or out. You can guess, even from standing a bit far away from it, that the door is likely locked. It just seems natural for a shed like that to be locked. Most likely theres equipment or something else worth storing in there. Although with a school as small as this, you don't really see the point in having a solid edification like this around. It looks like it could even withstand a typhoon.

You quit gawking and make for the schoolhouse's door. You can't hear any voices, like the previous time that you've been here. Well, it's only natural that it's silent now. All the students have long since gone home. You knock on the door before trying to open it. Hearing no movement or reply come from within, you try to open the door. It's locked. Well,it's no big surprise. Keine has probably already left. While you feel a bit miffed at not finding her, you can't help but feel that it was a fluke and that the schoolteacher might have been around at this hour. After all, you have been with her at later times here. Well, whether or not she would have been there in the first place if not for your insistence on dancing is better left up to debate. But you know for sure that she does paperwork and such after hours here.

Not completely satisfied with the results, you decide to hop the small fence and circle out back. The fence is really low so you don't even need to hop, just really carefully put one leg over at a time. You look through the main window on the side of the building. The classroom is deserted. The desks are all lined up (rather sloppily you think, but it's probably the kids who do it) and the blackboard is completely clear. You definitely don't see anyone inside. Just for peace of mind, you circle all the way to the other door and attempt to open it. No dice. The door is just as locked as the one out front. From what you saw through the window, the likelihood of someone being in the office was dim as well. Well there's one more place that you could check out while you're here. Your curiosity won't allow you to leave without at least examining the situation.

You cross the enclosed area, walking past a couple of discarded balls and the odd toy. The plain looking edification is no bigger than 4x5 or so meters. You can't really tell, but it might be a square as well. You think that this plain, seemingly unassuming shack, is oddly out of place here. While it's not uncommon for a school to have a storage chamber or something, theres something about this place that bothers you. You don't know if its lack of harmony with the local architecture, its heavy wooden door (thick enough to muffle noises!), or something else altogether. You try opening the door. But before you even try you know it to be useless. A heavy padlock seems to be locking the door into place. It requires a specialized key to open. Bashing it would be completely out of the question as well. It'd probably hurt you or whatever tool you used more than the lock. You sigh, seeing that there's no way in, and walk away from the shack. Thinking about the possible purpose for the shack, you sit on one side of the seesaw, making the wood gently croak. Man, they don't make them like this in the outside anymore.

You sit there, as a lonely child would. You stare out into the sky, appreciating the first hues of orange that are appearing in the sky. It's subtle, but you can surely see tell-tale signs that the day is coming to an end. How beautiful the sky seems, as it transitions between day and night. It's rare that you get the opportunity to see the beginning of a sunset or the beginning of dawn. Your thoughts become simpler, as you start to forget for a bit of the worldly problems that have been hounding you all day. Thoughts of money, employment, mysterious conspiracies all abandon you. You just feel the hard wood under you, the occasional afternoon breeze blowing and the general peace that this part of town radiates. Yeah that's what it was peace. At first glance it would be easy to confuse this slowed down pace and simple part of town with being boring or even creepy. But you know the truth now, it's just a place that emits an aura of peace. You continue to enjoy this feeling.
>> No. 6921
File 121538475265.png - (230.37KB , 473x688 , mokou.png ) [iqdb]
“Are you enjoying the afternoon by yourself?” Asks a soft voice from behind you.

You must have been completely lost in the feeling of peace, because you are startled at these words. You turn around and are surprised to find a familiar face. Standing there is a familiar female, dressed in her usual clothes, slightly loose red overalls decorated with randomly placed (well random as far as you can tell) charms and a light brown shirt that's a bit discolored (a bit faded). With her long hair that has numerous ribbons fashioned from charms similar to those on her pants, and with the big one on her head, it looks like Mokou is the same as ever. She wears a serious expression as always, but you think that you can see a small hint of softness in her usually tough gaze.

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.” She says with a soft tone. Well, at least it'd be a soft tone for her considering her usual rough and blunt talk.

You feel it'd be best if you greeted her.

“Hi there, Mokou. You did startle me a bit, but it's okay. I hadn't realized that I was lost in thought.” You say, assuming a casual tone of voice.

“I didn't expect to find you here, sitting on a toy at the schoolhouse gazing at the sky.” She says. “I was just passing by and couldn't resist coming to see if there was something up with you.”
“It's alright, I don't mind. If you don't mind, stay a bit. I wasn't really doing anything anyways.” You say, politely inviting her to talk with you for a bit. She looks at you for a bit and then nods, accepting your invitation. She moves in a bit closer to you and sits towards the middle of the seesaw, only slightly elevating you.

“So why did you come to the school?” Mokou asks you.
“I don't really know.” You reply. “I guess I wanted to see Keine. I thought that maybe she'd still be around at this time of day. But I guess I was wrong.”
“No, you're right.” Mokou tells you. “Normally at this time she can sometimes be found coming up with lesson plans or reading a book or something in the schoolhouse. You just picked a day in which she wasn't around unfortunately.”
“Ahh, I see. I'm glad that my hunch wasn't completely useless then.”
“Don't be rude, kid.” Mokou assumes an all too-familiar tone of voice. “You got to meet me, so that's reward enough. Don't go ignoring me in the grand scheme of things.”
“Uhh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it that way. I just meant that-”
“Yeah, yeah. I know what you meant kid. I'm just playing with you. Lighten up.”

You look at her, slightly confused. You never can quite keep up between her rapid changes in between being friendly and being mean. She looks at you for a bit with analytical eyes before bursting into a hearty fit of laughter. You don't get it.

“Bwahahaa! Oh man, your expression it's priceless!” She says laughing. “Seriously, how can you keep that look up?! You look like a kid who just lost his favorite ball and doesn't know where it could've gone!”

You have no idea what she's going on about.

“No, really, this is too much.” You can see that she's even wiping a tear that formed in her eye.

You decide to wait patiently until she calms down. It takes a few minutes, but she's back to normal after a bit. She tries to catch her breath, the laughing took quite a bit out of her.

“You know, kid.” She says seriously after a few brief moments of silence. “You remind me of someone now that I think about it.”
“Yeah. A guy I met once. He was a schoolteacher and dedicated himself to teaching others about the world. Real smart too, but he had his quirks.” You listen as she continues her story. “Guy would sometimes space out when he was thinking. Put on a face quite similar to yours. I guess that you reminded me of him.”
“I see.” You mumble, trying to see the point in this story. Well, at the very least Mokou seems to be loosing up around you.
“That reminds me.” She says with a playful, yet confident tone of voice. “I've been meaning to say this for a while; I think that you'd be a good schoolteacher.”
“Huh? Where did that come from?” You ask. “It's completely from out of the blue.”
“Nah. You see, thing is that Keine told me about your antics in the classroom. How you dance in, entertaining the kids, but also making them learn. It's all fun. Makes people want to pay attention in class, y'know. Plus, like I said, you remind me of that teacher I told you about. I think you've got it in you.”
“Me?! A teacher?” You ask incrediously. You don't think you have the skills to be a student, much less a teacher.
“Don't act so surprised, kid. You've got that thrist for knowledge that all good teachers seem to have.” She pauses for a bit. “Plus, you know, you've got a way with words and people. Talking to you isn't boring. I'm sure that if you asked the children here at the village they'd agree.”
“If you say so.” You say, doubting the veracity of her statement. “But why bring this up now?”
“Dunno really.” She replies simply. “Maybe it's because we're at the school and it reminded me.” She moves a bit closer to the extreme of the seesaw, now elevating you even more. “Or maybe I wanted to point out something.”
“Point out something? Like what?” You ask as you feel your legs decompressing as you stretch them more.
“Well, it should be pretty obvious.”
“It isn't, spell it out for me.”
“Well how many teachers do you think this school has?”
“Likely two. Why do you ask?”
“Aha~! See? You're wrong there.” She says smiling at you. “It USED to have two teachers. It was Keine along with an old hag from the village. In between the two of them they covered all off the subjects.”
“And? What's your point.”
“Bear with me. The old hag has been sick for a while now, so she's stopped teaching. It's been like a month now. So Keine has had to fill her lessons as well. Do you see where I'm going with this?”
“Not really.” You say plainly. You don't really know what her point is. “Keine is doing more work, but that's to be expected.”
“Think for a bit. What's normally taught at schools?”
“Let's see.” You say. “Math, Language, and Sciences would be the basic components. You then have artistic classes as well as physical education and...”
“That's right. You have a bunch of different subjects. Now you should be able to figure this out. What is Keine good at?”
“History, from what I could tell. Although I'm sure that she's good at literature and other things.”
“And what about other subjects.”
“Well, I don't really know, but I don't see her as a prodigy in natural sciences or maths.” A realization hits you. “Oh I see what you were trying to say. Keine is no good at teaching the other subjects right?”
“Bingo! Took you a while kid.” You go 'heh' as Mokou continues her explanation. “She's not awful at it, but I'm afraid that the poor thing just doesn't have the same knack for teaching those subjects. She's making a great effort studying and planning so she can teach properly. But that creates a whole new set of problems.”
“Yeah. She can teach it but it sounds so boring and mechanical, as a result her students are giving her a hard time. Who can blame 'em, right? Studying appears to be boring when you're given cold dry facts only.”

You nod your head, agreeing with what she says. To be sure things are often better when students are interested in the subject matter and it's presented in a fun way.
>> No. 6922
“So why are you telling me all this?” You ask.
“My, you're really slow at catching on to some things, aren't you?” She says disparagingly.
“Well, excuse me for being slow.” You say defensively.
“No need to take it to heart kid. I was just pointing out the obvious here. Put two and two together and you should get it. I'm suggesting that you help her out.”
“Ahaha, you must be yanking my chain, right?” You say laughing, not taking her words seriously.
“Look at me.” She says. You do as she says. She has a completely serious expression. “I'm not kidding about this one. It'd be perfect. You get to help out Keine. I'm 100% sure that you're cut out to be teacher material. You're probably good at math and science right? I'm sure that Yagokoro hasn't been able to keep her mitts off of you.”

Eirin? Well she has trained you, but you don't know exactly if really more of wanting to or her persuading you to. You must admit though, that the prospect of teaching never did cross your mind before. Hmm, you don't know if you would be suitable for the role. I mean, you've got no experience and you don't even know what exactly you'd be teaching. You're sure you'd cope if you applied yourself a bit though. Wait you're thinking this through seriously.

“See!? I can tell that you were thinking about it just now. You'd be a great teacher!” Mokou says excitedly.
“You got me there.”
“Like I said, no doubt about it. It'd only be temporary since the old hag might recover, but who knows, maybe it's your destiny to teach. You could be some kind of wonderful uber-teacher. Destined to enlighten the poor youths of a small village, and then the world!”

Hey, that does kind of sound good. You can picture yourself receiving critical acclaim and being hailed as 'savior of today's youth'. Not too shabby. You'd thank all of your friends in your acceptance speech for your prestigious teaching award. You can see it now. The lights, the sounds of cheering, and all of the people.

“Well then, I'll leave you with that thought. I've gotta scram.” Mokou says, but you aren't really paying attention in your daze. “Go talk to Keine, I'm sure she'll be thrilled to have you as a teacher. She can use a break. See ya.”

When you recover from your daze, you notice that Mokou has long since gone. You're no longer elevated and the wood is touching the ground. The sky seems to be a little bit more orange now. You can't stop thinking of the possibility of becoming a teacher, if only temporarily, as you get up. You brush off a bit of dirt that got on the edge of you pants and hop over the fence. You wonder where Mokou went off to, she seemed as aloof as always. Really now, it always seems like there's never a dull moment for her.

Well, you see that some of the houses around you have lights on inside them, glowing orange hues come from within several windows. Looks like these houses are anything but deserted. You can't help but think of the fact that you still have no money. It's likely that you went to the wrong place in the village for that. All shops are probably closed by now, likely it's just the tavern that's still open. If Keine is not at the schoolhouse the only other possibility that you think of is her being at her home. You could go see her there. Maybe she can help you out. Or maybe, you could ask to help her out. You feel that your fancy has been tickled at the prospect of potentially becoming a teacher. In any case, you don't think that there's anything else right here. You should make use of your time here.

[] Go to the tavern
[] Explore the town thoroughly
[] Go see Keine
[] Leave the village
There we go. Sorry about the lateness. But stuff and things.
>> No. 6923
[] Go to the tavern

We must, it calls to us! Beer for the Beer God!
>> No. 6924
[X] Go see Keine

If we become a teacher, Albion can be our assistant!
>> No. 6925
>> No. 6926
[x] Go see Keine
>> No. 6927
[x] Go see Keine

>> No. 6928
[x] Go see Keine

Haven't read, but skimmed through it quickly enough to vote. Will read in full when I come back.
>> No. 6929
File 121539007864.jpg - (27.38KB , 550x245 , sex ed.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6930
[x] Go see Keine
>> No. 6931
[X] Go see Keine
>> No. 6932
File 121540163217.jpg - (28.03KB , 248x422 , keinecook.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go see Keine

Leaving the school behind you, you decide to go see Keine. You recall the path you took last time you went with from the schoolhouse to her house. It's not too complicated you think, but it is rather far. Keine walks a lot every day it would seem. The simple dirt road you're on is at first flanked by plenty of small houses, but as you walk these become more and more far apart. Small orchards and chicken coops start becoming more common with each passing house. Soon, you even start seeing small fields behinds these houses. You even spot a corral at one of them. It's a dynamic departure from the houses in the center of the village, which are almost built on top of each other. Most shops are crammed together, making the different structures seem like huge blobs of doors and windows.

You remember pretty well the last time you passed through here. You remember to take a smaller path, that leads across an otherwise large meadow of tall grass. This narrow path is in between some of the bigger plots of land in the village. Judging by the appearance of the houses on the plots, it seems that some of the most affluent villagers reside here. The tall grass sometimes brushes into you as you pass. You hope that it doesn't dirty your clothing, heaven knows that you've got enough trouble getting dressed here. Eventually you completely traverse the meadow and can see Keine's house off in the distance. It easily took you about 15 minutes to make it this far. Considering the total size of the population of the village, you realize that this is pretty much as far into the outskirts that one can get. Off in the distance there are more fields, but you can see just beyond them forest and the wild. You wonder if there are any youkai raids here? You don't think that youkai are like vikings, pillaging and raping, but you imagine that at least once in a blue moon one of them kidnaps a child or eats someone outright.

The darkening sky reminds you that it'll soon be night. This combined with your previous thought propels you to make haste. You cover the remaining distance to the schoolteacher's house in no time at all. You see a faint light coming from within the window, indicating that someone is home. Making sure to brush off any dirt on your clothes and quickly doing a check on yourself, you walk up to the door. You gently knock, rapping only thrice. You immediately hear movement within the house, a shuffling of feet and a few metallic clangs. The sounds of footsteps come ever nearer until you hear a bolt be unlocked from within. The door opens. The first thing you notice is a most delicious aroma come from within. It smells heavenly... you wouldn't know what exactly it is, but you want to find whatever it is and devour it. Before you stands the schoolteacher, looking at you. She's... not wearing her usual outfit. Well actually she is, it's just that something else draws your attention first. Instead, she's clad in a simple chef's apron, devoid of any insignia or major markings or accessories. She's not wearing her glasses either.

“Hello Keine.” You greet her, as is proper when you go to someone's house.
“Oh hello there Shirou, I didn't expect to see you here.” She greets you back. “What brings you here? Especially at this hour?”
“Well, I wanted to see you. I went to the schoolhouse but you weren't there. So I thought I might come in.”
“Ah yes, I came home today earlier than usual, I had some things I had to do around here. Fancy having you looking for me, what is-”

A loud whistling noise comes from within. Hearing that, Keine nervously reacts.

“Ooo~ I'm sorry, but I've got my hands full.” She turns around and quickly rushes towards the inside.

“Come in, make yourself at home, I'll be with you in just a moment!” You hear Keine's voice from within the house.

You shrug your shoulders and decide to go in. You take off your shoes and close the door behind you. Having been inside previously (albeit sozzled), you know where to go. You pass by the small bathroom in the hallway (where you first talked with your god) and go into Keine's cozy living room. You park yourself on one of the chairs and try to find something to do. The room itself is quite simple, with a couple of chairs, a table on one end and a few bookshelves on the other end. There's not much in the way of decoration, but the tapestry and finishing of the furniture is superb. It seems that Keine doesn't really have that much time to spend here, or doesn't really give this place much importance, but she sure does have good taste. You try to look around for a magazine or something. You're barely controlling yourself as it is. That smell, that delicious aroma is enough to drive anyone mad. You notice that you're drooling a bit. You quickly wipe the drool off and concentrate. Wow, intense. If you don't get a grip on yourself yourself you'll start to subconsciously seek out the source like in one of those old Warner Brothers' cartoons.

You hear footsteps again, they're coming towards you. Keine comes in holding a big wooden spoon in one hand and a metallic pot lid in another.

“Phew I'm sorry about that, but I'm cooking and if I don't pay attention things have a tendency to boil over or erupt.” She says wiping of a bead of sweat off her forehead.
“No, it's alright, I'm sorry for imposing on you out of the blue like this.”
“I'm sure that you've got a good reason to have come, and I'd like to hear all about it.” She smiles at you. “But, where are my manners? The food is almost done and if you'd like you could join me for dinner. It's nothing special but I'd be glad to share it with you.”
“Is that alright, I wouldn't want to eat your share of the food or anything like that. Plus, I'm inconveniencing you as it is.”
“It's fine, don't worry about it. Truth is, I made too much anyways.” She places the hand with the pot lid on her hips. “Mokou was supposed to come and eat with me, but she came earlier and told me she had business to attend to and would be unable to join me. I found it a bit strange but there was nothing I could say, and I had already readied the ingredients. So in a sense you're a godsend. Otherwise I'd end up having to eat it all by myself.”
“Well, if you put it that way...” You start to say. But you're not sure. “Still, I'm not that comfortable with-”
“Now, now, no need to be shy.” She says with a warm motherly tone. You can't help but to look up at her in surprise. Her expression is quite soothing. It's as if she were a kind mother coaxing her shy kid to enjoy himself. You wonder if this is the part of her that she shows only to her students? Or maybe even then she's stricter. You can't help but feel relaxed and strangely at ease. It kind of makes saying no difficult.

Eating here might be nice. But you're afraid it might detract from your objective. Then again, you could probably discuss things over dinner as well. And it's not like you've got any engagements later, so you could easily relax here. You are famished. And you feel curious about Keine's home cooking. You wonder if it'd be as good a mother's cooking, or have that special flavor. The last thing that you ate were those cookies at Alice's house. You hadn't noticed but your stomach is complaining very loudly.

“See? Even if you aren't honest with me, your body is doing the talking for you!” She says giving you a knowing smile. It's tremendously difficult to resist her when she looks at you like that. You just feel so at home and safe.

[] Agree to eat dinner
[] Refuse dinner; have to discuss things ASAP
[] Refuse dinner; leave
[] Agree to eat dinner, but only if she spoon feeds you.
>> No. 6933
[x] Agree to eat dinner, but only if she spoon feeds you.
Fuck yes.
>> No. 6934
[x] Agree to eat dinner

Spoon feeding sounds very tempting but I'd rather not make us look childish in front of someone we're about to seek help (and help ourselves potentially)
>> No. 6935
[] Agree to eat dinner
>> No. 6937
File 12154029937.png - (9.24KB , 250x400 , 1215212795500.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Agree to eat dinner

Hooray for moe Keine~
>> No. 6938
[x] Agree to eat dinner
>> No. 6939
[X] Agree to eat dinner

No better time to fill her in on our task, our promise to Reimu, and the best way to earn some money so as not to incur the miko's wrath.

>>“See? Even if you aren't honest with me, your body is doing the talking for you!”

Oh, how I hope we can hear this line again, but not referring to dinner and our stomach rumbling.
>> No. 6940

Tsundere Shirou? O_o
>> No. 6942
File 121540508599.jpg - (7.00KB , 156x204 , still not following you.jpg ) [iqdb]

Will write after I finish doing the stuff I have to do, and then eat. I'm not calling it just yet, but the majority is pretty clear. Vote anyways. Anyways expect me back in an hour or a bit less maybe.
>> No. 6943
[x] Agree to eat dinner
>> No. 6945
[x] Agree to eat dinner
>> No. 6946
[X] Agree to eat Keine
>> No. 6948
[X] Agree to eat Keine

This. Everyone must choose this. Right now.
>> No. 6949
[x] Agree to eat dinner, but only if she spoon feeds you.
This is the safe alternative to eating Keine.
>> No. 6950
Don't be a dick to her, guys.
She's offering us a free meal, will likely offer us whatever help she can give us, could use some help from us, herself, and we haven't destroyed the possibility of a second date with her.

Besides, the bit about eating her would work much better if we were both at LEAST a little tipsy, if not fully drunk.

Perhaps we should see about having some drinks with dinner, or perhaps after it...
>> No. 6951
[X] Agree to eat dinner
>> No. 6952
[x] Agree to eat dinner
>> No. 6953
[] Agree to eat dinner, but only if she CAVES you

No, seriously,
[X] Agree to eat Keine
>> No. 6955
File 121541386082.jpg - (293.50KB , 450x580 , youwishyouweremokou.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Agree to eat dinner

You decide to go ahead and cave in. It'd be rude to refuse her, and you're really really hungry anyways. Not having had lunch and walking around all day has really taken its toll on you. You feel like you could eat a horse. That heavenly smell calls out to you, making it extra difficult to refuse as well. And in the end you just can't say no to that smile anyways. Seeing Keine like this makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside for some reason. Besides, there's the most important factor to consider, you're a guy. And what guy in his right mind would refuse a home-cooked meal? Especially from such a lovely lady?

“Fine, I'll have dinner with you if it's not a problem.” You say.
“Oh it's no problem at all, it'll be my pleasure.” Keine says with a smile. “Now that that's settled, if you'll excuse me I have to put on the finishing touches. Just wait right here and it'll be done soon.”

You nod in affirmation as Keine turns and leave for the kitchen. You sit there patiently, awaiting the food. Truth be told, you think that you're going to go mad before you get the food. That smell, that wonderful odor, it's wreaking havoc on your stomach. Rumbling is too weak of a word to describe what your stomach is doing. It's as if it's trying to punch its way out of your body to get to the food. You can barely control the embarrassingly loud noises coming from you. In the distance you hear Keine humming, and the occasional clang of metal on metal. You try to focus on something, anything to distract you.

You try playing with Albion. You connect the doll to you and start to play around as usual. But apparently you're incapable of doing even that, as you find it extremely hard to control her movements. The doll stumbles around and her movements are anything but graceful. You're having a hard time just concentrating. You feel that any magical capacity that you might have is directly tied in with your physical status. It's something seemingly obvious, but only now does it seem apparent. Fatigue, hunger, and other status ailments adversely affect your capabilities. You sigh as you decide to give up messing around with Albion. You've got nothing to do and it's driving you mad. You can almost feel your body try to move by itself, heading towards the kitchen. You don't care that it's not done, you want food. You want it now. It must be yours. MUST CONSUME.

No snap out of it.. You've got to behave. This is no time to freak out Keine with your weird behavior. She invited you to eat with her, so you've got to behave properly. It's only fair. You can be weak and disgusting on your own time. You are fighting a violent civil war here. It's as if instinct and reason are fighting it out. This somehow is eerily similar to something else that's happened... Something about your instinct overpowering your reason. Still, you're not going to lose. You focus yourself entirely on restraining yourself. It takes every single ounce of patience from your being but you manage to pull it off. You're keeping your instinct at bay. You don't know how much longer you can keep this up.

“Shirou~!” You hear a voice call out. “Could you come over here please?”

It's coming from the direction of the kitchen. FOOD!? Your body looses control and you bolt towards the source of the voice. You enter a small room in the back of the house, at the end of the hallway. You were mostly led here by your nose, the smell served as a guide for you. You can't even focus on your surroundings as your senses are honed to find food.

“Could you be a dear and set the table?” The voice asks. You realize that Keine is standing in the room, back turned to you, tending to a couple of pots over a stove. “It's almost done, and I forgot to set the table. The plates and mantle are by the door on the counter.”

You realize that she's asking you to do something. You just want to shove her aside and wolf down the food, but the remaining reason inside of you makes a comeback. You gain control of yourself long enough to reason that in the time it takes you to set the table, the food should be ready.

“Yeah, sure...” You weakly reply. You look to your side and see on top of a counter a small folded up with piece of cloth, alongside a couple of dishes, glasses, and cutlery. You carefully pile up everything and take it with you. You go back to the room that you were in and set everything on the table. You stretch out the piece of cloth. It's a small rectangular table mantle . There's a bit of embroidering on the edge, making a nice simple geometrical pattern. You then set two places at the table, positioning the plates, eating utensils, and glasses in the proper place. Just when you're about to leave and go back to the kitchen, Keine comes in.

She's carrying a rather large oblong plate in one hand and a pot with the other. She's got an oven mitt on the hand that's holding the pot and she carries both items to the table.

“Well then, food's ready.” She says happily. “Wait a moment that I'm going to get something for us to drink.”

She leaves the room but you can't stop staring at the food. On the platter there's a rather large serving of rice. It's not white rice either. But instead it looks like it's some sort of Chinese-style derivative of sorts. You can spot various bits of egg, garlic, what seems to be bacon, green onion, and a bunch of other ingredients mixed in. However, what differentiates this from normal fried rice is the fact that it's still sticky. What the hell? You don't know the secret to it but it looks mighty delicious.

Then there's the stuff in the pot. On first glance it looks like a sort of beef stew or stroganoff. It looks really thick and you can see pieces of what seem to be cubes of meat occasionally float to the surface. The smell. That heavenly scent is coming from this. You must have it. You don't care what it is but you must eat it. It could be your best friend chopped up into pieces, but you would still eat it. You're completely entranced by it, you've started salivating ferociously again.

“I hope wine will be fine.” Your predatory glances at the food are interrupted by the sweet voice of this meal's chef.
“Yeah, that's okay.” You bring yourself to answer, only tearing your gaze away from the food momentarily.
>> No. 6956
Keine motions you to sit down and the two of you sit. She pours you a bit of wine into your glass and does the same for herself. She then prompts you to serve yourself some food. You're all to happy to oblige, serving yourself with rather large portions.

“I'm glad you're so eager to eat. There's nothing better than having the food you lovingly made eaten.” Keine says with a smile, while observing you funnel food onto your plate.

You serve yourself some rice first and then scoop up some of the stroganoff and put it on the side of your plate. You can identify chunks of meat and vegetable in the delicious-looking substance. Having served yourself, you offer Keine food.

“Thank you.” She says. “The rice is a type of fried rice typical to these parts, the villagers pickle the rice before frying it and it makes it stay sticky. As for the other element, that's my own invention. It's a really thick stew of sorts I mix with a bunch of different ingredients. I found that these two dishes compliment each other perfectly.”

You just look at her silently as she finishes serving herself food. After she's done she takes her wineglass in her hand.

“Cheers.” She says raising the glass up. “It's not everyday that I get to eat in good company.”
“Cheers.” You say repeating her gesture. You bump glasses, a satisfying *clink* sounds, and you then drink a bit. The refreshing full-bodied taste of the wine goes down smooth. You look at Keine for a bit and the two of you exchange smiles. You feel a certain warmth from sharing this moment in this intimate setting.

It looks like she's waiting for you to try the food. Not really being able to contain yourself, you gently scoop up some rice and some of the stew and bring it to your mouth. As the food comes near your face you inhale deeply, taking in that wonderful scent. You feel that the smell alone is enough to bring back a dying man from the jaws of hades. Not wanting to let the schoolteacher down, you open your mouth and introduce your food to your taste buds. Almost immediately you feel the flavor. It's simply indescribable. Normally you'd use a whole range of words to describe how it seems to gently caress your tongue while it causes your body to shake in ecstasy, but mere words are not enough to convey this feeling. It's beyond words. It's as simple as that. This might be the best meal you've had since you came to Gensokyo. Scratch that. In your whole life.

You don't know what it is. If it's the ingredients. The preparation. The person who made it. The atmosphere. Your hunger. Or what. You just know that this is god-like. You quickly swallow and before you know it you're eating like some sort of frenzied animal. The floodgates are open and your instincts take over. From the corner of your eye you can see that Keine is smiling brightly while eating her food. That's not important. What's important is that the mound of food on your plate has already disappeared, gone in an instant.

“Please help yourself to more if you're hungry.” You hear a happy voice say in the far off distance. You really can't think of anything else but the food, so you serve yourself with a large pile and continue to eat.

Soon you're done with that. So you take more.


And you finish that.


And the cycle repeats.

At some point you came to your senses again, as you can clearly control your actions freely. You notice that you've eaten over half of that massive pot and platter by yourself. You're surprised that you could stomach that much in the first place. You can't help but to look at Keine in embarrassment now. You except her to look at you like some sort of animal, a beast that can't control himself.

Much to your surprise nothing of the sort is occurring with her. She's sitting there munching happily with the happiest expression that you've ever her seen her sporting. In fact, you're almost certain that she's projecting an aura of goodwill and satisfaction. It's almost blinding. You sip at your wine as you try to think of what to say. Luckily for you, Keine says something. She starts up a conversation.

“I hadn't seen anyone eat the way that you have ever.” She says.
“I'm sorry, I know it was rude bu-” You try to apologize.
“No, don't get me wrong. I'm impressed! It makes truly happy that you were enjoying my food like that. You know, when somebody cooks a part of them goes into their cooking. So if you're being negative it'll be reflected on the food. I like to believe I put my love and other feelings into my food. So I get happy when other people enjoy it.” She smiles a full smile now. “It's like other people are accepting me and my love.”

You feel that you're blushing. You're not exactly sure why, but you think that what she's saying is extremely embarrassing. You? Taking her love into yourself? The romantic in you is swooning at the notion. It's certainly a nice thought, and you can almost feel her love as she would claim. Indeed the food felt like it was specially made. You feel like the luckiest guy on earth to be able to eat his. Still, you try to deflect your embarrassment by asking a question.

“Doesn't Mokou appreciate your food like I did?”
“Mokou? No I'm afraid not. I don't know if it's because she's lived so much, but it's hard to get a reaction out of her. Unless it's with alcohol of course.”
“I see.” You say a bit disappointed. How could there be someone who doesn't appreciate this!? Doesn't that girl know that Keine's feelings are transmitted through her cooking!? “At least I enjoy it, I've really haven't had anything quite so delicious in my lifetime.”
“Oh you, you're making me blush.” Keine say, and indeed you can see her becoming a bit red. It was just a simple compliment, but you can tell that she's taking it seriously. You have drunk a bit of wine so it might just be that as well. “This is something anyone can make.”
“There's no need to be so modest. I meant what I said. This is truly unique and special.”

A bit of a silence falls on the dinner table. Now would seem like a good time to change subjects. There's quite a lot that you could talk to her about. But you should prioritize in case you want to get back home early. Or at the very least, before you drink too much. That might be a possibility seeing that Keine is pouring even more wine for the both of you. You feel inclined to relax and take it easy. It's a very distinct possibility. Spending time here with Keine is so relaxing. You find yourself subconsciously wishing that you could stay here much longer. The schoolteacher is lovely company, and you feel calm and safe.

[] Ask her more about what she's been up to
[] Ask her about becoming a schoolteacher
[] Ask her how to score some cash, quickly
[] Ask her out on another date
[] Bask in her glow

Prioritize people, depending on what you do you might get to ask some of these question later. Or new questions. Right now your blood-alcohol level is getting high, so the less you prioritize the more complicated the answers will be (accuracy wise).
Haha, that would have been a very interesting choice. Just ask the IRC zombies. Same as insisting that she feed you.
>> No. 6957
[x] Ask her out on another date

I'm prioritizing alright.
>> No. 6958
[] Ask her out on another date
oho why not give her more dance lessons
>> No. 6959
[x] "Well if you put your love in this food, and that means you put your love into me, would it be alright if I put my love into you?"
>> No. 6960
So when is anon finally going to pick a girl already?
>> No. 6961

I discovered Reisen route is not looking as good as I thought it was. So I'm going for Keine now.

If you think about it...of all people, she's the only one we haven't managed to piss off yet. (...not to my knowledge anyway)
>> No. 6962
[x] "Well if you put your love in this food, and that means you put your love into me, would it be alright if I put my love into you?"

Let's get into bed with Keine now.
>> No. 6963
Alice, Mokou, and Keine all fall into that category. Eirin may or may not be pissed off at us per se, and we just haven't had much face time with Tewi.
>> No. 6964

Mokou got pissed at us when we insisted on going back to the Eientei that one night we escaped, Eirin got pissed at us for Kaguya and escaping that same night as far as I know, and Alice is just emo. Slit slit.

By the way guys, some of you might've realized this. Shirou was really fucking famished in this update, yes? Imagine if you had chosen the speed feeding option. Shirou likely would have given in to this hunger and collapsed, at which points Keine would've been more or less happy to feed us herself to help us. This is where Shirou dons his Just as Planned face and we don our DESPAIR face for missing such an awesome scene.
>> No. 6965
[] Ask her about becoming a schoolteacher
>> No. 6966

Mokou doesn't seem to be all that pissed at us about that. As for Alice, we did sort of already declare our love for her in a dead serious kind of way - given that she's a youkai, likely one powerful enough to kill us without breaking a sweat, would it really be wise to turn around and break her heart?
>> No. 6967

No, Mokou hasn't held a grudge with us about that, but it still counts as a time we've fucked up with her. And...I'd really rather not talk about the Alice bit. At all.

Really, that decision makes me sick, even if I incited it. Biggest mistake in my career as would-be Jesus, right next to Bible Black.
>> No. 6968
[x] Ask her out on another date

Why not.
>> No. 6969
[x] Ask her out on another date

Keine route it is then.
>> No. 6970
Whatever floats your boat. All I'm saying is that we're going to have to cross that bridge eventually if we intend to get anything resembling a good end, and that personally I would like to think that anon has the balls to stick by whatever decision he makes in the end.
>> No. 6972
[] Ask her about becoming a schoolteacher
>> No. 6973
[+] Ask her out on another date
>> No. 6974
[x] Ask her how to score some cash, quickly
Stop being dumb Anon, we want that Kaguya Route goddamnit.
>> No. 6975
You honestly think Keine will help? She's a fucking TEACHER. How much money do you think she makes?!
>> No. 6976
She lives in the Human Village and knows best where to make some cash.
And if you read it, it doesn't mention something like "Can you lend me some cash Keine?"
We ASK her if she knows how to make some money.
>> No. 6977
File 121542219628.jpg - (249.55KB , 563x850 , Keinen.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask her out on another date

The atmosphere here is just great. The two of you gradually gear down, leisurely sipping wine whilst relaxing. You look at Keine. She's absolutely radiant. You feel an overwhelming desire to extend this feeling. You're not sure, but a very deep fondness is being left by Keine within your heart. You can feel yourself blushing a bit, and you genuinely feel good about the world. That's why you've got to ask her. Yeah, this would be a good a time as any.

You take another lazy sip from your glass and then put it down on the table.

“Keine, may I ask you something?” You gently begin to ask.
“Sure, what is it Shirou?”
“Well, I was just wondering if...” You mentally prepare yourself. “...you'd like to go out with me again sometime. You know, like last time...” Dammit! You can't bring yourself to say 'date'. You're too embarrassed by the smiling person sitting opposite you. She's like a goddess, being in her presence is humbling you. It certainly makes you feel less confident in these matters.
“Hmm, you mean you want me to accompany you somewhere?” She asks tilting her head. “I've been awfully busy with teaching lately so I'm afraid I can't just say yes unless it's an exception.”
“Ah- that's not quite it, I wanted to go out just the two of us to somewhere special.”
“Somewhere special? Like where? There's not much to do here in the village if you haven't noticed. And well, it's dangerous to leave after dark, and I don't really have time during the day.” She says pensively. Damn, this isn't turning out the way you wanted it to. You've got to get on top of the situation.
“That's not the point!” You try to say desperately. “I just want to spend time together – just the two of us, you know.”
“Aren't we doing that now?” She says, making an excellent point. You can't refute the fact that you're indeed spending time together. And it's just the two of you. In her house. Having dinner. Holy Hannah! This is a date! A date complete with wining and dining. As the two of you have been talking, you've been relaxing and getting to know each other better.
“Yeah, but it sounds better if we call it a date.” You finally say, pouting a bit.
“Is that what this is about? You wanted to go out on a date with me.?” You look at her as she says this. You had half-expected her to scold you like a teacher would or maybe even a mother, but instead she turns beet-red.

Huh? This isn't what you expected. It'd seem that Keine, too, has realized that this evening could be considered a date. A man and a woman eating dinner, drinking wine, and talking about spending time together. Sure as hell sounds like a date. That or two old buddies. You ain't definitely the latter. The two of you just sit there for a while, too embarrassed to look the other in the eye. Wow, you didn't realize you were so self-conscious. Is it because of her reaction that you're acting like this as well? You aren't exactly the most assertive person, but you like to think that you can talk to people without clamming up.

“I would have to make room in my schedule. You'd be an exception.” You eventually hear her say. She says it in a low tone of voice

Eh? Did you hear that right?

“Sorry, but I didn't quite get that.” You say. You look up to see that Keine is staring at you with a steady gaze. She's still as red as a tomato, but you can tell she's trying her best not to let it show.
“I said that I'd need to make some room in my schedule. But I can work that out later. You just need to say when.”

You think about it. Wow, she's basically said yes. Despite her chaotic and busy schedule. Oh wow. You can't quite believe it. This is really special. You shouldn't just settle for anything. You should plan an all-out date then. Something with a concrete plan. If Gensokyo weren't so messed up, you'd look for a boat rental place for the lake or something. But you know it to be impossible. Crap, you don't know what to say right now.

“I'll think about it, so make sure to be able to clear your schedule for a day. I'll show you a good time!” You try to feign confidence despite the fact that you're not very sure what you'd do.

It looks like she bought it as she nods happily.

“I'll look forward to it.” She simply says.

The two of you drink even more wine and at one point you help her clean up, moving the dirty dishes to the kitchen. The two of you then move to the couch and chairs and sit down, chatting and making small talk. Mostly, you comment about Mokou, trying to relieve any awkwardness between the two of you. You realize that you should ask Keine something else around about now, lest you soon loose your cognitive functions. However, you're interrupted by Keine. Keine asks you if you would like anything else.

“Would you like a cup of tea, coffee, perhaps a digestif?” She asks.
“Anything that you would recommend?” You ask trying to think this through.
“I'm going to have a bit of a spirit that I have here.”

It looks like you'll have to choose something to drink. You might as well think of a question to ask her beforehand as well, just in case your creative abilities are further dampened by alcohol. Or maybe alcohol would be a good thing getting you and Keine to loosen up more, and fight against tension. In any case you shouldn't leave her waiting for your answer.

Choose one here:
[] Coffee
[] Tea
[] Whatever you're having
[] Tea + brandy
[] Nothing/Water

And here:

[] Ask her how to get money quickly
[] Ask her for her input on this situation (your task, what you've learned, etc)
[] Ask her about the possibility of teaching
[] Use the time to flirt with her
[] Don't ask anything
Alright small update for now, and barring a sudden and rapid influx of votes and reasoning I'm stopping until later. Probably just a couple of hours though. Just enough to take a nap.
>> No. 6979
[x] Whatever you're having
[x] Use the time to flirt with her

We'll ask her about the other stuff after we've gotten in bed with her.
>> No. 6980
[X] Tea + brandy
[X] Use the time to flirt with her
>> No. 6981
[x] Whatever you're having
[x] Use the time to flirt with her
Who said we can't spend the night and ask her tomorrow?
>> No. 6982
[+] Whatever you're having
[+] Use the time to flirt with her
>> No. 6983
[x] Whatever you're having
[x] Use the time to flirt with her

>> No. 6984
[x] Whatever you're having
[x] Use the time to flirt with her

>> No. 6985
[x] Whatever you're having
[x] Use the time to flirt with her

Giving into the bandwagon.
>> No. 6986
[x] Whatever you're having
[x] Use the time to flirt with her

>> No. 6987
File 121542424179.jpg - (8.72KB , 231x226 , alcoholy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Admiral Yang and most of the Free Iserlohn Government upper-echelon staff agree with your choice of drink.
>> No. 6988
[X] Tea + brandy
[X] Use the time to flirt with her

Poor Kaguya, we will never get her Route.
>> No. 6990
[X] Whatever you're having
[X] Use the time to flirt with her

Going for the bandwagon.
>> No. 6994
[+] Tea + brandy
[+] Ask her how to get money quickly
We need to get this out of the way before we get too plastered and/or tired.

When we do get a little too bitten, I vote for a repeat of [+] Buttpillows.
>> No. 6995
[X] Whatever you're having
[X] Ask her for her input on this situation (your task, what you've learned, etc)

As tempting as flirting is, I think it would be best to get our situation explained while we're both still coherent. If that includes our promise to treat Reimu to lunch tomorrow, then that could lead in to how we could go about getting some money.
Otherwise, that would be a good time to bring up helping her teach, especially since we've been shown that her schedule is really busy. She's willing to make room for us in her schedule to go on a date, so it would be nice if we helped her make it even easier to do so.

Flirting, I think, would be best saved to help things wind down after we get the serious business cleared away. End things on a light note.
>> No. 6996
[X] Whatever you're having
[X] Ask her for her input on this situation (your task, what you've learned, etc)
[X] Ask her about the possibility of teaching
>> No. 7000
[x] Whatever you're having
[x] Use the time to flirt with her

“I think I'll have whatever you're going to have, thanks.” You tell the schoolteacher.
“Right. Please wait a moment.” Keine says as she stands up. She walks over to one of the shelves and you notice that you hadn't seen a small chest of drawers that stood next to it. She opens one of the drawers and takes out a brown tinted bottle. She also removes two rather large glasses (similar to a whiskey glass but slightly more open at the top) from there. She puts down the bottle and leaves the room for a moment with the two glasses in hand.

She returns after a brief moment and you see that the two glasses that she's holding contain several cubes of ice. You can't help but wonder where she got the ice from, it's not like you saw a refrigerator on your way in. You dispel those thoughts however as she comes near you and puts down the glasses on the table. She then takes the darkly-colored bottle and opens it. She then proceeds to pour some of the contents into each glass. It's an amber-colored liquid that seems to remind you of the way wheat looks just before harvest. You notice how Keine gracefully handles the bottle, her motions look natural and fluid. After pouring a little more than a third of a glassful into each glass, she stops and closes the bottle again. She then leaves the bottle on the table and returns to you, smiling and carrying a glass in each hand.

“Here you go, enjoy.” She tells you as she hands you a glass. You accept it and she then sits down on a chair that's to your left.
“Thank you.”
“Drink up then, this stuff is good.” Keine takes the glass with a firm grip and puts it to her lips, you observe as the amber-colored liquid leaves the glass and enters her mouth. You don't know what it is, but you're mesmerized by this whole ordeal. Seeing this gives you gratification for some reason, it's almost erotic even you think. Everything from Keine's long thin fingers grasping the glass assertively to the way that she closes her eyes as she takes a sip. You can tell from her expression that she expects it to be good as her body looks relaxed; you don't perceive a single muscle on her tensing up. You feel your heart beating fast as you see her gulp down her mouth load of liquor. You see how the delicate muscles on her fine unblemished neck contract for a moment as she swallows. She then removes the glass from her lips and you can see a smile on her face as she enjoys the flavor of the alcohol. “What's wrong? Drink up.” She comments as she opens her eyes and sees you staring at her. You realize that it'd probably be best if you drank as well.

You take your glass and bring it to your face. Taking a brief whiff of the alcohol, you determine that it has a soft scent that is agreeable. If you had to describe it you'd say that it's something in between the smell of a spiced rum and the tickling smell of cognac. Deciding that it must be good, you gingerly take a small sip. A surprisingly smooth flavor. It reminds you somewhat of a port wine in its sweetness, but the texture and aftertaste is definitely that of a spirit. Not bad at all. It certainly fulfills its role as a digestif perfectly. You reckon that the alcoholic content in the beverage should be on par with a fortified wine, perhaps more. Probably along the same range of most spirits. So this is definitely something that you don't want to chug.

“So, how is it? Do you like it?” You look up to see the schoolteacher smiling at you. Her normally fair and kind features are all the more accentuated by the slight flush that her skin has now. It makes her look absolutely stunning really. It makes talking to her normally all the more difficult.
“I quite like it.” You say, telling the truth. “It's a curious mix of flavors and textures, but that's a good thing in this case. I hadn't expected Gensokyo to have something as special as this.”
“Well, it's made from a mixture of things grown around here and left to age in a special container. I'll show you sometime if you want.” She says giggling a bit.
“That'd be great. I'll look forward to it.”

Keine then takes another sip from her glass. Once again, you stop and carefully observe how she smoothly executes her actions with no problems. You thought that the schoolteacher might be a bit more clumsy, due to her job, but you can see now that she possess a certain elegance and refinement that would put many a lady of the court in shame. It's really bewitching. Yeah, it's as if you're seeing a side of her that her pupils don't get to see through her daily lessons. Or maybe they do see it, but only vague hints dropped through subtle actions such as the way she holds the chalk or how she reads from a book.

You can't help but notice that her actions are very different from normal. She's even taken off her hat, leaving it by the side of the chair. You look at her long hair and notice that it has a particularly good sheen and firmness. You don't know if it's because of the wine you had earlier or because you're at her home, but she seems more relaxed. You realize what it is. She's let her guard down a bit. Normally you think that she puts on an aura of firmness and strength for her students and the villagers. There's no doubt that they respect her for it, but you don't know if it also pushes them away a bit. It's just a hunch but you think that that might be the case here. Having to set an example in society, since she's the custodian of the village's youth, she seldom can show these more intimate and ultimately human sides. You do think that her kindness hints at it, how she probably deals with the children is likely in a soft motherly manner, but you don't know if that's overshadowed by her expected role. You can just tell that you want to find out more if possible. There's a lot that you want to know about from her, and not just information that's useful in the short term (such as getting money), you want to know more about her as a person.
Sorry, but I got to go out now. So I'll be back in maybe 3 to 4 hours with the continuation. So look forward to it. Any comments and theories are, as always, welcome.
>> No. 7001
Your attention to detail and and smooth writing is something I hope I can gain someday. Truly wonderful writing.
>> No. 7002

Your attention to asskissing and and brown-nose is something I hope I can gain someday. Truly wonderful suck-up.
>> No. 7003

Your attention to flaming and baiting is something I hope I can gain someday. Truly wonderful trolling.
>> No. 7004

Your attention to (gerund A) and (related gerund B) is something I hope I can gain someday. Truly wonderful (related gerund C).
>> No. 7005
File 121548102540.jpg - (92.09KB , 400x352 , 120909321378.jpg ) [iqdb]

And that was how you were born, Lilly.
Ack, F.O.E!
>> No. 7006
You serious?
Well, i think he writes good, even if people say he sucks. Those are the ones who are butthurt from before.
Always enjoy /eientei/, but this needs more needle time and sexing up Eirin.
>> No. 7007
For the most part, I just really liked this post in particular...it seems to stand out from the rest of Teru's writing.

...or maybe I'm just thinking that because I like Keine.
>> No. 7010

Sukima, your writing style is for better or worse not differentiable from Teruyo's. Honestly, I had assumed you were a rather bizarre parody.
>> No. 7017
Great, we totally fucked up.

Good job on not staying on target (KAGUYA AND NO I AM NOT MAKING A FUCKING TYPO) and fucking up a good chance to get the most recent plot hook off our asses, you collection of faggots.
>> No. 7018
I think it's best to just give up hope for a Kaguya route this go-around. We squandered chance after chance to be with her up to this point, and to get the most out of her route we would have had to have spent a lot more time with Mokou than we have, as well.

We could still try for it, but it would likely be only a faint shadow of what it could have been.
>> No. 7019
Well there's a subroute that isn't that Mokou intensive. Or at the very least her lack of her presence doesn't take away from it at all. You might get it considering how close you are to triggering one of the flags. Of course, this is assuming that anon can get his act together, instead of lusting after every single thing that has a pulse. Not that that kind of thought isn't completely meritless.

Anyways, back to my point. As I wrote I realized that this scene could go more than one way, so what the hell, I decided to ask you guys something. How to flirt with Keine. My vision is already set, and the results are set, but maybe you guys want to take a specific stab at it. So if you vote yes for anon's specified attitude, make sure to describe what it is you want to do/say (eg subtly hint at her beauty or compliment her hard working nature or something of the sort.). Tone of voice and general sentiment only I guess. Although if you feel that you MUST say a certain line feel free to add it. If you guys just decide no, I'll finish writing the scene I have in mind.

[] Yes
[] No, just finish writing

Please bear in mind that by voting yes I'll wait until a large enough consensus is formed, so if you want me to get back to work fast vote no. But is anon bad enough a dude to pass off showing off his creative flirting techniques?
>> No. 7020
>>Of course, this is assuming that anon can get his act together, instead of lusting after every single thing that has a pulse.

>> No. 7021
[X] No, just finish writing

Oh yes, may as well vote.
>> No. 7022
[x] Yes

Start off by complimenting her on her elegance and grace, saying that she looks best when she's most relaxed. Tell her that you admire her style and calmness in everything she does and has a noble heart for taking on a school teaching job. Tell her that her that her great wisdom and knowledge is only matched by her beauty and charming looks. Compliment her on her long hair and tell her how much you like the color in it, before moving onto her face and telling her that she has the most gentle looking eyes you've seen. Tell her that you could stare into them all night long before moving down her lips and telling her how beautiful they look, matching perfectly with the rest of her face as you sit closer to her. Then take her hand and tell her more about her grace, about how smooth and soft all her motions are, just like the skin on the very hand you're holding. Grasp it tightly while you look her in the eyes telling her yo-

...I think I'm getting too descriptive now. But something like that.
>> No. 7023
[X] No, just finish writing
>> No. 7028
[x] No, just finish writing
>> No. 7029
[x] No, just finish writing
I don't talk to girls, i am living in the basement.
>> No. 7030
[x] No, just finish writing
>> No. 7034
[X] THIS! i like it
>> No. 7035

We aren't David. Shit will not work without THIS ROSE.
>> No. 7036
I miss david... SCORN COME BACK SOON
>> No. 7038
Teruyo updates where?
>> No. 7039

Busy field testing pick-up lines. He'll use the ones that provoke the most nausea.
>> No. 7040
get out of your room and start doing it.
>> No. 7041
Teruyo where are you in our times of need. No one else is writing, save us from the faggotry.
>> No. 7043
[x] No, just finish writing
>> No. 7045
Field results are as follows:
Total people talked to: 14
Slaps revieced: 4
Telephone numbers acquired: 7 (!)
Drinks bought: 20
Drinks bought by flirtees: 5
Worst recieved pick-up line: "Is that top felt? [No] Would you like it to be?"
Best recieved pick-up line: Do you have any raisins? No? How about a date? (mostly due to tone of voice)
Pick up line most inclined to make girl slap: "I bet you $20 I can kiss you without using my lips." She says, "Bet's on." kiss her, then say, "I lost."
Liklihood that I'm making this up: 89.1%
>> No. 7047
>"I bet you $20 I can kiss you without using my lips." She says, "Bet's on." kiss her, then say, "I lost."

Hahaha oh wow. That was great. Superb.
>> No. 7048
It is this type of thought that leads you to try your luck a bit. You just can't help yourself really, it must be the effect of the alcohol combined with the pleasant evening. You look at the teacher. She's silently sipping her drink. It's hard not to blush a bit when you see how relaxed and feminine she looks now. This might not be the best of ideas but you don't really care. You just want to follow what your heart tells you to do. This is why, after taking a deep breath and organizing your thoughts, you begin to speak. You start by something innocuous.

“Say Keine, I know I've said this before, but dinner was fantastic.” You commence by commenting on a well established subject. Keine puts down for a moment to reply.
“Oh Shirou, you don't have to compliment me on tonight's meal. I'm just glad I had someone to eat with, really.” She brushes off your compliment.
“But it wasn't just a meal for me.” You say, continuing the train of discussion. “It was heavenly. Your preparation and style is flawless. If you ever quit being a schoolteacher, you can easily become a chef!”
“Now, now Shirou that isn't true I'm not that good.” She humbly replies.
“No it's true. It's like your hands were blessed by a god. Such skill and dedication can not be explained by natural phenomena.”
“Oh you're too much.” She says.
“Not at all.” You decide to strike at where you know she's skilled next. “You're kind and not just good with cooking, you're good at dealing with people. Just look at me. I'm not the most sociable of people and you've got me feeling like I'm walking on air every time I see you.”

Hmm, maybe you came off as too much of a kiss-ass with that one.

“Oh that's not me at all, that's you.” She replies. “It's all about your attitude. I mean, you did shamelessly dance into my classroom twice now. I would hardly call that 'poor people skills'.” She giggles slightly.

You can't think of anything else to say for now, so you just brood for a bit with your glass of alcohol. You realize that you've drank it all.

“Would you like some more?” Keine asks, noticing your empty glass.
“Yeah, that'd be fine.” You say, handing her the glass.

The takes it from you, and she puts it down and grabs the bottle. Gently removing the cap, she serves you a bit more of alcohol. She does the same for herself, supplementing the almost exhausted supply in her own glass. She expertly puts the cap back on the bottle and then hands you your glass.

“Thank you.” You say. You haven't been defeated yet, your inner voice really wanted you to do this, so you shall. It cannot end here. You decide to try a new angle.

“Well, I'd like to also say that there's another thing that I've noticed about you.” You say.
“Oh, what is that?” Keine asks, obviously humoring your attempt.
“Well, it's that despite your behavior as being strict with your students and setting them straight, you're really a kind person. You're nice to everyone, I mean, you invited me for dinner on a whim, and you've even let me stay here while drunk. Its this, above all, that sets you apart from other people and makes you special. I bet you'll make whomever you marry a very happy person. ”

It would seem that you last comment struck a cord with her. You think so because she doesn't reply. You look at her and see that she's silently blushing. Oh? How interesting. You had never expected her to be so sensitive about getting married in the future. Maybe it's because of her fondness for children? You think that it's one of the reasons she became a schoolteacher. It's quite obvious to tell by just looking at her teaching a class. Maybe she wants children of her own? Perhaps this merits additional probing.

“Yeah, it's not just that. But I'm sure that you'll make an excellent mother.” You say, gaging her reaction. You look at her and see that she's put down her glass and is now fidgeting with her dress. You can't see her expression quite clearly, as her face is facing downwards. Are you getting to her?

[] Write-in option

Because it's more fun to see where anon will take this. Go for broke? Fuck up? Try to change the topic?

The vote is yours.
>> No. 7049
[X] Anemia option. In to her breasts.

It worked in our favor before. Yes, I'd consider that BAD END a good outcome.
>> No. 7051
[x] you lost me.
>> No. 7052
[x] "Well perhaps I make too many assumptions about others' desires. If I seem overly free in my compliments though, there's a reason for it: Due to circumstances outside my control, I may be forced to leave Gensokyo permanently in the very near future, so I may be more forward than I normally would be. Given that my life in the Outside was so depressing as to be equivalent to a death sentence, I don't want to leave here--at least not with only regrets to mark my having existed, you see?"

Seems like a good segue into telling her about our problems; with this she should be encouraged to speak candidly.
>> No. 7054
[x] Regale her with a song.

Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
If you let me speak
It'll take a minute or two
I'll tell you how I became a were-hakutaku

In Gensokyo born and raised
In the schoolhouse was where I spent most of my days
Studyin' readin' learnin' history
My unweighted GPA was a 4.3
When a hakutaku
Who was throwin' a fit
Came into town and started tearin' up shit
I got one lil' bite and my mom let out a cry
She said 'You now carry the curse of that damn youkai!'

Things went okay 'til the moon came up
'Cuz I grew horns and a tail and got a green getup
If anything I can say that I was quite riled
'Specially since the townfolk had me exiled

I wandered around and found a village being harassed
By a night sparrow; I kicked its sorry youkai ass
And the people accepted me
Even though they knew
That I'm actually a were-hakutaku
>> No. 7055
[X] Ask her to dance
>> No. 7056
[X] Ask her to dance

It has to happen sooner or later, and since she's set down her drink and getting fidgety, it might be a good way to calm things down a bit.
>> No. 7057
[X] Ask her to dance
[X] Teach her how to Moonwalk
>> No. 7058
[X] Ask her to dance
[X] Teach her how to Moonwalk

>> No. 7059
[X] Ask her to dance
>> No. 7060
[X] Anemia option. Into her breasts.
>> No. 7062
[x] Ask her to dance
>> No. 7063
[x] Ask her to dance

Bandwagoning this before other, stupider options come out. Would like to continue talking to her about marriage and such, but maybe that's a little too early!
>> No. 7064
File 121572508510.png - (262.02KB , 1200x1600 , 1213752637170.png ) [iqdb]
[x] TAKE her for a dance.


Although a headbutt'd/caved BAD END would be great too.
>> No. 7065
[X] Ask her to dance

This won, writing soonish.
>> No. 7066
As nice as it is to see Anon not royally fucking things up with someone for a change, I wonder just how much further he can really go with this before the other shoe inevitably drops.
Between where we are now with Alice, and where we may or may not be with Aya (hard to tell, since we haven't seen her since the party), I'm afraid we're setting ourselves for one hell of a fireworks show in the future. Both literally and figuratively, depending on whether or not Marisa gets involved.
>> No. 7067
>> No. 7068
>Ack, FOE
.....You better hold your mouth muh boi
>> No. 7072