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6542 No. 6542
[x] Knock

Torn in between wanting to hear what the conversation is about while not really wanting to risk outright eavesdropping, you think it best to knock on Kaguya's door. This way you might be able to learn the identity of the other person whilst maybe even accidentally overhearing the subject matter. It may be a gamble, but it might satisfy your curiosity. If you leave and come back a bit later you risk that possibility of not getting to meet whomever is inside with Kaguya. You are honestly curious to find out who the owner of the mystery voice is. It is truly distinctive and mysterious, something akin to a siren's call. You can't resist wondering about its owner.

You close in on Kaguya's door. The voices quiet down all of a sudden. You don't really know why, but you get the impression that the people behind that door have just concluded their business. You can just hear what seem to be low murmurs coming from within now. You definitely can't make out what's possibly being said inside now. It's obvious that the tone of the conversation, even if it is being carried on, has changed from just an instant before. You're a bit puzzled, but you still don't relent and make for the door. You hesitate slightly in front of the actual door but it's only for a moment. You gently knock upon the sliding door. When you do so, you notice that the voices inside pause for an instant. You wait for a reply from the inside before coming in.

To be completely honest you kinda wanted to just run in and perform a spectacular dynamic entry. You don't know who the lucky recipient of your move would be, but surely it would be a sight worth checking out. However, the voice that suggests it in the first place was drowned out easily by your eventual choice, knocking. Well, you never really know what kind of trouble you might start if you did that anyways. Who knows, if you hit your buddy you'd never forgive yourself and if you hit someone powerful, you'd be in for a world of hurt. A shiver travels through your spine as you get an image of you being ripped apart into a few roughly cut chunks of meat. That's not a dignified way to die. You gulp and just patiently wait at the door.

“Please wait a moment, I'll be with you in just a moment.” You hear a reply come from inside. The feminine voice definitely belongs to Kaguya. You have no recourse but to abide by her declaration. You hear Kaguya speaking to the other person inside in a collected tone and the other voice replies in kind. You still can't really make out what they're saying, but from the general tone you think that they're exchanging pleasantries for now. Could it be that the other person is getting ready to leave? You think that that must be the case since you hear movement from within. You get ready to step aside from the door, as the person inside is sure to leave using the door. The movement, however, seems to conclude after a few moments. Could it be that the other person isn't going to leave after all? Well, this works to your advantage as well. You do want to meet this mystery person after all.

You wait eagerly for the inevitable invitation to come in. You don't wait very long, as you hear Kaguya's voice again soon enough. “Please come in now.”. You immediately open the door. You're quite curious to know what all of that was about. However, what you see is a disappointment. The room is empty, except for Kaguya who is sitting at her table, sipping a cup of tea. She's dressed in her usual dress and looks as beautiful as ever. There is a half empty cup opposite her near a pot of what you assume is tea, and it would seem to indicate that someone else was there just recently. You can't help but to look around and see if there's someone else in the room. The door to Kaguya's more intimate chamber is closed, but the lack of light from there discards the possibility that anyone is currently in there. Then what happened to the person that was in here? You try to come up with a logical explanation. Did your mind play tricks on you? Unlikely since you definitely heard the voice and the second cup here corroborates with your observations. You try to think further. Well, the window to this room is open, so it is possible that whomever was here flew away. Given the predisposition that the inhabitants of Gensokyo have for flying, it's not completely impossible.

Kaguya notices your looking about and gently asks you a question.

“Looking for someone?”

You can't help but to look around for a bit more, not being entirely convinced of this vanishing act, before replying to her.

“Well, it's just that I heard more than one voice coming from here, so I just assumed that there was someone else here. Since I didn't see anyone leave through the door, I was wondering if maybe they were still here.” You state, plainly telling Kaguya your current train of thought.

She seems to at first tense up at your comment and her expression becomes a bit more somber. But you look at her and she then smiles at you, softening her expression.

“Well, I'm glad that you're as forward as ever.” Kaguya says, and takes a sip from her cup of tea. “To tell you the truth, there was indeed another person here. But, as I'm sure that you know, people in Gensokyo have ways of getting around that would confound some of the more worldly outsiders.” Putting down the cup, she adds with a sly smile. You can't help but feel that she's about to say something to tease you. “You yourself have witnessed and done things that ordinarily aren't possible, isn't that correct? I hear that you have a predisposition to reacting well to certain types of medical trial.”

You think for a bit. Does she mean the trials with Eirin? If so, just how much of your dicking around does she know of? Wait. Wouldn't a better question be, 'when did she find the time to talk to Eirin'? You don't think that you've seen Eirin outside of the clinic besides the night of the festival and you're almost positive that you haven't seen Kaguya outside of her room for a while now. You continue to muse over these details. Could it be that everyone here has daily conferences without you knowing? You try to picture all of the inhabitants of Eientei sitting around a table, secretly discussing your antics and erupting in fits of laughter. Hey, that's not very nice. Even Reisen is laughing at you as you picture them almost dying watching Tewi's mimicking of your actions. They could at least be a bit nicer! You try your best. It's not your fault that you occasionally spaz out and end up messing up things.

You must have had a strange expression on your face since after you spaced out you are eventually returned to reality by Kaguya's giggling. You look at her and see that she's trying to contain her laughter by putting her hand to her face. You look at her slightly puzzled. It eludes you as to why she may be laughing. Could it be that she can read you mind!? You panic and try thinking random thoughts, anything to keep her from reading what you're feeling. A red truck, the African savannah, the cold Russian winter. Anything to keep her from reading your panic. You're dealing with a master here. It pays to be on guard. Now to figure out how to deceive her and keep your thoughts to yourself. You could try self-hypnosis. But you don't have the tools. What about clearing you mind? That might work. Wait. You're doing it very wrong. You're thinking all of this. No doubt that she's on to you. You nervously look at Kaguya with an expression of defeat on your face. Who are you kidding? She's already won.
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>> No. 6543
“Shirou...” Kaguya says in amidst laughter. “Please stop it! You're killing me!”
“Stop what?” You dumbly ask. “You know what I'm thinking, so there's no need to be so roundabout.”
“Know what you're thinking?!” She says in the most amused of tones. She emits a hearty laugh. It would be, by most accounts, an unfitting form of expression for a princess but Kaguya somehow makes it so even her unrestrained laughing is somehow becoming of her. “I.. have... no idea... what you're thinking!” She says, almost choking in laughter. “I'm just laughing at your expression, it's priceless!”
“What do you mean? Don't you have all of my thoughts figured out?” You ask, not quite getting what she means.
“Of course not! You just look like a confused moth in the daylight, unsure where to go or what to do!”
“I'm not sure I get your meaning.”

Kaguya just waves at you with her other hand as she tries to control her laughter. You take it as a sign to be silent and just stand there. It takes Kaguya a few minutes to completely stop laughing. You're not quite sure what it is that you did to her, but she apparently found it hilarious. Well, that can't be a bad thing you think. You don't think that anything bad ever comes from laughing. So it's just as well that the princess get this out of her system. Maybe it'd be best if you laughed as well, but you don't get what's so funny. And forced laughter just isn't any good. Eventually the lunarian regains her composure and you silently await for more input from her part.

“Ahh... that was a good laugh. I have to thank you for that.” Is the first thing that Kaguya says after her laughter subsides. “Well then, please sit, we have much to discuss.” She gently motions you to sit down down with her hand and you sit opposite her. As usual, you stare blankly at her, not really knowing what to say. You instead focus on her long silky-looking black hair. Oh what you wouldn't give to be able to feel that wonderful hair. “Would you like a cup of tea?” She asks of you, smiling a little. You nod and Kaguya removes the cup from in front of you. She gently puts it to one side and grabs a clean (you assume, anyways) cup that was besides her and pours tea gently from the teapot on the table. You note her natural grace as she does this. It looks like she certainly knows how to elegantly serve others. You wonder if she picked up this ability on her stay on Earth or if they have tea ceremonies on the Moon. Either way her high degree of sophistication is more than evident.

“Well then, I guess I should first answer your doubts about just now.” Kaguya says as she hands you the cup of tea. You take a sip as she begins to talk. “I was meeting with someone who is very related to your being here in Gensokyo. I was discussing something with her that I was going to discuss with you when I next saw you. It's just as well that we meet now.” Her tone of voice becomes a bit more serious, but her expression doesn't change. She is still is smiling at you. “I'll be blunt and tell you straight out. If you want I'll then explain in more detail.”

You nod at her slightly and transmit to her that you're ready to hear the truth of the matter.

“Well in short, you've got to make yourself useful.” Kaguya says with a serious expression.

Make yourself useful? Does she mean that you've got to help around Eientei? Like do the cleaning and other chores? Or maybe assist Eirin? Or perhaps be a personal attendant to her? You wonder exactly just what is it that she means by those choice words. You look at her, asking with your expression for her to clarify what she means. She picks up on your intention and continues.

“Basically, in order for you to be accepted here in Gensokyo by the self imposed powers that be, you must find your own niche.” Kaguya has now stopped sipping her tea and is instead completely focused on explaining. Her brow is rather pronounced as you can see that she's being completely serious. “It's not a written rule or anything, but as circumstances would dictate, I must appease others. Normally I would ignore such rude impositions on my guests, but there is little I can do to shield you at all moments from any retribution the other party may seek.” Kaguya surprises you by bowing down to you. “For this I am truly sorry. I know that my apologies won't remedy the situation, but I hope you can understand.”

You're far too shocked to even be able to say anything to her. Her apologizing to you has completely caught you off guard. You feel that, if anything, you should be the one apologizing. After all, you're the one that keeps screwing up and making a fool of yourself. You don't really quite understand the present situation but if all that it requires of you is to find something to do, then it's fine by you. You can see that the subject causes distress for Kaguya and you can't bear to see her like that. She is your buddy after all, and you can't allow any of your buddies to suffer. You make up your mind and manage to think up a reply for Kaguya. Yeah, it's up to you to take the lead on this one.

“Please, there's no need to apologize.” You state. “I don't really know why I have to do this, but I know that you probably tried your best up till now for my sake. So really, there's no need for you to apologize for anything.” Kaguya hears your words and props herself back up. You look at her and smile. You want to transmit to her that everything is alright. “I think that I'm an idiot at times, but if it's obvious that it's so important to you, I'll do my best. After all, I'm sure that I don't want to end my stay here just yet. There's a lot that I need to do still. We still have to play more together.”

Kaguya's then serious face betrays a hint of a smile as she hears your last few words. “Well then, I'm glad to hear it. Just so you know I'll help you out however I can.” You sip a bit more from your tea, satisfied with what she's telling you. “I didn't really talk specifics with this person, but I can more or less tell you what you can do. You have to prove your worth.” She moves a hand to her hair and starts twirling one of the ends. You observe as the shiny hair moves in response to her movements. It's quite hypnotizing. “This can be accomplished by you taking up a job of sorts or doing something worthy of mention. As an example. I think it would suffice if you were to get Eirin to endorse you.”

Well, that doesn't sound too hard. In that case all you need to do is walk down to the good doctor and ask for a favor. You don't see why she wouldn't help you out here. After all, it should be in her interest to keep you around as well. So it's settled then! You'll just go bug Eirin for help. You start to get up without thinking and Kaguya interrupts you.

“Wait!” She cries out. “If you're thinking that it's as simple as getting Eirin to rubber stamp you and that's it, you're wrong.” You sit back down and look at Kaguya. There's more to it? “You see,” Kaguya says. “You actually have to work. As in get someone to recognize you as their apprentice or something and ultimately gain a skill that merits your inclusion as a citizen of Gensokyo. I negotiated on your behalf for a two week tentative period for you to prove yourself. It's not much, but I trust you'll be able to satisfy the conditions before then. Once again I apologize for dumping this all on you, but there is really nothing that I can do about it.”
>> No. 6544
You think about it. You've been here for about two weeks anyways. Another two weeks should more than suffice for you to get enough accreditation for whomever it is that is imposing these stupid rules. You look at Kaguya. She seems to be rather upset by this whole business. She's trying her best to smile at you, but you know that she must be pissed off or disappointed. You know deep down that there's no way that she would make you do something seemingly pointless if she could help her. You just know it. She is your buddy after all. And you can tell without the need for words. It's weird, but you still feel a powerful connection to this girl that seems to transcend the normal rules of both relationships and time itself. It is because of this that you feel that you can confront this with grace. Still, you can't help but feel that you're somehow missing something here. Why now of all times? Wouldn't it have been better to challenge your presence here earlier, when you were less established? Or is this all part of a larger plan that you have yet to see?

“I understand.” You say. “I'll do my best to convince this entity that I'm worth having around. It should be easy with two weeks to pull it off.” You wink at Kaguya, to show her your confidence with your newly given task. “No sweat. I'll get right to it. I'll make sure to pick something awesome to do. I'll make my coming here worthwhile.”

The lunarian princess looks at you and then sight, as if saying 'I guess it can't be helped'. She retakes her cup and drinks the remaining tea. You follow suit and try to finish your tea as well. Kaguya puts down her cup and talks to you some more. The rest of the conversation is much less serious, as Kaguya remarks about such things like the latest episode of Code Gayass and the recently released UC Gundam game. You listen to her almost absentmindedly as you can't help but relax with this light talk. It's refreshing to hear about unimportant things especially after the large bombshell that was dropped on you. It's moments like these that make you feel like you're truly part of the odd bunch that inhabits Eientei. You relax and find yourself pleasantly passing the time with Kaguya. Yeah, this is definitely the way it should be. Not marred by stupid mistakes on your part or sabotaged by third parties. This is exactly the type of lifestyle that you'd be willing to fight for in order to protect.

You continue to talk to Kaguya for a while yet. The two of you laugh as you recount some of your more colorful actions since you arrived here. Yes, it's somewhat embarrassing to tell her about your getting lost in the woods and other events like those, but you feel that you're sharing it as two buddies having fun. What's missing from this scene is perhaps a couple of beers and snacks. But otherwise you think that you two are pretty much the stereotype for intimate friends relaxing around each other. Quite a bit of time passes with the two of you bantering. However, it's unfortunately true that all good things must come to an end. Kaguya segues into a more serious topic after you wrap up your conversation on why it's unfeasible to expect bipedal machines to replace tanks in the near future.

“Well, I hate to end things like this, when we were having such a good time.” She says fondly smiling at you. “But you've really got to get things sorted out. Time is of the essence. I think that if you establish what you're going to do by around noon tomorrow we'll be good. I'll speak to all parties involved and get things moving. I should get things going now.” She starts to move as if she's going to get up, but then stops as if she changed her mind. “Well, I almost forgot. We were going to use this meeting as well to clear up any other confusions that you may have.” She looks at you straight in the eye with a confident look. “So tell me, is there anything else that you need clearing up for? I should be able to spare enough time for a question or two without sacrificing anything. So ask away.”

You stare at her right back and think. Ah, now that you think about it there's a whole series of unresolved issues that you should ask her about. But, like she said, you should prioritize and ask about what's most important. It would seem that you're in crunch time now. No time to waste by idle chatter or speculation. You can think of a bunch of topics at hand. First and foremost there's this mysterious force that's making you try to prove that you fit in here. You don't even know why or who exactly is demanding this. Secondly, there's a whole bunch of questions that you can think of you regarding your relationship with Kaguya. Despite your exchange last time, you don't know if your feelings for her are clear and you definitely don't know what hers are towards you. That is a huge bother. Man, now that you think about it there's a hole heap of inquiries that you could pose to her.

Come to think of it there's something that you think that you're missing here. It's almost completely eluded you. There's still the question as to why she brought you here in the first place. You haven't gotten a direct answer from her yet. Come to think of it, it would seem that every time that something nearing the topic of the reason that you came here is brought up it gets shoved to the sidelines somehow. If you didn't completely trust your buddy, something which is an impossible thought for you, you might even start to suspect that she was purposefully trying to avoid the subject. Given how most of the time it's you that can't concentrate for more than five minutes per sitting you think that surely this is just a case of you not asking the right questions at the right time. Well it doesn't really matter much to you anyways. As far as you are concerned only the present is important. How things came to be tend to take a backseat to living it up. Well, you can't really think of any examples of this way of thinking but to be honest you can't really remember what you had for lunch yesterday either.

Okay. Focus. You're drifting off again. You shouldn't do that right now. You have to try to think what's most important here. You can't let yourself be sidetracked by petty issues. You feel that you won't get another chance to ask things like this for quite a while. So you have to make each question count.

[] Ask her more about the person that was here
[] Ask her just what exactly she's going to do now
[] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
[] Ask her about how she feels about you
[] Ask her about any recommendations for you to pursue now
[] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place
[] Don't ask her anything
Alright that's it. I overestimated how much free time I'd have to write during my trip so no sidestories are done yet. I'm also extremely tired, so I'm probably going to nap a bit. Which should give enough time for votes to come in. Think carefully anon.
>> No. 6545
[X] Ask her more about the person that was here
[X] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
>> No. 6546
{X} Ask her more about the person that was here.
{X} Ask her about any recommendations for you to pursue now.
>> No. 6547
[X] Ask her more about the person that was here
[X] Ask her about the kiss she gave you

God dammit Yukari and your racism against people from outside the border. I hope Shirou gets to unlimited blade works your ass
>> No. 6548
[x] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you

In that order.
>> No. 6549
[x] Ask her about how she feels about you
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you

It's fucking Yukari. Why do we need to ask about fucking Yukari. It's going to do none of us good to really know anything about her.
>> No. 6551
[x] Ask her more about the person that was here
[x] Ask her about any recommendations for you to pursue now

Wow, Yukari. You seriously want random humans to fuck with the power balance of Gensokyo? Shouldn't be too difficult with all the Super Science we've learned. At the very least we could trace some plutonium and cobble together an atom bomb.
>> No. 6552
[x] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
>> No. 6553
[z] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place
[z] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
>> No. 6554
[x] Ask her about how she feels about you
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
>> No. 6555
[X] Ask her about how she feels about you
[X] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place

Kaguya seems like she's going to a lot of trouble to try to keep us here, so I think it seems only natural to find out just why she brought us here in the first place.
Though it would be great if we had the promise of being able to run those silky black locks through our fingers for a job well-done as motivation, we should still do our best to not let our buddy down.
>> No. 6556
>[] Ask her more about the person that was here
Yukari. metagaming knowledge. not bother asking.
>[] Ask her just what exactly she's going to do now
I heard she will going to prepare things up for Shirou's work, if I'm not mistaken.
>[] Ask her about how she feels about you
She answered us once. still mostly ambiguous but an answer nonetheless.
>[] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
>[] Ask her about any recommendations for you to pursue now
She already said Eirin, right?
>[] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place
>[] Don't ask her anything
Wait, wut? Smartass choice?

in summary...

[X] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place
[X] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
>> No. 6557
[x] Ask her about how she feels about you
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
[x] Ask her about how she feels about you
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
[x] Ask her about how she feels about you
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
[x] Ask her about how she feels about you
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
[x] Ask her about how she feels about you
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
[x] Ask her about how she feels about you
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
>> No. 6558
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
[x] Ask her about how she feels about you
[x] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place
>> No. 6559
[x] Ask her about how she feels about you
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
[x] Retcon love confession to Alice as an event in a parallel world.

>> No. 6560
[x] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you
>> No. 6561
File 121485297298.jpg - (86.66KB , 796x814 , 120822214532.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6562
File 121485391719.jpg - (149.06KB , 700x457 , kaguyap1.jpg ) [iqdb]
Don't worry Alice, I still lov- IS THAT SUM PANTIES I SEE?!

Kaguya~! Wait for me! I wanna brush your long, silky, shiny black hair~
>> No. 6563
If we ever manage to get on that Kaguya Route, will we be able to touch that long silky-looking black hair?
>> No. 6564
[x] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you

THE MOST IMPORTANT CHOICES! Her feelings are clear: She wants us here! Feelings are still unknown to her, but no need for details, just live with that.

Also, I noticed Kaguya mentioned "parties", as in more than one person. Yukari isn't the only one with gripes about outsiders being here. Reimu, as far as we can tell, wants us here too, so she's out... right? Does Remi have enough pull in Gensokyo's politics to want us out, or would she more than likely not care?
>> No. 6565
Oh you people and your hairfuck~
>> No. 6566
already fapping
>> No. 6568
Sorry for the lack of updates. It's just one of days... when I get distracted by things and easily excited by doujins. However I should have something within an hour or less.
>> No. 6569
>easily excited by doujins

If you know what I mean
>> No. 6571
Probably all about Kaguya.
>> No. 6572
File 121486914465.png - (64.83KB , 400x300 , SCIENCESTRIKESBACK.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask her why she brought you here in the first place
[x] Ask her about the kiss she gave you

“Actually, now that I think about it, there's a bunch of things that I want to ask you.” You say, making up your mind on what exactly those things are.
“Go ahead then. I'll reply as best I can, time permitting.” You think you see what would appear to be an impish smile on her face as she says this. But upon looking again you see no such hint. Must have been your imagination.
“Well then.” You think that it might be best to ask about the romantic incident later. “I wanted to ask you about why exactly you brought me here.” You pause for a bit and gauge her reaction. She seems to be expecting you to say more, as she looks at you with an intense look. She doesn't really look like the usual Kaguya. It's as if she's transfixed on something else. You feel a sense of hesitation within you, as if this isn't a question to ask her. You nervously add, stuttering. “Well, i-its just that you haven't really told me why it is that you brought me in the first place clearly.” You nervously laugh and rub your hair with your hand. “Aha, well you see it's that I'm a bit dumb. So you have to state it clearly for me. I thought that it was because you wanted to meet me. And I totally wanted to meet you! But it makes me wonder if there's another reason. I mean with all that's going on...”

Man you look like a jackass now. A blithering, idiotic jackass. You have no idea how Kaguya is going to react to your comment. You look at her. She still has that strangely scary expression. However it soon softens up and she's back to her usual self. Your heart is beating fast, but you feel more relieved to see that she's apparently normal now. Kaguya starts to speak, with her normal tone of voice.

“Well there's a good question Shirou.” Kaguya starts to fidget with her hair slightly as she answers your question in a serene tone of voice. “It's definitely because I wanted to see you. I'm sure you understand why. There's a bond between us that words alone cannot begin to describe. Despite our small differences and disputes at times we have a very strong link.” She pauses slightly, looks at you for a bit and adds. “i know that you're feeling a bit nervous, as I'm sure that if you try you could probably tell what I'm feeling as well.”

Know what she's feeling? You feel more confused as she's losing you quite quickly.

“I don't know how to explain it better, but there's just an empathic link between us that's unique.” Kaguya adds confidently. You don't really know if what she's telling is true or feasible, but you can feel the confidence radiating from her. Maybe what she's saying is true. “And well... I don't know if that's reason enough to have brought you here. But I'm sure you're enjoying it. And that's what counts in the end, right?”

That sounds about right to you. But there's something else that's missing. And you feel that Kaguya is withholding something from you. You could probably explain the link between you via similar personalities or some other logical reasoning. Maybe the emotions thing just means you're really good at reading body language? Still, you try to ask once more to see if she'll tell you everything.

“Still, that may be. And yeah, I'll admit I've had fun, but there's something you're not telling me. I can feel it. Maybe it's that empathic link you claimed we had.” You say with no doubt in your voice. You're surprised a bit at what comes next. It's... coldness. You feel like an inescapable void is in front of you. This ain't the buddy you know. But just as sudden as it came, it disappears. But its effects on you include a sudden clouding of your judgment. You, however, think that more than coldness it was a feeling of overwhelming sorrow. You sit there confused as Kaguya continues to speak.

“I won't lie to you, Shirou.” Kaguya adds, speaking in a composed manner. “there may be another reason. But I'm afraid that if I told you now without confirming it, it'd be irresponsible of me. It's just a hunch at this point. And I really want you to focus on getting through this ordeal.” She makes a bit of a sad face. “Please believe me on this.”

Well, it looks like she's telling the truth. How do you know? You don't really. But you've always trusted your buddy before. So you can be fairly certain that it is so. At the very least, you want to believe with every fiber of your being that it's so. You think that it's appropriate to change the subject now. While not the most appropriate change, you want to ask this anyways.

“Say Kaguya, if you don't mind I'd like to ask another question.”
“Go right ahead, I think there's still time for one more.” She replies, completely recovered from the previous point.
“Well, it's about... that time we, uhh, kissed.” You can feel yourself blushing a bit as you say that. Why the hell are you getting so worked up about this? Well, sure, it WAS Kaguya that you locked lips with. That certainly merits some response, but there's something more to it. “What was all that about, anyways?”

Kaguya seems to genuinely ponder your query for a moment.

“Well, now that I think about it, I don't know.” She plainly says with a sort of dumb look on her face. She's got her index finger on her chin, and it looks like she's trying to recall what she was thinking at the time. “I know that I said at the moment that it was retribution, but I don't remember what I was thinking about.” She takes off her finger off her chin. You can't help but follow the delicate finger with your eyes all the way to its final destination, on the edge of the table. You aren't even looking at her face when she says the next bit. “Why? Is it something that you want to try again?”
“Hmm, not really. I was just curious.” You nonchalantly reply.
“Oh I see. Well that's okay too.”


Wait WHAT? Did she just say what you think she said? You quickly back into attention and look at her. She's just got her usual smile on and you can't really believe she just said something so embarrassing. Man, you weren't even paying attention.

“Well, uhh, it's not that. What I meant was that err- really? You'd kiss me again!?” Your sentences are short and incoherent. This is all you manage to say that remotely makes even a lick of sense.

Kaguya giggles a bit at your blabbering mess of a state. “Well then, I guess we won't know now, will we? It's just as well. We can't afford to get sidetracked now. We've both got things to do now. So let's get to it.”

She urges you to get up and does the same. She leads you to the door, and shows you out. You, still kind of confused, can't help but to dumbly follow her lead.

As she closes the door she says a few final words. “Good luck, buddy, we need to do our best. Maybe we can continue where we left off some other time.” She closes the door and you're left in the hallway. Well, now you've got a mission and a purpose.

I don't think my comment warrants that. It's direct enough.
I'm glad at least one anon picks up on some of the subtleties. I may have to kill you know before your insight grows too big and you become anon's messiah.
>> No. 6573
Also before the next part I must offer an explanaition and make an offer.

Your goal now is to find something to do, an activity, here in Gensokyo. You can go anywhere that you've been to seek this out. You have until tomorrow (game time) to find something, where you have to tell Kaguya what it is you decided upon. You can go visit various places, and not necessarily commit yourself to it right away. But it might interest you to find something to do within this day and then spend the rest of the time doing miscellaneous activities (I hear there's quite a few extras to be seen around Gensokyo lately). But it's up to you guys ultimately. Here's the thing. Not all activities are available since you guys have taken different choices up to now. So that means that, say, you can't become a marauding pirate on the scarlet lake because you missed the flag (before you ask, there is not such flag) but you could become Eirin's helper for example (which isn't neccesarily tied in with her story btw, just maybe).

So here's the offer. I can reveal the number of activities at each location and how many of them are accessable or not accessable. Think of it as a hint. There is a catch though. You'll just get get a *very* minor penalty for using it. Something like say missing a chance to buy a hotdog or messing up a single line of a memorized play. Nothing major, but something that might affect things in a tiny way. So I pose to you the following question:

Do you wish to use this hint for this one time?
[] Yes
[] NO

Sadly there is a severe lack of good Kaguya doujins. They tend to foucs more on a certain bunny or the doctor. Although I did see something nice earlier. It was a bit crude (drawing wise) but it was a KaguyaxMokou with Kaguya being dominant.
>> No. 6574
[X] NO

Don't need one, i know what we do, become Eirins helper.

>marauding pirate on the scarlet lake

Time to show those Fairies whose boss around here.
>> No. 6575
I thought I was anon's messiah ;;

[x] NO

I think we're good.
>> No. 6576
[x] No.

We're going to go work for Eirin anyway, since it's local and we're already pretty much doing so already anyway. Our biggest problem has been leaving Eientei at all, and this will help cut down on that.
>> No. 6577
Three options, here, that I can see:
1) Eirin's assistant
2) Work with Alice in some fashion
3) Something with Aya

Any of the above, I don't think we need much of a hint for.
>> No. 6579
There's at least two things to do at every location that you've been. So no need to condemn yourself just yet. And I bet that a lot of anons would enjoy some of these activities. I can tell.

Oh and sorry if I delay a bit with the updates. I'm catching up with WUiG and other stories.
>> No. 6580
[x] Yes

Yay, I've become /eientei/'s new [pseudo]messiah! And as such, I must say give us the clues anyway. I'd rather take a small penalty over screwing up and getting gapped out of Eientei altogether. Shirou doesn't have the greatest of intuitions, nor does the DM throw too many pity bones to the Anons. This is a one-time offer to 100% assuredly NOT to fuck up, and I expect to take it.
>> No. 6581
[X] NO

We must hone our skills and become a Counter Guardian of Gensokyo.
>> No. 6582


[x] NO
>> No. 6583
Shirou, God of Blissful Ignorance.

Our portfolio also includes Frustration and Incompetence.
>> No. 6585
[x] NO

>> No. 6588
[] Such a nice day, just wander around Gensokyo a bit

Shenanigans time
>> No. 6589
Well then you're standing like out in the hallway in front of Kaguya's room. Behind you, you here doors shutting. It would appear that Kaguya has gone to her room in the back. Looks like she's going to get down to business and so should you really.

You think about the different places that you've been to. You don't know what exactly you could be useful at but there's got to be something that you could do. If you started here, you'd likely have the obvious choice of going to Eirin for help. You don't think that doing the work that she asked you for would count as being useful, since it's not exactly a regular gig, but she might have something else that you could help her with. Even if it means cleaning the equipment you should be able to find something to do. But the greater question is, would that count as being useful? Well, no matter. Elsewhere here at Eientei you can't think of anything. If you knew Tewi better you might have had a chance to ask her if there was anything else that needed doing. After all, Reisen takes care of most of the details, so anything extraordinary or beyond her level would probably be known only to someone like Eirin or Tewi.

Then outside of Eientei you think of the other possibilities. You don't know about Gensokyo's economy, but there might be a job or two open at the human village. You don't think that you could do anything as rough as being a farmer but there's got to be a way that you could put your modern-day knowledge to good use. Hell, maybe that's not the solution at all. Maybe you need to sink to their level. In any case, you think that that's definitely worth checking out.

Hmm, you can't really think of anything you could do at Youkai Mountain, seeing that you don't really know anyone there except Aya, and you don't know if she'll have anything worthwhile for you. On the opposite end, there's the Scarlet Mansion. You don't see yourself really getting a break there either, although you're sure that the gateguard will do her best to help you out. Still, that may not be enough. You need something with a little more consistency, so you should only go check things out if you've got nothing better to do.

Then finally you think about the Forest of Magic and the surrounding area. Considering how you last interacted with the miko, you should probably stay away from the shrine. Maybe the shopkeeper at Kourindou needs help? You didn't exactly get the best of vibes from him but, given all the junk, he might need an extra hand or two to help him out. Besides that you think that maybe Marisa might have a use for you. She goes mushroom gathering and book stealing at times, right? Maybe she needs you help for that. Or maybe you could beg her to take you under her wing so you could become a magician. From what you understand you have to prove yourself, so maybe if you're competent with magic you can fit right in. Well, that might really just be wishful thinking, but hey it couldn't hurt to give it a go maybe. You don't really know what else there might be at the forest for you. Alice might have something as well, but you can't honestly think of anything from the top of your head.

Well, those are pretty much your choices. You have until tomorrow to decide anyways, so there's no big rush to go and decide right away. Who knows, you might find something completely unexpected at any of these places. A time traveling magician could come into you your life and give you great powers, that or warp you from place to place. Well, why not? Seems likely enough. After all, your first fortnight here has been anything but normal.

[] Go see if the doctor is in
[] Head to the Village
[] Youkai Mountain ho~!
[] Travel to the Forest of Magic
[] Secure your future at the Scarlet Devil Mansion
[] Such a nice day, just wander around Gensokyo a bit
Wow, despite your bitching, it would seem that you guys are masochists. Refusing basically free help with no strings attached. Really now... your resistence only makes my penis harder.
You'll need to battle JesusJames aka 'Nameless Shikigami' for the spot of messiah. There can be only one.
Sorry brah, I realized that I cut off part of my text.
>> No. 6590
[X] Go see if the doctor is in
As much as all those other options are tempting to pick, we are in /eientei/ and had enough dicking around.
Stay here now and pick a job in Eientei after all. I know we might miss much, but i want to see more Kaguya, Eirin, Tewi and Reisen.
>> No. 6591
[x] Go see if the doctor is in

May as well. I hope this works, idiots....
>> No. 6592
MiG made us hate and love Lunatic Mode, there is no turning back anymore once you have that taste, you want it back.
>> No. 6593
[x] Yes
>> No. 6594

[x] Travel to the Forest of Magic
>> No. 6595
I'll just settle for JesusJames thank you.

[x] Head to the Village

We're on good terms with Keine, why not?
>> No. 6596
{X} Go see if the doctor is in
>> No. 6597
File 121488548971.jpg - (181.13KB , 862x1207 , 1212209682059.jpg ) [iqdb]
Meanwhile, the Doctor is busy.
>> No. 6598

I demand this doujin. Right now.
>> No. 6599
[x] Go see if the doctor is in
>> No. 6600
[x] Travel to the Forest of Magic
>> No. 6601
File 121488665178.jpg - (374.92KB , 1137x1600 , 06.jpg ) [iqdb]
I like this one better
>> No. 6602
[+] Travel to the Forest of Magic
Do want nice, non-yandere Alice.
She did give us Albion, and we did give her that sweet confession... Possibilities abound.
>> No. 6604
File 121488976291.jpg - (134.14KB , 480x640 , creamydoll.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, it looks like I'll hang my hat up for a while. A quick nap would do me wonders. I must say that I'm a bit surprised at the assumptions that some of you are making. But I can see where you're coming from. Just a little word of advice, don't assume that any of these choices will lock you into a route. You'll definitely know when the time comes to get locked into routes.

Well keep voting and I'll be back in a relative little bit. You yanks and euros are asleep (or about to go to sleep) at this hour anyways.

Cream covered doll unrelated.
>> No. 6605
Is that some Shirou with his Hotglue Gun?
[x] Travel to the Forest of Magic
>> No. 6606

Shirou's penis looks like a baking utensil?
>> No. 6607
[x] HINT
>> No. 6609
[x] Travel to the Forest of Magic
>> No. 6611
I still can't believe we aren't "locked" into Alice route. I don't believe it. How the fuck can we possibly back out of that?
>> No. 6613
[x] Go see if the doctor is in
>> No. 6615
[x] Travel to the Forest of Magic
>> No. 6616
Needs more NEET Hair....
>> No. 6617
[x] Travel to the Forest of Magic

After a moment of thinking things through, you decide that going to the Forest of Magic might yield good results. Before leaving, you go to your room and grab a couple of items. Among them you make sure to grab your newly unlocked PDA. The first thing you do with it is set a reminder that you should be back by 12PM tomorrow. The device should warn you when there's an hour or so left before the deadline. You're pleasantly surprised at finding a belt that's been left in your room. You assume that Reisen left it for you and put it on. That should prevent any mishaps involving your pants falling down.

You leave your room and Eientei, putting on your regular shoes along the way. It's a nice morning with there being only a few clouds in the sky. You hear birds singing and it would seem that the world is peaceful. You have a rather good idea of how to get to the Forest of Magic. It doesn't take you very long to expertly find the best route and bypass the pit stop at the village altogether. The bamboo forest is rapidly cleared and you continue to walk in the plains between you and the Forest. This is more or less the same route you took that one time when you went to see Alice for the first time. Except now you won't foolishly get lost amongst the underbrush again. You wish to steer completely clear of the fauna of Gensokyo. Just recalling those rather promiscuous tendrils makes you shudder.

You skim along the edge of the forest, working your way to a proper path. After walking for a few minute, you do find a path. This likely leads to the heart of the forest. If you take it you can probably get to Marisa's place (and Alice's place) quite easily. Following it to the end might dump you on the opposing side, near the Hakurei Shrine. If you wanted to go to Kourindou, this path would also do. But it might be quicker if you continue to flirt around the edges of the forest, until reaching the lonely shop. You've got to decide where you're headed to specifically now that you're here.

[] Check out Kourindou
[] Go see Marisa
[] Pay Alice a visit
[] Head to the Shrine
I try to anon chances so he doesn't dig himself into a hole. Of course, depending on how big the hole is, it might be harder to get out. Still, once you become locked into a route, there's no turning back.

Note: You can now freely access your PDA. Much like the cellphone in GTA4, you can check any appointmants (and write down new ones), type notes to yourself, play music, check your status, and do other things. Game time will stop when you access it, so use [x]PDA to check it.
>> No. 6618
[x] PDA
- Set time for 10AM, tomorrow

One hour is not enough time for this idiots to cook minute rice. Give them two.

[] Go see Marisa
Becoming a master apprentice in the way of thievery and destruction. DO WANT!
>> No. 6619
[x] Pay Alice a visit
Why did forest of magic win....
>> No. 6620
[+] Pay Alice a visit

Question for Teruyo: Did we take Albion with us? You mentioned we grabbed "a couple of items", but I would prefer that this included her.
>> No. 6621
Don't worry it should be more than enough time. I'd be surprised if you don't go back earlier even. I don't see how thing could go wrong. Unless of course you somehow got yourselves locked in a storage room with a classmate or stuck in a huge stationary chinese fingertortureish device (or say, placed your head in a hole and then got stuck). But really, I don't see those happening so relax.
>> No. 6622
[x] Pay Alice a visit
We shall be as doll makers.
>> No. 6623
Yes this would include her and any items you might use or need. I didn't specify the exact items so that way I can work anything in without making your clothes into 'bags of infinite holding'. Just a minor storyteller's pet peeve.
>> No. 6624
I approve of this
[x] Pay Alice a visit
>> No. 6625
[x] Pay Alice a visit
>> No. 6626

What RPG/VN is complete without a virtual bag of hammerspace that can hold 99 potions but not 100?

[x] Pay Alice a visit

Bandwagon etc. May as well get this over with.
>> No. 6627
[x] Go see Marisa
>> No. 6628
File 121495065319.jpg - (81.54KB , 576x821 , alicew1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Pay Alice a visit

Well, since you're here, you might as well pay Alice a visit. She might have something for you to do as well. You walk down the path at a leisurely rate. Making sure to enjoy the shade cast by the trees in the forest, you start to whistle to yourself. It's a tune from one of the computer games you used to play. Its simple synthesizeresque melody seems to be a great background song for now. You don't see much in the way of wild critters. You wonder if there's any land-based fauna that's not those creepy plants here in Gensokyo. You certainly haven't seen anything of the sort.

You recognize where you are as you pass near the location of Marisa's shop. You can see her shop beyond a couple of trees. You continue to walk on the path, looking for the turn that will set you on course for Alice's house. You eventually come upon it. It was rather hidden away from plain view, as two large bushes hide a lot of it. You turn into the smaller path and still walk jubilantly towards Alice's. You come to a smaller junction after a hundred meters or so. It's the familiar junction between the Hakurei Shrine, Marisa's shop, and Alice's house. You're surprised at the state of the sign. It seems to have been severely mauled by some sort of creature with large claws. How can you tell? Well deep scratch marks adorn the sign, making all writing on it illegible. What the hell is it with this sign and things happening to it?

You shake your head and just continue to Alice's house. Soon enough you find yourself in front of the familiar structure. You check your PDA to see the time. It says it's currently 12:03 PM. You figure that you spent a while with Kaguya, something like two hours or more. So you think it took you around an hour to get here, walking at a slowed down pace. Not that bad you think. But then again, you now know most of the shortcuts in the Bamboo forest and finding the path in the forest was easy.

You walk over to the door and knock. You immediately hear the scuffling of feet coming from the inside. It seems that there is definitely someone home. You can't help but feel a little anxious every time you come here due to that time Alice wasn't here. The door opens and in front of you is the dollmaker. She's wearing her usual blue dress with the usual accessories. She looks about the same as always. Upon seeing that it's you at the door she smiles and welcomes you in.

“Oh hello Shirou. It's great seeing you.” She greets you. “Please don't just stand there, do come in, I'll get us some tea.”
“Hello Alice. Thanks.” You say, accepting her warm welcome.

You're ushered into the usual room off to the side of her entry hall. Alice indicates the table and you take a seat. She then goes into what you assume is her kitchen. As always, the room is a bit messy, chock-full of dolls. But it has that homely vibe to it so you can't say it's a negative thing. You waste some time by playing with Albion. You don't do anything too fancy, just make her fly around and 'explore' the corners of the room.

Alice comes back after a few minutes, carrying a pretty porcelain teapot and three generic dolls behind her carry cups and a plate. She sets down the teapot and the dolls set down their respective burden as well. You now see that the plate is not empty. There's a small pile of what seem to be cookies. Yeah, they're definitely cookies. They're of the normal round variety and they look quite good. They've been baked to a delicious-looking light brown. Alice sits down and pours tea into the two cups, she then hands one over to you.

“You're quite lucky, you know.” She says to you, smiling.
“Why is that?” You ask, engaging her in conversation.
“Well, I just made these cookies earlier today. So they're fresh. It's been a while since I last baked them, I didn't really have a reason to before. I guess it's fortunate that you showed up today. Please try them.” She offers you a cookie. You politely accept.

You take a bite of the cookie. A familiar flavor assails your taste buds. It's the great taste of an oatmeal cookie. But that's not all, as you chew on the piece, you feel a familiar friend has been mixed into them as well. Yes – there's no doubt about this. You're eating oatmeal-rum cookies. And boy they are good. They're not too hard nor too brittle. Baked to perfection. You swallow, enjoying the fine taste of the cookie. You down the bite by drinking a bit of your tea. Mmm, it's a great compliment to the cookies.

You notice that Alice seems to be staring at you. She's looking at you expectantly. You realize that she must be waiting for some sort of reaction from you. Ah yes, a chef does expect feedback from their patrons. You look at her and smile.

“Alice these are great!” You exclaim, not exaggerating a single bit. “I haven't had such delicious cookies for the longest time!” She seems to examine you, trying to determine if you're being honest but eventually a smile forms on her face.
“Really?! That's great to hear. I'm not very confident in my skills since I almost never practice, but I'm truly glad that you like them.”
“I wish I could make cookies half as good as these. The rum is really a great touch, by the way.” You say, taking another bite of your cookie. Even if the alcoholic content evaporates for the most part, you enjoy the bold flavor that the rum gives the cookies. You take another cookie.
“That makes me happy to hear. Not all people like the flavor alcohol gives sweets, but I do. I find that a little brandy in cakes can also vastly improve the flavor.”
“Yeah, that's great too.” You say, with your mouth still full of cookie. You're eating quite rushed, not getting enough of it. You must be looking quite funny now as you eat since Alice giggles a bit.
“Calm down Shirou, there are enough cookies for the both of us. No need to rush eating.” Alice takes a cookie herself and takes a small bite. She then washes it down with a sip of tea. You calm down a bit upon seeing her composed self. Yeah, it's rude to eat like an animal.

The two of you drink your tea silently. You'd like to think that it's because you're enjoying the taste of the cookies. Alice seems to just be politely waiting for you to finish eating. You finish your cup of tea and decide to stop eating cookies as if you had the world's largest stomach worm. Alice puts down her cup gently and the two of you start talking again.

“So tell me Shirou, what's the reason for the unexpected visit?” She asks you.
“Am I not welcome here?” You say half-joking.
“No! That's not it at all! I only meant to say that-” Alice gets a bit flustered at your joke and launches into a frenzy of apologetic explanation.
“Haha, don't worry. I was just teasing, I know what you meant. Don't get all worked up.”
“Ah, yes... I see. A joke.” Alice says, puffing her cheeks. My my, she looks like an embarrassed little kid right now. It's really adorable.

Yes, now would be the moment in which you explain your motivations for coming over.

[] You wanted to see your 'special darling'
[] You were in the neighborhood and decided to pass by
[] “There's a situation that I need your help with” (explain about your current task)
[] You wanted to invite her out on a date
>> No. 6629
[] “There's a situation that I need your help with” (explain about your current task)
>> No. 6630
{X} “There's a situation that I need your help with” (explain about your current task)
>> No. 6631
[] “There's a situation that I need your help with” (explain about your current task)

I REALLY want nothing to do with Alice, but she's pretty intelligent, so her input's worth it.
>> No. 6632
[X] “There's a situation that I need your help with” (explain about your current task)

Shirou the dollmaker, sounds nice.
>> No. 6633
[+] “There's a situation that I need your help with” (explain about your current task)
>> No. 6634
[X] “There's a situation that I need your help with” (explain about your current task)

She will help us.
>> No. 6637
[] “There's a situation that I need your help with” (explain about your current task)
[] You wanted to invite her out on a date
>> No. 6638
[x] “There's a situation that I need your help with” (explain about your current task)

“Well the reason that I came here...” You begin to say. “is that I've got an urgent situation which has been thrust upon me.”

You begin to explain to her how you've found yourself suddenly forced to pick something to do here. How Kaguya told you that it was something beyond her power and there was no choice in the matter. She listens passively, gently nodding her head at times. She pours more tea for the both of you and you gratefully accept. You continue to elaborate on the subject, making it clear that you're not quite sure what would be satisfactory to this third party's expectations. And that you came here first to seek her help.

“So, in summary, you need to conform to someone else's expectations in order to be able to stay around as is?” Alice asks, summarizing what you say. “And to that end you think that specializing in something is a good way to prove your worth?”
“Yes, that sounds about right.” You state. You look at her. She seems to frown for a bit and you can tell that she didn't expect something like this to have been brought up.
“And you don't have any idea who exactly this third party is?”
“Not at all.”
“Why didn't you ask Kaguya for more details on who they were? Knowing who they are can help you determine what they want from you.”
“I'm sorry,” You say. “It didn't occur to me that it was important to find that out.”

There's a moment of stunned silence as you can tell that Alice, really, really, has not encountered a situation like this before.

“Well,” Alice says after a sigh. “I am not really involved with Gensokyo's politics and power groups so I'm afraid I don't really know with certainty who it might be. In all likelihood it's one of those bored elder youkai that's stirring all of this trouble. Quite the annoying bunch really.”
“Ah, well... It is inconvenient at first glance. But I sort of thought that it might be a good chance to put my skills into use.” You sheepishly say.
“Not to be rude, but what skills do you have exactly? That might help me figure out what's the best course of action for you.”
“Well, to be honest, I don't know myself.” You truthfully say. “I guess I'll only know when I try something.”
“Well I guess the outside world is much more lenient when it comes down to specialization.” Alice says, almost mumbling. “Well then, I don't really know how I can help you. I assume that you might have something in mind? You don't seem the type to come with no ideas.”

You think about it. You don't think that you're good at planning, but you've proved in the past that you can do things if you apply yourself to them. So then, surely you had (subconsciously) thought of something that Alice might be able to help you with specifically. Time to think things through and give her a concrete answer.

[] “I thought that I might help you with your research on dolls”
[] “I thought that maybe dollmaking was the path for me?”
[] “I honestly don't know and came here to hear your suggestion”
[] “I wish to become the strongest so I can defeat my foes”
>> No. 6639
[] “I thought that maybe blacksmithing was the path for me?”

>> No. 6640
[] “I thought that maybe dollmaking was the path for me, seeing as I have such a strong interest in it.”
>> No. 6641
[] “I wish to become the strongest so I can TEAR DOWN THE ESTABLISHMENT!”

It has to start somewhere... it has to start sometime...
>> No. 6642
[] “I thought that maybe sexing up Touhous was the path for me?”
Gigolo for the 95% hot female Youkais. On demand only.
>> No. 6643
[] “I thought that I might help you with your research on dolls”
[] “I thought that maybe dollmaking was the path for me?”
>> No. 6644
>[] “I wish to become the strongest so I can BREAK THE WALLS DOOOWWWWWNNNNNN!"

>> No. 6645
[x] “I wish to become the strongest so I can TEAR DOWN THE ESTABLISHMENT!”

We're coming for you, Yukari.
>> No. 6646
[x] “I thought that maybe dollmaking was the path for me?”
but serious, this please.
>> No. 6647
Still waiting for anon to decide on a choice.
Wouldn't it have been logical to go to the village then?
>> No. 6648
[] “I thought that maybe dollmaking was the path for me?”
>> No. 6649
[x] “I thought that maybe dollmaking was the path for me?”
What more could bring shirou happiness than making dolls.
He was made for exactly this.
>> No. 6650
[X] “I wish to become the strongest so I can defeat my foes”
>> No. 6651
this is Shirou the clueless master we're talking about.
[] “I honestly don't know and came here to hear your suggestion” --- is what I want to vote but will yield worst result. So...

[X] "I want to learn to use Doll-manipulation magic."
Marisa make a living out of being a witch, right? Why can't Shirou do the same? Starting with doll because he's proficient in controlling one already.
>> No. 6652
File 121496411798.jpg - (662.45KB , 1043x1500 , Advent_Cirno_#0_019.jpg ) [iqdb]
Was asking for this
>> No. 6653
[] “I thought that I might help you with your research on dolls”
[] “I thought that maybe dollmaking was the path for me?”
>> No. 6654
[X] I wish to be the little girl.
>> No. 6660
[X] “I thought that maybe blacksmithing was the path for me?”

Oho, why not kill ourselves with projection?
>> No. 6662
[x] “I thought that maybe dollmaking was the path for me?”

You think of your answer for a moment.

“I thought that maybe dollmaking was the path for me?” You say, showing your uncertainty by posing the statement into the form of a question.

Alice seems to be taken a bit aback by your declaration.

“And you thought that I would teach you the art of making dolls?” She says more shocked than anything else. “Maybe you don't really think things through.”

Hey! That last bit was a bit harsh!

“So then I assume you won't cooperate with me?” You say, acting a little hurt.
“Oh no! That's not it at all. I'll teach you all the fine points of dollmaking if you want. It'd be my pleasure really. So don't misunderstand.” She says, in a reassuring tone.
“Then what's the problem?”
“Well, would it be enough to convince whoever is asking you to do this that you're worth keeping around?”

She does raise a good point. You don't really know if something like this will suffice. Hell, you don't know what exactly are the guidelines. That's a problem. You could become overlord of your own niche of Gensokyo, and for all that you know that wouldn't cut it. You think that if you went with the dollmaking option you might find yourself traveling around putting on a show maybe. You're sure that people would like to see something like that.

“Well, don't worry much about it. From what you explained to me you don't need to make a decision just yet, right?” Alice says while sipping gently from her teacup. “It's my recommendation that you find out more about this mysterious party that's making you do this. Maybe then you could appease them better, or learn how to counter them.” Saying so, Alice gets up. She disappears into her study accross her house. She returns after a few brief moments carrying a small envelope.

“Here take this.” She hands the envelope to you. “Inside is a bit of dust that I use on my dolls sometimes. It makes them fly without using much mana from me. If you sprinkle it on yourself you should find that you will gain flight capabilities for a short while. Use it to come back here once you make up your mind on whatever it is you're going to do.”
“Even if I don't wish to pursue dollmaking?” You ask. And quickly add. “Not that I don't want to, but you know how things can be chaotic.”
“Yes, it's not about that. I'm worried about this other party that you mentioned. It doesn't seem like something that that bothersome woman would do. She would likely just appear before you and hand you some innocent-sounding assignment and toy with you from the shadows. Using third parties is unlike her. This leads me to believe that it's something beyond just her. I recommend that if you want to find out more you ask the miko or ask one of the more integrated residents of Gensokyo.”
“Sounds serious enough. But don't worry about it. I'll be fine. I'm sure Kaguya wouldn't let anything nefarious happen to me.” You say, trying to brush off the worry that you feel in the pit of your stomach.
“Right. I hope so.” She says with less conviction. “If you take up dollmaking I'll make sure to take time off my research to help you learn it properly. So don't worry about it. It'd be my pleasure.”

The two of you continue to enjoy your tea for a while yet. And after you've finished your cup you tell Alice that you should be going now. You get up and go to the door. Alice escorts you. You step outside, but feel someone tugging your sleeve. You start to turn around as a response. But before you can turn completely you feel a warm, slightly moist sensation on your cheek. It takes you a moment to realize that it's Alice kissing you. It's a brief contact and you quickly turn to face her. But she's already heading back inside, trying to avoid your gaze. The door closes and you think you hear Alice say something. It sounded to you like a 'be careful', but you're not sure.

Well, you continue to leave, as you realize you're blushing a bit. How juvenile of you, getting red over something as small as that. Well, you're not that sure what you want to do now. On the one hand you could continue to look for things to do here in Gensokyo. And on the other you could try to get to the bottom of this mystery. A third option would be a combination of both ideas. They're not mutually exclusive and you could just keep your eyes and ears open for any information while deciding what to go for. It's all a matter of where then.

[] Go to the Shrine
[] Go to chez Marisa
[] Kourindou
[] Go elsewhere
Little note any moment that you want along this day you can return to tell Kaguya your decision. It'll 'warp' you there (as in no encounters or anything once you choose it) and you get to decide what it is you want to do. This might have consequences that you should only accept when you're ready. So vote for [x] Know what I want to do (or something to the effect if you want to end this)
>> No. 6663
File 121497070493.jpg - (36.75KB , 800x600 , AWESOME.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Kourindou
>> No. 6664
[x] Go to the Shrine

If it's something beyond Yukari, then only Reimu would know.
>> No. 6666
[X] Go to the Shrine

I'm sure she still wouldn't be mad at us, and more than willing to help us out, right? ...right?
>> No. 6667
[x] Kourindou
Give me some advice, Archer. And don't pull that "throw your ideals away" shit on me.
>> No. 6668
Must... listen to all six get...
"No! don't do it!"
"Whuzzat? Why must you bother me, it's all clear now..."
"I am your non-evil side. Listen to me and all will be good. Democracy is the answer. Wait for more votes."
"Wait, my non-evil side? Does that mean you're my perverted side? I mean I only have two sides as far as I know."
"I'm right aren't I? You just want to avoid the shrine ever since anon avoided the drunken oni sex scene, and you're taking it out on our readers."
"...That's not... yes it is the reason. Still my point stands."
"Yes you're right perverted side, we should wait for a clear majority. Now come to me and we shall dream up sexy situations."


Okay this is an indication that I'm really bored anon. GET TO VOTING!
>> No. 6669
But...I've already voted.
>> No. 6670
[x] Kourindou
>> No. 6672
[x] Kourindou

Fuck yes, Archer.
>> No. 6673
[x] Kourindou

Disused outsider technology + Eirin's scientific tutoring + Magical aptitude = SUPER SCIENCE
>> No. 6674
>I recommend that if you want to find out more you ask the miko or ask one of the more integrated residents of Gensokyo.”

Y'know, I really shouldn't be surprised... You idiots disregarded Kaguya blatant "GO TALK TO EIRIN!" back when this little mission started, so why should I have expected you all to listen to Alice instead?
>> No. 6675
[x] Kourindou
>> No. 6676
I think I've given up trying to understand just how the fuck Anon's twisted little mind works.
It's bad enough we're ignoring the advice of our good buddy with the deliciously silky hair, but now we're also ignoring the advice of the girl I'm sure at least one of these guys voted for pledging our love to. I mean, what the fuck. I don't even LIKE Alice, and I think we should listen to her here.
>> No. 6677
File 121497894533.jpg - (202.66KB , 586x700 , rinnosukef.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Kourindou

Well, you have a curious thought for a moment. Maybe that desolate shop by the edge of the forest might be of interest for you. Your last encounter with its shopkeeper was less than ideal, but you optimistically think that that was a just a coincidence. You're sure that by talking and reasoning the two of you could reach an understanding. Who knows, you might even find a worthwhile activity while you're at it.

You set your course for Kourindou. You have to first go back to that main road that you were on. You travel first by the path leading to Marisa's house. You take a quick glance at the sign as you pass the junction, but are surprised to find that it's missing now. It's always something with that blasted thing. You just ignore it and carry on. Making it to the main path, you quickly take the route that you think will take you faster to the outskirts of the forest. It's now early afternoon, and if it weren't for those cookies you'd be famished by now. Those rum cookies sure were amazing. You wonder how Alice came about the recipe for those. She doesn't look like the type that would have a cookbook lying around.

You continue to run idle thoughts through your mind as you navigate the forest. Coming by a route that's roughly in between the shrine and the lake, you think that this is the way to the shop. Yep, it looks like you were right. After ten minutes or so, you see the ill-maintained shop in the distance. As you near the shop you spot all sorts of junk. Stuff like old rice cookers, bits from heavy machinery, a mostly intact internal combustion engine and other oddities. Hell, there's even a big CRT monitor by the door. It looks like it's in working order to boot. If only you had a working computer... you kind of miss your old habits. Surfing all night, chatting with friends, playing eroge it all seems so distant now. As if it happened in another lifetime.

You try not to get weighed down by these emotions as you open the shop's door. There's an almost unnatural stillness in the air. Man this shop probably never gets any customers. You enter and are surprised to see the shop's owner with his feet on the counter, reading what appears to be a newspaper. He notices your entry and puts down the newspaper. He looks at you for a moment before emitting a 'tsk' and looking rather annoyed. Just what is this guy's deal anyways? Wait there's something else about him. Is he only wearing a fundoshi!? What the fuck?!

“What do you want?” He asks in a gruff manner.
“Is that any way to greet a potential customer?” You ask in return, trying to guilt him.
“You ain't no customer, boy.”


Oh wow he's starting to piss you off. Even though he's technically right. How dare he be so condescending?!

“Maybe so, but I have business with you.”
“Feh.” He says as he reluctantly gets up on his feet. Aww sick, you can see his junk sway a bit under the thin cloth. “What is it that you want, boy?”

You're honestly shocked and appalled at his near-nakedness. You can't even reply properly. WTF Rinnosuke?!

“Well, don't stand there silently, else I'm going to have to remove you forcibly.” Rinnosuke makes sure to flex his well-toned body as he says this. You have to admit, he's pretty buff at the very least. Hell, not bad at all. You bet that in the normal world his cute-looking face along with his good body would make him popular amongst the ladies.


Wait, what are you saying? THIS IS A DUDE. You're not supposed to admire him. Especially if he's an asshole. Yeah, no yielding any ground here. If he wants a battle of manliness, so be it. You may not be as buff, but you think that under the right circumstances you could take him on. Maybe. Well, this situation hasn't come to that yet, so maybe you should try diplomacy first. Yeah, you haven't even spoken to the man properly yet. No need to resort to violence yet.

“Well, I came here with a purpose, so I'm not leaving until I accomplish it.” You say, not wavering for an instant.
“Oh? Well then, say your piece or begone.”

Oh man this sort of sucks, there's light reflecting off his rock-hard shiny chest muscles. You can't stare at him because it hurts your eyes (and is scarring your mind).

[] “I came here because I wish to find a job.”
[] “I thought I might do you a favor and help you out with your junk.”
[] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”
[] “Came to ask for your help, oh wonderful sir!”
[] Shit's pointless, leave
That's fine and all, but just between you and me, we're lacking a bit in the magical department.
Welcome to anon's special brand of insanity.
>> No. 6678
[X] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”

Fuck this. We're changing our name to Gil and becoming the goddamn King of Touhoes.
>> No. 6679
[x] Shit's pointless, leave

$5, it doesn't win over Anon's idiocy.
>> No. 6680
[x] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”

This option. It speaks to me.
>> No. 6681
[x] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”

>> No. 6682
[x] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”

Time to show who's boss.
>> No. 6683
[X] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”
>> No. 6684
[+] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”
>> No. 6685
[z] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”
>> No. 6686
[X] “Came to ask for your help, oh wonderful sir!”

GODDAMN IT, ANON. We don't have time to be dicking around right now.
You assholes thought coming here was important for some reason, so the least you can do is TRY to make the trip worthwhile.
>> No. 6687
Fork over the 5 bucks, idiot(s).
>> No. 6688
I do believe someone else has to accept the bet for you to actually win.

Ah, I'm going to take a rest now. So be back in a few hours. Keep voting because I'll tally the votes when I come back. Although to be honest, I don't see things changing.
>> No. 6689
I get the feeling that if we keep going the way we're going, we'll be finding ourselves getting an ending that will make MiG's Endless Winter look like the feel-good event of the millennium by comparison.
When that happens I will laugh. At least, until the next play-through begins, and Anon makes it clear he has learned absolutely NOTHING.
Then, I shall cry.
>> No. 6690
[+] “I thought I might do you a favor and help you out with this pile of junk.”
Re-worded to remove the glaringly obvious homoeroticism (yes, Teruyo, I saw what you did there.
>> No. 6691
[X] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”
hahaha, oh wow, this option please.
>> No. 6692
[] Shit's pointless, leave
>> No. 6695
File 121498644060.jpg - (78.32KB , 853x480 , 1213239077299.jpg ) [iqdb]

God damn vote padding.

[x] “I thought I might do you a favor and help you out with your junk.”
>> No. 6699
[awesome] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”
[dot] “No, but seriously”
[jpg] “I thought I might do you a favor and help you out with this pile of junk.”
>> No. 6701
[x] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”

Remember to pull an awesomely fabulous pose as you say this
>> No. 6702
Better not mock him. or he will refuse your every offer or pleading. as well as kicking your ass out. You don't want that, right?


[X] “I came here because I wish to find a job.”
>> No. 6703
I'm honestly not caring at this point because we need to figure out what the fuck we're supposed to be doing first, which requires going to Reimu about it, which no one seems to want to do...
>> No. 6704
Who cares about Reimu, we will find it with our own hands.
Dollmaker with Alice it is. But i am sure we will get the Hobo Ending, that would fit perfectly.
>> No. 6705
Oh my, why does anon seem to be so sharp when it comes to faggotry but dull when it comes of something of real importance? BTW, if you're the same anon that pointed out the previous thing (the whole parties thing) you get a permanent +1 to all of your perception checks. Won't do much, but you'll get slight bragging rights. If you're not the same person then I stand by my faggotry comment.

'Requires' is such a strong word. Choosing to pursue mysteries might be beneficial, while they might not as well. They say ignorance is bliss. But then again once you get a taste of knowledge it's hard to stop at just that. Regardless, things will move forward whether you investigate or not.

Also, writing soonish (and by that I mean after dealing with the gazillion distractions at hand).
>> No. 6706
>>Who cares about Reimu, we will find it with our own hands.

No we won't. Anon here is lucky if he can manage to even find his dick with his own hands.

>>Dollmaker with Alice it is. But i am sure we will get the Hobo Ending, that would fit perfectly.

We haven't even seen what other options we have available yet, and you're already settling for the first thing we find, despite being told it might not really help us out?
>> No. 6707

I'll admit, requires is quite a strong word. But as the story has said numerous times, not knowing exactly what will please these mysterious parties is like jumping in water without knowing if there are sharks in it or not; if you do decide on a job and it turns out that's not what the parties wanted, then the entire story just sort of fucks itself over. I'd rather not let that happen. I've come to realize (albiet late) that knowing what these parties are is a requirement IF we don't wanna run the risk of potentially failing and getting booted. far as I know at this point, what these parties want could very likely just be ANYTHING within the confines of the routes set up for us right now. If that is indeed the case, I say we march back to Eientei and start unlimited test subject works, ala Reisen.
>> No. 6708
[+] “I thought I might do you a favor and help you out with this pile of junk.”

It's too bad we can't ask the beer god for insight
>> No. 6710
[X] “Came here to say that all of the women in Gensokyo belong to me now.”

No backing out of this now. This asshole is going to take it like the little bitch that he is. You take a deep breath, in preparation for your bold statement. “Booze god, if you're watching, please grant me your strength and drunken wisdom.” You think to yourself quietly.

Good you're ready now.

“Well!” You start, raising up your chin and making yourself look dominant. “I came here to tell YOU” You extend your right hand out, point with all your might at Rinnosuke, “that ALL of the women in Gensokyo belong to ME now.” You try to strike a manly pose. You stick out your chest and look at him with a smug look. You think that you're successful since a button from your shirt pops out, exposing your bare chest to the shopkeeper. “Well, don't be awed at my declaration! Say something! If you want to fight so be-”
“Okay, you can keep them. They're all yours.” Rinnosuke says in a normal voice.
“it! I'll fight to the death if need be and – wait WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?”
“I said that you can have them. I'm not interested. Was that all boy? Please don't waste any more of my time.” Rinnosuke walks closer to you and points towards the door, urging you to leave. He doesn't seem very angry or pissed, just oddly calm.

What the hell just happened? You're at a loss for words. This reaction was completely unexpected. Given how much he seems to love antagonizing you, you would have thought that this would have led to a fight. You can't help but ask why he doesn't care. After all, he does seem like a buffet of manliness incarnate.

“Don't you care?” You say almost squeaking. Rinnosuke sighs and you can't really detect any of his earlier hostility. He instead (oddly enough) speaks to you in a normal tone of voice.
“I long ago gave up on loving other human beings. I do not wish to speak about it, especially to people I don't know, but it is suffice to say that after her, there was no one else that could compare.” You look at the near naked shopkeeper's face. A very visible sadness mixed with nostalgia dominates his soft, almost effeminate complexion. Wow he's cute. Wait no. Improper thoughts. “Since then I've only loved my oddities and discarded items. They won't abandon me and hurt me. I guess it's just a conditioned reaction. When I was a boy I obsessed over paraphernalia, so it's only natural that as I grow older I return to my old habits.”

Wow, this is completely unlike the man that you saw before. He seems like a complete loser right now. Although the sensitive, romantic side of you understands that a man's love is truly a delicate thing. You can see how he became like this, a soulless, disillusioned husk. Before you know it, your body moves on its own and you find yourself hugging the shopkeeper. It's a tight embrace, and you can feel his various well-toned muscles clearly through your clothes. His manly musk fills your nostrils, but you don't mind. This is a moment of brotherhood. Rinnosuke doesn't really react to your hug, he doesn't seem to mind it, and makes no effort to push you away. You let go after a moment and stare at the shopkeeper.

“What the hell was that all about?” The shopkeeper asks. You think that you can detect a slight hint of crimson on his cheeks.
“I dunno, I just thought that you needed a hug.”
“Don't do it again.”
“You know, despite the facade you put, you're a pretty okay guy, you know that?” You say, expressing what your heart is telling you at the moment.
“Now you're just being creepy.” Rinnosuke says with a raised eyebrow.
“Don't deny it. You know you are. But whatever, I've got bigger fish to fry.”
“I take it you didn't come here to make outlandish declarations then?”
“Yeah, you see the reason that I came here was to...”

[] “Make new friends!”
[] “Wrestle with a real man.”
[] “Get help on this task I have.”
[] “Pass time, I'm leaving.”
>> No. 6711
[X] “Get help on this task I have.”

>> No. 6712
See? That ended so much better then you thought it would!

[x] “Get help on this task I have.”

May as well.
>> No. 6713
[x] “Get help on this task I have.”
>> No. 6714
{X} “Get help on this task I have.”
>> No. 6715
[] “Wrestle with a real man.”

Can this situation get any more homoerotic?

Yes, it can.
>> No. 6716
In b4 ShirouxMannosuke pairings (or would it be MannosukexShirou?)
>> No. 6717
[] “Get help on this task I have.”

Wow... I'm... I'm shocked and amazed. That ended in almost Beer Spider-esque fashion. Guess I owe you idiots an apology, that ACTUALLY turned out ok.
>> No. 6718
File 121503646565.jpg - (71.55KB , 650x927 , 1206512069804.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Get help on this task I have.”

THIS JUNK. It was made for me.

FUCKKKKKKK Mannosuke and Shirou what a duo.
>> No. 6719
Ordering tea in a bar.
Playing with dolls.
Taking up an interest in sewing.
Intentionally sabotaging relationships with several attractive females.
Hugging an almost-naked man and thinking about how cute he is.

Congratulations, Anon. You're not a retard. You're full-blown gay.
>> No. 6720
File 121503761633.png - (22.72KB , 480x640 , 121234135945.png ) [iqdb]

All in a days work.
>> No. 6721
You forgot an ever-increasing interest in fashion (remember the whole wanting to wear western-style clothes again?). At least we haven't hung out with the BWM club much... thank god for that.
>> No. 6722

[x] “Get help on this task I have.”

Not gay, FABULOUS-in-training
>> No. 6724
[x] “Get help on this task I have.”

“...get help on this task I have.” You say.

Rinnosuke looks at you for a minute, notices that you aren't kidding around, and then sighs. He walks away from you and signals you to come. He stands next to a curtained entry and gestures for you to come in.

“Go ahead and take a seat. If you came all of the way here I might as well hear you out.” Rinnosuke says.

You don't see a reason to decline his offer, so you walk through the shop and into the backroom beyond the curtains. It's a dusty and dimly-lit room. It has no distinguishing features, save for a simple wooden table and a couple of chairs that have been positioned around it. There are no posters or any decorations on the rather dirty white walls, and junk litters the floor. A single window permits light to come in, but it has been mostly been covered by what seems to be a garbage bag. You can't help but to think that if this room had a ceiling fan it could be mistaken for a backroom gambling den. You can just picture mustached men smoking cigars and placing bets around the table as some cocktail waitress in a bunny suit provides refreshments (and gets groped by that one dirty old fat guy). Hell this place even smells of dampness and alcohol, just like a gambling den.

You take in the whole of the room and sit down on one of the chairs. Rinnosuke closes the curtains and leaves for a moment. You're left there alone, wondering what will come next. You move your legs, trying to stretch them when you hit something hard under the table. You look under the table and see that there's a whole legion of empty alcohol bottles there. Hell, there's enough bottles to account for many years of drinking by a single person. This would solve the mystery of why this room smells of booze. It looks like Rinnosuke is quite the drinker. You smile and sit back up. It's nice to know that you share a love for alcohol with this guy, ti's another thing you have in common. Although you don't think that you could drink all that hard liquor all the time.

Rinnosuke comes back, interrupting your thoughts of booze. He's carrying a small tray with a kettle and two tea cups. He places it in the middle of the table and then takes a seat.

“Here, help yourself to some tea.” He almost absent-mindedly points to the cups.

You think that he's quite rude, but then you realize that this is just his way of dealing with people. He was courteous enough to bring tea for you in the first place. You try to show him that you understand his goodwill by helping yourself to a cup of his tea. You take the kettle and pour. To your surprise it's not green tea. Instead what comes out is a very western and familiar liquid. You just had tea like this very recently.

“So what do you need my help for?” Rinnosuke asks, sounding a bit impatiently. You're completely cut off from your current train of thought and just reply to his query.

You explain to him how you've been given a task by Kaguya and you're not sure what's the best way to deal with it. You tell him how you're thinking of getting a job somewhere, some sort of activity that will endow you with skills to prove your worthiness. You tell him as well how you're not sure who exactly wants you to do this in the first place.

“So, let me get this straight.” Rinnosuke tries to sum up your points of discussion. “You need a job because some unknown faction is telling you to get one?”
“Well... yes.”
“Who wold have thought that she would take interest again with such a person? I guess there's no avoiding it.” Rinnosuke says something cryptic, but his tone of voice and words seem to indicate that he might know more about whomever sent you to do this.
“Wait, do you know who's arranging for all of this to happen?”
“Well...” Rinnosuke pauses pensively before giving his answer. “Let's just say that I had a similar experience in the past. It was quite disagreeable. I don't know if it's the same as my case, but I'll just tell you this: watch yourself. You might be just a plaything to higher powers.” He employs a stern voice to tell you this, but it isn't the usual voice filled with bravado, but instead sounds like he really means to warn you of something.
“I'm curious, tell me, what exactly happened to you?” You ask, unable to contain your curiosity.
“I'm sorry, but I rather not talk about it. It was a very low point in my life. I was strung along like a puppet, given false hope, and had my dreams crushed. So I would like to say the following to you boy,” His old arrogance returns to his voice, covering for his vulnerability. “Forget your ideals and concentrate on what's most important to you.”

Saying so, Rinnosuke gets up from the table. He walks towards the curtains. He stops as he opens them, adding a final line to his speech.

“Stay as long as you want, I have business to attend to. Do not expect to see me for the rest of the day.”

And with that, he leaves. You're left sitting at the table with a cup of tea. What the hell was that all about? You can't help but wonder that Rinnosuke might be more connected to this than you first thought. His last piece of advice especially seems to ring hollow in your ears. Abandon your ideals? No way. You live life according to your own rules and ideals. This irritates you. But you don't know exactly why either. You angrily put your cup down and get up. You storm to the front of the store in order to find Rinnosuke. But it's no good. He's already left and the store is abandoned.

You scratch your head as you wonder what to do next. You're tempted to trash his store, but you know that this is only a childish impulse. So you just decide to leave. As you are leaving the store, a shiny reflection catches your eye. You bend down to the floor and see that it's something like a small golden pin. It's very similar to the double snake staff w/ wings used to designate doctors and medicine. But instead of wings, there's something like long animal ears, probably a rabbit's. The snakes themselves are strange as well, being more similar to an elongated eyepiece from a microscope than snakes. Strange. Did Rinnosuke drop this? If so, where was he storing it? No matter, this might be a clue of sorts so you store it amongst your inventory.

You leave the shop and are left with more questions than you initially entered with. You didn't even get to ask if you could have helped him around the shop or with something else. What would be the best place to go now then? You're pretty near the lake as well you think.

[] The shrine
[] Witch's shop
[] The lake sounds nice
[] Somewhere else
>> No. 6725
[] The lake sounds nice

Nothing could possibly go wrong here.
>> No. 6727
[X] The shrine
HUMBLY may i add.
>> No. 6728
File 121504224177.jpg - (38.25KB , 808x439 , awesome.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] The lake sounds nice


No, but srsly.
>> No. 6729
[x] The shrine

Miko first, then we head back and confront Eirin. If Reimu can confirm for us that making ourselves useful to Gensokyo on a whole will do it, then joining Eirin should be more then enough. This way, we can also stay at the Eientei however long we want to. LET'S DO THIIIIS.
>> No. 6730
>“Forget your ideals and concentrate on what's most important to you.”
[x] The shrine
>> No. 6731
[x] PDA (Time)
[x] The shrine

Wow, such an outcome. I didn't even want to be here, but didn't think this encounter would be as helfpul as it's been. Rinnosuke may have just blatantly said "Fuck Yukari, do what you love!"

Anyway, going to Reimu should clear up my suspicions if it's her or Yukari who wants us gone the most. Oh, and bring alcohol! She may still be pissed.

[x] Take Rinnosuke's liquor
>> No. 6732
You check your PDA for the time. It's now 2:58 PM. The sun that's still high up in the sky seems to confirm the time as well. There's still quite a bit before it gets dark.
>> No. 6733
File 121504668011.png - (676.06KB , 1175x964 , mousecrusha.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6734
Shoop in a picture of Shirou and Rinnosuke getting it on and shoop out Patchy's ribbons and then that picture will be appropiate. Unless of course you're insinuating that Patchy has a thing for Shirou and has been watching him live through a series of conveniently placed webcams.
>> No. 6735

That's the NEET's hair, so yeah!
>> No. 6736
File 121504771693.jpg - (182.74KB , 600x800 , patchu2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Know your Touhoes. That my friend is a hatless Patchy. Kind of like in the picture. The black and white nature of the picture obfuscates her identity. But it's definitely not Kaguya, it's most likely Patchouli.
>> No. 6737
[X] The lake sounds nice
>> No. 6738
[x] The shrine
>> No. 6739
[x] The shrine

You owe us some sweet Suika time, Teruyo!
>> No. 6740

You may as well give up on this fantasy. Once Teruyo tells you that you've missed out on something, you've missed out on it for good.
>> No. 6741
File 121505138189.jpg - (143.05KB , 640x440 , 1188425148257.jpg ) [iqdb]
>[] The shrine
>The shrine

TERUUUUYOOOO! You infuriating BASTARD!!!
>> No. 6742
[x] The shrine

You think for a bit before deciding on your next destination. You feel that maybe the miko might know something of use to you. Heck, maybe she even has a job lined up for you. Well, maybe not. She was kinda pissed off the last time you saw her. There's no guarantee that if you find her in a better mood this time. You did leave her passed out in front of the shrine all alone. That's got to breed some sort of resentment, right? Well no matter THIS SHRINE has nothing on you, after all. Nothing you can't wriggle out of or escape from. He who dares wins. Or something.

You run along, following the path you used last time from Kourindou to get to the shrine. It takes you no time at all to reach the shrine. Everything seems to be calm as always. The sun is in the sky, birds are singing off in the distance, and all's right with the world. You climb up the steps leading to the shrine and almost immediately spot the miko. She's sweeping the front of the shrine with a rather bored expression. You start walking towards her. She notices the sound of your footsteps on the cobbled entrance and looks away from her task. Almost immediately, a rather sour look forms upon her face. It would seem she's not pleased at all to see you here.

“What do YOU want?” She asks, obviously irritated. “You've got a lot of nerve coming back after last time. Or maybe you've got a death wish? Either way, make it good or you're definitely going to be introduced to a quite painful barrage of danmaku.”

Well then, you've gone and interacted with the miko. You should think of something that will keep her from blasting you to kingdom come.

[] “Hey there good lookin', whatcha got cookin'?”
[] “I came here seeking your help.”
[] “The Oni. Where is she?”
[] “Are you sure that you can take on a real man like myself” (strike manly pose)
Also, let's try some quick and (relatively) short updates for a bit. So vote quickly people.
>> No. 6743
[] Apologize. If that doesn't work, TRACE ON.
>> No. 6744
[] “Are you sure that you can take on a real man like myself” (strike manly pose)

Goddamn it, stop offering choices that Anon can't resist.
>> No. 6745
>> No. 6746
[x] “I came here seeking your help.”


Come on, Shirou has bunches of Charisma. He can handle this.
>> No. 6747
[x] “I came here seeking your help.”
>> No. 6748
[c] “The Oni. Where is she?”
>> No. 6749
[x] “I came here seeking your help.”

Seekan helpan gaems
>> No. 6750
[x] “I came here seeking your help.”
Look at us, we're being SMART.
>> No. 6751
[*] “I came here seeking your help.”
>> No. 6752
[x] “I came here seeking your help.”

Lay low on your knee, genuflect.
Submit yourself to the miko and you will be fed.

ps. Is Nanaya here too? it would be hilarious to have double nasu hax in the same place.
>> No. 6753
[x] “I came here seeking your help.”
>> No. 6755
[x] “I came here seeking your help.”

“I came here seeking your help.” You say in a natural and sincere tone. You try your best not to piss the miko off by saying something stupid.
“You!? Seeking help from me?!” Reimu asks astoundingly. “After what happened last time? Have you no shame?” She's looking quite angry, but you can tell that most of it is just her acting to be upset. If you play your cards right you might be able to get out of this one.

You try to access your higher than normal charisma for one last push.

“Well, I'm awfully sorry about last time, but I wouldn't have come without good reason, so could you at least hear me out?” You say, with an almost pleading tone to your voice. The miko seems to consider your plea and stops to muse for a moment. After what seems like an eternally long period of silence (during which your nerves were on edge in case she decided to blast you), she speaks again.
“Well, I have good reason to kick your ass, but it does seem like you're being sincere about needing my help. So I promise to hear you out before kicking your ass. That is, of course, if your explanation is lacking.”

Phew. It seems like you somehow managed to diffuse the situation. The red-white puts down her broom and then sits on the steps in front of the donation box. She pats a spot next to her, indicating you to sit down. You do as she indicates sitting down next to her. You're left sitting by her side. A silence befalls the both of you. Neither of you starts speaking. This continues for a few awkward minutes. Every time you decide to speak you end up looking at her and feel that you're going to mess this up.

Eventually the miko stretches out her arms and yawns out loud. “If you're going to speak, do so before I fall asleep.” She says. Mmm, although she says that you're distracted by something else. Her armpits. You can clearly see them as she stretches her arms into the air. Oh my, you don't know what it is about those hairless puppies but you're very excited upon seeing them. How delicious. And another advantage of being seated next to her is that you can see into her miko outfit a bit. You see sarashi binding her chest as the loose miko outfit rustles about. DELICIOUS BANDAGES. You can feel blood gushing to a certain part of your body. It's been a while since he's gotten any use as well.

WAIT. NO. Bad Shirou. You came here to ask the miko for something. Tell your soldier boy to stand down. You breath in deeply, trying to calm your racing heart. It seems to help somewhat. Okay. Calm down. The miko is now looking at you expectantly. You can feel yourself getting a bit red.

“Is anything the matter, you're looking funny.” She says. With a puzzled look on her face.
“Ah yes! I've decided to tell you what it is I need help with!” You say, trying to cover for your condition.
“Oh? Finally then. Out with it. No need to keep me in suspense.”

Crap you may have said that, but you still haven't decided what to exactly tell her. What to ask her about?

[] Ask her out on a date
[] Ask her if she performs marriage ceremonies
[] Ask her what she knows about the power structure of Gensokyo
[] Ask her for a job
[] Stay silent
>> No. 6756
[x] Ask her what she knows about the power structure of Gensokyo

Awesome. Just awesome.
>> No. 6757
[x] Ask her what she knows about the power structure of Gensokyo
>> No. 6758
{X} Ask her what she knows about the power structure of Gensokyo
>> No. 6759
[] Ask her what she knows about the power structure of Gensokyo
[] Ask her for a job

Working with sweet Suika! Fuck yeah!!!
>> No. 6760
[x] Ask her what she knows about the power structure of Gensokyo

Reimu > everyone else
>> No. 6761
Get back to write more THE SHRINE.
>> No. 6762
[x] Ask her what she knows about the power structure of Gensokyo
>> No. 6763
[X] Ask her what she knows about the power structure of Gensokyo

"who are you?","The new number 2"."Who's number 1?","You, are number 6..."
>> No. 6764
[x] Ask her what she knows about the power structure of Gensokyo
>> No. 6765
File 121505823912.jpg - (207.92KB , 700x750 , thispicturemighthavebeenmoreappropiatewiththelastp.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask her what she knows about the power structure of Gensokyo

“The truth is,” You begin to say, “I have this problem and I must know more about who's in charge here in Gensokyo. And I thought that you might be the person to ask.”
“And why do you suddenly need to know this? You being forced to conduct shady business for some unknown puppet master?” She says laughing for a bit. She turns to you however, and finds that your face is deadly serious. Sensing that you're asking sincerely she then continues without any further jokes. “I see that you're being serious here.” She says. “Well I don't really know why you're asking this out of the blue but I take it that this information might help you from some pinch that you're in, am I right?”

You nod.

“I see.” She states. “In that case, you have to promise me something.”
“It depends...” You say. You can't just allow yourself to be committed to random promises. That's usually the leading cause for death in harem anime. That and being punched through multiple walls and hitting the ground at over 30 m/s.
“Well, as you may have noticed... this shrine doesn't exactly get many donations.”
“You mean none at all, right?” You say bluntly.
“Hey, no need to be a jerk about it. Even if it is the truth...” She looks away rather sadly. “Well, in any case, I live off a simple diet of rice and tea.”
“And? Do you want my help in making rice or something?” You ask, missing her point.
“That's not it at all! I'm saying that I get bored of it at times. I heard from Marisa that in the village they serve a delicious beef steak meal.” She turns to you and looks at you expectantly.
“So what? You want me to get the recipe from them? If that's it I'll do it.”
“Why must you be dense!? I'm not asking for a stupid recipe! I'm asking for you to treat me to a steak sometime! God why the hell are you so thick-headed!?” She quips irritatedly. Her shouting takes you by surprise as she gets some spit on your face from her outburst.
“Is that alright with you?” She asks, returning to a more calm state.

You think about it. You don't really have any money, but you should try to gain her cooperation somehow. Even if it means begging for money from someone else. It's important that you find out about the power structure here. You look at her. She seems to be fiddling with the hem of her sleeves, waiting for your reply. It looks like she's anxiously waiting for your reply. Hmm, she looks really cute when she's being girlish like this. Although you have to admit that her vigor and energy sure is nice as well.

Dammit, you should at least try to get the information first. You stall for time.

“Can't you tell me first before I commit myself to anything. I mean this information might even be a matter of life and death for me.” You say, exaggerating a bit. You don't really know if it's as dangerous as you're making it sound. You see the miko stir a bit. She seems to think for a moment. But, uh, she's got a very forced smile on her face now.
“If this information is so important to you, then you should consider a steak a cheap price to pay for it, aren't I right? You should have no problem conceding if you want it.” You can almost see a cat-like aura come from her as she says this.

Dammit. She has a point. You've been put into check by her. Damn sassy miko. You're not sure what to do. Well, you might not even need her, there might be other people in Gensokyo who would gladly help you out of the kindness of their hearts. Maybe her information isn't so great after all. Well on the flip side you could be just being cheap. It's true you don't have much money but you could probably get some somehow by the time that Reimu wants to eat the steak.

[] Begrudgingly accept her offer
[] Refuse her
>> No. 6766
[x] Begrudgingly accept her offer

I honestly feel sorry for her more then wanting to know the information at this point ;;
>> No. 6767
[X] Begrudgingly (wat) accept her offer
>> No. 6768
[x] Begrudgingly accept her offer
>> No. 6769
[x] Begrudgingly accept her offer
>> No. 6770
File 121505933676.gif - (42.38KB , 132x132 , dempseyroll.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Dempsey Roll her
>> No. 6771
[x] Accept her offer

What's this "begrudgingly" business? I'd be more than happy to take the miko to dinner, on MANY occasions! Hell, she can even come to Eientei and eat a home cooked meal by Shirou! I'm sure Kaguya would love her company.
>> No. 6772
nyaaan nya nyaaan
>> No. 6774
[x] Begrudgingly accept her offer
>> No. 6775
[X] Invite her to Eientei for a home cooked meal deluxe.
>> No. 6777
C'mon, Teruyo, one more, please, before my eyes seal shut for the night....
>> No. 6778
I'm writing already, be a little patient. I'm over halfway done I think.
>> No. 6779
Sorry. Force of habit. HY Syndrome. Don't bother me about it.
>> No. 6781
Faster Cotton plucker.
You need to achieve your daily quota.
>> No. 6799
Even it's slowpoke, I'll vote it anyway because it's awesome and so shirou-like.
[X] Invite her to Eientei for a home cooked meal deluxe.

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