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6237 No. 6237
[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor

There's no doubt about it! You've got to save Eirin!

Images flash through your mind. Disturbing ones. The beam, impacting Eirin. Blood and gore everywhere. In an instant she would be gone forever. All her knowledge and history gone just like that. Her strange personality, her knowing look, her strange playful side, all of it disappearing in an instant. There's so much to her that makes her unique. And you can't help but think that it would take just a brief moment for it all to disappear.

No! It's within your power to save her! You can't bear to even allow the possibility of that happening. It's now or never.

You make your decision.

All of your motions are just a blur. You can't tell at what velocity you're moving, but you just know that you cover the distance between you and Eirin in what seems to be a flash. Time seems to slow down, or your senses sharpen. You can't honestly tell what's going on, but it doesn't matter. You can feel that the beam is almost upon you, but you don't let up and your body reacts without you knowing it. You're not sure when exactly it was that your feet left the ground, but you've got your arms outstretched mere centimeters from Eirin.

You yell out something, but in your current state you're not sure what it is. Eirin starts to turn around, in response to your cry. Physics takes its course and you impact her.

You hear something that seems to be a yelp of sorts coming from Eirin. But there's nothing you do besides accept gravity's tug. You pull Eirin down, hard. In the instant that the two of you are in the, about to hit the ground, you position yourself on bottom, to try to break her fall a bit. It's only fair that she not be harmed at all here. You hit the floor very hard. In fact, you think that your head takes the brunt of the damage. Eirin's mass only serves to make the whole experience even more shocking. In an instant all of your momentum disappears. You feel your body failing you.

Your vision begins to get weak...

However, giving up is not an option. You use your remaining strength to make sure that Eirin is safe. You can see that she's looking at you, with a worried expression. You try to reassure her, you can't recall what you say, but it seems to have some sort of effect. You smile at her as you assess the situation. You look about you. The beam passes over you, where Eirin was standing but a moment ago. You're relieved. It looks like you made it in time. You breathe out in relief and look at the good doctor. You smile at her as if to say that everything is alright. She looks at you as well, with a comforting expression.

You laugh out loud a bit, and roll over on your back. You lie belly up, laughing out of relief. Of all the stupid things that you have done, this probably tops the chart. A true sense of happiness comes from within you, probably from your will to live. Yeah, what you did could be considered a heroic act. You saved someone. It was within your power to do so, and you did. There's nothing greater than being able to help another person. Your vision refocuses a bit more. You can't help but stare into the darkened ceiling.

As you lay there, aggrandizing your antics, you can't help but to feel good. But not all is at it would seem. You're interrupted. Eirin, who recovered from the shock of being hurled to the ground, shakes your shoulder and points at a location to your right. You don't quite understand what she's going on about. But she seems to be pretty frantic and she indicates with all her might towards the right.

And then you see it.

The green beam of light. It's coming towards you again. There's no doubt about it. But it's strange. It's moving much faster than before and it's at the same height as you are. This shouldn't be possible. The machine shouldn't be projecting the beam like this again. Why? What's going on? Why is it coming for the two of you?

But it's definitely coming. Oh crap. In just a few instants all of your efforts will have been in vain. You'll explode into a million different pieces. And Eirin is surely a goner as well. You can't let this end like this. You don't wanna die now. It's not fair. The beam of light continues to approach you. It's now only a few meters away. You have likely a few seconds to do anything before it hits you. You look around for any tools to use. You check your pockets as well.


There's nothing you can grab or use. Crap. The beam is about to hit you now. There's no escaping it. You turn on your side, facing the beam, and close your eyes. You want something to happen. A miracle. Anything. Surely there's something that can save you now. Divine intervention, dumb luck, anything! Your heart is beating at an accelerated rate. You have an enormous headache and you can't breathe properly.

And yet-

There's still something you can do. Something that you can try. You focus your body.

“Trace on-”

You feel energy gathering from all over your body. It's clear now. You know what you must do.


You don't have an image in your mind. You don't know what you should be copying. Nothing can help you now. Wait – panicking will solve nothing. You think. More than that you feel. You can feel your body shouting out to you. It wants to do something. Something it knows it can do. You just let it go nuts and do what it wants to do. Anything is good at this point in time. It starts gathering more mana and then something else happens. An image forms in your mind. You immediately know what it is. Yeah, that will do just nicely.

Something to block with. Something to stop the beam. A shield. A copper shield. Not just any copper shield. But one with seven layers of ox pelt. You can picture it now. You focus all of your energy into it's inception. You picture it's structure, memorizing the small details. It's a trivial matter to materialize it. It doesn't matter that this weapon isn't yours. It doesn't matter that you could never normally make as you are now. You just need it. That's all that matters.

A blinding light appears before you. You can feel it even though you have your eyes closed.

It's there! You open your eyes.

Before your eyes you see the magnificent blocking device. You entrust it with all of your hopes. You're gambling and betting everything on this one thing. It's got to hold.

The beam impacts the shield. It's a violent collision. You pray to all that is holy so that the shield holds. And it does – for a while.

The green beam slices through the layering of the shield like a hot knife through butter. It take a moment but the result is obvious. The first, second, third, all the way to the seventh layer are easily penetrated by the beam.

>> No. 6238
Dammit! Did you not make it as strong as the original?! It's impossible. You just felt that this was the best that you could do. Was your best not good enough?! Goddamn it! You just watch in disbelief as the rest of your shield dematerializes. You know that in a split second, that beam will hit you. You try to make peace with the world, knowing that the end is near. How unfair. You have way too many loose ends left here. You just hope that that doesn't make you eligible for becoming a ghost, still obsessed with the places that you roamed in life. It wouldn't do at all to make life uncomfortable for the survivors here at Eientei. No sir, it wouldn't do at all...

The beam hits you just as expected. It's funny. It's just a warm sensation. There's no pain. Yet you can feel your body splitting apart. You can't bear to look. It's probably a mess. You instead try to turn around, to try to apologize to Eirin. Yeah, it looks like you couldn't save her. You can't even really turn now. You feel that most of your body is gone. Your head is surely next. Ah well, at least you did your best. You tried your best to have no regrets. Although you have to admit that you failed at that. As you close your eyes, you smile a foolish smile. You're now a man that's accepted his fate. The last thought that you have as you scatter into a million pieces is one of asking for forgiveness.

“I'm sorry, Eirin...”

And with that your world becomes completely dark.



You can no longer feel anything. In fact, you can't even see. But you somehow know that your whole world is filled with darkness.

“Is this death?” You ask yourself. “Of course it is. I died a horrible death.”

Having established that fact, you don't know what comes next. Is this it? Just a perpetual darkness that blankets you for all eternity?

How unfair.

You didn't expect busty angels to greet you, but it would have been nice to know that there's something more to death than this. In this place with no time, no space, and nothing at all it feels lonely. You can only feel your own consciousness in this space. How fitting, lonely in life, lonely in death. Some habits just never change. It would seem that your natural state is to be completely alone.

Giving yourself up to destiny. You stop wondering about your current state. It's all for nothing in any case. It'd be better if you just slept here.

Just as you start to turn off what remains of your mind, you can feel some change occurring in this place. It's subtle at first. Like small ripples on a calm surface of water. But it grows in intensity quickly. Soon, before you know it, you can feel a flood of light come into your world. You can almost see it. Bright beams bursting in. Is this an echo of your death? Or is this the true beginning of the afterlife? Perhaps a god does exist after all. If so, you wish that that god would remove you from your isolation. It's too cruel of a joke to stay like this.

You feel your consciousness being sucked along by something else. Whatever it is, it's taking action.
Sorry for taking so long, but lol distractions. There's more, but I haven't quite finished yet. So expect another update in a little bit.
>> No. 6241
GODDAMMIT, ANON!! Because of your ass-fuckery, we didn't get enough mana transferring in to survive!

Kissing Reisen/Eirin/Kaguya route goodbye now.
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>> No. 6245
I want to pierce her with my laser.
>> No. 6246
If you know what I mean
>> No. 6247
So...I quess it's Youmu/Yuyuko tiem nao?
>> No. 6248
inb4 that pic of cirno with the frozen penis.
>> No. 6249
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>> No. 6250
Oh ho, why not Cirno licking her Penis?
>> No. 6251
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>> No. 6252
>So...I quess it's HUNGER tiem nao?
>> No. 6253
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>> No. 6254
>> No. 6255
Yaaarrr, She be shivering her ballsacks
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>So expect another update in a little bit.
>> No. 6259
>> No. 6260
Well at least we know we have something of our namesake besides our sheer stupidity.
>> No. 6261
Damn right.
>> No. 6262
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Have some Cirno while you wait.
>> No. 6263
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>> No. 6264

Woudl be amre papproripate if tit were a sbox of sitssues.
>> No. 6265
You see what seems to be a tunnel. And at the end there's a light. You feel compelled to follow it. It's like it's calling you. You feel like you're reaching out for it somehow.

White light blinds you.

Wait, blinds you? Something is amiss here. How could you be blinded if you don't have eyes anymore?

The light disappears and colors start saturating your world. You realize that you're viewing this through your own eyes. Your own physical eyes. You're staring at what seems to be a well illuminated tiled ceiling.

Does this mean that-?!

You try moving your arms. Holy Hannah! You can feel your arms! And not just that, but you can feel your whole body. You can't quite explain the emotions that surge through your insides. You just try to get up as fast as possible. You sit up and it appears to be that you're on top of a bed.

“Whoah, what are you doing?” An irritated voice exclaims. “Lie back down!” It commands you. “You've got a concussion and blunt trauma, getting up like that so suddenly will only exacerbate it!”

What the voice says is true. You've got a a splitting headache and your world seems to be gently spinning around. You quickly collapse back as you were before. When you lie down, you're surprised to feel that it's soft under you. Wait, now that you look around, you see that you're in that room with all the beds. You must be on one of the beds. Wait. You're missing something here.

You look around more. The source of the voice. It's right next to you. In fact she was there all along, or so it would seem. It's Eirin. She's standing, looking down upon you. She's dressed up in her regular clothes, but is wearing a lab coat over it all. She's holding what seems to be one of those small flashlights that doctors use. Well, that solves the mystery of the blinding light. Eirin was probably checking your pupil dilation.

“Wha-?” You try to say but you're cut off by Eirin.
“Shush now.” She says in a rather condescending voice. “You need your rest. When you're feeling better we can discuss all that's happened.” She puts away the small light into one of her pockets and leaves your side. She walks away slightly slower than you would think normal for her.

You observe her gait. It would seem that she's limping slightly. Her left leg seems to be moving a bit differently than her right. You disregard her orders and ask her flat out.

“What happened to your leg?”

Eirin stops, turns around and smiles at you. However it's a rather cold smile, you feel like she's really, really upset at you but won't show it. How scary. “Oh that just happened when I was violently thrown to the ground by a certain patient here. It's not a big deal, it just hurts a bit and could have been easily avoidable. You know, the usual.”

You try to protest her increasingly patronizing attitude. “But I thought that-” But alas, it would seem that she's got the upper hand in this conversation.
“You thought what? Hmm?” She intensifies her scary smile even more. “That you would sneak into my lab, observe my test run, and then tackle me whenever you felt like it?” She crosses her arms, helping to emphasize just how irritated she is. It's a truly scary sight since from an outsiders point of view it might seem like she isn't even upset. “I was truly surprised that you were even there. I thought you would have spent the afternoon doting over Undonge or any other number of your usual activities.”

“But I saw- the beam! It destroyed the objects!” You finally manage to say something remotely coherent.
“That, my dear 'pupil', was a simulation of a technology that I'm developing.” She sighs a bit and looks at you matter-of-factly. “I would have explained if you had come up to me as a normal person instead of trying to do heaven knows what.” She continues, sounding somehow even more patronizing than before. “If you had recalled your lessons, you would have known that a beam of that intensity in that spectrum of light is harmless. It amounts to little more than a glorified laser pointer.”

You don't buy her explanation. “But after I tackled you, it came back. And it-” You pause for a bit, recalling that awful scene. “Got to the both of us.”
“I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about.” Eirin shrugs her shoulders and then sits on the edge of your bed. “You tackled me and fell head first onto the floor. You were out like a candle. I got up, shut down the machine and then dragged you all the way here. Certainly nothing like us dying occurred on the way.”
“But I even tried to shield us, but the shield failed and the beam pierced me. I remember it like it really happened!” You say, whining a bit.

She notices that you were saying it seriously and sighs. She smiles, this time a normal smile, none of the previous hostility is present. “I guess your mind made that whole ordeal up when you bumped your head. I must say the mind never ceases to amaze me.” She looks away pensively for a bit. “Ah well, don't worry about it.” She says after a pause. “Just rest, and in a couple of hours you'll be fine. You can even stay the night here if you wish.”

Eirin smiles confidently at you and gets up. It seems like she was amused at the idea that you thought you had died trying to protect her. She leaves, not saying any further words and turning off the lights.

You lay there, still trying to take in everything. You can't believe that none of that really happened. But it felt so real. The beam, the shield, the dissolution. It all felt like it really happened. Your head hurts and you feel slightly dizzy, so you don't make any effort to get up.

You sigh. Yeah, Eirin is probably right. It was likely all in your mind. You made a fool of yourself and tackled Eirin. Still, you can't help but feel that the good doctor didn't really mind despite appearances. Well, you think it would have certainly been better than trashing her equipment. She probably would systematically poison you then or something...

You shiver at that thought. Think happy thoughts. Yeah, no need to get stuck on pessimistic thoughts. Wait. It dawns upon you that you didn't tell Eirin about that thing you saw earlier. Or heck, even really clarified things. Shit. You didn't even really apologize. Ah well, maybe it's best if you follow the good doctors advice and just rest. God knows you've been stubborn and stupid enough for a day. It's now clearly evening as you can see the night sky from the window. That reminds you of the last time you were here. You left and ended up getting lost with Mokou in the forest. Heh, something like that wouldn't happen twice. Still, it does look like a pleasant night.

[] Lay back and rest for a while
[] Go see Eirin
[] Leave the clinic
[] Try to leave through the window
lol wut?
>> No. 6266
File 121443318152.jpg - (112.91KB , 850x715 , sample-054441e7360bbdb3e55c5bdba7f89a99.jpg ) [iqdb]

Good, YAF. You are making yourself look like a on the internet.
>> No. 6267
[x] Lay back and rest for a while
>> No. 6268
[X] Go see Eirin
We made a fool out of ourself, time to apologize and set things right with her.
Maybe we can ask her about Kaguya too and find out some things only she can know of.
>> No. 6269
File 121443406223.jpg - (10.55KB , 255x288 , RAGEhalf1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Leave the clinic

Goddammit, Anon, I told you idiots not to take the medicine that'll knock us out for a couple of hours. I told you idiots not to go to Eirin's clinic that would waste even more time. But if you fucking idiots fuck up this little ordeal and miss our engagement entirely, I'd advise Teruyo to just simply stop writing because the idiots won't get ANYTHING accomplished at this rate.
>> No. 6270
[x] Lay back and rest for a while
>> No. 6271
[X] Go see Eirin

It feels like it's our destiny, to screw all things up. Poor Shirou is going to miss all the routes and reach ronery end
>> No. 6272
[] Maybe there was some truth in that hallucination. Try to Trace a small dagger or something.
>> No. 6273


God why tare yo umiiaking me concertrare t ohard whe nI'm so unable t o cintentrare?!
>> No. 6274
[X] Try to leave through the window

Runaway END
>> No. 6275
[] Go see Eirin

Oh ho, why not look like a tard again?
>> No. 6276
[X] Go see Eirin
>> No. 6277
File 121443648137.png - (739.92KB , 800x600 , 1206118413627.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6284
I was just whining with no real intent. Nice of you to have deleted it. I'll post it at a more appropiate moment then...
>> No. 6285
[X] Leave the clinic
[x] Go see Kaguya.
>> No. 6286
I shall find another picture to post then.
>> No. 6288
[x] Leave the clinic

booze cures all
>> No. 6289
The story Eirin gives is very suspicious, especially after the reality distortion we saw earlier. What would she be testing that would require a mock-up like this? And even it's true that lasers of the spectrum & intensity cannot hurt people, who said it was a laser?

More likely you collapsed from mana exhaustion from casting Rho Aias, but it allowed Eirin enough time to shut off the machine.

We must be pretty far into Eirin's route by now. I want to solve the mystery, even if she is a total bitch.

[x] Go see Eirin
>> No. 6291
File 121444489184.jpg - (124.36KB , 700x549 , 1203233657568.jpg ) [iqdb]
Eyes on Target.
>> No. 6292
[x] "God damn it Roa!"
[x] Leave the clinic
[x] Go see Kaguya.
>> No. 6293
File 121444548748.jpg - (54.98KB , 396x500 , 1212028461798.jpg ) [iqdb]

Shame our sensors are always broken.
>> No. 6294
At least the other people will know that we are here fainting. Eirin should have informed the other, especially Kaguya who expect us to go see her. Reisen and Tewi might me informed too via random rabbit. That's too optimistic but still, possible.

in summary: Someone probably come to visit us.
[] Lay back and rest for a while
[] Try to trace something. like a black-and-white twin dagger.
>> No. 6295
[X] Lay back and rest for a while

Doctor's orders.
>> No. 6296
[] Lay back and rest for a while
[] Try to trace something. like a black-and-white twin dagger.

Emiyanon will never have Shirou's abilities, but it's amusing to vote for them.
>> No. 6297
[] Lay back and rest for a while
[] Try to trace something. Like a small sword for Albion.
>> No. 6298
[] Lay back and rest for a while
[] Go see Eirin
>> No. 6299
[] Lay back and rest for a while
[] Try to trace something. Like a small sword for Albion and black-and-white twin daggers for yourself
>> No. 6300
[] Try to trace something. like a scalpel to cut your wrists.
>> No. 6302
[X] Lay back and rest for a while
[X] Try to trace something. Like Kohaku's needles.
>> No. 6303
[x] Try to trace something. A small Clarent (the "sword of peace") for Albion.

Clarent was sword that Mordred used to kill Arthur. It should be easily within out powers.

If we fail to create even these low-level weapon, then we had exhausted our mana on the Rho Aias and Eirin was lying.
>> No. 6305
[x] Find Reisen.
[x] Recharge mana.

After that, we can trace whatever.
>> No. 6306
>> [x] Recharge mana.

I wonder if the implication of the method of 'recharging the mana pool' is well known here. *grin*
>> No. 6307
File 121448873550.jpg - (2.90KB , 75x90 , shirou2.jpg ) [iqdb]
You mean eating a hearty meal and having a good night's rest? It works for me.
>> No. 6311
>> No. 6312
>[X] Recharge Mana

With who? Who can give us this favor? Can you enlighten me, good sir?
>> No. 6313
[x] Lay back and rest for a while

Wanting to obey doctor's orders, you lay back and relax. It's only now that you notice that you're no longer wearing a lab coat, but instead are wearing a pretty generic white buttoned shirt. You have no idea where it came from. Maybe Eirin put it on you? You sniff the cuffs of the shirt. It doesn't have any strong odors, but a faint smell of perfume suggests that it was at one point in the possession of a female. Well, not necessarily, it could be a fabric softener or something as well. In any case, you still seem to be wearing the same pants, so you don't feel completely violated.

Lying there, you find yourself a bit bored. It's not like you have any of your stuff with you and there's nothing in the room to keep your occupied. You try to pass the time by counting the number of ceiling tiles. However, you stop almost as soon as you stop. It's just too tedious and boring to do. There is almost no moonlight tonight, probably due to overcast skies. As a result, the room you're in is quite dark. It's as if everything were enveloped in a blanket of darkness. To be honest, it's not the most comforting ambiance you've been in. But failing to turn off the main lights, you don't have much that you can do.

You sigh, and place your hands on your head, supporting it. And then a flash of inspiration hits you. The answer to your problem is really quite simple. You remember the 'incident' that you imagined and it all becomes clear. Magic. That's right. You could try something. You should be able to harness energy like the witch showed you. You don't think that you could do anything very destructive but maybe a simple light source might be feasible. Yeah definitely. You feel that it's a good way to probe your abilities anyways. You sit up on the bed and close your eyes.

You first try to concentrate. To clear your mind of distractions. This is surprisingly easy, and in less than a minute you're not thinking of anything else. You take a couple of deep breaths and try feeling your energy. While you don't have honed senses for this sort of thing, you can definitely feel something inside of you that could be equated to energy. You don't know if it's mana, life force, or what, but you funnel it into your hands. You distribute the flow more to your left hand, while simultaneously turning said hand's palm up and spreading out your fingers. The key, according to the witch, is to pour your emotions into it. So, taking her advice, you pour in your feelings of wanting to get rid of the darkness. It may seem strange, but it feels like your feelings are traveling across your body and to the hand where all the mana has gathered.

As your emotions reach your hand, you can feel something happening. You don't even have to open your eyes to know what's happening. You can already feel the glow from the new light source. You take a glance, anxiously opening your eyes. Sure enough, in your hand is a glowing ball of light. You can feel that it's 'burning away' some of your energy, but it seems to be ever so slight. You think that you could maintain this for an almost indefinite period. Or at the very least, for longer than you would normally be awake. Now for the next step. To see if you can control the intensity and color. You think of what would be the 'logical' way of doing so.

You first try 'forcing' in more mana. The ball of light becomes larger, but not necessarily brighter. Hmm. Using trial and error, you try the next possible variable. You try to make your desire for illumination stronger. Without fail, the ball becomes even whiter, and casts an intense light. Aha, that seems to be the key to controlling magic. It's all about the willpower. How about the finely tuned aspects of it? You try to figure out if you can change the orb's color. You try changing your emotions and will slightly but that doesn't work. You try several other things, but those don't work either. You're about to give up when you think about it rationally. Even if it's magic, it still follows some of the rules of science. That would mean if you somehow got some of the different wavelengths to be suppressed, that would effectively change the orb's color. Well, you've got your theory, but how to prove it? You try to think of a way to prove it. But you keep failing at it. If only you had finer control over your abilities. It would look like you need more training.

After a good chunk of time, you find yourself getting bored with your ability. It's neat, but not THAT useful. You could probably, just maybe actually, cast a low-level offensive spell. You figure that if you concentrate and channel your feelings into a projectile, then that could probably work. You figure that some emotions are better than others. You'll probably have to ask the witch some other time. She said there were some catalysts needed for higher level spells, but with what you want to do, it's probably not necessary. You cut off the flow of mana to your hand, and the ball of light disappears. Before you lie back down again, however, you get a rather absurd idea.

You can't help but remember that strange experience you had. You don't know if it was a hallucination or something else, but you feel that you should pursue that line of investigation. You amass your mana as before, but this time you picture an object. You try to start with something simple, like a blade that is often present in your dreams. You visualize its structure, color, and all details. You think that you 'know' all there is to know about it. Concentrating your energy on the image, you 'project' something.

The results are very surprising.

Your head aches and you feel your blood pressure rise, as your mana just flows back into you. It feels like you've been hit by a pound of nails all over your body. IT HURTS. You don't know what went wrong, but it's as if your whole body is rejecting your attempt just now. You writhe in pain a bit, agonizing, but it doesn't last that long. You try to catch your breath and recompose yourself. You lay on your pillow, not making any further efforts to get up. You think that it's probably not a wise idea to try again. You don't know what you're dealing with, and it's obvious that you lack the skills or know-how. This is probably dangerous to pursue further. At least for now.

You sigh and close your eyes. You feel very fatigued now. It would appear that the small magic session that you had took more energy from you than you realized it. Before you can even think more about your mixed results, you fall into a blissful state of sleep.
Alright, I REALLY need to get some sleep. So expect updates later.

It's time for one of those polls that may or may not amount to anything.

Favorite kind of archtype for a character?

[] Tsundere
[] Yandere
[] The childhood friend
[] Book nerd
[] Class president (w/ great marks)
[] Bitchy popular girl
[] The silent girl
[] Athletic sports team member
[] The underdog (aka the person that's bullied)
[] Other (specify)

>> No. 6314

>[x] Find Reisen.
I thought I was clear!
>> No. 6315
[x] the Reisen

Only one move to make.
>> No. 6316

[x] Class president (w/ great marks)
[x] The underdog (aka the person that's bullied)

>> No. 6317

[X] Stalling tactics
>> No. 6318
[] Tsundere
>> No. 6319
My type?

[] Class president (w/ great marks)
[] The silent girl
[] Athletic sports team member
[] The underdog (aka the person that's bullied)
>> No. 6320
File 121449817161.jpg - (34.08KB , 363x300 , rena4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Yandere

That list looks awfully familiar beside it being archtypes.

...you're playing True Love again, aren't you? Picking yandere because there wasn't one in it. Also for my lovely Rena.
>> No. 6321
{X} Yandere
{X} The silent girl
{X} The underdog
>> No. 6322
>It's only now that you notice that you're no longer wearing a lab coat, but instead are wearing a pretty generic white buttoned shirt.

Upgraded from Roa to Arihiko?
This Anonymous is going places.

[x] That pissed me off, so I ate her pudding.
>> No. 6323
[x] The childhood friend
[x] Book nerd
[x] The silent girl
[x] Athletic sports team member
[x] The underdog (aka the person that's bullied)
>> No. 6326
[X] Yandere
>> No. 6329
[X] Yandere

All we need to do now is find the seven holy scriptures at the bottom of some river and spill some of our blood on it.
>> No. 6330
And then we go hunting vampires
>> No. 6331
In the SDM
>> No. 6333
[X] The childhood friend
Needs to be a tsundere tomboy along with it, the type that's all "buddy buddy" but has hidden feelings.
Something like Mokou in GA:SD
>> No. 6334
[x] Yandere
Hmmm, I wonder who this will be, I wonder
>> No. 6336
[X] Yandere
Who wouldn't want a girl who would kill you if you talk to some other girl.
>> No. 6337
[x] Yandere
>> No. 6338
[x] Yandere
Kaguya being yandere on our asses?
>> No. 6339
[x] Class president (w/ great marks)
[x] The underdog (aka the person that's bullied)
>> No. 6340
Seconding this. GA:SD's Mokou was awesome.
[+] The childhood friend
>> No. 6341
[x] Yandere
>> No. 6344
Another playthrough of TL? Now there's an idea! BRB going for perfect playthrough...
Nah, it wasn't ripped straight from TL. It's missing one of my favorite girls, Miyuki. So yeah Art chick. Although I guess Remi is represented by that list so it could go both ways.

I'm pretty surprised that there's a lot of votes for Yandere. I thought the consensus was that tsundere>yandere. But I can live with these results, in fact I can almost find myself agreeing. And I realized that I missed an important archetype, the little sister character. As yes, what is a man without his imouto? A miserable pile of roney, that's what. There's always bonus points if the sister isn't blood-related.

And about an update. I'm afraid that in between sleeping the minimum number of hours needed to survive and being swamped with cardboard boxes, I haven't had the time to write anything further. So, uh, I know I have to do something in an hour's time, and after that's done, I'll get straight back to writing. After all, what's to come is quite interesting...
>> No. 6345
It's not our fault that we missed Tewi the whole time. She would have been a great little sister for us.
>After all, what's to come is quite interesting...
Kaguya talking with our head?
>> No. 6346
File 121452915182.gif - (546.22KB , 800x1048 , yandere4.gif ) [iqdb]

Ewwwww.... wait. *checks who Miyuki is* Yeah, I was right. Ewwww.... most disappointing route ever.

Tsunderes are just cute and fun to break, but yanderes are love! TRUE LOVE!
>> No. 6350
>Kaguya talking with our head?

Shirou becoming a Yukkuri?
>> No. 6351
File 121458597229.jpg - (210.56KB , 655x700 , Eirinb.jpg ) [iqdb]
Some time later, and what seems to initially to be a few moments later, you think you hear the sound of footsteps. Even though you're sleeping, it's an unmistakable sound. It's the dull, repetitive sound of someone's feet moving along. The footsteps grow nearer, and you awaken from your slumber. You don't open your eyes, but instead just concentrate your hearing on the movement. The footsteps come nearer to where you are. They stop for a moment. You have to strain your hearing, but you can make out the ever so slight sound of someone gently opening the door to the room. It's an almost noiseless act, and you can just barely hear the sound of air moving due to the door.

You lay there still, trying to make it seem as if you're asleep. It's obvious that whoever's there does not wish you to notice they're there. You anxiously wait for a few moments (that seem like an eternity) and the person eventually closes the door again. The sound of footsteps once again echo through the silent night. As they get fainter and fainter, as the person walks away, you can't help but think that whoever it is, it's probably someone wearing slippers or maybe even walking barefoot. The sound of the footsteps is nothing like those that one would hear if they had shoes on. You exhale, as if to expel the feeling of apprehension that you were experiencing.

You don't know why you stayed silent. You open your eyes, and are greeted by the still dark room. It would you can't really tell because of the hidden moon, but you think that at least an hour or two has passed since you fell asleep. A more generous estimate would be maybe around the mark of six hours. So it's likely around eleven or midnight. Whatever the scenario, you feel compelled to get up for some reason. You don't really feel your body, but you somehow automatically start to walk towards the door. In fact, all of this seems to be a blur, as you open the door and walk down the hallway. The small details, like the shadows on the walls, and your footsteps seem to be omitted from your brain. You just, for some reason, keep walking towards Eirin's office. As to why you're drawn to it, you simply don't know.

You see that Eirin's office still has some one inside. There's a light on and additionally, you can hear what seems to be someone speaking. You can't clearly make out what it is that the person is saying, so you cautiously inch towards the door. You notice that it's ajar, and careful open it more, taking the opportunity to peek in.

Inside you see Eirin sitting at her desk, with her back turned to you. You can't quite make out what she's doing, but she seems to be alone in the room. It would seem that she's doing all of the speaking. You figure that by her flat tone of voice that she's recording something, likely observations of sorts. You eavesdrop, trying to confirm your suspicions.

“...proceeding as expected. Subject was exposed to the effects of the experimental ray for over ten seconds.” Eirin is saying. She pauses for a moment and you hear a distinctive 'click'. She picks up a nearby chart and seems to look over it. You hear the clicking noise again and she resumes her observations. “According to the data compiled after the subject's exposure, levels of the S-protein spiked after only five minutes. This could indicate a certain predisposition to the anomalous type of radiation that I previously described in report R211-G. It should be noted however, that the data is far from conclusive and further analysis is necessary.” She seems to hesitate for a moment, so you move even closer to the door, pressing your body against it.

“I will proceed with further observation and, depending on the symptoms displayed, may initiate protocol number 32. This might be a little extreme, but it is not to the subject's benefit to have the symptoms completely develop. Especially due to the constant exposure that the subject has to others and the outside world. It would not be of any benefit to have the syndrome exposed for all to see. Furthermore...”

You are engrossed by what she's say. Before you know it, you're really curious to know what she's talking about. Who's this subject? You lean in closer to hear every word, straining yourself. You fail to be cautious enough, and end up leaning on the door too heavily. Surprised by it's swinging inwards at full force, you fall down, and you land on your right wrist. You think that you might have broken, since your brain is telling you that you can't really feel it. You don't even attempt to move it. You made a large sound when you fell, and you can feel that Eirin noticed. You hear her get up, and you look up and see her walking towards you.

“Oh my, I didn't expect to see you here now. I wonder if you were eavesdropping? Didn't anyone ever tell you that it's rude to listen in to other's private notations? Well, well, it looks like you've gotten yourself into another jam. It would seem that you have a propensity to hurt yourself when falling down.” She clearly has a scary smile on her face. It's like a wolf looking at a cornered sheep. You can't really say anything since your whole body is wracked with the pain coming from your wrist.

“What's wrong? In too much pain to be able to speak?” Eirin asks with a mock-concerned tone. She kneels down, bringing herself to your height. “Well, there, there... no need to suffer... Doctor Eirin will make it all better.” Saying so, you see her reach for something in her pocket. You're shocked to see that it's a syringe filled with some sort of greenish-brown fluid. She takes off the cap and taps the syringe. “Now this will only hurt for a second... just relax.” She says as she moves to insert the needle into you.

You try to move away but your hurt wrist makes it impossible for you to get up quickly. So in the end, Eirin easily injects you with the contents of the syringe. You almost immediately pass out. You resist a bit but it's no good. As you pass out, the last thing that you see is Eirin's broad grin as she looks like a predatory animal about to devour its prey.
>> No. 6352
You wake up startled. The first thing you do is gasp out loud. You then get up by instinct and find that you're back in the room with all the beds. It's now early morning, as the uncertain first rays of the sun filter in. You take a quick look around. There's no one. There is, however, a small table next to you. On it, there's a small note. You shake off any remaining vestiges of sleep that remained and grab the note. You immediately read it. It's written in an elegant cursive script.

“You should be okay. Your concussion should have cleared after a night's rest. You can leave whenever you want, but feel free to stay for as long as you want. I'm going to be busy, so I won't check up on you. Don't hurt yourself anymore.

Erin Yagokoro”

You read it over again and think about its brief content. Wait concussion? Yeah there was that, but what about that breaking your wrist? You look at your wrist and realize that you're holding the note with your right hand. But... there's no pain. What the hell? You make sure to flex your wrist and probe it with your other hand. There's... nothing wrong with it. Not swelling, no pain, no anything. What the hell? Did you end up dreaming up that whole sequence?

Then? Does that mean that what you heard was also a figment of your imagination? That seems to be the case. There's no evidence that any of it transpired. There's absolutely no way that your wrist could be fine after that. Thank god. If that didn't happen, it means that that scary Eirin that you saw was also just a mere projection of your imaginative mind. It's likely that the whole thing was just a dream. You know that it wouldn't be the first time that you've had very realistic dreams. Hell, in fact, the more you try to recall it, the more it seems to blur away. This all but proves that it was indeed a dream. Still, you can't help but feel that it might have been a reflection of your subconscious. You remember Eirin's frightening smile that seemed to contrast with her prefect silver hair. A message of sorts?

You step out of bed, making sure to stretch before proceeding. Indeed you reckon that it's maybe 5 or so in the morning. It may seem early, but you also fell asleep pretty early in the evening. You feel completely reinvigorated and refreshed. You haven't slept this well in ages. It feels like you could do anything. You step outside of the room and into the corridor. There are no lights or sounds coming from anywhere. You walk down the corridor and into the waiting area. There's no one here as usual and the morning light has yet to penetrate all the way here.

It would seem that almost everyone is still sleeping at this hour. Or, it could be that they're awake but in doing their own things. Right now, you feel rather hungry. That wouldn't be a bad way to start your day, with food. You have skipped breakfast more often than not lately. You could always go back to your room and mull things over, maybe a more familiar environment might help your thinking process.

[] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen
[] Look around the clinic for Eirin
[] Go to your room
[] Wander around a bit
[] Leave Eientei for now, food might be better elsewhere
You sir are either a tasteless or a troll. The former because you cannot appreciate (I'm not even saying like) the pure win that is Miyuki. And the latter becaue you strongly express a negetive opinion with no reasoning. That and the fact that you erroneously state that TL has 'routes'. It has nothing of the sort. Play the damn game and you'll see what I'm talking about. This is all that I'll say either way.

Also: Friday evening + alcohol = updates all night. Here we go!
>> No. 6353
oh I realized I forgot my trip. >>6352 and >>6351 are legit.
>> No. 6354
[X] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen

Food first. Then we keep our promise to meet the NEET.
>> No. 6355
>...proceeding as expected. Subject was exposed to the effects of the experimental ray for over ten seconds.
We are now able to shot web. Or fire a laser through eye.

Anyway, Vote it is.
[] Go cook something to eat from the kitchen
[] Go to your room

I want to identify Shirou's inventory.
>> No. 6357
[x] use tabbed browsing and do everything at once

but in seriousness,
[X] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen
>> No. 6358
[x] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen

Maybe I am 'tasteless'. You know what I meant by 'routes', Miyuki was one of the worst pursuits in the game. Well, maybe Anze was, but she's a hidden character but she was worth the trouble. Anyway, I'm usually a sucker FOR the frail girl, but just did not do it for me. Give me Remi or Mayumi anytime!
>> No. 6359
[] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen

No hallucinations, please.
>> No. 6360
[x] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen

Is this the Eirin from MiG, cause i swear that i can see the connections there.
But it's okay, being her human experiment is fine, she will make us into the strongest being in Gensokyo or something like that.
>> No. 6361
[x] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen

My senses are tingeling, telling me that whatever happened to us is not good
>> No. 6362
[x] Leave Eientei for now, food might be better elsewhere
>> No. 6363
[x] Check out equipment

See if it's still there....

[x] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen
>> No. 6364
[x] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen
>> No. 6365
While this is not a formal inventory check (examining the actual items would have to be done in your room likely) this is what you should have. Pardon the format, but I'm to lazy and instead am just copy pasting from IRC.

<Zer00>there's the bottle of liquor, the gourd, laser pointer, mystery bottle, Albion, the PDA, and uhh
<Zer00>I'm sure there's more
<Zer00>maybe not
<Zer00>oh yeah
<Zer00>a bit of money left
<Zer00>no booze besides the liquor that marisa gave you

Also writing soon.
>> No. 6366
>there's the bottle of liquor, the gourd, laser pointer, mystery bottle, Albion, the PDA, and uhh

I'm not seeing 'hot glue gun' on that list...

Gentlemen! We've finally arrived to Trap Route!
>> No. 6367
><Zer00>no booze besides the liquor that marisa gave you
That must be the strongest liquor.
>> No. 6368
[x] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen
>> No. 6371
[x] Go grab something to eat from the kitchen

Deciding that food would be best, you go to the kitchen. Eientei is rather silent in the early morning. You don't know why but it feels a bit desolate even. It's a bit sad to be honest. It feels like the long silent hallways have been devoid of human contact for a long while. There's something inherently creepy about places that feel like they've been abandoned. But you try to not let it get to you and you walk towards the kitchen. You arrive without incident.

The kitchen, as usual, is empty. Well, it's normal to assume that no one else is awake at this hour. You take a look around and see what can be easily converted into breakfast. There's the usual mountain of cup noodles. While not very nutritious, you don't mind eating one. There's also a box filled with biscuits that you could eat. If you could find some butter or something that might work. You check the refrigerated storage (for all practical effects a refrigerator that's built-in to the wall). Inside you see a couple of mysterious substances. What seems to be slightly familiar colored rectangles. However, these rectangles are of a different color than the ones you ate yesterday. From what you can see they're green, yellow, and red. You could try to heat them up somehow and eat them. Finally, you see run of the mill eggs in there as well (well, at least you think they're normal, since you haven't exactly seen any chickens nearby). You could probably make yourself a dish of scrambled eggs or something easy like that.

Whatever it is that you eat, you might want to keep the noise down. There's nothing worse than being woken up by the clanging of pots or other loud sounds coming from the kitchen. It also would have been nice someone else were awake and could keep you company. After all, eating alone is boring.

[] Eat a cup noodle
[] Delicious biscuits are nice
[] Heat up a couple of rectangles
[] Make eggs (I guess how is up to write-ins)
Hmm, we'd be a reverse-trap then? Do not know if want. But fret not! We still have our trusty hot glue gun. It'll stay with us through thick and thin. Unless, of course, something like a freak accident were to happen involving a souped-up vacuum cleaner, water, and your gun. But what are the chances of that happening?
>> No. 6375
No, it must be the liquor of love.
>> No. 6377
[X] Eat a cup noodle

>> No. 6378
[x] Eat a cup noodle

Enter Kaguya, stage left.
>> No. 6379
[x] Eat a cup noodle

>a freak accident were to happen involving a souped-up vacuum cleaner

Been there, done that.
>> No. 6380
[X] Eat a cup noodle
Why not
>> No. 6381
[x] Heat up a couple of rectangles
>> No. 6382
[x] Make eggs over EASY MODO
>> No. 6384
[x] Heat up a couple of rectangles
>> No. 6385
[x] Eat a cup noodle

Someone else called me a jesus to this LA.

So uh...your jesus is back?
>> No. 6387
[x] Eat a cup noodle

Not wanting to complicate things further, you decide to go for the easy way and decide to make a cup noodle. You look around for a kettle. Finding one quite easily in a cupboard, you fill it with water. You're surprised that you don't see an electric heater anywhere. After all, you think that Kaguya eats cup noodles often. Hmm, maybe she keeps it in her room? Well, you don't try to think about it too much and instead turn the stove on and place the kettle on it. You hum softly to yourself as you await the water to heat up. In the meanwhile you remove the noodles from their plastic wrap and open the lid. You set everything up so the moment the water is hot enough you can pour it in.

Man, waiting for water to heat up is boring. You wait impatiently, but eventually the water is boiling hot. The kettle has one of those caps that make whistling noise and a shrill whistle sounds when the water starts to boil. You quickly turn off the stove and pour the water into the cup of noodles. You make sure to pour only the right amount. Too much and it becomes like soup, too little and the noodles stay raw. After adding the correct amount, you cover the cup and wait a bit. You look out the kitchen window and appreciate the small flowerbed just outside. You think that last time you took the time to notice them was when you were here with Reisen. A lot has happened since then. It's not clear to you yet if it was all for the best.

You realize that the noodles should be good to eat by now. You take off the lid and dig in. Mmmm, delicious. It's chicken-flavored and quite scrumptious. God bless whoever invented instant noodles. You leisurely eat the noodles as you stare out the kitchen window. It's now definitely morning, and the sun has almost come out in full force. It's still early though, and you wouldn't be surprised if most people were still sleeping at this hour. Maybe in the human village the farmers and tradesmen are getting up and going to work. Just as think about that, you spot a flurry of bunnies crossing into the forest. They're a bit far away, but you can definitely tell that they're exiting the mansion walls from somewhere and heading into the bamboo. Curious. You think that they might be coming from a spot near the clinic. Probably one of the rooms nearby.

Well, although odd, you can't really determine anything else about them. They probably have some sort of purpose since they're all running together, but you can't even begin to fathom what it might be. Well, no matter. You finish eating your noodles and clean up. There's not much you can think to possibly do off the top of your head, especially since everyone is almost assuredly asleep. Well, probably Kaguya. Eirin you don't know if she even sleeps, and Reisen will probably get up soon to do the daily chores.

[] Go to your room
[] Write-in choice (nothing too absurd, just a destination. Can be inside or outside Eientei)
If you're Jesus, then prepare yourself to die for anon's sins.
>> No. 6388
[x] Head to Alice's house

Well, you faggots missed our appointment with Kaguya... again! May as well exit Eientei entirely and live out our days with the one person who we haven't managed to piss off or disappoint...
>> No. 6389
[x] Go to your room
[x] Attempt to trace a sword for Albion

Need to know how much of that was hallucination.
>> No. 6390
[x] Go to the human village and buy materials for a King of Heroes doll
>> No. 6391
[x] Go to your room
[x] Find a plug for the fucking PDA.

seriously we put this off long enough and we're so terrible at keeping a schedule it might be useful.
>> No. 6393
And die for Anon's sins I shall

[x] Go find the PDA and search for a plug for it
>> No. 6395
[x] Go to your room
[x] Attempt to trace a sword for Albion
>> No. 6396
[x] Go to the human village and buy materials for a King of Heroes doll

This man is a genius
>> No. 6397
>[x] Go to the human village and buy materials for a King of Heroes doll

>> No. 6398
[+] Go find the PDA and search for a plug for it
>> No. 6399
[x] Go find the PDA and search for a plug for it
>> No. 6400
[x] Go find Reisen
>> No. 6401
[x]Check to see if Kaguya is awake
>> No. 6403
>Well, you faggots missed our appointment with Kaguya

I thought that was today
>> No. 6404
She needs time to think, we still have enough time before we go to her.
>> No. 6405
She gave us a day, and in that day (and night prior), we've confessed to Alice, boozed it up with Marisa, walked to the Lake and SDM [end night], came back, hung around Eirin all day, pissed of Reisen, bathe, GOOOOOOORRRREEEEE'd Eirin, had some of "Eirin's Shady New Drug" [end night], and now it's morning and we haven't seen Kaguya yet.

Again, the only people we haven't managed to fuck up with are the ones outside of Eientei. ...and Tewi.
>> No. 6406
What an awesome day that was. Shirou hits on everything female that he can find, expect Kaguya.
I can't remember having seen Tewi yet, maybe if we call out for her some Rabbit Ninjas will come and bring us to her.
>> No. 6407
Where's your shirou.jpg?
>> No. 6408

No, you'd get a bunch of Tengu-Ninjas on your ass
>> No. 6409
>If you're Jesus, then prepare yourself to die for anon's sins.

Okay, seriously. we neglect the inventory for far too long.
[X] "Identify inventory."
That includes the bottle, the PDA and the rest need to be solved.
>> No. 6411

Isn't it sad, NEET?
>> No. 6414
Just you wait until Kaguya goes nice boat on Shirous ass.
Eirin is insane anyway, she will mount the head on some clone body or something.
>> No. 6415
[x] Go to your room
[x] Use Hotglue gun on Albion
>> No. 6417
[x] Go to the human village and buy materials for a King of Heroes doll
>> No. 6424
[x]Check to see if Kaguya is awake
>> No. 6425
"So what is this experiment you needed my aid on, the one that I'm apparently learned enough now to bother describing?"

"Glad you asked, Shirou," she replies with the same old smile but uncharacteristic excitement. "It Is called 'Of the Effect of Vacuous Reciprocation & Non-Coercion on Learned Helplessness in the Human Earth Male. A Case-Study,' authored by myself, Eirin Yagokoro."

After a second or two of silence. "So you need my help with an experiment?"

She shakes her head but retains her expression. "No, Shirou. You are the experiment."

More silence. "You lost me."

"Oh, Shirou. You should be able to solve this," she tut-tuts at your non-response with an affected voice and exaggerated finger wave, "...What with all that learning I gave you."

As if by her command, Realisation kicks your head in and steals your change. "Oh," you manage as your polite smile wavers against the staggering wave of nausea.

She tilts her head to the side and widens her smile. "Well, I'm glad to see all that training paid off. Which reminds me," she looks to the ceiling momentarily, "I have to prepare your promised reward. Wait here, I'll warm up the...." You don't hear her next words as she briskly makes her way to the door, apparently not noticing as you collapse from anemia.

You dream. You are sitting in a chain Kaguya, Mokou, Keine, Reisen, Tewi, Alice, and everyone else you've met in this world is packed in to the Eientei kitchen. This is nice, a party with all of your friends invited. Most of them are cheering to you "OMEDETOU, SHIROU-SAN. OMEDETOU." Tewi blows on a noisemaker. Albion & Shanghai move under Alice's guiding to place what looks like a Burger King paper crown on your head. Keine is pouring champagne down into funnel clenched with Mokou's teeth. Your buddy sits across from you, gazing at you contentedly.

You ask her, "Hey. What's going on," hesitating, "Buddy?"

Her smile widens. "IDK my BFF Shirou?"

You are about to respond with a half-joke about her being a meme-spouting faggot, but the grips on your shoulders stop you before you open your mouth. Eirin has apparently been behind you, as you hear her breathy voice whisper. "Are you ready for your reward?"

You don't get a chance to reply as Reisen pops out from behind the crowd, waving her oven mitt to you. "It's ready!" she calls. At this Eirin grabs your hand, and you rise from the table to be pulled along as as the way to Reisen parts. Reisen is facing you wearing a red apron with a carrot on it. The counter has bowls behind her filled with various ingredients. Reaching behind herself to the left she grabs for one of them; she twirls her right index finger around in a bowl and returns to point it at your face--now covered in a large amount of white paste. "So, how does my 'frosting' taste?" She says this with a smirk and cocks her thumb up like the hammer of a gun. You feel a shove from behind and her finger goes into your agape mouth up to the knuckles. When the agreeable flavor hits your tastebuds, your close your lips around the digit reflexively. She brings the thumb down to touch your upper lip, winks, and yells "Bang!" as she yanks the finger out of your mouth with an audible pop. Her finger catching your upper painlessly, some of the goop (now mixed with your saliva) spatters on to her breasts; now you realize that she indeed appears to be ONLY wearing an apron. You hastily swallow the frosting with a gulp when you realize how unbearably sweet it is, as she wipes the stuff off her body with her finger and sucks on it herself. "Sweet," she says.

"Very sweet," you reply, panting. You hear a catcall but are transfixed on the figure before you.

"Perfect for carrot cake, then," she turns around to the counter revealing her entirely naked backside, puffy-white tail adorning a perfect ass. You only notice the tent in your pants when she bends over slightly to thumb through a large cookbook, the wiggling tail now just barely brushing against you. "Now let's see, that last ingredient..." she mutters to herself. You start make a move to grab her ass, when hands those firm hands again grab your shoulders.

Eirin gives a chuckle. "Enough playing with your food, Reisen," she chides.

"Right." She sighs. "We're just missing the final ingredient." She sounds somewhat unhappy.

"That which so kindly Kaguya gifted us." You hear what you assume is your "buddy's" noisemaker go-off at the mention of her name. "The final ingredient for 'Youkai Carrot Cake', a 'carrot-top'."

Recovering from the shock of that pun, you break away from Eirin's grip and turn and punch her, but your arms are immediately caught & restrained behind your back as you brought to your knees with what could only be called a soldier's efficiency. "Sorry, Shirou," Reisen says from behind you, "But these are Master's orders."

You struggle and rage as crocodile tears run down your face: "FUCKING MOONINITES! FUCKING NEET! TEWI YOU BITCH! GODDAMN FILTHY LUNARIAN PIGS, WE'LL MARGINALIZE YOUR HAUGHTY FUCKING RACE & CULTURE INTO NON-EXISTENCE JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHERS! FUCKING IMMORTAL? BULLSHIT! YOU'RE GOING TO GET YOURS WHEN THE SUN EXPLOD--" Your Unlimited Rage Works chant is cut short by a ball gag, tied on by Albion & Shanghai. You look wildly around the room for help to see Alice tittering, the humans passed out, and while Kaguya has moved from the table to molest the unconscious Mokou, she doesn't look at you, but replies to your comments with a blow of her noisemaker. Now gagged you can't sound out any real curses as you are bound and unceremoniously disrobed by Reisen. You attempt to clear your mind and ask for assistance from your deity and as you close your eyes and look towards the heavens.

You hear its voice louder and clearer than ever. "MY SON, IN YOUR DARKEST HOUR, I WILL REWARD YOUR STRENGTH OF FAI--pffft! Bwahahahahaha! I can't hold it in any longer!" The voice changes tones and pitch dramatically, and you open your eyes to see Tewi standing in front of you with sadistic grin, as she starts to knead your now exposed man-bits with her unsocked toes. In her hand she holds what must be a voice changer. You start resisting against Reisen again and attempt tell Tewi what's on your mind, but being gagged you can only sound out a "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-" before Tewi stops kneading and just applies pressure until you convulse in pain & cry. Tewi goes back to just kneading, and continues in a more spiteful tone, "Beer God? How rich! But seriously kid, you are just too dumb to live."

"Alright, enough seasoning the victim, the sedatives will wear off on the others before we're fully ready if we drag this out any longer. The oven's been preheated for a while now." Eirin states impatiently. Your only dignity as you are stuffed naked and crying into the oven is a final dirge from Kaguya's noisemaker.
>> No. 6426

And then you wake up. In your room.

"FUCKING CONCEALED THE CONCL-" you start to scream, but calm down when you realize, that no, this is the Gensokyo "your room" and not the one with the figs. You also realize that you are not on the floor, but have seemingly been placed on a bedroll. On the floor next to your bedroll is a glass of water, a covered plate, an unmarked large manila envelope, and a hand-written letter. Looking outside, it seems many hours have passed:


"Again I find you late for your own party! Reisen even baked a cake for you. Kaguya was not in a good mood, and so we had to start without you. Luckily we saved you a piece."

You take the cover off the cake. Yep. As you thought. Carrot cake. You place the cover back on it, shuddering.

"In the envelope is the paper you aided me in writing; that copy is just for your interests. Because of its subject I wouldn't think of asking you to review the data, but of course I'd like your input if you see a methodological problem somewhere. Additionally, I'll need you to sign the medical records release form [YL-15.4] enclosed and return it to me or just slide it under the door if I'm not there. There's the questionnaire card, if you'd care to fill it out for my survey data.

"I had fun working ["on" is crossed out heavily, but you can make it out] with you, Shirou. If you'd ever care to help me in my research again, just see me in my office. Usually the rabbits are useful enough, but there are some experiments I cannot run on them for difference of gross anatomy, genetics, and behavioral compliance (among other ethical reasons). Udonge, while usually very reliable, does wear out, which can bog things down; with another assistant I'd be able to cycle her out to prevent this. I noticed she has been more stable & reliable since your arrival, despite adding to the domestic workload, for which there could be many reasons I will not speculate on here.

"So my reward for you is a job offer: Salary would be small, but you'd have a more permanent standing on room & board, as well as excellent health care. My offer of help to relieve 'bodily stress' in the course of your work would still be extended, and it's not something to be embarrassed about; even Udonge requires it from time-to-time. And you just may learn something from the experience. Even though I'm over a 1000 years old, I still find myself learning new things all the time!

"Eirin Yagokoro"

Below the signature is a small hand drawing of a heart with a needle stuck in it.

Man, Eirin, you are fucking weird. Wait, aren't you even weirder for going along with all this shit? No, stop that line of thought; we don't want cognitive dissonance. You dump the contents of the manila envelope on the floor. The copy of her paper she gave you is covered in annotations in red ink. You don't want to deal with that now. You sign the release waiver not bothering to read what it actually says, and begin work on the questionnaire card.

"Rate the following statements in truthiness from 1 to 5: My expectations met by this experiment? I didn't have any expectations other than pain--better go with a 5. I felt safe during this experiment? Well, I was usually passed out by the time it got dangerous, so I guess that's like a 3...."
>> No. 6427
I don't really know what possessed you to write that, but fucking awesome. It makes my next update look like crap ;_; . Still, I approve of this.
>> No. 6428

>> No. 6429

Just as planned.
>> No. 6430
After cleaning up the kitchen you ponder for a bit where you should go next. You recall that you got the PDA from the miko a couple of days ago and you haven't had the chance to check it out. Well that can't be good. You feel compelled to discover the secrets behind the mysterious device ASAP. You head to your room with all due haste. The trip takes but a few seconds as you hurry, reinvigorated with a new purpose. You slide open the door and walk into your room. Despite everything, it seems strange that you barely spend any time here. After all, in your own bedroom in the outside world, you spent almost every waking moment there. It would seem that the allure of a brand new world is more than enough to break your NEET ways.

You go for your stash of stuff. Sorting through your things, you locate the PDA and its accompanying charger. You take it and start to look for an outlet. You look around your room, but you can't find anything remotely resembling an electrical outlet. You don't give up, and look carefully. You open up the closet that's built into the wall and are delighted to find that there are holes that look to be electrical plugs. Ahh, success! You plug one end of the charger to the PDA, and the other to the outlet. As you do so, a blue light appears on the PDA on its side and the screen emits a white light. You look at the PDA. A logo appears on the screen. It's a red ribbon tied around what seems to be a multicolored 'pattern' of sorts. There's apparently a mascot character of a Yak that appears just lightly to the left of the logo. It's kinda cute, in a central steppes sort of way. The name below the logo reads “YakOS V1.04”.

You're then greeted by a screen that reads the following:

“Please input your 4-digit PIN code to access your device.”

PIN code? Oh crap, you have no idea what it might be. Knowing modern technology, if you input the PIN code more than thrice incorrectly, the device will lock down. This will potentially make it so that you can't use it any more. You think for a bit. You don't know who was the previous owner of this. Damn, that means that the PIN code could be anything. If only you had a clue to who owned it previously, then you could hopefully figure out the access code. Still, there might be hope for the device yet, if you were to try to find the 'reset' button. This tends to be located in the back of the device, sometimes behind the rechargeable battery. It might help you out if you're locked out. Well, you've come this far, so you might as well try something.

[] Input a random combination
[] Look for a reset button
[] Input a specific combination (specify)
[] Forget about the device, leave it alone
Sorry for the late update, blame the cheap Australian sparkling wine.
>> No. 6431
[x] Input a random combination

I don't see this leading anywhere at all. But may as well try since we've gotten it, as long as it doesn't take all day and we can still see Kaguya and Reisen.
>> No. 6432
[x] Look for a reset button
>> No. 6433
[z] Input a specific combination (specify)


Trut ne on this
>> No. 6434
[x] Input a specific combination (specify)

what it could work.
>> No. 6435
File 121468632493.gif - (31.39KB , 346x382 , big2sol1.gif ) [iqdb]
[] Input a specific combination: 632146+HS

This has never failed me before.
>> No. 6437
{X} Input a specific combination (specify)
>> No. 6438
[x]Enter 'shitsux'
>> No. 6439
[x] Input a specific combination (3421)

>> No. 6440

[x] Input a specific combination (9001)
>> No. 6441
[x] Input a specific combination: ⑨⑨⑨⑨
>> No. 6443
>>blame the cheap Australian sparkling wine.

"Ah, sweet goon! Without it, teenagers couldn't afford to get drunk in public places."
>> No. 6446
File 121469098247.jpg - (99.97KB , 500x500 , 1214628684402.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Input a specific combination
>> No. 6449
[x] Input the CORRECT combination

0.03% SOUNDS LIKE 100% TO ME
>> No. 6450
[x] Input the CORRECT combination

Crap, you just might be a genius.
>> No. 6451
>> No. 6452
File 121469614420.png - (15.97KB , 500x600 , 1214616588234.png ) [iqdb]

I believe it is called:
* Eye of the Mind (True)

Rank: B
The ability to effectuate rapid and precise judgments gained through experience and training. Archer is capable of calmly analyzing situations even during a battle, applying strategy and skills to turn the tables in his favor. As long as there is at least a 1% chance of victory, he is able to devise a plan to exploit that possibility.

[x] [Hidden Choice] Eye of the Mind
>> No. 6453
Last time we did something like this, we had a (then, non-fatal) beam slice through our chest. No more Tracing, our mana (and skill) level is too low for that...
>> No. 6456
File 121469807313.png - (290.37KB , 512x384 , 1193472291672.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6457

Hell if I know.

Almost done with the update.
>> No. 6458
File 121469863555.png - (632.69KB , 1600x900 , 1185930247229.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6459
[+] Input a specific combination (3277)
>> No. 6461
I would her Gaps.
>> No. 6463
File 12147022377.jpg - (23.58KB , 460x250 , pin.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Input a specific combination (specify)

You look at the device.


Well just looking at it isn't going to do squat. You think that maybe inputting some numbers that come into your mind might do the trick. You slide open the PDA and reluctantly put your fingers over the minature keyboard, waiting to decide your first number sequence.

What comes into your mind first is the most obvious of choices. It's unlikely that this would be the key but, hey, you never know. There are idiots whose luggage's combination is '1234'. You input '0000'. You press enter.


A beep comes from the machine and the screen says:

“Error! Wrong PIN code. Remaining attempts: 2”

Well, it looks like the first attempt didn't go so smoothly. No matter you still have two more attempts before it locks down. Hmm, you think about it. Maybe it'd be best if you went with a flash of inspiration? You sit, awaiting for a number to come into your mind. For some reason a certain number sticks out; '3421'. You don't know why, but it seems to you that this number might be it. You carefully input the number into the PDA. You press enter.


A beep comes from the machine again.

“Error! Wrong PIN code. Remaining attempts: 1” The screen displays.

Well it looks like your intuition was wrong. Only one attempt left before it locks down.

Maybe you're doing it wrong. Yeah, that might be the reason. You may need to apply more logic to it. You start thinking about the possible combinations. Hmm, you've tried 2 out of 10,000 possible combinations. Chances are low of you randomly guessing it. Well then, what now? Since you know nothing about the previous owner, you must depend on what you know about the device. Let's see, 'PDA', 'Password', 'Access' and such are all the wrong number of digits. You try to relax and use your insight. You don't think you have very great insight, since you're not a sage nor an experienced hero, but maybe your logic will triumph.

After a brief while of thinking about it, you think that you stumble upon the solution. The logo on the PDA. Now that you think about it, it looks like a vortex bound by ribbons, or a gap if you will. Maybe that's key to solving this mystery. You run through your head what the word 'GAPS' would be on a numberpad. If you recall correctly, that should be '4277'. Yeah this is definitely the number that you are looking for. You feel your whole body burning in anticipation of your success. BURNING COURAGE and GUTS makes you feel that this is the only answer. Hell yeah, this *is* the right answer. No doubt.

You input the number into the device and press enter.

A chime comes from the device and you eagerly look at it. The yak on the bottom of the screen is now animated and seems to be doing something... It's going around in circles. Does this mean that it worked? Your answer presents itself quickly. The face of the yak pops up in the middle of the screen. It's pissed off apparently. You see that in it's animation it's huffing and puffing and you see that it's no ordinary yak. It's wearing long white gloves on its front paws and it have a set of ribbons on its long mane-hair. It certainly looks like it's in command. In any case, flashing text in red appears on the bottom of the screen.

“Too many incorrect access attempts! Locking down device.

Error CS406 – Please contact an operator or refer to the manual to resolve the issue.”

The text flashes a couple of times and then disappears. The yak changes expressions. It looks at you like you're some sort of criminal lowlife. How harsh. Who the hell does the yak think it is anyways!? The device then shuts itself off. You at first don't do anything, but you eventually react and try turning it back on.

Nothing. The only thing that appears on the screen is an icon of a lock behind bars. It looks like you won't get to try again. Hmm. You sit there at a loss what to do for a while. But like all things in your life, this comes to pass as well. You figure that the reset switch is the only way to use it now. You flip the device around and see the removable battery cover. You unplug the PDA. You open it up and remove the standard-looking rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You look for anything resembling a 'reset' button. Sure enough there's a small depressable rubber button in there. It's unmistakably the reset button. You press it. That should do it. You insert the battery back in and close the device up.

After reconnecting the power to the PDA, you turn it back on. Immediately something else displays on the screen. It's the yak. An animation of it eating what seems to be a folder full of papers is playing. The text on the bottom of the screen reads “Erasing previous data, please refer to page 138 on the user manual to understand why this is happening.”, You stare at the screen, unsure of what to do. The yak continues munching on the files for a bit longer and then it stops. It looks towards the screen, with a satisfied expression. You can't help but think that the virtual yak is satisfied. What a capricious mascot.

The screen fades for a bit then you're dumped on what seems to be the main menu. A popup bubble comes up asking you to insert your name. You remove the PDA's stylus from its side and input your name.

“Welcome Shirou! Enjoy your world of borderless possibility™”

You're then dumped into a wizard that asks for a few details including date and time. You don't really know these details, so you just let it default to the hardware clock, it looks accurate enough. You then proceed to fiddle with it a bit. There's a music player, web browser, calender, and loads of other features. It would even seem that the music on the device isn't the stock defaults, that portion of the data remained through the wipe. If you wanted to explore the device, it might be best to do so at another time. You're feeling rather impatient. It feels like you should be doing something else right now.

You look around. It would seem that quite a bit of time has elapsed since you first started toying with the PDA. You didn't retrieve any personal data, since that was wiped on the reset, but you now have a useful device. It should allow you to schedule your appointments and check the exact time. Speaking of time, you check that now. It's now 8:21 AM. It's been roughly two and a half hours since you've gotten up. You wonder how long the battery will last on a single charge. If it's anything like most PDAs you'll be fine for over a day without recharging it.

Well then, you don't know about the inhabitants of Gensokyo, but you're raring to go for another day of (hopefully) fun.

[] Examine the PDA further
[] Decide to leave Eientei for a bit
[] Go hound Eirin
[] Wander around a bit
[] Go see if Kaguya is up
This was indeed brilliant. So much so that I rolled a die to see if that would be acceptable. Seven successive failures however ensured that it wasn't ;_;
>> No. 6464
[] Examine the PDA further
[] Go see if Kaguya is up

Oh wow, 3421 didn't work!? Don't tell me 5406 was the correct code... how were we suppose to guess that?
>> No. 6465
I'm satisfied.

[x] Go see if Kaguya is up
>> No. 6466
{X} Go see if Kaguya is up
>> No. 6467
[x] Go see if Kaguya is up

Then relieve the DESPAIR with,

[x] Decide to leave Eientei for a bit
>> No. 6468
[x] Go see if Kaguya is up

The time to see Kaguya is finally here... but she will probably be not in anyway.
>> No. 6469
[] Wander around a bit
>> No. 6470
[x] Go see if Kaguya is up

Right! You'll start by going to see Kaguya. You should see now. Yeah, she did say to come see her after some time. You think that enough time has elapsed and you're likely to be able to get a thorough reply from her. Yeah, you'll make everything clear now. This could be a good chance to see just exactly goes through the mind of the princess. In the back of your mind, you feel some dread, since you're not entirely sure that whatever this whole business is about will be positive. But you want to believe, and that's all that matters.

You leisurely walk through the corridors. It's not very far to Kaguya's room, but you do have to take various lefts and rights to be able to get there. It's just the way that this place was build. It creates an interesting effect. On the one hand, it seems like the corridors span forever. And additionally, there are plenty of turns that might get one lost. It's definitely not stranger-friendly. Well that makes it a deterrent for any outsiders trying to snoop around. And you're sure that Kaguya and Eirin do value their privacy here.

You near Kaguya's room. You're surprised that you hear two sets of voices as you approach the room. You can't quite make out what they're saying. You identify one of the voices almost immediately – it's Kaguya's. You can, however, tell that there's a certain distress to her voice, as if she's speaking irritatedly. The other voice you have no idea. It's completely foreign to you. It's definitely a woman's voice, but it's something of a combination of Eirin's sober and mature voice with a certain teasingly melodic undertone. It's quite captivating. But you can't tell what they're saying. This voice is calm and composed, unlike Kaguya's slightly flustered tone. You go nearer, and can barely make out a few words now. Kaguya keeps mentioning the word 'time', but you can't tell what context it's being used in. Damn it! Your curiosity has been piqued.

You're wary however, you definitely don't want to get caught eavesdropping by Kaguya. God knows that you don't want to screw things up before meeting with her. You could try knocking on the door. It will probably end the conversation, but you might get to see whoever is in there with her. Maybe the proper thing to do might be to leave and then come back when she's not busy. You honestly are split on what to do.

[] Try eavesdropping
[] Knock
[] Leave, wait a bit, and come back
Alright guys this might be the last update in a while. I have to kinda travel. Yeah, in about two hours time I'll be going to the airport. But don't fear! I'll be gone for just a day. And I (literally) should be gone only for 24 hours or so.

I think that I might take my laptop with me, so I might be able to write something. This leads me to my second point. Would you like me to do something in particular? Like write wall of text the next post (more than usual), a sidestory, or something else? I probably will finish the two sidestories that I've neglected (an untitled project and Aya's fantasies) but anything else? Please bear in mind that your suggestions are only going to be read for this two hour period, after that it's doubtful I'll have internet. So suggest away.

Oh and finally, if you vote fast enough I might just squueze out a mini update or teaser.
>> No. 6472
[X] Leave, wait a bit, and come back
>> No. 6473
[x] Knock

I'm being LKpAranoid.
>> No. 6474
[] Knock

I've had enough eavesdropping for one LIFETIME! We have some unfinished business!
>> No. 6475
[x] Leave, wait a bit, and come back
>> No. 6477
[] Knock
Shirou can't read a mood, so yeah.
ITT force plot-forwarding.
>> No. 6478
[x] Knock

Also, seeing as this next bit will probably be WoT worthy anyway, I say save yourself the trouble, g2/bed/, and do the next post another time.
>> No. 6479
{X} Knock.
We gonna be taken home by Yukarin~
>> No. 6482
[X] Knock
Time to save her like a heroic Shirou that we are.

[X] Write WALL of text the next post.
>> No. 6483
[] Knock
>> No. 6484
>> No. 6485
Well, I'm off. Seems like no distinctive suggestions were voiced so wall o' text it is.
>> No. 6486

I love you. Seriously.
>> No. 6488
[x] Knock
>> No. 6489
File 121471397165.jpg - (128.64KB , 600x650 , 1210799663687.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 6491
If we're not dealing with Kaguya here, I'd vote for this. really.
>> No. 6492
[x] Knock

As I pray, Unlimited Exposition Works
>> No. 6495
[x] Knock

God dammit stop rushing at me all the time and spamming your lightning bolts everytime I'm attacking. And move to some area with less Blangos
>> No. 6496
[x] Knock Kaguya
>> No. 6497
Oh my god hahaha.

>> No. 6499
So tempted to change my vote to this... for reasons >>6491 stated, I won't.

So very tempted...
>> No. 6501
[] Knock
>> No. 6502

You never know.
>> No. 6503
The only way
>> No. 6506
For the fucking lulz.
>> No. 6507

I have no regrets
>> No. 6508
[X] Wait sitting against the wall next to the door.
That way we can probably hear something while pretending to kindly wait for Kaguya to be done.
>> No. 6509

This is the only path
>> No. 6510
>> No. 6512
>> No. 6515

We're fucking this up but I don't care anymore. This is the best choice ever.
>> No. 6516
[x] Knock
What the fuck, Anonymous.
>> No. 6517

>> No. 6518
File 121479038432.jpg - (20.94KB , 513x384 , 1209191650486.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Knock
>> No. 6519
[x] Knock

To counter that retard.
Seriously? Lulz? THE BEST?

Jesus Christ.
>> No. 6520
>> No. 6521

Remember, this is the LA where nothing ends like you think it would. There are no stereotypes here, there are no expected ends. Depending on how Teru feels, DYNAMIC ENTRY may just as well be the best choice.
>> No. 6522

What does that have to do with spouting shitty memes and acting like a retard?
>> No. 6523

And you do a dynamic entry when we're going to see Kaguya? For the lulz? where is your enthusiasm earlier when you RAGE about not seeing Guyaguya and fuck things up EVERY GODDAMN TIME you see her?

Seriously now, there's time for stupidity. but not now. please.
>> No. 6524
Let's see, we thought we'd be cool watching Bible Black with a princess, SERIOUSLY asked to take a bath with Reisen, thought we were heroic in "saving" Eirin, and came calling Tewi's name, and ALL BUT ONE of those situations ended badly, and Tewi's luck is accounted for the good one!

STOP ACTING LIKE ASSES!! Can't you see it's not going to end well AT ALL? Especially with as serious a situation with Kaguya at the moment. Enough jackassery is enough. We can DYNAMIC ENTRY when we're finally on good terms with her again.
>> No. 6527
[x] Knock

Just knock and save her from her problem.
>> No. 6528
File 12148003984.jpg - (333.48KB , 850x622 , 1214800260178.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 6530
We should have gone for Eirin from the beginning, who wouldn't want to be a human experiment?
Worked really awesome for MiG Anon.
>> No. 6532

In all honesty, saving Eirin was the most LOGICAL assumption and was far from being reckless. We did what we felt we had to do. Trying to wreck the machine would have most certainly been reckless.
>> No. 6534
She was, but in order to make Shirou into a reverse-trap.

Less reckless than fucking the machine up, yet more reckless and hazardous then a simple "EIRIN, LOOK OUT!"
>> No. 6535

Wait, you mean to imply we haven't? Going by the side stories Teruyo wrote, Kaguya & Alice are dumb as a box of hammers and half as interesting. Eirin route hijinx are why I bother reading this.
>> No. 6536

>> No. 6537

Agreed on most points. Eirin really is the highlight of this mess. I'm reserving my personal judgment of Kaguya until we actually hang out with her for a respectable amount of time, but Alice is painful to read.
>> No. 6538

Was that a choice in the post? Did anyone bother writing that in? Noooo~
>> No. 6539
>>Did anyone bother writing that in? Noooo~

Of course not, as that would have been a remotely sensible thing to write-in. Our write-ins are reserved for things like watching Bible Black with Kaguya and pussing out in front of Sakuya and getting ourselves LAKE'D.
>> No. 6541
To be fair Kaguya's route gets exponentially more awesome if you trigger more Mokou flags. But I guess it's a little late for that. In any case, I wouldn't dismiss it as boring yet. There's plenty you haven't seen. I can guarantee that you ain't seen much because you haven't seen much of her. Also, finishing up writing because of the results. The dynamic entry lobby did too little, too late.