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5969 No. 5969
[x] Practice a dance move

Well, you don't know why, but this seems to be a good moment to practice a dance move or two. Eirin continues to sit there, absorbed in her task, while you stretch behind her. Hmm, you think of what you could do. Something slow, something fun, or something challenging? What is the best choice?

Ah yes. There's that. Not really a dance, but you won't get a chance to pull it off again you think. Yes. It's perfect.

You step back a bit, giving yourself some space. Now to begin. You start humming to yourself. You move your hands out, making like you have a giant beak.

As the song progresses you open and close your hands. Next four beats, you put your arms out and your hands to your sides, bending them with your elbows outwards. You move your 'wings' up and down.

Next up, is the wiggling up and down. You move, taking care to follow the dance as close as you can. And now for the, arguably, most important part. As you reach that fourth beat, you stop humming put your hands together and clap four times. Good, now for the interlude. You start humming again and move about as if you're flying. This first cycle is complete. Now to repeat.

You start humming faster. And your moves become faster. You repeat the five steps again. And after that again, and again. And so forth.

Each time you start humming and moving faster and faster. While this dance is best done with a large group, you think that you've captured the essence just fine. You stop only after stepping up the speed to just barely above your skill level.

Phew. You're tired. Miraculously two things didn't happen that should have. Firstly, your towel didn't fall off. And secondly, Eirin didn't even flinch. Goddammit. You're sure that at the very least your clapping would have gotten her attention. Well it shouldn't come as a surprise really, you yourself have been in deeper states of concentration while studying her lessons. It seems that she tunes out the outside world when she's carefully doing work.

Well, you don't really know what you were hoping for, but no one witnessed your display of technical skill when it comes to fad dances. You'll surely get a chance to one day dance like a fool in front of an audience and you'll enjoy it when the time comes.

Time to secure the primary objective then. You look around the room and see that there's a spare lab coat hanging by the door. That'll do. You grab the long white robe and put it on, taking off your towel. Hmm, it's a bit small. But it's still wearable. Well then, you've sorta kinda got clothes now.

What now? Should you just leave not telling Eirin that you grabbed a lab coat? You might want to try tapping her shoulder or something more normal and direct if you want to draw her attention. Then again you could just tell her later.

[] Tell Eirin about your acquisition
[] Leave the clinic
Well, sorry for not updating later. lol typhoon knocked out the power in the morning.

Also I'm using the original title of my story now (long overdue).

Final point: before I get bitching on the dance steps, I used the ones on wikipedia. I myself do it differently.

>> No. 5970
[] Tell Eirin about your acquisition
[] or leave a note
>> No. 5972
[x] Leave a note, then leave the clinic
>> No. 5973
[x] Leave a note.
[x] Staple it to her.
>> No. 5974
[X] Tell Eirin about your acquisition
>> No. 5978
[x] Leave the clinic
>> No. 5981
[X] Leave a note, staple it on her silly hats.

[X] Leave the clinic, to your room.
Back to base.
>> No. 5984
[X] Leave a note, staple it on her silly hats.
>> No. 5985
[x] Tell Eirin about your acquisition
[X] Leave a note, DON'T staple it to her hat

Seriously guys, are you fucking retarded?
>> No. 5986

Everyone who follows this story is retarded. Yes, that includes me & you.

[X] Leave a note, staple it on her silly hats.

>> No. 5987
I try not to disturb Eirin by leaving a note and next Anon tries to staple notes on silly hats, balance pancakes on Reisen and call out for Tewi while you're at it, and all that while telling Marisa your story.
>> No. 5988
>and all that while telling Marisa everything.

Fixed, but not before throwing Remilia at Flandre.
>> No. 5989
[ ] Shout 'Help me, Eirin!' in an effeminate voice.
I can think of fewer things more likely to get her attention. Except we're past that point now, so:
[x] Leave a note.
>> No. 5990
Maybe just, you know, tapping her shoulder might have sufficed. Or shaking her a bit. Hell, even waving your hand in front of her eyes might have worked. In any case, writing now.
>> No. 5991
>Maybe I could have offered an option to just, you know, tapping her shoulder might have sufficed. Or shaking her a bit. Hell, even waving your hand in front of her eyes might have worked. In any case, derp.

oh teruyo
>> No. 5992
[X] Leave a note, staple it on her silly hats.

[X] Leave the clinic, to your room.

Shirou wants to be retarted from times to times
>> No. 5993
As I pray, unlimited retarted works
>> No. 5994
[X] Leave a note, staple it on her silly hat.

Well, you decide that disturbing her right now might not be the best of ideas. This revelation comes to you despite your previous efforts to show off your mad dancing skillz. You instead grab a nearby scrap of paper and a pen and write a brief note.

“Had no clothes. Took a lab coat. Will return it soon.


Well then, that's done with. You look of a way to affix the message to her. You're tempted to see if she'd react to you stapling her. But, that idea is quickly shot down when you realize that you can't seem to find a stapler anywhere in the room. You do, however, find a big ol' paper clip. You walk up to her stand behind her. You append the note to the front side of her 'nurse-style' hat. You don't do it very violently, and Eirin doesn't seem to react to the brief interaction. Well that's that.

You shrug your shoulders and then turn and leave the office. You go out through the door, making sure to close it properly. Hmm, this lab coat covers your upper body and ends up acting like a mini-skirt. It's a bit drafty. You sit down on one of the chairs in the waiting area. You can think here what you can do next. It's mid-afternoon now. There's plenty that you can do around here you think. Well, you can't think of anything in particular off the top of your head, but you're sure that if you go somewhere you'll know what to do.

[] Go to your room
[] Go to Reisen's room
[] Go to the courtyard
[] Go and try to bother Kaguya
[] Step outside for a bit
see the post before the dancing. You guys went off on a completely different tangent so this last choice I just included any other methoods of communicating with Eirin under the 'tell' choice.
>> No. 5995
[] Go to Reisen's room

>lab coat covers your upper body and ends up acting like a mini-skirt. It's a bit drafty. You sit down on one of the chairs in the waiting area.

our package is showing
>> No. 5996
[x] Go to Reisen's room
>> No. 5997
[X] Go to Reisen's room
Time to show off our new clothing style.
>> No. 5998
[x] Go to Reisen's room

We need to borrow some of her clothes. If we are already wearing a labcoat that makes us look like we have a miniskirt, might as well put on a real skirt.
>> No. 5999
And Tewi is watching
>> No. 6000
[X] Panty Raid.
Gotta put on some underwear first, then we can take a look at those miniskirts of hers.
>> No. 6001
Who cares. She was probably watching us bath a few times before.
[x] Go to Reisen's room
>> No. 6002

>> No. 6003
oh yeah and since our legs are exposed
[] Shave legs to compete with Kaguya's.
>> No. 6004
so, are we now aiming at Shirou becoming a trap route?
>> No. 6005
I'm sorry, but MAI WAIFU's legs are leagues above anything Shirou could be sporting.
>> No. 6006
[X] Go to your room

I'm not sure Reisen would want to see us right now. For multiple reasons. It might be best to just go back to our room and play with our dolly for a while.
>> No. 6007
If you know what I mean
>> No. 6008
File 121415864813.jpg - (220.17KB , 650x813 , legs.jpg ) [iqdb]
I forgot an appropiate image to back my point.
>> No. 6009
There are stripes on your WAIFU's legs. Too bad, if Shirou just had a toaster...
>> No. 6010
[x] Go to the courtyard
We might meet Tewi
>> No. 6011
[x] Go to your room
>> No. 6012
File 121415990929.jpg - (109.26KB , 600x600 , 1212028128292.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to Reisen's room

Reisen, LOOK!
our hotglue gun is showing
>> No. 6014
>Well then, that's done with. You look of a way to affix the message to her. You're tempted to see if she'd react to you stapling her. But, that idea is quickly shot down when you realize that you can't seem to find a stapler anywhere in the room. You do, however, find a big ol' paper clip. You walk up to her stand behind her. You append the note to the front side of her 'nurse-style' hat. You don't do it very violently, and Eirin doesn't seem to react to the brief interaction. Well that's that.

This was a triumph. Eirin will probably laugh when she notices.

[x] Go to Reisen's room

We need to ask Reisen what crazy shit she's pulled before while Eirin was in a trance.


"Those new clothes I asked you about? Need them, pronto. Otherwise I'll have to borrow some of yours; this labcoat is a bit drafty."
>> No. 6015
File 12141601977.jpg - (18.34KB , 150x150 , shirousez.jpg ) [iqdb]
And what would I need a toaster for? I just ate a large meal just a while ago. I don't think I could eat any toast right now...
>> No. 6016
[x] Go to Reisen's room
Show her the sexy body.
>> No. 6017
I bet Shirou would enter Reisens little rabbit hole if you know what I mean
>> No. 6019
Shirou is a broken man...

He's all over the place
>> No. 6020
>Shirou is a broken man...
>broken man

[X] Go to Reisen's room
>> No. 6021
[x] Go to Reisen's room

You get up from the chair. You've decided upon a destination. You're off to Reisen's room. You leave behind the perpetually-empty waiting room and once again navigate Eientei's corridors. You never noticed how there seems to be a constant flux of air in the corridors, creating a breeze that's worth mentioning. It must be due to the large, long construction of these corridors, and the many doors connect areas of high pressure to those of low pressure.

It doesn't take you very long to reach Reisen's room. Since it's near your room, you know the way very well. In fact, you're confident that you can get to and from all of the important areas of Eientei with little difficulty. There are some parts you haven't explored or checked out yet, but you're sure that they're not very complicated. This manor can't be infinitely large, now can it?

You reach Reisen's room. You find the door slightly ajar. You gently knock to see if Reisen's in.


No reply. Seeing the door slightly open, you take a peek. There's no one inside from what you can see. Ah yes, of course. Reisen did mention that she was going to take a bath as well. She's probably doing that, or maybe doing one of her many chores. Whatever the case, she's not in right now. Huh, now that you look at it, her room is quite spacious. It's quite neatly kept, despite the very different objects inside the room. There's everything from a sewing machine to a big stack of what seem to be magazines or books of sorts. You guess that's it's an accurate reflection of Reisen's jack-of-all-trades status here and that she's expected to be proficient in a number of different areas. There's a bunch of closets in her room as well, no doubt storing a great mishmash of miscellaneous objects.

Hey, maybe there are clothes in there somewhere. Before you know it, you've stepped inside the room. Your quest for something better to cover yourself with leads you to her closets. You open one of the doors and are greeted by a great assortment of what seem to be sewing materials. It looks like you're close. You open the door adjacent to this one. Well there's a whole bunch of drawers in this closet. You're about to open one of them as you remember what you're doing. Crap, you're in another person's room rummaging through their stuff. You hadn't even realized it. You're sure that Reisen won't mind if you took something to wear, but you're not that comfortable with invading her privacy just like that. Still, you can't just expect to walk around with your equipment exposed to the elements for very long...

[] Continue to look in her closet
[] Look around her room more
[] Stop and leave
[] Anemia option
Accurate reflection of anon?
>> No. 6022
[X] Continue to look in her closet
Find something frilly to wear, pink and blue makes a good combination, don't forget that miniskirt.
>> No. 6023
[x] Continue to look in her closet
We put on her clothes

[x] Look around her room more
Panty raid etc

[x] Anemia option
A glorious sight we will be, out cold in Reisens room with her clothes on, a few panties and whatnots scattered here and there
>> No. 6024
[] Stop and leave

For once, I'm listening to the voice of reason when I'm voting.
>> No. 6025
[X] Continue to look in her closet

Reisen walks in on us trying on her skirts.

>> No. 6026
[X] Continue to look in her closet

This idea of putting on a skirt, I like it
>> No. 6027
[x] Stop and leave
>> No. 6028
[x] Stop and leave.

Tewi is watching.
>> No. 6029
[X] Stop and leave

I'm really not seeing any benefit to invading Reisen's privacy and rummaging through her belongings like this.
>> No. 6030
[X] Continue to look in her closet

It'd be awesome if we come out of Reisen's room wearing a purple skirt to cover our package, just as she comes back.
>> No. 6031
[X] Continue to look in her closet
Crossdressing time
>> No. 6033
>Tewi is watching.

I hope so!

[X] Continue to look in her closet.
>> No. 6034
[x] Stop and leave

invasion of trust, etc
>> No. 6035
[X] Continue to look in her closet.
Worst that could happen is that Reisen comes in when we put on some panties of hers.
>> No. 6036
[x] Stop and leave

Do people just not even care anymore since we confessed to Alice?
>> No. 6038
I honestly hope the next time we get penalized for excessive stupidity that Alice's route gets blocked off. I really do.
Of course, by the time that happens we'll have so alienated everyone in Eientei that any chance for a route with anyone there would have been dashed long ago, but barring too many fuckups outside we might still at least have a chance with Keine, Aya, or Mokou.

Otherwise, the only ending we'll get will see us waking up in the tavern and finally getting our tea.
Oh, wait. I mean "tea-bagged".

Then again, with this sudden interest in cross-dressing, some of the Anons here might welcome getting a face-full of the tavern master's sweaty nutsack in the face.
>> No. 6039
[x] Stop and leave
>> No. 6040
[x] Stop and leave
>> No. 6041
[x] Continue to look in her closet.
>> No. 6042
The real question is why we randomly confessed to Alice to begin with, when we'd already confessed to Reisen. It'll surely have negative consequences.
>> No. 6043
'Randomly' confessed to Alice? If anything, the way the story's been going the confession to Reisen was far more random. It wasn't even taken seriously anyway.
>> No. 6044
It doesn't matter what we do with someonese else, as long as we don't fuck up with Kaguya, everything is possible.
Her Hair will be ours.
>> No. 6046
[x] Continue to look in her closet.
Oh wow, crossdressing gamez
>> No. 6047
By now, people are just voting for whichever character they like, since anon did too many stupid things.

So basically, to answer >>6036, "yes".
>> No. 6048
And with such brilliant ideas like "HAY KAGUYA, LET'S WATCH BIBLE BLACK DURRRHURRR" we're well on our way to having those silky black locks flowing through our fingers.
>> No. 6049

>> No. 6051
True, but i hope that we learned and can get back on track for the Kaguya Route.
>> No. 6052
Oh man. Imagine getting the chance to brush that long, silky, smooth hair. Feeling that wonderful scent of shampoo as you run your fingers along the long strands of shiny black bliss. How one could brush it for hours and hours, to bring out that amazing sheen and make Kaguya seem even more beautiful than she is...
>> No. 6053

And then Shirou becomes the most FABULOUS hair stylist in Gensokyo.
>> No. 6054
Too bad those hands will never hold anything.
>> No. 6055
>> No. 6056
File 121416852568.jpg - (100.97KB , 550x750 , hairsex.jpg ) [iqdb]
and then when he's all alone with kaguya at night

hair sex

[x] Stop and leave
>> No. 6057
You better have some Hair Sex Scene with Kaguya for us.
The possibilitie of this makes me still read this.
Kaguya route and touching that silky hair of hers should be our main goal here.
>> No. 6058
Funny you bring that up. Kaguya said Shirou insulted her character by watching BB, yet, she has it on her harddrive?

Pot, kettle, black, etc?
>> No. 6059
The black kettle in the pot is the bibble ?
>> No. 6060
File 121416952869.jpg - (49.24KB , 800x600 , toolazytooshoophairimplements.jpg ) [iqdb]
I am the bristle of my brush.
Steady is my hand, and sharp is my scissor.
I have created over a thousand looks.
Unaware of mousse.
Nor aware of gel.
Withstood split ends to tame many hairs.
Waiting for one's approval.
I have no regrets, this is the only path.
My whole life was "Unlimited Stylist Works."

Also, >>6058 I think you missed the point...
>> No. 6061
I think ALOT of us missed the point on that one, or [x] Watch Bible Black would've have been picked in the first place.
>> No. 6062
What are you, autistic? It depends on the situation, that's not the first movie you choose to watch with a girl who's already seen it.
>> No. 6063

We have as much insight into your mind as you do into ours. So, so very little.

Back then, with the Bible Black thing? We meant it as a joke. Like on the boards. You however thought it was serious business, and had to go and turn the mildly amusing into something awful & awkward. Which I guess is exactly how everything else the main character does is written, awful & awkward.
>> No. 6064
I didn't expect this outcome, but that is a good thing, because if you can see what is going to come, the story would be boring.
Fuck you Teruyo for blocking routes and paths.
>> No. 6065
[x] Continue to look in her closet

Well, you've come this far, you might as well go a little bit further. You nervously start by opening one of the top drawers. You find the drawer to be filled by socks. You move on to the next drawer. You open this one with a bit more of certainty. Inside you find a treasure trove. It's completely full of panties. You assume that they must be Reisen's. They're mostly plain-textured but come in quite a variety of colors. You can see everything ranging from pink to lime green. However despite this you close the drawer as you wish to see what's in the other drawers as well. No need to get completely caught up with the first major discovery. The rest of the drawers yielded expected results, some of it is Reisen's clothes. Her usual skirts and shirts and whatnot while some of the bottommost drawers have other items. Mostly these items are pretty ragged-looking shirts and the like, but there seems to be a pair of pants or two that you could grab. It's not much, but it's a start.

You really wish that you could find underwear somewhere. You're not completely adverse to the idea of not wearing any, but it's nice to have some sort of support or protection as well. At this stage though, it'd probably be best to ask around or just wait for the laundry to be done. You're definitely not going to find boxers nor briefs here. Maybe a fundoshi, but even then, you can't get your hopes up. You don't think that the moon bunny would have an ample stock of those.

You take a glance around the room. It's still just you that's here. Reisen hasn't come back. You don't think it's been that long since you came into the room. Yeah, your sense of time is usually pretty spot on for these kinds of things, you think. You're just a bit nervous because you were looking through another person's belongings. Most people would be. You start tapping your foot anxiously as you plan your next move. There's the obvious option of grabbing a pair of pants from the drawers and putting them on, even if you don't have underwear it should make you look... decent. Sure the lack of shirt isn't helpful and under most lights your lab coat is sort of see-through, but that's better than nothing. It's a good placeholder. Nothing wrong with letting the world see your great man service.

[] Grab a pair of pants and put them on
[] Dress-up time! (You want to be the little girl)
[] For god's sake you've tempted fate more than enough for now. (GTFO choice)
[] Search the rest of the room
Alright be back in a couple of hours. Mental fatigue just kicked in yo.
>> No. 6066
[X] Dress-up time! (You want to be the little girl)
hahaha, oh wow.
>> No. 6068
[x] For god's sake you've tempted fate more than enough for now. (GTFO choice)

As tempting as the others are, we have been pressing our luck long enough.
>> No. 6069
[] For god's sake you've tempted fate more than enough for now. (GTFO choice)
>> No. 6070
[] Grab a pair of pants and put them on, then GTFO
>> No. 6071
[X] Grab a pair of pants and put them on, then GTFO
>> No. 6072
Vote changed, I can get behind this.
[X] Grab a pair of pants and put them on, then GTFO
>> No. 6073
[] Dress-up time! (You want to be the little girl)

>> No. 6074
[z] Dress-up time! (You want to be the little girl)

Shirou wants to be the little girl
>> No. 6075
[x] Grab a pair of pants and put them on, then GTFO

Wearing any of Reisen's clothes is good enough for me.
>> No. 6076
[x] put on Reisen's panties.
[x] Grab a pair of pants and put them on, then GTFO
>> No. 6077
[X] Grab a pair of pants and put them on, then GTFO
>> No. 6078
[x] Grab a pair of panties and put them on, then wait
>> No. 6079
[x] For god's sake you've tempted fate more than enough for now. (GTFO choice)
>> No. 6080
[] Dress-up time! (You want to be the little girl)
>> No. 6081
[x] Grab a pair of pants and put them on, then GTFO

"Well, I'm very sorry Reisen; if I knew it was going to be so important to you, I would've borrowed a skirt instead."
>> No. 6082
[X] Grab a pair of pants and put them on, then GTFO
>> No. 6083
You retard. You have humiliate yourself long enough. RUMMAGING THROUGH GIRL'S CLOSET IS UNFORGIVABLE TO ANY GIRLS. Idort.

[X] Sit and wait for Reisen.
Grab some spare bed sheet and wrap yourself. Maybe TOGA.
>> No. 6084
[x] Grab a pair of panties and put them on your head, then wait.
>> No. 6086
[x] Grab a pair of pants and put them on, then GTFO
>> No. 6087
[x] Grab pants, GTFO

Weighed this, against taking pants and leaving a note, but this is the sort of thing you tell her when you see her.

Given the stupidity in this thread, honestly surprised I haven't seen:

[] Open lab coat
[] Apply hot glue to open panties drawer
[] Anemia option
>> No. 6088
Shush! You'll give them ideas...
>> No. 6089
There is an anemia option. see-- >>6023
>> No. 6090

doing it wrong
>> No. 6091
[] Dress-up time! (You want to be the little girl)
Oh wow
>> No. 6096

[X] Sit and wait for Reisen.
>> No. 6097

I don't think that meme means what you think it means.
>> No. 6099

After some self-study and research, I finally know the meaning of "Idort". seems like I mistook its meaning completely.
My apologies.
>> No. 6101

Don't worry, brah. It's cool.
>> No. 6104
[X] Grab a pair of pants and put them on, then GTFO

After a brief moment of doubt as to what to do next, you open up one of the lower drawers again. You go ahead and grab a pair of pants. It's a simple pair of black chinos, or something similar. There are no real distinguishing features about this particular item, except to say that it's a light fabric and it's soft to the touch. You close the drawer, and the closet door. You then unfold the pants and proceed to put them on there and then. The pants are a comfortable fit. You button them up, feeling a bit strange at the prospect of freeballing. Well it's leagues better than not wearing anything. The pants seem a bit too large around the waist, but you think that that problem can be easily resolved with the use of a belt. Barring that small detail, the dark fabric is more or less a good fit on you. The length of the legs are just fine and you can't find any inherent design flaws. Good.

You step away from the closet. While you do feel slightly tempted to try on some of the moon bunny's clothing, you resist the urge and continue to move away. A part of you is quite curious to know what it would have felt like to wear a skirt and dress up. But the desire is not strong enough to pull you back into the folly of going through Reisen's stuff. You try stretching a bit, to make sure that there are no problems with the pants. You kick, spread your legs apart, and do other feats that demonstrate the durability and overall wearability of your trousers. Satisfied with the results you exit the room confident with your acquisition's value. While you don't have a proper shirt nor socks yet, you're ever closer to looking decent.

As you leave the room, you encounter first hand the effects of probability and chance. Or maybe it's fate?

Standing just outside the door, carrying a large basket full of assorted clothes, is the owner of the room that you just searched. Her long hair seems even longer now, perhaps even heavier, no doubt weighed down from the remnants of moisture that she absorbed in the bath. Why did you assume that she took a bath? Well on top of the pile of clothing in the basket lies what appears to be her discarded nurse's outfit, as well as a damp looking towel. Yes – now she's wearing her more usual clothing, a white blouse with a red tie and a light-colored skirt. Standing before you, looking rather surprised is Reisen.

Having not expected running into her on your way out, you don't know what to say. Reisen, too, is silent for a moment. But then she puts down her basket gently and stands again, shifting her weight to her right leg. This makes her lean more towards you. She takes a quick glance at you with her red eyes and then finally speaks.

“I didn't expect to see you here.” She says with a calm voice, betraying no agitation or other obvious emotions. “I assume you came to my room to look for clothing. Judging by your appearance, you stopped by the clinic as well.” She stops for a moment, pausing deliberately. “Those pants, do they fit you well?”

You don't quite comprehend the question at first. You had expected some other comment to come out of her mouth. Something relating to your invasion of her privacy. So it takes you a while before you can think of a reply.

“Yes... although it's a bit loose around the waist.” You finally say.
“I'll get you a belt. Those were the pants that I had made originally for you. But I never had a chance to adjust them to your body. If you give me them later I'll adjust them for you if you want.”
“Ah, thanks. That would be good.”
“Alright then that settles that.” She says. She moves her leg next to her other one, effectively redistributing her weight evenly. She crosses her arms as she talks to you. “Now then. I'm going to let your invasion of my privacy slip this time because you thought of me when you did the experiment for Eirin. And I think you just were looking for clothes. So it's understandable.”

You decide to make the best of the situation and just casually nod, giving a signal that could be interpreted by her as an affirmation that your intentions were thus. You feel that you're walking on eggshells here. Thank god you didn't stop to rummage through her unmentionables or, heaven forbid, dare to try them on. You get the feeling that you truly do not want to see her angry.

“Well then.” Reisen says as she picks up the basket again and starts to move into the room. “I'll have your regular clothes fully dried and back to you within the evening. If you'll excuse me, I have quite a bit to do now, sorting out clothes that need to be washed, ironed, or folded.”

Reisen continues to move into the room, ignoring your presence. She starts to hum to herself as she gets down to work. You're left there, ignored and alone. It looks like you're not included in any future plans around here. This leaves you with two unresolved issues. First and foremost, your attire is anything but complete. And secondly, you don't have anything to keep you busy here.

[] Step out into the courtyard for a while
[] Go back to your room
[] Return to the clinic again
[] Bug Reisen
[] Go and see if you can bother Kaguya
>> No. 6105
[x] Go back to your room
Good, Anon's stupidity seems to have FINALLY had some negative effect on Reisen. We need to find some decent clothes, then we can go try our luck with one of the few characters we still have a hope in hell of succeeding with.
>> No. 6106
>>We need to find some decent clothes, then we can go try our luck with one of the few characters we still have a hope in hell of succeeding with.

And proceed to utterly and completely destroy any and all chances we might have with them, too.
>> No. 6107
It's the only way.
>> No. 6108
[x] Offer to help Reisen
>> No. 6109
[X] Offer to help Reisen

I think it's the least we could do for her right now. Yeah, I know we said we took the test for her sake, but I don't think that's what was on our mind when we first agreed to it. This is a chance to intentionally do something nice for the moon bunny, for a change.
>> No. 6110
[X] Offer to help Reisen

I'd like to help, but does she want to have us around her?
>> No. 6112
>>I'd like to help, but does she want to have us around her?

Judging by how she's basically ignoring us at the moment, probably not. Still, are we the sort to see someone who we could possibly help in some way, and NOT offer to do so?

Even if we are refused, the gesture itself is important. We're a well-meaning idiot, not a callous asshole. Offering to help someone isn't simply a nice thing for us to do, it's the RIGHT thing for us to do.
>> No. 6113
>Yeah, I know we said we took the test for her sake, but I don't think that's what was on our mind when we first agreed to it.

>Gonna take a bullet for udonge.
>Reisen will be obliged to make us a whole new wardrobe after this.
>Anything for rabbit~
>> No. 6114

Shirou is going to end up with no routes at all
>> No. 6115
Well, I'll wait a bit more before committing myself to write. Boards seem slow anyways. So I'll check back in 2-3 hours more.
>> No. 6117
File 121425444427.jpg - (117.79KB , 500x746 , AliceMirror.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] Go back to your room
Get clothes, and everything else will follow.

See image. Possibly the only route we haven't majorly fucked up yet.
>> No. 6118
What the hell are you nerds babbling about? We went into her room without asking & nearly naked, rummaged through her clothes, and tried on (what we assumed were) her slacks. And she doesn't even get angry, but rather creates an excuse for you. This isn't DESPAIR. This was a triumph.

[x] Offer to help Reisen
>> No. 6120
>>Reisen continues to move into the room, ignoring your presence. She starts to hum to herself as she gets down to work. You're left there, ignored and alone.
'Triumph', huh?
>> No. 6121
[x] Offer to help Reisen
>> No. 6125
[x] Go back to your room
>> No. 6126
[x] Go back to your room

FFFFFFFFFFF, broken targeting sensors and a bad habit of pissing off people?
>> No. 6127
[x] Go back to your room

Shirou is going to end up with his own female Clone, thanks to Eirin.
>> No. 6128
Only way he is ever going to get laid.

[x] Go back to your room
>> No. 6131
[x] Offer to help Reisen
>> No. 6132
[x] Go back to your room
>> No. 6133
[x] Offer to help Reisen

Shirou may be stupid at times, but he's a kind-hearted stupid.
>> No. 6134

We already pissed off Reisen, idort.

[x] Go back to your room
>> No. 6136
[x] Offer to help Reisen
>> No. 6137
[x] Go back to your room
IT would have been an awesome picture, Shirou dressed up in her Clothes with Reisen walking in.
>> No. 6138
[X] Go back to your room
>> No. 6140
Oh wow. We totally fuck things up real good, huh?
But at least it's not catastrophe yet.
Guess what will happen if we did stay in the room longer...

Anyway, [X] Offer to help Reisen.
Shirou is the kind-hearted guy. So yeah.
>We're a well-meaning idiot, not a callous asshole. Offering to help someone isn't simply a nice thing for us to do, it's the RIGHT thing for us to do.
>> No. 6143
Okay, so I was off a little when I said that, but I still stand by my point that our reasons for taking that test were not ENTIRELY altruistic with our only concern being the moon bunny's well-being.

>>>Reisen will be obliged to make us a whole new wardrobe after this.

It's hardly a selfless act of goodwill when you're doing it with the expectation that the person you're doing it for to be indebted to you in some way. It's like the difference between taking someone out to dinner and a movie because you genuinely enjoy their company, and taking someone out to dinner and a movie because you expect them to put out later that night.

Hence, why I think we should help her out now. Or, at least make the attempt to. No ulterior motives. No strings attached. Just a simple act of helping lighten the load for someone who has surely had more work to deal with thanks to us.
>> No. 6144
[x] Offer to help Reisen

We're just asking her, if she says no then it's back to the room anyway.
>> No. 6145
I think that guy was joking. How do you know there aren't people voting to help her now because they expect something in return?

It's probably best to think of the motives of Anonymous as being in kind of a quantum superposition, only we have some choice over which state to collapse it to. Like, if we do end up taking Alice route now, then our confession would have been honest, but if we avoid it, that means we were just fucking around when we chose to do that.
>> No. 6147
>I think that guy was joking.

I was, actually. Actually expecting a "reward" from Reisen after how extraordinarily kind she's been would be so far beyond the pale that I thought it would be obvious. Sorry.
>> No. 6149
[x] Offer to help Reisen

Despite the very obvious fact that Reisen doesn't have anything more to say to you, you feel that you can do more for her. You gingerly step back inside her room. She's got her back turned to you and is offloading clothes from her basket. She seems to have everything under control and is humming a gentle tune. The tune itself sounds like a generic melody but it's still quite pleasant to the ears. You don't want to particularly bother her too much so you just ask in a soft tone.

“Say Reisen, would you like some help with your work?”

Reisen continues to work, separating clothing into separate piles, not stopping her task to reply. You hear her voice as she answers your inquiry.

“Thank you Shirou, but I'm fine doing this by myself. You've done more than enough for today.” She says. Although you can't see her face from here, by her tone you can tell that she isn't saying this with the most gracious of attitudes. Still her tone is civil. But the message is clear, she wants to be alone.

Since you were split about going to your room or helping her out, you accept her answer and do not press the issue any further.

“I see... I'll be going then.” You say, turning and leaving the room. You think that you hear the moon bunny say something else, but even if that were the case, she utters it at a volume which makes any chance of you comprehending it null. You leave the room, and continue to walk down the corridor. While you have your room as your destination, you don't particularly walk towards there, instead just absentmindedly bumbling about the hallways. You feel that you did the right thing by offering Reisen help, but you can't feel but you've somehow distanced yourself from her.

Bah, maybe it's just your paranoia speaking up again. After all, you don't have any evidence. You're an easy-going guy. Que sera, sera. Or so you think. There's no use crying over spilled milk. You just assume that things will be fine, and more often than not, they turn out well. Well, you can't really remember any catastrophic failures right now, so you just assume that your line of thought is more or less correct. Your random walking about leads you to the inner-courtyard. Despite the fact that this isn't your intended destination, you could sure sit a while and contemplate life for a bit.

Then again, you might want to refocus your general course of action. In this case, you'd want to go to your room and see what you could scrounge up in preparation for a consolidated plan. Your whole inventory lies within your room, and you're sure that seeing your stuff will help remind you of what's important to accomplish in the meanwhile. Well, best to make a decision before you end up sitting down in a dark pantry again.

[] Stay a bit in the courtyard
[] Go to your room
Update when enough votes are cast/reasoning is held or the booze wears off. Either way I doubt it'll be very long.
>> No. 6150
[x] Stay a bit in the courtyard

Let's see if we get to talk to Tewi. It might help us, and there has been a huge lack of Tewi lately
>> No. 6151
[x] Stay a bit in the courtyard
>> No. 6152
[X] Stay a bit in the courtyard

Oh well, I had a feeling it wouldn't work out. Perhaps Tewi could lend us a hand in patching things up. It would be much easier for us to do things that amuse her, like what happened when we confessed, if don't have the moon bunny being all frosty with us.

Until then, perhaps now would be a good time for some reflection.
>> No. 6153
[X] Stay a bit in the courtyard
>> No. 6154
[] Go to your room
>> No. 6155
[X] Stay a bit in the courtyard
>> No. 6156
File 121432389326.png - (54.09KB , 365x480 , roa.png ) [iqdb]
White lab coat.
Black pants.
What else should we do to complete our transition to the dark side?
>> No. 6157
Work on our abs?
>> No. 6158
[x] Stay a bit in the courtyard

Shirou is a walking paradox, his life story a koan.
There seems no center because it's all center.
There seems no plan because it's all plan.
>> No. 6160
Repeating my vote at >>6117 .
>> No. 6161
[x] Stay a bit in the courtyard
[x] Do some crunches
>> No. 6162
[x] Stay a bit in the courtyard
[x] Meditate
>> No. 6163
>> No. 6165
[X] Stay a bit in the courtyard
>> No. 6167
File 121434042139.jpg - (3.97KB , 149x112 , afternoonsky.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Stay a bit in the courtyard

The afternoon air seems appealing to you. You move towards the interior of the courtyard before you know it. You rationalize your decision by telling yourself that there must have been a reason for you to have wound up here. You sit by your usual spot and stare up into the sky. The orange afternoon sky is a reminder of the ending day. The golden glow that is spread across the sky reminds you of the busy human village for some reason. At this time of day the humans at the village have probably long left the fields and work, going home to their families. You picture those hardworking faces that you saw in the morning and try to imagine them sitting at the table with their wives and children, enjoying the fruits of their labor. It's definitely nice to be able to share food and spend time with those that you care about.

You see a small flight of birds flying in the distance. You can't tell what kind of birds they are because of their distance to you, but you can tell that the flock is flying towards the lake. You wonder if they're ducks or some other water-loving type of bird. Or if they're like anything outside the border. The fauna in Gensokyo does seem to be rather... unique, after all. You wouldn't be surprised if there were Youkai birds around, living along side the regular kind. Given the predisposition that everything in Gensokyo has for flying, you can't help but wonder if it's redundant to have wings here. Come to think about it, Aya had wings, didn't she? Yeah, you definitely saw something like that at a glance at least once. You didn't really see her using them much though. It would seem that she keeps her wings discretely tucked at most times. An aesthetic choice maybe?

Well, whatever the truth, it reminds you that things are still rather... weird between the two of you. You're not sure what she expects from you. Are you supposedly in an exclusive relationship with her? Or are things far from serious? You haven't really thought about it, and honestly, there's a part of you that couldn't care less. You shouldn't make light of her though, you're sure that like all of the inhabitants in Gensokyo she has more than enough power to rend the flesh from your bones. Well, that's a problem for another time. Hopefully it won't kill you to deal with it as the issue presents itself.

Since you're already at the courtyard, you decide to meditate for a bit. You stop gazing at the sky and cross your legs. You close your eyes and focus your mind. It doesn't take much to clear your mind, it must be due to your relatively constant meditation sessions. You're definitely meditating now. But strangely enough, you don't feel at ease. It's funny. The more you try to go into a deeper state of meditation, the more your unease grows. This isn't supposed to happen. Meditation should be the path to enlightenment. A new feeling wells up within you, overtaking your supposed feelings of peace and calmness. This feeling – it's one of dread. You feel like something very bad is going to happen to you. Panic besets you. You can't continue like this. A voice inside of you tells you that extreme danger is imminent.
>> No. 6168
You open your eyes, snapping out of your meditation. You scramble to your feel immediately out of instinct. You feel ready to confront any thread that presents itself. You start to nervously look around. But you can't see anything out of the usual. This can't be. You've definitely got a bad feeling just now. You try to focus again on the emotions you were experiencing but a moment ago. The feeling of distress once again begins to overpower you. Like a gazelle sensing that a lion is lurking about, you are ready to stat running at a moment's notice. You hone your senses and look for the source of all of this. You can't find anything. That is, until you look upwards again. There, on the edge of the roof, you see what you think is causing this.

What you see cannot be properly described with words. If anything, it seems to be completely out of this world. It has no concrete shape nor color. In fact, you doubt if it really is there. What you see with your eyes is a blur – a distortion. Just that. A mere refracting spot in an otherwise perfect scene. But what you don't see is what scares you. You can feel what seems to be an anomaly beyond human comprehension. You can 'see' with your mind an endless layered aberration that defies all logic. Yes, this is an abomination. And it scares the living hell out of you. You don't know why but your mind starts reminding you of several of the things that you learned with Eirin. You almost instinctively know that this is a pocket of time and space that should not have appeared here. The probabilities of this happening by itself are astronomically low. Yes – there is no doubt about it. Even on a billion different worlds, during the span of a billion years, the chances of such a distortion appearing are almost zero.

You start to back away, going for an exit. You know that whatever this is, it cannot be a good thing. But as soon as you move, it's gone. Just like that. It's as if it were never there. Your feeling of uneasiness is also gone. It's like what you saw was never there. There seems to be no noticeable change in the section of roof that you were staring at. What the hell was that? You're sure you weren't just imagining things. Yeah, that abomination was definitely there, and you definitely saw it. That something that should not exist in the natural world. Is it something native to Gensokyo? A sort of local phenomenon? You just can't convince yourself that it's so. No matter how bizarre the laws of physics and magic may be here, something like that should definitely not exist. You can't even begin to quite fathom what exactly it is what you saw, much less it's purpose. Why here of all place? Something like that would definitely not be created by chance. There must be a rational explanation for this. However, try as you might, you can't think of one. What you just experienced is definitely just way over your head.

If you smoked, you'd be going through a carton of cigarettes at an alarming rate. Both to help you think and to calm down your still jumpy nerves. Your feet start moving by themselves and you walk through the corridors in a trance-like state. You can't help but try to think about what just went on. That feeling of dread – it definitely felt like something. If you had to equate it to something that you've seen in any other form of media, you'd say that you had something akin to a newtype flash. It was like a state of heightened awareness sans the telepathic abilities that being a newtype entails. It's as if your sensibility to such a thing was higher than a normal person's would be. You continue to cultivate these ideas as you find yourself before your own room before you know it.

Deciding that your body is telling you something, you go in. You immediately sit down somewhere and continue to ponder. But, despite your application of your knowledge and a good dose of logic, you keep drawing a blank as to the true nature of what you saw. Even after three-quarters of an hour you still are unable to establish the most basic of tenants for the reality that you saw. This is something far beyond what you would find in a pulp science fiction novel. You sigh. Your sigh is an embodiment of the mix of fatigue and frustration that you feel about this incident. You can more or less tell that you won't be able to make heads or tails out of this situation just yet. In your funk, you subconsciously were playing around with Albion. You haven't really paid much attention to the doll lately, as you've been busy with an assortment of incidents and the like.

You play a small game with Albion, a continuation of your earlier fantasy world. In it, you're stuck in a continuous loop of time. You keep repeating the same three or four days. And that girl that was tsundere for you is now a magical girl for some reason. But there's a twist, and you're not who you seem to be. And that chick from the church is hot.


You shouldn't get too absorbed with this. You scratch your head. You can't quite think of what would be the best course of action to undertake now. Nothing seems like an obvious choice.

[] Stay in your room a bit longer
[] Step outside for some fresh air
[] Go to the clinic
[] Go elsewhere (specify)
Time to move forwards... somehow. The fortnight is almost up.
>> No. 6169
[X] Go to the clinic
Needle Time, maybe she can give us some advice on how to score with Kaguya, she knew her the longest after all.
>> No. 6170
[X] Go to the clinic
We should see if Eirin might know anything about this. Assuming she's still not too busy, of course.
>> No. 6171
[x] Go elsewhere (See Kaguya)
Tell her about the crazy fucking shit we just saw. And ask her for some hair products/black dye to complete our Roa costume.
>> No. 6172
[x] Go to the clinic

Does it make me a big pussy if that scared me shitless?
>> No. 6176
[X] Go to the clinic
Eirin Route would have been so great....
>> No. 6178
File 121434305994.jpg - (46.30KB , 400x440 , 1210800466227.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to the clinic

Space time distortions, trippan' balls.
Perhaps this is the reason why Shirou has constantly broken targeting sensors. Or GAPS.
>> No. 6179
It means you should read some Lovecraft.

Seconded. She's what keeps pulling me back here.

[X] Go to the clinic
>> No. 6181
File 121434388456.jpg - (156.31KB , 1055x1500 , wordsalonecannotdescribemyarousal.jpg ) [iqdb]
Seconding the Lovecraft. Even though I myself need to read more of it. I guess I'll go look for some ebooks.

Also writing now. Clinic won, quite obviously. Posting some Kaguya because she's delicious. And MAI WAIFU. You know the drill.
>> No. 6182

Someone is lurkan' the /jp/ aren't they.

>> No. 6184
[x] Go to the clinic

The clinic. Eirin.

Yes, you should definitely go see the good doctor now. Maybe she knows what the hell just happened. If anyone can possibly hope to comprehend and explain that... thing that you saw it's her. She is after all probably the smartest person in Gensokyo. Hell, scratch that, she's probably the smartest person on earth. Her sage-like knowledge and intelligence are just leagues above anything you've seen elsewhere. It's a bit flattering to think that you'd be of any use to her in the first place. You walk, head held up high with no trace of your previous fear, through the hallways.

It takes you no time at all with your confident strut to reach the clinic. You hope that Eirin isn't still tied up with her analysis of the drug's effects on you. It's frankly bothersome to make her realize that you're there. You knock, as per usual, on the door.

There's no reply.

You assume that she's still single-mindedly focused on her task and step inside regardless.

There's no one there.

In fact, there isn't even a light on. It seems that Eirin is not here. Where could she be off to? It's not like she leaves Eientei, that you know of. And from what you've seen, she might as well sleep in the clinic due to the massive amounts of time that she spends here. Could she have gone off to bed early? That seems like a very unlikely scenario. But it reminds you nonetheless that you don't know anything about Eirin's personal life. You have no idea where her room is, nor have you ever seen dining at the dining room. She might as well be a science-obsessed machine as far as you know. Her cold and calculating nature is made evident even in the most intimate of moments. As evidenced by that whole painful fiasco that one time. Wait, that's not entirely true. You have seen her show a very... human side before. It was creepy, but it's definite proof that she's human you think. After all, robots can't get high.

As you start to absentmindedly think about the possibility of a machine that's high, something calls you back to reality. It's a noise. A low humming noise is sounding off in the distance. It's like a machine's sound. It's not an engine, but you're sure that whatever it is, it's vibrating. It's also a continuous sound, indicating that the source of the sound isn't moving. You're interested. You want to know where it's coming from. You think that it's probably coming from deep within the clinic.

You exit Eirin's office and go into the hallway that connects the various rooms in the clinic. The noise is a bit louder here, and it sounds like something between a whirring sound and the hum from a generator. You take a few steps. The noise seems to be stronger behind the door containing the room in which you did your drug trial today. You feel a bit uncomfortable prying here. It feels like you shouldn't be snooping around. The poor illumination due to the darkening day only adds to the creepy atmosphere. You can see your elongated shadow extend all throughout the corridor. This kind of scene always reminds you of Count Orlok and that famous scene with the stairs. To be honest, you feel like bolting out of there. You don't know if it's because of your uneasiness, but you're reminded as well of what you say recently and it sends quite a few shivers down your spine.

If you want to back out, and forget this, now would be the moment. Who knows what might await you as a prize for your curiosity.

[] Investigate further
[] Back off and leave the clinic
A man can lurk wherever he chooses to, can't he? As a massive Kaguya-fag I already had it, the thread just reminded me of it's fappability.
>> No. 6185
[x] Investigate further

Through fire and flames, Shirou.
Through fire and flames.
>> No. 6186
[x] Investigate further

Even if this is some sort of Silence to Rabbit end, it will be so worth it.
>> No. 6187
[x] Investigate further

Be brave Shirou, be brave
>> No. 6188
[X] Investigate further

I can feel the bad end, but... we must see!
>> No. 6190
[X] Investigate further
>> No. 6191
File 121434795361.jpg - (86.69KB , 640x480 , SHIKI.jpg ) [iqdb]
What makes this worse is that before our new outfit we were wearing a kimono.
Shit, better check to see if our hair color has changed and if we have a taste for human blood.
>> No. 6192
[x] Investigate further

Hoping for shenanigans.
>> No. 6193
And then Shirou was Roa
>> No. 6194
Does this mean that I get to rant on and on how Akiha is moe and how that damn impostor usurped my place? If so, fucking awesome. Writing soon... brb inversion impulse.
>> No. 6195
File 121434888312.jpg - (11.00KB , 180x290 , 180pxroanearmf5.jpg ) [iqdb]
I think we already did half of that while we were still in SHIKI mode early in the story. Now we're in full blown Roa mode, which means we should have a desire to rape and/or kill the Princess of the Moon. And tell her to USE HER HAIR.
>> No. 6196
Glad someone remembered the apparently non-sensical rant towards the beginning of the story. Even more awesome. Rape tiem for the dear moon princess. And seducing powerful magicians in an increasingly longer copypasta.
>> No. 6197
File 121435003318.jpg - (62.39KB , 600x600 , 1205984936744.jpg ) [iqdb]
Then Shirou was the Roa.
>> No. 6198
And they say that TS is full of TYPEMOON faggotry...
>> No. 6200

>> No. 6201
>> No. 6202
Can't say I hate it, YAF.

[X]Investigate further.
Ready your laser pointer. Maybe you will get a chance to use it Shirou~
>> No. 6203
Kaguya route, let us aim only for Kaguya, her Hair needs to belong to us.
>> No. 6208
File 121436783886.jpg - (6.88KB , 400x267 , glazor.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Investigate further

You can't back out of this now. Your curiosity has the best of you. You carefully walk up to the door. You open the door very discretely. The door does not even make a noise as it opens inwards. Immediately you hear the machine-like noise intensify in volume. The room itself is dimly illuminated. The only source of light seems to be a strange green glow that's coming from one of the corners. Scratch that, it's not coming from a corner. Instead, the glow is coming from a door on the far end that's open. You think that it's the source of the sound as well.

You tepidly walk into the room, feeling a bit wary. As you cross the room, you start to realize the nature of the green light. It's moving. Yes it's definitely moving. This causes the illumination in the room you're in to fluctuate. The noise intensifies even more as you approach. There's absolutely no doubt about it now, this is the source. You feel a bit restless and excited to know what's going on. As you approach the open door to see what it's all about, you realize that there's a massive room beyond the doorway. You stand in the doorway and examine what's beyond.

The room is completely dark, save for two things. One is a bright green beam of light emanating from a machine in the left part of the room. The machine seems to be the source of noise, and it's clear that it's vibrating a bit as it works. The other is a series of small objects that seem to be on the far side of the room, opposite the machine. They have an almost ghostly quality to them, emitting a pale white light that's projected no more than a couple of meters from their location. They also seem to be floating, but you can't tell if it's an optical illusion or of it's magic. In the pale green glow that is spread all across of the room, you see a familiar figure. Eirin is standing, apparently observing something with her back turned to you. You think that you can make out in her hand some sort of control mechanism, as her gestures in the darkness seem to translate into an action for the green beam of light.

You continue to watch the scene.

The green beam of light is now starting to sweep from left to right. It's going right for the first of the floating objects. As expected, it soon makes contact with it. But what happens, is completely unexpected for you. There is a large audible 'explosion' as the object (a simple white rod) distorts itself and ultimately seems to break up into millions of tiny particles. It's a dazzling sight, and the whole room is illuminated briefly. The beam continues relentlessly, now going towards the second object. This time it's a cube of sorts. The beam connects with it, and just as before a large exploding sound comes and the object is scattered into millions of particles. It makes you feel uneasy, as you can tell that the beam is some sort of concentrated laser or stream of energy that appears to be quite destructive. It would be smart not to toy around with something like this.

The beam interacts with the rest of the objects with out fail. Every time the results are repeated. It's quite the destructive display of force. After the beam is done with the last object you snap back to reality. That was truly impressive, but you don't know why that was happening. You guess that talking to Eirin would be a good idea and you step forward, with the intention to talk to her. But just then, something completely unforeseen happens. It's the beam. It seems to be swiveling towards Eirin's (and ultimately your) position. You can see Eirin try to do something with the remote she has in her hand, but it appears to no be very effective. She tries again, more frantically. You watch in a daze as the beam slowly approaches her. Would Eirin also blow up in a million different pieces? Your heart starts beating fast as you realize that this situation can potentially become disastrous. You've got to do something. There's only a few moments before the beam connects with Eirin, you don't think she could get out of the way in time, since the beam seems to be following her (or at least her position).

You start to move before you know it. If you sprinted at full speed you think that you could maybe knock her out of the way, it's not much but maybe by lying on the floor you could escape it. Or maybe you could try to hit the machine, it's probably nearer to you than Eirin. A forcible hit might turn it off, or hell you might even find a plug or something. Time to make a snap decision. Goddamn never having a plan!

[] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[] Get between Eirin and the beam
[] Try to disable the machine
[] Bolt the hell out of there
Last update for a bit (?), I got sidetracked with the Kanon leaked translation thingy... uguu~
Gonna grab some grub, and that should motivate me to write more maybe.
For christ's sake our character is named shirou and I've made a ton of FSN/Turkeyhandle references since the beginning. TM faggotry is a given.
>> No. 6209
Umm... random choice time since this is just a shot in the dark anyway.

[x] Tackle Eirin to the floor
>> No. 6210
[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor
>> No. 6211
[x] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[x] Cop a feel while you're at it.
>> No. 6212
[+] Tackle Eirin to the floor
>> No. 6213
[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor

Let's scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" in a slo-mo voice while we do it.
>> No. 6214
[X] Whip out our laser, and cross the beams
>> No. 6215

Don't cross the streams. It would be bad.
>> No. 6216
File 121437432126.png - (1.65KB , 112x114 , lolbombermandeath.png ) [iqdb]

[x] Tackle Eirin to the floor
>> No. 6217
Let our heroic spirit guide our body!

[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[X] Trace on! Rho Aias!
>> No. 6218


[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[X] Trace on! Rho Aias!
>> No. 6219
[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[X] Trace on! Rho Aias!
>> No. 6220
[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[X] Trace on! Rho Aias!

>> No. 6221
[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[X] Trace on! Rho Aias!

This is perfect and completely worth the bad end where we get disintegrated by the laser when inevitably nothing happens.
>> No. 6222
[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[X] Trace on! Rho Aias!
[x] Cop a feel while you're at it.

The race is on, she better thank us
>> No. 6223
[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[X] Trace on! Rho Aias!
>> No. 6224
[x] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[x] Anemia Option
[x] Thrust Eirin

Ignore the last two options
>> No. 6225
[X] Tackle Eirin to the floor
[X] Trace on! Rho Aias!

Epic bad end incoming
>> No. 6228
Shirou vs Cu Chulainn, this would be epic, the strongest fight.
>> No. 6229
Alright then. I'll get to writing now. The will of the masses has been declared. I guess new thread because of auto-sage. So rage all you want here since I'll likely get sidetracked along the way.
>> No. 6230
Give me more delicious NEET. We had not much time to spend with her yet, i wonder what kind of character you gave her.
>> No. 6231
We'd have had more delicious NEET already if we didn't keep making a point of avoiding chances to meet with her at every turn, and fucking up on the chances we do take to see her.

We could have left the clinic rather than staying and then leaving out the window, for example. We could have either picked a RELIABLE guide or just chose to go it alone like we wound up doing anyway, and went straight to the Hakurei Shrine rather than dicking around everywhere else but there when we were looking for her. We could have done something other than watch Bible fucking Black, for christsakes.

In short, we'd have all the NEET we could take already if the majority driving our actions weren't so utterly determined to keeping us from it.
>> No. 6232
You are right, no more fagging around for me. I am only going for Kaguya now. Time to get serious now.
>> No. 6233
Bible Black thing was inexcusable, but as for the rest, I think Reisen just has bigger support. But then again, anon did something piss even the freaking moonbunny off, hahaha.
>> No. 6234
Sure takes long to write, will you make us a WALL never ever seen before?
>> No. 6235
The great wall of China, if you know what I mean
>> No. 6236
File 121442692219.jpg - (84.93KB , 477x363 , 1208937122875.jpg ) [iqdb]