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[x] “Meiling, get up.”
[x] “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to.”
[x] Successful check

The scene unfolding before your eyes really pisses you off. There's no reason for the maid to be treating poor Meiling like this. You can't just cower away and take this sitting down.

“Meiling, get up.” You say. “There's no need for you to be bowing down to her.”
“Well, it'll just be easier if we do what she says.” Meiling meekly replies.
“No, it'll just be worse if you fold to her. Trust me on this one. If you give up at the very start, she'll do as she pleases with you.”

You coax Meiling to get up and face the maid on equal footing. The maid is looking at you with an amused expression on her face. It would seem that she's more surprised than peeved at this new development. You hope that this fact will help you deal with her.

“I thought I made it clear.” The maid says to you, apparently recovering from her shock. “You are to leave. You are not welcome at the Scarlet Mansion.”
“Who are you to say anything?” You reply with a similar tone to her cold voice. “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to.”

You turn and look at Meiling. She looks at your face and nods, as if stating that she'll help you out if anything happens. You feel comforted in the fact that she'll stick up for you. You didn't think that your words would have much effect on her, but apparently she's pumped up and ready to face any challenge head on. How curious.

“Oh, then perhaps I should try another method.” The maid smirks and a couple of knives appear in her hands instantaneously.

Hmm, her elegant profile juxtaposed with the weak moonlight reminds you of someone. Yeah, there can be no doubt about it. The way her silver hair reflects the light is unmistakably like what you saw at the mochi festial. Her hair is just like Eirin's in texture and coloring. Could it be then? You wonder for a moment and then decide to go with your hunch.

“Such coarse methods ill-fit a proud lunarian such as yourself.” You say, probing for her reaction.

Her reaction is one of silence, as if she never expected anyone to bring that up, let alone you.

“I'm right, aren't I? You are a lunarian. Aren't you?” You continue to say. “Your physical attributes make it unmistakable. There's no need to hide it. However, it does beg the question: what would a lunarian be doing in the employ of another being in Gensokyo?”

You see that Meiling is looking at you quizzically, as if she really doesn't know what you're going on about.

“I am afraid that I have no idea of what you're talking about. I am Izayoi Sakuya, head maid to the Scarlet Mansion and personal attendant to my mistress Remilia Scarlet.” The maid finally retorts. “And even if what you said was true, it's none of your business. “

“Oh, but it is my business.” You say. “For you see, I myself am guest to a group of lunarians in Gensokyo, so I thought that it would be reasonable to try to reason with a being that proclaims itself more pure than a mere human.” You try to say that without showing any sarcasm in your voice. “I'd think that even you would realize that it's not wise to take one two opponents at once.” You tilt your head, indicating yourself and Meiling. “Looks, after all, can be deceptive. If you don't know about it, ask the librarian. I can handle myself.” You say, bluffing.

The air is tense as the maid sizes up the situation. She takes a glance at you, you just smile at her, and then she looks at Meiling. She's likely assessing how likely it is for the two of you to overpower her. Despite her arrogance, she seems cautious. Maybe your knowledge of lunarians unnerved her a bit? You can't let down your guard just yet. You don't know what she can possibly pull off. Those knives did apparently come out of nowhere, after all. You try not to lose your smile. You'll win this, you're sure.

“Sakuya, please let us be.” You turn in surprise as you see that Meiling is addressing the maid. “There's no need for this to end in conflict, surely you see that.”

Hmm, it would seem that Meiling honestly does not want to fight her. You would think that her resentment would normally be manifesting itself somehow.

“We won't make trouble for anyone, he just needs a place to spend the night. We won't disturb the mistress and I'll keep guarding the gate as he sleeps so don't worry.” Meiling says and tries smiling at the maid.

How can she be so civil to her tormentor? It completely eludes you. But she looks at you for a second and winks. She must be confident that this will work. Well then, it looks like you're just going to have to trust her for a bit here. She does know the maid best after all. You just silently turn to the maid and put on a poker face, so as to not goad her anymore. The maid frowns for a bit and looks at the two of you again. It seems that she's debating what to do. She glances back and forth at the two of you, sizing you up yet again.

She continues on evaluating the two of you for a bit and then finally lets out a rather large sigh.

“I guess that it's fine.” She finally concedes, probably due to Meiling's obstinacy. “However, let's make this clear here and now. This is an exception. Just for this once. And you better not even slightly disturb the mistress, or otherwise there will be hell to pay.”

The maid turns to go back inside the house. Meiling speaks up before she crosses the mansion's thresehold.

“Thank you.” She simply states.

The maid pauses for a bit, but doesn't turn around. Then she shrugs her shoulders and mumbles something. You don't know what she says and she continues inside, closing the door.

Phew, it looks like that situation was diffused. You look at Meiling happily.

“Thank you for standing up for me, Shirou.” She says.
“No problem.” You reply. “I couldn't bear to watch her treat you like that. It ticked me off.”
“She's not a bad person, she just has her own problems and sometimes takes it out on others.”
“I get the feeling that if it weren't for your words, she might have used violence against me.”
“I don't know about that, despite her looks she wouldn't hurt a normal human I think.” Meiling says pensively. “Also, what was that that you were going on about? About her being a lunarian?”

Hmm, apparently Meiling doesn't know anything about Sakuya's origins. For simplicity's sake you decide to deflect the question.

“Forget about that, it's obviously something that she isn't comfortable talking about. It probably isn't true either, so forget my ramblings.” You say. “Instead let's focus on the fact that I can stay!”
“You're probably right. It's great to be allowed to have you here!”

>> No. 5589
The two of you then chat as before, talking of fun things and your experiences. Meiling tells you of her encounters with the local fairies and population while you share with her some stories about your misadventures since you've arrived here. You guys chat as the best of friends, not caring about the late hour. It feels really nice to talk to someone freely and without any pressure from the fact that you might have romantic feelings for them.

To compare with an example from the normal world, you'd probably be the equivalent of two buddies drinking at a bar after a long hard day of work. Two pissant white collar workers, swapping jokes about your menial labor and hilariously inept bosses. It feels like a great unwinding, surprisingly so, not due in part to the fact that there's no alcohol present. The two of you are hitting it off like the best of chums. Meiling is really a great conversationalist and she has a great wealth of funny stories to tell about the inhabitants of Gensokyo.

“... and so, the witch came running out of the mansion with her bloomers twisted around her ankles! You should have seen Sakuya's face as she chased after her! She was so pissed off that the witch would do something like that in the entrance hall. I heard that eventually the witch tripped and fell into the lake and a bunch of frogs swarmed her. It must have been an amazing sight!” Meiling finishes telling you one such story.

The both at you heartily laugh at the ludicrous situation. You can just picture Marisa going '~ze!' as she ran off in such a disgraced state. Heh, you think that next time that you see her, you're going to have a hard time keeping a straight face. Ah man, this story was just gold. You let out a sigh as you look up at the night sky. It's a beautiful sight and the stars dot the sky as if it were some sort of fine tapestry wit h thousands of small details. It's getting pretty late. You think that you should go to bed now.

“Excuse me Meiling, but I think I'll go to sleep now.” You tell her.
“Oh, alright. Please go ahead and use the shack over there. It might not have much in terms of luxury but please enjoy yourself.” She says, pointing at the shack again. “Good night Shirou!”
“Good night Meiling!” You reply to her and then walk towards the small building.

You're a bit curious to know whether or not Meiling is going to sleep as well, but you decide that it's rude to ask her. So you just walk to the small wooden construction. It's a simple structure. It's a square shack with just a single window on the left side. There's a single door that provides access to it. It doesn't look particularly sturdy, but it doesn't look like it'll collapse any time soon either. You open the door and head inside. There's not much inside, save for a single mattress on the floor and a few sheets (which are neatly folded into a pile). There's also a small metallic container in a corner, but you have no idea what could be inside. Judging by the size it's probably used to store small personal belongings. You have no idea where Meiling would keep her spare sets of clothing, there's no indication of a wardrobe, hope chest, or closest of any kind. Maybe they let her keep that inside the mansion?

Well, whatever. You shouldn't think too hard about this. You're quite tired after all. You yawn as you take off your shoes and some of your clothes and spread out the sheets on the bed. You lay on the bed and stare at the ceiling. Hmm, it's not that uncomfortable. The mattress is soft enough and the sheets feel soft to the touch. You close your eyes as you think about the recent encounter that you had with the maid. All things considered, it ended up pretty well. You fall into a deep slumber as you think about Meiling's tireless job and her great personality.

You wake up several hours later, as a few beams of light traverse the window and hit your face. You yawn and get up. It takes you a few moments to remember where you are and how you got here, but when you do you quickly get up. You fold the sheets like you found them and put on your clothes. You then step out. Judging by the sun's position in the sky, it's likely to be early morning, maybe around 7ish. Not bad. It seems like your body has been getting accustomed to waking up early. While this normally does not suit a NEET, you think that it is useful here in Gensokyo. You shake off the last remnants of your drowsiness and then proceed to go to where Meiling should be. You see her standing by the gate, as per usual.

“Good morning Meiling!” You greet her. She turns and looks at you.
“Good morning Shirou! Sleep well?” She replies and asks in turn.
“Yeah, the mattress was surprisingly comfortable. I slept just fine. Like a log, in fact. I've got to thank you again for letting me sleep there.”
“Ahaha, I'm glad.” She giggles a bit. “But there's no need to thank me, I just did what anyone in my situation would do. After all, it's completely reckless to go out at night through unfamiliar roads.”
“Yeah, that's true.”
“Anyways, I assume that you want to know how to get back from here?”
“Yeah, that's right. I should get going. There's other people out there that are probably wondering where I am.”

And with that, Meiling starts to explain the best routes to take. She points out what's the best path for each destination. To get back to Eientei, you'll have to either go first through the human village or the Forest of Magic. The forest is nearest, but the village is nearer to the bamboo forest. Either way, you'll spend about the same amount of time traveling the roads. You'll have to take the same path for both for a good portion of the way anyways. It splits off and ultimately the choice of which path to take is up to you.

“Well, that's it.” Meiling says. “You shouldn't have any problems. If you do, use the lake as a reference point. If you use it's shoreline you'll arrive at a major intersection eventually, so don't despair if you lose your way somehow. That said, I think you'll do just fine.”
“Thanks.” You say. “I think I'll be fine as well.”
“Please, don't be a stranger, I'll look forward to our next meeting.”
“Yeah likewise! Thanks Meiling!”

You hug her in a friendly fashion. She stiffens up a bit at first (reflex from her martial arts background?) but hugs you back in kind. You part and go down the road, waving to her. The mansion becomes a small object in the background as you travel down the road. Well, that was a nice way to make a new friend.

You walk for about twenty minutes. This portion of the trip is uneventful. You have the lake to your left and just a bunch of normal looking trees and stuff to your right. Nothing worth noting. It's a pleasant morning and you think that it rained a bit last night, as there are small puddles of water here and there. They're small and definitely do not affect your pace at all. You start to whistle to yourself the Benny Hill's show's theme song as you walk. While it's not the most fitting thing that you could whistle, it makes you feel at ease. After walking for another ten minutes or so, you come up to an intersection. This should be the one that Meiling mentioned.

Either way is fine, they're pretty equidistant. If you want to go straight to Eientei, any way is fine. But if you want to first check out any place while en route, you should choose the general area first. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. And this easy-going day has just started or so you think. You still might want to clear up things with a couple of people as well.

[] Go through the village
[] Go through the forest
>> No. 5591
[] Go through the village
>> No. 5592
[X] Go through the village

We got to see Alice and Reimu yesterday, so it's only fair we try to track down Mokou and Keine today and see what they're up to.
Besides that, we need to get more booze, for various reasons.
>> No. 5593
[X] Go through the village

Talking about Reimu, I think we should avoid her for a while. Or just take refuge with the Eientei's. Reimu probably won't reckless enough to break into Eientei to kick our balls.

Also: Keine, Mokou, Tavernmaster, etc.
>> No. 5594
[X] Go through the village
Time for Mokou to take us back home, or just hit some more on Keine.
>> No. 5595
{X} Go through the village.
>> No. 5596
[x] Go through the village

You decide to take the path that leads through the village. You make a left at the junction and follow the road. It's a pleasant country road, with little height difference between sections, so it isn't that tiring either. The morning sun warms you up and gives you energy to carry on. The road keeps about a twenty to thirty meter distance from the lake and you can appreciate the vastness of it from the road. You can just barely see the opposite end. And that's because today's weather is fine, if there were even the slightest bit of fog, your view of the other side would be definitely compromised.

You walk for about twenty minutes more, and you reach the outskirts of the village. People are going to and fro from the fields. Some are carrying wares to peddle in the town square, while others pull along carts full of tools or produce. There is livestock also being led to and from the village. It's a lively morning alright. You walk past a few rice fields, watching farmers doing their difficult work. You don't think that you'd ever be cut out to work on a farm. You don't consider yourself upper class at all, but you're probably considered to be a bourgeoisie dog by the proletariat. This despite the fact that you'd do any sort of work to get by, and you have no desire in acquiring wealth. You just need money to eat, pay the rent, and occasionally by a fig. Well, at least the old you. The current you does not need money at all. After all, you have free food, shelter, and booze. And well, you've got Albion to keep your fig needs satiated. Yeah life ain't to shabby.

You walk through the outskirts and eventually come to the village's center. People are walking around, setting up shop and opening businesses. There are some schoolchildren running around as well, no doubt running because classes should be starting any moment. Ah, it's been a while since you've enjoyed the little things like this. You breathe in deeply and feel that fresh rural air feel your lungs. And something else. Delicious fresh bread. You look about and see what seems to be a bakery. Huh, who would've thunk that there would be a bakery in Gensokyo? I wonder how they learned how to make bread. You feel tempted to use a bit of the little money that you have left to buy some bread. It's been a while since you've eaten and you're quite hungry. Freshly baked bread sounds delicious. But, if you wanted to, you could instead focus on doing something else. Like the tavern. Wait, it might be a bit too early to be drinking. You don't know if they'll be open. The day has just begun and you're pretty near Eientei anyways. Nothing is stopping you from a side-trip or two. You could even go see someone here before going back. And of course, you could always check out stuff here before going to see someone or going back to Eietnei.

[] Go to the bakery
[] Check out the shops
[] Go to the tavern
[] Go to the schoolhouse
[] Head back to Eientei
Slow replies are slow.

Also, quick question: Are you responsible for the Touhou cow thing on /jp/?
>> No. 5597
[x] Check out the shops

Shoppan gaems~
>> No. 5598
[x] Go to the schoolhouse

Delicious schoolteacher werecow, you must flirt with. Hopefully, we can become sex buddies.
>> No. 5599
In this order.

[X] Go to the bakery
To grab something to eat. We haven't eat breakfast yet.

[X] Check out the shops

[X] Go to the tavern
To grab our daily supply of free booze. Drinking right now is not healthy at all.

[X] Go to the schoolhouse
To say hi to Keine, probably Mokou.

[X] Head back to Eientei
>> No. 5600
{X} Go to the schoolhouse
{X} Head back to Eientei

I don't browse /jp/ much, and I don't post at all.
Dunno what you're talking about~
>> No. 5601
Sorry but multiple votes like that just aren't possible. Only your first choice is being considered. When you go somewhere you'll get more options.
>> No. 5602
[ಠ_ಠ] Head back to Eientei
>> No. 5603
[X] Go to the bakery
>> No. 5604
[x] Head back to Eientei
>> No. 5605
[X] Head back to Eientei
To counter all that Faggotry, we have to go back to Reisen and Kaguya.
Everyone who didn't vote for going back to Eientei is just crazy, i demand that you leave those votes out and just count the head back to Eientei votes.
>> No. 5606
[X] Check out the shops

We need to find a nice little gift to give someone.
>> No. 5607
[x] Head back to Eientei
>> No. 5608
[X] Go to the bakery
Obviously, people haven't ever had the pleasure of fresh bread.
>> No. 5609
[] Go to the schoolhouse

While I am a staunch advocate of going back, there's no reason not to pop in and say hi to Keine. But that's it, nothing else. We go home straight after.
>> No. 5610
[X] Head back to Eientei
>> No. 5611
[] Go to the schoolhouse

Delicious werecow
>> No. 5612
[x] Head back to Eientei

Time to focus on Kaguya.
>> No. 5613
File 12136470141.jpg - (105.51KB , 512x384 , 1212878574904.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] Go to the tavern

EX-Keine being called a werecow has been around since the start of IN.
>> No. 5629
[x] Head back to Eientei

Despite the fact that you're pretty hungry, you hold in your desire to go to the bakery. In fact, you hold in your desire to go anywhere else. Yeah, it's been far too long since you left Eientei. Although your really are tempted to go say, shopping for someone, truth is you have no money anyways. So yeah, you purge thoughts of doing anything else and decide to go back.

You walk through the village, passing through the busy townsfolk. This leads you to the edge of the village that is connected to the bamboo forest. You know which path to take already, from the several times that you've crossed the forest. You encounter of the edges of the forest some villagers harvesting bamboo for their own use. They're usually too afraid to go deep within the forest. You smile as you think that you're privileged in that regard. You can go back and forth as you please, and you're a special guest at Eientei.

Hmm, that wouldn't show based on your attire. Your clothes are a bit worn and dirty from all of the running and exposure to the outside. There are some rips on your kimono. It's nothing too big, but it's definitely something to consider. Maybe you could get a sewing needle and string from somewhere and close them up yourself. It's kind of embarrassing to ask someone at Eientei to do so and it also might send a wrong message, like that you've been taking poor care of the clothes they've lent you. You make a mental note to get on top of that as you continue down the path to Eientei.

About three-quarters of the way to Eientei, you see a familiar sight. Rabbits. And they're hopping along apparently going somewhere. You wish that you could ask them what they're up to, but truth is that you have no way of understanding them. It just looks like they have some sort of task that they have to do in the direction of the human village. You smile at the passing mass, and you like to think that some of them recognize you and smile back. Well, at least you're sure that you're recognized, as that rabbit that you've met every so often hops right past your feet while looking at you. All things considered, he isn't that bad of a character. He did help you find your way last time. You continue walking as the troop of bunnies disappears into the forest behind you.

You then make it back to Eientei without incident. The familiar mansion seems to welcome you. You walk, as usual, through the main entrance and go inside. There's no one to greet you or say anything about your return. That's fine, you wouldn't want anyone to see you in your shoddy state anyways. You think of the first order of business. Yeah, that would definitely be a bath and a change of clothes. You go to your room and grab the necessary stuff. You don't know if it's because of the time of day, but everything seems strangely calm around here. It's fitting. It's like the eternal corridors only just slightly allow the passage of time to flow as normal. Getting everything that you need, you go to the bath.

No one probably used it yet today, as there's no water. You fill the bathtub and use the down time to undress and rinse yourself. After doing so, you finish waiting for the bathtub to finish filling and get in. It's a bit too hot for your tastes, but the water still feels good. It's as if the water is helping you take away all of the weight that you've been carrying around these days. Yeah bathing definitely cleans the mind and soul, alongside the body. You enjoy the feeling as your troubles seem to wash away as well. If only this state of ecstasy would last forever. But oh well, all good things must come to an end.

You eventually get out of the bath and finish washing yourself. It doesn't take particularly long and you're soon done. You get your clothes back on and leave your dirty clothes by a basket they have around for dirty clothes. Hmm, you never did ask who cleans the clothes. For some reason you just assume that it's probably Reisen. That assumption is probably the truth, as you don't think that the rabbits or Tewi can be bothered to clean clothes. Now that you think about it, that moon bunny surely has a lot of work. You wonder how she copes with it all. It must be tough to have to do a lot of the housework and have to take orders from Eirin. From the little that you've seen, Eirin can be quite the taskmaster.

You leave the bath with those thoughts in your head. Well then! The question now, is: what to do? You have no idea what people here are up to. Eirin is likely in her clinic, working as always. You have no idea where Reisen could be, but you've got about three places that you could check. One would obviously be the clinic, but the other two would be spots around the mansion. You have no idea what her schedule would be. Then there's the possibility of having some alone time in the courtyard or somewhere else. While it's true that you've been alone for a while now, there's nothing quite like meditating or relaxing by yourself. Finally, you could always check up on Kaguya. Sure she told you to see her in the evening or even tomorrow, wanting some alone time to think, but maybe you could manage to see her anyways.

[] Go relax in the courtyard
[] Go to the kitchen
[] Try wandering about the halls
[] Go to the clinic
[] Try to see Kaguya
>> No. 5630
[X] Try wandering about the halls
>> No. 5631
>Despite the fact that you're pretty hungry
[x] Go to the kitchen
>> No. 5634
[x] Try wandering about the halls

Wandering is what you do best.
>> No. 5635
[X] Try wandering about the halls
>> No. 5636
>Hmm, that wouldn't show based on your attire. Your clothes are a bit worn and dirty from all of the running and exposure to the outside. There are some rips on your kimono. It's nothing too big, but it's definitely something to consider. Maybe you could get a sewing needle and string from somewhere and close them up yourself. It's kind of embarrassing to ask someone at Eientei to do so and it also might send a wrong message, like that you've been taking poor care of the clothes they've lent you. You make a mental note to get on top of that as you continue down the path to Eientei.

[x] Change into the Western clothes Reisen got for us.

Jeans will hold up better than a kimono. And might as well, since you're trying to act more towards Kaguya's original expectations. It'd also make Reisen feel prouder.

[x] Go to the kitchen

>> No. 5639
[x] Go to the kitchen
>> No. 5640

[x] Change into the Western clothes Reisen got for us.
[x] Go to the kitchen
>> No. 5642
[x] Change into the Western clothes Reisen made for us.

>“Oh that was nothing.” She starts blushing “I just thought that people from outside the border wore these types of clothes so I made that set thinking you'd be able to use it.”
>Man, she MADE those? You suddenly feel like a prick for choosing the kimono.
We should explain we were trying to fit in better, or something.
>> No. 5643
[x] Change into the Western clothes Reisen got for us.
I've wanted to do this since the beginning.

[x] Go to the kitchen
>> No. 5644
[x] Change into the Western clothes Reisen got for us.
[x] Go to the kitchen

I'm also backing these choices.

Just a question; what do these western clothes look like? Do we get a badass suit jacket or cool blazer?
>> No. 5645
[x] Change into the Western clothes Reisen made for us
[x] Go to the kitchen

You decide to go to the kitchen. But first, you think that you want to change back to western-styled clothing. This whole kimono thing doesn't seem to be working out very well for you. You go to your room in search of the clothes that Reisen made you. You check the room thoroughly but you can't find them. Huh, well now that you think about it, you never really took them. Reisen must have taken the clothes when you refused. Well that was a waste of time. If you want to dress in those clothes, you guess that you have to go ask the moon bunny to give them to you. You just hope that she hasn't used the material to make something else.

You leave your room and go to the kitchen. It always feels like going anywhere here takes forever. It's as if the corridors themselves have a tendency to make the path seem longer. You recall when you first got here. Yeah, that you would have gotten lost in these corridors beyond a doubt. But now you know the layout of the manor and can navigate with no problems. You arrive to the kitchen and see that it's completely empty. There are some plates drying off by the sink, indicating that someone was at the very least here this morning.

You grab an apple that you happen to see lying around. It might not be much, but it should be enough to keep you alive until later. You really don't feel like cooking right now. You take a bite out of it. Not bad. It's unexpectedly sweet, more than its plain red appearance would let on normally. It's flavor is unique amongst the apples that you've tried in your lifetime. It must be a variety unique to Gensokyo. You finish eating the apple and then look around. You feel a bit more energized and willing to explore. You feel a bit peeved that you haven't seen anyone here yet and it makes you want to run around until you find someone.

It's still only, at latest, mid-morning, there's a whole bunch of things that you can do. The day is nice and you feel that it's best spent doing something fun.

[] Sunbathe a bit
[] Go to the clinic
[] Look around the mansion
[] Go disturb Kaguya
[] Think about something else fun that you could do
>> No. 5646
[x] Change into the Western clothes Reisen got for us.
[x] Go to the kitchen
>> No. 5647
File 121367371726.jpg - (231.50KB , 1600x1200 , 1213643551384.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Look around the mansion

Random (Tewi) encounter!
>> No. 5648
[x] Look around the mansion
>> No. 5649
[x] Go to the clinic

>> No. 5650
[X] Sunbathe a bit
Probable NEET encounter would make no sense, but I have a good feeling about this one.
>> No. 5651
[x] Go to the clinic
>> No. 5652
[X] Sunbathe a bit

>> No. 5653
[X] Sunbathe a bit
>> No. 5654
[x] Go to the clinic

Even if Reisen's not there, we might be able to find out where she is.
>> No. 5655
[x] Go to the clinic

>> No. 5656
>Well that was a waste of time. If you want to dress in those clothes, you guess that you have to go ask the moon bunny to give them to you. You just hope that she hasn't used the material to make something else.

punish punish punish
>> No. 5657
[x] Go to the clinic
A mad doc route is fine too. She can test all the new drugs and stuff on us.
>> No. 5658
[x] Go to the clinic
>> No. 5663
[x] Go to the clinic
Without any romance attempt. for academic purpose only.
And try to identify the mysterious bottle while we are at it.
>> No. 5665
[x] Go to the clinic

Well, while you've had your differences with Eirin, you think that going to the clinic might be fun. Also, it lets you check whether or not Reisen is there. You haven't spent any time with Eirin outside of doing her lessons either. It might be interesting to try to see another side of her. You're sure that there's more to her than that mature, intelligent, calculating lunarian side. All the other people from the moon seem to be multi-faceted, so why not her?

You head to the clinic in high spirits. As always, there's no one in the waiting area. Whether it's a testament to the average Gensokyian's hardiness or a reflection of Eirin's treatments is up to debate. The only person that you've seen come here in search of Eirin has been the miko. One person in two weeks. Makes you wonder how Eientei acquires its food supplies. Well Kaguya IS a princess, but you don't know if that means that she has a fortune. She was exiled from the moon, after all.

Well, you try not to over think things yet again and knock on the door. A familiar voice tells you to come in. You step inside and see that Eirin is sitting at her desk, working through a stack of papers as usual. She looks at you as you come in.

“Ah Shirou!” She exclaims. “I hadn't seen you around lately. I was beginning to think that something might have happened to you.”
“Oh not at all, I've just been busy.” You reply.

It seems that the doc is in a good mood, as she has a gentle expression on her face.

“Well, good. It's good to keep oneself busy. If the mind idles then one suffers the risk of losing focus.”
“Yeah, I guess.”
“So tell me, what brings you here today? Or did the wind just blow you in?” She asks, still maintaining that gentle expression. Wow, it seems like she REALLY is in a good mood for some reason, she'd normally be a bit more business-like and cold. “By the way, I was calculating and I figured that you've got only one more lesson to go before you can help me out with my problem! Isn't that great?” Okay, this is a bit unsettling now. She said that with the cheerfulness of a schoolgirl. It's totally unexpected. “If you just came in to chat a bit that's fine too, there will be plenty of time to work later. It's only just morning after all!” Is she high? She giggled a bit with her last exclamation.

You've got to admit that this is either a previously unseen side of Eirin or the fumes from the chemicals have gotten to her. It does shift your image of her as a mature women further into the 'young girl' spectrum by a bit, and you're not sure if this is a good thing. You continue to think silently what's the deal here

“Hmm, maybe you didn't come to see little old me after all?” Eirin says after your continued silence. “If you're looking for Undonge, I believe she's doing housework somewhere. She's going to be with me at the clinic all afternoon today so I told her to get everything done in the morning.” She pauses for a bit. “And well, of course if you want to see Kaguya then you know where to look.” And then a hint of her old self shines through. She narrows her eyes and talks in her usual tone. “Unless, that is, that you're having problems talking to her.” But the hint soon fades away and she's back to her current state. “But that couldn't be the case, right?”

“Ah yeah...” You say. “About why I came...”

You think what reason you could give her. Your curiosity has been piqued at what's causing her current state. You want to find out what exactly is the matter. But then again, maybe it'd be best to leave it alone and do something else. You could just chat with her. Yeah, you could even ask her for advice in regards to dealing with a certain someone in Eientei. Or, you could take one of her lessons. Still, another possibility is to just go with her statement that 'the wind blew you in' and politely leave.

[] Ask her about her current 'mood'
[] Ask her for advice
[] Do your final lesson
[] Politely leave
It's hardly punishment if I give you guys a plausible and completely logical explaination. I can't be that weird that upon refusal the bunny didn't leave the clothes in your room, so that more than two weeks later you could wear them if you had a sudden change of heart. Like the text said, you'd have to ask her in person. Who knows, it might be better that way?
>> No. 5667
[X] Do your final lesson
Upgrading ourself with +3 intelligent permanent passive skill.

>“Ah yeah...” You say. “About why I -=came=-...”
You didn't. She broke your dick.
>> No. 5668
[X] Ask her about her current 'mood'
>> No. 5670
[+] Do your final lesson
>> No. 5672
[ ] Do your final lesson
Learning is fun.
>> No. 5673
[x] Do your final lesson

might as well, we'll go find Reisen afterwards
>> No. 5674
[x] Ask her about her current 'mood'
[x] Do your final lesson
>> No. 5676
[X] Ask her about her current 'mood'
[X] Do your final lesson

Ordered by priority, should a combo not be possible.
The lesson can wait, if need be, but I am curious to know why the good doctor is in such a good mood.
>> No. 5678
[x] Do your final lesson
I don't want to ask about her mood. I just don't. I'm getting OMINOUS VIBES from it.
>> No. 5680
[x] Do your final lesson

I have the feeling that the final lesson is going to be crazy.
>> No. 5682
[X] Ask her about her current 'mood'
[X] Do your final lesson
>> No. 5683
>“About why I came...”

No, Shirou. You ARE the dumbass who let her break your dick.
>> No. 5684
File 121370563598.jpg - (119.30KB , 300x300 , eiringaze.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Do your final lesson

“...I want to finish my lessons once and for all!” You exclaim after a slight moment's hesitation.
“Is that so?” Eirin asks, still with that weird expression. “Well then, you know the drill, sit down and let's get started. We'll be done in a jiff!”

You sit at your usual spot and Eirin brings over a mountain of charts and papers. She then grabs a chair and sits next to you.

“Alright then. Time to get started. I'll be going fast today so we can cover it all quickly. It shouldn't take too long.” She then smiles to herself. “If you do get lost, just yell out 'Help me Eirin!' and I'll swoop down and rescue you.”

She giggles to herself as if she just told the best joke in the world. It takes you a while to realize that it even WAS a joke. DAYUM something is seriously wrong with this woman. You don't think that a simple explanation like drugs can cut it at this point. However, you just nod and smile politely, hoping that she'll get on with the lesson. Eventually she does stop giggling and starts the lesson, albeit with that strange complexion. Man this is unnerving.

You're off to a running start. You are assaulted with by a full battalion of charts and data. If in the past you had considered the lessons exhausting and difficult, they were now easy as cake in comparison to what is before you. Your eyes races back and forth, trying to read as fast as possible, as your ears concentrate on the sound of Eirin's voice. You're doing surprisingly well, despite the fact that the subject matter is difficult and that Eirin's tone is still tinged with that strange mood of hers. If you'd have to compare your progress to that of an animal, you'd say that you're like a shark feasting upon a school of fish. You're taking in as much as you can, but some information still seeps away. You do your damnedest to swallow it all down as Eirin keeps shoveling more information your way.

The theory explaining the behavior of subatomic particles within relativistic conditions. How to calculate an object's total mass if it's in 14 different dimensions. The make up of dark matter. True chaos theory. How to identify mutations by using matching pairs of genetic data. All this and and more is crammed into your brain.

You don't think you can take it any more. You're sweating. You're doing so much more than a normal human should be able to. Yet you can still do more. You focus more and more on the lesson. You begin to clear your mind of any thoughts but those presented to you. A dull pain strikes at the back of your eye. You ignore it, trying to keep up with everything. Eirin doesn't stop, she just keeps adding more and more, not taking a break herself. She's entranced as much as you are. Your whole universe at that point just consists of what your ears can hear and what your eyes can see. And of course of your taxed mind.

Reading and analyzing.
Thinking about solutions.

This cycle repeats for what seems to be an eternity. You're not even sure if you're breathing any more after a while. You just have to get through this.

You look over a rather large piece of paper and take in all of the information. You then try to go to your next task. But there's no more. You're done. Your tension and fatigue manifests itself all at once. Your pupils dilate and you collapse onto the table. Your world turns white.


But that only lasts for a minute. Luckily for you, the good doctor quickly reacts and massages your chest, restarting your blood flow. Yeah, it would seem that your heart stopped beating for a bit due to your emotional condition. You look at Eirin's face and see that she still has that creepily happy expression. Not even your collapsing could change that.

“Oh my,” She begins to say. “And here I thought for a moment that you might have fallen in love with the table suddenly when you collapsed. Ditzy me!” She sticks out her tongue slightly, jokefully hits her head as if she were being scolded and winks at you.

You shudder. Under normal circumstances it'd be cute maybe, but it just really freaks you out for some reason seeing Eirin do so.

“Anyways, we're all done now~!” She says with a cutesy voice. “You're now at the same level as a graduate student back on the moon~ You can help me with my research now.” She smiles at you. “Don't worry about it, I'll call you when I need you. It probably won't be for a while since I've got to set up the equipment and review the latest equations. So you're officially... off~ the~ hook~!” She says the last bit melodically.

Apparently only about two hours elapsed since you began your lesson. It's now almost midday. You look at Eirin. She's gone to her desk and is apparently looking for something. She's bending over as she rummages through her drawers and you can see her most delicious behind wiggle as she looks from drawer to drawer. After a little bit and a couple of mild cutesy swear words (which you don't want to recall if possible) she finds what she's looking for. She turns around to you. In her hands are two glasses and a bottle of what appears to be alcohol. You can't tell what kind.

“Well then, now that my little student has graduated, we have to celebrate!” She hands over a glass to you and opens the bottle.

You try to tell her that it's not necessary but she'll have none of it.

“No, no, it's not every day that I get students like you. So we have to celebrate!” She says and starts pouring a clear-bluish liquid into your cup. She does the same for herself. “To my student! Bottoms up~!” She toasts and drinks. Not wanting to be rude, you do the same. Mmm, not bad. It's a bit strong but it's strangely refreshing as well. You ask Eirin what it is.

“You like?” She asks. “It's a type of liquor made on the moon. It's called Imbrium. It's named after one of the seas that we have there.”
“Yeah it seems to be highly alcoholic in composition, but it refreshes by quite a bit.” You observe.
“That's due to the special plant from which this is distilled. It's exclusive to the lunar ecosystem. But enough talk, let's drink more~!” She smiles and pours more for the both of you.

Well this is nice, if not a bit weird. You haven't seen Eirin relaxed... ever. And despite her strange mood she's strangely approachable. You feel that you could talk to her about whatever and she wouldn't mind nor get upset. She seems to be enjoying your status as her 'graduate' and keeps smiling at you in between sips of her drink. It's kind of embarrassing actually to have her look at you so much.

[] Take your leave from the clinic
[] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[] Ask her about the nature of the research
[] Chat with her about normal, unimportant things
>> No. 5685
[x] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[x] Chat with her about normal, unimportant things
Time to hit on her
>> No. 5686
[] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[] Chat with her about normal, unimportant things.
[] Ask her about the nature of the research

That order. Not risking anything to write-ins now.
>> No. 5691
We need to waste time for Reisen to get back

[x] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[x] Ask her about the nature of the research
[x] Tell her we met the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion last night; ask if she's really a Lunarian.
>> No. 5692
[x] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[x] Chat with her about normal, unimportant things

try to identify the mysterious liquid you have after you left the clinic. Don't let Eirin see, because you secretly stole it from her back then.
>> No. 5693
[x] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[x] Chat with her about normal, unimportant things
>> No. 5694
[] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[] Ask her about the nature of the research

"Quit your doping Pill Lady! You're Tripping! YOU'RE TRIPPING!"

Doesn't Erin know, Speed kills?
>> No. 5695
File 12137252503.jpg - (21.72KB , 399x318 , 281313l1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Speed kills

You called?
>> No. 5696
[x] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[x] Ask her about the nature of the research
[x] Tell her we met the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion last night; ask if she's really a Lunarian.
>> No. 5700
[x] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[x] Chat with her about normal, unimportant things

Might as well get to know this side of the lady.
>> No. 5718
[x] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[x] Chat with her about normal, unimportant things
[x] Tell her we met the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion last night; ask if she's really a Lunarian.
>> No. 5734
[x] Ask her why she's in such a 'good' mood today
[x] Chat with her about normal, unimportant things
[x] Tell her we met the head maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion last night; ask if she's really a Lunarian.

Well, you figure that you could ostensibly talk about a few subjects and act naturally if you play it right. You decide to start by the more innocent topics and work your way through to the real issues at hand. You naturally start to speak as the two of you sip your drinks. It's about the small mundane things first and loosen her up. Although judging by her current mood, you don't see how she could relax any more.

You speak about the small details of your daily lives. How she's very particular about coffee, she makes a special brew herself by using chemical components to give it a special taste. Somehow that's not that surprising. She asks you about your tastes, and you confess that you're not a big coffee drinker, but you're more of a tea man.

“Eh, that's not that surprising.” She says smiling. “You drank tea when you first came here. Although, judging by the way you're drinking, you must like to drink alcohol as well.”
“One could almost say that I worship the stuff.” You say with a cheeky smile. Eirin doesn't apparently get it but she laughs nonetheless.
“Oh my, if I had known, I would have invited you to come drink with me before. There's nothing like drinking with good company. It helps one unwind from the pressures of daily life.”

You continue to talk about silly things for a while yet. You tell her about some of your miscellaneous mishaps and general follies. She tells you, in turn, of some of the situations that have arisen working with the bunnies. It seems that they're not that cooperative and quite lazy. They prefer to play and have fun rather than work or learn from Eirin.

“They just right out forgot about our agreement.” She says and sighs. “But that's okay, it frees up my time. I can instead focus on my research than sharing our knowledge. And they still fulfill most minor duties fine.” Her strange smile returns to her face. “So I guess it all works out in the end. It does feel like we're undermanned at times.”

You see this as a chance to bring up a topic that you've wanted to for a while.

“Say, Eirin?” You ask.
“Well, I was wondering if you were the only lunarians in Gensokyo. I mean, only people here in Eientei are from the moon, right?”

She looks at you for a bit, not losing her smile.

“Well, there have been exceptions in the past, but we're the only Kaguya and myself are lunarians.” She pauses for a bit. “Oh and I guess I shouldn't forget about Undonge. She hails from the moon as well. There shouldn't be any others in Gensokyo.”
“How can you be sure? Can't people from the moon just descend here at will?”
“Well, there are two methods. One is fast and very visible and the other is slow and drawn out. The latter is harder to spot but it's rarely used by lunar emissaries and those in charge. So it's unlikely that anyone else would have come here.” She takes a sip from her almost empty glass. “But why would something like that concern you anyways? Don't tell me that you've fallen in love with little old me and were looking for a method to go to the moon so you could get our traditional proposal item?” She giggles a bit.

Is that how they do it on the moon? A special item? Hmm, it might be worth checking out just in case the knowledge proves handy. Well, you could ask her later. Or maybe Reisen or Kaguya would know as well? Right now you want to continue on your current line of inquiry.

“Uhh, I haven't thought that far ahead. Although I'd definitely try to do something special for you.” You try to say diplomatically. “No, it's just that I saw someone at the Scarlet Mansion that reminded me of you. Her hair and, well, aura was similar to yours. I just thought that maybe... just maybe... She also seemed to have pretty unique abilities.”
“Oh, funny... I don't seem to recall there being any more lunarians here. Especially at the employ of the Scarlets.” She says with a more 'normal' expression. You frown at her explanation, not buying that she's telling your truth. She senses your disbelief. “Well, okay, there once WAS another lunarian that came to Gensokyo, but she's long since... disappeared. I only saw her in passing a long time ago, and I imagine that she's withdrawn herself from all that it meant to be a lunarian. In short, I don't think she could be considered one of us any more.”
“I see.” You just leave it at that. It looks like you'll have to try asking either the maid herself or work this topic yet again into conversation later. You don't want Eirin to get upset now, and this topic seems to make her seem a bit... distant.

Well, you really want to ask her about the nature of the research that you'll be helping her with, but you think that it's an either or deal here seeing that it's past midday now. If you heard correctly, then Reisen should be coming in to help Eirin sometime soon. So you ask her the question that's been on your mind for a while now.
>> No. 5735
“Eirin? I've got a question.” You start to say. “And I don't mean any offense by it.”
“Oh don't be silly, I wouldn't be offended by anything you might say.” She replies.
“Good. Well, it's about your mood today.”
“My mood? Anything wrong with me?”
“Well, it's just that you seem, well, happy.”
“And what's wrong with that?” She smiles even more than before.
“N-nothing!” You nervously reply. “It's just that it's exaggeratedly so. You seem freakishly happy!”

Oh crap, you snapped at her. You feel embarrassed at your conduct. You look at her, expecting her to be frowning or mad, but she instead is still smiling.

“Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.” You apologize.
“It's alright Shirou.” She says. “Well, I can't think of any reason in particular. I feel normal.”

You shuffle around a bit in your seat, rearranging yourself. You think of anything to say to her.

“Nothing special that you might have accomplished today?”
“No, I can't think of anything. Besides finishing our lessons I can't think of anything else... ah well, there's something else now that I think about it. I completed a new drug today. It was something that I was working on for a long while.”
“Maybe you drank some of it?” You suggest.
“Unlikely, if that were the case it would have reacted violently with my stomach acids. I'm afraid that the administration of the drug is only done via syringe directly to the bloodstream.”
“Fumes then?”
“Oh you silly man. You just won't let this drop, will you? That's alright, I think that it's sweet of you.” She grabs one of your cheeks and pulls on it. Man, rational explanation or no, it's still weird. Her current state seems unnatural. “I kept it cooled at all times so the chances of it evaporating are minimal. If anything it might be the new coffee recipe that I tried today. But that's unlikely.”

New coffee recipe? Maybe that's it? Nah, it can't be that mundane. Unless she happened to mix in some sort of crazy stimulant. But you're sure that she'd know about that.

“In any case,” Eirin says. “It reminds me of something. I need a control subject for the drug. I was going to ask Reisen to help me, but a normal human male might be more suitable. It's supposed to be an energy enhancer, and I'm afraid that it just gives you longer stamina, not more strength. So it'd be useless to see if Reisen could chop wood. See what I'm getting at?”

She looks at you with her usual expression now, her eyes narrowing and seemingly piercing your soul. Whatever her previous mood was, it seems that her true personality is surfacing. She continues to explain.

“Don't worry, it shouldn't have any side-effects. Not at the dosage I'm going to administer, anyways. It'll be perfectly fine. You'll be under the observation of myself and Undongein, if that makes you feel safer. I'll just ask you to perform some pretty routine tasks for a bit and that'll be it. If you want I'll even make you a special lunch afterwards myself. Special lunarian cuisine! That sounds good doesn't it?” She winks at you.

She explains how it's a basic molecule that she's somehow managed to change the positioning of the polarized molecules within the bigger structure. You recognize most of the elements and their effects from your own training. It's amazing how she's done it, but it should be safe. You calculate that at the very worse the drug will dehydrate you fast, but that should be countered by drinking water and eventually it'll subside. There's no real reason for you to decline from a safety perspective as far as you can tell. Your consolidated knowledge about chemistry and medicine is coming through now. However, you're not sure if you want to be a guinea pig and lose a few solid hours from your afternoon.

You look at Eirin, she's softly humming to herself and is getting a syringe and a couple of other tools. You better make a decision before she makes it for you. Knowing her, she'd probably plunge the needle, later claiming that your silence was interpreted as a 'yes'. Well, this is your chance to back out now and do something else.

[] Tell Eirin that you'll do it.
[] Back out of the situation.
Sorry for the slow update, I've been busy all day.
>> No. 5736
[x] Tell Eirin that you'll do it.

Gonna take a bullet for udonge.
>> No. 5737

It seems this drug's going to put us out of commission for a few hours, and it's already midday and we still have to talk to Kaguya this evening, so this is the Crossroad!

Eirin (possible Reisen) Routes = Do it!
Kaguya Route (and Others, I presume) = Back out!

With that said:

[x] Back out of the situation.
>> No. 5738
[X] Tell Eirin that you'll do it.
Human experiment time
>> No. 5739
[x] Tell Eirin that you'll do it.
>> No. 5740
[x] Tell Eirin that you'll do it.

Ending with a lunch implies we'll cool for the evening.
>> No. 5741
Reisen will be obliged to make us a whole new wardrobe after this.
>> No. 5742
Just that?
[x] Tell Eirin that you'll do it.

Anything for rabbit~
>> No. 5743
[ ] Tell Eirin that you'll do it.
At least it's not a suppository.
>> No. 5745
File 121380096032.jpg - (96.58KB , 860x1214 , rgre.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Tell Eirin that you'll do it

You signal Eirin and tell her that you'll do it.

“Nice~ It'll be much faster with your full cooperation.” She says as she grabs a bunch of equipment and puts it on a tray. “Come on, we'll do this inside, in the specially prepared chamber.”

You follow her out of the room and into the corridor. From what you remember the last time, at the end of the hall is the room with the beds. Eirin leads you to the room in which you found Kaguya last time, you believe it's some sort of examination room. It's a pretty big room now that you look at it. Well, it's appearance has certainly changed. There's an examination table in the center, but most of the shelves and tools that were there before have been replaced. In their stead, various types of exercise equipment are scattered between the two doors. The whole room has some sort of piece of equipment in every nook and cranny. It looks like Eirin has prepared thoroughly for this trial. Just where in the hell did she get all of this equipment?

“Shirou, stay here for a bit. I'm going to go get Undonge now.” She says. She sets down the tray by the door and turns to leave. “Make sure that you roll up your sleeves.” She adds as she disappears into the hallway.

You do as you're instructed and roll up your sleeves. You then proceed to sit on the examination table. You can feel a cold sensation passing through your clothes, coming through the metallic table. Well then now you just have to wait. You look at the various machines in the room. There's what seems to be a treadmill, one of those cycling machines, and various machines that involve lifting weights somehow. You wonder which of these you'll use. You don't think that you can survive for a prolonged period of time doing anything. You're not out of shape, but you're no athlete either.

Out of boredom from the wait, you start to count the number of ceiling tiles in the room. How tedious. There's you finish counting a row from one wall to another and then start counting another row between walls. Since the room is perfectly rectangular, by multiplying the number in each row you should get the total. Wait, you keep messing up on the counting. Crap. Stupid hard to see tiles. You can't tell where they end nor begin at some places due to all of them being of the same color. Ah well, you think the room is maybe 100 square tiles. That's good enough of a guess.

As you complete your estimation, Eirin returns. She's accompanied by a nervous-looking Reisen, who's dressed in a nurse's uniform.

“Well then, I see that you're ready.” Eirin says. She walks up to you. “Undonge, fill the syringe with the test sample and bring it over.”
“Ah yes, of course.” You can hear Reisen reply. She picks up the tray that Eirin had left earlier and grabs a vial that was on it. There's a pinkish liquid inside. She leaves the tray on one of the exercise machines and produces a needle from her uniform. She introduces the needle into the vial and pulls back the plunger. The pink liquid flows into the syringe. Having filled the syringe halfway, she stops and comes over to the two of you. She then hands over the syringe to Eirin.
“Good work. Now to start the trial.” Eirin says, accepting the syringe. “Shirou, I'm going to inject you with this and the effects should start manifesting themselves within fifteen minutes or so. You are going to try out the various exercise machines here while we hook you up to this portable apparatus here. It'll take measures of all your vital signs and pertinent information.” She points to a small, flash drive-like device with an electrode coupler like a heart monitor would have.

“Undonge, connect the device and then disinfect his arm.” She commands. Reisen silently obeys and grabs the small device. Extending a clip on the back of the device, she clips it to your kimono and places the electrode on your carotid artery. You feel a cold sensation there, as no doubt a gel has been applied to the electrode. She then takes out a small piece of cotton from another pocket and takes a small flash (of what you assume to be) of alcohol and rubs it on. She then grabs your left arm and applies the cotton ball to your lower arm.
“All ready master.” She says, finishing her bit.
“Alright, get ready Shirou.” Eirin says.

You look at your arm as Eirin goes to plunge the syringe. She inserts the needle right on one of you bigger veins and you see her press the plunger in. The pinkish liquid disappears completely into your body. Well there's no turning back now. You find it quite fascinating that a bit of liquid like that is supposedly going to affect your stamina.

“Well then, that's it for now. I'm going to go prepare that meal that I promised now. It takes time to make so if I get started now, it should be done by the time the trials end. I'll be back to check on you periodically.” Eirin tells you. “Don't worry, if you feel ill, then Undonge should be able to help you. I've given her permission to use a sort of antidote in case of extreme rejection by your body. It's a suppository, but it should save you if you're at risk.” She then smiles at you. “Well then, toodles~”

What a weird quack. She leaves you and Reisen alone in the examination room.

“Please, let's get this started.” Reisen says. It looks like she's trying her best to be professional. It looks like something is bothering her, but you honestly think that this is a bad moment to bring anything of that sort up. You nod and she leads you to the treadmill. “Well then, please start running, I'll be monitoring you for any abnormal changes in your condition. Please tell me if you start to feel unwell.”

You start to run. It's a mystery to you how this machine works, there seems to be no interface for it, but it automatically keeps up with your current speed, adding resistance. You don't even know if it's connected to an electrical power source. Well, no sense in worrying about that now. To be frank, it's not the most pleasant of experiences to be running just because. You'd much rather be drinking a tall one while watching the latest TV shows.

“Shirou, do you mind if I ask you a question?” Reisen out of nowhere speaks up.
“Sure... what's wrong?” You say in between breathes.
“Ah don't worry about it, if I'm messing up your breathing, then I'll just ask later. I just thought that I'd ask before the drugs started to take effect.”
“Just ask.... away!” You say.
“Well, I'm sure that Eirin told you, but I was supposed to be the test subject. I was just wondering why you volunteered yourself. You don't have to answer me if you don't have to, I was just curious.”

You try to organize your thoughts. It's hard to multitask like this. In between your running, trying to breathe properly and listen to what she's saying, you're quite hard pressed into thinking and talking properly. Well, you should at least try to reply. You might be able to squeeze out a sentence or two without depriving yourself of too much oxygen.

[] “Because I just felt like it.”
[] “Eirin convinced me to.”
[] Promise of food
[] “Because I didn't want you to go through it.”
[] Confess your undying love for her... again
Alright I'll be back later. Today's been a busy day, so sorry for the lack of updates. I'll be back around 7-8 PM UTC with an update.
>> No. 5746
[x] “Because I didn't want you to have to go through it.”
[x] "You still got those clothes you made for me?"
>> No. 5748
[x] “Because I didn't want you to have to go through it.”
[x] "You still got those clothes you made for me?"

No need to rush things.
>> No. 5749
Ok then. I'm gonna go against the typical eientei's anon spirit and work together. Vote changed.

[x] “Because I didn't want you to have to go through it.”
[x] "You still got those clothes you made for me?"

But target rabbit lock on nevertheless.
>> No. 5750
[x] “Because I didn't want you to have to go through it.”
[x] "You still got those clothes you made for me?"
>> No. 5751
[x] “Because I didn't want you to have to go through it.”
[x] "You still got those clothes you made for me?"

>> No. 5752
[X] “Because I didn't want you to go through it.”

It's not that I don't care about the clothes, but don't you think we should try to fix up the ones we have on first?
That sort of gesture could make the difference between looking like you didn't care for the clothes you had and were dumping the damaged goods on Reisen to repair, and simply wanting to try something different for a change.
>> No. 5753
[] “Because I didn't want you to go through it.”
>> No. 5754

We're gonna stitch the clothes while we're wearing them, you're saying? Or just one set and wait until tomorrow to do the other?

Yeah let's wait until it's even more likely she's already thrown the other clothes out or cannibalized the fabric.
>> No. 5755
It's been HOW long since we turned them down, now?
If they were going to be thrown out or cannibalized at all, I would think they would have been already. Otherwise, if they've been kept around for the many days since we turned them down, I doubt anything will happen to them in the span of a few more minutes or hours.

Besides, is this REALLY the best time to ask about them? We're apparently trying to show the little moon bunny we care about her well-being enough to undergo a drug trial in her place.
Not that I think asking would have negative consequences, but the current situation makes it seem like a rather odd thing to bring up.
>> No. 5756
[x] “Because I didn't want you to have to go through it.”
[x] Don't bring up the clothes now

No need to rush things.
>> No. 5757
[x] “Because I didn't want you to have to go through it.”
[x] "You still got those clothes you made for me?"
>> No. 5758
[x] “Because I didn't want you to have to go through it.”
[x] "You still got those clothes you made for me?"
>> No. 5759
[x] “Because I didn't want you to go through it.”

Reisen is a good drugged up bunny.

[] “Because I just felt like it.”
>> No. 5769
[X] It-it's not like I did it for y-you. S-stupid Reisen...
>> No. 5770
in before anonymous gets a raging hard-on and super-horny
>> No. 5771
[x] “Because I didn't want you to go through it.”
[x] "You still got those clothes you made for me?"

You try to multitask and not embarrassingly trip over yourself while running.

“It's because... I didn't want you... to go... through it.” You say regulating your breathing. You think that you've got it pretty much locked down when you can talk and when you should breathe.
“You didn't want me to go through it?” Reisen asks surprised. “That's nice of you and all, but I'm used to it. There's no need for you to take my place.”
“That... may be so... but I... still didn't want...”
“Well, what's done is done. It just comes as a shock. I had thought that I would be the one running on that treadmill now.”

Mmm, Reisen running on the treadmill. You form a nice image of the moon bunny running along, with a concentrated look on her face. Heh, she does look cute doing so. However, you shouldn't get so easily distracted. You think about what you've been meaning to ask her.

“Reisen... about those clothes... that you made me...”
“Hmm, clothes?” She doesn't immediately associate your question with her handmade clothes. She tilts her head to a side slightly and places a finger on her chin, acting pensively.
“You know... the imitation... of outside fashion...” You say, trying to include as many key words as possible.
“Imitation?” She still doesn't quite know what you're talking about.
“Alternative... to the... kimono...” You're getting a bit frustrated with her lack of recollection so you start breathing a bit faster. But it seems that this last phrase was enough to remind her.
“Ah, you mean that pair of clothing that I offered you on the first day?”
“Yes... that's it...”
“You want to wear those?”
“Yes... I do...”

The bunny girl frowns a bit.
“Well, the thing is, I kinda had to use the materials for the shirt to patch up some clothes Tewi ripped up.” She says. “So I'm afraid I can't offer you the same clothes.”
“That's... too bad...” You say. Man, you're quite disappointed. It looks like you lost out on this one.
“Ah! But if you want to wear something like that... I guess I could see if I could find enough material to make another shirt somewhere.” She shyly says.
“That'd... be... great...” You say amongst your ragged breathing.

Well, while you won't get your clothes right away. Getting a new set wouldn't be so bad. And who knows, you might even be able to help her out. So this is a win-win situation. You think.
Sorry for the lame update, but I've got a crapload of things to do. But I'll be back in a couple of hours and I promise a bigger update with possibly a *real* sidestory.

So random poll time:

What would anon do with a girl's handmade clothes:

[] Wear it every day
[] Not wear it
[] Wear it occasionally
[] Sniff it uncontrollobly.
>> No. 5772
What would anon do with a girl's handmade clothes:

>>hypothetical: anon so lonely ;_;
>> No. 5773

[] Wear it occasionally

>> No. 5774
[] Wear it occasionally

Not every day because you'd have to wash it every day.
>> No. 5775

[] hug girl, cry like a little bitch
>> No. 5776
[x] Wear it occasionally

You don't want to wear out hand made clothing so fast.
>> No. 5778
[x] Wear it occasionally
Wear it everyday? What are we, The Simpsons?
>> No. 5779
[x] Wear it occasionally
>> No. 5780
[+] Wear it every day
It'll suit us better than the kimono, and be easier to move in. Really, it's the kimono that should be saved for special occasions.
>> No. 5781
I'd alternate between the two, the closest option being
[x] Wear it occasionally
>> No. 5782
[x] Wear it occasionally

>“Well, the thing is, I kinda had to use the materials for the shirt to patch up some clothes Tewi ripped up.”

>> No. 5783
[X] Hug girl, cry like a little bitch
[X] Wear it occasionally
>> No. 5787
[x] Wear it occasionally

I-I'm not d-doing it for y-you. I just n-need something to wear.
>> No. 5791
[X] Wear it occasionally
>> No. 5792
[X] Wear it occasionally.
Don't want to wear it out much.

I thought Shirou gonna get a super horny hard-on with enhanced stamina or something. But oh well, this might be better.
>> No. 5794
“Then I'd probably need to take your measurements to make sure it fits as well.” Reisen says. “So I'd need a moment of your time to be able to write down your sizes.”

You continue to run as you smile happily. You can't help but picture yourself standing happily as Reisen carefully runs a measuring tape along your you body, taking notes. You're sure that this isn't the first time that someone fantasizes about a tailor's invasive and expert touch, but you're sure that it's probably the first time that someone has ever had that fantasy with a moon bunny. It's a stupid fantasy, but it makes you feel nice to know that Reisen will willingly touch you. Yeah, this ain't too bad of a solution.

However, your feeling of absolute bliss begins to disappear. Your vision begins to blur a bit, yet you don't feel like you're getting weaker. It's strange, it's as if despite the fact that you're losing control, you're somehow gaining some sort of focus. You don't feel your fatigue anymore. Your legs are moving without your input. In fact, you don't even feel that you're in control of your body anymore. It's amazing, but you feel that you could go on forever.

In fact, that's what you do. You just keep on running like a mindless animal. You can't focus on anything but the task at hand. At one point you become vaguely aware that something is trying to draw your attention away from your task but you ignore it and just keep on running. You don't know how long you've been running now. In fact, you're not even sure you can see properly. It's as if you're disconnected from your body. A mere spectator within a shell.

All that, however, comes to an abrupt end. Before you know what the hell just happened, you're lying flat an your back and your head hurts like hell. Not just your head, but your muscles and bones are hurting as well. Your eyes are now focusing again and you can see just what the hell is going on. The first thing that you see is the smiling face of Eirin, and a worried-looking Reisen next to her.

“What just happened?” You weakly ask. “My body hurts all over.”
“Well, what happened to you is easy to explain.” Eirin says. “You just fell off the treadmill and landed head first on the floor. It would seem that the effects of the drugs wore off.”
“Huh, why would I have fallen?” You ask, confused.
“Well, apparently the drug made you slavishly repeat the same action over and over again with no regards to your well-being. In this case it was your running. So when the drug wore off, you stopped. And well, what happened next is obvious.”

Well, that sucks. You didn't even know you were still running. It was all just so surreal for you. Barring the jolting pain on the back of your skull and your fatigue. You slowly get up, making sure not to move too suddenly. It hurts a bit to move, but you endure it.

“Well then, let me just get that off of you, and we'll be done.” Eirin says as she goes for your monitor and electrode, disconnecting both. She then pats you on the back. “There there... I've got all the data that I need. Apparently the drug still has a few kinks that need to be worked out. As you've noticed.”

Dammit, it hurt you when she patted you. You look at your clothes. They're completely soaked with sweat. You can't even remember getting this worked up. You look at Eirin, searching for an explanation. You stare at her inquisitively.

“What is it?” Eirin asks upon noticing your stare. “Is it about your physical state? Yes, I suppose it is.” She stores the monitor in her pocket and turns to Reisen. “Undonge, tell him all about it, give him a towel, and then bring him to my office.”
“Yes, master. As you wish.” Reisen replies.

Eirin walks out of the room, apparently in a more normal state than before. It looks like whatever her previous mood was all about, it's now completely disappeared. What a strange woman. Well, whatever. You gather your strength and stand up. You don't have that much difficulty getting up despite the fact that your legs are really sore. You lean on the examination for support as Reisen begins to explain what happened.

“Well Shirou, basically you were running for about two hours non-stop.” She says directly to you. She sees your incredulous expression and carries on. “I'm sorry, but it's the truth. There was nothing I could do. You were in a daze and you wouldn't respond to any of my calls. I called in my master, but she said to leave you like that and just concentrate on how long you lasted. I'm sorry for being so useless.” She apologizes humbly.

You want to say something to her, but truth be told you're not sure what to say right now. She fulfilled her own role diligently and you more or less accepted any risks that ere involved with not problem. Before you get the chance to make up your mind, she brings you a towel and hands it to you.

“Here, please dry yourself off.” She says. “It's not much, but after this I'll run a bath for you if you want.”
“Thank you Reisen.”

You use the towel to dry yourself thoroughly. You feel kind of dirty and sticky right now. Yeah, taking a bath would definitely be a good idea. You are in no shape to be declared fit to hang around other healthy human beings. You're sure that you'd set off a biohazard alarm in a clean room or any sort of germ-free environment as you are.

“Well then Shirou, please come with me. Master said she wanted to see you.” Reisen instructs you to follow her.

You leave the towel on the experimentation table and follow the moon rabbit out of the room. At first your legs are a bit wobbly, but you manage to persevere and walk properly. Now that you think about it, a nap would be fine too. It'd be a splendid chance for your muscles to rest a bit and hopefully stop hurting so much. You follow Reisen back to Eirin's office. As you step inside, you immediately notice the smell that's coming from within. It's a flowery-smell, a nice soft fragrance which is pleasant to feel.

Inside the room you see that the table at which you usually would do your lessons is covered by a blue tablecloth. The table is set for one. On the tablecloth, you see a wine glass with what seems to be white wine, a fancy dinner plate, and various pieces of silverware on the side as well as a big cloth napkin. You didn't even know that they had western cutlery here at Eientei. It's a fancy and elegant display. There's even a candlestick burning for added atmosphere. The plate is covered by a porcelin cover and you can't see what it is.

“Here it is.” You hear Eirin say. “This is the meal that I promised you. Authentic lunarian cuisine. I made it myself while you were running on the treadmill. I hope that you can enjoy it. Please sit down.”
“Thank you very much.” You politely say and sit down at the table.

You place the cloth napkin on your lap, You look around at Reisen and Eirin.

“Aren't you going to have some?” You ask.
“No, don't worry about us. We'll be fine. This is your reward in any case, so enjoy it.” Eirin says.

You look at Reisen. She doesn't seem to mind and is, in fact, encouraging you to eat with her eyes. Well there seems to be no problem here.

You lift the cover off the plate. Under it you see your food. It's a series of rectangular objects. They come in three colors. What the hell? You examine your food, trying not to upset Eirin, who's watching your every move. From what you can tell, these blocks are tofu-like in texture, and there are three of each color. The color themselves are strange. There's purple, blue, and orange. You try probing with your sense of smell. The nice flower-smell is definitely coming from the dish. This but all confirms that this is indeed what Eirin wants you to eat. Is this really lunarian cuisine? Both of the people from the moon seem to see nothing wrong with this, but you have your suspicions.

[] Try the food
[] Decline to eat
[] Insist on sharing the food
[] Anemia option
Sleep tiem. Will resume @ full force.
>> No. 5795
[x] Insist on sharing the food

Goddammit, Eirin's trying to drug us again! If she refuses, we know the truth!
>> No. 5796
[] Try the food

>> No. 5797
[x] Try the food

"How do I properly eat this?"

Let's not make silly mistakes.
>> No. 5798
[x] Try the food

>> No. 5799
[x] Try the food

Eirin drugs EVERYTHING in Eientei. So yeah.
>> No. 5800
[x] Try the food

Eirin drugs EVERYTHING in Eientei. So yeah.
>> No. 5801
I don't care if it's drugged, turning down food that is offered to you is rude. Plus, a lonely Anon would never turn down a meal prepared by a woman.
>> No. 5802
[x] Try the food
I could go for some blue rectangle right now.
>> No. 5803
[x] Try the food.

>From what you can tell, these blocks are tofu-like in texture, and there are three of each color. The color themselves are strange. There's purple, blue, and orange. You try probing with your sense of smell. The nice flower-smell is definitely coming from the dish.

oh u

[x] Make sure there is an equal helping from all three colors in each forkful.
>> No. 5804
[] Try the food
>> No. 5809
[X] Anemia option
you know it's the only option
>> No. 5811
[x] Rape the food.
>> No. 5813
[X] Try the food.

Don't be such a pussy. The lovely moon doctor made this especially for you.


>> No. 5814
[X] Try the food.

It is delicious experiment. You must eat.
>> No. 5821
[X] Anemia option

o hi
>> No. 5822
And lying face-first on the food? no thanks.

[X] Eat one of the color randomly.
Eirin drugs everything in Gensokyo, so yeah.
>> No. 5825
>>Well, apparently the drug made you slavishly repeat the same action over and over again with no regards to your well-being. In this case it was your running.

A stamina-boosting drug that allows for constant repetition of a certain action for extended periods of time?

Oh, the possibilities...
>> No. 5827

ya mean like 'ORA ORA ORA ORA'?
>> No. 5828
[x] Try the food
tossing my paranoia aside for once...
>> No. 5829
[X] Try the food

Be a man and accept the food offered by the beautiful moon lady. She's not Tewi; if she was going to drug us she'd say it to our face and wait for us to bend over and take it (and we would).
>> No. 5830
[X] Try the food

fuck yeah, blue rectangle
>> No. 5834
[x] Try the food

After a brief moment of deliberation, you reach the conclusion that it can't be all bad. The fact that Reisen isn't surprised at the food or anything of the sort should be guarantee enough that it's actual lunarian food. You can't be so distrustful all of the time. You could offend Eirin or even hurt her feelings by refusing or showing any sign of distrust.

You pick up the fork and knife that's besides the plate. They're quite heavy and appear to be made from silver. This doesn't feel like stainless steel at all so it really might be authentic silver Well, it's not that big a deal really. It's just surprising that Eirin would have fancy silverware stowed away somewhere. You didn't think that Eientei would care to have fine western cutlery. You look at the food in front of you again. It doesn't look that bad, actually. Up close, it looks far less plastic-like.

You take your fork and knife and gently cut a piece of one of the blue rectangles. There's not much resistance at all, it's soft and sort of mushy, not flaky nor hard at all. You place the piece onto your fork and bring it up to your face. A rather good-smelling fragrance assails your nose. You can't quite put your finger on the exact likeness of it. You take a quick glance at the two people standing in the room, and they're looking at you expectantly. Well, you've got no choice now. You open your mouth and insert the small blue piece into your mouth.

You're expecting something horrible, but instead you're pleasantly surprised. You don't quite know how to describe the flavor but it's a light, refreshing one. It tastes like some sort of very floaty mashed potatoes mixed with the win associated with other blue consumables, like Blue Hawaii or blueberries. It's not sweet however. If you had to describe it further it'd be like some sort of puree of some undefined vegetable. It's quite edible. In fact, you quite like it. You swallow and cut another piece, this time from a purple rectangle. You try that. It has a similar texture as before, but the flavor is completely different. It tastes like some sort of meat, but seasoned with something akin to herbs. If you had to pick a dish you'd say that it's something similar to an authentic meat kebab with spices. It's weird because it'd be disgusting normally to find such a taste in a food like that, but for some reason it's pretty awesome.

You notice that both Eirin and Reisen are staring at you, as if wondering about your verdict.

“It's really good.” You say, smiling at Eirin. The doctor nods as if satisfied.
“I'm glad that you enjoy it. Please eat it all. It took me a while to make it. Luckily I had quite a bit of ingredients stored.”

Before you know it you're eating more. You don't really answer Eirin's comments and just have more of the food that's in front of you. If the blue rectangles are like the mashed potatoes, and the purple the meat, then the orange would be something like rice. It doesn't have a very distinctive flavor on its own, but it compliments the blue and purple rectangles quite nicely. You don't think you'd mind eating this kind of food everyday. The texture of the rectangles are a bit strange at first, but you'd have no major qualms of substituting real food with this. You drink the wine as you eat and you can safely say that it, too, adds to the experience. You wolf down the food in a record time. Also contributing to your insane eating rate was the fact that you hadn't eaten for like a day now. Your stomach feels full now. You just hope that this strange food agrees with your bowels.

“Well then, you obviously liked that. I'm glad.” You hear Eirin say as you pat your belly in satisfaction. “If you don't mind, I'd like to go over your test data now. I'm sure that you have something important to do, or somewhere to be. So let's call it a day. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Well, this sort of speech and tone of voice certainly is more suited to the Eirin that you know. It looks like whatever was affecting her earlier is now gone. You get up and walk over to the door.

“Shirou, I've taken the liberty to ask for the bath to be filled. It should be ready now.” Reisen mentions as you walk past her.

Hmm, when did she ask for that to be done? And whom did she ask for that matter? You don't recall seeing any bunnies. Well, thing is, you've got a bath waiting for you.

“Undonge. You're free to go as well. I don't think that I'll need you further today.” Eirin says, not even looking up from her new task of connecting the monitor to a couple of other machines.
“Ah, yes master, as you wish.” Reisen replies.

Well then, you're at the door's threshold. You're sweaty, dirty, but quite stuffed. You should enjoy the bath before it cools down too much.

[] Go to the bath right away
[] Ask Eirin what was in the food before leaving
[] Ask Reisen what she's going to do now and follow her around
[] Go and do something else somewhere else
>> No. 5835
[X] Ask Eirin what was in the food before leaving

Probably some stuff not native to earth, but it can't hurt to be curious.
>> No. 5836
[X] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.

It's Shirou. It'll sound completely innocent.
>> No. 5837
[] Ask Eirin what was in the food before leaving
>> No. 5838
>[] Ask Eirin what was in the food before leaving

ha ha no i don't think so

[x] Go to the bath right away

>“Shirou, I've taken the liberty to ask for the bath to be filled. It should be ready now.” Reisen mentions as you walk past her.

Reisen's giving us a protip: "You smell. Please bathe."
>> No. 5839
[] Ask Eirin what ingredients did she used for the food before leaving.

Asking her bluntly sounds rude. We're curious, but grateful. Let's have a grateful response.
>> No. 5840
{X} Go to the bath right away.
>> No. 5842
[x] Go to the bath right away
>> No. 5843
[X] Go to the bath right away

We reek, and this must be rectified.
>> No. 5844
[X] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.

"Hey Reisen, you must be tired from your day's work. Let's take a bath to refresh ourself and tackle the day onwards !!"
Make Shirou say it with his innocent face.
>> No. 5846
[X] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.

Huuh. Well okay.
>> No. 5847
[X] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.
>> No. 5848
Yuyu and Meifag is also a Reisenfag.

[X] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.
>> No. 5850
[X] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.
Let's do this thing.
>> No. 5852
[X] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.

What's the worst that can happen? Right?
>> No. 5853
ITT: Reisen route CLOSED, and the idiots who caused it.
>> No. 5854
We're already on Alice route anyway. It's not like we can forget about her now without serious consequences.
>> No. 5855
Correction: We WERE on the Alice route.
However, now that Unlimited Fig Works has been closed off for this play-through, there is less of an incentive to pursue her.

It's not as if dire consequences have stopped Anon from doing things before, anyway.
>> No. 5856
We confessed to both because of massive faggotry, so we have to take whatever happens like a man now.
>> No. 5858
>We're already on Alice route anyway. It's not like we can like up to ou about her now without consequences.

No, Shirou. It's time to live up to your family name.
>> No. 5859
[x] Go to the bath right away
Jesus, who seriously thinks inviting Reisen to join us is going to get us anywhere?
>> No. 5860
[x] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.

Well, it'll have some sort of effect at least. Either getting her flustered, angry, or a 1% chance of success. Shirou can always pretend it's a joke if her face looks full of rage. He's a smooth talker anyway.

>> No. 5861
[x] Go to the bath right away
>> No. 5862
[x] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.
Bad end us like the faggots that we are.
>> No. 5863
Now THIS is the right attitude.
>> No. 5864
Maybe if we get another route closed, people will learn to not vote for something like this.
>> No. 5865
Meh. Do you really think anon will learn at this point? This choice isn't really all that bad compared to some others he's made.
The consequences of this would be, at worst, making Reisen angry at us, which we could apologize for later.
I'd think confessing to Alice out of nowhere was for example much worse.
>> No. 5866
You have to start at one point and hope that they will understand, even it's not so tragic with this choice.
>> No. 5867
I suppose so.
>> No. 5868
>Do you really think anon will learn at this point?

I don't think Anon even gives a damn at this point.
>> No. 5869
Well I'm going for moonrabbit route. As for the wtf scenes with Alice, I guess I'm pretending they didn't happen.
>> No. 5870
What the fuck is Unlimited Fig Works anyway? Have we even gotten any info on that beyond the title? I don't get why everyone is so concerned about it.

I'd much rather go for Reisen too, but it kind of defeats the point if we get NICE BOATed in the process.
>> No. 5871
>>What the fuck is Unlimited Fig Works anyway?

An Unlimited number of figures.
The finest of figures.

And we hot-glued all of them.
>> No. 5874
anon watarase route where shirou turns into jun watarase/trap.

[ಠ_ಠ] Go to the bath right away
>> No. 5880
No Shanghai and Hourai hotglue.
>> No. 5881
[X] Ask Eirin what was in the food before leaving.
[X] Then hit the tubs, your rubber duck/booze god representitive is waiting for you.
>> No. 5886
[x] Go to the bath right away
>Reisen's giving us a protip: "You smell. Please bathe."
Agreeing with this guy, let's freshen up 1st then seek out our Reisen and/or Eirin
>> No. 5887
[X] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.

Tenth vote. Let's make this happen!
>> No. 5888
[x] Go to the bath right away
Not that I mind scoring negative affection points with Reisen, but still, I do my best to avoid stupid options when possible.
>> No. 5889
[x] Go to the bath right away
>> No. 5890
[x] Go to the bath right away
>> No. 5891
[ಠ_ಠ] Go to the bath right away

>> No. 5893
[X] Invite Reisen to bathe with you.

As you think of what to do now, you get an idea. You call out to Reisen.

“Say Reisen, would you like to take a bath with me?” There's no malicious thought in your words. You just say this out of a genuine sense of friendliness. You don't even know why you asked in retrospect, it probably was because she looked tired.

The bunny girl looks at you incredulously.
“Ehh-? What did you say?” She asks.

You don't know what possessed you in that instant, but you honestly did not have any ulterior motives.
“I asked if you wanted to take a bath with me. You look tired. You could probably benefit from relaxing a bit.”
“But Shirou, that'd be uncomfortable!” She replies.
“Why would it be uncomfortable? The bath is big enough for the both of us.”
“That's not what I meant! It's just that you're a guy and I'm a girl.”
“So? It's not like I'm that much bigger than you. We should fit fine in the large bath.”
Reisen is getting a bit flustered at your oblivious responses.
“But we'd be naked! Together!” She yelps out.
“How else would you take a bath? I don't think it'd be easy to wash yourself if you're wearing a swimsuit or a towel.” You say, wondering how you could clean yourself if you had clothes on.
“But it's wrong!” She yells out. “We aren't even lovers or anything!” She's now blushing a bit as she yells that out.
“You lost me.”
“It's not that I'm completely against the idea but...”

You continue to watch an every increasingly flustered Reisen try to explain that it's inappropriate for the two of you to bathe together. She's eventually interrupted by a loud clearing of a throat. The both of you turn to look at a still seated Eirin, with a rather bothered expression.

“While under normal circumstances it'd be amusing to hear your incessant lovey-dovey spat, I want to get some work done.” She says in a flat tone. “I do not care if you end up soaping each other's body thoroughly or start sleeping together regularly like the other night, but please, please, have your discussion elsewhere.” And she adds, a bit sarcastically. “Thank you for your cooperation, it's highly valued.”

The two of you look at each other like children who have just been scolded by their nanny. You wordlessly leave the clinic and close the door behind you. Reisen avoids looking at you further, and just tells you to 'just go take a bath already'. She quickly dashes around a corner and is gone before you can talk to her further. You decide that it would indeed be the best course of action to take a bath now.

You go to the bath, and as expected, the tub is already filled. You close the door and take off your clothes. You wash yourself a bit before getting in. It's the second time that you bathe today. That's not a bad thing by all means, but it's a sharp departure from not having a regularized bathing routine when you lived by yourself. You get into the bath. The water is at a really nice temperature, not too cold nor hot. The warm water takes away some of the muscle fatigue that you have. Feels good~

You start thinking about the experiment you just endured. Couldn't she have just tried it on a bunny first? Maybe she chose a human test subject so that she could market it in the future. You laugh a bit as you imagine a poor farmer taking the drug and then being unable to stop tiling the land for hours at a time. He'd probably end up ruining all of his farm. Or a baker, having taken the drug finding himself unable to stop kneading the dough. Too much fermentation would occur and probably ruin the bread. Still, what other uses could a drug that induces repetitive motions for hours on end possibly have? You can't think of any aspect that you yourself could benefit from. It's not like you run a lot or have to move a certain part of your body repeatedly for anything. Well in any case, you'd have rather done it in stead of Reisen. A part of you believes that you should protect everyone that you can.

As you dwell upon that thought it then hits you. The reason why Reisen refused to come into the bath with you. Yeah, it would be awkward to be here with a member of the opposite sex. Well whatever. You wouldn't have minded at all. Her loss, really. Maybe you'll get another chance in the future to ask again.

You continue to convince yourself of your delusions as you get out of the bath. You rinse yourself off and then proceed to towel yourself dry. You just realize that you've got a problem now. You haven't got a set of clean clothing. The clothes your took off this morning were dirty and slightly torn, so you left those for washing. And the clothes you were just wearing are sweaty and smelly. Hmm this is quite the dilemma, you should get clean clothes from somewhere, but you don't know from where. Also you feel adverse to putting on your dirty clothes again. You feel that it'd negate all the benefits that you got from taking a bath just now. You don't want to stink again. You could always go out wrapped in a towel, that might work. You can block out your naughty bits with it as you search for clothes. Well, you've got to make up your mind where you're going as well...

First Choice (what to wear):

[] Dirty clothes
[] Towel
[] Nothing

Where to go for clothes:

[] Back to the clinic
[] Try looking for Reisen (first at her room)
[] See if Kaguya can help you out
[] Search your own room carefully again
What the hell? This type of speculation is completely unfounded. UFW does not (intentionally) involve hot-gluing. I don't think a real fig lover would ever hotglue something as magnificent as Shanghai or Albion. Especially if they were sentient.... well maybe if they were sentient they might like it? But that's another disturbing train of thought best left for another time.
>> No. 5894
[] Towel
[] Back to the clinic

Help, me, Eirin, etc.
>> No. 5895
File 121403714675.jpg - (726.73KB , 1258x2592 , reinforce story.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Shanghai or Albion
>well maybe if they were sentient they might like it?
Now we're talking.
>> No. 5896
[] Towel
[] Back to the clinic
Wow, the Reisen invite made us look like a retard. Who would've thought it?
>> No. 5897
[X] Towel
[X] Back to the clinic

Save us Eirin!
And if it somehow becomes a bad end...
Save us Eirin!
>> No. 5898
Oh wow... never thought it will turn out like this. Good show.

[X] Towel
[X] Back to the clinic

Bandwagon, because I don't know what to vote.
>> No. 5899
Shirou at his best.
[X] Nothing
[X] Back to the clinic
Time to start our own experiment with Eirin.
>> No. 5900
Forgot to add:
[X] Use Hisui towel.
>> No. 5901
[x] Towel
[x] Back to the clinic

Moonbunny is love but better to leave her alone for a little bit now.
>> No. 5902
[x] TOGA
[x] Back to the clinic
>> No. 5903
A toga might be makable if you had a bedsheet or something. As it stands it's no good. You simply can't fashion one out of available resources.
>> No. 5904
Update where?
[x] Towel
[x] Back to the clinic
>> No. 5905
[x] Towel
[x] Back to the clinic

gb2 /work/ nigga, etc.
>> No. 5907
File 121406525724.jpg - (167.88KB , 300x857 , thetowel.jpg ) [iqdb]

...we are Emiya Shirou, after all. Newfag.

>> No. 5908
File 121406543983.jpg - (173.10KB , 516x728 , 1213991985384.jpg ) [iqdb]



[x] Towel
[x] Back to the clinic

So want Emiya to walk around in a labcoat.
Bill Nye.
>> No. 5909
[X] Towel
[X] Search your own room carefully again

I really have to wonder, if Anon was so worried about those other clothes that he couldn't wait to ask about them, why would he then go and do something like this to the person he's relying upon for making those clothes?
>> No. 5910
Because Anon.
>> No. 5911
[] Nothing
[] Try looking for Reisen (first at her room)


>> No. 5912
File 121406887019.jpg - (111.86KB , 400x521 , Reisen3.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5913
I want a Reisen Towel.
>> No. 5918
File 121407141211.jpg - (43.35KB , 300x620 , seibatowel.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Towel
[x] Back to the clinic

You decide to grab the towel you used to dry yourself off and tie it around your waist. You kinda miss your Saber towel, but that's back in your apartment. Okay this should do it for now. This should be enough to cover your naughty bits. It is a shame though that you're not wearing a fundoshi, but then again, you don't want to stun anyone with your buffet of manliness. Yeah, you feel like you could emit a sexy beam now that you're shirtless. Haha, maybe that's wishful thinking. What a strange name for an attack anyways, you don't even know how it came to you. Well, it does seem like a superior form of fan service, maybe you could call it man service?

In any case, you walk from the bathroom to back to the clinic. It's strange, but you don't feel uncomfortable walking the halls like this. It's as if you're home. Yeah, Eientei has definitely become like a home now to you. Save for a few grating details, you can see yourself spending an unlimited amount of time here. Life is pleasant. You had to adjust your towel several times in between the bathroom and the clinic so that it wouldn't fall off, but the end result is a tightly wrapped towel that should hold against gravity and light breezes.

You knock on Eirin's office door. You wait a bit, but hear no reply. However, you clearly hear the rustling of paper and other sounds coming from the inside. Eirin must be absorbed with her work. You gently knock again and after a moment come inside.

“Excuse me...” You say as you go into the office. You close the door behind you. Sure enough Eirin is at her desk, looking over what could either be stock market information or a really long chart. You gently clear your throat.


Nothing happens. You clear your throat louder.

Still nothing.

Well then, apparently Eirin is completely immersed in her own world of statistics and figures. You walk up to her. Still no reaction. Hmm, well let's you can try a bunch of things to draw her attention. You wonder how far you can go. She seems pretty concentrated so you could probably do almost anything that you wanted.

[] Shake her violently
[] Rummage through her stuff
[] Give her a wet willy
[] Sky's the limit! (write-in goes here)
Alright, now people I'll try to be faster on the updates, but I'm limited by the speed of the replies, so get to it.
>> No. 5919
[X] Nothing
[X] Search your own room carefully again

im expecting someone ELSE to burst into our room, that way it wont be our fault!
>> No. 5920
Nooooo! its too late!
Anon logic has FAILED
>> No. 5921
[X] Breasts.
>> No. 5923
[X] Hug her from behind,
>> No. 5924
[X] Sky's the limit! PROBE WITH TONGUE
>> No. 5926
[] Rummage through her stuff
>> No. 5927
Alright, you guys need to decide on an option or write-in single votes for different write-ins will lead nowhere. Also I'll be back in like two hours or so to check the results.
>> No. 5928
[x] Practice a dancemove.
>> No. 5929
{X} Practice a dancemove.
The only path.
>> No. 5933
[x] Practice a dancemove.

Did someone just say MAN SERVICE?
>> No. 5934
[x] Practice a dancemove.
>> No. 5935
[x] Practice a dancemove.

>> No. 5936
changing to:

[x] Practice a dancemove.

just no disco. or else we'll run the risk of being shocked by lightning.
>> No. 5937
[] Lick her

This taste, liar etc.
>> No. 5938
[X] Hotglue Eirin.
With our Hotglue Gun.
>> No. 5940
[x] take off the towel, moonwalk in front of her
>> No. 5941
Skill level too low for moonwalk, we will just make a fool out of us.
Best thing is to grab Eirin and Tango with her, or some other dance with close body contact.
>> No. 5945
[x] Give her a wet willy
Wet Willy, Mr. Anderson?
>> No. 5947
[x] Throw Towel at Eirin

Yep, crossover vote
>> No. 5948
What the fuck

[]Grab a lab coat and dress
>> No. 5949
[x] Practice a dancemove.
>> No. 5950

[x] Grab a lab coat and dress

fucking seriously
>> No. 5951
[x] Practice a dancemove.
>> No. 5952
[x] Grope
>> No. 5956
[x] Practice a dancemove.
We need to learn how to moonwalk, don't we?
>> No. 5958
[+] Rickroll
>> No. 5961
[X] Grab a lab coat and dress

Damn. Why didn't I think of this?

I do think we should dance with the good doctor at some point, though.
>> No. 5962
[awesome.jpg] Do a barrel rickroll

wait, I mean
[x] Grab a lab coat and dress
>> No. 5964
[x] Practice a dancemove.
Saturday Night Fever
>> No. 5965
[x] Grab a lab coat and dress

What the hell happened here?
>> No. 5967
We are dancing.