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5297 No. 5297
[x] Kiss her, show her your affection physically

You just can't leave her crying like this. It's like that other time you saw her wrapped in an impregnable sorrow and just had to hug her. You look at her face again, she's still crying. You take a deep breath and then make up your mind. Yeah, this is the only way to solve this. It's time to deal with this like a man would. Still holding her hand, you slowly get up.

You don't stand fully, but instead crouch so that your face is at the same height as hers. With your free hand you grab her chin and turn her tear-soaked face to you. She looks at you in surprise, still red and crying. You gently bring your face closer. She doesn't even realize what you're doing. She keeps her eyes open in wonder. And just like that, you softly kiss her lips. It's a brief contact that doesn't last for more than an instant, but you feel her entire being through that simple contact.

You pull back, and let go of her chin. Alice looks at you blankly, as if not comprehending what just happened. You gently stroke her hair and smile at her. Her tears have stopped flowing now, but you don't know if it's more out of shock than anything. Seeing her continued expression of bewilderment, you can't help but to chuckle. In fact, her ever deepening red face is almost too cute for you to bear. You're laughing a hearty laugh now. Heh, her expression is priceless.

“Wh-why are you laughing?” She at last asks you.
“Haha, well, that's simple.” You say. “I just can't hold back my laughter if you make such a cute face after I kiss you!”

She reddens even more as she realizes what just happened.

“That's not fair!” She says almost puffing her face. “That was completely unexpected! I didn't even have time to react! You can't go around kissing innocent maidens just like that!”

Haha, oh my, it looks like she's getting flustered now. You can't help yourself and you push her buttons some more.

“And to think, that even with that light peck, I still tasted you. I felt your flavor.” You say teasingly. “You taste quite salty Alice. Or maybe that was because of the tears?”

“Y-you idiot!” She yells at you. “How can you something like that so bluntly! Especially since I didn't get to enjoy it!”

'Didn't get to enjoy it'? Seeing an opportunity you press your point further.

“Oh, so you're saying that you would've enjoyed kissing me, were you not so shocked?” You ask.

By now she's a crimson red, and her eyes are darting from side to side, you can't almost tell that she was crying mere moments ago.

“That's not it at all!” She exclaims.
“So you wouldn't enjoy kissing me?” You ask, trying to act a little hurt.

Alice hesitates for a bit before saying.

“I... don't think I'd mind kissing you more...” She says in an almost inaudible voice.

“Oho~ then you wouldn't mind me doing this.” You say as you get up. Standing, you forcibly grab Alice and lift her up from the chair. She lets out a small yelp, but you ignore it. You grab her in your arms and she seems tiny as you hold her suspended in the air. She doesn't resist at all and just looks at you, blushing from ear to ear.

You move your head close to hers. You kiss her again, but this time Alice expects it and closes her eyes. You can't help but close yours and get lost in the moment. It's a stronger kiss than the peck from before, but you don't bother using your tongue. You just enjoy the warm sensation as you feel her soft lips. Heh, she's trying to breathe through her nose. It tickles you a bit. You break the kiss and look at Alice's face. She looks, well, peaceful. Her expression is one of happiness, like a child getting an early Christmas gift. Holding her like this, she seems like a doll that you just want to play with more. She's absolutely radiant. Her beauty intensifies when she's embarrassed like this.

The two of you stay like this for a while, not saying a word, just looking at each other. Even if you don't love her with all your being, you feel that you could easily fall madly in love with her. It would seem that you're a perfect match. If she were to just let go of all of her reservations it could happen.

Your arms begin to tire. This causes you to finally speak up.

“Alice...” You say. “I'm going to put you down now, is that okay?”

She silently nods and looks at you with her wide open eyes. You put her down and the two of you stand, breathlessly looking at each other. You can hear your heartbeat and hers thumping loud enough to be heard by the both of you. Heh, they're even going at a similar rhythm.

After what seems to be an eternity, Alice speaks up.

“Shirou.” She begins to say. “I'm happy, I truly am. But please hear me out.”
“Sure, whatever you say.” You reply.
“Hearing what you said, I've felt... unlike I've ever felt before, even when... mama was still around.” She looks a bit sad as she mentions her mother. “But this is all too sudden. We've only known each other for a short while now. A part of my just wants to be swept off my feet by you, but there's still a bigger part of me that's afraid of what's to come.” She pauses for a bit.
“What are you saying then? That you don't want to be with me?” You ask.
“That's not it at all!” She says almost desperately. “But... you have to give me some time. Some time to sort out my feelings. I don't feel that it'd be right if I pledged my love to you here and now.” She looks away for a moment, with tears forming in her eyes. “I'm sorry for being selfish, but I want this to be special. And I can't have that until I fix everything else that's wrong with me. I have to deal with my issues myself.”

Saying so, she walks up to you. She stands on her tiptoes and boldly kisses you herself.

“That's...that's proof of how I feel. So please don't be sad or angry.” She says and then adds. “Please come see me like you always do, and one of these days I'll just be ready. I want to be with you, I really do. Please understand.”

You silently embrace her and stroke her golden hair. You whisper that you understand and that you'll be patient.

The two of you stay like that for a while longer, before you decide to leave. As you go for the door, Alice says something.

“Thank you for the gift again, I'll make sure to treasure it.”

And just like that the two of you part. She smiles fondly at you as you walk away from her house. Such a radiant smile is fitting for her, you think that she deserves to always be smiling like that.

It's now mid-afternoon. The ever-fading day seems to perfectly match your mood. After such a charged emotional scene you just want to take a break from it all. You try to think of a few places where you might be able to do so.

Around here, you might be able to go to the Hakurei shrine's outdoor bath. That would certainly be relaxing. You'd probably have to convince the miko to let you in somehow, but you're sure that you can think of a way to do so. Then there's the lake. It might be nice enough to simply sit by its banks and relax. Yeah, watching the day go by while sitting contemplatively might be nice. Then there's the possibility of knocking a few back at the tavern. It's probably going to be noisy there, and you don't feel like going through all that. Hmm, there's another possibility that comes to mind, you might be able to take a quick nap at Marisa's. Yeah, it's near here and you're sure that the witch would let you sleep for a bit in silence. It might do your mind wonders.

Well then, you've got to pick a path now.

[] Baths – Go to Hakurei
[] Sit and relax – Lake should be fine
[] Drink – the noisy tavern might provide some comfort
[] Sleep – Ask Marisa if you could take a nap

>> No. 5298
Can we reach Marisa's special hill spot, or do we need Marisa to fly us there? If we can go, go there, if not,

[X] Sit and relax – Lake should be fine

Also, Alice route locked? ... Or just points through the roof?
>> No. 5299
[x] Baths – Go to Hakurei

Ohho why not add the miko to our harem.
>> No. 5300
[x] Drink – the noisy tavern might provide some comfort
>> No. 5301
Fuck the god damned lake. Noisy tavern is noisy. So it's down to the witch or the shrine maiden.

[x] Baths – Go to Hakurei
>> No. 5302
Hill spot is pretty far away, you'd likey need to be able to fly to get there. As for the other bit, you tell me.
>> No. 5303
Oh my god.

[x] Declare my love for you worked a SECOND TIME.

Well I certainly didn't expect this. Maybe I do work miracles.

Not gonna change the fact that it'll probably only make it harder later on!

But...oh well. I guess this (very) special scene with Alice was rather worth it. First base is go!

For now though...

[x] Baths – Go to Hakurei
>> No. 5304
[X] Sleep – Ask Marisa if you could take a nap
Let us tell Marisa that we kissed Alice.
>> No. 5305
[x] Sit and relax – Lake should be fine
>> No. 5306
[+] Drink
Not AT the tavern, though. Get plenty of liquor to go, find a good spot to veg out, dedicate the drinking to Beer God, and spend the rest of the afternoon blitzed.
>> No. 5307
[x] Sleep – Ask Marisa if you could take a nap
Let's talk to Marisa about this.
>> No. 5308

We can't talk if we're sleeping!

[] Baths – Go to Hakurei
>> No. 5309
[x] Baths – Go to Hakurei

We're still not sure what the relationship between Alice and Marisa is like. Let's not go screwing things up now, just keep quiet about the kiss.
>> No. 5310
[] Baths – Go to Hakurei
>> No. 5311
[x] Baths – Go to Hakurei
>> No. 5312
Capslock Kaguyafag here.

That post was adorable as hell. I awwwwww'd.

[x] Baths – Go to Hakurei

Nothing like a good soak. Also, no kissing and telling.
>> No. 5313
So we're going to confess our love to EVERYONE, right?
I see trouble coming.

[X] Hakurei shrine.
Vote for the heck of it.
>> No. 5314
[x] Baths – Go to Hakurei

Let's declare our love for Reimu now.
>> No. 5315
File 12133464812.jpg - (556.51KB , 1600x1200 , reimu3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Baths – Go to Hakurei

Ah yes, a bath would be divine. You head to the shrine, hoping that the miko won't mind sharing her bath with you. You go by the now familiar sign again and notice that the words have changed yet again. They seem to say now something... interesting?

“OP is a faggot!”

Wat? You ignore it and continue through the wooded path to the shrine. After navigating the fairly straightforward dirt path, you arrive at the familiar shrine. You climb the steps and pass through the torii. As always, the shrine is deserted, you can nary see a soul around. Man, how the hell does Reimu get the money to feed herself and maintain the shrine? Shaking off your strange thoughts, you venture forth in search of Reimu.

You stand by the donation box and call out the miko's name. You think that you see the profile of someone peeking at you, but that can't be... you think that you see... horns? You chalk it up to your complex emotional state and continue to wait to see if the miko shows up. You don't want to push your luck after getting crushed by her balls the other time.

After what seems to be an eternity, the familiar silhouette of the red-white appears from within the shrine. She looks a bit irritated you think. Maybe you woke her up from a nap or something with your calls?

“Who's making this ruckus in front of the shrine!?” She asks. “I heard you the first time, you know! I'm a busy girl.” She exclaims.
“Well eeeexcuuuuuuse meeee princesssss.” You say in a condescending tone. “I apologize for interrupting your precious nap.”
“Ah it's you!” She says a bit bothered. “And how dare you suggest that I was napping on the job! I was simply cleaning the rear area.”
“And I'm sure that by 'cleaning' you mean taking a nap on a pillow somewhere. Half you your hair is flattened, you know.” You say, bluffing.
“Ack – you observant bastard!” She says, quickly mussing up her hair.
“Hahaha, I got you!” You say with a grin. “I was just bluffing, your hair is fine. You should try working on your lying skills!”
“Geez, fine...” She says. “You got me, now what do you want from me? Make it good or I'll throw you out on your ass.”
“Is that any way for a shrine maiden to speak?” You ask, feigning being hurt. “Your deity must be disappointed in you. So... coarse and unrefined.”
“You can drop the act. Get to the point, you've got to have a reason for coming all the way here.”

You grin in anticipation of your request. You just know how Reimu is going to react to this one.

“Well truth is, I'm feeling tired. Fatigued even.” You start to say.
“So, what's that to me?”
“Well, I remembered that shrines and other religious institutes always preach kindness and the sharing of blessings. So, I uhhh...., got an idea.”
“Why do I get a feeling that I won't like this?” She asks, already furling her brows.
“Well, the thing is, I remembered the wonderful bath that the Hakurei Shrine had. And since I was pretty near by, I thought that the merciful miko might grant this tired traveler access to her wonderful facilities.”

You pause, waiting for her reply. It comes even faster than you expected it.

“No.” She says.
“Wha- why?”
“No chance in hell. You can go home to take a bath. You're just here to make my life difficult.” She says bluntly.
“B-but, Reimu, what about kindness to those in need?”
“You're not in need.”

Tsk. Damn this girl can be headstrong at times. It looks like you'll have to make your case via some other means. You could try offering her money as a donation. That might work, except that you don't have that much left from buying the stuff for Alice. Another approach might be to appeal to her sense of hospitality again, and maybe throw in payback for the invitation to the festival. That might not work, judging by how bitchy she seems right now. Hmm, it's a long shot, but you might be able to recruit that mysterious figure that you saw before. Something tells you that the miko has trouble dealing with it, a voice in your head says. And lastly, you could just try appealing to her feminine side. You could tease her a bit about what happened last time, that might shame or guilt her into letting you use the bath. You think that that's got a very good shot at working, judging by her mysterious outburst.

Well then, time to crack this tough nut!

[] Try donating the meager amount of cash that you have
[] Appeal to her sense of responsibility
[] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow
[] Tease Reimu about last time, innuendo always works
[] Just give up
Next reply might take a bit (well this time I was waiting for enough votes)
>> No. 5316
[x] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow

I don't care what anyone else says, this is the FUN option. Let's get our "guest" in and maybe we can have some drinks or two. Who needs the tavern when you got a bottomless sake gourd?
>> No. 5317
[x] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow

If they have booze, they're one of us.
>> No. 5318
[] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow
>> No. 5319
[x] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow

Suika option is obvious option.
>> No. 5320
[X] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow
>> No. 5321
[] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow

Suika has free booze. Simple enough minds can figure out which is the best option.
>> No. 5322
[X] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow

>> No. 5323
[] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow
>> No. 5324
[x] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow

And then declare our love for BOTH.
>> No. 5325
And then we are in a position to pick 5 different endings. Like TrueLove95 to the core.
>> No. 5326
What about the random encounters? Do we need to save and load until we have it?
Better raise our Charisma.
>> No. 5327
Haha, I remember that. Good times.
>> No. 5328
Just a random reminder, which may or may not be a warning. You *really* want to avoid BAD ENDS for a couple of days. The consequences... are rather permanent.
>> No. 5329
How about you tell us which choices we have to take so that we can get a Kaguya/Mokou H-Scene.
>> No. 5330
You could start by, I dunno, MAYBE HANGING OUT WITH BOTH OF THEM MORE?!
>> No. 5331
File 121335196067.jpg - (21.95KB , 400x300 , 1211754228814.jpg ) [iqdb]

Damn it, Teruyo! I don't want this blonde cutie bullshit, I want pictures of Spiderneet!
>> No. 5332
[x] Try to get the mystery person involved somehow

You figure that you should get the third party involved here. You begin to shout out.

“Hey, whoever is out there, I know that this situation is your kind of thing!” You say.
“Who the hell are you talking to?” The miko asks.

You ignore her and carry on shouting.

“C'mon, I saw you earlier, come out already! You know you want to!”
“Have you gone mad?!” Reimu asks.
“Just show yourself!”

You continue to shout, but to no avail. No one shows up. How frustrating.

“Alright, you're pissing me off!” The shrine maiden says. “If you don't shut up, I'm going to clobber you here and now.”

Oh shi- this isn't good. You can almost see a vein popping on Reimu's head. It looks like your ignoring her ticked her off. My, my, it looks like that vulnerable and reasonable side of her that you saw isn't always present.

Well, this present course of action might be dangerous. You know how this miko can be ruthless. Just this small anger of hers is enough to send shivers down your spine. You feel that she could break up drunken parties just because, oppress religion, prevent a pure girl from reincarnating, kill someone's mother, or even leave earth defenseless against an invasion. Of course, this is just a passing feeling. Still, it inspires and instinctual fear. What the shit should you do now?

[] Continue calling out
[] Try smoothly suggesting donations
[] Flirt with her, innuendo might still work
Fuck you Jameson! I'm tired of your BS. Get your own damn pictures. The pay is shit, and honestly all of the sexual innuendo is tiresome! Go fuck yourself.

That said, I've got obligations to fulfill, so don't expect an update for at least two hours.
>> No. 5334
[x] Flirt with her, innuendo might still work
>> No. 5336
[x] "If I let you beat the crap out of me, then can I use your bath?"
>> No. 5337
File 121335351041.jpg - (25.62KB , 400x300 , jamesonfagger.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Fuck you Jameson! I'm tired of your BS. Get your own damn pictures. The pay is shit, and honestly all of the sexual innuendo is tiresome! Go fuck yourself.
>> No. 5340
[X] Roughly donate.

"This money, I'll be donating it."
Throw all coin we have inside. Make it made as much sound as possible. Leave some for yourself, though. After that, turn back and ask her, "Satisfied? Now I'll use your bath."

The point is, make Shirou look as much tsuntsun as possible. That way we could trigger her guilt switch.
>> No. 5341
[x] Continue calling out
>> No. 5342
[x] Continue calling out

Tasukette Suika etc
>> No. 5343
[] Continue calling out
>> No. 5344
[x] call out to Suika

also, whistle. it worked so well last time.
>> No. 5345
[x] Flirt with her, innuendo might still work
Calling out is going to get us a BAD END. Stop it now.
>> No. 5346
[X] Continue calling out
We locked onto that course, we cannot stop now, PUT YOUR HEART AND SOUL INTO SHOUTING.
>> No. 5347

Why can't your feelings reach the miko? You feel exasperated as she continously hounds you. Finally snaping, you take your money out. The miko is a bit stunned at your sudden movement, but is more stunned at what comes next.

You throw your all of your money at the red-white.

"Take that you stupid miko!" You say. "And don't get any funny ideas! It's not like I wanted to donate! I-I just had some money left over! Geez! Don't get so full of yourself!"

Reimu is stunned at your sudden outburst. But you don't relent and continue.

"I'm going to use your bath now. It's only because there's no other alternative nearby." You snap at her, getting a bit flustered. "Don't you dare peek! Or I'll get pissed at you!"

You then storm off in the general direction of the bath, leaving behind a very confused Reimu.

You make sure to add comments as you're leaving that include things like "why HERE of all places!?" and "This is sooo humiliating!"

Reimu just stands there wondering what the hell just happened and what's wrong with her. It's n-not like she likes you or anything, s-stupid!
>> No. 5348
[x]Anemia option on Reimu's chest
>> No. 5349

Angry miko is angry. We need to be a fag and GTFO
>> No. 5350
[x] Flirt with her, innuendo might still work
>> No. 5351
[x] Flirt with her, innuendo might still work
[ ] Declare your love for her.
>> No. 5352
Holy goddamnit. I fell off my chair reading that.
>> No. 5353


[X] Roughly donate.

Just give us the options already.
>> No. 5354
[ ] Flirt with her, innuendo might work.
And if it doesn't, at least we'll die knowing that Alice will care for our grave.
>> No. 5355
File 121337560657.jpg - (37.33KB , 327x351 , 1191846482409.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5356
[x] Flirt with her, innuendo might still work
>> No. 5357
>[x] Flirt with her, innuendo might still work

Enough with the innuendo. We should be making offerings to the Booze God, lest we anger him more.
>> No. 5358

So, what's next? Write-ins, or was that just a joke scene?
>> No. 5359

>> No. 5360
I'm still pissed that we missed the Reimu bath H-scene earlier, but now we owe Boozegod some offerings.

[+] Forget her. Find Suika, go drinking.
>> No. 5361
[x]Find Suika, go drinking, make offerings to the God of Booze.
>> No. 5362

we want kaguya route, there is no kaguya in hakurei shrine
>> No. 5363

We already professed our love for Alice and you want to go for NEET?
>> No. 5364
He thinks like a true man.
>> No. 5365
File 121340549927.png - (39.57KB , 320x240 , nice.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5366

I could go for a Nice Boat ending with Alice.
It'd be incredibly fitting.
>> No. 5367

Seriously. Anon needs to stop thinking with his dick and just settle onto one person for this playthrough. Make the voting a whole lot easier.

Also Alice would rip David apart when she found out he was unfaithful.
>> No. 5368
>> No. 5369

Fixed the ugly typos of yours.
>> No. 5370
That would be awesome, she will rip off our head and mount it on some Doll.
>> No. 5371

Wow, faggot. You sure like making typos.
>> No. 5372
Well, we're stuck with Alice now, unless she turns us down. If we were lying about being in love with her, and she finds out, we're fucked. It has to be the truth.
>> No. 5373
hmmm... what about
[X] Start running around looking for Suika while evading attacks?
we might be able to outmaneuver the RAAAGING miko
>> No. 5374
>>5367 here


That exactly what I'm saying. Just because our name is Shirou doesn't mean we have to take the character mindset to heart and be a clueless fuckhead. We've confessed to Alice that we deeply care about her and just suddenly going "lol jking" is about the stupidest fucking move a person could make.
>> No. 5375

Addendum to post:

You don't play around with the feelings of woman who can shoot lasers at you.
>> No. 5376
My original plan? Tell Alice that as much as we care about her and could fall in love with her, there are certain complications that prevent us from really being together. (That aren't being in love with another)

I haven't thought about the said complications yet but...I guess in the end, that still wouldn't turn out the best way either. Doesn't help that I'll be afk for a couple weeks later.

Oh well, don't screw this up! If it's any consolation: Talking to Alice about Marisa probably would've turned out EXTREMELY badly.
>> No. 5377
It's too late for that. Either we really love Alice or we're disgusting liars who don't deserve anyone.
>> No. 5379
[x] Continue calling out
>> No. 5380
[x] Flirt with her, innuendo might still work
>> No. 5381
We confessed to Reisen as well and that didn't stop people from confessing to Alice.

If anon's gonna be stupid in purpose why not take it all the way?
>> No. 5382
So this LA is focused on Alice now, huh?
Seriously. Why you choose to declare your love to Alice? WHY? Do you really mean it, or just for the lulz?

if former... I don't know what to say. This is /Eientei/, dammit.
if latter, You should go die in fire you heartless fucktards.
>> No. 5383
Luckily she didn't seem to take it as seriously. Although if she did, we're definitely fucked.
>> No. 5384
File 121342028673.gif - (62.08KB , 160x160 , ten.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Continue calling out

Acting like the oblivious tool that you are, you continue to call out like an idiot.

Still nothing. Maybe you were imagining things? You look at Reimu. Shit, she's absolutely fuming. It looks like something snapped within her.


Fuck, this doesn't look good. You think that her rage has taken a tangible form as you can see wisps of red fumes emanating from her body.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit. This is scary.

You're absolutely frozen in place. Her desire to harm you absolutely overwhelms you. Maybe it'd be fair to compare your present state to that of a deer caught within the light beams of a pair of headlights. You're dumbstruck and absolutely mesmerized. You can only stare at your impending doom. Even your thoughts are frozen. You can't even finish a coherent sentence. If you could it'd be to your deity, asking forgiveness and for protection. The air around you seems to have been distorted. This is it. This is how you meet your maker.

Ah well, it was a good run. This is the only thought that you can complete before the miko is upon you.

She moves to strike, time slows down. Suddenly the whole world goes dark. You can't tell what's happening, but you can hear about 30-odd impacts.

Are you-?

You see that when the darkness fades there's a young-horned girl, back turned towards you, standing over the collapsed miko's body. There's a dazzling display of light and glowing kanji are seemingly floating on the air and on the girl's back. You expect to see the kanji for 'heaven' for some reason, but it's instead the kanji for 'alcohol'. The dazzling display soon subsides, and the horned girl turns to you.

She smiles brightly at you.

“You have no sense of self-preservation, do you?” She says. “Or is it because you felt that you were strong enough to withstand her barrage?”

You just stay silent, still awed by the display.

“Still in shock over my awesome technique? Yeah, it's pretty cool. It's no problem for an oni like me to pull it off.” She then looks at you inquisitively. “Well then, I believe you were calling out to me. I've been watching ya because I feel that might be a good drinking buddy. I just have that feeling.”

By now, you manage to recover some of your functions.

“I..is she... you, know?” You weakly ask about the shrine maiden.
“Her?” The oni looks at the collapsed red-white. “Oh, no she's just unconscious. She's far too strong to go out from something like that. She'll be up again soon enough.” She thinks a bit. “Hmm, we better get going, she'll be pissed when she wakes up. She might make me clean Genji as punishment again. He's so icky.”

The young girl grabs you hand and starts to move away.

“Come on, let's go!” She enthusiastically says. “What's wrong?” She notices your hesitation.

Well, you feel kinda bad leaving Reimu just like this. Maybe she won't be so angry if you stay by her side and then apologize. It might be worse to leave her like this. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth to leave her like this. Also, you're not too sure about following this girl, she looks like she might get you into trouble, it might be best to go alone if you go.

[] Wait here until Reimu wakes up
[] Go with the girl
[] Leave alone
>> No. 5385
Just because she wasn't entirely honest about it, it doesn't mean she didn't take it seriously. We don't know what may happen later in the story.

I dunno. Reisen won that poll by a huge margin, although it was a meaningless one. Makes you think that people either vote stuffed a shitload (not very likely) or did it for the lulz. I think it may have been the latter.
>> No. 5386
[x] Go with the girl
>> No. 5387
[x]Tell the Oni to wait until Reimu wakes up, then go drinking together.
>> No. 5388
[x] Go with the girl
>> No. 5389
[x]Tell the Oni to wait until Reimu wakes up, then go drinking together.
>> No. 5390
[x] Go with the girl

>> No. 5391
[] Go with the oni. Have her carry Reimu.
Boozeahol time!
>> No. 5392
[x] Go with the girl
>> No. 5393
[] Go with the oni. Have her carry Reimu.

probably the best for this situation.
I'll wait to see how all this will unfold.
>> No. 5394
[] Go with the oni. Have her carry Reimu.
>> No. 5395
[x] Go with the girl
>> No. 5396
[x] Leave alone
>> No. 5397
[X] Go with the oni. Have her carry Reimu.
Fuck yes, Suika you are the best Oni ever!
>> No. 5398
File 12134267301.jpg - (42.01KB , 256x256 , suika.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go with the girl

“Ah, it's nothing.” You tell the girl. Yeah it's best if you just leave Reimu as she is. She'd probably be ticked off from your little stunt when she woke up. And honestly, you'd feel awkward about asking the girl to carry her.

The girl looks at you strangely but then continues to drag you away. The two of you move quickly through the surrounding terrain, climbing down the stairs and entering the Forest of Magic.

“By the way,” The girl says as the two of you run along. “The name's Suika. I live at the Shrine.”
“My name's Shirou.” You say, minding your step so that you don't trip over a rock or something. Man this girl is tugging your arm with incredible strength. If you were to stop, she might pop it out of its socket.

The two of you run along, moving through wooded area. It's a diffifult type of terrain, the ground is uneven and there are rocks and branches obstructing the path. The surrounding foliage is brushing against you and occasionally a branch pokes your shoulder or some other part of your body. It's not exactly the best place to be running around at full speed. You clear the Forest of Magic after what seem to be a couple of minutes, you're not sure because your sense of time has been compromised.

Crap – You're getting out of breath. You ask the girl a question between ragged breathes.

“Wh-where are we going?”
“Somewhere nearby!” She effortlessly answers. “Don't worry, we're almost there.”

Isn't she tired from running on this uneven terrain? Judging by her happy expression and lack of shortness of breath, you'd say that it's a non-issue for her.

After what seems to be an eternity, you apparently reach your destination. You're very surprised. It would seem that she's taken you to the lake. No doubt about it. The vast expanse of the deep waters are a familiar sight to you. It sends a shiver down your spine, but you also feel strangely at home here.

The girl turns around, releasing your hand, and then starts to talk.

“Okay, you should be safe here. Even if Reimu wakes up, she's too lazy to come looking for you. She'd rather eat rice crackers and drink tea than lift a muscle.” She's grinning broadly now. “So tell me, was I right about my hunch?”
“Huh, what do you mean?” You ask innocently.
“You know, silly! That you're a good drinking partner! What else would I mean by that?”

She looks at you happily, waiting for your response. It looks like she takes drinking very seriously. You can tell that she enjoys partying and drinking. Well then, what should you tell her?

[] I like drinking, I guess
[] I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god
[] Can't say that I have strong feelings one way or another
[] Nope, can't say I like the stuff
>> No. 5399
[x] I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god

We still need to give tribute
>> No. 5400
[] I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god
>> No. 5401
[x] "I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god"
[x] "Would you like to take part in my daily prayer?"
>> No. 5402
[] I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god
Now would be a good time to take advantage of our free alcee-hol.
>> No. 5403
[X] I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god.

To deny His Inebriated Holiness now would be a great insult.
>> No. 5404
I didn't know what to vote, so I'll just follow.

[X] I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god.
>> No. 5405
[+] I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god
>> No. 5406
[x] "I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god"
[x] "Would you like to take part in my daily prayer?"

It is time to devote ourself to our Beer Goddess.
We will get a present after we drank enough to her honour.
>> No. 5407
[x] "I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god"
[x] "Would you like to take part in my daily prayer?"

BEER FOR THE BER GOD.... or, uh, goddess?
I get a hunch that we lose quite a numerous of affection point from Reimu. But we open Suika path, so that's kinda okay I guess.
>> No. 5408
File 121343203555.jpg - (544.56KB , 650x650 , piccalmostompletelyunrelatedbuthot.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god

“I am but a humble acolyte in the service of the booze god.” You reply flatly.
“Huh? Whozzat?” She asks. “Well, no matter I'm going to take that as a yes.” She squats down and looks at you playfully. “We're going to have so much fun together! I can't wait for all the competitions we're going to participate in!”

Heh, she seems pretty excited as she jumps from her squatting pose, leaping high up in the air. It's almost as if she's a personification of playfulness and fun. You can't help but smile at her antics.

“Oh! But as much as I'd like to do that now we can't!” She stops fooling around for a bit. “Yeah, definitely not now. I don't have my gourd and I have to prepare the games beforehand. It's not easy setting everything up, you know! Plus, it's only fair that we involve as many people as possible, including the crabby miko.”

“I... see.” You simple reply to her.

“How about this instead? We can do something simple like wrestling or any other game! That sounds fun, right?” She suggests cheerfully.

Well, maybe playing with her isn't such a bad idea. It's hard to refuse a girl as cute as her anyways. It looks like she's waiting for you to pick something. Hmm, you have no idea what would be good right now.

[] Wrestling sounds fun
[] How about making pebbles skip on the lake surface?
[] Staring contest!
[] On second though, you don't feel like playing anything
>> No. 5409
[X] Staring contest!
>> No. 5410
[] How about making pebbles skip on the lake surface?

>> No. 5411
[x] Wrestling sounds fun
[x] But with a twist
[x] Albion versus mini-Suika!
>> No. 5412
[] How about making pebbles skip on the lake surface?
>> No. 5413
[X] Staring contest!

I don't care if we kicked the shit out of a bear in one ending, Suika could tear a tank to shreds with her bare hands. We won't stand a chance against her in any challenge requiring physical ability, especially not if we have to strain ourselves just to keep up with her and wind up kicking in Anemia Mode.

>>Albion versus mini-Suika!

You would risk damaging something Alice, the girl you just confessed your love to, poured her heart and soul into making just for you? Do you have any idea how crushed she would be to find you did not take care of the gift she gave you? How unlikely you'll get any further with h-

...on second thought, do it. I'm sure it will be fine.
>> No. 5414

Alice made it. If it's magically powered, it should be durable.
>> No. 5415
I feel that this is somewhat appropiate to post now.
>> No. 5416


[x] Wrestling sounds fun
[x] But with a twist
[x] Albion versus mini-Suika!


If the doll starts taking a licking, Shirou can always just cast [x] Reinforcement
>> No. 5417
Guess what Mr Reckless is going to vote!

[x] Wrestling sounds fun

Seriously, it wouldn't be there if there wasn't SOMETHING else that could happen. This is teruyo after all...no route is as it seems. Don't always expect a choice to do what seems most stereotypical.
>> No. 5418
[] Wrestling sounds fun

Why the fuck not.
>> No. 5419
File 121343645128.png - (233.69KB , 500x500 , suikamini2.png ) [iqdb]
Nanayanamous would like to have a word with you.

[x] On second though, you don't feel like playing anything
[x] I know where we can score free booze

Is Suika allowed in the Human Village?
>> No. 5420
Oh, before I forget, I should tell you guys something:

I honestly thought we might've BAD ENDed going with Suika in the post that has her kicking Reimu's ass. Seriously, Teruyo had a dozen or so things in his post stating how it would've been a bad idea, why'd you do it?

I know it might seem like he's laying traps but for the most part, he's probably just leaving hints for you guys because he feels so god damn sorry for you dipwads. I know I would after seeing some of the stunts you guys pull.
>> No. 5421
>> No. 5422

[x] On second though, you don't feel like playing anything
[x] I know where we can score free booze

>> No. 5423
Good going. Now vote in the GW thread, that desperately needs more participants.
>> No. 5424
[x] On second though, you don't feel like playing anything
[x] I know where we can score free booze
>> No. 5425
[x] On second thought, I don't feel like playing anything
[x] I know where we can score free booze

Booze for the booze god and drunken oni is go
>> No. 5426
[x] On second thought, I don't feel like playing anything
[x] I know where we can score free booze

>> No. 5427
[x] On second thought, I don't feel like playing anything
[x] I know where we can score free booze
>> No. 5428
[x] On second thought, I don't feel like playing anything
[x] I know where we can score free booze
>> No. 5429
[x] On second though, you don't feel like playing anything

“Uhh... Suika?” You nervously say.
“Hmm, made up your mind?” She says smiling. “I can't wait to play with you!”
“Well, about that. I don't feel like playing anything.”
“Wha-? You don't want to play?” She asks, shocked at your answer. She's got an upset look on her face now.
“Well, it's not exactly that. I do however know a place where we can get free alcohol.”

Suika's face lights up.

“Wah, really? Why didn't you say so earlier!?” She exclaims excitedly. “So, where is this place? Let's go now!”

Heh, she's like a kid, jumping up and down and tugging at your sleeves.

“Settle down. It's the tavern in the human village. I've got an unlimited supply of booze there.” You say to her, smiling.
“Ehh~? The human village?” She asks and then frowns. “But I'm not allowed there anymore... ever since what happened last time...” She pauses a bit. “They say that the local livestock still haven't recovered...”
“Ah... I... err, see...” You say. “I guess it can't be helped then.”
“Yeah. I guess we better just leave it for another day then.” She says dejectedly.

Before you're able to reply, she's covered a large distance and is almost out of sight. She turns around and yells out at you.

“Look forwards to it!”

And with those words she's gone. Well, it looks like that was a rather unfortunate premature ending. 'You flew too high and your wings of wax melted' – this is the thought that crosses your mind. Damn your mind for thinking of ways to depress you. It looks like you totally missed your chance to have any fun right now and forget the emotionally tense periods that you've had today.

You sigh.

Sitting down on a rock, you look out upon the lake. The still waters soothe you. It's now late in the afternoon, not that much longer before it starts getting dark. You feel like staying a bit longer and relaxing, but maybe you should carry on. After all, there's still a lot of loose ends that you could still tie today. And time's a-wasting.

[] Stay a bit longer
[] Leave
>> No. 5430
[x] Leave
>> No. 5431
[x] Leave
Step away from the lake.
>> No. 5432
[x] Stay a bit longer

God you all suck. This is one part where recklessness would've turned out better. START LEARNING ANON.
>> No. 5433
[x] Stay a bit longer
>> No. 5434
[ ] Stay a bit longer
>> No. 5435
[x] Stay a bit longer
>> No. 5436
[x] Stay a bit longer
>> No. 5437
File 121345076296.jpg - (14.38KB , 281x307 , WTFalice.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, I regret my write-in, guys, I really do, but C'MON!! WTF!? It was a legit write-in!! You know we're never going to see Suika again after tomorrow night! ...sigh.

[x] Leave
If we stay, Teruyo's going to throw us into the lake, and then incur that "penalty" he so desperately wants to dish out...
>> No. 5438

My, my. Me *wanting* to deal out punishment? Why, I do believe you have a most erroneous image of my character. I assure you that I'm a most benign overlord.
>> No. 5439

Don't get too cocky kid. You ain't the first writefag to start perverting Wishes, and you won't be the last either.

[x] Leave
>> No. 5440
[] Stay

I smell Nitori.
>> No. 5441
File 121345495184.jpg - (73.67KB , 800x600 , kiragrin.jpg ) [iqdb]
LOL, Keep tell yourself that, buddy. You're well one the beaten path of Anti-Spiral v2.0

Pic related
>> No. 5442
[] Stay a bit longer

>> No. 5443
[x] Stay a bit longer

Feeling like relaxing after all of that nonsense, you lay back and let go. The wind blowing from the lake is most refreshing and you feel at ease. The lake seems to be special. In fact, you don't know why, but it's almost as if the lake is calling out to you. From the first time that you saw, to every time since, you've almost felt compelled to venture into it. It's almost as if you *belong* there. It almost feels like a siren's call.

You lift yourself up a bit. You stare out at the vast expanse of water before you. Although the lake is a good few meters away from you, you can almost feel the ever tiny waves washing over your body. Strange... it's an almost... pleasant sensation. Something tells you that it'd be so easy to slip in and take a quick bath. Yeah – that doesn't sound too bad. You stand up. As if under hypnosis, you lumber slowly towards the lake. It feels like the most natural thing in the world to take a dip in the lake now. You start loosening your clothing.

Walking while unfastening your clothes, you reach the edge of the lake. Just as you're about to finally shed your kimono, you notice a strange blue light on your left side. You look, of course. You can't quite make out what it is, as it seems to be a moving ethereal mass. It's just by some trees about ten meters away from you. It's a truly beautiful sight. You feel like chasing after it. But you haven't got the faintest idea of what it is. After each passing moment, it moves a bit further away. At this rate it'll disappear behind the trees in but a few instants.

You *really* want to chase after it. But you still feel like going into the lake. So... close. The lake also calls out to you.

[] Chase after the blue light
[] Continue to go into the lake
[] Anemia option
I am shocked and appalled that you would even suggest that I would toy around with my reader's expectations! That would simply be cruel and simply unwarranted! I could never subject you all to absolute despair... unless you brought it upon yourselves... of course... heh.
>> No. 5444

[x] Ignore the blue light, sit at the edge of the lake, not going inside it.
>> No. 5445
Wow.... let's take a look at this three choice.

[] Chase after the blue light
I don't know what will happen if we did. but my spider sense tells it's a danger.

[] Continue to go into the lake

[] Anemia option
Anemia option while we're dipping half of our body in water? not a wise choice to do.

from all three, I think the best option is:
>> No. 5446
[x] Chase after the blue light

>> No. 5447
[x] Chase after the blue light

>> No. 5448
File 121345900055.jpg - (83.35KB , 419x500 , cirnosalute.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Chase after the blue light

The Blue Light is right!
>> No. 5449
[X] Chase after the blue light
>> No. 5450
[] Continue to go into the lake

This is so obviously bad it can't POSSIBLY be a bad idea, I see through your deception.
>> No. 5451
[] Continue to go into the lake
>> No. 5452
[X] Continue to go into the lake
The first Anon is calling us, he wants to absorb us so that it can be Super Lake.
>> No. 5453
[] Continue to go into the lake
>> No. 5454
[x] Chase after the blue light

No killing ourselves after confessing to Alice.
>> No. 5455

That is precisely why we must do it.
>> No. 5456
See >>5255
>You're not getting out of this that easily. Even if anon comitted suicide, the reprecussions would be much worse than a simple slap on the wrist.
>> No. 5457
Believe me, you do not want to see that Alice Good/True/Normal End.
At least not what Alice thinks of a happy future with the two of you.
>> No. 5459

This is also precisely why we must do it.
>> No. 5460
[x] Chase after the blue light
The lake is a lie.
>> No. 5461
[] Continue to go into the lake
>> No. 5462
>> No. 5463
[x] Chase after the blue light

It's Cirno. Just do it.
>> No. 5464
[+] Go towards the light.
>> No. 5466
[x] Chase after the blue light

No, you've got to chase after it. The light is simply too dazzling. Those wisps and tendrils of smokey light are just too captivating. You can't help but feel that you have to, just have to, go to it. It seems to have drawn in your very soul. You almost instinctively put back on your clothing properly and step away from the edge of the lake.

Before you know it, you're going towards it. The soft blue hue and strange shape of the object eludes you as it moves away from you. You move faster, trying to keep up with it. It goes beyond the trees that you previously saw, and you chase after. You pick up your pace without realizing it, as you give chase. You get to the trees. A part of you is relieved that the object is still there and going somewhere else. You continue to follow it, trying to match it's speed. It keeps a steady distance of a few meters from you and continues to go.

You just keep following. Before you know it, you're running after it. You don't know for how long you keep chasing after it. You lose focus of the time elapsed, your physical condition, and the distance covered. Your sole point of attention is the mysterious light. You can't help but feel that you're never going to catch up to it. It ties a knot in your guts as you think about it. You want to reach it. No, you need to. You try running even faster, ignoring your now somewhat ragged and wheezing breath. Luckily, it would see that your efforts are being rewarded.

The light stops moving. It's maybe twenty or so meters away from you behind a row of bushes. It's definitely stopped moving. You rush in ecstasy. Yeah, you close the distance pretty quickly. It's now only about half of the distance between you and the light. You can almost feel it. Your pulse is out of any chart ever made and you're running with berserker-like determination.


You can almost feel it now.

Not restraining yourself, you leap the last couple of meters, going straight for the light. You can almost feel the azure light within your grasp. On your face, you have an expression of pure bliss. The results are... well, less than ideal. You go straight through where the light was supposed to be and tumble on a rock-filled ground. Cutting and nicking yourself, you do an excellent job of hurting yourself as always. You roll multiple times and really mess up yourself. Finally the laws of physics give you some slack and you lose your momentum. Not a moment too soon either – you were mere centimeters from what appeared to be a thornier than usual bush.

Crap! The blue light! You remember and look around. It's nowhere to be found. Dammit! You're dizzy as fuck and can't get up, huffing and wheezing from all of the running. You can't even get back up right now. Your body unanimously rejects any motion to even attempt to move yourself from your position. You lay there, belly up, breathing heavily and trying to make heads or tails of the situation. Well, one thing's for sure, you look like a complete dumbass right now. You pray to the elder gods (they're the ones that come through for you right? You can't remember due to the dizziness) that no one saw you. You must have looked like some sort of crazed beast jumping onto imaginary lights.

You laugh out loud. What the fuck was all that about anyways? You can't even remember why the light was so mesmerizing anymore. Hell, it looks like you chased it for a long time. It's now dark out. The sun's last rays shine off in the west and you can see the moon in the ever-darkening sky. This is just great. You've honestly got no fucking clue where you are and you're out in Gensokyo after dark. This is *soooo* going to end well. Shit sucks, you haven't even told any one that you want 'brb afk' as your epitaph.

Sigh. Ah well, you should stay positive. It's not like your death has been guaranteed. It's only that the probabilities of getting eaten, skewered, or torn to pieces just went through the roof. You continue to gaze at the sky, still feeling a bit dizzy from the mad tumble. You don't even feel like trying anymore. It's like it's not even worth the energy to even try to get to somewhere safe.

“Uhh, are you alright?” A voice says.
“Yeah, I'm fine just a bit shaken up.” You reply without thinking.

Seriously, shit sux. You're in a deplorable situation, far away from anything. You're sooo dead.

“Do you need any help?” The voice asks again.
“Nah, I'm fine. Like I said, so don't worry.”

Man, if you have to go by those penis-plants in the dark, you just know that it'll end in disaster.

“Well then, umm maybe-”
“Look, really, it's fine. Okay!?” You say.

Geez why the hell is it that every time that you try to think of a solution to being alone in a remote and unknown part of the world someone interrupts you?


Wait. You should be able to solve this.

“Oh crap!” You exclaim. There's someone there with you. You hadn't even noticed. You were so locked into a cycle of wallowing and self-pity that you didn't even notice anyone.

You try to turn around and see who's there. Maybe they can help you out.
To give you a taste of what is to come.

And now for a completely random vote:

How do you feel about the penis-plants?

[] Fuck yeah penis-plants!
[] No sir, I don't like it at all.
[] They're alright I guess
[] They're shit, I've heard that there's a variety of ant in Gensokyo that seeks to fill every single orifice of a person and lays its eggs while the person is still alive. Millions of ant-spawn hatch from all of your holes, fun holes included.
>> No. 5468
[] Fuck yeah penis-plants!
>> No. 5469
[] Fuck yeah penis-plants!

Also, nice job anonymous. That's a whole day you've wasted due to your faggotry.
>> No. 5470
Shirou sure doesn't fucking do things half-way, huh?

[x] No sir, I don't like it at all.
>> No. 5471
[x] They're alright I guess

Don't really mind.
>> No. 5472
[X] No sir! Id rather have penis-bunnies sir!
>> No. 5473
File 12135031356.jpg - (278.89KB , 1009x1500 , [SaHa] Inaba Box Final 19.jpg ) [iqdb]
[] No sir, I don't like it at all. I would not like it in a box, but I would like it with a fox.
>> No. 5474
[x] No sir, I don't like it at all.
>> No. 5475
[x] Fuck yeah penis-plants!

Being one with nature.
>> No. 5476
[X] Fuck yeah penis-plants!
But only it it's us watching it raping Reimu or Alice.
If its us and Penis Plan, HELL NO
>> No. 5477
[x] Pledge your love to penis-plants
>> No. 5478
This is Teruyo, you guys. Anything you say can and will be twisted against you in a future update.

[X] I dun care.
>> No. 5479
File 121351298917.jpg - (141.56KB , 515x700 , hongmeirin.jpg ) [iqdb]
You look to your side.

Well, I'll be. There's someone that you never expected to see. Well maybe you would have expected to have seen her if you had known the route that you took while chasing the light. Still, it's kinda surprising. Maybe things are starting to look up?

Standing to your side is a bewildered girl dressed in green. It's none other than Chinese girl, Hong Meiling. She's leaning slightly forward, as if inspecting you. Hehe, you can see her scrumptious bosom hovering deliciously close to you. It's almost worth the intense pain and humiliation just to take a close look at those curvacious killer knockers.

“Ah, hello Miss Meiling.” You say in a nonchalant fashion. “I apologize for not acknowledging your presence earlier. I'm afraid that my mind with simply elsewhere. How are you doing?”

Before you know it, you're speaking as if nothing happened. Strange.

“Ah well, I'm fine thank you very much.” She replies, caught unawares by your sudden composure.
“But more importantly, what happened?” She asks.
“Ah well, it's a most bizarre tale, I'm afraid.” You say and try to get up. Crap, your body is heavy and you're dizzy. Seeing this, the gate guard extends a hand. You accept and she pulls you up with what can only be described as inhuman strength. So strong was this 'help' that you stumble slightly and find yourself pressed head first onto Miss Meiling's chest.

Mmm, China will grow larger. Who said that Chinese cars had poor safety standards? This model has A+ Airbags. You think about other simple examples of wordplay and crude metaphors for Miss Meiling's breasts as another type of expansion occurs in your own nation. If you know what I mean. It seems that the plebs are erecting a victory obelisk in your central square.

You try to prolong the experience, but there's only a few moments that you can fully enjoy this without it being suspicious. She sure smells nice as well, it's a soft scent of some sort of flower... You can't quite identify it. You get off of her chest and dust yourself off, pretending that nothing happened. Man you have small cuts and bruises all over. Good, it seems to have worked. It looks like she thinks nothing of it. You note that apparently you're only a couple of meters from the gate. How in the hell did you not notice the massive mansion while chasing the light?

“Ah, thanks for the help.” You say.
“Anytime.” She politely says.
“So yeah. About how I got here.”

You tell Meiling about how a blue light appeared out of nowhere and you just had to follow it. You tell her how no matter how fast you chased after it, you could never catch it. And finally of how it lead you here. You, confident in your victory, leaped after it and well, it turned out that you missed and ended up on the ground.

“That's basically it.” You conclude.
“That's odd...” She begins to say. “I sure didn't see any blue light. I just was minding my own business here, and before I know it you're flying through the air and tumbling on the ground.”
“So you didn't see it!?” You ask confused.
“I'm afraid not.”
“I must be going crazy.”
“Oh please don't say that, sir. I'm sure that there's a logical explanation for it.”

Hmm, maybe. Still, there must be something wrong with you. Oh, and something about her last sentence bothers you. Ah, you know what it is.

“Miss Meiling, I have a favor to ask of you.” You say
“Yes, please go ahead.”
“Don't call me 'sir'. Just call me Shirou. It told you last time, right?” You add with a wink.
“Ahh, yes of course si-err Shirou.” She says, blushing a bit. “If I can refer to you like that, please just call me 'Meiling' as well.”
“Very well Meiling.”

The two of you stand there, exchanging smiles. Heh, you don't know why but something as simple as calling each other by your names seems like a big deal to this girl. Makes you wonder what kind of daily experience she has.

Hmm, that's odd, you think that you see a solemn girl looking through one of windows in the mansion. She seems to be looking at both you and Meiling. She's dressed up in a maid uniform. What's her deal? Before you know it, you blink and she's gone. Was it just a hallucination?

“Well then,” You start to say. “I think I should get going. It'll only be worse if it gets even later.”
“Go?” Meiling asks dumbfounded, her green beret leaning to a side as she tilts her head. “You can't possibly mean to travel alone at night!? Why that's just an invitation to disaster! It's reckless for a human to do so!”
“Maybe so.” You say. “But I have no where else to go, and staying put isn't exactly a good idea. It's not like I am friendly enough with anyone at the mansion to be able to stay overnight. I could probably make it to the human village or the Forest of Magic with no problems.” You try to say the last bit with a bit of confidence, but truth be told that you're not very sure that you'd make it very far. You know that Youkai love the darkness and they love feasting on humans. Crap, you remember those tentacles. You're sure that there's more dangers like that for unwary travelers.

You try to bid your farewells to the gatekeeper.

“Wait!” She cuts you off, obviously concerned about your well-being.
“Yes?” You stop and ask her what's the matter.
“Well, I've umm... got a possible solution.” She says, hesitating a bit. “I didn't want to mention it before because it's not much. But seeing that you'd go face dangers in the night, I think that it's a better alternative!”

Just what is she going on about.

“Well, you see.” She says, beating around the bush in an uncharacteristic bashful manner. “There's a small shack just behind those trees there. And well, it was built so that I could sleep there. But I hardly use it, since there is no one else to guard the gate regularly.” She keeps avoiding the point. But then she takes a deep breath and just outright says it. “So, if you wanted to of course, you could spend the night there! I wouldn't mind and you'd be safe from the dangerous night.” She reddens a bit. “Also... we could... talk a bit longer if that were the case...” That last bit was almost inaudible to you but you managed to hear it.

You pause. Hmm that might not be a bad idea. You'd definitely be safe. God knows that you don't want to end up as some plant's plaything, an insect colony's breeding grounds, or as dinner for any number of Youkai.

“Please consider it... Shirou.” Meiling says.

Well, you think about the alternative. It's definitely not safe out there. You wouldn't go to Eientei right away, since you'd have to pass through other places first. Even then, you could stay at one of those stops between here and Eientei as well. If you had to, you'd have two general areas to choose from. One is the human village, which is far away but you think that you could make it by following the lake and then breaking off at some point. The other is the Forest of Magic. It's close but the woods and rough path are just ripe with danger. Well, in the village you could either stay at the tavern or see if Keine will let you crash. And in the forest, you could pick from Alice's, Marisa's, or Reimu's. Sure you'd have to think about it carefully, since the wrong move might end up with you running away through the night being blasted at. But that's another issue, getting there is the real challenge. And if you got there, you could go for broke and make it to Eientei. But that's risky and a decision to be taken later. Man, Meiling's offer really does sound good right now. Any shelter right now would be nice. Hell, you think that it might even start raining later. That'd definitely complicate things even more.

Well, it looks like Meiling is awaiting your answer. What will you choose?

[] Take her up on her offer
[] Try to make it to the forest
[] Try to go to the village
[] Couldn't you stay inside the mansion?
I'm glad that you guys like the penis-plants so...
>> No. 5480
[x] Take her up on her offer

Sweet, sweet China!
>> No. 5481
[+] Take her up on her offer
Let's "discuss" those Chinese "car safety features".
>> No. 5482
[] Take her up on her offer

>> No. 5483
[] Take her up on her offer
>> No. 5484
File 121351592711.jpg - (180.75KB , 640x480 , 1204204934413.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Take her up on her offer

Oh, Meiling. Of course I'll keep you company.
>> No. 5485
Well, fuck. My moon rune comprehension powers have gone up. I can read that. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. How scary on both counts.
>> No. 5486
haha, fuck yes, /eientei/ is changing to /sdm/ now
When was the last time we were in eientei

[x] Take her up on her offer

>Hmm, that's odd, you think that you see a solemn girl looking through one of windows in the mansion. She seems to be looking at both you and Meiling. She's dressed up in a maid uniform. What's her deal? Before you know it, you blink and she's gone.

Sakuya is watching you. She doesn't want anyone to mess with her things. Only one can beat Meiling here, and it's not us.
>> No. 5487
So what does it say?
>> No. 5488
Hiragana is the minimum moonrune-learning expectation, and the kanji used there are very simple and basic ones.
Your skills are improving, perhaps. But don't let it go to your head. Be diligent in your studies, and you will continue to improve.
>> No. 5489
Meiling: "I'm truly... truly happy."
>> No. 5490
Yeah, yeah, I know. But It's not like I'm cramming or anything. Just randomly picking up stuff here and there. I know all the hiragana and katakana but haven't even made an effort to try to learn kanji. Hence the surprise from realizing I can understand them. I guess that it's thanks to furigana in some doujins and manga.
Meiling: I'm, truly... truly happy.
>> No. 5491

> Continue [2]
>> No. 5492
[X] Take her up on her offer

The one non-/eientei/ person I will not bitch about being here. You have found my weakness.
>> No. 5493
[X] Take her up on her offer


Also, I thought we had the mono-
goddamnit, im getting my stories mixed up again
>> No. 5494
File 121352349821.jpg - (13.06KB , 237x237 , meirin.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Take her up on her offer

“Yes Shirou?”
“I think that I'll accept your kind offer. It is much too dangerous out there. I hope that I won't be a burden on you...”
“Oh not at all, it's a relief for me to know that you're going to be safe rather than braving the dangers of the night.” She says smiling.

Heh, it looks like she was really worried from the bottom of her heart.

“Well then!” She says brightfully. “Now that you've decided to stay, how about a little celebration? I've got just the thing for the occasion.”

She takes off her cap, and under it is a wrapped object. Carefully unraveling it, she reveals a piece of what to seems to be a sweet bun. She splits it in half and hands over a piece to you.

“Here you go~” She says. “It's delicious. I had meant it to keep it for later, but I might as well enjoy it now.”
“Are you sure that it's okay? Wouldn't you rather eat this later?” You ask, a bit perplexed at her behavior.
“Oh, no, not at all! I'd rather eat this enjoying myself now, than not enjoying myself later. Food tastes better with company, you know!”

Well, you can't argue with her logic. Sounds solid. You thank her again and take a bite. Mmm, sweet been paste filling. The two of you chat about all sorts of stupid topics and laugh together as you enjoy the sweet bun. The gate guard's earnest and pleasant demeanor make it easy to relax around her. Man, you feel completely at ease with her. It's sort of how you feel about Kaguya but without the awkward tension that has developed between the two of you lately.

Yeah, there's Kaguya isn't there? You can't help but feel that things between the two of you are just going wrong. You're sure that she cares about you, since you deeply care about her as well. But how does that translate into practical terms? You start getting anxious about what she wants to talk about. It doesn't sound like it's a good thing. Oh man, you're totally freaking out now. What if she doesn't want you around anymore because you've hurt her too much? But she said she wasn't that upset. Oh crap, you can't possibly think what it might be about. You lose yourself to thought and brood in an increasingly negative attitude.

“Umm, Shirou? Are you okay?” Meiling asks you with a concerned look on her face. This snaps you back into reality.
“Oh yeah, sorry, I was just thinking about... complicated matters.”
“Yeah, it showed. You shouldn't over think things too much, or you'll end up getting depressed.” Meiling says with a slightly chastising tone of voice.
“Heh, yeah, you're right.” You agree with her advice. It'd be best to forget about it for now.
“I know!” Meiling states excitedly. “You can tell me all about yourself! That way I can help you out with your problems! I'm a good listener, so don't worry about boring me.”

You look at her. She seems to be saying it honestly, with no hint of sarcasm in her voice nor in her expression. Maybe getting things off your chest would be a good idea. You nod and start to talk.

“Well, to begin with-” You start.
“I'm afraid that'll have to wait for now. Isn't that so China?” A cold voice interrupts your speech.

Meiling instantly freezes up. You can see that calling her 'China' seems to have hurt her on more levels than you could possibly comprehend. It's as if it's a word tinged with feelings of oppression and misery for her. You turn to the source of the voice and see the maid that you saw before standing outside the door. She's got a cool expression, not showing any hint of emotion

“Ah... Sakuya!” The gate guard says. “I didn't realize that you were there.”
“Of course you didn't. You weren't properly carrying out your duties, you were instead chatting with some human.”

Wow, her tone pisses her off. She reminds you a bit of a condescending priest you met once. Always preaching and always with a hidden agenda. Thank god for the Ass-dagger.

“I humbly apologize, it's just that he's far away from home and it's dark an-”
“Shut up.” The maid says. “You'll be punished later... as usual.” She snickers at that last bit. “As for you.” She starts addressing you. “I don't know who you are, but you are to leave. You are not welcome here.”

She looks at you menacingly. You can tell that she'll resort to force if she has to. Hmm, you have no idea what kind of opponent she is. You look at Meiling, she's bowing down humbly at the maid. It sickens you, who the hell does she think that she is?

Two conflicting factions are now present within you. One of them wants this woman to pay for her insolence. Meiling did everything out of goodwill and you can't accept that this... eyesore treats Meiling like garbage. You just want Meiling to be treated with dignity! You feel that the girl's troubles are mostly caused by this sorry excuse of a maid. How dare she make Meiling suffer! Calling her 'China'! And the other part of you is the rational part, saying that you should retreat or at the very least beg the maid to let you stay. Either way it looks like this ain't gonna be easy.

Time to decide (Choose one from each section):

Section 1:
[] “Meiling, get up.”
[] “Who are you to be telling me where I can be?”
[] “I'm sorry, I didn't know.”

Section 2:
[] “I'm a guest of Meiling here.”
[] “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to.”
[] “Isn't it possible for me to stay here somehow?”

Section 3:

[] Bow down to the maid
[] Challenge her to a duel
[] Insult her
Sorry for the delay, but I work as soon as there are enough votes, so vote and I'll get to it fast.
>> No. 5495
[x] “Who are you to be telling me where I can be?”
[x] “I'm a guest of Meiling here.”

>> No. 5496

[x] “Who are you to be telling me where I can be?”
[x] “I'm a guest of Meiling here.”
>> No. 5497
[x] "Oh, I must have angered the master of this house. I apologize for that."
[x] "I take it they sent you to escort me home then?"

Shirou options.
>> No. 5498
[x] "Oh, I must have angered the master of this house. I apologize for that."
[x] "I take it they sent you to escort me home then?"

You're going to get China into MORE trouble being "rude". Let's just back down for now and hit her where it hurts: her authority.
>> No. 5499
Oh snap. Now that I think about it.

>>5495 here, changing my vote to
[x] "Oh, I must have angered the master of this house. I apologize for that."
[x] "I take it they sent you to escort me home then?"
>> No. 5500
Just delete your previous post.
>> No. 5501
So easily swayed. How disappointing. Well, that's how you got here in the first place so it can't be that bad. But then again, you did piss off the miko AND manage to not do anything with Suika, so I guess it balances out.

Please delete your original post if you can, one exception is fine, but going through a lot of changed votes is tiresome.
>> No. 5502
x] "Oh, I must have angered the master of this house. I apologize for that."
[x] "I take it they sent you to escort me home then?"
>> No. 5503
{X} "Oh, I must have angered the master of this house. I apologize for that."
{X} "I take it they sent you to escort me home then?"
>> No. 5504
>So easily swayed.

Bzzt. That's anon. What were you expecting.
>> No. 5505
Alright there are enough votes now. For the perception check, I'll let the first vote decide.

[] Roll 1d20 (need 12 or better)
[] Flip a coin
>> No. 5506
He was expecting we'd see him say that, figured we're about to step in more dogshit, and change our votes again and essentially prove himself right about us being easily swayed on a much larger scale.
>> No. 5507
{X} Flip a coin - Heads
>> No. 5508

[x] Roll 1d20 (need 12 or better)

That would mean it's a dc15 to start with, wouldn't it?

This better be something good for that.
Either that or we're playing 4E.
>> No. 5509
Sorry, coin won. And the coinflip came out heads. So it's successful. Writing now.

Oh, 4E sucks. And don't worry about difficulty, it wasn't even a *proper* perception check it was something of a mashing together of several skills.
>> No. 5510
>Writing now.

All I cared about in your post, in all honesty...

Staving off sleep for one more block!
>> No. 5511
File 121353785470.jpg - (574.70KB , 1358x960 , sakuya.jpg ) [iqdb]
{X} "Oh, I must have angered the master of this house. I apologize for that."
{X} "I take it they sent you to escort me home then?"
{X} Successful test

You temper your wrath and instead try to talk things through. The maid is still standing, apparently enjoying her superiority over poor Meiling.

“Uh, I'm sorry- I must have angered the master of this house. I apologize for that.” You meekly state.

The maid turns to you, and looks at you as if she didn't expect you to say anything.

“Quit your sniveling, I thought I made clear what you should do. Begone.”

She says it just like that. There's nothing that you can say. What a cold bitch. You don't want to lose heart yet, you're convinced that diplomacy can win the day here.

“Then I take it that you weren't sent out to escort me? That'd be logical to assume since it's the dark of night and it's quite dangerous of a human...” You try to reason with her.
“No. And I don't care. I told you already, get lost NOW. Or you'll regret it.” She curtly replies.

Crap, this is one tough nut to crack. You look at her. She's quite beautiful. Her figure is accentuated by the weak light that's reflecting from the moon. Her silky-looking silver hair shimmers with the moonlight. Hmm, now that you think about it, it reminds you of someone. But who?

You think hard to yourself. There was... someone who was similar. Even the determined gaze is similar... Ah! You've got it. How could you forget the similarities between her and your busty doctor? Even if they're not the same they're similar enough, like straight black hair tends to be common in Asian countries. You grin and think of the perfect thing to say to her.

“So, I thought that lunarians were supposed to be more civilized than this. It's quite a let down to see someone of such lineage be so barbaric. Where's your pride?” You say, sarcastically.

The maid turns to you, with an expression that can only be described as surprise.

“You!? But how would you even know?” She says.

Heh, so she does have emotions.

“I just happen to know some lunarians myself. In fact, they're my humble hosts in this sometimes unfriendly land. I'm sure that you've heard of them? I of course am referring to Princess Kaguya and the lunarian sage Eirin. I really thought that there were no more here, but your appearance betrays you.”

“Feh, speculate what you will, that has no impact on anything.” She says, apparently recovered from the shock. “I am Izayoi Sakuya, head maid to the Scarlet Mansion. There is nothing else that you can even hope to attribute to me. And I'm using my prerogative as head maid.”

The air tenses up for a second. Before you know it, the maid has a whole bunch of short knives in her hands.

“I suggest again that you leave NOW. If you truly know the people of Eientei, then make a direct beeline to there, and you might make it. I just don't want you here.”

Damn, she's serious. Being left with no other recourse, you hang your head in shame and leave. As you leave you look and see that Meiling has a terrified expression on her face, it looks like you've inadvertently condemned her to a horrible fate. Ah well, you let the maid get the upper hand after all.

You walk through the dark night, getting further and further from the mansion. How depressing. You don't even know the proper way home. Or anywhere for that matter, you didn't even ask. You just try to stick by the lake.

Ah yes the lake. The dark silent mass that's always present. You don't know if you're following the coast towards the human village or towards the opposite direction. It doesn't matter. You feel terrible having left Meiling to suffer, especially after she was so kind with you. You subconsciously start kicking a rock with your foot as you walk.

And so you continue, walking and brooding for a while yet. Man, you're so pissed. You're so pissed that you kick the rock with all your strength. It flies through the air and hits a tree. Damn, you were a little too rough.

Huh? What's that? Something's coming out from the tree. You squint to see what it is.


You try to leap into the lake to protect yourself but you're stung multiple times over. As you crash into the water, it feels like numerous huge nails were driven into your body. You try to swim to get away from the angry hornets, but you can't control your body. In fact, you start convulsion and, as a consequence, you start to sink. Shit shit shit shit shit. You can't do anything as your body jerks around and you start submerging. Of fuck you can't even breath now. You're so screwed.

The last thing you see before your lungs are filled with water and you subsequently die is apparently the silhouette of a man. The man is dressed up in western clothing and is probably from your own time as well. He seems to be sad, and even as you lose your senses you think that you hear a few words distinctly.

“Another one? It was just a matter of time... welcome brother.”

>> No. 5512
File 121353788390.jpg - (68.46KB , 650x785 , helpmeeirin7.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hello and welcome to another segment of 'Tasukete Eirin!', I'm your host Eirin!

I'm returning after a leave of absence from a couple of... distasteful deaths.

This time it seems that Shirou brought all this upon himself. If it weren't those scary killer hornets (they kill around 70 people per year in Japan!) then surely some other creature would have volunteered to end our foolish protagonist's life!

Let's face the facts:

1)You foolishly managed to get caught outside at night after angering the miko
2)You went for a mysterious light
3)And the biggest mistake of all! You abandoned a friend in need!

That just does not sit well with me, or anyone else for that matter! There are times for diplomacy and tact, but complete capitulation is for the spineless. You allowed yourself to get drowned out by that girl's presence and ended up drowning! Coincide? No.

Your first order of business should be to recruit your friend's help in dealing with this person. You need to create a united front! After that, there's numerous ways in which you can deal with her, and it doesn't even have to end with violence (although you might even be able to win at that if you use your brains as well)! That insight that you got on her character might be useful if you use it with another combination.

Well that's all I can say right now! Good luck and remember to act like a human being with half a heart at times! Hope to see you soon!”

Special penalty from dying at this phase!

Chose one:

[] Lose a romantic/h scene during a character's route (might be an important scene as well)
[] Random character loses 5 affection points
[] Random character has her route closed off (semi-random, chosen from a short list)


Section 1:
[] “Meiling, get up.”
[] “Who are you to be telling me where I can be?”
[] “I'm sorry, I didn't know.”

Section 2:
[] “I'm a guest of Meiling here.”
[] “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to.”
[] “Isn't it possible for me to stay here somehow?”

Section 3:

[] Bow down to the maid
[] Challenge her to a duel
[] Insult her
[] Successful check
>> No. 5513
{X} Random character loses 5 affection points

{X} “Meiling, get up.”
{X} “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to.”
{X} Successful check

>> No. 5514

[x] Random character has her route closed off (semi-random, chosen from a short list)

We just pick anyone not Alice or Reisen.

[x] “I'm a guest of Meiling here.”
[x] “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to.”
[x] “Isn't it possible for me to stay here somehow?”
>> No. 5515

I feel slightly gypped.
As the one who wrote that write-in, it was supposed to be a way to challenge Sakuya without incurring domestic abuse for poor Meiling.

And more importantly
>>Then I take it that you weren't sent out to escort me?
is the exact opposite of what was intended to be said.

So for the penalty vote, I shall vote
[x] ಠ_ಠ

And the rest

[x] “Meiling, get up.”
[x] “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to.”
[x] Successful check
>> No. 5516
Well we had it coming. It's only fair that we have a punishment after the idiocy of the last few events. It should probably come back to bite us in the ass further and we'll have to work to get out of it.
>> No. 5517
[x] Random character has her route closed off (semi-random, chosen from a short list)

[X[ “Meiling, get up.”
[X] “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to.”
[X] Successful check

In theory, losing affection points is a better outcome than shutting down a route. But it does mean we will be less likely to be bad ended by the a girl whose route we aren't on. Plus, I'd love to see the alicefags' rage if her route was closed off.
>> No. 5518
All penalty votes from outside the list or omitted votes shall be tallied and randomly allocated to an option.

Also it's not that I did the opposite for that, but rather tried to work it into the dialogue considering the overall situation. Read the context. Shirou clearly states that the outside is dangerous.
>> No. 5519
Well, Alice or Reisen should really be the only two possible routes now. Ideally we wouldn't care about having a route closed off, since there should be only one possible route if we'd stayed on target, whoever the target is, but faggotry prevented that.

In any case, whoever is closed off other than those two is fine. But if it's one of those two maybe it's actually even better.
>> No. 5520
>>it's not that I did the opposite for that, but rather tried to work it into the dialogue considering the overall situation. Read the context. Shirou clearly states that the outside is dangerous.

That's what I feel gypped with.
It was intended to be taken as either an utterly shiroueque choice(Genuinely believing Sakuya came out to help), or being a smartass by acting oblivious.

"Snivelling" was exactly what it wasn't supposed to be.

>>All penalty votes from outside the list or omitted votes shall be tallied and randomly allocated to an option.

>> No. 5521
[] Lose a romantic/h scene during Alice's route

Take that Alice fags!

{X} “Meiling, get up.”
{X} “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to.”
{X} Successful check
>> No. 5522
We're gonna have -your- Alice anyway. Here we're gonna have some udonge.
>> No. 5523
[x] Lose a romantic/h scene during Alice's route (might be an important scene as well)


[x] “Meiling, get up.”
[x] “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to.”
[x] “Isn't it possible for me to stay here somehow?”
>> No. 5524
>>This time it seems that Shirou brought all this upon himself.

THIS time?

[X] Random character loses 5 affection points

[X] “Meiling, get up.”
[X] “I'm a guest of Meiling here.”
[X] Successful check
>> No. 5525

Because so far all I've seen is "I LUUUURV U ALICE!" out of you shmucks.

Also, Teruyo?

You said we'd get a chance to fixadvance the relationships of two or three characters on this day and I think you said we could go back to Eientei at the end of it.

Yet here we are attempting to shelter at the SDM after confessing our love to Alice, pissing off Reimu and running after fairy lights. We haven't prayed or made an offering, we haven't gone to the village to dance with Keine and we didn't go home to play with our moon bunny.

All of which is anonymous' fault for having ADD.


I still think that you've driven us away from Eientei in the first place making it harder to stay on target, forcing us to go out in the first place was annoying because there's no reason we couldn't of stayed for the morning to be with Reisen. Even if we used the rest of the day to go else where, anonymous will forget about the characters in Eientei as soon as they are out of the mansion. Knowing this it's unreasonable to expect Eientei paths to have any hope of resolving if you push us away from there. You said we've had our chances to be with the local characters, yet so often do you make leaving the place the better or even the ONLY choice I'm wondering if your logic really conduces that well with our own.

I don't mean to be overly critical, but it feels like you've dangled the carrot over every location except Eientei.
>> No. 5526
I'm of the idea that confessing to Alice was nothing short of retarded. And I do like Alice. I always vote for her in /forest/, even now that she's gone nuts.

As for your critique, Teruyo's just giving us a chance to, say, fix stuff before going back to Eientei. You can't really blame him if anon keeps picking the worst options, no? I'd only blame Teruyo if he makes it EZmodo and we get away scot free from idiocy, but as proven by this bad end and punishment that isn't the case. And since the punishment isn't that harsh either, I feel it's only a warning. "Anon, stop being stupid, next time it'll be serious".

I do think that we should've had a choice to stay as well, instead of going out and fixing stuff being forced on us, it should've been a choice. But really, it's no big deal even if we spend a day or two outside, since we will just go back and get back on track later. What matters is avoiding faggotry, but well, that's...quite a task.
>> No. 5527

[x] “Meiling, get up. A servant only bows before her mistress. The head maid maintains the integrity of the grounds inside the mansion. The gate guard maintains the integrity of the grounds outside the mansion. She has no authority over you here.”

[X] “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to; you are the Mistress' maid, not her agent or proxy. Outside the grounds, you have not the jurisdiction, nor the discretion.”

[x] Perception Check. "Unless you are acting in under some other capacity or employer, Lunarian?"

[x] "Do you have enough knives, Queen of Maids?" TRACE ON.
>> No. 5528
Eientei is reward enough for itself. I purposely have encouraged leaving Eientei, to prevent stagnation. I do realize that at times it seemed like any option was better than staying at Eientei, but I have two points to make to that.

A) You sure as hell haven't seen all that Eientei has to offer (plot, secret wise, etc)
B) At most times nothing was stopping you from going to the village, drinking a pint or windowshopping and then simply returning
C) lol hidden point. Through your interactions with other characters you've also learned more about the world AND Eientei. This would obviously be more apparent in the case of say, Mokou, but you haven't been around her much either. Still, all the routes are tightly intertwined with Eientei.

You have to understand that there's a strong bias towards the Eientei characters since you see them every day. So getting affection points and flags is substantially easier. For example, all those lessons with Eirin, which might seem a bit useless have all served their purpose within the story structure. I will not artificially limit where you may go, provided you know where to go. I know it sounds like a contradiction since at times I simply state that 'so and so' are busy or whatever. But to be fair, they're usually free a bit after. Think back, the night you found Eirin's brassiere. That has a backstory to it, and if you had been there during the day, you would have found out. My world has a a whole series of concurrent events going on at all times. Or do you think that the only thing of importance is you being lost at night? What do you think Keine is doing? Or say Eirin? So yeah. Despite appearances the grass is just as green everywhere and no option or place is useless or boring.

I, however, respect your opinion and understand your frustration. There's not much that I can say but to have faith and if you really want to go after someone remember that not all hope is lost. Even indirect actions can have big effects.

As a last point before the next part of my post I'd like to say the following. Stop assuming that XY route is closed or YZ route is open. For all that you know they could all be close, or they could all be open, or something in between.

After I finish tabulating a few things I'll post some more information.
>> No. 5529
>>Because so far all I've seen is "I LUUUURV U ALICE!" out of you shmucks.

The amount of Alice votes is actually a combination of people with different agenda, I believe.

1: People who vote for her options as the stepping stone to Unlimited Fig Works
2: People who are trying to get Anon killed via Yandere Alice
3: People that have grown attached to Alice due to screen time.
>> No. 5530
And probably votespamming had some influence as well.
>> No. 5531

Don't start that shit.
>> No. 5532
I'm not starting any shit, I expect a few posts saying I'm bawwww but I don't plan to start any argument.
>> No. 5533
>tl;dr: You want /eintei/? Try paying more attention to Kaguya, Eirin, Reisen, Tewi, Mokou, and Keine then.

This is a satisfactory explanation.
>> No. 5534
I agree. Can we really blame Teruyo for giving us freedom if it's used for faggotry? I don't think so. There's only anon to blame.
>> No. 5535

Votespam has an influence and will always have an influence. There's no getting around it, other than to assume, all other things being equal, the spam will be proportional to the amount of votes the option already has recieved.

So shut up about it already. God.
>> No. 5536

All you have to do is mention it to risk inciting a shitstorm.
>> No. 5537


Seriously. Teruyo, write an update to counter this faggotry. Please?
>> No. 5538
I concur.
>> No. 5539

On the subject of faggotry, It's completely tied on penalty I believe.
I imagine he was waiting on another vote.
>> No. 5540
In incidents in which I thought votespam might have occured the mods were contacted and nothing. So I'd say that it's pretty likely that votespam hasn't occurred.

Three inappropiate punishment votes = three random allocations. Results were 2,3,2. So as such 2 votes for closing off a route and one for omitting an hscene.


From my grand master list 3 were chosen again randomly by throwing 10d10. Numbers that repeated more than once got added to the list.

Here are the results:

- Reisen
- Tewi
- Unlimited Fig Works

Upon throwing d3 until an option got 5 votes.
The loser was "Unlimted Figurine Works". Sorry, you'll have to wait for another playthrough to get it. Any flags for that route will trigger but will not affect the flow of the story by much.

And that's that. I'll write as soon as I flesh out an idea that I have in my head. And finish calculating with these damn numbers.
>> No. 5541
Oh. Right.

YAF, vote.
>> No. 5542
Woo, close. Reisen being closed off would've sucked.

Well, maybe not so much. No mattter how much I want moonbunny, at least we'd gain focus.
>> No. 5543
>> Unlimited Fig Works

Wow, we've lost something big then huh? Well, at least we don't know who it was. Ignorance is bliss
>> No. 5544
>>The loser was "Unlimited Figurine Works".

Well there goes my interest.
>> No. 5545
Phew. thank god Reisen route is okay. UFW closed will make those who going after Alice decreased.

[X] “Meiling, get up.”
[] “I'm a guest of Meiling here.”
[] Use that perception check about Lunarians.
>> No. 5546
>YAF, vote.

[X] “Meiling, get up.”
[X] “I'm a guest of Meiling here.”
[X] Successful check

here ya go.

Now go vote in /shrine/. I have a damned free day and nothing to do.
>> No. 5547

You should turn off write-in only. Notice how Akyu picked up more votes in a lot shorter strand of time?
>> No. 5548
>> No. 5549

Although, I should add, it is fun. I almost always vote with a write-in, and having no normal competition almost always results in a win on my call, instead of being a rush to get my write-in soon enough so that people can see it in addition to normal options.
>> No. 5550

But the author should take the audience into consideration. There are writer-related reasons why /eintei/ does not compare favorably to, say, /sdm/.

Usually Anonymous' ADHD is tempered by the options given, which allows that if Anonymous really wants to go off the beaten trail, he should be required to use write-ins to open up romantic routes with non-Eientei related characters.

Teruyo, you have a stupidly high random encounter, rate. Seriously, stop shoving new Touhous in our faces. Try working them in through their relations to Eintei characters. Or work them in so that the characters have only relatively sub-routes, but which may aid the hero along the main storyline sometime down the road (see reimu in /forest/ for example).

Another thing is your obsession with punishment. Continual negative reinforcement leads to complete behavioral despair. The readers who originally wanted to focus on /eintei/ become either [x] LAKE or are too afraid of DM punishment that they vote in the short-term or abandon a route, even if it wasn't the writer's intention. Foreseeable, interesting Bad Ends are much better ways to keep the hero from going too far off target and fucking themselves somewhere along the line.

There is as well a lack of direction and purpose for the main character. Eirin gives him instructions, but makes little explanation as to the purpose, but hurts & dehumanizes him as often as she praises him, and then goes on to convince him how all his pain is his own fault. Shirou's anxieties and Kaguya's passivity are a disastrous combination for a relationship. It's a bit better with Reisen, who expresses more emotions and looks more in need of care. Mokou is rarely to be seen, even though Shirou walks through the bamboo forest daily and has been meeting with Keine often. Tewi is simply not there. Given no real explanation of why he is in Eientei and because nobody ever requests anything of him, Shirou shuffles around and broods about what these people expect of him.
>> No. 5551

[x] “Meiling, get up. A servant only bows before her mistress. The head maid maintains the integrity of the grounds inside the mansion. The gate guard maintains the integrity of the grounds outside the mansion. She has no authority over you here.”

[X] “I'm not going to leave because you tell me to; you are the Mistress' maid, not her agent or proxy. Outside the grounds, you have not the jurisdiction, nor the discretion.”

[x] Perception Check. "Unless you are acting in under some other capacity or employer, Lunarian?"

[x] "Do you have enough knives, Queen of Maids?" TRACE ON.

Seconding. But hopefully we manage to trace the watch, not just the daggers.
>> No. 5552
Slower than the slowest of slowpokes, but
[X] "Meiling, get up."
[X] "Who the fuck do you think you are? More importantly, who the fuck do you think I am?"
[x] "I'm the goddamned Batman."
>> No. 5553
>>5496 here

I'm hoenstly quite glad UFW is clsoed off. Maybe you faggots will learn to think instead of being a collection of HURF DURF MUST CHOOSE ANY ROUTE EXCEPT KAGUYA LAWLAWLAWL

In fact, I want teruyo to do what Tetro did and routelock us into Kaguya so you cock slobbering fucknobs will quit attempting to get your fucking harem routes, or practically anyone else besides Kaguya.
>> No. 5554
This is /eientei/, not /kaguya/.
I have my rights for Reisen. You want her? Vote. That's democracy. And I will always oppose you by Reisen. Every fucking time.
>> No. 5555
>> No. 5556

Don't know how we stand for her end in this play through, but I will most definitely go all out in support of Reisen in the next play through (if there is one).
>> No. 5557

I am fully aware of the faults in my story and narrative-style. However I disagree with you in a lot of the points that you raise.

Firstly, I'd like to say that you erroneously assume that I have not taken my audience into consideration. It's been a conscious decision from the beginning to give anon free roaming capabilities. No matter how retarded or stupid I will not condemn anon to a specific sequence of black and white events. At least not for the non-character specific portion of the story. Oh yes – we actually haven't gotten to the actual character routes. There you might see more of your standard storyteller's linearity and more limited choices. These last few days are slightly more directed and focused than the rest. A prelude to the dramatic departure from absolute freedom to relative route-specific freedom.

You also assume that most of the supporting characters are up for romance. While I'm not denying that there's chance for romantic activity with *some* of them, its not written in stone and most certainly they do not have proper routes. A lot of them are simply there to advance another character's development or some such. I do believe that you have a very reasonable encounter rate considering the places that you've gone to. Heck, it's only because of anon's ADD that we even met Suika, and even that situation resolved itself quickly. You can't assume that just because a character is there that they have a major role. But like I've said, I WILL NOT restrict anon's freedom in this. If it bites him in the ass later, then it's his own damn fault.

This brings me to another (often repeated point). The world is dynamic and things occur 24/7. If you miss out on a moment in which Mokou happens to be crossing the bamboo forest or spying on Eientei, then you miss out. No getting around that. Same thing with Tewi, those on the IRC channel might know how many times you've just missed her by an option. Part of the nature of having multiple choices. I don't believe that I'm the first to implement something like this in his story, although probably the first to do it to such an extent. This is a bit tied in to the lack of direction I guess. While it's true that Eirin's lessons are vague and you still don't know why you're here, you've got to persevere to find out. The story won't necessarily be handed to you on a silver platter. I do not believe that Eirin would feel comfortable divulging her plans to just anyone, especially to someone who is content just following orders. As for Kaguya, well, as bad as it sounds, you need to speak to her more. And when you do, actually ASK her about these things. I believe that I've put the option out there several times. And not just her, but to other inhabitants of Gensokyo. But I guess asking about something else is just as important.

On the topic of punishment. This is the first time I've truly punished anyone. And this is to avoid the [x] suicide options that crop up every time anon makes a mistake. At least for this transitional segment. I'm quite sure that no option has permanently ruined anything. You've had your chances to make up or mess up with everyone. If you simply insist on condemning yourself because you think that you've closed off say, Kaguya's route, then it's your own damn fault. If anything I've withheld from commenting on your standing with the ladies. Hell if anything, I've made sure to positively reinforce the fact that no one hates you or your often stupid mistakes. The bad ends that have been non-gag ends can be counted on less than one hand. Off the top of my head I can only think of the plant end and well this latest one. All the others have been minor and of little consequence. This all seems to be tied to your misconception that you were doing anything besides changing affection points and raising flags. This despite the fact that I've stated throughout the story multiple times that thus far it's been the 'beginning' with no real consequences on the final story (besides failing to trigger special flags for the special routes or not getting enough affection points). If you can stay around and read on, you'll see that things will take a direction soon.

It's only natural for Shirou to be lost, since he really does not know what's expected of him. He spends a lot of time going place to place and talking to different people. He is confused and doubtful, as the reader should be as well. Only by asking and interacting with the right people will this be cleared up. Hell, I've even set it up so that you can clear up certain relationships and get ready for the transition. I don't want to borrow a page from MiG, but it's the only example that I can think of. We spent the whole first friggin' walk through not knowing what the story was. Hell, we still don't know if we'll find out this time around. So compared to that, this isn't so bad. Especially when the focus will be narrowed down so that can process better the different characters. I hope to clear this all up for the last time.

As an addendum: I don't follow /sdm/ or /forest/ just /shrine/ (and I've fallen behind a bit), sometimes /youkai/ and /th/. Please see this as a completely different experience from any of them. It's an Eientei-centric story, whose characters and story arcs are closely intertwined to the mansion. But at the same time it give the reader the chance to explore at his own pace and at his leisure (once he understands the consequences for doing so). For pete's sake I've made it more than clear what my influences are. I believe that I cut away most of the boring parts of TL95, Season of the Sakura, Nocturnal Illusion, and DiviDead and instead bring a fresh attitude.

tl;dr you don't understand the point of freedom and the dynamic world and allocate too much importance to things that don't have that much importance like the lack of locking routes.
Probably no more updates for now. I'll create a new thread later. However, I might finish a sidestory soon.
>> No. 5558

/eientei/ = Oblivion (in the freedom sense rather than "STOP RIGHT THERE CRINIMAL SCUM")

Well, I am satisfied. Though if I might make a suggestion without causing any offense I'd like a chance to go outside of the mansion with one of the characters rather than random wandering, just to have a more focused reason to travel.

>>I might finish a sidestory soon.
>> No. 5559
See, now you made him write >>5557 instead of an actual update. Was it really worth it?
>> No. 5560
Your suggestion has been noted. I had already planned a series of events in which you'd go somewhere with a character. It's mostly been seen as our 'date' with Keine, but or walk with Reisen to town was supposed to be something of a habitual occurance. Well, it's been the lack of focued that's limited this sort of thing. But hey, I have given you options to go out with Kaguya, for example, but you've stayed inside instead.

I think I might be rambling on a bit.

TL;DR you'll get your leaving Eientei with other characters rather than just wandering.

Also, I think that you'll like the sidestory I'm finishing now.
>> No. 5561

Yes. Despite my masochistic intentions, the only thing I've really broken is your update.

Really, really should've stopped reading this when we "hot-glued" the figurine.
>> No. 5562
Holy balls. This thing has turned down one avenue of failure into the alleyway of complete bullshit.

Do as you please. I quit.
>> No. 5563
You could have used that time you put into writing that, which i didn't read cause its TOO DAMN LONG, INTO WRITING ONE BIG UPDATE.
>> No. 5564
And nothing of value was lost.
>> No. 5565
This isn't serious business.

Can't anyone just take it easy?
>> No. 5566
>> No. 5569
I always take it easy. I just find it to be polite to reply to well-structured criticisms, questions, and misconceptions that people might have about my narrative.

If you just want to be an asshole about it and not read or care. Then go ahead and leave. It's you who ultimately misses out, not I.

"And nothing of value was lost."
>> No. 5574
>It's you who ultimately misses out, not I.

This coming from the nigger who won't take the time to read /forest/ or /sdm/.
>> No. 5575
Well that we can't have, you are missing something incredible there. You should do this, it will not take that long anyway, a few hours and you have read it.
Good invested time.
>> No. 5576
[x] "Do you have enough knives, Queen of Maids?" TRACE ON.

Emiya Shirou got out his reality marble and said, "It's time for me to live up to my family name and face full-life consequences."
>> No. 5577
Waiting for Alice's arrival.
I have no regrets, this is the only path.
My whole life was Unlimted Figurine Works.
>> No. 5580
The main thing that puts me off about this LA is that instead of when you screw up too much you run out of continues and have to start over (or whatever the other LAs would do), you get penalized in a way that makes you like it less and less over time. It'd be like playing a game, but instead of having to start over at some spot when you lose all your lives, you end up having the game turn crappier and crappier. I'd rather just have it end and make me start over.
>> No. 5585
Stop the shitstorm and write already.
If someone don't want to read, so be it. Go read somewhere else, retard. Or even better, write one yourself. And I will wait and see if it's better than this one.

but...uh... it will be very great if there's no penalty and just starting things over like >>5580 said. There's an uproar once in /youkai/ when Tetro suggest the penalty system. please reconsider the penalty system.