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5024 No. 5024
You take a deep breath. You think about all that you've mused over before and make up your mind. You organize your thoughts into a coherent order and begin to speak. It takes you a few moments before you can talk.

“Well,” you begin to say. “I think it'd be best if I started by apologizing.” You smile at her. She just looks at you, as if your words don't hold much meaning. Well, this is to be expected from an apology. So no need to panic at her static behavior.

You can't help but feel nervous as you look at her regal and dignified posture. Her refined appearance and aura seem to very well define the mood of this conversation. Her simple, yet elegant dress suits her perfectly, you can't help but think. Her long dark hair possesses a beautiful sheen to it, and you can't help but wonder how she keeps it so beautiful despite of her more 'base' habits like lounging around for whole days at a time on her computer. You feel that you'd love to just be able to brush that hair, let alone feel it's silky strings on your fingertips. What an odd thing to think about, but you'd happily spend hours brushing her hair and making it gleam even more.

Focus! You're losing yourself to that beautiful and wonderful luster. You try to find your place in your thoughts again. Having paused enough from your initial statement you continue to speak.

“I know that an empty apology does not mean much.” You say and see that her expression is, unfortunately, indecipherable. You can't tell what effects your words are having on her. It's a complete mystery to you as to what thoughts cross her mind right now. “I just wanted to state that what I did was a horrible misuse of the time that we spend together.”

You take a quick glance at her, still no change.

“I know that we don't spend much time together. I either come to see you at bad times or I am elsewhere. In fact, in the two weeks that I've been here I could probably have made time to see you more often.” Wait, that line of thought implicates that you've been negligent. Crap, this might give her more ammo for her anger. Better just close off that window and just make your point. A more beneficial train of thought is in order here. “What I want to say is that I shouldn't have squandered the precious moments we have together. We would've been having fun together and doing something normally, but I instead chose to do something stupid.”

You peek at her again. You can't tell just what's going through her mind but you think she might either be disappointed, or maybe even slightly... sad. You totally don't know what's she's thinking about your words or if they're having any effect. For all that you could know, she could be thinking about today's lunch. Man, you really suck at understanding other people. You'd think that being around lots of people lately would have helped, but it looks like you're as hopeless as ever. Well, on the flip side you think that you're easy to read. Wait, that's not necessarily a good thing. Damn. You suck at interpersonal relations. You sigh on the inside and continue speaking.

“Kaguya, you're someone special to me.” You say. “You're an important friend.” You hesitate slightly and uncertainty shows on your voice. “I don't know, but you seem to be more than just a friend to me. Please don't ask me what that means, as I'm afraid that I couldn't answer myself.” You start fidgeting with your hands. You start tugging on a sleeve of your Kimono. Your hands are moving in response to your uncertain heart. “I just know that having you in my life is worthwhile, and if that's true friendship, then so be it. If it's something else besides feeling of friendship... ah, no forget it. It's not worth talking about hypotheticals.” You say that last part a bit flustered. You can feel that you're getting a bit red.

Why is this happening? Is it because of your confusion? You just know that your feelings aren't solid nor unanimous, it's as if you've got parts of you that want to see her as just an important friend, and other parts that want more. Or is it because her stoic gaze is making you nervous? You take another glance at her. She's still looking pretty indifferent, but you could swear that her expression has softened a bit. This change might have been so slight that you aren't even sure that you're not just projecting things that you want to see. Given your nervousness, that just might be the case. Your fingertips keep playing with the hem of your clothing and you have to take a deep breath before you're able to continue. You lift your gaze up to look at Kaguya straight on. She glances back into your eyes. This makes you feel uneasy, but you steel yourself and continue to talk. You've got to say your piece completely. No interruptions due to your uncertain feelings.

“You see,” You resume. “I myself know that I'm no good at understanding other's feelings.” You sigh out loud and continue. “Among my few talents, I'd have to say that understanding how others think and why they do the things they do are not among them. And forget even trying to understand their feelings – I totally suck at that!” You laugh a bit nervously to try show the honesty of your statement.

You notice that Kaguya's eyes have changed a bit, if it weren't for her unchanging expression, you'd even say that her eyes look like they're laughing. You take that as a sign and carry on.

“Anyone that's been around me for five minutes knows this. I can't help it. As much as I try I can't seem to figure other people out.” You start laughing a bit again, this time a bit more naturally. “I've even had to ask advice from a deity who was a woman for ten years! Imagine that! A transsexual god! And me having to resort to asking advice from it!” As you say this, you silently pray in your mind that your god will forgive you for your blasphemous words and make a note to set up an offering later to assuage his (or is it her's?) just wrath. Please be at a frat party somewhere and not looking at you right now.

“However,” You say before you look too pathetic. “I like to believe that I act honestly with accordance to my feelings. I know it's not much consolation, but I like to believe that I'm the authentic me no matter how much of a jackass I can be or how stupid I can act at times. So I'm always true with myself. It's probably due to this that I can't understand others, but I hope that others can understand why I do the things that I do.”

You see now that Kaguya has most definitely changed her expression. It only lasted for a moment, but you think that you saw in her face quite the combination. A mixture of a knowing look, with something like sadness (or frustration?), and a whole spectrum of other feelings. You can't, quite frankly put, know exactly what to make of it. You assess the situation. There's an enormous silence in the room. The tension in the air is so thick that you could probably scoop a whole bunch of it by using an empty jar. It feels almost tangible. Well, it seems like now would be a good time to wrap things up.

You look at Kaguya. She looks back with her static, patient expression. You slowly begin to bow, but then decide against it. You instead get up. Kaguya does not say a word and just stares at you. You walk over to her and kneel. Hesitating for but a moment, you hug her at an angle. You can't see a good portion of her face but it doesn't matter. You feel her warmth and you can feel your heart beating fast. She doesn't really react to your hug but she doesn't push you away either. As you continue to hug her, you say your final few thoughts.

>> No. 5025
“I don't know how to properly apologize. And I'm sure that my words may sound empty, silly, or both. But -” You emphasize the 'but'. “But I promise that I'll make it up to you. Somehow and at some point down the line I'll redeem myself. It's not much, but you have my word on it.” And with those words you finish your little speech. You hold Kaguya for a little bit longer and she gently pats the back of your shoulder with one of her hands. The action is a bit akin to a mother patting a crying child to calm him down. You don't know what that's supposed to mean. Do you seem that desperate? You let go of her and go sit where you were before.

You avoid Kaguya's gaze for some reason as you sit there with your sight on the table. Probably only a minute passed or so, but to you it felt like an eternity. Finally, after an agonizing wait with your heart beating hard, Kaguya starts to say something.

“Have you said all that you wanted to say?” She asks in a neutral tone.
“Yes, I have.” You reply nervously. Man it feels like your heart is going to burst out of your chest. You have no idea what's going to come next. You try to calm down in anticipation to her words.
“Well then.” She states. “I'll have you know that I am glad that you realize that you've squandered our time together on something stupid. Even accepting your apology, that isn't going to change how I feel.”

Wait, so her problem wasn't really just what happened earlier? That isn't that much of a surprise, but it makes you curious as to what the real issue is.

She continues to speak. “I'm afraid that I already knew almost everything that you said. And that's why I've been acting the way I have. To be honest, I just don't know what to do.” She sighs. “Look, you're important to me too, so there's no way I can stay mad over something trivial. We're 'buddies' as you so often say – at the very least. Once you live for as long as I have, you begin to understand that small mistakes like those are easily remedied. Despite everything, you're a good person at heart. And I know that.”

She then looks in your eyes and smiles weakly. “Listen, I'm afraid that my problem with you is not as simple as just grabbing a beer and forgetting about it.” She looks away with a sad expression. “Not with the ways things are now.”

You can't help it and ask. “And how would things be now?”

“I'm afraid that I find myself not willing to speak about it right now.” She replies. “I... I am mentally fatigued and need to collect my thoughts. I'm sorry.” She once again smiles to you, but it looks like it's a sort of sad smile. “Do you still wish to make things up to me?” She asks.

“Of course.” You reply with no hesitation.

Kaguya smiles a bit more whole-heatedly at your lack of hesitation.

“Well then,” She says. “Give me some time. I need to think things through. If you could come see me tomorrow evening or sometime the day after tomorrow that would be great. I need time to organize my thoughts. And I promise that I'll explain anything that you might want to know as well.”

You look at her. She seems almost... distant. You feel like you just want to reach out and hold her, but your instincts tell you that it would be best if you left her alone. She did ask you nicely, after all.

“Do you think that you could do me that favor?” She asks. “We'll be even after that.”

“Of course, I'll come see you either tomorrow evening or the day after sometime.” You reply. You've already committed yourself to making up for you mistakes and you really want to hear her side of things. Just what is really bothering her? Yeah, you hope that meeting with her will solve that question.

“Thank you for understanding.” Kaguya says. “Please leave now, I wish to be alone.” She half-heartily smiles at you. You can see that her thoughts weigh heavily upon her.

You comply with her wish and get up. You silently open the door and leave. Closing the door behind you, you are left in the hallway feeling slightly relieved. While it didn't go as smoothly as you would have liked it to, it would seem at the very least that she doesn't hate you. That's a good thing. You are quite preoccupied however at what her real problem with you is, and how it might affect your relationship. There was something in her few brief words that alerted you of something, but you can't remember now. Well, no use fretting over it right now. You've promised that you'd give her some time to think things over. And so you've got something like at the very least a day and a half to burn. You sigh as you start to walk away from her room.

You try not to let yourself be discouraged.

Yeah, that's right. Things aren't so bleak. You never know how things will turn out.

Well then. Carpe Diem. Seize the day. You should use your time today and tomorrow to fix and help shape the relationships that you have with the people in Gensokyo. You feel like it's important that you do this now, and that you'll only have time to truly fool around after speaking to Kaguya. For now, you should set a course to have another tête-à-tête with someone else. Given your limited time schedule of about a day and a half, you should make these count. Seeing the people with whom you have the most troubled or muddled relationships would be a priority. Someone with whom you get along and can see easily should be saved for last. Yeah, prioritizing is the way to go here. That way you can efficiently use your time.
>> No. 5026
You think of whom you could see. Right now, it'd make sense to see someone with whom things are ambiguous like Alice or Aya. Although you could see that miko as well. You think that Alice is probably the biggest priority since you don't know what goes through her mind. It'd be nice to clarify some things and make sure she doesn't get bothered by misunderstandings. It's been bothering you for a while, just exactly what her deal is with Marisa. Maybe you should ask the witch as well? Or there's a whole bunch of other things your could talk to her as well. Aya, is well, Aya. You don't know what the hell you'd say to her. You don't know how to deal with her after your last encounter. You have a feeling that if she wants to see you, she'll come to you. She gets around quite easily and it'd be quite the chore to climb Youkai Mountain. And there's Reimu. You get along well enough. You don't think of her a lot but she's friendly and has a cute side, even though she rarely has a chance to show it. You could go see how you feel about her just by chatting a bit or hanging around. Well those are three choices out there.

You think about other people. There seems to be no major confusion with Keine, so unless you wanted to profess your heartfelt love for her, there's no need to go see her. Well, with Mokou things are more ambiguous. You guess that you see her as a pal of sorts. You don't know, you haven't been around that aloof girl that much. From what you've heard however, it's a surprise that you haven't seen her around Eientei more often. Maybe that's a good thing. Eientei is, after all, a safe haven for you. Still, it might not hurt to see either one of them. Who knows how a good talk or something else can change the dynamic of your relationship? Maybe Something good will happen if you choose to see them regardless.

Your thoughts then turn to the people here. With Tewi, you have a feeling that any attempt at dialog would end with you hanging upside down from a snare trap or with firecrackers exploding at your feet. Better avoid that. Maybe if you had developed more of a relationship with her before now, things would be different. Your think about Reisen. While last night's turn of events were strange, you don't think that your relationship warrants any sort of intervention from you part. You should just let things flow naturally with her and things will be fine. And then there's Eirin. While technically your relationship is clear, she's asked for your help and such, you feel there's not much to talk about. If she wanted to bring up anything, you get the feeling she would. After your last talk, it's more than clear where the two of you stand. If she needs you for something else, she won't hesitate to ask. Still, you think that given time, maybe helping her out, you might see under her veil and see her true thoughts and emotions. But regardless of how she is underneath, you know that talking know will not change anything.

Well then, you've got your work cut out for you. First decide a destination, and then decide how to prepare for the encounter. There's a plethora of things that you can do, from bringing certain things, to planning ahead what you're going to say, to choosing the best route. Because you feel that you have to talk to as many people as possible, you decide to leave any conversations that could be held at Eientei for last (if you have them at all, that is). Well who's first then?

[] Decide to go see Alice
[] Decide to go see Aya
[] Decide to go see Keine
[] Decide to go see Marisa
[] Decide to go see Mokou
[] Decide to go see Reimu
Alright, I think I might just update once or twice and have to run off again. But this time I'll be back much sooner. So yeah, forgive the long downtime.
>> No. 5027
Mighty fine wall you got there, stranger.

[x] Decide to go see Alice
>>You think that Alice is probably the biggest priority
>> No. 5028
[x] Decide to go see Aya
>> No. 5029
[] Decide to go see Aya
>> No. 5030
[X] Decide to go see Aya
I'm tired of waiting for Aya's fantasies, so clear choice.
>> No. 5031
[+] Decide to go see Alice
There's another (at least) friendship to salvage, there. We're on a roll with clearing the air.
>> No. 5032
[X] Decide to go see Alice

Definately the most muddled relationship we have outside of Eientei, and as pointed out Aya will most likely come to us when she wants to talk, although perhaps the gesture of trekking to her home might be appreciated.

The hint that something good might happen just by going to see Mokou and/or Keine has me VERY curious, though.
>> No. 5033
[X] Decide to go see Alice
Fix our relationship with the batshit insane dollmaker.
>> No. 5034

>> No. 5035

I mean, goddamn, I'm a big Kaguya fan as you can get, but this would be no fun (for everyone besides me) if I just favored Kaguya for everything.
>> No. 5036
[X] Decide to go see Aya
>> No. 5037
{X} Decide to go see Aya
Fantasies turned REAL.
>> No. 5038
[x] Decide to go see Aya
>> No. 5039
[x] Decide to go see Alice

Gotta clear things up.
>> No. 5040
[x] Decide to go see Alice
>> No. 5041

You're getting absorbed way too far, Teruyo.

I'm not a Kaguya fan. Hell, she's a LOW TIER character in my 'fav touhoes' list. BUT FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK, THIS IS EIENTEI, NOT FOREST OR YOUKAI MOUNTAIN!
>> No. 5042
Yeah, it reminds me of this one story someone did based in the shrine. It featured characters that belong in the forest, the human village, the border, and even the outside world. Can you believe that shit?
>> No. 5043
[x] Decide to go see Alice
>> No. 5044
[x] Decide to go see Alice
Yeah, we could go off and get our quick fix of Tengu, but we've done it before and I doubt it'll be any more entertaining this time around.
>> No. 5045
[x] Decide to go see Alice

You decide to go see the dollmaker. Well then, things are certainly complicated with her. You wouldn't know where to begin nor what to say to her. Hmm, well, talking to her is the end objective. You'll (hopefully) come to understand her better if the two of you just chatted. You should make sure to somehow get to the thick of the issue. Hopefully she'll be receptive to talking and opening up. Maybe you should sweeten the deal to get her to relax, or at the very least not feel like you're cornering her.

Yeah, maybe that's the ticket. You could stop by the human village and buy her something. After all, it IS rude to show up to somebody's house empty-handed. You could probably afford something nice for her. Well, it might not be wise to spend all that cash at once, so you could maybe try making her something. You can't think of anything you can make yourself that would be done quickly. Cooking, you guess. But you don't even know her tastes, and transportation of food is another issue. Yeah, so probably something from the village would be okay. You're sure that some trinket won't be too expensive. Ah yeah, you remember that you have that booze with you as well. But you shouldn't use it just to talk with Alice. As Marisa implied, it's best left for a date or something. Plus, if you wanted to get her some alcohol, you could just ask the tavernmaster to spare some.

Besides that, you could do something inexpensive, like writing her a poem or making up a song or something for her. It's cheesy, but they say that the best gifts come from the heart. Right? Who doesn't appreciate the time and effort that goes into making good wordplay or creating a nice melody? Well if that fails, you could always scrounge around nature to look for a shiny rock or something. It might be cheap, but who knows, you might find something worthwhile (yeah, right). Well, you better decide on your specific course of action now.

[] Just go empty-handed, as is
[] Get her something at the village
[] Take time to make her something
[] Something artistic sounds good...
[] Scrounge around for stuff

Alright, going to take a short break for a few hours. I ought to be back in maximum 4 or 5 hours, but probably sooner.
>> No. 5046
[x] Something artistic sounds good...
>>maximum 4 or 5 hours
Shit. Looks like I'm spending half of summer without /eientei/ stories
>> No. 5047
[x] Take time to make her something
She made us Albion and a ribbon to show off to us on Shanghai. Time to return the favour with something handmade of ours...even if we don't make anything as magnificent as Albion
>> No. 5048
[X] Take time to make her something
With these hands...
>> No. 5049
[x] Take time to make her something
>> No. 5050
[x] Something artistic sounds good...

No time for mucking about.
>> No. 5051
[x] Take time to make her something
>> No. 5052
[x] Take time to make her something

Why? Because it's something from the heart. It's more valuable than anything we can buy.
>> No. 5053
[x] Take time to make her something
>> No. 5054
>Her long dark hair possesses a beautiful sheen to it, and you can't help but wonder how she keeps it so beautiful despite of her more 'base' habits like lounging around for whole days at a time on her computer. You feel that you'd love to just be able to brush that hair, let alone feel it's silky strings on your fingertips. What an odd thing to think about, but you'd happily spend hours brushing her hair and making it gleam even more.

I came.
>> No. 5056
>Her long dark hair possesses a beautiful sheen to it, and you can't help but wonder how she keeps it so beautiful despite of her more 'base' habits like lounging around for whole days at a time on her computer. You feel that you'd love to just be able to brush that hair, let alone feel it's silky strings on your fingertips. What an odd thing to think about, but you'd happily spend hours brushing her hair and making it gleam even more.

This is would be the beginning of HAIR STYLIST END. Kaguya becomes Shirou's Gal Pal and Shirou ends up becoming the best hair stylist in Gensokyo.
>> No. 5057
>> No. 5058

If I could be bothered, I'd write this. Thank the gods that I won't.
>> No. 5059
[x] Something artistic sounds good...

Artful Sacrifice!

...okay that was a bad pun but maybe we should check out what Shirou is capable of artistically. I mean, he has to have SOME talent, that we obviously haven't explored yet since all we keep finding in him are shortcomings.
>> No. 5060
[x] Take time to make her something
She's a doll-maker, I'm sure she'd appreciate a hand-made gift more than most of the Gensokyo girls would.
>> No. 5061
>> No. 5062
But ok I'll vote.

[x] Take time to make her something
>> No. 5063
Yes I want my Udonge too but Teruyo obviously states that it must wait.

This is good, we REALLY need to settle things with Alice anyways. Maybe Keine but that could potentially turn out bad. Keine does appear to have started having affections for us.

Speaking of affections, if no one else has got it yet: Kaguya is obviously having mixed feelings for Shirou. A part of her is probably thinking that she loves him more then she thinks or knows and another part of her might be afraid of losing that friendship or afraid of us turning her down.

...which would happen if we want our target to be Reisen, but eh, you can't win them all. Best we can do is help settle those feelings in her heart and comfort her that we'll still be there for her for as long as we can.

After all, she's immortal, we're clearly not. Would it not just lead to heartbreak in such a timeframe that to her, seems like so little due to how long she's lived? I would imagine so. Let's just try to cheer her up as much as possible without stepping past that boundary and get a few other things done.

Eirin should be nothing more then just a teacher to us, and maybe a really good friend to talk to and get advice from. I definitely say we should finish those lessons and learn more about Shirou's innate ability to learn very quickly. (Well...learn science quickly anyway. Emotions and such are a different story!)

What I think would be the best course of action, is to go see Alice ASAP and clear things up with her. Like Teruyo said, if Aya wants us, she'll come to us. After that, it should either be Reimu or Keine/Mokou. Settling things with them would be a good idea too. If we're going to settle on a target Anon...it's either now, or never.
>> No. 5064
[x] Take time to make her something

Yeah, you should take time to make her something. You may not have many options, nor really that much time, but you figure you could spare an hour or two making her something.

There's always the food choice. You could use the kitchen here to make anything ranging for pork cutlets to freshly baked cookies. You're mostly used to making manly foods or cup noodles but you think that from all your years trolling /ck/ you could probably pull off something like cinnamon cookies or maybe a pie of sorts. It'd depend on the materials as well.

You could make her something less edible (but just as nice as well, you hope). From what you've seen Alice takes time to make stuff for her dolls, so something along that vector would be fine. But the problem is that you've got no sewing materials or cloth whatsoever. Ah well, you could probably get either at the village, or maybe by asking someone here. Also you've got no idea what to make. Skill wise you think that you're fine. After all, you have made sutures and repairs to the cloth dresses that some of your figs have. If you concentrate you might be able to make her something simple. It should be enough to get the point across.

Those are basically the two choices. You can't think of anything else that you could make in time in order to give to her. Well, what's it going to be?

[] Cook something
[] Sew/tailor something
Alright, let's get this moving. I hope to be able to post a couple of more times without having to go.
>> No. 5065
[] Sew/tailor something

Doll clothes or accessories
>> No. 5067
[x] Cook something

I would say sew/tailor something but ah...we're in a lack of materials and trying to get some might prove time consuming, leaving us with little time to actually do it.

Then again...

[x] Just head over to Alice's and show her our fukken awsum sewing skills in person!
>> No. 5068
[] Sew/tailor something

It will be a piece of crap in comparison to the stuff Alice makes, but it's the thought that counts. Plus, she will have something to remember us by when we're not around.
>> No. 5069
[x] Cook Something
Well...Shirou can cook well though right?
>> No. 5070
[x] Sew/tailor something
Maybe just a plain simple dress.
>> No. 5071
[x] Sew/tailor something
>> No. 5072
[►] Cook something

>> No. 5073
File 12131425313.jpg - (180.21KB , 500x350 , GARCHER.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Cook something
>> No. 5074
[x] Sew/tailor something

We'll think of something. Showing up with food would be kind of lame.
>> No. 5075
[x] Sew/tailor something

Shirou might be a master designer. If this and his affection for nice hair are true, then maybe he is more FABULOUS than we thought.
>> No. 5076
[x] Sew/tailor something
>> No. 5077
[x] Sew/tailor something

Yes, you realize now that sewing something might be that best way to go. Very well then, you must acquire fabric now. And a sewing kit as well. While it's obvious that you won't have a sewing machine at your disposal, you think that you can make do with a basic sewing kit. After all, how hard can it be to make something simple?

Well, you need to decide two things now. One is where to get the fabric. You could probably find more variety at the human village (you've seen a haberdashery and other shops with textiles), but the downside to this is that it takes money (and a little more time, but that's really irrelevant). If you just look around Eientei, you most likely will find something, but it'll probably be a limited selection. The advantage, of course, is that it'll be free.

The second point to decide is for whom you're making this. While it's usually a no-brainier that you'd make something for her dolls, Alice might appreciate it if you made her something for her personal use. You never know is a lace, ribbon, or other accessory might make her happy. If you make it nice enough, she could probably add it to her usual vestments. It might require more material than a doll's accessory but it's worth considering. Well, you at the very least know that she'd probably appreciate a cute add-on to one of her dolls so that's a safe bet.

[] Get materials from around Eientei
[] Get materials from the human village

2nd option
[] Going to make something for Alice herself
[] Going to make something for Alice's dolls
>> No. 5078
[] Get materials from the human village
[] Going to make something for Alice's dolls
>> No. 5079
[] Get materials from the human village.
[] Going to make something for Alice herself.

She needs an awesome hat.
>> No. 5080
[x] Get materials from the human village.
[x] Going to make something for Alice herself.

Can't we just visit Keine while we're there? Might as well get that out of the way while we're there.
>> No. 5081
[x] Get materials from the human village.
[x] Going to make something for Alice herself.
>> No. 5082
[] Get materials from the human village.
[] Going to make something for Alice herself.
>> No. 5083
[x] Get materials from the human village.
[x] Going to make something for Alice herself.
>> No. 5084
[x] Get materials from the human village.
[x] Going to make something for Alice herself.
>> No. 5085
File 121314842556.jpg - (98.51KB , 300x225 , haberdasherysorta.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Get materials from the human village
[x] Going to make something for Alice herself

You decide that your best bet is to go to the human village. Continuing your impulsive streak, you quickly get your stuff and make towards the village. You cross the bamboo forest with no incident, probably marking the first time you've done so.

You go to where you saw the haberdashery. It's an old traditional shop, littered with hundreds of different textiles, strings, ribbons, and other commonly used items. You take a quick glance at their wares and see that that a few items stand out. There's a few laces that you think, that if embroidered, would make a fine addition to Alice's dress. Then again maybe she likes her dress to be simple. Then you see a fine silky cloth. Hmm, from that you could make a handkerchief you think. Not bad, you think that the available colors (light blue and a pinkish red) are also nice. For an extra touch, you could embroider her initials. Then there's some assorted materials that you reckon you could make Alice another headband from. Sure it'd probably be a bit crude, but you could make it look nice maybe. And finally, you could go with the (relatively) easy choice of making her a ribbon. You don't know where exactly she'd wear it, given that she doesn't have long hair, but it could still work somehow.

Well then, those are the options that you can think of with the material present. With your skills, you should be able to pull everything off just fine. Maybe the headband would give you a bit more trouble, but you think that you might be able to make it regardless. It goes without saying that you'll try to haggle for the sewing materials as well. You should be able to afford any of the four choices. The old shopkeeper seems like a nice lady, and she might even let you work in her store. She answers all of your questions about the materials in a nice, prompt manner, remarking that it's nice to see 'such a fine young man' take an interest in this sort of things. She says something about today's youth ignoring handmade gifts and going for thoughtless gestures.

Time to decide what to get Alice:

[] Laces would be nice on her dress
[] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful
[] Try to make a headband for her from the available materials
[] A simple ribbon
Alright, I've got to go out for a bit, but I should be back in a couple of hours. Probably same as last time, 3-4 hours likely.
>> No. 5086
[x] Ask the shopkeeper for advice

Failing that,
[x] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful
>> No. 5087
Time to be really FABULOUS.

[X] Laces would be nice on her dress
[X] Try to make a headband for her from the available materials
>> No. 5088
[x] A simple ribbon
Start Simple first.
>> No. 5089
[x] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful
Strangely attracted to this...
>> No. 5090
[x] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful

She's gonna need it once she shuts herself in and cries for days on end.
>> No. 5091
[] A simple ribbon.

She will immune to all status effects!
>> No. 5092
[x] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful
...Useful for when we REJECT HER.
>> No. 5093
[] A simple ribbon
>> No. 5094
I want to see Yandere Shirou stalking Shanghai.
Hotglue time.
>> No. 5096
[x] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful
And it'll have a coat of our own unique brand of hot glue.
>> No. 5097
[] A simple ribbon
>> No. 5098
[X] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful
>> No. 5099
[] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful
>> No. 5100
[x] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful

These are awesome.
>> No. 5101
[x] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful

>> No. 5102
File 121317425857.jpg - (1.28KB , 100x100 , handkerchief.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] A nice, silky handkerchief would suit her and be useful

You decide what you want to make for Alice. You point out to the shopkeeper the silky piece of cloth.

“I'll take that and a couple of threads and a needle.” You tell the shopkeeper.
“Oh? And what are you planning to make with this?”She asks you kindly.
“I'm planning on making a handkerchief.” You reply as you move to pay her.
“A handkerchief? I bet it's for your girlfriend.” She winks at you. “That's very sweet of you. I'm sure that this girl is lucky to have a boyfriend like you.”

Not bothering to correct her, you let her assume that it's for your girlfriend.

“Ma'am, if you don't mind, there's something else.” You ask.
“Sure, go ahead.”
“If you don't mind, I'd like to make it here. I don't have time to go back home, and I'd appreciate it if you let me use your shop. I'll stay in a corner and out of your way. Please.”

The shopkeeper laughs a wholesome laugh.

“Why of course!” She replies. “In fact, I'll even help you out if you need help. There's no need to be embarrassed, boy. It's a pleasure to help anyone who's in need of advice concerning sewing.”
“Thank you very much.”

You go to a corner of the shop and examine your purchase. You first mark the edges of your handkerchief and proceed to cut away the excess cloth. There's not much that you cut away, the size of the piece that you bought seems to be adequate. Very well then, on to the second step. You take out one of the threads that you bough along with a small piece of thin elastic string. You put the string along the edges of the piece of cloth and then gently fold the edges of the cloth on itself. That way you create a slightly crumpled pocket on the edge that feels slightly rougher and serves to prevent the material from losing threads due to wear and tear.

You concentrate and sew this fold, making little bumps as you go along. It's now got a different feel from the rest of the material. It's kind of like the edges of a pie crust, where the edge meets the pie pan.

“Oh, you're quite skilled at this.” The haberdasherer remarks. “It looks like this comes to you naturally. Most people would have trouble doing the edges like you are now.”
“Thank you, I'm just trying my best for this person.”
“She must be quite the someone.”
“Yeah...” You reply lost in your work.

It takes you a while, but finally you finish the edges of the whole piece of cloth. You could call it a day now, as the basic structure is complete, but you want to make it even more special. Alas, you think that you lack the skill to do anything more complex. You look at the haberdasherer inquisitively.

“Need help with anything?” She picks up on your look.
“Yes, I want to make it prettier, but I don't know how. I lack the skills to make a pattern.”

The shopkeeper laughs.

“Haha, well, sometimes things turn out prettiest when they're left simple. There's no need to add anything complex here. I think that your feelings will get through just fine.”

Not satisfied with her answer, you decide to give it your finishing touch. You take a soft yellow-colored thread and gently embroider the initials “A M” on a corner of the handkerchief. You use a flowing cursive font to sew the letters in and you think that it suits the overall look. You finish and look at your handiwork. The light blue color of the handkerchief looks pleasant to the eye. You're quite satisfied with the outcome and you hope that Alice will enjoy it. You carefully fold it and put it along your belongings.

You thank the shopkeeper for letting you use the shop and you leave. Heh, she even says that you're welcome to use her shop to make more things for your 'girlfriend' in the future. Well, it looks like you've got that over with. You smile at yourself due to your successful endeavor. It's only been an hour or two since you started, so you're making good time as well. You hurry up and go by the quickest path that you know to the forest of magic. You somehow end up passing by Marisa's house. Pressing on, you continue to Alice's. A familiar sign catches your eye on your way. You stop by to inspect it. This time there's some new text on it.

“Time waits for no one.”

That's all the sign says. You can't be bothered to think about what the sign wants to say. Man the signs in Gensokyo are weird.

You continue down the path, pacing yourself so as not to get too tired. Even by going at a moderate pace you're there in less than 15 minutes. You look at the facade of the house and help but feel that this simple house holds an indescribable charm to it. It's almost as if part of the dollmaker's appeal has been transferred to the edification.

Well then, it's no good to just be standing admiring her house. You decide to go knock on the door and see if she's in.
Alright, taking a break for a nap. So that's it for now. I'll run a quick poll in lieu of actual options for now (so you guys have something to bitch about). Polling is fun. And I want to see what the masses want (even though I have a good inkling).

Which character's end do you (personally) want to see this playthrough? Please note that the list might include hypotheticals and characters that have multiple/no ends (so don't rage if there's no character XX/YY end).

[] Alice
[] Albion
[] Aya
[] Chinese girl, Hong Meirin
[] Eirin
[] Kaguya
[] Keine
[] Koakuma
[] Marisa
[] Mokou
[] Patchy
[] Reimu
[] Reisen
[] Rinnousuke
[] Shanghai
[] Suwako
[] Tewi
[] Other

Since this is just a poll, I don't think there's any need to go for outlandsih answers. It won't affect the story at all.
>> No. 5103
[] Aya
>> No. 5104
[x] Aya

>> No. 5105
[] Shanghai
>> No. 5106
[x] Albion
[x] Shanghai

My whole life was unlimited fig works
>> No. 5107
[] Aya
[x] Shanghai
[x] Albion
>> No. 5108
[x] Aya - Cloaca love.
[x] Shanghai - Doll Moe
[x] Albion - SEIBAH
>> No. 5109
[ ] Aya
[ ] Shanghai
[ ] Albion

>> No. 5110
[ ] Reisen Udongein Inaba.

You know me Teru. This is the only path I strive for.
Then again, it's good to sex up everyone. But our love are only for one.

And that's for my moon bunny.
>> No. 5111
[] Reisen
>> No. 5112
[x] Reisen

This is my only path. I have no regrets.
>> No. 5113
[x] Reisen
>> No. 5114
[x] Reisen Udongein Inaba

>> No. 5115
[X] Reisen
>> No. 5116
[x] Alice
[x] Aya
[x] Chinese girl, Hong Meirin
[x] Eirin
[x] Kaguya
[x] Keine
[x] Reisen

Alice, because I like your Alice.

Aya, because she once again has a place in my heart.

Do want Meiling end, but it's pretty much implausible since this is /eientei/. Still, I'm a massive Meilingfag and love her so much.

Eirin? WHY NOT

Kaguya? No explaination here. I fucking love that hair, by the way. Oh god she's so pretty.

Keine, well. I don't know, but she's grown on me something fierce. Also doesn't help that she's hot.

And Reisen because who doens't like the moonbunny?
>> No. 5117
[x] Reisen

I want my Moon Bunny
>> No. 5118
[x] Reisen
[x] Keine
[x] Aya
[x] Reimu
[x] Alice

In that order.
>> No. 5119
[x] Kaguya
[x] Eirin
[x] Reisen

This is Eientei.
>> No. 5120
[x] Reisen
[x] Tewi

>> No. 5121
[x] Rinnosuke

>> No. 5122
[] Reisen
>> No. 5123

Finally, Anonymous have fix their targeting system. Congratulations !!
>> No. 5124
[x] Kaguya
[x] Eirin
[x] Reisen

Reisen is because we got screwed out of it in MiG.
>> No. 5125
[ ] Reisen
>> No. 5126

[x] Reisen

All the way
>> No. 5127
[] Reisen
>> No. 5128
[x] Aya
>> No. 5129
>> No. 5130
[x] Reisen
>> No. 5131
Required to have at least one route in /eintei/:
[x] Kaguya
[x] Eirin
[x] Mokou
[x] Keine
[x] Reisen
[x] Tewi

We haven't seen Mokou/Kaguya interaction, so we can't tell if there could be a Mokou/Kaguya end. By all means there should at least be a Reisen/Eirin & Mokou/Keine ends.

Other characters
[x] Sakuya (in b4 "I'm not a Lunarian so shut the hell up already")
[x] Alice -- Albion & Shanghai (daww...)
[x] Beer God
[x] More misc. rabbits
[x] Neil Motherfucking Armstrong (eh defeats moon rabbits single-handedly and doesn't afraid of anything)
[x] Medicine (promised to let Eirin study her)
[x] Yukari (still plotting against the moon)
[x] Remilia (wants to get to the moon)
[x] Patchy (dragged in kicking & screaming; c.f., /sdm/)
[x] Raymoo (what a bitch)
>> No. 5132
[x] Reisen

No doubt about it.
>> No. 5133
[] Kaguya?

Guys? It's lonely over here in the NEET camp.....
>> No. 5134
[x] Kaguya
Immortal NEET princess before anyone else, you fags
>> No. 5135
[x] Kaguya

>> No. 5136
[X] Kaguya
[X] Aya
[X] Reisen
[X] Albion
>> No. 5137
File 121319948457.jpg - (289.72KB , 847x968 , 1211521888560.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Reisen

Kind-hearted, underappreciated bunny needs love. Besides, I'd be amazed if we could still get Kaguya at this point. We need to give her a lot more attention the second time through.
>> No. 5138
[X] Reisen
[X] Aya, maybe
>> No. 5139
[X] Shopkeeper
>> No. 5140
[x] Kaguya
[x] Keine
[x] Aya
>> No. 5141
>> No. 5142
[] Reisen
>> No. 5143
[Alice] Alice
>> No. 5144
File 12132090367.png - (21.12KB , 202x248 , Reisen Target.png ) [iqdb]

also[X] Reisen, lock on
>> No. 5145
[x] Kaguya
[x] Rinnosuke
[x] Mokou
[x] Albion
[x] Reisen
[x] The tavernmaster
[x] Bears
>> No. 5146
[] Shanghai
Hotglue Anon must be true to his own self.
>> No. 5148

Don't get me wrong, I like Kaguya as much as you, but you know, targeting, majority and the fact that I like Reisen just a BIT more, etc.
>> No. 5149
[x] Alice. Though this is /eientei/, so maybe not.
[x] Eirin. Sexy nurse is hot and also sexy.
[x] Mokou. Just to see the look on Kaguya's face.
>> No. 5150
[x] Eirin
[x] Kaguya
[x] Tewi
>> No. 5151
>> No. 5152
>> No. 5153
TOTAL as of >>5152

25 *Reisen
12 *Kaguya
11 Aya
6 Albion
6 Shanghai
5 Alice
5 *Eirin
3 *Keine
3 *Tewi
2 *Mokou
2 Rinnosuke
1 Bears
1 Hong Meiling
1 Patchy
1 Reimu
1 Shopkeeper
1 The tavernmaster
0 Koakuma
0 Marisa
0 Suwako

*Eientei-related characters

Left out >>5131 because the vote was for THIS playthrough.
>> No. 5154
I would've voted for Meiling but this is /eientei/. Meiling is my number 1 fave just ahead of Reisen.
>> No. 5155
You should have.

As I made clear this was just a poll to see hypothetical preferences. All of you that voted basing on 'real' possibilities failed it. This was just a gimmick to buy me more time and not write. This poll WILL NOT affect the story in any way. I did however use the time to rest and check all flags and affection scores.

I cannot release the whole of that information to you, but I will however tell you the character with the lowest (and thus most improbable to finish her route now) affection score:


Also, you still have a shot at a number of character you might not expect to have. Just throwing that out there.
>> No. 5156
Seems people are still angry at Kira that we never had the chance with Reisen in MiG before we got gapped into the snowfield.
>> No. 5157
File 121323909865.jpg - (87.93KB , 338x549 , 1206418439389.jpg ) [iqdb]

She just went crazy, like MiG Anon really was
>> No. 5158
File 121323919742.jpg - (139.24KB , 700x630 , 1212008798086.jpg ) [iqdb]


>> No. 5159

I'd vote for tavern owner, but I'd regret it later. So no.
>> No. 5160
File 121323946679.jpg - (97.67KB , 850x782 , bestbejokan.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5161
I just like her the most in this story. She's really sweet, she even sang to us when we were near-comatose from pain. And the bunny ears/tail are adorable.
>> No. 5162
File 121323995857.jpg - (153.71KB , 494x698 , 1208052251280.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5163
>And the bunny ears/tail are adorable.

>> No. 5164
File 121324067922.jpg - (416.56KB , 1070x1515 , 063_236r.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 5165
anon agreed, don’t bother them about it.
>> No. 5167

Tetro had the right idea, locking Sanae route in /youkai/.

>> No. 5168
Go away. Wait for the next playthrough for Kaguya damn you.
>> No. 5169
We'll do Kaguya second, and this time we'll actually spend some time with her the first couple weeks. Mostly all we've done this playthrough is ignore her, worry her, and piss her off. It would be awkward to even try doing her route now.
>> No. 5170
File 121325060951.png - (212.72KB , 450x550 , c34b497ed053684ddea9a302e5ba9613.png ) [iqdb]
Eh, I'm fine with either NEET or Moon Bunny routes, so either way I'll be happy.

Now if only everyone else could just get their act together, pick a goddamn target, and STICK with it, we'd be set.
>> No. 5171
Route asides, I would like to take this opportunity to turn your attention to this.
Our inventory.

What we have so far is:

=[Hot glue gun] It's a built-in function, so yeah. For hotglueing stuff.

=[Laser pointer] Prove its worth in the duel pit. Maybe its have some other use?

=[Strong painkiller] added with side effect of drowsiness. Can be used in various ways like, as the name implies, kill some pain. or we can just make a good use of its side effect to drug someone. You know the drill.

=[Albion] Our useful little doll. We might practice using her for more complicate tricks or even combat capabilities. Come to think of it, Shirou have no combat capability. none. We better train something to defense ourself. Danmaku? I think it's quite possible. He might be first anon who can pull off some fancy stuff like danmaku.

=[Cash] How much do we have left? I think it's less than 3000 yen now.

=[Booze] Hey. We always have booze thanks to Shirou's deeds in the tavern. Use this as our advantage. We also have Alcohol god with us, right? Better make use of this.

but hey... We also have:
=[Unidentified liquid] found in Eirin's clinic. How can we make use of this one? we better find out because it will make our move from now on become more dynamic.

=[Unidentified PDA] this also need to be considered. I don't know how it can be useful, but i think...Maybe the data inside is the one important.

We have been given a choice to browse Human village's store and Kourindou's store for quite some times. This might indicate something from our beloved writer...
>> No. 5173

I've tried getting at the PDA once or twice but Anon didn't seem interesting. Maybe we can find out it's contents together with Reisen? That sounds like a pretty good plan IMO.

Also...when did we get the mysterious liquid?
>> No. 5176
>Also...when did we get the mysterious liquid?

Here. When we are out from the bed.
>> No. 5177
Nemo in RoMD was the first anon to really use danmaku.

We took more lessons since that, right? Maybe we can identify it now.
>> No. 5180



>> No. 5181

No you can't. Going against the majority will only prove to sabotage both Reisen AND Kaguya's route, thus leaving us with none. Please, for the love of god, don't be stupid.
>> No. 5182
We can make it better than it was. Better...stronger...faster.

Live the dream anon!

A man chooses, a slave obeys.

Everyone has a right to go for whomever they want.
>> No. 5184
Is a man not entitled to the route of his vote?

"NO," says the man from /forest/! It belongs to Alice!
"NO," says the man from /youkai/! It belongs to Aya!
"NO," says the man from /eientei/! It belongs to the moon-people!

I rejected those routes. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose HAREM.
>> No. 5186
One person steps forth and all of a sudden, we decided on playing Lunatic Mode? dgfdhs

Maybe I'm looking at this too realistically. I have experience knowing that getting together a harem of even TWO willing girls without fights is a million in a one chance.
>> No. 5187
I think it's gonna be amazing if we really manage to pull that out.
emphasize on "IF".
>> No. 5188
The way I look at it, if you really wanna succeed at doing that, I would just sit through a couple playthroughs, watch and look through things carefully and study it looking for patterns, then after some research I'd go about the best route for doing so.

But then maybe that's me playing it too safe. (That method might also fail since it's a human being running this LA, not a computer.)
>> No. 5189
>This was just a gimmick to buy me more time and not write.
Haha. You're fucking awesome, I laughed when I read that.

Either way I'd be supporting Reisen over Meiling (during the actual story) here, even if I prefer the latter. Reason? I just love Reisen. Those two and Yuyuko are my faves, so I'd vote for Reisen everytime, if it's here.
>> No. 5190
I lol'ed hard.
>> No. 5191
File 121327511953.jpg - (62.11KB , 600x600 , 1213267863687.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>This was just a gimmick to buy me more time and not write.
>Haha. You're fucking awesome, I laughed when I read that.
>> No. 5192
Your post

my head
>> No. 5193
Sounds like something YAF would do.
>> No. 5194

You have made me chortle quite loudly. Please resume your labor whenever you like, negro.
>> No. 5195
Parsee. Wiki her.
>> No. 5196
YAF is tsundere for Teru.
>> No. 5197
Ahh, lol. Figures.
>> No. 5199
File 121328512512.jpg - (71.51KB , 500x560 , Alicebutitremindsmeoftrueloveforsomereason.jpg ) [iqdb]
Feeling a bit anxious, you go to her door. You feel a bit uneasy at the prospect that she might not be in. Just like yesterday. You try to fight the anxiety and knock on her door. Your heart is beating fast, and you hold your breath for what seems to be an eternity. Your fears are dispelled, as you hear movement within the house. You resume breathing. You soon hear footsteps moving towards the door. They stop of a moment and then the door opens. Standing before you is Alice, with Shanghai and Hourai flying around her.

“Hiya Alice!” You greet her. She looks at you a bit surprised but then greets you.
“Hello Shirou. I didn't expect to see you here today. What brings you here?” She asks.
“Yeah, about that, I wanted to talk to you. Do you mind if I came in?”
“Please do, I'll get some tea ready.”

You walk inside the house and sit yourself at the table you sat last time. Alice goes to the back, to presumably prepare tea. You look around. The room and house are pretty much the same as last time. There are dolls everywhere and doll-related accessories dominate the spaces. You still find it as fascinating as the first time, and you should really ask Alice to show you how to make these dolls one day. Who knows, you might even have a talent for it. Nah, that's about as likely as you ending up with a harem of girls at your beck and call. And there's a better chance of Mokou and Kaguya being best friends than that happening.

As you find yourself increasingly lost in your own fantasy world, Alice comes back with two cups of tea. You snap out of your delicious harem fantasy and accept the cup of tea.

“Thanks.” You tell her. “I really like this tea. Reminds me of the tea I used to have for breakfast a long time ago.”
“I'm glad you enjoy it so.” She says. She sits down and the two of you sip the tea.
“So, before I forget. First things first. I brought you something. I made it myself.”

You can see her eyes widen at the mention that you brought her something. She looks genuinely surprised and pleased. You reach into your mysteriously spacious kimono and grab the handkerchief. You place the blue handkerchief and place it on the table.

“Here for you. It's not much.” You say. “But I spent time making it especially for you. I hope that you'll enjoy it and use it.”

She picks up the handkerchief. She runs her fingers along the fabric, apparently enjoying the silky texture. She even enjoys the rougher edges. You can see her smiling happily as she notices the bumpy nature of the folded edges. However, her eyes truly light up when she finally notices the initials that have been embroidered. You can almost literally see her eyes glittering. She traces the letters with her fingertips. After a bit more of this she looks up at you.

“Oh Shirou, what can I say? It's lovely!” She says enthusiastically. “I love everything from the color to the texture of it. And I most certainly love the way you put my initials on it. Thank you very much! I'll be sure to treasure it.” She looks away from you for a bit. “I-I don't know how to repay you for your kindness...”

“Don't worry about it.” You say. “I did it because I wanted to give you something. You did give me Albion after all. It's a token of my continued appreciation for you.”
“T-Thanks...” Alice shyly says. And then she does something that (at least you find) is very embarrassing.

She sniffs the handkerchief. Just like that. It may be brand new, but you still feel it's embarrassing.

“Hehe, it has a particular smell to it. It's not too bad. I wonder if it's your smell.” She says in a giggly fashion.

Man as a guy, you're sorta flattered and, truth be told, sorta excited. After all, it's a girl feeling your scent. The handkerchief must have picked up some of your smell as you traveled with it in your kimono. Still, this evokes a whole range of emotions from deep within you. You start feeling a warm fuzzy feeling from within you. Looks like this was the best option after all.

Stay focused dammit! You came here to talk to her and clear things up.


You look at her unguarded smile and true appreciation and you can feel your reservations fade away. It's just so... nice to see her happy like that. You wish that you could make her smile like that all the time. She truly looks radiant and lovely.

Okay damn, you can't get lost in this moment. No matter how dreamy her expression might be.

“Uh, say Alice I have something I'd like to talk to you about.”
“Hm, yes? You can tell me whatever, you know that, don't you?” She says while still glowing from the gift.

Well then, no is the time to strike. Should you start by reassuring her importance to you? That might be the best choice if you think she doubts your relationship. However if that's not the case, it might be best to confront her about your current relationship and ask her just how exactly she feels about you. Maybe that's too direct. Hmm, maybe you should inquire about Marisa? Yeah, it might be best to find out what goes on between her and Marisa. Maybe that's the root of all the problems. Well, maybe another option would be just to make small talk and see where to conversation takes you. But to be honest, you came here to solve your problems, not to pussyfoot around them.

[] Reassure her worth to you
[] Confront her about her feelings
[] Ask about her relationship with Marisa
[] Just chit-chat
[] Pledge your love to her
Man that took forever for me to write.

Also, YAF, you're so tsundere for my story. Admit it, you'd love to see how I'd bring the shrine maiden to her knees, begging for more.
>> No. 5200
[x] Pledge your love to her

It worked for Reisen. What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 5202
[x] Pledge your love to her
>> No. 5203
>Also, YAF, you're so tsundere for my story. Admit it, you'd love to see how I'd bring the shrine maiden to her knees, begging for more.

Naaah. I meant the way people react to your slacking off.

Also, filename :|
>> No. 5204
[x] Ask about her relationship with Marisa

the rest are lame or dangerous, let's clear this up
>> No. 5205
Well, maybe that's because I'm not a tripfag on /jp/ (at least not anymore, I'm afraid I'd gather too much attention if I used my trip there or here).

Also, I don't flaunt that much the fact that I ditch for the vidya.

And I'm still waiting for your sloven lust for the miko to shine through.
>> No. 5206
[x] Ask about her relationship with Marisa

Our love is Reisen's and no one else's!
>> No. 5207
[x] Ask about her relationship with Marisa

Shirou, professional match maker! After we get Marisa and Alice clit boxing we'll move onto Mouku and Kaguya? Keine can have the tavernmaster!
>> No. 5208
{X} Ask about her relationship with Marisa
>> No. 5210
[x] Ask about her relationship with Marisa
>> No. 5211
[x] Ask about her relationship with Marisa
[x] Pledge your love to her
The order's not particularly important.
>> No. 5212
[+] Ask about her relationship with Marisa
>> No. 5214
You know what? Screw you guys. I'm gonna take the reckless vote early.

[x] Pledge your love to her

Yeah we just picked our target to be Reisen...but does she know? No. Fuck who knows, maybe this is the one true path to enlightenment. (re: harem)

Alice is in a happy mood, take advantage of it. Maybe it's wrong but since when were we ever right?

Let's just blast a hole through this fucking story and see how many hearts we can break at once.
>> No. 5215
[x] Pledge your love to her
>> No. 5216
[x] Pledge your love to her

>> No. 5217
[x] Ask about her relationship with Marisa
[x] Pledge your love to her

Let's get a threesome.
>> No. 5218
>> No. 5219
[X] Pledge your love to her
>> No. 5220
Do the impossible, see the invisible


Fight the powah!

I'll wait a bit to see if your option makes a come back and wins... I must say that I'm tickled by both outcomes. Both are giving me undeniable pleasure, in different ways of course.
>> No. 5221
he does have a point though.

fuck this go-around-apologizing-to-everyone-for-no-good-reason shit. giga heart breakaaaa

[x] Pledge your love to her
>> No. 5222

For what it accounts for, that could've turned out a hell of a lot worse. We found out that wasn't what bothered Kaguya at all, so it wasn't a complete loss.

That being said, this part here is just totally fucked up anyway. You're taking a risk no matter what you choose.
>> No. 5223
[x] Pledge your love to her

Doing it for the fucking lulz.
>> No. 5224
[x] Pledge your love to her

Aliiiice~ <3
>> No. 5225
What about a combo outcome? We ask her about her relationship with Marisa 'cause we're checking she's emotionally unattached before declaring our love?
>> No. 5226


[x] Ask about her relationship with Marisa
>> No. 5227
I'm feeling generous today (must be the cheap aussie beer). You DO NOT want those two choices combined.
>> No. 5228

See gentlemen, here lies your point.

You know that you'll be bad ended by professing your love.

But he hides that by asking about Marisa, Alice's mood will turn sour, bad ending you anyway.

Gentlemen, you have nothing to lose.
What will you do?
>> No. 5229
[x] Pledge your love to her
>> No. 5230


[x] Pledge your love to her
>> No. 5231
[X] Pledge your love to her
This board is now /forest/
>> No. 5232

Absolutely nothing.

[x] Pledge your love to her
>> No. 5233
では諸君, you've made a very interesting choice. Writing as soon as I get something to alleviate the munchies.
>> No. 5234
[x] Pledge your love to her
This is going to be the most fucked up BAD END ever.
>> No. 5235
>> No. 5236
What makes you think this'll be an instant BAD END?
>> No. 5237
Vote-stuffing on "pledge your love". We were all about trying to find out what her beef with Marisa was before. Quit derailing attempts to get some exposition going.

[X] Ask about her relationship with Marisa
>> No. 5238
I don't. But this is going to bad end sooner or later. Teruyo is like that with his flags.
>> No. 5239
Gentlemen, choice a or b. This may have no impact on the story at all. So first vote wins.

[] A
[] B
>> No. 5240
[] B
[] B
[] B
[] B
>> No. 5241

Now you get to know what you just picked:

<Zer00> Also munchies: hamburger or burrito?
<JJames19119> Burrito
<Kapow> hamburger
<Zer00> split vote eh?
<Kapow> hamburrito
<Zer00> Too messy
<Zer00> Oh I know, I'll just ask anon
>> No. 5242
Better eat your 4 burritos
>> No. 5243
Actually b was hamburgers.
>> No. 5244
Eat 2 hamburger and 2 burritos
>> No. 5245
>>vote stuffing

Don't start that bullshit again.
I watched this thread from when that got posted and saw people delete and change their votes.
You can also compare post times.
>> No. 5246
File 121328993970.gif - (27.79KB , 500x600 , Akyu049.gif ) [iqdb]
>And I'm still waiting for your sloven lust for the miko to shine through.

Nah, your Reimu is moe. I like my Reimu tsundere and bitchy. While I admit that moe Reimu has her own charm as well, there are enough moeblobs in Gensokyo to make me become bored of them.

Except Akyu, that is. Akyu shall always remain adorable to me, no matter how much of her cuteness I or other people exploit.
>> No. 5247

>> No. 5248
[X] Ask about her relationship with Marisa
dunno about you guys, but I want some answers.
>> No. 5249
[X] Ask about her relationship with Marisa
>> No. 5250
[] B
>> No. 5251
File 121329607172.jpg - (131.26KB , 586x700 , arisu.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Pledge your love to her

“Well the truth is...” You say and hesitate for a bit. After all you don't know how she'll take it.
“Hmm?” She tilts her head in curiosity. “The truth is?”

It's now or never. You've got to say it now. You won't get another chance. You've got to make things clear for her now. You get up from you seat and come close to her, you grab her hand and kneel down. You look up at her confused and slightly flushed face. Surely she doesn't know what's prompting your rash actions. You steel yourself and say your piece.

“Truth is, well, that I've been ensnared by your charms and assets since we first met. To be blunt, I'm enraptured. I think I've fallen head over heels for you. Miss Margatroid I cannot even begin to explain my enormous attraction towards you and everything that you embody. Your voice to me is like a heavenly trumpeting of an angel's choir, your refined looks would put the most elegant lady in Victorian England to shame, and your natural grace makes the very gods and sprites envious. To put it directly and succinctly, I am but a fool for no one but you. I pledge my undying love and admiration to your magnificent person. I'm saying that I love you.”

You lower your gaze and continue to hold her hand. Anxiously waiting for a reaction from her. You're breathing pretty hard, having exposed yourself like that and you can likewise hear that Alice's breathing has increased in pace. Your heart is beating fast. This confession was unlike anything that you've done before. What you did with Reisen was... different. And Tewi made sure to end that situation abruptly. This is very much so different.

You wait, with you heart beating at your very throat. After what seems to be an eternity, Alice speaks up.

“Ah Shirou...” She weakly says.

You look up at her. She's completely red and.... crying? You look at her face and sure enough streams of tears are coming from her eyes.

“Alice? What's wrong? I'm sorry did I upset you? I-” You begin to say out of worry.
“It's not that!” Alice says, fighting amongst the tears. “It's just that... that's the loveliest thing that anyone has ever said to me!”

You look at her with surprise. Her tears are really flowing now, staining her dress and new handkerchief.

“Oh, I'm sorry, I'm getting your gift all dirty.” She says. “But I can't help it, the tears won't stop... I wonder why? I feel so confused.”
“I don't mind if you get the handkerchief dirty. It's yours after all.”
“But it's a gift from you to me... I've got to take good care of it. What kind of person would I be if I didn't? It's my... responsibility to be strong.”
“You'd still be the same person that I care about.”
“I-I don't know what to say.” She says in between sobs. “I feel so happy, but at the same time so confused. It's been like this since I met you. All I could think about is the kindness that you've shown me from the start and my heart starts pounding so fast. I don't even know why myself. I start thinking about the most silly things and even made that ribbon to show off to you. Even after seeing you with Marisa I didn't know what to do. I just didn't know what to make of it. I even went to ask for advice. I've just never felt this way before. I feel so lost, and I'm afraid to see where this will take me.”

Yeah, you haven't thought about Alice's feelings at all. You look at her cute face and think about what must be going through her mind. Yeah there's happiness, but there must be confusion, anxiety, and maybe even fear in there as well. You definitely don't know how to deal with this. Well it does look she needs her own time and space to sort things out, but then again this might be a good time to show her some manly backbone. Gah, you so do not know what to do now. You just know that you have to do something about the lovely dollmaker's overflowing heart and feelings. Can you truly reach into her inner self and reassure her?

[] Kiss her, show her your affection physically
[] Try to comfort her with words
[] Stay silent
>> No. 5252
[X] Kiss her, show her your affection physically
Now or never.
>> No. 5253
[ ] Give up on the ReisenNEET route

Actually scratch that

[ ] Jump into LAKE
[ ] Back two choices
>> No. 5254

Lookin kinda SSJ2 here, Alice.
>> No. 5255
Needs more spikes.
You're not getting out of this that easily. Even if anon comitted suicide, the reprecussions would be much worse than a simple slap on the wrist.
>> No. 5256
>[] lol jk
>[] go find reisen

[x] Kiss her, show her your affection physically
>> No. 5257
[x] Whip out the Alcohol Marisa you gave you.

I honestly expected another tentacle bad end when I voted that.
>> No. 5258
{X} Hug her and try to comfort her with words
>> No. 5259

I find it ironic that she looks like if she was grinning on the tumbnail, yet when I open the image in full size, she has a sad face.
>> No. 5260
[x] Anemia option
>> No. 5261
fits perfect for the situation.
>> No. 5262
For a split second you feel tempted to pass out. Most likely due to your KeyAIDS. But a very powerful voice echoes through your head, warning you that very dire consequences will befall you and the 'multiverse' if you collapse right now. The fabric of time and space might be compromised and certain things might happend that you cannot reverse, no matter how much you try. In short it's not even an option here.
>> No. 5263
[x] Kiss her, show her your affection physically
>> No. 5264
[x] Kiss her, show her your affection physically

take this shit all the way.
>> No. 5265
[x] Kiss her, show her your affection physically
>> No. 5266
[x] Kiss her, show her your affection physically
After we kiss her she will knock us out and lock us up in her cellar.
>> No. 5267
[x] Stay silent
>> No. 5268

This is it, this is the Alice Good End
>> No. 5269
>> No. 5270
[ ] Jump into LAKE
[ ] Back two choices
[ ] Save state
[ ] Alice route
>> No. 5271
Good End is when she locks us up in her cellar in chains.
True End is when she makes us into a doll for all eternity.
>> No. 5272
And best end?
>> No. 5273
She cuts us off our arms and feet so that we cannot escape and that she can take care of us all the time.
>> No. 5274
I lol'd
>> No. 5275
[x] Kiss her, show her your affection physically

Recklessness all the way etc.
>> No. 5276
I think Shirou is a pretty dumb guy. eh pleads his love to everyone and doesn't afraid of BAD ENDs.
>> No. 5277
[x] Try to comfort her with words
Don't overwhelm the poor girl.
>> No. 5278
[ ] Steal her precious thing.
Or not.
[x] Try to comfort her with words
>> No. 5279
Each and every single one of you are faggots for not taking the Kaguya route first before we start hitting on anything with a heartbeat.
>> No. 5280
No Anon you are the faggots.
[x] Stay silent.
Just to be different.
>> No. 5281
Why are you being discriminate towards Mima and Yuyuko? :(
>> No. 5282
Teruyo should just use a fucking route lock like HY does to end this bullshit of Anon going after anything with a pulse.
>> No. 5283
>[x] Pledge your love to her

Seriously, I come back from work expecting something entirely different, only to get this. I'm hoping we get a hilariously gruesome Bad End.
>> No. 5284
File 121331256669.jpg - (115.00KB , 525x595 , 41507861.jpg ) [iqdb]
I'm not sure if I should be surprised by this or not. All of those votes for Kaguya and Reisen in that poll that apparently meant absolutely nothing in the end must have been a fluke, huh?

Oh well, this is fine. There's still plenty of fun to be had.

>>Even after seeing you with Marisa I didn't know what to do. I just didn't know what to make of it.

If that's how she got after seeing us with Marisa, just wait until she catches wind of what we were doing at that party that night...
>> No. 5285
Goddamn anon, you're as smooth as lava rock.
>> No. 5286
Yeah we wanted Reisen and Kaguya...still do. You know what I think is just going on?

>> No. 5287
always an option
>> No. 5288
Because they're not /eientei/ routes. They can, but we've heard nothing about them so far.



>> No. 5289
Cruise control off, dumbass. You're not forwarding your point at all when you scream like a ninny.
>> No. 5290
[x] Stay silent
>> No. 5291

Don't get me wrong, I whole-heartedly agree. But after I realized something, I began thinking our Reisen route was more fucked up then it should be. What I just said only reflects what I think the rest of Anon is going after...but I could be wrong.

Ah...and then there's Teruyo himself. He's such a manipulative bastard. Tip: If you don't want to fuck up what you want to do in the story, don't talk to him in IRC. :V
>> No. 5292
>Tip: If you don't want to fuck up what you want to do in the story, don't talk to him in IRC.

Seriously. I now truly know that Teru feast on Anon's despair. And You won't know you will until it's too late.

Thus, I vote:
[X] Grab both Alice shoulder, "Alice, I am serious."

I am truly disappointed. I think we already gunning for Reisen. Now look what you have just done, Anon. Look what you've done.
>> No. 5293
But capslock is the cruise control for awesome.
>> No. 5294

Cruise control still requires you to steer.
>> No. 5295
Not if you have your eyes closed
>> No. 5296
So, then, Capslock is Cruise Control for Suicide.