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4477 No. 4477
[x] Go to a cafe

You decide to go to a cafe and drink something. You look around the village. There doesn't seem to be a cafe in plain sight. You keep on looking, and eventually find one nestled between a habedashery and a butcher. You sit down and soon a waiter comes asking for your order. He kinda looks like that waiter from that MP sketch... you ignore it and place your order. You ask for tea and start to look around. There doesn't seem to be many people around. The cafe is practically deserted as well. Running a cafe in Gensokyo doesn't seem to be a lucrative business. Your order comes soon, and the waiter places the cup of tea in front of you.

You take a sip of the tea and then open one of the books. You start out by skimming through the book full of plays. Hmm... well this book has some pretty lame looking plays... You wonder what all the fuss is abou- HOLY SHIT THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!! OH MY GOD YOU'RE THE MOTHERFUCKING CRAZIEST PERSON IN NORTHERN ITALY JESUS CHRIST! 'THE POLICE INSPECTOR WILL HAVE MY BADGE!!” FUCK YES! YOU ARE THE MOST INCOMPETENT POLICE OFFICER EVER!

You read enthralled at the story of the maniac fooling the maniac. Hell, after finishing that play you go as far as reading about the president of Fiat that had amnesia and other plays. Goddamn this Fo guy writes the best plays ever. You've drank all of your tea whilst reading these wonderful plays. Oh man, watching these ought to be the best experience ever. What a shame that you can't get anyone to act with you. You think about the possibility of using Albion, but it's just not the same. You realize that quite a bit of time has passed since you sat down. You decide to leave the other book for later and pay your bill. It came to a bit less than 300 yen, which you think is outrageous for a cup of tea. But you don't make a big deal since they probably don't get much business.

Well then, you've still got some time to spare. It's not dark yet and you can still do quite a bit here.

[] Go look around the shops
[] Grab a drink at the tavern
[] Go see Keine
[] Head back to Eientei

>> No. 4478
[X] Go see Keine

Hey werecow, 'sup?
>> No. 4479
[x] Go see Keine

Eh, why not?
>> No. 4480
[X] Grab a drink at the tavern

>> No. 4481
[x] Go look around the shops
Buy something for the NEET.
>> No. 4482
[+] Go see Keine

When we get a chance to make up with Alice, spring the idea of her and you putting on a doll-play performance of some of these plays. This shit will be awesome.
>> No. 4483
[X] Head back to Eientei

Need to figure out some stuff about that PDA, don't we?
>> No. 4484
I think you guys need more convincing.

<Zer00> Ah well, and there's no hscene in the foreseeable future either
<NamelessShikigami> Unless we get drunk with Keine
<NamelessShikigami> ...not that I'm hinting at anything!
<Zer00> and rape her?
<NamelessShikigami> You mean daterape.
<Zer00> those pills eirin gave you could be put to quite a few creative uses...
<NamelessShikigami> ...now you've REALLY made me curious.
<Zer00> oh that has nothing to do with the hscene
<Zer00> I was just going with the date rape idea there
<Zer00> although the pills might be useful during an hscene as well
<NamelessShikigami> I'm regretting me cafe vote now XD
<NamelessShikigami> *my
<Zer00> but in any case, you could always try the traditional way of getting a chick into bed - booze.

Yes - Zer00 is Teruyo. Conspiring may begin now.

[x] Go see Keine
>> No. 4485
[x] Go see Keine
>> No. 4486
Forget about going the pussy route of drugging the delicious werecow schoolmarm.

Doing so would show a severe lack in faith in the power of both alcohol and our god.
>> No. 4487

He speaks the truth. We'll lose his protection if we use alcohol to take advantage of someone and rape them. Instead, let us pray to him while we forget the idea of doing something stupid

[x] Grab a drink at the tavern
>> No. 4488
[] Head back to Eientei
>> No. 4489
Besides, it's manlier to make her want you without anything to force her. Alcohol is just the opening act, not the driving force.
>> No. 4490
[x] Go see Keine
[x] Drink with Keine
>> No. 4491

>> No. 4492
>>4486 >>4487 >>4489 >>4491

Anon being rational? lolWUT
>> No. 4493
Hey, I always use reason.

It's just not often anyone actually agrees with me.

I say just go with it and enjoy it. It won't last. It never does.
>> No. 4494
Question: Who the hell is the target?
>> No. 4495
At the moment?
>> No. 4496
[x] Go see Keine

You decide to go and see Keine. You think of where she might be at this time of day. It's not yet late afternoon, so it's completely possible that she's still teaching classes. You decide it'd be best to check out the schoolhouse first. You walk through the village, passing through shops filled with wares and the friendly local tavern. Maybe some other day you can stop by and check them out properly. For now you just concentrate on trying to find Keine.

You come to the schoolhouse and see that class is still in session. Just like the last time you were here, you see that the school children are noisily chatting amongst themselves as the teacher tries to get on with the lesson. You can tell by the teachers serious, yet dedicated and loving voice, that it's Keine who's teaching the lesson. It looks like it's one of her usually history lessons. It looks like she's slightly frustrated at her students, as you can hear a slight edge to her tone.

There doesn't to be much time left in her lesson. You could just wait out here until the lessons end and then talk to her. It might not be wise to interrupt her lesson a second time. Then again, you could always try to go in in style. Waltzing was last time, but this time you feel like you could do something better. Perhaps a mambo? What would you follow that up with though? It'd be stupid to just go in dancing and then have nothing to say. Still, whatever you do, you better make sure that you don't antagonize the teacher. You could try going in and trying to support her standing amongst the students by trying to bluff about Keine's amazing teaching technique, or alternatively by giving a sincere speech about the wonders of history.

[] Wait outside until the lesson ends
[] Mambo in
[] Stride in, tell tall tales about Keine's teaching
[] Stride in, give passionate speech about history
>> No. 4497
[x] Wait outside until the lesson ends

Then get her to join you so she can unwind.
>> No. 4498

You know, I'm starting to think there isn't a target yet. We haven't chosen one yet.

That being said, I'm not sure if I want it to be Alice.

[x] Wait outside until the lesson ends
>> No. 4500
[x] Wait outside until the lesson ends
>> No. 4501
[x] Stride in, give passionate speech about history

History is very important
It allows you to use excellent strawmen when arguing with people who don't know theirs.
>> No. 4502
[x] Moonwalk in
>> No. 4503

>> No. 4504
[] Mambo in

Fuck we forgot to grind our dancing skills, we're gonna have to make up for lost time.


The Write fag has filled the area with chaff confusing our targeting system, at the moment we seem to be after any target within visual range
>> No. 4505
[] Mambo in, give passionate speech about history

Mention how those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it, LIKE US.
>> No. 4506
[x] Mambo in, give passionate speech about history
Lol, moonwalk.
Remember last time we tried that? You're still not at the King of Pop's level. Stop trying to embarrass yourself.
>> No. 4507
>The Write fag has filled the area with chaff confusing our targeting system, at the moment we seem to be after any target within visual range

Okay. Also, didn't gain the ability to woo women or something? Regardless, we need to give the Beer God an offering.
>> No. 4508
With all this talk about dancing, why not not find an opportunity to dance with Keine? If she doesn't know how, now is the perfect opportunity to teach her.
>> No. 4509
[] Wait outside until the lesson ends
>> No. 4510
Fine, changing my vote.

[x] Mambo in, give passionate speech about history and vocalize like the King of Pop between every phrase.
>> No. 4511
>>Okay. Also, didn't gain the ability to woo women or something? Regardless, we need to give the Beer God an offering.

I'm not sure how much we should rely upon our new Lord and Savior. That thing he mentioned before about requiring an offering of our "fluids" worries me...
>> No. 4512
[] Mambo in, give passionate speech about history
>> No. 4513
Looks like there are more Mambo votes than Wait Outside votes.

Why is it so slow around here?
>> No. 4514
[X] Mambo in, give passionate speech about history
Moonwalk for later, when we can do it.
>> No. 4516
[X] Mambo in, give passionate speech about history
>> No. 4517
[] Mambo in, change class from history to sex ed.
>> No. 4518
[x] Mambo in, change class from history to sex ed with Keine.
>> No. 4519

[X] Mambo in, give passionate speech about history
>> No. 4520
Not that it'll win it looks like, but...
[X] Wait outside until the lesson ends
>> No. 4521
File 121264250229.jpg - (91.67KB , 1000x650 , keinescrolls.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Mambo in, give passionate speech about history

Alright you can do this. You take a deep breath. You try to get into the zone. You feel the rhythm in your head, that saucy Cuban beat. This should do. You wait for there to be a pause in the teachers speech. And you mambo your way into the classroom. You dance through the simple door and into the middle of the room. You're humming out loud a tune that you remember hearing and your body shakes and twists to its beat. You're struggling a bit, it might have been smarter to do a bit slower of a dance while coming in. Perhaps a slower cousin to the mambo, the rumba for starters. If you were back home, you might get criticized for your form and slightly out-of-synch-with-the-beat steps. But here in Gensokyo, it's a completely different matter. The whole class is staring at you and your movements. You ignore their piercing stare and make your way to the schoolteacher. You grab her and try to make her dance with you. She, of course, doesn't know the first thing about dancing and just stumbles about. Not feeling like ridiculing her in front of her students you sop, let go, and turn to the class.

“Students,” You start to say. “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. It is a simple fact that many forget.” You take a pause. “When our leaders take foolish actions, it's up to us to remind them of the tragedies of the past. Otherwise we are doomed to suffer the many Bushs, Hitlers, and Tsars of life. Nothing good ever comes from being passive and just sitting back. Just by knowing our roots we can see evil where it hides under the cloak of good intentions, religion, or other usually reputable areas.”

The class is stunned, listening to your speech. You carry on.

“There is nothing more important than knowing oneself. For if you know yourself, then decisions become easier and you can understand the purpose behind actions. History is a great tool for that. For history is ultimately not about dates and events but about man.” You emphasize the word 'man'. “Yes - it is so. History is simply the tale of men and women who lived in a different era than ours. About their exploits and challenges. If we realize that we, as a species, have not changed at all over the duration of recorded history, then we can easily draw conclusions from those who came before us. For you see, the problems the besieged humans 2,000 years ago are basically the same as today. Rivalries, greed, love, all those are painstakingly recorded into the annals of history. So I once again propose to you -” You take a dramatic pause. “To know history is to know yourself!”

Just as you finished your speech in front of the students, you hear a bell sound off in the distance. Nobody moves. You don't know if it's due to the content of your speech or due to your delivery (or maybe it was the dance), but they all just sit there. Keine, too, seems to not know what to do or say. My, how uncomfortable. Eventually, after what seems like an eternity, there is movement amongst the pupils. And before you know it, they're moving again and all going for the exit of the classroom like normal. They don't say anything to you, but some of them smile and bow to you as they leave. Huh, maybe you did get across to them. Eventually all of the students leave and you're left alone with Keine. You turn to her.

“My it would seem that like always, you're full of surprises.” The schoolteacher says. “Dancing your way here in mid-session, and then going on about the merits of studying history.” She giggles in what you find to be a very feminine manner. “I guess you're just full of surprises.”

“I'm glad that you enjoyed it.” You say.
“Well, it certainly was an unexpected addition to my day, that's for sure. But I can't say that it was a bad thing.” She smiles at you. “So tell me Shirou, what brings you here today?”

[] Wanted to drink together
[] Dancing lessons - for you
[] Just felt like chatting
[] Actually, I was wondering where Mokou was
>> No. 4522
Really, why ARE we here today?

[x] Just felt like chatting
>> No. 4523
[x] Wanted to drink together

actually i have a drunken schoolteacher moe
>> No. 4524
[X] Just felt like chatting
>> No. 4525
[X] Dancing lessons - for you.

>> No. 4526

[x] Dancing lessons - for you.

More like Waltz. We need Iku for the tango.
>> No. 4527
[X] Just felt like chatting, drinking, and dancing.

Talking with the hot schoolmarm over drinks and then some inebriated dancing would be fun.
>> No. 4528
File 121264481470.jpg - (82.37KB , 700x600 , 1206705047433.jpg ) [iqdb]

[X] Just felt like chatting, drinking, and dancing.

>>Talking with the hot schoolmarm over drinks and then some inebriated dancing would be fun.

>> No. 4529
[X] Just felt like chatting, drinking, and dancing.
>> No. 4530
[X] Just felt like chatting, drinking, and dancing.
>> No. 4531
[x] Just felt like chatting, drinking, and dancing.

This is the choice for me! Gotta unwind somehow.
>> No. 4532
Oh my anon is forthright with the ladies... Talk about being direct.
>> No. 4533
Well, it's not like we haven't chatted or had drinks with before. We're just adding something else into the mix to go along with them.

Besides, it seems silly to tip-toe around someone whose ass you used as a pillow.
>> No. 4534
The stage is pretty much set for quite an evening. Of course, it's all dependent on what Keine says. A true Anon would get probably get shot down in the worst way possible, so being straightforward is the best strategy for someone with nothing to lose.
>> No. 4535
No one likes Mokou :V

[x] Just felt like chatting.
>> No. 4536
[X] Just felt like chatting, drinking, and dancing.
>> No. 4537
[X] Just felt like chatting, drinking, and dancing.
>> No. 4538
File 121265844117.jpg - (35.38KB , 500x400 , keinevillage.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Just felt like chatting, drinking, and dancing.

“I just felt like chatting, grabbing a drink, and maybe dancing.” You tell Keine.
“With me?” She replies surprised. “My, it's been a while since anyone has asked me out.” She says blushing slightly.

Just then you realize that you just asked her out on a date. Deciding to stick with the story, you continue talking to her.

“Oh, that's a surprise. I would have thought that half of the people in this village would want to spend time with you.” You say. “You're a nice person and are a teacher as well.”
“It's not about that, it's just that sometimes they keep their distance because they're afraid.”
“Afraid of what?” You innocently ask.
“N-nothing! In any case, I have to close up the school and then we can go somewhere. If you want we can leave those books that you're carrying here and come back later for them.”
“Well that's fine. But I have the the feeling that you're probably the most popular girl in the village. You probably get solicitations all the time.” You hand her your books.
“That's not true at all. In any case, I'll be done in a second.”

You nod and wait for her to finish her routine. She puts away her textbooks, supplies, and your books in a drawer and then locks it. She then erases the chalkboard and takes a quick look around. Seeing that everything is in order, she leads you out and then locks the door to the small schoolhouse. She smiles at you and the the two of you leave.

“Well then, I assume that talking over drinks would be the plan, right?” She asks.
“Yeah.” You reply. You look at her. She's walking by your side and she looks really happy, she's softly humming some sort of melody.

The two of you walk from the schoolhouse, passing the village square, and go to the tavern. You enter and are not surprised to see the tavernmaster loitering as always, speaking to some really buff guys. You try to ignore them for now and pic a table in the corner. The two of you sit and soon enough the tavernmaster comes to you.

“Ah good afternoon Miss Keine, Shirou.” He politely says. It would seem like he's on his best behavior around Keine. “What would you like to drink?”
“I'd like to start with a beer.” Keine says.
“Beer sounds fine.” You say, and then add. “Make sure to take it out from my infinite supply of booze here.”
“Yes - of course. Two beers.” The tavernmaster then winks at you. It sends a shudder down your spine. Is he being nicer to you because you're a club member? Or is it because it looks like you're on a date?

Your beers are brought promptly and the two of you chat. Keine tells you all about her daily tasks as a schoolteacher. How she's got to take care of all the kids, sometimes acting a surrogate mother. She apparently sometimes has to break up fights and discipline them as well. You picture Keine playing with the kids, and a very maternal image of her pops into your mind. Yeah, Keine would definitely make a good mother. She's got that vibe to her. It's somehow comforting to imagine her like that.

“Shirou? What's wrong? You're spacing out.” She asks.
“Ah nothing, it's just that I thought that you'd make a good mother. I was picturing you playing with all those kids and that came to mind.” You say.
“Oh jeez. You sure say whatever's on your mind, don't you.” Keine says. You look at her and see that she's blushing a bit.
“But it's true. I really do think that.” You insist.
“I don't think I'll get a chance at being a mother anytime soon....” Keine says sadly in almost a whisper. And then she completely does a 180 and says cheerfully. “Anyways, do you want another beer?”

You wonder what that was all about. The two of you continue to drink and continue to talk about random things. Unlike your previous conversations, this is more centered on the two of you personally rather than the outside world. You talk about your different interests and hobbies. As you could already tell, Keine loves history and reading. You, too, state that you like history and it was one of your favorite subjects in school. You continue the idle talk for a few hours and enjoy the alcohol moderately. All in all, you have loads of fun talking to Keine. She's great fun to have around. After discussing what to do next, the two of you get up from the booth. As you leave, you can see that the members of the BWM club give you a thumbs up. How creepy.

You leave with the schoolteacher and see that it's already dark outside. Well, it'd seem that you spent more time in there than you realized. Ah well, no use crying over spilled milk. You walk with Keine back to the schoolhouse. Since it's the largest space that you have at your disposal, you plan to dance there. Keine opens up the schoolhouse and the two of you go in. You move back the desks and create a large space in the center of the room. Good, you're all set.

“Umm... Shirou? I don't know how to dance, so, could you pick something easy?” Keine says. “To tell you the truth, I'm not confident at all that I'd be able to dance.”

Hmm, well her inexperience is a problem. If you're to do this, you ought to pick something that's suitable for beginners. Almost any slow dance is guaranteed to be a good pick. The you'll have to be leading as well, so you should pick something that you're confident with as well. Man, the lack of music will be a problem as well, but you think that you can just hum and whistle and that'll do the trick.

[] Waltz
[] Charleston
[] Rumba
[] Tango
>> No. 4539
[X] Waltz

Also, I chuckled to myself at being reminded of BMW because fo the BWM club initials.

Battle Moon Wars is fuckawesome.
>> No. 4540
[x] Waltz

Go with the waltz. I'm looking forward to eventually doing the Tango, though.
>> No. 4541

[x] tango - horizontal
>> No. 4542
File 121266172391.jpg - (34.67KB , 150x150 , portrait_shirou.jpg ) [iqdb]
But how can you dance if your feet aren't on the ground? Wouldn't you fall?

In all seriousness: There's a time and a place for that, smartass. This is not one of these moments.
>> No. 4543
File 121266373971.png - (117.97KB , 600x600 , 600px-BMW.svg.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Waltz

>Also, I chuckled to myself at being reminded of BMW because fo the BWM club initials.

>Battle Moon Wars is fuckawesome.

>> No. 4544
Having taken dancing lessons myself (don't ask), I'd have to say the waltz was one of the easiest dances I have learned. Quick to pick up, almost effortless. Therefore,

[X] Waltz

Also, Teruyo, I have to add that I absolutely adore Keine in this story. I normally don't care for her that much, but you've made me like her and even feel sympathetic.
>> No. 4545
Anon doesn't know anything about quality cars, AoA. Forgive him.
>> No. 4546
>> No. 4549

Eh, what's your point? I know about BMWs. But then again, SO DOES EVERYBODY.

I was talking about something that came to mind first. And since I'm at my computer, I thought of a computer game before a car.

>> No. 4550
[] Rumba

Does the female role in the rumba involve much oscillations of the chest? I say!
>> No. 4551
[x] Waltz
>> No. 4552

Not really. You're thinking more of salsa or merengue. Rumba is sensual, but not in the bouncy way. I, however find a good tango to be much sexier and intimate than a rumba though, but that's just me. Now could you dance either one with a first-timer? I don't know...




Tango (fairly typical argentinian here): http://youtube.com/watch?v=3e_Rbts5Q9Q

Waltz (international variant): http://youtube.com/watch?v=-88Kgs-OtB4
>> No. 4553
Dancefag here. Charleston would be another easy one, but I find the Waltz to be more "fun", and more intimate. Up to you guys, though.

But yeah, Tango and Rumba are definitely not beginner level.
>> No. 4554
[X] Waltz
This is the only path.
>> No. 4555
[X] Waltz

Let's just be careful not to step on her feet, and don't hold it against her if she steps on ours.
>> No. 4556
File 121268293684.jpg - (46.64KB , 300x395 , keine8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Waltz

Yeah. A waltz would be a perfect way to get her started. It's slow enough, the rhythm is simple (as is the accompanying footwork), and it allows you to keep close proximity with her as well. It's definitely the best choice here.

“Keine, I'm going to teach how to waltz.” You tell her.
“Waltz? What's that?” She asks curiously.
“It's a ballroom dance that originated in Europe in the late 18th century. It's what I was dancing when I first met you.”
“When you burst into the classroom that day?” She asks.
“Yes - Most waltzes are slow and the distinguishing feature is that they have a repetitive 3/4 tempo.” You say and Keine looks at you a bit confused. “Look, basically there are three repeating steps. Imagine it like this. You take a step to the right, that's '1'. Then you take a step back, that's '2'. And then you take a step left, that's '3'. 1. 2. 3. Just like that.” You briefly demonstrate what you mean.
“Ah. I see what you mean.” She says.
“Okay good. Now watch my footwork.” You say and you slowly dance a bit by yourself. You make sure to accentuate the difference in beat. “See? After the third beat, I can either repeat the pattern or do something else.”
“Something else?” Keine asks.
“Yeah, like change the order of the steps and maybe turn a bit.” You motion as if you were turning to the right. “It all depends on my partner.”
“Partner? You mean me, right?” Keine asks, almost completely flushed. Huh, it seems like it's bigger than a deal to her than you thought.
“When we dance we have to be in a certain position. The position we're going to be in is called the closed position. Basically I'll have my left arm at around my shoulder's height stretched out. Not too far out nor too high up. You've going to put your right hand in my left hand and then I'll grab you with my right arm on the back of your left shoulder. Your left arm goes on top of my right upper arm near my shoulder.”

Keine looks at you confusedly. You sigh.

“Ah yes, I guess it's hard to picture.” You say. “Come here.”

Keine moves closer to you, looking at you sheepishly. She stands still a bit too far from you.

“No, no... that's too far away, come closer.” You tell her.
“L-like this?” She nervously says as she gets close enough.
“Yeah that's it.” You say and stretch out your left arm. “Now hold my hand. Make sure to put your fingers over my hand gently. The point of this is not to be grasping tightly, but more of a subtle contact.”

Keine reluctantly holds your hand. You correct her gently with your hand and then wrap your fingers around her hand as you should.

“Okay, now the other arm.” You say. “Please lift your left arm a bit.”
“Sure.” Keine says and lifts up her arm slightly.

You slip your arm under hers and place your hand on the back of her shoulder. You can feel that Keine tenses up a bit at the contact. She's probably nervous from all of the unexpected steps in the dance. You try to transmit confidence in your voice.

“Right. Now place your arm where my arm and shoulder meet.” You say.
“Like so?” She asks. She places her arm on the correct spot.
“Yeah, that's great.” You say. You smile at her. “Now we're ready to waltz!”
“O-okay.” She says.
“Don't worry, I'll lead. Just try to follow my steps and relax. This is for fun anyways.”
“I-I'll try.” She says. She's got a serious expression on her face. It looks like she really wants to do this properly.
“Okay, ready?” You say.

You start softly humming one of Chopin's waltzes. Not the minute waltz, but rather one of his many other songs. You indicate to Keine that you're about to start and you take the first step. Keine follows up a bit slowly, stumbling slightly. She looks really tense. You can feel her gripping your hand more than she should be.

“Relax Keine. You'll do better if you don't think about it too much.” You try to make her relax.

She stops looking at her feet and instead looks at you. You can tell she's still trying hard. You continue to hum, gently repeating the same 3 beats in your footwork. Keine starts to be able to keep up with you. You smile at her.

“See that wasn't too hard? Now let's try a bit of variation. Follow my lead.” You tell her with a smile.

You resume humming and do the same as before, but instead of returning to your same '1', you instead swivel left. Keine stumbles a bit and steps on your foot.

“I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. I just panicked and-”
“No need to apologize Keine. You're just a beginner.” You cut her off. “Now let's try again. And try to relax more.”

The two of you resume dancing. You keep your jubilant humming while trying the same moves with Keine. She's trying really hard to keep up with you, and you can't help but to smile at her effort. When you feel that she's progressed enough, you switch up the routine again, this time going to the right. Keine is able to keep up with your change this time. You smile as you start going faster. She's got a really concentrated look on her face. Her hat starts slipping from her head amidst the dancing.
>> No. 4557
File 121268296075.jpg - (128.38KB , 400x773 , keine9.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Shirou could you stop for a second?” She says.

You do, and she takes off her hat and leaves it on her desk.

“Now then, let's resume, shall we?” She says with a smile.

She seems to have loosened up as you can dance with her more naturally now. She no longer keeps looking at her feet nor spacing out, but instead looks at you. To tell you the truth it's kinda embarrassing to be stared at like that. You smile back at her and then spin her around. While normally the female has to do it by herself, you decide to push Keine since she's never danced before. She spins around and manages to recover gracefully. You're really impressed with her.

“That was mean!” She exclaims.
“I felt that you were ready for it.” You say while smiling at her.

The two of you from that point on, dance for a long while. She seems to have picked up on the nuances of the dance, and now you're dancing more naturally. While you don't think you'd win any competitions, you think that your dancing would be enough to draw attention at a run-of-the-mill dance hall or wedding reception. Keine seems really into to it. The two of you laugh and smile at each other as you keep dancing for a while. Finally, you find yourself pretty tired.

“Say Keine, do you mind if we slow down a bit? I'm sort of tired.” You say.
“Sure no problem Shirou. But wouldn't it be troublesome to slow down with our current posture?” She asks.
“Yeah, you're right. That's why I'm one step ahead of you.” Saying so, you pull her in close, closing the gap between you.

You're now slow dancing body to body. Keine gasps at the change, but she deals with the change and slows down. Naturally, the both of you change your arm positions so it doesn't hurt, and you're left in a more intimate embrace. You continue to hum Chopin, but this time a slower, perhaps sadder nocturne. The two of you are no longer waltzing, but instead dancing in an adhoc fashion. Keine rests her head on your shoulder and you start to stare out of the window and into the night. You can feel her wonderful feminine scent as it trickles to your nose. It's the smell of a delicate perfume. You think that it complements Keine perfectly. Quite a few time passes, with the both of you silently dancing.

“Say, Shirou?” Keine asks.
“Want to call it a night? I've got to prepare tomorrow's lessons tonight and I can't stay up too late.”
“Sure, that's fine by me.” You say.

The two of you let go of each other. You can't see very much due to the darkness, but you think Keine is blushing a bit. You wonder why. Keine silently goes to retrieve her hat, puts it on and gets your books and her stuff from her desk.

She hands your books to you and the two of you leave the schoolhouse again. You accompany Keine to her home. You walk through the mostly empty village, devoid of people outside. It would seem that most people are at home enjoying their evenings with each other. The two of you say nothing on the way to her place. To your surprise, about midway, Keine grabs your hand. You look at her, but she looks away from your gaze. You decide not to question it, and the two of you walk hand-in-hand back to her place. It's a nice evening. The night air is refreshing and the first couple of stars are already present in the sky. You walk through the rural area until you reach her home. She opens her door and stops at the doorstep.

“Well, thanks for everything Shirou. I had lots of fun. This was unlike other times I've gone out.” Keine states.
“It's no big deal, I had fun as well.” You say.
“No, to me it was a big deal, I haven't had that much fun in ages. And I learned how to dance the waltz now. It was a completely new experience for me.”
“And I enjoyed spending time with you.”
“Maybe some other day soon we could do something like this again.” She smiles a full smile at you. You can tell that she really enjoyed the experience.
“Yeah, there's a whole bunch of dances that I can teach you.”
Keine giggles a bit. “That's not what I meant, but that's sweet of you.”
“Anytime you ask I'll be available.” You say. “Well then, goodnight.” You start to turn to leave.
“Wait Shirou!” She blurts out. You turn and look at her. She's avoiding your gaze and blushing a bit. It looks like she's trying to make up her mind on something. Then, she suddenly steps close to you and whispers into your ear. “Thanks for everything again, goodnight.” And she kisses you on your cheek. You try to say something, as you're standing there jaw opened, but she's already gone in and closed the door.

You can still feel the sensation where her lips were on your cheeks as well as a faint smell of her perfume. Women can sure be mysterious at times. Having nothing more to do in the village, you start to head back to Eientei. Crap, the path is pretty dark and you can't really tell what's the right way. You're still pretty near the village. If you wanted to you could look for Mokou and ask her to take you to Eientei, you're sure she won't mind. Otherwise you could try to brave the dark path by yourself. You might be able to get to Eientei with no problems by yourself, but there's no guarantee.

[] Go look for Mokou
[] Try to head back by yourself
>> No. 4558
Awesome wall is awesome
[X] Try to head back by yourself.
If Kaguya sees us with Mokou, she will be pissed off.
>> No. 4559
[] Try to head back by yourself

Keine is loev.
>> No. 4560
[x] Try to head back by yourself
We've wrestled bears, man. BEARS.
>> No. 4561
[X] Go look for Mokou

I don't trust Shirou's navigational abilities in the dark.
>> No. 4562
Sorta. Since that is an alternate destiny. There's no gaurantee that present Shirou would be able to do the same. Circumstances change. Also it's not about danger, but getting lost (I guess it's a danger in itself). I'm not necessarily saying that you WILL get lost, but that should be your main concern. Gensokyo isn't so nice by night.
>> No. 4563
Time to take on destiny head on
[x] Try to head back by yourself
>> No. 4564
Sometimes, taking destiny head on isn't a good idea. Just look at what happened to Kamina.
>> No. 4565
[X] Go look for Mokou.

Aw, Kaguya won't mind that much.
>> No. 4566
>> No. 4567
[X] Try to head back by yourself.
>> No. 4568
[X] Go look for Mokou.

So is Keine easy modo due to being easily effected by the power of booze god? Not that I'm complaining here, she's a lovely lady and a legitimate target.

But that's the thing, WHO WAS THE TARGET AGAIN?

I hate to think of it this way and I don't know how Teruyo does his thing, but I'm worried that if we don't focus more soon we will make someone jealous and lose friends.
>> No. 4569
Target is Aya. Hurr.
>> No. 4570
>> No. 4571
[x] Go look for Mokou

Only if we fail to find assistance should you go on alone.
>> No. 4572
No one is EASY MODO considering that you haven't even started with the character-specific routes. A kiss, dance, or hug does not necesarily = 'destined lovers'. You ending up with someone (or no one) can't simply be determined by the relatively mudane events that have transpited. They're just a start (maybe). And yes, if you keep going for everyone that's almost guaranteed to create animosity (or *ooo catfight* moments or maybe BAD ENDS). But surely anon can manage to be nice to girls AND keep everyone as his friend while chasing down his true target, right?
>> No. 4573


>> No. 4574

It certainly doesn't help (us) that you have /forest/, /shrine/, /sdm/, and /other/ all wrapped in here with /eientei/. I like your characterizations, and being able to freely leave Eientei makes things more flexible and interesting, but man just WHAT did you think *Anonymous* of all entities would do given so many choices?

[ ] Hit on all of them
[ ] Anemia
[ ] Throw Remilia at Flandre
[ ] These girls are eyesores.
[ ] *futaslap*
[ ] Call out for Tewi
>> No. 4575
[x] Try to head back by yourself
>> No. 4576
[X] Rape the Maids
>> No. 4577
File 121268916521.jpg - (72.32KB , 650x500 , d00b0f3adc37359730d8acef26d3bc26.jpg ) [iqdb]


>> No. 4578
[x] Try to head back by yourself

You feel more than confident in your abilities to find your way back to Eientei. You continue to stumble upon the dark path. You find yourself tripping at an ever increasing rate on rocks and small bamboo plants. How annoying. As you realize that the cause is this is that the path you're following is no longer there, you curse out loud. Goddammit. Getting lost is not fun. You shudder as you think what could befall you at night in Gensokyo. You try to find your way back to the path, but to no avail. Fuck. You continue towards a direction which you believe Eientei to be at.

After walking for about fifteen minutes, walking through the thick brush, you come to a small clearing. There's not much in the clearing except for a large rock and a signpost. You naturally go check out the signpost. There are two arrows, one pointing left and the other right. They have text on them but it's illegible. Well, it looks like you've got your choices cut out for you. Going straight ahead will probably get you even more lost so you should pick between left or right. As you're about to leave you see that there's more on the signpost. There is however some text that's barely readable on the bottom. It's pitch black and you can't read the whole message but the last bit clearly states the following:

“You are likely to be eaten by a grue.”

[] Go left
[] Go right
Beisdes some mild retardation by part of anonymous (an understatement, I'm sure), things are still going JUST AS PLANNED. I always saw this as an Eientei-centric LA more than limited to Eientei. Things will start to narrow down to a few choices soon. Also why /others/? I get the rest. Is it Keine? I have always thought that she belongs to Eientei due to her relationship to Mokou and appearing in IN. I haven't even (nor do I really plan to) introduce random youkai.

Next update might take 7 minutes. Also [x] Rape the Maids sounds good.
>> No. 4579
[X] Go right

This hasn't failed us before, except for the times that it has!
>> No. 4580
[x] Go right
>> No. 4581
[x] Rumia option
>> No. 4582
[x] Go left

Every time I go right nothing good comes of it.
>> No. 4583
[] Go left

Right is for Alice fags, YEAH I SAID IT!
>> No. 4585
[X] Go left
[X] Go right
This is the only option.
>> No. 4586
in b4 the quantum road sign.
>> No. 4587
File 121269445145.jpg - (28.70KB , 280x282 , quantum_junction.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go left
[X] Go right

We're gonna need a huge beta barium borate crystal.
>> No. 4589
[X] Go left
[X] Go right

And then Shirou was the center
>> No. 4590
[x] Too high to get over
[x] Too low to get under
>> No. 4591
[x] Too far away to jump
[x] Too close to run
>> No. 4592
[X] Go left
[X] Go right

Mindfucking Gaems
>> No. 4593
Oi, didn't you hear the man? Going down the center would be BAD END obviously.

[x] Go Left
>> No. 4594
[x] To the left.
[x] To the left.
[x] To the right.
[x] To the right.
[x] To the front.
[x] To the front.
[x] To the back.
[x] To the back.
[x] Now slide just slide baby slide just slide.
[x] Just dip, cotton candy free to go.
[x] Let me see the Tootsie Roll.
>> No. 4595
[x] Go left

Left is right, and right is wrong.
>> No. 4596
Tell me where do you belong

...Sorry, serious Nostra Culpa flashbacks from your comment
>> No. 4597
[X] Go left
[X] Go right
>> No. 4598
[X] Go left
[X] Go right
>> No. 4599
[x] Go left
[x] Go right

You look at the sign dumbfounded for a moment. You can't decide whether to go left or right so you try to go both ways. That's impossible of course. This isn't like a highway junction in which they're simply two (pretty much) parallel lanes off different tangents. Assuming that each path is perpendicular to your current direction, traveling along both vectors would mean something very simple. They would cancel out. That's right. In the end you'd be left standing at your same spot with no change in position. If you were to assume that each path were at a slightly different angle, and not perpendicular, you might get a solution. You think about a random possibility. Crap all the variables such as velocity make even theoretical calculations hard. You're wasting loads of time simply standing there.

It would seem that the world is telling you to hurry up. You hear horrible gurgling noises somewhere behind you, and that snaps you right back into reality. Your mind instinctively tells you that since you have no light sources, that gurgling sound might be a sign of your demise. Being forced to pick a path, you go with the choice that has the loudest voice after going by both, that is to say you choose to go left. You leave the clearing, thinking that you see something in the darkness with razor-sharp claws and slavering fangs. By following the direction you eventually find that you're a path of sorts. You don't know whether or not it's the same path as the one that leads you to Eientei, but at least the vegetation is less dense on it.

You continue on this dirt path, hoping to reach Eientei. You travel for about 15 minutes without even so much as seeing any sign that this is the right path. Crap, maybe going right was better? No, you can't think like that, you're sure that going left was the correct choice. As you wonder about the accuracy of your choice, you see a thicket up ahead of you shaking. Given what you saw in the clearing as you left, you're not sure if it's a good thing to check out what's causing the commotion. The thicket is shaking quite violently, and you can only hear the sounds of rustling. You can't tell what's in there. Crap this might be bad.

[] Ignore the rustling, carry on (fast!)
[] Throw a rock at the thicket
[] Call out
>> No. 4600
[X] Call out for Tewi
>> No. 4601
[x] Throw a rock at Tewi
>> No. 4602
[x] Call out for Tewi

Tengu Ninjas will bring us to Aya.
>> No. 4603
[x] Call out for Tewi
>> No. 4604
[x] Call out for Tewi
>> No. 4605
[X] Call out for the grue.

I trust something that's likely to eat me more than I trust Tewi.
>> No. 4606
[x] Call out for Mokou

Suddenly, alarms and traps. Everywhere.
>> No. 4607
[x] Call out for Tewi

This option can't go wrong
>> No. 4608
[x] Call out for Tewi
>> No. 4609
File 121273668932.jpg - (28.90KB , 500x335 , wabbit.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Call out

You try calling out to the rustling in the thicket.

“Tewi!? Is that you?” Your voice resounds through the dead of night.

The rustling stops. You get a bit closer.

“If it's you Tewi, please come out!” You exclaim.

You're now right next to the thicket. You can't quite see what's in there yet. You step in even closer. And then suddenly two white rabbits pop out. Hey, one of them looks really familiar! Is it that rabbit you keep seeing? If so, this can't be good. He looks pissed. Maybe you interupted something that was happening in the bushes? The other rabbit scurries off and you're left facing that bunny from whom you get a bad vibe.

“He-hey there.” You nervously say. “I didn't mean to interrupt anything, I was just lost and needed to find my way back to Eientei. Please, I didn't do anything with malicious thought.”

The bunny looks at you with it's red eyes, and you think that you can see some sort of monstrous dental configuration for a split second. But, the bunny instead of tearing you apart, he instead looks at you as if sizing you up. After a few tense and uncomfortable moments, it would seem that the bunny makes up his mind. He blinks at you in rapid succession, as if indicating something, and then starts to hop away. You think it's trying to tell you to follow it.

Not wasting time, you start to follow the hopping bunny. He's moving pretty fast, but he seems to deliberately be going at a pace at which you can hope to keep up with him. The two of you cross the bamboo forest in the night. You have some difficulty dealing with some of the vegetation but it's nothing that you can't suffer and deal with properly. A few cuts and nicks won't permanently damage you anyways. If he's taking you to Eientei, maybe he isn't such a bad rabbit after all? You think for a moment before you stumble on a huge pothole that was hidden by the forest foliage. You fall flat on your face. As you get up you see that the rabbit is looking at you, it's almost as if he's laughing. That bastard! He knew the pothole was there. So much for being a nice guy.

You keep following the rabbit for a good half an hour. Wow, you were far off course from Eientei. The two of you finally arrive at the familiar mansion. You're out of breath and really tired. You see the bunny turn towards you, he opens his mouth slightly, and then runs off into an unseen part of the wall. Was that a threat? You can't really tell what the hell that was all about but you're thankful to be back at Eientei. You head to the front entrance and enter the building. You look at a wall-mounted clock. Huh, it's not that late. But it's a safe bet that after dark, almost all of Gensokyo is dangerous regardless of time. Well, you're tired, smelly, and hungry. What would be the best course of action now? Even though it's not that late at night, probably most of Eientei's residents have gone off to bed.

[] Go take a bath
[] Go eat
[] Go to the clinic
[] See if Kaguya is still up
[] Go see if Reisen is still around
[] Go to your room
>> No. 4610
[x] Go take a bath
[x] Go eat
Not enough time to do much now, so let's prep ourselves for tomorrow.
>> No. 4611
[x] Go take a bath
>> No. 4612
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around

We need some more of this.
>> No. 4613
[] Go take a bath
[] Go to the clinic

Let's get this whole "you broke my dick!" thing handled (no pun intended) with Eirin once and for all.
>> No. 4614
After all of that, we should also do this.
>> No. 4615
[X] Go see is Reisen is still around
>> No. 4616
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around
>> No. 4617
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around

>> No. 4618
>Let's get this whole "you broke my dick!" thing handled (no pun intended) with Eirin once and for all.
[] Ask her what her plans are and how you can erupt over them.

[x] Go take a bath
[x] Go eat
>> No. 4619
[] Go take a bath
[] Go to the clinic

>> No. 4620
[x] Go take a bath

You don't know whether to eat, go to the clinic, or go see Reisen, but you do know that you want to take a bath. You swing by your room to take a change of clothes and then you head to the bath. There's already water in the bath, so you guess that someone must have left it for you. You strip and wash yourself off before getting into the bath. The warm water feels good and it sure takes away a bit of the fatigue from your long day.

You started by bursting in on a changing Reisen, talked to Eirin, and then went off to the forest of magic. Since Alice wasn't home, you instead went around stealing things with Marisa. You must have covered a sizable portion of Gensokyo flying around with Marisa today. And that clearing that you went with her was really a relaxing spot. You had fun in the human village as well. You read one of the books, and while you don't know how it applies to your situation, you think that it's the most hilarious read you've had in a long while. After that, of course, you went off with Keine. While it wasn't your intention from the beginning to go on a date with Keine, things turned out fine enough. You had fun and she had fun.

You brush your face and then smell your hand. Yeah, you can still feel her scent is still on you. You can feel the faint fragrance still lingering. You normally don't have a chance to dance with people, so this was a welcome a welcome change. You smile as you remember her first uncertain steps, and how she was able to eventually keep up with you. It was a shame you didn't have real music. But it was worth it just to see her like that. You particularly enjoyed the slow dance at the end. It felt great just the two of you holding each other close in that empty classroom. The bit after that going home with her was fine too, you found it cute how she held your hand without saying anything. Truth be told, braving the forest by yourself after that wasn't too smart, but at least you're still in one piece.

You don't dawdle too long in the bath and after soaking for a bit, you get out. You dry yourself after rinsing off, and put your clothes on. You make sure to stop by the kitchen and get yourself a little snack, so as to not pass out or anything unexpectedly. Huh, for some reason there's a bra on the kitchen floor. Judging by the cup size, you'd have to rule out the possibility of it belonging to Kaguya or Tewi. You sniff it, out of habit mostly. Ah, that smell. You recognize Eirin's perfume. It smells completely divine. Judging by the crumpling of the fabric, you infer that the brassiere was worn probably today and she took it off for some reason. As to why she'd leave it in the kitchen in anybody's guess. Wait, if she was wearing it today, does that mean she decided to go bra-less today? Or did she simply change bras? Crap. If she's bra-less then you kinda want to see her supple breasts bouncing. Mmm, boingy.

Still, you should think things through, not many people would be up right now. Would she even be up? Or at the clinic? You just realize that you don't know where her room is. Man, Eientei is huge. You could try and see if Kaguya is still up as well, or see if Reisen is around anywhere and maybe chat with her or whatever. Then again, you are pretty tired and maybe going to your room to sleep is the best choice.

[] Go to the clinic
[] See if Kaguya is still up
[] Go see if Reisen is still around
[] Go to your room
>> No. 4621
[x] See if Kaguya is still up
Worth a shot.
>> No. 4622
[] Go to the clinic

Oh god, Bra-less Eirin. Must find.
>> No. 4623
[x] See if Kaguya is still up
Something tells me this is another honeypot trap. I'M NOT GOING TO KICK THE BALL THIS TIME, LUCY.
>> No. 4624
[x] See if Kaguya is still up
>> No. 4625
The bra calls out to Shirou. It tells him to find it's master. Deftly, our hero goes out in search of the large chested female that had lost her bra, and thusly, Shirou returned the bra with utmost divinity and honor, providing his doctor with the safety of knowing that her breasts will not sag later on in life.

Then Eirin used Apollo 13 and kicked our asses.

Sounds like a worthwhile shot to me!

[x] Go to the clinic.
>> No. 4626
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around
>> No. 4627
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around and then accidentally get caught in her lunacy inducing eyes
>> No. 4628
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around

I want my delicious rabbit damn it.
>> No. 4629
[x] See if Kaguya is still up
[x] Pocket the bra for later.
>> No. 4630
[x] See if Kaguya is still up
Breaking the soon-to-be three way tie.
>> No. 4631
[x] Go to the clinic

>>Mmm, boingy.
>> No. 4632
[x] See if Kaguya is still up
She's GOT to be up. She IS a NEET after all, right?
>> No. 4633
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around

>> No. 4634
[x] See if Kaguya is still up
>> No. 4635
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around
>> No. 4636
[X] Go see if Reisen is still around

>> No. 4637
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around
We still need to apologize about earlier today.
>> No. 4638
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around
>> No. 4639
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around
It has been a while.
>> No. 4641
[] Go to the clinic

Useless, yes, but I want to know just why her bra was in the kitchen of all places.
>> No. 4642
It's been longer seeing Kaguya, actually. We saw the moon bunny in the morning. Still, it looks like the surge of Reisen fans seized the day. So writting that after I finish watching the daily show. Oh and quick choice (mostly for flavor):
[] Pocket Eirin's bra
[] Don't pocket it
Just make sure to remember that a lot of 'people' in Gensokyo have acute senses of smell or insight.
>> No. 4643
...like Reisen?

[x] Don't pocket it
>> No. 4644
Anon Shirou waited. The bra before him sparkled and smelled out the air. There was Eirin in the bathroom. He couldn't see her, but he had expected her now for years.
>> No. 4646
[x] Pocket Eirin's bra
We've already been tainted by Eirin's essence when we decided to smell it anyways. Let's go all the way.
>> No. 4647
[X] Don't pocket it

Pocketing undergarments is always a bad idea. When they're not yours, anyway.
>> No. 4648
[x] Don't pocket it

fucking stupid
>> No. 4649
[x] hide the bra in the kitchen
>> No. 4650
[] Don't pocket it

>> No. 4651
[x] Throw Eirin's bra at Reisen
>> No. 4652
[x] fap with Eirin's bra
>> No. 4653
[x] Don't pocket it

What are you, fucking stupid?
>> No. 4654
>> No. 4655
You're talking to people who thought Tewi would make a good guide and that Kaguya would be at the Moriya Shrine, despite all evidence to the contrary. And decided that tea would be a good thing to drink in a pub. And decided to give Alice a hug when she was at the peak of emotional instabi-ah, fuck it.
[x] Pocket Eirin's bra
>> No. 4656
Looks like MiG's fan base is reading /eientei/.
>> No. 4657
[x] Don't pocket it
Might have some practical use as a slingshot, otherwise it's just a death sentence.
>> No. 4658
File 121275581541.jpg - (29.90KB , 400x200 , bunnies.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go see if Reisen is still around

You leave the bra as it is in the kitchen and decide to go looking for Reisen. You immediately discard the possibility of her being in the bath or in the kitchen, those two being places in which you have just been. It's also unlikely that she's out or with someone else due to the hours, so you conclude that she should be in her room. You move around the corridors, arriving at the section which has the dormitories. You go to where her room is. There seems to be a light on inside and you can hear the spirited sound of two voices. You go up to the door and knock.

“Yes? Come in the door is open.” A voice replies.

You open up the door and are greeted to a peculiar sight. Reisen's room is a complete mess, there are what seem to be magazines and soft drink cans all over the place. Inside, Reisen is sitting by a small table while opposite her Tewi lays out on the floor drinking soda and reading the magazines. You look at the scene, quite honestly surprised.

“Oh hi Shirou.” Reisen says. “Excuse the mess, but please do come in. She gets a cushion from next to her and places it near the table. “Please sit.”

You close her door and sit down. When you sit you think that you hear Tewi mumble something to the effect of 'hi kid', but you're not too sure. You just greet her normally anyways.

“Don't mind her.” Reisen states. “She'll speak normally in a while, she just get engrossed with the magazines and isn't able to focus on anything else.” She grabs a magazine from the floor. “It's all hand-me-downs from Lady Kaguya, but they're still interesting. Once a month she unloads all the magazines she has read and Tewi and I gather here to read them. We throw them out the next day.”

“Ah, I see.” That's all you're able to say. You keep staring at Tewi, who's swinging her legs up and down as she reads. She seems to be really into it.

“So I haven't seen you since this morning.” Reisen says. “What have you been up to all day?”
“Ah, you know. I went out and met people and did things.” You give off an ambiguous answer. “I only got back pretty recently.”
“You came back by yourself at night!?” Reisen states in shock. “It's dangerous out there! You could've been hurt or worse!” You can tell she's really upset by the face that she's making. It's like a cross between a pout and a scowl. It's making her ears twitch slightly. Heh, that's pretty cool.
“Don't worry. I know it's dangerous. But I made it in one piece.” You try to reassure her.
“Yes, this time. But who knows what could've happened to you.”
“Yeah, I know, it won't happen again. Don't worry.”
“Really now?” She asks.

And then a voice from a certain third party pipes in.

“Just why is it that you're so insistent that Shirou be careful there Reisen?” Tewi chimes in. “And don't say out of general concern. It's not like you to be so stubborn.”
“Ah, well, that is to say -” Reisen begins to try to think of an answer.
“Can't tell the real reason, eh? Interesting.” Tewi says with a smirk. You thought that she was completely focused on the magazine? Apparently this is not the case.
“Well. I'll tell you why!” Reisen suddenly says energetically.
“I'm listening.” Tewi says.
“Ah, yes. Well, Shirou is Lady Kaguya's guest and if anything were to happen to him I would get blamed. And Master would also be mad at me and I would get punished. It has nothing to do with how I feel!” She says that last bit a little too energetically.
“How you feel? Nobody said anything about that. However now that you mention it... I though I overheard you talking to yourself in the bath the other day.” Tewi says deviously.
“Wh-what? In the bath?” Reisen says shocked.
“Yes, something about wishing how a certain guest would give you more att-” And with that Reisen jumps over the table and quickly puts her hand over Tewi's mouth.
“Ahahaha, I have no idea what you're talking about.” She says with a nervous smile. “Silly Tewi, you must be having one of your sugar overdoses . How many times do I have to tell you to watch how much of that stuff you drink?” She starts ribbing Tewi quite ferociously, it looks painful. “Right?” She takes off her hand off Tewi's mouth. She gasps for air.
“Right! I'm completely high right now! Look at all the pretty colors!” She tries hard to pretend that that's the truth. It seems that Reisen can quickly dominate her. What an interesting relationship.
“Anyways,” Reisen turns to you and says. “You haven't even told us why you're here. What did you come for, can I help you with anything?”

Well, that is a good question. You came as a spur of the moment thing, but is there anything in particular that you want from Reisen or Tewi? Judging by the situation it'd be logical to try to blend in and say that you came to have fun by reading magazines or something with them.

[] Just came to see how you were doing
[] Came to chat
[] Came to declare my love for you
[] Came looking for Tewi
[] Came to ask you for help with something
>> No. 4659
[X] Just came to see how you were doing
[X] Came to chat
>> No. 4660
[X] Just came to see how you were doing
[Y] Came to chat
>> No. 4661
[x] Just came to see how you were doing
[x] Came to chat
Don't think there's anything we need help with at the moment.
>> No. 4662
[x] Cower in fear. Tohno Shiki is going to be coming, and he's going to be wanting his Gland back.
>> No. 4663
[x] Just came to see how you were doing
[x] Came to chat

It's the truth.
>> No. 4664
[x] Just came to see how you were doing
[x] Came to chat

"Hey, Reisen. Did you know? Your master gives me handjobs."
>> No. 4665
[x] Came to declare my love for you

We can always pass it off as a joke later!


[x] Came to ask your help with something

I wanna find out what this might be.
>> No. 4666
[x] Came to declare my love for you
Romancan' gaemz
>> No. 4667
[x] Just came to see how you were doing
[x] Came to chat
>> No. 4668

On the off-chance this requires a second vote, or write in, I might as well ask about that damn white rabbit that we chased back to Eientei. We've seen it what, at least twice inside the mansion?
>> No. 4669
File 121275718152.jpg - (69.58KB , 638x479 , THIS IS PROOF OF OUR LOVE.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Suddenly fall in love with Reisen Bancho
>> No. 4670

Do it.
>> No. 4671
[x] Came to declare my love you!
>> No. 4672
[X] Came to declare my love for you
Yes, hawt bunny is loev.
>> No. 4673
[X] Came calling Tewi's name

If you know what I mean.
>> No. 4674
[x] Came to declare my love for you
>> No. 4675
So I'm guessing the targeting system is still not functioning, right?
>> No. 4676

>>[x] Suddenly fall in love with Reisen Bancho
>> No. 4677
[x] Just came to see how you were doing
[x] Came to chat
>> No. 4678
[x] Suddenly fall in love with Reisen Bancho
>> No. 4679

>> No. 4680

And then we say "Just kidding!" and watch the total disappointment and/or complete embarrassment and possibly have Tewi working on our side for once since she was just recently teasing with Reisen?

I like that.

[x] Came to declare my love for you
>> No. 4681

saging a thread in a slow board
>> No. 4682
[x] Came to declare my love for you

Doing it for the fucking lulz.
>> No. 4683

[x] Came to declare my love for you.
>> No. 4684
[X] Came to declare my love for you

Why fucking not.
>> No. 4685
[x] Came to declare my enormous hard-on for you
>> No. 4686
[X] Came to declare my love for you
Sounds like a plan Anon has here, i think he knows what he's doing!
Looks like YAF escaped from /shrine/, better GET BACK TO WRITING NIGGER.
>> No. 4687
As long as you knuckleheads don't ruin this "plan" by suggesting to take Reisen to some bushes.
>> No. 4688
[] Just came to see how you were doing
[] Came to chat

Wow, it sure is RECKLESS in here
>> No. 4689

Shouldn't you be hiding from the Alice fags? I hear they're running around in mobs, looking to drag you back to your story in /forest/.
>> No. 4690

Shouldn't you be AGREEING with the recklessness in here?
>> No. 4691
Where is my Yandere Alice? I want to see Alice rape David. I bet he wouldn't even mind it.
>> No. 4692
[X] Came to declare my love for you
>> No. 4693
Hmm...I think...well...

Why not, let's piss everyone else off.

[x] Came to declare my love for you
>> No. 4694
File 121276075524.jpg - (99.82KB , 500x500 , Tewi impact.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Came to declare my love for you

“Well the thing is...” You start to say.
“Yes?” Reisen looks at you expectantly.
“The thing is...” You say and get up and make your way to Reisen. You get down on your knees and are now looking at her eye to eye.
“Y-yeah?” Reisen asks, noticeably uncomfortable at your proximity.
“The thing is... that I've come to declare my undying love for you!” You say and wrap your arms tightly around Reisen. “I cannot live without being with you!” You exclaim dramatically.

You can't see Reisen's face but her lack of struggling and words make you assume that she's stunned.

“TEWI!” You yell out.
“Yes?!” Tewi replies.
“Run us through. Being unable to live together, I want to at least die together!”
“Eh--!?” Reisen finally says.
“Did you hear me Tewi?! I said run us through!” You say.
“Ah, with what?” She replies, apparently enjoying this.
“I don't care, just seal our love in eternity!”
“Roger! Anything for a love as pure as this!” She says. Man that's cheesy. She's having a lot of fun with this so it would seem.

You pull back your face a bit and stare into Reisen's face. She's still shocked, apparently not comprehending the whole situation. She's visibly flustered and avoids your gaze. Looks like she doesn't deal well with unexpected twists. You remember seeing her same expression when she was trying to decide what to do when you were choking.

“All ready! Prepared to unite the lovers forever!” Tewi exclaims.
“Go ahead! I have no regrets! I die like a real man with his true love in his arms!” You say.
“W-wait!?” Reisen finally speaks up. “You can't pos- it's not that I don't- not so soo- not like this!”

But before her cries can be properly heard, Tewi hurtles at her and slams herself against Reisen. What an unrefined technique. But it looks painful for all parties involved. This causes Reisen to violently jerk forward. The last thing you see is her head coming straight for your face. You black out.

Guh! Your head hurts like hell. You open your eyes.

It's dark. You look around. Huh? You're in your pajamas? When did that happen? And moreover you're in a futon, but it's not yours. You sit up.

Gah! The sudden movement aggravates the pain in your head. You rub your forehead and notice there's a bump. You remembered what happened. That's right Tewi hit Reisen from behind and you bumped skulls together. After that you guess you blacked out. Still, that doesn't explain the change of clothes or being in a different room.

Wait a second. This room is familiar! It's still Reisen's room! You look around.


You're in the same futon as Reisen! She's likewise in a set of pajamas and is sleeping (or unconscious). Oh crap, she's cute.

Snap out of it. Now's no time to be thinking about that. You try to get out. You see a note next to you. It's dark but you try to read it anyways.

“Kid, this is thanks for letting me have so much fun. I hadn't had that much fun in a while. This is my gift to you. Enjoy it!


Huh, apparently this is the doing of Tewi. Still you shouldn't be sleeping with other people just like that. You try to get up. Crap! You feel like your head is going to split open any moment. You can't even get up. You feel that if you moved you might pass out or worse.

You lay back down. Maybe this isn't so bad. You get to sleep next to a cute girl and the futon is quite comfortable. You take another look at Reisen. She's breathing peacefully. Heh, you're a lucky guy just to be able to see this. You think to yourself that you wouldn't mind seeing this scene more often. Since you can't get up this is maybe for the best. Your whole body just wants to fall asleep to escape from your head pain.

[] Try to crawl out, against all odds
[] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep
>> No. 4695
[X] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep
>> No. 4697
[x] Try to crawl out, against all odds

I'm not liking the prospect of some potentially bad things happening later.
>> No. 4698
[X] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep

Reisen is secretly dere for us. It's okay.
>> No. 4699
[X] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep

you know what happens when we overexert ourselves.

we die.
>> No. 4700
[ ] Hot glue Reisen.
[ ] Her Hair
[ ] Her butt
[ ] Her breasts
[ ] Her hands
>> No. 4701

Tempting, but.. no.

[ ] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep
>> No. 4702
And thus Anon's true 'plan' revealed: To get with Tewi. Sneaky bastard!

Not saying this wasn't a bad thing. Very lulzy and we get to bed with a really cute girl.

[x] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep
>> No. 4703
Alright guys, you know the drill. 7 minutes, soup etc. I'll try to be back in maybe 4 or 5 hours, no guarantees.
>> No. 4704
File 121276232369.jpg - (134.51KB , 640x604 , caaame.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4705
Fucking awesome.
>> No. 4706

>> No. 4707
File 121276287889.jpg - (134.70KB , 640x604 , caaame2.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alternate ending.
>> No. 4708

What have I done...
>> No. 4709
[X] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep.
[X] Feel up Reisen in your sleep.
>> No. 4710
Just as planned
>> No. 4711
[] Try to crawl out, against all odds
>> No. 4713
[x] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep

Why the hell not?
>> No. 4714
[x] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep
>> No. 4715
[] Try to crawl out, against all odds
knowing Tewi...IT'S A TRAP
>> No. 4716
File 121278221218.png - (227.60KB , 1024x608 , Hooray!.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep
>> No. 4717
[x] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep
Sleep with the Bunny, when Eirin comes to wake us up she will be suprised.
>> No. 4718
File 12127852322.jpg - (435.58KB , 731x800 , 1205879225081.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep

Doesn't afraid of anything, etc.
Reisen sure is easy modo in the adventures isnt she.
>> No. 4719
[x] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep

harmless and innocent
>> No. 4720
x] Fap it, just enjoy it and fall asleep
>> No. 4721
[X] Fuck Reisen, just enjoy it and fall asleep
>> No. 4722
File 12127893513.jpg - (167.42KB , 600x750 , 120848940722.jpg ) [iqdb]
We're in Reisens bed, enjoying some Reisins
>> No. 4723
[x] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep

>> No. 4725
[x] Try to crawl out, against all odds
>> No. 5183
[X] Fuck it, just enjoy it and fall asleep