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4206 No. 4206
[x] Go along

Ah what the hell. You agree to help her out with her heist.

“Good, good.” She says. She hands you a pin and starts to give you a crash course in magic.

Apparently, all that one needs to perform magic is really willpower and some finesse. Marisa teaches you a basic chant to say before you cast a spell. According to her, it's more of a placeholder than anything, the words have no intrinsic meaning. She says that more complex magic might need a catalyst or something to focus the power, and that for that you need a proper spell, but for something basic you just need to focus.

“But I have no idea where to start.” You say.
“It's not a problem ~ze.” She says. “You can control Albion, right? Just imagine taking that same energy from within your body and channeling some other way. Just will it to be and focus and it'll happen. The words serve to help clear your mind.”

You think about it. You close your eyes. You feel the energy within you. You say the chant that Marisa told you say and try picturing releasing it. You can feel all of that energy building up and then escaping through your hands. You open your eyes and look to see if anything is happening. And sure enough, a small white orb of light is coming from your hands. Well damn. That's pretty cool.

“See?” Marisa says. “That's all there is to it. Keep practicing and you'll eventually be able to do all sorts of stuff ~ze. Of course, more complex magics might need spell components, augmentations in the form of accessories, or spell books.” She rummages through her stuff and gives you a small pouch. “In here is a little something that should give you more power temporarily. Use it if you need to do something with a little oomph.”

You nod and take the pouch. She hurries you along and the two of you are outside now. She has her broom in her hand and tells you to get on.

“C'mon I'll explain the target on the way.” Marisa says. You get on, and as soon as you do, the two of you take off at a blazing speed. “The pin you have should allow us to read each others thoughts if we concentrate. However, it's only good for an hour after you put it on, so put it on as we arrive. Anyways, we'll split up in the library and I'll tell you which books you need to get. You have to make sure to stay silent. There are occasionally patrols sent by the librarian to catch intruders.”

You try to absorb all this information as the two of you reach a large western-style mansion. The mansion is completely gated and is by that big lake you saw the other day. Marisa sets down near some bushes on the right side of the mansion. She silently motions you to put on your pin. You do so.

<Alright, stay close I know a way in.> You hear Marisa's voice in your head. You follow her closely. You can see that near the main gate there's someone standing dressed in green, probably a guard of sorts. Must do a pretty lousy job since that person is apparently napping whilst standing. Well, better for you two that you don't get spotted.

You follow Marisa through a crack in the wall, and then through a concealed trap door. Huh, pretty handy. The two of you go through a narrow, dimly-lit passage way and Marisa carefully opens the door at the end of it. She looks around and urges you to go on with her.

<Coast is clear ~ze>

You exit the passageway and find yourself behind a large bookshelf. There's a narrow opening to the left. You exit the rear of the bookshelf and find yourself in a huge library, with rows and row and rows of bookshelves. Wow, it's easily the largest library you've ever been to. You look up, there are occasionally some books that fly by slowly, going to and from their respective shelves. That's kinda neat.

<We split up here. Go to the left, four rows. The books I want you to get are there>

You follow Marisa's orders and head left. You make sure to not make any noise, as the slightest sound reverberates loudly in the silent library. Wow, there must be every single genre of book ever here. You even spot some books you've seen back home. Who would have thought that someone in Gensokyo would have a copy of Anna Karenina? Impressed, you make your way to where Marisa told you to go.

<I'm here. What are the books you want me to get?> You ask telepathically.

Marisa replies with a series of long and complicated titles. You think that it'll take you forever to find books like those, but to your surprise you already see two of them right in front of you. You grab them. They've got the standard pentagram and generic arcane symbols that you've seen before in role-playing 'lore'. Does a book like this really contain useful information? Well, you guess so and start to search for the third and last book that Marisa wants you to find. This one is not so obviously placed. You search the shelves. You find all sorts of books instead of the book that you're looking for. 'An idiot's guide to extra-dimensional apparitions', 'How to quell a mummy uprising', and 'Lose weight while conjuring!' are all titles that you see. Are these useful at all?

You start looking at the bookshelf that's adjacent. Not here either. You look at the bookshelf behind you. Aha! There it is. You've got all three books. You call Marisa via cod-err telepathy.

<I've got the books, what should I do?> You ask.
<Great ~ze! Meet me where we came in in 10 minutes I'm still not done. If you want you can take a little something for yourself while you're at it.>

What an easy-going person. You look around to see if there's anything of interest. There seems to be a light coming from behind this bookshelf, there's probably something behind it on the other side. Knowing this library it's probably yet another row of bookshelves or perhaps a reading spot or something. Might be worth checking out. Alternatively there's a book that catches your eye on another shelf. It's bound in really old and worn leather, with metal clasps on the edges. You can't read the title, but you can tell it's a book of much significance and power. You shudder a bit whilst staring at it, you get a very particular vibe from it. Still, your curiosity is quite strong. You feel like this is a once in a lifetime chance. Alternatively you can just go back and wait at your entry point. However, this might not be wise since the concentration of flying books is highest around there, meaning that someone has their eye on the region.

[] Check out the light
[] Check out the worn leather book
[] Check out how to quell a mummy uprising
[] Go to the rally point early

>> No. 4207
[x] Check out the worn leather book

Old leather bound books are neat.
>> No. 4208
[x] Check out the worn leather book
Necronomicon GET
>> No. 4210
[x] Check out the worn leather book
I'm going to pretend this is the book from Bible Black.
>> No. 4211
[x] Check out the worn leather book
>> No. 4212
File 12124333819.jpg - (16.17KB , 320x240 , lolbibleblack.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ero Erohim Ero Erohim Zabatoerio.


You know, this gives me an awesome idea. Guy finds the book in Gensokyo and uses it to seduce toehoes. Black magic, carnal lust, devil summoning, and lotsa BAD ENDS and such. It's like the PC game all over again but with less highschool and more powerful beings. I, for one, would enjoy writing a CYOA like that.
>> No. 4213
[x] Check out the worn leather book
>> No. 4214
[x] Check out the worn leather book

Or it could be a book with some sort of a devil sealed inside. Familiar get!
>> No. 4215
Are you my master etc.
>> No. 4216
File 121243562211.jpg - (76.24KB , 600x650 , kaokuma1.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Check out the worn leather book

Curiosity gets the best of you. Putting the books that Marisa asked you to get under your arm, you grab the old book bound in leather. It's weight is insurmountable. It's not physically heavy, but you can feel that it carries a burden that weights down the very earth. Just holding it makes you feel strange. You look at the cover. You can't really tell what it's called, the title has worn away and the few remaining letters seem to be in an unrecognizable font. Upon close inspection, the leather seems very strange, you've never seen this kind before. You wonder from what animal it could possibly have come.

You open the metal clasps that hold the book close and open it to a random page. You could swear that you heard a groan come from the book, but you dismiss it and look at the book's contents. It's got a plethora of illustrations of... things. You can't quite describe them, since they seem to defy logic. The names are unpronounceable, and if you were to try to say them, you think that you'd go insane. Skimming through, a passage catches your eye. You read it, almost entranced.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.”

Huh. That sounds familiar. You say it aloud. The book begins to, well, quiver with your statement. Freaked out, you drop it and yell out. You trip. falling backwards. You lie flat on your ass as the book closes itself and gets back on the shelf. You look around and see that there's someone behind you. You turn around slowly.

Standing there is a girl with long red hair and... wings coming out of her head. She's wearing a black dress with white sleeves. Say, she kinda reminds you of a palette-swapped Morrigan. Maybe she's a succubus too, ehehehe, you somehow think that you wouldn't mind getting seduced by her, especially with her assets. Wait, you shouldn't be gawking, you've been discovered! Fuck, she looks surprised at seeing you, but that could change any moment. You don't know what she's capable of and what she'd do to you. You've gotta think fast. You could try getting in touch with Marisa and asking for her help, that probably seems like the best course of action. You could always try out your magic, you might be able to distract her with a jolt or something. Besides that you don't know what else to do, you could try to bluff your way out of this, but you don't know how receptive she'd be.

[] Contact Marisa
[] Try magic
[] Have Albion charge at her
[] Bluff
>> No. 4218
[x] Contact Marisa
[x] Bluff

>"Marisa! I've encountered some sort of bat demon. I don't think I'll be leaving this place alive."
>> No. 4222
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest
>> No. 4223
I like the way you think. That would have... interesting repercussions to say the least. Very interesting repercussions.
>> No. 4224
You just activated my curiosity sphere.
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest
>> No. 4225
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest
>> No. 4226
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest
>> No. 4227
[x] Use Hotglue Gun on Koakuma.
>> No. 4228
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest
I don't care if it DEAD ENDs. MAKE IT HAPPEN.
>> No. 4229
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest

Deleting my old vote.
>> No. 4230
File 121243848960.jpg - (431.39KB , 567x788 , 120959007133.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest
That chest is calling out for me! I must answer it's call!
>> No. 4231
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest
My old vote is gone, let's see this thing happen.
>> No. 4232
[x] Contact Marisa

I get the feeling she might just take off without us.
>> No. 4233
[x] Contact Marisa
[x] Bluff
>> No. 4234
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest

>> No. 4235
[x] Contact Marisa sounds like the best option.

...but then, anemia option into Koakuma's chest sounds interesting too.
>> No. 4236
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest
>> No. 4237
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest
Shirou in all his Glory!
>> No. 4238
File 121244246622.jpg - (32.46KB , 288x400 , 1183065366381.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4239
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest
Potential BAD END, but it's worth it.
>> No. 4240
[x] Contact Marisa, get out a few words, then anemia option into Koakuma's chest
>> No. 4242
File 121244667567.jpg - (306.17KB , 655x780 , sexykoakuma.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest

You scramble to your feet. You try to think of what to do. The girl seems unsure of what she should make of you. You try to think of what to do, and calling Marisa or trying to bluff your way seem like natural choices. However, it would seem that your body has other plans. As if triggered subconsciously, you start to have one of your KeyAIDS episodes. You start feeling faint and your whole world starts spinning and fading away. The last thing you remember is collapsing onto the girl, in particular to a very soft pillow-like part of her. You hear her gasping as you fall unconscious.

You wake up a indeterminate amount of time later. You look at your surroundings. It's completely dark in here. There's a faint light source in the distance, but all it does is highlight the various silhouettes of crates, barrels, and shelves that seem to be crammed into every corner of the room. You try moving. You have some freedom in your arms and legs, but there seem to be some sort of restraint tied around them. From what you can infer, it's probably a set of shackles or something. You also feel unnaturally cold. And then it hits you. You're completely naked. Well shit, you're not even wearing your underwear. All of your clothes and items are gone. You start to struggle to see if you can set yourself free.

Not having any success, you give up. Waiting in the darkness is really unnerving. But after a while, you start to hear footsteps. A door opens somewhere and a person carrying a set of lit candles comes into the room. As they approach you, you see that it's the same girl as before. She smiles as she sees that you're awake You try to ask her where you are and where your things are but she cuts you off.

“Silence now.” She says in a deliciously seductive voice. “All you need to know is that you're mine now. I've taken care of your things and no one will ever know that you're here.” She smiles slyly. “It's a good thing that you showed up and collapsed in front of me, otherwise I might have been forced to take you to the mistress. And to be honest, recently the mistress has been busy with... people... friends she calls them. Bah!” The girl irritatedly says.

She sets down the candle piece on a nearby box.

“Apparently that annoying witch was looking for you.” She continues. “She even asked the mistress for help, but I had already hidden you here. This is a storage chamber that only I, who knows all of the library, would know about. So you can drop any idea of escape.” Saying so, she smiles devilishly. “I've been particularly needing a good energy boost.”

She walks up to you. She takes off her dress, you can see her amazing figure dressed in a torsolette (or is it a long bustier?). She smiles upon seeing your confused and aroused expression. More amazing still, is the fact that the girl goes directly for your crotch, with no reservation. She starts fondling your balls and playing with your dick. You immediately get hard. She giggles slightly when she sees your reaction.

“Good, the fact that you're willing makes my work easier.” She says to you.

Then, she executes the most amazing technique that you've seen. It's as if her hands are moving at the speed of light. She starts to take your cock into her mouth while her hands play with your balls and she uses a couple of her fingers to stimulate your asshole. You don't know what to make of this experience it's a mix of uncomfortableness, pleasure, and raw lust. You can feel your very essence melt away and go into this girl. It's almost as if she's sucking your very soul out. As she starts to stimulate your prostate you cannot resist anymore and cum into her mouth. She gulps it all down greedily, as if it were a precious substance.

You are completely exhausted, you feel like some of your vitality itself just escaped you. The girl looks up at you.

“Finished already? It was most delicious, but I don't think I can be content just with that. I'm going to have to make you try harder.” She says.

You try to protest that you can't get hard away right away but she just smiles and then starts to concentrate. She takes a small blade from her clothes and cuts the tip of her finger. Crimson blood drops fall onto your genitalia. As the first drop hits, you immediately get an erection. It's completely against your will, and you can't do anything to make it stop.

The girl giggles. “Teehee, now we can have fun for a good while. You won't get flaccid no matter how many times you cum.”

Saying so, she removes the bottom part of her outfit and her pussy is exposed. You can't see it that well due to the candlelight being weak, but you can tell that she's soaking wet. God she must be a nympho or something. She immediately mounts you in reverse cowgirl position. Her wings and long hair are turned to you and you're hypnotized by the silky movements of her hair as she grinds on your shaft. You look down to see where you're connected. You can see her magnificent ass shake every time she moves up and down, and this makes you even more excited. This whole experience is easily the most erotic one you've had ever. You make an effort to move your body in synch with her movements. She starts moaning out loud with that incredible voice of hers, as if not caring about the volume. You lean forward a bit and start to kiss the back of her head, she reacts by moving even faster. You can hear the sloppy sound of your meat entering her drenched cunt despite her ever increasing moans. You yourself are enjoying this immensely and you think that you're at your limit. You groan and unleash a load inside of her. She moans as well and from what you can tell climaxed as well.

She lays on you still erect member for a bit longer, then she gets up and changes position. She reinserts your penis into her vagina but this time she's facing you. You watch as her well-endowed breasts bounce up and down. It's quite a sight to witness. Her breasts are almost popping out of her bustier (or was it a - screw it, you can't think about technicalities now). So intense is the two going at it, that the whole room seems to shake, despite the fact that it's partially made from stone. She's enjoying herself immensely and you're sure that your face has a similar expression of ecstasy. Her juices are dripping all over you as you observe where you're joined. It's like an endless torrent of honey that's coming from there. You're sure that some of it is your own seed, but at this point you don't care as you instinctively thrust to seek more pleasure. The girl bends down a bit and seeks to kiss you. You accept it, and the two of you kiss deeply. You keep at it during all this, and you can feel her tongue jerk about as your shaft reaches her deepest confines. You don't know if it's because of the spell she cast on you, but you're about to erupt yet again. Your penis twitches inside of her for a moment and it explodes with a gush of semen. You wonder for a moment if it's humanly possible to cum so much so fast or if it's a side effect of the spell.

The girl separates from you for a moment.
>> No. 4243
File 121244672053.jpg - (163.90KB , 500x635 , koakuma2.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I haven't such a satisfying encounter in a while. You've got a wonderful piece of equipment there.” She says with an impish smile. At this point you're completely crazed and just want to bang her over and over again. She notices your agitation and giggles. “Well, it looks like you want more, I can't blame you. I'll give you a treat now.”

After she says so she casts a spell and unbinds your hands, you've now got freedom to move them. She comes next to you.

“Well then, ravage me.” She says in a seductive voice.

Having lost your mind long ago, you grab her and roughly push her down. Her breasts finally pops out of that tight piece of clothing. She seems to be enjoying seeing you in a frenzied state. You get on top of her and grab her large breasts with both of your hands. You massage them, pleasuring yourself in their softness. You bite her nipples, hard. She seems to enjoy your rough treatment of her. You pinch her nipples more and then you insert your hardened penis into her with no warning. She moans out loud at the sensation and you start to pump in and out furiously. You feel great doing it in the missionary position. It gives you a feeling of dominance over her. You see her enraptured expression and decide to go one step further. You pull out of her and stick your well lubed cock (wet with a mix of her juices and your semen) into her asshole. You cum just by going inside. It's a completely different experience from her cunt. She weakly moans out.

“Oooh~ not there!”

But you ignore her and because of the fact that your penis will not go limp you immediately resume moving. You stir her up, taking no heed to her increasingly labored moans. All you can concentrate on is the pleasure. You start nibbling on her wings. Her whole body contorts. She seems to enjoy that. You keep ravaging her ass while you step up your stimulus. You've lost track of how many times you've climaxed inside of her ass now. You just keep on going. She seems to have orgasmed multiple times as well, since you've noticed that she's convulsed rather violently in pleasure a bunch of times now. You feel yourself getting weaker every time you climax, but you ignore it in favor of the pleasure. You just can't have enough of this girl. She's as entrancing as a succubus of lore. Between her mature body, tight orifices, and amazing techniques, you've truly found bliss.

Many hours later, you collapse on the floor of the room. The two of you went at it for all this time. You feel like you're at death's door. But the unrivaled pleasure just felt too good. The girl gets up from beside you and starts to put her clothes on.

“I've got to go back to work. I'll bring you some food later, I can't have you dying on me now.” She smiles with her seductive smile. “You've proved to be quite the catch. I haven't felt this energized in years. Your essence...” She says as she licks off some cum that was on her thigh. “is the best I've ever had. It's simply intoxicating. I'll keep you around so we can have more fun together.”

She finishes getting dressed and reapplies your bindings. You can't even struggle, as your strength is completely depleted. It's as if she stole your very own lifeblood with all that sex. The candles have long since gone out, but she grabs the candle piece and starts to leave the room.

“Oh before I forget.” She stops as she leaves. “My name is Koakuma. And I'll be your new mistress from now on.” She smiles devilishly and asks you your name. “It wouldn't be fitting to treat my precious new discovery as an object so it's only fair that I know your name as well.”

You reply with your ragged breath 'Shirou' and then you collapse. From that day forward you would live only as a slave to pleasure. Koakuma would feed you with the most energizing meals possible to keep you alive. It would seem that she really WAS a succubus. It looks like your earlier words were now coming true. You don't care however, since all you can think about night and day is having sex with your mistress. Even if you somehow got out, you'd only want her and her delicious scent and body.

In the world outside the mansion things were complicated. Marisa became a persona non grata at Eientei, since they held her responsible for your disappearance. They even started sending out hits against her instead of Mokou for a while. Alice completely withdrew from society after your disappearance and implications that Marisa was responsible. The dollmaker's heart was a swirl of confusion and chaos. Her dolls grew twisted as well as a result. In fact, almost everyone that you had interacted with in Gensokyo felt your loss in one way or another. From the contrived Aya that tried to bury herself in work, to the simple miko who sometimes thought of the last big donation that she got, everyone would wonder what ever became of you.

>> No. 4244
File 121244677596.jpg - (9.57KB , 300x300 , fagget.jpg ) [iqdb]
“No 'Tasukete Eirin' this time. Eirin is pissed off at your faggotry. I'm your interim Q&A guy, the Booze God.

Now, that was totally awesome dude. Reminds me of that time I became enraptured with a woman during my college years. We fucked like rabbits for two whole weeks in my dorm once. Yeah, that's right God of Studying, I wasn't sick, I was banging the brains out of a chick.

Ehm. Well anyways, you should be able to solve this. DON'T COLLAPSE ON KOAKUMA OR IF YOU ARE DISABLED BY HER CALL OUT FOR MARISA.

Seriously, anyone with half a brain would have either tried negotiating with her or calling for Marisa. But then again you were thinking with your penis it would seem.

Anyways, let's hope I never have to do this spot again, the pay is shit and there's no booze. Go fuck yourself and don't fuck up!”


You feel that collapsing now would be a bad idea. Maybe trying to talk to her and bluff your way out of this OR asking Marisa for backup would be a good idea. You probably could only do one before she comes to her senses. Of course, you could always try using your magic to distract her.

[] Contact Marisa
[] Try magic
[] Have Albion charge at her
[] Bluff
>> No. 4246
Screw you Eirin! That was the most awesome BAD END ever.
[x] Try magic
"My whole life was UNLIMITED FIG WORKS."
>> No. 4247
[] Contact Marisa

This bad end was totally worth it.
>> No. 4248
Now that we're being serious, I think I'm feeling adventurous.

[x] Try Magic
>> No. 4249
[] Contact Marisa

What are you talking about? That was a good end if I ever saw one!
>> No. 4250
[x] Try Magic
[x] Bluff
"This whole library will be destroyed in FIVE MINUTES, Koakuma."
>> No. 4251
[X] Try Magic

Fuck yes you are the best bad end ever
>> No. 4252
File 121244799481.jpg - (27.31KB , 640x444 , 1195669479139.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't really see what was so bad about that end, I mean it was pretty fucking aw-
>You feel great doing it in the missionary position.
>> No. 4253
[] Contact Marisa
>> No. 4254
[x] Contact Marisa

It's what I went with the first time before the horny teenagers decided to show up.
>> No. 4255
[x] Anemia option right into Koakuma's chest

I see nothing wrong with this end
>> No. 4256
oh you.

I'm going to take a break for a bit. Be back in a while, probably no longer than a couple of hours at most.
>> No. 4257
[] Bluff
>> No. 4258
[x] Contact Marisa

And this is why going after the large breasted Touhous is bad... You always end up dead in the end
>> No. 4261
Gonna start reading this.

So who are we going for? Kaguya? udonge? Eirin? Just curious.
>> No. 4262
Alice, obviously.
>> No. 4264
[x] Bluff
>> No. 4265
Alice of course. Who else would you go for in /eientei/ ?
>> No. 4266


Ok I'll get to reading. Alice is love anyway.
>> No. 4267
Teruyo where are you, you said you would be back in a couple hours. We need that Alice route god damnit.
>> No. 4268

Why are you complaining? Don't you have thousands of Touhou images to fap to?
>> No. 4269
File 121246631739.png - (38.10KB , 400x400 , toho_002364.png ) [iqdb]
I don't really want an Alice route, myself, but it's worth pursuing just to see the RAGE and DESPAIR that will crop up when all the ones who do want it inevitably screw up and get Alice to flip out and either kill us or herself.

When that happens, I will laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Ooooh boy.
>> No. 4270
>I don't really want an Alice route, myself, but it's worth pursuing just to see the RAGE and DESPAIR that will crop up when all the ones who do want it inevitably screw up and get Alice to flip out and either kill us or herself.

Should have pursued the NEET, just like I had said a while ago.
>> No. 4271

I thought that's what that path was all about?
Unlimited fig works. She'll eventually figure out that like we like her dolls more than her. Ripping off our cock and our eyes, leaving us as nothing more than doll assembling zombie on a hill of broken dolls.
>> No. 4273
We're in front of the Necronomicon, right?

[x] "Klaatu. Barada. Nikto."
>> No. 4274
[x] Try Magic
[x] Bluff

"I'm the bone of my blade..."
>> No. 4276
>>[x] "Klaatu. Barada. *cough*mumble*cough*."
>> No. 4277
[x] "Claymore. Beretta. Nikita."
>> No. 4278
>> No. 4279

Yeah, you and a dozen others. But we were sorta rejected. We had only just started to impress her with our tales, but then went for the kiss way too soon.

Maybe if we had gotten her to reveal her personality by involving or seeing her fight Mokou or by treating her more like a "buddy" instead of a moon princess (that's why she brought us here, knuckleheads), but instead we've been pussyfooting around out of fear and lack of interest (implied friend-zoned, easier targets, lack of characterization, etc.).
>> No. 4280
File 121247936654.jpg - (171.00KB , 500x500 , ecebd0199064a20fbfd56a8bbb1d3f83.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't think her rejection is as absolute as you might think it is.

Generally, if you think kissing or being kissed by a buddy is not a good thing to do, you don't do it to them yourself, even if it's "payback". And you especially don't slip in some tongue action on top of it.

There's no reason we couldn't make things work with the NEET. It's just that it would likely require more work than the Anons here are willing to muster.

Kaguya isn't some attention-starved loner who is so desperate she'll immediately cling onto the first person to show her the slightest bit of affection and appreciation. Nor is she the sort who allows someone to crudely have their way with her, only to wind up aching to gobble their knob because of it.

EASY MODO she is not.

Frankly, I'm disappointed that so many would set their sights so low. I'd question where their pride is, but I honestly don't know how much pride anyone is allowed to have when they kick-off their adventure by jacking off onto a figurine.

I suppose it's better this way. As we are now, Kaguya is clearly too good for us.
>> No. 4281
Wait, so are you all having second thoughts about what you people actually want? Perhaps we'll actually assert ourselves a bit more when we next see Kaguya?

I think Kaguya's route will be the most fun, outside the regular relationship building she's going to have to put us through those same five impossible requests as she did every suitor and that's a formula for wacky hijinks!
>> No. 4283
File 121249585578.jpg - (636.57KB , 1139x1600 , patchy.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Contact Marisa

Wasting no time, you immediately contact Marisa.

<Colonel this is Sna-err, Marisa this is Shirou. I need your help> You try contacting her.
<What's wrong Shirou? I should be done in a few minutes.> She replies.
<I've been spotted by a girl with wings in her head and long red hair. She hasn't said anything but I'm afraid I've been compromised. What should I do?>
<Alright, stay calm. Tell her you're a friend of her mistress and ask to see her. She should take you to see her and when you're there I'll swoop in and rescue you. Alright?>

The girl in front of you is still staring at you, as if she's deciding how to proceed. You can tell that if you make a false move, it'd probably have dire consequences.

“Uhh, excuse me miss.” You say. “I'm a friend of your mistress. I'd like to go see her if that's possible.”

The winged girl looks at you for a moment and then softly replies.

“Alright. Follow me.” She says in a soft voice. You can almost feel a certain... vibe... to it that makes your libido go crazy.

You shake it off and proceed to follow her. She leads you through the infinite number of rows of bookshelves into a spot that seems to be at the very heart of the library. There, a large table with dozens of books piled up on it and various light sources (of indeterminate origin) illuminating it is prominently placed. There are several chairs around the table, each one complete with several soft-looking velvety cushions. Man they look like they're comfortable.

Sitting at one such chair at the far end of the table is a bespectacled girl reading a book. She looks completely absorbed in reading the book. She's a real beauty. Her long purple hair and delicate features remind you of the archetype of the quiet librarian. The girl that's with you approaches her and whispers something into her ear. She reacts, gently putting down the book and looking around. She looks at you and sizes you up with her gaze.

“My, my.” She says with a delicate voice. “It's certainly been quite a busy day. First that girl shows up here asking for advice now the object of inquiry himself appears before me. I assume you're here with Marisa?” She asks and seeing your confused face she continues. “No need to hide it, I recognize that pin.” She points to the crescent pin that's on your clothing. Now that you think about it it's quite similar to the one on the girl's head. “That girl stole a box full of them from me the other day. Really, she sometimes has to learn not to take what belongs to others.”

Just then Marisa contacts you.

<Okay, I see you and the both of them. I'll swoop down and grab you and we'll cheese it. They'll surely unleash hell on us. I'll swoop down in when I see an opening so be prepared.>

You try to reply, but the girl in front of you has gotten up from the chair and continues to talk to you. It seems to be a rather large effort for her to be up and about.

“Tell Marisa to cut out whatever foolish plan she has in place. It would not be beneficial for you to let her carry it out.” She says and coughs slightly, but you can't really see her statement as a threat. No, it seems more like amiable advice. “Anyways I think it will be easier to solve this problem with you here in person.”

She turns around and starts walking towards a bookshelf. You notice that her hands are glowing. Is she casting magic? This could bode poorly for you. Just then you realize that this might interpreted as an opening by Marisa. You look around and sure enough you see her black-white figure approaching from a corner of the library fast. This is it. You either go with Marisa, trail blazing, or see what the librarian has for you, be it good or bad.

[] Tell Marisa to stop
[] Do nothing
>> No. 4284
[x] Tell Marisa to stop
Alice has evidently been talking to Patchy, and Patchy wants to discuss things with us. An emergency evac, while stylish, wouldn't be the best move here.

Also, fuck yes at Koakuma GOOD END.
>> No. 4285
[X] Tell Marisa to stop
Let's see what Patchy has in mind for us.
>> No. 4286
[X] Tell Marisa to stop
Site went up just in time for an update.
>> No. 4287

Update's been ready for hours. I was just waiting for the site to come back up.
>> No. 4288
You really got better, but this feels more like a /th/ Adventure instead of just /eientei/ now. Not that i mind, i think it's better like this. Even your writing got better.
>> No. 4289
[X] Tell Marisa to stop
>> No. 4290
[X] Tell Marisa to stop
>> No. 4291
[] Tell Marisa to stop
>> No. 4293
[x] Tell Marisa it's too late, to escape without you, and tell Albion you loved her.
>> No. 4294
[] Broom flying stop!
>> No. 4297
[X] Do nothing

>> No. 4298
We will be kill by Patchy~
>> No. 4299
>> No. 4300
[X] Do nothing

"This is the only way. I have no regrets"
>> No. 4301
[x] Tell Marisa to stop

You decide that you want to see what's in store for you. You communicate via the pin.

<Marisa stop!>
<Wha-> You hear Marisa reply.
<Just trust me on this one. I think I can make it out without your help.>

You don't hear her reply for a while. You fear the worst. However your fears are unfounded as she then replies.

<Fine. But first sign of trouble and the fireworks start. I can't be held responsible for your death here.>

You sigh, out of relief. You look at the girl with purple hair and apparently she's gotten two books from the shelves. She turns to you and starts walking with the books in her hand. It looks like the books are too heavy for her to carry, as she is apparently straining herself to bring them to you. She leaves the books on the table in front of you and is now breathing heavily. You can even hear her slightly wheezing, man this girl has got respiratory problems. She takes a few moments to catch her breath and then she starts to speak to you.

“Maybe these books here will help you figure out what you need to do. I can't do much more, since this kind of problem is best only dealt with by the parties involved.” She is now staring at you intently. “In any case, you're quite the special human it would seem. Just make sure to keep yourself in one piece. It'd be a shame to squander all that potential on something foolish.”

She then turns to the girl with red hair.

“Koakuma, make sure our guest here leaves. Escort him to the front gate.” She then remembers and adds something. “Make sure that troublesome witch goes with him.” She then turns to the general direction where Marisa is. “Marisa, for this time only I'm letting you go with no punishment. But next time expect heavy retribution if you try to steal books.”

The girl then goes back to her original seat and resumes reading. She's soon absorbed in her task and it would seem that she doesn't wish any further interaction with the lot of you. You pick up the two books. You take a good look at them. “The Art of War” and “Selected plays of Dario Fo”. How the hell are these supposed to help? And where the fuck did she get Fo from? This was written AFTER the barrier went up. You want to ask the girl, but the other one, Koakuma, urges you to leave.

You put these two books with the other three that Marisa asked you to get and follow Koakuma. The girl silently leads you through the many rows of bookshelves. And before you know it, Marisa is right behind you.

“Nice going there Shirou! I hadn't expected Patchouli to have a soft spot for human males! Maybe I should take you along more often ~ ze.” She says.

You facepalm hard.

“It wasn't about that Marisa, could you stop being so happy-go-lucky?” You ask her.
“Oh lighten up, Emi-yan!” She says laughing. “We got what we came from, and you even got something extra.”

Wait did she just call you 'Emi-yan'? What the hell kind of nickname is that? You are about to ask, when you notice that you're in a large entry hall, in front of an equally large door. Koakuma opens it for you. She seems to struggle for a bit before opening it.

“Go.” She simply says.

You and Marisa look at each other and decide to go through. The door promptly closes behind you. You're in the front of the mansion now, and in order to leave, you have to go through the gates. The two of you head out through the gates. Standing there is the guard clad in green that you saw earlier. She still seems to be napping. Marisa goes up to her and slaps her on the back hard. The guard wakes up with a startle.

“Nice seeing ya!” Marisa says as she passes her. The guard is completely disoriented.
“Huh!? Wha-Who's there? You can't enter the mansion!” She says in a confused frenzy. Taking pity, you talk to her as you pass her.
“I'm sorry but we were just leaving. We already went in.” You say.
“Already went in!? Aiyaa~ Sakuya is going to beat me!” She desperately cries out. She takes off her small green hat and uses it to wipe her now forming tears. She starts sobbing uncontrollably.

Seeing her like this you can't help but feel sorry for her. Before you know it you go up to her and pat her head.

“There, there. It's okay. I'm sure you'll be fine. Shush now and don't cry.” You continue to pat her head and reassure her until she calms down. You stroke her soft long red hair and she seems to get better.

“Th-thank you.” She finally says when she stops crying. “My name is Hong Meiling, what might yours be sir?”
“Emiya Shirou, Miss Meiling. It's a pleasure to meet you.”
“Ah likewise.” She says with little confidence. It would seem that this girl is not used to having others treat her with kindness.
“Emi-yan~ We've got to get going.” Marisa calls out for you. You bid the girl in green farewell.
“Goodbye Miss Meiling!” You say as you get on Marisa's broom.
“G-goodbye Mr. Emiya.” She says while wiping the remnant tears from her face.
“Please call me Shirou!” You yell out as Marisa starts to take off. You watch as both she and the mansion get smaller and smaller in the distance. What a wretched experience she must have working there in order for her to break down like that.

It takes you a short bit to get back to Marisa's. The two of you enter her shop and you hand over her books to her. She puts all of her loot down and turns to you.

“Well done Shirou, now for your reward.” She says and gets uncomfortably close to you. You feel her soft breath on your face. She then goes for your ear and whispers. “Alice enjoys the peace and quiet. There's a spot off the path leading to the lake that's an open field. It'd be a great place for a date.” She backs off. “Also have some of this.” She hands you a bottle. “It's some of that liquor we drank the other night. This should get the mood going.”

You wordlessly accept the reward. You weren't expecting much in the way of reward, but this is kinda embarrassing. Why does Marisa assume that the two of you are going out?

“Well then Emi-yan. As an added bonus for your good performance, I'll give you a ride to wherever you're going. Just say the word and I'll take you.”

You think about it. It's probably around midday now. There's plenty of time to do a lot of things. You could go to the human village and drink to your exploits, or alternatively read your books in a cafe. Or you could go back to Eientei and hang out with someone. You can't imagine that they'd be busy now. Around here, you could go to the Hakurei Shrine, or Kourindou. You could go to Alice's, but you feel that it'd be awkward since she'd know where you've been due to the books you're carrying. In any case, it'd be best to go to any of those places on foot. Oh, this is interesting. You could always ask Marisa to take you somewhere special and interesting. The choice is ultimately up to you.

[] Go back to Eientei
[] Go to the village
[] Go to the Hakurei Shrine
[] Stick around the forest
[] Some other place
[] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special
>> No. 4302
[x] Go to the Hakurei Shrine
[x] Tell Suika you too have an unlimited supply of alcohol.
>> No. 4303
[] Go to the village

I wonder, perhaps we should ask Mouku how to chase the princess? I know they hate one another, but who knows her better than Mouku? Erin and Reisen probably aren't the best people to ask, Erin would probably just brush it off and Reisen probably doesn't know.

Plus I'm feeling dangerous.
>> No. 4304

Thinking of Keine too much?
>> No. 4305
Doesn't she already have infinite sake at her disposal? Also, you shouldn't assume that you'll be able to meet characters that you don't know exist just like that.
>> No. 4306
[] Stick around the forest

Find Alice.
>> No. 4307
[X] Go back to Eientei

>Find Alice.

>> No. 4309
[X] Stick around the forest
Find Alice, worked so well in WUiG.
>> No. 4310
[x] Go back to Eientei

Either read the books, or leave them there and do something else with someone there.
>> No. 4311
[x] Stick around the forest
>> No. 4312
[X] Stick around the forest
>> No. 4313
[X] Stick around the forest
>> No. 4314
>>Selected plays of Dario Fo
>>The accidental death of an anarchist

>> No. 4315
[x] Some other place - LAKE

Find Cirno.
>> No. 4316
[X] Go back to Eientei
Don't fly near Alice's home this time.
Let Marisa show you the place for the date on the way.
>> No. 4317
[x] Go back to Eientei
Alice wasn't around earlier, there's nothing to say she'll be back now. Maybe some other time.
>> No. 4320
>Find Alice.

Alice route is a trap!
>> No. 4321
[X] Stick around the forest
>> No. 4322
[X] Stick around the forest
>> No. 4323
[x] Go back to Eientei
>> No. 4324
[x] Go back to Eientei
>> No. 4325
[X] Go back to Eientei
>> No. 4326
Weren't you reading the last part of that damn update? He said it'd be really awkward for Alice to know that you were recently hanging out with Marisa. Don't you believe him, considering how she acted at the festival?

Stop thinking with your dicks, Anon, and stay on fucking target.

[x] Go back to Eientei
>> No. 4327
[X] Stick around the forest

Time for some of the Nine-squad to get their asses here
>> No. 4328
[x] Stick around the forest
Fuck it, let's stick around in the forest and let Alice know we were with Marisa recently, thus screwing any chances we had with her.
>> No. 4329
[x] Dick around the forest
>> No. 4330

[x] Go back to Eientei

Readan' gamez.
>> No. 4331
[x] Stick around the forest
>> No. 4332
[x] Stick around the forest
>> No. 4333
[x] Stick around the forest
>> No. 4334
[x] Go back to Eientei
>> No. 4335
[x] Stick around the forest

Wanderin games
>> No. 4349
[x] Stick around the forest

You decide upon your destination.

“Marisa, thanks for your offer, but I'm good.” You say. “I'll be walking around here for a bit.”
“You sure?” She asks. “There's not much for you to do around here ~ze.” And then she adds with a smirk. “Unless you plan on visiting a certain someone.”
“Heh. Maybe I am, Maybe I'm not.” You reply, trying to shrug her off.

You bid her farewell and leave her shop.

Well then, you're on the path in front of Marisa's. Where in the forest do you want to go?

[] Go to Alice's
[] Go to Kourindou
[] Wander amongst the brush
[] On second thought, go back to Marisa and ask her to take you somewhere
Going by the popular vote.
>> No. 4350
[x] Go to Kourindou

Hey Rinnosuke, I happen to have some interesting books from the outside world.

How much can I pawn them for?
>> No. 4351
[x] Wander amongst the brush
>> No. 4352
[] On second thought, go back to Marisa and ask her to take you somewhere

We really should drop off all those books at Eientei before heading off to do other stuff, unless we can head over to Kourin and get ourselves a backpack to hold them all in
>> No. 4353
[X] On second thought, go back to Marisa and ask her to take you somewhere (Back to Eientei)
>> No. 4354
[X] Go to Alice's

>> No. 4355

Shirou: "Hey Alice!"

Alice: "Hey Shirou, where'd you get those books?"

Shirou: "Oh, I just got back from raiding SDM with Marisa!"

Alice: "Marisa... You and Marisa..." *runs off*


There's staying on target, and then there's being a complete moron. Guess which one of those two going to Alice's right now would be?
>> No. 4356
[X] Go to Alice's
>> No. 4357

Let them screw over their chances with Alice. Maybe then we could get back on target.
>> No. 4358

Well, we have two things to worry about here. We have idiots who think that going after Alice right now is smart, and then we have people who want to get back with the NEET and thus crushing Alice points is a good thing to do. So therefore, we have two camps working against us on this one.

Hopefully some people smarten up and we can avoid this travesty.
>> No. 4359
[X] Go to Alice's
>> No. 4360
Yes, I know that.
That's kind of why I made the DURRRRRRRR comment with the blatantly-retarded vote.
>> No. 4361
>> No. 4362
[X] Go to Alice's
>> No. 4363
Penis plants DO NOT WANT
>> No. 4364

The only way out of this is a GAY END.
>> No. 4365

We ask Marisa to drop us off at /eientei/ quickly and then bring us back if possible and THEN we can go see Alice. Pretty easy to avoid the tentacle rape.
>> No. 4366
>> No. 4367
[x] Go to Alice's
>> No. 4368
Your reasoning is weak, therefore
[x] Go to Alice's
>> No. 4369
[x] Go to Alice's
>> No. 4370
[] Go to Kourindou

You're the only man that can help me Kourin, set me up with a PS3 I have a BUDDY to be with!
>> No. 4371
File 121254627116.jpg - (98.84KB , 342x506 , aliceg.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to Alice's

There's only one place that you can think of going to now. You go down the path quickly, making haste to get to Alice's fast. You pass by the same sign as before, but the grafitti has been scribbled out and it instead reads:

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”

Weird. But you ignore it and keep going to Alice's place. You ignore the bulky books slowing you down, and speed through the usual path.

You reach Alice's house and knock on her door. You anxiously try to calm yourself down. You're slightly out of breath from running and you're sure that you're sweating slightly. You hear movement from within. It would seem that Alice is back in. You await excitedly as you prepare yourself to see her.

A few moments later Alice opens the door. She's wearing her usual dress and is holding a book of sorts in her hand. The book is bound by a locking mechanism. Shanghai and Hourai are nowhere to be seen. Her expression clouds up upon seeing that it's you. You can't tell if it's sadness, anger, or what. You try to speak to her.

“Hey Alice. I just wanted to see you.” You say.

“...” There's no reply from her. You try to talk to her again.

“Alice? I felt like popping by and spending some time together.” You try to say with a smile on your face. You wait and see if Alice will reply.

“...go away.” You hear her finally reply.
“What? I didn't quite get that...” You say confused.
“I SAID TO GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!” Alice screams out. You are taken aback by her sudden outburst and almost trip backwards. Alice is now silent again with her face looking down. Is she....? Crying? You can't really tell what's going through her mind right now.

You're absolutely confused. You don't know how to deal with a situation like this. Your first instinct is to try to embrace her and calm her down, but you honestly don't know if that's the best option right now. You try to think of what to do but your mind is blank. This sucks. It hurts you so but you can't decide between leaving and trying to comfort her. If only you knew what you'd be comforting her about. Crap. Why do you have to be so dense when it comes to girls? You can't for the life of you figure them out. It would seem that either choice might end up hurting her, or yourself. This is a bad situation. You look at Alice again. She's just standing there, face turned downwards, with a pitiful expression and is mumbling something to herself.

[] Hug her
[] Leave
>> No. 4372
[X] Leave
No regrets
Shirou only
Final path
>> No. 4373
[] Hug her

>> No. 4374
[] Leave

She's got enough boy trouble in her life as it is
>> No. 4375
[X] Leave

We have Aya anyway. Fuck Alice.
>> No. 4376
[] Hug her
>> No. 4377
File 121254719638.jpg - (17.06KB , 640x360 , justasplanned.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4378
[] Hug her
>> No. 4379
[x] Hug her
>> No. 4380
[c] Hug her
>> No. 4381
I told you this would happen, I knew this would happen. I'd complain more but I know a bunch of people voted to see her purposely to get back to the NEET so I can't really fault the Alice lovers completely

[X] Leave, head hung in shame

We can damage control later once the damn NEET lovers get their fix
>> No. 4382

Fuck NEET, I wanted to see Aya again.
>> No. 4383
I predict that Eientei will fall into nothing more than endless cock block wars as each anonymous faction tries to stop the other from gaining dominance.

Nitori will come from behind for the win.

[ ] Leave
>> No. 4384
[X] Leave
>> No. 4386
[] Hug her
>> No. 4387
No, lonely Alice is lonely.

[] Hug her

Sides, I wanna know why she acts that way
>> No. 4389
[x] Hug her

Bad End go!
>> No. 4390
[x] Hug her.
[x] 2 choices back.

Let's get that over with,
>> No. 4391
We can't solve every Alice issue with a hug though. We need to show her we aren't a one trick pony. We need to show her we're a full fledged horse, in the pants.
>> No. 4392
[X] Hug her
>> No. 4393

In a surprise twist, Nitori tears off her mask to reveal...GASP! RINNOSUKE! GAY END GET.

[x] Hug her
>> No. 4394
[x] "IT'S NOT WORTH IT ;_;" and jump into the tentacle plants
>> No. 4395
And then Anon was the Penis Plant luring innocent underaged girls into it's trap.
>> No. 4396
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."

[x] Hug her.
>> No. 4397
[x] Hug her.
>> No. 4399
[x] Hug her

You just can't help yourself. You get closer to Alice and embrace her. You do as you did last time she was upset. The results this time, however, are different. You gasp out in shock as you feel an intense pain in your abdomen. You look down. There's a decent sized hole where one of your kidneys once was. You see a smoking trail from the gaping hole to Alice's book. You look at her in shock as you connect the dots. She looks to be stunned herself, as if not comprehending what just happened. You try to say something.

“..'m...sorry.” Is all you hear Alice say in a small voice. She grasps her head with her and falls into a fetal position. She keeps rocking back and forth while you, still stunned from the blast, react in horror.

Blood starts gushing out. Alice's blast didn't automatically cauterize the wound. You start losing your strength.

NO! You try to fight it. Stumbling and grasping at your wound, you try to leave the house to seek help. You've got to find someone, anyone! You think of Marisa. She could take you back to Eientei and Eirin patch you up. You can still make it! You are a pathetic sight as you continuously trip over yourself trying to get somewhere. Before you know it, you've left the path and are somewhere in the woods. You look around you. Realizing that you're nowhere near your intended target, you finally give up. You collapse on the forest floor. You reach for the jar of pills that Eirin gave you in a last-ditch attempt to do something, anything. You take a couple of pills and pass out.




You feel something dripping on your face. But it can't be rain, it's too warm and viscous for it to be rain. You don't feel any pain. In fact, you can't feel much of anything. You feel only slight tingling sensations throughout your body. Maybe the medicine worked? You certainly feel dangerously optimistic.

You slowly open your eyes.

You can't believe the sight before you. All around you, as far as you can see, there are vines. You look at your own body, you're absolutely covered by them as well. Just where the hell is this? You look at them carefully and then notice something. These aren't vines! They're tentacles! And they're moving all about you.

You look at the source of the wet feeling that you felt earlier. To your horror, you see a penis-shaped tentacle exuding a thick cream-colored liquid. Ewww. It's even got 'veins' running up and down the 'shaft'. You try to move and struggle against your leafy prison. As if that were some sort of signal, all of the tentacles around you start moving frantically and you're manipulated at will by them. They start to pin down your arms, incapacitating you. Most of your remaining clothes are torn off, and you watch in horror as the tentacles start probing every single part of your body. You scream out. The tentacles seem to react to your scream and move even faster.

And then the most disgusting part starts. The tentacle above you forcefully bores itself into your mouth. You have no option but to take it all in, as the other plants squeeze your abdomen, forcing you to take a deep breath. This is the most disgusting thing you're ever experienced. The slimy feeling from the tentacle is sickening, and you feel like you want to hurl. As if things couldn't get any worse, you see tentacles approaching your lower regions.

FUCK NO! You try to scream out, but the tentacle in your mouth prevents you from doing so. The tentacles start probing down there. Two of the tentacles grab your penis and start squeezing hard. At this rate, they'll completely crush it. However, you soon forget that thought as you feel another tentacle make its way to your ass. Although you can barely feel any pain from your wound, you can almost perfectly feel the disgustingly warm feel of the slimy tentacle against your anus.

The tentacle seems to probe for a moment more and then it proceeds. It penetrates your asshole in an instant. The pain is immense. The feeling of that long hard tentacle in your ass is one of extreme displeasure, as it entered unlubed and roughly. You try to struggle in vain to free yourself. However, your thrashing about has no effect, as the tentacles wrap even tighter around you and some of them even go as far as probing your wound. Oh god the pain is unmanageable. It just hurts all over. You can't help but think that this would feel even worse if you hadn't taken those drugs.

The tentacles continue to have their way with you. You are violated repeatedly for over an hour, in a seemingly endless spectacle. In all of your pain and suffering, you haven't noticed that the tentacles have been moving you ever so slightly. As you gag from the tentacles in your mouth, you see that you're near what seems to be the main body. It's a horrible creature. A huge malboro-like plant with endless numbers of tentacles stemming from it. A large gaping void lies in the middle, which you assume is the mouth. You can't help but feel horror as you realize that you're inching ever closer to it.

There's nothing you can do. You try to make peace with the world. Even as the plants ravage your body, exploring every single one of your orifices, you try to think of the happy times you had. It was but a transient moment, but even in your last moments, you don't regret your stay in Gensokyo. It was like the manor was an illusion, surrounded by that seemingly infinite bamboo forest. You think about a few words that reminded you of your situation. If this all was a dream, then please let it continue anew in another dream. You'd love to get another chance to fix your mistakes and set things straight. Finally, you pass out from the massive shock and blood loss that you had been experiencing.

If you had known what your fate awaited you, you might have even called this fortunate. As the plant took you in whole, it took a long time to digest you. Indeed, the plant would squirm in gratification for many a month as it worked with your rotting carcass. Every time it broke down another piece of you, its tentacles would shake, as if it was enjoying it. And thus, after the end of many months, did the whole of your being disappear without a trace. Nobody knew what happened to you, even Alice tried to substitute the events that transpired with a more comforting reality. And so, you became a source of mystery and debate amongst the locals, and for many years afterwards, would the people of Gensokyo falsely believe that they had spotted you somewhere, living off the land. Than of course was an outright falsity. You were no longer alive, and were now a part of the land.

>> No. 4400
File 121255482865.jpg - (21.64KB , 400x300 , miko.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hello there! I'm Miko!

I was told to fill in this spot because everyone else is too disappointed with you. I'm not however!

I have experience dealing with tentacle creatures and know that they're really nasty. They'll try to do all sorts of things to you if you're not careful! Even for a ninja such as I it proved difficult to deal with them at times. They're icky, slimy, and unsatiable.

Anyways, this whole situation has little to do with the tentacles. It has more to do with how you deal with girls. I know you're not very experienced, but please don't rush girls! This goes for everyone! Despite our attitudes, we are all insecure on the inside. Even though you might try to make us feel better, there are times that only time can help us. Just like all humans, a little breather is good for us girls at times! Let this be a lesson not only for Alice but for all future enocunters. You've only known these people, with the exception of one, for two weeks tops, in some cases less than a week! Don't rush things!

Well then, I've said my piece. How I wish I could've had a normal life, with a boy that liked me sweeping me off my feet. Instead all that I got were tentacles! And kunoichi. Can't they give a gal a break?”

[] 3 choices back
[] 1 choice back
>> No. 4401
[] 3 choices back
>> No. 4402
[] 3 choices back
>> No. 4403
[x] 3 choices back

How many time's has Shirou's fuckheadedness gotten him bad ended?
>> No. 4404
Show of hands: Who saw this coming

[x] 3 Choices Back
>> No. 4405
[] 3 choices back

>> No. 4406

I saw it coming and cringed at the fact.

[x] 3 Choices back
>> No. 4407
[X] 3 choices back
god thanks 3 choices back.
>> No. 4408
Just because we named ourself Shirou doesn't mean we have to emulate his retardation.
>> No. 4409
You get a bad feeling about sticking in the forest and going to see Alice. Still, how bad could it be?

[] Go back to Eientei
[] Go to the village
[] Go to the Hakurei Shrine
[] Stick around the forest
[] Some other place
[] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special
>> No. 4410
[X] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special
>> No. 4412
[] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special

>> No. 4413
[x] Go back to Eientei
Put these fucking books away.
>> No. 4414
[x] Go back to the Eientei

>> No. 4415
Oh and whoever didn't see the BAD END coming should think long and hard about their logic. And btw, I'm thinking of possibly punishing bad ends by slightly affecting affection scores. I haven't decided yet.
>> No. 4416
[] Go back to Eientei
>> No. 4417
[X] 3 choices back

So, how's that Alice route going?
>> No. 4418
[X] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special
>> No. 4419
[X] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special
>> No. 4420
[x] Go back to Eientei
>> No. 4421
[ ] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special
>> No. 4422
Better not, suddenly Hotglue Anon gets hated by every girl.
>> No. 4423
[X] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special
>> No. 4424
[X] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special
I wonder where she will take us.
>> No. 4425

Please don't ask people to use logic when voting. I tried to use that to persuade people in an attempt to avoid this and the opposite happened.

[x] Go back to Eientei
>> No. 4426
[x] go back to Eientei

>> No. 4427
This time we can't fail, i know it, i thought it through
[X] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special
>> No. 4428
[x] go back to Eientei
>> No. 4429
[x] Go back to Eientei
>> No. 4430
[X] Go back to Eientei

My god, when I made that "LETS GO SEE ALICE DURRRRRRRRR" vote, I seriously didn't think it would actually WIN, because it was obviously not a good idea, and surely the Alicefags would realize that.

Apparently, I gave them too much credit.

I honestly hope our never-ending parade of failures is due more to various factions sabotaging each other's efforts, because the alternative means I'm seriously going to have to stop over-estimating Anon's grasp common-sense.

At least the deaths are interesting.
>> No. 4432

Yeah, bad end was expected. But I wanted to see if the bad end would be lulz-worthy. The tentacle rape and vore, however, were a complete surprise.
>> No. 4433
Bad ends should be their own punishment. Alice accidentally kills us and has a mental breakdown, then tentacle plant rape death? That's more than enough.
>> No. 4434
File 121256117782.jpg - (275.01KB , 800x995 , marisa4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Ask Marisa to take you somewhere special

You've got it. You'll ask Marisa to take you somewhere special.

“Say, Marisa?” You start to ask her.
“Yeah?” She replies nonchalantly.
“Do you know anywhere well... special that you could take me to?”
“Special ze~?” She starts to think about it. “Well there's THAT place, but it's no place for mere mortals like us. The flowers *are* quite beautiful however.” She thinks a bit more. “Nonono, bad idea.” She concludes.
“Can't think of a place?” You ask her.
“Yeah, but it's okay. I'll take you instead to one of my favorite spots. Is that fine with you?”
“Sure, why not?” You casually reply.

Marisa gets a bundle from a corner of her shop.

“Well then, let's go.” She says and leads you outside.

The two of you get on her broom and you take off. You wonder where you're going as you easily clear the Forest of Magic in no time. The landscape below flies by at an incredible speed. You soon are past the human village and the lake. Hmm, it looks like this place is quite far from everything. You notice that below you is forest. Pretty normal-looking forest in fact. Nothing like the eerie glow that comes from the Forest of Magic is present here. The two of you start to slow down near a clearing on an elevated part of the terrain by a stream. Finally, you land in the clearing and you get off. Marisa smiles at you and asks you to follow her. The two of you climb a bit until you reach the wooded area.

“Turn around.” Marisa simply says.

You comply. Turning around you see what is special about this place. You've got a prime view of a lot of Gensokyo. To your left is Youkai Mountain. Quite a bit from its base is the bamboo forest and by extension Eietnei. To the right of that you can see the human village. And from here you can barely see the trees that denominate the Forest of Magic. The lake is in the center of your view, and you can't see the place where the mansion is due to a fog that's present. Further to your right are quite a few sights that you don't recognize, including more settlements and forest.

“I like to come around here to relax.” Marisa says.
“I can see why.” You reply. “It's a nice place to be.”
“Yeah. And you know what's even better?” She asks.
“No, tell me?”
“Drinking booze and having lunch while admiring the view!” She enthusiastically replies. God Marisa, you're quite the alcoholic, aren't you? Or is this part of your free spirit?

She takes out the bundle that she took with her. She opens it and there's a few pieces of bread and some fruit in there. She takes out a bottle of booze from her clothes. How the hell does she keep doing that? You couldn't feel anything as you held her while you flew. You snap back to reality as she opens the bottle and hands it to you.

“Come on! Same as last time, we'll pass the bottle around.” She says.

Not wishing to disappoint, you drink. Wow, it's really delicious. It's a cider-like drink, but you don't know if it's apple of some sort of variant. You hand the bottle back to Marisa and she drinks as well. She hands you a piece of bread and takes one for herself. The two of you begin to eat while staring out at the view.

Soon enough, the two of you start talking. Marisa starts giving you more pointers on magic. She tells you how to focus and control your energies. She says it's all about one's attitude. Then she starts to talk about herself. How she chose the way of the magician so she could live free and not to have to depend on anyone. Then the conversation turns back to the subject of casting spells. She explains some more while you happily sip from the shared bottle.

“...and then you simply release all that you have. It should fry anything in your path.” Marisa concludes. “So tell me Shirou, what brought you to come close to Alice?”
“Oh come on.” You say. “Her and I are hardly close. But if I had to say that it was the dolls. I have never seen such finely sculpted and dressed dolls before. And before I knew it I had engaged Alice in conversation and I found that we had a lot in common. It's just one of those things I guess.”
“Ehhhh~ It sounds like me that you're completely head over heels for her.” Marisa says.

You stay silent. You don't know how you feel about Alice. Sure, you care about her. But you don't know how. If it's romantic or not. Last time you hugged her, it was because she happened to remind you of yourself too much. Isn't that a selfish narcissistic love then? Falling in love with someone because they remind you of yourself? No, there's more to it, but you can't put your thoughts into words. You think about the girls at Eientei. You haven't established your feeling for them either. You don't hate any of them, despite shortcomings, but do you like any of them. Yes. You do. But how about love? You can't answer that again. You just know that there's an attraction that you can't quite explain. It's different with Aya yet it's similar as well. Man, you're confused. The miko and her soft side come into mind as well, as well as your feelings towards the girl next to you. You can't help but feel that you really like certain qualities found in her.

“I was just kidding! No need to serious up and drift into thought like that!” Marisa exclaims as she sees your perturbed expression.
“Ahaha, I'm sorry. I just started thinking about things.” You reply.
“Anyways, those are strange books that you got from Patchy.” She adds.
You look at the books that you've been carrying around.
“Oh these?” You say. “Yeah, I don't know what to make of them. She said that they'd help me with my problem, but I don't know what she meant.”
“Never mind her.” Marisa says. “She's too caught up in the world of books to know the first thing about human interaction ~ze.”
“Heh. Maybe.” You answer her statement.
>> No. 4435
File 121256126786.jpg - (99.74KB , 550x680 , marisa6.jpg ) [iqdb]
The two of you continue to drink for a while more, silently observing the scenery after that exchange.

“So... Reimu mentioned you to me after the festival.” Marisa says out of the blue.
“Yup. You sure get around, don't you? I thought it was all about the hat, but it would seem that that's not it ~ze.”

All about the hat? Is she talking about herself? How would that make sense? Is she claiming to be able to win over the hearts of people just like that?

“Well, I'm sure it was just in passing and to say that I was the one that invited her.” You say.
“Something like that... but there was more... about something that happened between you? I can't remember since I was pretty drunk.”

Well you're pretty drunk now. You think, but you keep to yourself. Marisa badgers you for a bit more before laying back for a bit. Well, at least she's quiet now. You take a look at her. She's sleeping! How the hell did she fall asleep so fast? You shake her to try to wake her.

“Let me sleep ~ze. I'll only be out for a little bit.” She simply says, and stretches out. But instead of lying back on the grass, she puts her head on you. She's lying with her head on your lap. Geez, this girl does whatever the hell she wants to whenever she wants to, doesn't she? You decide that it's useless to fight it and accept it. You look at her peaceful face. She's got a really cute expression when she's asleep. In fact, she's pretty cute in general. That single braid of hers suits her personality perfectly. As if it were a warning for her rambunctious nature. You softly stroke her blond hair, as if she were a cat that had found her way to your lap and she even emits a soft purr-like sound. Heh, you think that this side of her isn't too bad either, and lean back yourself. You close your eyes and before you know it you've fallen asleep.

A little while later, you wake up. The sky is still the same, and you think that you've only been out for a half an hour or so. You look around and notice that Marisa's head isn't on your lap anymore. You get up to look for her. You nary take a step, when you see her by the stream, drinking some water and splashing some on her head. You go down to her.

“Feels good?” You ask her.
“Yeah, nothing like cool refreshing water after a nice nap under the sun.” She replies.

You bend down and take some of the water in your hands. It's both cool and clear. You drink the cool clear liquid. It tastes heavenly. No bottled water can compare to this natural bonanza. You follow Marisa's lead and splash your head with some water. It refreshes your very soul. Man this is great. The two of you then return to your previous spot.

“Wanna go?” Marisa asks simply.
“Sure.” You reply in an equally simple manner.

You get your things and get on Marisa's broom. The two of you start to fly through the air. You fly by quickly a lot of the scenery, before approaching the village.

“Say, Shirou...” Marisa begins to say. “I've got things to do, so I'll be dropping you in the village outside the bamboo forest. I'll catch you some other time.”

And after saying so she sets down on the village outskirts. Waving goodbye, she speeds off through the sky. Man, what a happy-go-lucky girl.

Well then, you've been left in the human village. It's still early afternoon and most people have just finished having lunch. There's a bunch of things that you can do here at the village, from browsing the local shops, to visiting Keine. You feel that you should take a look around, maybe sit at a cafe or go shopping, in order to clear your head and relax. Who knows if you find an interesting item for sale that you can give to someone on sale? You could always read your books at a cafe as well. Since you've got time you could probably do one thing first and then another and make it back to Eientei before nightfall with no problems.

[] Go look around the shops.
[] Go to a cafe
[] Continuity is power, go drink at the tavern
[] Go see Keine
[] Head straight back to Eientei
>> No. 4436
[] Head straight back to Eientei
>> No. 4437
[x] Go to a cafe

Something MIGHT happen
>> No. 4438
[] Continuity is power, go drink at the tavern in honor of the booze god

The booze god requires another offering.
>> No. 4439
[X] Continuity is power, go drink at the tavern in honor of the booze god
>> No. 4440
[X] Go look around the shops.

I'm a consumer whore!
>> No. 4441
[] Continuity is power, go drink at the tavern
>> No. 4442
[x] Go look around the shops.

Do we even have any money? I don't remember. Either way, it can't hurt to kill some time.
>> No. 4443
[x] Go to a cafe

Agreeing with >>4437
>> No. 4444
[] Go to a cafe

these all have random encounter potential
>> No. 4445
3,000 yen.
Also I'm thinking of stopping for now. Will resume in a couple of hours. Vote away people.
>> No. 4446
[x] Go to a cafe

Scan through the books.
>> No. 4449
If money is a problem, why not whore ourselves?
We've already shown a willingness to put our life on the line for the empty promise of free booze. Surely we would throw away what little shreds of dignity and self-respect we might have left in our hot-glue-shooting selves for some cash.
>> No. 4450
[X] Go to a cafe

Shame we don't have a laptop. We could sit around all day sipping coffee and pretending to be writing a novel.
>> No. 4451
[x] Go see Keine
But no drinking this time.
>> No. 4453
>>But no drinking this time.

Quite right. Drinking is done.
The challenge now is to get her to let us use her ass as a pillow while we're both SOBER.
>> No. 4454
[x] Go see Keine

Those pills we got from Eirin might not necessarily have to be just for us you know.
>> No. 4455

I like this way of thinking

[x] Go see Keine
>> No. 4456
[X] Go see Keine
>> No. 4457
This is the only path

[x] Go See Keine
>> No. 4459
[X] Go to a cafe
I wonder if Alice saw that scene with Marisa, well she will probably lock us in her basement and make us love her.
>> No. 4460
File 121259076534.jpg - (27.80KB , 704x392 , 121044588789.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4461
File 121259467286.jpg - (191.18KB , 600x446 , kaguyawesome.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 4473
File 12126084799.jpg - (55.01KB , 444x531 , 1206209613451.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 22644