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3552 No. 3552
As you slumber you feel a presence nearby. From the depths of your sleep you can feel it. You sense hostility from it, and naturally that bothers you. Curious as to know who disturbs you slumber you open your eyes. Huh, it's already daylight. How unexpected. Losing no time, you look around you. You see the presence that you felt. It's none other than Kaguya. But what's your buddy doing over here? You rub your eyes and look at her carefully. Wait. Something is wrong. She looks pissed. Really pissed. What the hell could have angered her that much? It looks like she's ready to rip you apart at a moment's notice. This is completely unlike her usual demeanor.

“I was wondering when you would wake up.” She says in a rather stern voice. You begin to ask her what's wrong. “What's wrong?! You have the gall to ask me what's wrong!? After what you did to me last night!? I ought to kill you here and now myself...”

Well fuck. She seems *really* pissed off. What the hell did you do last night? Was it the kiss? Is she so pissed off about the kiss. You begin to apologize.

“I'll have none of it. What you did is unforgivable. But alas, it's not just up to me to decide whether or not to dispose of you. You still seem to have your uses.” She says with a scowl on her face. “You are to speak to Eirin and help her out. If you do, you may yet live, you scum.” Saying her piece, Kaguya gets up and violently leaves the room. Even after she's left you feel that cold glare on your body.

You're confused. Did you do anything else to her? Perhaps you copped a fell or molested her while she was unconscious? Shit you can't remember much. You just wonder what the hell is going on. You wake up and everything has gone to hell. But before you know it, you're at Eirin's office. You don't even remember walking over here. You just unquestioningly continue towards your meeting with Eirin. She seems to be expecting you. Her shirt seems to be open and she looks even sexier than usual. You can clearly see her boobs because of it.

“Ah, I'm glad you're here.” She says. “I hear you're a man on death row right now.” She grins evilly. “Too bad, but do what I ask you and you can walk away mostly intact.” You ask her what she wants you to do. It's like you can't do anything but go along with her plan.

“Well, there's a slight... issue that's been annoying me for the last couple of days.” She starts saying. “I'm far too busy to take care of it myself. I've got a lot of paperwork to get through. And Undonge refuses to even consider it. I'll have to discipline her whenever I have time. I might even ask for your cooperation when the time comes, so look forwards to it.” She leans forward and you can see her beautiful shapely breasts almost popping out of her shirt. “I just might give you an advance if you help me out with this in a fast manner.” You gulp. She stops her rambling, smiles, and gets to the point.

“Look. What I want you to do isn't particularly easy nor tasteful.” She thinks for a bit. “Well, it is easy, but definitely nor tasteful. I might leave a bitter flavor in you mouth. You see the trouble started when I gave Tewi some medicine a while back so she would be more willing to cooperate with us.” Eirin pauses slightly. “It would seem that the medicine had some adverse side-effects. And that's where you come in. You are to suppress those side-effects.” She hands you a syringe. “Here, this might help you if you get cornered by her. It's a sedative. You should try to drain her as much as possible, and she should hopefully turn back to normal. I'm afraid you're the only one who can do this.” She silently mouthes 'I need you' and then continues speaking. “The rabbits are incapable of performing this task adequately.” You don't really know what she's talking about but you can't control your body and have a raging hard-on at her sexy appearance.

[] Do it
[] Try to escape
[] Rape Eirin

[x] Do it

Before you know it, you've agreed to help Eirin out. You find yourself in the halls of Eientei, wandering about. You don't know where to look exactly but you're confident that you'll find Tewi. What the hell?! Before you know it you're staring her face to face in the courtyard.

“Shirou, will you help me?” She asks. You tell her that that's why you're here. “Good now come closer. You can't help me unless you're next to me.” Seeing no problem you get closer to her. You look at her she has bloodshot eyes and is basically panting.

>> No. 3553
File 121196075449.jpg - (66.31KB , 551x800 , tewi2.jpg ) [iqdb]
She takes your hand and puts it up her shirt. She makes you fondle her small breasts as her panting increases in speed. She's really worked up about it. She starts to strip and you do as well. You take the initiative and start fondling her body. As you move your hand to her nether region, you feel an unexpected bump. You look down and are surprised to see a reasonably large penis. Confused you look at Tewi.

“Please...... take... care of.... me.” Is all that she manages to say amidst her heavy panting. You're shocked, but you can't get away since Tewi is grabbing you tightly. Goddamn Eirin. Still, this situation doesn't necessarily turn you off, and you instead start jerking Tewi off. The bunny seems to be getting massive amounts of pleasure from your skilled movement. Years of masturbation have made you an expert in stimulating cocks. Tewi greedily seeks more pleasure and kisses you violently, almost to the point of suffocating you. Your tongues twist around crazily and the both of your are stimulated. You increase you stimulation, working Tewi's shaft. The rabbit soon reaches her limit and climaxes, blowing a load all over your hand.

“Uhh, more.... more!” Tewi screams out. You see that her penis is still rock solid and apparently she isn't subject to a refractory period. Tewi shakes violently and overpowers you. You fall on the gravel garden. Despite her weak appearance she manages to pin you down. Shit is this part of the effect of the drugs? You try to go for your syringe but your arms are firmly pinned by her. Tewi brings her hips towards you. Her erect penis comes close to you. She violently hits you in your stomach. As you gasp for air, she shoves her cock into your mouth. You gag, taking in that piece of meat all at once and unexpectedly.

It's still lubricated with her cum and Tewi, in her impatience, begins to thrust in and out. You can't do anything but take it. It's nauseating and disgusting but she just relentlessly keeps at it. You try to bite down a bit, but that only give Tewi more pleasure. You can hear her groans and she picks up her pace. She's making you choke now with her relentless thrusting. She ignores it, and just keeps at it. Soon you feel her member throbbing and you know that she's at her limit. She doesn't even give you a break as she unleashes her gunk inside of your mouth. She relaxes her grip on you. You immediately spit out as much of the stuff as you can. You still, inadvertently, accidentally swallowed some of it.

Before Tewi recovers, you quickly take out the syringe out of your pocket and inject Tewi with the contents. The effects are almost instantaneous. She still has an erection, but is now laying passively on the floor. You come close to her head and can hear her mumbling.

“Please.. help me... make it go away...”

Damn it, despite the fact that you want no more to do with it, you feel compelled to help her. She's still breathing heavily.

[] Walk away
[] Do her
[] Anemia option

[x] Do her

You decide to try to see if her penis will go away if you just give her some loving. You take off all of her clothes and yours as well. You make your way to her crotch, and see that she still has a vagina. And it's dripping wet to boot. It's apparently connected to her member. You try probing her, and see that any interaction with her pussy has repercussions for her penis. Then it's decided. You're just going to have to fuck her raw in order to help her. You need no help to get ready, you've been rock solid for a while. And Tewi sure as hell is excited enough.

Not hesitating, you grab your own cock and place it at her entrance. You smile at Tewi and tell her that you'll do you best to help her. Then, you insert your member inside her. Her whole body twitches at the stimulation, and you feel like you could blow your load just by doing nothing. Her insides are incredibly warm and slippery. Not wanting to lose yourself just yet, you begin to rhythmically thrust. In and out, with every thrush Tewi shakes a bit, in complete ecstasy. Her eyes are starting to roll back as you pick up your pace. Her small breasts wriggle every time you thrust, and you decide to rub them. Her nipples are really sensitive due to the stimulus and you can see her dick throbbing as well. You yourself can't take much more of this.

You start moving even rougher, thrusting in and out at a high speed. Tewi's mouth is agape and her eyes are completely rolled back. You too feel immense pleasure. It's driving you crazy. You can't take it anymore, with one final thrust you cum deep within her. Her whole body trembles and she too climaxes. White fluid flies everywhere and covers her abdomen. You pull out and are satisfied with the results. Tewi's breathing is very labored. She seems to be saying something else. You get close to her.

“Do me more.... I want more!” She yells out. “I don't care where, just fill me up and make me come!” It would seem that the sedative isn't that potent, or Tewi's lust is just that great. You turn her around and make her get on all fours. She starts wiggling her behind in your face. You see her white puffy tail and feel compelled to touch it. She convulses when you touch it. It seems that she's sensitive there as well. You can hear her begging you to fill her up. Very well then, you want to take revenge on her for that forced blowjob anyways.

You grab a nearby pot of lubricant, giving no thought from whence it came, and apply it on your manhood and her anus. The cold lube feels strange but you're excited again and your meat is rock solid again. You start to slide in your penis into her asshole. It's a very tight fit, but the lube ultimately helps you slide it in. It's a completely different sensation from her cunt and Tewi starts moaning the very moment you stick it in. You don't know whether or not it's from pleasure or pain but you don't care. You start going at her. You mercilessly thrust in and out, in revenge for her previous actions.

Tewi starts groaning loudly and you pump in and out of her ass. You wonder if normally she'd be as lewd as this, or if it's the effect of the drugs. You ride her from behind, grabbing her hair roughly and pumping. Her tight asshole is almost too much for you to take. Apparently Tewi is enjoying it as well, as she apparently has come twice more. You keep at it, and as you are about to climax, you pull out and make sure to blow your load all over Tewi's face. She almost unconsciously laps up all of your milk and her eyes tell you that she wants more. Just how strong is the effect of Eirin's drug?

The two of you keep at it like rabbits (quite literally). After a few hours, the both of you are completely drained and, as expected, her penis completely disappeared. At that point the both of you are completely covered in each other's bodily fluids. You lost count of how many times you creamed inside her orifices, they're completely overflowing with you seed. She's completely covered head to toe in jizz as well, hers and your. You just lay there, exhausted, cuddling with Tewi. She's fast asleep. You wonder if this is enough to spare you from death.

As if to answer your question, Eirin comes in. She's wearing a leather outfit and has a riding crop in her hands. The outfit exposes certain parts of her like her nipples and crotch, and you can't help but think that it suits her.

“Oh, I see that you've taken care of the situation Shirou. I hope it wasn't too troublesome.” She smiles devilishly at you. “Come on then, time for your reward. But first I have to punish you for upsetting the princess. Don't worry, I'm sure that you'll enjoy that part as well.” She has the expression of a predator cornering her prey. You try to protest and claim that you're spent. “Don't worry about that, thanks to my drugs you can keep going, whether you like it or not, until you wish you were dead. You better not disappoint me boy.”

Ah hell it looks like it's going to be one hell of day. But you promise yourself that you'll make Eirin moan with pleasure and beg for your dick before you're through.
>> No. 3554
You open your eyes. You look around the room. There seems to be no one around. Judging by the intensity of the light it would seem that it's mid-morning. What an absolutely crazy dream. You could've sworn that it was real. It was truly vivid. Is it some sort of message? If it is, you really don't want to find it's meaning. It'll be odd enough to face Tewi and Eirin, let's not get carried away now. You get up and get dressed. You fit your belongings amongst your, seemingly of infinite capacity for storage, clothes and head out.

At this time of day you imagine that Reisen will be busy preparing for the festival that will begin in the afternoon. You're not sure if Kaguya will be awake, especially after drinking that much last night. You also feel kinda anxious, not knowing how she'll react to the kiss, or if she'll even remember. You could always go hang out with Eirin, although its a safe bet that she'll just ask you to participate in more of her lessons. And you don't think you could sit through one of them without picturing her in that getup from your dream. You should distance yourself from her until you can get over that. Another thing that you could do in the morning is leave Eientei and go somewhere. You should have plenty of time to go anywhere and come back, since you've got experience using the various routes. Lastly, you could meditate and put off having to do anything for now.

[] Go see Kaguya
[] Go see Eirin
[] Go out
[] Meditate
In b4 'wtf Teruyo' or *fapfapfap*. Partial credit goes to scorn for the original idea.
>> No. 3555
[x] Meditate
Because Kaguya might be asleep and Eirin is going to notice our erection that we got from the wet dream very fucking fast, and then we'll never hear the end of it. Let's burn our dread.
>> No. 3556
[] Go see Eirin


[] Go back to bed and continue that dream. TATSUKETE EIRIN!
>> No. 3557
>> No. 3558
[x] Meditate

Time to clear our thoughts a bit, I think.
>> No. 3559
[x] Go see Kaguya

Why not? If she's asleep we can just do something else.
>> No. 3560
[x] Meditate

One step closer to enlightenment. One step closer to our reality marble.
>> No. 3561
[X] Go see Kaguya

we should probably try to see her while we have the chance to make sure things aren't awkward...
>> No. 3562
That was pretty incredible, just now.

[X] Go see Eirin
>> No. 3563
That has to be one of the best things you've done in this LA so far.

But in any case...

[x] Go see Kaguya
>> No. 3564
[ ] Go see Eirin
>> No. 3565
[x] Go see Kaguya
If she's still asleep,
[x] Meditate
>> No. 3566

[X] Go see Kaguya

>> No. 3567
( ´∀`)
[X] Go see Kaguya
>> No. 3568
[X] Go see Kaguya

Just to be safe.
>> No. 3569
File 121196893436.jpg - (93.95KB , 1022x768 , 1210323997512.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go


Sweet Jesus Teruyo This is Brilliant
>> No. 3570
[x] Go see Kaguya
I came seven times
>> No. 3571
[ x ] Meditate

>> No. 3572
File 121197204913.jpg - (229.14KB , 640x580 , kaguya8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go see Kaguya

You decide to go see Kaguya. Since things ended on a weird note last night, you're worried that might weigh in on to any future interactions. You walk through the hallways to Kaguya's room. You half-expect her to be sleeping when you knock. To your surprise, a bright reply comes from within telling you to come in. You open the door and see that the rooms are both pretty clean and have been tidied up. Kaguya is standing by the table.

“Ah it's you.” She says upon seeing you. “Good morning. What brings you here today?”
“Good morning Kaguya.” You reply with a smile. It doesn't seem tht she's upset. Maybe she doesn't remember? She was pretty wasted last night. You think of something to say. “Nothing in particular, I just by to see how you are doing.”
“Well, as you can see, I cleaned up my room a bit, nothing too special.” She looks at you inquisitively. “What's wrong you look kind of weird.”
“That's just your imagination.” You reply. Damn she can read your feelings quite easily. She can feel your anxiety and nervousness. She comes closer to you and puts her hand on your forehead.
“It's not a fever... I can tell that much.” She states.

Damn, her being close to you isn't helping. Your heart is beating fast and you think you're blusing. You can't take your eyes off her pink lips. They were so soft last night....

“Maybe your problem is something else?” She says.

She walks around you, inspecting you closely.

“Perhaps, I'm making you feel uncomfortable?” She asks while looking into your eyes.

You just manage to get an “of course not” out. But it seems that she doesn't believe you.

“Perhaps you're feeling bad because of something that happened last night?” She asks. Damn she's right on target. “Could it be that you are apprehensive because you kissed me while the both of us were drunk?”

UGH! She does remember after all! She stares at you. Her intense eyes seem to pierce your very soul. Then, the unimaginable happens. She leans in closer to you and kisses you! Right on the lips.

It's a much more adult kiss than the peck that you gave her last night. She slides in her tongue into your mouth and the two of you briefly intertwine tongues. You can't do anything besides act shocked and take it. You would have never in a million years expected Kaguya to do something like this. The elegant and ladylike Kaguya. Even as your buddy, you couldn't see her doing that. Finally, after a few moments, she breaks off the kiss and looks at your eyes again.

“Now that was a kiss.” She says. “It's only fair that I pay you back for what you did to me while we were drunk.” She pauses for a moment. “You shouldn't try to do things like that to your buddy, it's just weird.” She starts to push you out through her door. Despite your shock you can tell that she's a little flustered as well. “I've got things to do now, so talk to you at the festival. Bye-bye Shirou!”

And just like that you're dumped into the hallway. Now what was THAT all about? You're confused as hell as what Kaguya was trying to say. Why did she kiss you? Was it 'only' payback? And what did she mean with her line about buddies? It'd be okay if you weren't buddies? Or what. Your head is swimming and you can't form a coherent thought now. You wander vacantly through the halls. You notice that there seems to be much more activity. The bunnies scurry to and fro, probably preparing for the festival.

Crap, seeing their fluffy tails reminds you of Tewi in that lewd dream. You can see clearly her face contorted in ecstasy, as it was in the dream. Crap you're getting all hot now. Your head is a mess, a swirl of emotions and ideas. You don't know what you want anymore nor what you want to do. You go to the courtyard and sit amongst the rocks. You focus a bit and try to see a good course of action for now. It's probably not a good idea to go see Eirin, since you're still confused about the dream and the scene with Kaguya just made it impossible to concentrate on her lessons. A pretty good idea would be to go to the tavern and drink a couple of beers, that should help you relax. You should be fine if you leave now, you'll definitely make it in time for the festival. Another option would be to go out and go somewhere else. Perhaps visit someone. Within the manor, you could always try to meditate, but you get the feeling that you'd fail because of all the activity and movement. You're really at a loss.

[] Go see Eirin
[] Go drink
[] Go elsewhere
[] Try to meditate
>> No. 3573
[] Try to meditate
>> No. 3574
[X] Try to meditate
[X] Ask the beer god for guidance

We mixed alcohol and girls with good results. He should be proud of us.
>> No. 3575
[] Try to meditate
>> No. 3576
[x] Try to meditate
>> No. 3577
[X] Try to meditate
[X] Ask the beer god for guidance

God knows best.
>> No. 3578
[x] Try to meditate

I'm thinking we gotta clear our mind at this point. We're quickly running out of people we can talk to without it being completely awkward.
>> No. 3579
Due to soul-crushingly slow replies, I'll have to conitnue later. Be back in a while, but make sure to check the sidestory thread since I might update that.
>> No. 3580
[X] Try to meditate
[X] Ask the beer god for guidance
>> No. 3581
I love how Anon seems to always be totally unanimous over what to choose next.

I'm different!

[ ] Go Elsewhere
>> No. 3582
[x] Go see Eirin

With sexy results.
>> No. 3583

[X] Try to meditate

Hey, God! Got somethin' fo' me?
>> No. 3584
[X] Try to meditate
[X] Ask the beer god for guidance
>> No. 3585
Needed more Tewi rape. Trust me, anonymous would've LOVED getting fucked by her even if he won't admit it.

[x] Go see Eirin

This is how you open the Erin route, be obviously aroused in her presence and she'll realize you have an interest in her.
>> No. 3586
My first draft (so to speak) had Tewi raping anon. But since it was my first time writing this sort of stuff, I decided to cut back. Also, despite your twisted nature, you're strangely insightful to some things...
>> No. 3587
Getting fucked by Tewi? FUCK YES DO WANT!
>> No. 3588
File 121198487246.jpg - (124.66KB , 450x602 , 1210510546723.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Let's burn our dread.


>> No. 3589
[X] Try to meditate
[X] Ask the beer god for guidance
At times like this, we need to turn to a higher power.
>> No. 3590
Anon is a predictable beast, except when he's not.

The appeal of such writing lies in two things, the taboo being broken and it being broken by a character people assign certain predisposed values.
>> No. 3591
[X] Try to meditate
[X] Ask the beer god for guidance
>> No. 3594
[X] Go elsewhere

go to Marisa and piss her off, for no apparent reason
>> No. 3611
File 12120013595.jpg - (10.00KB , 300x300 , tewiinaba.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Try to meditate

Despite everything that's happened, you feel like you've got to meditate now. You go to the courtyard. Finding your usual spot, you sit and try to meditate. You try to isolate your thoughts and clear your mind. You breathe in, taking in the morning air.

And nothing. You try again.

Still nothing.

You can't for the life of you concentrate. You try shifting positions. You try changing your breathing technique. Still as messed up as always.

Goddamn it. You can't get your thoughts organized. Your whole body is overwhelming with information. Your heart is beating fast as you recall the scene with Kaguya. Then you recall your lewd dream. How you fucked Tewi senseless and how Eirin was dressed in that sexy getup. You start breathing heavily. This isn't good, you're getting all worked up. You start to try to calm yourself down.

You start to get up. And then you see her. Standing but a few meters away from is Tewi, with a big grin on her face. Oh crap, a flood of images from the dream go by in your head. It's almost dizzying. Colors start fading away from the world and you're breathing even harder than before.

“Hey, what's up?” Tewi asks as she approaches you. “You look kinda pale, are you feeling okay?” Saying so, she gets closer and her face is really near yours. All you can picture is her face covered in your thick batter. It's almost too much to bear. You flinch, stagger back and sit back down. Tewi is apparently really puzzled by your behavior. “Seriously, do you want me to take you to see Eirin? You look like you might collapse at any moment.”

Tewi reaches out and touches you arm. You gasp, and it's as if you're reliving your dream. The Tewi in front of you has been replaced with the Tewi from your dream, and you can see her naked body in front of you. Your mind is truly replacing reality for you. You can almost smell the scene from before and how your dream happened in exactly this spot. This is really bad. You think you're going to pass out any moment now. You've gotta get out of here. If you try, you might make it clear of this place. Staying with Tewi might just make things worse. And you definitely don't want to see Eirin now. And passing out might jeopardize the festival later. You feel trapped, with nowhere to go.

Tewi is just looking at you, as if she doesn't know what to do.

[] Just pass out already
[] Ask Tewi for help
[] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3612
[x] Ask Tewi for help
>> No. 3614
>[] Just pass out already

[x] Ask Tewi for help
>> No. 3615
[X] Ask Tewi for help
>> No. 3616
[x] Check to see if she has a penis.
>> No. 3617
[] Try to GTFO

"TEWI YOU DUMMY!" Run off.

Yeah! Role reversal!
>> No. 3618

Gee, Shirounymous sure has no control over his own thoughts.

[X] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3619
[x] Check to see if she has a penis.
>> No. 3620
[X] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3621
[z] Try to GTFO

Fucking hell Tewi.
>> No. 3622
[ ] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3623
[X] Ask Tewi for help
[x] Check to see if she has a penis.

Tewi Tewi Tewi etc.
>> No. 3624
[X] Ask Tewi for help
[x] Check to see if she has a penis.
>> No. 3625
[X] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3626
[ ] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3627
[X] Ask Tewi for help
[x] Check to see if she has a penis.

"Hey Tewi?"
"Lift yer skirt and drop yar Panties, I need to check if you have a penis or not"
>> No. 3628
[x] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3629
[ ] Try to GTFO

I don't want to stick around Tewi with a dream like that.
>> No. 3630
>[ ] Ask Tewi for help
>[ ] Check to see if she has a penis.

[X] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3631
[X] Ask Tewi for help
[X] Check to see if she has a penis.
I wonder what we will do if she says yes.
>> No. 3632
[X] Try to GTFO.

Away with ye.

Must calm down and think rationally. No passing out, because then we'll miss the festival. No asking Tewi for help, because otherwise we'll end up wasting our load before we can deposit it in Aya once we get her alone. As long as we can calm down, we can make it back to Eientei with no problems if we run too far, and if we just run into the manor we can try and isolate ourself in our room for a while to get over our jumpiness.
>> No. 3633
[ ] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3634
[x] Ask Tewi for help

She seems strangely understanding now.
>> No. 3635
[] Ask Tewi for help

For the lulz.
>> No. 3636
Ask Tewi for help... with what? Our raging erection?
>> No. 3637
[x] Try to GTFO

Get to the chopper, etc.
>> No. 3638
[x] Ask Tewi for help

Curious as to how she'd help us.
>> No. 3640
[X] Ask Tewi for help

Tewi can give us a.. helping hand. if you know what I mean.
>> No. 3641
[x] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3642
Possible Tewi blowjob WOO WOO
>> No. 3643

how does a tewi know what is a blowjob?
>> No. 3644

She's over a thousand years old. I would assume she's been around the block a few times. Especially considering what they say about rabbits and fucking.
>> No. 3645
[] Try to GTFO
>> No. 3646
[x] Ask Tewi for help

And now thanks to those first posts, I'm reminded of the Inaba box doujin series what with Tewi having a dick as a result of Eirin's medicine... Though out of all of those, the second part of the first one was definately the hottest. Mmm Suika and tentacles...
>> No. 3647
File 121202287615.jpg - (208.47KB , 600x832 , tewi6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Try to GTFO

Get away.

This is all you can do. If things stay like this, they won't end well. Gathering all that's left of your mind, you make an effort to escape. You simple scurry away like an animal. You have to get away. You don't care if you've left Tewi confused at you actions, at this rate you'll collapse!

You go for the opposite exit. You almost can't feel your body anymore. Your vision is but a blur. You don't even breathe as you scramble. Somehow you manage to cover the distance and get out of there. You don't stop. You keep dashing away like mad, trying to get clear of Eientei. You make you way past the bunnies and various hallways. You exit the manor and keep running. You don't go too far, and you finally stop just within sight of Eientei. It wasn't that much of a dash, but you're exhausted. The mental state that you were in only accentuated this.

You try to catch your breath. You are breathing pretty hard now. You pant for a bit until you can breathe normally. Eventually, you're able to regain your breath and your vision returns to normal. Turn to Eientei as you continue to rest. You can't believe what came over you. You've got to get your priorities straight. You guess that only time will fix this problem, and you shouldn't worry too much about it.

It's still morning, and the festival doesn't start for a few hours. While you don't think it's the best idea, you could go see Eirin. You could try to do your lessons or your could ask her for help calming down or getting over this. You just hope that in potentially seeing her you don't cause a breakdown or something. Besides that, there's not much to do at Eientei. To burn time, you could also go to the human village. Grab a pint or go see Keine. Then again, you could also go elsewhere, time is still pretty much on your side. You don't think you'll be out for that long. A very small voice tells you to go wrestle a bear, but considering the amount of voices in your head, it's no surprise some of them are out there. Well then, the world's your oyster.

[] Suck it up and go see Eirin
[] Go to the human village
[] Go elsewhere
[] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS
>> No. 3648
[X] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS

That sumbitch was laughing as we failed to rise to his challenge last time.
>> No. 3649
[] Suck it up and go see Eirin
>> No. 3650
[x] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS
>> No. 3651
[X] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS

AHH YEAH, all that adrenaline and testosterone will bring us back to our man-state
>> No. 3652
[] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS

Those furry sons a bitches are going to get owned
>> No. 3653
[O] Suck it up and go see Eirin

She'll understand.
>> No. 3654
[X] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS
>> No. 3656
[X] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS
>> No. 3657
[X] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS
>> No. 3658
[x] Suck it up and go see Eirin

Though risky, it would really help to get an effective sedative.
>> No. 3659
[X] Go to the human village.

Would rather not get dirty and smelly wrestling bears when we have to be clean and presentable in just a few hours.
>> No. 3660
[x] Suck it up and go see Eirin

>> No. 3661
[x ] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS

What, are we Colbertnymous now?
>> No. 3662
[] Follow the voice's advice: BEARS

You've been waiting for this, haven't you?
>> No. 3663
[X] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS
Oh fucking hell, let's just get this behind us.
>> No. 3664
[X] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS
This will end bad, but with hilarious results.
>> No. 3665
File 121202805672.gif - (59.35KB , 400x521 , Reisen6.gif ) [iqdb]
You wrestled a bear? What?
>> No. 3666
[x] Follow the voice's advice; DAN KIM
>> No. 3667
Just... go away.
>> No. 3668
File 121202982293.jpg - (23.23KB , 300x400 , brownbear.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Follow the voice's advice; BEARS


It's all so clear now. It's your manifest destiny to go wrestle bears. Those furry fuckers are going down.

You remember that bear that you saw taunting you in the Forest of Magic. He's going down first. You start to move, a changed man. You're surprised at the speed at which you're moving. Your body is nimble and you're easily running as fast as a car. Jesus Christ! You whole body trembles with anticipation. Why did you not realize this earlier? That this was the only true path?

Within instants you find yourself inside the Forest of Magic. It's as if you've got a tracking device within your head, because you instinctively know where that sonuvabitch bear is. You go where your instincts tell you and you arrive at a clearing. Sure enough the bear is there.

The bear is sitting, as if waiting for something. The brown bastard stares at you, as if sizing you up. You feel that he can peer into your very soul. You don't know if it's the adrenaline speaking, but you think you can hear the bear speak to you.

“I knew that you'd come.” The furry bastard says. “There's no need for words, once set upon this path you shall forever be confined to it.”
“Bastard bear!” You scream out. “I don't care about that! I'm just here for you!”

And with that the battle commences. You charge at the bear. Kicking off the ground, you fly towards him. The bear tries to deflect your incoming body.


You're knocked to the side by its massive paws. You fly, hurtling towards a tree. You impact the tree. Goddamn that hurt. It's a miracle you didn't shatter your spine. It looks like this bastard will be tough to take down. You instead try a different approach. Letting him come to you, you start to dodge his attacks and get closer to him. You're now perhaps two meters away from the huge mammal. The bear snarls at you and tries to charge you.

You dodge. The bear starts to go by you. Seeing this as your opportunity you grab him by the side. You unconsciously use your secret power to focus strength into your arms. The result is that you flip and throw the bear quite far. You're breathing heavily. Have you won?


The bear starts to get back up.

“Not bad kid.” The bear states. “But let's see you try that again.”

The bear now gets up on two legs and looks absolutely ferocious. Excellent. This should be fun.

The bear charges at you. His attacks have gotten faster. He swipes at you and you can barely dodge.


That last attack wounded you. You see that there's a bunch of blood flowing from the injury in your arm. This is not good. It makes you mad. You focus and try to see a weak point in the bear's attacks. You think you might just have a shot at it. You purposely leave yourself open.

As expected the bear goes to claw you. Time slows down. You're completely in the zone. Yes. This world belongs to you. It's as if your immediate surroundings are nothing more than a manifestation of your will. With that being the truth, you move as you please inside this space, easily placing yourself behind the bear. You use your strengthening ability quite easily, it wold seem that this space facilitates it. You grab the bear from behind and lift him up. You flip him upside down and put his immense body in front of you. Wrapping your legs around his head, you jump up. You perform an almost flawless piledriver on the bear. As you impact the floor, you can't help but feel that you've discovered something truly wonderful.

You get up from the aftermath. You look at your opponent. He's been knocked out. It's an exhilarating feeling. The sweet taste of victory lingers in your mouth. Your adrenaline is flowing and you feel a massive surge of testosterone. Your wound doesn't even hurt. You just want this feeling to continue. It's decided then. All bears must be taken out. You leave the scene. You run about, using your internal tracking device to find opponents.

And you fight each one of these opponents. You completely forget about the festival. Your whole being, every fiber of it, is now dedicated to fighting bears. You defeat opponent after opponent. From Grizzlies to Kodiaks, no type of bear is safe. And more importantly, no bear is a match for you. You start to lose track if you're even in Gensokyo. Hours become days and days become weeks. Before you know it, you have a massive beard and your muscles are huge. You didn't even notice. By now you're living off the land, an expert hunter, and truly peerless.

After a few weeks, you find yourself in a strange land. The cold is bitter and there is snow everywhere. You know that bears hibernate during winter, but you still desperately search for opponents. Nothing. You find yourself at a loss at what to do. Just crawl around miserable in the snow. You continue traveling, with no food or water for days at a time. The climate only gets worse. You don't get discouraged. Because you soon start to feel the familiar presence of bears once again. You look about, and see that a massive white bear is eying you.

Not being one to refuse a challenge, you gladly fight the bear. You charge at him. You expect this fight to be over quickly the the others. But, this bear seems different. You try your best and use all of your usual techniques. He dodges all of your attacks and grapples you. You can't seem to make him let go.


Before you know it, you're flying towards the ground. You can't do anything but panic. You think to yourself that the bear has got the upper hand. The last thing you remember before impacting the floor is thinking that you had finally found a worthy opponent.
>> No. 3669
File 121202984945.jpg - (15.24KB , 216x374 , zangief.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wake up with a startle. You look around to see if the bear is anywhere. You're surprised to find yourself indoors. You are under a couple of sheets and your head is bandaged. As you start to look around, wondering where you are, a door opens and the cold winter air comes in. Through the door a beast of a man, a burly muscled man comes in. With a beard and a strange hair cut, he looks definitely weird. Was he just outside? That's hard to believe since he's only wearing a pair of red boots and not much else. He's covered with huge scars that appear to have been made with claws. The snow on his body seems to indicate that he, indeed, was outside. The man sees you staring at him and addresses you.

“Awake huh? Good! Good! Now I won't be alone for my meal!” The man speaks with a heavy accent. You look at him confused, but can't manage to form a coherent sentence.
“So you're confused and you want answers, da?” The man asks. You simply nod. “I can't blame you, Petya has one hell of a piledriver! Almost as powerful as mine! HAHAHAHAHA!” The man coarsely laughs at his joke. “But in all seriousness, you attacked my friend and he brought you here, couldn't leave you to freeze to death he said.”

His friend does he mean... that bear? You try to ask him.

“Ah, da. Petya is that bear you saw. One hell of a tough bear as well. I taught him myself! Raised him from a cub I did, after his mother perished tragically because she wandered into a city.”

Your head is swimming. How can a man have raised a bear cub? Let alone trained him in what would seem to be wrestling?

“You still look confused, comrade.” The man says. “It's okay, for now you need to rest and eat! I brought just the thing.” He takes out a couple of turnips and beets. “I make soup soon, da? Wait patiently.”

He proceeds to turn on a nearby stove and puts the vegetables into a pot. He adds a few ingredients that were lying around and before you know it, he's smiling to himself. He takes the pot and and a ladle and serves two bowls of the soup into them.

“It's not like mamushka's cooking, but it is good.” He says handing you the bowl. He also breaks out a large bottle of what appears to be vodka. He takes two glasses and pours one for both you and himself. “Budem zdorovy!” he says. “This put hair on chest, drink up!” And he gulps down the liquid. He has enough hair on his chest as it is... is it because of the vodka? You try doing the same, but find the strong taste to be too much compared to what you're used to. The two of you enjoy your (surprisingly) tasty soup and talk about various things.

Apparently his name is Zangief, and you're somewhere in Northern Siberia. How you came to get there, you don't know. He says that he recognizes a talent within you, that you have a good instinct. He offers to teach you what he knows in return for your helping him with a couple of tasks. Being completely alone in the world, you agree. He laughs and pats you in the back. He tells you that the training will start in the morning. You don't talk to him for much longer, since you're knocked out by the potent hooch.

The next morning, you're awakened at 4 AM by Zangief. He tells you that training starts now. Not protesting, you get up and step out into the bitter cold. You're freezing, but Zangief is apparently fine with it. The two of you spar for a while, and Zangief gives you tips to improve your technique. You spar for the whole day, and at evening you once again has your meal of soup and vodka. You're out like a candle soon after. The whole day was just too tiring.

And so it the cycle repeats. Evey day for a month, you sparred with Zangief all day, and by evening ate soup and drank vodka. Before you knew it, the cold didn't bother you at all, and the vodka was like water to you. You had bulked up insanely as well. Zangief stops during your customary sparring match and starts to talk.

“You've done well, lad. So well in fact think that you're ready for a rematch against Petya. Wait here and I'll get him.”

You obediently wait, excitedly waiting for the chance to wrestle that fearsome bear again. Soon enough, Zangief comes back with that familiar large white bear. You can feel the tension in the air and you and the bear stare at each other. You wait for the bear to make his move. He lounges at you with his massive body and you return the favor by using the techniques you've learned from Zangief. You manage to push the bear away. But that's not enough. The large bear gets up and comes back for more. He has you hard pressed, and you can barely keep up.

You focus, letting yourself become one with the world. You pick up your pace and counterattack furiously. The bear increases his pace as well and keeps up with you. The bear and you keep going at it for over an hour, with neither side giving up. Deciding that it's time for an all-or-nothing attack, you purposely leave yourself open. The bear swipes at you, confident at his victory. Time slows down, it's like that first fight all over again. Before you know it, you're in control. You don't even bother to go behind the bear, seeing as that's ineffective. You allow his claw to strike you, and grab him tightly. You flip him around, and jump. Spinning 360 degrees in the air, you pull off the most impressive piledriver of your life. You smash the bear head-first into the cold permafrost. You let go, and get up. Your wound is great and blood is gushing out. But you've won, the bear has been completely knocked out and is lying unconscious on the ground. You collapse.

When you awaken, a grinning Zangief congratulates you. He says that he has nothing else to teach you and that the scar that you now have is proof of your hardiness. You look at your chest. Indeed there is a huge scar across you muscular pecs. However, it's a small price to pay for having beat that bear. Zangief then starts speaking about your end of the bargain. He tells you that he wants you to help him found an academy for training fighters. He says, that that way a whole new generations of true men would be born. He complains that young people nowadays are too weak, and that a move like this would also bring glory to the motherland. You, of course, agree to help him. What could be better than training the future in being true men?

Bear End GET!

This is an 'extra end' one of a few ends that don't have much to do with the main story but are easter eggs of sorts. Among these are the 'Master baker end' and the 'Lake boat rental end'. These are supposed to be fun and are to not be taken that seriously.


It's now been 40-odd years since you founded you school. Now, you have branches in almost every single country and have united people all over with your love for vodka and manliness. You have done what communism failed to do, unite the world as one. Surely people will remember your values for centuries to come. Never again shall petty issues like religion and politics come before the true path. As an added note, bears are now worshiped and have made a major comeback in regions where they were once endangered. Everyone respects the wisdom that the bears have passed on to them.

And you, yourself are happy. You sometimes think about all those friends you left behind, but don't regret it one bit. You've got your own dreams now, and you managed to complete them within your lifetime. What's that compared to some illusionary fantasy involving girls whom you hardly knew?
>> No. 3670
Well, since that wasn't really a bad end or anything, I guess I can give you a choice.

[] back 1 option
[] back 3 options
>> No. 3671
[] back 1 option
[] Suck it up and go see Eirin

Need sedatives.
>> No. 3672

>> No. 3673
File 121203041548.jpg - (799.58KB , 1440x900 , 157m7a1.jpg ) [iqdb]

[X] Back one choice
>> No. 3674
congratulations comrades

[X] go back 1 option
>> No. 3675
File 121203050847.png - (171.47KB , 450x700 , 120902399648.png ) [iqdb]
[ x ] back 1 option
[ x ] Go to the human village

Hey Keine!
Hey Keine!
Can you CAVE me enough times I forget about my KEYaids?
>> No. 3676
Might as well vote to save time.

[x] Suck it up and go see Eirin
>> No. 3677
back one choice:

When you think about bears, you think that it'd be a worthwhile pursuit, but it'd take you far away from life here.

[] Suck it up and go see Eirin
[] Go to the human village
[] Go elsewhere
>> No. 3678
[X] back 3 options

We should go pick a fight with a crab, next.
>> No. 3679
[X] Suck it up and go see Eirin
>> No. 3680
[x] Suck it up and go see Eirin
>> No. 3681
[] Go elsewhere
>> No. 3682
[x] Suck it up and go see Eirin
>> No. 3683
[X] Suck it up and go see Eirin
Hey doc, fill me up with drugs will ya?
>> No. 3684
be back in a while. Soup and etc.
>> No. 3685
[] Suck it up and go see Eirin
>> No. 3686
[X] Go to the human village.

DO WANT to invite Keine and Moku.

If Eirin gives us something to suppress our libido, we might not be able to make any moves on the girls later. Do want to have some more fun with Aya later.
>> No. 3687
[X] Suck it up and go see Eirin
>> No. 3688
[X] Suck it up and go see Eirin
>> No. 3689
[X] Suck it up and go see Eirin

>> No. 3690

This...It's the pinnacle of manliness... Anything else is but a minuscule shard of the manliness shown this very day.
>> No. 3691
File 121204101829.jpg - (81.84KB , 510x677 , 2jg4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Suck it up and go see Eirin

No, there's not escaping this. Despite your earlier freakout, you think it'd be best that you go see Eirin. You try to calm yourself down and start heading back to Eientei. As you walk, you try to organize your thoughts and finally get over your dream. It's kinda hard to do especially since the encounter with Tewi accentuated it and Kaguya's kiss left you confused. As you reach the entrance, you realize that you've failed at progressing and are as confused as ever. You continue towards Eirin's clinic, try to avoid any rabbits for fear of running into Tewi. You manage to make it to the clinic without encountering anyone.

You knock as per custom, and come in when you hear Eirin's reply. Like usual, she's going through paperwork on her desk. Just how much paperwork does she have anyways? She turns to you and speaks.

“Oh, you're here? How unexpected. I thought you might have gone out before the festival.” She says.

You've managed to suppress your uneasiness thus far, but just hearing her voice is enough to send shivers down your spine.

“It looks like you've got something to say to me.” She adds. “Is that why you came? Or did you come to continue our lessons?”

Well, you feel uneasy with her, truth be told, but you could just try to shrug it off and concentrate on your lessons. That might be preferable in fact. Or you could always try asking Eirin for help. But honestly, it's both embarrassing and would probably diminish your standing in her eyes. You now how she thinks relatively highly of you, so anything to jeopardize that should be avoided. You can still back out of this and go elsewhere, if only just sit in your room. Crap, you better say something now, the silence has gone on for too long.

[] Came for the lessons
[] Need your help
[] Confess your lover for her
[] Back off
>> No. 3692
[ ] Need your help

Oho, why not?
>> No. 3693
[] Came for the lessons
>> No. 3694
[x] Need your help

She could respect that we had the balls to come ask for help with such a touchy issue.
>> No. 3695

This post is gay.

Also, [X] Need your help
>> No. 3696
[] Came for the lessons
>> No. 3697
[X] Came for the lessons.

Whatever drug she gives us is liable to be experimental. I'd rather not be sterile, and I'd rather like the chance to tap some tengu later, thanks.

The lessons are routine and intensive - if we throw ourselves into it, we can probably kill off our current problem of jumbled emotions.
>> No. 3698
[X] Need your help

>> No. 3699
[x] Came for the lessons.
>> No. 3700
[x] Need your help

Why not? I doubt we could concentrate on lessons as-is. We can't even meditate.
>> No. 3701
[x] Need your help
>> No. 3702

The man has it.

If Eirin gives us a treatment to kill our sex drive, there's a chance that it will KILL our sex drive. Not cool, brah.

Also, remember what happened last time she "helped" us? We lost a fucking day. We can lose any day we want, but this one's important due to the festival, and this isn't the time to chance being incapacitated, especially with the girls coming to see us. Would rather NOT miss a big event like this, thanks.

[C] Came for the lessons.

They're so in-depth that they can probably distract us pretty well, and our libido ought to have calmed down by the time we're through.
>> No. 3703
[x] Came for the lessons.
"I need help" just screams "Inject me with depressants so that I'll be a drooling vegetable during the party and miss it entirely, thus fucking me over one more time". No thanks.
>> No. 3704
>Or you could always try asking Eirin for help. But honestly, it's both embarrassing and would probably diminish your standing in her eyes. You now how she thinks relatively highly of you, so anything to jeopardize that should be avoided.
[x] Came for the lessons.
>> No. 3705
[x] Came for the lessons

Yeah, hey, NEEDLE TIME with Eirin is only good when not desperately trying to avoid thinking about sex. And when we don't have other shit to do. She put us in a fucking coma, or did you forget?
>> No. 3706
[x] Came for the lessons.
>> No. 3707
[x] Came for the lessons
>> No. 3708
[x] Need your help

Tasukete etc
>> No. 3709
[] Need your help

We're horny for Tewi.Halp
>> No. 3710
[x] Came for the lessons
>> No. 3711
Isn't it wonderous, double voting.
Everytime we as for help it takes about a minute or two and then [x] Came for the lessons
gets posted
>> No. 3712
[X] Came for the lessons.

I think the others have highlighted that the "worst that can happen" when dealing with someone who can accidentally induce comas is pretty god damned terrible.

>> No. 3713
I guess I should be more subtle to induce more despair. But I was tired of the faggotry and wanted to help anon out a bit... I can't help I like dropping hints. I do it all the time with stuff like foreshadowing and certain key phrases anyways.

Also [x] lessons won, writting 'now'.
>> No. 3714

[x] Call out for Tewi.
>> No. 3715
[X] Came for the lessons.
>> No. 3716
Maybe they were doing it for the lulz.
>> No. 3717
Where's my wall?
>> No. 3718
File 121205126652.jpg - (88.57KB , 478x650 , eirin10.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Came for the lessons

You tell Eirin that you came here for your lessons. She looks at you supsiciously, but accepts your pretext. She leads you to your usual spot and you begin your lessons. This time it's more abstract equations. You try your best to keep up with your lessons. You're doing pretty well, anticipating the values of theta and in general working beyond what's in front of you. Noticing your fast progress Eirin picks up the pace. She draws closer to you and begins explaining faster. She's now sitting right

You start noticing her scent. It's a pleasant womanly smell. It's a mix of shampoo and perfume. Who would've though that Eirin woud use such a feminine perfume? Although it shouldn't be such a big surprise, after all you've always noticed that mature aura Eirin emits. In any case, this is completely intoxicating, you can't quite focus on your lessons anymore. All you can think of is Eirin, and by proxy her sexy figure in your dream. You saw her breasts in your dream, and you wonder if they're anything similar in real life. Oh, it must be divine to be even to see them. You'd give anything just for a peek. Oh, you're starting to get hard.

Crap! You've lost your place. You were so busy thinking about Eirin that you spaced out. It takes Eirin but a moment to notice that you're lost.

“What's wrong? It's not like you to become lost.” she asks.

But you can't muster a reply. There's no way that you can tell her that you were thinking of her and got a hard-on. Eirin looks at you inquisitively. “We were about finished too. Are you sure that nothing is bothering you?”

You vehemently deny that anything is bothering you. But Eirin will hear none of it. She starts to take your temperature and check your pulse.

“Hmm, your heartbeat is a little fast. Do you feel particularly anxious or accelerated?” She asks.

You try to tell her that she's not helping you but she shushes you and continues to examine you. And then the inevitable happens. She discovers your erection. You tried you best to conceal it, but apparently your best wasn't good enough to keep it from the good doctor.

“Of course.” She says. “I had completely overlooked the fact that you were, for the most part, a healthy young male.” Wait 'for the most part'? Shit, that's not important right now. “I would have thought that you would have relieved yourself by now, but I guess the stress of everyday life has just kept building up for you.” She adds. “This is most bothersome, there's no way that you'll be able to focus in this state.” She looks slightly annoyed. “Ah well, such is the price for dealing with normal humans.”

She sighs for a bit and puts on a face that says 'I guess it can't be helped'. She then reaches over your lower regions and starts rubbing your crotch with her hand. You're in complete shock. You try to say something but Eirin just shushes you.

“Don't make this harder than it has to be.” She says. “Just relax and this will be over soon.” She dexterously moves her fingers and starts to unfasten your kimono. But, before she can even get you halfway there's a knock at the door. Eirin quickly gets up and leaves you there, dumbfounded. She beckons the person to come in. It's Reisen, she greets Eirin and when she notices you she apologizes if she interrupted anything.

“I just came to ask about the food rations for the rabbits. But since you're busy I can come back later.” She says.
“That's okay, I'll come find you.” Eirin replies.

Reisen thanks her, bows, and leaves. You're left alone with Eirin.

“Well now,” she turns to you. “Shall we continue?” You feel awfully tempted to take her up on her offer but you feel honestly confused. Something tells you that if you allow yourself to be swayed you'll be playing right into her hands. Plus, this is rather embarrassing. You'd rather do this on your own terms rather than hers. Maybe if you insist on continuing the lesson she'll drop the idea. You could always flee as well. Make up an excuse and leave. Or you could always indulge. That can't possibly be bad, now can it?

[] Indulge
[] Try convincing her to finish the lesson
[] Run away
Last update for now, nap time. Be back in a couple of hours. Make sure to make a wise decision Anonymous. Think very hard about this one.
>> No. 3719
[] Indulge

Do want Eirin handjob.
>> No. 3720
[x] Indulge

Tasukete Eirin~
>> No. 3721
[x] Indulge

I'd play right in to Eirin's hands. If you know what I mean.
>> No. 3722
[X] Indulge

>> No. 3723
[x] Indulge
>Think very hard about this one.

>> No. 3724
we're all thinking hard on this one

if you know what i mean

[ ] Indulge
>> No. 3725
[] Try convincing her to finish the lesson

He's trying to tell you NOT to indulge. Oh well, bad end here we come.
>> No. 3726
[x] Indulge

Maybe Eirin wants to collect a sample of our semen for tests.
>> No. 3727
You all suck, really. I wouldn't be surprised if this damaged our standing with Eirin. Of course if we can get away with free 'service', standing still intact, then that's fine too. Not counting on it though.

No point in voting now. Indulge won obviously.
>> No. 3728
Eirin giving us a wank is worth it.
>> No. 3729
Eh, there's always other people then Eirin. Like Kaguya, her route appears to be very interesting.

Of course, Teruyo could also be doing reverse psychology. (I.e. making indulge sound bad when it really isn't)

...then again, judging by the amount of replies, I doubt this will end well.

Oh well!

[x] Indulge anyway
>> No. 3730
[x] Try convincing her to finish the lesson

>> No. 3731
[x] Do not indulge, whichever other option it takes. If we can't continue (which is really pretty pathetic even if we have KeyAIDS), better to run away.
>> No. 3732
[] Try convincing her to finish the lesson

Oh come ON. Was there any part of that post that made indulging sound like a good idea?
>> No. 3733
Yeah, but people are probably voting based on what they'd actually do in that situation rather than letting the GM's not-so-subtle hints decide their action.
>> No. 3734
[X] Run away
Hull breach in pelvic sector P! Mana drain imminent! Disengage at warp 5
>> No. 3735
Yeah, but if I was in that situation I wouldn't be a drooling idiot and unable to concentrate just from not fapping for a week.
>> No. 3736
[X] Run away
>> No. 3737

You, sir, are not a true anon and touhoufag.
>> No. 3738

Well, it's not like we're only getting one shot at this. I suppose it's alright to deviate from the target for a bit of fun once in a while. Though, that must have been one intense fucking dream to react like this. Maybe the KeyAIDS has found a new outlet.
>> No. 3739

>> No. 3740
[X] Try convincing her to finish the lesson
>> No. 3741
File 121206107682.png - (11.85KB , 400x400 , 120926234918.png ) [iqdb]


>> No. 3742
[] Try convincing her to finish the lesson
>> No. 3743
[X] Try convincing her to finish the lesson.

Don't want to be her slave just yet, thanks. Not while we have several other lovely ladies waiting for us.
>> No. 3744
Damn beat me to it. But he is writing now, good work.
[x] Indulge
>> No. 3745
[x] Try convincing her to finish the lesson .

There was a warning at the end there to think wisely. Do not want to lose a chance at a bunch of other H-scenes just for one.
>> No. 3746
>>Don't make this harder than it has to be.

oh u
>> No. 3747
[X] Try convincing her to finish the lesson

Will power. It'll pay off in the end when Eirin is impressed by our fortitude, and we can have fun with her without ruining her opinion of us.
>> No. 3748
[X] Indulge
>> No. 3749
[c] Try convincing her to finish the lesson
>> No. 3750
[X] Indulge

Stop being pussies. I can only see two results from this:

1) She treats it very professionally and gives you a natural outlet so you can concentrate on proper things. We lose the "I WANT TO RAPE TEWI" status effect and Erin won't see it as anything more than a simple releasing of pressure.

2) She's doing it because she's attracted to us. In which case WTF anon!
>> No. 3751
I like the little indulge anti-indulge conflict that's going on. But alas, even though the anti-indulge outnumber slightly (counting run away), indulge still is the single largest majority. And it was the first to seven, which is my general cutoff line. Writing soon.
>> No. 3753
[] Run away
Rather have Kaguya do this. Or we can just rape Aya.
>> No. 3754
Already fapping.
>> No. 3755
File 121207722857.jpg - (82.65KB , 509x640 , araarae.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Indulge

Letting instinct overpower you, you just want Eirin to service you. You stay in your seat, excited, as Eirin makes her way back to you. She sits down next to you, and it's as if the two of you were carrying on with lessons as normal.

“Well then, let's do this.” She says, smiling at you. She sits down next to you and you can smell her scent once more. It's enough to make you as hard as rock. Eirin can sense your excitement and she giggles a bit as she reaches for you member. It feels weird for her to give you a handjob under the desk.

“Well, it looks like you're really excited.” She says. “You must really desperate, or I'm exciting you. Either way that's good.” She smiles seductively and starts stimulating your penis. At first, she starts by using only her fingertips. Even with just that it feels so good that you could come at any moment. She stops for a bit, as if teasing you. You look at her, and see that she's completely focused on her task. It seems that she's simply looking for a better way to do this, than rather stopping out of malice. She waits a bit more and then proceeds with her task. She's now using her whole hand, rubbing your shaft up and down. It feels different from before but just as good. Not even your regular girlfriend, your usual hand, feels this good.

You start moaning slightly due to the pleasure. Eirin seems pleased with herself and speeds up her hand. she deftly works your shaft with the whole of her hand. You're in a state of euphoria. Words alone cannot describe how good this feels. You've gotten her hand all sticky with your pre-cum and you can hear the obscene sounds coming from down below. You're surprised that you've lasted this long in the face of the intense pleasure. Your body must want to prolong the experience for as long as possible. But, that's quickly becoming irrelevant. You're nearing your limit. You start to wonder if it's okay to just let yourself go, you'd probably sully your clothes and the floor like this. You decide that this doesn't matter. What's important is the pleasure. You focus on the intense stimulation. You're about to burst.

And then it suddenly stops. You're just seconds away from climax. But you can't, Eirin is gripping your shaft tightly, almost cutting off the oxygen to your tip. You look at her to see what's wrong, but she's focused on the door. You turn to the door. Standing there is Reisen. She's apparently come back for something, the two of you were so absorbed that you didn't hear her knocking. She's staring at the two of you. Has she seen what the two are doing?

“I'm sorry for interrupting again. But I just had to ask something.” She says normally. Phew, it seems she doesn't see Eirin's hand holding your member under the table from there.
“Ah, yes, what is it?” Eirin asks, slightly unwound. Reisen seems to pick up on this subtleness.
“Master, is anything the matter?” She asks, worried.
“Ah, no, nothing is the matter.” Eirin deflects her worry. She loosens her grip on your rod and you can feel your dick pulsating now. Shit, anything more and you might come here and now.
“Well, I just wanted to ask about something that needs your approval now.” Reisen says, still slightly worried. “I wanted to increase the rations just a bit for today.”
“Ah yes, of course, go ahead.” Eirin replies. She seems to notice that your cock is throbbing. She squeezes hard, to prevent you from cumming.
“Okay, I'll do that. Thanks.” Reisen turns to leave. But then she turns around and starts to get closer. “Are you sure that you're okay Master? And you Shirou look kinda flushed as well?” Shit! This isn't good, she's getting closer and you can't control your member anymore. You think you're going to ejaculate right now.

Just then Eirin senses your impending eruption and acts quickly. She squeezes your penis hard, and slightly twists it. FUCK! That hurt like hell. You could've sworn that you heard something break just now. Eirin also addresses Reisen.

“It's nothing Undongein, now go see to the details. Leave us alone.” She commands Reisen.
“Ah yes, sorry for intruding once again master, I'll be going now.” Reisen says and leaves in a jiffy. After a bit Eirin turns to you.

“I'm sorry about that, but I didn't want her to see what was going on. You understand, right?” Like hell you do! Your poor buddy just got his necked snapped and is floppy. On top of that, it still hurts like hell. You try to protest to Eirin.

“Don't worry, I don't think I've done any permanent damage. You should be fine in a couple of hours.” She says examining your penis closely. This would be hot if your penis were in working order. But instead all you can focus on is the excruciating pain.

“Well,” She starts to say after examining it. “If there was a lot of damage, I've got tools and drugs that can fix it, so don't worry.”

'Don't worry' she says. That's rich. It hurts like fuck and any treatment she might give you will likely end in more excruciating pain. You just want to get the fuck out of there. You fix your kimono and wordlessly (but with a look of despair and defeat) walk out. You think that you hear Eirin saying something to the effect of 'I'm sorry', but you don't care. Your manhood, your pride has been hurt. Few things in this world can compare to this.

To add even more injury to the insult (or maybe injury to injury?), you have another problem. Since she jerked you off without you finishing it's caused another complication. The worst case of blue balls that you've ever had. Oh god it hurts! It's like your whole crotch area is just one big bowl of pain. You can't even try to masturbate to relieve your blue balls, your injured penis won't let you. This fucking sucks. There's nothing you can do. That's what gets to you. You continue to lament to yourself as you painfully wander the halls in Eientei. Ah well, as a silver lining the festival is still a couple of hours away, which means you *might* be able to recover by then.

Just how the hell did the promise of relief and release turn into such a waking nightmare!?

You go to your room. If you collapse here, you know you won't be able to get up until most of the pain goes away, disabling you from any sort of action between now and the festival (or maybe the beginning of the festival as well). Alternatively, you can try to walk it off. But that seems unlikely to happen, walking shouldn't be a magical cure, but it can distract you from the pain a bit. Lastly, you can try drinking the last of your booze and try to get drunk to make the pain go away. But that risks you being drunk for the festival and missing out. Crap this really sucks no matter which way you look at it. Probably the stupidest thing you could do is try to fap to relieve your blue balls, it's surely hurt like fuck and aggravate your injury.

[] Collapse on floor, enjoy your pain for a while
[] Try to walk it off
[] Drink it away
[] Try fapping anyways
>> No. 3756
[X] Collapse on floor, enjoy your pain for a while.


Did you guys really think it would be that easy?

Christ, just rest up so that we can make use of it during the festival.
>> No. 3757
[X] Drink it away
It was still worth it, now we can only pray to the beer god to save us.
>> No. 3759
[] Collapse on floor, enjoy your pain for a while

I KNEW it.
>> No. 3760
Well, was it worth it? Because despite your perverted behavior, the only thing you managed to break so far is your cock.
>> No. 3761
[X] Collapse on floor, enjoy your pain for a while.
>> No. 3762
[x] Collapse on floor, enjoy your pain for a while

Was quite hot, though.
>> No. 3763

Rationalizing a bad decision.

Blue balls is not hot. Having your dick snapped is not hot.

Unless you're into that stuff.
>> No. 3764
[X] Collapse on floor, enjoy your pain for a while

>> No. 3765
Taken for 'reseach' purposes:

"Serious injury can result if the penis is bent during an erection. Blood normally enters the penis in chambers called the corpus cavernosum during erection. There are two cylinders that make up the corpus cavernosum. These cylinders are encased in a very tough thick sheath called the tunica albuginea, thus when filled with blood, the penis is rigid.

If there is injury to the penis during erection, there can be damage to the corpus caverosum and the tunica albuginea.
This very painful injury is often accompanied by an audible cracking sound, followed immediately by dark bruising of the penis due to blood escaping the cylinder. In 10 percent to 30 percent of penis fractures, the urethra is damaged and blood may be visible at the urinary opening of the penis.

A "fractured penis" requires urgent medical attention. Prompt surgical repair of a penis fracture is usually successful. If untreated, the injury may result in deformity of the penis or the inability to have or maintain an erection (erectile dysfunction)."

You're damn lucky anon that you ain't dead.
>> No. 3766
Seems like we need to go back to Eirin to get our problem fixed, it was her fault, so she better help us.
>> No. 3767

Please tell me we can recover from this crap. I don't want to lose out on a bunch of H-scenes just because Anon is a dumbass. I need to harass my moe tenguw.
>> No. 3768
My friend actually did that once, apparently there was blood everywhere.

[] Try to walk it off

Seems easily the best by the descriptions
>> No. 3769
[X] Try to walk it off.

I don't know. I don't want to miss out on the festival, and I can't see laying down making our dick recover any faster than just strolling around will.
>> No. 3770

I lol'd.

>> No. 3771
[X] Try to walk it off.

Oh gods damn it, I warned you fuckers. Maybe we can at least recover enough to get some use out of it during/after the festival.
>> No. 3772
[X] Try to walk it off.
on the way back to the clinic
>> No. 3773
[x] Try to walk it off
>> No. 3774
[x] Try to walk it off
>> No. 3775
[x] Collapse on floor, enjoy your pain for a while

You can't help yourself. You just collapse on the floor. You lay there, staring at the ceiling, agonizing. This is easily one of the more painful experiences in your life. The humiliation also weighs in heavily, since Eirin did with you as she pleased. It fucking hurts and your balls hurt like hell as well. Your whole wiring in fact is extremely sensitive right now, and your whole system is in pain. You take a look at your little buddy, he's a bit discolored and purple. The poor thing looks kinda... sad. You hope that this does go away in a while since it effectively puts you out of action.

You try focusing your mind on something else to dull the pain. It's no use, it hurts.

It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. It hurts.

It really fucking hurts.

You notice that your whole body is trembling. You're sweating quite a lot as well. Shit, you might be in a slightly delirious state from all of the pain. You think that you can see your dead relatives surrounding you.

“No auntie, I dun wanna go shopping with you.” You tell the nearest specter. Even though you know you're talking to illusions, it's a good distraction from the pain. But even this lasts for a bit. They disappear and you're left huffing and wheezing on the floor. Shit the pain is as intense as ever.

You almost feel tempted in going back to see Eirin, but you couldn't move even if you wanted to. Plus, the last vestiges of your broken pride also impede you from doing so. Eventually, you think you start entering into shock. Your senses dull and the pain seems to be lessening. Whether it's a natural reflex or it really is getting better, you don't care. At this point in time you just want it to go away.

Time passes. You can nary close your eyes and wince from the pain. But it does to be getting more manageable. You check on your penis. It looks a bit livelier, but if penises could talk you know that it'd be screaming. Your balls also hurt. You were sure that blue balls only lasted for a bit, but in your case it seems like you're one of the lucky few to experience it for prolonged periods. You're desperate, you try smashing your hand with something just to distract you from the pain. It works. You feel less pain from there and more around your hand. But then, that lasts only a short pain. From what you remember, your nervous system seemed to simply give out and you blacked out.

A couple of hours later you wake up. A dull pain still is coming from your groin. Your hand hurts as well. You immediately look at the time. The festival should be starting within a little while. You should really get going.

You try to stand. You're able to, but you limp slightly due to the pain your crotch. You then notice your sorry, ragged-looking state. You're drenched in sweat and probably smell funny. You're not presentable at all. Since there's a little time left, you could try bathing and changing clothes. The downside is that you're not sure how your little buddy will react to the water. You just might start enter into another state of extreme pain. Still, it's most unseemly to go to the festival and hang around people looking and smelling like this. Who knows what kind of impression you'll make.

[] Go take a bath
[] Screw that
>> No. 3776

[] Go take a bath
>> No. 3777
[X] Go take a bath.

God damn it. Are you making me choose between a working dick and a decent enough appearance to not offend the girls? Not cool, brah.
>> No. 3778
[x] Go take a bath
>> No. 3779
[X] Go take a bath

We need to at least look presentable, even if our plumbing is broken and in dire need of repair.

Let's hope Aya doesn't pick up on our condition. Otherwise, we might be in for some payback.
>> No. 3780
[] Go take a bath
Maybe the water will wash away this nightmare. I hope.
>> No. 3783

"Your dick looks bruised."


"Want me to kiss it and make it better?"
>> No. 3784
I think we pretty much have to go for the Eirin route now.

Our dick is going to make her take responsibility for killing it.
>> No. 3785
[] Go take a bath
>> No. 3786
Eunuch End
>> No. 3787
[x] Go take a bath

You feel desperate. Really desperate. But despite this almost manic depressive feeling, you feel that you've got to salvage some aspect of your appearance. Thinking that, you go take a bath. You take your spare kimono and go. You find the hallways deserted, it seems that all the rabbits are now outside preparing to start. You struggle to make it to the bathroom. Your face muscles contort in pain, as moving seems to aggravate your injury. Still, you manage to make it to the bathroom with no incident. As is usual for this time, the bath is empty. You start to fill it up and sit on a bath stool as you wait.

You're still going through a lot of discomfort, and it seems like an eternity passes as the bath fills up. You try taking off you clothes, and leave your stuff by the door. You take this time to examine your package. Your balls seem to be much less swollen now, but your dick is still looking kinda bruised. It, however, looks much better than it did a couple of hours ago. At this rate, you really might be fine in a couple of hours. You really hope that you have no permanent wiring damage, since that'd probably trigger some sort of crazy operation by part of Eirin. You shudder at the thought that she's the only physician around.

You see that the bath is full and cut off the water flow. You quickly splash yourself with water, cleaning yourself quickly and get in the bath. Hmmm, not bad. Your johnson feels a bit strange, a prickling sensation is prevalent upon contact with water. However, this is more than bearable and you try to relax a bit. This is quite the mess that you've gotten yourself into. It's going to be awkward to face Eirin from now on. Partially because of your shattered pride and partially because your sexual thoughts for her have only intensified. If you could get an erection right now, you'd have a raging boner at the thought of the service she was performing for you.

You quickly dispel the thought. That line of thinking is what got you into trouble in the first place. You should have known that Reisen or someone would have come in and made things difficult. You however could have never expected what really went down. You get out of the bath. You make sure to wash yourself carefully and clean up yourself. You shampoo your hair, and rinse it multiple times. There's no way you want to look like crap in front of the others. No matter how much pain you might be in.

You finish cleaning yourself and put your clothes on. Well then, you're ready to go. You can hear a faint singing coming from outside. It's likely that it's the rabbits singing as they work. You feel compelled to go immediately. But, it might not be a bad idea to go back to Eirin and clear up things between the two of you. At least get her to prescribe you some painkillers if the pain continues. On the other hand there's the matter of your pride. And you feel that you might be able to hold out anyways. After all, you don't think you'll be using your boys tonight anyways.

[] Drop by to see Eirin
[] Go straight to the festival
>> No. 3788
[X] Go straight to the festival.

Screw it. We can just fix it later.
>> No. 3789
[x] Go straight to the festival
We'll relieve our pain by WRESTLING BEARS.
>> No. 3790
[X] Drop by to see Eirin

If nothing else, we need some goddamn pills for our pain problem.
>> No. 3791
[X] Drop by to see Eirin
Pride? Who needs that.
>> No. 3793
[X] Drop by to see Eirin

Go grab some painkillers.
>> No. 3794
[x] Go straight to the festival
>> No. 3795
[x] Drop by to see Eirin
>> No. 3796
[X] Drop by to see Eirin
Go fix my dick bitch, i might need it tonight.
>> No. 3797
[X] Drop by to see Eirin.
Pride doesn't matter in this situation anymore.
>> No. 3798
[x] Go straight to the festival
I'd rather not get more drugs from her, due to what happened LAST time we let her give us something.
>> No. 3799
[X] Drop by to see Eirin.
>> No. 3800
If we don't get some painkillers from Eirin, we need to at least make a point of downing a few drinks as quickly as possible to try to dull the pain a little.

I'm not sure how likely it is, but I just get a bad feeling someone will try doing something like sitting on our lap.
>> No. 3801
[] Go straight to the festival

Later, we can fix ourselves up. Right now, party.
>> No. 3802
[] Drop by to see Eirin

Grab some friggin' aspirin or something.
>> No. 3803
File 12120888821.jpg - (367.68KB , 700x934 , wut.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Drop by to see Eirin

You decide to swing by the clinic and see if Eirin's in. She got you into this mess and maybe she can help you out (never mind the fact that you consented to her 'relief' in the first place). You start waling, only limping slightly. You go to the clinic, but find that all the lights are out. It would seem that Eirin has gone ahead to the festival. Just as you're about to go, you see an envelope lying on the floor. You examine it and see that it's addressed to you. You immediately open it. A letter with beautiful calligraphy lies within. You read it.

“Shirou, if you've come here, it means that you were seeking either revenge or relief. I'm sorry to say that you'll get neither now, I'm off to the festival. See you there.


Damn, it seems that she read your mind. You leave the letter back on the floor, and try to decide to not give her the satisfaction of seeing you suffer. You start to walk towards the outside, making sure that you hide your limp as best as you can. It would seem that your pride has been smashed yet again, and for nothing. As you wander through the darkened hallways at night, you can't help but think that it'll be a long night.

You arrive at the scene of the festival. It's a pretty sight. Dozens of rabbits are pounding rice cakes under a full moon. It looks like something out of dream. They're all singing together as they work, creating a harmonious melody. They rhythmically pound their tools, working diligently. You gaze at the full moon. It looks even lovelier than the full moons outside of Gensokyo. Does the border amplify the silent, dignified beauty of our moon? Or is it the atmosphere, caused by having a lively festival at a Japanese-style manor in the middle of a bamboo forest?

As you're thinking about it, you notice that the others are by the porch. Everyone seems to be here. Kaguya is sitting besides Eirin and talking about something while staring at the moon; their expressions are ones of fondness and joy. It would seem that they enjoy gazing at the moon. Reimu, Alice, and Aya are all talking together, standing in a small circle, their discussion seems spirited and fun. Standing by herself, gazing at the moon is Reisen. She has a rather sad face, and the gentle moonbeams accentuate her features. Nowhere to be seen is Tewi, but you figure that it's normal for her to be gone at such occasions, having fun somewhere by herself. You smirk as you imagine her pulling pranks on unsuspecting victims.

You start approaching the different groups, you pass by Reisen first. You feel like you shouldn't disturb her right now. You silently nod to her, and you think that she nods back. Then you pass the group of girls. You greet each and every one of them.

“Good evening, Reimu, Alice, Miss Shameimaru. I'm glad that you were able to come.”
“Good evening Shirou.” Alice replies. The other girls reply in kind as well. You tell them that you'll talk to them later, but for now you have to go greet Kaguya.
As you're leaving Reimu comments. “I invited Marisa to come along. She should be by later. I hope that you don't mind.”
“I don't mind at all, the more the merrier. Kaguya said it was okay to invite anyone.” You reply. You then leave the group, but you manage to hear Alice asking about whether or not Marisa is coming. Her tone is a bit... strange, but you shrug it off.

You continue walking and come up to the two lunarians. Eirin notices you first. She smiles and asks you if you're feeling better. If your junk were in working order, you'd be tempted to cockslap her for the comment. But right now that hurt you more than it would her. Plus you wouldn't give her the satisfaction of knowing that she's hurt you in more than one way.

“Huh, was something the matter with Shirou?” Kaguya innocently asks.
“Nothing is wrong with me, Eirin's just being overly cautious with me.” You reply, trying to avoid suspicion.
“Oh really, that's good to hear. I wouldn't have wanted to damage anything too valuable.” She smirks slightly. THIS SHIT IS NOT FUNNY. MY BROTHER DIED THAT WAY. MY BOYS STILL HURT LIKE FUCK. Kaguya just tilts her head, is about to say something but then drops whatever it is.
“So it would seem.” You say while glaring daggers at her.

An awkward silence ensues. Reading the atmosphere, Kaguya intervenes.

“Eirin, could you leave the two of us alone? We have a couple of things we have to discuss in private.” She asks cordially.
“Of course princess.” Eirin says so and leaves.

The two of you are left sitting on the porch. It's kind of awkward since you haven't really worked through your feelings towards Kaguya. Is it just simple friendship? Something more? You feel like you owe it to her to make up your mind. But, to be fair she hasn't been exactly forthright either. She surprised you with that kiss, and you feel like you don't know how she feels about you anymore. She cares about you, and that's all you can confirm. Kaguya speaks up.

“Hey Shirou... about what happened earlier.” She begins to speak. “Forget about it, like I said it was only payback. I'm still your buddy.” She then turns and smiles to you. It seems like she doesn't want your relationship to change. You feel like she's putting on a fake smile, but all you can do is nod in return. You couldn't face your feelings even if you wanted to.

“For now just enjoy the festival. Once the bunnies are done we can eat as many rice cakes as we want.” She says, face beaming. “So relax.”

Yeah, relaxing wouldn't be a bad idea. Just talking and mingling. There is the group of girls that you could talk to, then there's Reisen who still is looking at the moon longingly, You could also talk to Eirin, who seems to be supervising the rabbits. Or you could just stay here with your buddy for a bit longer. You should definitely talk to the girls that you invited, otherwise who knows what they'll think. Especially Alice who seems to be a bit agitated and you can see that she occasionally steals a glance at your direction. You've been given a carte blanche by Kaguya to do whatever you want.

[] Talk to the girls
[] Go to Reisen
[] Talk to Eirin
[] Stay here
>> No. 3804
[X] Talk to the girls
>> No. 3805
[x] Stay here
>> No. 3806
[X] Talk to the girls
>> No. 3807
[x] Talk to the girls
Calm Alice the fuck down, then we return to the NEET.
>> No. 3808
[] Talk to the girls
>> No. 3809
[X] Talk to the girls
>> No. 3810
[] Talk to the girls
>> No. 3811
[] Stay here
[] Kiss Kaguya

doesn#t want our relationship to change huh ?
>> No. 3812
[x] Talk to the girls
Talk with Alice as much as you can as long as Marisa isn't here. Then, talk to the rest.
>> No. 3813
[X] Roll back two choices

Broken dick is giving me flashbacks. Undo this. NOW.
>> No. 3814
[] Talk to the girls
>> No. 3815
[] Talk to the girls
>> No. 3816
[x] Talk to the girls

I think Alice just wants both Marisa and us
It would explain why she's so afraid of losing face infront of Marisa. After all, it's best not to let your lovers meet
>> No. 3817
[] Stay here

Target etc
>> No. 3818
[] Stay here

T-Those anons are voting wrong choices too fast! I-I can't get a lock on target!
>> No. 3819
[x] Talk to the girls

Y hallo thar etc.
On other note, your idea about cockslappin Eirin was brilliant. Gotta rem,ember the whole cockslap thing for future write-ins
>> No. 3820
[x] Talk to the girls
>> No. 3821
[] Stay here

this is /eientei/ not /forest/
go away alicefags (of the non-yandere kind) and stop taking us away from the target
>> No. 3822
[x] Talk to the girls

/forest/ Hijack LOL
>> No. 3823
[] Stay here.
>> No. 3824
File 121209308285.jpg - (115.44KB , 621x850 , 1211934646460.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 3825
No, this is the story where we have the chance to sex up every Touhoe we meet and get more than just cock blocked by Eirin.
>> No. 3826
[x] Talk to the girls

We can have Kaguya at any time, but the others are rarely seen. Plus, moar funny Aya molesting scenes
>> No. 3827

yeah like hell we can have her at every time when out of 10 days we only talked to her on 3 and flirted with 5 other girls on 10 days
girls don't work that way, even if they already love you somewhat
>> No. 3828
No Aya molesting today.
>> No. 3829
File 121209408850.jpg - (138.30KB , 1600x1200 , marisamoon.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Talk to the girls

You decide to go speak to the girls. You excuse yourself and leave Kaguya. Getting up, you walk over to the group of girls. Reimu and Aya seems to be talking about Eientei and past festivals, with Alice occasionally commenting or adding a detail. She doesn't seem that engaged in the conversation. You approach them and try to join their conversation.

“The corridors are pretty big and it's easy to get lost. I've been here a couple of times and I still can't find my way.” Reimu cheerfully says.
“It's not that hard.” You interject. “Even I was able to learn my way around after a bit. It seems like a daunting task but really the layout is pretty simple.”
“I haven't been inside before.” Aya adds. “Maybe you'll give me a tour of the place later, eh Shirou?”
“Yeah, sure why not?” You reply without thinking. There shouldn't be any harm in showing someone around Eientei. Alice seems to not been saying much. You look at her and she seems to be avoiding your gaze. Huh, strange. You decide to try to engage her, you ask an innocuous question. “So, what do you think about the festival?”
“Eh, well it's nice.” She replies. “The rabbits' singing is really pleasant and the atmosphere is nice.”
You try to probe her further. “So you're enjoying yourself?”
“Yes I am. Very much so.” She courteously says. Hmm, it'd seem like you can't make her speak much. She seems to be fidgeting quite a bit. Then you get an idea.

You take Albion out and get the attention of the two other girls. You start to explain how the doll was given to you by Alice, and how you've been training to be able to manipulate it. They look at her curiously.

“I can't do anything complex with her yet, but I can do simple things.” You say. You make Albion fly around and bow to the two girls. They seem mildly entertained by this and clap at your antics. You continue to praise Alice. “She's truly an exquisite piece of craftsmanship and I am really happy to have gotten her. I'm glad that Alice chose to share her passion with me.” You take a glance at Alice, she seems to be smiling slightly now. It looks like this is working. The girls seem impressed at Albion and your abilities. You ask the girls if they want you to try anything with your doll. Aya suggests that you make her dance around a bit. Agreeing to, you concentrate and try to make the doll move as you will her to.

Taking a page from your own dance moves, you try to make her dance a waltz. Humming a rhythym you get Albion to dance around the air. Deciding to step it up a bit, you make Albion move closer to Shanghai and Hourai. You make the doll grab Shanghai's hands and try to get her to dance. It's quite a comical sight since Shanghai obviously doesn't move by herself so it's just Albion tugging hard at her. Both Reimu and Aya are laughing at this.

“C'mon Alice! Give this cute little doll a dance.” Reimu says.
“Yeah, it'll be fun.” Aya adds. Seeing her peers laughing and enjoying themselves, Alice sighs and indulges their request. You smile as Shanghai grabs Albion's hands and the two of them start dancing. You make Albion dance as best you can, and Shanghai follows suit. The two other girls are very amused and even Alice is smiling at the scene. A warm fuzzy feeling spreads throughout your body, as a consequence of your actions. You wink at Alice and she smiles back. You have a lot of fun just making the doll move and you are easily manipulating the doll. You don't know if you've gotten better, or it's just that your desire to succeed has gotten larger. The two of you seems to be lost in your fun as you eventually switch to different dance styles and soon the dolls are dancing a myriad of different dances. Your little performance is so amusing that even Reisen is looking at it from off in the distance.

“It looks like you're all having fun ~ ze.” You hear a voice come from behind you. You turn around and see Marisa standing there with a broad grin. She's dressed as usual in her witch getup. As soon as Alice realizes this she freezes and Shanghai correspondingly stops. “Don't stop on my account.” Marisa says. “I didn't know that Shirou here knew how to manipulate dolls. It's unlike Alice to share anything of hers like that.” She grins and comes up to you. She greets you with a hug. You accept it, but you can tell that Alice won't stop staring at the two of you.

“Reimu, Aya, 'sup?” Marisa goes around and greets her friends. She turns to Alice last and greets her as well. “Please don't stop on my account.” She comments on the dance.
“Ah well, I just thought that it'd be enough for now...” Alice says, her smile gone.

You distance yourself from the group a bit and observe. Marisa is talking normally to everyone, but Alice has now withdrawn herself from the conversation. This girl sure is strange, you have no idea how to deal with her. If the two of you were alone, you'd hug her, but right now you couldn't bear to do so. After all, you are reminded of the awkwardness between you and Reimu, and of the previous instances with Aya. It might look wrong.

You look around. Eirin is now sitting where Kaguya used to be and Reisen is talking to a rabbit. Reisen finishes talking and just stares at their labor. It looks quite cute actually, since she's the only bunny that's different from the rest. It looks like they'll be serving the rice cakes soon. You could talk to one of them, or alternatively just stay put and do nothing. You're sure that when the rice cakes are handed out everyone will eat together, so ultimately it's not that big a deal.

[] Go to Eirin
[] Talk to Reisen
[] Stay put
>> No. 3830
Who said anything about "love"?

I'm talking about mollestation here, not some romantic groping or anything
>> No. 3831
[x] go back to Kaguya
>> No. 3832
[x] Talk to Reisen
>> No. 3833

We'd have seen Guya more if Anon would stop being retarded and losing entire days by being put into a coma or otherwise incapacitated, or would actually pay attention to clues in the text.
>> No. 3834
[X] Talk to Reisen
>> No. 3835
You look around a bit, and can't see Kaguya. Oh well, you better just enjoy the little time before eating with someone present.
You smartass.
>> No. 3836
[] Talk to Reisen

We can't see Kaguya right now, so that's not an option.
>> No. 3837
[x] Talk to Reisen
>> No. 3838
[X] Talk to Reisen.

She seems forlorn.

Also, promising Aya a tour some time? Maybe not tonight, but looks like we've got a chance for sexy time with her.
>> No. 3839
[x] Talk to Reisen
>> No. 3840
[x] Go to Eirin
>> No. 3841
[x] Talk to Reisen

Moe Moonbunny~
>> No. 3842
[X] Talk to Reisen.
>> No. 3843
I've got it!

Marisa beats Alice, it's an abusive relationship. When ever Alice meets Shirou Marisa gets jealous and smacks her around for it, Alice just takes it because she loves Marisa.

There is no Alice route.

Only pain and despair.

(although and ending where both you and Marisa abuse Alice would be sweet)
>> No. 3844

Then late one night Alice finally gets the nerve to kill Marisa and stalks into her house while she's asleep. She makes Shanghai stab Marisa to death and then goes to clean off Shanghai. She rushes toward Eientei with a fake story about how Marisa was murdered when she went to return something to her. She then fakecrys into Shirou's arms and then a close up of her face is shown with a just as planned expression.
>> No. 3845
[x] Talk to Reisen
>> No. 3846
>(although and ending where both you and Alice choke Marisa to near-death on a school rooftop would be sweet)
>> No. 3847
Don't ever change.

Fapping at the speed of light.
>> No. 3848
[x] Talk to Reisen

She's lonely enough I think.
>> No. 3849
>(although and ending where both you and Marisa abuse Alice would be sweet)

I vote for this as a side story, get writing Teruyo
>> No. 3851
File 121209672540.jpg - (89.83KB , 600x748 , 1209329308233.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 3852
File 121209795978.jpg - (72.24KB , 358x358 , reisenmoon2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Talk to Reisen

You decide to go talk to Reisen. You walk over to her position and greet her. You think that you see that bunny you get a bad vibe from on your way, but you shrug it off and continue to interact with Reisen. You ask her what she's doing.

“Ah, I was just admiring the work that the rabbits are doing. It's nice to see everyone working so hard.” She says.
“Yeah I guess so.” You reply. “You worked pretty hard as well, didn't you Reisen?”
“Oh not at all, I just did what master told me to do.” She humbly replies.
“It think that it was much more than that.” You tell her. “You've been busy since yesterday, running to and fro, making sure that everything flows smoothly. That in itself is a lot of work, work which you've done splendidly.”
“Ehehe, well if you say so.” Reisen finally concedes the point. “We're lucky to have such a beautiful full moon tonight. It sometimes rains around this time of year, and so you can't see the moon. But tonight the sky is completely clear.” You silently look at her, she's staring at the moon. She has an truly undecipherable expression on her face. Is it a sense of longing that she's feeling? Or is it something else? You decide to ask.

“Do you miss the moon? You had to leave under difficult circumstances , right?”
“Eh-?” She didn't expect such a direct question. But then she turns to you and smiles. “It's not that. I was just wondering about how everyone is doing. You know, we moon rabbits can stay in communication with each other telepathically. So I can know the latest on goings, but that doesn't prevent the other side from sometimes trying to deceive you. Especially when something terrible happens and they don't want anyone to know.” She looks extremely sad as she says the last bit, but she soon brightens up. “Anyways, it looks like the rabbits have finished making the rice cakes, let's join the others in eating them.” She starts to go where everyone has gathered. You don't say anything else and follow her.

Everyone has gathered around and a bunch of different colored rice cakes are being handed out. The rabbits have already started to gorge themselves on the cakes and are running around in the forest playing all sorts of different games. Kaguya stands in the center of it all. Once everyone gets a rice cake or two, she starts to speak.

“Thank you everyone for coming today. It's always nice to see fresh faces here. It's our pleasure to have you as guests and we hope that you enjoy our humble festival.” She then goes on to be the first one to take a bite out of a rice cake. Everyone immediately follows suit. Hmm, not bad, yours tastes a little like strawberry. That certainly would explain the slightly red coloring. You see that the others are all enjoying their rice cakes as well.

You stare out at the full moon. You can't help but think of the kinds of creatures that come out on the nights with full moons. Werewolves were popular back where you were from, but you think that here in Gensokyo they might actually exist. Just what about the full moon that is said to drive people mad? That's another question that pops into your mind. Maybe it's the intensity of the light reflected from the sun? It certainly is mesmerizing though. You can see yourself losing quite a bit of time just staring at the moon. You feel someone pat your shoulder. You turn your head to see Kaguya smiling next to you.

“Enjoying yourself?” She asks. You tell her that it's been fun until now. “I'm glad you're having fun. I am as well.” Saying so, she gets next you and places her head on your shoulder. “It's beautiful isn't it? The moon is truly a beautiful thing.” She says those words with a hint of nostalgia. It seems to you that the moon is in her eyes some sort of romanticized far off place she can never reach even if she wanted to. Even if she doesn't think so, it must be sad to be separated from your people. Before you can say anything though, she steps away and excuses herself to go speak with the group of girls. It would seem that she's having fun as well. That's good to see.

You examine the scene. The rabbits are frolicking everywhere. Everyone else is making conversation. Kaguya is chatting with Alice and Reimu while Eirin seems to be listening to something that Marisa is saying. Reisen is standing by Eirin and seems to be listening intently as well. Huh, that's strange, you don't see Aya anywhere. You start to look around. And then you see her. She's walking into the building. As she's about to enter, she stops and looks at you. She doesn't say anything, but you can tell from her eyes that she wants you to follow her. Maybe she wants that tour now? There's nothing for you out here, so it wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea to follow her. Everyone else is busy so you're just killing time by yourself. It looks like this festival will keep on going for a while longer and you might as well talk with Aya. You're near by enough to slip by unnoticed and come back without even raising suspicions.

[] Follow Aya
[] Stay here
>> No. 3853
[] Follow Aya
>> No. 3854
File 121209832864.jpg - (206.41KB , 498x703 , 121179934710.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ x ] Follow Aya

Tour, if you know what she means.
>> No. 3855
[X] Follow Aya.

The pain in the dick hasn't been mentioned for a bit, so maybe we've mostly recovered. If we haven't, I'd still like Aya to offer to kiss our bruise and make it better, then give us a gentle blowjob.

Bah, I want my horny tengu.
>> No. 3856
[] Follow Aya.

Oh ho, what could go wrong?
>> No. 3857
[X] Follow Aya
Damn Aya wants Revenge on us, or some raping, it could be 50/50.
>> No. 3858
I would say following Aya would be bad but

Considering the circumstances, I'm curious!

[x] Follow Aya
>> No. 3859
[] Stay he--


I know everyone's gonna vote for Aya option.

[x] Follow Aya
>> No. 3860
[] Follow Aya

Why not? Lets see what she's up to.
>> No. 3861
[x] Instead go to the human village to visit were keine

or if that doesn't work,
[x] follow aya

if it ends with a bad end, we can always go back 3 choices and bitchslap eirin to stop her
>> No. 3905
[X] Follow Aya

>> No. 4891

Yume miru kusuri?