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3266 No. 3266
It would seem that anon's wish to be the little girl isn't as strong as it once was.

[x] Hide amongst the stuff

Being given little time to decide, you think it'd be best if you hid amongst the rolls of fabric and other materials in this room. You signal Alice to go open the door. She nods and begins to make her way down the stairs. You in the meantime, find a cozy spot behind a couple of cases of what appear to be buttons. This and the big rolls of fabric should conceal you from any cursory glances taken by anyone. Still, if someone were to actually looks carefully, you'd be spotted for sure. Well then, there couldn't be anything too bad about that, could there? I mean it's not like you're doing anything wrong. At least you think so, but then again this is a land in which tavernmasters can have small fighting arenas in their basements and a lot of little girls can fly and use magic, so anything is possible.

You hear down below the sounds of Alice opening the door and greeting someone. You can't exactly hear what's going on, but you can tell that Alice is acting a bit nervous. Goddammit, at this rate she'll blow your (admittedly not so great) efforts by herself. What's the big deal anyways? Well, you hear the other person talking excitedly and loudly. It's definitely Marisa. You're sure you hear a 'ze~' somewhere. They seem to be moving about downstairs. At this point Alice is probably fetching Marisa whatever materials she needed. You think that you're in the clear. However, the noise of someone climbing the stairs puts you on edge.

“Really, now.” A voice says. “There's got to be someone else here. That second teacup gives it away, ze~”

Oh crap, you had forgotten about an obvious detail like that. Well, you're boned.

“Now I wonder who it is, that Alice would want to keep it a secret.” The voice pauses for a bit as she reaches your room. “It's too suspicious that this door was open, ze~”

You can now see Marisa from your hiding spot. She looks around, not seeing anything at first glance in this room filled with materials for making clothes. Oh crap, you just realize that you've left Albion somewhere. She's not with you. Only you could lose a doll that you directly control, goddamn you're scatterbrained and careless. You doubt that Marisa would be as sharp as realizing that the doll isn't Alice's anymore, but it could cause you trouble in the future if she sees it. As Marisa begins to advance into the room, Alice comes up the stairs hurriedly.

“There's no one here Marisa! Give it up already!” She exclaims almost frantically.
“Hmm, I guess so, ze~” Marisa replies. “I guess I was mistaken.”

Marisa looks around one last time, and you hold your breath. It looks like she still doesn't see you. She then turns around and leave. It looks like you're in the clear. Marisa goes down the stairs and you see Alice follow her. Really now, what is Alice so afraid of? Marisa is an alright person in your book. She was nice enough to give you a ride and she didn't just randomly blast you in the forest. Ah well, after hearing the door close downstairs, Alice climbs back up.

“You can come out now.” She says. You move from your hiding spot and get up.
“Was that really necessary?” You ask. “I mean, Marisa seems to be a good person, sometimes a bit direct but essentially a good person.”
“It's not about her being a good person or not.” Alice answers. “It's the fact that if she knew you were here she wouldn't stop bothering me about it.”

You sigh. Man, Alice sure is obstinate about the strangest things. You see Albion sitting next to the entrance. You collect her and wonder what would've happened if Marisa had seen you. Would have Alice been as teased as she claims that she would've been? You just can't picture it. On your end, you definitely wouldn't mind. You weren't doing anything wrong to begin with. You can't help but wonder if Marisa would have seen it the same way as you. Maybe she would have purposefully distorted the facts. Alice is sensitive about the most peculiar things. Maybe you're missing something? A facet of their relationship? Or your relationship? In any case, it's about time you get going as well. You descend the stairs. Alice follows closely behind. You then bid her farewell and remind her to come tomorrow.

“Yes. I'll definitely be there. I'm looking forward to seeing you!” She says with a smile on her face. She looks different from the Alice that you saw sulking earlier. This makes you feel warm inside. You move to hug her goodbye.
“Goodbye, see you tomorrow.” You tell her. You let go and see that she's blushing slightly. How cute. It looks like she's never received hugs regularly before.
“Y-yes, Goodbye.” She shyly says.

You open the door and leave the dollmaker's house. You wave at her as you start down the path in front of her door. She hesitates a bit and then waves back. You proceed down the path until you're out of sight. Well then, it's still relatively early. You'd still have time to go pretty much anywhere, even outside the forest of magic, before dark. There's a bunch of people that you can talk to in the general area. You could go to the Kirisame shop. You feel that you could learn a thing or two from the human magician. Then there's Kourindou. There might be junk there that's worth checking out. And while not in the Forest, the Hakurei Shrine is near enough to classify it as part of the general area. Not to mention that the miko offered some sort of payment for helping her. Ah, and outside the forest there's still the human village, and of course the far off Youkai Mountain. And if you feel like it, you could swing by that mysterious lake again.

[ ] Go to Marisa's
[ ] Go to Kourindou
[ ] Go to the Hakurei Shrine
[ ] Leave the Forest of Magic to go elsewhere

>> No. 3267
File 121175683176.jpg - (76.43KB , 717x600 , 1211740410850.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Leave the Forest of Magic to go elsewhere
[x] Youkai mountain

>> No. 3268
[X] Go to Marisa's
It has to be Alice, no one else. Let's ask Marisa about her, so we can find out more about her.
>> No. 3269
[ ] Go to Kourindou
>> No. 3270
[ ] Go to Kourindou

Let's take care of Kourin before he becomes a problem later as I'm sure he will be.
>> No. 3271
[X] Go to Marisa's
>> No. 3273
[x] Leave the Forest of Magic to go elsewhere
[x] Youkai mountain

Must molest more Aya.
>> No. 3274
im surprised Marisa wasnt waiting in ambush for us just outside... ah well
[X] Go to Kourindou, just because
>> No. 3275
[ ] Leave the Forest of Magic to go elsewhere
[ ] Human Village

>> No. 3276
God damn it, I wanted to be a trap.

Are we going to have any more chances at it?
>> No. 3277
No~ you missed your chance in this playthrough.
>> No. 3278

RAGE, orz, etc.

You hear that, you assholes! Trap, next playthrough!
>> No. 3279
Okay then, I had seriously expected more replies by now. I'm gonna have to step out for a bit (read: hour or two) and then I'll resume.
>> No. 3280
[x] Go to the Hakurei Shrine

Collect reward.
>> No. 3281
[x] Go to the Hakurei Shrine

Marisa is going to be even more suspicious if we drop by immediately afterwards. With seeing Reimu, we have a lot of excuses to be there:
1) We forgot to make a donation yesterday
2) Our promised reward
3) Inviting her to the festival as appreciation for taking care of Lady Kaguya

We can only go to one more place after this, then we have to head back.

>You collect her and wonder what would've happened if Marisa had seen you. Would have Alice been as teased as she claims that she would've been? You just can't picture it. On your end, you definitely wouldn't mind. You weren't doing anything wrong to begin with. You can't help but wonder if Marisa would have seen it the same way as you. Maybe she would have purposefully distorted the facts. Alice is sensitive about the most peculiar things. Maybe you're missing something? A facet of their relationship?

>> No. 3282

[x] Go to the Hakurei Shrine


>> No. 3283
File 121176427884.jpg - (11.06KB , 120x69 , EmiyaShirou.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to the Hakurei Shrine
A reward? I wonder what it could be.
>> No. 3284
[ ] Go to Kourindou
>> No. 3285
[x] Go to the Hakurei Shrine
>> No. 3286
[x] Go to the Hakurei Shrine
>> No. 3287
[x] Go to the Hakurei Shrine
>> No. 3288
[X] Leave the Forest of Magic to go elsewhere

Gentlemen, out there somewhere is a bear just BEGGING to be fought.
That fucker's going DOWN.
>> No. 3290
[x] Leave the Forest of Magic to go elsewhere.
[x] Youkai Mountain.

Because I want to invite Aya to the festival at Eientei, and see the hilarity that will ensue.
>> No. 3292

[x] Leave the Forest of Magic to go elsewhere.
[x] Youkai Mountain.

>> No. 3293
>> No. 3294

Well, there's still time in the day, and there is that shortcut from Hakurei Shrine to the mountain...
>> No. 3295
Just bring enough cash and we will be sure to have our own little Party at the Shrine. Alice loves us already and Marisa will just join in the fun, and Reimu is a whore anyway, she will do whatever we want if we donate enough money.
>> No. 3296

But I want Aya at the festival because every second we spend not screwing her will turn her into a bigger ball of pent up sexual frustration, until it finally bursts in a hilarious situation, causing widespread chaos throughout Eientei.
>> No. 3297
It might also be fun to invite Keine and Mokou, and get the two immortals nice and liquored up.
>> No. 3298
This reminds me of that one Flash where Tewi opens some potion and everyone gets horny.
>> No. 3299
File 121177453959.png - (179.01KB , 400x750 , reimu.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to the Hakurei Shrine

You decide that among the many things that you could do, that going to the shrine would be best. It's pretty close by, plus you get a bad vibe from Kourindou and it might not be wise to see Marisa right away. You feel awfully tempted to go elsewhere, but it looks like you're going to have to put that idea on hold for now. You carry on through the path you're on and soon you reach a familiar junction. The road to your right leads to Marisa's and the road to your left leads to the shrine. You take the road to your left and walk all the way to the shrine. It takes you about roughly as long as the trip to Marisa's did yesterday.

Arriving at the shrine, you see that it's as desolate as yesterday. No one even sees you coming. However, learning a lesson from yesterday, you decide to call out and wait patiently. Your wisdom is promptly rewarded, as the shrine maiden shows up almost immediately. She sees you and greets you.

“Oh hi there. I didn't expect to see you again this soon.” She says in a rather polite tone. “I'm currently busy with a guest, but please come in and wait.”

She shows you the way to a sitting room. She tells you to wait there and then she goes into the adjacent room. You can hear her speaking to whomever it is. Meh, how boring. This room is rather plain. It just has a table in the center and has three doors. One connecting to the adjacent room, and the other two with opposing hallways. It would seem that this is were people wait when they have business with the shrine. You wait staring at the walls in absolute boredom. You check your inventory out of sheer boredom. As always you have Albion, the trusty laser pointer, the mysterious bottle, a gourd, and apparently 13,000 yen. Wait, wut? How the hell did you get this money? Why is it among your things? You look again. Damn, you really do have 13,000 yen. What's up with that? Maybe Reisen dropped some money as she was cleaning your clothes? Just as you're wondering where in the hell the money came from, Reimu opens the door and steps out.

“I'm sorry for making you wait. But I was taking to a local reporter about getting some publicity for the shrine. Lately, we've fallen on hard times and we need all the help we can get.” As Reimu says this, non other than Aya Shameimaru steps out of the room. She's smiling, but upon seeing you she freezes in place. Well talk about coincidences.
“Ah, Miss Shameimaru.” You say. “I did not expect to meet you over here.”
“You two know each other?” Reimu asks.
“Yes, we've brushed into each other twice before now.” You reply. “Isn't that right Miss. Shameimaru.”
Aya nods, but doesn't say anything. “Surely she was hounding you because you're from the outside world. She can drive one crazy with her questions. To the point of wanting to do something to her.” Reimu innocently comments.
“That definitely is the case.” You say with a snicker.

Well then, it would seem a most unexpected development has occurred. How do you wish to continue this interaction? You can always humiliate Aya some more, but you can't do much because the miko can be sharp. Better yet, you could decide to invite them both to the festival tomorrow. You can also suppress your sadistic side a bit and try to forgive Aya and let her go for now. In any case, you shouldn't let the miko on to your dealings with Aya.

[ ] Ask Reimu if the three of you can have some tea
[ ] Invite them both to the festival
[ ] Just let Aya go about her business
>> No. 3300
[ ] Just let Aya go about her business
>> No. 3301
[X] Invite them both to the festival.

Yes, yes. I will have my chaos. And it will be glorious.
>> No. 3303
[X] Ask Reimu if the three of you can have some tea
[X] Invite them both to the festival

This party isn't crazy enough yet.
But it's going to GET there.

But first, we should all sit down and have a nice cup of tea.
>> No. 3304
[x] Invite them both to the festival
>> No. 3305
[X] Invite them both to the festival.

Ah, Miss Shameimaru. We just keep running into each other, don't we?
>> No. 3306
[X] Invite them both to the festival
>> No. 3307
[X] Invite them both to the festival.
>> No. 3308
[z] Invite them both to the festival.

Festival Invitan gaems.
>> No. 3309
We should probably attempt some form of reconciliation with Aya. Even if it's not entirely sincere.
She knows what we're capable of already, and not to cross us. If she seems blatantly uncomfortable around us, however, eventually someone else will catch on. If she can at least somewhat relax and interact with us civilly, it will seem far more natural to any observers, and thus not arouse suspicion.

It's best to be both loved AND feared, after all.
>> No. 3310

One of the probable reasons that Aya is uncomfortable is that she knows she wants it. She wants it bad.
>> No. 3311
I do wonder if that's the case.
Aya's very powerful, after all. Killing us shouldn't be all the difficult for her, if she were so inclined.
And yet, when this weak little creature starts groping and sexually harassing her, she more or less stands there and TAKES it.

Perhaps it was shock from the sheer audacity of the act the first time around, but to put up with it a second time?

Of course, it could be that she WOULD kill us for this, but we haven't pushed her far enough just yet. Or perhaps she's deep down a lonely girl who tries to fill the gaping void in her life and her heart by dedicating herself to her paper, when all she ever really wanted was some love and recognition from someone.

Or she's just, you know, a filthy whore.
>> No. 3312
[X] Invite them both to the festival

Now let's head to the village, invite Keine and Mokou, buy a wagon and load it up with free booze.
This is gonna be one hell of a party.
>> No. 3313
File 121177906981.jpg - (185.55KB , 865x1200 , reiputenguw.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Invite them both to the festival

“Well then,” You begin to say. “Since the two of you are present, I'd like to extend an invitation to the both of you to the rice cake festival tomorrow at Eientei.”
“The mochi festival?” Reimu asks. “I haven't gone to one yet, it might be a nice change of pace from my duties at the shrine.”
“I-I'm sorry, but I have to decline.” Aya bravely states. “I've already covered it before.”
“Oh no, you misunderstand me, Miss Shameimaru.” You state. “This isn't an invitation so you can write about it in your newspaper. This is an invitation from me to you.” You emphasize 'me' and 'you'. “I'd be most... devastated if you didn't show up. Won't you please reconsider?” You try to sound as sincere as possible.
“Well...” Aya begins to think. “I don't see the harm in it I guess. Especially if you're asking sincerely.”
“Then it's settled! It makes me happy that the both of you are coming to the festival.”
“Well then, now that that's settled. If you excuse me, I have business elsewhere.” And saying so, Aya hastily leaves.

“Well then, now that that's over with, what did you come see me about?” Reimu asks.

Well, why DID you come to the Hakurei Shrine?

[ ] Just wanted to see you
[ ] Wanted to know more about someone
[ ] Love advice
[ ] Came to make a donation
>> No. 3314
[ ] Came to make a donation

>> No. 3315
[X] Just wanted to see you.
[X] Came to make a donation.

"I've got, like, 10k here."
>> No. 3316
[z] Came to make a donation
>> No. 3317
[x] Love advice
[x] Came to make a donation
Teach me how to worm into my NEET's heart and make a home in there, Reimu!
>> No. 3318
[X] Came to make a donation.
>> No. 3319
[x] Came to make a donation
>> No. 3320
[X] Came to make a donation.
>> No. 3321
[x] Came to make a donation
>> No. 3322
Make a "donation" in to her box.
>> No. 3323
[x] I CAME

... to make a donation
>> No. 3324
File 121178073772.jpg - (313.52KB , 500x666 , 1211039749373.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 3325
No, Shirou, I'm talking about something white and sticky.

in b4 sticky rice.
>> No. 3326
>> No. 3327
[x] Came to make a donation

“I... I came to make a donation to the shrine.” You say.
“Ehhh? A donation?” The miko say is a surprised tone.
“What? You don't accept donations?” You ask her.
“No, that's not it at all. I'm just surprised that you of all people would come here and donate money.”
'you of all people'? What's that supposed to mean? Do you look *that* broke?
“Well then. How much do you wish to donate?” The miko asks. You can tell that she's oddly enthusiastic about this and her eyes have lit up. Is it rare for her to receive a donation? That can't possibly be the case, you think. The Hakurei shrine is the main shrine in Gensokyo. And as far as you know the human population should come here to pray.

You think about how much you should donate. You were broke only a short while back. It's a surprise to have any money at all. You feel sort of uneasy spending this money of unknown origin. But then again, Reimu looks at you with the utmost anticipation. You shouldn't let her down.

[ ] Donate 10,000 yen
[ ] Donate 5,000 yen
[ ] Donate 1,000 yen
[ ] Donate 100 yen
[ ] Donate your services

lol sorry for the really short updates taking a long while. But soup and etc. It will get better.
>> No. 3329
[z] Donate 3,500
>> No. 3330
[X] Donate 1,000 yen
>> No. 3331
[ ] Donate 3,500

Donatin gaems.
>> No. 3332
[ ] Donate 3,500

Donatin gaems.
>> No. 3333

Disregard this, doubleposted accidently.
>> No. 3334
[ ] Donate 3,500

Donating 1,000 might make her think we're cheap.
>> No. 3335
[x] Donate 3,500

That leaves us with 9,500.
>> No. 3337
[X] Donate 10,000 yen

10,000 yen service, boys.

Besides, we didn't even have money before, I'm sure we can make do with only a small amount. Easy come, easy go, as they say.
>> No. 3338

[ x ] Donate 3,500

Anyone want to bet the money we spent on that doll (400$?) is being given back to us in small increments?
>> No. 3339

This man has it. Know your memes.

[x] Donate 10,000 yen

Hell, knowing Teruyo, we might actually get an H-Scene out of this.
>> No. 3340
[X] Donate 10,000 yen

oh ho why not ingratiate ourselves?

Eientei is rich as Nazis, and we have free beer and food. The fuck do we need money for? Having the shrine maiden owe you a favor on the other hand is invaluable.
>> No. 3341
Indeed. Money we can get back. With helping her out, inviting her to a party, and now donating, that's three big Reimu points we've earned.

Things Happen In Threes.
>> No. 3342
[X] Donate 10,000 yen

Miko fuck, miko fuck, it's awright!
>> No. 3343
[X] Donate 10,000 yen
>> No. 3344
[X] Donate 10,000 yen

Fuck yes, I love raymoo.
>> No. 3345
[X] Donate 10,000 yen
>> No. 3346
[X] Donate 10,000 yen
>> No. 3347
[X] Donate 10,000 yen

The best use of 10,000 yen ever. Better than buying figures to hotglue.
>> No. 3348
[ ] Donate 10,000 yen
>> No. 3349
[X] Donate 10,000 yen

ohoho, I wonder...
>> No. 3350
I believe I'll hold off on writing the next scene for a bit. Especially since I want to see what YAF makes of all this. I'll be writing sidestories for a bit.
>> No. 3351
[ ] Donate 10,000 yen
>> No. 3352
File 121179105167.jpg - (57.85KB , 450x500 , 1200589881381.jpg ) [iqdb]
Spending that much money despite having absolutely NO idea where it came from or why you have it now?

Is that really wise, Anon? I wonder, I wonder?
>> No. 3353
I think we can afford to give Reimu the equivalent of ten dollars.
>> No. 3354

10 000 Japanese yen = 96.95 U.S. dollars
10 000 Japanese yen = 94.91 Canadian dollars
>> No. 3355
I suspect the 10k answers of vote-stuffing.

That's too much money to spend on it, anyway.
>> No. 3356

>> No. 3357
It'll be awesome if the money came from Tewi somehow painlessly removing our organs one-by-one in our sleep.
>> No. 3358
[X] Donate 10,000 yen
>> No. 3359
[x] Donate 10,000 yen


Money most likely came from the dere dere but shy Reisen. Or it did come from Tewi, sorta: One of the miscellaneous lucky rewards the "Beer God" promised for our piety.

Canonically Tewi radiates good luck to humans. She's probably interested in us for not chasing her down for extra $$$ like a normal human would, and because she likes watching our wacky hijinx.
>> No. 3360
Perhaps it came from both Reisen AND Tewi.
As in, the money was Reisen's, and Tewi planted it on us.

Poor girl. I bet she was saving up for something nice, too.
>> No. 3361
File 121179798275.jpg - (109.40KB , 250x850 , 120776374582.jpg ) [iqdb]

she was saving up for headphones
>> No. 3364
File 121180035137.jpg - (37.82KB , 500x375 , 121116093317.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Especially since I want to see what YAF makes of all this.

Wait, you want to see my reaction?
[X] Donate 10,000 yen like the fist of the fucking north star!
Bring it on! I love this! This is what I live for!

>Fuck yes, I love raymoo.

>> No. 3366
You Raymoo lover, you. As expected, but in reality it was a convenient excuse as I procastrinated and wrote other stuff.
>> No. 3367

Every excuse is a good excuse. Still vidya are the best excuse ever.
What's this? No THIS SHRINE! No Ai Ai Akyu! DMC3 only! WRITEFAG'S DESTINATION!
>> No. 3371
File 121180523418.jpg - (70.10KB , 463x700 , concentratedservice.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Donate 10,000 yen

Fuck moderation. You decide to donate a shitload.

“Here Reimu,” You start saying as you go for your money. “this is my donation.” You hand over your 10,000 yen bill. Reimu stops for a moment, as if out of sheer disbelief.

“You're really giving me all this?” She asks.
“Yep. Money is of little importance to me.” You state the truth. After all, why would a man that has free booze and food need money?
“Well, no changing you mind later, you hear?”
“Absolutely.” You reply.
“Well, I guess it's a nice gesture and all from you. Even if you don't need the money, it's still a lot. So in exchange for your bountiful donation I'll perform a special 'service' for you.” She winks at you as she says the last bit.

Wait wut? 'service'? What's this waki miko going on about? You ask her what she means by service.

“Let's just say, I want to repay you in such a way that you'll never forget.” She says. “And don't think I've forgotten. I intend to pay you in full for yesterday as well.” She emphasizes 'in full'.

Hot damn. Does this girl even understand the words she's saying? I mean, saying something like that to a guy is pretty embarrassing. You start to blush as you think of her special 'service'. You can picture all sorts of things. Mmmm, she WOULD look nice in gym clothes... oh the things you'd do to her after classes... You start to fantasize about various 'intimate' scenarios.

“Well then. I'd like you to pick between three very special services. Since they're all great, it'd be unfair if I tell you what they are beforehand. So instead I'd like you to pick in between options one, two, and three. That way it'll be fair.” She smiles at you. You can tell she's really pumped up for this. Did recieving a donation really meant that much to her?

“Well then. What's it going to be?” She asks with a smile on her face.

Oh fuck, you want to choose the best option and not fuck up. Whichonewhichonewhichone? Which one is best? Fuck it'd seem like it's completely up to luck now. You really want the best 'service'.

[ ] Option 1
[ ] Option 2
[ ] Option 3
>> No. 3372
[ ] Option 1
[ ] Option 2
[ ] Option 3

or failing that

[ ] Option 2
>> No. 3373
[X] Quicksave

[X] Option 2
>> No. 3374
[x] Option 1
>> No. 3375
File 121180587592.jpg - (4.17KB , 117x126 , IDORT.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 3376
[x] Option 2

In during all we get is a blessing.
>> No. 3377
[ ] Option 2
>> No. 3378
[X] Option 2
>> No. 3379
[x] Option 2
>> No. 3380
[ ] Option 1
[ ] Option 2
[ ] Option 3

All or nothing boys, all or nothing.
>> No. 3381
[X] "Didn't I pay enough for all three?"

Diplomacy check GO
>> No. 3384
>Hot damn. Does this girl even understand the words she's saying? I mean, saying something like that to a guy is pretty embarrassing. You start to blush as you think of her special 'service'. You can picture all sorts of things. Mmmm, she WOULD look nice in gym clothes... oh the things you'd do to her after classes... You start to fantasize about various 'intimate' scenarios.

But Shirou's a clueless doof, so yeah.

[x] Cock your head. "You lost me. I'm not buying services; it's a donation."
>> No. 3385
[x] Cock your head. "You lost me. I'm not buying services; it's a donation."
>> No. 3386
[x] Lost your cock. "You head me. I'm not cocking donations; it's a service."
>> No. 3387
[x] Cock your head. "You lost me. I'm not buying services; it's a donation."

>> No. 3388
[X] Option 2
>> No. 3389
[X] Option 2
>> No. 3390
[x] Cock your head. "You lost me. I'm not buying services; it's a donation."
>> No. 3391
[X] Option 2
>> No. 3392
[x] Option 2
>> No. 3393
[x] Option 2

as tempting as the Shirou option is...
>> No. 3394
None of these options are going to be what we're expecting. That said:
[x] Option the 2nd.
>> No. 3395
[X] Option 3

Have you retards forgotten so soon?
>> No. 3396
[X] Option 2

Have you forgotten? In a game where Eientei is concerned, and you're allowed a choice like this, only the second choice leads to the true Good End!
>> No. 3397
Teruyo, hey, Teruyo! I wrote a bad end, can I has my neko miko Reimu 10k yen service now?
>> No. 3398
[x] SEX
>> No. 3399
Option 3- S & M torture bad end!
>> No. 3400
Hey now, it only leads to a Bad End if Anon is stupid enough to forget the safety word.

...oh. Right.
>> No. 3401

[X] Option 2
>> No. 3402
[X] Option 3 S&M

I have no regrets. This is the only path.
>> No. 3403
File 121185947756.jpg - (8.77KB , 300x300 , imagination.jpg ) [iqdb]
No go back to DMC.


But in all seriousness, here you go. I most definitely fall asleep and then when I woke up play SD gundam instead of writing.


[x] Option 2

Option 2 seems like the right choice. One might suck, and three might be a trap. At least that's how you rationalize it to yourself as you make the most difficult decision you've faced all day. Well, here goes nothing.

“I think I'll go with option two.” You tell the miko.
“Oh, option two is it? Well then, if that's the case I'll need you to go through the doors at the end of this hall and take off your clothes. I'll be with you in a few moments. I just need to get ready.” She winks at you and disappears through a door. How nice. You are to go down the hall and take off your clothes.

Wait, WAT? Did she seriously just say that? Oh man, your heart is beating at a million km/h and you can't think straight. All you can do is somehow make your way to the room and wait anxiously for your service. You feel like you're floating as you make your way down the hall (while in reality you're stumbling like a drunken idiot), and you feel completely elated. You didn't expect the miko to be this direct in her services. You reach the room and open the door. Huh. It would seem that the miko has sent you to an outdoor bath. That would explain the 'taking off your clothes' bit.

Grounding yourself in reality once again, you take off your clothes. Ah well, it was too good to be true that the miko would have been willing to do anything with you. I mean, after all, she's no call girl. You take off your clothes and leave your possessions by a basket that's by the door. Ah well, a bath ain't too bad. And hey! You just remembered that Reimu said that she would be joining you. With that thought you start getting excited again, maybe she'll come into the bath with you. Or *hehe* wash your back.

As you're having another round of your lewd fantasies, Reimu comes in. She's wrapped in a towel and she's not wearing any of her usual head ornaments. She looks really cute with her hair free of all those things. It changes her complexion completely. Not that she looks bad with them, mind you, it's just a completely different look. She see your completely naked body and just stares at it. The two of you stare at each other without saying a word for a while. That is, until you manage to gather the strength to try to talk to her.

“Uhh, Reimu?” You say.
“Ahh, yes?” She realizes that she has been staring. “Oh uhh, sorry. I know I told you to get naked, but I was surprised at seeing your body. Well, I don't don't really see men often, especially like this... and uhh...” Her face starts turning a bright red. “It's ummm, embarrassing to say. Well... I can clearly see you err... thing.”

You think about her words, and then you realize that Reimu has been staring at your crotch. Your hot glue gun is semi-hard from the fantasies you were having earlier. My, what an awkward situation. Well, at least you haven't been killed by her balls again, so it's all good.

“I'm sorry.” That's all you manage to mutter.
“It's okay.” Reimu begins to regain her composure. “Now about the service. Could you wash yourself first and then go over there?” She points to a spot inside the open-air bath.
“Sure, I guess.” You reply. You do as you're told, you wash yourself off a bit first and then get in the bath. You move to where she instructs you to. Seeing you do so Reimu adds.
“Okay good, now please close your eyes for a bit and open when I tell you to.”

You nod in compliance. But really, what sort of self respecting guy wouldn't try to sneak a peek here? You slightly open one of our eyes and can barely see her figure getting out of the towel and washing herself. Oh wow, she's completely in the buff. Thank god real life isn't like anime in which the viewer is cockblocked by swimsuits or towels. Even with your crappy view from the squinting, you can see her body pretty well. She's got a pretty nice figure. Sure she doesn't have breasts as large as some of the other girls you've met, but they seem pretty shapely and as any guy would tell you, her sideboob is delicious when she's wearing her miko costume. After washing herself, she gets into the bath, moving to a spot that isn't clearly visible from you angle.

“Okay, you can open your eyes now.” She says. You completely open your eyes. Like you saw previously she's sitting in a corner of the bath in which you can't really see her well. You can only see the parts that are above water. What a shame. “So, how do you like the service? I bet you don't get a chance to share a bath with a cute girl such as me every day.” She smiles at you. “To tell you the truth, you're the first guy to ever donate so much. In fact, you're probably only person to donate recently.” She says with a hint of sadness. “So umm, this is the first time I do this. I hope you're enjoying it”

Are you enjoying it? Truth be told it is hot to be taking a bath with a girl. But this is kinda lame. I mean you're way too far from each other, and couldn't even hold a proper conversation if you wanted to. Reimu picks up a bit on your feels.

“Umm, is anything the matter?” She asks. “If you want me to do anything just tell me. I'll do my best!” She says earnestly. You tell her to come closer.

“O-okay. I guess I could do that.” She says. She moves, keeping her body submerged to a position much closer to you. You can now see her face properly. And better yet, you think you can see her pink nipples through the water. They're so small and cute. You find yourself restraining your impulse to go over her and play with them. That'd probably end VERY poorly. Anyways Reimu is looking at you expectantly now, wondering what to do next. Well, probably the best thing to do would be to talk to her, and get to know her better. Or you could try to talk about someone else to get advice or her views. Despite the state of things, you doubt that you could make a move on her. At least not now. Also, you could always ask her to come even closer. You could use as an excuse that you want to be face to face with her. She might not comply, but you could try to wave the 'service' bit over her to see if she'll agree.

[ ] Just talk to her about herself
[ ] Flirt with her
[ ] Ask her about someone
[ ] Ask her to move closer
[ ] Try making a move
>> No. 3404
[X] Just talk to her about herself.

>Well, probably the best thing to do would be to talk to her, and get to know her better.

Just ease her into it...
>> No. 3405
[ ] Just talk to her about herself
>> No. 3406
[ ] Just talk to her about herself

Speed will get us killed
>> No. 3407
[X] Just talk to her about herself
>> No. 3408
[x] Ask her about Kaguya.
>> No. 3409
>>You think about her words, and then you realize that Reimu has been staring at your crotch. Your hot glue gun is semi-hard from the fantasies you were having earlier.

Isn't it dangerous to bring something like that in the water with you? You could get electrocuted.
>> No. 3410
[X] Just talk to her about herself
>> No. 3411
[X] Just talk to her about herself
[X] Ask her about Kaguya.

Getting to know the girl we're currently bathing with would probably be a good idea. Just don't try anything stupid to ruin the moment. She's trying her best, dammit.

It would also be good to hear her take on our buddy, especially since they spent so much time boozing it up together recently.
>> No. 3412
[X] Just talk to her about herself
[X] Ask her about Kaguya.

This is all right too.
>> No. 3413
[x] Just talk to her about herself
[x] Ask her about Kaguya.
>> No. 3414
[X] Just talk to her about herself
>> No. 3415
[ ] Just talk to her about herself
>> No. 3416
[x] Just talk to her about herself
[x] Ask her about Kaguya.
>> No. 3417
[X] Just talk to her about herself
>> No. 3418
[X] Just talk to her about herself

I sho' do loves me some Reimu.
>> No. 3419
[x] Raep
>> No. 3420
[x] Just talk to her about herself

Getting to know someone is what nice people do.
>> No. 3421
[x] Just talk to her about herself

You don't want to rush things too much for now. You want to make her feel at ease. You decide to start off by talking to her about herself. Trying to keep yourself from staring at those gloriously pink and supple nipples, you start up a conversation.

“So tell me Reimu, what do you like to do in your free time?” You ask.
“Me? Well, I like to simply sit down and enjoy a nice cup of tea whenever I have the time.” She replies. “But is it okay to just be talking about mundane stuff like this, I wouldn't want you to think that your service was bad.”
“Don't worry.” You tell her. “I really would like to get to know you better, and talking is a good way to do that.”
“Ah well, I guess that's fine. As long as you enjoy yourself.”

The two of you continue talking. She describes her daily activities as well as what she likes to do when off duty. Apparently she just mainly cleans the shrine, people don't come to pray or leave offerings very often, so it's pretty quiet. You can tell that she's not happy with the current state of things. It must be tough for her to make ends meet. However, she changes the subject and starts talking about how Marisa frequents the shrine and the two of them always have fun together.

“She always has something fun to do.” She says. “We have loads of fun just doing silly stuff. Oh and sometimes Marisa brings over people and we have drinking parties here. Those can get a little boisterous but are honestly a lot of fun.” She smiles as if she were present at one right now. “Oh yeah, last time your princess was there.” She states.
“You mean Kaguya?” You ask her.
“Yeah, she had shown up to thank the shrine's deity and just as she was about to leave Marisa barged in and roped us into having a party. She had brought along Alice, but she left after a while. Patchouli was there as well, oddly enough. I wonder what made her leave the comfort of the library. In any case, your princess was pretty fun to have around. Apparently she likes company a lot. I had never expected someone as seemingly distant as her to be able to tell so many wonderful stories.” Reimu bemusedly says. “Heh, she even brought you up. Said you were a 'special friend'. Good for you.”
“Umm, that's the first I hear of it. To me, she's just my best buddy.” You say.
“If you say so.” Reimu says with a sly smile. She continue to narrate the events of the party. At one point Rinnosuke showed up for some reason. The girls chased him off quickly saying it was it was a 'girls-only' party. Reimu also comments a bit on how she sometimes goes to Kourindou. Hmm, it might not be a bad idea to ask her about the shop later. She continue to speak about her experiences.

Before you know it, you've completely hooked on her narrative, and you're immersed in her tale. She even moved closer to you without realizing it and is now sitting opposite you.

“And that's how I whooped the other shrine's ass in response to their challenge.” She concludes. “We soon came to an agreement after that, and there's been no more trouble since then.”

She pauses for a bit and the two of you look at each other. You're barely a meter or two apart now. You can clearly see her completely naked body through the water. Her curves and her bottom call to you the most. They compliment her pink nipples and her general complexion. Reimu notices you too, as she soon starts blushing heavily. There is an almost deafening silence in the bath. Only the faint sound of running water can be heard.

“Hey Shirou,” Reimu finally breaks the silence to say something. “Do you find me attractive? Would you ever consider having a selfish girl like me as your girlfriend?”

WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY? You're confused as hell, since you don't know where that came from. You just manage to barely say in a low tone of voice, “C-could you r-repeat that?” You can't trust your senses on this one.

“Nothing! Forget I said anything!” Reimu replies nervously. She then goes on. “My, look at the time, we've been in the bath too long, I think I'll go wash off now!” She then laughs a very nervous laugh. She gets up right in front of you, and scurries away. You see her body fully and her cute behind as she wriggles it in an attempt to move faster. Oh wow, what a feast for you eyes. She gets behind a screen and washes herself down. In an almost lightning-like move she dries herself and turns to leave. Just as she's about to leave. She turns back and talks to you.

“Oh yeah, I still have to give you a reward for yesterday, come round back later. I'll be waiting for you.”

Before you can say anything she leaves. You sigh. What was all that about? You decide that you should get out as well. You take your sweet time, scrubbing yourself and shampooing your hair. It gives you time to think about what the hell that miko was going on about. Was she just asking a hypothetical question? Or did it have deeper implications? Bah, women, always a mystery.

Finally, after cleansing yourself properly, you towel off and get dressed. You make sure you have all your stuff with you and try to make your way out back. It takes you a bit since you don't know the structure of the shrine, but you eventually make it. There's a large pond back here, and an equally large turtle in it. Wait, does that turtle have a beard? As you step closer to inspect it, you hear Reimu's voice.

“Over here Shirou.” She calls out to you.
You look at her direction and see that she's by a pile of junk. You make your way over to her.
“I wanted to give you this.” She says. “Rinnosuke brought it over, but I don't know what it is nor do I have any use for it. Maybe you do.”

You take a look at the object. Well, I'll be. It's a PDA. Complete with a charger. It appears to be in pristine condition.

“Is it of any use to you?” Reimu asks.
“Yeah, I think I can use it.” You say and pick up the PDA. The battery is obviously out of charge, but you could probably find a power source at Eientei. “Thanks, Reimu.” You thank the shrine maiden. She looks away from you, still obviously upset with whatever bothered her before. She says that she has to check up on 'That oni.' and leaves you alone.

Well, you're squeaky clean but you've certainly got a weird atmosphere between you and the miko now. It's still light out, and considering travel time, you might be able to squeeze in one final quick stop between you and Eientei before it gets dark. There's Kourindou and Marisa's, but you could also go to the village if you tried hard enough. Anything else is out of reach.

[ ] Go to Kourindou
[ ] Go to Marisa's
[ ] Go to the Village
[ ] Go back to Eientei.
>> No. 3422
[X] Go back to Eientei.

..Reimu is moe in this. So moe.
>> No. 3423
[X] Go to the Village

Taking my chances on this one.
>> No. 3424
[ ] Go back to Eientei.

aw, moe reimu is moe and kaguya loev us.
>> No. 3425
[ ] Go back to Eientei.

We need to show the others our neat trick, and to spend more time with Kaguya.
>> No. 3426
[X] Go back to Eientei

Let's hope our buddy is feeling better.
>> No. 3427
I could see Reimu being a bit dere. She must get lonely.

That being said,
[X] Go back to Eientei.
>> No. 3428
[X] Fuck going anywhere, let's find a bear to wrestle
>> No. 3429
[X] Go to the Village
Keine, Keine, gotta see Keine
>> No. 3431
[x] Despair

Why? Because you missed a scene in which Reimu washed your back for you and maybe something else would have happened. Also, you'll never know if the other options were better than the bath.


Okay, just keep voting and I'll write after checking again after playing the vidya.
>> No. 3432
>> No. 3433

>> No. 3434
No, seriously

[x] Lake
[x] Go back 3 choices
>> No. 3435
[X] Go back to Eientei.
>> No. 3436
[X] Go back to Eientei.

Seriously now, this is supposed to be the Eientei LA but we've spent well over half of it away from there and are closer to Alice, Aya and now Reimu than any of its inhabitants. gb2/target/!
>> No. 3437
huh. so a hundred bux gets us quality tiem with the miko AND a PDA? holy shit we sure got our money's worth.
>> No. 3438
[X] Go back to Eientei.
Just think what you would get for some thousand dollar.
>> No. 3439

Man, I like my Reimu bitchy, but the moe...
>> No. 3440
[X] Go back to Eientei.

Not wanting to dawdle any longer, you decide to head back to Eientei. The way back in uneventful, you take the quickest route possible, barely skimming the forest of magic. You try to avoid any sort of route that might take you past those... strange plants. You breeze though the forest, spotting only a bear in the far off distance. It looks like it was issuing you a challenge, but you ignored it and focused on your way home. Clearing the Forest, you came to that open section in between the bamboo forest and the forest of magic. To your left is the lake, but you ignore that too as you press ahead. You reach the bamboo forest, and plow through the most familiar route. In less than half an hour after setting foot into the forest, you've already arrived at Eientei.

The familiar manor appears to be quiet, and it's not yet evening. Ah well, all the more time to enjoy here you think. You enter the building and come in to see Tewi turn a corner and go out of sight. Talk about bad timing (or after your last encounter it might be good timing). You also see a couple of bunnies going to and fro, probably preparing for the festival tomorrow. You're overcome by a huge urge to take a leak, it must be all the tea you've drank today. You go relieve yourself and think about what you're going to do now.

You could try to improve your skills with Albion. That's interesting and is potentially very rewarding. There's meditation, you've put that off for a while now, and you felt like you were approaching enlightenment too. Then there is the possibility of going to see Eirin. Your training should be almost complete, and god knows that helping Eirin might have awesome rewards. Another option would be helping Reisen out, she must be swamped with work for tomorrow's festival. The poor bunny could probably use your help. Oh yeah, you could also try finding somewhere to plug in the PDA and see if it works, it might be handy. And finally, you would probably find Kaguya to be in right now. It's been a while since you've seen her, and there's a lot that you two could talk about. Any option that you choose, there's potential for fun and reward in one way or another.

[ ] Train with Albion
[ ] Meditate
[ ] Go see Eirin
[ ] Help out Reisen
[ ] Fiddle with the PDA
[ ] See Kaguya

You probably would have gotten the PDA for your assistance yesterday anyways.

She was bitchy when you first met her like a week ago for the first time. And need I mention that she 'killed' you with her balls last time?
>> No. 3441
[ ] See Kaguya

target etc
>> No. 3442

And yeah, I know, I meant to say, I like my Reimu bitchy, but the moe Reimu... Damn, she somehow gets on my soft side, despite my usual resistance to moe behaviour.
>> No. 3443
[ ] See Kaguya
>> No. 3444
[X] See Kaguya

we neglected her for too long
>> No. 3445
I want to write, really I do. But the lack of replies makes it hard to keep myself motivated. And even after I broke out the booze to be able to write fast.
>> No. 3446
Just wait a few hours until there are enough replies, then write.
[X] See Kaguya
>> No. 3447
[X] See Kaguya
>> No. 3448
[x] See Kaguya
>> No. 3449
Finals, etc.

[X] See Kaguya
>> No. 3450
[X] See Kaguya
>> No. 3451
[x] See Kaguya

You decide that it's been too long since you've seen your buddy. You finish you business in the bathroom and tell yourself that anything else can wait. You make your way to her room and knock on the door. Hearing her reply you let yourself in. The front room is as tidy as always, but her rear room appears to be even more chaotic than usual. She's sitting at her table and she looks at you, smiling.

“So, long time no see.” She says. “I heard that you tried to come see me yesterday. It's quite unfortunate that we kept missing each other.”
“Yeah, I've missed you somewhat.” You reply.
“And I you. I'm sorry, but I got roped into attending that party. And when I was finally free, I was in no condition to see anyone. I deeply and sincerly apologize for breaking our appointment to meet the evening of the day that I went out.” Saying so, Kaguya bows down as a lady of the court would apologizing to her lord. You feel really awkward at seeing Kaguya act like this, especially since you yourself have been less than punctual.
“Come now, we're buddies!” You start to say. “No need for you to apologize like that.” You laugh nervously. “I've been less than perfect as well, right?”
Kaguya gets back up. “If you say so Shirou.” She says. “But I want you to know that I would never do anything to endanger our friendship on purpose.”
“And neither would I.” You state. It's hard to say how you managed to say that with a straight face despite knowing how she doesn't get along with Mokou. But you don't see her to hurt Kaguya, so at best it'd be a half-truth. “Anyways I thought it'd be best if I told you.” You continue. “I invited a couple of people to the mochi festival tomorrow. I hope you don't mind.”
“Oh no, I don't mind at all. It'd be fine if you had invited half of Gensokyo, we always make more rice cakes than we eat. Just make sure to tell Inaba so that she's aware.” Kaguya says smiling at you. “I love company anyways.”

Okay good, you've got that cleared up. It's cool that Kaguya doesn't mind if people come along.

“So, anything interesting happen in these past two days?” Kaguya asks you.

Well a whole bunch of stuff has happened to you since you last saw Kaguya. You could always tell her some of the things that happened to you. Alternatively you could try to see if she wants to do something together, like play video games or drink. Yeah that might be an idea, you've still got booze from the tavern.

[ ] Tell her about Albion and show her off
[ ] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
[ ] Tell her about chasing after her yesteday
[ ] Suggest you play the vidya
[ ] Suggest you watch something together
[ ] Offer her a drink from your stash
[ ] Embrace her
>> No. 3452
[ ] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
>> No. 3454
[] Tell her about Albion and show her off.
[] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze.
[] Offer her a drink from your stash.
>> No. 3455
[X] Suggest you watch something together.
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash.

Would rather not bring up Alice by proxy with Albion and make Kaguya jealous. She might be upset if she here's that we nearly got ourself killed trying for free booze. I'd embrace her, but now doesn't seem to be the time.
>> No. 3456
[ ] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
[ ] Tell her about chasing after her yesteday
[ ] Offer her a drink from your stash
>> No. 3457
[X] Tell her about Albion and show her off
[X] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
[X] Tell her about chasing after her yesteday
[X] Suggest you watch something together
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash

She wants something interesting, let's give her a wall of text then.
>> No. 3458
[X] Tell her about Albion and show her off
[X] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
[X] Tell her about chasing after her yesteday
[X] Suggest you watch something together
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash

>> No. 3459
[x] Embrace her

We missed her a lot.

[X] Tell her about chasing after her yesteday

We were depressed, but something good came out of it:

[X] Tell her about Albion and show her off

Explain how we met the Beer God who granted us power, while we make our daily offering:

[X] Offer her a drink from your stash
[X] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze

[x] Nod towards the vidya consoles, "Yaranaika?"
Then time for games and levity.
>> No. 3460
[X] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash
[X] Suggest you play the vidya
[X] Suggest you watch something together

Maybe she'll be impressed by our uncharacteristic display of MANLINESS, or she'll just think we're making it up. She might not be in the mood for more drinking so soon after her hangover, but then again, nothing like a little hair of the dog that bit you, right?
Then, BONDING TIME over videya and anime.

Hugging should wait until we're both a little tipsy, so that we can have an "I LOVE YOU, MAN" moment.

Our search for her should only be told if we leave out the bits with sexually harassing Aya, of course.
>> No. 3461
[X] Suggest you watch something together.
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash.

>> No. 3462
[X] Tell her about Albion and show her off
[X] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
[X] Tell her about chasing after her yesteday
[X] Suggest you watch something together
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash
>> No. 3463
[X] Suggest you watch something together.
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash.

We're here to spend quality time with the princess, not brag.
>> No. 3464

Yeah, let's just blow off her question then, smooth guy.
>> No. 3465
[X] Tell her about Albion and show her off
[X] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
[X] Tell her about chasing after her yesteday
[X] Suggest you watch something together
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash

Whole reason she brought us here was to have a buddy that wasn't all fawning and Oh Princess Let Me Serve You. We shouldn't worry about making her jealous with Albion.
>> No. 3466
I don't think we have to worry about showing off Albion.
We're supposed to be a figurine nut, and Kaguya knows this quite well. It's how she got us here in the first place, after all.
If we met up with Alice, it would be only natural that the two of us would hit it off.

We just need to be wary of not making her think we're snubbing her in favor of our NEW friend. That's no way to treat a buddy.
>> No. 3467
[ ] Tell her about your adventures with Aya's ass
>> No. 3468
We must tell our friend how we found religion, and convert her.
>> No. 3469
[X] Tell her about Albion and show her off
[X] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
[X] Tell her about chasing after her yesteday
[X] Suggest you watch something together
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash
>> No. 3470
[X] Tell her about Albion and show her off
[X] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
[X] Tell her about chasing after her yesteday
[X] Suggest you watch something together
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash

>> No. 3471
File 121191448253.jpg - (310.90KB , 600x600 , kaguya7.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here's the evening of fun that you've all been looking forward to. Also I won't write until plenty of votes come in. So get to it.

Also wall of text is too long so multiple parts.

[X] Tell her about Albion and show her off
[X] Tell her about the strange trials you had to endure for booze
[X] Tell her about chasing after her yesterday
[X] Suggest you watch something together
[X] Offer her a drink from your stash

“Yeah, I've got an interesting story or two to tell you about these past two days.” You tell Kaguya.
“Oh? Go ahead then, I'll listen to you patiently.”

First of all you tell her about Albion. You tell her how Alice sent you the doll, and only recently you've figured out how to use her. You put on the ring and show Kaguya firsthand what you can do with her.

“That's really nice, Shirou.” Kaguya says. “I'm glad that you've gotten such a nice doll. It's really amazing what you can do with her. And especially in such a short period of time.”

You start showing off Albion's capabilities. You have her go up to Kaguya bow, and return to you. You concentrate some more. You then have Albion fly around the room and pick up stuff. You get a magazine that's in the corner and bring it to Kaguya. She seems impressed at your control over the doll.

“That's really something.” She says. “Tell me, is Alice one of the people that you've invited for tomorrow?”
You reply affirmatively. “Yeah, I wanted to invite her partially as thanks for the doll and her time. She's been really nice to me, even though we only met a few days ago.”
“That's great that you've been able to make friends in the short while that you've been here. Alice might be a bit reserved at times, but she's basically a good person. She does however, sometimes have difficulties expressing her feelings, so you've got to be patient with her. But the fact that you got this doll, shows that you're able to handle her with no problems.”

You continue to show off Albion, doing various feats and stunts until you feel that you're at your limit. You then proceed to tell Kaguya more about the things that have happened to you.

You start to tell her about your little adventure at the tavern. You start by telling her that you had gone to town to celebrate her talking to you again. A fact at which she giggles slightly, but offers no comment. You continue your tail, saying that you had been to the tavern before, and that you had hoped to get some liquor with no problems. The problem started, you say, when you realized that you had no money. Instead of throwing you out, the tavernmaster instead offered you a series of challenges to win a supply of free alcohol. Kaguya listens intently as you detail your first two tasks, playing the game of battleship and darts. How tell her how you won, but were pretty tired after your victories.

“It sounds like pretty mundane games to me.” She comments.
“You haven't heard the best part.” You say.

You start telling her about how, upon beating the first two games, the tavernmaster led you down the stairs. You had no idea what you had gotten yourself into, but before you knew it you were in an arena. Kaguya's eyes widen upon hearing this.

“An arena, under a tavern?” She asks. “Isn't that well.... seedy?”

You nod and continue the story. You tell her then that you were given a net and a rusty good-for-nothing buckler. And then you tell her that your opponent was some sort of tall oni-like creature. You tell her how you were forced to fight this creature in order to get a flag that was on his back. You dramatically render the story, telling her of every thrust, roll, and parry and how eventually you were down on your luck. It was do or die time as your exhaustion reached its peak. You tell her that you thought fast, and used a laser pointer that you happened to have and blinded the creature. In the time it took it to recover, you quickly went for the flag and swiped it.

“So you won because of the laser?” She asks.
“Yeah, but only barely. If I had been half a second slower, I'd have lost myself.” You answer. “In any case, I was later told that the creature was actually a guy in a costume that apparently dedicates himself way too hard to his roles. In any case, it turns out that the tavernmaster was lying about the trials.”
“So you mean that the free alcohol was a lie?” Kaguya asks you.
“Yeah, but he told me that he was impressed with my sportsmanship and decided to reward me with free booze for a month and made me a member of his strange club.”
“You're a member of his club? What's it about?”
“I'm not too sure, but I know I don't want to find out. It seems.... very odd.”
“Hehehe. Are they some sort of group of deviants?”
“I wouldn't go as far as to say that.” You say. “But they've got their quirks. In any case, I brought back some of the booze with me and I have it in my room.”

You then proceed to tell her about your chasing after her yesterday.

“I was told by Reisen that you were long overdue and I decided to go out look for you. The problem was that I didn't know where to look.”
“That's strange, I made sure to tell Eirin which shrine I was going to, so Inaba should had known.” She comments.

That damn Eirin, withholding information from people. You tell Kaguya how you went to the Moriya Shrine first, and got intercepted at the foot of Youkai Mountain. She looks at you with eyes that seem to say 'I'm sorry' as you tell her how, upon realizing you mistake, you tried to take a shortcut around the lake.

“I was pretty lost, but luckily I found a shop on the outskirts of the Forest of Magic.” You say. “The owner was less than friendly, but I managed to get directions to the Hakurei Shrine.”
“The owner? Ah you must mean Rinnosuke. I've met him a few times. He's struck me as odd, but not malicious.” Kaguya tells you. “Kinda like how you can be seen as a bit rough during your first impression.”
You? Rough? You can't picture yourself being an asshole like that douche, Rinnosuke. As far as you can recall, you've treated people with the utmost respect, unless they did something to change that. Kaguya must have noticed your confused expression as she adds a bit more. “Don't worry, I'm sure that you're completely different people. I don't know, I just felt like the two of you were similar people for some reason, but I suppose that's silly.”

Shrugging off her comment, you continue your tale. You tell her how you arrived at the Hakurei a short while later. But when you found the miko, she told you that she had left a short while ago. You decide to spare Kaguya a description of your feelings of display, since she's making that sad face again. You instead focus on telling her that after that you decided to go see Marisa, because Reimu had asked you to deliver something to her. You tell her how it took you a short while of walking through the forest to reach Marisa's shop. You also tell her how Marisa offered you a favor in return for your delivery and you chose to ask her to take you back to Eientei.

“Why did you go for that, and not something more useful like a potion or some basic magic tips?” Kaguya asks you with a voice indicating her curiosity.
“I just really wanted to see you.” You reply. It's the truth and you had secretly hoped to catch Kaguya on the way back. “I wasn't thinking of anything else at the moment.”
“I see.” Kaguya simply says and nods.

You tell her how Marisa took you for a ride on her magical broom. That she left you near Eientei. You rushed back here, but when you got here she had already arrived and retired to her chambers. You tell her how you instead spent the evening training with Eirin.
>> No. 3472
File 121191461811.jpg - (31.14KB , 310x335 , kaguax5.jpg ) [iqdb]
“And that's about all of the interesting stuff that happened to me.” You conclude. “Now if you don't mind I have a suggestion.”
“Yes, of course.” Kaguya says.
“How I get some of the booze that I got, and the two of us watch something together?”
“Sure. That's be nice, but nothing too strong, I'm still kinda sensitive from the drinks I had the other day.” She says.

You agree to not bring anything too strong and go to your room. Quickly taking a few cases of booze, you feel excited at the prospect of spending time with your buddy. You go back to her room and she's by her computer.

“What would you like to watch?” She asks. You reply that anything is fine and that you've been out of the loop for a bit. She suggests watching the dvd-rip of Kara no Kyoukai and you agree that that'd be a good choice. Not having much room in the mess that was her room, the two of you end up sitting pretty close to each other as you started watching on her computer monitor. You hand her a bottle of beer, and the two of you start drinking.

“Cheers!” You say as you take the first gulp.
“Cheers.” Kaguya replies in kind.

The two of you watch KnK, and then after it's over briefly discuss the merits and shortcomings.

'It was beautiful. The art was truly peerless.'
'The pacing was bit awkward.'
'LOL product placement.'
'Laser spam's sister'
'Best animated Type-Moon work'

And more comments like those are uttered. You then proceed to watch other shows that you haven't been following, whilst drinking with your buddy. A warm feeling comes forth from within you as you realize that this is really nice. You realize that you're at peace, and that you've missed having a real human to talk to about this sort of stuff. By the time that you get around to criticizing Golgo 13 for not following the manga's formula and being too episodic, it's already late at night. The two of you have drank quite a lot and you, at the very least, find yourself rather drunk. You can still think logically, but the use of your motor skills has decreased and it takes quite some effort to do anything. You can't help but wonder how Kaguya is holding up, considering she's drank as much as you and is smaller than you. Her blood-alcohol level should be a bit higher.
>> No. 3473
File 121191472054.jpg - (76.97KB , 400x527 , kaguyax6.jpg ) [iqdb]
The two of you are in quite close proximity. You turn to her to say something, but at the exact same moment she tries to say something as well. The two of you end up overlapping and then shut up when you realize the other person is talking. It creates a weird atmosphere. The two of you are left silent, staring at each other, mere centimeters apart. You take a good look at your buddy. She's a bit flushed (likely due to the alcohol) and you are noticing things you normally don't notice about her. Like the way her hair is very shiny and feminine. Although you know she's a beautiful woman, you subconsciously filter those things out when you treat her like a buddy. But now, being in the state that you are, and being so close, it's hard to filter those things out. It seems weird, but you feel like you should try to kiss her. You don't know if it's the alcohol speaking or if it's a deeply-rooted, yet suppressed, desire within you. You just know that you want to do it. You probably won't get many chances in the future to try. Your instinct and mind both tell you the same thing - do it, you know you want to. Otherwise, it'd be wise to just leave the room and go to bed.

[] Try to kiss Kaguya
[] Hug her instead
[] Back off and go to to your own room
>> No. 3474
[X] Try to kiss Kaguya

>> No. 3475
[] Try to kiss Kaguya

this will activate her tsundere mode
>> No. 3476
[x] Try to kiss Kaguya

We have an excuse if it turns out awkward: alcohol.
>> No. 3477
[x] Try to kiss Kaguya

obvious bad choice, but probably no bad end
just some despair, followed by sweet sweet NEET
>> No. 3478
[X] Try to kiss Kaguya

Alcohol online
Anonymous mind online
Deredere mode online
All votes nominal
>> No. 3479
[x] Try to kiss Kaguya
>> No. 3480
[] Try to kiss Kaguya

oh c'mon, this was obviously the reason she brought us here

but hey, as a NEET she is a social retard, like she would have the self-confidence to break her shyness now
>> No. 3481
[] Back off and go to to your own room

too early for NEET route.
>> No. 3482
[x] Try to kiss Kaguya
>> No. 3483
[X] Try to kiss Kaguya

drunk while watching anime with my female NEET friend
just like my first kiss


and my last

god damn I suck at relationships
>> No. 3484
[x] Try to kiss Kaguya

[x] New tread
>> No. 3485
>>You continue your tail


Stop jacking off to Ran when writing.
>> No. 3486
[X] Try to kiss Kaguya
>> No. 3487
[X] Try to kiss Kaguya
This will end bad, but the dice are already cast.
>> No. 3488
[X] Try to kiss Kaguya

>> No. 3489
[] Try to kiss Kaguya

No regrets, only path, etc...
>> No. 3490
File 121191752435.jpg - (42.51KB , 199x227 , Shiroushocked.jpg ) [iqdb]
>She suggests watching the dvd-rip of Kara no Kyoukai

[x] Try to kiss Kaguya
>> No. 3491
We're going to get cockblocked by Eirin or Tewi, aren't we?
>> No. 3492
Of course, and Kaguya will be pissed at us, and Eirin and Reisen.
But that doesn't matter, because we have Alice.
>> No. 3493
To hell with Alice.
Give me NEET, or give me death.
>> No. 3494
[X] Try to kiss Kaguya
[X] Prepare for Tewi's inevitable cockblock
>> No. 3495
[X] Try to kiss and hug Kaguya

multi choice option, GO
>> No. 3496
File 121192189956.jpg - (303.74KB , 1280x1024 , 120933731446.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Try to kiss Kaguya

I'm picturing Kaguya lookin like this after the kiss and OH GOD FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP
>> No. 3497

[X] Try to kiss and hug Kaguya
>> No. 3498
[ ] Rape Kaguya with a beer bottle
>> No. 3499
[X] Rape the beer bottle with Kaguya.
>> No. 3500
[x] Throw Remilia at Kaguya.
>> No. 3501
[X] Call out for Tewi
>> No. 3502
[x] Fap
[x] The Tengu commander
>> No. 3503
[X] Embrace Kaguya, follow up with kiss
Delicious NEET, must love tenderly
>> No. 3504
[X] Try to kiss and hug Kaguya
>> No. 3505
[X] What Anime is this?
>> No. 3506

>> No. 3507
[x] Battletoads

[X] Embrace Kaguya, follow up with kiss
>> No. 3508
What I saw at first glance:

>“What would you like to watch?” She asks.

>“Cheers!” You say as you take the first gulp.

Anywho, [X] Try to kiss Kaguya
>> No. 3509
King of /eientei/, do you have enough posts?
[X] Try to kiss Kaguya
seriously, i think there are enough replys for you to give us another post.
>> No. 3510

I'd imagine he's sleeping right now.
>> No. 3511

in b4 slowpoke
>> No. 3512

oh, also [X] Kiss Kaguya, while embracing her, gently...
>> No. 3513
File 121193219879.jpg - (131.47KB , 1024x768 , techppc.jpg ) [iqdb]

A PPC salve for you!
>> No. 3514
NEET never sleeps, he is watching from the shadows. Keep the posts up, it's like doujin-world all over.
>> No. 3515

But Kaguya was never a NEET when she lived on the moon! Shirou on the other hand...
>> No. 3517

Particle Cannons x 4
>> No. 3518

Puma + 2xPPC and I can take on multiple omni-class mechs on my own.
>> No. 3519
[X] Probe Kaguya,

wif mah beagle active probe... if you know what i mean
>> No. 3520
[x] Try to kiss Kaguya

You feel like you have to kiss her. There's only a few centimeters between the two of you. You focus on her lips; they're a light tone of pink and are almost inviting you to kiss them. Still, it's your best buddy and you hesitate. You picture a person walking down the street. His name is reason. As he crosses the street to get a cup of coffee, a huge truck with the words 'instinct' comes out of nowhere, traveling at a high speed, and runs him over. He is flattened and made obsolescent in a flash. Instinct has won this round. Finding your resolve you decide to do it.

You awkwardly lean forwards. There's no reaction from Kaguya. You close the gap even further. You bring your lips to hers. You kiss her with no resistance. The exchange is a brief one. The kiss in itself was quite innocent, almost childlike. It was all that you could pull of in your state. Just a quick touching of lips. Almost as soon as you do it, it's over. Yet it was still intoxicating and electrifying for you. You can feel your heart beating fast. You back away from Kaguya and look at her expression. She seems to be smiling. You hold her hands. It would seem like she wants to say something.

“Shirou...” She simply says. She then closes her eyes and looks like she's waiting for something. You look at her again. There's no doubt about it, she's inviting you for more. You gulp. Who would've thought that things would have turned out this way? You close in again, bringing your face close to hers. Her fragrance is truly wonderful, you think. You hear her delicate breathing. It's so elegant and peaceful, it's almost like she were sleeping. You listen some more. And then it hits you.

“SHE FELL ASLEEP!” You exclaim. No doubt about it, Kaguya has falling asleep despite being in a sitting position. You can't help but to facepalm. Even without a palm tree you decide to do it, substituting the plant for your hand.

Well, there's only one thing you can think to do in your intoxicated state. Since you feel guilty about what just happened, you gently pick up Kaguya and lay her down on her futon. You gather your remaining strength and try to leave despite the alcohol clouding your mind. You exit out into the hallway. Your mind is in a swirl. You don't know why you just kissed her, and what repercussions that'll have. Also, you've got the munchies - bad. Your bladder is also telling you to go to the bathroom. Despite all that, you're dominated by a wish to sleep. So you could ignore all those other sensations and just go to sleep.

You've got to decide. What's the highest priority?

[] Sleep. Precious sleep.
[] Munchies, brah, they overwhelm me.
[] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.
>> No. 3521
[x] Sleep. Precious sleep.
[x] Munchies, brah, they overwhelm me.
[x] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.
Eat while peeing and then fall asleep in the bathroom. Blame alcohol the next morning.
>> No. 3522
[X] Munchies, brah, they overwhelm me.
[X] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.

Don't want to wake up to find we pissed ourselves in our sleep and are too hungry to move.
>> No. 3523
[] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.
>> No. 3524
[] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.
>> No. 3525
Like prioritize man. It's not about doing one or the other, but which one to do first.
>> No. 3526
[X] take a leek, then sleep

i can suck the pillow for nutrients, but if i dont go to the bathroom, i might end sucking something else
>> No. 3527
[x] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.
>> No. 3528


[X] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.

Don't want to piss ourselves while eating, then.
>> No. 3529

>> No. 3530
[] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.
[] Munchies, brah, they overwhelm me.
[] Sleep. Precious sleep.

Bathroom first. THE BLADDER CALLS.
Then we get some munchies, take them back to our room, and fall asleep whilst snacking.

Or just forget our room altogether and pass out with our head in a fridge or cupboard or something.
>> No. 3531
[X] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.

This should always be our number one priority.
Not only is it hard to look cool when you've wet your pants and/or bed, but it creates a hassle for whoever has to clean it up afterwards.

At Eientei, that person is most likely going to be Reisen. Don't do that to the poor moon bunny. She has enough to deal with without your sopping-wet bedding and clothing adding to it.
>> No. 3532
We should sleep by Kaguya.
>> No. 3533
[X] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.

Yea, last thing you need to have happen is wetting the futon/bed. Would probably make a few of the Eientei residents laugh at you for a while though.
>> No. 3534
[x] Need to take a leak. MUST NOT THINK OF WATER.

You need to empty your bladder. Bad. This is what you should focus on. You stumble your way to the bathroom. You go as soon as you can, and you feel relieved. It's almost blissful how much better you feel now; it's like you're a whole different person. You take your time after you finish you business, washing both your hands and face at the washbasin. The cool water mitigates the effect of the alcohol a bit and you can now think a bit more clearly. Funny that.

Well, you notice that your hunger has also subsided somewhat. It would seem that it was mostly the alcohol's effect on you. You could go to the kitchen just for kicks, but you're not the hungry anymore. At best you'd eat a light snack. Your motor functions seem to have recovered a bit as well. You could go out and breathe in some of the cool night air while staring at the moon. It's worked for you in the past. Lastly, you could just go to bed. It's been a long evening and you've had your fun. It might be wise just to fall asleep. At this point changing into your pajama and lying in your futon sounds awfully tempting.

[] Go to the kitchen
[] Step outside for a bit
[] Go to sleep
>> No. 3535
forgot my trip?
>> No. 3536
Fake or forgot your trip.
>> No. 3537
I can't delete the post for some reason (password incorrect - wut?) but vote anyways.
>> No. 3538
[X] Step outside for a bit.

Nightly ritual.
>> No. 3539
[] Step outside for a bit
>> No. 3540
[X] Step outside for a bit

Eh, why not?
>> No. 3541
[X] Step outside for a bit

Very refreshing
>> No. 3542
[x] Go to the kitchen
Light snack it is!
>> No. 3543
[X] Go to the kitchen
[X] Step outside for a bit

your hunger is being supressed + nightly ritual
>> No. 3545
File 121195232150.jpg - (14.26KB , 500x333 , afm.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Step outside for a bit

You feel that you should step out for a bit. It can't hurt to get some fresh air and it gives you time to contemplate your day. You make your way to the porch and as per custom stare out into the night. The moon is almost full, its wide form reminds you of a large saucer. You can't believe that people actually live on the moon. You've already met three people from the moon, but it still seems like a far cry from conventional wisdom. Tomorrow's festival should be pretty fun. You love rice cakes and it must be great to be able to sit down and gaze upon the full moon. Especially among the company of friends. Alice should be coming, as well as Reimu. And it's likely that Aya will show up as well. It should prove to be most interesting.

As you breathe in the night air, you start to reflect upon your day. It was definitely nice to have seen Alice, the two of you spent some quality time together despite having some difficulties at first. That was fun. However, you're still bothered by Marisa's arrival and Alice's reaction. Is it wrong for her to hang out with you? You'll have to be careful and see what's really going on. Your thoughts then turn to the miko. Just what was up with that 'service' today? It was nice and all, but you wonder if you picked the right option. And it got awkward towards the end. What did Reimu mean by what she said? Was she really just asking a hypothetical question? You sigh. Ah well, at least you saw Aya as well. It was fun to pretend that nothing had happened between the two of you. You smile and look at the moon again. Breathing in a last bit of fresh air, you go back in.

You go back to your room. You get undressed and leave your possessions next to you. You haven't even bothered to look for a plug for your PDA but that doesn't matter now. You lay on your futon and stare at the ceiling. During this last week, this room has become familiar to you. You know almost every detail and consider it part of your personal space. Funny that barely 10 days ago you couldn't have said the same thing. Smiling to yourself, you lay in your futon and close you eyes. Sleep comes soon to your weary self. It's most relieving and disconnects your from this world.
I know, choiceless post. But I'll start a new thread soon. For now, enjoy the lull.
>> No. 3546
I can't help but be reminded of this bad end story


"Perfect!" you state, as you place the finishing touches on your latest miniature figurine. Ten years with this hobby, and you've managed to amass quite the collection. Your eye for detail is unmatched, your work envied by many, and your knowledge vast enough that your original creations would go for thousands at auction. That will happen when you're dead, your art is too precious to sell for mere money. Of course, that day is approaching faster than you realize. You set off for the hobby store as usual for your weekly shipment of custom paint shades, not aware that you're being followed. One of your ill-wishers, a small time resin kit maker whose business was nearly destroyed by your harsh words about his shoddy work, has decided today would be your end. Driving behind your car, he only wishes to watch as you realize that your brakes no longer work. That much is true. However, as your car breaks through the guard rail and over the side of a steep cliff, he can't help but stare as he realizes the driver's seat was already empty.

You wake up in a messy house, not quite sure where you are. The last thing you remember, your car wouldn't stop, and you were about to take a sharp curve into thin air. However, it seems as if the gods had another fate in store for you. As you start to gather your bearings, a mischevious looking girl enters from the other room. "Hi there, I thought you were dead! Well, you wouldn't mind donating a few vital organs for my magic, would you?" The look on your face shows your lack of appreciation for her jokes, or what you certainly hope are jokes. "Don't get bent out of shape, I was only kidding. I already took a lock of hair though, call it payment for making sure you didn't become youkai food."

That evening is an interesting one. You find out that you're in a place called Gensokyo, and that your host is a girl named Marisa. "Figurines. You mean like dolls and stuff, right?" asks Marisa. You nod slowly. "Something like that." Marisa nods firmly. "Then you should meet my friend Alice. She's gloomy, obsessive, a bit eerie, and she really, really, really likes dolls." You sigh quietly, reminded of nearly all of your adult family. Figurines aren't just dolls, they're detailed works of art! Well, no matter, it's probably good to meet a few new people. This world is nothing like anything you've seen, and it's probably good to make some friends. Perhaps someone will know the way back.

The next day, Marisa takes you to meet Alice. "Hey Alice, this guy likes dolls too!" "Hm, is that so..." "Yeah, so quit being gloomy and show him around! Maybe if you got out and saw more people, you'd quit being so creepy." You cringe just a little bit, and you notice that Alice is visibly hurt by this remark. "Fine. So, you like dolls, right?" You nod, trying to be nice to this obviously abused girl. "Well, dolls and any sort of miniature art." Alice seems to cheer up a little bit at this remark. "Art, you say? Interesting indeed!" Marisa excuses herself, as if she's just done Alice the biggest favor she'll ever do. "I'll come by tomorrow, I know it's all you ever look forward to!" Alice's reaction is a mixture of pain and embarassment, as if it just might be true. "Don't mind her. So..." You and Alice manage to discuss various miniature art all day long. She seems a little more whimsical and willing to believe in magic than you are, which makes sense. Seeing Alice manipulate her dolls makes you wish you could bring your own works of art to life. On the other hand, your fascination with detail and dedication to art is quite interesting to her as well. Hearing that you have no place to stay, Alice invites you to stay with her for a while, and you eagerly accept. Any port in a storm, and it's quite nice to have such an interesting host. She is pretty cute too.

Days pass, and you begin to study the basics of magic under Alice. You aren't interested in strength or influence, just learning how to manipulate your figures how Alice does. She seems quite pleased to have you around. You may not have the tools you did before, but your skilled hands still manage to create lifelike masterpieces with a simple knife and wood carvings. You find that the two of you are both dedicated towards your work, and learn a great many things from each other. Marisa visits from time to time, and while not directly unpleasant, she is always mean to Alice in ways that make your stomach turn. A backhanded comment here, deflation of ego there, and yet friendly enough that it couldn't be real hostility, could it? A few weeks pass, and you manage to start maneuvering a small carving of yours, directing it to walk over to one of Alice's dolls, and bow in introduction. Much to your surprise, her doll leans over and places a kiss on your carving's cheek. You look up at Alice, slightly confused, until she proceeds to kiss your cheek just the same. Blushing slightly, you return the favor. Seems to be a match molded in heaven.

As the weeks go by, Marisa's cruel words strike you as often as they do Alice. However, Alice seems more confident and willing to tell Marisa off lately. You are no kinder, going so far as to accuse Marisa of holding Alice back, being mean and not a real friend at all. Marisa's visits become less and less frequent, and your relationship with Alice blossoms deeper into love. This fair-haired maiden was pretty at first, but finding her confidence has turned her into an absolute goddess. Your arrogance has softened over time as well. At first with humility when faced with such power, and now simply out of consideration for someone so talented and lovable that you simply don't want to see her hurt. You are a better person for having met Alice, and you believe that perhaps she can say the same for you. Whatever happened that fateful day, it was a truly fortunate move, and you find that you have not missed the outside world for some time. If this is a dream, you hope that you never wake up.

You decide that after several months of living with Alice, the proper time has come. A shy nerd at heart, you carve a new doll special for the occasion, and employ it in proposing to Alice. The tears of joy in her eyes say more than words ever could. Even a short lifetime together would be paradise, and you'd gladly sacrifice your humanity for this dear love of your life, to be with her all the longer. Employing her acquaintance, the priestess Reimu Hakurei, the two of you are wed in a beautiful ceremony. Many people from the nearby village attend, pleased to see that the lonely entertainer has found herself someone who would make her happy. A handful of powerful youkai attend as well, their terrifying presence made peaceful by their wishes of happiness. Alice is a well liked woman, as little as she knew it. The ceremony is a beautiful event to remember, even down to Shanghai and Hourai in cute bridesmaid's dresses you sewed by hand to surprise Alice. The only thing missing from the ceremony is Marisa.

Marisa. You knew something was wrong. The euphoric joy you feel gives way to a sinking feeling as you return to Alice's house. You can't shake this sense of bad vibes coming from all around. However, this is a happy day, so you suppress it. Picking Alice up to carry her over the threshold, you open the door to her house. Just as you step over, you see it.

The hanging corpse of a witch, dangling over a suicide note. Alice steps out of your arms, dashing over to Marisa in tears. You pick up the note, hands trembling, and unfold it slowly. It reads simply, "I always loved you Alice."
>> No. 3547
I loved this story. It was awesome. Those crazy gay touhoes. At least the protagonist ends up happy, dying of old age.
>> No. 3548
You too?
>> No. 3549
>>At least the protagonist ends up happy, dying of old age.

It's always nice when the protagonist doesn't just die at the end, but lives on, sometimes as long as fifty years after the story ends.
>> No. 3550
Well there's also the one where we marry Alice, and spend our life with her while Reimu slowly fucks us up until the point where we become one of Alice's dolls. Not so much of happy old life in that one.
>> No. 3551

I see what you did there.