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2810 No. 2810
Well, we're roughly adhering to one day = one thread, but that's just your imagination, the one day coma helped even out the number. So onwards...

[x] Go find Kaguya

Well there seems to be only one thing to do in this situation. It's pretty clear to you. You have to go out and look for Kaguya. It doesn't matter where she is, you've got to find her. You worry about her, despite her immortality. It's already unusual for her to go out, even more so for her to go alone, and to top it all off for her to be late. Something is wrong, and you intend to go out and find out just exactly what's wrong.

You gather a few things around before leaving, you fill up your gourd and take a snack with you. You also stash away the booze you brought in a safe place. This is just in case you're out there for a prolonged period of time. You look around for some sort of map, but you're unable to find anything of the sort. You instead go to Reisen and ask her the general directions to each shrine. Now you think you can roughly make your way to each, but you're none too confident. It'd be wise to take someone along to serve as a guide. If you force Reisen to take you, she would be an adequate guide to any of the two shrines. However if you were to ask the other bunny, besides having the problem of having to find her first, you're afraid that her capricious nature would not make her very likely to cooperate. You discard Eirin, if she hasn't gone out to look for Kaguya herself, it means she just doesn't care enough right now. And then, there's always those two in the human village. You can hardly see Keine refusing you, and despite her bitterness, you think Mokou might help as well. Those two seem to know the land better than anyone in this group.

Then there's the threat assessment. Between you and Moriya shrine, there's not much in the ways of danger (that you know of), but the distance is a factor. Getting there and back will take a long time, so if you're wrong a lot of time will have elapsed. There's also the fact that the locals might be less than eager to allow you free access on a whim. On the other hand, there's the Hakurei shrine. To get there, it takes a much shorter time than to go to the Moriya shrine, but you've got to pass by the forest of magic (at least for the quickest path). This isn't such a big deal, especially if you go with someone, as they no doubt will outclass any danger there. Access to the shrine itself should be easy since humans, at least in principle, go visit the shrine. Also, you know the miko, and that should help a bit, you think. Even if Kaguya hasn't been there, maybe the miko will decide to help you look for her. So in brief;

Moriya = long way, but relatively safe, and unknown attitude of inhabitants
Hakurei = shorter route, but slightly dangerous forest of magic, yet more or less known attitude of inhabitants

Now that you've figured that much out you should recruit someone as a guide or not.

[ ] Go by yourself - love and luck will lead our way
[ ] Persuade Reisen to go
[ ] Try to track down Tewi and try to convince her to take you
[ ] Rush to the village and get the schoolteacher's help

[ ] Go to Moriya Shrine
[ ] Go to Hakurei Shrine

>> No. 2811
>> No. 2812
[ ] Try to track down Tewi and try to convince her to take you
[ ] Go to Moriya Shrine
Track down that little bunny, then Adventure time!
>> No. 2813
[ ] Try to track down Tewi and try to convince her to take you
[ ] Go to Moriya Shrine
>> No. 2814
[X] Go by yourself - love and luck will lead our way
[X] Go to Moriya Shrine

I don't like being dragged around by people.
>> No. 2815
[ ] Try to track down Tewi and try to convince her to take you
[ ] Go to Moriya Shrine
>> No. 2817
[ ] Try to track down Tewi and try to convince her to take you
[ ] Go to Moriya Shrine

Will we run into Cu Chulainn up there?
>> No. 2818
[X] Go by yourself - love and luck will lead our way.
[X] Go to Hakurei Shrine.

Oh, come on. When we fought in the tavern, it was mentioned that priestess whose shrine Kaguya visited was there, making bets. Between Sanae and Reimu, who do you think would be violent enough to be down there?

Plus, this way we can pass through the forest of magic and maybe run into our beloved dollmaker.
>> No. 2819
[X] Go by yourself - love and luck will lead our way
[X] Go to Hakurei Shrine

Trying to bring either Reisen or Keine is tempting, but if this is supposed to teach us a lesson about our stupidly running off, then it seems only right to counter with a lesson of our own and doing something even MORE stupid.

Then again, if Kaguya really were in trouble (unlikely, between Eirin's lack of concern and her immortality) it might be wise to have backup.

As for where to go, I would think it best to check whichever one is fastest to get to first.
On the other hand, though, generally the objective is always in the place that takes the longest to get to.

Geh. I hate choices like this.
>> No. 2820
[ ] Try to track down Tewi and try to convince her to take you.
[X] Go to Hakurei Shrine
>> No. 2821
[ ] Try to track down Tewi and try to convince her to take you
[ ] Go to Moriya Shrine
>> No. 2822
[ ] Persuade Reisen to go
[ ] Go to Hakurei Shrine
>> No. 2823
Why are people wanting to have Tewi guide us?
What part of being out in the middle of unfamiliar territory in Gensokyo's wilderness completely alone with someone who tried to bury our body when we simply passed out seems like anything remotely resembling a "good" idea?
>> No. 2824

Same reason people are voting for the Moriya Shrine:

They ignore previous text.
>> No. 2825
[X] Go by yourself - love and luck will lead our way
[X] Go to Hakurei Shrine

Well, Tewi said there are rabbits watching us (as well as one TAILING us), so if we go to Hakurei, and get in trouble along the way, Tewi can help us out.

>> No. 2826
[ ] Try to track down Tewi and try to convince her to take you
[ ] Go to Moriya Shrine
>> No. 2827
[X] Go by yourself - love and luck will lead our way
[X] Go to Hakurei Shrine
>> No. 2828
[ ] Try to track down Tewi and try to convince her to take you
[ ] Go to Moriya Shrine
Tewi knows best, if we can convince her, it will all be okay.
>> No. 2829
[X] Eat a manly meal
[X] Go by yourself - love and luck will lead our way
[X] Go to Hakurei Shrine

If we fuel up before we go we should be able to bulldoze threw anything that stands in our way.
>> No. 2830
[X] Go by yourself - love and luck will lead our way
[X] Go to Hakurei Shrine
>> No. 2832
File 12115094372.jpg - (9.04KB , 369x369 , guardian.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Try to track down Tewi and try to convince her to take you
[x] Go to Moriya Shrine

You decide to head to the Moriya Shrine and take along Tewi. The first bit is the hard part, finding and catching Tewi. You formulate a quick, yet solid, plan. You go to the kitchen and grab a carrot, next you place said carrot in a sort of visible place, so that it won't be very obvious. Setting up a simple snare trap, you hope that Tewi will fall for it. You take up hiding at a nearby place and wait. And wait. And you're still waiting quite a bit later. Damn it looks like your plan has failed. You've wasted a lot of precious time to boot. Wait - there seems to be some movement in the direction of the trap. You look at the carrot and see that a rabbit is making its way to it. It's not Tewi nor Reisen, but a normal white rabbit. Hey, it looks kinda familiar, now that you think about it. You think back and become petrified with your sudden realization. It's that rabbit you got that bad vibe from, and it's going straight for the carrot. Oh crap.

You run as fast as you can. You don't even stop to say goodbye to anyone. Your -instinct- tells you that you shouldn't stick around to see what happens to the rabbit. It might get angry, and that's something you definetely don't want to see. Before you know it, you've run completely clear of Eientei and there's no way in hell you're going back anytime soon. Well fuck, you're out one escort and blew any chance of getting another. Well, it's also your fault for assuming you'd be able to trick Tewi, and also assuming that she'd help anyways. Resigning yourself to fate, you decide to try to make your way to Moriya Shrine regardless. Even though you're not that familiar with the route you should be able to get there.

You start to make your way through the bamboo forest, along the path that Reisen indicated. It's a difficult trail, since the terrain is not flat. But hey, at least it's good exercise. You work up quite the sweat as you go up and down the uneven terrain. But soon you're clear of the bamboo forest. You see the mountain where Moriya shrine is. It's quite near but it's tough terrain. You continue to struggle forwards, occasionally taking a break to drink some water. Before you notice, you're at the feet of Youkai Mountain. Good, now you only have the daunting task of climbing the actual mountain. Well fuck. You try to carry on as best you can. The terrain turns even rougher as you climb the slopes.

After a while, you notice that you're being watched. Wanting no trouble with the locals, you call out to the presence, hoping that it'll be reasonable. Sure enough, a young girl with white hair, dog ears, and a tail soon comes out and shows herself. Her attire and equipment seem to indicate that she's a guard of sorts. She grins at you and begins to speak.

“I'm sorry to be tailing you sir, but I am a guard of Youkai Mountain, and it is my duty to deny passage to any suspicious individuals. I must inquire sir, what is the purpose of your trip?”
“I am here to look for a friend of mine that might have gone to the shrine. Kaguya Houraisan, do you know if she's been through here?” You reply.
“I'm sorry sir, I'm afraid I have seen no one pass into the shrine for the last few days. I might be mistaken, so if you'll be so kind to wait, I'll go get my superior.” The wolf-girl (or dog?) politely bows and disappears in a blink. Well, you're not one to press your luck stupidly when you've been told to stay put, so you take this in stride, treating it like a break.

Soon enough (faster then you would have though possible actually) the girl returns.

“Sir, please hold a moment, my superior is on her way.” She politely tells you in response to your inquisitive stare. You wonder what her superior is like, as you wonder about the exact hierarchy at the mountain. It would seem that the tengu are subservient to the priestess and the shrine. As you're thinking of how this came to be, you hear a voice.

“So where's this man you spoke of?” A very familiar voice says. “Now let's see...” The voice stops in mid-sentence. You turn around and see that it's none other than Aya Shameimaru, the tengu writer. It would appear that she has completely frozen up upon seeing you. The wolf tengu has noticed this too and asks worriedly what is the matter.

“What's the matter, chief? Are you feeling ill?” She asks sincerely. Not missing a chance (nor wanting the tables to turn on you), you step in quickly and try to salvage the situation.
“Yes, tell me Miss Shameimaru, whatever is the matter?” You say loudly as you step in closer to her.
“Oh, you know the chief?” The wolf girl asks.
“Oh yes, her and I have a bit of history together.” You say whilst closing the gap between you and Aya. You whisper in her ear quickly. “You'll keep quiet and cooperate if you know what's good for you.” You then proceed to stealthily grope her behind without the wolf seeing.
“So chief, has anyone gone to the shrine recently?” The wolf girl asks.
“N-no, no o-one has c-come a-along.” Aya replies uncertainly whilst stuttering.
“Chief, is anything the matter?” The wolf tengu picks up on Aya's state and asks. You put your hand into Aya's skirt from behind to fondle her more directly in response.
“No! Nothing's the matter!” Aya yips with the contact.
“Are you su-” The wolf tengu starts to say.
“Yes. I'm fine, see!” Aya exclaims, but her face is red and she's shaking.
“Well, it would seem that my journey here was for naught.” You coolly interject. “Thank you so much for your *help*” You emphasize 'help' as you squeeze hard on her buttocks and then let go. “Miss Shameimaru.” Aya jumps a bit and squirms and you smile on the inside. “You too Miss Tengu, thank you for your prompt assistance. It was truly an extraordinary service.”
“Oh it was nothing sir.” The wolf tengu replies, almost wagging her tail like a dog receiving praise. “Please, my name is Momizi Inubashiri.”
“Very well then Miss Inubashiri, it was a pleasure.” You say in a courteous voice. “Goodbye Miss Shameimaru.” You say with a poker face as you pinch her bottom. She flinches a bit and is at a loss for words but then replies.
“Ah yes goodbye.”

You walk away, glad that that situation did not end in you being crucified. Thank god for your quick thinking. Who would have thought that Aya was the boss of that wolf tengu? Well, you've got your work cut out for you, Kaguya is definitely not at the Moriya shrine. You begin to descend Youkai Mountain, cursing the difficult terrain. Reaching the base of the mountain, you realize that between baiting Tewi and going to Youkai mountain, you've wasted quite a bit of time. Shit sux. You could try to take a shortcut to Hakurei shrine through what appears to be a road of sorts that leads around a lake, or you can just go back through the path you know will take you there. Alternatively, you can call this thing off and go back to Eientei.

[ ] Try the 'shortcut'
[ ] Go by the proven path
[ ] Screw you guys, I'm going home (go back to Eientei)
>> No. 2833
[ ] Go by the proven path
>> No. 2834
[X] Go by the proven path

>> No. 2835
File 121150992222.jpg - (103.23KB , 480x608 , bc0147111a3e9d9d79189359bea8914d.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Persuade Reisen to go
[X] Go to Hakurei Shrine

Dependable, trustworthy, genuinely concerned for our well-being, and not likely to ditch our ass in the middle of nowhere for the lulz. Truly, Reisen is the bunny guide for people who DON'T have a death-wish.
>> No. 2836
[x] Try the 'shortcut'

>> No. 2837
[X] Try the 'shortcut'

Oh, wow, Kaguya wasn't at the shrine of the Miko that she never even met in canon. How terribly surprising.

On top of that, we missed passing through the forest and possibly encountering Alice.

Well, at least we groped Aya some more.
>> No. 2838
[X] cruise thru the shortcut, or moonwalk it, whichever
>> No. 2839
[X] Go by the proven path

Goddamn it, Anon. If it weren't for the fact that we got to sexually harass Aya again, I'd say you royally fucked up here.
>> No. 2840
[x] Go by the only path, with which you have no regrets.
>> No. 2841
>>You could try to take a shortcut to Hakurei shrine through what appears to be a road of sorts that leads around a lake
>>a road of sorts that leads around a lake
>>around a lake
>>a lake


[X] Try the 'shortcut'
>> No. 2842
[X] Go by the proven path
>> No. 2843
[X] Go by the proven path

Let's not press our luck too much.
>> No. 2844
[X] Try the 'shortcut'
A Lake is fine too.
>> No. 2845
File 121151331637.jpg - (11.33KB , 200x348 , taigabeer.jpg ) [iqdb]
sorry, when I last looked 'shortcut' was winning
[x] Try the 'shortcut

You decide to take your chances on the shortcut. You make your way to the path and draw closer to the lake. You carry on quickly, trying to make up for lost time. As you speed your way through, you can't help but feel like the lake is calling you, almost inviting you to go into its frigid waters. You stop and go towards the shore. You're completely mesmerized by the deep blue of the lake. You don't care if it's freezing cold, you MUST go in now. It's your destiny. You can feel it. As you near the cool waters, something hits your head. You look around and see no one. You look at what hit you, and you see that it was a beer can, from the outside world? Hey! You know this brand. Now who would have thrown a can of beer from the outside world at you? Whatever. Your previous sentiments are gone and you no longer feel compelled to go to the lake. That's good since it looks like you'd die of hypothermia or something if you went in. Plus, that mysterious fog in the distance does not bode well.

You resume your fast pace on the path. Dismissing any strange thoughts about the beautiful waters of the lake, you press on towards Hakurei shrine. You can't really tell the time, but it seems to be late morning or even early afternoon. The path continues to twist along the lake, ending in a structure in the far off distance, but you ignore it and continue towards the general direction of the shrine. You're now on a lesser, more simple, path. You realize that you must be near the forest of magic, since you see very distinctive mushrooms amongst the trees. It might be a trademark of the forest (or at least you hope so). To be frank, you're going blind here, only relying on your built-in sense of direction. Just as you start to despair slightly, you notice a house off to a tangent of your current course. It might be a good idea to stop there and ask for directions. The place looks slightly worn down and haphazardly repaired, with some junk by the front, but there definitely is someone living there. On the other hand, you've had somewhat of a lucky streak and have been doing fine by yourself.

[ ] Go check out the house
[ ] Lady luck is riding shotgun with me, no need to stop
>> No. 2846
[X] Raid the house!
>> No. 2847
[ ] Go check out the house
>> No. 2848
File 121151364124.jpg - (81.30KB , 500x500 , 1151393058377.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Lady luck is riding shotgun with me, no need to stop

>> No. 2849
Inventory: Set of clothing (Eastern style), 1x laser pointer, 1 x bottle of undetermined content, 1 x Albion Doll, 1 x hotglue gun

No carrots there mister. Also next update will take 7 minutes due to life and things.
>> No. 2850
[X] Go check out the house.

Kourin can get us on a good path to the shrine. Plus, hey, Reimu visits Kourindou sometimes, so maybe we'll run into her and she can tell us about Kaguya.
>> No. 2851
[X] Lady luck is riding shotgun with me, no need to stop
>> No. 2852
oh and gourd with water. Forgot about that.
>> No. 2853
>1x hotglue gun
I c wut u did thar

[X] Stop and ask for directions
We might have burned through a bit of luck on the Aya encounters. Best not to chance it too far.
>> No. 2854
>> No. 2855
[X] Go check out the house.
>> No. 2856
[X] Go check out the house.
>> No. 2857
[X] Lady luck is riding shotgun with me, no need to stop

Stopping to ask for directions is for women and pussies.
>> No. 2858
File 12115192163.jpg - (137.16KB , 500x550 , rinnosuke.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go check out the house

You decide to stop and check out the house. Who knows if you can't ask for directions while you're at it. You move past the piles of junk at the entrance (you can identify several normal appliances like eggbeaters and microwaves amongst the junk) and make your way to the door. Geez, what a crappy decor, it almost looks as bad as your own place, in some ways worse even. You find that the door has a sign that says 'open' and deduce that it's a store of sorts. You open the door and see a counter and several piles of junk all over the place. There's a stairway leading up as well as a door that leads to a room in the back. You call out, in order to see if anyone is there.

“Yes, yes, coming.” A voice answers your calls. Soon thereafter, a man dressed in a most peculiar blue and black garb descends the stairs. “Oh a fresh face? And here I expected it to be Marisa coming to raise a ruckus here again. Well, no matter. Welcome to Kourindou. My name is Rinnosuke Morichika, how may I help you?”

You get a bad feeling about this man. More than that it's an instant dislike, like he knows you better than he lets on. Something about him throws you completely off. And you're sure that he feels the same. A sort of disdain for you, as if he knows who you are and what you intend to do and disapproves of the path that you're taking it. You can feel a certain tension in the air, as you try to reply cordially.

“Ah yes, my name is Shirou, I'm just passing by. I was wondering if you could tell me the way to Hakurei Shrine?”
“Shirou, eh? And why would you be going to the Hakurei Shrine?” The man says with a subtle hint of malevolence.
You hold in the urge to answer him rudely and instead say. “I'm looking for a friend, and I believe she's at the Hakurei Shrine.”
“Oho, a friend? Well then Mr. Shirou.” The way he says your name gets on your nerves. “The fastest way would be to go through this path that skims the forest of magic, it should take you no more than 20 minutes on foot.”
“Thank-” You try to say but he cuts you off. “No need to thank me, I know just how important it must be to find your friend. Just coming back another day to do business would be thanks enough. Now go.”

You leave, not because he told you to, but because you can't stand him. There's something about him that makes you two incompatible. Nonetheless, you leave, hastening your pace. You go amongst the trail, forgetting all else and just thinking of meeting Kaguya. Damn - you've lost too much time going to Youkai Mountain. 20 minutes my ass, it takes you around twice that to get to the shrine. You're completely out of breath. You climb the stairs and don't see anyone around. You could call out and wait here or try looking around, to see if anyone is here. Your heart is beating fast with anxiety and hope that Kaguya is here.

[ ] Call out and wait patiently
[ ] Try looking around
Right I'll wait for a few replies before writting so vote!
>> No. 2859
[X] Tongueprobe the area! now!
>> No. 2860
[ ] Call out and wait patiently

Why do I get the feeling this is going to turn out to be a ghost chase?
"Sorry, but your NEET is in another castle."
>> No. 2861
[X] Try looking around
>> No. 2862
[ ] Call out and wait patiently
>> No. 2863
[X] Call out and look around.

It would be rude to poke our nose in without announcing ourselves, but simply standing around waiting might not accomplish so much, either.
We don't know how easily our calls could be heard, either.
>> No. 2864
[x] Call out and wait patiently

Might as well rest while you're at it.
>> No. 2865
[x] Call out and look around.
Could Rinnosuke be... My future self from an alternate timeline? Naw, that's impossible.
>> No. 2866
[x] Call out and look around.
Because I like both.
>> No. 2867
[x] Call look and out around.
>> No. 2868
[X] Call for Tewi.
>> No. 2869
File 121152354289.gif - (70.13KB , 438x543 , miko.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Call look and out around.

You decide to call out whilst looking around. It may not be very elegant on your part, but hell, you're after your moon princess. Your voice echoes around the shrine as you open random doors in hope of finding Kaguya. As you open a random door, you find yourself running into the shrine maiden. Except that she's not fully dressed. In fact she seems to be putting on her miko outfit right now. Time freezes. You know there's no way out of this one. You rudely barged into the shrine, yelling out and opening random doors. Oh crap, this is going to hurt.

The normal flow of time resumes, and the stunned miko quickly recovers, and immediately hurls at you what seem to be large orbs. Oh crap her balls are going to crush you. You try to run, but it's too late. You are defeated by Reimu Hakurei's balls. Luckily for you, apparently have another life or something left as you can get up from the seemingly fatal incident.

“Oh man, you should have more of a sense of decency when you're at a strangers.” The miko quips. “Seriously, just blindly opening doors and creating a ruckus are sure to create animosity with the locals. You're lucky I'm forgiving.” THAT'S forgiving? You'd hate to see what the waki miko would do if she were pissed at you. “Anyways,” she continues. “what is it that you want?”

You explain the situation, how Kaguya has been missing since yesterday and you went out looking for her. You also add how you went to Youkai Mountain first and then came here, and saw Kourin.

“Oh, so that's how it is. Well, I hate to tell you this, but you missed her. She was here all day yesterday, Marisa and the others came and we invited her to one of out parties. She left maybe an hour ago. It's a shame that you missed each other.” Reimu concludes.

Well crap, that sucks. It seems that your dicking around looking for Tewi as well as your sidetrip cost you too much time. You sigh dejected and turn around to leave.

“Wait a bit.” The miko says. “Since you're here, would you mind doing me a favor? It won't take you too much time and you can do it on your way back. If you agree to do it I'll repay you somehow next time we meet.”

Well, since you've missed Kaguya it might not hurt to at least help out Reimu. It might take your mind off your defeat. On the other hand, you're tired and grouchy, so you might be better off sulking alone or something.

[ ] Agree to help the Miko
[ ] Refuse and sulk in despair
>> No. 2870
[ ] Agree to help the Miko
>> No. 2871
Oh god damn it. Too slow once again.

[ ] Agree to help the Miko
>> No. 2872
[ ] Agree to help the Miko
>> No. 2873
[x] Agree to help the Miko

Might as well, it's the least you can do after invading her privacy.
>> No. 2874
[X] Agree to help the Miko
>> No. 2875
[X] Agree to help Red'n'Whitey

...even though our defeat does amount to a teabagging.
>> No. 2876
[X] Agree to help the Miko
>> No. 2877
[x] Twinkie house the Miko
>> No. 2878
File 12115265428.jpg - (75.15KB , 720x713 , marisa2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Agree to help the Miko

You tell the miko that you're willing to help her out.

“Really? That's great.” She says. “Truth is that one of the visitors forgot something here yesterday, and I'd like you to deliver it to her. You see, I've got no time to waste on a trip, since I've got to clean up the shrine, but it's conveniently on your way back. So really, you just have to deviate your course ever so slightly.”

She then explains to you that the place in question is within the forest of magic. Apparently Marisa dropped one of her ribbons whilst singing at the top of her lungs after drinking last night. So you have to go to the Kirisame Magic Shop and hand it back to her. Man, what a useless quest. But you don't complain, since you already agreed to help Reimu. Reimu explains the exact location of the shop and warns you not to stray from the path, as man-eating plants are common enough. She also urges you to get a move on, since it's still light out but if you don't hurry it might get dark before you make it back to Eientei. Additionally, she hands you a rice cracker as partial payment for your favor. Great, now your conscious is definitely going to make you go quickly.

You bid the miko farewell and start along your way. Almost as soon as you're out of sight, you take out the ribbon and examine it again. It seems that it's one of those that goes on her dress or maybe tied to her braid. You instinctively sniff it, enjoying the sweet fragrance. Not letting yourself be distracted to much, you pocket the ribbon and make your way through the forest. According to Reimu, you should keep on this path until you reach a junction, there you should hang a left and then Marisa's house should be 15 or so minutes from that point. After that, you just take another path and follow that through until reaching the forest's border. From then on it should be simple to find the path to the human village and bamboo forest. Well, this isn't too bad. You munch on your rice cracker as you reach the aforementioned junction. Taking the left path, you follow it faithfully.

Exactly after some 15 minutes, you spot what must be Marisa's shop. You make your way to the entrance and sure enough there's a sign that reads 'Kirisame Magic Shop' in what seems to be slightly sloppy handwriting. Seeing the 'open' sign, you go inside. A powerful smell of well... you don't know exactly what assaults your nostrils. Man this witch must have numbed her sense of smell to be able to stand this. As you're wondering how she does it, she shows up.

“Hi, welcome to the shop, ze~” She says and upon seeing that it's you adds. “Oh, I didn't expect to see you here, what are you doing here? Perhaps looking for spell components to win over the heart of a certain dollmaker, ze~?”

You react in a surprised manner, how does she know about your meeting with Alice. Then it hits you, she must have talked to Alice at the gathering last night. In that case, does everyone know about your encounter with the dollmaker?

“I'm just kidding, ze~” She says upon seeing your confused face. “So tell me, what brings you here?”

You remember the reason you went there and tell her.

“I came here to deliver this.” You remove the ribbon from among your things. “Reimu sent me. She said that you left this behind yesterday.”
“Ah yes, that looks like mine. Thanks, ze~” She smiles at you. “Is there anything else that you want? I'll do you a favor as thanks for bringing over my ribbon.”

Well, there are a bunch of things that you could ask her. I mean she's a human magician. There's gotta be a trick or two she can show you. On the other hand you can ask her to tell you more about someone. Or you can ask her to take you back to Eientei, she can fly, right? That should cut your travel time by quite a bit. Who knows if you don't have the magic potential of a great wizard or something?

[ ] Ask her to teach you about magic
[ ] Ask her about someone (specify)
[ ] Ask her to take you home
[ ] Ask her for a kiss
>> No. 2879
[x] Ask her about someone (Kaguya)
Any little thing helps.
>> No. 2880
[x] Ask her to take you home
>> No. 2881
[ ] Ask her about Alice
[ ] Ask her to take you home
>> No. 2882
[X] Ask her to take you home

You gonna get taken home.
>> No. 2883
[x] Ask her to take you home, HAUU~
>> No. 2884
I don't get the "You gonna get taken home" thing, can someone explain?

Also, [ ] Ask her to take you home
>> No. 2885
File 121152777772.jpg - (89.67KB , 704x568 , 1187421536192wm1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 2886
Thanks for the image macro, but it still doesn't mean anything to me.

in b4 "newfag".
>> No. 2887
in during newfag.
It's from Higurashi. Doesn't this anon know anything kana~ kana~?
>> No. 2888
Would being taken home by another female make the Kaguya situation worse?
>> No. 2889
File 121153008414.jpg - (92.73KB , 556x791 , marisa3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask her to take you home

It looks like your (maybe) latent magical abilities will have to be put on hold, as you decide to ask Marisa to give you a ride back to Eientei.

“Hey Marisa, do you think you could take me back to Eientei? You know, like flying.” You ask.
“Flying? What do you take me for? A taxi service, ze~?” She sighs. “Ah well, I guess it won't cost me anything to take you, plus I can go looking for some more mushrooms while I'm at it. I would have rather you asked me something about Alice or something, but oh well.”

She motions to you towards the door. “Wait outside, I just have to get a couple of things and I'll be good to go.” You wait patiently at the door, after a few moments, Marisa comes back with a bag and her broom. She places the broom horizontally outside and it starts floating. She sits at the front and motions you to sit behind her.

“C'mon, sit right here, you might want to grab on to me so you don't fall off, ze~” You do as she says and sit behind her, you can't help but wonder if the broom is strong enough to hold the both of you. Ah well, it is a magical broom after all. You grab a hold of Marisa as she starts to take off. “Could you watch what you're grabbing?” Marisa Asks. “You might want to hold me around my waist, that's to high, ze~” You realize that you are indeed holding on to what seems to be her chest, crap, you're lucky that Marisa is cool with your mistake. You move your hands down lower and firmly grab her as to prevent yourself from falling.

You look below you and you see that you're speeding past the trees in the forest. Marisa points to a house in a clearing. “Look, it's Alice, ze~. Let's wave at her!” You see Alice just outside her house and you wave to her along with Marisa. You can tell that Alice is surprised to see you flying through the sky with the witch, as she doesn't even have time to wave back as she recovers from the surprise. You have already long passed the clearing and are flying over the edge of the forest. “We'll reach the bamboo forest soon, I'll leave you by the path to Eientei since I've got to go pick mushrooms, okay?” You think that you tell her that that's okay, but your voice might have been drowned out by the wind.

Soon enough, you reach the bamboo forest, and Marisa leave you by the path. You say goodbye to her and you hear her saying something about hoping you have good luck with the dollmaker. Oh well, at least you're close to home. And you're lucky since there's still a bit before sundown. You start down the path and within the hour, you're back at Eientei. Everything seems normal, and Reisen comes out to greet you. You immediately ask her if Kaguya has come back.

“Oh yes.” She says. “Lady Kaguya got here a bit before you, but she said she had a monstrous headache and decided to go to bed.” She looks at you carefully and then continues. “It looks like you two missed each other, how unfortunate.”

Man, this sucks. All that for nothing. You can't even go see Kaguya now. You just met that annoying shopkeeper and flew with Marisa. You didn't even try to learn magic. This sucks. Well, it's still light out. And there's a bunch of things you can do at Eientei besides sulking.

[ ] Go see Eirin
[ ] Go to town
[ ] Follow Reisen around
[ ] Drink yourself to a stupor
Depending on how many replies I get within the next 30-40 minutes, I might just leave things off for later when there's more people.
>> No. 2891
>"It looks like you two missed each other, how unfortunate."
[x] Go see Eirin
>> No. 2892
[ ] Go see Eirin
Hang on, let me get this straight. We were in the Forest of Magic - right next to Alice's house - and we didn't visit the poor girl? Even after she spent ages making that ribbon? For shame, Anonymous.
>> No. 2893
[ ] Go see Eirin

>> No. 2894
[x] Go see Eirin

>> No. 2895
[z] Go see Eirin

Damn it.
>> No. 2896
[ ] Go find Eirin
>> No. 2897
Alright [] Go see Eirin won. I'll resume later when more people are around.
>> No. 2898
[X] Go see Eirin
Make me a man
>> No. 2899
So when will Shirounymous learn Unlimited Carrot Works?
>> No. 2900
When we lose our penis and Eirin grafts/gives us shady medicine for a new one.
>> No. 2901
This needs more Aya molesting. We need to see her again and this time rape her, she wants it anyway.
>> No. 2902

Target, stay, on, etc
>> No. 2903
Don't push me anonymous.
I like to think that Anon has non-directional homing lasers that can lock-on and track multiple targets. But eventually a single proton torpedo will need to be launched.
>> No. 2904
Kinda hard to do when AnoNEET has ADD... I've given up trying to stay the course.
>> No. 2905
File 121153885037.jpg - (257.48KB , 492x762 , the_most_moe_situation_11.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ x ] Go see Eirin

Hey nurse, hey nurse?
How do I stay the course?
>> No. 2909
[x] Go see Eirin

We deserve punishment.
>> No. 2912
DO IT. She wants it, she deserves it. Aya wants us to molest her, RAPE.
Show her what happens when she pushes poor ANON.
>> No. 2916
[X] Go see Eirin

Well, Anon. You've paid the price for dicking around, but now it's time to take your medicine.
>> No. 2917
[X] Go see Eirin

We went to the obviously wrong shrine, then missed Kaguya and a chance to meet up with Alice again.

I swear, you people.
>> No. 2918
Well, we did get to grope Aya again, met Momizi and that douchebag Kourin, and did a small favor for Reimu, so it's not like it was a total loss.

Not sure if it's enough to counter our complete and total failure to accomplish what we had set out to do, though.
>> No. 2919
Christ, we've been here 8 days, and haven't played the vidya with Kaguya even once?

We need to be of some use to Eirin if we're going to get any help in reversing this NEET-to-NEET connection failure.

[X] Go see Eirin
>> No. 2920
>>haven't played the vidya with Kaguya even once?

We beat her in melty blood
and promptly collapsed

>> No. 2927
Why does everyone hate Kourin? I am so making him awesome in my story because he is the manliest, the perfect companion!
>> No. 2928
He reminds Shirounymous too much of himself. It's as if he lived the same life, but somewhere down the road something went horribly wrong and warped him into a twisted shell of his former self. So alike, yet so different...
>> No. 2929
>he is the manliest

Therefore, a natural enemy of anon who wants to be the manliest himself.
>> No. 2930
Because, he is basically the only possible competition for the girls. Except the other girls, and most people here don't seem to mind that.
>> No. 2931
All of these.
>> No. 2933
Curiosities of Lotus Asia
Chapter 1: Rinnosuke buys merchandise he knows to be stolen. He takes it right in front of the person it was stolen from without a word of apology, and then drinks tea with Reimu while watching Marisa issue a second beating to the poor bird youkai.

Chapter 2: Rinnosuke assumes Reimu will beat Marisa before she does, showing a complete lack of respect for her, even though he does turn out to be right.

Chapter 3: Rinnosuke tries to sell Sakuya a broken teacup. Remilia calls him on his bullshit.

Chapter 4: Rinnosuke tricks Marisa out of a priceless artifact that had sentimental value to her.

Chapter 5: Rinnosuke thinks mold makes him an emperor.

>> No. 2934

VERDICT 2: Kind of an asshole.
>> No. 2935
Asshole = MANLY
>> No. 2936
True men are too weak to fight for themselves, and must enlist little girls to beat up any rain faeries or bookworm youkais that trouble them!
>> No. 2937
File 12115959177.jpg - (78.14KB , 498x492 , Eirin8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go see Eirin

Feeling absolutely devastated and dejected, you decide to go see the good doctor. You make your way through the seemingly endless corridors to the clinic. As per custom, you knock on Eirin's door, wait for her reply, and go in. Eirin is sitting in her chair doing paperwork as usual. She silently motions you to sit down and wait for her to finish. You patiently wait as instructed. You use your time 'productively' noting all of the different signs in her office and their significance. Since your last lesson, you're now able to appreciate their meaning better. Sure, they're mostly boring medical stuff, but a couple catch your eye. They seem to be technical documents on building some sort of machine that can scan the human body and assess any problems. Looks way more advanced than an MRI or X-ray device. Something like that might be useful to have in the outside world.

As you're thinking of the practical applications of such a device, Eirin finishes her work and turns to you.

“So, I assume you're here because you've failed in meeting Kaguya and have nothing better to do?” You wonder how the hell she knows that. “Oh don't worry,” She adds. “I don't mind at all. It's a good thing that you've come here. We've still got a lot to cover in our lessons before you can help me out.” Eirin smiles and walks over to you. “Well then, shall we get started?”

The two of you begin your lessons again. This time the material is even more intense than last time. You've now moved on to what seems to be several equations that define energy and mass on the sub-atomic scale. Again, you have no problem in absorbing this information. Eirin keeps shoveling more and more information at you and the pace picks up. You're almost sweating because of the level of concentration that is required of you. You read and memorize. Repeating almost a countless number of times. Before you know it, quite some time has elapsed and Eirin announces a small break.

“Well done, Shirou.” She smiles at you. “You show a lot of promise and move at a pace that surprises even myself. It's as if you're a sponge absorbing all of this difficult information.”

A sponge huh? You picture the marine animal and fail to see how you might compare to one.

“Well, since we're on a break, would you like something to drink?” She offers you a variety of beverages and you, as usual, ask for tea. She hands you a cup with tea and you sip the delicious brew. You don't know if it's because you were working really hard or if it's the innate quality of the tea leaves, but it tastes divine. Eirin smiles at you as she too drinks a cup of tea. The two of you end your break some 5 minutes later and are again resume your lessons.

This time the subject matter changes once more. It seems to be a mix of astrophysics with material sciences. The first application that your mind formulates for this subject matter is, of course, space colonies set on the various Lagrange points between heavenly bodies. As you fantasize about the 'sides' and the development of mobile suit technology, Eirin's soft voice snaps you back to reality. Crap, it looks like you missed a bit. You ask Eirin to repeat the last part again and from then on you concentrate fully. This time you absorb all of the information and speed your way through another lesson. Eirin seems to be impressed with you. She tells you that you finished ahead of schedule and as a reward the two of you could talk for a bit.

Naturally, you start to question her about the nature of these lessons. She reiterates once again that it's all for an equation she's been working on. When you press her on the exact nature of that equation, she clams up, telling you nothing. While frustrating, you know that you can't get anything out of her like this. So you instead turn to talking about Kaguya.

“Ah yes, it's rare to see Kaguya go out, but not as rare as you make it.” Eirin offers her opinion. “However it is rare that she stayed out drinking. I suspect that one of the guests forced her into staying and one thing led to another. The last time we talked she seemed quite anxious to spend some time with you, so I don't think it was within her original plans to stay out so late.”

Well, that makes sense. There's no way that Kaguya would ditch you (even though you kinda had ditched her). It seems that these past few days have been an unfortunate series of coincidences. Trying to prevent yourself from getting depressed, you ask Eirin about your lessons again.

“Well, if you do one or two more lessons, you should have advanced quite enough to help me. More importantly, you'll have gained knowledge and that should be quite a reward in itself.” She sees your blank look and adds. “Don't worry, I promise to make it worth your time in the end. And I always keep my word.”

You wonder just what exactly she's going to do to make all this worth your time. But you know that your curiosity will get no answers from her now. Looking at the time, you see that it's now evening. You say your farewells to Eirin and she tells you to come back anytime. Well, it looks like you're free to do whatever you want now. Kaguya is probably sleeping or with a killer headache, so disturbing her is not a good idea. On the other hand, you could eat dinner now, since Reisen is probably cooking dinner now. Or you could go meditate or just goof off somewhere.

[ ] Go eat dinner
[ ] Meditate
[ ] Wander around the halls
[ ] Go to bed early
>> No. 2938
[ ] Meditate
>> No. 2939
[X] Go eat dinner.

Meditation after we eat. Knowing us, we'll meditate for ages then come out of it and notice our crippling stomach pains. Best to cover our bases before that.
>> No. 2940
[X] Go eat dinner

Have we eaten anything aside from that snack Reimu gave us?
We can't hope to attain enlightenment on an empty stomach!
>> No. 2941
[X] go cook with reisen, while practicing dance moves
>> No. 2942
>>A sponge huh? You picture the marine animal and fail to see how you might compare to one.

Oh u

[x] Meditate

Path to enlightenment
>> No. 2943
[ ] Go eat dinner
>> No. 2944
[x] Go eat dinner

You decide that it'd be best if you were to go eat dinner now. You make your way down to the dinning room, and find that the table has already been set. There's only one place set, so curious, you go to the kitchen. Inside is Reisen, wearing an apron and gently humming while watching over a pot of food. She notices you entering the kitchen and speaks to you.

“Oh, please be patient, dinner will be ready soon. Go wait at the table and I'll have it out in a jiffy. Right now I just need to put the finishing touches.”

You leave, not wanting to disturb the moon bunny as she finishes cooking. You go back to the table, sit down, and wait patiently. Soon thereafter, Reisen comes in with a pot of what seems to be a broth or something of the sort. She sets it down and while cheerfully smiling tells you to enjoy your dinner. She disappears into the kitchen before you can even ask her to accompany you. Ah well, eating by yourself isn't that bad. You serve yourself some of the broth and taste it. Man this is good. It's simple but really tasty. Reisen really brought out the flavors of the different vegetables in the mix somehow. While this is no way as 'filling' as your man food, it's more than enough for a humble NEET used to eating instant noodles. You wolf down as much of the broth as you can in record time.

After you're done eating, you get up and go see Reisen. You compliment her on her fantastic cooking. She fervently denies that it was good and that you give her too much credit. Well, that part of her is cute, so you just let it be for now. That meal made you kind of sleepy, so you discard the possibility of meditating. Well, now that it's sort of late there doesn't seem to be much you can do here at Eientei. You could aimlessly wander around or retire to your room and try to find something to do. You could always step outside for a bit and breathe in a bit of fresh air. That's always refreshing.

[ ] Go to your room
[ ] Wander around a bit
[ ] Step outside for a moment
>> No. 2945
[ ] Wander around a bit
>> No. 2946
[x] Go to your room
[x] Play with the doll
>> No. 2947
[X] Step outside for a moment.

I like fresh air.
>> No. 2948
[ ] Go to your room
>> No. 2949
[x] Go to your room
>> No. 2950
[x] Go to your room
>> No. 2951
[x] Go to your room
[x] Play with the doll, that might lift you out of your despair!
>> No. 2952
[X] Go to your room

>> No. 2953
File 12116034475.jpg - (88.42KB , 735x901 , boxman.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to your room

You decide that it'd be best if you just go to your room now. It has been a really long day. From waking up after a drunken evening in the human village to looking for Kaguya and failing, it's definitely been exhaustive. You enter your room and immediately change into your pajamas. You lie down and think of what to do. Besides playing games in your mind, there isn't much you can do. You start to despair. This severe case of bad timing has left you in despair. But if anything, you promised yourself yesterday that you'd not fall into despair so easily. At least not yet. Maybe if you get your heart absolutely crushed or your freedom taken away from you. But until then you think that it'd be best to keep looking forward to the nice things in life. Things like a certain moon bunny's cooking, or Eirin's intoxicating presence, or your buddy's simple attitudes.

As you're about to start placing yourself in the lead role of real robot series in your head to pass time, you notice Albion amongst your things. That's right, you had forgotten that you had the doll with you. You grab the doll and start looking at it's distinctive features again. The elegant look and serious demeanor of the doll never fails to impress you. It's almost as if she has a soul of her own. Alice really is a masterful dollmaker.

“EKKKKSUUKARIBUUUUUUURUUUUUU!” You find yourself playing with the doll before you know it. Imagining that the doll is some sort of powerful legendary knight, you have her fight with other mythical and legendary creatures. The small box that you're using to represent Medusa is quickly dispatched by your awesome attack. “No one can defeat the strongest servant!” You exclaim to yourself while emitting a geeky laugh. You continue to play around with Albion, defeating all of your rivals and seducing the female masters. That tsundere is god-awfully hot. Too bad her sister is such a slut, an erotical black hole if you will. The school's archery captain is hot as well, and you pursue her in your fantasies. You feel like your love is not meant to be, but you push forward, ignoring all of the other cockteases and go for her. You have great fun in your little fantasy. That douche of a friend is bitchslapped by you and promises to reform, the monk friend becomes your trusty sidekick, and all the girls want your cock. Shit's awesome. If only real life were like this. Ah well, you can't always get what you want. But you gotta get what you need, if you know what I mean. MAN that loli looks hot in gym clothes.

You keep on playing, until you reach a satisfactory conclusion in your story. The strongest servant... Albion... that means you're the strongest master. And on that note you end your little fantasy. Your room is now a mess. With all the props and such that you used, it's not surprise really. You start cleaning up a bit, out of embarrassment more than anything else. What would Reisen or anyone else think upon seeing your room so messed up? Since your room is pretty simple, it take you no time at all to clean up. You're left lying on your futon, doll in your hand. Hey, now that you think about it, you haven' tried manipulating the doll as Alice does.

You put on the ring that's attached to Albion on your finger and try moving it. Nothing, you can't even get the doll to do something simple. Is there some sort of trick to this? Maybe it requires you to use a certain finger? No, that can't be the case since Alice uses all of her fingers. Maybe it requires magical energy? That might be likely, but as far as you know, you don't have any. Damn it, you should have asked the witch earlier for a magic 101 lesson. Well, it's too late now. Still, you're confident that you can move the doll somehow. You always have believed that all living creatures have some sort of magical ability, if only just a small one. And if it's skill based and not magical based, you should be able to learn puppeteering and manipulate it anyways.

[ ] Dumb idea, go to sleep
[ ] Try focusing your mind and what you perceive to be your 'energies'
[ ] Try a traditional puppeteer approach
[ ] Try to ask for divine inspiration
>> No. 2954
[ ] Try focusing your mind and what you perceive to be your 'energies'
>> No. 2955
[ ] Try focusing your mind and what you perceive to be your 'energies'
>> No. 2956
[x] Try to ask for divine inspiration
Hear my plight, doll god!
>> No. 2957
[X] Try focusing your mind and what you perceive to be your 'energies'
>> No. 2958
[X] Shout obscene stuff at it n see what happens
>> No. 2959


[ x ] Try to ask for divine inspiration.
>> No. 2960
[X] Go to Tartarus

[X] Try a traditional puppeteer approach
>> No. 2961
[X] Try to ask for divine inspiration.
>> No. 2962
[x] Try to ask for divine inspiration

Beer for the beer god.

Perfect, as we needed a sedative.
>> No. 2964
[X] Try focusing your mind and what you perceive to be your 'energies'.
>> No. 2965
[x] Try to ask for divine inspiration

Hi Tewi.
>> No. 2966

I awww'd

[x] Try focusing your mind and what you perceive to be your 'energies'.

inb4 all we achieve is a hardon
>> No. 2967
>all we achieve is a hardon
Make it happen.
>> No. 2968
[X] Dumb idea, go to sleep

We've been in and out of a coma, got completely shitfaced, basically wandered from one end of Gensokyo and back, and now you want to try channeling your energies into a little doll that will likely start consuming your soul for energy to become alive?
>> No. 2969
[x] Try focusing your mind and what you perceive to be your 'energies'

You focus your mind. You enter a meditative state and try to focus what you can only describe as 'energy' into your finger and the doll. Nothing happens. You try harder, still nothing happens. Maybe your mind is too clouded. You clear your mind completely and focus all of your 'energy' into a single point of your body. From there on you take that energy and transfer it to the doll. You open your eyes to look at the result. It moved! Shitshitshit! You can't believed it moved! Sure it was only about a single centimeter, but it was something. Still, this method seems to be inefficient. It requires too much concentration and 'energy'. The ordeal has already left you tired. Alice manipulates her dolls seamlessly. So there must be some sort of 'on/off' switch or a way to ease the transfer of energy.

You're stumped. Absolutely and completely stumped. You're sure that you're missing something here. But you can't quite tell what it is. At least you ruled out the need for puppeteering skills. At least to make the doll react, you might need those later to execute fine maneuvers. Maybe you should try again. It doesn't seem like that'll do much. There has to be something that you're failing to do properly. Maybe some sort of initialization ritual? Or you could try asking for divine inspiration. Or screw this, you can just ignore the doll for now. Still, it'd be really cool to be able to manipulate Albion like Alice manipulates her dolls. It'd impress people, you're sure. And the dollmaker would probably be pleased.

[ ] Stupid idea, go to sleep AKA - The I hate magical things option
[ ] Try focusing again
[ ] Maybe the gods have the answer?
[ ] Do something else
>> No. 2970
[ ] Try focusing again
>> No. 2972
[ ] Do something else

>> No. 2973
[x] Try focusing again
We don't need no stinkin' maguses or gods to help us use magic. The original Shirou sure didn't.
>> No. 2974
[X] Try focusing again.

Maybe we can try kissing it if this doesn't work.
>> No. 2975
Fuck yeah, Shirou.
>> No. 2976
I don't know if you've noticed but we're hardly the original Shirou. No training whatsoever in magic, not even on our own.
>> No. 2977
[ ] Try focusing again
>> No. 2978
I wonder how many days we'll be in a coma for this time around.
>> No. 2979
[x] Try focusing again

We'll knock ourselves out with the effort
But the residual energy in the doll will be enough for it to put a cover over us.
>> No. 2980
[x] Try focusing again

You decide to give focusing yourself another go. You bring yourself to another deep meditative state just like before and gather your 'energy' in one point of your body. You then proceed to send it to send it all through your finger and the doll. You open your eyes to see whether or not that had any effect. Apparently it did, as the doll moves more than last time, almost getting her to stand up. Well, you're now even more tired, but this seems be (sorta) working. Maybe this needs one final push?

[ ] Perseverance is key! Focus one more time
[ ] The answer lies in divination!
[ ] Try to think of another way
[ ] Screw this. Semi-autonomous dolls are overrated anyways and I have no sense of wonder
>> No. 2981
[X] Perseverance is key! Focus one more time.

Third time's the charm.

Three's a magic number. Three witches to a coven, etc.

Clearly, we must try a third time.
>> No. 2982
[x] The answer lies in divination!
>> No. 2983
[ ] Perseverance is key! Focus one more time
>> No. 2984
[X] Perseverance is key! Focus one more time.

I'm guessing that the key to making this doll move is pumping a certain amount of energy into it before it will activate. Like it needs a certain threshold of magical energy to be reached, then any subsequent mana from the same source will direct it.
>> No. 2985
[ ] Perseverance is key! Focus one more time
>> No. 2986
[X] The answer lies in divination!

work hard and pray
>> No. 2987
[x] Try focusing your mind and what you perceive to be your 'energies'.
>> No. 2988
[X] Perseverance is key! Focus one more time.
>> No. 2989
File 121160657579.jpg - (159.65KB , 796x592 , circuit.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Perseverance is key! Focus one more time
>> No. 2990
[X] Perseverance is key! Focus one more time.
>> No. 2991
[X] Try to think of another way

It is clear to me that Anon's survival instincts have abandoned him out of sheer frustration at being ignored all the time.

Frankly, I'm starting to sympathize.
>> No. 2992
>>It is clear to me that Anon's survival instincts have abandoned him out of sheer frustration at being ignored all the time.

If Anon succeeds with this, he'll actually have a real live friend!
>> No. 2993
File 121160738067.jpg - (102.39KB , 400x400 , 4c6a2f16aaa8ccf44382a78e54eb5f57.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>If Anon succeeds with this, he'll actually have a real live friend!
>> No. 2994

Fuck. After just reading /th/'s Kaguya and this Kaguya I don't know what the fuck to think anymore.
I'm in fucking DESPAIR.
>> No. 2995
Each character is freakishly disparate from board to board. /th/'s Flandre is crazy while /sdm/'s Flandre is moe.
>> No. 2996
Don't fret over it too much, and enjoy the many different flavors of NEET available.

I'm not letting the indignities we had to suffer at the hands of WUiG's Flandre deter me from enjoying the moe-overload of /sdm/'s rendition.
Oh god, just thinking about her pretending to be Smaug, running around and flapping her arms makHRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH
>> No. 2997

More of an acquaintance so far.
And a bit too easily angered at us.
>> No. 2998

...Yeah, I know. But just shifting from one personality extreme in the shift of a board has me a bit shell shocked.
>> No. 2999
[ ] Perseverance is key! Focus one more time

>> No. 3001
File 121160833262.jpg - (77.16KB , 507x450 , helpmeeirin4.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Perseverance is key! Focus one more time

Seeing that your approach is sort of working, you try again. Repeating the same steps as before you try to send more energy to Albion. This time you take a little more time to gather energy, and feel optimistic that it's going o work. As you start to transfer the energy, you feel a dull pain in the back of your head. Ignoring it, you push on. You open your eyes and see that Albion is now standing, succes-

Ugh. You feel a pain that starts to spread through all of your body. Crap, maybe you should've paid heed to your body.

Red. Your vision turns red.

Oh man, the pain is unbearable.

Owowowowowowwow, why does it hurt so?

You try to get up and call for help, but your body does not respond to your commands.

Red. Your vision is now saturated with red, you can't see anything else besides the crimson wall.

You start to thrash about, having lost control of your bodily functions. You can even think straight as your vision starts to fade. Before you know it your whole world has turned to black...

The next morning, Reisen goes to wake you up since you've been apparently in bed all morning. She knocks on your door, and hearing no reply, lets herself in. She is shocked by the utter chaos of the scene. In your thrashing, you messed up your room beyond recognition and you now lie in a contorted position amidst debris. Reisen screams in surprise and immediately fetches Eirin. Eirin examines you but declares you dead the moment she does. You apparently died over 9 hours before, in the middle of the night. The subsequent autopsy reveals that you had something of a mix between a stroke and aneurysm, with multiple blood vessels rupturing in your brain do to extreme strain. It's a mystery how this came to happen.

Eientei holds a fine funeral for you. Although you had been there for little over a week, you managed to befriend quite a number of people. The two friends from the human village as well as the whole of the BWM club shows up. The miko and her friends from the forest of magic also show up. Even Aya, who didn't normally cover funerals showed up to take pictures and to write an article. The whole atmosphere was one of confusion and sadness, as your death was quite sudden and unexpected. It would be a long time before a smile would return to those present. When your possessions were handed out, Kaguya kept most of your things, except for Albion, which was nowhere to be found. It is just as well, since the likeliest outcome would have been that the dollmaker would have been absolutely crushed to have seen her doll again.

Many years later, when the miko and the witch had long passed on, the lonely dollmaker would sometimes remember the boy who showed up one day unexpectedly and had caught her fancy so.



“Hello and welcome to another segment of 'Tasukete Eirin!', I'm your host Eirin!”

“Well it seems this time that Shirou go himself into a jam besides having ample warning that things were going to turn out for the worst. Bad Shirou! Reversing this end should be easy enough, just don't pour all over your energy into the doll! A little bit is fine, but the solution is obviously not this!

Come on! I want to see Shirou get cut to ribbons like in the xxxxxx BAD END or assaulted by a disgruntled Soviet strongman! This BAD END IS JUST L-A-M-E!

Well, this is all that I have to say for now, keep enjoying yourselves and remember to think things through!

Till we meet again!”

[ ] Back 1 choice
[ ] Back 3 choices
>> No. 3002
[ ] Back 1 choice

>> No. 3003
[x] Back one choice
[x] The answer lies in divination!
>> No. 3004
>>nowhere to be found.

We poured our entire life into the doll and brought it to life. It left to pursue the world

[x] Back 1 choice
>> No. 3005
[X] Back 1 choice.


Fine. We'll just pump a little bit of energy into Albion at a time. Once or twice every night before we go to sleep. It may be gradual, but it should be reasonably effective.
>> No. 3006
You decide to give focusing yourself another go. You bring yourself to another deep meditative state just like before and gather your 'energy' in one point of your body. You then proceed to send it to send it all through your finger and the doll. You open your eyes to see whether or not that had any effect. Apparently it did, as the doll moves more than last time, almost getting her to stand up. Well, you're now even more tired, but this seems be (sorta) working. Maybe this needs one final push?

Then again, that might not be such a good idea. Your body is exhausted and you feel that if you try again it might have dire consequences. There's got to be a trick to activating the doll. Think, Shirou, think. If this is indeed magical, it should abide by standard magical rules. You need, one of those - whatchamacallits.... to activate her.

[ ] The answer lies in divination!
[ ] Try to think of another way
[ ] Kiss the doll
[ ] Screw this. Semi-autonomous dolls are overrated anyways and I have no sense of wonder
>> No. 3008
[x] Kiss the doll

>> No. 3009
Wow. Who could have possibly seen this coming?

Oh yeah, I did.

[X] Back 3 choices

Start it over from the top, you numbnuts.
>> No. 3010
[x] Back one choice
[x] The answer lies in divination!
>> No. 3011
see >>3006
>> No. 3012
[X] Kiss the doll.

>> No. 3014
[X] Try to think of another way

The most likely result of kissing the doll will be someone walking in on us as we're doing it. Of course, it's kind of silly to worry about losing face with anyone in the house, as we clearly have none left to lose.
>> No. 3016
[X] Try to think of another way
>> No. 3017

So what if someone else sees? If we just give Albion a light kiss, we can tell them that it was a precious gift from a precious friend.

The more I look at it, actually, the more Alice looks like AnoNEET's soulmate.
>> No. 3018
[ ] Kiss the doll

so moe.
>> No. 3019
[X] The answer lies in divination!

>> No. 3020
[z] Try to think of another way

Tryin something else gaems.
>> No. 3021
[ ] Try to think of another way
>> No. 3022
[X] Kiss the doll.

It'll take like five seconds. There's plenty of time to try other things if it doesn't work, and if it does, then great!
>> No. 3023
[x] The answer lies in divination!
We'll get the Doll God to cover the last bit of energy we need.
>> No. 3024
[x] Kiss the doll.
>> No. 3025
[x] Kiss the doll.
>> No. 3026
[x] Kiss the doll.
>> No. 3027

Room is trashed
Something should probably be blocking the door.
>> No. 3028
Uh, no, we cleaned up after we finished playing.
And even if we hadn't, you DO realize that it's probably a sliding door, right?
>> No. 3029
His power levels are low, Anon.
>> No. 3030
[x] Kiss the doll

This is getting you nowhere. You look at the doll and take her into your hands. Man she's cute. She's realistically sculpted and looks absolutely adorable. As almost by reflex, you innocently kiss the doll. What the hell did you just do that for? You couldn't help yourself it was just too cute for you to resist. You feel really embarrassed for some reason and you're sure that your cheeks are really red. What are you getting so bashful for? It's just a doll, right? But it feels like there's more to it. You remember your little roleplay session earlier.

In your fantasy scenario you had formed a contract with the servant, and that was reflected on the command tattoos that appeared on each master's hand. But normally, in the case of a familiar or something, it's a vessel that hold some of the master's energies and vitality. In a sense, the familiar is a part of the master. That's why the familiar is usually anointed in a special ceremony with some of the master's hair, blood, or other part. That way the creature is bound to the master. Hmm, there might be something to this. After all, you've heard about blood bonds, the red string of fate, and other superstitions that tie people together and sometimes people with places or things. Maybe you just need to perform a ritual of sorts. At the very least the kiss didn't do anything since you can't feel any change. Well, you might have figured out something but you're not to sure yet.

[ ] Ask the gods for inspiration
[ ] Try to perform an ad-hoc ritual
[ ] This is retarded, real life ain't D&D (Go to sleep, like the wanker that you are)
>> No. 3031
[ ] Ask the gods for inspiration
>> No. 3032
[x] Ask the gods for inspiration
>> No. 3033
[X] Ask the gods for inspiration

Our God(s) shall grant us a few casts/day of some useless level-0 spell.
>> No. 3034
[ ] Ask the gods for inspiration
>> No. 3035
[ ] Ask the gods for inspiration
>> No. 3036
[ ] This is retarded, fap and go to sleep.

Maybe hot-glue Albion while we're at it. It's going to happen anyway, so best to get it out of the way and be done with it.
>> No. 3037
[X] Try to perform an ad-hoc ritual.

Grab some red string, we're tying our pinkies together!
>> No. 3038
[x] Try to perform an ad-hoc ritual. Naked.
>> No. 3039
[x] Ask the gods for inspiration

give it a shot
>> No. 3040
File 121161186741.jpg - (15.94KB , 450x333 , hotglue.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>That's why the familiar is usually anointed in a special ceremony with some of the master's hair, blood, or other part.

>> No. 3041
File 121161193319.gif - (11.76KB , 591x570 , circle.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask the gods for inspiration

You've put this off for long enough. You grab your stash of booze and make an offering to your god, asking for guidance. Drinking some of the sauce yourself, you prepare your body for any divine sign. You pray to your god, lord of booze and apparently fraternities, and enter a trance like state whilst chanting mantras. Of course you mantra consists mostly the recitation of different brands of booze, but that should only fortify the effect, you think. As you reach the different brands of gin, your god answers your prayers.

“I am thy lord, god. You have called me with your offerings of booze and chants of the divine names.” An omnipresent voice says. “Speak, oh faithful one, and your inquires shall be answered.”
“Oh my lord, thank you for blessing me with your presence.” You start to say. “I have called upon you because I wish to be able to manipulate this here doll, as your divine words manipulate me into drinking more.”
“I see, oh son of mine. If that is all that you ask of your lord, then so shall it be done. I shall now reveal the divine mystery according to the god of paraphernalia. That god is a good friend of mine, and his word is to be interpreted as my own.”
God of paraphernalia? Really? You await in silence for the instructions from your god.
“Do as thus and you shall be able to manipulate the doll. Firstly attempt to channel some of your magical energy into the doll. This should jump start her and leave her ready for the next phase. Then, I am told, you are to draw a magical circle on the floor in preparation for a ritual. After doing so you are to-” The god stops suddenly.
“Yes, my lord? What next?”
“I am sorry but I am getting interference from the god of paraphernalia. All I can make out is something about a dragon? And a crude 3dcg landscape? I am sorry faithful follower, but that's all I was able to get. Fret not, as these magical things ultimately come done to the essence of the magic user. Blood or other bodily fluids serve as good ways to seal covenants. If we are ever to enter a more advanced covenant, I shall ask for a fluid as well. Well then, the best of luck to you, I have a party in Bali I need to get to now!”

And just like that your god is gone. What an irresponsible fellow. Hey! He somehow drank the offering as well? How in the metaphysical hell did he do that?!

Well, now you've got your answer, having completed the first step by channeling magical energy into Albion, she should be prepared for a ritual. You draw a magical circle on the floor (sorry Reisen!) and place Albion in the middle. Well then, it would seem that you need to utter a couple of phrases whilst closing your pact. You can ad lib those, but you should think of what you're going to use to close the pact. You need to give the doll some of your essence. Blood should do it in theory, but something else might fulfill the role equally as well.

[ ] Back out of this, this is more than retarded
[ ] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify)
>> No. 3042
[x] Chant and apply bodily fluid (blood)
>> No. 3043
We had better have some goddamn booze left after that. We need to not only get plastered with Kaguya, but introduce her to our new god.
>> No. 3044
[ ] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify) Blood
>> No. 3045
[ ] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify)
[ ] Cum

Oho, why not?
>> No. 3046
[X] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify)
[X] Semen

3D-CG Dragon? Oh lord.

Time for some mana transfer, then. Sorry Alice, but hey, just goes to show that we rather like your handiwork, eh?
>> No. 3047
[z] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify) Blood

It's like a command seal right?
>> No. 3048
[X] Chant and apply bodily fluid (Mucus)

>> No. 3049
[x] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify) Blood
>> No. 3050
[ ] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify)
[ ] Blood

This would be the logical choice according to your standard magical procedures...
>> No. 3051
[ ] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify) Blood

Blood for the blood god. As is explained above.
>> No. 3052
[X] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify)
[X] Semen
>> No. 3053
[X] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify)
[X] Hot glue.

Don't wimp out now, you fags.
>> No. 3054
[ ] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify) Blood
>> No. 3055
[ ] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify)
[ ] Blood

if that doesn't work, Semen.
>> No. 3056
[ ] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify) Blood

Hopefully this works.
>> No. 3057
[x] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify)
[x] Semen

This, because it involves fapping, and to do so we will have to get a mental image. Which means possible pseudo-H-scene imagery as we think of one of the girls.
>> No. 3058
File 121161248937.jpg - (10.97KB , 215x296 , cgdragon1.jpg ) [iqdb]
So I heard someone wants to make a magic contract using hot glue.
>> No. 3059
[x] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify)
[x] Blood

>> No. 3060
That's what I would have done likely, but blood won. Writting now.
>> No. 3061
Blood OR semen? Only pussies would pick one or the other.
The proper way is to use BOTH. And as we're such manly men, the only way to go about that is to punch ourselves in the groin repeatedly until we rupture something and then fap. Then we drink to forget the pain.
>> No. 3062
God damn it bloodfags. Way to avoid the H-scene.
>> No. 3063
File 121161330489.jpg - (7.40KB , 231x251 , slowpoke.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Chant and apply bodily fluid (specify)
[x] Semen

Hey guys, am I late?
>> No. 3064
File 121161389118.jpg - (205.84KB , 800x1127 , seibaa.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Chant and apply bodily fluid (blood)

You start chanting best you can, invoking the names of all the big toy makers from your world. You become completely focused on the ritual. After chanting for long enough, you feel the time is right and you cut your finger slightly with a sharpened piece of wood that you had used for an effigy of Gilgamesh. Blood starts to flow out from the wound. Wasting no time, you let the blood drip onto Albion, and as the third drop falls on her the magical circle lights up. It actually lit up like in all those anime you've watched! Hahaha oh wow! This is cool. A blinding flash of light consumes the room. A few moments later you open your eyes.

Before you, you see what appears to be a normal sized version of Albion. She seems to be dressed like nobility. Her elegant clothes suit her serious expression. She has the most beautiful sword in her right hand, it looks like something out of a fantasy novel. Her serious eyes look at you, as if piercing your soul. She then asks in a serious yet graceful voice.

“I ask of you - Are you my master?”

“Yes I am, Albion.” You reply to her dignified words.

“Very well then, I accept our contract. I will serve you as best I can.” Albion says as the illusion starts to fade.

You see that you're in your room again. You look at the floor. The magical circle is gone. Albion is instead standing there. You pick her up. You see that she isn't stained with blood. How strange, you're sure that you cut yourself. You look at you finger and there seems to be no wound either. Well then, maybe it was all a fantasy of an idle mind? You put the ring onto your finger again and think about moving Albion.

WHAT THE FUCK!? Albion effortlessly moves in response to your thoughts. IT WORKED! IT WORKED! Fuck yeah! Sure her movement is a bit jerky and unstable, but she's moving around. Hell, she even seems to be able to float around like Shanghai. D'AAAAAAAW! How cute. She seems to have grown fairy-like wings. She looks absolutely beautiful. Her beauty seems to have intensified now that she can move. Still, making her move around is hardly second nature to you, and you still have to concentrate. This is a good start though, maybe one day you'll be able to grant them semi-autonomy like Alice does.

Man, oh man. you're extremely excited at your breakthrough. This has got to be at least as cool as that time you managed to remote install BSD on all of your school's computers. Still, you better not let yourself get carried away with your victory, you're quite tired after all. Sleeping might be a good choice now.

[ ] Sleep
[ ] Screw sleeping I can make dolls move around (continue to mess around)
[ ] Try to see if anyone is still up and have them share your excitement
[ ] Run outside trying to find anyone to share your joy
>> No. 3065
[ ] Sleep

We just made a doll move. We're fucking awesome. But rest is good so that Shirou doesn't blow another blood vessel.
>> No. 3066
[x] Sleep
[x] Cuddling the doll.
>> No. 3067
[X] Sleep


Woohoo! We need a drawfag to draw this scene, it would be AWESOME.

Or just Albion.
>> No. 3068

Why would you want to read an account of Shirou masturbating?
>> No. 3069
[ ] Screw sleeping I can make dolls move around (continue to mess around)
[ ] Use Albion to fap
>> No. 3070
[X] Sleep
>> No. 3071
[X] Sleep
>> No. 3072

[X] Sleep
[X] Hug the doll
>> No. 3073
[x] Sleep
[x] Cuddling the doll.
>> No. 3074
[x] Sleep

You decide that you've done enough for a single day and try to drift off to sleep. Hugging Albion tightly, you sleep feeling content and safe, like a child with a trusted teddy bear. That night, you dream of flying around in the sky with Albion, the two of you enjoying the view and the feel of the breeze on your bodies. It was an enjoyable dream, of the likes you have not experienced in many a moon. Finally, the dream ends with you and Albion eating ice cream together on a park bench, watching the sun go down. It was a wonderful dream that ended on a perfect note.

When you wake up, you feel both refreshed and relaxed. You see that you still have the doll tightly embraced. How odd, you never used to do this with your own dolls and figs. Is it because Albion is special? Or is it because it's a gift from someone just like you? You smile at either alternative and get up. A whole new day awaits! You change your clothes and then put on Albion's ring. She starts flying next to you as you move along. It looks like your command over her still has a ways to progress, but you can at least keep her with you with minimal effort. You walk to the bathroom, where you do your morning business and then you think about what you can do today. You slip in quietly into the kitchen and grab yourself a couple of crackers as breakfast. You munch them and think of what you can do now.

It's way too early to be bothering Kaguya, especially if she was recovering from a hangover. You could go hang with Reisen for a bit. There's always Eirin, but she'll likely want you to keep cooperating with her when you see her. Alternatively you can wander around a bit, seeing if there's anything you haven't seen in Eientei. And finally, you could alway go out, to say town, or elsewhere.

[ ] Hang out with Reisen
[ ] Go see Eirin
[ ] Wander around Eientei
[ ] Go out
Alright next reply might take a bit, since I'm going to be busy for an hour or so.
>> No. 3075
[x] Call for Tewi

I'm going to keep posting this until it yields a positive result
>> No. 3076
[ ] Hang out with Reisen

"Sup Reisen" "I managed to make doll fly." "Cool isn't it?"
>> No. 3077
[ ] Hang out with Reisen

Show the moon bunny our new trick.
>> No. 3078
[X] Hang out with Reisen

Hey Moon Bunny, look what I can do!
>> No. 3079
[z] Hang out with Reisen

Sup moonbunny.
>> No. 3080
[X] Hang out with Reisen
>> No. 3081
[ ] Hang out with Reisen
>> No. 3082
[x] Hang out with Reisen

Have to show her, you know she'll adore it.
>> No. 3083

Moon Bunny Mind.
>> No. 3084
[x] Hang out with Reisen


You aren't just good for your sex appeal.
>> No. 3085
[ ] Go see Eirin.
We're nearly done with our lessons. Might as well finish them off.
>> No. 3086
[x] Go out (to see Alice)
"Hey Alice, I can move that doll you gave me."

And then Alice and Shirou lived happily ever after.
>> No. 3087
>>And then Albion and Shirou lived happily ever after.

>> No. 3088
[x] Hang out with Reisen
>> No. 3089
>And then Alice and Shirou lived happily ever after.

And manipulated each other's dolls. If you know what I mean.
>> No. 3090
File 121162511377.png - (188.64KB , 499x800 , undoge.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Hang out with Reisen

You decide to go hang out with Reisen. You're sure that she'll react positively to your doll. You go to the kitchen, looking for her. Sure enough, she was there making breakfast. She seems to be distracted and doesn't notice your entry. You approach her and greet her.

“Hey Reisen! Good morning!” You greet her enthusiastically.
“Good morning Shirou, how are you?” She greets without looking away from her chores. It looks like she hasn't noticed Albion flying around you. You concentrate on controlling Albion and send her towards Reisen. The doll gently flies towards her and hovers next to her head. Reisen notices that something is hovering by her head, and turns and looks. “Ah!” She exclaims in surprise. “Where did this doll come from? And why is it flying.”

You grin and start to explain to Reisen. You explain how it was a gift from Alice and how only yesterday night you found out how to control her.

“Wow! You're controlling her? That's so neat!” Reisen carefully looks at the doll. “She's really cute as well, what's her name?”
“Albion.” You reply.
“Ehh- Albion is it? You're really lucky to have a doll as cute as her Shirou. I'm no expert but even I can tell she's been carefully made and is special.”
“Yeah, I've noticed. All her clothes seem to be handmade as well. Alice really outdid herself on this one.” You comment.
“That Alice girl must have really taken quite a liking to you, Shirou. This doesn't look like a gift that I'd give to just anyone.”

You think back. Alice likes you, right? Well, you definitely like her. She's very similar to you. Not just the model loving part, but personality wise you also share a couple of traits. She does seem like a lovely person. You should definitely try to see her again soon.

“Well.” You say. “We happen to have very similar interests, so I guess it's only natural that she take some sort of liking to me...”
“True, but this seems to go a bit beyond that.” Reisen says. “It's almost like she was specially thinking of you when she made the doll.” You hear her say, with an almost unnoticeable hint of sadness in her voice. Is it because this reminds her of her past? Or maybe it's because of you? Whatever it is, you didn't come to make Reisen upset.

“Well, maybe.” You reply. “But I came here to just pass some time with you. The doll is part of the reason, but the other part is that I wanted to be with you.”
“B-be with me?” Reisen asks. “Are you sure?”
“Why wouldn't I be? You're a lovely person, and I'd love to keep you company as you do your chores.”
“I'm not that interesting to be around. But if you insist, that'd be fine.” She says humbly.

And so the two (or three?) of you hang around for a while. You idly chat with her as she cooks something for Eirin apparently. You occasionally help her out by stirring a pot or handing her an ingredient. You chat about everything ranging from the weather to your love for figs and models. The two of you have fun, swapping funny anecdotes and passing time together. Reisen finishes cooking and tells you to wait for a bit since she has to go deliver the food. You wait patiently, using the time to see if you can move Albion around any better. Well, it would seem with the passage of time it's becoming easier for you to execute more complicated tasks such as telling the doll to pick up an item.

You are now feeling pretty confident. You spot a flower bed just outside the kitchen window. You decide to send Albion to pick a flower. Albion flies along, out the window and stops at the flowerbed. You concentrate and Albion begins to tug at the flower. Sending a bit of your energy to her, she finally manages to take a flower out. As she returns to you, you notice that Reisen has been standing behind you for a while.

“Wow that's impressive.” Reisen congratulates you. “I can't believe you only learned how to do that yesterday.”
“Ah thanks.” You meekly state. You command Albion to carry the flower to Reisen. “Please, for you. As thanks for letting me hang out with you.”
“Oh thank you, but there's no need. It was my pleasure to hang out with you.” Reisen says while blushing slightly. She takes the flower. “Please feel free to come see me anytime, even if I'm busy I'll make some time for you.”

The two of you resume your idle talk after that. You move into the courtyard with her, in order to better enjoy the day. Feeling a bit tired, you let Albion idle by on a rock. Time passes, and Reisen tells you of an upcoming event at Eientei.

“Before I forget. Tomorrow is the Mochi festival. We have it every month on the night of the full moon. The rabbits work most day pounding rice and in the evening we eat them together. Sometimes people from outside Eientei come to eat with us.” She thinks for a bit and then says rapidly. “Oh no! I forgot that I was supposed to check up on supplies and equipment today. I'm sorry but we'll have to leave our conversation here for now.” She quickly leaves in a hurried state.

You've been left alone. Ah well. At least you had fun with the moon bunny for a while. It's now late morning. It would seem that you burnt a lot of time with Reisen without noticing. There's still a bunch of things you can do. You can always go help Eirin. You don't know if going to see Kaguya is such a good idea. She's normally sleeping at this hour that you know of. She might still be sleeping because of the hangover as well. The best thing would be to visit her in the late afternoon or evening. She'd be sure to be fine then. Well besides that, you can leave Eientei and go see Keine and Mokou, or knock back a couple of drinks at the bar. Or you can venture elsewhere. Finally, you can always meditate here for a bit before doing anything.

[ ] Meditate
[ ] Go see Eirin
[ ] Leave Eientei for a bit
Next reply will either be very quick or take a couple of hours. IRL stuff, it sucks.

This mental image inspires me...
>> No. 3091
[ ] Leave Eientei for a bit
It's been too long since we last saw Alice.
>> No. 3092
[x] Leave Eientei for a bit

Time to thank the source!
>> No. 3093
[ ] Leave Eientei for a bit

We can visit Alice, and hopefully make it back in the evening to spend time with the recovered Kaguya.
>> No. 3094
[x] Leave Eientei for a bit

Go amuse Mokou and Keine with our new toy.
>> No. 3095
>> No. 3096
[x] Leave Eientei for a bit
>> No. 3097
[ ] Meditate
>> No. 3098
[X] Leave Eientei for a bit

I really don't give a damn about Alice here (it's the EIENTEI LA, not the Forest of Magic LA, after all) but was pretty much HAVE to go to her and show off what we can do with her present. So much the better if she can teach more about controlling Albion.
Between that and Eirin's lessons, we just might be able to make Shiro not completely useless.

...if only we can do something about his KEYAIDS and crippling ADD.
>> No. 3099
[ ] Meditate
>> No. 3100
Small update, just because I can. Don't expect anything for a couple of hours though.

KeyAIDS isn't that bad. It could be worse. We could be subject to the horrifying random vanishing into thin air or a dreamworld syndrome that seems to be even more popular in VA/Key's works. We're fucked with the ADD though.
[x] Leave Eientei for a bit

Deciding that Eientei has nothing worth checking out for now, you leave the manor. Stepping outside, you realize that you have plenty of options. For starters, you can always go to the human village and either drink a bit at the tavern (booyah free booze) or go see Keine (and probably, by extension, Mokou). Then there's the forest of magic. You could go collect on the payment the miko promised for your favor, go see if Marisa is in (and pester her for magical instructions, or just exercise your inner klepto with her by going around and stealing stuff), you could check out Rinnosuke's shop again (who knows what kinda stuff he might have), and finally you could go see Alice and show off and ask for tips. Elsewhere, you can go to Youkai Mountain again, to see if Aya decided to withhold her story. And then there's always an old classic - wander around looking for bears to wrestle.

Depending on where you go, your day can turn out very differently. You think that you can make it back by evening from any of these places. You don't see any sort of obstacle to that goal at any place. You're going to be traveling in daylight and by various paths and roads, so you should be in no danger. And even if you were to find yourself in an unfortunate situation, well you quick wits and resourcefulness might get you through in one piece. Maybe.

[ ] Go to the village
[ ] Go to Youkai Mountain
[ ] Forest of Magic is where it's at
[ ] Wrestling bears is my destiny
>> No. 3101
File 121164500564.jpg - (75.67KB , 400x444 , 6e6e62342051d3a6b7c0118f41f73bd6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Meditate

Futile, I know, but I'd like to just hang around the place this time around. We've been cockblocked from our NEET for far too long, by circumstances beyond and within our control. BUT NO LONGER.

>> No. 3102
[ ] Forest of Magic is where it's at
>> No. 3103
[z] Forest of Magic is where it's at

Going to see Alice.
>> No. 3104
[x] Forest of Magic is where it's at
Let's avoid Archer's house though. God damn I hate talking to that guy.
>> No. 3105

[X] Wrestling bears is my destiny

I have no regrets, this is the only path.
>> No. 3106
[ ] Wrestling bears is my destiny
Supplication is required, but now that our god recognizes us we can ease up on worshiping to once a week.
[x] Forest of Magic is where it's at
>> No. 3107
Go to the village: It might be good to hang out with Keine some more, but there's no way in HELL we're going to the tavern with Albion in tow. If they beat us to death over ordering tea, there's no way we'll fare any better bringing a doll in with us.

Go to Youkai Mountain: More Aya groping could lead to turning her into some sort of love-slave. Or, just pissing her or Momizi off, resulting in death.

Forest of Magic is where it's at: Playing with dolls with Alice, FUCK YEAH. Hanging with Marisa or getting a favor from Reimu, FUCK YEAH MAYBE. Going to see that prick Kourin, FUCK NO. The douchebag can rot for all I care.

Wrestling bears is my destiny: The only choice for a truly manly man, and the only way you can hope to stroll into the tavern with a doll in tow and NOT get lynched and/or teabagged. They won't mock your dollie when you tell them how it beat the bear the death with its own skull.
>> No. 3108
[x] Forest of Magic is where it's at
>> No. 3109
If I were just another anon, those would be the assumptions (more or less) that I would make. However, as DM I cannot confirm nor deny whether or not they're accurate.

>> No. 3110
[ ] Forest of Magic is where it's at
>> No. 3111
File 121164624040.jpg - (76.58KB , 528x640 , 2866f79a080443c97ff4624ee94bdb30.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Go to Youkai Mountain

A little more work, and we can make Aya ours. Then we bring her back to show everyone our new pet.

"She followed me home. Can I keep her?"
>> No. 3112

>> No. 3113
[X] Forest of Magic is where it's at.

Hello Alice, what you knowin'?
>> No. 3114
[ ] Forest of Magic is where it's at
>> No. 3115
[X] Forest of Magic is where it's at.
>> No. 3116
This idea, I like it
>> No. 3117
[X] Forest of Magic is where it's at.

And then, Shirou went for an Alice route.
>> No. 3118
Too bad there's no chance in hell of happening. Not intentionally, anyway.

Look how much trouble we had doing what should have been a relatively simple task of going to the shrine Kaguya was most likely to be at to find her. Had we pulled it off, we could have had a wonderful time of walking back with a hung-over NEET on our arm, but noooooooooooo.
>> No. 3119
Great, the /eientei/ anon is a *MANLY MAN* that fights using little dolls.
This could be awsome only if this doll was like Devo's Ebony Devil.
Now he looks like a fag.

[x] crush the doll and sniff her dust
>> No. 3120
>More Aya groping could lead to turning her into some sort of love-slave.

>> No. 3121
[ ] Forest of Magic is where it's at
>> No. 3122

What do you expect from someone whose first choice of drink at a bar was TEA?

If it weren't for flirting with Reisen, sexually harassing Aya, snuggling with Mokou, and the Keine Buttpillow Incident, I'd be very worried about this Anon.

I still am, of course. But as things are, I think that if we played our cards right we could find ourselves with one hell of an epic harem.
Imagine waking up after a crazy drunken party to find yourself unable to move because you have Alice, Aya, Mokou, Keine, Kaguya, Reisen, and Eirin sprawled all over you.
>> No. 3123
[X] Forest of Magic
[X] Invite Alice and Marisa to the Mochi Festival, [X] Tell Marisa that Reimu is invited too.
[X] Get booze from the Human Village on the way back.
>> No. 3124
[ ] Wrestling bears is my destiny
>> No. 3126
Has Anon actually agreed who we're going for on this run? If it's Alice, we could invite her to the festival alone. If it's someone from Eientei, best leave the outsiders where they are.
>> No. 3127
Inviting Reimu puts us further in her good book, thus making the scope of the favor she owes us bigger, thus making it more likely to have her aid at a crucial moment.
Always good to have Miss Unbeatable of Gensokyo in our corner.
>> No. 3128
I'm all for the NEET or Eirin routes, myself, but I'm afraid others are more interested in Alice.

The festival would be the perfect time to get closer to Reisen, Eirin, or FINALLY spending some quality time with Kaguya, who up until now fate and Anon's own ADD-driven fuck-ups have kept us mostly away from.
>> No. 3129

No, we haven't. It's still too early.

Tell everyone about the mochi festival, Alice, Marisa, Reimu & her entourage, and maybe Keine (our cover as we enter the bar). Inviting Alice alone would probably lock us out of at least somebody's route.
>> No. 3131
Yeah...I don't think a relationship between Alice and Shirou is gonna work out. Imagine how she'll react when she catches Shirou hot gluing her dolls. I have a feeling she'd be the kind of girl who'd chop off his dick if she caught him doing something like that.

Eirin interest in Shirou is purely professional. She is just using her body to get the help she wants. She may even make Shirou have a little "accident" once she is done with him.

Reisen? You think Kaguya would stand for this? She brought Shirou here because SHE wants him, not because she wants a man to breed with her pet bunny.

Mokou and Keine are just using Shirou to piss off Kaguya. I'm pretty sure both of them are lesbians. So a relationship with either of them won't work out. If Shirou could pull it off, it would be epic.

Aya? Depends on how Shirou plays his cards. She could end up being his mistress.

I think Kaguya is the only real choice here. She knows all his dirty little secrets and has accepted him despite (because of?) them. She even brought him over to Gensokyoso that they could be together. She's ronery and wants the NEET buddy she's been dreaming about.
>> No. 3132
Alice I agree with, she's more like a best friend than anything else in my eyes. In this LA anyway...

I reckon Erin may still be a potential romance option, perhaps she's raising Shirou to be her perfect man? All this training to make someone she can truly relate to...

Kaguya may be sweet on us but we're still in the early stages of a relationship, I think Reisen is still open with enough friend points and not love love points in Kaugya

Mouku and Keine seems legit and a good shot at Harem.

Aya is a bad idea, she's not a romantic choice that's for sure...

Kaguya however is the obvious choice.
>> No. 3133
>>3132 Aya is a bad idea, she's not a romantic choice that's for sure...

Aya will be our sex slave. There is no need for romance.

And Scorn, when are you going to rip Teruyo's idea and write Alice giving us a doll?
>> No. 3134
>And Scorn, when are you going to rip Teruyo's idea and write Alice giving us a doll?

>> No. 3135
Alice is a stepping stone on the path to becoming the cold hearted king of hot glue.
>> No. 3136
No, if David will come into any power of his own (which you're doing pretty well with so far) it will be his own and not anyone else's.
>> No. 3138
Read once, reply twice, then punt!
>> No. 3139
Teruyo just write a story with Hotglueanon and Alice, that would be so much more win. And if you can add Shangai and Hourai for a foursome, that would make things perfect. Or just the two of them without Alice is fine too.
>> No. 3140
By story, you mean smut apparently? (Not that smut is bad in any case)
All I'm saying is that you should not expect 'lawl you is the killer' ends in which everyone keeps killing you off or you kill off everyone. Well, at the very least for most of the routes.

Also, as an addendum: Most girls have at least a scenario with two ends. Not just people from Eientei or the Village. I can flat out say that extremely minor characters like the wolf tengu don't however.
>> No. 3141

Isn't it sad, Sayo? ;_;
>> No. 3142
What would Sayo's name be written like? 小夜?
>> No. 3143
[x] Forest of Magic is where it's at

You narrow your choices down. Deciding to leave bear wrestling for another time you instead decide to go to the forest of magic. The human village can wait, and Youkai Mountain is a bit far anyways. Being more confident with your knowledge of routes in Gensokyo, you take the path that leads to the Forest of Magic. Even though you have never taken the path proper, your flyby the other day served to reinforce what the route should be like. You zip along, soon clearing the bamboo forest. In record time too. You can already see the Forest of Magic's tree line off in the distance. Carrying on at the pace that you're going it should take you maybe 15 to 20 minutes to reach the edge of the forest.

As you draw close, you think of what your destination should be. Judging by the early hour and the fact that you got here quickly, you should be good with taking your time, even maybe going to different places. Closest to you is Kourindou, there seems to be a whole bunch of interesting junk there. Then, proximity wise, You think that either the Kirisame magic shop or Alice's home is closest. You don't know where exactly Alice's home is, since you only flew past it, but it shouldn't be that hard to locate you think (Although truth be told, it'd be best to ask for directions before, man-eating plants are a bitch to escape from). Finally, the Hakurei shrine is past the Forest of Magic, so you'd need to either go through it or around the forest to get to it, so it'd take the longest to go to. Well, you're still a couple hundred meters from the forest, you can still decide where you want to go.

[ ] Go to the Shrine
[ ] Go to Kourindou
[ ] Try to locate Alice's home right away
[ ] Go to the Kirisame Magic Shop
>> No. 3144
[x] Try to locate Alice's home right away

Best interpretation of Alice ever.
>> No. 3145
[X] Try to locate Alice's home right away
>> No. 3146
[lol] Try to locate Alice's home right away

>> No. 3147
[X] Try to locate Alice's home right away.

Dow ant to show Alice what we learned.
>> No. 3149
[x] Try to locate Alice's home right away
>> No. 3150
[x] Try to locate Alice's home right away
>> No. 3151
[ ] Go to Kourindou
>> No. 3152
Fuck it.
[x] Go to Kourindou
I know we hate each other's guts, but I need your advice in order to woo my NEET, Archer!
>> No. 3153
[x] Try to locate Alice's home right away

You try to look for the dollmaker right away. Entering the forest with no hesitation, you try to remember where her house was. Crap everything looked so different from the air. As you trudge through the surprisingly thick underbrush, you can't help but feel that maybe asking for directions was a good idea. Well, it's too late for that in any case. Crap, you're getting your kimono all dirty. Stupid plants. It's a good thing that you've been warned about the whole man-eating plant thing, since you spot what appear to be tentacles, poised to grab unwary passerbys here and there. This forest is really unforgiving. So much so, that you wish that you had a machete or something to clear the brush and defend yourself with. You bet that the man-eating plants wouldn't dare to attack if you had a machete; That is if they knew what was good for them.

After rambling on for a bit to yourself, you figure that you should be able to see Alice's house any moment now. Crap. The foliage is too thick to be able to see anything. But then you get a brilliant idea, you could try to focus yourself and make Albion scout around. She could probably clear the tree tops if you tried hard enough. The downside would be, of course, that you'd leave yourself open for any sneak attacks or slithering tentacles. Man tentacle rape, followed by being eaten, sounds both erotic and painful. Or you could turn back and try to go elsewhere. You could hang with someone else, or at the very least ask for directions. Well, you should make a decision soon before you attract too much attention by standing still.

[ ] Use Albion to scout
[ ] Trudge ahead regardless
[ ] Turn back and go elsewhere (specify)
Slow updates due to slow replies. Had nothing to do with my being distracted with all the buzz about SWR.
>> No. 3155
[x] Use Excalibur to blast away the foliage.
>> No. 3156
[ ] Trudge ahead regardless
>> No. 3157
[X] Trudge ahead regardless
>> No. 3158
[x] Trudge ahead regardless

>> No. 3159
[X] Use Albion to scout.

Recon unit, report.
>> No. 3160
[x] Use Albion to scout.
This doll, it was made for me.
>> No. 3161
[ ] Use Albion to scout

Prepare for raep.
>> No. 3162
[x] Use Albion to scout.
There's no way plants are THAT sneaky, right?
>> No. 3163
[x] Use Albion to scout.
>> No. 3164
[x] Use Albion to scout.
>> No. 3165
[x] Use Albion to scout.
>> No. 3166
Nah, the "yoru" kanji is used too often in Touhou names as it is.

I suggest 早預. "Quick" and "take into custody" - he's a police tengu, no?
>> No. 3167
Oh, that's a nice one.
>> No. 3168
Uh, wait. Use Albion to scout?

Can she even actually communicate with us?
I mean, aside from the whole "are you my master" bit.

We may have worked out how to make her move, but have we figured out how to have her communicate whatever she sees? Assuming she even CAN see?
>> No. 3169
File 121168983571.jpg - (185.32KB , 600x818 , alice.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Use Albion to scout

Feeling that walking ahead blindly would be a bad idea, you instead decide to use Albion to scout. You first find a spot that's relatively safe from the ever probing tentacles. You make absolutely sure that no perverted, dirty, groping tentacle is within reach and close your eyes. You concentrate on manipulating Albion. You tell her to try to fly above the trees. It's weird. You can't see what she sees or does, but you can 'feel' her sight. It's hard to explain. You've never felt anything quite like this. No images form in your mind, but you 'know' that stuff is there. You 'know' the tree branches she navigates through and 'know' the view as she clears the topmost branches. There's nothing but trees all around. There's a clearing about two kilometers east of your position which ought to be Marisa's shop. You send Albion to check out the location where you think Alice's house may be.

It takes you about little more than 5 minutes to locate another clearing. You confirm that there's a house there and determine it to be Alice's house. You estimate that it'll take you 15 minutes tops walking through the thicket to reach there. You recall Albion and wait for the doll to come back. You carefully instruct her to descend through the foliage, and soon enough you have her in the palm of you hand. You gently ruffle her hair, as if she were a child, and murmur a small congratulations to yourself and her. You look around and notice that you finished not a moment too soon. There are numerous tentacles converging on your position. Some of them have thorns... yikes. Wait a moment, there's at least two that appear to be... well... penis-tipped. Oh fuck. Seeing this you do your best to get the fuck out of there. You look back and see that the tentacles are quivering, as if they were mad at their failure to get you. Friggin' scary. It's no wonder normal humans avoid these woods.

You continue to go towards Alice's house. You're moving faster then planned out of a combined repulsion and fear of the plants you've encountered. You're almost completely out of breath by the time you reach the clearing. Yes - this definitely is the place you saw from the air with Marisa and just now with Albion. The clearing has a path that goes through it (probably leads to Marisa's and out of the forest) and is large enough to accommodate this house and a small flower garden in the front. The house itself doesn't look like anything you've seen thus far. It's definitely similar to the houses in the human village and say, Kourindou, but it has its own unique touch. You can tell that the house has a definite western influence and bears a strong hint of refinement and sophistication. It does so without being overwhelming or gaudy. In a sense it reminds you of the dollmaker herself. Her quiet dignity and elegance are evenly matched by this construction. Even the color of the house, a pure while with some sky blue give the house a peaceful and refined atmosphere.

You decide to go ahead and knock at the door. But first, you put away Albion, hoping to surprise the dollmaker with your accomplishment later. You gently knock on the door and await a response. Before too long, Alice comes to the door and opens it. She looks surprised to see you, then her expression shifts to one of happiness. Strangely enough, this doesn't last, and her expression becomes a bit sad in your opinion. As if she remembered something upon seeing you. You greet her as enthusiastically as you can.

“Hello there! Remember me? I had some free time and I had hoped to see you again. I hope I'm not being a bother by showing up out of the blue.”
Alice looks at you for a bit with her somewhat sad eyes and then speaks to you. “Ah yes, of course. I haven't forgotten you Shirou. I'm glad that you're here, please come in.”

She motions you to come in and you enter her house. To your left there's what appears to be a sitting room with a small table and a couple of potted plants. On the table two dolls are sitting there, one of them appears to be Shanghai and the other is a doll you think might be Hourai. Beyond that there seems to be a kitchen. To your right there's what appears to be Alice's study. Many thick books adorn her shelves and her desk has many manuscripts and parchments littered about. Ahead of you there's a small flight of stairs which seem to lead to Alice's bedroom. Alice motions you to sit at the table in the sitting room and offers you some tea.

“Would you like some tea? It's a special blend that you can't find elsewhere in Gensokyo.” She tells you.
“Ah yes, that'd be fine.” You agree without giving it much thought, truth be told, you're mesmerized by the sheer amount of dolls that adorn the whole house. Dolls of all types and sizes are lined up on shelves and furniture. It's one of the most wonderful sights that you've ever seen. All of them are exquisitely crafted and their clothes are absolutely beautiful. All of them seem to be handmade and you simply drop your jaw at their beauty. Truly this place is heaven. Even on your table, you are eying Shanghai and the other doll quite closely. Shanghai has got another ribbon on her than last time, it's extremely cute and suits her perfectly. It looks new as well.

Alice comes back after a few moments with two cups of tea. She hands one to you and then sits down. You take a sip of your tea. It's quite delicious. It's like Earl Grey but not at the same time. There must be a local herb or something that's mixed into the blend that makes this so tasty. You look at Alice in order to compliment her, but notice that she's averting her gaze and has that sad expression in her eyes. You really just want to go and hug her. You've seen that look in yourself and you can tell that's the best remedy. Still, not wanting to perhaps upset her even more, you simply ask her what's wrong.

“Ah it's nothing.” She simply states.

Still, it's really bothering you. The last time you met she wasn't anything like this. Maybe you should press her about it. Or you could try leading the conversation in hopes that she'll forget whatever it is she's thinking.

[ ] Press her on what's bothering her
[ ] Try to talk about her dolls
[ ] Hug her
[ ] Remain silent
>> No. 3170
[ ] Press her on what's bothering her
>> No. 3171
[X] Press her on what's bothering her
>> No. 3172
[x] Press her on what's bothering her
>> No. 3173
[ ] Press her on what's bothering her
>> No. 3174
[x] Press her on what's bothering her
Vent for me, Alice. I feed off of tears and rage.
>> No. 3175
[X] Hug her

Hey, it says right there that we know this is the best way to cheer her up. You should be able to figure this out.
>> No. 3176
[ ] Press her on what's bothering her
[ ] Try to talk about her dolls

Remember to compliment her on Shanghai's new ribbon.
>> No. 3177
[X] Press her on what's bothering her
[X] Try to talk about her dolls
>> No. 3178
[X] Hug her
we all need hugs, she needs a hug, we all know we want to
>> No. 3179
[x] Try to talk about her dolls
>> No. 3181
File 121169229985.jpg - (433.11KB , 1272x1024 , alicealone.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Press her on what's bothering her

This isn't like the Alice you met before at all. She seemed shy but was never this sad. In any case, you can't let things stay like they are.

“Alice, please tell me what's wrong.” You gently say.
“It's nothing that you need concern yourself about. I'm sorry.” She replies, still looking sad. She looks really... distant now. As if she were in her own world suffering quitely.

Damn stubborn girl. The way she turns you down just makes the urge you have to hug her even stronger. You think about what the problem might be. She was definitely glad to see you at first. So it's not that she hates you. Maybe you did something without noticing? But you can't think of anything you could have done to upset her. You've only seen her twice anyways, and the second time was more a greeting in passing than anything else. She looked fine then.

Dammit. This seems to be going nowhere fast. Just what could've have got her this upset anyways? Maybe you should press a bit harder, maybe she's just being difficult. It'll probably yield no results seeing as how she's stubborn. Then again, maybe changing the subject will be a better choice. You could talk about her dolls. It definitely doesn't seem to be the right moment to show her your manipulation of Albion. When she cheers up a bit it'd be the right moment, right now it looks like she would just shrug it off. And that'd be akin to throwing a bucket of cold water on your plans. You sip your tea as you ponder about the best course of action.

[ ] Press her further
[ ] Hug her
[ ] Change the subject
[ ] Show off Albion
[ ] Remain silent

PS - Combining dialogue choices that lead to different outcomes = bad idea
>> No. 3185
[x] Show off Albion

am i doin it rite?
>> No. 3187
[ ] Change the subject

Talk about dolls.
>> No. 3189
[ ] Change the subject

He gave you faggots a huge hint.
>> No. 3190
[X Change the subject

read the post before voting guys
>> No. 3191
[X] Change the subject
>> No. 3192
[X] Change the subject
>> No. 3193
[X] Change the subject

We can show off the doll after we cheer her up. She'll receive it better. (PROTIP: Teruyo mentions that in his post)
>> No. 3194
[X] Change the subject
>> No. 3195
[ ] Change the subject

Subject changan gaems.
>> No. 3196
[ ] Change the subject
>> No. 3197
NOTICE THE DAMN RIBBON. Do none of you remember the side story?
>> No. 3198
[X] Change the subject.
[X] Compliment Alice on Shanghai's new ribbon.
>> No. 3199
[X] Change the subject

Mention the ribbon, while we're at it.
>> No. 3200
File 121169565528.jpg - (76.91KB , 512x512 , alice0.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Change the subject

Sensing that it's useless to keep pressing and showing Albion off would be as equally fruitless, you try change the subject. You start to talk about her dolls. About how they're all wonderful and unique. Alice seems to be barely listening to you. Instead, she seems to be staring at nothing and not paying attention. Desperate to reach her, you ask her about the other doll on the table. She stays silent for a bit, so you repeat your question. She looks at you, realizes that you asked her something and replies.

“Oh, that's Hourai.” Just like that she answers. No more nor less.

Not losing heart you make a comment about Shanghai's new ribbon. This time Alice looks at you and clearly reacts.

“Oh? You like it? Really? I'm really glad!” She says happily without realizing it, but then, as if remembering something, she goes back to her depressive state. Damn, you almost got through to her. Still, this kind of attitude from her is pissing you off. Damn it, you feel frustrated. She's just sitting there looking away. You came here to see her, you don't want her to feel sad around you. You need to do *something* to reach her.

[ ] Get pissed at her
[ ] Fuck this, embrace her
[ ] Sit silently
[ ] Leave
Also next update might take 7 minutes.
>> No. 3201

[ ] Fuck this, embrace her

>> No. 3202
[X] Fuck this, embrace her.

She needs a hug.Everyone needs them from time to time.
>> No. 3203
[x] Use Albion and start playing with Shanghai
>> No. 3204
[ ] Fuck this, embrace her

Good Alice, you like kind of DESPAIR.
>> No. 3205
[z] Fuck this, embrace her
>> No. 3206
[ ] Fuck this, embrace her
>> No. 3207
[x] Get pissed at her
[x] Embrace her
>> No. 3208
[ ] Fuck this, embrace her
>> No. 3209
[X] Fuck this, embrace her

So, any ideas why Alice is acting like this?
She didn't happen to spot us "convincing" Aya to not print her story on us by any chance, did she?
>> No. 3210
[ ] Fuck this, embrace her
She spent ages making that ribbon, so we should've been more enthused.
>> No. 3211
Off playing SWR, I guess.
>> No. 3212
[X] Fuck this, embrace her
She saw us flying with Marisa some time ago, she is probably sad and thinks we like her more then her or something.
ALICE ROUTE DO WANT. They fit together just too perfectly, both like dolls and are shut ins, this will be the strongest children.
>> No. 3213
>She saw us flying with Marisa some time ago, she is probably sad and thinks we like her more then her or something.

That's some pretty reasonable logic, actually.

[X] Fuck this, embrace her
>> No. 3214
[x] Fuck this, embrace her


>> No. 3215
File 121170828993.png - (494.52KB , 550x687 , alice.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Fuck this, embrace her

You can't take this anymore. It's just too depressing. And after you came all the way to see her. You get up from you seat. Alice looks up at you. You close the distance between the two of you in a flash and you tightly embrace her. You're sure that her expression is one of shock as she tries to get up from the chair. You keep hugging her, as she stands up. You stay silent as she struggles slightly against the unexpected hug. Eventually she just accepts the situation and hugs you back. You almost lose yourself in your embrace. You forget about all outside distractions and just focus on Alice's warmth. In that moment you two are the only two people in the whole universe, as far as you are concerned.

You enjoy the moment for a bit more before breaking the embrace. Alice stares at your face.

“W-why...” She begins to say.
“It just seemed like something that I had to do.” You reply smiling at her. “Do you feel any better now?”
“Y-yes.” She replies blushing a bit. “I'm sorry, I didn't know what came over me earlier. It's just that I was reminded of something and-”
“You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.” You continue to smile while saying so. “I just want to see you be happy.” As if to emphasize your point you hug her again. “If you want, I'll hug you whenever you feel sad.”
“There's no need to do that!” Alice says while breaking off the hug. She's beet red and seems to have regained some of her spark.
“Haha, all right, I like you when you're like this as well.” You unconsciously start to ruffle her hair. When you notice what you've done, you see that Alice is completely flushed, even more than before. You figure that now would be a good moment to show off your control over Albion.

“Alice, before I forget, one of the reasons that I came here was to show you this.”

You take out Albion. Alice recognizes it immediately.

“That's Albion, the doll I sent you.” She says.
“Yes, now watch.” You put on the ring on your finger. Alice stares at you with a look of bewilderment. You follow up by making Albion move. Alice gasps.
“You can make her move?” She asks astoundingly.
“Yeah, but that's not all, watch.” Using what you've learned, you start to make her fly. You direct Albion to pick up the cup of tea and bring it to you. The doll struggles a bit picking up the cup but ultimately brings it to you.
“That's amazing Shirou!” Alice exclaims earnestly. “I would have never expected you to be able to control her so, let alone in but a few days. You're really talented!”
You grin and continue to speak. “Well, the tricky part was getting the doll to move at first, but now that I can control it I'm steadily making progress. It's really great. Albion is a wonderful doll, and I have to thank you for giving her to me.”
“Oh it was nothing.” Alice humbly states. “Seeing you move her like this is more reward than I could have ever imagined. To think that I've met someone with the same interests as me AND he is able to manipulate these dolls.”
“Oh, you give me too much credit. I can't control her that well yet. And I definitely can't control multiple dolls like you do.” And you add after a pause. “And I definitely can't make them like you can. Like I said before, Shanghai's new ribbon is absolutely gorgeous. It matches her fine features perfectly.”
“Now you're the one that gives me too much credit.” Alice states. “My talent isn't that great, and Shanghai's ribbon is just something I made in my spare time.”
“Then you're surely a genius, since it's absolutely stunning.”

She just blushes slightly at the comment and offers you more tea. Good, she seems to be fine now. Whatever was bothering her seems to have been forgotten. You accept her offer and the two of you sip tea whilst talking about different topics ranging from her dolls to the forest.

“However did you find my house anyways?” Alice asks.
“Yesterday. I came to the forest to find someone from Eientei. But we missed each other. So I was asked by Reimu to give something to Marisa. I went over to her shop and she gave me a ride home as thanks. And well, I saw your house from the sky. I even waved at you.”
“Ah yes, I saw you, but I was surprised to see you with Marisa. So much so that I forgot to wave back.”
“That's okay.” You tell her. “Anyways, I made my way through the Forest of Magic today just to see you. I almost got lost and those plants almost had a field day with me, but I used Albion to search for your house.”
“That's amazing, you can already use your doll as an extension of your senses.”
“Yeah, but I had to concentrate really hard and the plants almost got to me.”

The two of you continue to talk about things. Time flew by fast as you chatted with the dollmaker. You should be wrapping things up if you are to go anywhere else before returning to Eientei. In all likelihood you can talk about two or three things maximum if you're to leave with time to spare.

[ ] Invite her to the Mochi Festival
[ ] Ask her more in detail about her doll crafting
[ ] Ask more about her
[ ] Ask her about the tea
[ ] Ask her about someone (specify)
[ ] Talking is overrated, just looking at each other is enough to pass time
Also, I've been distracted mostly with promotion threads (very alice related btw) and SD GUndam to even play SWR.
>> No. 3217
[ ] Ask more about her
[ ] Ask her more in detail about her doll crafting
[ ] Invite her to the Mochi Festival

Also, thanks for pulling through on writing before I went to bed.
>> No. 3218
>>I've been distracted mostly with promotion threads (very alice related btw)

/jp/ is a hell of a party tonight
>> No. 3219
[ ] Ask more about her
[ ] Ask her more in detail about her doll crafting
[ ] Invite her to the Mochi Festival
>> No. 3220
[z] Ask more about her
[z] Ask her more in detail about her doll crafting
[z] Invite her to the Mochi Festival
>> No. 3221
[ ] Ask more about her
[ ] Ask her more in detail about her doll crafting
[ ] Invite her to the Mochi Festival

Invitin gaems.
>> No. 3222
[ ] Ask more about her
[ ] Ask her more in detail about her doll crafting
[ ] Invite her to the Mochi Festival
>> No. 3223
[x] Ask her if she's ever considered playing Battle Chess or a wargame with her dolls as the playing pieces?


[x] Ask about Kourindou

Even if we don't like each other, we need to see his weapon stockpiles for tracing purposes.

[x] Invite her to the Mochi Festival

I can already tell this is going to be one crazy party.
>> No. 3224
[ ] Ask more about her
[ ] Ask her more in detail about her doll crafting
[ ] Invite her to the Mochi Festival
>> No. 3225
[ ] Ask more about her
[ ] Ask her more in detail about her doll crafting
[ ] Invite her to the Mochi Festival
>> No. 3226

[x] Ask her if she's ever considered playing Battle Chess or a wargame with her dolls as the playing pieces?

>> No. 3227
What are the chances of an Alice/Kaguya route?
With two girls, each with various things in common with us, it seems a shame to pick just one.
Besides, a shut-in three-way would be interesting to see.
>> No. 3228
I don't think lunatic mode would be sufficient to describe the difficulty there. Maybe on a second or third playthough something like that would be possible. I for one, would love an end like that. Or at the very least an Alice end with Kaguya as a mistress or just plain old buddy. Forget I just said that last bit. At least as the DM.
>> No. 3229
[x] Invite her to the Mochi Festival
[x] Ask her more in detail about her doll crafting
[x] Ask more about her
Not in that order though.
>> No. 3230
File 121171662017.jpg - (258.91KB , 440x360 , alice8.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Invite her to the Mochi Festival
[x] Ask her more in detail about her doll crafting
[x] Ask more about her

You prioritize your conversational topics. First off, you mention the mochi festival.

“Alice, tomorrow there's going to be a festival at Eientei. The rabbits will be making rice cakes all day long. And in the evening we get to eat them together. How would you like to join us?” You invite her.
“Is that alright? I mean won't the other people there mind?” Alice asks
“Don't worry about it, I'm sure Kaguya won't mind having company. She does love company.” You assuage her concerns. It is true that Kaguya would probably not mind, you'll just have to explain the situation to her.

Alice seems to be honestly happy that you've invited her, and thanks you sincerely.

“I'll definitely be there tomorrow.” She says.

You then proceed to ask her more about herself.

“Well,” She begins to say. “There's not much to say about me. As you've probably noticed, I'm both a dollmaker and a magician. In fact, my dolls are magical. I really like drinking tea, especially this kind of tea. Although to be honest green tea is fine as well.” She ponders for a moment. “Ah, yes. I really like ribbons and lacy things. That's why my dolls have cute frills and ribbons.”

You're a bit disappointed. You wanted to hear more about the usual stuff. Like her favorite color, movie, season, etc. Her dislikes as well of course. You try asking directly.

“Alice, I meant more like things like what your favorite color is. Or your favorite book. Or if you dislike any kind of food.”
“Ah, I'm sorry.” She says. “I'm just not used to talking about myself.”
“It's alright. I just wanted to know more about you.”
“Oh, I guess I can speak a little bit more about myself. Let's see... my favorite color is blue. I enjoy spending time inside the house during winter, it's cozy to see the snow falling outside and be surrounded by my dolls.” She thinks of anything else to add. “I guess I don't really dislike anything. Anything and anyone is fine with me.” Then she quickly adds. “I guess I don't like liars. It's quite upsetting to be lied to. But besides that, I can enjoy most things. I really have enjoyed spending time with you Shirou. It's been the best time I've had in a while. The parties at the shrine can be a bit dull, especially as of late. I've stopped going to most of them altogether.”

Good, now you're getting to know the real Alice.

“I don't think I've got anything else that's interesting about myself.” She humbly concludes.
“That's nonsense.” You say. “You're a lovely person.” You then go on to ask her about her doll crafting.

“Well. I do a lot of research on dolls and their mechanics. I spend most of my time laboring over notes and schematics. That way I can improve my skills.” She points to what seems to be her work area. “I sometimes borrow books from the Scarlet Mansion's library, and I keep them on the shelves there. I also keep spell components and other tools around there as well. I've spent long hours crafting dolls and refining my skills with that desk.” She smiles fondly. “Even though it's a lot of time, I feel it was time well spent.”

She gets up and heads to the stairs. “Come with me, I'll show you were I keep all the fabrics and textiles I use for the dolls' clothes.” You get up and follow her. The two of you climb the stairs and then go through a door to the right. It's a reasonably sized room. However, almost every single cubic meter is filled with some sort of roll of fabric or some sort of sewing implement. All sort of haberdashery material is also present. Small buttons, threads, and other things of all colors and possible use.

“This is my storage room.” Alice says. “I keep a full stock of everything that I could think of in order to make my doll's clothes.”

You compliment her on her dedication to perfection.

“Oh, it's no big thing. I even make human sized outfits. See?” She pulls out a pretty red dress complete with a bunch of cute details like frills on the bottom. “Well, I don't normally wear them, but it's good practice.”

You go further into the room to examine the artifacts. Really, it's an impressive collection. Alice must have spent a fortune to get all of this. As you're thinking about the immense cost, a knock comes from downstairs.

“Huh? Who could that be?” Alice asks herself. But then she remembers something. “Oh shoot, I had forgotten that Marisa had said that she'd come to pick up a spell component today.” She starts to panic a bit. “I can't let her see that I've got a boy here, I just would never hear the end of her teasing! Shirou you've got to do me a favor, make it so she doesn't realize that you're here!” You start to protest. “Pretty please!? I'd be eternally grateful.”

Well crap, it looks like you've just gotten yourself into another jam. You look around the room. It might be feasible to try to hide amongst the clutter, but it's possible that if Marisa were to come up for some reason she'd spot you. Another option might be to try to find a window and try to squeeze out. The second story drop is still a factor to consider. Then, looking around you get another idea.... but it's rather unsavory. You could put on one of the dresses and bluff your way out of this situation. But you'd have to keep talking to a minimum since Marisa knows you voice. It just seems like a plain bad idea. And lastly, you could just show yourself like a man and quell any suspicions like a man and take responsibility.

[ ] Hide amongst the stuff
[ ] Try to escape through a window
[ ] Dress up time
[ ] Ignore Alice and act like a real man
This might be it for now. I might pop in unexpectedly, but it's more likely that I'll resume in a couple of hours more.
>> No. 3231

Fuck yes, you're the best writefag ever.
>> No. 3232
[X] Dress up and act like a real man

What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 3233
>>She pulls out a pretty red dress complete with a bunch of cute details like frills on the bottom.

I'll take it!

[x] Dress up time

We'll be a hell of a lady.
>> No. 3234
[x] Dress up time
I actually wanted to wear the dress either way.
>> No. 3235
[X] Hide amonsg the stuff like a real man

Common sense and manlyness.
>> No. 3236
[X] Hide amonsg the stuff like a real man
>> No. 3237
[X] Hide amongst the stuff like a real man

Crossdressing do not want
>> No. 3238
[X] Dress up and Hide amongst the stuff like a real man
>> No. 3239

in b4 spinning window, reversing dress, reversing man, reversing hiding in Alice and spinning spinning spinning spinning SPINNING SPINNING SPINNING
>> No. 3240

[X] Dress up and Hide amongst the stuff through the window like a real man
>> No. 3241
This, make it happen

[X] Dress up and Hide amongst the stuff through the window like a real man

It's like hide on the ceiling while flexing and playing chess all over again.
>> No. 3242
As much as I encourage write-ins, I'd have to say that it's unreasonable to dress up AND do all that other stuff, it's either or here. Whatever, I'll check the votes in a couple hours and see what happens. But remember, you reap what you sow.
>> No. 3243
[X] Hide amongst the stuff like a real man
>> No. 3244


[X] Hide under Alice's dress
>> No. 3245

You could just count all the combined votes as a vote for everything and see what comes out on top.

Or you could have him put on the dress and hide in for camouflage, while keeping an eye on the window for a manly escape route should Marisa come upstairs.
>> No. 3246
YAF would make something CRAZY out of that write in. That crazy Motherfucker.
>> No. 3247
[ ] Try to escape through a window
Please no dress up time. Please no dress up time. Please no dress etc.
>> No. 3248
[X] Hide amongst the stuff like a real man
>> No. 3249
[z] Hide amongst the stuff like a real man

Hidan Gaems
>> No. 3250
[x] Dress up time
[ ] Find a silly hat

here we go! Time to increase our power level to maximum!
>> No. 3251
[X] Hide among the stuff like a real man
>> No. 3252
[x] Hide amongst the stuff
>> No. 3253
New Thread please. This shit is taking a longass time to load.
>> No. 3254

[ x ] Hide amongst the stuff

Shouldn't be too hard to shut the hell up for a couple of minutes. Then again ADD. Fuck.
>> No. 3255
[X] Try to escape through a window

This option is both dangerous and retarded.
In other words, right up your alley, guys!

On the bright side, short of landing directly on your head and snapping your neck, odds are you will survive the fall with some broken bones at most. Nothing that couldn't be treated by the lovely doctor and moon bunny nurse back home.

The effect of your injuries on the people who actually care about you, however, might not be so simple to deal with...
>> No. 3256
[X] Hide amongst the stuff like a real man

No please not the dress again not the dress again I'm sorry Miss Flandre not the dress again please not the dress again no Flandre no not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress not the dress
>> No. 3257
[ ] Dress up and hide through the window like a real man
>> No. 3258
[X] Dress up time!

The road to becoming a trap starts with this.
>> No. 3259
[X] Ignore Alice and act like a real man

What is so bad about us being found there, anyway?
It's not like Marisa doesn't know us, after all.
>> No. 3260
[x] Dress up time

I feel pretty, oh so pretty.
>> No. 3261
[X] Dress up time

Real men aren't afraid to dress up like girls.
>> No. 3262
[X] Try to escape through a window
>> No. 3263
[X] Hide amongst the stuff like a real man
>> No. 3264
[X] Hide amongst the stuff like a real man

>> No. 3265
Where is our update? We need to get to the part when we fuck Alice/Shanghai/Hourai.
It all started with getting lost in the forest on our way to Alice back in /jp/ and now we are so close to the Goal.
>> No. 3291
Am I the only one to find something odd about going for a resident of the Forest of Magic in what's supposedly an Eientei-centric story?