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File 149825158865.png - (1.68MB, 1000x1414, Your friendly neighborhood bunny girls.png) [iqdb]
28002 No. 28002
Previous Thread: >>27514

[X] Tell Chiyo that it would be nice to have her around today, and we can go to the palace later

I understand the concern, like I really do. Chiyo's still mixed up and confused and everything. I've been there before, plenty of times. At the same time though, I also don't think it's the best plan to immediately run off to the palace. Okuu seemed like whatever she had to go do was pretty urgent, and while it's possible that we could get in on words alone, I don't really like the idea of trying. What would we do, just walk up to the house and knock? No thanks. "I think that if you want to stop by there eventually, then you should," I tell Chiyo evenly. "I could even go with you. For today though, I'd still like to have you around."

Chiyo takes a bit of time to absorb the words as we continue through the hallway, but finally gives one short nod in response. She doesn't say anything, in fact she seems to immediately lose herself in thought. It's still really hard for me to read her when she's like this. Compared with all the other rabbits, I've known her for the shortest amount of time, that's true, but it's still been decades. Part of me really wishes she would open up more. Even if it's not to me, then to someone at least.

But then, maybe she really can't? It's not like I'm any stranger to personality hangups myself. Maybe that's why she wants to go and talk to somebody that would be able to read her mind. She wouldn't have to really put her thoughts into words. Or, maybe she would? I don't know the exact mechanics of how mind reading works.

Actually, the more I think about it the more I get slightly uncomfortable at the idea. There's a lot of stuff in my mind that I really wouldn't want to share with other people. Apparently Chiyo still thinks it's worth it though? Personally I rather just go to the extra effort and force myself to talk to the people I know about things. Maybe she thinks that the amount of self censoring that her verbal filter would do would keep a talk like that from being helpful? Hard to tell. Like I said, Chiyo can be hard to read at times.

Anyway, with breakfast finished and no real reason to stop back by the room, Chiyo and I head directly for the staircase up and out of the plant. Briefly, I entertain the notion of going back upstairs and grabbing Sumi, but quickly decide against it. While I appreciate her being there for me, I have a feeling she'll have more fun going out and doing her own thing today. She's a big girl, and has proven plenty of times that she's more than capable of finding stuff to entertain herself. Although now that Sumi has come to mind...

I take a quick glance at Chiyo before we lift off to fly up the stairwell. She hasn't said anything about the Ringo situation yet. Is she going to? While yeah, some part of me is really relieved about the silence... I'm also kind of really curious about what she thinks, and... No, Chiyo isn't the type to gossip about things. She probably won't bring this up on her own. If I want answers, I'll have to ask for them myself.

I'm just... Not quite to a point where my curiosity is trumping my embarrassment yet. I'll stay quiet for a little longer.

The somwehat narrow passage on the flight up, combined with Chiyo's powers, makes conversation somewhat difficult. Our trip to the Moriya shrine goes in relative silence. We just focus on flying up the stairwell, then out the hole in the ground.

Coming up into the open sky, I'm greeted to a pretty nice day out. The sun is up and shining, and it's not too cold, even if it has definitely been getting steadily colder the longer we've stayed on Earth. I'm not too happy about that... But hey, it looks like we're still in mid-morning right now too, so that's also a good thing. I probably won't be too late. Yup, everything seems to be starting off pretty well.

Although I'm still kind of nervous about what happens next.

Suwako aside, it's been... A really long time since I had anyone try to look at my powers. The previous experience in the hospitals back on the moon was rather... It was not something I'd wish on anyone. Once they got me to a point where I could simply take a pill to suppress the effects, I was pretty happy to do so if it meant only having to come in for the occasional checkup. I just straight up don't like the idea of letting more people poke at and experiment with trying to fix me, even though I know it's for the best. Well, at least I can take some comfort in knowing that I'm not going to a hospital this time. I'm going to talk to one of Sanae's friends.

Whether that's better or worse... No, I should try to stay positive about things. This will work out. Even if it doesn't, anything should be better than being stuck back in a lunarian hospital. Just keep going forward.

As we make it around the mountain and to the shrine, it's not hard to find who we're looking for. Sanae is once again predictably out on the grounds, cleaning up the recently fallen leaves. Man, it seems like a really big problem now. When we first got here, all the leaves were nice and behaved, staying on the trees. Now that it's been however many days, everything has just devolved into a mess. Must be tough to live with this happening every year. Still pretty okay with not having trees on the Moon.

Sanae catches sight of Chiyo and I before we've even touched ground. She immediately gives up on her sweeping and comes over to greet us. Seems like she's more than ready to go out instead of spending the day on a dumb chore like this. "Hey you two!" She calls out with a wave. "I've already talked with lady Suwako, so I'm in the clear to go out for a few hours."

Well, that sounds good to me, although I don't know how long this will actually take. "And Kanako?" Chiyo asks from beside me after a short pause.

Sanae only hesitates for a moment. "Well... She's out and about this morning taking care of some business, but everything should be fine."

Hmm, business? "Anything important?" Err, wait, that was probably a bad way to phrase that. If it wasn't important, Kanako probably wouldn't be doing it.

If Sanae's bothered by what I said, it doesn't show. She just shrugs it off. "I don't know really," is her answer. "She didn't mention any plans yesterday, but then we were kinda busy doing other stuff last night."

Oh, right, last night. "Err, I'm sorry that I missed it," I say, kind of hoping to avoid the obvious question of why I left so early while the others were still at the shrine. Or really I'm just hoping to avoid talking about... Much of anything to do with last night.

"It's fine. I um, heard that Ringo was drinking a lot, so I don't blame you for taking her back sooner," There's a slight blush on Sanae's face, and she's not looking directly at me. Um, is there some kind of misunderstanding here? What is she trying to imply? Err, actually, no. I'm just being overly defensive. "A-anyway, like I said, we should be fine to leave for today. I don't sneak off to do stuff very often, but it should be permissible every now and then."

... Wow, not only is she breaking the rules just to help me out specifically, Sanae is also being really tactful about the situation from last night. Like, we just keep imposing on everyone from this shrine, and they just keep helping us anyway. It's hard not to feel guilty, but more than that, I feel really grateful. "Thanks a lot for doing this Sanae," I try to sound as sincere as possible.

"No problem!" Sanae's response actually does make it sound like it's no problem. Sheesh, I guess this is how you get faith from people, huh? Just be really nice all the time. "Let's go!"


As it turns out, our destination is actually pretty far away. Not the longest flight across Gensokyo that we've ever had (that still goes to out trip to the bamboo forest), but it is pretty close. As a result, we have plenty of time for Sanae to talk to us, or at least me. Chiyo is still not exactly one for much conversation, given the state that she's in.

Also, given the state that she's in, it's kind of hard to avoid letting Sanae know that something is up with Chiyo. "Do you need us to slow down or anything?" Sanae calls back shortly after we've left. Chiyo has kind of been lagging behind us a little bit, but then she's always been kind of slow at flying. Not like it's a natural rabbit ability after all. Chiyo just happened to not have taken to it as well as the rest of us.

After her standard delay, Chiyo finally cranes her neck up slightly to make eye contact with Sanae. "... I'm fine," She answers simply before going back to watching the scenery pass below us.

"Oh, okay. Just let me know if you need something!" Sanae sounds nice and pleasant, but looks a little worried once she turns back to me. "Um, is it okay to just leave her alone?" She asks, hushing her voice a little bit, even though it's unlikely Chiyo would hear us talking normally at this distance anyway.

I shoot another glance back at Chiyo. Really, this is all standard for me, but then I guess that doesn't mean anything to Sanae. She doesn't know about the specifics about our powers. Heck, she doesn't even know the generals about our powers. Aside from the conversation that prompted this trip in the first place, we've been keeping things a secret for... Reasons.

Honestly, are they even good reasons at this point? Yuzuki's or Sumi's powers potentially netting them classified information is one thing, sure, but Chiyo? Chiyo's power mostly just inconveniences her. At least when she's like this. It's going to keep coming up throughout the course of the day, so I might as well make things clear right now.

So I do. It makes for a decent way to kill time on the flight across Gensokyo, if nothing else. Sanae's reaction is about what I expected. She's concerned when I go over the slow reactions mode that Chiyo is currently stuck in, then rather interested when I talk about the upsides. The clutch factor of having ridiculously fast reactions whenever she wants makes Chiyo reliable in tense situations.

"So does everyone from the Moon have some kind of power then?" Sanae asks after I get done with my explanation. She sounds kind of weirdly into the idea.

"Well... Not exactly," I did know some rabbits back home that never got any powers. Well, aside from the standard comms thing. I don't even really count the telepathy as a power though, just something that we all have. "It's just not that uncommon for some kind of weird magical or otherwise ability manifest. We're not naturally born with them though, and each person is unique."

"Oooh," Sanae considers that for a moment, then seems to come to quick realization. "Then does Yuzuki have one too?" She smirks, looking amused at a sudden thought. "Aside from just being really good at tetris that is."

Tetris? Oh, right, that video game. Sounds like Yuzuki only got better at it after I left Sanae's room. Err, anyway, Sanae was asking a question. Do we all have powers? I wasn't really going to bring the others up, but I don't want to lie either, so... "Well, yeah. All of us do actually."

Sanae claps her hands together excitedly. "Five people with super powers! you're like some kind of super hero team!" She sounds pretty happy about the idea. "Do you guys have a name for your squad?!"

... What is she on about? "Well, our unit is called the Eagle Ravi I guess, but-"

"So cool!" I have a feeling Sanae would be running around wildly if she wasn't already occupied with flying through the sky. "I get to hang out with alien superheroes!"

... Uh huh... Well I don't think we're that different from youkai, but whatever. If Sanae wants to interpret it positively, I'll let her. At least she's not pressing for more specifics. Hopefully our powers won't have to be all that relevant for a while anyway.


We continue flying along for a while after that. Sanae's enthusiasm gradually peters off, but not until after she passionately tells me a long list of reasons when the rest of the rabbits and I should get matching uniforms for our 'super squad'. This is kinda just another one of those things where I end up smiling and nodding along, since I can't seem to understand the reasoning behind her excitement.

But then after that, we finally make it to what is apparently our destination. I can't really see Marisa's house because of all the trees, but according to Sanae it's in here somewhere. Apparently not even all that deep in, thankfully. The trees here seem somehow much less friendly than the ones back around our old camp. Everything's more... Twisty, I guess? The trees and plants seem to be perfectly happy with growing all over each other, making the whole forest a kind of disorderly mess. Not a happy place, and one that I'm pretty happy to have a guide for.

Speaking of which, Sanae eventually leads us down enough to start going on foot the rest of the way. "There's a road through here that's not really possible to follow from the air," She tells us. Hm, yeah, I guess there is a lot of coverage from the forest canopy.

The road itself is more like a dirt path, but I guess it doesn't make that much of a difference. As long as it eventually leads us to our destination. Although, speaking of which... "Actually, what are you going to say to Marisa once we get there?" I have to ask.

"What do you mean?" Oh, I was afraid of that. Sanae hasn't given this much thought it seems.

"Well the whole us being from the Moon thing isn't exactly common knowledge." I explain. We've been using a cover story the whole time, after all. "I'm kind of not sure how we should introduce the situation to Marisa."

Sanae's smile falters for a second as she considers that. "Oh... Yeah, and if I bring things up with Marisa, then it could get back to Reimu... She wouldn't really be happy about you guys invading. Even less so about us making deals with you... And I don't think lady Kanako would be happy at me for getting her involved," She's mostly going through possibilities out loud now.

Right, that is kind of a concern. How do we get the most out of this while also revealing the least amount of incriminating information? From what I've heard Kanako say, I doubt she'd be happy about having the Hakurei beating down the door to her power plant, asking why she's harboring lunar soldiers. This could potentially get kind of messy if we do the wrong thing...

[ ] Use the same cover story as before. Recently displaced rabbits who need help.
[ ] Be honest about everything.
[ ] Be honest about everything, but try to convince Marisa to keep quiet about it.
[ ] Maybe we should call this off and go to one of the other magicians instead? (Who?)
[ ] Something else (Write-in)
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>> No. 28266
File 150724468257.png - (1.35MB, 822x750, vices.png) [iqdb]
[X] Wait around for Ringo. We've got a meeting to get done with.
>> No. 28267
[x] Wait around for Ringo. We've got a meeting to get done with.

Guess I'll break this new tie in the other direction.
>> No. 28268
File 150760672661.jpg - (98.94KB, 500x500, Made it back eventually.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Wait around for Ringo. We've got a meeting to get done with.

Yeah, I don't have any way of knowing when Ringo's going to get back unless I'm actually at the shrine when it happens. It's a pain to have gotten so used to instant, (mutli)global communication only to have it suddenly taken away like this. We still haven't updated our behavior very well to account for the difference. For example, I don't think anyone has any idea where Sumi is. Also, Ringo is duplicating my effort in talking to Reisen. It's not ideal, and all I can do is try to work around it.

"No, I think I'm okay. Thanks for all the help," I assure Suwako. I feel like I'm a bit more sorted out now, at least in some ways. There's something to be said for getting a perspective from someone who is so down to earth and knowledgeable. I kind of doubt that a whole lot of people think of her in the same kind of way, but then, they probably have more options. "You still going to keep at it here, or did you want to come back to the shrine too?"

Suwako glances back over the lake, though I don't think she's looking at anything in particular. "You know if Sanae said anything about dinner or not?" She asks.

"Other than inviting us to come along to it again, not really. It's probably going to be a bit." That might depend on what exactly Sanae is cooking, but I know she hasn't even started yet. At least, she hadn't before I left to come here.

"Hm, then I'll stay here. Get a bit more done. Lot's to do still, you know?" I catch Suwako eyeing me with a smirk. Probably joking, since I still have no idea how serious the goddess stuff is supposed to be. "Are you coming to dinner then?"

Sanae asked something similar, and I didn't really have an answer then either. "Uh, I'll have to talk to the others." I have no idea what the plan is for the rest of the night after all. I don't think that our meeting is going to cover anything that would force us away from the option, but it doesn't hurt to wait before committing to anything. "I personally wouldn't mind it though. It was..." Err, how do I describe this succinctly, given all that happened last night?

"From what I heard, you had a lot of fun," Suwako gives me a mischievous smile for some reason.

"It was different," I finish my earlier sentence. Definitely like anything back on the Moon, of course. "But fun is a good way to put it too." I admit. At least, most of it. I do have a bit of a concern about Ringo's health if she keeps drinking all the time. No way to know if that will happen every time we come for dinner or not.

"Good. I'll see you later then." And with that, Suwako strides back over to the lake, sitting down on the shore and resting her feet in the water. I take it that that means the conversation is over, though it's not like I had anything else to say. I give another half goodbye and lift off to fly back to the shrine.


So let me think here. As far as I'm aware, Ringo isn't back yet. It's possible that I could have just missed her coming back, but even if that's the case, it's not my job to gather everyone up. That's just asking for confusion. Yuzuki is still around somewhere, so as long as she's paying any attention whatsoever (and I know she will be), she can handle letting everyone know when it's time to group. I could signal her to make it easier but... Eh.

It's just that there's no real need, right? We'll all meet back up eventually, it doesn't have to be me that forces it to happen. It's... Yeah, I don't know, the more I think about it, the more awkward I feel about meeting up with Ringo separately. We're going to have to talk eventually, sure, but... Bleh. Just bleh.

For now... Oh hey, there's Sanae. She waves up at me when she notices that I've seen her. I'm not exactly sure what she's doing, but she seems to be doing walking around the grounds with enough purpose that I won't bother her. I've just been kind of sitting on the roof of the shrine, waiting. It didn't take long at all to get back here, but I wasn't exactly sure where I should go and what I should do. I figured that if Ringo wasn't back yet, I could just wait and watch until she was.

... Only problem is that it's a teeny bit cold up here. Not anything that I can't handle, but given the wind and the fact that the sun is pretty rapidly disappearing... Yeah. I don't know, it kind of feels good in a way. The good kind of unpleasant. I think I've thought that before, even if it is a weird kind of thought to think (heh). I don't know, I'm not tired, so it's not like it's waking me up. I'm not hot, so it's not like it's necessarily cooling me down. It just...

I almost sigh again. Maybe I'm feeling guilty. I've been avoiding Ringo all day. Justifiably, I think. Our schedules didn't exactly match up, and I don't regret what I managed to accomplish, but at the same time, we haven't talked since last night. Since that kind of major thing happened. Since that kind of major thing happened to screw my mind up even more, and I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to do or say about it. Even with all of Sumi's help after that, she only told me what she thinks I should be doing. Not the exact specifics of how to broach the topic.

I'm supposed to ask Ringo out on a date? How do you even do something like that? Even if I brought it up and she said yes, which in itself is really really weird to think about, what happens after that? Where do we go? What do we do? It's not like I'm experienced outside of Yamame. And she was the one that asked me out, not the other way around.

Ugh, I really don't need things to be all complicated like this. Not when I already have so much on my plate with the Moon portal thing. Not like complaining about it will do anything at this point though. I've already admitted to myself that I actually do like Ringo. You'd think it would have gotten easier after that point, but no, not really, no matter what Sumi might have said.

It's still a little early for the Moon to be out and visible, but I still find myself scanning the sky for it. Did I like things better when they were simple? Unpleasant in a lot of ways, but simple.

No, I guess not. At least, I wouldn't go back to that if I had a choi-

... Oh.

... And I hadn't even been thinking about that question, even though I know it's going to come up frequently until I really do decide. Until I really do decide, and tell people about that decision.

This time I actually do let out a sigh.


The only real measure of the passing of time I have at this point is watching as the sun sets the rest of the way and the Moon comes up to eventually take its place. I'm stuck sitting around and thinking, at least until I finally see a figure floating up the mountain and toward the shrine.


Even with it being night time now, her bright clothes make it pretty easy to see her in the ambient lighting that still remains from the stars and Moon. In contrast to the capital, there isn't much in the way of light pollution here in Gensokyo. Sorta like the mare bases.

Anyway, she doesn't appear to be in much of a hurry to make her way up here, but she's headed in my direction nonetheless. I try to think up something to say as I stand up to wave her down. Even after all this time, even with the conversations I've been thinking of in my head, I still have no idea what I'm going to say. That's even if I put the whole d-date thing aside and just worry about addressing all of the rest of the stuff between us.

... I really bit off more than I should have here, haven't I?

But it's too late to do anything about it. I see Ringo catch sight of me. Not exactly hard given that I'm the only thing moving in the area. The faint lighting from both the inside and outside of the shrine makes it pretty easy to see me, even with most of it being back or under lighting. Ringo doesn't really speed up, but adjusts her course slightly to make her way toward the roof that I'm sitting on, rather than landing in the courtyard or wherever else.

"Hyup..." Ringo makes a small grunt of effort as she sets down on the slanted roof a short distance away from me. Just about on the edge of speaking distance, I note. Not as close as normal, though I'm probably just reading too much into it.

... Err, maybe not. Neither of us are saying anything right now, and it's difficult to read Ringo's expression. I really shouldn't be panicking this early, but what am I supposed to say? Do I address the problem? Ignore it? Umm, ahh...

"I couldn't find Reisen," Ringo offers after a bit more worrying on my part. "Went to look in the usual place, but she didn't come by. I waited for like an hour."

Oh, okay, yeah. This is an easy topic, good start. This is why Ringo's the boss. "Oh, that. I already talked to her when I was finished with what I was doing. I wanted to tell you, but you were already gone by the time I got back here, so... Bit of a mixup."

"Bit, yeah," Ringo shrugs. "No big deal, this kind of thing can happen when we split up like we did today. We'll have to watch out for that in the future. I'll make a mental note, for all the good that might do," She smiles weakly at the bit of humor.

Hm, right. I hadn't exactly told Ringo what I had been planning on doing all day. She's completely in the dark about everything that's happened. A part of that might have been her avoiding me in the morning, but it's not like I tried all that hard to come back and check in with her either. A bit of blame on both sides, but all the rabbits have done similar things before. They'll probably do it again too. "Are we going to be splitting up again?"

"Dunno," Ringo fiddles at one of the loose tiles on the roof with her foot, not looking directly at me. "We'll figure it out though. I guess we should probably pick somebody out to be on Reisen duty over the next couple of days, just in case we can't meet up to go as a group."

That sounds reasonable enough. "Probably you or me then," I say. "Yuzuki might work too, but Chiyo and Sumi probably aren't the best for that sort of thing."

"Chi?" Oh right, Ringo doesn't know about that issue either. "Well, we can figure it out when we have a meeting. Don't suppose Sumi's around anywhere?"

"Not that I know of," Honestly, of all the rabbits, she seems to have hit the ground running the easiest with this whole 'living on Earth' thing. She's already made a bunch of contacts, and it's to the point where we have no idea what she might even be doing. Probably not the best for a military unit, but as a friend... Well, I'm glad as long as she's having fun. Provided that she can rein it in when we need her to.

Ringo grunts neutrally, finally giving up on the ceiling tile. "Alright, we'll worry about her later. Hopefully she doesn't wind up in jail again." Urgh, that's worrying to think about... I'd like to think she'll be more careful about that kind of thing now, but maybe not. "Anyway, Yuzuki's still around, right? I'll signal her, then we can get down to business."

"W-wait!" I find myself interrupting Ringo the instant she starts raising her arms.


... I hadn't really thought about what I actually wanted to say.

It's just that... Ringo hasn't actually said anything about what happened yesterday, or how she avoided me this morning. She hasn't said anything, and she seems just a little bit colder too. She's barely been looking at me this whole conversation. Now she just wants to move onto the meeting? Sure, that would be okay normally, but with all the stuff that could be said by either of us, that just feels premature. We have a moment of relative privacy, or at least I think we do. What's wrong with using that to work out this... Weirdness.

Of course, I have no idea how to actually do that. Maybe just putting it behind us would be okay... Or maybe Ringo will be more willing to talk about it later. Maybe I should say that we need to talk about it later.

Maybe... Maybe I should ask her about that um, that date thing right now... I'm still not completely sure where we stand, or even where I want us to stand, but the date thing was what Sumi suggested, so...

[ ] Don't say anything, just get on with the meeting.
[ ] Talk about what happened last night.
[ ] Get on with the meeting, but mention needing to talk things over later.
[ ] Suggest going out somewhere together. Alone... A date. (write in required for where/what)

I started with this update and it didn't go well. Eventually I scrapped the whole thing and went about it in a different way and I'm more okay with it now.

Honestly I've been stressing out a bit. I've been writing A LOT, but not so much for this story, which I feel bad about. Definitely still in this though. I even know where I'm going with it, just have to actually write it, which is always the hard part.
>> No. 28269
[X] Talk about what happened last night.
>> No. 28270
[x] Talk about what happened last night.

> feeling bad about being the most consistent writefag on THP

This light, it burns. I am not worthy.
>> No. 28271
[X] Get on with the meeting, but mention needing to talk things over later.

>> No. 28272
[x] Suggest going out somewhere together. Alone... A date.
-[x] Human Village

You need to talk about a ton of things and a rendezvous is the better way to go about it without worrying about the time.
>> No. 28273
[X] Talk about what happened last night.
>> No. 28274
[X] Talk about what happened last night.

Gotta clear things up before going forward.
>> No. 28275
[X] Talk about what happened last night.

Confront the situation head on!
>> No. 28276
[X] Talk about what happened last night.
[x] Suggest going out somewhere together. Alone... A date.
-[x] Underground Village

We already know where all the best date spots are! It's perfect!
>> No. 28277
[X] Talk about what happened last night.

Both Seiran and Ringo have boundaries and emotional needs, and going on a date with them being the elephant in the room or just trying to ignore the the events of the previous night both seem like they'd end poorly.
>> No. 28278
File 150821048066.jpg - (924.48KB, 874x1242, Probably cold in that.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Talk about what happened last night.

This sucks... I want to take my time and think about how to address the issues here, but Ringo almost signalling Yuzuki kind of forced my hand. I had to stop her before she got anyone's attention, and now I have to think up what to say and actually say it. Easier said than done, especially for someone that typically needs time to think about what she's going to say ahead of time. Namely, me.

Although maybe... Yuzuki probably knows that Ringo is in the area already. Ugh, my timetable for this might be even shorter than I thought. What if she's on her way right now? I won't have time to cover everything that I need to say to Ringo in that case. Need to talk about the most important thing first and hope we don't get interrupted or Yuzuki somehow has the sense to not interrupt us. Not holding out hope for that second one.

"You..." No wait, is that too accusatory? Ugh, stressing out. Bad start. Get it together. "Um, we need to talk."

"Yeah, we're gonna have a meeting and talk to everyone." I'm not sure if she's being intentionally evasive or not. I'll pretend she isn't.

"Ringo," I tug a little harder on her arm just to let her know that I'm being serious here. "We need to talk about last night."

Ringo's already kind of forced smile freezes for a split second, but that doesn't last very long. Instead it falls away to a more dejected look as she sighs. Not moving to make me let go of her, Ringo still sits herself down on the roof with her legs dangling off the edge. Hm, I wonder what a shrine visitor would think about this, if they could see a couple of rabbit youkai sitting on the roof when they came for a visit. I haven't actually seen any visitors in all the time that I've been here, but it's totally possible that one will show up one of these times. At least, I'm assuming that.

"So..." Ringo's looking somewhere other than me, vaguely in the direction of the village, if I'm remembering correctly. I think that's more of a coincidence than anything else. "Guessing you wouldn't believe it if I pretended not to remember?" She asks in a way that even if the answer was yes, her tone would convince me that the real answer was no.

"You were drunk, but you weren't that drunk," This was 'drinking with employers' level drunk, not 'force fed by an oni' drunk. Even I have the good sense to know the difference there, even if I've only experience the one.

"Yeah that's what I figured," Ringo rests her elbows on her knees, leaning forward a bit closer to the edge than I would really like. Sure, we can fly, but I get nervous about stuff like that anyway. "Honestly, I don't know what you want me to say though. I messed up, I went to far, it's over and done with. If you're mad, and you have every right to be, I'll make it up to you. If we're cool, then I'd rather just pretend it didn't happen."

"That's not really..." Mad isn't really the right way to describe it, but I wouldn't just dismiss it and say that everything is cool either. It's more complex than that. False di... What was that word? I forget. Whatever. "I feel like we need to talk about it a little more than just that. I don't blame you for wanting to move on, I do to, but there's more to it than just being mad or not being mad."

Ringo stays quiet for a little bit, still just staring out at Gensokyo. I note that she's not really looking at the Moon at this point, which is weird, because that's where my eyes are naturally drawn. Might just be a difference in mindset though. She's already decided she's not going back, while I'm... I don't know. "... Like what?" She finally asks after a pause long enough for me to almost lose track of the conversation.

"Like..." Like a bunch of things, although the thing that mostly prompted this specific conversation is what I did after Ringo fell asleep, I guess. "I talked to Sumi about it after that," I explain, as if that's all the explanation I really need.

"Hoooo boy," Ringo lets out a long breath, shaking her head lightly. Of course, Sumi being as vocal as she is about things, Ringo would know what me talking to her would be like. "I'm sure she had a lot to say."

"Kind of, but it was more about what she wanted me to say. Or admit, I guess," It was a long conversation with a lot of different parts, but the biggest thing is really fresh in my mind. I don't really want to say it though, especially since I don't really know what would happen after that. If I tell Ringo that I probably like her back, sure it will make her happy, but... Things are complicated in a lot of different ways. I... Maybe I should hold off on that specific bit of information for right now, at least until I get a better plan about how I want that conversation to go. "Ringo, I'm still sorting things out. You know that. You're the one who asked me to do it, and I really am giving it honest thought, it's just that... It takes time. You want um, a specific kind of result, and trying to push it like that is... I don't know, I'm not good at this stuff."

"No, I got it. You don't have to worry about it," Phew, I'm glad that Ringo is so accepting of how bad I am at explaining myself. I kind of ran out of steam there, and I might not have gotten the point across that well, but Ringo seems to get it anyway. "I'm stressing you out, and it isn't fair. I get that. If anything, I'm glad that you don't seem all that mad. So here's what I'm gonna do then," Ringo finally turns to face my direction, holding up a hand and ticking off points on her fingers as she continues talking. "One; no more pushing you. I hadn't really meant to, and I really hate that I did anyway. Part two; no more drinking. Even if I like it, if it pushes me to do dumb stuff, then I'll leave it alone for as long as you think that I should. Three, no more jumping to conclusions. I um... Kind of assumed you were mad at me, so uh-"

"So you avoided me today." I finish for her.

"Yeah... Figured you'd notice that," The hand that Ringo was using to count off her points moves up instead to rub at her neck sheepishly. "It was dumb. If you were mad, I should have let you confront me. That's just good leadership. And now that you turn out to not be that angry, I just look kind of dumb. Wasted a bit of time we could have hung out."

Some of that is on me too though. It's not like I went looking for her, considering all the stuff I was working on. "Well, I kept busy just fine. That'll come up in the meeting though."

"Cool, cool," I can see Ringo visibly relax. This is probably the closest to normal that I've seen her in the past twenty-four hours. "We good then?" She asks. "Don't want things to be weird between us when we meet back up with everyone."

I'm assuming she means weirder than they already are, anyway. Ignoring the kiss itself, there's still the reason that it happened in the first place. "Um... Speaking of that, I kind of told Sumi that she could let the others know what's going on between us..."

Oh, and she was looking so much better just a second ago. "Ugh..." Ringo groans out loud and falls back to a grimace that's only partially hidden by her hand.

"If it helps, I was with Chiyo all day, and she never said anything about it," Sure, part of that might be just because Chiyo isn't that talkative or gossipy, but so what? It doesn't change that she left it alone. I guess it's possible that Yuzuki might say something embarrassing, but at this point, would it really be that bad even if she did? "I think they're letting us work things out by ourselves." Which of course means that everything is just on me. Ringo's already said her bit and left the ball in my court. The longer I don't say anything, the longer this weirdness surrounds all of my interactions with Ringo. But then... Things aren't ever really going to stop being weird, are they? Can't shove all of this back inside a box or anything. Ringo likes me.

... And as Sumi was so intent on getting me to say last night, I like her too.

"I guess that'll have to be good enough then," Ringo doesn't sound completely convinced, but does seem to brighten back up at least a little bit. "So, meeting?"

"Um, yeah," I could probably use a bit of time to get my thoughts in order, but hopefully I'll be able to do that while everyone groups up. "Are we going to have it right here, or...?"

"Don't see why not," Ringo stands back up, reaching her arms up to give the standard signal for Yuzuki to come here. This time I let her go ahead, even if...

Well... I guess we can move if we're causing a problem. Not like I have a better suggestion about where to go. At least, not all that close by. "Fine."


Yuzuki and Chiyo show up together shortly after that. Like Chiyo said when we got back here, looks like she was spending the between time searching for, and then talking to, Yuzuki. Don't know if it was about anything important, but then that's what the meeting itself is for.

We're grouped up in an row, rather than a proper huddle. I kind of blame the weird spot that we chose to hold the meeting actually. The area of roof we're on either means we sit in a line, or the ones of us that don't are noticably higher or lower than the others. I guess that wouldn't be a big deal, but the only person here who actually is higher ranked than us isn't really into power plays like that. The worst we got out of Ringo was giving her the head of the table back at our old camp, and even that didn't really matter much... Maybe I'm reading too much into this though. Doesn't matter that much. The end result is that we're all sitting along the edge of the Moriya shrine's roof, to varying degrees of comfort.

"Anybody have any idea where Sumi is?" Ringo asks before we get started. All responses are negative. I was with Chiyo all day, and I know that neither of us saw her at any point. Actually I had figure the one of us that had the best chance of talking to her at any point was Ringo, but I guess Sumi's been off on her own even more than I expected. Still not sure if that's something to worry about or not. "Hm... Well, I guess we'll give her a bit more time before we start talking about going out to find her."

"Ringo, you really need to talk to her about that," Yuzuki chastises, though Ringo just lets it roll off her back with a shrug. "I'm serious, what if she gets in trouble or blows our cover or something? You know she doesn't take things as seriously as the rest of us. Somebody needs to watch her."

"I didn't need anyone to watch you today," "But I guess you've got a point. I'll talk to her when she comes back, for all the good it'll do."

"Just punch her if she stops listening."

"Who, me? I'd never do something like that." "But anyway, we might as well get started for now. Standard meeting, what was everyone up to with their free day? No judgement here if you weren't one-hundred percent productive by the way. I'd rather have you happy and taking breaks than stressed out and trying to do everything. We'll start with Seiran."

Of course we'll start with Seiran. We always start with me. Of course, I saw it coming by this point. "Well, yesterday evening, I had a talk with Sanae about some things. I decided to follow up on them today, and it actually worked out pretty well..."

I launch into an explanation of my day, grabbing Chiyo, meeting Okuu, heading out to Marisa's house and learning stuff there, going all the way back to the Palace of Earth Spirits, going back to Marisa's again, having my powers fixed-

"FIXED?" Ringo yells out loud enough that I'm worried we're going to annoy Sanae or Kanako. They're probably inside the building we're sitting on by this point.

Maybe fixed is a little dramatic of me though. I can't help but be a little excited, sure, but there were some warnings to the situation that I haven't explained yet. "Um, well... Maybe. I'm supposed to go for a checkup tomorrow. It still remains to be seen if they'll stay like this but-"

"But that's all it took?" Ringo asks, incredulous. "One day of work with an Earth magician and now you're better?"

"She just said she doesn't know if she's better or not," Yuzuki points out, although she seems rather interested as well.

"Yeah whatever, that's not the point I'm getting at," Ringo waves vaguely in Yuzuki's direction, not even really looking at her. Her eyes are locked on me, obviously showing a lot of excitement. "How in the hell did the doctors and the scientists and all the rest of the lunarians fail to help you for decades when it only took some random Earth witch ONE DAY?"

"I've been wondering that too," Chiyo adds.

"I... I don't know what to tell you," Even though I completely agree with them. Honestly, I think we're all asking the same question, but that doesn't mean any of us have the answer. "I think that maybe um... Maybe they didn't tie the powers to the dream world like Marisa did?" I hazard a guess, but it feels flimsy. How could a society that built multiple portals specifically for moving through the dream world not think that magical effects might crop up related to that very thing? "Or maybe... I don't know. I'm not really an expert."

"Apparently neither are any of your doctors," Chiyo quips. Ringo exhales in amusement.

"Doesn't that seem a little bit strange though?" Yuzuki asks nobody in particular. "It seems weird to assume incompetence, but..."

"You think there's more to it," Ringo summarizes Yuzuki's point before she's even finished making it. She looks a bit skeptical about the idea. "Some reason why they never bothered to cure Seiran properly?"

"Maybe?" It doesn't sound like Yuzuki believes it very much either. "I agree that it doesn't really make sense, but..."

"Something to ask them about, at the very least. Maybe rub it in their noses too, depending on the answer," Ringo decides. I see Chiyo nodding, though Yuzuki spends a bit more time thinking it over before dismissing things off hand.

Honestly, rubbing people's faces in it seems a little bit mean-spirited, but I decide to leave the point alone. I'm happy enough to have my powers probably fixed and my nightmares probably gone. It's a bit difficult to drag me down into negative thoughts in that department, which says a lot considering the kind of person I am. I elect to just keep going on explaining my day, though that bit really is the highlight of it all.

Let's see, next up is... Right, once everything had been fixed, we went to go talk to Elly. Of course, I had neglected to set up the reasons as to why in my earlier explanation, so I have to double back on the time line of events a bit. I never claimed to be the best at explaining things, okay? Anyway, I move on, glossing over the village trip, which Ringo seems a little bit jealous of, then go on to meeting up with Reisen.

"She doesn't really have much to report. She's still working on checking with her sources," I say again, just like I told Suwako. "I decided it would be okay to give her another day before we started worrying about figuring out what other options we can scrap together."

"About that one, I guess I'll take my turn, since it deals with that. That is, as long as you don't have anything else to bring up Seiran?" After that... It was just me coming back here and a short talk with Suwako, but I don't think anything was said there that really needs bringing up at this meeting. I shake my head and gesture for Ringo to go on, and she does so. "I was working with Rikako today, since I owed her a favor. Most of it flew over my head, but I was basically answering a bajillion questions about the Moon and what kind of tech we have. I probably wasn't enough to completely satisfy her curiosity, but I did what I could. We eventually started talking about what would actually work to help attune the portal and get us through the dream world more easily," Ringo folds her arms over her chest, looking a bit proud of herself. "I floated the idea of using us."

"Us?" How would that even work?

"Yeah, or it worked out more specifically to being just one of us," Ringo explains to my tiny interjection. "All of us are magical by nature, and attuned, whatever that means, to our homeland and the capital itself. Maybe not as strongly as a rabbit that has always lived there, but still as a last resort, one of us could be used to point the portal toward where we're going." She explains. Huh... That actually sounds like a solution. Odd she didn't bring it up immediately. Maybe there's some caveat to it?

"Why only one of us?" Sounds like Chiyo also came to that same conclusion that I did.

"And why would it be a last resort?" Okay, Yuzuki too. We're all on the same page then.

"Because whoever was used to point the thing would have to stay behind until we solved the problem on the other end," Ringo continues. "Way I had it explained to me, having a magic artifact or whatever would be a lot better because they could keep the portal attuned while all of us used it. If we used one of us for the job, whoever it was wouldn't be able to use the portal while they're doing it. We'd be down a rabbit before we even got started."

Ah, okay, so one person would have to stay at the portal while the rest of us went in to solve the problem. "Still better than nothing, but..."

Ringo nods at my assessment. "Granted. I'm not ruling it out, but considering how we know that the dream world is dangerous, not to mention somebody in there is holding the capital hostage, I'd rather avoid cutting our fire power back," I recall the baku that I ran into while sleeping through Marisa's ritual... Yeah, that place could be dangerous if it's filled with youkai like that, not to mention people who can easily deal with youkai like that too.

"Hm... What about the drone?" Yuzuki asks suddenly. Oh right, I hadn't even been thinking about that. Even if it's broken, it still comes from the Moon.

"Not magically connected. Electronics and radio waves, but not magicBelieve me, I was with Rikako all day, that came up already when she was grilling me about the thing," Ringo shakes her head sadly for a moment, then moves on. "But yeah, that's all I got, who's up next? Chi?"

"I was with Seiran all day. Nothing new to report that she hasn't said already." Err, she's kind of selling herself short there, I think. Maybe there's a good reason for it, but she didn't even mention her decision to stay here... Well, I guess I won't out her like that, though she does have to bring it up eventually. Honestly, Chiyo needs to talk to the others more in general... Or just communicate at all. She's been pretty quiet ever since the whole Reisen thing.

"Fair enough I guess," Since I don't call Chiyo out on anything, Ringo buys the short explanation easily enough and moves on. "Yuzuki?"

"Err..." Surprisingly, Yuzuki doesn't answer right away. She seems a little nervous about doing so actually. "Well... I was at miss Hina's shrine all day, actually..." She answers vaguely.

"Ah, young love," Chiyo chuckles to herself. Yuzuki pointedly ignores her.

"Miss Hina happened to come by again today. I... Lost track of time," She explains, sounding embarrassed for herself, though maybe only because of Chiyo's jab.

"All day long?" That doesn't seem like normal Yuzuki behavior at all. Yuzuki looks a little uncomfortable, but eventually nods sheepishly.

"Did she have any leads?" Ringo asks, surprisingly not joining in on Chiyo's ribbing of Yuzuki's time usage.

Yuzuki shakes her head back and forth once, almost mechanically, though that's fairly normal with her. "Well... I did ask about that in vague terms, but... No. miss Hina doesn't know of anything magically connected to the lunar capital."

"Eh, it's fine. Hope you had a good time at least," Ringo shrugs it off, quickly changing subjects. Hm, seems like she's defending Yuzuki from Chiyo a little bit. That's nice of her. "So okay, sounds like we all got things done when left up to our own devices. That's good, because tomorrow is probably going to be similar. We don't have too many more days before we have to find a solution though, so here's hoping that Reisen pulls through. If not, we've at least got a backup plan for last resort, so don't panic too hard, alright?"

Even if I hadn't already known that that last bit was aimed at me, Ringo putting her hand on my shoulder would have confirmed it. "I'm okay," I assure her. Honestly, I'm in a better mood than usual right now. Even if things are a tiny bit weird with Ringo at the moment, my powers are kinda sorta fixed, and we have at least one possible solution to getting to the right place in the dream world. As long as we keep at it, things can only get better from here.

"Good," Ringo nods, spinning her body and jumping up to her feet in a manuever that I definitely wouldn't have attempted while standing on the roof like this. "So meeting's over now, let's get going somewhere less windy. It's getting kinda cold up here."

It was her idea to meet up here in the first place, but whatever. "Sanae invited us to eat at the shrine again," I point out. Though there's probably going to be a bit of a wait before the food is actually ready. "We could just go... Downstairs, more or less. If you wanted to anyway."

"Because that went so well yesterday," Chiyo... Err, is she referencing the Ringo thing right now? She hasn't said anything all day, and I don't know what specifically Sumi did or didn't say about what's going on with me and Ringo. I might just be getting self conscious over nothing.

"It did though," Ringo says, stretching her arms out for no real reason. I think she might be trying not to look me or Chiyo in the eye. "Well, the meal itself at least."

"I wouldn't mind trying tetris again," Yuzuki adds, also standing up.

"Tet-ris?" Ringo repeats. Oh right, she was too busy drinking to find out about Yuzuki's new found love of video games.

"What are you gonna do Seiran?" Chiyo asks me. "I want to head back to the plant."

Hm, that's a good question. Obviously stopping at the shrine would be the easiest thing, but I'm a little concerned about Sumi still. She might show up here or the plant and have no idea what everyone else is up to, if she even cares. I wouldn't mind having a chance to talk to her, or any of the other rabbits. Hm...

[ ] Go to the Moriya Shrine for dinner. Yuzuki will probably monopolize the video games again, but there's plenty of other stuff to do.
[ ] Head back to the plant and eat. It'll be quieter, but I don't really mind that.
[ ] Stick around outside for a little longer, just in case Sumi shows up.

No I'm not trying to go to weekly updates. I promise.
>> No. 28279
[x] Go to the Moriya Shrine for dinner. Yuzuki will probably monopolize the video games again, but there's plenty of other stuff to do.

>> No. 28280
[x] Go to the Moriya Shrine for dinner. Yuzuki will probably monopolize the video games again, but there's plenty of other stuff to do.
>> No. 28281
[X] Stick around outside for a little longer, just in case Sumi shows up.
>> No. 28282
[x] Go to the Moriya Shrine for dinner. Yuzuki will probably monopolize the video games again, but there's plenty of other stuff to do.

Might as well, Sanae is fun to hang out with.
>> No. 28283
[X] Go to the Moriya Shrine for dinner. Yuzuki will probably monopolize the video games again, but there's plenty of other stuff to do.
>> No. 28284
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[X] Go to the Moriya Shrine for dinner. Yuzuki will probably monopolize the video games again, but there's plenty of other stuff to do.

Heading back to the plant... Well, I already know that I'm going to wind back up there eventually. Why rush it now when I have a more welcoming option? Also free food. Free food helps too. Dango back at the village weren't that expensive, so I still have some Earth money left over, but why not save that for when I need it instead? Yeah, I'm pretty willing to take advantage of the Moriya's hospitality... Or take advantage of it more, if we're being honest. They've already supplied the place we're staying and shelter, and... Yeah, a whole lot of stuff.

If I was a cynic, I would wonder whether they're expecting more out of us than what they're saying... I'm not really that jaded though.

... Although I am enough of one to think that thought in the first place. Not sure what that implies.

"Um, I think going to the shrine is a better idea than heading back right now," I tell Chiyo, though obviously the other two listen as well. "Are you sure you want to go all the way back?" It seems a bit out of character for her to waste the convenience of an easy meal. She still gives me a small nod in response though. "... And you're sure you're okay?"

The low light up here doesn't do much to hide Chiyo's eye roll. "Yeah, I'm fine," She says in a way that seems like it's hiding her exasperation. "I've just got a lot to think about still."

While that makes sense, I can't help but notice that she's been thinking about things silently for quite a while now. It's a little worrying, but I don't think that rushing her to talk will do any good. "Okay, fine."

"Actually, this works out pretty well," Ringo chimes in, sounding optimistic. "We stay here, she goes back. Bases are covered for finding Sumi, assuming she comes back up at all, that is."

That's... Ugh. "You're not really helping me avoid worrying when you say it like that..." I mutter quietly. Ringo just smiles in response and pats me on the shoulder.

"We can't do anything about Sumi regardless. Either she comes back on her own or we have to go looking for her tomorrow," Yuzuki reasons calmly. She's being reasonable, though reasonable also doesn't mean reassuring. Another rescue mission? Here's hoping it doesn't come to that. Although the last one did lead to some pretty positive things over all... "Just remember to be careful on your way home Chi. If you can't find the entrance in the dark or anything goes wrong, come back up here I can take you back down if you need me to."

"Uh huh," Hey, you don't have to sound so unenthused Chiyo. If anything, Yuzuki's being less coddling than usual. "Whatever. I'll be fine," And before anyone can say anything else on the subject, Chiyo drops off the roof, catching herself in the air half way down before floating off in the general direction of the plant.

"So... Dinner then?" Ringo suggests with a smile.


It's not exactly as simple as just showing up and eating. While Sanae seems rather pleased when we come in and tell her that we want to join in, she still has prep work and cooking to get through. From the sound of things, Suwako and Kanako both aren't even here yet, so dinner isn't exactly imminent. Maybe another twenty minutes to a half hour or something? Maybe less if we can help out with the remaining work.

Sanae doesn't appear all that used to delegating tasks, which is a bit of a difficulty. Ringo at least knows enough about that to make suggestions that Sanae sees fit to go along with, so the end result is good enough. The four of us get to work, staggered or awkward as it may be. There isn't exactly a decent amount of space, nor are there enough jobs for all of us to be busy at the same exact moment. Chatter starts cropping up, though I don't mind that at all.

"Oh yeah, Yuzuki," Sanae starts at some point in the middle of chopping up some vegetables. "Thank you so much for helping clean things up! Even if you didn't quite finish up, it was still a really good start. Moving so many of the things that are on the bottom of the piles was an interesting approach. It looks like you were still in the middle of things though, are you going to keep going? No pressure to do it either way of course. You've already helped a lot."

"Your welcome?" Yuzuki seems a little surprised. "But you're incorrect on one thing, the shed is organized now. I don't have anything else that I want to do to it."

"Eh?" Oh, yeah, I figured something like this would happen. Somebody should have warned Sanae about Yuzuki's habits, but I guess that nobody was around to do so. It sounds like the storage area of the Moriya shrine is now perfectly organized for Yuzuki and literally nobody else. "Uhm... W-well..."

"Speaking of which," Yuzuki continues on, either not noticing Sanae's confusion or not caring. "You're not cutting those properly. The pieces aren't even enough."

"Huh?" To anyone with normal vision, myself included, I'm pretty sure that what Sanae's already done would be pretty impressive. Still not good enough for our perfectionist though.

Yuzuki drops what she was doing, instead crossing the room and stopping right next to Sanae. She holds a hand out expectantly. "May I?" Sanae looks rightfully bewildered.

"Should probably just let her do her thing," Ringo cautions from off to the side where she is obviously not doing any actual work. "Let her get it out of her system. Otherwise she'll find something else to do, like sharpen all your knives."

"I can hear you." Yuzuki shoots Ringo an annoyed look that is returned with a shrug. "Although now that you mention it," Yuzuki turns, glaring intently at a closed drawer nearby. "Those could use a bit of sharpening... I'll make time for that too."

"Err, wait," Sanae hands Yuzuki the [something or other] rather quickly. "I'd be happy to listen to your advice," She says. She does know that the knives thing... Well, it wasn't really a joke, but it wasn't supposed to be threatening either.

Guess there was a good reason that the rest of the unit gradually learned to either let Yuzuki do all the cooking or keep her out of the kitchen entirely.


Sanae's own communication with her goddesses really does seem convenient. Of course, what us rabbits had fulfilled the same purpose just as well, but our current situation suggests that it's a lot easier to knock out than the divine connection thing that Sanae has. Anyway, Kanako and Suwako are notified at some point in the middle of our cooking, I barely even notice Sanae doing it too, so I guess add stealthy to the list of advantages on her side. The goddesses arrive shortly after that, one after the other. Suwako first, then Kanako. They don't actually come into the kitchen to greet us, but wait in the same living room as last night while the four of us finish up cooking.

Actually, it kind of raises the question about if goddesses even need to eat in the first place. Obviously they can, but do they need to? Do they eat faith for sustenance and eat food for fun? It's idle curiosity, but I'm not sure if I want to ask... The answer hits me after a bit more thought anyway.

Thinking about it, Sanae herself does have to eat. She's more or less a human, going by her own explanation of the whole living god thing. Regardless of the other two occupants, there's going to have to be meals for her at some point. With that in mind, I can totally get the goddesses showing up to talk and enjoy a part of the evening together as a group. Heck, our unit would do similar things back on the Moon all the time. Even with weird shifts or different patrol routes, we'd still meet up to eat together and complain about work or talk about things to keep each other busy. Same thing here, just different subjects.

The food being good helps too. It's not a hotpot tonight, which makes it feel a bit less social, but that's fine. We've all got our own plates. I'm actually pleasantly surprised that I don't have to remind Sanae that Yuzuki and I don't eat meat, but Ringo does. She remembered from our meal yesterday and planned out things accordingly. Enough vegetarian stuff that Suwako felt a need to comment about 'rabbit food' before remembering who she was eating with. Or maybe she was just pretending to forget in the first place. Sanae finds it funny either way.

Although I do note that she didn't give Ringo a disproportionately larger amount of food. That would have also fit with the pattern from yesterday, though if anything I'm perfectly okay with not continuing it. Ringo doesn't need to eat that much. She just likes to.

Kanako does press us for information a little bit over the course of the meal, but considering I've already given my report on how the day went down more than once, it's not hard to explain it again. In fact, Suwako and Sanae have both heard it before, so they help as well, explaining things in ways that are probably easier for Kanako to accept without worrying or being unhappy with the job that us rabbits have been doing. Not that I get that impression either way.

In fact, it comes out that Kanako also knows that bit of info that Ringo and Rikako figured out. The stuff about us having a last resort way to get to where we're going by leaving one of us rabbits here to point the portal in the right direction.

"I would encourage you all to plan for that eventuality," She says evenly, pausing from her food to talk more seriously. Yuzuki and I respectfully pause as well, though it would obviously take a bit more than that to get Ringo to wait. "Don't rely on it, continue on like it doesn't exist, but in the case that things don't work out, you should be able to fall back on the less ideal strategy. It's important to have back up plans."

"And backup plans for your backup plans and backup plans for those too, just in case they don't work out. We get it," Suwako says, sounding exasperated as she idly pushes some of her rice around on her plate. "Of course, doesn't matter how many plans you have if they just get blown up every time you attempt them. Ask miss 'take over Gensokyo in five easy steps' here about that one."

"Even if the plans that are made can't account for every possibility, it is still essential that planning happens regardless," Kanako still sounds composed even if she's obviously annoyed at being undercut by her fellow goddess. "Even you must see the wisdom in that."

"Sure, but I'm also seeing that the planning stops the instant that they actually get in the portal," Suwako says. Right, that is kind of a good point. Even when we get into the dream world, aside from the portal hopefully pointing us in the right direction to find the capital, we don't know what's actually in there. "What are the steps after that, oh grand war goddess? Throw Sanae and Reisen at the problem until it works?"

"Hm," Kanako folds her arms over her chest, looking thoughtful. "I've had concerns about that as well, but there's precious little we know about the workings of the dream world. Talking with Rika may be in order."

"Because that always goes so productively," Suwako hides her smug smirk by taking a bite of rice. Kanako still shoots her an unimpressed look.

"Oh yeah, I was thinking about this before, but Suwako-" Ringo takes a moment from her eating to start talking, and I quickly nudge her with my elbow. "What?" I look at her intently, gesturing with my eyes toward Suwako. "Oh, right. Lady Suwako just said it, right? The plan is to bring Reisen along too, since she's packing way more firepower than the rest of us rabbits. Does she even know where the plant and all the portal stuff is? Should we tell her? We're not doing much to bring her into the operation."

"We're hedging our bets, I suppose," Kanako responds, uncrossing her arms. "While it's true that Eirin knows about the existence of the power plant, we have no reason to think that the easier to get to entrance is public knowledge. We'll discuss what information to supply Reisen with soon, after she's contributed more to this deal."

That seems a bit... Unnecessarily cautious. Reisen's trying to help things along too. Honestly, if we're planning on having her, the only reason I can think of to not bring her in on discussions like this is her curfew, and that's not even something that Kanako controls. "... Do you not trust her?"

"Reisen, despite current behavior, is still loyal to Eirin," Kanako explains. "She's likely to stay like that after the crisis is resolved as well. If we can get away without sharing unnecessary information, I see no reason to give anything up."

"But..." I'm not really sure what argument to use here. It just seems like a waste. Before I can get my words together though, I catch Sanae shaking her head at me. Hm, seems like I should cut this short instead. Darn. "Okay, fine." I guess to some extent, it's impossible to avoid some Gensokyan politics when you're dealing with people like this.

"Very good then, speaking of firepower then, I'd be interested in hearing what your unit is capable of..."


After a discussion about danmaku (and our lack of proficiency in it), things more or less calm down. Dinner is a pretty easygoing affair after that, even though I do feel a little bad. I'm a bit better off than say, Yuzuki or Chiyo in the offense department, but it feels like I can't contribute much to our offensive capabilities aside from the whole 'being a warm body' thing. Sanae and Reisen just have so much more practice in the subject.

We finish up eating, then clean the room and the kitchen up. Suwako makes some vague references to drinking again, but nobody seems all that interested in the idea this time thankfully. That leaves the rest of the evening open to do whatever.

For some value of whatever...

[ ] I'll talk to somebody (Who?)
[ ] I'll spend some time by myself, think about things
[ ] I'll head back to the plant
[ ] I'll see if anybody wants to practice danmaku
>> No. 28285
[x] I'll talk to somebody (Who?)
-[x] Ringo

All the misunderstandings have been cleared up. Now its time to clear our schedules for a date.
>> No. 28286
[x] I'll talk to somebody
 [x] Yuzuki

What? It's been a while.
>> No. 28287
[X] I'll see if anybody wants to practice danmaku
>> No. 28288
[X] I'll see if anybody wants to practice danmaku

Got to test those new powers.
>> No. 28289
[x] I'll see if anybody wants to practice danmaku
>> No. 28290
[X] I'll see if anybody wants to practice danmaku

For one Seiran still needs practice if she's going to master this essential gensokyo life skill, for two she hasn't really given her newly under control powers a test drive yet.
>> No. 28291
[x] I'll talk to somebody (Who?)
-[x] Ringo

Long long overdue date planning is a go
>> No. 28292
[X] I'll see if anybody wants to practice danmaku

Hammer time?
>> No. 28293
File 150881678196.jpg - (1.17MB, 4134x2953, The lesson plan is up to you.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] I'll see if anybody wants to practice danmaku

It was something that was only vaguely alluded to during our conversations over dinner, but it's something that I've kind of been thinking about as well. When discussing our offensive options for the journey into the dream world. Only Sanae and Reisen are being brought into consideration. The five (or it may even end up being four) of us outsiders to Gensokyo are on such a lower level compared to the two of them that we're not even really worth counting as an asset. At least, that's the impression that everyone seems to have arrived at. Granted, we haven't exactly done much to challenge that idea. Ringo and I were both soundly beaten by Reisen, and since then, what have we even done? I almost lost to Cirno, that's about it on the danmaku front. We've been talking our way out of most encounters rather than fighting. While I might prefer that, the way that the encounter with Marisa was going, it really does seem like danmaku is a more essential skill than we've been treating it.

Luckily, I've gotten a bit of an upgrade in that department today.

Truthfully, I'd like to have more time to experiment. I had years and years and years to figure out how my powers used to work. Now things are different. Even though Marisa may have had me go through some simple tests of using regular bullets, projectiles, and danmaku, that wasn't even close to the same level of understanding that I used to have. If this power of mine turns out how I think it might... Well, maybe I can help out more than anyone would expect. I'd like that.

Not that I'm looking forward to the violence, of course. I just have a feeling that that's the way this is going to go.

So that's the idea. Now I need to nail down the specifics a little bit more. Where can I go to do this? What if I overdo it an wear myself out? Should I bring somebody else along? Surprisingly I'm not feeling too embarrassed about mentioning the plan to other people, so I could probably figure most of this stuff out just by asking one of the people who actually lives here. One of them in specific comes to mind for that actually.

"Hey Sanae," People are still milling about, cleaning up a bit, deciding on what to do for the evening when I take a chance to ask the girl most likely to have spent any time practicing. The other two have goddess powers after all. Honestly I'd feel a little better having a slightly more private conversation, but better to ask now before she gets absorbed into something else. "Do you have like, a spot that you practice danmaku?"

"Practice?" Sanae repeats automatically. Hm, not the most encouraging response there.

"Well it's just that my powers work differently after that thing with Marisa," I elaborate quickly. "I'd like to get a better handle on them sooner rather than later."

"Ohh, I get it," Sanae nods a couple of times, pausing in the remaining bit of cleaning up she was doing to consider my question. "Hm, well, let me think. A lot of my practice was done before coming here. I don't really have a designated spot or anything..."

Hm, before coming to Gensokyo. Has Sanae said how long ago that was? Surely she's still had to work on it a bit in the time since then. "Well what have you done since moving here?"

"Err..." Sanae suddenly looks kind of awkward, which only draws the attention of the rest of the room to her, which makes it worse. Man, I can really relate to that. Sorry Sanae. "M-mostly just gone out and found troublemaking youkai to fight," She answers, sounding like she's reluctantly admitting to it. "You see, I was kind of really excited about the shrine maiden job when I first got here. I wanted to make a good impression, so I went at my duties of protecting the humans as hard as I could..."

"Yeah, youkai extermination," Suwako snickers from where she's sprawled out casually on the ground. "That was a fun phase."

"L-lady Suwako please!" Yep, definitely embarrassed now. Sanae waves her hands nervously as if to try and swat what Suwako is saying out of the air. "U-uhm... I kind of had this idea about what I should be doing going in and I was very... Proactive about it. I calmed down a lot after I had a few incidents under my belt and I had a chance to sit down and talk to Reimu about things... Besides, it's not like it hurt anybody... Much."

Sounds like a bit of a sore point. I won't press on it then. Honestly, if the people here are going to look beyond us almost purifying everything in Gensokyo, we owe it to them to look over Sanae non-lethally attacking a few random youkai. "I'm not really going to judge," I say, dismissing the topic. "That kind of stuff seems pretty normal. Gensokyo is kind of violent in general, I guess."

"We are not!" Oh, whoops. I meant for that to calm her down, but Sanae seems pretty distressed instead. "O-okay... Most of the time," She admits after a short pause. See? No big deal.

"Anyway, I don't think that Seiran should go out hunting youkai," Ringo chimes in. I'm inclined to agree. "We might end up running into somebody we know," Right, like one of the members of the grassroots youkai network. I'd hate for Sanae to attack any of them.

"Not that that stops people from shooting at each other most of the time," Suwako counters, chuckling to herself as she nudges Kanako a couple of times. The larger goddess doesn't react.

"Okay, we might end up running into somebody we know and have no reason to shoot at," Ringo amends.

Suwako laughs out loud at that. "Still doesn't rule out danmaku!"

People who don't know each other, shooting at each other for no reason. Can't say it doesn't gel with the image I've already built up. "... And you're saying that this place isn't violent?" I ask Sanae.

"Eheh... Heh," Nervous laughter isn't really an answer, Sanae. "Um, a-anyway, how about we practice against each other instead? I can go easy, you can try things out. It'll be fun!"

Even if I had a problem with it, Sanae appears to already be standing up to go. I guess she's already decided she wants to help out. Fair enough. "Sure. Where are we going?"

"Outside is fine," Sanae decides while I'm standing up and grabbing my mallet so I can follow along. "It's not that late, and even if it was, we don't really have neighbors to bother. Miss Ibaraki's on the other side of the mountain, and even if the tengu get curious, they won't say or do anything about it. Lady Kanako is pretty strict about them not messing with our business up here."

Hm, not a perfect reassurance I don't think, but I'll live with it. "Ooh, I'll come too!" Ringo says, scrambling to get up and follow along. A quick glance back shows that Yuzuki, Suwako, and Kanako all seem uninterested. Guess the three of them will be staying behind. Hopefully they can play nice. I don't actually know how things went last night, come to think of it. Did they all play video games together? I was a bit too preoccupied to join in.

Oh well, I've got a bit more to worry about right now.


Not exactly ideal conditions for a fight out at the moment. When we're outside, the only light we have remaining to work with is the lights from the shrine building and surrounding grounds. Not exactly enough to see each other properly when flying around. Even the dream world had more ambient lighting than I can see right now. This is more similar to being at one of the mare bases during night time on the Moon. During those times where we'd be without sunlight for what amounts to days and days worth of Earth time. Back then we would only have the lights in the bases and our own low light vision to rely on, and that was barely sufficient. This is a bit more manageable, though I wonder how well Sanae is going to be able to manage.

"Danmaku's pretty good at making its own light anyway," Ringo says, her head craned up to look at the stars.

"I guess so," It's not exactly what I would use to see, but then, I also have that light spell thing that I figured out. Still a little proud of that. Maybe I should show it off while we work on... "Err, actually, what did you have planned for us to do?"

"Planned?" Sanae repeats cheerfully. "Well what did you want to do, Seiran?" Turning that around on me, well I guess I was kind of vague. I just asked about practice. You'd think that Sanae would have gotten more clarification before joining in if she didn't have an idea of her own though. "I don't really know that much about your abilities, so I would start with that, but if you had a plan in mind we can do that instead."

"Err..." Maybe I was kind of relying on Sanae a bit much once she agreed to come along. I wasn't really thinking about a plan. To be fair though, she did end up suggesting something that I'm perfectly happy to go along with. "Okay, sure. I guess I can start talking about my power, at least as far as I understood it, then we can see how it's different now."

We make our way back to an open area in the shrine grounds, behind the main building, but not quite to the stuff further back and away from the more public facing front areas. This seems like a good enough spot. Open. If we do anything danmaku related, we should be able to avoid causing too much property damage if we do it above this area. Granted, I don't know what Sanae is capable of, but I doubt she would want to blow up her house or anything. Probably.

"So..." I guess this is all on me now. "Some of this might be a me repeating things that you guys already know, but I'm just going to talk through everything I know, if that's okay."

"Sure," Sanae prompts, smiling gently at me. "Go ahead."

"Okay..." Deep breath. I haven't really explained all of this before. Don't really have a prepared speech for it. It might end up a little bit rambly. I know I'll be able to cover everything, but maybe not efficiently. I might also throw in some information that isn't necessary, but that's just the risk I'm running here when going off the cuff.

So I just start talking. It's stream of consciousness, but I'm pretty sure I hit all the points that I need to hit. I cover how my power was, before today, an always on connection to an alternate dimension full of projectiles. Bullets and other similar stuff. I cover how I'm able to pull those projectiles out using my hammer or even my hands. As long as I could see a bullet, I could pull it through whatever connection I was looking through, then fire it off.

I talk about the whole process and how it is from my perspective. Stop suppressing the power, find the shot that I want, pull it, let it go, and physics takes care of the rest. I talk about the difficulties of staring into another dimension, how it would give me a headache or at the very least make me dizzier the more I looked at it. I talk about how the connection being always there meant that it could seep into my dreams, and how I would shoot bullets off in my sleep whenever a nightmare would get particularly intense. Ringo is, of course, especially sympathetic for this part, though she thankfully knows not to interrupt me once I've gotten on a roll.

Of course, that leads into my meds. Obviously I couldn't be a danger to everyone when I was in the military, so the medication was meant to help me suppress the effects by knocking me out while I slept. I don't know the exact mechanics of how it works, but that was never really that important to me. It was a way to be relatively normal and not hurt the people around me. Even if the trust was already gone by that point and I was stuck as an outsider to the rest of the lunar defense corps, it was still something.

But now... "Things are different now, obviously. Marisa messed with the connection to the dream world in order to fix the problems," I say, finally getting back to the present day, thankfully. "But I'm not sure how much they actually did, or if anything else happened as a result. Marisa had me run some tests, but they weren't extensive. At least not as extensive as years of experimentation."

"Years?" I just shrug at Sanae's question. It's not like I had much else to do while on patrols in the middle of nowhere. "Well what do you know already?"

Okay, well, this is a nice list to go through actually, let me see if I can remember everything that I've already figured out. "My powers don't give me a headache or make me dizzy anymore. I can use them until they exhaust me magically and I don't feel even the slightest bit sick," I start ticking off points. "I know that my powers are connected to the dream world specifically, because that's what Marisa worked on to fix the problem," Though I still have no idea how that actually works or what it means functionally. "I have better control over the orientation and flight path of projectiles now, and can pull more things through more easily," Though I still can't decide what's available. "I'm... I don't know this for a fact, but now that the connection is fixed, I might not get nightmares or fire off bullets in my sleep anymore."

Ringo seems to perk up at the last point, but doesn't say anything about it. Instead, it's Sanae that keeps things going. "Oh wow, that sounds like a serious power up! Like a shonen manga or something!" She says excitedly. I don't follow, but I guess this is just Sanae being Sanae some more. "Okay, so this is a training arc then. Makes sense," She nods sagely to herself.

"Um, but even with all that, it doesn't really matter if I don't know how to do danmaku properly," I continue on to the main reason I even brought this whole thing up. "Bullets are lethal force, so I can't use them for a duel. My power is really limited by that."

"The randomness also means that you can't use it for spell cards either," Ringo adds. Right, that's another thing. All of my spell card patterns are completely bullet power free, just because I couldn't think of a way to make them otherwise. Too many unknowns.

"Oh, that's not that big of a deal actually. At least not as much as you'd think," Sanae says. Wait, really? I was never really told the full rules, but I thought that things like these had to be defined ahead of time for them to be part of a card. "Not every attack is a completely rigidly defined pattern. Some people do have random elements to their attacks."

Oh. Some randomness. "Probably not as random as my powers are."

"Hm... Maybe," Sanae says thoughtfully, putting a hand to her chin and thinking for a moment or two. Finally, she comes to a decision. "Okay, I think I know of a few things you can work on, though I don't know if they'll necessarily pan out. I don't know as much about your power as you do, so I might not make perfect suggestions."

"Okay," I'll take anything at this point. As long as it comes from someone with experience, like Sanae. "What should I do?"

"What do you want to do?" Sanae repeats again. I hear Ringo huff in amusement, but I'm not so happy with the response. "Like I said, I have ideas, but I'm still going to leave it up to you."

"Okay fine," You can't leave it up to me if you don't even give me the options though. "What are your ideas then?"

Sanae smiles happily, crossing her arms across her chest and looking slightly smug. "Idea one. Endurance," She says dramatically. "You said that you can use your powers until they exhaust you magically. Training that threshold up is probably important if you're going to be using them for a long period of time."

"And our trip into the dream world is going to qualify for a long period of time," Ringo adds. Hm, yeah. The experiments with Marisa weren't even an hour, I don't think. Granted, you can get a lot of duels done in that amount of time, but those might be orders more intense than the experimenting that I did in Marisa's backyard.

"Probably," Sanae agrees before moving on. "We could also work on versatility. If we practice, we might be able to make it so you could choose what you find in the other dimension more easily. You'd be more versatile that way. You'd only be held back by your imagination!"

I kind of have a feeling that Sanae is more the type to benefit from that than I am. I'm not that inventive of a person. Of course, I guess it does help that there's a bit more of a constraint than Sanae is implying. "And the fact that whatever I use has to be a bullet."

Sanae just nods, almost dismissing the counterpoint in favor of going on. "Third, we could work on your control. You said this already improved somewhat, but what if you could hold bullets in place for longer, or aim them better, even adjust them more directly? I know some people can do that with their normal danmaku pretty well, but it sounds like that's harder to do when you're not using projectiles you created."

Hm, yeah, there is some merit to that. I used to be pretty limited on how many bullets I could hold in place and for how long they'd stay there while I was aiming. I haven't had a chance to test how limited that is now though. Might give me even better control than I have with my normal danmaku. "I'm not that great at it when I create the projectiles either."

"Which is another thing!" Sanae seems very pleased that I've lead the conversation right into her next point. "We could work on stuff outside of your powers too. You can already duel to some degree. We could put aside the bullet dimension and just work with your own power."

"Hm..." So this would be more or less the kind of stuff that I was working on with Yuzuki... Actually, come to think of it, why isn't she out here? We did agree to practice together before. Is it still her thing with Sanae? But I thought they had worked through that at least a little bit. More than Yuzuki's thing with Kanako at least.

"Of course," Sanae continues when I don't meaningfully respond. "Then there's also dueling itself. There's spell cards and stuff, that's important. Being able to attack people is only part of it though. Dodging is also pretty important."

Okay, so I have options. Sanae wants me to pick what I want to do, as she's so clearly told me. Fair enough. I don't think there'll be time to cover all of it, but with the rest of the evening, I could probably make some meaningful headway.

[ ] Work on improving bullet power endurance
[ ] Work on improving bullet power versatility
[ ] Work on improving bullet power control
[ ] Work on improving normal danmaku
[ ] Work on improving danmaku dueling
[ ] Work on something Sanae didn't mention. She never said I could only pick from her options after all (Write-in)

You can vote for more than one thing here if you want, but keep in mind that splitting focus too much might not be the best things for return on time investment.
>> No. 28294
[x] Work on improving bullet power control.

Sniper route go.
>> No. 28295
[X] Work on improving bullet power control

We've already had a lifetime of little to no control, so we should make damn sure that it never comes to that again.

[X] Work on improving bullet power endurance

Ringo's got a point, once we go through the portal we'll be in it for the long haul.
>> No. 28297
[x] Work on improving bullet power endurance
[x] Work on improving bullet power control

Infinite homing shots for ez modo.

Also lol at Ringo realizing she can now sleep with Seiran without being shot to death.
>> No. 28298
[x] Work on improving bullet power endurance
[x] Work on improving bullet power control
>> No. 28299
File 150885102936.jpg - (510.91KB, 1600x1600, its nerf or nothin.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Work on improving bullet power versatility

If Seiran could freely pick and choose what kind of bullet she could fire, she would be insanely powerful. Sure she is limited to bullets, but if you define a bullet as "anything that can be shot from a gun and/or cannon," then the possibilities are endless. Just limiting myself to non-lethal projectiles, here is a list of things she could theoretically fire:

Nerf darts (pic related)
Water (squirt guns)
Corks (pop-guns)
rubber (police riot control bullets)
paint (paintball guns)
electricity (stun guns)
confetti (launched out of cannons at the end of some sports games)
Air (the Airzooka toy air gun, look it up on google)
Tear gas (police riot control gear)
grappling hooks
Tranquilizer darts
nets (look up net guns on google)
potatoes (potato cannons)
T-shirts (T-shirt cannons, used at sporting events. "I dueled Seiran and all I got was this lousy T-shirt")
and of course Danmaku, which going only by the people we know has its own insane potential. Cirno's ice bullets, Marisa's Master spark, Sanae's wind and shrine maiden talismans, the list goes on and on.

If we master versatility, we'll be a walking swiss army knife of problem solving potential. Need a fire, use flamethrowers. Need to put the fire out, use squirt guns. Need some food, eat the potato cannon ammo. Need new clothes, fire the T-shirt cannon.
>> No. 28300
[X] Work on improving bullet power versatility
[X] Work on improving bullet power control

Time for some training.
>> No. 28301
Alright, >>28299 has convinced me. Changing my vote from >>28295 to
[x] Work on improving bullet power versatility.

Being a Swiss Army Bun is too good to pass up on.
>> No. 28302
Sounds like a plan

[X] Work on improving bullet power versatility
[X] Work on improving bullet power control
>> No. 28303
[x] Work on improving bullet power versatility

Yeah, I'm sold on >>28299's suggestion.
>> No. 28304
File 150942121520.png - (0.97MB, 750x1000, night time practice.png) [iqdb]
[X] Work on improving bullet power control
[X] Work on improving bullet power versatility

At this point, I would say that doing anything with my power sounds like a pretty good idea. Compared to the little to no control I had over things that I had just a day ago, everything that Sanae is saying sounds fantastic. It should also be a pretty good chance to test what my actual limits are now. That'll be important to know going forward if I want to help out with whatever happens inside the portal.

Even the non-power stuff that Sanae mentioned doesn't sound like a bad idea exactly. I just think that I probably shouldn't split my focus on things too much. This is just one evening. If I try to cover everything, I'll probably just end up not learning anything useful by the time that it's over. Better to think about what really matters to me right now.

So of the stuff that Sanae mentioned... Control. Yeah, that sounds like a good word to me, just because it's something that I've had next to none of for the past forever. Sure, what Sanae's saying is only one specific aspect of control, but it still seems useful to work on anyway. The idea that I could better control when my summoned bullets shoot and their speeds and trajectories and everything else would go a long way in making me more versatile in what I can actually do.

Speaking of versatility, none of that control stuff really matters if I can only grab out the lethal kinds of bullets, does it? Well, it does, but not for the more immediate applications that I'm likely to run into for the rest of this mission. I need to be able to sort through the alternate dimension and get danmaku, or at the very least not the most traditional kind of bullet. Anything non-lethal should work, and considering how many different projectiles exist, I should have plenty of options. I just need to figure out where to look.

Hm, I wonder if I could slow down a regular bullet enough to make it non-lethal... Might be more trouble than it's worth. Anyway, that's experimentation for later. I probably have a ton of stuff like that to work through. Hey, who knows? Maybe with all the work I'll also improve my endurance at the same time, even without actually focusing on it specifically. My power isn't exactly like a muscle that I can work out, but experience has to count for something in getting better, right? Hopefully.

"Um, let's go with my powers now, instead of the dueling stuff," I say. I think Sanae looks rather happy about my answer, although she might have been that way regardless of what I actually said. It's a much more common expression from her than the opposite. "Once I know what I can do, it should be easier to incorporate it into danmaku duels, I hope."

"Okay, sure, that makes sense," Sanae nods. "Did you have any area in particular that you wanted to work on?"

"Control," I answer, catching myself looking over in Ringo's direction before I can think better of it. For what it's worth, Ringo just smiles at me wide enough to show teeth. I'm only kind of sort of doing it for her sake, just as much as for anyone else. It's not even really for the sake of sleeping by her. Whatever.

"Okay, then let's try things out!" Sanae declares happily.

Then there's a bit of a pause because just saying that isn't at all the same thing as actually having a plan to try things out.

Despite her enthusiasm, Sanae doesn't actually know any more about my powers than I do. She can't say for certain 'do such and such and you'll get better results' sadly enough. Maybe she could do something like that with danmaku, but this is all new to her. She seems pretty good at suggesting ideas despite that though, which is a help on its own. She does a good job of thinking up exercises to focus on one thing at a time. I start running through those under her and Ringo's supervision, to varying results.

We identify two different areas that all fall into the category of improving control. Namely, aiming and maintaining whatever power I have over a bullet when I first bring it in. After that, we can break those down even more just by working on specific things. Aiming before actually shooting, then trying to redirect and aim afterward too are different exercises. As for maintaining the connection, there's the distance that I can hold the connection as well as number of connections at one time.

At first, we just focus on holding a bullet that I summon in place for as long as possible. It's easy to handle a single shot, but then that's kind of always been the case. As long as I can concentrate on the single thing, I don't need to worry about it randomly zooming off when I don't want it to. It's no surprise that nothing has changed there. After demonstrating that I really am in control, Sanae has me vary things up a little bit more. We increase the number of bullets up until I can't hold on to everything anymore.

I'm kind of glad that reaching my limit doesn't make me shoot everything that I have held at once. Instead it just breaks the control I had over whatever I had been holding on to the longest. First in first out. It also appears that I'm not so much gated by the number of individual bullets as I am by the amount of actual matter that I'm pulling through. Larger projectiles are more costly toward reaching my limit, while smaller things like a common nine millimeter bullet or something similar take up very little focus at all. It makes it a little difficult to get an upper limit on the exact number that I can handle at once, because it really depends on what I'm actually working with.

By contrast, the tests about distance that I can hold a shot are much more conclusive. I have to be able to physically touch the place that I want to gate a bullet in, and after that I have to stay within about a fifteen meter radius, or else I lose my connection and the bullet flies off. The tests and exercises that we work on don't seem to do anything to increase the number, but I think that's still a pretty decent leash to work with. Interestingly, adding more connections doesn't do anything to the range, so I feel pretty good with that measurement being something that I can consider constant. Fifteen meters. I commit it to memory, and make a mental note to practice mentally estimating the distance periodically so I always know whether I'm going to lose track of something.

After that, we work on aiming. Bullets that I pull through have their own orientation already, so I have to put focus into redirecting them to go in a specific direction before letting them go. Honestly, this seems to be the area that improves the most due to working at it. Starting off, I have to focus on each individual angle and vector. With time and work, I get much better at pointing multiple held bullets and pointing them all in one direction at the same time. Aiming different shots in different directions at the same time is still kind of beyond me, but I think I'll get the hang of it with more time to practice.

Unfortunately, aiming bullets that are already in motion is a bit more of a tall order. It doesn't even really seem possible with how my powers work. Danmaku is one thing, this is another. For me, once I've shot a projectile with my powers, the connection is just gone. There's no way for me to continue influencing it. No amount of trying or retrying makes a difference. When it comes to using my powers, it seems like my initial aim is the most important thing that I can work with. That's a little disappointing, but I guess there are just some rules that I can't break on my own. At least, unless I get bullets that somehow naturally curve...

It's just an idea, one that isn't really feasible in most cases. Obviously you can't just curve bullets like that unless they're magic danmaku or some other weird thing. Luckily, I just so happen to have access to those weird things. At least, in theory I do anyway. In practice it's just a bit more difficult than that.

"Is it just because bullets are the most common things, or is it something else?" Ringo asks once the topic of conversation has moved onto the next area that I wanted to focus on, versatility. I really don't know the limits of what I can actually pull out of whatever dimension my powers grab things from, but pushing up to my limits sounds like a good idea, just so I can always know what I have available.

"That's a big part of it, but I do think there must be something else that's weird about it," I answer thoughtfully. Thinking about it, I have no idea why bullets even would be the most common projectile I can grab. Is it a mentality thing or is it an actual limitation of the power? "I don't know, I never really had an opportunity to experiment with it, because every time I did it would give me a massive headache."

Ringo pauses at that. "Are you still good to go right now? We can stop if you want to."

I appreciate the concern, I really do. The thing is that this is kind of important. No reason to do any half measures with it. "I'm getting a little bit tired, but I can keep going for a while longer."

"Okay, as long as you say so..." Sanae agrees, casually looking around in the general direction that I've been firing bullets off. I don't really have any idea of where they're landing, so I just kind of have to hope that I'm not hitting anything important. The odds of things being fine seem pretty good anyway. Hopefully. "How do you want to do this?"

"Umm..." Just looking around with my powers, I can already see a number of different non-bullet options, but just getting what I can see immediately isn't really the point of the exercise. "Maybe just give me ideas for what to grab, and I'll see if I can find whatever you suggest," That should work. Hopefully we'll be able to figure out what limits I actually have.

"Oooh, sounds fun actually, let's go!" Right, I had a feeling that Sanae in particular would be helpful with this. She strikes me as somebody with quite the imagination. If anyone can help reach the limits of my power, it'll be her.



Does my power actually have limits?

I mean, it definitely used to, but it was mostly based on my inability to keep using it for long enough, not because I couldn't actually find a specific projectile. As Sanae and Ringo continue to come up with ideas and give them to me to try out, I'm rapidly considering the idea that my endurance really might still be the only real limit that I have.

It's actually really amazing. As long as the things that Sanae and Ringo call out are actually projectiles, things that are fired, and fly through the air with the intention of hitting some target, I can find it. Given enough time, absolutely nothing that Ringo or Sanae stays unfound. Admittedly, after a couple minutes of searching, I decline to actually use the missle that Sanae suggests, but the fact remains that it was there. Everything is there.

It never really gets faster to grab out specific, non-bullet things, so I guess the weirder stuff is still limited by the time that I take to find it too. Danmaku, for example, takes very little extra time to find, but if I want to keep grabbing bits of it that match each other to make an actual pattern, it adds up. Pulling out just water (from a squirtgun, according to Sanae), or fire (from a flamethrower, thanks Ringo) can take upwards of fifteen to thirty seconds of concentration, depending on the volume that I want, as well as some unexplained variance. The most outlandish and weird suggestions can take minutes, making them completely impractical in any combat situation.

It's actually kind of freaky. Just the sheer possibilities almost make my head spin, although that might just be me getting tired from extended power usage.

"And I thought my power was crazy..." Ringo mentions as the implications of what I can actually do start to set in.

"You're like some kind of magical projectile Swiss army knife!" Sanae says excitedly. I think she hasn't really calmed down since I managed to shoot some approximation of that attack I saw Marisa using earlier. I had been kind of nervous about that one, just because of how big, obvious and loud it is. Sanae's really sure that we're not bothering the neighbors, right?

As for what she actually said, "What's Swiss?"

"Oh right, aliens," Sanae looks a little bit embarrassed as she thinks of how to explain. "Err, it's a country-well, no. Switzerland is the country but they call the things from it Swiss. They make utility knives there or something I guess? Err, most people would just know what I'm talking about when I said it so... Never mind."

"Okay, whatever, um..." Sanae's explanation kind of petered out and got awkward, so I'm happy to move things along so she doesn't have to stay embarrassed. "A-anyway, this is all still contingent on my power not going back to how it was when I sleep. Marisa said that could happen," I caution the others before they get too excited. Before I get too excited too, honestly.

"But if it doesn't..." Ringo leans over to me, looking like she doesn't at all believe that it will. "I think we've got more firepower than expected."

For the mission? I mean, I guess that would be good, since we were kind of concerned about only having Reisen and Sanae available, but... "I uh, I don't know about that."

Sanae seems to catch my hesitation. "It's okay, I'm used to doing this kind of thing," She says cheerfully. "But you might not be. You can do what you're comfortable with."

I don't know if I'm hesitant for that reason, more just because I'm still not sure about my powers. "It's not really-" I cut myself off when I notice something in the corner of my vision. I turn to get a better look. "Woah."

"Huh?" Ringo looks to where I'm looking. "Oh hey!"

We had been wondering when she would show back up, but it's still a little unexpected that she would just pop back in like this. She's floating toward us, obviously having noticed us before we noticed her. Ringo still waves her down anyway.

"The shit are you guys doing?" Sumi immediately demands of the group once she lands She looks pretty normal, although maybe a bit more self assured than usual.

"Erm, practicing?" I explain lamely. Is it really so weird that we're standing around in a relatively safe area?

"Practicing your big fucking laser power, yes of course. I should have known," Oh. That. I guess if she was flying toward us at the time, she definitely would have seen the big laser that I shot earlier. The funny thing is that it wasn't even as big or powerful as Marisa's but it was still obviously noticeable.

"A lot of stuff happened," Ringo answers vaguely for me, stepping in between me and Sumi to handle the conversation. "Sucks for you that you missed it. What have you been doing?"

"Eh..." Sumi shrugs and at first seems like she's actually not going to answer, but after a moment thinks better of it. Good. We're supposed to be working together here. "Actually, I guess I might as well say it now. You might be interested in this actually Ringo," She reaches into one of the pockets of her camo pants and pulls out a few small slips of paper. "I got tickets."

"Tickets to?" Ringo asks the obvious question before I can.

"Oh, only Choujuu Gigaku's last concert of the year. No big deal," Sumi looks over the tickets in her had, flipping them over a couple times before waving them in the air casually. "Well, maybe a teeny bit of a big fuckin' deal actually. Course, I already knew I could get in regardless, but it took a lot of promises and way nicer words than I'm used to to get five tickets. It's the day after tomorrow. Seats aren't the best, but they're good. If you say we can't go to this, I'm gonna be pissed."

"Hold on," I feel like I have to stop her. Maybe she would have given a better explanation for why we should be going to this concert other than her obviously wanting to. Maybe not. I'm not sure. Either way, there's a big problem here. "The day after tomorrow."

"Yup," Sumi confirms.

"So two nights before we have to leave for the capital," I continue.


"... You don't think that we might be a little busy at that point?" We still don't have a solution figured out for getting back.

"That's why I'm bringing it up ahead of time," Sumi rolls her eyes as if it were obvious. She pockets the tickets again. "We can schedule it and not get shafted. Easy."

... Ugh.

"Eh, you gotta admit Sumi, Seiran has a point," Thank you Ringo. "But at the same time, from talking to youkai about it, it sounds like it's going to be a blast. I don't really want to miss it either."


Ugh... Once again Ringo is doing a questionable job as leader. I'm too tired from all the experimenting and practising to deal with this right now, but I should probably say something sooner, rather than later.

[ ] I guess we can probably make some time. It does sound like fun.
[ ] Going to the concert is fine, but I don't want Sumi skipping out on us anymore. She needs to stick around from now until then.
[ ] We should only go if we've made progress on our mission before then.
[ ] I really don't think that we should be focusing on this extra stuff.

[ ] Practice a little more. Maybe do some dueling.
[ ] Head back to the plant. It might be good to relax for a bit before heading to bed.
[ ] Head inside the shrine again. Sumi might not have eaten yet.

I feel like there's a lot of technical power information in this update, but I've been really into stuff like this since I just finished reading Worm (just in time for Worm 2!)

Also it's kind of hitting me how many days are still left in the story. I'm thinking that tomorrow in story and the last day are probably going to go by faster than the others though. Not sure on the day of the concert of the day after that though. Story still has a bit longer to go than I expected, but I'm bad at estimating these things I guess. My pacing doesn't help that much either.
>> No. 28305
[x] Going to the concert is fine, but I don't want Sumi skipping out on us anymore. She needs to stick around from now until then.
[x] Head back to the plant. It might be good to relax for a bit before heading to bed.
>> No. 28306
[x] Going to the concert is fine, but I don't want Sumi skipping out on us anymore. She needs to stick around from now until then.
[x] Head back to the plant. It might be good to relax for a bit before heading to bed.

Work hard, play hard.
>> No. 28307
[x] Going to the concert is fine, but I don't want Sumi skipping out on us anymore. She needs to stick around from now until then.
[x] Head back to the plant. It might be good to relax for a bit before heading to bed.

I know Sumi has her own issues, but she needs to get with the fucking program or we could all end up in serious trouble. As to the pacing, don't worry about it too much. I think you're doing fine, it lets us spend more time with the characters and come to know/appreciate them a little better.
>> No. 28308
[x] Going to the concert is fine, but I don't want Sumi skipping out on us anymore. She needs to stick around from now until then.
[x] Head back to the plant. It might be good to relax for a bit before heading to bed.
>> No. 28309
[X] Going to the concert is fine, but I don't want Sumi skipping out on us anymore. She needs to stick around from now until then.
[X] Head back to the plant. It might be good to relax for a bit before heading to bed.
>> No. 28310
File 151003315276.jpg - (42.45KB, 1023x575, Might've been down for a sleepover.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Going to the concert is fine, but I don't want Sumi skipping out on us anymore. She needs to stick around from now until then.
[X] Head back to the plant. It might be good to relax for a bit before heading to bed.

She can't really expect this to work out just by asking us. Saying that we'll plan around it and actually having the time to do something extra like go to a concert are two very different things. I'm pretty sure that Sumi knows that though. Just because she's prone to defying authority doesn't mean she's out of touch with reality. She's stubborn, but only to a point. If Ringo or I said no to her idea, she wouldn't be happy, but I'm pretty sure she would understand. At least, I hope so. Might also help if we have a good reason.

I don't actually know exactly where Sumi stands at the moment. She's made it exceedingly clear on more than one occasion that she's not going to go back to the Moon. Full stop. No chance. That's... I can't necessarily say that I like it, considering she basically decided that regardless of what the rest of us end up deciding. To me it kind of points to a surprising willingness to distance herself from us. Would she really stay here by herself even if all the rest of us wanted to go back? Hard to tell. It's not hard to tell that she likes us, but maybe it doesn't go quite as far as I thought before.

Although thinking about it, she's the only one of us, beside me with Yamame I guess, who has made obvious friendships that are separate from everyone else. She's been spending time with Prismrivers and Raiko and Benben and Yatsuhashi and who knows who else. That whole group that she went off and talked to during the grass roots youkai network meeting. If anyone has enough contacts to leave the unit and survive on their own here in Gensokyo, it'll be her. Do I think that she's going to abandon us or anything? No, I really really doubt it. It's just that somewhere in her mind, she has to be aware that it's a possibility. Even if she's not willing to use it now, there's no reason to push things and give her a reason to do so.

In fact... Maybe I can compromise to try and keep the distance between us from growing.

"Okay, if you both want to go, I guess we can," Sumi pumps her fist with a quiet 'hell yeah' as I give my answer. Ringo also looks rather pleased as well. I pointedly ignore both of their reactions. "I'm not in charge of convincing Yuzuki though."

"Eh, if she doesn't want to come, it's her loss," Sumi shrugs. "We'll find someone else," she then adds, turning her head toward Sanae. Pretty sure that she intentionally makes it obvious enough that everyone else catches it as well.

"Choujuu Gigaku?" Sanae repeats, actually sounding rather excited by the idea. "Do you think it'd be okay!?"

Personally I don't see the problem. Why wouldn't it be okay? Sumi seems to get the issue though. "You wouldn't be the only human there," She says, more casual than reassuring.

It doesn't seem to help Sanae feel much better. "I'd be the only shrine maiden though..."

"Human, shrine maiden, whatever. Same difference," I don't really think that settles the issue, but Sumi seems keen to move on rather than get stuck on the details of a plan that she hasn't even made yet. "We've got time to figure it out is all I'm saying. Let's plan on keeping our schedules free that night, and I swear to you guys you'll have the best fucking night out of this whole trip."

... Right. Well, I won't deny that it could be fun. Earth does seem to have a knack for having much more fun parties than the Moon, though part of that is probably due to them not having many parties to choose from up there. Not sure if that excuses them or is just another point against them, but I guess it doesn't matter that much. What I'm saying is that I wouldn't mind having a night that's kind of like our meeting night, but a bit more structured and less alcohol filled. Maybe the concert would qualify, maybe not.

"Speaking of plans," All of that aside, I need to use some leverage here to get a handle on what Sumi's actually doing. "As a compromise, do you think you could maybe actually be around so we can include you in plans?" I half suggest, half plead. "We had no way of contacting you today, and we had no idea when or even if you would come back tonight. It's adding a lot of stress to our end for no reason."

"You're the one adding stress if you're getting your panties bunched up just because I'm not right next to you to iron them out," Sumi argues back.

I'm pretty sure she's intentionally missing the point. She's always been like this though, it's hard to get her to budge on issues of personal freedom. Sumi got into the habit of fighting for as much of it as possible before, and even that wasn't much, considering the whole being in the military thing. "Last time you were out and nobody knew where you were going, you ended up in jail," I remind her, not bothering to be gentle about it. "We're running out of time. We need everyone on deck if we want to make sure that we have the time and resources to solve the portal problem. That includes you."

"Oh come on," Sumi gives me an exasperated look, as if I was missing something. No Sumi, I really don't think I am. "The jail thing was to help you out."

For all the helping out that it actually did... "Look, I appreciate the idea of what you did, but it'd probably better if it doesn't happen again. Nobody wants that."

"And it ain't gonna happen again," Sumi counters. "I'm meeting up with people, not searching through the ass-end of bird country. It's not the same issue. Not gonna get tossed in the bird cage just hanging out with Yatsuhashi..." She pauses her argument for a second. "Though maybe there'll be some slamming going on, if you know what I mean," She adds with a smirk. What?

"Nice," Ringo cracks a smile as well, and I'm left not quite getting the joke. "How about this then," She proposes, moving on before I have a chance to ask. "You can head out and meet up with people, but only if we're not busy with something else, and you let me and Seiran know ahead of time."

Sumi sighs heavily. "It's bullshit," She points out, apparently deciding that that's argument enough.

"Sure, sure," Ringo shrugs. "But you only have to deal for a few more days. After that, you can do whatever. Once we desert, I won't technically have any authority to tell you what to do. You can run off and get married or whatever. It'll all be up to you."

Sumi seems to ignore the marriage comment, though I notice Sanae let out a tiny gasp of excitement at the idea. I uh, really don't think that Sumi's relationship is anywhere close to that level yet. "Not like I have much reason to listen now."

Ugh, I'm used to Sumi being difficult, but this is just frustrating. "Other than wanting to survive," I stress meaningfully. "Look, it's like Ringo said. A couple more days. That's all. Can you please just work with us for that long?"

Sumi looks at me, obviously unimpressed. "... Fine," She finally relents. "As long as you guys actually do plan around going to the concert, I'll plan around whatever you need me to do."

"That's all we're asking," Ringo says with a smile. I really doubt that I can do the same, or even fake it.

Honestly, I'm more than a little frustrated, even after more or less getting what I wanted out of the conversation. Sumi has agreed, however reluctantly, to work with us so we're at full capacity when we need to be. That's good. It just really shouldn't have been such a struggle to get to that point.

Sumi's just weird like that though. In some ways, and at certain times, she's the most mature one of all of us. I know that I have gone to her for advice more than once in the past couple of days, and while I haven't really followed all of it, it's still nice to have the option. Situations like this though, where she's being all stubborn about everything, these are the worst part of dealing with her. Even worse, the fact that she's arguing instead of just tuning Ringo and I out with her power and ignoring us can actually be considered an improvement.

I guess saying that she was bad before doesn't necessarily mean that she's good in all aspects now though, huh?

"So anyway..." Sumi continues, now that that discussion is wrapped up. "Were you guys done setting of fireworks or whatever? What's up with you?"

Right, still haven't really explained everything to Sumi. Her fault that she wasn't around for the meeting really. I honestly don't feel like launching into that whole explanation again, so I won't. "Err, like I said, practicing," I repeat lamely. "Um, we were mostly finished though, I think?" I look questioningly toward Sanae, since we haven't really formally ended the session or anything.

Sanae catches my look and smiles gently toward me in response. "This is for your benefit, if you want to stop now, that's completely your decision."

Okay, so... Could I keep going? Honestly, maybe for a little bit. I'm feeling drained, but it's not like I'm falling over from exhaustion or anything. Something tells me that I don't want to overdo it though. I made good progress in understanding some of the limitations that I'm working with tonight, as well as areas that I can actually improve by practicing more. That's really good. As long as I follow up on that, I can... I can what?

Ideally, I wouldn't even need to use my powers for anything. We would just float our way into the dream world, find the capital, Sanae and Reisen would handle any fighting that needed to happen, and everything would be good. After that... What does happen after that? I go back to the Moon and show them that my powers aren't dangerous anymore? They run more experiments to understand what Marisa did? I become rabbit artillery for whatever else they need me to do for the rest of forever?

Ugh... No. Just no. Even if I'm being pessimistic, just... No.

Err, I kind of got sidetracked there though. Sanae asked me if I wanted to continue. I mentally decided on a response but didn't actually say it out loud. "Okay, we can stop for tonight then."

"Sounds good," Sanae says cheerfully, clapping her hands together. "This was really interesting though, I had a lot of fun."

I feel kind of guilty considering that Sanae didn't really have to do much other than make suggestions, but I have a feeling that she'd shoot down any apology that I make. Sanae is nothing if not charitable and helpful and a bunch of other nice things. I really do appreciate her helping us out as much as she has... Actually, I should probably say that out loud, shouldn't I?

"I did too. Thanks a lot Sanae."


The four of us head back inside the shrine after that. It's a bit of a relief, considering how the outdoors isn't exactly warm at this point in the evening. In contrast, Sanae's home has at least some form of heating. Much more comfortable. Much nicer. A shame that we're going to have to go for at least one more flight before we can settle in.

It's not that difficult of a discussion. Honestly it takes longer to get Sumi to focus than for all of us to come to a decision. Nothing important left to do here, we might as well head back to the plant sooner or later. Even if it's still a little bit early to actually go to sleep (Unless I wanted to wake up exceptionally early I guess), putting it off doesn't really get us much.

Aside from let Yuzuki play more tetris I guess. It's kind of funny, but when we try to signal her, it doesn't actually work. We have to physically walk to Sanae's room and interrupt the video game in order to get Yuzuki's attention. She's a little embarrassed about it, but isn't so absorbed that she disagrees with heading back... After she finishes her current game anyway.

While that takes a bit longer than I thought (Yuzuki's obviously been getting better. I kind of wonder if that's all she's been doing while the rest of us were outside), she does eventually finish up. We're likely to see all or at least most of them soon, but we still give some goodbyes to the occupants of the Moriya shrine, then head out.

It's dark, so we let Yuzuki lead the way, electing to take our time on the way back to the plant. Better safe than sorry.


The flight back is largely uneventful, not to mention moderately slow. Yuzuki being in front when she's generally slower than the rest of us kind of limits our top speed, but we prefer that to the random off chance that we could get lost. Of course, I've already flown around so much today that one more trip shouldn't bother me that much, and even with the reduced speed, this one is still comparatively shorter.

I keep myself busy by trying to think over what I'm going to do next. It's later into the evening. Late enough that I could go to bed, but it would be a bit earlier than normal. That isn't that big of a deal, but I'm kind of dreading it a little bit for other reasons anyway.

Problem one is that I don't actually know what's going to happen when I sleep. Marisa said that something could screw up, my powers could get reconnected to the dream world or whatever. The progress could get undone. I don't really know what the plan is if that happens. It's a big, scary unknown. Even though I know that putting it off won't make it any better... I still kind of want to put it off.

It also leads directly into problem two... Ringo. The talk that we had together on the roof helped smooth things over a little bit, sure, but there's still a lot of issues hanging over our heads. I'm pretty convinced that Ringo is going to ask if we can sleep in the same bed again, now that I'm safe(ish). Yesterday Sumi suggested that I stop that, but Sumi suggested a lot of stuff. I still have to pick and choose what of it I actually intend on following. Even if Ringo has promised not to try and force things, there's the issue of what signals I'm sending with whatever I do.

This... Honestly it's still way more complicated than I like. No getting around it in the long term though.

However in the short term, I could still do something else instead. Everyone should be in the general area of the plant, so I could talk to any of the others, or I could even go for a walk or something. Clear my head a bit. That does carry the risk of running into somebody I don't really know though.

[ ] Talk to somebody (who?)
[ ] Go for a walk in the plant
[ ] Go to bed early

This update took longer than it should have for a mostly transition update where very little actually happens. I've been having some troubles lately, both writing and not writing related, but I'm still going.

Anyway, next update will be a new thread.

Yeah, but finishing the story at some point is actually my big goal. I'm going to hit two years soon and still have a while to go. Whoops.
>> No. 28311
[x] Go for a walk in the plant.

Random encounter go!
>> No. 28312
[X] Go for a walk in the plant
>> No. 28313
[x] Go for a walk in the plant
>> No. 28314
[X] Go for a walk in the plant

Personally, I find going for a walk helps clear the head when you have a lot to think about.
>> No. 28315
[X] Go for a walk in the plant

Who knows, maybe an outside perspective is just what we need right now.
>> No. 28317
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