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File 149292175672.png - (2.02MB , 1382x725 , attired rabbit.png ) [iqdb]
27619 No. 27619
Someone once told you that all paths eventually take you where you're really going. Not that that's very helpful right at this moment. At least, not in a practical sense.

As far as your eye can see, you’re surrounded by bamboo.

This isn’t really a problem in the daylight if you keep to the edge of the forest. People in the village harvest shoots there all the time. You, however, are in way deeper than that. It’s gotten considerably darker, too. You’re pretty sure it’s become nighttime somewhere along the way. And a thought keeps coming up. A stupid but persistent one: if the bamboo forest were alive you’d be stuck somewhere deep in its bowels. You still hope to see the moon, eventually. That would dispel some of the near-total darkness. Wishful thinking at its best.

You hold back a sigh. A lot of youkai prefer to come out at night. Therefore, It’s more likely that you’ll get eaten up whole any time soon. This previously-unseen monster would, naturally enough, have an impossibly large mouth and be full of deadly teeth. That’s just the way things tend to go for innocent humans around these parts. Ain’t no sugar-coating it.

Still, it’s still too early to panic. You got into this mess knowing fully about the risks. But you couldn’t help it. You saw her in the market, peddling her wares, and spent most of the day working up the courage to talk to her. And when you finally did, you could only stammer out a request for medicine. You handed her a few coins and lost your nerve to say anything else. you barely stammered a request for medicine and handed over a few coins. Still, though, there was reason to hope – when your eyes made contact, a funny sensation spread throughout your body. It was warm and comforting, like napping under the shade of a tree on a sunny afternoon. Made you feel stupidly carefree.

You held on to that and slowly built up your courage again. Problem was, by the time you had the perfect line, she had already packed up and left. By chance you spied her off in the distance, walking in the direction of the bamboo forest. Without thinking, you followed, not quite being able to clear the village crowds before she had disappeared. Once in the forest, you caught glimpses of her here and there. Even called out a few times to no avail. The rough terrain and her head start made it feel like catching up was impossible.

And so you got lost. Eventually you stopped catching glimpses of her and everything got dark. Thus your current predicament.

What to do? You can’t go back. You don’t know which way is back anyhow. And it’s not like you’re giving up on her just yet. You fancied her, even if she was a youkai. A rabbit youkai like her couldn’t possibly be dangerous. Quite the opposite: you were sure she was lovely. Both on the outside and the inside. Anyone who offered up medicine to the village couldn’t be a bad person.

Not that your friends would understand. They’d make fun of you. But what did they know about true love? They could spend the rest of their lives settling for the plain-looking girls of the village. You, on the other hand, would not settle for anything but the most sublime.

Enough thinking! You can’t afford to spend any more time lost in your thoughts. If you don’t make up your mind now, it feels like you’ll never find her again.

[] Keep pressing on in the last direction you saw her going.
[] Call out for help, maybe someone will hear you.
[] Try to stay quiet and look for some way to get your bearings.
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>> No. 27881
[x] Tell Tei that you’re having fun but wish that your true love were here to share the moment.
>> No. 27882
[X] Why not join in? Grab Tei and dance.
>> No. 27883
[x] Tell Tei that you’re having fun but wish that your true love were here to share the moment.
>> No. 27884
[x] Tell Tei that you’re having fun but wish that your true love were here to share the moment.
>> No. 27885
[x] Tell Tei that you’re having fun but wish that your true love were here to share the moment.

Things are clearly going too well here - we need to correct that.
>> No. 27886
[x] Why not join in? Grab Tei and dance.

Guys, she's helping him get over his obsession. For her own reasons, I'm sure, but I haven't seen him this chill since the story started. Let's not fuck this up.
>> No. 27898
The next thing you know, it’s really hot all over. The air feels dense and moist.
A lot of your skin feels like worn leather, insensitive and tough. The world of singing and dancing is no longer there. Instead, it’s remarkably quiet, with only the sound of dripping water reverberating with undue loudness.

You open your eyes and things are blurred. Your head is trying to escape your body, seems like, loudly pounding to be set free from the otherwise heavy corpse. Light is such a bother, giving more energy to the struggle happening behind your eyes, inside your head. It takes a moment for things to come into something approaching focus. Once you stop wincing, you start making sense of your surroundings.

Tile, steam and a bathtub. And you’re in it. Hot water is about neck high and your naked body is casually sprawled, with its legs spread open underwater. It would be relaxing if it weren’t so damn hot. The unfamiliar ceiling is the least of your worries, the fact that you don’t remember even getting into the bath seems more pressing.

With some effort, you get your arms to cooperated. You lift them out of the water and grope around for the edges of the tub. Naturally, you don’t have the strength to lift yourself out of the water just yet, but it’s something of a start. At the very least, it stops you from feeling like the world is spinning around. Just a little.

The temptation to close your eyes again is great. But if you do, you’re sure that you’ll happily nap away for a while longer. And that’s not helpful. What is helpful is wiggling your toes and keeping your body from feeling like it’s going to dissolve away in the hot water at any moment.

“Oh, you’re here,” you say, finally noticing that not alone. By a door to your left, past a small stool and much tiled floor, is a familiar face. Small and cute, his fur seems a little less fluffy because of all the steam. “It was...” you try to organize your thoughts; it’s something akin to trying to wrangle angry chicken into a pen. But the answer comes eventually, after a very awkward pause, “it’s you, Hiroyuki.”

“What’s that?” you furrow your brow. Couldn’t be, you heard another voice.

And there it is again.

“...are you talking to me?” you ask.

There is no one else present, the words just pop into your mind. In reality, all you see is a small white rabbit wrinkling its nose and moving its mouth quietly, as if nibbling the very air.

“Wait, I can understand you?” you feel like maybe your throbbing head is playing tricks on you.

Get out of the bathtub, or you’ll pass out again, Hiroyuki advises, his ‘voice’ a calm contrast to the cacophony of your mind.

“I’ll try,” you tell him, making the effort to gather strength to your extremities. Easier said and done. The weight of the water and the weight of the steam upon your body seems like the weight of the world. You’d rather not dwell upon all your failed attempts so, after a while, you managed to stand up and get out of the tub, puffing and heaving like a man 60 years older.

Dry yourself before you catch cold, he says, turning his small head away from the full display of your naked body. Doesn’t seem like he cares but you can’t help but feel just the least bit judged.

There’s a towel by the bathroom door. You lurch towards it, finding that steadying your walk is a lot more trouble than it normally is. A similar scene played itself out not too long ago. That… yes, Tei, she was consoling you about your love. She was very interesting to hear what you had to say about her and how your heart belonged exclusively to her. Rabbit solidarity, perhaps, but there was something else too it… something that you can’t really recall because your head is still trying to murder you for getting carried away with the merriment.

How could she have kept up with you? You think of the girl in the pink dress. She was just full of surprises. Empathy, tolerance and leadership—these were undeniably part of her own extensive talents. She seemed like she had a lot to say about your situation btu was more than happy to hear you blather and babble on and on and on and on and on. It was an unnatural level on interest, maybe. Eh, that’s probably a rude way of putting it, given that you probably made a complete fool of yourself and ruined the spirit of the impromptu party.

You’re not even thinking too straight. You’re just piecing together random thoughts with fragments of memories. Confessions, acceptance and then losing control of yourself. Your cheeks flush and it’s not just because of all the steam. You may have gone a little beyond socially accepted norms when whining about your love. Not that you were called out on it, but perhaps you should have been.

Hurry up, Hiroyuki looks at you with what passes for impatience in a rabbit’s eyes. There are hints of irritation there too. He’s by the door, waiting for you to open it. There is little time, he emphasizes.

[] Trust him, it's urgent.
[] There’s a lot of gaps in your memory that you’d like to fill first.
>> No. 27899
[X] There’s a lot of gaps in your memory that you’d like to fill first.

How many wrong choices can we make before he explodes?
>> No. 27900
[x] Trust him there's little time

Regardless of trust, being naked in someone else's bathroom is not a situation you want to prolong... If you don't know who the owner is.
>> No. 27901
[X] Trust him, it's urgent.

Trust Hiroyuki. He knows more about the surroundings and inhabitants than we do.
>> No. 27904
[X] Trust him, it's urgent.
>> No. 27905
[X] Trust him, it's urgent.
>> No. 27906
[x] There’s a lot of gaps in your memory that you’d like to fill first.

Hang the fuck on, I wanna know first.
>> No. 27908
We're late! We're late! For a very important date!
No time to say hello, goodbye! We're late, we're late, we're late!

[X] Trust him, it's urgent.
>> No. 27909
[X] Trust him, it's urgent.
>> No. 27910
[X] Trust him, it's urgent.

At this point I just want to ride this train to the end of the line. No matter how on-fire it is.
>> No. 27923
[X] Trust him, it's urgent.

I hope we didn't do anything too extreme while drunk.
>> No. 27952
You secure the towel around your waist. It’s as much for your modesty as it is for comfort. With all the rain during the day, it’s bound to be cool beyond the walls of the steamy bathroom. Though his face is inscrutable, at least as much as you can humanly tell, it feels like Hiroyuki is on the verge of sighing. Easy for him to judge—he’s naked all the time.

Once you slide the door open, the rabbit bolts immediately, underscoring just how little time there is to waste. You follow, finding that there’s little to keep you around. You clothes are nowhere to be seen and you can’t even find a pair of slippers to wear. There’s no doubt that your steps are ungainly and, more than once, you feel like you are going to stumble. The wooden floor is as about as flat, smooth and stable as it could be, so the problem is your body.

The corridors are long and somewhat dark. It’s hard to make sense of where exactly you would be in the building. The frantic pace you’re forced to adopt doesn’t help things; every time you pause to catch yourself before you trip, Hiroyuki turns and spurs you on with his gaze. With your head pounding as hard as it is, it’s hard to hold a thought for a very long time. Any excess willpower is being used to keep your legs sturdyish and the contents of your stomach from rising back up through your throat.

It’s only when you’re led through the door to a room that you realize just how cold you feel. Water continues to drip from your body. Stay, Hiroyuki commands, wanting you to slide the door shut behind you.

“What are we doing?” you ask, overwhelmed and short of breath.

Staying alive, he gives a non-answer. One that, combined with the strange vibe you’re getting from him, you take to mean that you should dry yourself off properly. He does not look away as you pat yourself dry, making you feel somewhat weirded out. Apparently rabbits don’t care too much about modesty or privacy.

Once dry, you try to get your bearings. The room is small, looks like an unused… you’re not sure what. There’s a few chest and things that make it seem like it’s a storage room but there’s also a bedroll. But it doesn’t look lived-in at all. So not a bedroom. You do discover, however, clothes that have been left neatly folded upon the bedroll. There’s a note as well. You read it.

“Your broken heart won’t remain broken for too long. Get dressed, I’ve arranged a compatibility interview -T”

“Do you know anything about this?” you ask your companion.

... he stares at you like you’ve just asked something incredibly stupid. Maybe you have. Feels about as stupid as asking where the light is coming from, all you know that there’s a faint light coming from the ceiling, but you can’t see a lamp or an obvious source.

You get dressed, finding that the clothes are a little too big in places. Not to mention way fancier than what you’re used to. The thread count feels finer and the pattern is something subtle, something in good taste. It’s something that maybe an elder from an important family would wear, a dark blue fabric that exudes subtle confidence in its own quality. The closest thing to this that you’ve ever worn was when you became of age and your whole extended family came together to welcome you to adulthood.

You look terrible, Hiroyuki tells you, but no longer stink.

“Mmm, thanks, I guess?” you take the compliment with good humor, sighing as you allow yourself to sit down and rest. “What now?”


[] A little more waiting can’t possibly hurt.
[] Too much time has been already wasted just waiting.
>> No. 27953
[x] Wait
[X] Try to adjust the clothes
[X] Calm yourself and focus.

There are a few things you can do with clothes that are too big for you. More than you can either clothes that are too small, at any rate

Also, this guy needs to chill the fuck out. I know circumstances were conspiring against him, but still.
>> No. 27954
[x] A little more waiting can’t possibly hurt.

>Your broken heart won’t remain broken for too long. Get dressed, I’ve arranged a compatibility interview

Marriage interview with Reisen?
>> No. 27955
[x] A little more waiting can’t possibly hurt.

This guy's time doesn't seem that valuable, and besides we've been trusting hiroyuki so far and nothing horrible has happened yet.
>> No. 27956
[x] A little more waiting can’t possibly hurt.
>> No. 27957
[x] Wait
[X] Try to adjust the clothes
[X] Calm yourself and focus.
>> No. 27966
[x] Wait
[X] Try to adjust the clothes
[X] Calm yourself and focus

As much as I hope it's with Reisen, it's probably Kaguya what with the fancy clothes and all. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if we were actually wearing her clothes.
>> No. 27967
OK fellas, let's not forget things that happened just weeks ago.

>I'll be ignoring write-ins wholly from now on.
Although at least I think this write-in can be safely interpreted as the waiting option, full stop.
>> No. 27968
Sure. I'm still ignoring everything else, but at least the first part is clearly one of the choices. in general, if you want something in, just state it like a normal gosh-darned comment. If it makes sense and others agree, it'll be worked in.

Can't call votes yet since I don't really have the time to write. Sometime tomorrow when I have free time, probably. Still, I suspect that things probably won't change. I find the past few votes to be hilarious, it's the most blatant tone deafness I've seen in a story in a while. The other choices are there for a reason, y'know. Can't hurt to think about what characters are doing and why a little more before jumping the gun. It's still fun for me to write either way, but maybe not as fun for you to read if you keep at it.
>> No. 27994
The rabbit proffers no more instructions. You’re left sitting, legs and arms crossed, wondering just what the hell comes next.

It’s a wait that pulls no punches, leaving you idle for too long. The dull throbbing of your head isn’t helped by the stray thoughts that force themselves upon you . The most disquieting things are the random flashes of memory that come with some of these thoughts; Tei is listening, the rabbits dance, you drink more because it would be impolite to refuse. There is sympathy. You talk a lot. About life, about the village. About your love.

You wince as you struggle to recall more, feeling that there’s something key that you’re missing. You tug at your sleeves, fidgeting with the excess fabric. Whoever the clothes were made for had longer arms and probably a wider frame. There’s no way to make the clothes stay fashioned on properly without doing some adjustments. If you had a sewing needle… perhaps you could do something about it.

Still, it’s not like it’s too shabby. Better than your mud-and-rain-soaked clothes, definitely. You’re thankful to Tei for providing them. Heaven knows what sort of impression you’d make on your love, showing up disheveled, dirty and wet. Sure, she’d likely understand your ordeal because she’s just that great but you’d still feel a little guilty about it. You’re sure she’s the type of person who tries her best in all circumstances, so you have to endeavor to do the same.

Hiroyuki is ignoring you entirely, being sat in a dimmer part of the room. It doesn’t seem like he feels like humoring you. You make attempts at conversation, but get nothing in return. If he’s upset, you have no clue why. Hard to tell what rabbits are thinking. Or so you keep telling yourself. It’s useful to have something to obsess about, keeps your mind from reminding you just how sick and out of sorts you are.

At some point, however, your rabbit companion perks his ears up. You ask what’s up, but get more of that annoying silence in reply.

“Fine, be that way,” you scowl at Hiroyuki—a small show of defiance you allow yourself—as you anxiously try to figure out what’s going on.

Luckily, it doesn’t take very long for you to find out.

The near-preternatural silence of your surroundings is interrupted by the sound of movement. Footsteps. Doors opening. More footsteps. Wood creaking. Louder footsteps, hurried ones. Closer and closer. Hiroyuki’s nose twitches. Maybe in anticipation. You feel like yours does the same.

Then the door is slid open.

A familiar face full of frustration stands at the threshold. Sharp eyes glance around the room. They find Hiroyuki. And then they find you. The expression hardens into a scowl. She crosses her arms and growls softly to herself. But there’s also a hint of uncertainty in her eyes, as she continues to scan the room.

But you’re happy to see her. Even if she’s not exactly returning your feelings. And looks a bit scary, in fact. Ah, but that might just be posturing. Despite her long, sharp nails and teeth, she’s a good girl. She may have bit you once before but she also helped you out when you were in a jam. A sure mark of a compassionate heart. Plus, no one with fluffy ears like hers can be a bad person.

[] Greet her with all the enthusiasm you can muster
[] Wait and see if she does something else first

Updates so fast, you have to factor in time dilation!
>> No. 27995
[X] Greet her with all the enthusiasm you can muster

Kagerou's back!

That time dilation made it look like it took ages bro.
>> No. 27996
[X] Greet her with all the enthusiasm you can muster
>> No. 27997
[X] Wait and see if she does something else first

Really don't wanna get bitten again.
>> No. 27998
[X] Greet her with all the enthusiasm you can muster
>> No. 27999
[X] Greet her with all the enthusiasm you can muster

Who's a good girl? You are!
>> No. 28009
File 149836568022.jpg - (36.94KB , 552x476 , 18622521_1714754012150369_6703130672904234593_n.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Greet her with all the enthusiasm you can muster
>> No. 28011
File 149852505343.jpg - (568.89KB , 1010x1440 , unimpressed woof woof.jpg ) [iqdb]
The indifference shown stings. And yeah, it’s hard not to wonder why she hasn’t greeted you as soon as she saw that you were there. But that’s all the more reason to show her the error of her ways. It’s not your intention, not mainly at least, to embarrass her by being so lovely. If she so happens to feel self-conscious about her lack of manners, that’s on her.

You scramble to your feet. Not the best of ideas given how sensitive your body seems to be. Still, it’s necessary. You’re a man on a mission, a man with a clear destiny. Unsteady legs and the dull throbbing in your head are shut out from conscious thought.

“It’s been a long time,” you say, with what you hope is the right amount of friendly charm in your smile. Too much would seem forced; too little, ineffective.

She looks past you, whatever thoughts she’s having keeping her brow furrowed.

Undaunted, you keep at it. You take a few steps towards her, saying, “come on, I know you missed me, too. I was wondering when I’d see you again.”

There's a sigh as she places her hands on her hips. It’s not that she’s ignoring you, as such, but that she seems to want to ignore reality as a whole. At least for the moment.

Unfortunately for her, there’s no ignoring friendship.

You clamp your arms firmly around her. It’s a bear of a hug, so it’s more than enough to keep a wolf-y girl in check. “I really am glad to see you,” you tell her.

She growls and moves her arms around your back. Instead of clasping you as firmly, though, her long nails make a point of stabbing into your flesh. It’s oddly relaxing, actually. You get that she’s supposed to be upset but maybe she’s hitting all the right pressure points to relax you. What a good girl.

“I could kiss you,” you say with a laugh, letting her go. There’s an urge to scratch her behind her ears, but a dull throbbing on your hand, where she bit you, keeps you from going too far.

“With a breath like yours, I’d end up disemboweling you,” she cautions, snarling and baring her teeth before shoving you back. It’s a mild shove, nowhere near the full force she could muster, so you count it as a mild victory for friendship.

“Oh,” you frown, realizing that, while you bathed, you haven’t washed out your mouth. “There was a party earlier and… well, sorry.”

“Seems that you’re quickly becoming my burden,” she says, little humor in her tone. “At least you’re not asking me where you saw me last this time around...”

“Say, now that you mention it...”

Her lips flash a toothy warning, “say anything more and you’ll be finding out what your own liver tastes like.”

“Isn’t this great?” you chuckle, “we’ve got our own inside jokes and everything.”

“Damn rabbits...” she complains.

[] What’s so damnable about them? They’re friendly, helpful and cute.
[] Scratch behind her ears without fear. Friendship is magic.
[] You know she isn’t exactly the affectionate type, but is she really not happy to see you?
>> No. 28012
[x] What’s so damnable about them? They're friendly, dishonest and... oh.
-[x] You know she isn’t exactly the affectionate type, but is she really not happy to see you?
>> No. 28013
No write-ins means just that. Ain't gonna count it, lest we get the typical thoughtless copy paste. 'sides you have no leg to stand on being sarky, given how every single rabbit-related choice has been overwhelmingly in favor of trusting them and following their lead. Even in a silly story, choices gotta have some consequences. Wanna change that? Vote for the appropriate options when you can, convince others to do the same.
>> No. 28014
[x] What’s so damnable about them? They’re friendly, helpful and cute.
>> No. 28016
[X] You know she isn’t exactly the affectionate type, but is she really not happy to see you?
That hurt :(
>> No. 28017
[x] What’s so damnable about them? They’re friendly, helpful and cute.

Delusion route go. But really, this is the only option that might answer some questions about the rabbits. The others are just asking to be bitten again.
>> No. 28018
[X] Scratch behind her ears without fear. Friendship is magic.

She will be our friend even if it kills her.
>> No. 28033
[X] You know she isn’t exactly the affectionate type, but is she really not happy to see you?
>> No. 28035
[X] You know she isn’t exactly the affectionate type, but is she really not happy to see you?

Leave the bunnies alone for a moment. There's a better focus for our attention around.
>> No. 28038
You stare at her hard, almost as if you believe that if you do it for long enough you’ll be able to see past those sharp eyes of hers and into her mind and thoughts. Naturally, it’s technique to help you figure out what’s really going on. Keeps your thoughts from wandering. And, most importantly, is a very unsubtle way to get her attention.

Anyone would feel a little uncomfortable at being stared at so intently at close quarters. Your wolf-y friend is no exception. Despite muttering something else about rabbits under her breath, her gaze can’t help but fall upon your unflinching stare. Her lips tremble and look about to emit an annoyed complaint, but you preempt her, saying, “I’m a bit disappointed, I have to admit.”

“W-what?” she’s taken aback by the suddenness of it all and can’t find any other words, likely thinking you were going to go along with her own thoughts.

“I said, I’m disappointed,” you repeat, pause and then add, “I know you’re not the kind to show how much you care, open affection doesn’t come easy, but it’s still disappointing to see you act like this.”

“Um...” she begins.

But you interrupt, “you have to realize that even though I like you and can see past posturing all the time, it still hurts to be treated so poorly. I mean, come on, are you really not happy to see me?”

“Happy to see-?” she scrunches up her face and raises an eyebrow, possibly pondering the question. Almost immediately, she sighs and replies, “I don’t have time for this.”

“Don’t be so cold,” you admonish, “you’re being hurtful for no good reason. Don’t you think it’d be better if we got along more?”

“You’re just some guy I met the other day,” she snaps, wagging a finger right in front of your face. “Just because I didn’t kill you doesn’t mean that we’re friends.”

“You bit me but took me to a safe place afterwards, that’s kindness. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t have done it,” you say.

“That was a mistake,” she hardens her expression, “I should have left you out there to die.”

“Oh,” you droop your shoulders, feeling dejected, “is that really how it is? I really thought you were a good person. And that we got along well. I thought that when you came in… well, that maybe you were looking for me.”

“I’m only here because I was forced here, you idiot,” she doesn’t hold back at all, “if I had known you were here, I probably wouldn’t have come… even if it meant dealing with all that annoying harassment and those threats.”

“...I thought that youkai and humans could get along just fine, guess only rabbits are interested in friendship,” you say, feeling a lump in your throat. Thank goodness your love was the kind and understanding type. It’s thoughts about the bond that you have that keep you from completely giving into despair.

She snarls, exasperation central to her words, “don’t be so damn naive! We met once, for the briefest of moments. We didn’t form a bond. I bit you, you moron! I’m not proud of it, but how did you ever think that was a good sign? Hell, we never even exchanged names! We’re basically strangers! If you died right now, I wouldn’t so much bat an eye!”

Her face comes close to yours, and you get hit by more than just a small amount of spittle from her short rant. Your heart is racing but likely no less than hers. The tension in the air is unbearable, stifling; both her breathing and yours become ragged and uneven. She mouths something but doesn’t vocalize. There’s still outrage there but perhaps not a desire to push further. It feels like anything could happen if either of you do anything else.

[] Quietly accept that she wants nothing to do with you.
[] Push back against her unacceptable behavior.

daily-ish updates again with the new thread, maybe! Hopefully!
>> No. 28039
[x] Quietly accept that she wants nothing to do with you.

It's time to wake up.
>> No. 28040
[x] Quietly accept that she wants nothing to do with you.
>> No. 28041
[x] Quietly accept that she wants nothing to do with you.

Super best friends!!

Wolves eat rabbits anyway.
>> No. 28042
[X] Quietly accept that she wants nothing to do with you.
>> No. 28043
[x] Push back against her unacceptable behavior.
Just think of the possible benefits of getting bitten again.
>> No. 28515
[X] Quietly accept that she wants nothing to do with you.
>> No. 28516
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