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File 14718351067.png - (657.11KB, 630x840, Learned a lot about gun safety.png) [iqdb]
27001 No. 27001
Previous Thread: >>26675

[X] Lie through your teeth
- [X] This is our gun collection. We collect guns. Its a hobby.

Okay, take a deep breath.

In... Out. I'm okay.

Actually, I'm a bit surprised at how calm I am here. I think that seeing Yuzuki freaking out set my expectations a bit high. This situation right here doesn't really warrant a full on panic attack or anything like that. Don't get me wrong, this is still a very bad horrible thing that I really wished did not occur and I hate that it has, but I should at least try to work through it before I declare it a huge emergency. I feel like keeping calm here is something of an accomplishment. It doesn't really do anything to improve the situation, but at least I'm not making things worse.

I walk forward toward the table. It looks like I'm going to have to do some more negotiating here. Aya seems quite pleased with herself, but it's important to note that she's still here. She must want something more than just some pictures of a bunch of rifles spread out next to our camp. Either she wants more information about the situation, or she wants to blackmail us or something. I can at least try to figure out what she wants for now. Action can come later.

"Hello Aya," I say as evenly as I can when I reach the table. I pull out a chair and sit down in Chiyo's seat, directly across from our unexpected guest. Can I just say that I really don't like that she took my seat? It almost seems like a power play, but she couldn't have known it was mine in the first place. It's just a coincidence, but it's a coincidence that happens to throw me off a little more. I'd be more comfortable sitting in the place that I always sit.

"Seiran, right?" Aya sits up attentively in her chair and glances down at her notes. We did only meet once, so I guess she might not remember which rabbit is which by name immediately. "Good afternoon. You're looking fantastic today, even better than last time. Glad to talk to you again. Did you happen to get a chance to read that article that I interviewed you and Ringo for?"

I had just woken up last time that I talked to her, so the compliment doesn't really mean much to me. I guess she's just trying to make some small talk before talking about the elephant in the room. Well, in the camp. There are also no elephants in Gensokyo. Whatever. Metaphors. "Well, no," I answer. Truthfully, I don't even know what day she would have even printed it. "We don't really have a way to get a copy."

Aya flips back a page in her notes and reads something. "Right, right. I had forgotten to talk to you guys about if you wanted a subscription or not, that's one of the things I came by for. I got a bit sidetracked last time by the development of a new story. You know how it is," No, I don't. "There sadly wasn't a whole lot more to the story other than speculation though. I couldn't even find the spider thing for a picture after I left here. There wasn't enough content to put the article up front and center after it was written and edited, you know? Pretty disappointing for actually getting your story out, but I hope you can understand how these things go."

Ugh. I had kind of forgotten about it before, but Aya sure does talk quickly. She's being fairly polite and everything, it's just a little harder to follow than someone talking at a normal speed. "R-right. No, that's no big deal," I struggle out after parsing through everything Aya rushed out. Honestly I'm kind of glad that it wasn't a front page thing. That's kind of irrelevant to solving the actual issue here though. Maybe I should try to bring her back around to talking about what she wants from us instead of letting her set the pace of the conversation. "Did you come here just to check if we read the story then?"

"Not just that, although that was priority number one," I'm pretty sure she's lying, but she continues on before I can say anything about it. "I was also checking in on an interesting situation that may or may not be developing here. I thought maybe I could get your input on it as part of the investigation."

I'm pretty sure that she's still not talking about the rifles. "I guess so?" I might be really bad at setting the pace of a conversation.

Aya leans back in her (actually my) chair and flips several pages forward in her notes. She reaches whatever she's looking for, reads for a moment, then begins. "Right, so the situation is something like this; Some cute bunnies show up down on the lower part of the mountain out of nowhere one day. Shortly after that, a goddess comes into town asking about a missing rabbit. I think it's perfectly fair to connect those events. It makes more sense for them to be related than not. Something like that really isn't much of a scoop by itself of course. You can just put two and two together and decide that our friendly neighborhood mountain goddess was doing a favor for those poor bunnies out of the kindness of her heart."

"Okay?" You don't have to speak vaguely here Aya, I know who you're talking about. Is this just how she keeps things straight in her notepad? I know that Yuzuki said she wrote in a lot of shorthand or something.

"A day or two later, I notice the goddess come by again, apparently looking to strike a deal of some kind. It wasn't obvious from looking at her, but that smug look on some of the elder's faces was a pretty big tell that they were getting the better of it too," Aya finally looks up from her writings, looking directly at me. "That was the interesting thing. What's her angle there? She's opting into a bad deal for a random youkai. I just want to see what else there is to it, so here I am."

Well, it does seem likely that Aya would know about things going on in her own village at least. "Right, here you are. We don't really-"

Aya holds a hand up to stop me before I can explain anything. "Sorry, hold on one moment. Before I could even get to asking questions about that issue, I came across something even more interesting that I'd much rather talk about. Namely," She reaches down beside her and pulls up a rifle that I guess had been leaning against her chair. She places it on the table between us. "All these things lying around here."

"Uh, yes. These things," Okay, we're finally at the important bit now. I wasn't really sure when she was going to get around to it, and had been so preoccupied with trying to make it happen that I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say here. "These things are guns," I intelligently point out, trying to stall while I think. This isn't really working. "This is a collection of guns," Kind of technically true. I can't really just stick to the truth here though. "I collect guns. It's a hobby."

"Not much of a collection then is it? They're all the same kind," Even though Aya is talking evenly and taking the time to write things down still, I really don't think she's buying it. I don't have any evidence of that really, but I can't see how anyone would buy it. I'm also a terrible liar who doesn't like lying. That probably has something to do with it.

"Well these ones are uh... They're very well made, you know? I like them a lot," We have a bunch of other kinds in other crates, but maybe I shouldn't point that out. I'm not even really sure what I'm saying at this point. Definitely something. Maybe next time I should be the one helping Yuzuki and Ringo can do the story making up stuff.

"Yeah, seems like they are," Aya pauses her writing to pick up the rifle and look it over. Even though I know it's not loaded, I still feel myself cringe slightly when she looks directly inside the barrel. I guess they don't teach proper gun safety practices here. Please treat it like it's loaded even when you know it's not. "Nobody in Gensokyo is big enough into manufacturing to make and distribute something like this in large volumes. Preeetty impressive that you've got so many laying around. Must've been hard to gather them up without letting anyone know that you exist," Well that's a veiled accusation of something if I've ever heard one. "What are they called?"

"They're L-" Wait no, I shouldn't actually say that. The name starts with Lunarian. I don't have time to think of a good lie though, I've already started talking. "Rifles. They are rifles," I am the smoothest liar I know.

"Hm," Why do you even need to write that down?! Couldn't you already tell that much? "Could you maybe be a liiiitle bit more specific?" See that's more what I was expecting.

"I'm uh," Apparently expecting it didn't mean I was prepared for it. "No. I'm not very good at my hobby yet," I mumble awkwardly.

"Huhu," Aya makes some kind of smug chuckling noise. It annoys me more than it probably should. "And any info on where you got them all from?"

"We... Found them."

"Right," Aya flips her notes closed and leans forward over the table. I have a little bit of trouble meeting her eyes when she's looking directly at me like that. Aya clears her throat quickly. "Let me be a little bit frank here Miss Seiran, I really don't appreciate not being taken seriously. I don't see why you would think I'd be satisfied with a bunch of vague non-answers. This isn't some tiny little thing that I'm looking into here. I've found a heavily armed group of previously unknown youkai hiding out just below my home. I think you can understand why I'm not just going to let this drop with some half-hearted excuse."

I can see her point at least, but that definitely doesn't convince me to tell her the truth. Convincing Aya that we're not a threat would be pretty difficult, even if I was being completely honest. We are from the Moon. We are not supposed to be down here. Telling her the truth just isn't safe when she could easily spread it everywhere else.

Aya stares at me while I'm trying to figure out what to say. After some time goes by in silence, she finally breaks it. "But, if that's all that you're going to tell me, then I guess that that'll be it," She stands up. "We can leave it at that for now."

"Wait, really?" I don't get it. Isn't that kind of contradictory to what she was just saying?

"I don't plan to beat anything out of you. It may be easy to do that, but it's just not my style. It's too brutish, and I have other options. I'm not a monster or some thug," Aya proudly folds her arms over her chest as she makes her speech. "I'm a reporter. I'm going to keep looking for the truth of things using all the sources I have available. I'll develop my own theories and use what I have to confirm or deny them. I've given you a chance to give your testimony here today. With that, I can head out and cross-reference with other things to reach a conclusion. That's my job. That's what I do, and I love it."

She's getting kind of worked up here. "Uhm, okay," I say awkwardly.

"But I will say this," Aya continues, looking down at me accusingly. I'm a little uncomfortable, but she seems to be on a roll, so I can't say anything. "The Bunbunmaru is not here to make people who try to hide the truth look good. I've been doing this for centuries now, so I know better than anyone; things will always turn back around on liars. It may take hard work, it may take time, but the truth is always in there somewhere. If it's up to me to drag it out for everyone to see, then that's what I'm gonna do!"

Aya stares at my stunned face for a few seconds before she steps away from the table. Surprisingly she's considerate enough to push her chair in after she moves away. I let out a sigh of relief when she finally stops staring at me so intensely, instead looking over at the rifles laying out on the ground. While Aya's not looking at me, I take the time to glance back at where Ringo and I landed.

Oh hey, it looks like Ringo's calmed Yuzuki down. They're standing off to the side awkwardly. I don't know what all they heard, but Ringo is looking at me meaningfully, pointing over at Yuzuki. When I look at Yuzuki, she in turn points me somewhere else. Wait, across camp? I try to look at where Yuzuki's indicating but... Ohhh.

Chiyo's hiding behind her tent. I guess she's been there for a while, for some reason deciding not to help me avoid putting my foot in my mouth. When I catch her eye, she pokes her head out a little further and holds up something. Is that? Yeah, that's an electroshock gun. She'd probably be able to get a shot off before Aya knew what was happening if I gave her a signal of some kind. Those things are definitely strong enough to bring a youkai down. I'm not exactly sure if that's a good idea though, and apparently Chiyo isn't either given how she's looking me questioningly.

"If that's all you want to tell me," I immediately move my gaze away from Chiyo when Aya starts speaking. Her wings are spread and she looks ready to fly away. "Then I guess I'll be going for now."

If I'm going to do anything about this new Aya situation, I guess I have to think fast and do it now. My conversation with her stalled her long enough to let Chiyo get in a position to knock her out at least. That should let us subdue her, which solves the problem in an immediate sense. I don't know what we'd do afterwards though. What would we even do with a captive tengu?

She did prompt me to talk some more as well. I could still try that. Lying straight to her face seems to have motivated her to get to the bottom of this though. I think she might have a bit more of a negative opinion of me now. It might be a bit difficult to try and trade enough information for her to look the other way.

I could also just let her go. Even if we let her investigate, she's going to have to come back here to actually confirm anything. By that point we'll definitely have everything hidden away too. Letting her go now would give us more time we could use to plan something to get her off the trail.

[ ] Let Aya go for now
[ ] Attack Aya
- [ ] Capture her
- [ ] Break her camera. If we hide everything, the only evidence left is the pictures she's already taken.
[ ] Bargain with Aya
- [ ] Give her gossip. Aya has already abandoned two of the things she said she wanted to do by coming here. I probably know something that will distract her.
- [ ] Give her sensitive info. She originally came her to figure out the deal with Kanako. Maybe she'd still be interested in hearing that.
- [ ] Give mission critical info. Maybe Aya can be trusted to keep quiet when the Lunarians are involved?
- [ ] Give favors.

So there was a bit of mismanagement by me and I feel pretty bad about it. I like write-ins, so I didn't want it to just be 'Aya knows you're BSing, says screw you, and leaves', but Seiran has been noted multiple times to not like lying while also being bad at doing so. There also weren't enough votes for a second option that she could fall back on. The last thread was autosaging by the time I mentioned that it would help to have one too, so nothing really happened to fix it, and here we are.

The write-in basically changed how effective certain choices will be, making some of them more likely to work and some of them less so. It also gave Seiran a bit more time to think about them. This also means that Seiran is too calm to panic, and the option to just let Aya go is here as well. My apologies if it feels like I'm rehashing the vote. I think it's probably preferable to the alternative.
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>> No. 27207
[X] I'm feeling hungry now, I think it's time for some food.
>> No. 27208
Update not done, could rush something out, not going to. Bleh.

>> No. 27209
File 147882952947.jpg - (299.55KB, 640x1280, At your service.jpg) [iqdb]
This was a bad idea for various reasons. More on that later.


[X] I'm feeling hungry now, I think it's time for some food.

It's not like I'm starving or anything, but my stomach is definitely trying to take a more active role in the decision making here. I have kind of been putting this off, it's just that there's just so many people to talk to. Well, all of them have left this open area at least, so there's no point in staying right here. "You guys are treating us, right?" I ask rhetorically. "I haven't eaten anything yet, so I think I'll go over that way."

"Good call. I'll probably do the same after I finish up everything on my end," I thought she said before that she only had one more head to check, but somehow I doubt that will be the end of it. "There's always so much going on. At least the night is still young for youkai, right?"

"Sure..." I don't really know what she means, but I'll just go along with it.

"I'll even give you a tip," Sekibanki offers. "Ask Mystia about the Kogasa special. I'm pretty sure Kogasa said she was going to makes some and bring it in today."

"What is it?" Yuzuki asks.

"I think I can guess this one. It's a surprise, right?" I answer, her, checking with Sekibanki, who nods in response. "Of course," Is it still a surprise if it was predictable? Weird. Anyway, I can appreciate recommendations, but there's a slight problem here. "It doesn't cost extra or anything, right? I don't really have any money."

"Yeah you're not the only one," Sekibanki wryly agrees. What about the donations you just mentioned? "Doesn't matter though. Mystia usually doesn't charge for anything brought in by other members. She says that she can't guarantee the quality if she doesn't make it herself. Probably a good call when it comes to Kogasa, but it's not like Mystia's working a five star restaurant herself."

Sekibanki is more just talking to herself at this point, so I might as well break the conversation off and get moving. "Well, thanks for the advice. See you later Sekibanki."

"Just Banki is fine. Most people end up calling me that," I did kind of notice that. I guess it is a little shorter and easier to say. Probably the same reason everyone seems to call Wakasagihime Princess. "See you."

"Right, see you," I repeat as Sekibanki turns and walks away.

Yuzuki and I stand quietly and watch until Sekibanki disappears behind the trees. Once she's out of sight, I turn to Yuzuki. I kind of noticed this before, but Yuzuki's face right now clearly says 'I figured things out'. That's good, because I can only take guesses about the secrets we've been trying to figure out. "You look pleased with yourself," I start off casually.

"I see no reason why I shouldn't be. You and I have made significant progress on both our primary and secondary objectives for the mission," Yuzuki says proudly. She walks away from me a bit, moving around and adjusting the positions of some of the unoccupied chairs. "Even if we don't make any more headway tonight, we can even follow up on our leads at our leisure tomorrow."

I guess she kind of has a point. There's still more information we could probably drag out if we tried really hard, but our primary objective was vague enough that we've technically already completed it. That's without much help from the other three rabbits as well. As for our secondary objective, the thing with Elly is only a possibility, but it's better than earlier today when we had no clues whatsoever.

There is something that I don't get about what Yuzuki said though. "Tomorrow?" I ask. Why not now?

"It's clear that somebody helped the Grassroots Youkai Network become what it is today. The explanations have been too vague and Sekibanki's stories didn't even fully match with the other stories I've heard tonight. I believe that this backer is the missing piece to the puzzle," Right, logical enough. Yuzuki slowly continues adjusting chairs as she explains. "It makes sense that whoever their patron is is likely going to want to know what happened with tonight's meeting, especially given that they're evaluating some new members tonight," There's a brief pause as Yuzuki stops to harshly glare at one of the seats. After a moment of consideration, she picks it up and moves it out of sight behind a couple of shrubs. "Sekibanki or at least one of her heads is going to have to deliver all the information gathered here to that person. Sumi or I, perhaps both of us, could easily track Sekibanki to see who and where that person is."

I can understand her thought process here. I probably would have hit a similar conclusion if I had more time to think about it. Although I think there are some other possibilites that Yuzuki is dismissing off hand. "Couldn't she be reporting right now? If she has lots of heads flying around, one of them could just fly over to whoever their leader is and say something."

"I considered that, but talking to Sekibanki makes that seem unlikely. She said that she doesn't micromanage the thoughts of her heads, she treats them as separate entities. That means that it's not an open communication channel between her and the leader. It's intermittent," Yuzuki finishes her full circle of the area and come back to me. The chairs aren't really any more orderly than before in my opinion, but I know that Yuzuki has her own sense for this kind of thing. Whatever makes her happy. "Sekibanki will wait until after the meeting to report on everything that was brought up tonight. Otherwise she would just be wasting effort and time on multiple trips," She concludes, finally giving me her full attention again. I guess some things just can't wait with her.

"What if their patron is already here at the meeting, and just keeping themselves a secret?" I don't really know of any suspects, but it's not like I've met absolutely everyone here yet. Even if I had, I'm not the best at reading the actions of strangers anyway.

"Hmm... I suppose that's possible... That could end up making tailing Sekibanki a waste of time," It looks like Yuzuki genuinely hadn't considered this possibility, so I feel a little proud. I really am trying to help here! "Well, we can decide on that later. To be honest, I would like to simply call it here for tonight."

That's a bit surprising. "Wow, Yuzuki is willing to leave a job unfinished?" I ask jokingly. "We've been down here too long. Maybe Command was right about the Earth's impurity messing up our brains."

"No comment on that," Yuzuki says tersely. Hey, I only meant it as a joke. "But remember that Kanako has no real expectations of us, nor does she know how long our investigation is going to take. We've identified a way to get more information if we want to, but if us being here is just about us paying back our debt to her, reporting what this group and its members are doing should suffice."

It would suffice sure, but we know we could do better. The only reason I can think of for Yuzuki being okay with not giving this specific mission her all is spite. I'm very much aware that Yuzuki's gotten a bad impression of the Moriyas, even though they really haven't done anything wrong to us in particular. The Hina thing aside, Sanae and Kanako have actually been quite nice and helpful. "Having more information gives us more leverage to bring to the table," I explain patiently. "If we're going to keep working with Kanako..."

"We'll be leaving ourselves open to being screwed over," Yuzuki cuts me off and finishes my sentence with something entirely different from the point I was making.

I heave a sigh. I don't really feel like having this kind of argument on an empty stomach. I just want to move on. "Come on, let's go get something to eat," I change the subject by walking in the general direction of Mystia's stand. "You're so hungry that you're getting cranky. Somebody needs to feed you and take care of you before you start yelling at Sumi again."

"Hah hah," Yuzuki gives a couple of sarcastic laughs, but doesn't argue with following me along.

While I was off talking to people and getting stuff done (wow that feels good to think), it seems like this part of the woods has become the main hub of activity. Everyone kind of broke off into their own groups after the formal part of the meeting ended, but the promise of free food appears to have gradually pulled people back to a central location over time. Well, mostly everyone. I don't notice Sumi or Chiyo among the few tables that we come across on our way to the stall, and I'm pretty sure there are still quite a few other youkai that we don't know where they went, but it's still notably busy around here either way.

I'm vaguely reminded of mess halls back in basic training, but only a tiny bit. There's the same atmosphere of many different groups of friends (which of course I'm not a part of) coming together to have some fun while they eat, but that's about where the similarities end. The disorganized, randomly spread out tables, stuck wherever they can fit between plants and trees are a far cry from the neat and orderly cafeterias that we would eat in back in the military.

The smell especially is something entirely unfamiliar to me. As we move closer to the food stand itself, the smell of... something continues to get stronger and stronger. Okay, I know that this should be the smell of food being cooked, but it's still completely different from what I'm used to. There's the obvious smokiness from Mystia's grill, but the rest of it isn't something that I can think of good words to describe. Maybe sort of salty? It kind of stings my nose a little, but I also notice my mouth watering a bit as well. I don't know how I feel about it.

"Hey guys, nice of you to drop by," I'm interrupted from my confusion by Ringo talking to me. She's once again sitting on a stool right in front of the counter of Mystia's stall.

"Uh, hey," I greet Ringo back, trying not to sound confused. Honestly I'm a little surprised at how much the smell of cooking food had distracted me. It was enough to make me not pay that much attention to where exactly I was, instead just making me walk in a straight line toward the source.

For her part, it looks like Ringo has been enjoying herself. There's only a could of empty dishes sitting in front of her, which is a much fewer than the dozens I would normally expect when going out to eat with Ringo. I guess the money issue is holding her back. Either that or she's showing an unusual amount of restraint. Pretty sure I know which is more likely. Well, it doesn't exactly matter what the reason is. The end result is that Ringo SHOULD be satisfied with what she's eaten, even though she'll probably still try for more.

Sitting to Ringo's left is still Kogasa. I don't know if those two hit it off or what, but it looks like they're at least not bothered by each other. Further to Kogasa's left is one of the girls that Chiyo had been talking with earlier. Either Tokiko or Kokoro I think, Chiyo didn't specify which was which.

Well either way, there's more than enough room to Ringo's right for Yuzuki and I to sit down, so we go ahead and do so. Mystia glances up at us, pausing whatever song she had been humming to greet us instead. "Welcome you two," She chirps happily as she splits her attention between us and whatever it is that she's cooking. I guess that would be the lamprey that ringo talked about earlier. I've never seen it before, but I think that's a safe guess to make. "What can I get you?"

"I'm not sure exactly," I admit. Usually wouldn't you have some kind of menu or at least go through what you have available before asking that question? I guess most people that come by must already know what they're getting into or something. "What do you suggest?"

"The grilled lamprey really is my normal staple, but I can do other stuff easily enough," Mystia glances around behind her and underneat the counter. "I've always got plenty of rice, I've also got noodles around for yakisoba somewhere around here..."

"For what it's worth, I recommend everything," Ringo happily chimes in, gesturing to her empty plates. "I haven't had a single thing that I dislike yet."

"There are foods that you dislike?" I ask, trying to fake sounding incredulous. It might be unnecessary, but I still feel like I should apologize to Mystia a bit if Ringo's forcing her through a full sampler of everything. "Sorry if she's being unreasonable," I say, turning back to the cook. "Ringo has a pretty big appetite."

Mystia smiles and lets out a short laugh. "Girl, I have had much much MUCH worse," She says. "I've had people so hungry that they worked through my entire stock for the night and then wanted to eat ME afterward. You rabbits aren't even carnivorous, so there's no way you're going to be the worst thing that I've ever dealt with."

"You say not carnivorous, but thos don't look like the remains from something vegetarian on Ringo's plate," Yuzuki points out. I hadn't really noticed anything being left on the plates myself, but it's Yuzuki. She would notice that kind of thing.

Ringo turns and grins widely at Yuzuki. "Yup, I've awakened to my bloodthirsty youkai nature. All it took was two plates of lamprey," She declares menacingly. "The only safe thing left for you to do is feed me some more, otherwise I might decide to use my big sharp nasty pointy teeth on you next."

Yuzuki responds with little more than an eyebrow raise and an unenthusiastic "Terrifying," before turning back to Mystia. "You have some vegetables and greens stored around, right? I'd just like a salad," She decides.

Mystia looks thoughtful for a moment, but doesn't refuse. "I guess I can get something together. You sure about that order though? You're covered for a bit more food than just that. Don't feel bad about enjoying the hospitality."

"No, just a salad is fine," Yuzuki assures her. I'm pretty sure that Yuzuki is still hung up about the idea that the usual food served here was actually a living creature at some point. I'm kind of weird about it as well, but apparently it's normal down here. I don't know what the Lunarians may have been eating behind closed doors, but I can at least say that I know us rabbits have always been vegetarians back home. "You can make it as larg as you think is appropriate, if that helps."

Mystia shrugs. "Customer is always right I guess," There's a short pause as Mystia thinks better of what she just said. "Well maybe not always. They're always right unless they're being unreasonable or think that I'm on the menu. That's a little closer I think. Anyway, coming right up. What about you Seiran?"

[ ] I'll just have a salad too, I'm not used to eating meat.
[ ] Ringo said that I should try the lamprey, so I guess I'll have that.
[ ] Yakisoba is just noodles, right? I'll have that.
[ ] Sekibanki mentioned asking about some kind of Kogasa special?

[ ] Stay and eat with Ringo, maybe I can keep her from spending all of her money
[ ] Wakasagihime and Kagerou are off eating together, maybe I could talk with them some
[ ] That group of kappa seem to have a table to themselves, let's see what they're talking about
[ ] Some of the musicians have come back over here, although I don't see Sumi with them. I could check and see what happened.

So I got into a car accident today. That was fun. I'm perfectly fine (my car, the only one that was damaged, is much less fine) aside from the airbag gasses burning my left hand a bit. So basically a good portion of the second half of this update was written one-handed, with occasional help from lefty whenever he felt good enough to break away from the ice pack. That kinda sucked. Should have just forced it out yesterday. Oh well. My hand will probably be better soon enough, so it shouldn't matter all that much.
>> No. 27210
[X] Sekibanki mentioned asking about some kind of Kogasa special?
[X] Some of the musicians have come back over here, although I don't see Sumi with them. I could check and see what happened.

Shame to hear about your car accident. I hope your hand heals soon.
>> No. 27211
[x] I'll just have a salad too, I'm not used to eating meat.
[x] Some of the musicians have come back over here, although I don't see Sumi with them. I could check and see what happened.

> car accident

>> No. 27212
Holy fuck you really took that 'rush' thing seriously, eh? Hope your hand gets better and you can recover something out of the car.
>> No. 27213
[X] Sekibanki mentioned asking about some kind of Kogasa special?

Never going to not pick the umbrella option.

[X] Some of the musicians have come back over here, although I don't see Sumi with them. I could check and see what happened.

Uh oh, what did she do this time?
>> No. 27214
File 147910085197.jpg - (621.79KB, 945x1315, It wasn't meant to be.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Sekibanki mentioned asking about some kind of Kogasa special?
[X] Some of the musicians have come back over here, although I don't see Sumi with them. I could check and see what happened.

I know that Ringo seems fine for now, but I'm a little concerned about just suddenly eating whatever fish stuff is normal down here. Our digestive systems might not know exactly how to handle it, and I'd rather not take the chance at getting sick if I can help it. I should probably just ask for a salad, although something else comes to mind as well.

"I was told that I should try the Kogasa special?" I say, trying not to sound too unsure. Mystia didn't mention it when she was going over options, but Sekibanki suggested it, so it must be a thing that exists, right?

When she hears me, I can see Kogasa jump up in her seat. I don't know exactly what she was talking about with that pink haired expressionless girl, but apparently it's less important than my question. Kogasa sits tall enough on her stool that I can see her (and her umbrella) giving me an excited look from over Ringo's head.

"Oh that," Mystia answers, not sounding that excited about whatever this special thing is. "Yeah, gimme a second so I can find it," She ducks down, leaving only her wings poking up above the counter. "Even though she makes it every week, Kogasa doesn't just hand it to me like a reasonable person. She always hides it randomly."

"I always put it somewhere where you'll find it without looking for it," Kogasa says with a childishly helpful tone even though it really just sounds like she's being difficult to me. "That way it catches you by surprise!"

"Not really surprising when you do it every week," Mystia mutters, moving over to the far side of the stall. "Here we go," She declares after another moment of searching. She stands up again, holding a medium sized box in both hands. "So these aren't exactly filling and have extremely questionable nutritional value. You might want to get something else along with it."

"Err, I'll just have a salad too then," I say without really thinking about it. I'm more interested in looking at what's being presented here. Mystia sets the box down on the counter in front of me and opens it up unceremoniously. Er, these are just cupcakes, right? Or maybe muffins? Whatever, they're some kind of baked good. "What about these is the Kogasa special?" Well, I know that they're more of a western type of food than you'd typically see here, but I feel like there must be something more than that.

Kogasa leans over in front of Ringo and grabs a muffin. "I made them, and they're special!" She declares happily.

I get the feeling that that's not the full answer. "Sure, but there's some surprise to it, right?"

Kogasa giggles to herself and sits back down in her seat. She takes a bite out of the cupcake that she grabbed, smiling widely. Well, she seems fine, so I guess it's probably safe. I might just be acting paranoid. If this Kogasa surprise really had some kind of sinister motive, Mystia wouldn't just serve it to people, would she? I glance at Mystia questioningly, but she just shrugs and moves away to start working on preparing our food. Well whatever.

There's a short break while we watch Mystia work. She seems quite used to splitting her focus between multiple dishes at the same time, but I guess that's normal if you're going to run a stall like this by yourself. She finishes up the grilling of a couple of lamprey (still smells pretty good I have to admit) and hands them off to Kogasa and whoever that other girl is while preparing salads for Yuzuki and I.

Once she's finished, the end products that Mystia gives us are a little smaller and have a bit less variety compared to something that we'd have back on the Moon. Hm, salad and a cupcake. Kind of a weird combination for a meal, but I guess it could be worse health wise. Not that I really need to be concerned about eating that healthy. I'm pretty sure that being a youkai kind of gives us a lot of leeway on our diets. That's the only explanation I can think of for Ringo and Sumi's bodies. Despite the former eating way too much and the latter exercising way too much, they both generally stay at about the same weight and figure all the time. Not sure how that works other than just hand waving it with the 'we're youkai' explanation.

Speaking of Sumi, I haven't seen her since our impromptu meeting. Same thing with Chiyo. They both said what they were going to do, so I'm not exactly worried about them, but I am a bit curious. The flashes of whatever danmaku duel Sumi brought up have entirely stopped at this point, but that's all I know. I turn around to look at the surrounding area, just in case I can see either of them somewhere. I could just ask Yuzuki, but there are other people around to hear the question, and we generally try to keep everyone's powers a secret when possible.

I don't see either of the rabbits that I'm looking for, but I do see Raiko and a couple of the other other musicians sitting at a table in the distance. Maybe I can ask them about Sumi. When I shuffle off of my stool, Yuzuki gives me a curious look while Ringo actually looks a little bit... Disappointed? "I just want to check on something," I explain vaguely, grabbing my salad and one of Kogasa's cupcakes and walking away.

The small table that the musicians are sitting at is sqare shaped, and sized for four people. Luckily it looks like there's only three people sitting there at the moment. I know Raiko already, and can at least recognize the other two. One is that purple pigtailed string girl, while the other is part of that set of three nearly identical girls. The blonde one with the black clothes specifically. All three of them glance up at me as I make my way over, though only Raiko seems to have much of a change in expression.

"Um, Hi," Okay, not the worst start. I hadn't really been thinking of an opener while walking over here but I know I can totally do this. "Is this seat open?"

"Yeah, you're fine," Raiko answers happily, patting the seat to her right. "How's the night treating you Seiran?"

I'm really glad that I already know her. It's making this much easier and less intimidating than say, trying to sit at one of the tables full of strangers at a mess hall back home. Let's not think too much about that kind of trauma, moving on, moving on. "It's been going pretty well," I answer honestly. We've actually been getting a good amount done. "Hello Raiko and um..."

"Oh right," Raiko picks up on my unasked question quickly. "These two cuties are Lunasa and Benben," She points to each girl as she finally lets me attach some names to faces. "Lunasa plays strings as part of the Prismriver Ensemble and Benben plays bass for Choujuu Gigaku."

Benben sits up straight in her seat and gives me a small bow. "I would prefer to be known for playing the biwa," She corrects Raiko after leaning back up. "But that doesn't really have a place in punk."

"And you do?" Lunasa asks. Her voice is quiet and her expression is fairly muted. I instantly get the impression that she doesn't talk very much.

"My new power source is an outside world bass guitar, so I manage," Benben defends herself. "I admit I don't quite have the temperament for it though."

Raiko laughs at that. "You get into it just fine. I've seen you rocking out harder than Mysty or Kyouko plenty of times," She assures Benben, patting her on the back.

I put my salad and cupcake down on the table. It looks like the others have already eaten, since Benben and Raiko just have empty plates in front of them, while Lunasa has a half eaten lamprey that she's slowly picking away at. "Well, hello you two. I'm Seiran," I introduce myself as I sit down. "I think you guys already know Sumi? I'm one of her friends."

"But," Raiko continues for me. "I talked to her earlier and she doesn't have the same quirks as Sumi."

Yeah, I know a lot about Sumi's quirks. The fact that Raiko thought it was a good idea to make that assurance is probably not a good sign though. "Has she been causing you guys problems?" I ask, trying not to sound worried.

"Not exactly problems," Benben answers. "It's just that our sisters and Kyouko can be a bit easily excitable at times. Your friend picked up on that and seemed to get a lot of enjoyment out of riling them all up. After introducing herself and satisfying her curiosity about our music, Sumi quickly started asking questions about if anyone would be interested in a duel. Merlin and Yatsuhashi both accepted immediately."

"That's not that big of a deal, is it?" I'm under the impression that doing danmaku stuff for tenuous reasons isn't that weird here.

"No it's not a big deal," Benben agrees. "It just got out of hand a little bit."

I sigh. Of course it did. "What did Sumi do?" I ask reluctantly. It can't be anything that bad if Benben is still willing to talk to me, but I can't imagine that it's good either.

"It started out as a normal duel, although it was a bit one sided," Benben starts.

"Sumi's not very good," Lunasa adds on, reaching about three fourths completion on her lamprey. That reminds me that I could be eating right now too. I take a moment to unwrap the paper on the bottom of my cupcake. I know that I should technically eat the salad first, but I'm an adult. I'm allowed to eat desert at whatever point of my meal that I want.

"And when she started to lose, Sumi decided to do some unorthodox things," Benben continues. I bite into my cupcake. This seems pretty standard so far. Is the surprise that there is no surprise?

Raiko laughs and holds up her hand, ticking off points with her fingers. "Using insults instead of bullets, which didn't work because Merlin laughs stuff like that off," It would be nice if Sumi wasn't too vulgar, but I know I can't hope for much. "Shoot into random trees to try and scare fairies to act as meat shields," I don't see how she would have even been able to pull that off. Maybe Yuzuki could, but Sumi would have to know fairies were there first. "Call Yatsuhashi up to help her, which made Lyrica join in as well, so it became a two versus two," I guess that's why the duel lasted for as long as it did then. If it had just been Sumi I imagine she would have lost pretty quickly. "Try to air tackle one of her opponents when bullets weren't working, crashing them into a tree before Lyrica remembered she's a poltergeist and can just phase through things," Sumi definitely cannot phase through things.

"So she ran into a tree? That's how it got out of hand?" That actually sounds kind of tame from what I might expect from Sumi. I bite into my cupcake again and... OH! This has frosting in the middle of it! And it tastes like strawberries! If that's the surprise I am all for it.

"Two trees," Lunasa corrects me.

"She thought the first time was just a fluke," Raiko sounds amused.

"Well everyone thought it was pretty funny, so I guess it's fine," Benben decides. I think it's kind of funny too honestly. I doubt that Sumi's actually injured. She's used to losing in danmaku, and I can't imagine the tree thing keeping her down for very long. "The rest of them stayed behind to play around on their instruments and chat for a while longer."

"And flirt, don't forget the flirting," Raiko adds on.

"I would like to forget the flirting," Benben sighs. "I know it's not my choice to make, I'm just saying that I'm concerned as Yatsuhashi's sister. Her interest is obvious, but she has no experience with dating. Not that I can talk."

Huh, I don't know exactly what they're talkin-


I just ate some more of my cupcake.

That is not strawberry flavor.

I don't know what that is other than some kind of spicy.

I know that this is definitely the most spicy thing that I have ever had ever.

I know that everything is now PAIN.

I know that I need to drink something now. If I do not have a drink I may be sick. Actually it's pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to be sick. If I don't get a drink I may actually pass out. And then get sick. And then die.

I jerk into a standing position, throwing my chair somewhere behind me. I put my hands over my mouth and turn around desperately. Where is a drink? I need a drink! Mystia's stall! She has to have drinks or something.

I run desperately back to the stall and fling my torso onto the counter, shocking everyone eating there. I don't care. My face is on fire, my eyes are tearing up so hard I can't see properly. I might actually be dying right now.




Mystia puts a glass down on the counter, then reaches for a jug of water to fill it up. I wrench the jug out of her hands and drink directly from it.

"What did you put in those?"


"What kind of frosting?"

"My own magic kind. It's surprise frosting! I made it myself. Every time you eat it, it tastes different! I put all kinds of different tastes in there! Were you surprised?"

"I don't know if surprised is the right word for her right now..."

I'm still trying to wash out the taste of fire out of my mouth and am barely paying attention to my surroundings. THIS IS NOT WORKING.

"Now this looks like a party!" Another voice that I don't recognize yells from the side. I hear a thump as something impacts the counter next to me. "Chug chug chug!" The girls voice encourages me.

"Oh gods," Mystia mutters. "Why are you here?"

"I'm always lookin' for parties!" The voice answers triumphantly. "Wait, izzat? WATER? Dammit girl, don' be a wuss," The jug of water is forcefully pushed out of my hands. Before I complain about how badly I need that, something else is forced in my mouth. "Here, drink this."

I drink whatever the liquid forced into my mouth is without thinking. It tastes awful, but after a few mouthfuls, I feel some of the spiciness start to dissolve. There's a different kind of burning sensation that makes me want to cough and spit, but since the container I'm drinking from is being held in place by someone else, I kind of have to keep going.

Enough time passes that I'm worried I might start drowning before I'm finally given a chance to breathe. The purple container thing that I had been drinking from is taken away from my face and I can finally catch my breath and figure out what's going on. I'm lying across the counter of Mystia's food stall, recovering after Kogasa's surprise cupcakes decided to make everything into horrible burning terribleness. Even though I have an awful taste in my mouth and feel a bit dizzy, it seems like whatever I just drank did get rid of most of the spiciness.

"Thanks uh..." I turn my head to see a short horned girl standing on the counter next to me. She wasn't a part of the meeting before, was she?

"No problem. Booze is always the cure fer what ails ya! Now let's get partyin!" The girl drinks deeply from the purple gourd thing that I had just been drinking from.

Wait, booze? Partying? Uh... I feel dizzy...

[ ] Uh... Yeah let's do that!
[ ] I'm okay with this.
[ ] I feel sick.
[ ] Wait, somebody help me.
[ ] Passing out now.
>> No. 27215
File 147910146768.jpg - (433.83KB, 850x1200, __seiran_touhou_drawn_by_rihito_usazukin__sample-6.jpg) [iqdb]
Let out some steam now, or it'll be too late!
>> No. 27216
[X] Uh... Yeah let's do that!

I'm sure a drunk Seiran partying with Suika can only end well!
>> No. 27217
[x] I'm okay with this~
>> No. 27218
[X] Uh... Yeah let's do that!
Gotta make that mallet red somehow.
>> No. 27219
[X] Uh... Yeah let's do that!
>> No. 27220
[x] Uh... Yeah let's do that!
>> No. 27221
[X] I'm okay with this.
>> No. 27222
[x] I feel sick.
>> No. 27223
[x] Uh... Yeah let's do that!
>> No. 27224
File 147935933184.jpg - (564.56KB, 826x1169, Breaking Rules.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Uh... Yeah let's do that!

I... I need a second to breathe. Dizzy. Probably wasn't getting enough oxygen. Too much panicking followed by too much drinking without time to catch my breath. At least the spicy taste is mostly gone now. Something else kinda icky and kinda burny is in my throat instead. I can't really place it or describe it right. I'm just gonna lay my head down on this counter until I feel less dizzy and my face gets less hot. The wood isn't really cool or comfortable, but it's at least not as hot as my cheeks right now. My face is probably really red. Redder than a uh... Something really red. I don't know.

The horny...

*snrk* hehe...

The ho-the girl with horns finally finishes drinking from her flask gourd whatever thing. She jerks it away from her face with a satisfied "Bwah!" noise, staggers and sways a little, then falls. She lands with her butt on the counter, a little way away from me. She's just sitting there comfortably, almost acting like she had meant to fall over the whole time.

Hey girl, I can see up your dress! Oh, she moved. Nevermind.

"AWWWWWRIIIIIGHT!" The girl swings her legs over toward the inside of the stand. Ew there's supposed to be food prepared there don't put your feet near food that's gross. "Let's get this started!"

"Suika, no," Mystia awkwardly holds her hands up as if to stop the horn girl from getting any closer, but isn't actually in a position where she could stop her.

"Suika yes!" Okay I guess horny (hehe) girl's name is Suika. "I show up here cause it looks like a party's going on, you got everything all set up for one. Then I come down here to look and nobody's even half as drunk as me?" Suika holds her arms out and gives Mystia an incredulous look, or at least as incredulous as she can manage with how happy and goofy she looks. "This ain't how we do parties here and you know it! It's like you're not even from Gensokyo!"

Oh, that's me! I'm not from Gensokyo! I'm from the Moon and it sucks there! I'm not supposed to say stuff about that though. Gotta keep it quiet. Shhh.

Mystia groans. "I'm not telling people that they can't drink, far from it really. Most people just wait until later at night before they start."

"Pssh, getting everybody drinks is always priority one! And a buncha the other numbers too," Suika hops over the edge of the counter once she's finished mumbling, barely landing on her feet. She starts digging through some shelves that I can't really see. Mystia ducks down and struggles to stop her and also get her out of her kitchen, but it doesn't really look like it's working that well.

Okay, I know that I'm not an idiot. I have problems. I have talking problems and anxiety problems and brain problems, but I'm not an idiot. I can put two and two and two together. It's six. Or eight. Depends on what math you want to use. Okay so. One) Suika showed up and made me drink something I don't know what it is. Two) Suika went on to start yelling about wanting to party and stuff. Three) I'm now dizzy and I feel weird and silly. Add all that together and you get six, see? So I'm not an idiot. The math checks out.

"Seiran, you okay?" Ringo breaks away from watching the whatever's happening behind the counter to be concerned about me. Aww, thanks Ringo.

Actually, in response to her, the point that I was trying to think my way toward is that I'm reasonably sure that I'm kind of drunk right now. So I'm kind of okay I guess?

Drinking is another one of those things that we weren't supposed to do back home. Some of us (not me though I'm a good girl I promise) still did it anyway, since it wasn't exactly impossible to get alcohol, just difficult enough that my experience with it is definitely zero. Ah, more numbers! No math this time though. I don't wanna focus on that stuff right now.

What's weird is how fast drinking started affecting me I think. I think I thought that alcohol took more time than this to do the thing I think it did... Or at least that's what I remember hearing from Ringo and Sumi when I asked them (they aren't good girls like me). Maybe it's because I still haven't really eaten anything. Or maybe it's just reeeeeeally strong stuff? Probably both. Maybe this is just the start and I've still got more drunker to get too. Oh boy.

I try to lift my head up and- okay woah hold on stop stop stop... Okay. This isn't bad. Things were a little spinny right there for a second by I'm okay now. I actually don't feel that bad at all. My head feels kinda light, but I kinda like it. It's a little floaty. Or maybe bubbly... No maybe not bubbly on second or third thought. I'm not good with words. It's fun though. The feeling, not the being bad at words.

Oh yeah, Ringo asked me a question! She wanted to know if I'm okay. Which I am. I just have to turn to her and give her the classic move. The couple of quick nods. When I do that, I also giggle a little when I catch my ears bouncing at the top of my vision. That's not part of the classic move but it's okay.

Man, I love my ears. They're all floopy and cute. Ah, Ringo is cute too though! My answer to her question even made her even cuter by replacing the concerned look on her face with a smile. I love it when I can make Ringo smile. I wish all my friends would be able to smile all the time. They're the best. I love them. Ringo especially!

"Ringo, I think we need to leave now," Oh yeah, Yuzuki's here too! She's to my right while Ringo's to my left, so I'm right in the middle. Oh, I hope I'm not in the way. Maybe I'll just lay back down on the-oof. Okay I let my head down a little to quick. It's okay though, I'm okay. My face is still hot though.

"What? Come on, we've still got plenty of time, and I've got money to burn," Don't burn the money Ringo, exchange it for goods and services. That's what money's for.

"This isn't about you," Yuzuki hisses, leaning forward so she's over me. Ah, I can hear her still, and Ringo should be able to too, but I bet everyone else won't. Yuzuki's good at being careful like that. She's amazing. My friends are all so amazing. I'm really glad that they like me. "Seiran was just forced into drinking a very large amount of a very alcoholic sake. She has no tolerance for it. She is not in a state to keep going."

"She said she's fine," Yeah I did. Well I really just gave her the classic move. That's eeeeeven better than fine.

"She's drunk," Yuzuki can do math too! "She's not fit for duty, we need to go back now before something bad happens," Hehe, she said duty.

I feel something on my back. Pretty sure it's Ringo's hand. I hope so anyway. "Let her do what she wants. It's not like we're going to get many chances like this. If Seiran wants to get smashed, we should let her. Hell, I'm ready to join in," Smashing me is bad though...

"And you think this is what she wants?" I mostly want to be comfy. That's my secret dream in life. Comfiness forever. "She only drank that stuff because it was forced into her mouth. Yes, it was nice that capsaicin dissolves in alcohol, but she didn't know what was happening."

"Hmmm," Ringo, everyone knows that's just the fake consideration noise. You're not really going to make a decision. "Hey Seiran, what do you want to do? You wanna stay here and party, or do you want to go back?"

Go back? I dunno if I really wanna go back. Everyone's so nice here. I should want to go back. I know that I should, because I have to do my job and stuff, but I kinda like it here. Maybe I'd like it more if I wasn't so stressed and busy, but I don't really feel stressed right now. I just feel kinda silly and a little happy. I'm here and I'm with my friends and everything is going okay, so why go back? At least for right now, I don't wanna go back.

I swivel around in my stool, barely keeping my balance as I turn to find what I'm looking for. There it is! I reach out and grab that gourd thing that I drank from earlier. I almost miss on the first grab, but as a trained soldier, there's no way that stationary object is going to beat me! Once I've got it, I pop it open, then pop the opening into my mouth.

This tastes a lot worse than I remember. It kinda burns but in a different way than spicy. I can handle it though. I had way more just a bit ago.

Once I've drank enough that I want air more than whatever this stuff is, I stop. "I wanna party," I decide, only slurring a little bit. Woah, what happened with my voice?

"That's what I'm sayin!" Suika pops back up from the other side of the counter, arms full of assorted bottles and jugs. She puts them down in front of her and gives me a big smile. "This girl knows when it's time for fun. Right now. The answer's always right now."

Yuzuki groans. "Unbelievable," She mumbles to herself, sitting back down in her stool.

"I'll say," Mystia agrees, giving an unhappy glance to all the bottles and stuff that Suika brought out. "You're really gonna go through my whole stock?"

"Ya got some good stuff here. It'd be a waste to just not drink it," Suika looks proud of herself. "If this was supposed to be bring your own booze, I can supply for everybody, but I'm givin' you a chance to move some inventory. What's the problem?"

Mystia considers that for a moment before sighing. "Fine, just as long as you don't wreck my stand again. Give me a second," Unlike Suika, Mystia takes the time to walk out the side entrance of her cart, then floats up enough that I can't see her because of the roof. "ATTENTION EVERYONE! Happy hour is officially starting now! Two for one drinks, starting now! Only while supplies last!"

Just with that announcement, I can already hear interested people coming toward us. I'm feeling a little bit more dizzy though, so I'm a little bit hazy on who's who. Actually I'm a little hazy on a lot of things right now.


You know how Ringo just carries dango around with her all the time? Apparently she uses them just to arm wrestle people a lot. I think that's kinda like cheating, but I won't say anything. Plus, she's losing anyway.

"Best seven of nine?" It just comes across as desperate when you ask that immediately after losing the best five out of nine.

Suika gets a kick out of it at least. "GWAHAHA! Sure, sure. You want me to turn it up or no?"

"Uh, what do you mean?"

"I'm only using thirty percent of my true strength," Suika says acting unnecessarily serious before busting out into more laughter.

Well, at least Ringo's out of money to bet.


"And you're sure this doesn't hurt them?" They really do look just like tiny Suikas. Actually that's what they are, so yeah.

"I make 'em blow up sometimes. This ain't nothin."

"Well, I don't know..." I feel like Whack-a-MiniSuika isn't going to catch on very well.

"Hey, if you're not gonna do it, gimme that hammer," Ah, hey, that's mine!

Other people watch excitedly as Suika smashes down on a bunch of tiny hers, occasionally popping up from some holes in the ground. I don't know how she's doing that so well while drunk. Maybe she's cheating or something.

... Well, maybe I'll take a turn after this.


"But howzit work?" Sumi's somehow gotten worse after all the alcohol.

"Oh my, oh my~" Waggysaggy's tittering like a real princess. How elegant. A drunken lady. "That's really something that should only be between those involved."

"But you can't scissor a bitch who got no legs, right?! What d'you even have down there!?"

"Please stop..." Kagerou's face looks even redder than mine probably is!


"You couldn't have just blown up the Moon," I agree with Chiyo, we would have noticed if we got blown up.

"Totally did it," Suika's a liar.

"You did not!" Can I just say that Chiyo holds her alcohol really well? It's so weird when you consider her short little body that I just wanna cuddle with.

"Onis don't lie, you know?" She's a liar about not lying like a real liar. And mean. Well, also kinda nice. She keeps letting me drink from her gourd thing. "Well I just blew up a fake one really, but I did make it go boom."

"A fake one?"

"Yeah, them Lunarians got all kinda tricks and stuff like that. If you're lookin up at the Moon right now, you're not seein' the real thing, just a fake. They keep the real one hidden out of sight. Damn Lunarians."

I've learned something new today~


"Seiran, hit me!"

I don't wanna hit anyone though...

"Girl, I am literally a drum, just hit me!"

W-well... SLAP


Oh wow, that really got her going. Raiko's playing so hard I just wanna dance along! I don't know how to dance!

Pffft, hahaha, Ringo doesn't know how to dance either! Look at her! I can do better than that!


It's... I think it's pretty late now, just going by where the Moon is. The Moon that Ringo and I are staring at while lying in the grass somewhere. Sumi's here too, but she fell asleep or something I think. We're all danced out so we're taking a break. I can still hear the music going so we're not that far away, just far enough that we're away from the trees enough to see the sky enough to see the Moon.

Gosh, the Moon is really pretty. Even if the one I'm looking at is fake or whatever. And even if it's full of jerks. At least it's pretty from down here. Lemme think... Right now it would be sunset up there? And tomorrow of here it'll be night up there. Yeah. Good night Moon~

"Riiiiiiingooooo," I whine out. I hope she's not asleep. This is important and I wanna say it. "I'm gaaaay."


She doesn't get it. "You don't get it," I point out to her. She just doesn't get it. "I jus' wanna cuddle with girls and kiss them alllll the tiiiiiime."


"Everyone down here is sooo pretty," Or at least the youkai we've met are. "Even though their ears aren't as nice as ours. I still can't get over how pretty everyone is."

"... Same."

"I got a date down here, you know?" I bet she doesn't know. Nobody knows. She looks like she doesn't know. That's the surprised face of somebody who doesn't know things. "I don't really know anything about her but she was pretty and friendly and I don't remember what I was thinking. Somethin' about spiderbutts. She just started hitting on me and I went with it... Does that mean I'm easy? I dun' wanna be easy. I'm just weak to that sort of stuff..."

"... Huh."

"It's dumb though. I know I shouldn't do that kind of stuff. It's against the rules."

"You're drunk," She points out as if she had a point.

"No, you're drunk!" She is though. Like, really.

Ringo giggles, and I find myself joining in too. "I'm gonna go see if there's any booze left... Well, aside from Suika's stuff. You wanna come?" How is she standing up so easily? If I tried to get up that quickly there's no way I could do it.

"Yeah," I'm having a lot of fun tonight. I don't wanna go back yet. What was that thing that Sekibanki said earlier? The night is still young for youkai.

[ ] Pure
[ ] Bullets
[ ] Suppress
[ ] Void

Waking up...
[ ] Too hot
[ ] Wet
[ ] Hurting
[ ] In trouble
[ ] Missing
>> No. 27225
[X] Pure
[X] Wet

>"I'm gaaaay."
Well, that was direct.
>> No. 27226
[X] Pure
[X] Too hot

Yes, everything is going according to plan.
>> No. 27227
[x] Pure
[x] Too hot

Yes. Yes. This was a good choice.
>> No. 27228
[X] Pure
[X] Wet

I knew we made the right decision!
>> No. 27229
I said it could only end well, and I was absolutely right, even if technically we haven't seen the end to this yet!
>> No. 27230
>We've still got plenty of time, and I've got money to burn," Don't burn the money Ringo, exchange it for goods and services. That's what money's for.

Ded. Send help.

>I'm gay


>I like your ears


Me too, thanks. Heh, can't wait for the full damage (control) Seiren.

[x] Pure
[x] Wet

Damn, that was a great update.
>> No. 27231
File 147938233768.jpg - (98.15KB, 612x612, waggyswaggy.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Pure
[X] Wet

Waggysaggy. For a second I read it as "Waggyswaggy", which would have been a lot more fun.
>> No. 27232
[x] Pure
[x] Wet

Dammit, Seiran×Yamame when?
>> No. 27233
[X] Bullets
[X] Missing

Such a good update. I'm still excited for that date.
>> No. 27234
File 147969963310.jpg - (503.74KB, 684x1036, Is this pure.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Pure
[X] Wet

Lately I've been taking up the responsibility of checking on the drone everyday. Is it only lately or was it always like that? I don't know. It's not something that's written in my job description at least, not that 'soldier' has much of a job description other than 'do what you're told' anyway.

But yes, I like going out and checking up on the drone enough that this time, along with some unspecified number of other times, I volunteered to do it for one of the others. It gives me time to relax, fly out away from camp, and quietly take it easy. It's not that I don't like the other members of the unit. I really, really do. It's just that sometimes being allowed to be by myself for an hour or two is a much needed change of pace.

It's not that long of a flight over to wherever the drone is supposed to be, or at least it usually isn't. This time is taking longer though. Did that thing wander off randomly again? I don't actually know if it's making decisions autonomously or being remotely controlled by Command, but either way you can usually just follow the really obvious trail that it leaves behind. Earth mountain and forest areas being forcibly transformed into pure lands is pretty obvious when you're not a part of the youkai that the drone is tuned to avoid being seen by.

Maybe it would be easier to follow the trail if it wasn't so dark out. The whole sky is a strange backdrop of dark purples and blues, with lighter shades of red and some more blue creating crisscrossing patterns of lines. Did I leave camp at night for some reason? That's odd. We usually don't do that. Even if we're still cloaked and it should be safe, the nights here are short enough that we don't have to risk anything. At least that was what Ringo decided when we first came here.

The patterns that I'm seeing are strangely familiar though. I'm pretty sure I've seen something like this before, and it was pretty recent, but I know this isn't normal Earth sky. I can at least see the Moon, although it seems oddly faded out and barely visible. Oh well, it's probably not that important. I have a job to do, can't spend time worrying about every Earth thing that I don't understand yet.

Just as I start to get worried about how far I've had to fly, I the characteristically gray area that I'm looking for below me. Well, isn't that convenient? I float down and land, but don't immediately find the drone. I guess it's been busy today (tonight?) and I'll have to follow the trail a bit. It should be easy, I just have to look for what used to be plants and go that way. This area was heavily wooded before, and it still technically is, but most of the color and life that was previously here has been drained out. Even the grass has become pale and stiff. It looks like it would shatter at a slight touch, which is pretty much the truth.

I don't really understand why, but looking at the newly purified area, I feel... Odd. I've seen this kind of scene without giving it much thought plenty of times now, even if I can't remember an exact count. What is bothering me about it now? This shouldn't be a surprise, I had the process explained to me quite well on more than one occasion. Every bit of plant or animal life in the area will have the various natural taints of the Earth removed. I've seen what this actually means plenty of times. That newly purified life loses its color and structure, becoming a withered husk that eventually collapses into a pile of fine gray powder. Once that gets scattered by the wind, only pure land remains. The end result actually reminds me a lot of the land back home.

So what is it about this that's bothering me right now?

I suppress a shiver and start walking. It's kind of cold out right now. That's weird too, didn't we come here during Earth summer? The weather should still be warm if I'm remembering the briefing correctly. Although it might be autumn now that I think about it. I guess it doesn't matter either way. I should just get going.

Flying would be a quicker way to track the drone down, but I feel like I should try to take my time and enjoy the atmosphere a little bit now that I'm here. The purified land is pretty similar to the general feeling of back home, which should be giving me some amount of comfort. I know that it's just an imitation and that the atmosphere isn't exactly the same, but that shouldn't be bothering me. Maybe if EVERYTHING in Gensokyo was purified it would feel exactly like the Moon and then I would be better off, but that's not the objective here.

It's an odd sensation, feeling what used to be grass crumble under my feet as I walk. Ordinarily, these purified remains would be naturally eroded by Earth's weather, but it's very clear right now. I must be the first to get to the grass, which now collapses into nothing but dust at the slightest touch. If this stuff is still fresh, then maybe the drone isn't too far away. The purification process does take a while.

A few minutes of brisk walking later, I feel a small impulse that I have no reason to suppress. Maybe I'm feeling a bit proud about how well the mission is going and want to mess around a bit. I don't know exactly. Still, when the path I'm walking down appears to have a purified tree sitting in the middle of it, I decide I'm not going to go around it. We already beat you, dumb Earth tree. You're purified now. All I have to do is give you a little tap-


Ack! Okay, maybe I was a little bit too close to that tree when I touched it. It did break down as expected, but I wasn't thinking about the branches that would be above me. I shake my head a bit and dust the remains off of myself. Ick. I'm going to have to take a shower when I get back to camp. I should have shot the dumb tree instead of touching it myself. I'll keep that in mind if it comes up again.

Feeling a little silly now, I finish cleaning myself off, cough a few times to clear out any leftover dust from my throat, then start moving again.


Something is wrong.

I feel like I've been walking for hours now, but that can't be right. The drone moves much too slowly to have covered up this much distance, and even if it was fast enough, going in one direction for so long should have eventually lead away from the mountain, right? I don't know how I'm still seeing the same scenery of freshly purified plant life, but no matter how far I go, it never seems to change.

And I can't stop coughing either.

At first it was slight. I just needed to clear my throat a little more. Then that wasn't enough, I was still having trouble breathing. It turned from isolated coughs to small fits. Now I just can't stop. I don't know why. Pure air should be easier to breath than the normal Earth kind, but it still isn't good enough. My legs continue forward as if on autopilot, so I can't stop for a rest to catch my breath. I'm feeling light headed... Can't breathe...

I feel myself fall forward, creating a small cloud of dust that poofs up beneath me when I land on what used to be grass. My legs have stopped moving now, but I guess my arms are trying to pick up the slack. They reach to try and make me crawl forward, but I'm barely paying attention to them as the lack of oxygen makes my vision blur.

Everything's so gray.

The ground, gray.

The plants, gray.

My arms, turning gray...

Oh, now it's getting darker...

Am I dying? Can't... I can't die... That's against the rules...


I jerk awake to the sound of my own desperate coughs as my body struggles to regain oxygen. Forcing out whatever liquid is stuck in my throat, I don't even open my eyes until my gasping breaths return to normal breathing.

Urgh... Why am I so wet? Where am-

GUH. Pain. Throbbing. Head. Body. Eyes. Can't do it. Stop.

I feel miserable and awful in all kinds of ways. Many ways I had no idea I could feel this awful in. My eyes feel like they're being stabbed on the inside of my head even though I only opened the enough to see an indistinct blurry mess. It was too bright to make sense of anything before I had to shut them. My limbs feel sluggish and hard to move, even though the only thing stopping them is some kind of liquid that I'm currently laying in. My head won't stop throbbing. What the hell happened last-


Oh right I got drunk.

No, I didn't just get drunk.

I got wasted.

I've never done that before.

With how I'm feeling right now, I'm not sure I ever want to do that again.


Okay. Okay. I'll try to take this slow. I don't think I'm in danger right now. I just woke up feeling worse than I've ever felt after having a dream that I really don't want to think about. That's all. I can just try to calmly try to assess the situation. I will behave properly like a rational military mind. Easy. I've done it a ton before.

Trying to remember what happened last night is probably pointless. Everything becomes an haze of random thoughts and events after my second chug from Suika's gourd. I remember talking to a lot of people, drinking with most of them, and having a lot of fun, but that's it. Nothing specific. I might as well give up on looking to the past to try and figure out what's happening now. I should focus on the present instead.

Okay, the best way to pull that off is to figure out where I am, first of all. I guess that requires opening my eyes. Maybe if I just open them slowl-fffff... No, I can do this. Just work through the pain. I can get used to this. Just go as slowly as I need to...


That's not exactly what I was expecting.

I am currently sitting, fully clothed, in a large bathtub. It's filled up with enough room temperature water to reach up to my stomach. I guess I was only woken up when I shifted some way or another and my head wound up in the water. Well, at least I managed to wake up at all. It's entirely possible that I could have drowned overnight if things had worked out differently. That's... Really weird to think about actually.

The other surprising (actually surprising might not be the best word here) thing is that I'm not the only person here. Sitting across from me, still peacefully asleep despite being slumped down enough to be almost entirely submerged, is Wakasagihime. She actually looks comfortable like this, although I don't know why she's wearing a seashell bikini top instead of her normal clothes... You know, you can't see it so well normally, but Wakasagihime is apparently quite well endowed...

Anyway! There's one other person in the bathtub with us, though this one probably doesn't count as a full person. Looking off to my right I can see a colorfully painted small wooden boat, almost like it's a bath toy, which it probably is. Snoring away on top of it is a very tiny Suika. I should probably avoid making too many sudden movements. Even though I vaguely remember Suika's little clones being entirely expendable, I still feel like it would be disturbing to watch one drown when the waves of the bathtub knock it overboard, so I'll be careful.

The three of us appear to be in a bathroom of some sort, although I can't see much of it since the curtain around the tub is drawn. The (entirely too bright why does seeing things hurt so much) lighting in here doesn't seem like natural lighting. Wherever we're inside must have electricity. If I knew anything about Gensokyo that fact might help narrow my possible location down, but of course I don't. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. All I know is that my clothes are soaked and my skin is so pruned up that it hurts.

I reach up to drag open the curtain, and immediately hate myself for doing that when more light comes flooding over the bathtub. Once I've repressed the urge to swear out loud, I try to continue getting my bearings. Okay, yes. I can now confirm that this is a full bathroom. There's a toilet and sink over on the other side of the room, along with a towel rack. The whole place looks kind of poorly maintained, with the mirror over the sink having cracks and one of the light bulbs in the room being burnt out. Maybe it's just been lived in for a long time and whoever the owner of this bathroom is didn't expect company to come by and pass out in their bathtub.

Okay, let's take this slow. Not that I can take it very fast given how heavy my limbs feel. That might be for the best though, when I try to stand I'm immediately hit with dizziness again, and it takes a bit of waiting until I'm feeling good enough to fully rise up out of the water. This is awful. I feel awful. I want to go to bed. In a real bed, not a bathtub. I can already tell I'm going to be sore today. At least we have painkillers back at camp. I just have to figure out where I am so I can leave and get back to camp.

Standing up allows me to see the one other person that's here in the bathroom. Kagerou is curled up into a ball, sleeping peacefully on the rug immediately in front of the tub. She's wearing Wakasagihime's normal kimono while using her own dress as a makeshift pillow. I don't really know what the story is here, but I kind of have a feeling that nobody else is going to know either. Regardless, her being there is going to make getting out of the tub a little bit difficult. I don't have a towel or anything and am completely soaked. I'm going to make a mess and I won't even be able to do so on a rug. This keeps getting worse and worse...

Well, sorry to whoever lives here I guess. Maybe I'll clean it up later, but I need to get up and going. Let me see, if I was taking a bath in a tub like this, then I would have put my mallet off to the side riiiiight here. Yup, there it... Oh. This thing that I grabbed is not my mallet. This is Kogasa's umbrella. It's staring at me with one unfocused eye. Great.

My mallet is gone, and that makes me very uncomfortable. Honestly though, there's a lot of stuff here that's making me uncomfortable. Even though I feel like utter garbage, I know that I have to get to work.

[ ] I'm soaked, I need a change of clothes.
[ ] Where am I?
- [ ] Wake somebody here up and ask them.
- [ ] Head out and find somebody to ask.
[ ] Where are the other rabbits?
[ ] Kogasa is probably missing her umbrella like I'm missing my mallet.
[ ] Did I end up eating anything last night? I'm really hungry.
[ ] My head is killing me. I wonder if anybody knows how to fix a hangover.

Pick what you want here. This is more of a prioritization choice than anything. Seiran is going to want to address most or all of these things eventually.

Also my car got totaled and I have to do a bunch of stuff now on top of thanksgiving stuff, so this next week's update might be a little iffy. I'll give it a shot but there may be delays somewhere.
>> No. 27235
And by "pick what you want" I really mean "pick however many you want" in case that's not clear.
>> No. 27236
[x] I'm soaked, I need a change of clothes.
[x] Where am I?
- [x] Wake Wakasagihime up and ask her.
[x] My head is killing me. I wonder if anybody knows how to fix a hangover.
[x] Where are the other rabbits?

The fuck did we do last night.

>Also my car got totaled
And what did you do. We don't need updates that badly, man.
>> No. 27237
[x] I'm soaked, I need a change of clothes.
[x] Kogasa is probably missing her umbrella like I'm missing my mallet.
[x] My head is killing me. I wonder if anybody knows how to fix a hangover.
[x] Find rabbits
>> No. 27238
[x] I'm soaked, I need a change of clothes.
[x] Kogasa is probably missing her umbrella like I'm missing my mallet.
[x] My head is killing me. I wonder if anybody knows how to fix a hangover.
[x] Where are the other rabbits?
>> No. 27239
[X] I'm soaked, I need a change of clothes.
[X] Kogasa is probably missing her umbrella like I'm missing my mallet.
[X] Where are the other rabbits?
>> No. 27240
[x] I'm soaked, I need a change of clothes.
[x] Kogasa is probably missing her umbrella like I'm missing my mallet.
[x] My head is killing me. I wonder if anybody knows how to fix a hangover.
[x] Where are the other rabbits?

It may have been done before but I'm okay if this turns into a touhou version of the Hangover.
>> No. 27241
[X] I'm soaked, I need a change of clothes.
[X] Where am I?
- [X] Wake somebody here up and ask them.
[X] My head is killing me. I wonder if anybody knows how to fix a hangover.
[X] Kogasa is probably missing her umbrella like I'm missing my mallet.
[X] Did I end up eating anything last night? I'm really hungry.
>> No. 27242
File 147978588211.jpg - (281.45KB, 708x829, stuff.jpg) [iqdb]
>And what did you do.

I mean, you know. Stuff.
>> No. 27243
Well, that's one way to avoid writing updates.
>> No. 27244
I've heard of stories that crashed and burned, but AI guess I wasn't thinking literally enough
>> No. 27246
File 148010127999.jpg - (204.71KB, 1070x1500, Still missing the hammer though.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] I'm soaked, I need a change of clothes.
[X] Where are the other rabbits?
[X] My head is killing me. I wonder if anybody knows how to fix a hangover.
[X] Kogasa is probably missing her umbrella like I'm missing my mallet.

I nearly fall when I climb out of the bathtub. In my defense, the rug that is put there specifically to prevent stuff like this is currently occupied, so of course trying to get out somewhere else goes a little bit worse than I would like. I manage to catch myself on the edge of the tub, although I bang my knee while doing it. Just another bit of soreness added to the rest of me I guess. A quick look back confirms that my almost fall wasn't enough to knock mini-Suika into the water at least. Although if she hadn't been knocked out while I was struggling to avoid drowning, I doubt there would be much that I could do accidentally that would create waves large enough to knock her overboard.

Okay, I'm out of the tub now, that's step number one out of something-hundred done. I don't know everything that's going on, or what all happened last night to get me to this point, but I feel like figuring that out will come eventually. It's more important that I get back into a state where I can accomplish things. Once I'm up and good to go, I can take it from there.

First order of business then. I am wet and cold and dripping all over the place while I awkwardly stand here beside the tub. There's a towel rack over there, so I'll just borrow some of those and dry myself off. It's not exactly an ideal solution, I can't really get my clothes completely dry like this, and I'd really rather not be gross and soggy all day. Maybe I could find a change of clothes somewhere. Kagerou's dress isn't being worn by anyone, although I would have to drag it out of her arms, so that might not be such a good option. I'll try something else.

On the bright side, even if I almost drowned and still feel gross and miserable, I did have something similar to a proper bath last night. I'm probably a little better off in terms of cleanliness than if I had used the portable shower back at camp. So hey, there's an upside to this, even if it's small and inconsequential.

I grab two towels off the rack, one for my body and one for my hair. I'm probably not in a position to complain about it, but these towels aren't exactly the best quality. It seems like they've been used frequently and for a long time, making them look very worn. The one I rub over my body even has a tear developing from one of the edges. Either this isn't a normal guest room or whoever lives here really doesn't care about impressing people. Oh well. I didn't come here to be impressed. Or for any reason that sober me knows about.

I spend some time trying to dry myself off, but there's only so much I can do after having sat in a tub of water all night. My hair and skin is easy enough to deal with, but it really does look like I'm going to have to find a temporary replacement for my clothes. Going outside, let alone flying through the sky in cold damp clothes like this sounds like a recipe for getting sick. Just because we have medicine back at camp that should cure most Earth sicknesses that we're likely to encounter down here doesn't mean that I should be reckless.

The other occupants of the bathroom seem perfectly content to keep sleeping, so I'll leave the three (2 and a tenth?) of them alone. I'll probably be better off asking somebody who isn't sleeping off a night of getting hammered, assuming that somebody like that is around here. I feel like I should still take Kogasa's umbrella along though, she's probably missing it in the same way that I'm missing my mallet. I could just be projecting though. I've been told that I do that without realizing it sometimes.

With a towel still wrapped around my waist to try and minimize some of the dripping, I open up the door to loo-

Oh dammit. Owowowow.

I let out a pained groan and have to shrink back a bit when I open up the door. It leads to a hallway, though I'm a bit busy trying to avert my eyes so I don't end up picking out many details. There's definitely a window at the end of the hallway, and it is definitely sunny outside right now. Just looking at the light pouring in is making my brain throb inside my skull. I squint my eyes as much as possible, keeping my head down as I scramble to a random door down the hallway and let myself in.

This next room is a bit better off at least. It seems that the hallway that I had to go through has a window that faces east, so the morning sun comes through pretty clearly. This bedroom doesn't have that, instead having a window with a curtain that faces north. At least I assume that this is a bedroom. The large fluffy bed is a pretty big hint. I guess I should look around a little bit to try and pick up information about where I am.

Let me see... The bed is large enough for me to feel a little jealous about it, so whoever lives here clearly has the money to afford nice things. Or at least they did at one point. There's a couple of well crafted but obviously rather old dressers off to the side and a desk sitting under the window. I can see various sheets of paper and a few books scattered on the desktop, but it seems mostly unused. In the near corner of the room there's also a large pile of laundry. There was probably a basket or something under it at some point but I can't really see it anymore under the hill of already worn pajamas. Aside from a strong affinity for the color pink, there doesn't seem to be a very good indicator of whose room this is.

Well, there are clothes here, and there's nobody around to see me get changed, so I think this is a good enough solution to my wetness problem. I do feel somewhat bad that I'm borrowing something without asking, but it looks like whoever lives in this room isn't exactly hurting for clothes. Plus, I'll give them back after my normal dress has dried. Promise.

I don't really want to wear dirty clothes out, to say nothing about them being pajamas, so I throw my wet towels into the dirty clothes pile and head for the dressers to try and find something clean. When I look, there doesn't appear to be any order or reasoning to what's in each drawer, so I just pick some things out at random. I wind up with something surprisingly modern looking. A pair of blue capris and a white camisole which seem to be in my size, although it looks like most of the stuff in here would fit me well enough. The top shows off a bit more skin around the shoulders than I usually go with, but I'm fine with it I guess. Regardless of what I end up with, I can't possibly look as bad as I feel in my head right now.

It might not be necessary, but I make sure to put Kogasa's umbrella down with its eye facing away from me. I don't know how intelligent this thing is, but it's at least alive enough to look around and move its tongue, so I'd rather not have it staring at me while I change. I'm at least nice enough to lay it down on the pink fluffy pillows of the bed, so it should be as happy as an umbrella youkai thing can be.

Changing doesn't take long, especially when I'm feeling too crappy to put a lot of effort into my appearance. I'm sure I look fine, all things considered. Once I'm finished, I bunch up my wet clothes and try to think of what to do with them. It would be best if I hung them up somewhere to dry out the rest of the way, but I don't really know where an appropriate place would be. I guess I'll give up on that one and just carry them around along with the umbrella. I can at least call the 'fix wet clothes' objective more or less complete. I'd like to say I'm good to go now, but that's not really true. I still have a massive headache and am sore all over. I don't have a way to deal with that though. Maybe somebody with more drinking experience than me would know what I should do to cure the headache part at least.

Either way, I need to find more people, and the best people to find are probably the other rabbits. I know that, aside from Yuzuki, the others were also drinking pretty heavily last night. It might be good to make sure that nobody is in a bad situation, though I doubt that any of them could be in worse situations than almost accidentally drowning in a bathtub like a dumbass. The only problem is that looking for other people means leaving the room. Which means going back into the hallway that is almost definitely still full of my unexpected enemy, the sun. At least this time I can brace myself, but I imagine this is still going to involve a lot of wincing and unpleasantness. It doesn't help that I don't know where I'm going either. Ugh, here goes nothing...

Ow. Ow. Ow... Yup, still painful. I can at least do a better job of paying attention to my surroundings this time as I pick a door at random and go toward it. This hallway and the bedroom I was just in were nicely carpeted and looked well built, but also seemed poorly maintained. The walls, or more specifically the wall paper, also give some clear evidence that this building was pretty high class in its day, but that day was a long time ago. Now it's just getting older and dustier, and nobody seems to be cleaning things up.

I move into another room and quickly shut the door behind me, relieved that this room also has the curtains drawn enough to avoid hurting my eyes that badly. In fact this room is pretty similar in general to the bedroom that I was just in. It's got the same kind of simple but high quality furniture in roughly the same places. The difference is that this room is currently occupied by at least a couple of the people that I've been looking for. I guess that a pretty good portion of the party goers from last night moved here just like me. Let's see here...

Ringo is fast asleep on the floor, her hat slid down enough to cover her face. It looks like she might have been on the bed at one point, but either fell or got pushed off.
Chiyo has somehow managed to secure both the half of the bed and all of its covers, and is sleeping peacefully in a bundle of blankets. Pretty typical of her.
Sekibanki's head is sleeping upside down on an extra pillow right next to Chiyo, while her body is lying on the floor. That's kind of disturbing to look at honestly. It looks like some kind of grisly murder.
The unoccupied spot on the bed that is freed up by Sekibanki's body not being there is instead being taken up by Kyouko, who has rolled herself up into a ball kind of like how Kagerou had back in the bathroom.
The winged youkai that Chiyo talked to last night (I really need to figure out which one is Tokiko and which one is Kokoro) is sitting at the desk, leaning over to sleep on her own folded arms. She's probably going to wake up sore like that.
Benben and Lunasa appear to have swapped clothes with each other, and are both sleeping on the floor under a blanket that somehow avoided being captured by Chiyo.

Overall, everyone looks a bit messy and disheveled, but I assume that's normal after a night of drinking. I can see some empty bottles laying off to the side, and there's also a scattered pile of playing cards near the center of the room. I guess this could be a lot worse. Just looking at the aftermath, I don't think it's unreasonable to guess that everyone probably had a lot of fun last night.

Still, I need to get the other rabbits up soon. This is only two out of four, and we need to regroup and recover so we can accomplish things today. I gingerly step my way over to the bed and lean down so I can wake up Ringo in my normal way. Pulling her hat off of her face, I have to suppress a giggle at her somehow having gotten bed head while sleeping on the floor. It's probably just from her hat coming off though. She's pretty much always wearing that thing.

When I lean down and blow a puff of air into one of Ringo's ears, I don't get the normal response that I'm used to. Instead of the tiny freak out and her suddenly being awake, Ringo groans some annoyed noises out. "Mmmfh. Fffuck," I'm not really used to Ringo swearing like that, but I guess it's not surprising. I imagine that, like me, Ringo is not exactly in the best state.

"Sorry Ringo," I whisper to her, but try to make it loud enough that she doesn't just fall back asleep. "We need to get up and get going."

Ringo responds with a pained moan while slowly rolling over and dragging herself into a sitting position. Once she's up, she opens her eyes, shuts them again with a pained expression, then squints as she opens them back up more slowly. After a little bit of adjustment, she eventually reaches a point where she can properly look at me. "Well, good morning beautiful. What's your name?" She says, keeping her voice quiet as neither of us want to hear loud noises right now.

Oh come on, I only changed my clothes. "Ringo..."

"Oh nice, we have the same name," Ringo interrupts jokingly before I can continue.

"You know it's me," I sigh. It's kind of hard to get enthusiastic toward jokes right now.

Ringo apparently doesn't agree, given how she's snickering. "It's still a nice look. You're super cute like that," After a moment, she reconsiders what she just said. "Well, you look super cute in your normal clothes too, this is just an interesting change."

Huh. I'm kind of surprised at Ringo's comments. They feel kind of different from how we usually interact. I don't think anything happened that would have changed things between us, so this feels a little odd. "I woke up in a bathtub this morning," I explain, putting the strange feeling aside. "I had to get something else to wear, and this was something that was available."

"So you don't know who they belong to?" Ringo asks. "Damn, I would have thanked them for their good taste."

"I don't even remember how we got here," I admit with just a little bit of embarrassment.

"We definitely flew here as a group at some point last night, I remember that much," I don't know if Ringo's actually remembering things or just guessing. "Dunno who's idea it is or where this is though."

"You're still better off than I am," I don't remember anything at all about coming to this house, but then I'm also pretty sure I was drinking more than anyone else. Thinking about how caught up I got in what I'm now admitting was a party instead of a meeting makes me a little bit embarrassed to be honest. Let's just move on. "Let's go and get the others up for now," I suggest, handing Ringo back her hat.

Ringo stands up slowly and stretches a bit while I turn to the next easiest rabbit to find, Chiyo. She looks pretty comfy being all wrapped up like that, and I feel a little bad about waking her up. Not bad enough that I'm not going to do it though. She should just be glad that she had a nice rest in a big fluffy bed instead of a tub full of water. I don't really have a normal way of waking Chiyo up, since usually Yuzuki takes care of that. I guess I can just pinch her cheeks, since her face is the only part of her that's exposed right now.

"nnnnmf," Chiyo makes some kind of noise, shakes her head away from my hand, and buries her face into a pillow. "Five minutes," She mumbles out, sounding surprisingly more awake than I expected.

"Five Chiyo minutes or five minutes?" I ask her patiently, those are two very different lengths of time.

Chiyo shifts up deeper into the pillow to try and cover her ears some more. "mmf," Is the only not-response that I get.

"So she says," Ringo observes, stepping over next to me. "Here, I got her," She decides, leaning down and sliding her arms under the wrapped up bundle of blankets that is Chiyo. Once her hands are in position, Ringo effortlessly lifts up our smaller friend.

"Hurp..." Chiyo makes a gross burping sound as she's brought up into Ringo's arms. "-na puke."


"Gonna puke," Chiyo repeats shortly. Oh no...

"Bathroom is two doors down that way," I quickly tell Ringo, pointing in the direction I came down the hallway. I definitely don't want Chiyo making a mess in here, especially with everyone else around and trying to sleep.

Ringo nods to me and hurries off to the door, still carrying Chiyo with her. I can hear her groan out a few less than pleasant words when the light from the hallway hits her, but she still rushes out of the room quickly. Good crisis management, Ringo.

So that means two out of four of the other rabbits are now confirmed to be fine. I'm sure that all five of us are fine actually, at least for some value of fine, but knowing for sure is still a bit of relief. Just two more to go, then I can continue on with all the other stuff that I have to take care of... Ugh. I reluctantly wander out into the hallway and try for another door, this time across the hallway and a bit further from the window.

This is uh... Somewhat different from the situation Ringo and Chiyo were in. This new room that I've wandered into appears to be a lounge of some kind. There's a piano and a large string instrument (a cello, I think?) set up in a corner near an unlit fireplace, with a couple of plush couches and armchairs arranged in a half circle around a small coffee table in the center of the room. Laying down on one of the couches with her hat discarded off to the side and her clothes disheveled enough that she can only technically be considered to still be wearing them is Sumi. That wouldn't be that big of a deal, but she isn't alone.

Yatsuhashi is the name of the other string girl that isn't Benben, right? We were never really introduced, but I know that people mentioned her multiple times. From what I heard, her and Sumi hit it off pretty well, and from what I'm seeing now, that's definitely confirmed. Yatsuhashi is sleeping quietly on top of Sumi. Her skirt is missing but her shirt and underwear are still on. The light red strings that are normally around her body are looped around Sumi's torso. When you combine that with their arms being wrapped around each other and Yatsuhashi's head resting peacefully in the crook of Sumi's neck, it's pretty clear that they're um... Cuddling.

Er... I'm not sure if I should bother them.

[ ] Leave Sumi alone
[ ] Wake Sumi up

I make poor decisions about time management sometimes. I think everything's straightened around now. Should hopefully be good on update times until Christmas.

And hey, the next update will probably be in a new thread, isn't that exciting?
>> No. 27247
[x] Leave Sumi alone! She is a moon rabbit!

And moon rabbits will die of loneliness.
>> No. 27248
[X] Leave Sumi alone

>Yatsuhashi is the name of the other string girl that isn't Benben, right?

Poor Yatsuhashi, even in fiction she gets rapped for her unpopularity.
>> No. 27249
[X] Leave Sumi alone
>> No. 27250
[X] Leave Sumi alone

Must have been quite a wild night.
>> No. 27251
[X] Wake Sumi up

Rallying the troops means getting everyone together, even the ones who don't want to.
>> No. 27252
[X] Leave Sumi alone
>> No. 27253
[X] Leave Sumi alone
>> No. 27254
[X] Leave Sumi alone

So if I had to guess, I'd say the party somehow managed to move to the Prismriver's place?
>> No. 27255
[X] Leave Sumi alone

Bro code.
>> No. 27256
[x] Leave Sumi alone

>> No. 27258
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