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File 145369714580.jpg - (570.44KB, 950x1400, Definitely not panicking.jpg) [iqdb]
26336 No. 26336
I think I'm doing a pretty good job at not panicking.

When you consider how quickly and how thoroughly everything went off the rails, you could excuse me if I was panicking a bit.

But I'm not.


Instead of panicking, I'm just going to calmly try to assess the situation. Now that I saw that girl finally leave the area, I feel like I can head back into camp without getting danmaku'd or magic'd or whatever'd to death. I'll think about what lead up to this point while I'm heading back, then decide what to do from there. I will behave properly like rational military mind. I will not panic.

So initially, I was out checking on the mechanical purification spider probe to make sure it was still doing its purifying thing. On the way back down the mountain I decided to take some time away from camp to make some mochi for the other rabbits. I do that from time to time. I have my mallet, so I might as well do something productive with it. Everybody likes it and I like to keep morale up if I can. Suddenly out of nowhere I was challenged to a duel. I tried to act tough and do my job, but honestly I wasn't that hopeful about it. Danmaku is hard. I still haven't really got my head around using spell cards, and my power is unexpectedly bad for it.

I have various excuses for it, but they don't change the fact that I got trashed. There isn't really much of a better way to say it, though losing wasn't as bad as I had expected. It did stop me from making the mochi, which I was sad about, but otherwise it's better than getting blown up or shot with actual weapons. I guess these spell card rules that we're supposed to follow for some reason do make losing much nicer than some of the horror stories I've heard from the Lunar War. It did kind of leave me in an awkward situation though. I couldn't exactly head back to camp along with her when I lost. After I used my comms to tell the others she was coming I was just stuck outside stressing out until she was done doing whatever she thought was necessary to make us stop purifying the earth. Us rabbits don't really care that much about purification, nor were we really made aware of the full plan. We were just supposed to gather information, wait in camp, let the mechanical spider do it's thing, and wait for more orders.

That brings me to the current state of our camp. I don't see any of the other moon rabbits around. That's strange. I'm sure they're okay though. They'd have to be. I don't need to worry about it. I'll just have to find them. They might be looking for me in fact, I was the one that was away from camp. It's a little weird how quiet comms have been if that's the case though, so maybe they're just busy regrouping from the attack. I should probably just find Chief Information Management Officer Ringo. She always knows where everybody is and what they're doing. Given the state of the camp though, she could be anywhere.

Speaking of the camp itself, it's not as bad as it could be. Our little mountain base setup is a bit messier than I would like, at least from the quick look around that I'm giving it. The supplies that Yuzuki and I had spent so long organizing were strewn about camp in a big mess. Food and ammunition were scattered about randomly like somebody had rifled through it. It also looks like a lot of the tents we had been sleeping in had been ruined by stray danmaku, but that's okay. Those are just things. We can get more supplies if we need to later, after I figure out what's actually missing or broken and what is here but just out of place.

I guess the other thing that I could check on, even though it DEFINITELY won't have any problems, would be the Kaian Passageway. I don't really know how it works, but if it's the portal that lets us get back to the lunar capital through the dream world, then that girl that beat me probably used it to get more information from more important people. I guess I could at least check it to be safe. I know there is no way that would be messed up though.

Okay I guess there are a few different things that I should check on since I seem to be the only one around. They don't seem like they could be all THAT bad, but I should try to be productive even in the face of adversity while I wait for more orders. Which one should I check on first though?

[] The supplies, I'll have to reorganize after I confirm that everything is still there.
[] The other rabbits, I hope they're not too bothered by my not finishing the mochi.
[] The portal, I'm not worried. I'm sure it's just fine.

Also for the setting of this story, which character resolved the incident in LoLK?

[] Reimu
[] Marisa
[] Sanae
[] Reisen
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>> No. 26606
[X] Ask Kanako for help, give her some information (which does not implicate you) about the drone
[X] Let Yuzuki talk to Kanako about Hina
[X] Go somewhere else to look for Sumi
- [X] Look for caves near the base of the mountain.

I suspect there might be Undergound access somewhere around there, and Sumi getting lost there seems like a possibility.
>> No. 26607
[X] Ask Kanako for help, give her some information (which does not implicate you) about the drone
[X] Let Yuzuki talk to Kanako about Hina
[X] Focus on finding the earth rabbits that Aya mentioned yesterday
>> No. 26608
[X] Ask Kanako for help, give her some information (which does not implicate you) about the drone

"(which does not implicate you)" might be tricky, but we can limit it to things a calmly evacuating not panicking not panicking not panicking rabbit might have seen.

[X] Ask Kanako about Hina on Yuzuki's behalf
- [X] If she asks why we want to know: "Yuzuki here has a crush on her and was curious. She gets a bit... passionate about it, though, so I thought it'd be better for me to ask."
- - [X] Weather Yuzuki's outrage placidly (better hers than Kanako's)

I honestly don't think it's just a crush, but it's funny and I'm nosy.

[X] Go somewhere else to look for Sumi
- [X] Look for caves near the base of the mountain.

>>26606's reasoning is plausible. Also, earth rabbits are tied with Eientei for "group most likely to poke holes in our story".
>> No. 26609
[x] Decline
[x] Ask about Hina yourself
>> No. 26610

This pretty much covers how I'd have voted.
>> No. 26611
Asking for help and checking out caves are winning their votes, but "Let Yuzuki talk to Kanako about Hina" and "Ask about Hina Yourself" are tied, so if somebody could break that one that would be great.
>> No. 26612
[x] Ask Kanako about Hina on Yuzuki's behalf
- [x] If she asks why we want to know: "Yuzuki here has a crush on her and was curious. She gets a bit... passionate about it, though, so I thought it'd be better for me to ask."
>> No. 26613
[x] Ask Kanako about Hina on Yuzuki's behalf
- [x] If she asks why we want to know: "Yuzuki here has a crush on her and was curious. She gets a bit... passionate about it, though, so I thought it'd be better for me to ask."

There, now the opposition will have to try harder.
>> No. 26614
File 146215611387.jpg - (194.50KB, 750x1000, Kind of hard to argue with.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Ask Kanako for help, give her some information (which does not implicate you) about the drone
[X] Ask Kanako about Hina on Yuzuki's behalf
- [X] If she asks why we want to know: "Yuzuki here has a crush on her and was curious. She gets a bit... passionate about it, though, so I thought it'd be better for me to ask."
[X] Go somewhere else to look for Sumi
- [X] Look for caves near the base of the mountain.

I turn my head towards Chiyo, who catches my look and nods to me. By the time I turn to Yuzuki, she's also noticed my request for approval. Yuzuki also nods, though she looks a bit less decisive while doing it. I guess that's that then. I'll try to be cooperative here, but also try to make sure that I'm not giving too much away.

"We don't know a whole lot," I start somewhat slowly. I have to be careful about what I'm saying. To start off with though, I can probably just go with what Ringo told Aya. "It's not too big, maybe like the size of a person. It's big enough that somebody could probably ride on top of it though. I don't know what kind of metal it's made of because we never got close to it. From what we could tell, it was doing something weird where it was kind of sucking something out of the plants around it which made them die somehow."

Kanako listens intently the whole time that I talk, only asking a question once it seems that I've run out of things to say. "I see, is there anything else?" She asks.

I don't think I need to say anything else. I've already covered everything that an uninvolved youkai would probably know when they had to evacuate. She can't expect all that much out of me. "No, not really. I don't know very much about machines, so that's all."

Kanako thinks for a moment. "Very well. I had assumed that it was just the kappa testing one of their projects in an uninhabited area, however if it's actively destroying the homes of other youkai, someone needs to be held responsible. There are very few individuals who could cause this, so I will be able to investigate that while also attempting to locate your friend," She says authoritatively. "Thank you for bringing the matter to my attention. Do you need anything else?"

I look over at Yuzuki again, who notices me looking at her and gives me a hopeful expression back. I know full well what she wants to bring up, but unfortunately it's probably still better for me to handle it rather than her. I don't like having to do all the talking, but given how the issue made Yuzuki start yelling earlier, I think I have to.

"There is one other thing we were curious about," I begin carefully. We are asking for help here, I don't want to be too accusatory. "We wanted to ask about Hina Kagiyama."

"Miss Kagiyama?" Kanako looks a little surprised at the subject change, but recovers fairly quickly. "Yes, she's another goddess that lives further down the mountain. Did you have some issue with her?"

"Well, we met with her a couple of times while we were trying to find another place to settle down," I clarify.

"And Yuzuki started crushing on her." Chiyo adds on suddenly.

"Right," I agree quickly, partially to mask Yuzuki's protest but mostly just because it's an easy avenue for teasing her. We don't get to do that with Yuzuki most of the time. Kanako raises an eyebrow at this, but I keep going. "Yuzuki got a bit too... Passionate about it when she was talking to Sanae, so I thought it'd be better for me to ask about her. Hina seemed like a nice lady when we visited her shrine, but we couldn't help but notice how... Tiny it is compared to here."

"And that you weren't allowing her to stay there very much. Isn't that kind of unfair to Hina?" Yuzuki asks, a bit less delicately than I would have liked, but I can't exactly stop her from talking. She might be a little irritated about the crush thing as well.

Kanako thinks for a moment before answering. "Hm, I understand your concern, but did you actually ask miss Kagiyama for her feelings on this?" She asks us.

"Uh, well, not exactly." I answer awkwardly. Hina left kind of quickly when we visited her after all. We didn't get to ask all that much.

Kanako nods, "You have to understand, miss Kagiyama's shrine was a joint agreement between us, even though she is not technically a part of the Moriya shrine. I recognized that her blessings could be desirable for travellers making their way up the mountain, while she recognized that having a shrine in such a high traffic area would be beneficial to her own gathering of faith. It's natural that we would work together with these circumstances." She explains, taking a businesslike tone.

"But if she's not allowed to be there and her name isn't on it then how is that even going to help people have faith in her?" I ask. I don't know the specifics of how faith gathering for gods works, but I would think people would have to know who she was to have faith in her.

Kanako folds her arms in front of her and begins slowly pacing as she explains herself. "It will help her because name recognition is not beneficial to her at this time. Humans are wary of her and her misfortune gathering abilities. Enough so that they ignore the good that she can do for them and make speaking about her something of a taboo. If the shrine was linked directly to her right now, people would go out of their way to avoid being anywhere near it. That would get her nothing and hurt us at the same time." She pauses after that, but before I can think of how to respond, she continues.

"The plan we have currently is intended to play the long game here. That shrine's deity will be unnamed for now. We will only gradually introduce the idea of it being a separate goddess from the Moriyas after people are used to using it, which will allow miss Kagiyama to gather more faith than she has now. After that, we can move forward on to reveal the goddess behind the shrine, but only when we know that making such a move is wise."

"But it still seems unfair that you're forcing her to be a visitor to her own shrine," Yuzuki interrupts, She sounds a little bit weak, like even she doesn't think this argument is going to work well. Kanako is clearly more prepared here.

"The shrine is a mutually beneficial deal that both miss Kagiyama and myself agreed to," Kanako answers sternly. "A deal that benefits her more, I will mention. It may be less than ideal at this time, but miss Kagiyama knows that having a shrine that people use is strictly better than not having one. Things will only continue to get better for her once the tramway is built as well. This is simply a situation that will take time to play out fully. If you have any suggestions that might improve things, I am willing to take them into consideration." When she finishes, Kanako finally stops pacing, instead facing us and looking at each of us in turn again.

I'm not sure if I have anything to say here. It is true that we don't know all the specifics about how Hina gets faith, so arguing against Kanako's understanding of the situation might not work out all that well. When I glance at Yuzuki again, she still doesn't look happy, but she doesn't volunteer any suggestions either. "Uh, no, I think that's okay," I say somewhat awkwardly. "We just didn't understand the situation."

Kanako nods. "Very well. I appreciate the concern, and I'm sure miss Kagiyama does as well," I hear Yuzuki make a small noise in annoyance at Kanako ending the discussion, but she doesn't actually say anything. "Was there anything else?"

I look over at Chiyo, who just shrugs at me, while Yuzuki doesn't respond much at all. "Yeah," I answer. "I guess that's it. Thank you for your help."

"Very good then," Kanako says, apparently happy to move on from the topic of Hina. "How should we contact you in the event that we find any information on your missing friend?" She asks. I had actually thought about this question.

"We're still looking for a place to settle down, so that might be tough. We're camping out right now, but we might not be in the same place later," I lie. We aren't really planning on moving camp as far as I know, but I don't want to say that. Instead I want to keep the focus off of us and what we're doing. "Could we just come back here in a couple of days instead?"

Kanako doesn't look too happy about my answer, but allows it. "I can't guarantee any results in that time, but I suppose it's fine. Come back here the day after tomorrow and I'll let you know if any progress is made," She says.

"That sounds good then. Thank you very much for your help." I say, bowing slightly.

"I will be leaving soon then," Kanako says, moving back towards the shrine. "Sanae, if Suwako comes back, let her know where I've gone."

I guess that ends the negotiation.


We say some awkward goodbyes to Sanae and leave the Moriya shrine. I try to guess the time based on the sun, but I'm not that great at it yet. I'd say it's somewhere around noon though. Maybe a bit after.

"I was thinking about it," Chiyo says out of nowhere as we slowly fly upwards. We haven't decided where we're going, so we're not in a hurry to get there yet. "You know there's an entrance to a big cave system further down the other side of the mountain. Maybe we should check if Sumi went down there."

I remember Chiyo having mentioned that at some point in the past. It's one of the various things that we came across while gathering information but never followed up on. "Why would she have gone down there?" I ask. I can't really think of a specific reason.

"It's Sumi." Chiyo answers plainly.

"Ah..." I can't really argue that very well. Compared to a normal rabbit Sumi is somewhat more... I guess adventurous would be a nice word. I don't know if she would have gotten an urge to explore underground caves a couple of days ago, but it is possible she's lost down there. Aside from that, if Kanako is going to be checking with her contacts, it might be better for us to check on leads that she wouldn't have any reason to look at. Going underground fits the bill, and could actually lead to finding her. "Okay, I guess we could give that a shot."


It's not too hard to find the caves that Chiyo's talking about, although the area that they're in is a bit unpleasant. There seems to be some kind of volcanic activity happening all over the place, with a ton of holes or cracks in the ground leading down. I do notice some hot springs around though, which I make a note of. I've never been to one of those before.

Once we pick a random cave and go to its entrance though, we quickly realize a problem. "I don't suppose anybody brought night vision goggles?" I ask, Sumi and Yuzuki both shake their heads. Didn't think so.

Rabbits don't have very good night vision normally. We're pretty good at low light levels, but when you're talking about a pitch black cave, we usually want to get some help in order to see things. Most of us anyway. Sumi and Yuzuki can get around it with their powers, but Ringo, Chiyo, and I would normally need some kind of assistance. Unfortunately, all of the assistance we could use is back at camp, and it would take time to go get it.

"Well, if you guys are okay with it, I could lead us," Yuzuki volunteers. "I'm going to be using my powers a lot to look for Sumi down there anyway."

"So then why would you even need us?" Chiyo asks. I guess she kind of has a point. If we're only relying on Yuzuki's powers to find our way, then Chiyo and I aren't going to do much good.

[ ] Go back to base and get night vision goggles
[ ] Go back to base and get simple light sources
[ ] Let Yuzuki lead the way, everybody goes underground
[ ] Let Yuzuki go by herself, Chiyo and I can do something else instead
- [ ] (Specify what Seiran and Chiyo will do)
>> No. 26615
[x] Go back to base and get simple light sources
>> No. 26616
[X] Go back to base and get night vision goggles

They're going into a pitch-black cave. Might as well use night vision goggles even with some of their uncomfortableness and some vision penalties.
>> No. 26617
[X] Go back to base and get night vision goggles
>> No. 26619
[X] Let Yuzuki lead the way, everybody goes underground
>> No. 26620
[x] Go back to base and get simple light sources

We can't use the night vision goggles because we are still trying to act like normal Earth rabbits. Something as hi-tech as night vision goggles would make it blatantly obvious that we are from the moon. We also can't go underground without a light source because Seiran and Chiyo would just slow Yuzuki down, and sending Yuzuki down alone is just begging for her to go missing again.
>> No. 26621
Nicely put

[x] Light sources
>> No. 26622
[x] Go back to base and get simple light sources
[X] Let Yuzuki lead the way, everybody goes underground

The rest of us still gotta see.
>> No. 26625
[x] Go back to base and get simple light sources

As >>26620 says.
>> No. 26627
[x] Go back to base and get simple light sources

Let's not blow our cover.
>> No. 26628
File 14624172612.jpg - (606.43KB, 1313x930, Welcome.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Go back to base and get simple light sources

"She might not end up needing us, but I think we should do the cautious thing here and come along anyway. We don't know what she might run into if she goes by herself. Any random youkai could be down there using the caves as free shelter, so sending Yuzuki alone is too dangerous." I decide out loud after considering Chiyo's question.

"Well we won't be much help if we're just going off of her powers." Chiyo says, walking slightly into the mouth of the cave and looking around. The only light she has available is what little is coming from the cloudy sky.

Here's the unfortunate part of my decision. "We'll have to go back to camp," I say somewhat reluctantly. "It will eat up time, but I think it's the smartest and safest option."

"Do you want me to get started in the meantime then?" Yuzuki asks, apprehensively following Chiyo, probably to make sure she doesn't go too far.

"No, I think you need to come back with us. It'll be faster if you're there, since you'll be able to find the lanterns more quickly." I answer.

Yuzuki gives me a slightly confused look. "We organized things together two days ago, you should know where things are," I try not to comment on that part. Yuzuki's organization pretty much guarantees that I absolutely don't know where specific things are. "And why would we use lanterns instead of the night vision goggles?"

"Too high tech," Chiyo says, still looking around the cave entrance.

"Yeah. It was fine when we were stealthed, but now we kind of need to be concerned about what people see us doing. We're trying to keep up an appearance of normal Gensokyo youkai, so we can't use technology that they wouldn't have access to. We should try to maintain the cover story as much as possible." I continue, since Chiyo doesn't seem interested in doing so.

Yuzuki thinks for a moment. "That seems like a bit of a waste," She says. "I don't think that any random youkai we run into down there is going to have the ability to blow our cover."

She has a point there. Assuming we even meet one, a youkai that is living in a random cave probably doesn't have contact with anyone important. It might not even matter that much in the end. I still want to be careful here though. "We've been having a lot of unplanned meetings the past couple of days. I think we should keep our story consistent here, just in case." I decide. It's a little inconvenient. The goggles, as uncomfortable as they are, would definitely be better than having to use lanterns or flashlights. I still think I've made the right call here though.

There's a short pause in the discussion. For a moment, I'm pretty sure that Yuzuki is going to bring up more points against my plan. Instead, she just gives a light sigh. "Alright fine, I guess it doesn't make much difference to me anyway," She says before turning away from me. "Let's go Chiyo."

Chiyo walks back over to us, and the three of us fly off back to camp.


Our camp is basically on the opposite side of the mountain from the caves, so it takes a bit to get all the way back. I notice that the clouds seem to be getting a bit darker. Rain seems more and more likely as time goes on. I hate camping out in the rain honestly, so tonight is probably going to be pretty miserable.

Nobody says anything the whole way back. That's pretty normal for Chiyo, but I think Yuzuki is a bit annoyed about something. I guess it could be the Hina thing still, but I think Kanako gave pretty okay reasoning for why things are the way they are. I'll have to talk to Yuzuki about it later, but for now I'm more concerned about getting work done.

After landing in camp, I take a brief moment to check that Ringo isn't still here (she's not) before we head over to the equipment tent. With the previous talk about us keeping our tech hidden, it occurs to me that we might want to think up a more stealthy hiding spot for all of these crates of lunarian military equipment. We can't lock the tent that everything is stored in, and we've already had things stolen once. I make a mental note to bring the problem up with Ringo soon, though a solution doesn't immediately come to mind.

Yuzuki finds a couple of lanterns immediately, which is much much faster than Chiyo or I would have all things considered. All three of us take one, even though Yuzuki doesn't actually need to use hers. Even if she doesn't need it, it's still a good idea to have a backup.

Chiyo somehow talks us into taking a short break to grab a snack after we've gotten our lights. During that time I notice that I need to make some more dango. Ringo's been going through them quickly I guess. It probably doesn't help that I got interrupted when I was going to make more two days ago. I know we still have ingredients at least, so that goes on the to do list as well.

After we've finished eating, it's another quiet flight back to the caves.


"So how should we do this?" Chiyo asks as she fiddles with her lantern. We're standing at the mouth of the cave, pretty much just in time too, as it seems like the rain is just starting outside. Hopefully things will clear up by the time we're done here, though I honestly have no idea how long searching this cave will take.

"I guess I'll go first," I volunteer. I'm not crazy about doing it, but I am the strongest of us three after all. "Then Chiyo, then Yuzuki, since Yuzuki doesn't need to see past us to know what's going on."

"From what I can tell this cave goes pretty far down," Yuzuki says. "I actually can't tell where it ends. It might take a while to find Sumi like this. If she's even down there."

"If it's that big, Sumi could have just gotten lost. Still worth a shot, right?" I ask hopefully. Yuzuki just shrugs. Her guess is as good as mine.

It is damp, dark, and oddly nerve racking, even with nothing much actually happening. We're cautiously slow as we make our way through the cave. The whole thing seems to be gradually twisting and turning its way downward, getting more and more steep as time goes on. I can sometimes hear the sound of running water, which I guess means there's underground rivers down here somewhere. We pause occasionally, letting Yuzuki reach as far out with her powers as possible, but she doesn't notice anything.

After maybe a half hour of exploring, I come to a stop. The path drops down sharply here, at more than a fourty-five degree angle. I'm starting to wonder how deep this cave is actually going to go. Will Yuzuki's powers even be enough to navigate us back out if we keep going like this? Would Sumi have kept going this deep just out of curiosity? I'm starting to doubt things, it's not that I'm scared, I'm just willing to fall back on this plan. "Hey Yuzu-"

"Hold on, there's something on the ceiling!" Yuzuki says suddenly. I swing my lantern around, trying to look for whatever she's noticed. I don't know exactly where in the ceiling she's talking about though. I don't get a chance to figure it out either. Before I can manage to find whatever Yuzuki sensed, I hear her shout. "DUCK!"

"OW! Oh SHIT!"


Maybe I wasn't fast enough, or maybe it wasn't the right move. I don't know. What my attempt at ducking ends up doing however is make the blow that was probably intended for my back hit my head instead. There's a small thud as I feel something wooden strike the back of my head with enough force to knock me forward. This of course has the side effect of sending me tumbling down the incline entirely too fast.

Can I just say that this hurts? Because it REALLY hurts.

I throw out my arms and legs, trying desperately to control my sudden descent. I manage to stop myself from somersaulting and slamming my head against the stone floor, but feel my limbs scrape against the ground as I continue sliding downward. I immediately lose track of my lantern, effectively blinding me as I try to swing out my hammer. I hope it will catch on something and stop me from falling further. It doesn't. Instead I suddenly feel the ground that I was sliding on disappear. I start falling straight down.

Instead of smashing against the cave ground, I quickly get caught in... Something. It's oddly sticky, but at least it stopped me from breaking my back on rocks or something. Once my head stops spinning I look around. Hey, there's my lantern! It's also caught in the... Oh good. I'm in a giant spider web. Aaand I can't get out. Great. I'm stuck. In a spider web.

You know, I probably could have prevented this if I had just started flying immediately instead of panicking.

Damn it all.

[ ] Call out for help
[ ] Try to shoot your way out
>> No. 26629
[X] Call out for help

At least this will warn the others.
>> No. 26630
[X] Call out for help

Firing bullets when we can't see too clearly is probably a pretty bad idea.
>> No. 26631
[X] Call out for help
>> No. 26632
[x] Call out for help

We can always shoot later.
>> No. 26633
[X] Call out for help
>> No. 26634
[x] Shoot your way out

She sucks at danmaku but not at magic. Let's do this
>> No. 26635
[x] Help me get my feet back on the grou~nd~
>> No. 26636
File 146276198330.jpg - (900.70KB, 1000x1300, Here for your safety.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Call out for help

Okay, I know I can't move, but at least I don't appear to be in any immediate danger from what little I can see. I landed facing upwards near the center of a web that takes up the entirety of the tunnel, so I can't see below me, and even when struggling, I can't seem to break out of the parts that I'm stuck to. I'm going to need the others to get down here and help me if I want to get out of this.

"HEY! YUZUKI! CHIYO! I'M STUCK!" I call up the cavern. I don't know how far exactly I fell, but I at least know it was far enough that I'll have to yell for them to hear me. The whole way down had been pretty disorienting, not to mention painful. I'm pretty sure that my legs are bleeding in a couple of places, but I can't move them or my head around enough to check and make sure. I definitely hurt all over though. This sucks.

There's no response after my first yell. I don't know exactly what it was that knocked me down here, though I would guess it was some kind of youkai. Maybe the others are busy trying to get that thing to leave them alone and can't respond. I still decide to try again though. "I FELL IN A SPIDER WEB OR SOMETHING DOWN HERE! I CAN'T MOVE!"

I'm kind of hoping that they hurry up a bit honestly. A spider that's big enough to make a web this size and this strength is probably pretty large itself. I don't know a lot about actual living non-drone spiders, since we don't have them on the moon, but I know that I don't exactly like the ones that I've come across on earth. Trying to imagine one that's large enough to make something like this grosses me out just thinking about it.

A minute or so later and there's still no sign of a response. "HELLOOOOOO?" I call out again. Yuzuki at least should know that I'm down here. I definitely didn't fall far enough to be out of range of her pow-EEP!

I feel hands snake their way around my shoulders as someone grabs onto me. The web I'm stuck to sags downwards slightly as weight is added to it, but I can't see whatever is causing it. "Oooh, what do we have here?" A feminine voice whispers hungrily at me. "I wasn't expecting a meal to drop down here today. What a nice surprise, I was just getting a little hungry." I can feel her breath directly on my neck. The rest of whoever this woman is is pressing up against my back.

"Ah, um!" I stammer out dumbly. What do I say here?! Am I going to get eaten!?

"You shouldn't have come down here..." The woman's voice continues, ignoring what little I actually say. I can feel bits of web wrapping around my legs and arms out of nowhere. "Didn't anybody tell you that there's only scary youkai down here? What a shame, you're such a cute girl too..." I continue to make panicked noises as I feel strands of webbing securing me in place. "Wait..."

HEY! Don't grab my tail! Shortly afterwards I feel another hand grab one of my ears. "Oh," The woman's voice says while letting go of me, her voice completely lacking the hunger and intensity it seemed to have before. "You're not a human. My bad."

It takes a moment for my brain to calm down and register what was said. "Y-your bad?"

"Eyup," The woman's voice says as she lets go of me. A moment later I see her emerge through one of the larger holes in the web a few feet away from me, somewhat close to where my lantern fell. She has blonde hair tied up in a bun with a large brown ribbon, as well as a long brown dress with a yellow ribbon wrapped around it. Even though the bottom of her dress is big and poofy, she seems to be completely immune to getting stuck in the webs when she comes into contact with them. She easily walks over the webs and squats down next to me, looking down at my face with a smile. "I mistakenly thought you were a human that wandered down here. That's happened a couple of times now, so my bad."

"A human?" I ask.

"Yeah," The woman says, casually pulling webs off my legs as she talks. I'm surprised at how easily she does it. "I put these webs here for other people's safety more than anything. It's a bit of a drop from here to the next layer of the underground, you know? Youkai usually just blow through the webs if they have business in the old capital, but humans can't, so it keeps them from falling to death. When I catch humans I usually just give them a scare for being dumb and coming down here when it's obviously dangerous for them, then I knock them out and let them wake up above ground. I thought you were a human because you didn't just shoot your way though the webs."

Oh. I guess I could have done that if I had seen the webs ahead of time. I probably still could honestly, though it might not be the best idea with how little I can see. I also could have just flown to avoid falling into them, but I was too busy panicking at the time. "I uh, didn't think to for some reason." I say. It's not really a lie I guess.

The woman continues removing webs from my legs, then suddenly stops. She lets out a small whistle. I'm assuming she can see cuts and scrapes on my legs. Actually, she did say I was cute earlier, so maybe she just likes my legs. Am I being checked out again? "Looks like you fell." She says. Okay, that clears that up I think. Probably.

"Well, yeah," I admit reluctantly. "I didn't think to do it because I was falling."

"Hm," The woman says, looking up at where I fell from. "Did you get knocked down here?"

"Yeah. Something hit me," I answer, that's probably a better excuse than just saying that I fell. "I didn't see what it was though."

"Ugh. Sorry about that," The woman says apologetically, resting her hand on my leg. It stings a bit, so there's probably a cut there, but I can't really see from the way that I'm stuck. "Kisume's a bit less civilized than most youkai you're probably used to. Well, she's normal for being underground, but yeah, probably less than you above grounder youkai. I told her to leave people alone and that I'd catch the ones that went too deep, but I guess she can't help but mess with people. It's a youkai thing, I'm sure you understand."

I don't really understand, but I'm not really a normal above ground youkai either. I'm a bit worried that this uncivilized youkai is still up there with Yuzuki and Chiyo though. "Is she dangerous?" I feel like I have to ask. Not that I can do much to help even if the answer is yes.

"Kisume, dangerous? No, not really," The woman says casually. "The most she'll really do is try to bonk you on the head and knock you down, maybe throw out a bit of danmaku, then she'll run away. She's not a fighter, she's just looking to scare people a bit."

"Oh," That's a relief at least. I'm still not sure why the others haven't come down here yet though. I'd like to get back to them as soon as possible. I'm still stuck though, so getting out of that problem kind of has to be priority number one. "So since I'm not a human, can you get me out of this web now?" I ask hopefully.

The woman gives me a wide smile and laughs a little. "Aw, what's the matter? Don't like being tied up like this? I'm pretty good at it, you know?" She says playfully.

"Uh, no I don't uhm..." I can't say I've ever had any interest in being stuck on a web in the middle of a pitch black, damp, and honestly kind of scary cave.

"Oh you're no fun. I bet you've never even tried it! It can be pretty great in the right context." The woman huffs a bit but keeps her smile. "But yeah, I can start getting you out. It'll take a bit though. Every other time I've just wrapped the person up, torn the whole web down, then cut them out of it when I get above ground. Doing this right here is a bit more of a precision job. Cutting the wrong bit at the wrong time could just swing you right into a wall or something. I don't think either of us want that, so I hope you're comfortable for now."

I'm not comfortable, especially with the vague sense that I'm being hit on, which I'm completely not used to. I don't actually have much of a choice though. "Well, is there anything I can do to help?" I ask, hoping to speed the process along.

"No, not really. Just don't move too much I guess," The woman is already looking over her web, I guess figuring out how she's going to do this. "We can at least talk though. This'll take a little while, so I'd like having conversation more than just working in silence."

Well, since I can't get out of it anyway, and she's offering to talk, I do have a few things to ask about...

Ask what you want:
[ ] Ask if she's seen Sumi
[ ] Ask about herself
[ ] Ask if she's hitting on you
- [ ] It's okay if she is
- [ ] You'd rather she didn't
[ ] Ask about Kisume
[ ] Ask about the underground
[ ] Ask if she's heard about the drone incident
[ ] Ask about something else... (Write in)

(Well, I honestly don't know if the business actually lowered the quality of the last few updates, but I'm done graduating college now. Hopefully I'll have some more time now. Or maybe I won't. I dunno.)
>> No. 26637
[X] Ask if she's seen Sumi
[X] Ask about herself
[X] Don't ask if she's hitting on you
- [X] ... because under the circumstances you're really not interested, and she might not take a "no" well
[X] Ask if she's heard about the incident involving the mechanical spider
- [X] Don't use the word "drone"
>> No. 26638
[x] Ask about Kisume
[x] Ask about herself
[x] Ask if she's hitting on you
- [x] It's okay if she is

She already said that she didn't see anyone else I think
>> No. 26639
[x] Ask if she's seen Sumi
[x] Ask about herself
[x] Ask if she's hitting on you
- [x] It's okay if she is
>> No. 26640
Ask what you want:
[X] Ask if she's seen Sumi
[X] Ask about herself
[X] Ask if she's hitting on you
- [X] It's okay if she is
[X] Ask about Kisume
[X] Ask about the underground
>> No. 26641
[X] Ask if she's seen Sumi
[X] Ask about herself
[X] Ask if she's hitting on you
- [X] You'd rather she didn't
[X] Ask about Kisume
[X] Ask about the underground
>> No. 26642
[X] Ask if she's seen Sumi
[X] Ask about herself
[X] Ask if she's hitting on you
- [X] It's okay if she is
>> No. 26643
[X] Ask if she's seen Sumi
[X] Ask about herself
[X] Ask if she's hitting on you
- [X] It's okay if she is
>> No. 26655
File 146302118756.jpg - (1.31MB, 890x1430, Tearing down.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Ask if she's seen Sumi
[X] Ask about herself
[X] Ask if she's hitting on you
- [X] It's okay if she is

First and foremost, I guess I need to talk about business. We did come down here for a reason after all. If Sumi is deeper in this cave, then it's reasonable to expect that she would have passed through here and this woman would have seen her. Well, that's what I'm guessing anyway. I don't know exactly how this cave system is laid out. Asking is strictly better than not asking either way, so I might as well ask while I'm stuck here.

"Well I originally came down here looking for a friend. She's another rabbit like me. Has she been down here?" I ask.

The woman looks a little surprised as she begins removing the webs that are holding my arms. "No, not that I know of. You're the first person to come down here for quite a while actually. A lot of people were coming and going during the last incident, but that was a while ago. It's been pretty low traffic since then," She explains as she frees my right arm. "Why, does she have some business down here?"

I don't even know what there is below here, so Sumi wouldn't either. If she had come down here, then it would actually have been for no reason, weirdly enough. "No, I don't think so. She's just kind of... Hard to predict some times." I say. There are some days when Sumi just ends up wanting to do her own thing and refusing to do anything else. She's stubborn like that.

"Yeah, I know plenty of people like that," the woman laughs, working on my other arm. "They're all underground though. Kinda weird that someone from above ground like you would come down here without a reason. I thought a lot of you guys were still scared of the oni or the other youkai down here or whatever."

Oh okay. I've heard about Oni before, at least a little bit. I don't really know why I would be afraid of them any more than any other earth youkai though. If anything, they should be afraid of us and our technology. "Well, I'm not really scared of them, so I doubt Sumi would be." I answer.

The woman smiles widely at my response as she gets the last bits of web off my left arm. "Good to hear it!" She says happily. "Ah, try not to let your arms touch the web too much now. It might be tiring to hold them up, but you don't want to get more stuck on the stickier parts."

Given my lack of ability to move my head, I can't really tell where the sticky parts are. In fact, I didn't know that different parts would be more sticky than others. It makes some sense though, that's probably how this woman is able to move on the web so easily when I'm completely stuck. She probably knows where the sticky parts are. She might also just be immune to it for whatever reason too, I don't know how other youkai work.

It's a bit late into the conversation, but I guess I can just ask about her. She's obviously a youkai and obviously the one behind this web thing, which makes her a spider something or other. Beyond that I can't really guess though, so I might as well let her talk about herself now and get some information. "So um, I don't think you said your name yet," I say, hoping she doesn't end up being somebody that a normal earth youkai would know. "Who are you?"

The woman stands up in front of me, making sure that I can actually see her, then leans down slightly over me. "Yamame Kurodani," She says happily, holding out her hand. "I'm the underground's coolest and cutest tsuchigumo. You?"

I don't know what a tsuchigumo is, but I guess it's some kind of spider thing. Grabbing her hand and shaking is a little awkward, but I can move my arms enough to manage it. "I'm Seiran. I'm just a rabbit youkai." That lie is getting pretty easy to tell at least. Well, I would hope it would be by now, considering I don't really have anything else I could say.

Yamame smiles at my response. "I figured that one out at least. I like your tail by the way. It's like a soft little ball of poof. Most people with tails down here aren't quite as soft and fluffy."

I suppress a groan. My ears are one thing, but I really don't like it when people touch my tail. I guess it's better that she noticed those things and realized I wasn't a human though. I wouldn't like to be wrapped up and left unconscious at the mouth of the cave, especially because it's probably raining by now. "So do you just live down here, catching people and scaring them by pretending you're going to eat them?" I ask, seeing no reason to not just continue the conversation about her.

"Hm, something like that," Yamame responds playfully before hopping down through another hole in the web. After that I hear her voice continue from under me as she pulls at webs securing my head and torso. "I do live pretty close to here though. It's relatively close to above ground but not too far from the old capital either. I can do business with both while also occasionally catching and scaring a human or two. It works pretty well."

"You do some kind of business?" I ask.

"I'm an architect, designer, and construction worker all in one!" She answers triumphantly. "I build all kinds of things for all kinds of people, at least I do when they hear about me and actually come down here to talk. Lately it seems like I only get jobs up topside when I go there and look for them."

I guess that makes sense. A lot of our construction on the moon is done by machines, but they obviously wouldn't have that kind of stuff down here on Earth. "So why don't you live up there if you get more jobs there?" I ask. I'm fine with letting her talk about herself, there's not much more information that I actually need out of her after all.

"Ah well, humans don't like me too much, you know?" Yamame sounds a bit hesitant when she answers. "They probably have a bit more of a problem with me than other youkai for various reasons. It's no big deal, I'm used to it down here anyway."

Hm, Ringo seemed to think yesterday that humans would generally tolerate youkai. That's just her observations though, so I guess I shouldn't argue with somebody who is actually from here. "Oh, okay. Then why don't you live in the..." What did she call it again? "Old capital?"

"Hah! If you live down there you never get anything done. The whole place is in a perpetual state of partying that's hard not to want to get caught up in. Nah, it's probably better for me to stay here, I can go up or down whenever I need to that way. When I don't need to do either though, it's nice to have my own place where I can have some privacy just for me," she says. A moment later I feel her hand trace over the back of my neck lightly. I don't feel her pull a web off though, I'm pretty sure that spot has already been cleared. "And maybe for a cute guest too." She adds softly.

Okay, I wasn't really planning on saying anything, but that was a little too blatant. I don't want to be rude while she's helping me get free though, so I decide to approach the subject cautiously. "Don't take this badly or anything, but um, are you hitting on me?" I ask awkwardly.

"Depends, is it working?" Yamame asks back playfully before laughing. "You don't have to think too much of it if you don't want to. I normally say that the humans that I catch are cute just to freak them out a bit, but I'm definitely not just saying that with you, you know?"

"Uh, sure..." I'm really not sure how to respond to that.

"Guess I should be careful about it though. If you're not into girls or whatever, I can stop," She says. It sounds sincere, but I can't actually see her to tell if she's acting like it. "Hope you're not too bothered by me being interested though. I haven't run into many new and interesting people in a while."

"Well, I mean, I guess it's fine," I admit somewhat hesitantly. "I'm just not used to it." Fraternization in that kind of context is against the rules in the lunarian military, so I don't really have much experience in being openly flirted with. Command is pretty focused on the idea of purity in a lot of different ways, some of which us rabbits don't really like or care about. That means that there ends up being a lot of restrictions on things like romance, especially between people of the same sex. That doesn't mean that it never happens secretly of course, it's just that I'm somebody who normally follows the rules, so it's not something that's happened to me.

"Really? A girl like you doesn't get the attention you deserve?" Yamame pretends to be appalled at the thought. "That's just all kinds of wrong."

"I don't really know about deserving anything..." I say awkwardly.

"You definitely do though, you're super cute! People should be scrambling to get with you!" Yamame enthusiastically assures me.

"Ah... Hm." I fidget slightly but don't really respond with words. What do I even say to this? This is weird and I'm not used to it.

There's a bit of silence while Yamame continues to work, apparently waiting for me to respond. When it's clear that I'm not going to though, I feel a slight shift in the web underneath me. "Hey, you still doing okay there?" She asks suddenly.

"Huh? Yeah," I respond, feeling somewhat confused.

"Good," Yamame says happily. "Don't panic here, I know what I'm doing."

"Wha-" I start to question what she's talking about, but then I feel the entire web give way under me, Yamame apparently cutting enough of it off of me that it couldn't support me anymore. I was completely unprepared for it, but before I could worry about suddenly falling, I land in Yamame's arms. She catches me in a princess carry, which leaves me looking directly at the wide smile on her face.

Then I feel myself dropping again.

Despite her telling me not to, I can't help but worry a little bit when Yamame and I both start descending further down the cavern. Yamame is holding me the whole time and doesn't seem to be worried though. After a short fall and a slight swing forward, we stop again, then fall and swing again, then stop again. Okay, we're rappelling downwards. Oh, I can see a thick cord of silk that Yamame's using for it. Okay, this isn't too bad. I don't know what we're doing it for thoug-

Oh. Wow.

The vertical shaft we had been descending suddenly opens up into a much larger underground cavern. There's a large waterway flowing down even further, and off in the distance I can see a bridge crossing over it, illuminated by a few small lights. Even further past that however, I can see hundreds, or more likely thousands of similar lights. There's a huge city down there. Even with the differences in architecture, something about the massive city hidden in a place that should be a lifeless and empty environment reminded me of home.

"So hey, I don't mean to be too forward, but if you want, how about we go have some fun in the city for a bit?" Yamame says suddenly. She seems to read the confusion from my face when I look back at her and continues on. "You can think of it as either me saying sorry for sticking you in a web, me saying sorry for Kisume knocking you down, me saying sorry for other people apparently not treating you as nice as you deserve, or me just giving you a nice welcome to the Underground!"

The timing here is kind of bad to be honest. We're still searching for Sumi and there's a bunch of other stuff that we need to get done as a unit. The drone is missing and our portal back to the moon is still broken. Our comms don't work and we have no way to get orders from command. My legs also still hurt and I haven't gotten a proper look at them yet. If you somehow manage to put all that aside though, it does look surprisingly pretty. I'm reminded of something that Ringo said yesterday; 'Command isn't watching, we can do what we want'. Looking down at a huge, hidden city from way above, I do kind of want to see what's there.

"Heeeeey Seiran!" I hear Chiyo's voice echoing from the top of the cavern. "Yuzuki says you're down there. You okay?"

I jump in surprise as I realize that I'm still being held up in Yamame's arms. This... Might be a little awkward.

[ ] Disengage from Yamame, thank her for the help and leave
[ ] Disengage from Yamame and let the others come down to you.
[ ] Stay in Yameme's arms and let the others come down to you. It's no big deal.

As for Yamame's invitation

[ ] Accept, though you'll probably need some excuse to give the other rabbits
[ ] Ask if you can reschedule when you're not so busy.
[ ] Decline. None of your objectives have anything to do with this city.
>> No. 26656
[x] Stay in Yameme's arms and let the others come down to you. It's no big deal.
[x] Ask if you can reschedule when you're not so busy.





>> No. 26657
[x] Stay in Yameme's arms and let the others come down to you. It's no big deal.
[x] Ask if you can reschedule when you're not so busy.

Yameme, youkai of memes. The most terrifying of all supernatural creatures.
>> No. 26658
You know, I kept making that mistake on accident while writing the chapter and I guess one slipped through.

>> No. 26659
[x] Stay in Yamame's arms and let the others come down to you. It's no big deal.
[x] Ask if you can reschedule when you're not so busy.

Caught up just in time to do some shipping? How could I pass this up.
>> No. 26660
[X] Stay in Yameme's arms and let the others come down to you. It's no big deal.
[X] Accept, though you'll probably need some excuse to give the other rabbits

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet but I'm really enjoying this story. It is fun to read.
>> No. 26661
[x] Stay in Yamame's arms and let the others come down to you. It's no big deal.
[x] Ask if you can reschedule when you're not so busy.
>> No. 26666
File 146336508110.jpg - (387.08KB, 720x1280, Who wouldn't want to date her.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Stay in Yamame's arms and let the others come down to you. It's no big deal.
[X] Ask if you can reschedule when you're not so busy.

I think about getting out of this girl's arms before my friends come down here, but decide against it. I honestly find it kind of awkward to start flying from a position like this when I don't have ground to launch off of. It'd probably be better to have Yamame just drop me so I could use the momentum to get started and swoop back up while I'm falling, but I don't really feel like it. I've had enough sudden drops for today I think. Besides, it's not that big of a deal to be like this anyway.

"Yeah, I'm okay!" I call upwards. Yamame and I both look up the shaft that we originally dropped down from, though I can only really see the bit where my lantern is still stuck, everything else is too dark. "You guys should come down and see this though." I add. It really does look beautiful to look down on such a large city from all the way up here.

When I move my head to look down again, I notice a complicated look on Yamame's face. It's kind of like she can't decide between being sad and annoyed, while she also doesn't want to act like she's either of those things. Well, she was asking me a question before we were interrupted, so I should probably answer that. That will probably help.

"Just so you know, I would like to take you up on your offer," I explain to her. That makes her smile again. "The timing just isn't good right now."

Yamame keeps smiling even with my refusal. "Oh sure, sure. I can understand that. I didn't know you had other people with you. They might not want to go down there, huh?"

"It's not even that." I say, though I will admit that only Sumi would probably be all that interested. At least with the situation how it is right now anyway. "It's just that we have a lot of things we have to get done before we can think about enjoying ourselves. Our friend is still missing after all."

"Yeah, that'd probably kill the mood a bit. Makes sense." Yamame shrugs lightly afterwards. "Bit of a shame."

"Maybe we could reschedule?" I ask. I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to make this happen, all things considered, but I don't really want to refuse outright either.

"Definitely! I'm pretty much always down here, so whenever you feel like having a fun time down here in the Old Capital, come on down." Yamame responds enthusiastically. "I'll let Kisume know if I'm not going to be around so you don't waste time looking for me. Otherwise just find one of my webs and yell a bit like you did earlier and I'll come find you."

Not having a specific time is probably a bit better for my situation. "As long as I don't get knocked down into one again."

Yamame laughs lightly. "I'll talk to Kisume about that too, don't worry. Any more contact you have with webs will only be if you want it. I'd be pretty happy to fulfill your desires then." I'm not used to being hit on, but I'm pretty sure even I can catch what she's implying there. "It's a date then!"

The idea of a date feels really weird to me, but it's not exactly wrong for her to call it one. I'm still a little bit iffy about the idea, so it'll probably take some time for me to figure out how exactly I feel about things. Still, I guess there isn't much harm to agreeing right now. Ignoring the idea of it being a date, it's still a reason to explore somewhere that I'm kind of interested in with someone who seems pretty friendly and sociable. "Yeah, I guess so."

With that finished, I look up again and notice Chiyo's lantern. It's gradually getting larger as she and Yuzuki descend down towards me. I have to squint a little bit when they come closer. My eyes have apparently adjusted to not having a light source so close to them.

Chiyo and Yuzuki float down so that they're level with Yamame and I. "Hey." Chiyo says flatly. Her normal greeting.

"Hello! You guys must be Seiran's friends" Yamame greets both of them, though her statement may have been a little obvious. "I'm Yamame Kurodani. I just happened to catch Seiran when she fell down and I was showing her the sights a bit." Although she's still holding me, Yamame shrugs her shoulders toward the direction of the underground city. Chiyo and Yuzuki both look around, though seem a bit less impressed than I was.

After a small pause, Chiyo holds her lantern back up toward me. "You caught her just like that then?" She asks plainly, I guess talking about the position we're in. I don't know if she's being sarcastic or honestly asking.

"Heh heh. Well no, I actually caught her in a web, but I had to do some work to get her out of it. We just kind of ended up like this." Yamame says, playing it off casually. I don't know if she's pretending she wasn't flirting with me for her sake or mine. I don't really mind either way though.

"A web?" Chiyo asks, moving her lantern upwards slightly. She notices the string that's still holding Yamame up. "Ew."

"Hey, most people I know like the feeling of silk." Yamame says. I will admit, the webs weren't particularly uncomfortable. The situation was, but the webs themselves weren't.

Chiyo lowers her lantern and shrugs, bringing the focus back towards me. "Looks like you should've caught her earlier though." She says, looking at my legs.

"Chiyo..." Yuzuki admonishes her. Yamame doesn't seem bothered by it though.

"I would've been happy to, but my web wasn't far enough up. Maybe next time."

While the others are talking, I finally get an actual look at my wounds. It's mostly a bunch of scrapes and cuts on my arms and legs. I pretty much guessed this from how roughly I fell, but this is the first chance I've had to actually see since then. "Oh, I didn't know how bad it was." I say. It actually isn't all that bad considering that we have lunarian medical supplies. I probably shouldn't mention that though.

"I think we're going to have to go back home to treat you," Yuzuki says, likely thinking along the same lines as I am. "Do you think we should keep looking or give up for now?"

I shake my head. "I think we should call it off. Yamame says that Sumi hasn't been through her web, so we're not going to find her down here."

"Well it was just a guess anyway," Chiyo says, shrugging slightly. It had been her idea after all. "At least you found somebody to cuddle you Seiran."

I want to protest that statement, but I try not to flustered. Chiyo just wants to mess with me like she's been messing with Yuzuki about Hina. "That's not exactly what happened but okay."

"Oh, isn't it?" Yamame says playfully, leaning down and nuzzling her cheek against mine. I'm surprised and a little embarrassed, but Yamame stops quickly and laughs about it. "Anyway, we're going back up then?"

"Yes." I blurt out, maybe just a little bit too quickly. I'm pretty sure that the others notice, but nobody really says anything about it.

On the way back up the cave, I try to summarize the relevant information that Yamame gave me. With her help, we do a pretty decent job of it I think. Once we get high up enough that I can get solid footing, I finally get down from Yamame's arms. My legs don't exactly feel good when they touch the ground, but it's not like anything is broken. It should be easy to patch up my injuries once we get back to camp. Until then I'll just have to deal with the pain.

"By the way," Yamame says as we walk back toward the entrance of the cave system. "What happened with Kisume?"

"Kisume?" Yuzuki asks. Oh, I guess I didn't really bring her up while explaining things. Whoops.

"The youkai that knocked me down." I clarify. I don't really have any better way to describe her. I didn't even get a look at her when she knocked me down.

"Yuzuki fought her off." Chiyo answers.

That's pretty surprising actually. "Really?" I ask.

"Well, she attacked us. I'm not completely incapable of danmaku you know." Yuzuki explains, somewhat tersely.

"It took you a while though," Chiyo says. "Quite an epic battle for the ages that took ages."

I don't actually see it, but I'm pretty sure that Yuzuki rolls her eyes. I would expect her to do that in response to Chiyo's sarcasm. "Well, I still won." She says, apparently not wanting to talk about it any more.

Yamame laughs lightly at the exchange. "Well she probably wasn't expecting that. I'll have a talk with her later. I hope she'll learn a lesson about picking fights with people."

Yamame accompanies us all the way to the entrance to the cave, and scowls along with the rest of us when we see that it's still raining outside. There's no real reason to stick around though, so we say our goodbyes and fly back towards camp.


Flying in the rain with scrapes cuts and bruises on your arms and legs sucks. I mean, flying in the rain already sucks though. There's no cover above you and you get soaked almost immediately. We never had to deal with this on the moon, and it's probably one of the things that I don't like about Earth weather. It sure would be nice if the Earthlings could control the weather and only have it active when they need it like back home. I guess they have other priorities though. Earth is a lot bigger than the moon and has it's own natural atmosphere after all, so maybe it's a lot tougher to develop that kind of technology.

Basically what I'm getting at though is that the trip back to camp gets all three of us very wet and very unhappy. Once we actually got back, it was better, since we could change clothes and get umbrellas, but by that point the damage has already been done. It's late afternoon by the time we get back. Then once we're all dried and I've treated my injuries, all three of us agree to rest for the remainder of the evening. I feel a bit guilty about Sumi still being missing, but I think she'd understand our reasoning. I hope so anyway.

Before Ringo gets back from wherever she went, I'll spend my time with...

[ ] Yuzuki
[ ] Chiyo
[ ] Nobody

And then after Ringo gets back and we finish our normal meeting I'll spend the rest of the time with...

[ ] Ringo
[ ] Yuzuki
[ ] Chiyo
[ ] Nobody

(For variety's sake, if one option wins both votes I'll probably pick the second place vote on one of them)

Next update will be in a new thread since we're close to bump limit. Feel free to leave any comments or questions or whatever on how things are going if you have any. I've never run something like this before, and honestly this is probably the longest continuous story I've ever written before. I think I'm doing okayish at least but my opinion probably matters less than the people who are reading and participating.
>> No. 26667
That was a nice update. Now then let's see..

[X] Chiyo and [X] Ringo
>> No. 26668
[X] Chiyo and [X] Ringo

I think you're doing well. I can't think of any particular problems, anyway.
>> No. 26669
[x] Chiyo
[x] Ringo

Enjoyable read so far, feels really polished. Keep up the good work.
>> No. 26670

And I'm still enjoying these lovely little rabbit girls.
>> No. 26671
[x] Chiyo
[x] Ringo
>> No. 26672
[X] Yuzuki
[X] Ringo
>> No. 26673
[x] Chiyo
Jealous much? Heh.

[x] Ringo

>> No. 26675
Next thread: >>26674
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