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File 132190157643.jpg - (191.90KB , 1400x763 , 6fdffd22add76b379a5aec06009b150b.jpg ) [iqdb]
24606 No. 24606
Is it me? Is it the medication? I never knew myself to be a criminal, but I guess I never really knew myself. I never was myself before I took the medication, was I? I was wrong before, I was flawed. I must be right now. That’s what medication does. It makes you right.

“Please, stop…”

The pitiful doctor cries for mercy as I continue to push her against the wall, arm to her throat, choking her. “This is right,” I tell myself. It is right. I’m medicated now. I am fixed.

It doesn’t feel right.

I let her go. Just as easily as I choked her, I let her go. I do not understand why. I was right. I was made right. I made the decision while right. I am still right. But I have made a new decision. I was wrong.

How can I be wrong when I was right? I cannot be. I do not want this. I do not want to be wrong. I want it to be over.

“Put me…”

[ ] “…Down.”

[ ] “…Under.”
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>> No. 24887
[X] Bitter.

I don't like medicine
>> No. 24891
[X] …Nothing?

This is not about what he just swallowed I think, this is about how pills tase in general. Like some sort of memory-test. And pills should taste like nothing.
>> No. 24933
[X] …Nothing?

I can't remember pills you take for medicine ever really tasting like anything in particular.
>> No. 24948
>> No. 24974
"Have you no" what, exactly...?

Anyway, looking forward to more, especially your Reisen, because I like her.
>> No. 24981
I don’t taste anything. I cough, though. My chest really hurts. I can barely breathe because it hurts. The doctor sweeps my legs out and catches me. I try to stand back up, but she forces me onto the ground. She wipes my mouth as I spit up. Then I spit up again. Then it comes out white, like foam. I can’t breathe at all. I can’t keep my eyes open. The door opens, but the doctor doesn’t even look. Somebody yells, but I just can’t hear.

I just can’t hear.

I can hear. It’s water. But water doesn’t sound like anything. Water makes a sound when it moves. But not always. Just sometimes. It sounds like a waterfall. Not really a waterfall, but falling water. I try to open my eyes to see, but they hurt. But the sound is still there. The sound is kind of annoying. It doesn’t stop. I try to open my eyes again and I can. It’s on the other side of me though. On the right. I have to roll over. I do, but it hurts. Everything hurts. I can see now though. It’s the doctor’s friend, and she’s washing a cloth in some water. She has a tap, and she keeps running it under the tap. I wonder why. It hurts to lay on my side so I roll back over onto my back. It takes a while because it hurts. It hurts to move. It hurts to not move either, though.

I hear a different sound. Something slides. Then it slides again.

“Isn’t it lovely outside, Inaba?”

“Yes it is, princess.”

The doctor’s friend replied. Someone must’ve come in. I don’t know who though. I’ve never heard them before.

“Have you come for flower viewing, princess?”

“Yes, this is a fine spot.”

I can hear the new person walk past me. I wonder why she would pick here to view flowers. I wonder why she would view flowers. Flowers are beautiful, though. I guess I can understand why she would want to view flowers.

“Please make sure not to bother the patient.”


I can hear her walk closer. I wonder if the doctor’s friend was talking about me. The other person comes right next to me. She looks down at me while standing. She’s so beautiful. I think I’ve seen her somewhere before.

“This is the new patient?”

“Yes the one… ahem.”

The one above me nods. I don’t know what she’s nodding at. She puts her hand on my cheek, rubbing it softly.

“Get well soon.”

I don’t feel that well.

[ ] I try to tell them I don’t feel that good.

[ ] I’m too tired. I let them take care of me.
>> No. 24983
[x] I’m too tired. I let them take care of me.
>> No. 24985
[x] I’m too tired. I let them take care of me.

Works for me~!
>> No. 24986
[x] I try to tell them I don’t feel that good.
>> No. 24990
[x] I try to tell them I don’t feel that good.

Just catched up and I must say that this is a really interesting story!
>> No. 25001
[x] I try to tell them I don’t feel that good.
>> No. 25020
[X] I try to tell them I don’t feel that good.
>> No. 25091
She seems worried. I don’t want her to worry. I try to tell her not to worry, but I can’t. It hurts. I try to tell her that it hurts, but I can’t. It hurts.



The doctor’s friend looks this way, but it hurts.

She says something, but it hurts.

It hurts.

“This should help.”

My head is cold.

“Try to think of something happy.”

My head is still cold. Cold isn’t happy. Cold is snow.

“So how is he, Udonge?”

“You’d have to ask him.”

“Surely you can tell, just run your tests and-”

“This is not appropriate to discuss here.”

I wonder who they’re talking about. I try to ask, but it still hurts.

“Udonge? I think he’s trying to talk.”

The floor creaks. Someone’s breathing on me. That’s cold too. It’s not snow cold, though. It’s cold. Then warm. Then cold. Cold. Warm.

“Speak up, please.”

I tell her it hurts. I try to. Somebody stops breathing on me.

“I’ll up your morphine, then. Sorry. This is our probably our fault.”

My arm feels a prick. Another prick. There was a prick before. I didn’t notice. I wonder why.

The floor creaks.

………highly tolerant of morphine……………………
……pain, fatigue, minimal responsiveness.
……………………continuing to monitor conditions and……
I’ll have Tewi summon a courier for their medicines.”

I wonder who she’s talking to.

“Moooom, can we go yet?”

I swing my legs as I wait in the Doctor’s office. Mom seems so worried all the time. I think she worries too much. She won’t let me go, though. We always have to come here and again and again and again.

“No, now stop fidgeting. You know the nice Doctor needs to do some tests.”

I don’t know why the Doctor always has to do such tests! I hate tests. Tests suck. I do bad at tests. When you do bad at tests, people are mad at you. I don’t know why you’d even do tests.

“But mooooom…”

“Settle down now, it’s not that bad.”

It is that bad. I remember something my friend said.

“Joey said…”

I don’t know what Joey said.

[ ] Joey said sick people go to doctors.

[ ] Joey said doctors are bad people.
>> No. 25092
[X] Joey said doctors are bad people.
>> No. 25093
[X] Joey said sick people go to doctors.

Maybe I'm stupid but I'm not really feelings these choices.

As in I have no idea what they're going to do, so they just feel unimportant. Instead of "Go left" and "Go right" it's "Wonder about chocolate" and "Wonder about ice-cream". And then we go left anyway.

Minor gripe, love they story so far Treia.
>> No. 25095
[X] Joey said sick people go to doctors.
>> No. 25108
“Sick people go to doctors!”

Haha, I forgot. I do that a lot! Too much, she said. Who said? Mom said. Doctor said. Doctor said!

Why are we here?

“You’re not sick…”

Mom’s crying. Why is Mom crying?

“You’re not sick…”

“You’re not sick…”

“You’re not sick…”

Like that would somehow make it more true.


Sick people go to doctors.

“What did you say?”

I didn’t hear anybody say anything.

“So you are awake.”

Somebody’s awake.

“Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. I’ve had a fair bit of rest now, so I’ll be with you all day.”

What time is it?

“You’ve slept for a while.

It’s light out, again.”

I can open my eyes again, so I do. It doesn’t hurt anymore. The doctor’s here. She changed her hair. It looks fancy.

“Does it still hurt?”

It doesn’t hurt.

“That’s good. I apologize for earlier. I made a choice. I may not have weighed the downsides as well as I should have.”

I ask her what she’s talking about. She looks confused.

“RA, huh?...”

She sits up off the bed. The bed creaks. It wasn’t very comfortable with her on the bed. It was tilting a little, because she was sitting on it. She has something in her hand.


She’s talking really fast. I don’t know how I’m supposed to understand her.

“Huh? No, this wasn’t… don’t worry about it. I was talking to myself.”


“Can you sign your name?”

I don’t know.

“Oh well, it’s mostly a formality but we took samples of your blood, urine, tissue, and stool. You are okay with us testing them? I’ll assume so.”

She walks across the room and back, then back, then back, then back.

“This is actually really boring. I remember now why I have an assistant. Hrmph. Do you… need a pillow or something? I cannot remember the last time I actually handled a patient.”

[ ] __________________
>> No. 25109
[x] Can I see mother?
I can only imagine that saying that docters are bad people would've caused him to throw a shit fit, or something.
>> No. 25111
You sure did pick a weird place to put a write-in.
>> No. 25116

“Your mother?”

I nod. She looks confused. Maybe she doesn’t have a mom. I know some people don’t have moms or dads. I don’t have a dad.

“Listen, where can I find your mother?”




“Describe home?”

It’s a house.

“…Go on?”

There’s cherry trees. Those are cool. They bloom in Spring. Petals go everywhere.

There’s a lawn. That’s what it’s called. It’s just grass, though. Grass is grass, not lawn. I don’t even know what lawn is.

“Can you write?”

She has a paper pad and a pen.

“You know what, I’ll write. Just keep talking.”

I don’t know what else to say.

“Maybe it was on a street or… something? I don’t know how you silly humans organize your living spaces.”

It was on a street.


I don’t know. She seems upset.

“…incompetent little… Okay, let’s try something different. Can you draw? Draw it.”

She flips it over and hands it to me. I can draw. But today I can’t. It’s all squiggle squiggle squiggle squiggle. People. Draw a circle for the body, then a circle for the head, then two circles for the legs, and two for the arms. Squiggle.

It’s not working. She takes it.

“This is… you know, let’s not do that again. Let’s do something different. Think of a place. Any place. Tell me about it.”

I like Home.

“…Any place besides your home.”


“Because I said so.”


Please tell me about a place other than home.”

Nice people says please. It’s nice that she says please. She must be nice. She’s a nice person. I think she’s a nice person. She’s been nice before. She was a nice person. She is a nice person. She’s a more nicer more nice person.

She snaps her fingers.

“No, remember? Talk about a place other than home… please.”

The Doctor’s office is white and small, white and small. Mom’s there. Mom’s always there. I’m there. I’m always there.








She’s afraid. Why is she afraid? I try to ask her why she’s afraid, but she just looks more afraid. She has that thing again. Talking without words. It’s really quiet.

“----timeline, 10-15 years. By the stars, what are we dealing with? Reisen, we’ll be supervising---------when you get this message.”

The doctor’s afraid.

[ ] Something’s wrong with me.

[ ] Nothing’s wrong with me.
>> No. 25117
[x] Something’s wrong with me.
Lying is bad.
>> No. 25118
[X] Something’s wrong with me.
Shameless Joey vote.
>> No. 25121
[X] Something’s wrong with me.
>> No. 25149
[x] Nothing's wrong with me.

Mom would never lie.

...Would she?
>> No. 25231
I know. Doctor’s ‘fraid. Something’s wrong with me.

Doctor’s afraid. Why’s doctor afraid? Doctor’s afraid for me. From me. For me.

“Sit down, patient.”

I don’t want to sit down. She’s still afraid. I don’t want her to be afraid. I open my arms, but she’s just more afraid.


She backs up into the door. That’s silly. It’s okay though. It’s not as bad as running into the door with your face. I do that lot. She needs to know it’s okay.

She won’t let me. She won’t let me.

She’s doing it wrong. She needs to know she’s doing it wrong. She needs to know SHE’S DOING IT WRONG

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Stop doing it wrong.


Stop doing it wrong, he said.

Stop doing it wrong, I say.

Stop it now.

“Are you going to hurt my doctor?”

Princess. Princess…

“I’d rather you not do that, you know.”

I wasn’t going to hurt anyone…

“Off me, patient.”

She takes my hands off her. Huh, what was I doing?

“I’d hurt you too if you kept me locked up in here, Eirin.”

“Of course, princess. Such is your prerogative.”

“Shush you, he’s coming with me.”

She takes my arm, just like that dance. I don’t dance, though.

“Don’t worry, I’ll lead, okay?”

She gives me a wink. Winks are good. She pulls me along by the arm. All the way out. Down a hallway, take a left, take a right, down the hallway, take a right. Air.

There’s air everywhere, but there’s air here. Air.

She lets go of my arm and grabs a bundle of flowers. I don’t think that was dancing.

“Here, smell these. They’re wonderful.”

They do smell nice.

“Enjoy those.”

She does a twirl, and then sits down next to a little pond. Just a little pond.

She puts her feet in and kicks around.

There’s a big wall around the courtyard. There’s ears coming over it.

I think they’re rabbit ears.

[ ] Short and stubby.

[ ] Long and drooping.
>> No. 25233
[x] Long and drooping.

Let's have the nice rabbit come over.
>> No. 25234
[x] Short and stubby

Tewi is best rabbit
>> No. 25235
[X] Long and drooping.

Works for me~!
>> No. 25239
[x] Long and drooping.
>> No. 25240
[x] Long and drooping.
>> No. 25243
Long and droopy. Droop. Wilt. Hunch.

Click. Clank. Gate’s open.

“Oh, princess… and the patient. Is he supposed to be out here?”

“I insisted.”


Splish splash. Princess moves her feet.

“Come on over here, you could use some rest.”

Should I?

“Just keep a careful eye on him, princess. You know where I will be if he becomes ill.”

I should.

“I do. How did Kourindou go?”

It’s cold.

“I got the things we needed, so hopefully we can run those tests.”


“Hear that? You’ll be better within the week.”

Rubbing my shoulder.

“We have to run the tests first.”

Whispering in my ear.

“Don’t listen to her. Those two are the best doctors in the solar system, so I’ve heard.”

Breathing on my neck.

“Watch your hands, princess. We don’t know if it’s contagious... or anything, really.”

Hair glinting.

“I’ll be appropriately careful, Inaba.”

The princess is a nice person.

Doctor’s friend is a nice person too. Nice people are nice and nice people get along together. I wish we could all stay like this.

“Well, I had best get prepared.”

They nod at each other. They are friends.

Pat. Pat.
“Enjoy the water for a bit. It’s good for you.”

She gets out.


“Did you get it?”

Eirin asked, her curiosity roused momentarily as the familiar rabbit-eared doctor entered.

“Yes, as far as I can tell it’s a working model.”

Reisen replied, setting down her bag and carefully sorting the items.

She took a moment to take one last inspection over the equipment, sensitive as it was.

“If we were on Luna…”

“If we were on Luna, we’d be dead. Just help me with this, for once.”

“Aha, but then why do I have an assistant?”

Eirin called back teasingly, moving to help despite her verbal lashings.

The two checked and checked. When satisfied, Eirin leaned back and allowed her assistant to finish. Waiting for her to finish, she spoke and mused aloud.

“I guess we’ll finally get a chance to see what’s going on in the patient’s head, huh?”


Reisen stopped, looking up.

“I thought we were going to do the x-rays first.”

[ ] The x-rays and a medical examination, followed by the MRI and CAT scan.

[ ] Skip straight to the MRI and pick apart his brain. Literally, if need be.
>> No. 25245
[x] The x-rays and a medical examination, followed by the MRI and CAT scan.

Prepare for your examination...
>> No. 25246
[x] The x-rays and a medical examination, followed by the MRI and CAT scan.
>> No. 25247
[x] The x-rays and a medical examination, followed by the MRI and CAT scan.

You can't rush good medicine.
>> No. 25332
[X] The x-rays and a medical examination, followed by the MRI and CAT scan.

Can't half-ass anything when it comes to medicine.
>> No. 25521
“Did I say that?”

Eirin mused aloud, a bit shocked. She thought it over for a moment, tilting her head.

“Well, I suppose it can’t hurt. I’ll allow you this small delay, Reisen. You’ll find something interesting, though, or I’ll assign you to run the blood samples.”

“I already run the blood samples.”

She called back, sighing in her own depressing tone. They stood there for a moment in their own atmosphere before Reisen moved to break it up.

“I should proceed with the tests.”

“You should.”

Eirin said. She insisted.


Water’s cold. Air’s cold too. Water’s cold in the air.

Click. No clank. Door’s open.

Long and droopy. Droop. Wilt. Hunch.

Lips are drooping. Cheeks are drooping. Face is drooping. Face is frown.

“Eh? Why’re you shivering? Oh, you’re wet. Here.”

Legs are drooping. Wet is dry. Wet is dried. Shirt is stained.

“Now, I need to ask you some questions and things. You need to- Er… Can you come with me?”


Hands are warm.

Slowly tug. Pull. Tugpull. No. Tugboat. She’s a tugboat. I am a not tugboat. I am a boat not tug. Boat is tug.

In, left, right, open door, close door, sit down, sit up, sit down. No sit down. I must sit down. Sit up. No, sit down.

Follow the light. I can do that. Left right up down around. North east south west circle. One is one, but not another. Odd questions. Even questions. Odd questions are odd. Bobby and Suzy and Johnny and one is tall and one is old and one is short and one is young and which is which is which?

Doctor’s friend uses a calculator. Supposed to make things easy. Still hard.

“Oh? Don’t wait for me, please. Lay down and be still. It won’t be too long.”

Humming. Humming. Bzzzt. Bzzt. It goes. Light spins around. Laying still.


Door opens. Door slams.

How long do I have to lay still?


Furious knocking. Pounding at the door like the security services are coming and they’re smack in the middle of the moon’s capital.

Eirin scowls for a moment at the all-consuming interruption, but takes but a moment to stride across the room and unlock the door, turning back just as quick. It takes another three rounds of knocking before she tries the door handle, as it jiggles frantically the wrong way before it finally releases and the door flies open.

Eirin simply stares her down, one elbow resting on the table to support her head.

“Go on.”

She dryly commands, looking on with disinterest.

“He’s a 40.”

Eirin gave a long, grating sigh and picked her head up, swiveling the chair around.

“So run the adjustments. What do I keep you around for?”

“This is after the adjustments.”

Everything went silent for a moment. The chair creaked before she half-spun around, half jumped right out.


“I ran the test and I wa-”

Eirin seized Reisen by the shoulders as she gave a slight cry.

“What did the X-rays show?”

“Well I was… Like I said, I was so surprised I came right here.”

Eirin just stares.

“What did you do with the x-rays?”

“Well they’re back at the-”

She doesn’t finish her sentence before the Doctor pushes her aside, nearly jogging all the way. Reisen hurries to keep up, staying in sight, but far enough back to not get in her way.

They burst into the observation room, one scrambling through papers, and the other flipping the lights before cursing as it doesn’t come on, and whacking it with a ruler until it dimly lights the room.

A sheet is produced. Slapped onto the backlight. It dimly flickers and hums as it turns on.

“Come on…”

She bites her nails, cracks her knuckles, and finally settles on drumming her fingers along a desk in the span of 30 seconds.

It powers on.

“He has a bone disease as well?”

The meekest voice in the room. The only voice for a while. The two just stare at the imagery before Eirin runs her hand along it.

“It’s like the bones of a malnourished human combined with a centenarian… with osteoporosis. How fascinating.”

“Fascinating?! He’s! He’s… He could’ve broken his arms while I left him alone! I’m going to go make sure he’s all right.”

She gets 5 feet from the door before she’s flatly commanded to stop.

“Reisen… what is the expectancy of double illness?”

She pauses at the door, running through numbers and ancient memorizations in her head.

“Afflictions of two differing types is approximately 1 in 64,000 analyzing only illnesses requiring hospitalization visits.”

A low laugh. A very heinous sort of laugh. There was nothing jolly about it, being born of some negative emotion.

“Then tell me, Reisen. What is the chances of three separate diseases, fully manifested at one time?”

Her ears perk up. Normally in a droop, they now stand straight up. Just one of a few signs of her attention.

“Impossible. Undocumented. Statistically less possible than breaking the JN cipher using a quantum computer of infinite size.”

Eirin simply wagged one finger at her, drawing her over to the monitor.

“His nerves!...”

“This would explain the motor functions, hrm?

She leans with her back to the desk, twirling a pen as her assistant browses the images.

“Eirin you should see this.”

“Yes, yes. Major nerve damage extending from the spinal cord to the periphery. I am aware of its extent. I am inferring the possibilities from all known human diseases.”

“No, his brain. It looks like it’s been eaten away from the inside.”

The pen bounces off the floor, rolling to a stop in the corner of the room.

“That… That is not physically possible.”








One. Two. Three. Four.




I am going some where it doesn’t beep.

[ ] Left.

[ ] Right.
>> No. 25525
[x] Right.

because left is always where danger lies.
>> No. 25526
[x] Left.

>Slowly tug. Pull. Tugpull. No. Tugboat. She’s a tugboat. I am a not tugboat. I am a boat not tug. Boat is tug.
oh god.
>> No. 25527
[X] Right.

I wonder if this is what it's like in Flandres head...
>> No. 25535
[x] Left
>> No. 25537
[x] Left.

Usually I'd say he's supposed to have his heart on the right spot and go that way but to me that sounds too much like a phrase out of the Third Reich.
>> No. 25539
[X] Left.

If I have learned anything on this Earth, it is that you always take that left turn at Albuquerque.
>> No. 25541
Left. Going left. Big spiral. Big circle.

There’s a door. It kind of looks like the door I came from. It’s open, but it’s not really open. It’s closed. I open it.

There’s doctor and doctor’s friend. Why are they sad?

“Wha- Hey, how did you get out of there?”


“Damnit Udonge, this is why you lock doors.”

Door’s open, can’t be locked. No close, no lock.

“I thought I had…”

“I’ll take care of this interruption.”

Big needle. Huge needle. Coming towards me. No. No.

I don’t like needles.

“We’re not going to sedate him! If all his body’s main functions are shot you could kill him!”





“Not like it killed him before. Besides he’ll break his bones if we use the straitjacket.”

No. No! No needles! No! No!

“You’ll hurt him! Look at him! Just stop, Eirin!”

“Stop struggling and I’ll- I’ll…”

Prick. Stab. Thunk. Hit her in the butt. Doctor’s friend is doctor to doctor, but not doctor, because she is doctor’s friend.

She sways. Left. Right. Left. Right. Left like me... right. Laughs. I don’t think anything was funny.

“My killer… was Reisen! Omae wa mou shindeiru!”

Then she hits the floor. With her face. I don’t think you’re supposed to hit the floor. I don’t think you’re supposed to hit things with your face. I don’t think you’re supposed to hit things.

“It was just a quick acting tranquilizer.”

Doctor’s friend seems secretive.

“Really! It was!

…We should go before she wakes up.”

All right. ♪Take my hand and I’ll take yours♪

Hallways. Turn turn turn turn turn turn. New room. Chairs. Table. Chairs.

“Sit down.”

Okay. Sitting.

“Uh just… use the stress toy while I try to figure out how we are going to deal with your problems.”

Squeeze. Squeak.


Long sigh.

Squeeze. Squeak.

“Hrm? Hey… do that again.”

Squeeze. Squeak.

“Are you pushing that as hard as you can? Do so.”

She looks at it. I look at it.

Squeeze. …Squeak.

She takes out measuring tapes and charts and pencils and papers and wraps me up in the tapes.

“Well… your body’s fully developed and all, but to check the muscles we’ll need a different scanner, and Kourindou is still out on credit.”

She sits back and frowns.

“I don’t know what we can do with you until we find some sort of cure.”

She just stares at me. Lonely. So lonely.

[ ] I don’t know.

[ ] _______________________
>> No. 25546
[X]look into her eyes and mutter the words parasite

his brain has been eaten or is being eaten and i know of several parasites that can do that including the rat-lung worm and a type of parasite commonly found in the fecies of racoons
>> No. 25548
[x]Squeeze. …Squeak. Squeeze. …Squeak.
Stress balls are the best.
Squeeze. …Squeak.
Just keep squeezing.
>> No. 25559
[x]Squeeze. …Squeak. Squeeze. …Squeak.
Stress balls are the best.
Squeeze. …Squeak.
Just keep squeezing.
>> No. 25561
[X] Reach for it

What is it? that remains to be seen...
>> No. 25562
[x]Squeeze. …Squeak. Squeeze. …Squeak.
Stress balls are the best.
Squeeze. …Squeak.
Just keep squeezing.
>> No. 25563
[x] Hug. Squeeze... squeeze. Not too much.
[x] I'm scared.
>> No. 25598
[x] Hug. Squeeze... squeeze. Not too much.
[x] I'm scared.

Hugs are good for lonely people.
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