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File 131419628950.png - (266.48KB , 900x800 , lunarian teleology.png ) [iqdb]
24030 No. 24030
A wiser man might have had a better solution. A wiser man might have known how and when to act, how to get to the real center of it all.

Even though you have not abandoned your goal, it seems awfully unobtainable at the moment. It would make you want to sigh, perhaps, if you hadn't been inoculated against this very kind of situation. Incident after incident with everything seemingly out of your control has made your hide tough indeed. There's always a method to the madness, you know at least that much, and so you can take comfort in that as long as you keep trying there's a chance that you'll find what you're looking for.

Kaguya seems so slender as she is now, her back pressed against you as you sit together with your arms around her waist. The smooth and fine fabric of her dress is loose around her delicate arms and the outside drapes down to her lap. The collar, as well, has been carelessly left to droop and from your angle you can see the symmetrical lines of her neck blend into those of her collarbone and transform yet again into other lines that vanish into the darkness of her clothes. She gives the same impression as a porcelain doll wearing an ill-fitting dress.

Her head leans back onto your chest, her body sinking deeper into yours. The rich smell of oily minerals and scented herbs waft from her hair to your nose. It's a fragrance that continues to be highly stimulating even as it becomes more familiar. You squeeze her gently, holding her in a way you hope is reassuring. She's incredibly warm, it bleeds through her clothes straight into your arms and your chest. It wouldn't be right to compare her to a doll - no matter how delicate and fine her features may be she is too warm and soft for you to ever confuse her for one. There's an unmistakable feeling of human presence and human life which resonate with your heart.

She is quiet now.

It took her the better part of an afternoon to vent. There's no better way of describing what she did than that. Plenty of words wasted on the small things and minor incidents that, by themselves, do not signify much. Actions fitting a concerned friend or perhaps an overbearing one. Strung together, they resemble a conspiracy or a methodological approach to someone. Kaguya did not let you forget for a moment that Eirin is the kind of person that carefully weighs all options before deciding on something. The implication is, therefore, that no incident is ever a spontaneous and isolated event. Being chided for skipping out on a meeting to be with a lover is as weighty and deliberate as being told that the rabbits enjoy pounding rice cakes.

Her complaints are not just denunciations. You detect something like wistfulness in her words every now and then. Perhaps it's something different, something more akin to would-be admiration withheld a proper outlet. There is a lot of emotion that she carries with her but not much bitterness you think. In that there might be a way forward, a way to move on but you're unsure of what to say or not to say. Your track record on interpersonal relationships is spotty at best, especially when it comes to relationships between others. It's funny that you remember dealing with Kaguya's antipathetic and hot-tempered friend with fondness – she certainly did not make life easy for you even when Keine tried her best to smooth things over. Not in a million years did you expect that things would somehow be worse with Eirin. Still waters run deep so it seems.

After sifting through it all there should be a lot worth thinking about. The optimist in you assures that the answer to all of this, or at least part of the answer, lies in what she said. The belief that it's hopeless is likewise represented but does not speak as loudly as hope does. It will take a lot of effort to filter and lock down exactly what you need and to determine how to best use it. You may need Kaguya's help to deal with this or maybe a fresher perspective. There probably will be no indication that you're on the right track either, given how stubborn and distant these lunarians can be. Sighing feels something of a natural thing to do.

You gave up challenging Kaguya hours ago. It felt somehow more appropriate to let her just get it all out as she felt like it then to try to steer things into a more manageable direction. Definitely an exhausting experience. Your brain is a quagmire of information where every attempt to step in and sort things out results in getting stuck for the longest time. Ultimately it somehow ended like you are now, the both of you quietly sitting together. It's as if a hole has been created because of the volume and force of things that came out. You seek to be close together so as to cover that space up with your combined presence.

A single paper lantern has been lit outside. The resulting light is barely strong enough to allow you to distinguish the floor from the walls. Only by virtue of her being so close can you tell where Kaguya is and even then anything besides her upper body seems to meld into the dark alongside your own legs and lower body. An observer might have a hard time deciding if there are two people or just one in the room at a glance. It's so quiet that even a fly's buzzing would sound like a jet engine by comparison.

Imperceptibly at first, Kaguya begins to move. A light ripple of feedback rolls into your arms and another washes over your chest. The sensation is so weak and so sudden that you first believe it is simply a result of her body adjusting itself into a more comfortable position. Her head slumps forward, her face completely hidden from your view. Another wave of motion comes forth, followed by yet another. They are weak but regular. It's different than the previous regular breathing or firm but gentle vibrations caused by her talking. It puzzles you. A thought crosses your mind one which immediately explains the situation. The realization makes your heart sink like a concrete block into a deep lake.

She is trying her best not to make any noise. The unnatural muteness of the tiny sobs is wholly disconcerting, as if she's trying to keep it a secret even from herself. She seems so helpless, so incapable of even realizing what her own body of doing. If she seems like putty in your arms you realize it is because her own heart must be struggling to keep a consistent form. Her limpness betrays weakness that was not readily apparent before. This is not something someone who cares about her ever wants to see. Your heart and your mind wish to react in different ways. The sudden nature of this incident washes away all other complicated thoughts you've had the whole day.

[] Hold and caress her
[] Reassure her with words
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>> No. 24408
You've made your point, I guess. Let's move on now. Deal with Kaguya being the choice for now and don't derail thread any further. Try /gensokyo/ or /blue/ for more bitching about this. I'm also guilty of derailment too so I'll make sure to stop. Story stuff only from now on.
>> No. 24410
File 131922323248.png - (2.18MB , 1161x1575 , happiness and not just thighs.png ) [iqdb]
The day begins with furious chopping and dedicated handling of cookware. Clothed in the garments of a master chef, a pink apron with a deformed cutesy bunny head stitched on the front, you prepare a magnificent morning banquet for your sleeping princess. Someday you'll make a great housewife, so your thoughts conclude. It's a little disconcerting but it doesn't feel exactly wrong either. Stay-at-home dads are all the rage in some countries, you tell yourself. Gender roles are just silly social convention that definitely are of no relevance to you. No way that an old forgotten mansion in the middle of the woods with polished wooden floors and some very traditional-looking inhabitants would be insistent on the old ways.

If they were, you could always stage a protest with the modern-looking Reisen, burning bras and decrying your oppressive patriarchy. Freedom and sexual liberation for all! No being put down by the man! Of course one flaw with that reasoning is that it's really a matriarchy (who is in charge is a matter of debate – but it ain't you) and you don't cross-dress. Maybe if Kaguya asked you to, but even then it would be weird. The manly party of you categorically rejects an absurd idea like that. No matter how pretty you might feel That said, there's something alluring about silk and lace that makes you feel a little bit funny. When you think about cool silk sliding across your legs it causes you to redden a little. It's best not to dwell too much on the why of that.

Your strange thoughts and, frankly, altered state of mind almost cost you a fried sausage. There's a fine line between golden and crispy and burnt. A competent chef knows when to cycle in the next item and only waste the minimal of time. Everything has to be just right, absolutely perfect. Nothing less will do. You have your pride. A man without ideals and, dare you conclude, the relevant ethos is nothing. Hill of spatulas be damned. It was the only path. No regrets.

It's in this silly state of being that you continue and finish the breakfast feast.

It's a lot of food. More than enough to feed a small family. Quite the variety too. Everything from the classic scrambled eggs (it should be noted here that when cracking and whipping up the eggs you felt something akin to true peace, like achieving some form of limited enlightenment) to fresh juice and beyond. It's a bit of trouble to carry everything, even with trays, and it requires all of your concentration. Surprisingly, you don't drop anything.

“Wakey-wakey,” You gently stroke her head. Her eyelids fail to open and her nose twitches. It's like she's resisting being woken up. Not a problem ultimately. A gentle nudge there and a few soft words have the princess up and awake. You smile and try to not sound too patronizing. It's hard not to come off as patronizing, “My dear sleepy princess, I've made a grand breakfast for us.”

“Mm,” She rubs her eyes, “Smells good.”

“My treat to you,” You present her with a tray. She sits up and looks at the contents with a sleepy smile. If she had bed hair it would be a picture perfect moment. One to tease her over later. Her delicate pajama is truly only something a princess would wear. Flowing and delicate, embroidered front and with straps. This has the added benefit of exposing her shapely shoulders and exquisite neckline to the world.

As she digs in, she seems to slowly awaken some more. You're glad that she seems to enjoy it, you certainly like the rich breakfast. Made with love, so there's no way it wouldn't be tasty. You wolf down your own cooking earnestly, seeing that she apparently likes the meal. Damned good. And to think that you almost turned your mind to steel in order to get things done.

“If I didn't know any better,” Kaguya soon has the clarity of mind for banter, “I'd say that all of this fried and rich food is your way of telling me that I'm too skinny.”

“Hm, maybe I do like my women with a little meat on their bones. Waifs aren't really my thing,” You stroke your chin as if pondering the subject.

“Now I can't tell if you're joking,” She shakes her head. It doesn't keep her from eating another bite of crispy golden deliciousness though.

“Don't worry, I'd love you even if you were a little... pudgy,” You use a non-offensive term, “Anytime you want to exercise, I'm available by the way.”

The truth is that she's the very model of perfection. Maybe it's your affection that blinds you to her flaws but there's no part of her that you don't love. Is there room to improve upon perfection? You don't think of it like that. You love her for who she is and if she really did fill up her dress just a little more you'd be fine with it. Same goes for the opposite happening, her already slender figure might become even more erotic. An already very shapely bosom could become even more pronounced by contrast to a more streamlined figure. It makes little logical sense. Then again, it doesn't have to make sense. Your imagination works on both scenarios at full steam, truly happy with either. An active imagination is truly a wondrous thing.

“It doesn't take a mind-reader to understand what you're saying,” She sighs, as if crushed by the weight of the world, “If strangers could see me now, they'd think me uncouth. Speaking of such vulgar things, in such a familiar way. I do like etiquette, you realize.”

“But you like being with me better,” You tell her, “If you seriously didn't like how I behaved you would have told me, right? I mean what sort of lady of good standing allows someone as ill-mannered as me act like they please?”

“Maybe I like bad boys,” She whispers with a frown.

“I heard that,” You tell her, “It's not that. You don't care for all the pomp and circumstance to begin with. All you care about is being relaxed, right? And I think I make you feel at ease.”

“Only sometimes,” She begrudgingly admits. By now she's finished eating, plenty of food is left untouched on her plate. You can't blame her. You were a little too overzealous in the cooking. Most people can't handle so many different types of foods in the morning. Or in the quantities served.

“Fair enough, sounds to me like you need to be a little more honest with yourself,” You remark. Knowing her it's just a matter of not knowing how to express herself. Like when she didn't know how she felt because she had no other experiences to compare it to. She was troublesome like that. There was clearly a gap in her upbringing, the normal part dealing with feelings and the realities of relationships. Maybe an older sister would have been just the thing for her, you find yourself thinking. That's a dangerous thought. A know-it-all bossy and nosy older sister type would have cramped your style. Forcing things along and you would either have been at this stage sooner or not at all, having since been teased to death over one of the many embarrassing incidents that happened in Eientei.

“Oh, shut up,” She puffs her cheeks, defiantly.

“Ok, I won't push my luck,” There's nothing to do but be the bigger person and back down. “Did you enjoy your morning service?”

“The food was wonderful, thank you,” She smiled. Then added, “Don't call it 'morning service', that sounds dirty.”

“The princess is a girl after all, huh?”

“Sometimes I wonder why I even like you.”

“Please don't say things that make my heart freeze.”

Kaguya giggles, “You make it easy to tease you. If you don't stop, you'll get your just desserts.”

You sigh, “Alright, I give.”

Evidently you can be rather more touchy and delicate than she is. Insecurity is something that continually haunts you, something that is central to your current woes. Your future, that is. Eirin has a lot to do with it and so does Kaguya. There's something missing, something that you haven't done probably. That's the only way you can justify not having succeeded in establishing a truly peaceful life.

“Is anything wrong?” Kaguya asks, “You're making a weird face.”

“I was just wishing that I could lose myself in the present without worrying about tomorrow.”

“Hm, you sound like someone with a lot of burdens to carry.” You can't tell if she's poking fun at you.

“It's hard to decide what to do, there's no obvious choice.”

“You always seem to know what to say to me.”

“That's not true,” You shake your head, recalling all those times when it felt like you were walking on eggshells around her. She's still a mystery in some ways, someone who can surprise you at any time. “I'm just stupid and stubborn, so I did stupid and impulsive things. A lot of it wasn't manly, it was just me acting spoiled.”

“And what's wrong with being a little spoiled?” She asks, as if forgetting all the downsides in the past.

“It's hard to be both reliable and spoiled. Add a little of the reality of nor wanting things to blow up and things are really hard to see through.”

“Sounds to me like you're expecting too much of yourself too quickly,”Kaguya chides, “I mean, I'm taking things slowly, not running away. Isn't that what you wanted from me?”

“That's different.”

“How so?”

“I'm confident about how I feel about you so it'll all work out.”

“Isn't that a very childish way of thinking?” When you look at her you notice that you've genuinely annoyed her. Instead of the usual playful tease or embarrassed indignation there's real disapproval in her eyes.

“Sorry, but I just have to believe some things,” You explain, “Otherwise I wouldn't have made it this far I think.”

“I thought you were above believing in fate and that nonsense.”

“This isn't quite like that,” You find yourself defending your feelings, “I just am willing to do whatever it takes so I'm saying that no obstacle is going to permanently set me back.”

Somehow you fail to convince even yourself. If you truly believed that then you wouldn't be anxious. You wouldn't mull over threats and what may happen in the future. Because everything would work out thanks to the power of love. Kaguya is right but it's not easy to admit. It's painfully obvious. Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe what your denial is like.

“Maybe I should get a job,” You mumble to yourself.

“Because it's the right thing to do? Isn't that just convenient reasoning?” She certainly does not pull any punches when she's upset, you find yourself thinking.

“I want to to be able to take care of you, no matter what happens. Independence is the way to go for any meaningful long-term plans to be put in place.”

“You shouldn't force yourself to do something just because of some absurd notion you might have about our lives,” It's Kaguya's turn to sigh. Her shoulders droop as she speaks, “In case you haven't noticed we aren't a young couple in the village who want to be together even though our parents forbid us to see one another. Getting a job and eloping won't improve things. As romantic as it may be,” For a brief moment there's a flash of a maidenly smile, “there's no real need to abandon our lives here, we don't go wanting anything.”

“You're basically saying that it would just be for my ego's sake?” I read in between the lines, “But then you'll agree that the status quo isn't perfect? It isn't healthy to live like this.”

“I'm not the smartest person in the world,” She sighs again, looking more downcast, “I don't have an obvious solution for whatever it really is that's making you worry. All I can tell you is what I've decided which is to live with the decisions I've made. In short, I assume the consequences for choosing the path I chose. You're not the only one in this relationship. I also wanted it.”

“It feels like I have to apologize,” You hold her by the shoulders gently. Her loosened clothes make her look thinner than she is. The truth is all that you can give her, “it's easier for me to think only about my perspective, that I've done everything and I've accomplished everything but you've also been there alongside me the whole time. You're acting with me. It was stupid of me to assume otherwise.”

“Don't get too hung up about it,” She smiles softly, “I think you knew that all along deep down, you're just trying to protect me. I don't need that kind of protection anymore. Being held by you feels nice though.”

“I could do this forever,” You wink before kissing her. She tries to protest, saying something about having just eaten and not having a chance to freshen up but you don't care. Her token struggle is briefer than usual. Physical affection is too pleasurable in the end. An unguarded Kaguya is proof of your intimacy. Breakfast was a great idea, after all.

There's no doubt anymore that any approach you take has to involve Kaguya. You had your chance to act independently and it's simply no longer an option now that you've been reminded of certain elementary facts.

“I never did ask you something really important,” As you gather up the dishes and trays you make small talk with Kaguya.

“And what would that be?” She asks as she gets dressed and straightens her clothes. Your gaze clearly makes her nervous as she messes up the button order on her blouse not once, but twice. You want to offer to help but that would likely make things worse.

“How do you like your eggs?”

“Oh. Is that it?” She pouts.

“What's with the disappointed look? No, nevermind, let's not get sidetracked.”

“Poached eggs are nice, and this one time I really liked when Reisen made what she called 'Eggs Florentine”. Fancy name for a tasty dish.”

“I see...”

“Don't worry though, I still enjoyed the scrambled eggs,” She sees through you quickly enough, offering what amounts to a 'good effort' metaphorical pat on the back. She's a thoughtful lover. Though your ego would prefer it if she worked on her timing a little. It's just not the same. Praise first, gentle correction for the future follows. That's the golden rule of letting someone know that they could have done just a little better.

“Oh spare me, just let me sulk in peace,” You complain with an exaggerated sniffle.

“I love anything you make or give me, you should know that,” She says something embarrassing like that with a completely straight face. It's a wonder how she's able to vacillate so strongly between her assertive self and her more bashful self. Women are frightening creatures, of that you have no doubt. Capable of cunning plans and cold-hearted manipulation. Even pure innocent Kaguya and her sheltered upbringing did not prevent her from being able to push your buttons.

[] Get an outside opinion on how you're doing together (specify)
[] Brainstorm together (specify what about)

[] Cosplay sex time
>> No. 24411
[X] Get an outside opinion on how you're doing together (specify)

Because why the hell not.
We need someone else to offer an opinion besides us and Kaguya, and that woman seems saner than anyone else we know and coudl easily get a hold of.
>> No. 24412
Unlimited Spatula Works? Bravo, you've put a smile on my face. I'll never handle a spatula without care again.
That whole scene? Magic. Nothing substantial even happened, but I feel like we've made incredible progress.

[X] Brainstorm together
[X] Strategies of reconciliation. Identify key emotions involved with the with the dispute between Kaguya and Eirin.

The first step is to identify the emotions at the center of the divide between Kaguya and Eirin. Kaguya's side has already been discussed, but Eirin's is a little murky. We know why she disapproves of Shirou, but what emotion lead to the dispute? Could it be embarrassment? Eirin put her dignity on the line when she tried to seduce Shirou. He denied her and then told someone very dear to her that she acted that way. Shirou is the source of the dispute, which means he could potentially be part of the solution.

Brain storming on this topic should bring order the chaos of emotions and serve as a starting point for developing a working solution.

Now, give me some feedback and let us turn this lackluster write-in into a winner.
>> No. 24414
You asides from perhaps Tewi? Let's not forget that Eirin seems to have her own agenda that she's not sharing at all, and Reisen's too close to the whole thing to be completely neutral.

Not a bad idea... though how would we break through Eirin's icy shell as I get the feeling even Kaguya's in the dark about things. I'll try thinking more through the night.
>> No. 24416
I'm sure that she appreciates honesty. She wrote him off because he was being inconsistent. The trick is going to devising a plan that matches both complete honesty a certain degree of sneakiness.
>> No. 24417
This, I believe, is a good starting point. However, I feel like we not only have to bring Eirin around, but also Kaguya. If I'm remembering correctly, she was rather "heated" at Eirin after the "lock-in" incident.

I would love to talk to Tewi and get her view on things overall. A new perspective of things might make things easier to view without as much bias. Then again, she could just give the run-around without telling us anything.

I think Eirin might be a bad idea as I don't think she would be willing to give us any help. Then again, she might just be willing to talk to us if we just "suck it up" and blunting ask what she wants.

However, if we go by past interactions, she probably would just "test" us again. Eirin doesn't look at Shirou as an equal but as a "know-nothing kid" (my words, not Eirin's). That doesn't put us in a favorable position when we talk to her.

I feel like a guy who woke up with a hang-over and found out he pissed in someone's cereal while he was drunk.
>> No. 24418
I don't fully trust Tewi.
I'm not sure why, but there's something in the back of my head saying she should be kept at a distance, for now.

And, either way, we're not going to be able to keep Eirin out of this, so might as well brin her i on our own terms.
>> No. 24420
Last time I checked this story, Tewi was the closet thing to a bro Shirou has here. And I don't remember any cases of her leading him anywhere wrong. And the people who would best understand Eirin are usually hard to reach and won't be likely to help Shirou for whatever reasons. (Watsukis, Yukari, etc)
>> No. 24424
[x] Get an outside opinion on how you're doing together (Tewi)
- [x] Ask her to be brutally honest

I think we need votes. My opinion is that while Reisen is the safest vote, but I don't think she's the one capable of saying the truth with the least amount of bias. Tei has been helpful at the least with us, and because of Reisen's proximity, Eirin's obvious bias, and the failure of what happened when we asked something similar to Kaguya, I think Tei is the best option.
>> No. 24426
[x] Get an outside opinion on how you're doing together (Tewi)
- [x] Ask her to be brutally honest

After thinking more on it, I think Tewi is our best choice.
>>24424 said it best. Tewi has always been on our "bro", even when she was playing pranks. That's just her nature though. Though we should be careful of pranks, remember our belt?

On a off note, I dread thinking what Eirin's price would be for the Hourai Elixir. Immortal life with Kaguya, but at what cost?

Teruyo... why do you tease us with that strike-through? Though, if I didn't feel the situation was needing something a bit more serious. I would vote for it, just because I know it would be awesome no matter what happened.
>> No. 24427
This is assuming Kaguya didn't slip it into his drink earlier while off at the shrine.

[x] Get an outside opinion on how you're doing together (Tewi)
- [x] Ask her to be brutally honest
- [x] Ask her for any insight on Eirin

This is basically my sentiments in the first place.
>> No. 24429
[x] Get an outside opinion on how you're doing together (Tewi)
- [x] Ask her to be brutally honest

I was waiting for more opinions because i was unsure on what to do. Someone who is honest and tells you his or her opinion without holding back is good. You might always miss something that someone else noticed.
>> No. 24432
[x] Get an outside opinion on how you're doing together (Tewi)
- [x] Ask her to be brutally honest
Sure, let's go with this

Could that be done?
I wouldn't mind having Harker back, if it meant we could get more stuff in /eientei/, and see what kind of reward you get for a Reisen story.
>> No. 24443
File 131948319561.jpg - (168.45KB , 500x676 , a girl and her carrot.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Do you have any plans for today?” You ask as you come back from the kitchen, finding that she's getting dressed the next room over. As much as you may want to peep, your lovable rogue level is too low to pull off a stunt like that and not get chewed out. People are weird like that, it used to be that a guy back in the day could act as perverted as he wanted and his limited-color palette and gradient-haired love interest(s) would ultimately find it somewhat endearing. At most the girl with drill hair would get a bit miffed and call you names. True love was quite straightforward. But you know to behave.

“Actually, yes,” She informs you from the other room, “I was planning on meeting an acquaintance for tea.”


“Don't 'oh?' me like that, you make it sound like I've never met anyone besides you.”

“I'd never assume that a sheltered princess would know anyone from outside her bubble,” You joke, “Whoops, did I say that out loud?”

“Don't get all sour on me just because you're jealous.”

“Why would I be jealous?”

“Oh, because he's quite dashing, smart to boot.”

“Please,” You snort, “you're trying too hard.”

“Maybe I am,” She emerges, changed into her usual attire. Her smile does not seem to be for you as she tells you an anecdote, “People find their way to our little corner of the world, without being invited like you were. Some of them are on missions, some of those missions are acts of true dedication. I know you would rather talk about the things I've discovered about the outside world but I also really like talking about stories and tales I've heard. It just so happens that occasionally someone will be interested in hearing me out.”

“I don't mind that, you know. You're plenty interesting as far as I'm concerned.”

“Well, maybe. Sorry, that bit about meeting someone was a lie,” She sighs, “People move on after years and decades, get on with their lives perhaps even settle down and have children. They're just memories. I wouldn't know where to look for most of the people I've met anyhow.”

You're not sure if to leave the subject there. Despite her overt playfulness you can tell that there's something to what she's saying. It's something you don't think you can really understand. The concept of many years and decades is hard to fathom. Perhaps that's a consequence of not having an especially noteworthy life until coming to a place where time doesn't seem to matter at all. The months you've spent at Eientei could just as well be years and you'd never really know.

Kaguya is the one who decides to change the subject, “Why were you asking in the first place?”

“Oh, just because I wanted us to get an outsider's opinion together.”

“Opinion on what?”

“On us, where we are and where we're headed. Maybe it'll help me to form a more informed opinion on what I should be doing next,” You scratch your head as you say the last bit. It sounds pathetic.

“...is this your idea of couple therapy?” She laughs, “Well, I don't really mind if it'll make you feel better.”

“It's not like that, I'm not sure what it is but I have a good idea who would be best to ask. I don't know many people outside of Eientei well enough, maybe that shrine maiden would be nice enough to say something but she doesn't really know us. Besides, she probably had her own life to sort out. For obvious reasons it can be certain people here, so it leaves one viable candidate.”

As you pour the tea into the three cups, Kaguya whispers into your ear, “Can she really help us?”

You nod silently, offering a cup to Tewi. She sits opposite you, across the table. A look of unusual calm is on her face, none of the usual mischievous energies showing. It was suspiciously easy to find her and even easier to convince her to come along for a talk. Her polite patience does not seem insincere to you, just a little odd.

For a moment you recall the conversation you were having with Kaguya just before she came in. You wonder if she overheard any of it. That might explain things. Asking Kaguya if she liked getting dressed in new and exciting outfits may have been a bit inappropriate, but your imagination prodded you to ask. It didn't seem like the princess understood very well what you meant. There wasn't a chance to figure out if she was being coy or if you needed to be a bit more blunt before Tewi knocked on the door and cut that whole conversation short. Seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity. Playing dress up as an adult was exciting for a whole host of different reasons.

“I wanted you to give us your opinion,” You get right to it, dispelling other distracting thoughts. Your explanation is succinct, “We'd like to know what you think of us and if there's something that we ought to be doing better.”

“May I ask why?” She asked in turn, her voice steady and unimpassioned.

“You should already know why.”

Of that you have no doubt. Tewi is the type of person to be in the loop for everything that's happening. Her insight has helped you in the past.

“Tewi,” The princess adds, “We just want you to be honest and maybe we'll both be sure we're on the right track.”

“Somehow I feared you wouldn't remember my name,” Tewi says the oddest thing.

“I'm sorry that it took me a while to learn it but with so many rabbits it was hard to remember names,” Kaguya apologizes.

“I didn't mean anything by it,” Tewi shakes her head, “We just haven't really talked much despite living together. Reisen usually scolds me for bothering everyone so I just avoid everything but the rabbits.”

“You seem well-acquainted with Shirou, every time we're all together you've talked.”

“We have a mutual understanding, I think,” She states with a little tilt of her head.

“So then, will you tell us what you think?” You don't particularly feel like being very patient, “The pure undiluted truth, no matter how you think we might take it.”

“Not a problem,” She smiles. Her cup is emptied and you pour some more before she continues, “Simply put, I think you're too fixated on conflict.”

“How so?” You ask.

“Things take their time. Sometimes bad things happen and sometimes there's a clash of ideas or wills or whatever, but usually change is slow and gradual. I mean, look at you two; I don't know the details about what finally caused you to admit how you felt but the lead up to that was not one big event after the other, just a bunch of small ones right? Same thing since then, it's not like you're closer one day from the other but every day you're together you've felt stronger feelings right?”

“I think I see your point, but I can't really agree,” You bring up some of the things that have happened along the way. Festivals, rivalries and weird moon rabbits – all those big things that seemed to affect every single choice you made.

“I'm not really familiar with the whole love thing you have going on, us rabbits mate when it's right to do so,” She doesn't hesitate to imply she is experienced in carnal matters. It's not really relevant to what she has to say, “let's say you did something that annoyed me and then you apologized. I forgive you but the truth is that I probably will be in the process of forgiving you for a while. It's not like I can just flip a switch and all my feelings are back to normal, right? It's the same thing. No one thing made you suddenly love one another, though there might be an event that formalizes the acknowledgment of those feelings.”

“She's right,” Kaguya agrees, “it took a while to put into words but how I felt did not happen suddenly.”

“So is the conclusion that we're fine and we should do nothing special?” You feel like sighing as you ask.

“I didn't say that,” She corrects you, “You're fine in the sense that you're currently happy but you're worried about what is going to happen sometime in the future. You shouldn't obsess about conflicts and specific events but you shouldn't ignore things either. I think that as long as you present a united front you'll be fine.”

“Face everything together in other words?”

“You're a cute couple. A princess that used to be alone and didn't trust outsiders with her heart and a dolt who fell for her irrational kindness.”

“I won't dispute the dolt thing,” Kaguya smiles. It's a diplomatic smile, one that doesn't betray her feeling as she speaks, “But I've always had an open policy to people. It's usually people who don't have an open policy towards me. They're the ones who like to pretend they're interested in something else.”

“I'm sorry, I didn't really mean to generalize quite like that,” Tewi respectfully apologizes. She's definitely holding back. You can't decide whether it is because of a real sense of respect or because being too honest is not beneficial for her. “The past is complicated, so let's just talk about now.”

“If we wanted to change someone's opinion about us, how would we go about that?” You ask a very not-hypothetical question.

“Depends on the person,” She answers, “If everyone else she trusts thinks that things will be fine then she might change her mind. Likewise a few years of responsible conduct should do the trick.”

“How unreasonable,” You complain.

“I'm sure that that's the exact why she feels. Potentially, anyways. Who knows who you meant with that question?” There's a sly smirk on her face.

You tea got cold while you listened to her talk but you drink it anyways. It still feels like you're missing something, but you can't quite figure out what.

[] Write-in
[] Ask her straight out how to deal with Eirin
[] Allow Kaguya to direct the conversation if she wants to
[]Beg for the return of the sex tapes
>> No. 24445
Couple therapy with Tewi. We came to the right person. It really took a while for the feelings to surface and the relationship to form. Just reminds me of that camping trip and the episode with eirin shortly thereafter. The whole thing was kind of rocky and not sure what to do half the time.

But i think she is right. Shirou really obsesses with conflicts and such way too much.

I think the solution to the problems is not to try and solve this all alone. But do this thing with Kaguya. Together. I don't want another thing like putting them together and screw things up again.

>That is one example of many used to establish precedent. It therefore follows that there is little reason to expect you to act any different in the future. To me at least, it seems like you will sacrifice difficult long-term propositions in favor of short-term satisfaction.
He is often much talk but they really accomplished much together already. There must be something that could convince her or show her a proof.

>“The issue at hand is the future. What guarantee is there that you will do your best or even just be there when you're needed? How will you earn your keep, so to say, by continuing to be in our lives? It is not difficult to imagine you desisting when the going gets tough or worse – being completely confused and helpless when confronted with trouble.”
Especially when she says something like that. Her caution and worries are simple, yet right. The problem may arise that when you try to do things with Kaguya together it will only be seen as hiding behind her or using her.

>If you were to ask me how much I trusted you to honor those words I would simply tell you that I did not trust you at all. 'I will follow your example' – there's no evidence to back that up, as established by all your other pledges of doing so and so no matter what. Need I remind you that the times I volunteered to help, you flat out refused every proposal at every step of the way?
All the action and choices are literally coming back to bite us in the ass. Every word and path we took brought us here. Everything he can say has a weak convincing or meaning at best.

>“She doesn't like our being together because of the path I've chosen. The way she sees it, I'm not doing anything good with my life. I'm wasting my opportunities, perhaps afraid of other possibilities.”
>“I'm sure she can be reasoned with, we just have to find the right way to approach her.”
>“Doubtful,” When it comes to matters of principle and direction,” She explains, “She is 100% sure of her position. If I don't change in a way that she approves of then she won't be happy.”
>What Eirin expects and what Kaguya has decided remains unclear. And you can't really get at it despite asking rather direct questions.
Which brings us right back to the problem. How do you deal with this kind of situation. It would be time for Kaguya to come clean and not hold back in telling everything. Either that or just figure things out on our own and just do the right thing at this point.

At any rate, i think Tewi's job is done here. She brought them back on the right track and she can't solve all the problems for them.
>> No. 24447
I agree. Your research really puts it into perspective. Since we've learned most of what we need to know, why not leg Kaguya take the lead?

[x] Allow Kaguya to direct the conversation if she wants to.

Come on people, it's been how long since the update and there's no votes? This shit is what almost killed the story. At least make it look like you're trying.
>> No. 24448
Since just today, not that long also ever since the "throwing in the towel" a while back (again) I had just assume some one mistakenly bumped the thread out of regular conversation or some spam bot got in again.

That said

[x] Allow Kaguya to direct the conversation if she wants to.

Reasonable enough considering the number of times Shirou's tried to get a direct answer he's stopped short of threatening suicide in order to get a straight answer after seemingly exhausting other options.

I've forget if he's ever had to go that far finding answers though

Also do take into account that the memory error combined with short tempers of certain anon makes for a rather delayed response.
>> No. 24452
[x] Allow Kaguya to direct the conversation if she wants to

Talking to Tewi has set my mind at ease. I guess we need to "take it easy" for while. Instead of trying to create a situation to prove our worth, we should just wait for another such situation to arise naturally. Besides we probably need to try to spend at least some time with Reisen and Tewi as well.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Tewi's peepholes.

I wish we had gotten that belt back. I miss it. However, I must admit that hotgluenamous has come a long way.
>> No. 24454
>why not leg Kaguya take the lead
Exactly what i worry about. Like
>You will learn from, and defer to, Eirin in the future
which made things worse.
followed by
>Think of your own way to settle Eirin's disapproval
which went nowhere.

>“The choices I've made aren't exactly the best choices, for starters,”
>“I am utterly selfish and always have been.”
>“She doesn't like our being together because of the path I've chosen.
>“So what does she expect from you?”
>“To make a hard choice, probably,” She looks away, “One I really don't want to make.”

Kaguya already knows what Eirin wants and expects of her. But she just can't do it because of Shirou. Thus she did something stupid which lead to the current situation.

So much for a recap, but that still leaves the problem at hand.

Read what >>23454 wrote. Especially the talking part. We have nothing we can bring up with Eirin that would work. Her opinion is solidified already. The action that can be taken are limited and the few left are even worse. Is there anything he can say that she can't prove wrong before he can even say it? If there are no words, how about actions? And with such a sad track record i can't think of anything. Maybe only a heroic feat would help. His own actions and choices brought him so far so the only thing i can think of is to be a man accept and take responsibility for what you did in all those 20 threads. No more hiding. Pour out your soul. Unconditional. Kaguya caused enough problems, but this is just between Shirou and Eirin. To somehow prove that Kaguya's love and trust are not misplaced and that he can be a fitting man for her while dissolving all her worries and fears. A lot of work to do there.

Either that or try things together with Kaguya. Plus, we should not see Eirin as an enemy. She is the kind of person that carefully weighs all options before deciding on something.

>Because we're both stubborn and she said some things that she shouldn't have. She thinks she knows whats best for me and for you,” She clenches her fist, “She's said some things that she shouldn't have said and can now never take back. Her actions are none to better. It's completely unacceptable.
The two of them are both stubborn idiots. And with him they make three big idiots. From alone it will never be resolved between the two.

Just reminds me what teruyo said back then
>Really guys, we've come this far and now is not the moment to act like timid morons.
These choices just don't cut it. We need something better here to avoid the downer/normal ending because once again we do not know how to deal with the situation.
>> No. 24460
I'll be playing devil's advocate for a bit because I'm tired of sitting around, just waiting. Don't take this as word of god, though there definitely will be personal bias. It may not be proper for a writer but, hey, the site is too dead otherwise for me to entertain myself.

>I think this may be the right time to see if Kaguya'll open up.

Kinda sad when you ignore what has been nothing but opening up. This is a reminder that nearly every single one of the last few choices has been basically 'wait and see'. Kaguya talks about the issue? Wait and see and don't steer the conversation. Following that there was no attempt to handle matters, just waiting and making breakfast. Sure, it may have been prudent and a good thing to do, leading to a productive meeting but it is still the passive thing to do. There is a pattern here. To me what sticks most in my mind is the more proactive decisions made, such as standing up and kissing Eirin, running away with Kaguya and being even a bit forceful with her. Don't kid yourself that this is anything but passive.

For all you know Kaguya may talk to Tewi about getting a pair of matching sweaters. You are yielding to the desires of the characters. Which may be fine, maybe there's no need to impose on everyone but don't kid yourself that it's anything but that.

I could say a lot about the supporting evidence here but I think I've said perhaps too much already.

> This shit is what almost killed the story. At least make it look like you're trying.

Don't worry about that. The slowness, few votes and a whole bunch of things won't make the story go away. It may frustrate me and make me sad but there's nothing to be done about it. The only new thing that's a let down is the apparent disappearance of everyone who said they'd be here. That's why I've been waiting days without saying anything. Just the way the world is, I guess. In the end I think it's just a bit of a shame. Not having the full compliment. Simple fact is that the story isn't as good as it can be if there aren't as many people joking around, offering different opinions and whatnot. The choices made suffer if there aren't some calling for some of the different choices. Call it irrational but it really pissed me off earlier in the thread when some of the more long-winded people were going on about everything while saying that they weren't really involved themselves any longer. I really do just write for the people who get involved so it bewilders me when I do everything short of giving out free candy to encourage a relaxed environment where you can get in deep however you please and it doesn't really go anywhere. But yeah, sorry, this is what happens when I'm sleep deprived and really bored. I get the urge to type up stupid crap like this. It's one way to escape the harshness of life - another is booze and I am completely out.
>> No. 24461
[x] Ask her straight out how to deal with Eirin

As much as I want to say that this vote wasn't influenced by Teruyo's post, it was. Somewhat. But that doesn't mean I haven't thought it through.

This option has a higher risk of negative repercussions, but I like to believe that with a great risk, comes a greater reward.

It may be uncomfortable for the princess to discuss such things, but it's gonna have to happen sooner or later.

Even if all it ends up doing is upsetting Kaguya while Teiwi ends up saying a whole lot of nothing, at least the issue is out in the open.

No regrets, etc.
>> No. 24463
>Were you referring to the first run?
No. I was thinking about this run. Currently i am waiting for someone to throw me some ideas or thoughts so i can work with that.

>This is a reminder that nearly every single one of the last few choices has been basically 'wait and see'
You can clearly see undecided and uncertain in his words when you read up. Kind of reflects that.
>> No. 24465
>>24311 >>24452 here. I'm still here. I haven't went anywhere. I just can't check like 15 times a day. I've voted in the previous two decisions as well.

Alright, after thinking about it a bit. I know Teruyo is right about the whole passive thing. Of course, the whole being proactive thing that many tried "obviously" worked. Jury is still out on that.

I'm kinda interested in those sex tapes. The voteoption is vague enough I want know more. Of course, it's also silly enough that I want to choose it anyway.

Changing my vote to
[x]Beg for the return of the sex tapes

I told you to stop teasing me with those silly strike-through. Don't blame me, you started waving that carrot in front of me. Even if we go down in flames, at least we'll have fun along the way.

Sadly, I was hoping that Kaguya and Tewi could mend the fence a bit between them. Oh well, I suppose this should be about us.
>> No. 24469
[x] Ask her straight out how to deal with Eirin

Let's see how the straight forward approach works.
>> No. 24471
[x] Ask her straight out how to deal with Eirin

If she answers "with enough neurotoxins", I'm getting the fuck out of here ASAP.
>> No. 24476
“Can I have the sex tapes back?” You ask.

“Hm, so you're that kind of person huh?” Tewi smiles. It's like the smile of the lamb of god -a real innocent devil.

“Sex... tapes?” Kaguya goes white in the face, “What sex tapes?”

“You can't have them,” The rabbitgirl's reply is straightfoward. She completely ignores Kaguya's blanching and the vein popping on your forehead. Her reason is simple and damaging, “It's gone to print, under my 'Princesses Gone Wild' label. I've made a small fortune, I didn't think that I'd snag another prize like that after I caught the ghost princess on tape during spring break. Sure I had to alter some things, like digitally replacing you with a gibbon but, hey, people love the sick and exotic.”

“I, why, I oughta-!” You spring up and try to catch her. Her fleetness of foot hasn't changed. She's at the door and smirking while you overshoot and smash into a wall face-first.

“A... g-gibbon?” Kaguya says pathetically before fainting.

Your honor is stained as is the princess'. As you wince in pain from having wooden splinters in your face you realize the most tragic part of it all – you'll never be able to show up at Applebee's again. Being a pariah sucks.


Seriously though, my post was less, "Do the other choice" as it seems to have been interpreted and more "Go for something interesting with a write-in". Don't be afraid of going for something if it feels right. Not like I'm going to make fun of you and there's no need to settle either. If you disagree with someone, let your vote reflect that or your reply reflect that. It's my job to worry about reader intent.
>> No. 24480
...Hey, I got a question - how likely is it that Eirin would be savvy enough to, say, put surveillance and such around the area?
I mean, if she has, having this conversation out in the open doesn't seem like a terribly good idea, especially if Tewi WOULD suggest what >>24471 said.
>> No. 24481
>Something feels right

That's been a problem with choices like these: Nothing does. Thus most of us try to figure a good way to go in good faith.
>> No. 24482
Many thanks for the chuckle.

The only type of write-in I could come up with for Tewi would be something like "try to tease/prank Tewi in revenge for our beloved belt". It doesn't really "feel right" for this situation. More to the point, it might get us in trouble with Kaguya.

In regards to the timidness, we might be feeling pressured to "trigger" some type of "flag" that helps set us down a path to get that "happily ever after" sort of ending. I vaguely remember some mention that this run is close to it's end.

That probably makes us focus more on Kaguya, rather than trying to have fun with our choices. Don't want a repeat of the first run after all.

Of course, that feeling is a bit silly. Because you've told us many times that many small events shape the story, not single decisions.

I could also be over-thinking everything and be completely wrong. Take my words with a pinch of salt.
>> No. 24486
Is there any point for me to wait and twiddle my thumbs? Because I shouldn't be the one whom you primarily talk to and experience tells me that we're going nowhere, fast. The six votes don't seem like they're convinced of themselves. I don't want to sit around patiently for nothing yet again and then have to write all the same. That got old eons ago.
>> No. 24487
>>24465 here

Seriously voting for

[x] Ask her straight out how to deal with Eirin

Time to move on and see what develops. I think we've hashed over the choices as much as we can.
>> No. 24488
Yeah, fuck it, let's just be straight to the point for once.

This hesitation all the time isn't really getting us anywhere.

We need help, and dammit, Tewi is our best shot at it, so let's go ahead and ask now.

We really won't get a better shot at this.

Is there any way we can add 'ask this question seriously', though?

We might want to make it clear we really could use the help.
>> No. 24489
[x] "Eirin is kind of in my way. How can I get rid of her? How can I convince her that I'm not useless, even through Reisen can do anything better than me?"

I think the direct approach will work. But I also think that Tewi cannot really help us. She's old 'n' wise, yeah, but she spent her life in the bamboo forest.
>> No. 24490
you forget her time observing Eientei since they appeared in her forest. If anyone other than Yukari knows the kinks in Eirin's armor, it'd be Tewi.
>> No. 24493
I haven't being reading this CYOA but I'm interested in reading it from the start.

However the first thread of this second run assumes that the first run has being read. What threads of the first run do I need to run for all the introductory bits?
>> No. 24494
The only thing that really carried over from the first run was the background. Besides the general establishment of characters and places (and a few unimportant events) there's no real connection. You can jump into the story without any previous knowledge of the original.

There's no real need to read the first nine or so threads of this story either. The general structure was set in such a way that most characters and their storylines were hinted at or present to a certain extent until a 'lock' narrowed down focus. It might be enjoyable depending on your tastes. I'll say no more lest my cynicism seep in.
>> No. 24495
I'll read it from the start anyway, probably take a few days to get up to date though, due to exams.
>> No. 24544
More or less this, honestly.

Being direct with Tewi really is our best shot.
>> No. 24553
Waiting warmly for more.
>> No. 24668
A possible idea of something productive to do: Trying to assist and learn from Reisen the matter of medicine selling, thus freeing her up for other Tasks Eirin might have for her, being her student and all.

That and with all the talk of planning, why not just go for it and see what happens. If we crash into a wall hard enough, we might just make some cracks in it.
>> No. 24669
Was brought on by this late-night conversation: http://pastebin.com/US4u2thJ

Too lazy to sum it up.

I'm not sure what I exactly expect at this moment but doing something is better than doing nothing, right? Doing nothing means that it's less likely that anything will change.
>> No. 24673
I'll go with this
>> No. 24704
I could get behind this. Make a proper vote.
>> No. 24705
[X] Head out with Reisen as she sells stuff at the village.
Copypaste for the win.
>> No. 24707
[X] Head out with Reisen as she sells stuff at the village.

Ok, there we go.
>> No. 24709
We're kinda setting around with Kaguya and Tewi at the moment. It would be kinda weird to just get up, and go to town with Reisen.

I'm not saying we shouldn't do that later. However, we should remember where we are. One thing at a time and all that.

[x]Finish up "Happy Fun Tea Time" with Tewi and Kaguya
--[x] Go see if Reisen needs help with anything.

Watch me get raged at for this. Also hoping this doesn't get eaten by the site again.
>> No. 24711
I meant that post as a suggestion of what to do next after we finish our chat with Tewi. Geez, this sort of hollow-headed thinking was what ruined the first ruin.
>> No. 24714
Chill dude, no need to be needlessly hostile. >>24709 has a point, since you lot can't be mindreaders. To clarify: I wasn't asking for a vote anyways. Just for people to keep stuff in mind and have an idea of where to go. No need to go for the first thing either. Something for a later update. Just... you know, trying to make you to gain a measure of focus without shoehorning more than I have to.
>> No. 28499
story is ded, not big surprise
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