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File 130164214538.jpg - (419.09KB, 678x750, d7f758faef077c30512ade4c34edaca3.jpg) [iqdb]
23315 No. 23315

The real update will be posted after this, so please wait. And no, this is not an April Fool joke.
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>> No. 25151
hard choice to make....
>> No. 25154
Isn't our mission to find Kagosa (and Reisin)?
[x]Go to the Myouren Temple to regroup and figure out what needs to be done.

From there we can find the best way to regroup our party. Alice/Powerarmor both sound like less than urgent errands to be run at our convenience. Missing comrades need to be found now.

If Reimu hasn't solved to incident by the time we finish regrouping, then we could go help her.
>> No. 25155
[x] Leave the incident solving to Reimu and Marisa.

If option A is chosen:
[x] Fall back and gather at the Myouren Temple. Try to assess the actual situation before proceeding with the mission.

In both the mission and the incident, gathering information would be a good idea. Reimu and Marisa are experienced experts at this, I doubt they'd need much help and we can use the info to help them later on.
>> No. 25178
[x] Leave the incident solving to Reimu and Marisa.

If option A is chosen:
[x] Fall back and gather at the Myouren Temple. Try to assess the actual situation before proceeding with the mission.

Seems right to me.
>> No. 25180
[x] Offer to help in anyway possible.
-[x] Offer to hold off the mysterious girl (should she reappear) so that Reimu and Marisa can go deeper into the cemetery.

Twiddle our thumbs in the rear-echelon while our comrades sweat and bleed before us? Youmu already fights a bitter battle so we can be here. Kogasa and Reisen are incommunicado and likely pinned down, but also probably nearby. So take this one down and comb the area.
>> No. 25181
You seem to have forgotten what a leader's role is: gathering information as to best plan an assault. Being a Russian, I'm sure Yuri knows the importance of this as a lack of planning combined with the Russian Winter thwarted both Nepolean and Hilter.

In short it's not the vote that I take issue with but your reasoning (let's charge in recklessly!)
>> No. 25201
[x] Leave the incident solving to Reimu and Marisa.

If option A is chosen:
[x] Fall back and gather at the Myouren Temple. Try to assess the actual situation before proceeding with the mission.

If possible:
[X] Inform them [Reimu+Marisa] about the sudden abundance of divine spirits before heading to the temple.

We can clearly trust our comrades. Reimu and Marisa know what they are doing, for they are veterans at this, so we can rely, we can trust them to do their duty. Rather than put extra force on this front that we know will succeed regardless of our efforts, it is better to figure out what the status of our silenced comrades is so we can relieve them from suppression.

Comrade, we will not be "Twiddling our thumbs in the rear-echelon". We shall figure out what is happening, where our missing comrades are, plan the counteroffensive, then take our plan into glorious action, to the front lines, in order to relieve our comrades. Marisa and Reimu have survived trials like this incident before, they shall be able to overcome this one as well. They shall make the enemy sweat and bleed. However, our pinned down comrades need our help, they trust us to be their in their time of need, so it is our duty to figure out what the heck is happening and help them now, not as an afterthought.
>> No. 25304
File 133887234230.jpg - (405.18KB, 800x540, junkyard_access_rd.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay.


[c] Leave the incident solving to Reimu and Marisa.
[c] Fall back and gather at the Myouren Temple. Try to assess the actual situation before proceeding with the mission.
- [c] Don’t forget to inform them about the sudden abundance of divine spirits.

“We better fall back.” You noticed the confused look on Kaguya and Flandre, although Anne somehow understands your words. “I know it’s unwise to leave our comrades in distress, but it would be suicidal if we charge the battlefield without a deep understanding about it.”

“Aw, man! When I thought I could kick some ass,” Flandre grumbles.

Kaguya looks dejected as well. “Are you saying that we should retreat?”

You merely chuckle. “No, I’m saying that we should take the mission from another direction,” you answer. “So unless we can gather enough information about the graveyard, we’d be walking right in the middle of a minefield.”

“I’m afraid Captain Ivanov is correct,” Anne says. You can only nod, even as the painful memories of the Great Patriotic War re-emerge at the back of your mind. The screams, the tears, the agony, the hardship, the atrocity, the sacrifice, the foul stench of rotting corpses as the fascist invaders ravage the land of freedom-

“Hey!” Marisa’s yell drags you back to reality. “Are you going to stay down there and let us do the wet work for you?”

As a matter of fact… “I wish I could contribute my strength for this effort, but you prove to be a better incident solver than I am,” you answer. “I’m very sorry, Reimu, Marisa, but I’m counting on you.” You can’t help chuckling when you notice the dejected look on Marisa’s face; maybe she was expecting you to tag along.

“Marisa.” She turns around, and is greeted with a karate chop on the forehead. “Cut that off. Your tendency to pick a fight with him will only bring you more defeats in the future,” Reimu reminds her.

“Eh, heh, sorry for that…” Marisa apologizes.

“We don’t have time to bicker around, and I assume Captain Ivanov is going somewhere after this,” Reimu continues and turns to you. “So why don’t all of you gather at Myouren temple and leave this incident to us? I’m sure you haven’t decided on a plan yet.”

You and your team nod in agreement. “Alright, then, good luck on your mission.” Reimu throws her arms upward and heads to the graveyard. You’re about to leave, too, when you remember something; hastily you catch up with the shrine maiden. “There’s something I almost forgot to tell you. It’s about the sudden abundance of divine spirits. Did you notice them when you arrived?”

“Come to think about it…” A bunch of spirits suddenly surrounds them, before Reimu quickly repels them with her gohei. “Yeah, thanks for the heads up.” Just then the same girl who attacked your team appeared, and Reimu immediately takes defensive posture. “I wonder if today’s a good day for donations…”

“You don’t say,” Marisa utters, a confident grin plastered on her face.

It’s time to get out of the line of fire. You bid them farewell and reunite with your team. “So what now?” Kaguya asks.

“You heard what Reimu said,” you speak and head back to Myouren temple. Your team follows suit, and it doesn’t take too long before you meet up with the temple residents. “I assume some of you are going to offer assistance, yes?” you ask.

“Yes, we are,” Byakuren answers. “If you don’t mind, I can ask Murasa to prepare the Palanquin ship at moment’s notice.”

“The more help we can get, the better,” you speak. “Anne, you know the graveyard better than anyone of us here, so show us its layout.”

With Anne setting up the layout of the graveyard (and Flandre becoming agitated by the lack of action), you sit down and contemplate on everything that you have gone through during your comatose, sorting all the pieces that are scattered inside your mind. You wonder how different your life would have been had you not been brought here, to this sealed land nobody knows it exists.

You feel your hand getting squeezed. “You alright?” Kaguya asks. “Your hand’s trembling.”

You shake your head. “I’m alright, don’t worry about me,” you assure her. “I just hope I don’t have to go through all these things anymore. I…” You chuckle. “I need to rest, that’s all I want.”

Kaguya squeezes your hand more tightly. “I’ll help you, but please promise me one thing,” she murmurs. “After you’re done with this… mission, promise me to lay down your weapons and stay out of troubles.” You’re not sure on how to respond to the request, but seeing the stern look on her face makes you want to tell her truth. “What’s wrong with you? It’s not that hard to say ‘yes’, is it?”

You’re about to give her the answer when Byakuren cuts you off. “I’m more worried about how you are going there,” the woman says. “Anne dear, how do you visit the place?”

“…Yukari usually gap me there whenever I need to,” Anne answers. “She never reveals the actual direction, though, and she doesn’t tell me, either.”

“Yeah, Yukari always does that to us,” Flandre adds. “But it’s so boring to be brought there! I want to visit Shinano on my own, because it’s more fun! Imagine, the adventures~” And she starts trailing off as she’s caught in the wave of her fantasy, but you’re more concerned about how you’re supposed to the place.

“She doesn’t?” an equally curious Shou asks. Anne merely shrugs her shoulders and continues with her explanation on the junkyard’s strikingly realistic layout. A quick look reveals several structures towering over the area, surrounded by wreckages that dot the land like dimples. Your stomach churns; it somehow reminds you of Stalingrad, and you don’t like it.

“This is Reisen! Can anyone hear me?”

About damn time. “Come in, Lieutenant,” you speak into the mouthpiece. “Where are you?”

“I’m at the junkyard, and I have Kogasa with me right now!” You breathe out in relief; thank goodness they’re still alright. “Please hurry up! We’re being attacked by-”

The radio is cut off. What you have feared the worst has become a reality. “We have to go,” you speak.

“But what about the briefing?” Anne questions.

“Forget the briefing, we have to go!” you bark. You don’t care if you can’t find your way to the junkyard, but you must not jeopardize your team-mates. “Miss Byakuren! Tell Murasa to get the ship ready!”

“Hold it right there.”

You and your teams halt. In front of you, a woman is seen walking out of a gap- oh, it’s just Yukari. Wait, what the hell is she doing here?

“Feeling a bit better now, little soldier?” You’re confused. You don’t know what she’s talking about, but you nod warily in response. “Good, that’s what I wanted to hear from you. Are you heading to the Graveyard of the Abandoned?”

“Yes, my team-mates are in danger and need to be extracted from the area,” you answer.

Yukari points the fan at you. “You can’t go. The place is far too risky for regular humans, much less a human soldier,” she utters. “Go back to Eientei, let me take care of this.”

“Svoloch! What do you mean I can’t go!?” you scream. “My team-mates are in danger, and you’re telling me that I should abandon them?!”

“Because you can’t go, that’s why,” Yukari answers. You promptly aim your assault rifle at her direction. “My~ you really have a short fuse, aren’t you?”

“Tell me a hundred reasons why I cannot go,” you mutter.

“Do you really want to know, little soldier?” Yukari asks almost threateningly.

[ ] No fighting in the holy ground.
[ ] Fuck the holy ground. Your comrades are in grave danger!

Date: 22nd December
Time: 11:30 hours
Location: Myouren Temple

[b]Touhou Present:[./b]
+ Kaguya
+ Anne
+ Flandre
+ Byakuren
+ Shou
+ Yukari
>> No. 25305
[x] No fighting in the holy ground.

Lets try to be reasonable as I think trying to force our way won't amount to much. Still this doesn't rule out Yuri being in a more tactical role, though I'm not sure how to try writing such a thing in.
>> No. 25306
Just to be clear, she's asking us of all people, after all the teambuilding we did, to just leave our comrades behind?

[ ] Fuck the holy ground. Your comrades are in grave danger.

To quote Patton: "Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way."
>> No. 25307
Better hope Kaguya steps in then as otherwise I see an excessively draining battle with Yukari ahead.
>> No. 25319
[X] Fuck the holy ground. Your comrades are in grave danger!

Not one step backwards, comrades!
>> No. 25330
[X] No fighting in the holy ground.
---[X] We must fight together, live together, prosper together, or die alone. We are NOT abandoning our comrades. Order No. 227 of The Glorious Motherland.
-------[X] Our Comrades are in grave danger!

Fighting Yukari with danmaku will get nothing done except injuring each other, wasting our energy, and wasting precious time. We can’t afford to get held up by Yukari. She is more ally than enemy, and fighting her is what the enemy wants: to cause chaos and the destruction of the People’s Bulwark from the inside. We must make sure there is no hint of discord, and no injury to the unity and thus strength of our defense. Save the hostility for the real enemy attacking our comrades.

In order to get to the Graveyard now, We Need Yukari’s Help. Otherwise, besides the physical travel time, we have the issue of searching for the damn place. We can’t afford that. We need to be on the front lines now, because out comrades are in danger now.

Also, let's not have Yuri piss off Byakuren. War Ship = important asset. Fighting Byakuren after fighting Yukari = waste of even more precious time and waste of even more energy.

Yukari is honestly just looking out for Yuri. Yuri’s a human that’s undeniable. Humans are squishy and easily broken like glass cannons. We don’t want to be a liability, for that defeats the point of us going. So how do we un-squish-ify?

[X] Power armor

Have Yukari quickly gap us to Nitori’s lab, hope that she’s not too surprised, don the Glorious Armor of Science, get gapped to battlefield. The enemy could be armed with precision lasers with the power of bloody anti-tank “rifles” / rocket launchers for all we know. Let’s try to go in somewhat prepared.

We are no longer a liability, we are able to face the enemy in the field of battle without fear of getting 1-shot, and Yukari’s reasons to keep us off the battle are thus invalid.

Yukari can’t complain -
-We are a liability: no, Yuri puede defender con la potencia de magica-ciencia

- This isn’t our fight: We inherited the torch to continue the fight, to continue the struggle for freedom. He gave his life, and although he never intended nor wanted for Yuri to be involved, Yuri has not only become involved, but has (or will become in the extremely near future) a critical part of this.

-Kaguya: Yuri survived Eastern Front. He WILL survive this.

The Proletariat must arm himself hastily but as best as possible for War whenever possible.

This is where Yuri makes his stand. This is where WE make OUR stand! URA!
>> No. 25354
File 134070639584.jpg - (601.80KB, 1606x890, 4ef2dc7945be630209b99fae2e1defac.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] No fighting in the war room holy ground.

“Do you really want to know, little soldier?” Yukari asks.

“Yes, I am!” you bark. “Even if I have to go to hell and kill its overlord, I want to know!”

She chuckles. “Too bad, little soldier, because you can’t go – and obviously I’m not telling you.”

“Why are you not TELLING?!” You aim the AN-94 at her. You clench the pistol grip so tightly you thought you’re going to break it. “Goddamn it, Yukari! Stop getting on my nerves, or suffer the consequences!!”

Your anger is distracted, only because Kaguya’s tapping on your shoulder. “Yuri, please. Let me talk to her.” She approaches the purple lady until she’s a foot in front of her. “What do you mean he can’t go?” she asks.

“Can’t you see, dear? He just woke up, his body has yet to adjust itself to the weather, and already he threw himself into fire!” She, then, fakes a pout. “He should be more considerate towards his own welfare, you know~”

“But his team-mates are in danger! Can’t you see how worried he is right now?” Kaguya asks again. “If he can’t go, at least please let us know how to find them.”

“Yes, I know he’s worried. Yes, I know he’s concerned over his comrades’ safety,” Yukari answers. “That doesn’t mean he can charge the battlefield blindly, though. Hasn’t he learned his lessons from the Great Patriotic War?” Bloody hell, you didn’t expect to hear that from her.

“Then what are we supposed to do, Frau Yukari? Just wait for the problem to solve itself?” the equally concerned Anne asks.

For the umpteenth time Yukari brings the fan to her face as to hide her grin from sight. “As a matter of fact…” She whispers into Kaguya’s ear, and it doesn’t take very long before the moon princess claps her hands in approval.

“Why, of course, we can always use that!” Kaguya exclaims. She returns to you and grabs your hand. “Come on, Yuri, let’s go meet her!”

“Wait, what?” You aren’t given a room to argue as Kaguya pulls you off the snow and flies straight to the Youkai Mountain. “What are we supposed to do once we get there?” you yell in the middle of the flight.

“We’ll see! Hang on tight!” She makes a sudden turn, and in the blink of an eye both of you dive towards the ground in high speed. Your stomach almost churns; fancy flight is not something you’re used to, and- fuck, you’re going to crash!!

“Alley-Oop!!” Kaguya makes another sudden manoeuvre. You try to grab onto something. Something! Shit, you’re slipping away!

And the next thing you see is plain whiteness.




“Is he dead? Let me poke his body.”

“Flandre, he’s still breathing.”

“Anne, you’re ruining the fun. Stop that.”

“My, my~ you surely had the nerves to toss your future husband around. As expected from the lunatic princess~”

“I told you it was not on purpose, okay!”

You open your eyes. Not only you find your body aching all over, you also notice you’re being stared down by four set of eyes with all kinds of emotion to show. You never thought Anne, Flandre and Yukari would be able to catch up, but you’re too concerned of your own body to think about anything else. “Next time… warn me about that sudden dive,” you grumble, still groaning at the funny feeling inside your stomach.

“I’m sorry if I ever scared the hell out of you,” Kaguya replies and pulls you off the snow. “For your information, we have arrived. Lucky for you, nobody has noticed us intruding the airspace. You can call it stealth insertion,” she says confidently.

“Who’s there?” Kaguya’s smile is instantly swiped off her face, replaced a second later with the look of absolute shock. So much for stealth insertion, princess.

You turn to the direction of the voice and see a girl approaching your position. A close examination reveals to you three things:

One: she has a pair of fluffy ears and an equally fluffy tail.

Two: she’s armed to the teeth.

Three: she is not happy.

“What business does a man, a vampire, a moon princess and two youkais have in the Youkai Mountain? Speak quickly!” the wolf girl demands. None of you can answer, except for Flandre who is too fidgety to pounce at her before being restrained by Anne. “You are not answering,” the wolf girl speaks and withdraws her sword. “I’m sorry, but I cannot allow all intruders to tread on this land. Please leave, before I resort to force.” Great, you don’t have time for another confrontation.

“Let me talk to her,” Anne says and approaches the wolf girl. After a quick salute she speaks something to the wolf girl. “Frau Momiji, we didn’t mean to intrude your turf, but the weather’s hampering our flight. We’re forced to make a landing here, so I hope you don’t mind.” You glance at Kaguya, who tries to look away from you; is she trying to hide her errs?

“Anyway, is Frau Nitori available? If she is, could you lead us to her?” Anne continues.

The wolf girl throws her sight over Anne’s shoulder. She doesn’t seem to be convinced by the explanation. “I’m very sorry, but unless they can identify themselves and state their actual reason, I cannot allow them to advance further,” she speaks.

“Not even when we’re in the middle of a dire crisis, Momiji dear~?” Yukari asks. The wolf girl’s eyebrow arches, and she stares at each and every one of the individual in the entourage. “Perhaps our little soldier here can explain in details,” she says and points at you.

Lazily you step forward. “I don’t believe we have introduced to each other in the past,” you speak. “Captain Yuri Ivanov, Third Guards Rifle Division, Soviet Red Army. I apologize on behalf of everyone present, but we have an urgent business with Nitori-”

The wolf girl’s ears twitch. “Captain?” Lowering the impossibly huge sword on the ground, she stands rigid and - with her face sweating profusely - gives you a salute. “Inubashiri Momiji, Second Division, Youkai Mountain Defence Force! I’m so sorry for my rudeness, sir,” she apologizes.

“At ease. We don’t want any trouble,” you wave at her dismissively. “We just want to see Nitori. Where can we find her?”

She drops her salute and rubs her chest, sighing in relief. “She’s busy fixing… stuffs at her place, but I can bring you to her if you like.” She lifts the sword and hooks it on her back (how does she do it is left to your imagination) and gestures at you to follow her. “Please follow me, but don’t stray from this path. The creatures of this area won’t hesitate to attack strangers on the spot.”

“To the bat cave, then!” Flandre announces.

[[continues below]]
>> No. 25355
File 134070727126.jpg - (281.26KB, 850x991, sample-aa0e412759be5c12ad316426eac37dcc (2).jpg) [iqdb]

Led by Momiji, you and your entourage arrive at an unassuming-looking cave entrance. “This is where Nitori leaves,” Momiji speaks and walks in. You follow her until you arrive at a room filled with all sorts of gadgetry you cannot recognize. How can anyone live and breathe in this confined space- wait a minute. Did you just hear the first notes of Der Koniggratzer?

“Mind explaining these piles?” an amused Kaguya asks.

“Recently the guards division discovered box crates floating down the river and brought them here,” Momiji speaks as you carefully tread the floor. “Nitori was supposed to report to me what she could learn from the crates, but then she got absorbed in building something…” She clenches the bridge between her eyes, as if she’s grown tired explaining the same thing. “Anyway, Nitori should be in one of those piles, so if we can call her name loudly she should be able to hear us.”

“Is that you, Momiji?” One of the piles shakes until its top part falls apart. You watch in amazement as Nitori seemingly burst out of the piling debris like a monster from a cheap horror story. “Oh, hey, captain! I was looking for some spare parts when I heard Momiji’s voice! What brought you here?”

“I’ll cut short to the important point: is the suit ready?” Kaguya asks.

“Suit? What suit are you talking of- oh!” Nitori is stumped, if only because it’s as if she has remembered something. “You mean THE power suit? Of course it is!” she speaks in obvious pride. “I was going to see captain after this- whoa!” The whole pile crumbles under her weight, and she rolls onto the floor, her hair a fumbled mess. “Sorry for the mess,” she apologizes. “So many things stuffed inside, so little time to clean up. Terrible, terrible.”

“Stop playing around, is it ready?” Kaguya asks. “There’s a battlefield we need to storm today, and we’re going to need every piece of firepower we can get.”

Nitori jumps onto her feet. “One hundred percent functional and ready to be deployed at moment’s notice! Come with me, I’ll show you my latest RE-invention.”

You don’t have anything else to do. Anne and Flandre are already digging into the piles, and Yukari is sitting lazily on one of the chairs, waving dismissively at you. You nod at Kaguya and follow Nitori as she walks deeper into the cave. It doesn’t take too long before you reach a spacious, if not dimly lit, room, and Nitori asks that you wait as she approaches a switch.

“I always have this unhealthy habit of being overly dramatic, but behold!” She pulls the lever, and instantly spotlight shines over a holding rack in the middle of the room. “I introduce to you… Environmental Awareness Battle Suit Mark 2… powered by SCIENCE!!” Nitori speaks in her dramatic flair.

“Must you speak the word ‘science’ out loud?” you ask.

“Why, because SCIENCE! is awesome,” Nitori answers.

“Well, suit yourself.” You turn your attention to the suit. Mark 2, huh? You can’t really tell difference between it and the one that had saved your life during the skirmish with Kanako. You approach the power suit and give it a light nudge; it suddenly disintegrates, and before you can ask Nitori it materializes around your body, covering every inch of you like a jigsaw puzzle brought to life. You can only stay still as the suit’s otherworldly material seeps under your uniform and forms an extra layer of skin. You’re slightly overwhelmed when the same material forms a full helmet around your head. The transformation is complete after a minute, and you remain still, trying to ingest the fact that you’re covered in something totally alien.

“Awesome, isn’t it?” Nitori asks and presses a button on your wrist, which transforms the helmet into a more comfortable visor. “I’ve improved its structural design so that it’s slimmer but still retains the same properties of its predecessor. All its combat modes are now automatic, so you don’t have to manually change it in the heat of battle.”

“Clarify me on the automatic part,” you speak.

“I can do that, but where’s the fun of testing it yourself?” Nitori points out. “Forget about the combat modes. The best thing about this improved design? You can transform it into any form you’re comfortable with!”

You clench your hand. “This will do for now,” you say, shivering slightly when you feel a surge of energy seeping through your veins. “Definitely feels very different to have extra skin covering your skin, and wearing uniform to conceal it.”

“Well, you can always rip your clothes off if you like,” Nitori says.

“Very funny,” you reply.

You and Nitori return to the main room, and not everyone is thrilled by the power suit’s new look. “This is what you’ve been working for,” Momiji says.

Nitori grins. “And I’m very damn proud of it,” she speaks, “because I built it with my own hands, inside this cave, from these piles of junk, using the power of SCIENCE!!

Flandre stares at you. “I was expecting something like the SPARTAN armour, and instead I got skin-tight body armour? You’re no Raven, captain,” she grumbles disapprovingly.

“Come on, Flandre, be more considerate to him,” Anne reminds her. “Ah, yes. While you were gone, we dug through the piles and found extra ammunition, as well as additional weapons for our mission.” You didn’t realize it before, but Kaguya’s armed with a sub-machinegun, and Flandre is dual-wielding an MGL and an MG42 (or is it the MG42? It looks as if it’s been modernized).

“Who’s your daddy now?” Flandre asks as she brandishes her weapons of choice. You’re slightly concerned over the little vampire’s ecstatic face, though…

“Captain, I believe you also need this as well,” Anne says and gives you a sniper rifle. “A sniper can’t walk into the battlefield without his trusted sniper rifle.” You give the girl a confused look, and she laughs as she points to Kaguya. “Her majesty taught me those words.”

“Whatever.” You fetch your weapons and turn to Nitori. “I can’t thank you enough for the improvements you’ve done. I appreciate it.”

“You’re kidding me, captain? I’m already working on a Mark 3!” Nitori exclaims. “And it’s going to be more advanced that it will… ahem; I’ll have to keep it. A. Secret.” You have to wonder where she got the materials needed for this home project, but you don’t want to think about it too much.

“Covered by second layer of armoured skin and covered by standard combat uniform, hmm~?” Yukari says amusedly as you leave the cave. “I say, that’s the most unusual combination I can think of.”

“You don’t say,” you reply. “So, are you going to take us to the graveyard or not?”

“Of course, little soldier, but I have to ask you something first,” Yukari says. “That is, if you can spend a minute or two with me.”

“Make it quick,” you speak. “The longer we stay, the longer Comrade Kogasa and Comrade Reisen will be exposed to danger.”

“I will not ask anything anymore from you after this, that I promise you,” Yukari says with a smile. “You ready?”

You nod. “Bring it on.”

“Little soldier…” She smiles once again. “Even though you no longer fight for what it’s worth for, even though you no longer have someone – or something – to pledge allegiance to…” She pauses, only because her smile falters a little. “Do you still want to continue this fight? Do you still want to fight this war, Yuri Ivanov?”

You’re stumped. [i]She… she just called you with your name.[i]

[ ] Write-in.

Touhou Present/Met:
+ Kaguya
+ Flandre
+ Anne
+ Yukari
+ Nitori (stayed behind)
+ Momiji (returned to her post)

Current equipment (Yuri):
+ Environmental Awareness Battle Suit, Mark 2 (equipped)
+ AN-94 w/Red Dot Sight (30/90+270)
+ M1911A1 (7/14+28)
+ L115A3 (5/50)
+ Bayonet

Current equipment (Anne):
+ Tactical combat maid suit
+ HK 416 w/ Red Dot Sight & Fore Grip (30/90+270)
+ M92FS (13/39+52)
+ Tactical knife

Current equipment (Kaguya):
+ Enhanced combat uniform w/ Red Cross badge (in winter camouflage)
+ Vector (Kriss Super V) w/ Fore Grip (30/360)
+ The Jewelled Branch

Current equipment (Flandre):
+ MG3 w/ Red Dot Sight (100/???)
+ MGL w/ Red Dot Sight (6/???)


I'll let the write-ins flow until I'm satisfied with the result.
>> No. 25356
[x]I fight only for the sake of my friends and others I care for these days. Otherwise, I am content with the peace I get.
[-]You'll get no sympathy from me
[x]If I were to swear allegiance again, it would be to Kaguya.

Not sure if the last part is over the line or not.
>> No. 25358
File 13412092073.jpg - (365.22KB, 1195x768, f04537bdced156787ddf746ab92d902c.jpg) [iqdb]
Sure is awfully quiet around here. Don't tell me /eientei/ is already dead?;__;
>> No. 25359
Dead is what people make of it. I don't think it is, thereby my post is written.
>> No. 25360
No write in of your own? What happened to all the fans that used to read this, not even "not good with write ins" is a good excuse as I remember some of the fans having some nice insight of things.
>> No. 25362

Barely alive. Only ddyk and you are active writers.
>> No. 25363
[x] No. There is no need to lose what I have gained by continuing a fight.
[x] If someone wanted to fight me however, I would not hold back.
>> No. 25364
I kinda liked what >>25356 wrote. Couldn't think up anything better, in any case.
>> No. 25365
Only two votes?

Man, this reminds me of the days when I used to be a writefag here. Those were sad, sad days.
>> No. 25367
If you're going to say "but then i took a lack of votes to the knee", I'm going to punch your face over the Internet.
>> No. 25370
[x] I have never enjoyed “fighting for what it’s worth”, or “fighting for the sake of fighting” in the sense that you have put it in now. There are many kinds of fights, many kinds of wars.
- An Unjust War is fought to gain: to gain land, to gain power, to gain entertainment from others’ suffering and pain, to gain wealth and fame, to gain manpower by forcing their unwanted and unjust ideology upon others and enslaving them. Some fight for only a lone reason, but others, in their greedy and ruthless fit, want it all.
- A Just War is fought to protect: some fight to protect their homeland from the invader, others to protect their just ideals and bring liberation to the Oppressed.
- I fight to protect my friends, my family, the ones I care for...and above all, my comrades. I will not sit by idly as they are insulted, attacked, and hurt. I will stand with them to the very end, beyond barriers of life and death. Our Camaraderie transcends mortality.

[x] However, I do want peace. Not any peace, however. A pure pacifist might say that the quickest way to end a war or conflict is to surrender, to lose. But what if that war is not just a war, not just a conflict, but a war of enslavement, or even worse, a war of annihilation, the very evil that Hitler wanted to do to the Slavic people in the Great Patriotic War? There will be peace; even Hitler’s Nazism was always heading for peace: a peace for the murderers, rapists and slavers on the bodies and corpses of The People that do not fit their “Aryan” race. Only after eliminating all Freedom and Self-Thought and enslaving or murdering all “Sub-humans”, all “non-Aryan”, not “racially acceptable” people, as according to them, will they have their so-called ‘peace’. I may have forgotten to be more far-sighted than merely getting to a planning room, but I have not forgotten The Great Patriotic War. The Bravery of Soviet Soldiers moving hand in hand as a literal human wall because they had no weapons, no ammunition, no food rations, and no plans after their pathetic, cowardly, and treasonous commanders abandoned them in encirclement... these things are never forgotten. It is because of The Great Patriotic War that I dearly want peace, much more than if I hadn’t been in the war.

[x] “Mother Russia doesn’t want you to get hurt. She wants you to smile,” you had told me. You have already told me to not be shackled by the past. I am not. I go forth to protect my comrades out of my own free will, for the future I want to create. I cannot smile without my comrades safe and free. I cannot smile under a rule of Oppression and Hatred. My own physical pain cannot compare to emotional damage if I were to leave my comrades behind, to let the Oppressors win and control my comrades and I. While I no longer believe in the past, about ‘spreading the worldwide revolution’, I refuse to let the enemy steal what is rightfully ours.

[x] You say I “no longer have someone – or something – to pledge allegiance to,” yet the underlying thought in that sentence is inherently wrong. Just because we do not physically pledge our allegiance, our camaraderie, does not mean we are without allegiance. I have been and will always be allied to my comrades, for they are worth fighting and dying for. Despite my love for Mother Russia, mere portions of land in Poland and Finland as well as corrupt leaders are no longer worth fighting for. (In that previous sentence, Yuri is shedding the past of Stalin and his un-communistic imperialism of Finland and Poland). If I must pledge allegiance to one person, it will be none other than to my beloved future wife, Kaguya.

[x] I had already told you my answer to your question but a short while ago. “My name is Yuri Ivanov! I shall carve out my own future, and fight to protect it!!” A Future of Just Peace and Freedom... A Future with my comrades... A Future with Kaguya... That is the Future I Seek. Perhaps this time I shall make it much clearer:

[x] “My name is none other than Yuri Ivanov! This, This Future of Just Peace, This Future with My Comrades, This Future with my Beloved Kaguya is The Future I forge with my own two hands, it is The Future I seek, and none can deny it from me.
>> No. 25371
[X]: >>25370

Go and grasp your future Yuri. Grasp it and never let go. Love, be happy, find your peace...and free us all.
>> No. 25372
The point isn't to see which gets the most votes but what write in fits what the writer is looking for most.
>> No. 25373
File 13414868058.jpg - (147.86KB, 800x565, f69fb91f09b35dbd96977568de8d19c5.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, writing now, posting later.
>> No. 25374
My God, the cliche hurts.
>> No. 25377
Can't wait! I've been reading this story from the start and love it man.
>> No. 25378
Oh for God's sake, why can't people sage nowadays?
>> No. 25379
Newfags that don't read the rules. It's summer after all.
>> No. 25504
File 134837051030.jpg - (1.05MB, 1600x1132, ef705d875f9a8ed10be34f1c1ff5c697.jpg) [iqdb]
I’m terribly sorry for the massive delay, but behold!

[c] Write-in.

You lower your assault rifle. “What do you mean?”

“What do you mean what?” Yukari asks in mocking tone.

“What do you mean ‘do I still want to fight this war’?” you ask.

“Why, I thought I could hear your reasons before you go the battlefield,” Yukari answers.

“Don’t you get it? I’m a soldier, and if there’s anything that requires my service, I have to answer the call.” You shake your head. “…maybe I should rephrase my answer a bit, but… bah, I’m not a man of a thousand words. You know me already, someone whose action speaks louder than his words.”

“But I’ll let you know this one fact.” You throw your sight at the scenery. “Humans, monsters, ghosts, aliens, I don’t care who or what they are. If anyone of them dares to rob Gensokyo off its precious freedom, I will – and I WILL – use deadly force against them. This is my new home, my new turf, my new allegiance, and I will do whatever it takes to defend it.”

“But Yuri, your precious Motherland… what about her?” Yukari asks. “Surely you’re not thinking of ditching her, are you?”

You can’t help smiling. “Mother Russia wants to see me smiling, living the present and treading the path to the future, isn’t that what you had told me?” you ask back. “Mother Russia wants me to protect my new homeland, so I cannot do anything to upset her.” You turn to her. “Besides… I should never make her worried anymore.”

She smiles. A genuine, honest smile you don’t often see from this… woman. “Good. Never stop fighting, Yuri. Never stop.” She taps her paper fan on your forehead, though it’s more of a friendly gesture. “I guess that means you’re okay if I have to ask for your service in the future, hmm?”

“Whatever you say,” you shrug and rally your team. “Anyway, we don’t have much time to waste right now. You take us to the graveyard, and we’ll take care of the problem.”

“Cool! I can’t wait to kick some ass already,” Flandre says while wielding her weapons of choice.

“The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can all return home,” Kaguya mutters.

“It’s your decision, sir,” Anne says.

Yukari gestures at you to follow her, as she summons a gap and walks into it. You turn to your team-mates, nod to each other, and approach the gap. Taking a deep breath, you step into the gap. The journey that follows is unsurprisingly short, and it only takes you a few steps before you step out of the gap and into an uncharted territory. “The graveyard of the abandoned,” Anne murmurs the name. “Never thought to come back here again.”

“Huh? I don’t think this place has changed this much,” Flandre utters.

You feel uneasy after seeing ruins and wrecked vehicles on either side of the road that leads to the gate. It reminds you so much of Eastern Front, and the unpleasant memory starts flashing before your eyes as you cautiously approach the gate. “Took you long enough,” Yukari says as she greets you. “Welcome to the graveyard. Enjoy the scenery while you can.” You try approaching the gate, only to be knocked back by an invisible barrier. “The circumstances in the past two days forced me to deny access to the junkyard. Nobody was allowed to enter the area until you recovered,” she explains.

“Why me?” you asked.

“Well, I figured you could identify the culprit who forced me to take this… extreme measure.” She clenches the bridge between her eyes, and seeing her doing this somewhat worries you. “Can’t believe I had to convince that old dragon to let me do this…” She puts her hand on one of the seals that keeps the door closed. “Stand back. I’m going to unseal the entrance, but you have to go in quickly. They’ve been locked in for too long, and are very itchy to get out of this area.”

“They’re what?” You’re not getting any answer when the gate bulges slightly, and the contorted look on Yukari’s face suggests that you must not delay your entrance. You signal at your team to get ready, and as soon as the gate’s fully ajar…

“Alright, team! We’re going in!”

As soon as you’re inside the junkyard, the gate behind you closes shut. “Oh, what now?” Flandre tries kicking the door, only to be bounced back by the barrier. “Great. She didn’t plan to lock us in, did she?” she grumbles.

You observe the surrounding area. “Lots of vantage point, plenty hidden corners, many concealed are. This is like heavens for snipers and guerrillas alike,” you comment. “Alright, squad. Let’s stick to the plan and start searching for them.” The buzzing noise in your earpiece interrupts you. It’s an incoming transmission, and it’s barely audible due to statics, but you know definitely it’s Reisen. “Come in, Lieutenant, where are you?” you ask all while trying not to be too loud.

“Oh, thank goodness!!” She sounds very delighted; she must have awaited your reply.

“Is Kogasa with you?” you ask, trying to assure her safety.

[/i]“Yes, she’s fine! She’s with me right now,”[/i] she answers.

“Aw, jeez! How long are we supposed to hold them off? I’m getting tired already!” That’s Shinano, so that means…

“Anyway, please hurry! We’ve been cut off, and the enemy’s surrounding us!” Reisen shouts.

“Give us your position, and we’ll reach you ASAP.” The transmission’s cut off before you get any response. “Lieutenant, come in! Do you read?” you shout into your mouthpiece. “It’s no good. We’re cut off again.”

“Captain, I’ve located the source of the transmission,” Anne says and relays the information into your visor, which automatically translates into an arrow pointed at the said source. Two hundred metres from your position, it doesn’t seem to favour air route. The enemy could be anticipating your arrival, but what other option do you have?

“Alright, everyone, we’re moving.”

You follow the direction of the arrow. The occasional gunfire and explosions can be heard from a distance, and you prompt your team to move faster amidst the risk of exposing yourself to potential ambush. Flandre is all too fidgety to get into immediate action, and you have to remind her that this is not a game. “But this is Gensokyo! People won’t die even when they are killed,” she answers. “Right, Anne?”

“Wait until you have to wash your hands with blood of the enemy,” you tell her.

“Captain, with all due respect, I do that all the time,” Flandre says, almost matter-of-factly. When you stare at her in horror due to the response, she puffs her cheeks and throws her sight forward. “Fine, I’ll do anything you say.”

You arrive at a vantage point. You activate the visor’s long-range mode and scan the area. You can spot a fierce gunfight near what can you only assume as a shipwreck, but the fog of war is preventing a clear view. “What kind of junkyard is this?” you ask while signalling your team to go prone. You remember walking past tanks, armoured trains and bombers, but a ship?

“I can lay down suppressive fire, but the fog’s affecting my line of sight,” Anne says.

“Or we can rush them and take them by surprise!” Flandre suggests. “And then we can kick their ass and make them go BOOM!”

Kaguya, who has been quiet since you entered the junkyard, speaks up. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Do we have any idea of their strength?”

“Enemy at two o’clock,” Anne reports and points to a building. “I can see them: four infantrymen on the third floor; one mortar tube, two rocket launchers, one mechanical device, and they’re preparing to fire at… our direction!”

“Looks like they’ve sniffed our presence,” you utter. “Anne, how far is the building from our position?”

“Thirty metres, sir,” she answers.

“We have to deal with the immediate threat, then,” you speak.

[ ] Send two of your team-mates to clear the building (specify who).
[ ] Stick with each other, team. We do it together.

Touhou Present:
+ Kaguya
+ Flandre
+ Anne

Current equipment (Yuri):
+ Environmental Awareness Battle Suit, Mark 2 (equipped)
+ AN-94 w/Red Dot Sight (30/90+270)
+ M1911A1 (7/14+28)
+ L115A3 (5/50)
+ Bayonet

Current equipment (Anne):
+ Tactical combat maid suit
+ HK 416 w/ Red Dot Sight & Fore Grip (30/90+270)
+ M92FS (13/39+52)
+ Tactical knife

Current equipment (Kaguya):
+ Enhanced combat uniform w/ Red Cross badge (in winter camouflage)
+ Vector (Kriss Super V) w/ Fore Grip (30/360)
+ The Jewelled Branch

Current equipment (Flandre):
+ MG3 w/ Red Dot Sight (100/???)
+ MGL w/ Red Dot Sight (6/???)
>> No. 25505
[x] Stick with each other, team. We do it together.

Separating would make the remaining people easier to pick off.

And doesn't Flan have her Laevien?
>> No. 25506
[x] Stick with each other, team. We do it together.

We fight together, or we die alone.
>> No. 25507
[X] Stick with each other, team. We do it together.

>And doesn't Flan have her Laevien?
Maybe Yuri doesn't know about it. Also, she's got a machine gun and grenade launcher, what will get close enough for her to use a giant flaming sword?
>> No. 25508
Nice to see the story updated again.

[x] Stick with each other, team. We do it together.
>> No. 25509
File 134858564028.jpg - (171.76KB, 1200x900, c18432b5d9198de903a2a2c61f3cc485.jpg) [iqdb]
Writing now, updating later. Please wait warmly~
>> No. 25522
File 134948050379.png - (1.06MB, 1025x1300, 7b4ff5378aedfab7bf587035c7a8cd28.png) [iqdb]
Not-so-lengthy update is not-so-lengthy.


[c] Stick with each other, team. We do it together.


You turn to Anne, then Kaguya and Flandre. “We’d be a sitting duck if we stay outside,” you tell them. “And I’m not going to send my team to clear the building while I do nothing.”

“What do you have in mind? Kaguya asks.

“We go to the building and clear all the floors together. As a team,” you answer. “And nobody gets left behind, get it?”

You crawl away from the vantage point, keeping your head as low as possible to avoid detection. You arrive at the building – or what’s left of it – and stop near the entrance door. “Listen up, everyone. We need to get through the rest of this quick and clean. You hear me? Quick and clean.” you utter and ready your weapon. “Everyone ready?”

“Let’s do this,” Anne replies.

You walk into the building, and quickly coordinate your movement with your team-mates. With the enemy closing in to the shipwreck, you know you must act fast before Reisen is overwhelmed. You reach the third floor, and peeking through a hole, you see the mortar squad still preparing their shot, unaware that their targets have long disappeared. “I’m still not used to modern-day tactics,” you tell Kaguya jokingly while gathering a handful of pebbles. You signal at Anne and Flandre to take position behind a nearby wall. “So we’re doing it the old Soviet way.”

You toss the pebbles at the mortar squad. The makeshift projectiles hit their marks, momentarily distracting the infantrymen from their task. You immediately signal at Anne and Flandre to open fire. “I’ve been waiting for this!” she shouts and leaps out of cover, with both machinegun and grenade launcher loaded and aimed, and a gleeful smirk on her face. “Say hello to my little friends!”

“What the hell is she doing?” Your resent quickly fades away the moment she pulls the triggers. “She’s not going to do it all by herself! Give her some covering fire!” you yell.

“Roger that, suppressive fire,” Anne announces.

The three of you coordinate your attack with each other, while the young Scarlet laughs maniacally and spray hot lead at the enemy. The mortar squad takes out a device and deploys it into a shield. “What kind of technology do they possess?” you ask as you notice the shield’s rather futuristic design.

“Ah, hahahahaha! Who cares about shield when I can simply crush them?” Flandre boasts. She continues spewing hot lead onto the enemy until the machinegun overheats. “Che, when I was getting more pumped up,” she grumbles and tosses the weapon aside. “Time for some serious firepower!” she declares and summons a gigantic flame sword, the size of which extends almost beyond the combat zone. You notice the enemy looking at the flame sword with the most horrified expression you’d ever see.

The young Scarlet smirks. “Do you feel lucky, punk?”

[ ] Let Flandre take care of the mortar squad. There’s a more urgent matter to worry of.
[ ] Help Flandre (pick one):
- [ ] Flanking manoeuvre.
- [ ] Continue engaging the enemy up front.
>> No. 25523
[x] Help Flandre (pick one):
- [x] Flanking manoeuvre.

while I think she has this, this would help save time and effort towards better things.
>> No. 25524
>”You hear me? Quick and clean.
[X]Damn It Polonsky, I told you to cover the Flamethrower!

[X] Help Flandre:
- [X] Flanking manoeuvre.
[X] Have Anne continue to cover with suppressing fire until Flandre or you manage to finish them.

Flandre’s cocky and overconfident, which spells trouble. The Flamethrower man at least knew he was walking straight to death while approaching the machinegun nest. While Flandre is not exactly comparable to a human in terms of durability, it is imperative that we help Flandre lest she become incapacitated, or worse, mad.

If we have Anne suppress or at least draw the attention of enemy, Flan will have enough time to unleash hell on them. Should she miss, Yuri would engage them at range from a flanking position. The flanking manoeuvre provides us the ability to surprise attack them on their flank with Yuri, while still engaging them up front with Anne.
>> No. 25560
[☭]Help Flandre
-[☭]Flanking maneuvre.

Flandre almost certainly has their attention from the front. Let's not give them a chance to counter-attack, shall we?
>> No. 25565
File 135148797723.jpg - (1.08MB, 1066x1300, 54d9052c147d397515cb29aa0aeadb98.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Help Flandre (pick one):
- [c] Flanking manoeuvre.

She can’t be serious about taking the enemy head-on on her own, can she? “Anne, Kaguya, I’m going to flank the enemy! Both of you cover Flandre!” you shout amidst the exploding noise that rattles the building.

“What about you?” Kaguya shouts back.

You push a button on your left wrist. In an instant, the battle suit’s cloaking device is activated, turning you and your assault rifle invisible. “Don’t try following me, alright?” You jump over the ledge and approach the mortar squad from the left.

“Sir, Flandre’s already making a move.”

You glance to the right. The young Scarlet has started swinging her sword, unwary of your tactical manoeuvre. “Make sure she’s covered. Can’t afford to lose important war asset right now.” Your suit fizzles. It’s running out of energy, and you’re still not in the position to attack. Screw it! You jump a few feet forward and land near the nearest infantryman, just in time the cloaking device runs out of energy. “Hello, there,” you greet the mortar squad, who is caught off-guard by your presence.

“That suit!” one of the infantrymen shouts.

You punch the soldier off the building, and turn your attention to the rest of his squad-mates. “What about this suit?” you ask and punch the nearest soldier in the gut, again sending him off the building. You grab the mortar tube and swing it at the mortar squad, sending all but one soldier off the building. You approach the soldier, grab him by the collar and pin him on a wall. “You better have a lot of explanations at hand, because I’m getting tired of this-”

You pause. Dark purple and grey combat fatigue. Unidentified weapons. Traces of dark purple hair underneath the headgear. Wait, where have you seen these before?

You spot the armband. Written on it are Japanese characters that you clearly identify as 月隊. Underneath the characters is a word written in Cyrillic; your eyes widen as you identify what the word is.

Stalingrad, 1941.

You bring the soldier closer to your face. “What were you doing in Stalingrad in 1941?” you hiss as your grip tightens. “What were you DOING in Stalingrad?” You think you’re intimidating him too much, but you need to hear the answer. He’s still not answering, and you have no choice but to punch him in the face. “I’ll deal with you later,” you snarl as you leave him out cold.

“Aw, jeez! You just have to steal the spotlight, haven’t you?!” Flandre retorts.

“Sorry, force of habit,” you apologize.

“Sir, what to do about him?” Anne asks and points at the unconscious soldier.

“We need to bring him back,” you answer. “He knows something about Stalingrad, and I’m going to make him spill it out.” You go back to the edge of the building. The shootout has calmed down a bit; the enemy may have noticed the commotion above them and are shifting their focus on your position. “Kaguya, watch over the soldier for us. Can’t afford to let a prisoner of war escape. Flandre, Anne.”

“Yes? Yes? What is it?” she asks in excitement.

“I’m going to need superior firepower right now,” you tell her and draw out a spellcard. “You with me?”

“Does that mean I can spank their butt right now?” Flandre asks and spins on her feet once before she makes a pointing gesture with the flaming sword. “Sorry, I can’t hear the answer!” she exclaims before she jumps off the building and charges the enemy.

“She just can’t learn to behave, can she?” You focus your attention on the battleground, and announce your spellcard. “Sniper’s Sign 「Precision Shots」.”

Anne transforms a portion of her tactical vest into handheld cannon. “Langrohrgeschütz 「Barrierendurchbohrer」,” she says.

You look at Anne. You nod at her, and she nods in return. “Let’s do this.”

Author’s note: no votes for now, but part two of this update will be ready in a few days. Assuming I don’t get distracted by Halloween and Kamen Rider Wizard, that is. Also, you are now hearing Flandre in Ryutaros’ voice. Manually.
>> No. 25574
File 13531331027.jpg - (235.54KB, 1175x1275, 5fa722b643f2e75659d1e9972cd41a91.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay~


[c] Continuation.

You jump off the building, and start picking off targets as you hover high over the battleground. You don’t know why your radio’s picking up enemy frequency but you can hear them yelling at each other in incomprehensible jargon and such, even as artillery shells are exploding all around them. “Anne, keep up the suppressive fire,” you shout into the mouthpiece due to background noise.

“Roger,” Anne replies.

You land atop of the ship’s radar mast. You switch to sniper rifle and continue shooting your targets. From the position, you spot Flandre near Reisen’s hideout, wildly swinging the flaming sword at the enemy and completely disregarding her own safety. You jump off the mast and land on the steel deck, the impact of the landing actually making a dent on the structure. You approach the edge of the deck and take note of the enemy. They’re wearing the same uniform as the mortar squad, and most (if not all) of them are donning the same armband.

“Sir, enemy infantries at your nine o’clock.”

You turn around and see several soldiers climbing up the deck. You activate your suit’s speed mode and rush them, combining speed with closed quarter combat techniques. Another group of soldiers is seen climbing the ship, and you pick them off with well-placed shots on their climbing gear.

“Captain! Where are you?”

“Lieutenant Reisen, come in! Where are you?” you reply.

“We’re taking cover inside hole near the bow! Please hurry, the enemy’s closing in, and we’re running out of ammunition!”

“Stay wherever you are. I’ll be right there. Anne, do you copy? Can you see a hole near the bow?”

“Yes, sir. I spotted it, but the enemy’s blocking all ground passages. There’s no way you can advance, even with that battle suit of yours.”

Chyrot. How are you supposed to find way to Reisen’s location? You walk back and forth along the deck, until an inspiration strikes you. “Anne, I’m going to breach the hull. Cover me.” You whip out another spell card and slap it onto your rifle. “This better works. Counter Sign 「Operatsiya Uran」.” You shoot upward, and it only takes a few seconds before artillery-shaped danmaku start bombarding the area. One of the shells crash into the deck but does not explode, leaving behind its trail a gaping hole. You jump into the hole, following the direction of the arrow, until you spot three figures taking cover behind the hole. There’s no way you can distinguish friends or foes under the circumstance, and there’s only one way to find out.

“Umbrella!” You wait for a response, but nobody is answering. You start thinking whether you’re falling into a trap-

“Surprise!” a recognizable voice shouts. “Captain! Is that you?”

“Kogasa!” you shout back. “Are you alright?”

“Yes! I’m with Reisen and Shinano, too!”

You approach the trio, and are very relieved to know it isn’t a setup. “Sorry for the delay, everyone. Bad stuffs have happened.”

“It doesn’t matter! Please get us out of here!” Reisen pleads. She looks like she’s seen enough of the skirmish and wants to leave the graveyard as soon as possible. Shinano, on the other hand, is impatient to get into action.

“Anne, I’ve got Reisen, Kogasa and Shinano with me. Cover our exit.” You approach the hole and peek out as to inspect the fire fight outside. Random radio chatters can be heard inside your earpiece, and it’s amusing how the soldiers are having hard time with Flandre.

“Fall back! Fall back!”

“To where? We’re cut off from the outside world, remember?”

“Anywhere! As long as we don’t have to fight the crazy girl again!”

“Ah, hahahahaha! There’s no escape from me! I am Smaug, and I will crush you all! RAWR!!”

You turn to Shinano, who just shrugs her shoulders off. “You wouldn’t mind her thrashing your turf around, would you?” you ask.

“What? It was not my fault that big sisters and I were locked away,” Shinano snorts.

“We’ll deal with this later,” you utter. “Anne, we’re going to make a run to your position. When I give the signal, concentrate your firepower around my position.”

“Sir, that might be too risky for you.”

“Do you have any better suggestion, then?” You turn to Shinano. “What about your sisters? Can you contact them?”

“I tried, but they didn’t respond,” she answers.

A stray grenade detonates near the hole. It doesn’t affect the bow, but it’s enough to prompt the girls to duck. You remain on your foot, trying to locate the direction of the opposing force. Your suit’s warning system starts buzzing, indicating that the enemy is closing in.

Damn, you have to do something fast!

[ ] Think up of a plan (write-in).
>> No. 25575
[x] See what area the warning is coming from if it has such a function
[x] Try to contact Flandre (if possible) to see what's out there and if she can't "occupy" long enough to get everyone out.

I know it's not much of a plan but it's something to work with.
>> No. 25576
Team A = Yuri, Kogasa, Reisen, Shinano
Team B = Anne, Kaguya
'Team' C (Wildcards) = Flandre, Other 2 Japanese warship sisters.

[x]Plan 1:
--[x] See what area the warning is coming from using the suit's functions.
--[x] Using this information, make Team B distract the army of Lunarians with a feint and lure the enemies away from Team A
--[x] Have Team B sneak away as Team A begins breakout offensive.
--[x] As Team A breaks out, have Team B constantly harass enemies then disappear. This is to sow confusion and the feeling of a two front battle into the enemies. The confusion will allow for Team A to regroup with Team B.
--[x] After Teams A and B regroup, plan and enact counteroffensive.

[x] Plan 2 (When Plan 1 becomes FUBAR)
--[x] Of the members of 'Team C', Flandre is most likely to cause trouble, especially by driving enemy forces TOWARDS Team A right before/ during the breakout.
--[x] Instead of retreating, have Team B pursue the Lunarians, following behind Flandre and her range of murder. Attempt to establish communications with her, but do not be surprised if it fails. DO NOT CONVINCE HER TO TURN BACK. Attempt to convience her to watch out and not hurt any friendlies. Once an offensive on this scale has begun and the original plan closed off, it is best to continue pressing this offensive.
--[x] The Lunarians should be sandwiched between Team A and (Team B + Flandre)
--[x] Raise Hell. The amount of people that we have to manage in terms of communication is 6 (Yuri, Kaguya, Anne, Kogasa, Reisen, Shinano). Even with Flandre and the two other warships, it is still a mere 9 people. In comparison, the Lunarians are committing an army much larger than ours to this battle. Chaos will destroy and hurt their army far more than ours, especially if Yuri decentralizes command of Team B to Anne, leaving specific decisions in Team B to Anne while still coordinating the major strategic goals together.
--[x] Get in close and do some CQC. At long ranges, the Lunarians have the technological advantages with their fancy barrier gizmos and their photon-I-penetrate-everything rifles. At close range, this technological gap is removed as neither side can risk using guns without risk of friendly fire. Like the brutal street fighting in Stalingrad rendered the Nazi Panzers out of their element of superiority of mobility when they were confined to the same tight streets as Soviet tanks, getting in close here would neutralize the technological edge.
--[x] Attack quickly and decisively, with overwhelming firepower. Do not pull out the supers or finishers out if not needed, of course, as this may not be the last of the Lunarians, but just the beginning. However, do make sure to crush the enemy force with superior firepower. This enveloping CQC combat should almost be like a blitzkrieg combined with encirclement.
>> No. 25577
File 135322118134.jpg - (229.16KB, 1920x1080, a1becdb995949e8f1f68122113f7a73b.jpg) [iqdb]
I like this, but I'll wait for others to post their opinion.
>> No. 25592
Going to vote for this since I fail at battle plans
>> No. 25594
File 135365339333.jpg - (26.80KB, 496x367, 3533502_f496.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Write-in, with some modifications.

You point your gun at the direction of the threat, switching to low-light vision for better view of the interior. Six individuals are seen jumping from the hole, but the bulk of their equipment is preventing you from identifying them.

“There he is! Open fire!”

You quickly dive into the ground, barely missing bullet streams fired at your position. You roll to your right and take cover behind crates, taking pot-shots as to force them to disengage.

“Sir! Are you alright?” Reisen shouts.

“I’m alright,” you shout back. You peek above the crates and see the enemy directing their shot at your new position. You curse under your breath; you’ve been taught to avoid fighting in confined space, and now you’re doing the very same thing, but is there anything else you can do?

Screw this shit. This is Stalingrad all over again!

You engage the suit’s speed mode. You jump over the crates and rush the enemy. You rear up and throw a punch at the nearest enemy, and follow up with a sweep kick that knocks him and his fellow soldier off the floor. You pounce at the soldier next to and, like a beast possessed, punch him repeatedly in the face. You have no idea what you’re doing, but by the time Reisen and Kogasa are restraining you, you’ve beaten the soldier half-dead, his helmet broken into pieces.

“Sir, I heard you screaming in the radio. What’s going on?” Anne asks.

You let go off the half-conscious soldier. “I’m fine, I have everything under control,” you answer. “What’s the situation, Anne?”

“The enemy’s number has begun to reduce, but Flandre’s showing signs of fatigue.”

“We can’t leave her to do all the work,” you utter. “Anne, I need to talk to Kaguya first.”

“Roger, sir, hang on. Alright, she’s on.”

“Kaguya, you’re… you’re alright up there?”

“I’m more worried about you, Yuri! What’s going on down there?”

“I’m fine, just a bit shaken. Kaguya, do me a favour and help Anne. You’re fine with that, right?”

“Well, yeah, sure. What are you planning?”

“We’re going to coordinate our attacks, so we need you and Anne to provide artillery support.” You tell your team-mates to follow your lead as you leave the claustrophobic space. “Just make sure Flandre’s not passing out.”

“Alright, I’ll do that as well. Yuri?”

“What is it, Kaguya?”

“I know I’ve said this too many times, but… please be careful.”

“I will.”

Something just strikes the back of your head hard. During the brief indoor fight, you notice the enemy soldiers wearing the same kind of suit as yours, although it’s more advanced. The same also applies to their weaponry, what with the lack of magazine and all. If your hunch is correct, the group that’s engaging with Flandre is also similarly equipped, and despite what you want to believe about her strength, they’ll soon overwhelm her.

“Sir, what’s your plan?” Reisen asks.

“You heard what I’d said. We’re going to launch a coordinated, multiple attack,” you answer. “We’re going to use every arsenal we have; danmaku, spellcard, live ammos, everything. Are you fine with that, Reisen?”

She nods reluctantly. “I’ll be doing fine,” she answers.

You turn your attention to Shinano. “I’m going to need your strength, as well.”

“Took you too long, sir,” Shinano interjects, as cannons and artillery barrels are sticking out of both her arms, not to mention metallic wings growing out of her back.

“Sorry,” you apologize, slightly intimidated by her transformation.

“I’ll accept your apology,” she says. “After I kick their asses to pieces. I’ve been very pissed ever since they showed up.”

You hear thunders rumbling from a distance, and spot dark clouds moving in. It doesn’t take long before it starts raining, and in seconds you and your team are caught in torrential rain. “We have the elements with us, people. Let’s use them to our advantage.” You move to the strike point and instruct your team-mates to take position. “Anne, Kaguya, we’re in position. You’re ready?”

“Ready when you are, sir.”

You whip out your spellcard and place it on the assault rifle’s receiver. You murmur the name of the spellcard silently, before you nod at your team-mates. “Anne, Kaguya, smoke them.” At that instant the whole ground rocks with explosions as artillery shells and danmaku are showering the area. You remain in position as to wait for the artillery strike to end, not paying attention to flying debris all over you. Just a bit more, let the enemy be occupied…


You jump out of cover. “Onwards!” you begin. “For Gensokyo!!!” Together with your team, you unleash hell onto the enemy. You break through their formation, punching and kicking everyone out of the way while firing point blank at anyone your limbs cannot reach. You yell at your team to keep the momentum as you grab one of the infantries and toss him at his buddies.

“Reisen, Kogasa, flanking manoeuvre! Anne, Kaguya, keep up the artillery fire! Shinano, cover me!”

You activate the suit’s speed mode and runs through the enemy formation. You reach Flandre, grab her by the collar, and make haste to the flank – just as Shinano declares her spellcard. The ground behind you shakes violently as she fires volley after volley of danmaku at the enemy.

“Hey! Why are you taking me away?” Flandre asks. “I’m still not finished with them!”

“Unless you want to have your butt handed over, I suggest that you stay and recover your strength,” you tell her. “Now, go to that building over there and help Anne. Is that clear?” She tries to protest, but you already leave her as you reunite with your team. With Flandre safely out of the way, you can prioritize on clearing the area without inflicting casualties on the friendlies. The three-way attack is sending them into disarray, and their effort to regroup is hampered by the heavy downpour, not to mention the bulk of their armour.


“Big Sis!”

“Hang in there! We’re coming for you!”

Amidst the chaos you spot two individuals arriving from the north. Shinano informs you that her sisters have arrived, and you quickly coordinate your attack with theirs. You press on the offensive, overwhelming the enemy from all directions in spite of your team’s relatively small number. Does it matter, when you want to crush their strength and morale in your hands?

“Leave no prisoner!” you scream. “Leave! No! Prisoner!”

“No survivors?!” Reisen asks in shock.

“Sir, we could take some of them as prisoners,” Anne suggests.

“This!” You grab one soldier by the neck and throw him into a train wreck. “Is!” You deliver a roundhouse onto the enemy next to you. “For!” You jump over a group of soldiers an empty an entire magazine onto them. “Stalingrad!!” you yell from the top of your lungs.

“Yuri, calm down!”

You don’t care. You just don’t care. The memories of Stalingrad, Hillenbrand’s sacrifice, Alice crying in the rain. Their suffering is your vengeance, and you will deliver your message to the damned enemy!



Finally, it’s over. You don’t know how much ammunition you’ve spent, or how many times you’ve declared your spellcards, or how long it lasted. You never thought that a simple rescue mission would turn into a no holds bared, violent closed quarter battle, but it doesn’t matter now. You’ve completed the mission, and now you want to get back home.

You turn your attention to your team. Anne, Reisen and Shinano’s twin sisters are counting the bodies, Shinano and Flandre are performing a war dance of sort, and Kogasa is searching the battleground for war spoils. Where’s Kaguya, though? Is she still attending the mortar crew you punched earlier?

Your question is answered when you see her walking toward you. You approach her and, without ever saying a word, you wrap your arms about her as you embrace her tightly. Her shocked gasp is ignored as you hold her as close as you can, and it takes a few seconds before she sighs and returns the embrace. “Jeez, Yuri, what happened to you back there? You were screaming like you were being possessed,” she utters.

“I’m sorry. I completely lost myself,” you answer. You don’t want to talk about it, but Kaguya’s presence demands that you do it. “It was… for what they had done in Stalingrad, so…”

“So you vented off your anger on them?” she asks. You nod solemnly and loosen the embrace, allowing her to look up at you. “Alright. I won’t ever ask again, but please… don’t do that again. You have no idea how scared I was.”

“Sorry,” you apologize. “Hey, what about the guy I punched to dreamland? Is he alright?”

“Anne has him restrained. She said she’s taking him back to the mansion as prisoner of war,” she answers. “We may not hear from him in a while, but it’s probably better that way, since you…”

You nod. “Guess I’ll wait for my turn to interrogate him.” You let go off switch on the communication link. “Yukari, can you hear me? he graveyard is under control. I repeat: the grave is now under control. Bring us out of here.”

“Hey, don’t you have a call sign for me~?” Yukari’s sing-song voice asks. “And you should have a call sign, too. This is a military operation, after all.”

You sigh. “Fine. Overload, this is Bravo Two-Zero. We’ve secured the area, and we also have prisoners of war with us. Requesting immediate airlift, over. And make it quick; we’re dead tired right now.”

“There, isn’t that better?” Yukari cheerfully replies. “Overload to Bravo Two-Zero, roger that. We’ll send in Big Bird to your position, over.”

You turn off the link. You take Kaguya’s hand and hold it tightly, as both of you are throwing your sight into the grey sky. “It’s been a long day, isn’t it?” you ask.

“Yes, it is,” Kaguya asks.

You tighten your clench. “Let’s hope we won’t have to go through longer days in the future.”

[c] To be continued in the next post. Action Film, Quiet Drama Scene.
>> No. 25596
File 135372446679.jpg - (481.44KB, 600x839, ce6dee88784e87e4eee144b2f4551682.jpg) [iqdb]

[c] Continuation.

Night time in Eientei. You’ve had your dinner with the household (and several guests Eirin had invited), and are spending the rest of the time at the courtyard. From what you’ve gathered during the dinner, Reimu and Marisa (along with Sanae and Youmu) had solved the incident without any setback; Nitori had her hands on the exotic technology your team acquired from the battle (and excitedly declared that she’d mass-produce the battle suit); Flandre and Shinano vented their frustration by challenging Yukari in spellcard duel, while Anne’s keeping the mortar crew under constant surveillance while awaiting interrogation day.

You stare at the clear sky. You close your eyes, recalling the violent skirmish you had gone through. It’s been a very, very long time ever since you had such experience, and it certainly was a call back to the days you and your comrades were prowling through Russian streets, exchanging empty fists with German invaders in closed space. It was also a reminder that you’re still a soldier in heart, member of the proud Red Army, “beloved child of the Motherland” as Stalin once put in.

“Enjoying the night, I see?”

You turn to the voice. You can’t help smiling. “As always,” you answer and let Kaguya sit next to you. “I see you’re not joining the after-dinner party.”

“I wish, but I don’t want to,” she says. “Then why don’t you go join them? Besides, Alice and Reimu are here. You should talk with them.”

“To celebrate the success of the mission?” you ask. Come to think about it, you haven’t had parties in a while, but as much as you want to join the partygoers, you decide not to. “The party can wait,” you say. “Right now, I just want to spend some time with you.”

“I… I’d like to.” If her blush isn’t an indication about her feeling, you don’t know what else is.

You and Kaguya spend the next few hours chatting. By the time the party’s over, it’s already past midnight, and the partygoers are lying on the floor, smashed and drunk. Only Reisen and the Inaba bunnies are awake, working diligently to clean the mess they had made during the “wild and crazy” gathering. “You know, you should build a building just for having party,” you comment as you and Kaguya peek on them.

“But where’s the fun in having party in small space?” Kaguya asks.

“Because that means we have to wait for them to sleep or leave before we can-” you answer. You stop, only because you notice Kaguya blushing brightly, and you try explaining what you were trying to say before you give up. “Just forget it, okay?” you utter and head to your room.

“Yuri, wait!”

You turn around, and get pulled away from the door as Kaguya drags you towards her room. “Kaguya, what are you-” She pushes you into her room, closes the door shut, and startles you by hugging you very tightly. Your mind is ordering you to flee, but the rest of your body finds itself unable to resist her warmth. “What’s wrong with you, anyway?” you ask.

“…just hold me,” she murmurs.

You hesitate for a while. Then, after taking a deep breath, you slip your arms around her, embracing her as she requested. The awkward silence that accompanies is unnerving, but you try not thinking too much about it. “You could’ve just asked nicely, you know,” you tell her.

“I’m sorry,” she apologizes. She remains silent afterward, and for a while you thought she’s going to ask you to leave her. Then, in a move so aggressive you never expected to see it coming from her, she drags you to the futon and throws the blanket over both of you. You stare at her in a mixture of disbelief and surprise.

“Hey, we’re not going to do that, okay?” Kaguya says and pokes you lightly on the nose. “At least, not tonight.”

You can’t help smiling sheepishly. “Sorry, it was the first thing that came into my mind.”

“You are forgiven, soldier,” she utters. She moves her body closer, allowing you to wrap your arms around her. “Yuri,” she calls your name almost in whispers.


“Sorry for startling you. I just wanted to see your reaction,” she says.

“Why? You were expecting me to flip out in anger?” you ask.

“N-no! That’s not what I meant,” she protests. “I mean… it’s not often that both of us share the same bed and still remain aware over each other’s-” She pauses abruptly, and you resist the urge to laugh as you notice her face burning brightly. “A-anyway, it’s going to be a cold and snowy night, so let’s huddle together!” she says.

You nod and rest your chin upon her scalp. “Thanks, Kaguya. I appreciate it.” She hums happily and squirms between your arms until her head’s rested comfortably upon your chest; you can almost feel her heartbeat in this position.

“Yuri… can I ask you a question?”

“Go ahead.”

“When are you going to have a party like you used to?”

You chuckle and silence her with a kiss. “Of all questions you wanted to ask,” you utter over her warm mouth. “We’ll talk about this tomorrow, alright?” You kiss her again, and you can feel her lips forming a smile as she returns the kiss with affection. Your eyelids become heavy, you feel your strength slowly ebbing, and as you finally succumb to the warmth of the blanket, you hear her final words of the night.

“Goodnight, Yuri.”

You smile. Goodnight, princess…



And that's it for today. Officially, we've reached day seven of this CYOA, but the actual length of the story has taken almost a year to reach this far. This is not the end of the story, however, so please wait warmly while this useless writefag is preparing the new thread.

You may now sage this thread.
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