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File 129014254777.png - (153.96KB, 500x600, LLupdate1.png) [iqdb]
22736 No. 22736
Well it's been a while since I've wanted to write something and after many ideas this one won out. For the most part it's meant to be a semi-serious story. In terms of updates I'm not really sure how often I will be getting around to this but I will attempt to keep it regular. Originally I had intended to draw something for each of the updates but I've decided against that and will instead do for the ones that I deem important.

Overall the main goal is for both the readers and I to enjoy creating this tale together.


Vividly, memories are being called one by one. Segments of senses assorted seemingly random come together creating short windows of the past. Childhood, family gatherings, accomplishments, and even seemingly pointless events like eating out one night, they merge together to flow through your mind. Each of them as real as the next, visions and sensations that one could easily lose themselves in. Yes, it would be nice if one could live on dreams and in the past.

However, these feelings are short lived as reality slowly creeps its way back in. Those reminiscent senses fade and are replaced with new ones. The candle on the desk in front of you flickers, illuminating your vision to a dull red as it hides behinds the lids of your eyes. The nostalgic smell of home that is rarely visited is accompanied by the soft chirps of the insects emanating from outside the room.

You open your eyes and are reminded by the sight of scattered pieces of paper covered with ink brushed lines. They belonged to your father, each sheet contained designs that were created for his line of work. Both complex and simple clothes sketches are surrounded by various notes and patterns. They are legible and understandable enough thanks to the fact you had been working under his guidance.

A familiar feeling you had recently gained looms over your body once more; it has been a few days since your father passed away. While not a talkative person, he was able to give you the life style you have today. You were given the ability to live as you see fit and to work as an artisan. Another memory flashes before you, one that you may never forget.

"Go find true happiness." With his final breath he spoke this sentence to you.

A flurry of thoughts race through your mind every time you recall those words-
What did he mean? Am I not happy? What is happiness?
They were queries that lacked conclusions.

Like a fire it continues to sweep through your mind, burning away useless thoughts. What is left is in the ashes is nothing. No answers. No clues. Not even a single hint or direction.

In the end you find yourself twirling a five leaf clover about by its stem, another mystery to be solved. Just the concept alone seems unreal, a five leaf clover must be orders harder to find than the normal three or the occasional four leaved counter parts. You happened upon it one day while searching through the house sometime after the funeral. It was before sun set, when closing the window you found it resting underneath a rounded and smooth stone on the ledge. It wasn’t there before and who knows when it was set there since there were no signs of anyone around. Was this a kind gesture or some kind of cruel joke?

"Argh!" You let out the sound of a frustrated groan.

It’s a little too early to rest...
[ ] Keep those hands busy
[ ] Take a walk to clear your thoughts

This clover...
[ ] Write-in
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>> No. 25918
not sure what we can do as well... not sure that even going back choices would really help.
>> No. 25920
Sorry if it is a bit drastic/sudden for a first time battle. I wanted to see how a reader would react without any guidance, binary choices felt a little superficial to me. Although I can see how it can be hard without all the pieces clearly defined.

Not all hope is lost though, it not really the fault of votes or anything. If everyone really wants me to I'll assist some more.
>> No. 25921
It'd be one thing if the MC's abilities was clear but combined with reviving from a 2 or so year hiatus and not covering that, well....

Personally I'd rather have some choices on how to do things for a first time battle. That and these days anons aren't that great at pure write ins.
>> No. 25922

Speak for yourself bro. I happen to be an expert at pure write-ins.

[X] Think for a second, your old man handeled this type of situation all the time. What was it that allowed him to throw off this crippeling fear?
-[X] If your father found strenght from the pursuit of his true happiness, maybe you can do the same. Focus on all the positive aspects of your life, and how they seem to coincide with the arrival of a certain rabbit that needs you right now.
--[X] Don't you still have one of those stakes from earlier? Perhaps now, when the enemy is blinded by false confidence, would be the perfect time to use it.
>> No. 25923
For someone like you, there's 19 others who would be stymied.
>> No. 25924
[x] Call out for Tewi
>> No. 25925
While several years is a long time I don't really think it plays that large a role in this instance. Maybe if it were several threads long requiring a significant time investment I could agree. In the end, however, it isn't really up to me how much a person would like to commit to a story.

Something like this post makes me feel like I've written decently enough for someone else to understand what core concepts I want to convey. It may not be 100% correct but the tones are there.


Honestly, the goal for me isn't to punish the readers. As long as the votes aren't completely absurd I'm sure they will find their way into the update.

I don't plan to use this style for every update just the ones that I feel the format of choice reflects the writing. Your feeling should have a similar tone as the MC. Helpless with limited options. The tools are there to solve the puzzle. Even if it gets partially completed someone else can pick up the remainder.

I suppose that is enough rambling from me. Even taking the most obvious choice of picking up the cleaver and swinging, isn't it better to try something than nothing when you are slated to lose everything?
>> No. 25926
I thought it was somehow being used against us, not available to use.
>> No. 25927
[x] Pick up the Cleaver and somehow try to close the distance and fight back.
>> No. 25928
Ah, I see now that it was a little vague. I was trying to keep it short to make it have more impact and keep it simple enough to stay fresh.
>> No. 25929
[x] Attempt to throw the meat cleaver, the attempt to escape.
>> No. 25930
nothing about trying to save Tewi?
>> No. 25931
[x] Call out for Tewi
>> No. 25932
How about voting seriously as opposed to using a joke that's been done to death?
>> No. 25933

I was thinking get the hell outta the immediately dangerous area, then focus on finding the bunny.
>> No. 25934
I think they have tewi in that bag and are thinking about eating her.
>> No. 25935
File 139208363492.png - (170.07KB, 450x600, tewinuw.png) [iqdb]
I mentioned in the beginning that I would draw for a few updates if they were important but it has been a while since I did that. This didn't exactly happen when Tewi first got her dress but everyone could just pretend it did.

Now for relevant information, in terms of the next update I'll probably wait a while longer for some kind of direction/resolution. I'm currently aiming to have it done sometime before the week ends.
>> No. 25936
[X] Think for a second, your old man handled this type of situation all the time. What was it that allowed him to throw off this crippling fear?
-[X] If your father found strength from the pursuit of his true happiness, maybe you can do the same. Focus on all the positive aspects of your life, and how they seem to coincide with the arrival of a certain rabbit that needs you right now.
--[X] Don't you still have one of those stakes from earlier? Perhaps now, when the enemy is blinded by false confidence, would be the perfect time to use it.

This write-in gets my vote for sure.
>> No. 25937
[X] Think for a second, your old man handled this type of situation all the time. What was it that allowed him to throw off this crippling fear?
-[X] If your father found strength from the pursuit of his true happiness, maybe you can do the same. Focus on all the positive aspects of your life, and how they seem to coincide with the arrival of a certain rabbit that needs you right now.
--[X] Don't you still have one of those stakes from earlier? Perhaps now, when the enemy is blinded by false confidence, would be the perfect time to use it.
--[x] Or perhaps that Cleaver
>> No. 25938
File 139257631288.jpg - (131.21KB, 1280x720, bake07-03.jpg) [iqdb]
The situation seems dire, everything is so foreign to you at the moment. Several pangs in your body still echo but not as sharply as a few seconds ago. It is hard to examine your surroundings so close to the floor. You can't see your assaulter's face but her legs haven't made any movements since you last looked up to that annoying voice. The small lull gives just a moment of hope.

It is a handful of time but you can at least gather the shambles that is your state of mind. You search. You seek for a something to grasp in this muddled labyrinth of swelling thoughts and emotions. A core in which everything can be called to order. You brush aside all the useless clutter and find yourself facing a wall. Placing your hand against it tells you how sturdy it is. It is a heavy reminder, just as one can easily forget that the ground below him is more than just dirt. You have overlooked something so obvious and simple. That dirt can be a village, a country, or even the entire world resting beneath one's feet. One thing has been there since the beginning, supporting you all this time, the foundation of everything.

Father. Everything up to now is thanks to him. Your father has been able to handle this situation along with many others, the proof is in what he left behind. Those items found in the underground den and his memories to you. Even beyond life, he continues to guide you through his teachings. And so you build it up with those pillars, the fortress to steel yourself. It is your home which you are always welcome back to. You wrap yourself in the warmth of his words like a cozy scarf. It will help protect your choices from frivolous influences like fear. That is not all, he left more than just that. In the horizon of your minds eye, just beyond the guarded walls, a glint of light catches your attention. Surrounded by the blackened miasma of uncertainty is the glimmer of promise. True happiness. A small figure in pink waits impatiently next to the widened gates adorning the barrier. She holds up her arm towards you as you approach.

"Let's go together Tewi." You take hold of her hand and step into the unknown...


You quickly twist your wrist and snatch up the cleaver, it is awkward to grasp at this angle. Rising, you are able to straighten your body and temporarily rest your weight on your knees. The edge catches some of the floor, leaving behind some shavings before lifting off from its former resting place. The slab of metal chops through the air and almost grazes her clothes. That is all, however, as she jumps back a distance returning her outside. This cleaver was not made as a weapon, you think to yourself. The only thing its good for is butchering.

"I don't dislike men who don't know when to give up, hahaaaa." In a sighing fashion she lets out a drawn out laugh. "Maybe if you leave behind your money you can still walk away. It isn't cheap to start up something like this." There is no feeling of remorse from her words. This is good though, buying time can only help. While she talks, you are able to stand yourself up completely, although it takes a little effort. Gathering yourself is a priority at this point.

How did your old man handle situations like this? You gaze at the girl in front of you. Your posture still suggests you are on guard. Cleaver slighted in front of you. The dull sheen on its flats cover a quarter of her body from your perspective. You've never been a fight this serious before, at least not with your life in peril.

"Money, is that all you want?" If that is everything, you wouldn't mind parting with such worldly possessions for a chance to resolve this peacefully. Although you do hope for something that simple, you don't bet on it. The residual heat from the fold of your clothes still remain, it reminds you of the skewers that you happened upon earlier. Something like that would be more of your type instead of this cumbersome knife.

"It does make things easier for us. Just throw down your money and leave, I'll even forgive you for swinging that thing at me." She points at the weapon you are still brandishing at her. Still even in this position she takes an assertive tone towards you.

"Then Tewi and I will be able to leave?" You try to confirm the conditions once more.

"You gave it a name? At your age, playing with food." Tsk tsk. She pronounces her disapproval. "No. Just you." You let her piercing words glance off you, any more talk is useless. If there is no path in front of you then you will just have to carve it yourself.

You push off the ground to rush towards her. The keen edge of your weapon takes swipes at her vitals but she responds in a fleet footed fashion. It is moments before both of you are outside again. You continue to give chase, taking any chances at her that she will allow. The soaked grass and dirt give way beneath both of you as you follow her through the open space in the garden. You can feel the ground sucking at your feet, it should be the same for her as well. The cool droplets seep beneath the fine weave of your clothes and sap the heat from your body. It feels like you are going deaf, everything else faint except heavy breathing escaping your skull. You muscles tense with every slash, chop, and swing. Your extended range almost touches her every time.

There has to be a way to close the gap. You can't keep this up forever, you can already feel fatigue start to set in as your body tries to pump blood in vain. You watch her movements as you assault her. Each attack seems to press her more and more as you examine the focused gaze on her face. Back, left, right. She dodges every which way except towards you. Every time she steps back you have to step forward, the other directions you can adapt with just a simple adjustment. That is her weakness, you'll corner her and then strike. You'll eliminate her options. This unbalanced mass of metal has been disposable from the beginning. You wind up and heave the cleaver towards her neck, it leaves your grasp and hurtles through the air. She shifts her weight to the left. This is what you have been waiting for! You reach into the folds of your clothes and grasp down on the sensation that had been bothering you all along.


A familiar scene enters your vision, it is the same one from before. An open pit lay out before you as you stand on the ragged edge. There is not one thing different. Except yourself.

"I'm not leaving without Tewi!" You yell at the top of your lungs as you plunge into the depths with resolve. The skewers rip through the darkness as it sings within your grasp, it distorts the space around it leaving waves in its wake. The shard heats up and vibrates telling you to let go but you hold on, you won't let go until you hit your mark. Your weight slams into something that gives, then you separate yourself with a kick.

When your sight clears you see the girl's actual form, she is sent back reeling. Her previous midnight shade of hair is replace with a cobalt hue. Her features are sharper than before, notably her ears, which have now moved on top of her head. Her shoulder length hair is pull back into an ornament and fans out like those used on a hot summer's day. With her hair of the way you can see the shortened sides beneath, its an unorthodox style from anything you've seen before. Behind her though is the most notable of all. One of the more pronounced signs to a specific type of youkai, at her back is a set of tails belonging to a kitsune. A five-tailed fox.

At this point it doesn't matter anymore, any foe that stands before you will be leveled. Human or youkai, god or devil. She holds her hand as the rain slowly dilutes the blood flow from her palm. It streams down to her elbow and waterfalls off into the earth beneath her. The expression on her face is tinged with surprise, she looks in no direction in particular with her dull pupils. She stares at the ground just past her hands, is it shock?

"Shieru!" The tall girl's voice reminds you that there was one other here. You glance over in the direction of the yell and see her rushing towards you at an amazing speed. You brace your body for the blow but instead all you hear is a wet smack.

"You're not finished with me yet!" It is a harsh sounding yell coming from behind the fallen body. Tewi is wrapped around one of the legs of the other girl. Her torn clothes only make her look more feral as she widens her maw and suddenly snaps down into the slender calf. A brutal cry comes from the victims throat and quickly goes to retaliate but Tewi just springs backwards. "Don't just stand there." She spits out the crimson covering teeth and tongue. With a quick pass of her wrist, she wipes that and the mud from her face. She shouts out to you, "Hurry up and end this. The deer chaser is the source for their spells."

You face back to the fox in front of you. It seems like she has scribed symbols onto her cheek in red in the moments you were distracted. The light in one of her eyes have returned but that expression of shock is nowhere to be seen. Instead of that, there is a look of glee. Tewi can take care of the other one, you prepare yourself to face your enemy one more time. You hold tightly the skewer which glows red, its heat still emanates from before.

[ ]No need to change tactics now. Defeat her first.
[ ]Aim to destroy the deer chaser.
>> No. 25940
[X] Aim to destroy the deer chaser.

Youkai are, in general, more powerful than humans, even trained youkai hunters, so we have little chance of winning a straight up fight.
Let's take Tewi's advice and try to cut off their source of power.

Not sure how to do it, though, since they know that we know, and all that.
>> No. 25941
[X]Aim to destroy the deer chaser.

Changin my vote. Prolly should trust Tewi on this one.
>> No. 25942
[X] Aim to destroy the deer chaser.
>> No. 25944
[x] aim to OBEY TEWI
>> No. 25953
File 139307772457.png - (232.87KB, 600x450, Shieru.png) [iqdb]
"An interesting little toy. I'll have a closer look when I take it from you." The girl with a cobalt luster has regained her composure with surprising haste despite being stabbed. You'll have to finish this as quickly as possible, it seems like she is serious about fighting now. Her clothes and tails sway from the visible energies melting away from her body. The thin lines of blue pull away from her outline and dissipate in the air.

"You should find better work than stealing from random travelers. Although, I can't think of many that would accept a girl with such a rude mouth." You take a glance at the bamboo chaser just behind her as you speak, all you have to do is push her back enough at then focus on that. "Well, maybe except one. You wouldn't even need to buy makeup with a skill like yours." You hear a series of punches and steps, it seems that Tewi has already started fighting. Better start now so that you don't let your opponent get a chance to help her sister.

You dash towards her wary about her next move. The tips of her fingers clench the sky and summons forth her ability. Foxfire, you recall the name from rumors and stories you've heard in the past. The ethereal orb of blue flames licks the wind with a cool but menacing demeanor as it is commanded towards you. With a quick shift of your direction, it careens past and creates a small opening. You just need to push her away from your goal.

With a series of viper like thrusts you make her jump back several times, each one is accompanied by the crisp snap of cloth from around your wrist. You wield the skewer with compounding confidence, it feels like you've been doing this your entire life the more you use it. She ends up several steps away at the end of your flurry of attacks. This should be enough. You spin around and plunge your weapon into the side of the device. The shard warps the space and the magic surrounding it, dispelling anything that was there. A wooden post? It is anchored in front of you covered in talismans from top to bottom. Was it a trick? Your skewer is lodged and with a quick tug you release it from the confines of the grain. You swivel around as quickly as you can.

Before you can even gape your mouth, she had already prepared three additional projectiles in a row and sent them flying towards you in formation. It encroaches upon you like a wall of flames. Damn it, she caught you in the same situation that you trapped her in earlier. You can't dodge safely. Slipping under them would only leave you open to further attempts. With no recourse left, you hold up your skewer towards the onslaught, it is your only hope. You stand braced with your back to the corner as you solidify your stance, one hand supporting the other.

The blue flames ram into your guard with such ferocity it almost pushes you away in the slick mud. A howling ring pierces your ears as your metal meets the foxfire. You watch as it devours the entire attack. Your weapon violently vibrates through your arm and burns white hot, it is like trying to hold lightning itself. You can only take so much before you are forced to discard scalding sliver onto the ground. The entirety of your body shivers involuntarily. Such strength. Desperately you flex your hand to try to shake away the numbness.

"Did you think it would be that easy to beat me in my own domain? Still, you continue to surprise me. Behold the trial you must face!" The scenery around you changes, one by one more constructs appear. Each one looks more similar to the last. She is so pleased with herself she even allows you take in everything around you. A field of bamboo chasers, each one clacking away in sync. "Which will give up first, your body or your will? Hahaaaa!" She drags out her laugh like before.

You furrow your brow at her inane chatter. In your mind you craft a small charm to calm your nerves, you whisper some warmth into the invisible scarf securely wrapping you. It is enough to sooth the spasms haunting you. With a simple action, you cut short the haughty laughter filling the air, you reach towards the hidden petite case holding your modest treasures. In response, the girl assembles another volley in quick succession with one hand and then sends them off with the other. They approach sporadically towards you. It makes it difficult to do anything except focus on dodging them. She is wearing you down with no chance to rest. You can already feel the sluggish movements as you press your body to your limits, each step etches away at your energy slowly but surely. One, two, three. You body sways just out of range, your hair stands all across your body as you feel the energies pass just a hand's breadth away. Each one by itself is simple to sidestep but the complexity scales higher as you attempt to twist your body out of the way for the next one. Four, five, six.

Finally, you are forced out of position with the seventh shot. You are compelled to pull out your second skewer and clash against the magical force once more. However, just before you meet the sphere of combustion it drags in the air like swimming in the thick of water. You ears ache with ringing once more as you defend yourself but this time you try pushing back. You deflect your death just enough that it zips by your chest as it soars in the air. Good, you think to yourself, your weapon is still manageable in this state. It radiates heat but not as unbearable like when you absorbed the brunt of the force last time.

You spot something in the actions of your defense, tracing your hand's path you can see the tears in this play's curtain. This is what she wanted to stop you from realizing. In the beginning, she probably didn't think you had another skewer of such power hidden away. And so you slash away at the charade, revealing the true workings behind the scenes. You can see the fox's composure shatter into a panic when you cut away the fat of illusions. Similar wooden posts as before litter the grounds replacing their bamboo brethren. It is but a few moments before you spot the real clacking culprit. You make a mad sprint towards it. In a frenzy, she saturates the air with slow moving projectiles in an attempt to protect the source of her powers.

"Get out of my way!" You shove everything aside as you dive deep into sea of shimmering blue. Everything is in this charge. A well placed swing is enough to dispatch all obstacles, each one is met with a shallow ping of sound. Her barrage is several layers thick but that doesn't stop you in the slightest. You push beyond what you thought you were capable of and you are rewarded, you stand over the origin of all your woes since you came to this inn. Since intruding on this makeshift inner sanctum, you haven't blinked not even once and you won't. Not until you claim your prize.

In a ditch effort she pours herself into just one more attack. It blazes towards you at an accelerating speed. You answer for the third time today. At first you arm buckles but you hold it off, you won't give up. You ignore the screaming in your ear, you ignore the pain shooting up your arm, you ignore the thought of failure. You free one hand and reach, for the last time, into your clothes.

"More?!" She yelps out protest as you pull out your third skewer.

You strike down into the deer chaser with the feeling of certain victory. With this, it's finally over. With all your might you penetrate into the top of the bamboo with your skewer. It feels like everything had suddenly gone silent. The pressure on your arm dissipates along with the surrounding magic. A tidal force washes over you starting from the point of contact, all around you everything is suddenly revealed.

You find yourself in a forest of white. Everything is covered by the same rectangular texture and markings. You've seen these somewhere before, it takes a few moments but you recognize that these are the same as the ones that you opponent had on her face. They literally paint everything, the trunks of the trees, the walls of the building, the posts in the garden. Literally everything.

A cerulean embers catch the bottom the papers before quickly erupting into steady inferno. Intermittently and without discrimination they are chosen. You watch as one by one they catch their neighbor on fire. The high temperature causes them to curl up and burn away the adhesive sticking them to whatever they are attached to. They peel off completely for fractions of a moment before vanishing in a wisp of smoke. Before you know it you are standing in the middle of a whirling spectacle of shadows and flickering lights.

Tewi stands next to the foolish fox with the cleaver, that you tossed earlier, slumped to her side. A loose grip caresses the handle of the blade. It seems that destroying the source of power forced the fox to crumple to her knees.

"Do you think I didn't hear those things that you said? Eat or be eaten, is that what you live by?" The small bunny speaks. The frigid words swoop down on the weakened figure below her.

"No, that's not it at all!" A blond colored fox protests, a new face appears suddenly. You assume her to be the older sister based on the dark blue garments. She desperately tries to make her way towards her injured partner but she can only stagger clumsily. a five-tailed kitsune like the other one. She coddles one of her arms and drags a leg, wincing all the while. The few places where her skin are expose are covered with black and blue bruises. The swelling is quite obvious as her facial features are distorted here and there. Tewi had did a number on her already, you suppose just by herself she didn't stand a chance.

"Stop, it's alright Azumi. We... I failed." A barked order stops her only ally, you can see the conflicted look on sister's face as she comes to a halt. Shieru rests peacefully in the rain, she tilts her head upwards and lets the rain pelt against her face. The scarlet markings have long smeared down her cheek in an unrecognizable mess. Her blank gaze reflects that of the impenetrable grey sky. "You can move on now."

The adrenaline that had been pulsing through your veins has now run its course, with that the desire to continue fighting fades as well. Tewi slowly draws the guillotine upwards, you can feel the silent wrath still emanating from her. The tatters that are her clothes bring grim images of a reaper to you.

[ ]Quell Tewi's rage and let them go.
-[ ]Use your words
-[ ]Conditions
[ ]May they be reborn with a better life.
>> No. 25954
[X]Quell Tewi's rage and let them go.
-[X]Use your words
-[X]As recompense for staying your execution, I hereby order you two to cease this senseless violence and amend your ways.
-[X] You have chosen the guise of tavern keepers? Well then, let it be so. You two will concentrate the entirety of your efforts towards building an inn and an atmosphere where humans and youkai alike can find respite, for a fair price.
-[X] I know not what measure of honor youkai hold, but should you fail to uphold your end of this ultimatum, I will return. From that point on, the entirety of your existence will know no respite from my fury. I will descend on whatever hiding hole you run too like the grim shadow of death, and wearing the guise of every human you have wronged in the past to deliver you to salvation.

Sometimes, you gotta let your inner Youkai Hunter speak.
>> No. 25955
[X]Quell Tewi's rage and let them go.
-[X]Use your words
-[X]As recompense for staying your execution, I hereby order you two to cease this senseless violence and amend your ways.
-[X] You have chosen the guise of tavern keepers? Well then, let it be so. You two will concentrate the entirety of your efforts towards building an inn and an atmosphere where humans and youkai alike can find respite, for a fair price.
-[X] I know not what measure of honor youkai hold, but should you fail to uphold your end of this ultimatum, I will return. From that point on, the entirety of your existence will know no respite from my fury. I will descend on whatever hiding hole you run too like the grim shadow of death, and wearing the guise of every human you have wronged in the past to deliver you to salvation.
>> No. 25956
I'm interpreting the 'words' subvote as being directed primarily towards Tewi.

[x] Tell her that there are better ways to deal with vanquished opponents than by killing them. They can be valuable assets.
-[x] The Kitsune may keep their lives if they pledge their service, possibly as familiars. They are to continue running the inn and to cease preying on either man or youkai. It's useful to have a pair of eyes and ears in the wilderness, as well as a potential base of operations.

I'm not sure what else can be added here. The 'familiar' may require a blood pact of sorts, depending on how the author interprets that sort of thing. I would be okay with that but I'm not sure other readers are. Alternatively, some sort of oath might do the trick. In fiction supernatural beings often can't violate the terms of a contract. The main idea here is to make the foxes partners/allies. Being a lone wolf is fine but having a group of varied abilities might be useful for a youkai hunter.
>> No. 25957
[x]May they be reborn with a better life.
Seems like a way simpler and safer solution. What, you think the youkai known as being great tricksters are just gonna honour an agreement or be intimidated by a random human? Yeah, sure.
>> No. 25958
Yes, the using your words option was how you could talk down Tewi from killing them.

In terms of dealing with any species of youkai, you can use any prior knowledge that you might have as a guideline or estimation. The main character has a decently rich understanding of youkai and any information from outside the story can be filtered through as rumors and stories. Whether or not they apply to the setting will have to be experienced first hand.

As for the conditions that you lay out for the foxes, it all depends on what you are willing to put down on the table and what you can enforce. Simpler requests require less management. For example, asking them to devote themselves as a travel companion and push aside their own needs will require you to fill them yourself. After all you will be taking up their time. If you set them off on their own, they can do things their own way. Just depends on how much you can trust them to keep their word. Sparing them is a no small gesture, they will at least listen to what you have to say.

I suppose I should have had the foresight to ask this in the choices but if you were to let them die, what would you do with the bodies?
>> No. 25959
>>25956 here. I'd rather leave the fine details to you. Or the character and his knowledge, rather. I'm not a fan of being too specific in votes anyhow. Would rather not mess up.
>> No. 25960

I doubt anybody would give two shits about a couple of dead foxes.
>> No. 25961
[x] Tell her that there are better ways to deal with vanquished opponents than by killing them. They can be valuable assets.
-[x] The Kitsune may keep their lives if they pledge their service, possibly as familiars. They are to continue running the inn and to cease preying on either man or youkai. It's useful to have a pair of eyes and ears in the wilderness, as well as a potential base of operations.

Hell I don't know. It is hard but I wish to spare them and have them change for the better?
>> No. 25962
The next update will delayed a day or two. I haven't had a good chance to work on it.
>> No. 25963
File 139438419645.jpg - (188.46KB, 554x532, 23ba8c8ea2c386eafc915519b4a28734.jpg) [iqdb]
"Tewi, wait!" You abruptly halt as her hand is held up high. You can feel her eyes bare down on the exposed neck of the fallen girl before her. "They can be more use to us alive."

"You're lucky that you'll keep your head for at least a few more seconds." Tewi stays her role as an executioner long enough to listen to what you have to say. The blond colored fox runs over to the other and tightly embraces her in a collapse. Despite how she looks she recovered rather quickly.

"You idiot, it's still not safe here." The younger one cups the chin of the older one in her palm. With her other hand she wipes away the rain rolling down the set of bruised cheeks. "There was plenty of time to get away."

"I can't leave you here alone." A few choked words come from her sister.

"I'll give you two options." You announce as you approach the group. The attention that you steal from both is apparent as they both turn their focus to you. "In exchange for pausing your untimely demise, you can continue as were but treat both humans and youkai alike, and fairly. Or, you can devote yourselves to me and become my eyes and ears, my sword and shield."

"Just because you have won doesn't mean you can dictate our lives." A small scowl develops on her face and worn words come from her mouth. She stays defiant even in the face of death. "If you think you can control us with fear then you would be wrong."

"Quit it, quit trying to run away from your problems." A quick slap to the back of the head of her sister enforces the point. "Forgive us. We promise to not to take advantage of anyone else. You say sorry too."

"Sorry." It is vague to who she is apologizing too but it is better than nothing. "If I had to choose, I would take the first option."

"That is my choice as well, it was never our intent to let things get this far. There are important matters that we have to take care of and cannot go with you." She continues to apologize. "However, if we run across each other again I gladly help if you were in need."

"I'll need more than words to show your commitment." You demand from the two. The blond one acts first and turns her body to kneel towards you but you stop her immediately. "No, stand up. I won't allow you to prostrate yourself like that when I ask you to treat both humans and youkai alike."

"You are an odd man." The short one comments as they both stand up to face you. Each of them in turn give a respectful bow towards you and you return one back at the same time. Tewi receives some as well but she isn't as kind to pay them back. "If you need you can stay at our inn all you want. You have payed us plenty for at least that."

"That should be enough, right Tewi?"

"Not yet." A small glance down from her is enough for you to guess the next set of words coming. "What about my clothes?"

"Right, do you have any spare clothes or materials to make some?" You ask.

"Nothing besides what's on my back." The one in orange remarks.

"You said you needed some coin? Here then, a simple exchange for your clothes." You shake out the value that you appraise her clothes at. The metals clink as they land into your open palm.

"No mercy even for a poor blind little girl. Maybe you will get far in this world. I'll accept it however, here is further proof that my word is gold." She unceremoniously begins undressing. Tewi could probably easily fit that with a few adjustments here and there. It takes a few seconds but she is left bare in her undergarments, her mechanical and practiced movements fold the clothes into a nice little square package. Several steps in, the soft fabric bumps against your chest, she stares straight through you. You had your suspicions before but her eyesight is finally verified by her words.


"Is something the matter?" It seems like you were looking for a quite a while. Her previously dry top had turned a translucent color in the rain. Some of the peach color from her skin begins to peek through the fabric. Honestly, you would like a look at the construction of her underpants as well, just to see how the tails fit through, but your decency stops you. Instead you take the small parcel and replace it with the local currency. "We are going to the next town to buy some supplies, it's a little hard to work with a lack of clothes." She points at herself. "I'll take the sign down on the way so no one will bother you two. Oh, just make sure to water the garden when it looks a little dry."

"I'll make sure to do that, but before you go I have something to expound on." You return to the most important topic. "I will hold you both to our agreement, it is a matter of trust. Breaking it will forfeit any right you had. Abandoning any sense of equality, I will treat you as an abomination unfit for this world. Each act of evil you commit I will carve into me as a betrayal of good will and hunt you down for repayment. And when I find you? You will wish for a sweet release and mercy from all those that you have wronged."

"I will remember your words for at least your lifetime." Stubborn is a word that you would brand the blue haired one with. It doesn't seem like you influenced her that much but her companion is different. "We'll be off." The two foxes leave in a path around the house. Every so often the tall one looks back nervously before disappearing around the corner.

"Could have done worse." Tewi mentions as she oversees the situation, it seems like she has finally calmed down.

After the short exchange it seems like you have temporarily inherited this area. Looking at it more closely, the real attributes of the building stand out. Abandoned property that had been left barren for many years. Now that the illusion has been lifted, it is plain to see the exact condition it is in. A decrepit looking building with many of the wood pieces weathered by the storms and brittle from age. There are many boards that have been eaten away from the floors and siding of the building. The surroundings look basically the same except in one area. There are many destroyed trees that now make up the forest's edge, the exposed bright splinters indicate where heavy impacts had taken place.

The foxes have left the area completely. Their dominance over this place had been completely dismantled when you destroyed the deer chaser. Tewi can easily drive off both of them by herself if they decided to come back without holding their side of the bargain.

You look down at Tewi and just examine her. She really is a mess, you can see up close how much damage was actually done to her clothes and body. She looks like she is in a miserable state, there are cuts and bruises on her face and body. Her body half covered in muck and clothes practically torn into shreds. It was obvious from before that it would require a lot of work to repair her clothes but seeing it from this distance makes you wonder if you should even try to fix it.

"Want to take a bath?" You suggest.

"Yeah, that would be nice." She responds back.


You toss on another log onto the low flames.

"That feels good enough." Tewi mentions to you through the window of the the building. You are hiding in safety from the heat draining rain beneath the small ledge of the roof. "Come inside, jump in before it gets cold."

"Alright." You answer back in confirmation and return to the comfort of the indoors. The bathroom door is open already and with a quick rap you tap on the frame. No response. You step inside and turn around the corner to where the small wooden bath tub should sit. You recall examining it earlier, it was more like a barrel with a small ledge inside of it. Tewi is just relaxing on the far side, one eye closed and the other's red pupil looks where you stand. Her body is hidden under the reflective layer of water but you can tell she enjoying it by her slumped shoulders void of tension. "Oh, sorry. I thought you were finished."

"Don't worry." A brief pause of silence fills the air. "Are you coming in?" More silence, at least you think. The feeling blood pulsating through your body makes it hard to tell. "I think it's only fair since you've seen me naked plenty of times. However, if you want I can turn around until you get in." For some reason it seems that there should be more to that sentence. Something along the lines of, "If you feel...". An assortment of words run through your mind completing the phrase. They all seem to challenge you.

"If it's only fair..." You compete only with yourself as begin to take off your clothes. To do so calmly is more difficult than you imagined, you fight the urge to rush as the blush on your face is probably even more apparent to Tewi than it is to you. It reaches more than just your face as your entire body reacts to the situation. She watches even while you wash up and rinse off to step into the tub. It is only just now that you notice the wooden frame isn't very big, it was probably made for just a single person at a time.

"To be honest I just didn't want to go outside and keep the bath going. Nyehehe. Despite my selfishness, you still deserve to relax in the hot water as well." She seems quite pleased with herself as the wide grin brightens her face notably. When you finally submerge yourself completely, the distance between both you and Tewi is just a handful of inches. It's a little cramped so there is little choice when your legs met hers sporadically. Tewi's eyes flit downwards when you look to her and she begins blowing on the water's surface making it ripple. It makes it difficult to read what she is thinking.

"You'll cool it off faster like that." You mention somewhat offhand as you let the warmth sink into your body. It doesn't do anything to lessen the sudden awkward silence. The scent of berries and the slight hint of iron reach you. She was probably gathering them in the forest before all that pointless fighting happened. You'll ask about that later, just for now you want to at least try to enjoy the moment.

"I'm approaching." Tewi declares. The look in her eyes suddenly turn determined as she closes the gap between her and you.

"W-What's all this about?" You try to figure out her intent but all you can feel is how intense she has gotten suddenly. Naturally, you move back against the wall of the tub unsure what to do. It feels like you are being trapped.

"Skinship, we will be a lot closer this way." She stirs beneath the water with her hand, little vortexes form concealed past her mischievous grin. Several gentle tugs beckon for you body. They lull you into meeting Tewi's hand with yours, so petite and soft. Subtle shocks shoot up your arm as you feel her soft touch travel from the ends of your fingers up to your chest.

"Tewi..." You mutter her name and it makes you feel like an idiot. Despite your reddening face and butterflies in your stomach you want to reciprocate. Smoothly you slide your hand across the back of her arm and caress her curves down her side. Ever since that night when you first saw her in the stream, this is what you imagined her shape to feel like. It is a stark contrast from when you focus on work. You rest your hands on her hips with a squeeze.

"You can touch a little more." She spins in place with grace as she repositions herself with your arms in tow. Your arms cross over the front of her chest as she moves. You can feel her thigh rub between your legs as she straddles you like a seat. She neatly fits her back against your chest, you can feel her heartbeat as she can feel yours. Slowly, she guides your hands across her chest. It is but for a scant second but you press on her small bosom. She let's you idle for a few moments and continues on, she leads your arms in a tight embrace around her frame. You don't think you can get any closer to Tewi at this point and so you hug her. She clutches your arms and tightens her legs around yours and stays like that. It's so peaceful, the silence of the night and Tewi's warm touch. You wouldn't mind it it stayed like this forever. "Thank you." You can no longer see the expression on her face but the tone of her voice relays enough. There is a hint of sadness but conveys how grateful she is. "Thank you for not abandoning me." You move you face towards the back of her head. The hair atop tickles your nose as you kiss. Ah, so this is what Tewi smells like.

"I've already decided to be by your side. Will do the same for me?"

There is a small almost undetectable nod before she says something.

"First you'll have to get stronger. Don't let it get to your head that you defeated that weak fox. I'll even give you some pointers." Tewi swings her arms and starts splashing the water everywhere. You let go when you get a face full of water.

"Hey, I think I did pretty well. Let me show you a few of the moves I pulled off." You play pretend as you shift handfuls of water towards her as well.

"Not bad, but you'll need a little more bulk on that thin body of yours. Look, you're already getting tired, no where near enough stamina to keep up with me. Nyehehe."

The back and forth between you two ends up leaving the tub half full of water. The sounds of giggles and laughter that come from the both of you fill the inn. The two of you dry off near the fire in the main entrance way after relaxing again.


You hang up the newly acquired clothes, in addition to yours, over the fireplace after arranging some things to prop up things. Droplets from the damp clothes continue to drip. It will probably be a few more hours until they completely dry. In the meantime you'll be wearing your spare that you had brought along.

You peak out the corner of your eye as Tewi puts on one of your tops. The bruise in the center of her ribcage doesn't look as bad as it sounded, youkai are surprisingly resilient. She looks over to you and picks up the strips of pink cloth that were her dress, there was no saving it after inspecting it more closely. A shame really.

"Your head is still bleeding." She takes the long lengths of pink and begins wrapping it around your head. You let her do what she wants as you bend your body closer to the ground so she can reach.

"I'll be fine, it's not as bad as before." You would like to shrug it off but when you try to move your muscles ache in pain. You haven't really pushed your body like that since you were a small child. It would probably be worse if you didn't do any traveling at all.

"Looks like we'll have to stay for a bit, I don't mind. We have the place to ourselves after all." She hastily plants a kiss on your forehead. "I'll get the beds ready." She scampers off into the other rooms in the inn.

It seems like it will be a day or so before both of you have had enough time to fully recover.


Sorry about taking so long to update, just been busy with work. No choices this time but I hope it's still enjoyable.
>> No. 25965
Wow, that's all I'd have to say.
>> No. 25967
File 13944363649.png - (84.61KB, 620x752, c138b4c33a47b2e44c23de6822b275cad8639110.png) [iqdb]
Stop it you erotic bunny. Being that sexy is against the law.
>> No. 25969
Looking forward to the next update.
>> No. 25970

Yes, but you see, Tewi never studied law. Holy crap, Tewi and Bugs Bunny are so similar. How did I not notice this earlier?
>> No. 25971
I don't think such laws exist at the time of the story.
>> No. 26002
File 140712482079.png - (263.63KB, 800x500, gf13k6tu5uy805yd5ps0.png) [iqdb]
The moon beams from high in the sky, it distances itself from the enclosed courtyard below. A standing pond mimics the vast midnight, it is only interrupted by a red lacquered ceder bridge. A set of foot paths remain spotless despite the nearby trees being barren of leaves. The waxing gibbous illuminates all with it's silver grace. Things hidden from view still receive the blessing. Beneath the roof of the large mansion and through the paper thin walls, even the guarded sanctuary of a room still catches some through the slightly parted door.

The soft sound of cloth rustling can be heard in the silence of the night.

"Have you returned again, Eihi?"

"Did I leave? My wheel has been turning for a while now. Do I look broken?" She examines herself with a subdued curiosity. It is easy to get the impression that she had just forgotten about herself until now.

"I suppose I should be used to your antics by now. I meant that you have returned to my room, my home..." The girl continues to examine the look on the blank cat's face for a bit. Then with a bit of a sigh, expresses a few more words. "My bed."

"Oh, the soft looking one, I'm still impressed on how soothing it feels. If I lay down in it long enough even I would feel like falling asleep." She eagerly eyes it by just peaking over the ledge of the shelf she lie on. She flicks her tail back and forth low to the surface.

"Sorry, but it won't be around for long."

"What?! You don't have to be jealous, we can both share."

"Even if you weren't a problem, it still has to go."

"Oh, is that why you're still up?.

"I've been preparing all this time and now I finally have a chance. I'll actually be doing something, unlike my content brothers and sisters." She says so with conviction as she shakes her balled up fist next to her waist. Her fierce demeanor quickly turns to uncertainty for a split second before masking it with a half-command, "If you want, you can come too. I guess it wouldn't be too bad to have company along the way."

"I've never traveled before and with a princess even."

"Don't call me that." The girl snaps at the cat, her glowing eyes widen at the whispered yell. With a few taut pulls of cloth she finishes the final touches on her wardrobe. "Hurry up or you'll be left behind." The door to the room quickly slides open and shut. The orange glow quickly fades from the corners and flats of the furniture and interior. The room is cut off completely and not even the calming light of the moon can reach it now.


The sharp rays of the sun creep over you as you continue to lie down in the comfort of such soft covers. The conflicting warm light and cool breeze seeping through the cracked walls irritates your already throbbing headache. Dull pain from the previous day prods at your body as you stir. A soft sound from your stomach lets you know that it still exists. You are practically forced awake from all the nuisances. There was little time for anything before the fatigue stole you away last night.

Turning to your side, you glance at the empty space that Tewi was sleeping in. It makes you wonder if it was actually slept in or just casually tossed about like a storm passed through. The top cover lie folded chaotically over and through itself while being a sizable distance from anything else. Each piece nowhere near its intended place or state.

Your sapped vigor has returned through rest and prevents you from going back to sleep. A restless feeling begins to loom the longer you continue to idle about. No use trying to avoid the soreness, some light activity would do some good to loosen some muscles.

Shifting your weight back and forth to your legs, you try to stand up. It ends with a few failures as your body attempts to adjust. With a final grunt, you manage to upright yourself fully then reach towards the ceiling. Testing your range of motion and stretching, you find out that you are still mostly intact. There is some dull pain in your right arm and in the joints of your legs. By yesterday's end, it felt like you should have ended up a lot worse. You are thankful that nothing is seriously injured. It may be a little tough moving around like you want but there is no real rush. First stop is the bathroom, you feel unclean when you were forced to skip washing up last night.

You freshen up with a basin of water. You loosen the pressure that wraps around your head. Small flakes are chipped away as you peel it. There is a tightness in your heart as you see the state of the pink dress. Just in scraps and covered in blood. You need to make a new set for Tewi later, when you have the materials. While you would like to see her prance around in that suiting pink dress, you'll have to settle with just something quick and simple. That's the most important goal before moving on, getting something together so that Tewi can walk into town with you. With a few splashes to the face you let your mind assemble today's agenda. It feels nice to wash away the traces of sweat and blood left over from yesterday. Recover, clothes, and prepare is what today should boil down to. Now is the time to cover your wounds with something more suitable for the job. Scrounging around you find something that could be considered a bandage. A neatly folded pile of white cloth wraps are set in the corner, that will do. You secure it around your head and cut it to size. One less thing to worry about.

You make your way to the back door and with a step outside, the crisp air enters your lungs as you glance at the surroundings in detail. The impacts against the ground from the battle will probably be around for a few seasons. Charred remains of grass in rough circular splashes are scattered here and there from the fox fires. The crinkling and crackling springs from beneath as you approach the dispelled post with your lodged metal sliver sticking from the top. It takes some back and forth but eventually you free it from its wood confines. Letting it shift around freely in your hand, it feels a little off. The weight is lacking and the keen tip it used to have has dulled. There was one more that you lost.

"Hmmm, I was around here." You replay your steps from yesterday and fling your hand outwards. "Was it like this?" All you remember is the pain on your hand. It could have been tossed in several directions. So instead you just scan the general area. Minutes pass as you let the ground seep into your eyes. You search for the hint of the thin dark material amongst the muddled greens and dark browns. It is shortly interrupted by a grumble. A familiar sound, commonly interrupting your work, reminds you that you need life giving nutrients. With a sigh you stop and make your way inside. The one that was rescued is returned to its case. Six out of seven, that's fine for now.

A simple stoke and a gentle breath is enough to stir the embers on the dying fire. You nurture it enough with small strips to add larger cuts and soon it reaches its former glory.


You glance up frozen at the opening leading to the kitchen. A long and low sound of the heavy wooden door scraping against its tracks encompasses all of your focus. Such a simple indication but it can mean so much. Why do you have this tinge of dread wash over you? Why is your hand reaching for your skewers? There is the feeling of hate, disgust of having no control. There is but a easy solution to this problem. The desire to seek more power fills your mind while waiting for what walks through that doorway.

"Oh, you're awake?" Tewi peeks around the corner with a muted footstep. "I got a few things!" She fully appears with a carefree smile that matches her attitude about lack of clothes.

"I just woke up and I see you have been busy." It's quite a relief that it's just Tewi and not the foxes returning for revenge. With her nearby at least you can feel safe. Now that you have been introduced properly to the world of youkai your eyes have been opened. You notice the large basket filled with an assortment of plants and food.

"This one is specifically for you." Tewi plops down the weaved container and clasps onto a fish. Her grip with both hands cannot even fit around the width of the body. "Well, what do you think? I'm going to make sure you eat it all." Your soon to be breakfast limply writhes as she shakes it at you. Its tail is long enough to smack against her exposed belly with a vigorous pop. Many of the bruises and scratches seem to have faded, they were a lot worse yesterday.

"That is a pretty big fish, how did you even manage to get it?" You wave her towards you so that you can get a better look. At the fish of course, sometimes it's hard to not lose focus when Tewi does such pronounced things. "Based on yesterday I can say that you definitely can but the actual way you do it is a mystery."

"Well first you have to stand in the river. Be still like a rock and let the water flow over you." She motions for you to hold the fish. You let it rest in your outward held palms so it lies flat. "Clear your mind and become one with nature." She closes her eyes and holds out her hands similarly to how you did. There is a light purse on her mouth as she breathes deeply, her petite chest rises and lowers slowly as the air flows between her lips."And then a fish will jump into your arms."

"..." Several seconds pass by as you just wait. Tewi eventually peeks through her right eye and beckons you with a slight gesture of her head. Simultaneously the tips of her fingers flex. You play along and plop the river dish back into her care. "I should have known, such harmony and grace even while hunting."

"I'm glad to have found somebody that understands." Her attention turns to the fish. "Such a noble and selfless friend, I'll remember this for at least a day." She gives a self satisfied nod. "You should be thankful as well. Nyehehe."

"You shouldn't play with food but I suppose I should cook for you in appreciation for your hard work instead of scolding you."

"I'm looking forward to it." The fish is given to you once again so that you may begin.


Surprisingly the kitchen is well stocked, you guess that there are some things that you can't fake. In the end you manage together a respectable breakfast, the prepared fish, some rice, and a miso soup. They nicely stack up onto the trays which you bring out on two sets.

"Oh, impressive! Will you spin around as well?" Tewi is huddled against the table as she enjoys the dry heat from the flames.

"Maybe next time, when I'm less broken." You kneel down and place the meal in front of her. A moment later you set your place across from her. The two of you begin to eat, it feels good to watch Tewi devour what you made. Even if her table manners aren't the best. "I was looking around earlier, did you destroy all those trees?"

"It was probably about half and half. There would have been less damage if it weren't for that illusionist fox. They are the worst."

"Fighting her was scary at first but I got more confident the longer it went on."

"She probably would have beaten you if she just punched you. Too proud to just say her magic failed." Tewi takes a few more bites. "Mm-You would definitely die if you got hit." She talks while halfway finishing her mouthful.

"I couldn't just stand around and watch you get beat up like that. In the end we won, that's all that matters right?"

"You only won because you got lucky. I would rather you be a coward then to gamble your life like that. Not unless you are 100% sure you are going to win." She stops eating and gives you her full attention.

"But it looked like you were going to-"

"I won't lose to a bunch of foxes, or anything else for that matter, guaranteed." Tewi might be tougher than she looks but the last fight looked like she was having a hard time. "I'll be mad at you if you jump in like that again."

There is silence looming over the rest of the meal, the atmosphere doesn't give you a chance to put in another word on the topic. As you watch her focus completely on her food, it seems like there is a lot on her mind. Distracting her would probably give her some relief, you needed her to resize the foxes clothes anyway.

"Tewi?" She looks up for a second but doesn't say anything. "I still need to get your clothes ready. Do you feel like working on them with me?"

"I suppose, what do you need me to do?" Talking about clothes seems to catch her attention, there is a little more pep and curiosity in her words.

"Just wear some clothes for a bit. It's easier for me to adjust when you tell me how it feels." She agrees with a small nod.

"I'll help clean up and then we can go into the other room." Hastefully, Tewi picks up her tray and puts it in the kitchen. It's perplexing how she can change moods like a switch, perhaps she is excited. With a quick pluck, she pulls the dark blue clothes from the line above the fire and quickly moves to the bedroom. You catch up after putting away your dishes. "It smells like wet fox." Tewi scrunches her nose as she puts on the dark blue garbs. The entirety of her body is hidden away by the cloth veil. Loose fitting sleeves drape far past her hands. "Can you make this shorter? I won't be able to move in this thing."

"Just give me a moment. I haven't even started yet." You pull out your trusty tools from the inside of your clothes. A few pins are placed into your mouth as you brush aside your bangs. Kneeling down brings you to Tewi's head level. "Actually, can you stand on the table?"

"Lift me up, it's too baggy and I might trip." She reaches up towards you, in which you comply and hoist her the short distance.

After letting Tewi step off of the clothes tucked beneath her feet, you begin to shape the fabric with practiced movements. Shifting back and forth between levels lets you place pins to temporarily hold the changes in place. Each refinement makes it closer to Tewi's small form. As requested, you fold the long skirt segment to just above her knees to make it less restrictive.

"Is that better Tewi?" A judgmental look is on her face as you peer upwards, she shifts her legs back and forth when she walks in place. Not satisfied, she pulls it higher and higher until its on her hips. Just inches away from your face she reveals herself with a wiggle. Quickly you stand up, you can feel your cheeks hot with blood.

"It's the best when it's way up here but then I would be better off wearing nothing." With several small pats she places it back down. "Where it was before will do fine." Tewi just watches you and acts like nothing happened, all with a knowing smile. She is playing dirty and probably testing your limits. It's unfortunate for her but she doesn't understand how cloth can be influenced.

"Let's finish the rest then." You create several indentations with your fingertips and twist your wrist in a spiral motion to create a certain flow of the fabric. The unpredictable mess of fabric straightens out in accordance with where you placed your fingers. A calculated tug runs a ripple-like wave through your canvas of work. Out of the corner of your eye, you watch Tewi's eyes light up as you manipulate the material to slide over her chest. Her confusion transforms into determination once you go through a few iterations. You're certain that she figured out what you were doing after the third or forth attempt but ended up trying to ignore it. The fine material will let you keep going without it chafing her, at least for a while.

Tewi's resilience is impressive, it should feel like being tickled with a fine plumed feather. The only signs that it's even working is the intense blushing and the short regulated breathing that escapes her pursed lips. Her closed eyes probably allows her to focus her mind but they wince tight with each pass. Now that she is only focusing on herself you are given a chance to be more blatant. There had been short gaps for her to recollect herself in between but if she can survive a final assault you will admit defeat. An absurd thought passes through your mind, perhaps you can adapt 'that' skill.

It's something stupid you developed while you were a child. A technique that has no practical use and created only out of boredom, being able to constantly move a piece of cloth for a long period of time with one hand. Initially it was used to just watch bugs traverse in place over the rolling hills of fabric but the more you practiced it the more calming you found it. Like the mechanical windings of the clock you use your fingers to wrap up folds which extend how long you can displace the cloth. Each loop increases the time, depending on how fast you move them, but they drop off one by one until you let go. Eventually, you reached the point where you could keep it constantly moving to upwards of one minute.

"Good luck Tewi." You silently give your respects to a fine duelist.


In your mind you begin the timer, you hold in one hand the windings and keep the fabric taut across Tewi with the other. It moves excruciatingly slow, traversing the few inches as long as it would take to walk a mile. Twenty seconds in, the sound of staggered breathing whispers into your ear but she doesn't give in. Maybe this level isn't enough, a sudden thought crosses your mind. A planted seed of doubt, is this her power? Tewi remains formidable even while defenseless. It's time to commit to one tactic, it will be...

[]She'll never survive the entire minute, wear her away like a river rock.
[]Burn through all the remaining loops to mix it up, it will throw her off guard.
[]Activate spell card -- Gentle Tailor "Perpetual Silk Road"!


I bring to everyone a new update, even has a choice this time. It is the most important decision in the entire story. Anything with Tewi is. For anyone that has stuck around I want to say thanks, I'm in it for the long haul and it's only a matter of time before I finish.

No need to sit and stare, hoping that the rabbit at the keyboard finished the next segment, I suggest putting the /eientei/ RSS feed to good use. Not sure if many of you knew this already but it made it easier for me to keep track of the site. And any questions or remarks are always welcome.
>> No. 26003
[x] Burn through all the remaining loops to mix it up, it will throw her off guard.

I'm glad this isn't dead.
>> No. 26004
[x]Burn through all the remaining loops to mix it up, it will throw her off guard.

I think it'll take her off guard.
>> No. 26005
[X]She'll never survive the entire minute, wear her away like a river rock.

Wb L&L.
>> No. 26006
[x]She'll never survive the entire minute, wear her away like a river rock.
>> No. 26007
[X]She'll never survive the entire minute, wear her away like a river rock.

I'd love to see a little more exposition and dialogue, so taking as long as possible is what I'm voting for. Not really sure how I feel about the action scene we read recently, it felt a little like it lacked proofreading; you do set an interesting scene, though.
>> No. 26008
[X]She'll never survive the entire minute, wear her away like a river rock.

She already has staggered breathing, so maybe she won't survive the entire minute.
>> No. 26009
Going to call the votes now so I can get working on the next update.

Glad to be back.

Thanks for letting me know, I usually proofread most of my writing myself which is prone to the phenomenon of reading what I want instead of what is on the page. I came up with a new method for going over it, so hopefully I can reduce the number of errors.
>> No. 26010
hope you're right, but I sense that she'd get used to it and endure it under your plan. But seeing how it won, I hope I'm wrong.
>> No. 26011
[]She'll never survive the entire minute, wear her away like a river rock.

Glad to see your back man, just found this story today, happy to see it being worked on again!
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