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File 128872989581.jpg - (241.15KB , 1021x1200 , Post 21c.jpg ) [iqdb]
22684 No. 22684
Previous Thread: >>19231
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>> No. 22685
The alarm rang in my head, and I immediately jumped out of bed. For some reason, I had a lot of energy this morning. Seikatsu was awake too, so I popped in to say hello. Good morning, Seikatsu.

Mornin', Shin! Seikatsu was singing her words, so she was certainly happier. I wonder why, though? I shrugged it off after a moment, and decided to see if Mokou was up.

My alarm woke me up at the right time: 5:30 a.m. I wanted to wake up earlier so I could see if I could help Mokou with something in the morning; you know, do my part to mend the relationship. It wouldn't be right if he did all the work.

Funnily enough, as I walk out of the room, I catch Mokou coming down the stairs with a tired look on his face and his hands over part of his face, as if he had just yawned. Before he's finished descending the stairs, I've probably found out his favorite color: red. His clothes look like they've been bought white and then had something red - whatever it is - splashed all over it. Well, I can't fault him for his poor taste in fashion, he does live alone.

"Good morning, Shin." Oh, Mokou noticed me. I return the greeting and we head our separate directions: me to the trough to wash my hands, and Mokou seemingly to the kitchen.

As I washed my hands, I realized something: Mokou's voice was oddly cheerful, but I didn't exactly think much of it. After all, we did have that talk last night.

But my day was about to get a LOT worse.

I leave the bathroom, only to come face-to-face with Keine, which shocks me. I thought she only came every other day, and I declare my shock at seeing her.

"Uh, Shin, what are you talking about? It has been two days since I last visited. Excuse me, Shin, I need to take a shower."

Keine walks past me and closes the door, but I'm stuck in place, speechless. Okay, what's going on here...

Seikatsu's giggles and rancorous laughter echo in my head, and I decide to ask her. "Seriously, Seikatsu, what's going on here?" Unfortunately for me, she continues her hysterical giggles, with the occasional snort here and there. Well, I'm not getting any answers from her any time soon.

There's really only one person I can ask now. Mokou.


Mokou and I were seated at our usual seats at the food table, but the food was still being prepared. I had asked him to sit down while I explained what I thought and what I thought was happening.

"Eh. I'm not sure what's going on with you, Shin. Sounds to me like you just forgot everything that happened yesterday." Mokou's eyes told me that he wanted to believe me but was unsure as to how everything was going on. I told him to give me a moment while I mulled everything over.

[ ] Ask Mokou some more questions; he's the only one that tried to help you out on the first go.
[ ] Wait for Keine to finish showering, then ask her to join you.
[ ] See if Seikatsu has stopped laughing long enough to help.

[ ] Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle.
- [ ] Answer
>> No. 22686
[x] Ask Mokou some more questions; he's the only one that tried to help you out on the first go.

I really don't know what to choose, so I go for Mokou.
>> No. 22687
[x] Ask Mokou some more questions; he's the only one that tried to help you out on the first go.

Seikatsu probably won't cooperate for a bit longer.
>> No. 22688
[X] Wait for Keine to finish showering, then ask her to join you.
>> No. 22689
[x] Ask Mokou some more questions; he's the only one that tried to help you out on the first go.

We'll have to squirm for a bit. Then hopefully Seikatsu will stop giggling long enough to help us.

And God, Shin's view of the world is so lovably innocent.
>> No. 22690
[x] Ask Mokou some more questions; he's the only one that tried to help you out on the first go.

Goin' with the tide, just goin' with the tide… oh, who am I kidding?
>> No. 22695
[x] Ask Mokou some more questions; he's the only one that tried to help you out on the first go.
>> No. 22716
Update will be late this week; I have school applications, loan paperwork, sushi classes, and game design meetings all today, tomorrow, and Wednesday.
>> No. 22717
>Update will be late this week

As long as it happens.
>> No. 22733
Which week did you mean?
>> No. 22734
The previous one.

Admittedly, I missed last week's update. No excuses, I just missed it. Sorry, guys.
>> No. 22832
First things first: I want to see if Mokou has any idea as to what could have caused it. Unfortunately, it seems that Mokou doesn't know by the way she audibly thinks, and her response is just as conclusive. "I don't know, Shin, I've never heard of such a thing. You woke up, and you thought it was yesterday."

I answer in the affirmative. The experience of my realization was slightly jarring, as if I had woken up from a nauseating dream. None of it seemed to be real, and even talking to Mokou was making me feel floaty. Still, I wasn't about to man down and go back to bed. I had been doing a lot of that lately, even for my liking, so I sauntered forward - as forward as a half-deluded man could travel.

"Well, I actually may know someone who could help, Shin." Both Mokou and I turn to face Keine, who was in the kitchen trying to prevent Mokou's food from burning. Mokou's face of panic and agility added a smile to my face, the first in what felt as such a long time, even though I was positive I was smiling the day before.

Keine knows someone. I wonder what kind of person is he-

"She's the most knowledgeable person I know." Great, another female. I didn't handle talking to females very well, though you wouldn't have known it from the way I talked to Reimu and Keine. Or Seikatsu. Speaking of which...I should make an excuse to get out of the house. Seikatsu doesn't want anyone else to know of her existence, so might as well act loopy where no one can see me.

"Well, she won't be home today, she's actually on a trip. She'll be back next week, however." Well, there goes that idea, Keine. "If you'd like, I can show you the place."

Okay, let's try something else. This clearly isn't going anywhere.

"Yes, there's a lake north of here. Why do you ask?"

And now a fake reason.

"Seems alright. After we eat, Mokou can take you there. I want to clean up her house anyways, so that's a perfect time to do so."

Don't you mean 'he', Keine? Oh well.

"I want you home by supper, though. Youkai get more active then so I don't want to see you killed." Keine's final words almost force an eye-rolling from me, but I don't respond more than necessary.

And Seikatsu is still laughing.


I learned a few things about Mokou during our walk. I had first learned that Mokou wasn't a native of Gensokyo; he said that he had stumbled onto the barrier and had crossed with the help of some mysterious forces. Learning to adapt was simple for him, but it took time to integrate with the people.

He also said that he was learning to fly, since he was new to this area and figured that he should learn how to fly, like a lot of people did. I had stated what Keine had reiterated to me regarding humans and flight, and his response was one of disbelief. "Wait, so I've been spending time learning how to do something I can't do?" I quickly reminded him that Keine could fly and was human herself, so there was still a chance that he could learn it too.

Mokou responded with a sigh, "But she's special. She's an important person, and important people get power."

The conversation had stopped at that point, but I had learned enough about Mokou to formulate my own ideas.


After about two hours, we arrived at Misty Lake, a lake about half an hour north of the Field of Summer. It earned its name, Keine (via Mokou) had said, from the large mists that were semi-transparent only when they weren't bunched together as they often seemed to do. One could look from one end of the lake and face the direction of the other, and not see the end.

And yet, the mists were very calming to the touch, and on more than one occasion, humans from the village would see apparitions of a fairy with wings that seemed to glisten in the sunlight and were cool to the touch. Mokou bade me farewell and started to walk off, while I headed for one of the many docks and got into the boat there.

Mokou had instructed me that the boats were intended for solitude in the lake and for quiet, relaxing reflection (in both senses of the word). Of course, that meant I was not to damage to boats unless I plan to fix them. Having had experience with boats, I definitely didn't see any drawback to using them, as anything that didn't rip the boat to shreds I could fix with my danmaku tools.

And so here I was. The Misty Lake, a place of serene introspection. This was the perfect place to talk to Seikatsu.

[ ] Relax a little more
[ ] Drift off to sleep accidentally
[ ] Get down to business


I should also mention I posted the (admittedly short) short of Cirno on the previous thread.
>> No. 22836
[x] Get down to business

Have I mentioned how much I love Shin? Because I do.
>> No. 22839
Let's [X] Get down to business

to defeat the gender confusion.
>> No. 22880
Alright, time to get down to business. "Hey, Seikatsu."

Seikatsu had been laughing until I tried to hail her attention, to which, in my mind's eye, she turned around, faced with a sullen face and said one word: "What."

"Look, can I talk to you for a moment? It's rather lonely out here, and I want to take my mind off the fact that I'm in a boat. Alone." I had to give a no-nonsense answer, I felt, it was the only way to show her I was serious.

"Well then. If you put it that way...no." Go fig.

"Can't you just talk to me normally today?" The one-word answer from Seikatsu reverberated again, and I got understandably mad.

"Fine. I guess I'll have to make you. I mean, after all, I know a little secret of yours."

"Psh. You don't know anything, do you?"

"Oh, but I do."

I reached for my formerly blank spellcard. Having seen Seikatsu enough times in my dreams, I was able to draw her as accurate as humanly possible. Seeing what I was about to do, Seikatsu quickly threw on the brakes, trying to physically prevent me by taking over my body. It didn't work as well as she'd hoped, as she was thrown back by what appeared to be my mind's barrier. "Fuck!" I quickly threw the spellcard up and called out its name in the small timeframe that Seikatsu's stunned form wouldn't move.

Human Sign 「Birthing of a God」

The spellcard, instead of dissipating, suddenly grew until it became a flaming ball of fire above me, which slowly but surely started to rise into the air. I wasn't sure what to do with it until I saw I had an arrow and bow in my hands. Quickly, before anyone took notice, I aimed and shot the arrow at the ball. The ball stopped moving upward, cracked, then opened, releasing Seikatsu, who promptly fell into the lake. My failure to wince said it all.

I had done it. I had wanted to see Seikatsu face to face for the longest time, and now I could. Except it didn't look like she was resurfacing.


Back on the boat, Seikatsu was ringing out her hair, facing the dock, while I was putting my underwear and shorts back on, facing the other way. I never really understood why people in dramatic situations (as Keine had told my class) kept their clothes on when they dove in. It's extra baggage, it's uncomfortable to wear afterwards, and you end up getting sick most of the time. I took the time to take off everything but my shirt before jumping in, and boy am I glad I did the right thing. I may not be able to swim well, but in emergencies I'm a lot more focused.

[ ] Wait for Seikatsu to finish drying before talking
[ ] Try starting a conversation with Seikatsu
[ ] Remain silent and wait for her to talk first
>> No. 22881
[x] Remain silent and wait for her to talk first

We do have all day.
>> No. 22883
[x] Wait for Seikatsu to finish drying before talking

I'm curious as to what she looks like; I get the feeling she isn't in a cat form now.
>> No. 22885
[X] Remain silent and wait for her to talk first

Let her fume for a bit.
>> No. 22886
[Ⓡ] Remain silent and wait for her to talk first

I sure do hope she's not a timed spellcard.
>> No. 22888
[x] Wait for Seikatsu to finish drying before talking
>> No. 22972
[x] Remain silent and wait for her to talk first

I wonder how many guys would love to be in my position right now. My back is turned, sure, but there is definitely a girl behind me changing her shirt. From what I already know from seeing her in action in my head, she's not flat-chested by any definition of the word, and those guys would enjoy the temptation that being where I am right now comes from.

But that's not me.

Seikatsu hasn't been with me long, sure, but for the time she has she's been annoying, bratty, confusing, and downright enigmatic. Perfect grounds for an older sister. I was an only child, and I've always wanted a sister, so here's one fulfillment of my wishes.

Okay, so I'm rambling. There's not much I can think about when I'm waiting for her to say something first. If I wasn't 100% sure that I'd probably annoy her by initiating the conversation (she likes to be in control), I'd have broken the vocal silence. There's actually plenty of noise around - the birds chirping in the trees, fairies nearby noisily being rebirthed, and the sound of water quickly leaving Seikatsu's wet shirt and diving into the lake. Why'd it have to be white?

"You don't have to be modest around me, Shin."

I turn around and I'm greeted with a rather weird sight: Seikatsu. With her long black hair wrapped in a wet ponytail, her shirt wringing still continuing, my button-down shirt fitting rather nicely on her, and her skirt. I'm not sure even how to describe that skirt. I'm guessing it was just a flannel skirt that was tie-dyed with red and orange, as there are way too many blotches...

"Bloodstains." Even though Seikatsu knew where I was looking at, she, throughout this entire time, had more attention on getting out each possible drop of water from that shirt than on looking at me. I don't blame her, though. She wasn't happy to be dragged out into the open like this.

I repeated her words, questioning on what had happened, but her lack of response told me that line of conversation was over. I sat in silence, getting a good look at Seikatsu while I waited. It was interesting, now that I got a proper chance to look at her, Seikatsu seems to be a good five inches taller than me. Unsurprisingly, I was just fine with that note.

The fiery woman in front of me, notably lacking all fire normally seen with her demeanor, finished her wringing, and I thought she was done. Instead, as nonchalantly as she had started, she laid the shirt on the boat floor to dry and reached for her skirt.

"Don't react" was her only warning as she unhooked her skirt and started wringing it, too. Great, at this pace, she was going to control the entire time she was available. Probably her plan from the start, too.

"Seikatsu, can you please give me an explanation-" A hand on my mouth stopped that route too.

"I don't feel like talking to you right now. You dropped me in the water, and the colors in my skirt are now mixed together. I'll tell you later, but now." Her voice, surprisingly, wasn't angry, just disappointed and annoyed.

[ ] Pass the time peaceably
[ ] Gawk at Seikatsu sneakily
[ ] Study your spellcards carefully
[ ] Write-In


As I mentioned in my other thread, I didn't write an update last week because I didn't have the password to my files in time (forgetfulness and all that). Sorry about that.
>> No. 22983
[x] Gawk at Seikatsu openly

You don't have to be modest around her, Shin.
>> No. 22985
On a second thought,

[X] Gawk at Seikatsu openly.
>> No. 22986
[X] Gawk at Seikatsu openly.
>> No. 22989
[X] Study your spellcards carefully

Someone needs to be the voice of reason. Not that it will stop Anon from thinking with the other head.
>> No. 23009
Update won't be happening this week, something happened out of the blue and I have to move. Packing bags in an emergency is quite annoying.
>> No. 23011
File 129315177631.jpg - (143.85KB , 1181x1748 , 15352740.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 23032
[x] Gawk at Seikatsu openly

If Seikatsu was going to be this hostile, then what's a spat of teasing going to do? I decide to stare at her. Not anywhere in particular, but just enough so that she knows that I'm staring at her. And like I thought, it got a reaction out of her. Though, it wasn't what I was expecting.

Seikatsu, in the middle of laying out her skirt to dry, responded with a few choice words. "About time. If you're a full-blooded male, the last thing a girl would want to think is that the guy in front of her is cowardly. Remember that."

Well, even teasing doesn't work. With really no other recourse than just to wait, I bided the time just by watching her go through the motions.

Eventually, she finished, and turned her back to me again. Her posture was clearly one of discomfort than one of ease, and my thoughts flip-flopped to whether my staring or my naivete was the cause.

"So, what did you want to talk about?" Seikatsu, leading the pack as usual.

I recount the day's events, barring of course the travel to the lake and what happened subsequently, and share my concerns. This takes all of ten minutes due to my inability to keep things concise, and at the end of it all she looks like she's going to fall asleep.

"Well," she starts, "let's get the bad news out of the way. You slept through yesterday."

Wait, what? That was news to me. "I've been asleep for 34 hours?"

"Mentally, yes, physically, no." This was definitely confusing. Seikatsu continued, "Basically, you experienced another day with Mokou but you will have no recollection of what happened that day."

Well, that's bad. Really bad. I'm concerned about a few things. First, what happened on that day? Secondly, is this thing normal in other people? Thirdly, is there any way to fix it? But, of course, there could be other questions that come to mind, and it doesn't look like she's willing to talk that long. I guess around two or three questions would be the limit.

(Choose 3)
[ ] What happened on that day?
[ ] Is this...experience...normal in other people?
[ ] Is there any way to fix it?
[ ] Write-In

I still can't get over how nice Seikatsu looks, if you can ignore her face. Her mostly-dried black hair has a few strands of interwoven white hair, and the way it's arranged gives her the feeling of respect, maturity, and honor. And that's just her hair. But I have to stop admiring, I called her out for a reason. I take a deep breath, and begin.


Something short since I'm still in the middle of moving in.
>> No. 23034
[x] What happened on that day?
[x] Is this...experience...normal in other people?
[x] Is there any way to fix it?
>> No. 23035
File 129388869334.jpg - (68.87KB , 322x475 , PolgaraTheSorceress.jpg ) [iqdb]
>Her mostly-dried black hair has a few strands of interwoven white hair, and the way it's arranged gives her the feeling of respect, maturity, and honor.
Hello, Pol.

>If you're a full-blooded male
As opposed to a half-blooded one?

[X] What happened on that day?
[X] Is this... experience... normal in other people?
[X] Could it turn any harmful in the long run; and if so, is there any way to fix it?

If I could, I'd have given you some of my time, since I've loads of it, but now I may only wait until you've gotten some of your own so that you can wall me.
>> No. 23038
>[X] Could it turn any harmful in the long run; and if so, is there any way to fix it?

But that would make 4 questions.

[x] What happened on that day?
[x] Is this...experience...normal in other people?
[x] Is there any way to fix it?
>> No. 23075
[x] What happened on that day?
[x] Is this...experience...normal in other people?
[x] Is there any way to fix it?
>> No. 23114

I'm not dead, just so you guys know.

Anyways, the place where I keep all of my files (stupidly only one place) has been out of service for almost a month now, and in addition I'm back in school, so what free time I have I'm studying.

Don't worry though, I'll be back tomorrow to post...something. Not an update, unfortunately, but I have found some time to work on all four of my stories (two on this site, two on another). I'll post my handwritten work since I literally have no time to type it up.
>> No. 23115

>> No. 23116
sounds like you have too much on your plate; please lessen your load some lest you burn out.
>> No. 23134
File 12961103844.jpg - (733.23KB , 1912x1616 , TheWordofOneUpdate.jpg ) [iqdb]
Here we go. Please note that this isn't an update, aka no votes. It's just proof I've been working on the story, and for The Word of One, it's a look at what might have been.

For the record, until recently, I had been doing one of these for each of the choices. It was exhausting and I appreciate the anon who said to lessen my load a bit. I will be forced to be sporadic in my updates for the next five months, minimum, until my schooling is over.

That is all. Thanks for reading.
>> No. 23136
File 129611072088.jpg - (363.46KB , 1912x1616 , RequiemofDeathsLifeUpdate.jpg ) [iqdb]
Oh, and as a bonus, I decided to include the rough draft of an update of another story I'm doing elsewhere, Requiem of Death's Life.

You can see the poems and a small-ish outline.
>> No. 23306
Nighty, mate, if you're still there somewhere, know this: I am still waiting.
>> No. 23956
[x] What happened on that day?
[x] Is this...experience...normal in other people?
[x] Is there any way to fix it?

"Well, let's start with the general gist of things; you took Mokou out on a sort of date and got to know each other better. That's really it, though I'll spare you the particulars because I feel like it." Lovely. At least she's talking now.

"Far be it from me to say, but I think she really enjoyed it, and would enjoy another one." Alright. But I had to query. Was there anything specific that was mentioned?

"Well, I could name a few, but you probably want this one. Mokou's a girl, dumbass. She acts and looks like a guy to you because she doesn't like cultural norms, and prefers to live her own way instead of abiding by another's standards."

I sat, mouth slightly agape, trying to speak and yet, failing to catch the words to do so. So, for three whole days, I had mistaken Mokou as a male. Great, what else am I missing?

"I can imagine you already know the answer to that question, but, no, this isn't normal. Then again, neither is my living in your head, so that in and of itself is a moot point." Fair enough. I still had my mind on Mokou's femaleness.

"And before you answer, no, you can't fix it. Everybody that gets a power in this world has some sort of side effect. Your past is easily consumable." I closed and opened my mouth but Seikatsu continued. "Don't ask me what it means, that's really all I know about it."

Driving the conversation forward was one of Seikatsu's charms and qualities, and despite how often I had heard her basically stringing me along, I couldn't recall an instance I had gotten mad at her for doing so.

So, we talked for a while afterward, though rather obviously the tone was much lighter and more casual. Soon enough, though, as the sun continued its journey across the sky, Seikatsu bid her farewell and I paddled myself back to shore, awaiting the arrival of Mokou.

I wondered, though,
[ ] what did Mokou do today?
[ ] what did Keine do today?

As I waited for my ride to come, Cirno passed by me. I waved to her, and on her noticing she came by and sat down right next to me, refusing to look in my direction. I greeted her with my standard greeting, only for her to emit a small gruff and turn away.

[ ] Continue to try to engage Cirno in conversation.
[ ] Play with her ice wings.
[ ] Casually mention about a rematch.


Attempting to pick up where I left off.
>> No. 23961
[X] what did Keine do today?

I wonder if she did anything strange while cleaning Shin's room?

[X] Play with her ice wings.

Smitten ice fairy teasin' gaems.
>> No. 23962
[x] what did Keine do today?
[x] Continue to try to engage Cirno in conversation.

Nice to see you back at long last!
>> No. 23965
I missed this so much!

[x] what did Keine do today?
[x] Play with her ice wings.

How often has Keine pressed the reset button?

Delicious fairy popsicles, you must lick them.
>> No. 23969
[x] what did Mokou do today?
[x] Play with her ice wings.
>> No. 23974
[x] what did Keine do today?
[x] Play with her ice wings.

Who likes to fluster touhoes? Everyone likes to fluster touhoes.
>> No. 24009
I forgot my trip code, don't worry about it.
Anyways, just posting to say that this update will be late since I'm in the Philippines at the moment.
>> No. 24010
Anyways, just posting to say that this update will be late since I'm in the Philippines at the moment.
>> No. 24011
Anyways, just posting to say that this update will be late since I'm in the Philippines at the moment.
>> No. 24012
Still that memory error, hu?
>> No. 24246
[x] what did Keine do today?
[x] Play with her ice wings.

Even though Mokou was going to pick me up, I couldn't help but turn my thoughts toward Keine. What was she doing now?

I shook my head. This ice fairy beside me reminded me of what Keine did back at the Hakurei shrine, and I shuddered to think at how her fits of rage had grown over time. Well, at least, it's way less frequent than before, and at least humans are more or less safe. But I couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was at play.

I turned to my left, and there, on the log we were sitting, was Cirno. I had grown to like the fairy, despite us being on unequal status. I inched closer to her, and as soon as she noticed she started inching away at the same speed. Well, this is interesting. She either is trying to avoid me, or Keine really did wipe her memory. I bet on the latter, so I reached out and grabbed her wings and immediately started stroking them. This was so sudden to both her and me that she fell off the log we were sitting on backward, and as I reached out I lost my balance, and we sorta tumbled backward until we reached flat ground. We both turned to face each other, looked up at the sky, and started to laugh.


"Why are you here?" It was a simple enough question, but even though Cirno was a fairy, she was a girl, and questions like that from any girl were loaded questions.

I merely told her the truth, leaving out Seikatsu as that would complicate matters further.

"Ehh, that's boring. What's the point of coming out here just to relax? Home is a place for sleeping and comfort. If I wanna have fun, I have to go out and explore!"

Heh, she did have a point. Granted, it was childlike and sort of live-for-the-moment, but it was interesting. So, what did she do today?

"I took some messages to my friends. They weren't too happy, though." All the while, Cirno was beaming bright and smiling, so this was definitely one of her tricks.

"I crystallized some roses and then had them find it, only to break when they tried to leave with them!" She was so proud of herself, puffing out her tiny chest and supporting her waist with her hands. I don't consider myself one of those fairophiles, but this was just comforting. I complemented her on a job well done, so as not to invoke another fight.

"Of course! I'm the strongest!"


"I'm going to go home, now." She pointed over to the mist over the lake, which had suddenly reformed and grown thick. "I'll see you later!"

We had talked about quite a bit more, but there really wasn't a lot of time to talk, as the sky had been darkening when she had first arrived. It was getting close to night time, and yet there was no sign of Mokou. I started to stumble back up the hill I had fallen, almost blindly. When I was certain I had reached the top, I started to walk in the direction I figured was Mokou's house, all the while wondering, what was going on with M...

I looked behind me and noticed an arrow just in front of me. The whooshing sound had come from behind me, cutting off my concentration. I was about to complain when I saw it. It wasn't even inches from the tip of the arrow. A pitfall. Someone was watching out for me.

[ ] I wish Mokou was here.
[ ] An arrow, huh? It couldn't be...
[ ] Maybe I've misunderstood Keine.
>> No. 24247
[X] An arrow, huh? It couldn't be...

>I looked behind me and noticed an arrow just in front of me.
OK, this sentance confuses the hell out of me. Shouldn't it start "I looked down"? Unless Shin's got eyes in the back of his head.
>> No. 24249
[x] I wish Mokou was here.
>> No. 24250
That's my mistake for failing to proofread well. The sentence should read:

"I looked behind me for the sound I heard, and ended up finding an arrow just in front of me."
>> No. 24251
fuck yeah updates

[x] An arrow, huh? It couldn't be...
>> No. 24252
[x] I wish Mokou was here.
>> No. 24257
[x] I wish Mokou was here.
>> No. 24258
[x] I wish Mokou was here.
>> No. 24282
[x] I wish Mokou was here.

"What the hell!" There she stood, in all her glory. A pissed-off Mokou, shouting angrily in my direction. I found it interesting, however. After all, she wasn't yelling at me, but the girl cooking behind me: Keine.

A few seconds after I noticed the arrow, I heard Mokou calling out for me. I guess I had strayed from the waiting point, so I called out to her. A youkai (although I didn't know it was a youkai then) came charging at me at that point, but before it reached me, I heard two more arrow shots, and some yelping coming from the now-visible youkai. Mokou grabbed me and immediately took off before I had a good chance to see it. Even though Mokou didn't really know how to fly yet, she tried to, and pretty much failed at it. However, I didn't know whether to laugh at it or ignore it entirely. I didn't know how Mokou would react.

She tried using amulets to propel herself off the ground, but if Reimu is any indication on the proper use of amulets, they seem to be used for fighting, not for flight. Either way, we fell as quickly as we had ascended, and as luck would have it, landed on top of Keine's house. Mokou protected me from a lot of the injuries, but the sore neck I suffered from the whiplash of landing meant I didn't land without injury.

And, right there, as we lay in the wreckage we had caused, was the owner of the house, humming cheerfully as she continued to cook. She hadn't heard us drop in, I concluded, as I (and I'm sure, Mokou behind me) lay in silence as Keine continued to cook. It was only after she turned around that she saw us.

So that's where we are now. I'm on a mattress, with a brace for my neck, while Mokou's covered with bandages on top of her clothing. I guess Mokou really is a girl, Keine wouldn't hide her injuries otherwise. It's not like I could have turned my neck away if I really wanted to, and there wasn't anywhere to dress Mokou's injuries elsewhere in the one-room house Keine owned.

As Mokou continued to yell at Keine, I turned my thoughts away from them and tried to turn my eyes toward the ceiling. The mattress was right next to the cracked floor, and I could see outside. The moon was...

[ ] Full
[ ] Half
[ ] New

It was so peaceful and serene to see a night sky that clear. It was a stark contrast to the fire that continued to rage in Mokou's words, but I was close to shutting them out entirely.

I just lay there, peaceful, without a care in the world, and easily fell asleep despite the pain in my neck.

I probably didn't care about the pain either. Too bothersome.

Yeah, it'll be gone come morning. Get some rest, Shin. It'll be a long day, tomorrow.


A/N: The vote here determines how the conversation between Mokou and Keine goes, and what Keine has to say to defend herself.

I'll try to keep my schedule regular, updating on Sundays starting next update, until further notice.
>> No. 24284
[X] Half

I hope this is the "not a one-sided thing" vote. I really do.
>> No. 24285
[X] Full.

Hell yeah, Ex-Keine.
>> No. 24286
[X] Half
>> No. 24287
[x] Full

Transmutation time. Has Shin seen Keine's werecow form?
>> No. 24291
No, he hasn't.

No matter what choice, it resolves peacefully. I'm not sure what you're asking, however.
>> No. 24292
[x] Full

Ex-Keine is awesome.
>> No. 24294
[x] Full
>> No. 24306

I was referring to the way that a lot of verbal arguments tend to turn out rather one-sidedly. (24284 here, BTW.)
>> No. 24367
[x] Full

Keine stood in place, completely tuning Mokou out. The problem with that girl, she thought to herself, was the fact she was so hot-headed. She continued to cook, knowing that all Mokou would do would be to berate and yell at her, and Keine was completely fine with that. She just had to wait for the perfect moment.


"Keine, are you even listening to me?" Mokou had finally run out of things to say, and awaited a response from the motherly schoolteacher. Only when she stopped talking and looked down did she notice that Shin was finally asleep, snoring away as if she hadn't been yelling.

"Finally." Keine continued cooking, her back toward Mokou, but her voice rang strong. "Look outside Mokou, and tell me what you see."

Mokou, not in the mood for jokes, nonchalantly stated "The town", hoping for some sort of wit. Keine, however, would have none of it.

"I meant, look through the hole you created. What do you see in the sky?" And one glance told Mokou all she needed to know.

The moon was full.

"Oh." That was all Mokou could utter, and she immediately regretted her words, as she had done countless times before.

"I couldn't come pick Shin up because of that moon. You know that, and I know that. I even left you a note in your breast pocket." Whoops. Mokou had forgotten entirely about that, and reached inside her shirt and pulled out the note from the hidden pocket inside.

Dear Mokou, it read.

I have some things I have to do today, so unfortunately I have to cut this visit short. I'm glad to have this time to catch up with you, but it's that time of month again.

Please pick up Shin. I'm leaving early so you can get a jump-start. You know what can happen if a human gets left alone at night.

Keine Kamishirasawa
His other Guardian

"You didn't have to make it all fancy, though." Mokou's smirk was evident. "What are you writing all like this, for?"

Keine casually took a sip of her soup, then continued to stir away. "The principal dropped by and he noticed the paper. Luckily, I don't write the 'Dear Mokou' until after it's done, but I ended up changing it because I didn't want him to think I was doing other secretive things. You know how well that went with Shin."

Mokou nodded her head sadly, well aware of the trials she also had fallen victim to when she had resided in the village.

"Well, you better go to sleep. I have remedial classes to teach tomorrow, and you'll need to be bright and early to get out of town before anyone notices."

"Then, you don't mind if I use your bed, then?" Mokou couldn't hide her mischievous grin.

"Don't use it for learning how to fly, and I'll be okay with it."

With that, Keine headed over to her cutting board, where a bunch of turnips lay, freshly peeled. Mokou, not wanting to stick around, carefully picked up Shin, and brought him over to Keine's bed, setting him down closer to the wall. Mokou then climbed in next to him, and started to doze off.

"Sweet dreams, Mokou."

I think...
[ ] I want Keine's recipe!
[ ] Marisa needs more screentime.
[ ] Shin's got a lot of work to do.
[ ] Cirno needs friends.
[ ] Mokou has to learn to control her temper.
[ ] Write-In

Just a simple vote on what you think. We'll continue with Day 6 right after.
>> No. 24368
[x] Mokou has to learn to control her temper.

Everything for bro-mokou. Or sis-mokou, whatever, just moar mokou.
>> No. 24369
[ ] Mokou has to learn to control her temper.
All that raging isn't good for your health, Brokou.
>> No. 24371
[x] Cirno needs friends.
>> No. 24372
[X] Cirno needs friends.

Keine erasing her memories wasn't cool at all.
>> No. 24373
[X] Mokou has to learn to control her temper.

Don't blaze me, bro!
>> No. 24378
[X] Mokou has to learn to control her temper.
>> No. 24379
[x] I want Keine's recipe!

I'm curious.
>> No. 24380
[x] I want Keine's recipe!
[x] Cirno needs friends.
[x] Mokou has to learn to control her temper.

Tenshi Hinanawi. She was a proud celestial, keeper of the Sword of Hisou, and-

"Gods, I'm bored." She realized the irony of the statement, but shrugged it off. "Yukari left me some sort of device, saying that I could turn it on and relieve myself, but I'm too lazy."

"Nyoho~ I'll do it, celestial. I'm bored too, so I might as well watch with you." Suika turned into mist and engulfed the entire television with it, and when the mist reformed, they could clearly see a program starring Mystia Lorelei.

"Eh," Tenshi muttered, her face deadpan, "that'll be more annoying than anything. I guess this thing changes the channel." She grabbed a device from above the television and started fiddling with it. In a short while, she managed to change the channel and saw Keine in an apron.

"Eh, might be good."


"Thank you for tuning in! I'm so glad you tuned in, I've always wanted to share my recipes with you all!

First things first, you might want to just look at the list of ingredients and get what you need."

1/4 cup of Shallots, minced
2 Onions, diced small
1 cup of Butter
2 cups of White Cooking Wine

4 liters of Chicken Stock
2 cups of Seasoning

Some shavings of Daikon (for decoration)
1 Baguette

Pickled Ginger, arranged into flowers

"Alright. Before we begin, I'd like to start by mentioning that you can use whatever seasoning you like. I myself prefer seasoning extracted from mushrooms because of how naturally salty it is without the excess sodium salt gives.

If you're all ready, let's begin!"


Tenshi turned back, and did a double take when she saw Suika with a vat, wood, a torch, and a full bag, out of which Tenshi could see a daikon. "You're going to cook?"

Suika shrugged. "You can't tell me you're bored of peaches." Tenshi nodded, as the little oni did have a point, and turned back toward the television.


"So, what we're going to want to do first is place the minced shallots and butter in a small pan and sweat the shallots. We don't want to burn the shallots, though, so after a minute or two, we'll toss the diced onion in. After another minute, we'll add the cooking wine."

Suika happily hummed as she dumped the immediate contents of her gourd, knowing that in a few short moments it'd be full again. White wine was great and all, but nothing beat the wine that a Wine Worm made.

"We're going to wait for that mixture to heat up and evaporate the wine, so while we're waiting, let's add Chicken Stock and Seasoning. If you're curious, I use 1/2 a cup of Mushroom Extract, a full cup of Baby Lime Juice, and 1/2 a cup of spices. Thyme, Marjoram, Italian Seasoning, and Paprika. We'll get that to a boil, and when it starts boiling, we can add the shallot mix from before.

I'll be right back with a good chicken meal, so stick around!"


Tenshi started changing the channels, searching around for something else to watch instead of the commercials. Since she didn't hear any complaints from Suika, she continued until she found a drama already in progress. Tenshi could clearly see a crying Cirno leaving a mansion, with Mokou running after her.


"I have to leave. I'm sorry." And with that, Cirno took off to the air, flying away. Mokou jumped up to try and grab Cirno, but she missed and ended up back on the ground. "Why, Cirno, why? Why can't we be together?"

Cirno stopped and turned around. "We're too different. I'm a fairy and you're a human. We're like fire and ice, there's no way we can be together."

"But that doesn't matter. I love you, Cirno!"


Tenshi changed the channel. This was getting sappy, and boredom was better than that. Suika, on the other hand, had just finished mixing the two together, and started to mix it together with a wooden whisk. After a while, she decided to go back to that drama, hoping that the sappy bits were over.


"You bastard!" Mokou's fist reached Kaguya, and sent the Lunar Princess into the wall. "What the fuck did you do!?"

Mokou started to advance slowly toward the fallen girl, Kaguya seemingly putting no resistance toward her forlorn enemy. "Why did you tell her that? We could have been lovers, friends even! What's your fucking problem?"

But before Mokou could land the decisive blow, Cirno flew in and threw her arms up as if to block the way. "You baka!" Mokou, while not phased, recognized the person in front of him.

"Stand aside!"
"No! I won't let you!"


A bunch of mini-Suikas delivered a gourd to Tenshi, and as she took a sip of it, she had to admit that it was much tastier than she was expecting. "Suika, you'll get bald if this keeps up."


"This isn't like you, Mokou!" Cirno couldn't keep her tears in again. "You'd never hurt anyone! Why are you doing this?"

Mokou, while no longer willing to fight, kept her guard up. "I can't fight you. I got so mad at Kaguya because she told you about me. I wanted so badly for something to be between us."

Cirno dropped her arms. "I'm sorry, Mokou. I can't love someone who has the gall to lie to my face."

Mokou nodded solemnly. Before she could do anything, she noticed a long, thin jewel piercing where her heart was.

"Goodbye, Mokou," said Kaguya and Cirno together in unison.


Tenshi turned the television off and turned toward Suika, who had just filled up a spare gourd with the soup. "How's the soup?"

Suika smiled. "It's nostalgic."

End of Day 5.

Author's Note:
This one was a special vote. If any option had one vote, I was gonna write about it. Anyways, this update is one day early because I need a longer break next week.

Main Routes:
- Fujiwara no Mokou (45%)
- Keine Kamishirasawa (55%)

Completed Mini-Routes:
Cirno (Happy End)

Open Mini-Routes:
- Marisa Kirisame
- Satori Komeiji
>> No. 24394
No votes wanted?
>> No. 24395
Not really, no. To be honest, I forgot to put votes, but it's not like it'll change anything.
>> No. 24435
File 131938551137.png - (273.75KB , 387x328 , Taken from Touhou EWI Intermission 1.png ) [iqdb]
Hey Shin, wake up! It's already noon!

My body feels like lead. I can't even feel my arms. Heck, I can't even open my eyes!

Why do I feel like shit, Seikatsu? Funnily enough, I didn't have any trouble seeing Seikatsu, so my mind was okay.

It's because you fell through the roof last night. Oh, right. Ugh, my head. So why can't I move?

You're still at Keine's house. That told me all I needed to know.

Keine Kamishirasawa was one of the better teachers at the school, and even after you graduated she still kept in touch with you. But it's not like she didn't have her own faults. For one, she's too focused on a single goal, and has trouble multi-tasking. She has a big problem with being nosy, and the other is the one I'm stuck in. She tends to overdo things when she panics. The reason I can't move, I realize, is because I'm wrapped in bandages from head to toe, almost to the point of mummification. I can open my eyes, thankfully, but it's still a big problem. I want to eat, move around, and get back to normalcy as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, you're stuck here all day. What? Seriously? That sucks. You won't heal otherwise.

"Shin, are you awake?" While I can't move, I can cause noise, and I mutter incomprehensibly. It's really all I can do.

"Good. I was worried that I tied the bandages a little too tight." You did, Keine! But it's not like I can say that. Can I?

[ ] Resign yourself to your fate. It's not like you can do anything else.
[ ] Try to resist, somehow. Make a lot of noise, call on Seikatsu, something!
[ ] Respond with a sigh. That might work, and she might get it.
>> No. 24436
[X] Respond with a sigh. That might work, and she might get it.

>She tends to overdo things when she panics.
I'll say. She could have gone "Oh, it's a full moon. Shin miraculouly didn't get hurt falling through the roof." Or maybe she wants him tied up for a different reason...
>> No. 24437
[x] Respond with a sigh. That might work, and she might get it.
>> No. 24438
[X] Respond with a sigh. That might work, and she might get it.
>> No. 24446
[x] Respond with a sigh. That might work, and she might get it.
>> No. 24496
File 132000253280.jpg - (202.06KB , 850x782 , Wriggle.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Respond with a sigh. That might work, and she might get it.

It's surprisingly easy to sigh when you can't move your mouth. The holes through where my nose is help.

"What's wrong, Shin?"

Now, I need to wriggle off the bed. She'll be forced to take off the bandages, and I'll be good again. I'll black out in the process though, but it's what I need to do.

I do so, and instantly hear a crack the moment I hit the floor. I assume I pass out, since I'm back in where Seikatsu normally is.

Huh, that sorta reminds me of the youkai I met before coming here, actually. I think her name was Wriggle, now that I think about it.


Wriggle wasn't as hostile as she is now. She used to like a few humans from the village. Not really romantically, but anyone who enjoyed watching fireflies at night, like about half the village did, enjoyed when she came to the edge of town. We'd sit down in a clearing at the edge of the village, enjoying the spectacle the fireflies gave us. After the fifteen-minute display, most of us would head home, while the rest would give Wriggle some food. That day, however, I came alone. Since it was going to be a festival day, most everyone was preparing or sleeping. I just wanted to see Wriggle again.

"Why don't you enjoy the night? The moon is our companion." It's what she always said to welcome us. She was a safe and friendly youkai for quite a while.

That day, I had sat down with her, alone, just minding the spectacle, when Wriggle lightly grabbed me from behind. She told me how scared she was. The festival that was being planned tomorrow was a front, I was told. Friendly youkai like here weren't bad, but were just a precursor to so much more. She even told me that Akyuu was behind all of it, and I had just nodded my head. To my recollection, Akyuu was a boy who lived in a mansion high above on a small hill, and it overlooked much of the village. I would never see him around. Whenever I did, he was always dressed in a shirt and shorts, buying fruits and the odd stacks of paper here and there.

Anyways, Wriggle didn't want to leave the village, because she enjoyed what she did for them and what they did for her. But she then let go before I could say anything. She quietly took the food I had ready to give her and departed.

In fact, the last words I heard her say was, "I won't cry. Man up, Wriggle." I hate myself for that, because I just laughed inwardly at the comment instead of taking her seriously.

Next morning, something happened. I don't know what, but Wriggle never showed her face again. I don't like festivals, so I don't participate in them, but at night I looked around and saw many dead bugs. There was so many, I was sure I could fill Akyuu's mansion with them.

Whenever I think about Wriggle, I really only have one thing I wish I could say now.

[ ] I'm sorry. I can't undo what they've done, but let me try to fix it.
[ ] Please, let go of your anger. Take it out on me, if you want. If you don't, you'll forever be angry at everyone.
[ ] Nothing in this world is forever. Move on, I'll help you make the future that you want happen.
[ ] Write-In
>> No. 24497
[X] Nothing in this world is forever. Move on, I'll help you make the future that you want happen.
>> No. 24498
[x] I'm sorry. I can't undo what they've done, but let me try to fix it.
>> No. 24499
[Z] I'm sorry. I can't undo what they've done, but let me try to fix it.
>> No. 24500
[x] I'm sorry. I can't undo what they've done, but let me try to fix it.
>> No. 24501
[X] Nothing in this world is forever. Move on, I'll help you make the future that you want happen.

Don't let regret be a stumbling block.
>> No. 24502
I can't help but to think that the village in this is VERY Xenophobic... just look what happened with Shin. For some odd reason, I feel sad.
>> No. 24504
It's all too true, sadly. If you live in any situation, all too soon you believe that's the norm.
>> No. 24508
[ ] I'm sorry. I can't undo what they've done, but let me try to fix it.
>> No. 24539
[x] I'm sorry. I can't undo what they've done, but let me try to fix it.

"Hey Shin, who are you talking to?"

I'm back in the bed with none of those oppressive bandages covering me. Thank goodness. However, it's not Keine hovering over me, with food in a spoon. It's Mokou.

I wonder what I would have thought of her at this moment if, like before, I had believed she was a guy? I opened my mouth, and Mokou started to spoon-feed me.

"Say 'ah'!"


After the entire exchange, I lay there with a full stomach and an empty mind. There was so much I wanted to ask Mokou, and yet I felt so bad for having had forgotten what happened on my fourth day there. What happened on that day? What did we do? What did I say?

Mokou, probably noticing the turmoil I was in, came over and gave only my head a hug, as she knew well how bad my injuries were.

"Is it about last evening," she questioned. I shook my head.

"Or is it about last night when we fell through the house?" Again, I shook my head.

Mokou smiled at me. If I didn't know any better, I'd have said she learned that smile from Keine. "You're worried about what happened in our date."

I nodded, managing to smile back. Something about that smile was so contagious, I felt like I had to smile back.

Mokou sat down right next to me, and patted her lap. "You might want to lie down here. This could take a while." I lifted my head, and she moved into position, sliding in behind me, her legs at my side and my head on her lap.

"I'm sorry if this feels a little weird, I'm new to this sort of thing. I hope it feels alright."

I nod in response. I was so fixated on her cute nose, I almost didn't notice when she started speaking.

"Anyways, it all started that morning..." (continued)
>> No. 24540
"Hey Mokou, let's go out on a date!" Shin suddenly asked me out out of the blue. He thought I was a guy, right? I didn't say anything to the contrary? I better have not. This mouth of mine has been more of a problem for me than ever.

I fixed a glare on Shin. It was so early in the morning; this wasn't the time for a joke.

"Don't look at me like that, Mokou. I heard from Keine that people go on dates to know each other a bit more. I don't really know a lot about you, Mokou, so what's the harm in a little date?"

Oh, Keine was SO gonna get it later.

"Alright, I got it," I responded, shooing him away from the stairs with my hand. "Just let me change out of these clothes first."

I knew I wasn't ready for anything like this. As long as he didn't know what a date really was, I guess I didn't have a problem with it. Still, though, it's rather annoying how naive he is about things.

As I got into my room, I instinctively locked it. Shin may not know I'm a girl, but I do. I look down as I undress, seeing the bindings around my chest that I now wear. It's not like I have large breasts like Keine, but I don't even want to give even the slightest hint. It's also why I'm more aggressive and seeking the Phoenix.

I decide, as I put on one of my blue short-pants, that I'll put it off a bit by having breakfast with him.


"Thank you again for breakfast, Mokou. I can't get enough of your cooking!" Shin brought his dishes to the wash plate, then went straight to the washroom. I stopped eating. I looked over to the wash plate, then back to my plate.

What was I doing? This is just some animal I'm cultivating so I can harvest him at the end of his life. It's not like Keine is planning to do any differently, and even better, she doesn't know I know.

Just think he's an animal and I'll be fine. Just think he's an animal and I'll be fine. Just...

"Hey, Mokou? I think I'm stuck!" I sighed. "Coming, Shin."


"So, Shin," I asked him, "what do you want to know more about?" We had arrived at the Eastern Plains, a place he called the Field of Summer.

"You," he stated matter-of-factly. "All I know about you is what Keine's told me, and that won't do me any good. I want you to tell me about yourself." I guess so. It's been so long that I've had a man be concerned about me or lusting after his own fetishes and desires, but maybe that's just his youth and lack of knowledge talking.

Both of us were lying down on a hill, and I had been looking at the sun, dreamily, instead of at Shin. I decided to turn toward him, and he was looking down at his shoes, subtly shaking. He wasn't sure of what to say, so I gave myself a little room between me and him and waited for him to speak.

"For starters, tell me about you. Introduce yourself." Shin's voice was confident, but it was obvious from his earlier actions that he had exhausted his options and wanted to recollect his thoughts.

He's just an animal.

"Well, I used to live in the village. You know that abandoned house over in the corner of the village?" Shin nodded. "That was my house." Shin had definitely been told the rumors, as he couldn't mask his surprise at my being the former resident there. Probably was told that it was some old hag that ate children or something stupid like that.

"Like you, I was going to be kicked out of the village at one point. But Keine found out about it, and I left preemptively so as not have it publicly declared. It was still in the newspaper the next day, and after that, I resolved I wouldn't ever be back. I ended up, over the next few days, building the log cabin that I now live in. I'm no architect, but I think I did a good job."

Shin didn't say anything for a while. I wondered if that had something to do with processing what I had said. "So," he continued, "what were you kicked out for? Did you get a power of your own too?"

I nodded. "Yeah, it was manipulation over fire, in addition to creating it. At first, people found me helpful and I wanted to do good with my power, but that village elder. I swear, he's in league with Akyuu or something."

"Akyuu?" Shin queried. "Isn't he that little boy in that mansion overlooking the entire village?"

The kid was spot on. "Yeah. I don't know if he's a little boy or not..."

"He's not a little girl, I know it!" Shin insisted. "He never wears a yukata at all the festivals, so he has to be a boy!"

Sure sure, whatever. "Anyways, every so often, one of the Hidea family has a child born with a special power. That child will never marry, and he or she will have a power inherited from a few generations back. When the use of that power is no longer needed, he or she will die.

"So, getting back to my power, the village elder figured that if I had a power I was a threat to his leadership and wanted me killed off. Usually that means just an exile from the village, where the youkai would kill you. That way, it was blood off their hands."

Shin shook his head in disgust. I don't blame him. He would've been youkai food if I hadn't come to his rescue. It was easy to see him being scared of Reisen that day. "So," he began again, "did you get spellcards?" He took out one with the picture of a hammer on it from his belt pocket and flashed it to me. For my part, I was surprised he knew about spellcards, but I guess people get spellcards when they get their abilities. I had mine way before I stayed in the village, so I guess I had better keep up the ruse.

I nodded in response, taking out one of mine with a fuse on it. "Do you wanna have a practice battle? It'd be another way you could get to know me."

Shin nodded, and we got up and moved to our positions.

"How many spellcards do you want to make this?"

"Six!" He sounded very confident for being a human. Normal humans could really only use two spellcards without tiring, so why did he think he was going to be able to last six of them? He readied himself rather quickly, but after a moment hesitated, and put one card back. I could see it had the picture of a harpy.

"Are you ready, Mokou?" Oh, shoot, I had been too engrossed in what he had been doing! I quickly pulled out my spellcards, and set up the duel walls. I had a few incomplete ones, so I made sure to grab only the six I needed. Luckily enough, I had six ready to go.
>> No. 24541
Meister of Infernos
Mokou of the Fujiwara Clan


Seeker of Ebullient Truth
Shin Matsuya

He quickly pulled out a spellcard.

Construction Sign 「Building of the 300-Year Wall」

My declaration is only seconds behind his.

Wish 「Mythical Blazing Bird」

"A Chinese spellcard, Shin? Let's see if a Wall can stand up to my fire!"

But it wasn't a wall that was being created. I looked carefully over Shin's head at the spellcard name, and realized he was summoning the tools used to make that wall instead. Those tools were probably so old they'd be ready to splinter!

I readied myself, since this was an immobile spellcard. I created a Phoenix made of fire, and sent it at Shin. It would leave a trail of fire behind, and once the Phoenix dissipated, they'd all explode, sending bullets flying everywhere.

But, because I couldn't move, Shin was able to dodge before throwing two of his tools at me. They were huge, and as predicted, they exploded in a danmaku shower. Thankfully they didn't do a lot of damage, but I knew I wouldn't be able to take too many of these. I sent another Phoenix his way while he was charging, and he had to dodge, preventing him from making more.

I twirled in place, and set two Phoenix trails, one for where he was and one for where he would be. As he dodged the first one, he jumped right into the trail of the next one and took a hit, ending his spellcard. The benefit of stationary spellcards was that if you won you got to keep using your spellcard instead of having it dissipate.

Shin called out his next one.

Praetor Sign 「The Many Faces of Eve」

I think I've read that book before. The different personalities that a woman has and has to live with. Multiple Personality Disorder, huh? How many can you summon? Shin creates six masks, and I frown. That's it? Then again, he is a normal human.

I continue with my Phoenix trails, but his masks seem to cut through my danmaku. Instead of leaving danmaku trails on their own, they cancel out enemy danmaku while being danmaku themselves. Pretty good. Too bad there's only six of them, though.

I could easily dodge them, but again I'm in a stationary spellcard, so that's my weakness. Sure enough, he connects enough times to finish off my spellcard.

"Hey Mokou, why is my spellcard still working?" Oh, Shin didn't know.

"It's because you have to stand still for your spellcard. To make up for the fact you can't move, you get to continue using it if you win."

My turn.

Fujiwara Clan 「Flaw of Forgiveness」

I swing to the side, dodging the first few masks while sending rebouding amulets down towards Shin's wall. Since he can't move, he'll definitely get hit, but the fact that I only hit him once every pass means I might not do enough damage before I get hit by the masks. The fact that the masks cancel danmaku might make this even harder.

After a good solid minute, I notice some of the masks are starting to crack. So they're danmaku, but they act like slaves. That makes this easier on me. His card times out before I manage to defeat him, and he falls to the ground, probably tired from controlling the masks. I knew it, two cards is your limit. My card ends as well, but I don't pull out a third card quite yet. There's no way he's done, so I decide to taunt him.

"Shin, I think you proved your point. But you're done. Tired after only two spellcards?"

I had only planned to taunt him a little while before stopping the fight, but he quickly stood up, reinvigorated. He threw his third card up in the air as I hastily grabbed mine.

Construction Sign 「Materialism」

Tsukumogami 「Soul Stealer」

He wields the same hammer I saw him throw in his first spellcard, but now he's hitting a piece of wood in front of him, sending splinters of danmaku everywhere. He's definitely from a carpenter's family.

Thankfully, these splinters don't seem to cancel my danmaku, so good thing I opted for a stationary spellcard. A beam of light connects from me to Shin, and from my back where the beam would go through, danmaku pours out of me and rebounds off the walls, accelerating like gravity would towards Shin, as if he was on the ground and I was in the air. I like this spellcard because it's the only one that makes me feel like I'm flying, even if I'm not.

But in my haste, I had grabbed the wrong one. This spellcard pulls me closer to him over time, so while I may move I'm still attached to him, and the more he moves the more the splinters come closer and closer. Damn it. I'm supposed to be good at danmaku fights!

"2-2 with three cards down, Mokou! What's next?" Shin almost seems to be taunting back, mimicking my earlier haughty self.

I grabbed the card I had intended to use.

Legend 「Xu Fu's Journey」

"Oh no you don't!"

Mortal 「Dying Soul -Evermore-」

Before I could get my slaves going, I found myself paralyzed. Shin was wielding a danmaku hammer, but as he slashed at me, I felt it going through me like a sword would.

"What was that?" I had never seen anything like this before.

Shin shouted back. "It's a counter spellcard. I can't use it on the first or last spellcards of the battle, but it's an active spellcard that cancels out your spellcard. Look around you. Isn't it beautiful?

I did as he said, noticing the shape of a lotus around me. I braced myself, knowing that the incoming danmaku would hurt.

"These would be my bomb spellcards if I decided to duel projectile-style."

I nodded. The kid had some pretty good tricks. "So, it's 3-3, four cards down?"

"Yup." Short but sweet. You know what I like, Shin.

I pulled out a weaker spellcard, expecting Shin to counter this one too.

Truth Sign 「No Honesty」

Sure enough, Shin pulled out a counter spell-card.

Justice 「Nirvana Denied」

This time, as my card rose into the air, Shin threw a screwdriver at the card, piercing it. He then pulled it out, slashed the card twice with it, then split it and sent it barreling at the destroyed card, easily canceling it.

"Let's go all out, Mokou." I nodded. "Indeed. You go first."

Praetorian 「Diocletian Indignation」

I pull out the only complete card in my arsenal. It's probably my strongest card because of that simple fact.

Limiting Edict 「Iwakasa's Moon Curse」

[ ] This is it; sorry, Shin.
[ ] Let's dance!
[ ] Show me what you got!


Author's Note
I should explain something before we get too far into the story. Almost every choice has been a choice of three major options. Of those options, one option increases points for Mokou and decreases points for Keine, one option increases points for Keine and decreases points for Mokou, and one option decreases points for both of them. This actually is due to the three endings this story has.

Mokou Ending
Keine Ending
Shin Ending

If you want to aim for an ending, this is all you have to do.

Mokou Ending - 75% or more of the points belong to Mokou.
Keine Ending - 75% or more of the points belong to Keine.
Shin Ending - Neither person has 75% or more of the points.

The percentage at the end of each day shows how many of the points they have, rounded to the nearest 5%.
>> No. 24542
[x] Let's dance!
>> No. 24555
[X] This is it; sorry, Shin.

Gunnin' for that health nut. (I hope.)
>> No. 24557
Try thinking about the tone of the scene instead of blatant rotuefaggotry.
>> No. 24563
File 132125785866.jpg - (928.87KB , 1500x1130 , Mokou Mokou Mokou.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't mind too much, as long it's not overboard. Besides, >>24555 anon voted for the wrong thing if he wanted to go for a Mokou routelock.


[x] Mix of the two options

I decide to go all out, firing heavily and without restraint as I move from side to side. However, it's not in my interest to see Shin get massacred. So whenever I think he can't dodge the upcoming wave, I tone it down just a tad so that he'll be able to dodge.

As for Shin, he's doing very well. He's constructed what looks to be a podium, with a weird disc-like wood piece on top of it. He attacks by bringing down a hammer on top of it, which sends what look like handcuff bullets towards the sides, ricocheting off the duel walls.

But no matter how hard I dodge and shoot, on the odd times he does get hit, it's as if it passes right through him. None of my bullets seem to affect him.

Hmm. Maybe it's got something to do with those handcuffs. It wouldn't surprise me to think of this as good vs. evil, and he can't see me as evil until I'm arrested.

So I purposely get hit by one. Instead of hitting me, though, they move around me and cuff my arms. He then throws his hammer up in the air and hits the disc again, this time firing lasers in my direction. The cuffs are suspending me mid-jump, so instead of being able to dodge what look like laser fingers, I am hit by the middle laser.

That seems to break the handcuffs, and I try shooting again. This time, the bullets seem to work when I hit him. I thank my spellcard for being complete, so it doesn't break as easily when I get hit.

Either way, now that I have him exposed, I decide I've seen enough of what he can do, and just as a handcuff gets into my way, I finish off his spellcard, seconds away from tasting another one of his laser beams.

Shin lies on the ground where he had once stood, and I realize as I run up that he's just panting hard. He hadn't collapsed and fallen unconscious as I had been expecting. Instead, he looked calm, serene, and like he had just let off a few years of steam. I know what that looks like; Keine lent me her mirror once after I torched a few youkai.

Shin looked at me, looked at his hands, looked back to me, and began to laugh.

"What? What's so funny," I questioned.

"Oh, it's nothing," Shin responded. "You looked like you were worried about me for a second, and that look on your face was priceless!" He started chuckling again.

"Oh, c'mon, Shin." I had to shake my head before continuing. "I really do care about you."

"Yeah, like how farmers care about cows before they're sent to the slaughterhouse."

Who was that? Was that the Phoenix?


"After that, we got to know each other a bit better, and-" Mokou trailed off, but not before showing me just the slightest hint of a blush.

Okay, now I'm curious. What really did happen after our spellcard duel?

"Shin," Mokou gently stated, "I need you to stay here for at least one more day. You may be good enough to stand and all, but the village is making a riot about me being back, and showing your face won't help any. I'm going to leave, and in two hours Keine will be back. Tomorrow, you can come back to my place; it'll be good then."

[ ] No, Mokou, I'm going with you.
[ ] Thank you for your concern.
[ ] Why is there a riot?
[ ] Did you by any chance see a girl with antennae while you were out there? {Unlocked Option}
>> No. 24566
[x] Why is there a riot?
[x] Did you by any chance see a girl with antennae while you were out there? {Unlocked Option}

when will we finally hear the rest of it?
>> No. 24578
[x] No, Mokou, I'm going with you.
-[x] Keep a look out for that antenna girl.

It's a long way to that 75%. Better get moving.
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