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Alright time for a new thread! make sure to see and participate in the sidestory thread: http://www.touhouproject.com/eientei/res/2005.html



All around you.

As far as you can see.

How many times has it been that you've seen this? A great dark void, engulfing all of your senses, numbing your thought process.

But wait - this time it's different. All of your senses are working. It's not that you can't see, but rather there nothing to be seen. You can form coherent thoughts and you are in full control. You try to understand where you are and what you're doing, but you keep drawing a blank. You can't remember how you got here nor what you were supposed to be doing. You panic. This is an unfamiliar situation, and the apparent complete control over your senses and functions scares you more than not having control.

Nothing. Nothing comes from your panic. You still cannot see anything and your other senses are also not receiving any stimuli. After flailing about for a while you notice that you can almost see something. It's as if you can tell you'll be able to see it before it actual becomes visible. You take a deep breath and strain your eyes as best you can. And there it is.


Theres a source of light in a place like this after all. You now have a new destination. You think it, and you get closer to the source of light. Apparently you can manipulate things in this world just by thinking it. You keep getting closer to the light and notice it's like a phantasmagoria. Rapidly shifting images all superimposed on what can only be described as an ethereal apparition. You try to take a glance at what the images are of and you're surprised to realize that you know these images.

The Eiffel Tower. A house you lived in when small. Your prom date.

All these images are of things you have seen during your lifetime. Upon recognizing them you start freaking out. There's no reason why these should be appearing these, useless, redundant bits of information. You despise them. It's an eyesore to see these unimportant sequences. You are someone else, defined by other things.

“Disappear!” You hear yourself shouting out before you realize it.

And as if reacting to your exclamation the images disperse, leaving a void-like swirl in its place. You want to get closer to the void and it is thus. Now you're face to face with the vortex. You note that it's almost miasma-like in composition. Still you decide to venture forth.

Black changes into white. Now as far as your eye can see there's white. You think of your favorite anime, and suddenly a scene from it appears off in the distance. You think about Japan, and your mental imagery of Japan is projected as well. You realize that this place must be some sort of projection hall of the mind. Upon reaching that realization you hear a voice behind you.

You turn around, and see what seems to be yourself. Except he's wearing his normal clothes instead of the kimono you've got on. You ask him what's going on, but you already know the answer.

“What's going on here?”
“You know what's going on.”
“Yes - this place is my own mind. But why am I here?”
“That is simple there is something you wanted to confirm.”
“Where is it?”
“That I believe that you know as well.”
“Yes - I do. This place is after all my own creation.”

You dismiss yourself and go to where you know you have to go. The white expanse disappears and you're in your room. Your room before coming to Eientei. The normal laws of physics seem to be in effect as you can walk and move around with no problem. You interact with your PC. It would seem that there's a new kernel update, you decide to not question the meaning of an update to the kernel of your computer that happens to be a projection of your mind. Instead, you check your regular imageboards for advice.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Even in your own reality anon keeps suggesting senseless things. Things like 'pee on the floor and have Cirno freeze it' and 'moonwalking'. These things will not help you move on you think.

You search elsewhere in your room. Stale food and beer are obviously not the answer. You search your bed, nothing there except a few dirty tissues and controllers. Not here either. You then search your video games. Nothing here that looks out of the normal. Your manga is next. Nothing, although it is a nice detail that you also apparently have all the manga that you've pirated in physical form in this world.


Maybe that's it. All that I enjoy and wish to have has form in this world.

You look at your figs. They're all there in their full glory. You examine them carefully, despite your rare indulgence in lusting over them, they're all in great condition. You treat your more important figs with the utmost respect, never doing anything to harm them. It would seem that in this world you also have all those figs that you could never have. All those you lost to snipers on online auctions, or those that never had a second production run. They're all here. You cherish them as you realize that reality will never be as good as this. But something bothers you.

“It's not here.” You say to yourself.

You search. You can't find it. You look again. Not there.

Not there.
Not there.
Not there.

The most important one of them all and it's not there. You curse yourself. If this a world made from your own consciousness, why wouldn't it be here. After all it's the one you care the most about. This makes no sense. You curse. And then you despair. You break down and start sobbing.

“If I can't have it even in my own world, then I can never have it?” You say in between sobs.

You're crushed. Your room fades away. Only your despair now resonates throughout this microcosm.

Missing. Gone. Vanished.

Simple fact is that it's not there. What's the point of trying to live without it? You might as well try to end it all. As you're about to command your brain to shut you away from yourself forever, thus killing yourself, you hear a voice.

“Is life so meaningless without it?”

“Yes.” You simply reply. “If I can't have it, then what's the point of going on?”

“Even if you could be potentially happy without it? Even though you could find out that it isn't an absolute truth?” The voice inquires.

“Yes. As far as I know, life is not worth living if I can never have it. Even if I don't have it now, if one day I do, it'll make everything worth it.” You somberly reply.

“Very well then.” The voice says. Then there is silence. A most unsettling silence. It is as if the silence were deafening,

But it would seem that nothing is eternal in this world. Everything moves and everything eventually changes. And right in front of you it appears. That which you've been longing for all this time.

No - 'it' and 'that' are too harsh of words to describe the one person that you desire above all else.

Nothing in this world could keep you from the person now. It is most unfortunate then that it is something from beyond this world that keeps you from fulfilling your goal. But even as you realize that you're regaining conscious you do not despair, because you know that as long as you're alive you'll be able to reach that person.

And you open your eyes.

>> No. 2074
File 121108236179.jpg - (41.35KB , 500x438 , eirinreisen.jpg ) [iqdb]
You are now awake. The burning sensation in your chest now has subsided. You can only feel a small remnant of the one great heat. You look around, you seem to be in a while room. Looks like some sort of intensive care unit. The room is illuminated by a singe set of lights on the ceiling and there only seems to be one door and no windows. You seem to be wearing a breathing apparatus and have what seems to be an IV line connected to your arm. There doesn't seem to be anyone around. You take off the breathing apparatus yourself (which admittedly was quite uncomfortable) and wonder what to do.

Just as you're contemplating leaving, the door opens and Reisen walks in. She's carry a tray of medical supplies, but as she sees you she drops them and runs to your side. She practically leaps on you.

“Shirou! You're awake!” The rabbitgirl exclaims. “We were so worried!”
“Hey there Reisen.” You reply. “C'mon no need for that. I couldn't have been out for more than a couple of hours.”
“A couple of hours?!” Reisen Says shocked. “You were out for over a day! You were in a coma and Master put you here so she could monitor your condition. We honestly didn't know if you'd make it.”

Reisen is on the brink of tears, you stroke her head to comfort her and gather your thoughts.

Goddamn it, Eirin. You said this drug would help, not almost kill me.

Reisen notices after a bit that she's on top of you in an awkward position and blushes and goes pick up the stuff she dropped.

“Anyways.” She continues. “I'll go tell everyone that you're awake now. I'm sure that they'll want to see you.” You nod as she scampers off, apparently in high spirits.

After a short while, Eirin comes in.

“So you're still alive.” She says.
“No thanks to you.” You reply bitterly.
“Oh come now boy, it was hardly my fault you reacted the way you did.”
“What do you mean? Your drug almost killed me!” You say.
“My drug did nothing of the sort, the heat was all you were supposed to feel, I'm afraid that anything else you wanted to happen.”

Wanted to happen? That dreamworld? Whatever.

“In any case,” She continues. “There's no reason to keep you here, since I'm confident my medicine did its job. And if I did keep you here, you'd probably end up running away again. So go on, scram, I'm sure that there's people out there that want to see you. But don't forget, after you're done with the pleasantries you still have to help me out.”

And with that she goes up to you, removes the needle from your arm and basically kicks you out. Well, now you've missed out on a whole day. How do you try to make up for the lost time? It seems to be morning.

[ ] Go meditate
[ ] Go see if Kaguya will talk to you
[ ] Go see Eirin about assisting her
[ ] Get the hell out of Eientei for now
>> No. 2075
[ ] Go see Eirin about assisting her
>> No. 2076
Just curious, are you a fast reader or do you skip to the choices and vote first then read?
>> No. 2077

I'm a naturally fast read. My eyes pick up text faster than most people.
>> No. 2078
[ ] Rest and meditate on what you've learned.
>> No. 2079
[ ] Go see if Kaguya will talk to you
>> No. 2080
[x] Go see if Kaguya will talk to you
"Anything else I wanted to happen?"
[x] Check your "equipment"
>> No. 2081
[ ] Go see if Kaguya will talk to you
>> No. 2082
[x] Go see if Kaguya will talk to you
At least, to apologize.
>> No. 2083
[X] Go see Kaguya, shed manly tears and say you're sorry
>> No. 2084
oh, and hug/pat/caress reisen while we go
>> No. 2085
Are we discussing penises? Can I join?

Also go see kaguya won.
>> No. 2086
[x] Go see if Kaguya will talk to you

You decide that you should try to see your buddy. Even if she doesn't want to see you, it's important to you. You make your way to Kaguya's room, feeling apprehensive. You're not sure how she'll react upon seeing you. You're not even sure if she knows that you've been out for a whole day. You continue to fret as you reach her door. You knock and await her answer. Hearing nothing, you wonder if she's in. You slide the door slightly and see that the room is completely dark. Not even her computer is turned off. You guess that Kaguya just isn't here.

It's most odd. You can't think of a reason why she wouldn't be there. You think that perhaps she went to think. You go to the courtyard and see that she's not there. Now it's really starting to bother you. It would appear that the princess is missing. Just as you're about to despair, Reisen conveniently passes carrying a load of clothes. You ask her where Kaguya is and she states that she thinks that she went out somewhere, but is not sure where.

Well damn, it would seem the princess is in another castle.

[ ] Run outside, searching wherever for Kaguya
[ ] Go help Eirin
[ ] GTFO Eientei
[ ] Stalk Reisen
>> No. 2087
[ ] Run outside, searching wherever for Kaguya
>> No. 2088
[X] Run outside, searching wherever for Kaguya
>> No. 2089
[ ] Go help Eirin
>> No. 2090
[x] Stalk Reisen

If by "stalk" you mean offer to help, that is.

If not, Kaguya finding us tailing Reisen in a cardboard box is fine, too.
>> No. 2091
[ ] Run outside, searching wherever for Kaguya
>> No. 2092
[x] Run outside, searching wherever for Kaguya
And try to avoid the traps.
>> No. 2093
The problem is that we have no idea where the target is.
>> No. 2096
[x] Run outside, searching wherever for Kaguya

>> No. 2098
[X] Run outside, searching wherever for Kaguya
>> No. 2099
Alright people look for kaguya obviously won, I've got to take a short break for maybe an hour hour and a half tops and then we'll get rolling.
>> No. 2101
[ ] Go see if Kaguya will talk to you

Let's do it to it
>> No. 2102
slowpoke, alive, blah
>> No. 2103
[x] Run outside, searching wherever for Kaguya

You decide that it'd be best to run outside, looking for Kaguya. You're not one to have patience, especially when it concerns your buddy. You dash out, leaving Eientei behind. You feel conflicted, anxious even as you don't know where Kaguya is and what she's up to. A million different thoughts flash through your mind. You just know that you have to find her. You set out with no particular destination.

Run. Running. You keep running through the bamboo forest. You just run as far as you can, looking for Kaguya. She's nowhere to be found. You run for hours, frantically searching Soon, you're no longer in the forest. In fact, you have no idea where you are. It looks like you're not in Gensokyo anymore. You can't see any of the many landmarks that are visible throughout the land. As you wonder how the hell that happened you realize that you're in your own world. Seeing lights in the far off distance, you head towards them.

Arriving at the lights you realize that the people there are not like you, they speak another language and dress differently. Sensing hostility from your disheveled looks, they capture you and practice their tribal custom of pressing you into slavery. Luckily for you, you're deemed good enough to serve a large household, so you're made into an eunuch and forced to serve for the rest of your natural life.

Back in Gensokyo however, everyone wonders what occurred to you. Even Eirin does not know what happened. Still, if you had known that your disappearance would cause both Mokou and Kaguya to lament together this one time, it would have at least validated a bit your horrible end. Outside Eientei, things also changed almost imperceptibly, for the rest of Marisa's life, whenever she went to ask Alice for a favor, she would inquire whether or not she had seen a boy who liked dolls amongst the general populace. It would seem that she never got the chance to show him her collection.

>> No. 2104

>> No. 2105
File 12110923672.jpg - (224.56KB , 583x827 , helpmeeirin1.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Hello there and welcome to another segment of 'Tasukete Eirin!', I'm your host, Eirin!”

“We're gathered here today to discuss my newest dr- err why Shirou has met with a bad end this time. It would seem that Shirou jumped to conclusions and gave in to despair. Why he would do this after avoiding so many bad ends is beyond me. Come one you avoided a killer rabbit, getting blasted in a forest, and other things, but you lose it and act all desperate the first moment Kaguya just goes out? You haven't even met everyone at Eientei yet!”

“Just listen what Reisen had to say, she went out. She may be the indoors-type but that doesn't mean she sometimes has business to attend to. At the very least you could have asked me about it. That's right, I'll never lead you astray Shirou my boy. You can just rest your head on my bosom and forget about all your worries. You're important to me, more than you know it.”

“Well, this it it for now. Since this is still the introduction period all bad ends will have three possible outcomes.

[ ] Restart from the beginning of the day
[ ] 3 Choices back
[ ] 1 Choice back

Since this was only the day's second choice only the first and last choices will be there. Oh and when the real story routes start, be prepared for limited continues!”

“Hope to see you again soon! This is Eirin, signing off!”

[ ] Back 1 choice
[ ] Restart from the beginning of the day
>> No. 2106
>> No. 2107
[ ] Back 1 choice
>> No. 2108
[ ] 1 Choice back
>> No. 2109
[ ] Back 1 choice
>> No. 2110
Well damn, it would seem the princess is in another castle.

You get a very bad feeling about chasing Kaguya blindly into the forest. You better drop that line of thought.

[ ] Go help Eirin
[ ] GTFO Eientei
[ ] Stalk Reisen
BTW write-ins are still and always have been encouraged.
>> No. 2111
[ ] Go help Eirin
>> No. 2112
[ ] Go help Eirin

Delicious Eirin.
>> No. 2114

[z] Go help Eirin
>> No. 2115
[ ] Look for this person named Tewi that Reisen mentioned the other day...

I want me some Tewi
>> No. 2116
[ ] Go help Eirin
>> No. 2117
[ ] Look for this person named Tewi that Reisen mentioned the other day...
>> No. 2118
[ ] Look for this person named Tewi that Reisen mentioned the other day...
>> No. 2119
[x] Go help Eirin
>> No. 2120
Well shit.
[x] Back 1 choice
[x] Clench thine teeth, Go help Eirin
>> No. 2122
[x] Go help Eirin

let's do the time warp again
>> No. 2123
where does the clench your teeth thing come from anyway
>> No. 2124

>> No. 2125
File 121109542041.jpg - (98.98KB , 500x500 , 2i5m.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go help Eirin

You decide that there's nothing that can be done. If Kaguya's gone out you'll just have to wait for her to come back in order to see her. You then decide that it'd be best to start helping Eirin once and for all, if anything to repay her for all the care she's given you. Walking towards the clinic, you can't help but wonder where Kaguya might be. To be honest, you're a bit worried, but you hope she'll be okay.

You arrive at the clinic and let yourself in. Eirin is at her desk, as usual. Noticing your presence, she turns and smiles at you.

“Oh come back have you? Have you finally come to assist me with what I asked?” You nod and tell her yes. “Very well then, let me explain. While the ultimate goal is to have you solve a certain scientific riddle for me, first we have to get you into shape. And getting you into shape means that I have to train you to think like a scientist and to be able to identify the proper signs in what I need you to do. I think you have natural aptitude, but it would be something akin to sharpening a blade, what I'm going to do.”

You look at her, saying that you understand and that you'll cooperate.

“Very well then, let us begin. We'll start with a small explanation about the more commonly used symbols.” She says and your lesson begins.

You have no problems in keeping up with Eirin's speedy lessons. You do not know if it is because many of the symbols are similar to what you saw in chemistry class during your education, or if it's a manifestation of the ability that Eirin claims that you have. You absorb the information like a sponge, and in but a few hours you feel that you can use these symbols to comprehend the subject matter.

You take a small break after a while. Eirin offers you coffee or tea. You ask for tea and she comments a bit on the lessons.

“Your progress is most impressive, I had expected you to be able to keep up with my lessons, but it looks like I grossly underestimated you. I could probably kick it up a notch and you would still be able to follow me. In fact I think that's what I'll do now. Try to keep up.”

You finish your tea and Eirin begins to tutor you again. Chemical formulas, mathematical equations, abstract physics and more. Despite the surprisingly dense flow of information, you're able to process it and understand the vast majority of it. It's strange in school you weren't capable of absorbing this much information at once. Perhaps Eirin's teaching methods are vastly superior? You shake away idle thoughts as you continue to plow away into the material. Eventually, after a few more hours, you're done. You feel absolutely exhausted but you're done for the day.

“Very good there Shirou. At this rate it'll only take us two or three more sessions before you're able to help me.”

Two or three more sessions? You don't know if your brain can take the strain. But you get a feeling that Eirin knows your capacity better than you yourself. You ask Eirin if that's it and she tells you that you can go now. Exiting the clinic, you find yourself absolutely exhausted. It's now early dusk. You're free to do as you please.

[ ] Go meditate
[ ] Go check if Kaguya's back
[ ] Go take a bath
[ ] Roulette option?
>> No. 2126
[X] Go meditate while taking a bath.

Why not? Cleanse the mind and the body, so that we'll be at our best when we run into someone.
>> No. 2128
[ ] Look for the mysterious entity known as Tewi

I will not rest till we've at least met her once.
>> No. 2129
[X] Look for the mysterious entity known as Tewi
No rest until we find her.
>> No. 2130
[ ] Rest and meditate on what you've learned.
>> No. 2131
[X] Look for the mysterious entity known as Tewi
Find her.
>> No. 2133


Actively searching for the bunny is the one sure-fire way to never find her. She's a prankster, and if she knows you're looking for her she will only make it take longer to find her.

Besides, have you learned nothing from MiG? Trying to find Tewi on your own is instant despair.
>> No. 2134
[X] Roulette option?


>> No. 2135
[X] Go meditate while taking a bath.

Gattai, etc.
>> No. 2136
Emiya Shirou's SUPER SCIENCE skill has increased!

[x] I should rest and meditate on what I've learned.
>> No. 2137
[X] Go meditate while taking a bath.
>> No. 2138
[z] Go meditate while taking a bath.
>> No. 2139

No! You can't sleep yet! You need max stat gains per level!
>> No. 2140
I'm just throwing this out there, forget I'm the DM for a second. Knowing us, is it smart to lose ourselves and meditate in a body of water?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
If no is chosen I'll go with just [ ] Meditate
>> No. 2141
[ ] No
>> No. 2142
[X] Yes

You bet your ass.
>> No. 2143
[x] No
I saw that BAD END where our KEY AIDS acted up in the bath. That's foreshadowing, man. FORESHADOWING.
>> No. 2144
[ ] Meditate

Oh ho, why not drown ourselves.
>> No. 2145
[X] No.

Fine, fine. We'll bathe after we meditate.
>> No. 2146
[ ] Yes
>> No. 2147
[X] No.
>> No. 2148
YAF you magnificent bastard. I just felt like saying that, no ulterior meaning.

Also [ ] Meditate won. I guess we won't see what happens when Shirou tries to meditate in the bath. But I somehow think you guys will be able to forgive me.
>> No. 2149
You bastard, was probably our chance to meet Tewi.
>> No. 2151
File 121110144986.jpg - (196.83KB , 936x662 , game.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go meditate

You decide that it'd be great if you could clear your mind. While taking a bath is awfully tempting, there'll be time for that later. Just like last time you head into the into the courtyard to meditate. You find your previous spot and sit down. Clearing your mind, you try to detach yourself from all that is worldly. You concentrate on your breathing, letting yourself become one with the world. This may not be as profound as delving into your own mind, but it sure is relaxing. You feel that your recent ordeals are all but fleeting moments.

Feeling that you creep upon enlightenment ever more, you try to focus your mind further. But it's useless, this is all that you'll achieve for now. Opening your eyes you see that quite a bit of time has elapsed. As you regain your bearings you hear a voice.

“Oh, with that much meditation one would think that you're a monk. But then again monks don't go around molesting young girls and breaking their hearts.” You try to see where the voice is coming from, but it's no use. All you can tell is that it's coming from behind one of the rocks.

“Looking for me, your senses aren't nearly sharp enough to find me. Don't worry I'll show myself.” And as the voice says so you see a shadow form up behind you. Turning around, you see what appears to be a young girl wearing a pink dress. She also has a pair of floppy bunny ears and a grin that spells trouble. You ask her what she wants from you.

“Me? I don't want anything from you. It's just that it's been six days and we haven't run into each other. Perhaps that was my luck working for you. I know all about you. I've had the rabbits keep an eye on you.” As she says this her grin becomes somewhat diabolical. “I know all about your escapade with the princess' main rival, I was watching you from Eirin's office. And even though we didn't know each other, I sent a rabbit to keep tabs on you - for your safety.” She says that last bit smugly. “I also k now all about how you tricked Reisen into kissing you, you scoundrel you.” You start to raise a protest. “I know, I know kid, but that's not the way Eirin and the princess will think of it.” You can tell she's enjoying this. Apparently she's waiting for some kind of reaction from you.

[ ] “So you want something in return for your silence?”
[ ] “I'm sorry, please spare me.”
[ ] “I'm not afraid of you, bring it on.”
[ ] Anemia option
Sorry about the delay, but I was discussing mythological creatures on IRC. Also in b4 TEWITEWITEWITEWITEWITEWI
>> No. 2152
>You ask her what she wants from you.

So what do you want from me?!
I'm sick of you choking me!
You're stealing the air i breathe
The sun is gone, im all alone!
>> No. 2154

[ ] Anemia option
>> No. 2155
[ ] I am the bone of my sword...
>> No. 2161
[X] I am the bone of my sword...

Jut because I want to see how this would turn out.
>> No. 2162
[ ] I am the bone of my sword...

UBW go!
>> No. 2163
[x] Anemia option
You want a reaction? Let's see how they react when they find out you're responsible for making my KEYAIDS act up.
>> No. 2164
{ ] Have you seen Oscar anywhere?
>> No. 2165
[x] I am the bone of my anemia option...
>> No. 2166
[x] Anemia option
>> No. 2167
[ ] “I'm sorry, please spare me.”
Could just point out that Reisen'll validate our story anyway, but life around Eientei is going to be HELL if we're not at least reasonably nice to Tewi.
>> No. 2169
[x] Anemia option
>> No. 2170
[x] Anemia option
>> No. 2172
[ ] I am the bone of my sword...

Do it
>> No. 2173
[ ] “So you want something in return for your silence?”
Play along, let's see what she wants...
>> No. 2174
[ ] I am the bone of my sword...
>> No. 2175
[X] I am the bone of my sword...
>> No. 2176
[ ] I am the bone of my sword...

This must happen
>> No. 2177
[x] I am the bone of my sword...

Fuck Yeah Tewi
Fuck yeah Unlimited blade works.
This day just keeps on getting better
>> No. 2178
File 121110494553.jpg - (240.00KB , 1024x768 , tewif.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry guize, but next time get more votes faster, I already wrote Anemia.
[x] Anemia option

It would seem that your KEYAIDS are acting up again. You start getting pale and start losing your motor skills. If you had been standing, you would have fallen in a most embarrassing manner by now. Tewi doesn't seem to realize your plight yet. Despite the fact that it would seem that you spend over half of your day unconscious you can't keep your consciousness. You faint in front of a very bewildered Tewi.

When you come to, you find yourself staring at the night sky. You seem to be no longer within the structure. You look around and see that you're perhaps 100 meters away from Eientei. You also notice that Tewi has been hovering over you for a while.

“Oh thank goodness you're awake. I don't know what I would've done if you hadn't come too.” She says. But you doubt the authenticity of her words as you notice that there are digging implements nearby. “Don't scare people like that. I had to carry you all the way out here so no one would see you passed out. It's be my tail if they found out you passed out because of me.”

You regain your strength and start to get up. Tewi continues. “I was just kidding about before, so no need to mention this incident to anyone else. I'm Tewi by the way.” You try to introduce yourself but she cuts you off. “I know all about you Shirou, but now unfortunately I have to go, I must keep an appointment I have now. Talk to you some other time!”

And so she runs off. Well great, you were almost buried alive in order to cover up her guilt. When you think about it she was quite cowardly, she quickly folded and gave up her leverage over you as soon as you got some on her. Well, there's no time to be wondering what that was all about. You start to walk back to Eientei. You're absolutely filthy now, no thanks in small part to being dragged on the ground for 100 meters or so. You sigh, you probably can manage a to do only a few more things before it gets too late.

[ ] Take a bath
[ ] Leave Eientei
[ ] Get some grub
[ ] Roulette option? (to spice things up)
>> No. 2179
[x] Take a bath

damn you and your Anemia everybody.
Don't screw up the chance of Reisen walking in on us while taking a bath
>> No. 2180
[ ] Take a bath
Shirou tries to clean himself up, with hilarious and sexy consequences.
>> No. 2181
[x] Take a bath
>> No. 2182

[x] Take a bath

UBW...one day I'll have you.
>> No. 2183
[x] Take a bath
>> No. 2184
[ ] Take a bath
Back to business
>> No. 2185
y dun u kidz liek da roulette?

Variety is the spice of life.
>> No. 2189
Give us [x] I am the bone of my sword...
and we will rethink it.
>> No. 2191
You impertinent fool. I, Teruyo, will knock you all down!
[x] Take a bath

You decide to take a bath. After all, you are pretty filthy. You probably haven't bathed in 2 days or so, since before undergoing Eirin's treatment. You swing by your room and grab your other kimono. Then you make your way to the bath. As you draw the bath and enter the bathroom, you see a pair of panties on the floor. It doesn't seem like their owner is around, most likely they were forgotten earlier.

You pick them up and examine the panties carefully. They're black in color, pretty standard cut, not covering neither too much nor too little of the pelvis, and have discrete flower patterns along the seams. Furthermore there seems to be a small black ribbon on the front part adding to its charm. You wonder to whom these belong to. You would imagine Eirin using something far sexier, so that leaves one of the rabbits or perhaps Kaguya. Still, they could be anyone's. You're awfully tempted to 'examine' them even closer. You will probably get away with it since there seems to be no one around.

[ ] Sniff panties
[ ] Forget it
>> No. 2192
[x] Forget it

>> No. 2193
[ ] Sniff panties

if I learned anything from scorn, than that panty sniffing leads to additional continues.

also, hilarity

if Tewi tells it to kaguya, I ams ure she will understand
>> No. 2194
[X] Sniff panties

it will be easy to determine whose panties they are by the intensity of the smell

I am certain that Kaguya doesn't change hers quite as often as Reisen and Tewi do
>> No. 2195
[x] Sniff panties

we are hotglueonymous
why should we act against our nature ?
>> No. 2196
[ ] Sniff panties

>> No. 2197
I must say that I like your logic.
>> No. 2198
[x] Sniff panties

just because I want to know whose panties they are
>> No. 2199
[ ] Sniff panties
Take a sniff of heaven.
>> No. 2200
[ ] Sniff panties

fapping to the thougth of sniffing kaguyas panties right now
>> No. 2201
[x] Forget it
When does this ever lead to anything good?
>> No. 2202
[x] Forget it


>> No. 2203

[X] Sniff panties

see /forest/
>> No. 2204
[X] Sniff panties, wear panties, fap on panties, pocket them and fap on them again later
>> No. 2205
[X] Sniff panties
>> No. 2206
[X] Forget it

Tewi is watching.
Always watching.

>> No. 2209
x] Sniff panties

You decide to sniff the panties. After all the coast seems to be clear and who could pass up a chance like this? You pick them up and then put them against your nose. You inhale deeply, taking in the scent. It is an acrid smell, you can smell a bit of ammonia mixed with sweat. As you indulge in sniffing the panties, you cannot help but wonder whose these are. More importantly, why would they leave them just lying around. You leave the panties where you found them. You tell yourself that regardless of these belong to, you enjoyed the experience and you proceed to bathe pleased with yourself.

As you enjoy your warm bath, you feel that this is an important opportunity to review the past few day's occurrences. However, you shouldn't stay very long in the bath since you had a KEYAIDS episode only a short while ago.

[ ] Just GTFO from the bath
[ ] Think about your weird experience after the drug
[ ] Think about Eirin's training
[ ] Think about Kaguya
[ ] Think about Tewi
[ ] Think about the dollmaker
[ ] Think about your escapades with Mokou
[ ] Think about Reisen's song
[ ] Think about enlightenment

(choose as many as you think are appropriate, while considering the possibility of KeyAIDS)
Also I think I'll only right the response to the next series of questions in a couple of hours, maybe a bit less if I'm sleep deprived. Make sure to vote and participate in the sidestory thread as well.
>> No. 2211
[x] Think about Kaguya
[x] Fap
>> No. 2212
[ ] Think about Kaguya
Since we upset the poor NEET.
[ ] Think about the dollmaker
Since she stayed up making that ribbon (gotta love OOC information).
[ ] Think about your escapades with Mokou
>> No. 2213
[ ] Think about Kaguya
>> No. 2214
[ ] Think about Kaguya
[ ] Think about your escapades with Mokou
[ ] Think about Reisen's song
[ ] Moonwalk the fuck out of the bath

If we can't visit her today without a Bad End, at the very least we should think about the NEET once in a while. Mokou, too.
Also, I'd like to at least know what Reisen's song was.
>> No. 2215
[x] Think about Kaguya
[x] Fap
>> No. 2216
[ ] Think about Kaguya
[ ] Think about the dollmaker
[ ] Think about Tewi
>> No. 2217
[ ] Think about Kaguya
[ ] Think about the dollmaker
[ ] Think about Tewi
I pick these.
>> No. 2218
[x] Think about your weird experience after the drug
[x] Think about Eirin's training
[x] Think about Kaguya
[x] Think about Tewi
[x] Think about the dollmaker
[x] Think about your escapades with Mokou
[x] Think about Reisen's song
[x] Think about enlightenment
>> No. 2220
[ ] Think about the dollmaker
[ ] Think about Reisen's song
>> No. 2221
[x] Think about your weird experience after the drug
[x] Think about Eirin's training
[x] Think about enlightenment
>> No. 2222
[x] Think about Kaguya

so, whose panties were they ?
>> No. 2223
Choosing too many options = KEYAIDS BAD END. I'd wager we can get away with 3, maybe 4 at most.
>> No. 2225
[x] Think about your weird experience after the drug
[x] Think about Eirin's training
[x] Think about Reisen's song
Here's for hoping four is the cursed number in /eientei/, and not three.
>> No. 2226
Addendum: the drug and Eirin's training interest me because they have "Shirou Power-UP vibes". And Reisen's song just sticks out to me as kinda spiffy and novel.
>> No. 2228
[ ] Think about Kaguya
[ ] Think about Reisen's song
>> No. 2229
[X] Think about Eirin's training
[X] Think about the dollmaker
[X] Think about your escapades with Mokou
>> No. 2230
[x] Think about Kaguya
[x] Fap.

I like this combo. NEET-loev time.
>> No. 2231
[x] Think about Tewi
[x] Think about the dollmaker
>> No. 2234
[x] Think about Reisen's song
[x] Think about the dollmaker's doll
>> No. 2235
[X] Think about Kaguya.
[X] Think about Reisen's song.
[X] Think about the dollmaker.
>> No. 2236
[X] Think about the cheerful girl.
>> No. 2238
[x] Think about Kaguya
[x] Think about Tewi
[x] Think about the dollmaker
>> No. 2239
[] think about Kaguya

Road to reconciliation.
>> No. 2247
[x] Think about Kaguya
[x] Think about your escapades with Mokou
[x] Think about Reisen's song
[x] Think about the girl by the window.
>> No. 2253
>> No. 2254
Alright now that I've pretty much tallied the votes, one last set of questions.
How many things should we think about? There are 8 (since a lot of the choices seem close):

[ ] All
[ ] 7
[ ] 6
[ ] 5
[ ] 4
[ ] 3
[ ] 2
>> No. 2257
[X] 4
>> No. 2258
I'm going to go ahead and say...

[X] 4

We've done three before, I think, without trouble. This ought to work well enough.
>> No. 2259
[ ] 4
Is good
>> No. 2261
[x] 4

Help move things along.
>> No. 2262
4 it is, writing now.
>> No. 2265
[x] Think about Kaguya
[x] Think about the dollmaker
[x] Think about Reisen's song
[x] Think about your escapades with Mokou

As you enjoy your soak, your thoughts turn first to Kaguya. Last time you saw each other, you single-handedly managed to turn her worry and care for you into antipathy and ill-will. While that's an impressive feat on its own, you don't feel too good about it. You had no intention of distancing her from you but you somehow still accomplished that. You *really* enjoyed this buddy, so much that you'd give up all the rest of your friends just to be able to speak to this one. You feel like the two of you share a bond that should be nurtured, instead of picked at and torn apart.

When you went to see her today, she was not in her room. The people at Eientei knew that she was going out, so it couldn't have been too dangerous or remote of a place. What could she have been doing outside? As far as you know she'll move around the house at most, but it's really rare to see her travel elsewhere. You sigh. You don't know what exactly you should do about her, but seeing her and trying to talk to her might be a good first step. You don't think that you consciously wanted to hurt her when you went along with Mokou the other day.

That was quite the escapade though. You dodged rockets, traps, jumped off ridges, slept in a cavern, and (at least you) had to reason your way past what would seem to be a very trigger happy witch. Putting aside the question whether or not it was worth hurting Kaguya over, it was an interesting experience. You think that you got to see a rather cute side of the time-hardened Mokou. Sure she might not be the most feminine of people that you've encountered, but she is cute in her own right. You think that her long existence has made her a bit jaded and bitter, but you can see that she definitely retains a bit of innocence. In any case, you think that she's basically a good person, she does help people when they're in need. She may not have popped in immediately to save you from Marisa but she was watching and bidding her time.

There's still the matter of what she was doing at Eientei. You get that she and Eientei are not exactly on the best of terms and that they have reason to mutually loathe each other, but that doesn't completely explain everything. Was Mokou trying to find a weak point in the defenses? Was she trying to see if she could sneak in? Perhaps sabotage something? You can't help but think that you're over analyzing things. After all, maybe she was just trying to see the current state of affairs at Eientei. She does occasionally bring patients over so maybe she was curious about the people or ongoings.

As you think more about the objectives Mokou might have had, it keeps making less and less sense to you. You continue to soak in the bath as you think about the people at Eientei. The first one to pop into your mind is Reisen. You don't know why exactly, but it is just so. The bunny has shown nothing but kindness to you. She even was almost crying when you woke up from that stupor. You haven't been that nice to her, considering all that she's done for you. She saved you from choking, has guided you places, and even sang a song to try to calm you down.

That's right - she sang you something as you were fighting to bear the pain. You can't exactly remember what it was, nor the general melody, but you think that it was strangely soothing. You think that because of it, you managed to dull your pain. At the very least, it was a nice sentiment from Reisen. You make a mental note to ask Reisen more about the song whenever you have a chance to talk to her. You feel that it might be interesting to know what exactly she was singing. It did, after all, stir some pretty powerful feelings inside of you, from what you can remember. Who knows, maybe it's something cliché like being a song from your childhood that your mother or best friend used to sing?

As you smile at your great sense of wit, you remember the dollmaker you met the other day. You still wish to desperately see that doll again. But your thoughts are more focused on the dollmaker. She seemed a pleasant enough person, any one with a love for figs or dolls as strong as yours is okay in your book. You can't help but feel excited when thinking about her. It feels like you've met a kindred spirit. Sure, you can get along with many different types of people, but it's not every person that you're able to connect with like this. The other day you two spoke for hours, and you hardly even noticed the time pass. If that isn't great chemistry you don't know what is.

My my, it seems like you're thinking like a young maiden in love. You laugh to yourself at the ridiculous notion of you having a schoolyard crush at someone you just met. It's not like you to become so obsessed over a single person. It must be because of the doll. When one makes a model one puts all of one's feelings into it, whether it's deliberate or not. So the final product is a reflection of the creator's soul. In a sense, the more beautiful and intricate a doll or model is, the more of the soul that you can see. And judging by that one doll, her soul and person is truly wonderful. You wonder if she spends hours lovingly crafting new accessories and clothes for her dolls. Truly such dedication should be noted and appreciated.

You feel that you've been in the bath long enough and decide to get out. You could probably stay a bit longer with no problem and continue thinking, but then again you haven't eaten all day and who knows if you can't do something fun before bed. You put on your pajamas and walk out of the bath. There seems to be a light on off in the distance, probably one of the rooms. You look to the other side and there seems to be a faint glowing a couple of doors to your left as well.

[ ] Go eat something
[ ] Go check out the light
[ ] Check out the soft glow
[ ] Go to our room
>> No. 2266
[x] Check out the soft glow

Kaguya playing something?
>> No. 2267
[ ] Check out the soft glow
Computer neet.
>> No. 2268
[ ] Check out the soft glow
>> No. 2269
[►] Check out the soft glow

'hay guiz wats goin' on?'
>> No. 2270
[x] Check out the soft glow

Is it glowing with a mighty power?
>> No. 2271
[ ] Check out the soft glow

You know what has a soft glow?

A computer monitor.
>> No. 2273
File 121115503337.jpg - (14.56KB , 409x272 , lolthephoneisntglowingtheenviromentisblue.jpg ) [iqdb]
Man you guys are predictable.
[x] Check out the soft glow

You go check out the soft glow. It might be the glow from a monitor or something, and that could mean Kaguya. You work your way down the corridor, until arriving at the door. You see that it's a faint blueish light. You open the door and try to find the source of light. The room like one of the many other rooms in Eientei, there's nothing worth noting except that there's what appears to be a cell phone on the table.

This is what's causing the glow, the screen is lighting up and dimming, apparently indicating that there's a message. You could go and see what's up with the cell phone or just leave (after all why should you check out something that's not yours, and this whole situation smells funny).

[ ] Examine the Cellphone
[ ] Pocket the cellphone
[ ] Bad end senses tingling - get out of there.
>> No. 2274
[ ] Bad end senses tingling - get out of there.
>> No. 2275
[X] Bad end senses tingling - MOONWALK THE HELL OUT OF THERE.
>> No. 2276
[X] Bad end senses tingling - MOONWALK THE HELL OUT OF THERE.
>> No. 2277
[X] Bad end senses tingling - MOONWALK THE HELL OUT OF THERE.
>> No. 2278
[x] Bad end senses tingling - get out of there.

No need to read Kaguya's calls.
>> No. 2279
[X] Bad end senses tingling - MOONWALK THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

>> No. 2280
[ ] Examine the Cellphone


We can afford a bad end here, have you never killed yourself in a game just to see what happened? Like that creepy mirror in Silent Hill 3...
>> No. 2281

And miss a chance to moonwalk?
>> No. 2282
[X] Bad end senses tingling - MOONWALK THE HELL OUT OF THERE.
>> No. 2283
[X] Bad end senses tingling - MOONWALK THE HELL OUT OF THERE.

Write some epic moonwalking. Something so awesome that it causes the moon to crack.
>> No. 2284
Like I said, anon is pretty predictable.
[x] Bad end senses tingling - get out of there.

You get a distinct feeling that you shouldn't mess with the cellphone, let sleeping dogs lie and all that jazz. You instead try to moonwalk out of there. You assume your dance stance and attempt to moonwalk. But, before you know it, you've tripped all over youself and are lying ass first on the floor. Damn. You couldn't pull it off. You most definitely know you could have pulled off a polonaise and if you had decided to knock it up a notch a mazurka should have been little challenge as well. But moonwalking? It appears that your skill level is much too low. Better get practicing with something simpler first.

You get up from the floor, and you could have sworn that you heard someone laughing at you. But a cursory glance around the corridor seems to indicate that you're just hearing things. You close the door to the room and look around. It would seem that the light in the other room has gone out now, and the whole place is deathly quiet. Looks like that little trip was pointless. You're still hungry and if you wander around, who knows what you may find.

[ ] Go eat something
[ ] Wander around
[ ] Go to your room
>> No. 2285

[x] Wander around
[x] Stare at the moon again
>> No. 2286
[X] Wander around.
>> No. 2287
[ ] Wander around.

Pass out due to lack of food.
>> No. 2288
[x] Go eat something

Hopefully Kaguya will have the munchies and be eating too.
>> No. 2289

[x] Moonwalk Around
>> No. 2290
>you could have sworn that you heard someone laughing at you.

>> No. 2291
[ ] Do the hustle
[ ] "Come out Tewi!"
>> No. 2292
[ ] Go eat something

hunger pangs
>> No. 2293
[ ] Search and destroy. Find Tewi and eliminate her.
>> No. 2294

No, knock her out and then bury her alive 100 meters from Eientei.
>> No. 2295

After having our way with her unconscious body
>> No. 2296
[x] Use Kaguya's computer to learn to moonwalk
>> No. 2297
[x] Go eat something
AnoNEET has the munchies.
>> No. 2298
[ ] Search and destroy. Find Tewi and eliminate her.

There ain't enough room in Eientei for the both of us Tewi! Let's kill each other!
>> No. 2299
[x] Go eat something
>> No. 2300
Sigh, when will you learn, Anon? Your skills are not yet sufficient for moonwalking! You'll stumble into a spiked pit at this rate.

We must hone our skills, Anon. I say we practice the rumba in front of Reimu, next chance we get.
>> No. 2301
This is a good idea. You could probably pull off latin dances as well, and most likely the charleston.

Also getting food and wandering around are pretty equal. More votes plox. I'll check again in 20 minutes to see.
>> No. 2302
>> No. 2303
[x] Go eat something

>> No. 2304
[ ] Wander around
>> No. 2305
Hmmm, so we woke up from that weird unconsciousness a while back, and then took a bath? I guess food is next on the list then.

[x] Go eat something
>> No. 2306
[x] Go eat something
Because Anemia isn't that fun.
>> No. 2307
[X] Go to something
[X] Wander your room
[X] Go eat around
>> No. 2308
[X] Go eat something.

Need food.
>> No. 2309

[x] go eat something
>kaguya's vagina
>> No. 2310

>> No. 2311
[x] Go eat something

You decide that eating takes priority. There's a voice in the back of your head suggesting that you do the hustle, but it's not strong enough to convince you to dance. You walk to the dinning room, and seeing that it's long been empty, you head to the kitchen. You've never been to the kitchen before, but it looks like a normal run of the mill kitchen that you'd find in most homes. The faint smell of food in the air and the residual heat coming from the stove seem to indicate that there was someone here fairly recently and you just missed them. Probably someone was eating something here.

You decide to raid the fridge for food. There's everything you could want to eat in there, ranging from eggs to fish. You also notice that there's a whole bunch of cup noodles, those are always nice. Lastly, you also notice there's a stockpile of chips you could dig into. Depending on what you do, you could share food with someone. That is, if you can find them.

[ ] Cook something (prompt choices of what)
[ ] Have a cup noodle
[ ] Eat some chips
[ ] The world is a better place if you fast
>> No. 2312
[X] Cook something: Tewi
>> No. 2313
[►] Cook something (prompt choices of what)

bacon and egg sammiches
>> No. 2314

[ ] Have a cup noodle

What else? Also

[ ] Do the Hustle while cooking
>> No. 2315
[ ] Have a cup noodle
[ ] Do the Hustle while cooking
>> No. 2316
[X] Have a cup noodle
[X] Do the Hustle while cooking

Why not?
>> No. 2317
[ ] Cook something

Eggs. Always.
>> No. 2318
[X] Have a cup noodle
[X] Do the Hustle while cooking
>> No. 2320
[X] Have a cup noodle
[X] Do the Hustle while it microwaves
>> No. 2321
We're already in bad standing with Kaguya.

I don't think she'll be too thrilled if we start eating her NEET food.
>> No. 2323
File 121116376899.jpg - (27.68KB , 640x477 , lightplanfail.jpg ) [iqdb]
She'll come to us, enthralled by the sound of the microwave beeping and the smell of NEET food cooking.
And then after a very intense altercation with her over our own recklessness, we'll share it a la Lady and the Tramp, and then proceed to have make-up sex.
All according to our keikaku.
>> No. 2324
>> No. 2325
You decide on eating a cup noodle. You grab one and start dancing the hustle. You multi task and prepare it whilst dancing. Backwards. Forwards. Roll Right. Roll Left. You set some water to boil. You keep the rhythm going. You pour the water into the cup. You're motherfucking John Travolta. As you wait for the noodles to soften you dance your heart out. Soon enough they're done. And your dance moves are done. You think you did a pretty good job at dancing, but more freestyle dances might prove a challenge.

As you're about to grab the noodles and start eating you hear a small clapping sound. Turning around, you see that a smiling Reisen is the source of the clapping.

“Ehh-” She says. “I didn't know you could dance. It was really cool to see you do that. What do you call that particular dance?”

You reply that it was the hustle. Reisen then goes on to explain that she didn't mean to stare but she had come here to make you something. since you probably hadn't eaten anything since the day you collapsed.

“But.” She says smiling. “It looks like I didn't need to worry, you're more than capable of getting food.”

And with that, she starts to leave.

[ ] Stop her and invite her to eat
[ ] Let her go and eat by yourself
[ ] Go to your room and eat
>> No. 2326
[ ] Stop her and invite her to eat.
We've ignored Reisen for too long.
>> No. 2327
[X] Stop her and invite her to eat
>> No. 2328
[X] Stop her and invite her to eat
>> No. 2329
[x] Stop her and invite her to eat

Moon bunny route GO
>> No. 2330
File 121116549821.jpg - (35.77KB , 704x396 , NOT AS PLANNED.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Stop her and invite her to eat
I guess a rabbit is fine too.
>> No. 2331
[X] Stop her and invite her to eat.

Love Reisen.
>> No. 2332
[X] Stop her and invite her to eat

Moon Bunny like noodles.
Moon Bunny like Tab and Mountain Dew.
>> No. 2333
[ ] Stop her and invite her to dance

Shake that fluffy tail!
>> No. 2334
[X] Stop her and invite her to eat.
Why not pay attention to the person who actually likes us for a change?
>> No. 2335

[x] Stop her and invite her to dance

Sounds good to me
>> No. 2336
File 121116724768.png - (710.34KB , 1680x1050 , Reisen3.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Stop her and invite her to eat

Before Reisen can leave, you decide to stop her.

“Wait up Reisen.” She stops and turns around.
“Yes, what is it?”
“Would you like to eat with me? We can make another one of these cup noodles, it'll take only a moment.”
“Ah, thank you for your kindness, but I've already eaten.” She stops and thinks for a second. “But if you want I can keep you company while you eat and we can talk”

You reply that that would be nice. The two of you move to the dinning room and sit. As you eat, you talk about many different things, everything from the weather in the outside world to Reisen's duties around Eientei.

“...yes, I assist my master with her research, cook and clean as well as coordinate the rabbits.” She says the last bit with a hint of frustration.

[ ] Press her about it
[ ] Ask about Eirin's Research
[ ] Ask about her life on the moon
[ ] Flirt with her
>> No. 2337
[ ] Press her about it

Let the poor dear vent.
>> No. 2338
[ ] Flirt with her
[ ] Press her about it

Moe bunny. Must have.
>> No. 2339
[X] Treat her sympathetically.
[X] Flirt with her.

Oh, what fun. Try and be understanding of her plight, so that she's a little more receptive to the flirting.
>> No. 2340
[x] Press her about it
Your rage sustains me.
>> No. 2341
An addendum to this: Don't flirt too strongly, if we do it. Something like "I'd like to hear more about you" etc. and push on the topic a bit more.
>> No. 2342
[ ] Press her about it
[ ] Ask about Eirin's Research
[ ] Ask about her life on the moon
[ ] Flirt with her

>> No. 2343
[ ] Press her about it
>> No. 2344
Thanks to nightly /eientei/ and /youkai/, I no longer even need to sleep, as there's near constant writefaggotry ongoing.

[x] Press her about it

See what the hell Tewi has been up to.
>> No. 2345
[x] Let's RAGE together, Reisen.
>> No. 2346

YES. Also ask her about her song from earlier.
>> No. 2347
I guess it doesn't help that I write most of the day anyways. I only stop to sleep and occasionally watching animu while waiting for replies.


It's not that I don't want to write, but how does one transition from one subject to the next A) Despite a couple of them being emotionally charged B)Having limited time/attention span?



Person B: "Emperor save you! BTW how's that mortgage working out for you?"
>> No. 2348
[ ] Press her about it
>> No. 2349
[x] Flirt with her
>> No. 2350

You have a point. Then I change my vote to pressing her about it and flirting.
>> No. 2351
[ ] Press her about it
Let her relieve some stress.
>> No. 2352
[ ] Press her about it
[ ] Flirt with her

Won, now to word it so it doesn't sound insultingly patronizing.
>> No. 2353
Also going to take a short break to eat. When I come back delicious Reisen interaction.
>> No. 2354
7 minutes.
>> No. 2355
File 121117490097.jpg - (72.23KB , 337x450 , rerosu.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Press her about it
[x] Flirt with her

“Surely you don't have any trouble managing the rabbits?” You ask. She stays silent for a bit as if thinking and then replies.
“It's not that I have problems managing the rabbits... but rather I have to convey orders from my master and Lady Kaguya, and it can sometimes prove... difficult.”
“Huh? Why would it be difficult?” You ask puzzled.
“Well, the thing is that I don't directly order them to do things. I have to rely on a third party.”
“A third party? And does this third party give you trouble? Like insubordination?”
“Ins-Insubordination?” The cocks her head sideways and thinks. “No, not quite. More like she's difficult to deal with because of her nature.”
“Her nature?” You ask.
“Yes, she likes to play around and is never to be found when she's needed. She avoids work and tries her best to not get involved.”
“I see. Couldn't you do it without her?” You suggest.
“No, as you may know I'm from the moon. This person is from here, Earth. I'm afraid that earth rabbits will only listen to her. She's their leader.”
Earth rabbit? Could she be talking about Tewi?
“If you mean Tewi I think I know how to deal with her.” You begin to say.
“Deal with her? How so?” Reisen asks puzzled.
“Yeah, how to get her to cooperate with you. You do want her to cooperate with you right?”
“Yes, having her cooperate with me would make my work much easier. But how would you make her do that.”
“It's simple.” You say. “Just get some leverage on her.”
“Leverage?” Reisen asks.
“Yes. Find out if she has some sort of secret or thing she doesn't want others to know about. If you find out what it is, you can make her cooperate by threatening to reveal it to others.” You state.
“But, isn't that playing dirty?”
“It's nothing that she doesn't do already to others.” You recall her earlier attempt to blackmail into submission. You only got out of that one by a combination of luck and your KeyAIDS. “I'll even help you if you want.” You continue.
“Help me? Why would you go through all that trouble?” Reisen asks innocently.
“Well, the truth is, that I just can't stand by and let such a perfect specimen of beauty be sad.” You reply.
“Specimen of Beauty? You mean ME?!” Reisen begins to blush. “Oh no, please don't say things as embarrassing as that.”
“I wouldn't say them if they weren't true. You are as gracious as you are beautiful. To have all these responsibilities and be able to carry them out flawlessly day in, day out, is truly an impressive feat. Not everyone would be able to take it with the grace that you do.”
“Oh please, I'm not that special. I just do what I have to do.” Reisen says coyly.
“I disagree, even if I were to search on the Earth, Moon, and beyond, I could not find another rabbit as fine as you.” During your flirting, you have managed to mover ever closer to Reisen. You continue to speak. “Like I said I'll help you with your problems gladly, after all, you bewitched me from the moment I saw you, it's rare to see such a kind and hardworking individual.”
Reisen is just sitting there, silently blushing. If you wanted to you might be able to make a move.

[ ] Move in for the kill
[ ] Back off
>> No. 2356

[x] Back off

We said flirt, not propose
>> No. 2357
[x] Back off
Teasing STOP
Reisen Teasing STOP
>> No. 2358
[ ] Back off

We want our NEET damnit
>> No. 2359
[X] Back off
If we try to move in for the kill Kaguya will probably walk in and we will have fucked up again.
>> No. 2360
[X] Move in for the kill.

Cue third party entering at inopportune moment.

Murphy's Law says it will be Kaguya.
>> No. 2361
[X] Back off
>> No. 2362
File 121117529659.gif - (77.92KB , 216x151 , AWESOME!.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Back off
>> No. 2363
[X] Back off.

Ha, don't want to overwhelm the poor girl.

Just plant the idea in her head that we think she's attractive. Maybe our assorted praise will get her a little more motivated, eh?
>> No. 2364
[ ] Back off

Not because I don't want Reisen, but because I don't want to push her too far in one go.
>> No. 2365
We need to find Tewi, and flirt with her, not Reisen, get that cute little bunny. Blackmail her into being ours.
>> No. 2366
Really now, I'm not THAT predictable. I am however surprised at the strong backlash against going for it. I'll just stand back and wait for even more replies.
>> No. 2367
I want Reisen, personally. But you have to understand, there's only so far you can push a person in one go.

It's ridiculous to try and kiss her (or do something more, if thats what Anon was planning) the first time you show interest in her. Hence why I voted back off.
>> No. 2368
[x] Back off
>> No. 2369

It was 8-1 before you posted, and now it's 9-1, unless we suddenly get a mass amount of votes, which would be real odd, then just call it already
>> No. 2370
I want Kaguya, we need to stroke her hair.
And besides we have Reisen in MiG.
>> No. 2371
The outcome is clear, get writing.
>> No. 2373
I already have. I just like seeing people justify their choices.
>> No. 2375
Mine is
>>2359 and >>2370
>> No. 2376
I demand harem with Kaguya, Eirin, Tewi and Reisen. Is this reasonable?
>> No. 2377
I like how you are thinking.
>> No. 2378
[X] Move in for the kill.
>> No. 2379

I'm personally gunning for a lonely but Kaguya sponsored unlimited fig works.

This anon is closest to the real thing
Therefore, he shall never hold anything.
>> No. 2380
File 121117669428.jpg - (124.22KB , 450x450 , ru.jpg ) [iqdb]
Not anymore lol, Harem at the manor is closed off from lack of flag triggers and (probably) low necessary affection points.
[x] Back off

You decide to leave things here for now. You probably shouldn't push her very much in one go, even if it's something simple like holding her hand. All possibilities are rejected by the chorus of voices in your head. Last time she game close to you she gave you CPR so you guess that's good enough. You reassure her that you'll help her with Tewi and then thank her for accompanying you during dinner. She recovers from her apparent stupor and says that it was her pleasure. She bids you goodnight and then you're left alone. There's not much you can do at this time of evening. You're in your pajamas and it doesn't seem like anyone is up.

You could always get changed and leave into the night, who knows who you'd run into at this time of night. Or you could simply step out for some fresh air, not needing to change your clothes. Or more simply still, you can just go sleep.

[ ] Leave Eientei
[ ] Go for some fresh air
[ ] Go to sleep
>> No. 2381
[ ] Go to sleep

gb2/bed/, Shirou.
>> No. 2382
[x] Go for some fresh air
[x] Stare at the moon
>> No. 2383
Harem next play through.
>> No. 2384
[x] Leave Eientei

I'm gonna keep on hunting for Tewi untill I have had my share of her
>> No. 2385
[ ] Go for some fresh air

>> No. 2387

No. Harem route is always Lunatic Modo, and even then I doubt Kaguya or Eirin would be willing to share our affection with someone else.
>> No. 2388
[X] Go for some fresh air.

Night air is nice.

While you do that, Shirou, I'll be getting to bed, though.
>> No. 2389
[x] Go for some fresh air
>> No. 2391
[x] Go for some fresh air, stare at the moon, and yell "KIRITSUGU! HOW AM I GOING TO BE A SUPERHERO IF I HAVE KEYAIDS?!"
>> No. 2392
[ ] Go for some fresh air.
>> No. 2393
[z] Go for some fresh air

It's been a shitty day. Getting some fresh air should help clear our mind a little.
>> No. 2394
[X] Go for some fresh air
[X] Stare at the moon
>> No. 2395
[x] Go for some fresh air, stare at the moon, and yell "YUKARI! HOW AM I GOING TO BE A SUPERHERO IF I HAVE KEYAIDS?!"

>> No. 2396
Chanching my vote to this
>> No. 2397
[x] Go to sleep

>> No. 2398
[X] Bloody mess from the beginning of the show! Even after trying to please the roudy crowd! The great actor's hard work ends up in a cremation! Spin SPin SPIn SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN SPIN
>> No. 2399
[x] Go for some fresh air

You decide that a great to wrap up your day would be to step outside for some air. You make your way towards Eientei's entrance. Standing on the front porch, you admire the evening. Unfortunately, the night sky has become overcast since you last went out, so you can't see the moon nor stars, but you can still breathe in the night air. It refreshes you, grants you a small boost in vitality that you were missing. These past few days have seen you bedridden more than what would be commonplace, so it's nice to counterbalance with breathing some of the outside air.

Not all is fun and games, as you have the distinct feeling that you're being watched. If it's Tewi, you wonder what she's doing up at this hour. Almost everyone has gone to bed by now. As if to interrupt your thought process, a single drop of rain falls on your head. It's started to rain. You head back inside, in a solemn mood. If one were to describe your mood in musical terms, you'd have to say you feel somewhat like Chopin's Nocturne in C-minor. That is to say, somewhat lonely and sad, but more than that, it's as if you have a sorrow coming from within that affects your whole being. You sigh, and then go back to your room.

You lay on your bed, sleepless. That uneasy feeling that has been with you all day still persists. No matter how much you try, you cannot get any rest. You struggle with this all night. It is only during the pre-dawn hours that you finally manage to sleep for a little bit. Soon enough, it's daytime again but you're in no mood to do anything. Your whole body feels heavy, but it's a different feeling than having an episode of KeyAIDS, sure your body is tired but your mind is the main culprit. You feel completely sapped and anyone that you ran into today would probably find you strangely out of character. You don't even feel the slightest bit hungry. Regardless, you decide to do something.

[ ] Wander about outside Eientei
[ ] Just lie here
[ ] Try to meditate
[ ] Try to cheer yourself up
[ ] Anemia option (?)
>> No. 2400
[x] Wander about outside Eientei
Gotta find Tewi.
Want moar Tewi
>> No. 2401
[x] Just lie here

Find inner peace, or something.
>> No. 2403
[z] Just lie here
>> No. 2404
[x] Just lie there
[x] Try to cheer yourself up
Kaguya's mad at us now, but we'll make things right. If we can't do it, we'll do it in our imagination. If we can't do it with the things we have now, we'll just imagine something that can.
>> No. 2405
[X] Try to cheer yourself up

Though I have to wonder just how we could go about that. The main means we would cheer ourselves up are all in Kaguya's room, and we don't know if we're back on her good side just yet.

We could try to find Reisen again, I guess. Pleasant to be with, and unlikely to jam needles in us.
>> No. 2406
[ ] Just lie here
>> No. 2408
[ ] Just lie here
[ ] Try to meditate
[ ] Try to cheer yourself up

In that order please.
>> No. 2409
[X] Fap
>> No. 2410
[x] Just lie there
[x] Try to cheer yourself up
>> No. 2411
I was wondering how long it'd take one of you to suggest that. I almost added it as an option before sleeping.

Also side vote here; should I take a little break and do a sidestory? (might help me regain my enthusiasm as well)

[ ] No faggot, keep writing this shit
[ ] sidestory tiem
>> No. 2412
[ ] Anemia Option
[ ] Fap

in that order
>> No. 2413

[ ] sidestory tiem
>> No. 2415
[ ] No faggot, keep writing this shit
>> No. 2416
[ ] sidestory tiem
>> No. 2417
[ ] Anemia Option while fapping.
>> No. 2418
[x] No faggot, keep writing this shit
I want to see who's about to go SURPRISE COCKFAGS on Shirou.
>> No. 2419
[x] No faggot, keep writing this shit
At least finish the day.
>> No. 2420

[x] That dice of yours? Roll it.
>> No. 2421
The day just started. The previous day just ended and days can be very long.
I would but I can't find it.

Also I'll continue procastrinating until I get a solid vote response either way.
>> No. 2422

[x] Can't find the dice? Flip a coin.
>> No. 2423
[X] No faggot, keep writing this shit
Write until we say you can stop.
>> No. 2424
Write some more LAE. I'm sure some Reisen can brighten our day.
>> No. 2425
More writting it is.
>> No. 2427
We need a [ ] That dice of yours? Roll it. option, include it. Or flip a coin.
>> No. 2428
[x] Just lie here
[x] Try to cheer yourself up

You just lie there as you have for most of the night. You don't feel that comfortable. At home you usually sleep on a mattress and a futon is really just not your style. You continue to feel uncomfortable and tired, but you can't go back to sleep. It's most bothersome really. It seems like this limbo will go on for a while yet. It brings you great despair to be wasting time, but you really don't know what to do, you're in no mood to even wander around.

The last time you were like this was shortly before becoming a NEET. You were disillusioned with life. Upset at the pointlessness of it all. Nothing back then brought you pleasure nor happiness. You didn't even feel comfortable being yourself. You were studying, yes it seemed necessary at the time but in hindsight it was just a waste of time. Most of life seems to be directed solely by the luck factor, be it professional careers, romance, or even academics, the randomness of it all weighed down too heavily on you. You lived your whole life with no sense of belonging. While you still enjoyed many of the things people do in normal lives, they had no deeper meaning for you. Highschool was just a phase, most women were too immature for you back then as they are now. It's not their fault, most human beings are shallow and immature. You guess that all this lead to you adopting your hermit-like lifestyle.

You know all too well the path this line of thought leads you and you try to avoid it. In fact, you try to cheer yourself up. You think about the fun times you've had here. Okay, that definitely doesn't help. You try to think of your favorite anime. You lighten up a bit remembering the great scenes. Still, it's not enough to turn around your mood. You wish you had your pc, or at the very least your mp3 player. That way you could listen to some music. That always helps soothe your soul. Alas, all your music is on the other side of the border. Instead, you try humming your favorite tunes. But you don't feel any better.

At last you think of your favorite stories. Naturally you think of all the literature you've read over the years, but more importantly you start to remember the structures of these stories. What was the point of a tragedy? You think that by applying that logic you can get out of your rut. You get up, hoping that you can trigger in you what the audience felt after dealing with all that loss and sadness. Well then, you may feel like crap, but you now have a new objective; You wish to live, to experience change and fulfillment, and you'll find it somewhere.

[ ] Go grab breakfast
[ ] The answer lies outside Eientei
[ ] Go help Eirin out again
[ ] Roulette option!
>> No. 2429
[x] Roulette option!

I feel lucky
>> No. 2430
[ ] Roulette option!
>> No. 2431
[X] Roulette option!

there is no other choice
>> No. 2432
[x] Go help Eirin out again
Might as well do something meaningful with our day.
>> No. 2434
[ ] Go help Eirin out again
>> No. 2435
File 121118638374.jpg - (166.96KB , 600x3031 , Tonegawa Monologue.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go help Eirin out again
I don't like that roulette option, it just looks way too scary. Pic related.
>> No. 2436
[x] Go help Eirin out again
Get our SUPER SCIENCE skill up some more so we can build the Gaia Beam from the Broken Antenna.
>> No. 2437

inb4 fifty years
>> No. 2438
[X] Roulette option!

Being an hero
>> No. 2439
Well it would seem that the boards are pretty dead at this hour. So in because roulette was the first three, I'll go with it. Here's a brief explaination:

- every poster gets 1 vote as well as a suggestion.
- you may vote for any number 1-36, or a color (either black or red), odds or even, a third of the numbers (first 12, middle 12, last 12), and first or last half of the numbers (we're omitting rows and columns due to difficult visualization)
- You write your choice what to do with your post eg: fap furiously)
- if you bet on a single number and win, you get your post fully carried out
- if you bet for something else you'll get varying degrees of fulfillment
- I'll roll a virtual roulette to decide the outcome once enough posts (usually 10, can be more if more posters) are made
- when in doubt picture a real roulette table
- enjoy your random luck!
>> No. 2440
>- enjoy your random luck!
>> No. 2441

Inb4 tumbleweeds
Would be quicker to just roll a dice on the above choices.

But anyway, I'm taking my 37 to 1 odds with 0, and saying
[x] Sneak into Kaguya's room, Use her computer, Browse hidden directories
>> No. 2443
At this time it'll probably be tumbleweeds, but I'm patient. I'll multitask and advance on some sidestories as well as planning for the main story. At most I'll just have to wait a couple of hours.
>> No. 2444
File 121118836544.jpg - (81.37KB , 601x750 , AliceBlankEyes.jpg ) [iqdb]
Betting on: Middle 12
Outcome: Alice takes us up on our offer and visits us at Eientei.
>> No. 2445
Well, the limitations were player actions not events in the story, but just this once I'll humor you and do something alice related if you somehow win.
>> No. 2446
Betting on Red for [x] Shirou tries to get access to Kaguya's computer
>> No. 2447
>> No. 2448

If you support it, why not place your bet on something similar?

Unless my same person detector is broken
>> No. 2449
Betting on: Middle 12 reversed
Outcome: Alice takes us up on our offer and visits us at Eientei.
>> No. 2451
I'll admit I'm not the most experienced gambler, but what the hell is reversed?

Also, if you want to scream at me to get back to work or just chat (not just about the LA) join #LAE on rizon.
>> No. 2452
I don't have the slightest clue what you're talking about.
Betting on: 32
Outcome: Alice takes us up on our offer and visits us at Eientei.
>> No. 2454
Betting on: Last 12.
Outcome: Alice takes us up on our offer and visits us at Eientei.
At a guess, I'd say it's anything that isn't Middle 12. Pretty certain it isn't legit in roulette either.
>> No. 2455
Betting on: 9
Outcome: Alice takes us up on our offer and visits us at Eientei and shows us her penis.
>> No. 2456
>>Alice takes us up on our offer and visits us at Eientei and shows us her penis.
>>her penis

>> No. 2457
Someone might as well call black so it can just roll.
>> No. 2458
Betting on: Black.
Outcome: Alice takes us at Eientei.
>> No. 2459
21 Red

Kaguya appears to us privately for a heart to heart, begins by berating us but we get a shot at reconciling with her if we say the right thing.

Later Erin tells us she gave Tewi a penis which explains her behavior lately, Reisen has been refusing to perform "lewd acts" in order to relieve her and Erin claims she is far too busy, there's no way in hell Tewi will ask Kaguya to do it and the Rabbits don't know shit about giving good head.

Guess who she turns to in her time of need?
>> No. 2460
As awesome as that is, I'm just going to tell you the results of the roulette wheel. 31.
Nothing major happens but I'll still write something Alice-related. You fags did it all wrong. Roulette is supposed to be stupid shit that the protagonist does not the world.

In any case, I'm done for now. I'll resume later.
>> No. 2461
That reminds me of Inaba Box.
>> No. 2462
>> No. 2463
>most women were too immature for you back then as they are now.
>hotglue Anonymous named Shirou

Thanks Teruyo.
I was choking to death and yet couldn't stop laughing while reading this