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14254 No. 14254
It doesn't take you very long to decide what you want. It's a bit juvenile, you'll admit, but it's not that bad an idea. It was enough to stave off the temptation from the so-called 'mystery option' Mokou flaunted. Mokou's reaction to the proposal makes it more than worth it.

“You want me to what!?” She reacts as if you asked something impossible.
“Swap clothes with Kaguya. Like I said, only for a week.”
“Is that really it? Wouldn't me plowing a field or beating someone up for you be better?”
“I have no need for those thing.” She has very strange expectations of you. “I decided already and that's that. You are going to do what I ask, right?”
“I guess so.” She sighs. It really does look like she's not going to enjoy this. “Can I at least know why you want me to trade my notoriously awesome and comfortable clothes?”
“Simple – because it's fun.”
“I could kill you just now.” You're back to threats and taunts like at the beginning of this conversation.

Thankfully, the threat of violence does not turn into actual violence. Mokou's acceptance of the request does end the conversation however. It's not that she's particularly upset with you (she seems to have convinced herself that swapping clothes won't be so bad). Rather she claims that she really should be getting out the woods. You do your duty and walk with her the rest of the way out.

“Well, see you tomorrow sometime. I'll be by to pick up the clothes.”
“Make sure to show me.” You add with a smile.
“Sure, sure, whatever.” She mumbles something and turns away with her shoulders slightly hunched.

You don't wait around for long, instead heading on back to Eientei. It's not nearly as bright as day, but the moonlight makes sticking to the path very easy. At your relaxed pace you're there again relatively quickly. Things have died down. Save for a few staggering rabbits, there's nobody outside anymore. And there's no trace of Tewi amongst the stragglers. You grab a drink of water from the kitchen, there's no one there either. Looks like things really did die down after you left.

You go back to your room and scribble down a note. You leave the note in front of Kaguya's door. This way she'll know that you decided on a clothes swap.

That nap earlier did wonders. You feel like it's still midday. There's no doubt that you wouldn't be able to sleep now even if you tried. That's why, despite the late hour, you go to the clinic. Judging from the light coming from under the door, it looks like Eirin is still here. Does she ever sleep? She could be a robot for all that you know. You knock and open the door.

“Ah, good lad! I see that you came now even though it's late.” Eirin greets you from her desk. She congratulates you for coming like as if you had performed an incredible feat. You note that she's back in her usual attire.
“I'm not that tired and I thought that I might as well get things out of the way sooner than later.”
“That's a healthy attitude. Please sit down while I finish filling out this file.”

You sit down like she asks. You wait a few minutes as she carefully scribbles down notes on a piece of paper. Her face shows concentration and drive – something rarely seen from someone doing paperwork. She finishes, gets up, and moves over to a storage cabinet.

“I suppose you'll want to know just exactly it is that I want you to do.” She puts on a lab coat and takes a stethoscope and other examination tools out. “I'll tell you in just a moment. But first, I want to confirm that you're in good health. Can't have an unhealthy assistant, you understand.”
“What do you want me to do?” You're none to thrilled with being examined.
“Stand up and take your top off. Then sit on the examination table behind that screen.”

You do as she says.

“Good.” She comes over with a clipboard. “I'm sure you've had to do this in the past. So I'll be quick.”

She does a standard checkup on you. Examining your ear canals. Using a tongue depressor to check your throat. Taking your blood pressure. All the usual. You just wince a bit when she presses the cold metal stethoscope against your bare chest. Other than that, it's quick and hassle-free.

“Good.” She gives her verdict. “You're perfectly fine. We can proceed now.”
“Alright.” You refasten your clothes. “What now?”
“Wait here. I'll be back in a moment. I'll explain then.”

She disappears into a side room. When she returns, she's holding a small metallic tray with a vial and a syringe.

“Lean against the table and drop your trousers.” She instructs.
“Pardon? What for?”
“Isn't it obvious?” She smiles. “You're going to have to have an injection.” Her answer is plain as if it were the most normal thing in the world.
“I draw the line at injections Eirin.” You say in almost disbelief. “Could you at least explain what this thing is for?”
“If I must.” She makes your request sound especially onerous. “This is what I wanted your assistance for. In this vial there's a compound that I've been wanting to test. But I needed a normal male specimen.” She then adds as a joke, “ You're the closest thing to that around here.”
“Alright.” You don't find her joke very funny. “What is it and what is it supposed to do?”
“Essentially synthesized proteins and other natural components in your body. Mostly hormones. The idea is that it'll make you feel good about yourself.”
“That's ambiguous. Is it an anti-depressant then?”
“Not in the traditional sense. It doesn't alter your brain chemistry. Happiness is a side effect.”

Sketchy. Very damn sketchy.

“I'm not sure I want to be injected with some unknown concoction. I'm no guinea pig.”
“Of course not. If you were a guinea pig, we wouldn't be having this conversation.”
“...” Is that another joke?
“Bottom line is: this is harmless. It'll only take effect for as long as you receive regular injections.”
“Regular injections?” Are you a long-term project here?
“Just one every two or three days.” She seems to read your thought. “For about two weeks. You just have to come by five minutes every day during that period of time. Hardly unreasonable, wouldn't you agree?”
“I'm not sure I want to do this.”
“You said you'd help me out.” Eirin doesn't look particularly amused. “And by doing this you'd be helping me out. An agreement is an agreement.”

You watch as she fills the syringe with the contents of the vial. She's not giving you much room to maneuver here. She hold up the needle and looks at you expectantly.

“Well, drop your pants please.”

[] Drop your pants
[] Refuse participating in her trial
[] “Isn't there any thing else that I can do for you?”
>> No. 14255
[] Drop your pants
>> No. 14256
[X] "Not the situation I'd hoped to hear a beautiful woman say that in, but..."
[X] Drop your pants.
>> No. 14257
File 123580698271.png- (30.32KB , 968x399 , a is d.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Drop your pants

Eirin's got a shady new drug? Well, don't mind if I do!
>> No. 14258
File 123580804651.jpg- (36.40KB , 300x322 , why.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Drop your pants

Sorry, Keine. There's always next month.
>> No. 14260
File 123580876060.jpg- (60.24KB , 639x425 , 1230422406745.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] "Not the situation I'd hoped to hear a beautiful woman say that in, but..."
[!/] Drop your pants.

My whole life...NO REGRETS WORKS.

really living up to the whole probability of sex makes us do anything
>> No. 14263
I've got a bad feeling about this. Do you think she's still sore about that peeking incident?
But, then again, refusing might have even worse consequences.

[X] Drop your pants
>> No. 14264
[] Drop your pants

ugh, this won't end well ...
>> No. 14266
I'd say if she was, she could have simply watched us squirm rather than help us with that Kaguya/Mokou dilemma. But then again, someone as shrewd as Eirin would probably not go for petty revenge when she could have both revenge and an indebted assistant/test-subject in one fell swoop.

So. Yeah. We might be screwed, but probably not as badly as we'd be if we refused. Never a good idea to go back on your word when dealing with anyone there, really.
>> No. 14267

Let's just leave it at Erin is flattered you find her mature figure arousing.
>> No. 14268
In Gensokyo, Favors are traded like currency. It wouldn't do to be seen as someone who would welch on a favor now, would it?

[Z] Drop your pants and trust the good doctor.
>> No. 14270
[x] Drop your pants.

In /at/ lies an image very relevant to our situation.
>> No. 14271
[x] Drop your pants

You give in. But not without losing your sense of humor.

"Not the situation I'd hoped to hear a beautiful woman say that in, but..." You let your trousers slip to your ankles.
“Bend over the table.” You do as Eirin says. “You're quite the charmer though Mr. Shirou. I bet you've used that line on every nurse and doctor you've ever met.” She had a big smile on her face last you saw her. You feel her lowering your underpants slightly.
“Hardly.” It just seems easier to talk through this. “I meant it, you know.”
“Stop it. You'll make me swoon.” You feel a slight dampness as she swabs the area with disinfectant.
“I- ooh!” Your follow up is interrupted by a small sharp prick on your rear. It catches you by surprise. You thought she would have given you warning.
“There. All done. You may pull your trousers back up now.”

You pull up your pants. Eirin discards the syringe and puts her material away.

“So when will I begin to notice the effects of this?” You ask her. You rub your rump. It felt like you got poked by a needle three times the thickness.
“Probably in two more days. You probably won't notice the first signs anyways.”
“First signs? I thought this didn't have any visible side effects?”
“I never said that.” She eyes a chart on her desk. “But don't worry, it's nothing that will disrupt your normal day to day life.”
“You're only telling me this now... why?”
“It's irrelevant. Things you won't be able to observe with the naked eye. So cheer up.”

She reaches into a drawer.

“Here, have some confectioneries.” She gives you a yellow lollipop and some mints. “This is for being a good trooper.”
“Candy? Sure I'll take it, but that doesn't put me at ease.”
“Really, there's nothing to worry about. I only recommend that you don't swim in any bodies of natural water for the duration of the injections. You might also not want to sleep in a forest anytime soon.”
“Okay? That doesn't sound like normal precautions to take...”
“Better safe than sorry. You'll likely be alright in any scenario.”
“Well, I've got no choice but to listen to you. When do you want me to come next?”
“In the afternoon. Every day sometime in the afternoon is fine. If you forget, I'll make sure to reprimand you for it. So don't. I'll make sure Undonge is around to remind you as well.”
“Is there anything else that you need from me?”
“Not right now.” She turns off some of the lights. “I'll be going to my room now, so I'll be closing the clinic.”

Eirin goes off to her own room after locking up. Having nothing else to do, you go back to your own room. You waste some time rearranging your few possessions and then lying in the bed, staring at the ceiling. The discomfort from the injection has worn off. In its place, there's a mildly uncomfortable heat that seems to emanate from your stomach. You blame the mochi. Next month, if they do this again, you'll skip on eating the rice cakes. The bright moonlight filters through the screens, making you able to see pretty well in the dark.

Bored, you fiddle with your PDA. You can't think of any encyclopedia articles to look up, so you go directly to that applet. You wonder if it works this time. You select it and are greeted by a blank screen with a progress bar. You assume its loading..

Things... have changed. The color scheme is different. And there's a few new words here and there. Not to mention that some of the symbols themselves have changed. The text remains scrambled though.



▀ ▀◄ [xxxxxxxx--------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a small bird)
♥▬◙ [xxxxxxxxxx------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a bottle)
☻☼▐ [xxxxxx----------] (there is a red checkbox here, as well as an image of a crescent moon. The checkbox is blinking)
◊●◘ [xxxxxxxxx-------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a red circle)
╗∟♣ [xxxxx---------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a small circle that looks like the sun)
∏ [xxxxxxxxxx------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a what's either a lillypad or a leaf of sorts)
▬┼∫ [////////////////] (there is a red 'x' here, as well as an image of a triangle)
(there's something else here, three more 'bars' like above, except they're as warped as the corrupt text above)

#Note Yakcorp is not responsible for any damages caused by misinterpretations of the above figures. See EULA for more details.

You put the PDA away as you begin to feel more sleepy. The heat in your stomach hasn't died down, but you think that you can manage to sleep regardless. This proves to be true, as you fall asleep with minimal tossing and turning.

Partial update since I'm feeling unwell. Thought that something now is better than everything later. Next update incoming either in a short while or after I get some sleep. I'll see how long I can hold up.

Two observations: 1) Props to Eirin for properly stimulating the prostate. (It's to be expected from her, really) 2) Her boobs are weirdly drawn

Mmmm... Eirin's delicious body. That reminds me, loli (and thus DFC) Eirin is absolutely delicious as well for some reason.
>> No. 14273
great... now we stench of buffet to every carnivore in a 5km radius...

also, could we check the PDA's End User Licence Agreement? just thought that it might have a hint to where this apparatus or software came from.
>> No. 14274
File 123583854167.png- (6.57KB , 300x300 , 1169371053215.png ) [iqdb]
Okay. So crescent-moon-thingy has a different checkbox from the others now, and is blinking, but the bar isn't as full as the others, particularly the leaf-thingy, bottle-thingy, and red-circle-thingy. So, either that could be a good thing, or a bad thing. The background is also different, which could also be good or bad, or mean nothing at all.

Well, that's just maddeningly unhelpful.
>> No. 14276
File 123584896430.jpg- (256.61KB , 626x885 , 6140fd22bd9542b381de7b853e222475.jpg ) [iqdb]
Perhaps the checkbox is flashing due to the Reisen event with Kaguya?
>> No. 14277
Grants happiness and self-confidence as a result of whatever it is the drug does, but doesn't affect brain chemistry; the mention of hormones, and that a male is require for the experiment, as well as the specific warning against sleeping in an animal and youkai rich environment.

Pheromones, right?

>Perhaps the checkbox is flashing due to the Reisen event with Kaguya?

Could be, assuming the crescent moon (☾) is Reisen. And we know she had fun tonight adjudicating the contest.

>You're so adorable when sleeping that I wouldn't mind having you like this all day.” Wait, is she teasing you?
>“It's not just my opinion. Reisen came over a few minutes ago and said the exact same thing.” She grins, “I thought I would have to fight her off for a moment there. Seeing you like a defenseless baby triggered my maternal instincts.”
>“I'm just saying – don't be surprised if next time you're sleeping you get woken up by a lunarian rabbit tugging on your cheeks.”
>> No. 14278
guys. When has a flashing red light ever meant anything good?

This probably means we are either getting close to a route lock or a complete route lockout.
>> No. 14279
OK, let's go over what appeared on the applet in the past.

At the start of the story, it was like this:
>▀ ▀◄ [x---------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a small bird)
>♥▬◙ [----------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a bottle)
>☻☼▐ [x---------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a crescent moon)
>◊●◘ [----------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a red circle)
>╗∟♣ [----------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a golden circle)
>∏ [----------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a what's either a lillypad or a leaf of sorts)
>▬┼∫ [////////////////] (there is a red 'x' here, as well as an image of a triangle)

Note how only two bars had any progress. I'm guessing one is Mokou's, with who Shirou interacted quite a bit the night he found her snooping around Eientei. The other is probably Kaguya's, since she has known Shirou for longer than any other character. The greyed out bar with the red X probably represents Alice's blocked out route.

The second time we used the applet was right after the incident with Tewi and Eirin's drug:
>▀ ▀◄ [xxxx------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a small bird)
>♥▬◙ [xx--------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a bottle)
>☻☼▐ [xxxx------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a crescent moon)
>◊●◘ [xx--------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a red circle)
>╗∟♣ [x-------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a golden circle)
>∏ [xxx-------------] (there is a grey checkbox here, as well as an image of a what's either a lillypad or a leaf of sorts)
>▬┼∫ [////////////////] (there is a red 'x' here, as well as an image of a triangle)

The 'bird' (Mokou?) and 'moon' (Kaguya?) were still the two bars with the most progress. Since Reisen was really angry with Shirou at the moment, hers was probably one of the lowest bars. And then there's the 'leaf' (or is it a four-leaved clover?) bar which suddenly got to the third place... I bet it's Tewi's, since she had been harassing Shirou the past few days only to be ignored (well, up until now...). I'm sure that if Shirou had fallen for her tricks right away she wouldn't have found him as interesting.

Finally, there's the reading we just got. The 'leaf' and the 'bottle' bars are the highest this time. Looks like Tewi enjoyed Shirou's concern for her when she was sick. Also, I think the festival event was meant as an important affection/route booster: look at how the 'bottle' (a beaker? Eirin?) bar skyrocketed! It looks like Mokou and Kaguya were trying to pressure Shirou to choose between them during the festival and attempted to show each other how close they are to him (who else thought Kaguya was overdoing it a little with her public displays of affection towards Shirou?). Obviously they weren't too happy when he refused to team up with any of them.
And if the 'crescent' bar is really Kaguya's, it looks like we screwed up big time when we decided to walk Mokou out of Eientei instead of staying with her (curse you, female reverse speech!). I fear that Kaguya's route will be closed off soon if we don't do something about it.
>> No. 14280
File 123591976512.jpg- (331.62KB , 700x700 , 39ad0fa084374493d569f64437ead1a8.jpg ) [iqdb]
Makes sense, but remember what Teruyo told us the last time we tried to analyze the bars:

>>Also, anon would do well to not get so fixated that the bars = affection exclusively. Nor other such concrete (and sometimes too obvious) correlations. It's meant to hint at stuff and be understood, but mostly only after one or more bar fills. That isn't to say that it's useless to think about.

Taken along with the new addition to the applet in the form of that disclaimer:
>>#Note Yakcorp is not responsible for any damages caused by misinterpretations of the above figures.

We should be wary of taking it for granted that the bars mean what they think we mean. ...of course, what else they could mean I'm not really sure, since they certainly seem to match up with the characters pretty well.

We do know that the festival was meant to be a sort of major event, and that sometime afterwards we would hit some sort of route lock, which is what the flashing red checkbox would appear to be indicating. The question then is, does it indicate a route we're being locked out of, or locked in to?

Well, okay, the fact the bar for that one is the second least-filled is probably a good sign, in that regard, especially if the meaning of the bars isn't meant to become clearer until after they're filled.

Not that it makes much of a difference. After the way Kaguya got a bit chilly with us after we opted to see Mokou out rather than hang out with her like she had said she wanted us to do, and this latest development of trading off her clothes with Mokou's for a week that I'm pretty sure won't go over well with her at all, we had better be prepared to make things up to her somehow.

...then again, we had Reisen pretty pissed at us before, and yet after simply helping her out a bit, and possibly the revelation that we're also going to be assisting Eirin at the clinic, and apparently she's not so miffed at us anymore. At least, not if what Kaguya said about her while we were sleeping is true.
>> No. 14281
If I may contribute my own perspective on the matter...

First, I know it's being Captain Obvious here, but the festival is one of (if not the ONLY) the major events for this VN. We go in with a max bar rating of 4,and come out with a max bar rating of 10. Or, to use fractions, we go in with a progress of 1/4, and come out with a little over 1/2 (with a bar length of 16 xs).

Moving on.

Second, we need to keep in mind Teruyo's advice about bars =/= affection. I think it's been suggested somewhere, but perhaps they signify either progress thru a given route, OR how close we are to routelock - remember, the LAST playthrough was 30+ threads, let's not be so quick to assume that we'll be done in less than 10 threads this time.

Next, regarding the symbols. Each one obviously corresponds to a given Touhoe. Now, I think this interpretation of the symbols has been posted somewhere before, but for sake of completeness, let's go over it again.

Bird = Phoenix = Moukou

Bottle = Something Medical = Eirin

Crescent Moon = Kaguya

Red Circle = Reisen (Remember IN, when she would shift the danmaku patterns?)

Gold Circle/Sun = Keine

Lillypad/Leaf = Tewi

From this, we can see that the most progress has been made for Tewi and Eirin (which frankly surprised the hell out of me), and the least for Keine, with Reisen, Moukou, and Kaguya (in that order) in between.

That's all old news, however. Let's move on to the new stuff.

First, the changes - the background, new words, color scheme, and such. I would say, ignore these as being significant until we find evidence that says they're significant.

Second, and perhaps the most significant change within the whole thing, is the little red flashing checkbox. Assuming that the crescent is Kaguya, the change from grey to red could very well be the result of one of THREE events during the festival. The first is the little event with Reisen, which, if you read the update, had no choice associated with it. The second is the Kaguya/Moukou standoff (either choosing them as a partner, or walking Moukou home) - in that case, we were screwed no matter what we chose - Kaguya and Moukou are rivals after all, and so I think to a certain degree, we'll always be something for one to hold over the others' head. The third source is the "I wuv mai bwuddy" exchange.

As to the significance of the box?

If it comes from one of the first two sources, it means we're in deep trouble with Kaguya, and are risking a routelockout, or worse.

If it's the third source, then it's probably a positive thing - a change from feelings of friendship to feelings of love, for example.

Just my perspective on the whole thing.
>> No. 14282
At this rate we will get every Character covered in the next 3 years. This route seems to be Kaguya or Tewi. This will be pretty close.

Teruyo, when will we get the character lock in? Can you give us a hint what % of which characters we currently are at?
>> No. 14283
Soon enough. And you have enough hints. It's one of those things that's painfully obvious once you figure it out.

Update probably not long away. Just have to deal with several loose ends before I can dedicate myself to that. In the meanwhile, have some selected extracts from the program's EULA:

IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY: This End-User License Agreement ("EULA") is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or a single entity) and Yakcorp for the Yaksoft software product identified above, which includes computer software and may include associated media, printed materials, "online" or electronic documentation, and Internet-based services ("Product").

[…] This software contains proprietary code belonging exclusively to Yakcrop and it's affiliates. KawaTech and its partners also hold patents to the technologies embedded.. Illegal reproduction of this code (as defined in articles 5.1 and 7.5) is punishable by law and includes a fine for copyright transgression.

[…] Failure to properly utilize this software is the sole burden of the user, and Yakcorp or any of the aforementioned companies are not liable to damages incurred from misuse.

[…] If the user does not find the product satisfactory for a period of up to 30 days upon activation or refuses the terms herein, they reserve the right to contact a representative of Yakcorp to resolve the situation."
>> No. 14284
File 123595328629.png- (144.18KB , 354x600 , 1233194126753.png ) [iqdb]
>[…] If the user does not find the product satisfactory for a period of up to 30 days upon activation or refuses the terms herein, they reserve the right to contact a representative of Yakcorp to resolve the situation."

Deus-Ex Yakumo?
>> No. 14286
The next morning seems to come all too soon.

You do the usual morning routine without incident. You skip on eating for now. Your stomach is still a bit upset, it'd seem. You feel full and there's a lingering warmth in your gut.

You ignore that for now, instead waiting until the moment Mokou arrives. She does so at mid-morning, looking like she's got better places to be. You go see Kaguya with her.

“Hey, we're here for the swap.” You remind in a friendly tone.
“Yes. Yes. I read the note.” Kaguya doesn't look very eager to do this. “Take care of my clothes. If they rip, I”m holding you accountable.”
“Same goes to you.” Mokou snorts. “These are made to order.”
“Fancy that. Undoubtedly they can't compare with my vestments. Don't do your usual thing in them.”

Sensing that the conversation is going in a bad direction, you urge them to get the swap over with. Both of them hand over a few sets of clothes. You step outside and wait for them to change. When you see them changed, you can't help but grin like a damned fool.

“Cut that out, it's annoying.” Mokou threatens. Her usual vigor is there, but she looks much less threatening in Kaguya's skirt.
“Almost didn't recognize you there.” You say as smugly as possible, “This is definitely a good change.”
“And then I suppose that this was a poor change for me?” Kaguya speaks up. You look her over. Yeah, poor might be a bit too easy. Those usually cool-looking red trousers don't really match Kaguya's complexion. The shirt is... different. Not dramatically worse than her blouse in any case. Not to mention that the clothes seem to be a bit loose on her. Not too much, so that they fall off, but loose enough to look baggy at places.
“It's something, alright.” You conclude. “It was definitely worth it to ask you to do this.”
“I'm glad you feel that way. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm leaving. I'll be in a cave all week.” Mokou huffs and leaves with a dramatic flair.
“Buhbye!” You wave her off.

Looking at Kaguya is strange. You keep almost calling her 'Mokou'. That is, until you see the black hair and realize who you're talking to. She doesn't seem to mind that much about this. She suggests playing games, as agreed upon before, as if nothing were wrong. Well, nothing is really wrong. You agree readily.

In the end, you get used to her look and end up playing all morning. Reisen looks a bit surprised when she drops by with a midday snack, but she says nothing. No one at Eientei makes much fuss about it.

Before the afternoon is over, you report in to the clinic. You excuse yourself, telling Kaguya that you'll be back soon. Eirin does another quick checkup on you. She's professional as before, only subtly slipping in commentary here and there about you. You don't mind playing her game and take the ordeal with grace. You do note that she betrays and expression of true happiness when it comes time for your shot. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to compare her to a dog staring down a juicy piece of meat. You could picture her licking her lips as she plunges the needle into your behind again. It makes you smile. Just as well, since you barely even feel the pinch on your bottom.

There's not much else to the exchange though. She lets you go on your way. Given your desire to keep on playing, you don't think to spend any more time here, instead returning to keep Kaguya more company. Your comrade welcomes you back, having withstood the temptation to shut off the console and end the game. It's the same, dumb, enjoyable game for the rest of the evening (and until late at night). You only stop for a snack part-way through.

As unexciting as it sounds, the rest of the week isn't much different. Your mood slowly deteriorates, making want to avoid as much hardship as possible. That is to say, spend as much time possible doing, when it comes down it it, truly nothing. You feel almost compelled not to leave Eientei. It's boring, but you spend time eating, napping, and getting your injections at the clinic. There's no real noticeable effect that you can feel from the injections. No swollen body parts, birds dropping dead at your presence, or anything ominous like that. You even ask Eirin at one point if she's not just giving you a placebo.

“You're the only test subject. Why would I give you a placebo?” So goes her logic. She then goes on to explain the signs that indicate that there is some effect. It's all nonsense to you. You can't tell if your eyes look clearer or your skin slightly darker. You continue to press her on actual results. Only to be faced with more nonsense. It's been a little over week, and you really want to see results.

You nearly become obsessive about seeing change. She promised that you'd be happy. Instead you feel that you're in the foulest mood ever. You can't conceal this fact, and at dinnertime Reisen goes as far as asking if her food tastes bad. You manage a smile for her, using your remaining goodwill. Since the festival she has been talking to you a bit more, and you've had several normal conversations since then. They all do seem to end abruptly, however. It's usually Tewi or Kaguya's fault. They've been dragging you around all week. Making you play this, doing an errand here and there, and draining your energy.

“If you're feeling unwell, maybe you should tell Eirin about it. She might be able to do something about it.” She says over dessert.
“It's her fault I'm in a bad mood.” You strain yourself not to be curt.
“Maybe talking about it will make you feel better.” She suggests, more likely as an absentminded response than real worry. Still, there's something about her face... that look like she's paying her full and undivided attention to you. It makes you feel confident enough in your complaints to state them.

Your reply is long-winded. You complain about Eirin. Not just her, actually. Every single small thing that's been bothering you. You feel reluctant to do so at first, but once you start, you can't stop. Reisen's taken aback by your continuous (and sometimes foul) comments and observations. She stays perfectly still while you let out every single quirk and situation that's gotten to you.

When you're done with your rant, you leave. Truth is, after it's all said, you feel deathly embarrassed. You really shouldn't have blurted to Reisen all of these things. Especially not the criticism of Eirin. Who knows how she'll interpret that? You walk away quickly, before you're chased down by Reisen or someone else. You hole up in your room, seeking solace and time to reorganize your thoughts.

You get frustrated. You can't understand yourself right now. It's hard to concentrate. Your analytical side seems to have taken a vacation. Permanently at the forefront of your thoughts are your feelings. And they're all almost exclusively stressful. To relieve this stress you contemplate going to Eirin and complaining directly, but even now you know that to be pointless. As it stands you feel like doing nothing. If Kaguya came here now, you'd have no choice but to turn down any offers of fun playing together.

The good thing is that you're so annoyed that you burn yourself out. Your mind shuts down as you lie down on the floor. The bliss of non-conscious thinking sweeps your mind.

When you next wake up, it's already morning. You slept over twelve hours. Just doesn't seem very impressive right now. That's right, you're contemplating something very different for today. Instead of the stasis that you've been undergoing for the last week, today might just be a day for change. It takes a good gathering of your remaining will to seriously contemplate it.

[] Leave Eientei for now
[] Stay indoors for a while longer
>> No. 14287
Interesting post! I didn't expect the time skip, though....

[X] Leave Eientei for now: tell Kaguya about it before leaving; she's your "bwest bwuddy" after all! Be calm about it, but insist on getting some "fresh air" if she objects.

Not exactly the best elaboration/write in, but I think it won't be too bad!
>> No. 14288
[] Actually, why don't you invite Kaguya out for a change. It would probably do yourself and her some good.
>> No. 14289
Maybe the timeskip is a result of being under the effects of Eirin's drug? Shirou had a change in mood, after all. It's almost as if he's mildly depressed: he lacks energy, feels like doing nothing, sleeps a lot, can't concentrate...

I have the theory that the drug's actual purpose is turning us into a shut-in so we end up spending more time with Kaguya. Eirin sure is cunning, giving us a NEET-inducing drug with the excuse of testing it.

Paranoia aside, Shirou is very irritable right now and has started taking his bad mood out on others. He needs to get some fresh air, badly.

[X] Leave Eientei for now.
[X] Tell Kaguya you're leaving to get some fresh air, invite her to come with you.
>> No. 14290
[X] Leave Eientei for now.
[X] Tell Kaguya you're leaving to get some fresh air, invite her to come with you.
>> No. 14291
[X] Stay indoors for a while longer

As increasingly emotional, moody, and irritable as Shirou is becoming, I can certainly believe that Eirin's injections are doing something hormonal, just not with the effects she said it would have. Whether that's due to a mistake on her part, of some sort of deception is debatable. Either way, I'm not sure going out is advisable without knowing more about what effects this stuff has been having on us. Some creatures might not care to wait for us to go to sleep...
>> No. 14292
[x] Stay indoors for a while longer: Play Unending Afternoon
>> No. 14293
[X] Leave Eientei for now.
[X] Tell Kaguya you're leaving to get some fresh air, invite her to come with you.
>> No. 14295
[X] Leave Eientei for now.
[X] Tell Kaguya you're leaving to get some fresh air, invite her to come with you.

>> No. 14296
[X] Leave Eientei for now.
[X] Tell Kaguya you're leaving to get some fresh air, invite her to come with you.
>> No. 14297
[x] Leave Eientei for now.
[x] Tell Kaguya you're leaving to get some fresh air, invite her to come with you.

Aw, he's cranky.
Think Kaguya will want to step-out wearing Mokou pants?
>> No. 14299
[X] Leave Eientei for now.
[X] Tell Kaguya you're leaving to get some fresh air, invite her to come with you.

I highly doubt she'll come with us, if only because that's how Teruyo's Kaguya functions. But I could be dead wrong, let's see how this turns out.
>> No. 14300
File 123604382980.png- (53.38KB , 300x900 , 1235942287570.png ) [iqdb]
[!/] Leave Eientei for now.

Enjou drugs!
>> No. 14301

Ah, quite possible!

I also like your choice for a write-in. I should go delete my post and revote when I get home!
>> No. 14302
[Z] Leave Eientei for now.
[Z] Tell Kaguya you're leaving to get some fresh air, invite her to come with you.
[Z] If she complains about the clothes, mention that she would be a better sport than Mokou who is likely sitting in a cave doing nothing.
>> No. 14306
File 123612981131.png- (89.08KB , 500x600 , lunacy - fun for the whole familiy.png ) [iqdb]
Update later. At the very least 5 hours from now. Damn my poor time management skills.
>> No. 14307
File 123613117137.jpg- (179.43KB , 1000x579 , 5554a5ce2d921e1fff3929f47276b912.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 14309
With what seems a superhuman effort, you successfully slouch out of your bedroom. Walking seems like a fastidious chore, and you consider going back and moping around. You fight the urge. Your mood won't get any better by staying indoors. That much is certain.

On the way out you remember something. You slink to Kaguya's room. You didn't expect her to be up, and she isn't. As far as you can tell she's probably sleeping. You might have intruded under other circumstances. But not today. Not with the way you feel. It's almost a relief that she's asleep. That way you avoid seeing anyone. Still, you do at least one of the things you came here for; you leave a note stating 'gone out – back later'. There's nothing else to be said. You've got no destination.

Plodding along, you leave Eientei without running into anyone. The cold morning air feels comforting. It gives a large enough boost in energy to walk into the woods. You don't really have a destination now; you walk along by the narrow trails and paths with least brush obstructing. You purposefully navigate slightly away from the village. You want to avoid as much human contact as possible.

Your stomach begins to cramp up about three quarters of an hour into your walk. Instead of turning back, you opt to push on. You find a small clearing and decide to rest for a while. It's not too bad. Save for the nausea and general irritability, you can sort of enjoy this. There's only a few clouds in the sky. Small, outstretched white masses. The moment is marred by the chirping of birds.

Those have got to be the most annoying bird calls you've heard in your lifetime. They're not even chirps. They're “screes” and “scraws”. You can't stand it for long. You get up again. You walk, sinking into an even fouler mood. This isn't good for your health, but at the same time it feels nice to let go. It's not like you'll run into anyone else anyways. Who cares if you've got a scowl and a bitchy disposition? These damn birds don't seem to.

It's only later that you run into trouble.

Walking around for hours makes you thirsty. Not wanting to turn back, you opt for the pragmatic approach: drinking from a local stream. You find a pristine brook and a nice place to rest. You sit down for a moment, feeling that your legs are weakening. Your throat is absolutely parched – when you swallow it almost feels like your insides are going to crack apart. Your lips hurt as well. Touching them makes them shed dried flakes.

This sure as hell has never happened to me before.

Anyone in your position would instinctively come to the same conclusion.

You think you know the solution though. It runs right in front of you. You kneel by the margins of the brook and scoop up as much water as possible with your trembling hands. You, at first, splash yourself more than drink properly – a reflex from wanting to feel the cool wetness of the water as soon as possible. You drink the stream dry. Or at least if feels like you do. When you're done with voraciously gulping down mouthful after mouthful of the liquid you collapse backwards in satisfaction.

This satisfaction is only momentary. A new feeling comes from your gut with an infernal intensity. It feels like your whole abdomen is caught in a massive invisible firestorm. You contort and flail against the invisible flame, trying desperately to put it out. So hot. You need relief. You roll around like a madman, drenching yourself in the shallow stream in the process. It's no good. Movement only seems to make it worse.

An animalistic urge within you desperately cries out for you to do something, but there's nothing you can do. You curl up into a ball. You grip your sides as hard as you can, digging nail through cloth and flesh. You convulse, damaging your clothes and drawing blood. It seems like the sensation is never going to go away. Your whole body trembles, and you're not even sure if you're in control of your limbs anymore.

Your mind goes blank.

Some time passes before you're aware of your surroundings again. You can tell immediately from the sun's shifted position in the sky. All you can do at first is just stare at the sky. An intense heat still wracks your body. It's not as bad as before; you can stand this if you concentrate. You make an effort to collect your senses. It's a long and painful battle, one which you have to restart every time you lose focus. It's only by a miracle of willpower that you're able to eventually lean yourself against a trunk.

You're shivering. Your clothes are soaking wet but you can't feel it at all. Only that blasted all-encompassing searing heat. It feels like your skin is going to melt off at some places. What the hell is this? You feel thirsty again. You resist the temptation to crawl to the stream – your rational mind tells you that you might have poisoned yourself with that water somehow. It doesn't make much sense, but you're not willing to risk any more agony.

You wait a while, shaking uncontrollably. You realize that you need a plan to get out of this one. You don't know if this thing will go away on its own or if you're on a time limit of sorts. Sitting here, you feel some strength trickle back to you. Maybe if you rest up you'll have a better chance.

You spot a dark blob from the corner of your eye. You turn your head, presuming the worst. You're relieved to see that it's not a large predator. It's a dark-feathered crow. It's standing a few meters away from you, staring intently with its blue-grey eyes. It caws when you stare at it. It's a beautiful specimen of a bird alright, but you can't say that you feel comfortable with its presence. You try to move a bit, giving up when you feel a tightness in your chest. The crow stays still, watching you attempt to move.


At this point in time, you're not even in a sour mood any more. You just want the pain to go away.

[] Gather some strength
[] Make an effort to push on
>> No. 14310
[x] Gather some strength

No more Drugs from Eirin.
>> No. 14311
[Z] Make an effort to push on

Hmm. interesting side effects.
>> No. 14312
[X] Gather some strength
>> No. 14313
[x] Anemia option
[x] Gather some strength

Hopefully Tewi is keeping tabs on us.
>> No. 14314
[X] Gather some strength

you kiddin? we must be looking like an all-you-can-eat by now
>> No. 14315
[x] Gather some strength
>> No. 14316
[] Gather some strength
>> No. 14317
[x] Iron Heart Surge
[x] Gather some strength
>> No. 14318
[x] Make an effort to push on
[x] Back to Eientei

>> No. 14319
[x] Gather some strength
>> No. 14321
[X] Gather some strength

It would probably be good to get some strength back, rather than invite a collapse by pressing on.

>>It's a dark-feathered crow. It's standing a few meters away from you, staring intently with its blue-grey eyes. It caws when you stare at it. It's a beautiful specimen of a bird alright, but you can't say that you feel comfortable with its presence.

Either it's waiting for us to croak so that it may feast upon our still-warm carcass, or we need to be on the lookout for reporters or two-tailed cart-pushing cats...
>> No. 14322

>or we need to be on the lookout for reporters or two-tailed cart-pushing cats...

Or boundary youkai, or one-eyed Norse gods....
>> No. 14323
File 123621478873.jpg- (316.57KB , 800x570 , bdb32cebdd344089373e8aaa994cffee.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Gather some strength.

>> No. 14324
Forget the Æsir (as awesome as they might be). If I had to bring in external mythology to the mix, it'd definitely be Mayan/Aztec and Incan mythology. Perhaps even North American Shaminism. Then again, Japan has a rich history of Animism already.


I get the feeling that were that possible, the reply would be something like: "Please expect someone within the next 74 business days to appear between 5:00 AM and Midnight.". At this point in time, it might be better to sell your soul to the devil. Not that you should get any ideas...
>> No. 14325
File 123622457831.jpg- (272.28KB , 550x550 , tns.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Gather some strength

You wait a while. Sure, you're shaking and uncomfortable, but you feel like you're slowly regaining strength by staying still. It might not be so smart to push your luck by walking right now.

You cough. Its a dry and painful cough. As you sit you experience several fits. It gets hard to breathe properly, it feels like your lungs have been scrapped raw with a rake. You try not to panic, knowing that if you hyperventilate that might make things worse. You definitely don't want to pass out.

You stare at the crow to distract yourself. It stares back. And hops a bit closer. It caws again. You don't know what it wants from you. You can't read the bird's intent. That's why you feel like you can't trust it. You laugh. You laugh until you have to cough again. You figure that from the crow's perspective this must look strange. Shivering, wet human just randomly convulsing in the middle of the woods. Hell, you can't blame it. You'd look strange to you too.

“Hey, my name is Shirou, what's your name little fellow?” You don't know why you start talking to the crow, but you might as well be civil now. You stretch out a trembling hand towards it. The crow hops closer, and you wonder if it's going to come within reach. It stops just short of your hand and tilts its head. “That's alright. I guess, you can't really shake my hand, huh?”. It's probably for the best. Your hand is quivering like its nobody's business. You let your arm drop onto the ground. Maybe a nap wouldn't be so bad now. The heat is feeling better now anyways. You hear the crow cawing a few more times, but you're too tired to open your eyes again.

“Mmm?” You feel warm. But this time, it's a good feeling. You open your eyes, remembering what happened to you. You're not in the woods anymore. White walls, while floors, and white sheets. You recognize this place, and you look around, searching for someone.
“Right here.” A voice comes from your side.
“Oh, it's you Tewi. How are you?” You turn your head towards her.
“I'm good. Thanks for asking.” She replies. You try to sit up, but find that you can't get your body to do what you want it to. “I wouldn't try that just yet, I think you're pretty heavily medicated right now.
“Oh, so that's why I'm seeing you in a nurse's outfit. I'm hallucinating this.” You smile. It's just a nice, if not slightly-weird hallucination. You close your eyes again.

A wet sensation on your belly wakes you up sometime later.

“Sorry, I was told to give you a sponge bath.”
“That's alright. It's a bit weird to be dreaming about you, but I don't mind that much. I'll tell you one thing though, you sure do fit the bill of a naughty nurse, just in a different way...” You say half-yawning. You like how her ears poke through her cap. It's adorable.
“What the hell are you talking about? I know you're groggy, but this isn't a dream.” She pinches your leg.
“Ow!” That hurt.
“See? Now don't talk, it makes washing your chest harder.”
“Wait, what?” You come to grips with the fact that this is reality. “Why am I in the clinic, and why are you washing me?” You try to move, but find yourself still to weak to even prop yourself up. Well, Tewi is also pressing up a sponge to your bare chest.
“You were passed out in the woods. You looked horrible. I found you, you know. So that means you're mine.”
“Finders keepers, huh?”
“That's right. And I'm here taking care of my property. Simple as that.”

You can't argue with tha-

“Wait. No. It doesn't work like that. How did you find me?”
“Reisen went to see you early. Apparently she was worried about you or something. She didn't find you and asked me if I had seen you.” She works her way up your chest methodically. “And then I got a hunch that you might be in a bit of a pinch. As I was leaving Kaguya apparently found a note from you or something. I knew you'd be in the bamboo forest. And lo and behold, I found you passed out by a stream in a small clearing. You looked awful, with your clothes torn and a painful expression on your face. You reacted to me you know, recognized me.”
“I don't remember that.”
“Oh sure, it was probably said in a delirium. You also declared your undying love for me.”
“That can't be true...”
“Sure. Whatever.” Tewi finishes up. “Point is, you're undeniably lucky. Eirin didn't look all that optimistic when she saw you.”
“I see... thank you then.”
“That's a bit strange to hear.” Tewi smiles. “I never thought my property would thank me.”
“Oh cut that out.” You do your best to make a non-scary looking smile. You think you fail. But Tewi doesn't seem to mind.
“Well, rest up. You were out for over a day.”
“Wait, what about the others?”
“They've come to see you. But you were sleeping. Reisen and Eirin have been taking care of you like I have as well. I volunteered for the sponge bath though, it was supposed to be Reisen's turn.”

You nod to her, closing your eyes yet again. Just talking has made you unbelievably drowsy.

When you next wake up, you note that its morning. Eirin comes into the room, carrying a clipboard.

“Ah, the young adventurer is awake. How are you feeling?” She checks your pulse and shines a light in your eye.
“All things considered, pretty well.” You weakly smile.
“Glad to hear it. Maybe you could tell me what happened to you.”
“I went walking. I suddenly started feeling very thirsty so I drank water for a stream. Next thing I know I'm feeling like I”m on fire and I can't control my body very well. Next thing I know I'm barely conscious, sitting against a trunk and thinking about what to do. I'm shivering but I feel so hot at the same time. Then I woke up here.” You try to keep it succinct.
“I see.”
“Think it was the injections?”
“I doubt so. You came here shivering – but that could be explained by getting soaked and not drying your self off. I though it was just hypothermia or shock. Your pulse was quite erratic as well. But after treating for that, I discovered that you fell into an almost coma-like sleep.” Her expression cloud up for a moment, “I don't know the cause of that.”
“Don't worry about it though!” She gives you a confident smile. “I might just be overreacting. In all likelihood you could have just been really sleep deprived.”
“What do you make of the feeling of heat that I felt?”
“I haven't got a definite answer to that yet. Just an unsubstantiated theory. But I want to keep you under observation for a while longer.”
“How much longer?”
“A few days at least.”
“Well... it's not like I can just get up and go even if I wanted to.”
“Isn't that great? I can keep you medicated and complacent for ever and ever.”
“Wha-?” You look at her face. You realize that she's just joking. Despite the look that seems to suggest that she might just not be.
“Well now, rest up. I think Kaguya would like to see you later.”

Eirin pats you on the head and heads off with a smile. You hope she isn't lying about the injections. You don't want to die. You shake your head and then drift back into sleep.
>> No. 14326
After that, you spend a few uneventful days bedridden. You feel your strength return to you very quickly. You're able to get up and walk around if you want. You've taken to chatting with Kaguya when she comes to visit, or Reisen when she does her rounds. Tewi's a rarer sight, but you still enjoy talking to her. They're all very nice to you. More than you thought possible. It's possible that it's only because you're sick. Eirin is mostly straight to business and only comes to check your vitals and tell you small snippets of what was wrong with you.

And yeah, apparently that's been fixed. She insists on that her mysterious agent had nothing to do with it. She even tells you that she's started you back up again on the treatment, having mixed it into your IV days ago. She claims that the fact that you're fine now, rules out that it adversely affected you in the past. She even claims that it's finally working, seeing how you look so happy. She extends the trial for another two weeks.

What's most interesting during this period is really how everyone dotes over you. Even the good doctor seems to be softening up as of late. She allowed you to have an extra portion of dessert during your last meal. Kaguya even starts to talk about Mokou, claiming that she came around the other day with her clothes, asking about you. Tewi still (jokingly, you hope) treats you like her property. Talking with Reisen is also nice, if not noticeably awkward at times. She's nice, but you hope you didn't put her off too much with your previous outburst.

You're eventually released from the clinic. Eirin gives you a 'seal of approval', claiming that you shouldn't have any more episodes like that anytime soon. After reminding you that you should still come for daily 'booster shots', she walks with you to the dinning room. There's a party in your honor tonight, celebrating your recovery.

It's a touching scene. Everyone from Eientei is here, as well as Keine and Mokou.

“Ah, there he is!” Mokou grins. “You're tougher than you look!”
“I hope you're completely well now.” Keine nods.
“I think I am. Thank you all for this.” You smile at Kaguya, this was her idea. “I'm sorry if I worried you all.”
“You're a walking disaster!” Tewi's comment makes everyone laugh. Jeez, that's nice of her.
“Right. I guess I am.” You smile, trying to look bitter. “There's lots of great food here and I, for one, would like to enjoy it.” You sit down opposite Mokou.

It's a cheery dinner, with everyone eating and getting along. Well, in small groups, at least. Keine alternates by talking with Mokou and Eirin. Reisen speaks with Tewi and Kaguya. You speak with Kaguya and others, making sure to eat while you're at it. The food they gave you at the clinic was nice, but severely lacked salt. This is like an orgy in your mouth and all the flavors are invited.

[] Write-in conversation/conversation topics
[] Just enjoy things as they are (skip to next)
>> No. 14327
[Z] "So... What happened while I was out?"
>> No. 14328
[x] "So... What happened while I was out?"
[x] Mention the crow
I don't know if asking about seeing a crow will lead anywhere, but
>> No. 14329
File 123622911835.jpg- (375.32KB , 787x1051 , d24a0b80b3e277efddd81c9cf66edb30.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Inquire about the experiences Mokou and Kaguya had wearing different clothes.
>> No. 14330
>“I doubt so. You came here shivering – but that could be explained by getting soaked and not drying your self off. I though it was just hypothermia or shock. Your pulse was quite erratic as well. But after treating for that, I discovered that you fell into an almost coma-like sleep.” Her expression cloud up for a moment, “I don't know the cause of that.”


>And yeah, apparently that's been fixed. She insists on that her mysterious agent had nothing to do with it. She even tells you that she's started you back up again on the treatment, having mixed it into your IV days ago. She claims that the fact that you're fine now, rules out that it adversely affected you in the past. She even claims that it's finally working, seeing how you look so happy. She extends the trial for another two weeks.


[x] Mokou and Kaguya are experts on dying; do either of them know how one would go about drawing up a living will?

Shirou might forget all this, but I won't.
>> No. 14331
File 123622975277.jpg- (322.28KB , 600x1054 , 22addc9f5af46cc7b7c69fe01e55b3ca.jpg ) [iqdb]

You don't trust the good doctor?
>> No. 14332
Mmmm... Sweaters are delicious.
>> No. 14333
File 123623015223.jpg- (449.56KB , 1070x1515 , 007_236r.jpg ) [iqdb]

>Mmmm... Erin are delicious.
>> No. 14337
Something is way off here. Eirin is screwing with Shirou's mind or the meds are screwing him over.

[x] Just enjoy things as they are (skip to next)
>> No. 14338
[X] "So... What happened while I was out?"
>> No. 14339
[x] "So... What happened while I was out?"
[x] Mention the crow
[x] Inquire about the experiences Mokou and Kaguya had wearing different clothes.
>> No. 14341
[x] "So... What happened while I was out?"
[x] Mention the crow
[x] Inquire about the experiences Mokou and Kaguya had wearing different clothes.
>> No. 14343
sorry for going off topic, but I still don't get this,

in >>13179 (down the rabbit hole), Shirou follows mokou down the path to go drinking with her. Then he passes out in the middle of speaking to her (before he came drinking with her) and then ended up in a village with both his and her shirts off, sleeping on each other. What the hell happened after he passed out???

That's a big gap there...
>> No. 14345
[x] "So... What happened while I was out?"
[x] Mention the crow
[x] Inquire about the experiences Mokou and Kaguya had wearing different clothes.
>> No. 14346
File 123629656330.jpg- (477.25KB , 1250x1000 , im@se.jpg ) [iqdb]
I guess that's part of the problem with the formatting. It's hard to designate breaks or chapters and such in a single post. The first line there is a reply to the moment and after that, a lot happens (intentionally skipped over). Next scene would be waking up with a killer hangover. In hindsight I probably should have added 'You nurse your head from the blow and follow her...' or something like that. Then again, I seemingly often omit things or sometimes skip words accidentally (most recent example I can think of is >>14271 it should read 'But without losing your sense of humor' . Yeah, it probably means I should check over my text more. But truth is, I try to work as fast as possible, only checking simple stuff like spelling. Only when I want to be extra careful for some reason that I recheck.

In any case, although I've basically got all the time in the world to write right now, I'm still leaving it open for a while more. Just in case anon thinks of something good to add. Or another direction to go altogher (either or none is fine, so don't worry).

Have some Idolm@ster crossover while we're at it.
>> No. 14348
[x] "So... What happened while I was out?"
[x] Mention the crow
[x] Inquire about the experiences Mokou and Kaguya had wearing different clothes.
[x] check PDA
>> No. 14351
File 123653670046.jpg- (696.48KB , 1200x1600 , 93cdb0205162bb489ef3b5b2d6bd9a79.jpg ) [iqdb]
Teruyo ;_;
>> No. 14352
I've already written a lot/most of the update. Would have updated earlier, but my schedule got thrown into disarray. And I kind of have things to do for the next 4 or so hours. But granted I don't collapse after that, I'll update. So, yeah, sorry anon.
>> No. 14353

only a half hooray!
>> No. 14367
File 123663026886.jpg- (178.55KB , 567x802 , fly me to the moon.jpg ) [iqdb]
When there's a pause in the conversation, you make sure to catch up. Kaguya and the rest of the Eientei residents don't have much to add. They've kept you abreast with their clinic visits. Life has been going on as usual. The ones that have something new to say are the two outsiders. And they only add in vague, intermittent details in between their own conversation. From what you're able to pick up, Keine has been busy teaching (more than usual for some reason – you miss the reason). And Mokou, she well to be honest, did nothing.

“I just took a vacation.” To her, a vacation seems to be holing up out of sight somewhere and not doing much except eating and sleeping. That's fine, of course, some of your fondest memories are just that (well, with the internet added to the equation). It's just that you can't picture her sitting still. You tell her as much. Her reply isn't terribly revealing either.

“Just shows how much you know me.” She rolls her eyes with great exaggeration.
“Learning more about people is always fun. I'm always willing to get to know other people better.” You don't mind telling her the truth.
“Well... we'll just have to see about that.” She looks at Kaguya before looking back at you with a stealthy grin. You're not sure if that's a good omen or not.
“I can vouch for Shirou's willingness to get to know other people better.” Tewi elbows her way into the conversation. Her wink makes you worry about her intentions.
“I think I've got a fair idea.” Mokou says. You realize that everyone is listening in to the conversation.
“He really is willing to go to the extremes.” Tewi hints at something unsavory. Everyone that lives at Eientei has a good idea, you reckon.
“Well spending time with him is fun.” Keine states, oblivious to the rabbit's ploy. Under the circumstances, you feel like someone might misinterpret that assessment.” You nip this thing in the bud.
“Tewi, you can share good stories about me some other time. I'm sure everyone here has a couple of stories about you that they wouldn't mind sharing as well.” You bluff.
“Yeah, perhaps.” She leans her head back on Reisen. The larger rabbit seems ambivalent about this whole conversation.

Hell, after you free yourself from the danger, you notice that it's entirely possible that no one here really cares. Kaguya has a pensive expression, but you chalk it up to an unexpected bout of introspection. Eirin, as before, seems to exist in the periphery of the group, only weighing in to offer a few wise words here and there.

You wait a while until you bring up the next thing that occurs to you. You talk about the crow you saw the other day. How it stood there, cawed, and stared.

“Haha, what?” The response around the table is almost universal. Yeah, it is a silly thing to bring up, but you never know.
“It's just a question. It just seemed odd to me. That's all.” You pout.
“Didn't see anything.” Tewi smirks. “Maybe you imagined it.”
“You were in a terrible state. So it's not implausible.” Keine helpfully adds her opinion. “It could have been just a dream.”
“Either that, or birds really like you for some reason.” Mokou teases you; “Wouldn't be the strangest thing about you.”

You're about to reply to her provocation when someone who has been just listening quietly offers her own theory.

“...It could have been an omen.” Eirin sips from a teacup; her words come off as idle, half-hearted thoughts. “Your destiny might be going in a direction you didn't expect it to.” Kaguya and Reisen nod to those words.
“I'm surprised you believe in omens.” You ask the question that was undoubtedly on the outsider's minds.
“A lot of what we believe to be irrational and mysterious is actually quantifiable.”
“So there's truth behind supposed omens?”
“Not always.” She puts down her cup and smiles. “In fact, most of the time there probably isn't a truth to be found. Just the ones that we ourselves find in them.” She shoots Keine a quick glance, “Isn't that right?”
“That sounds reasonable.” Keine's answer is unfaltering, but something about her seems off. You note that she's gripping the hem of her dress tightly for some reason.
“In any case,” Eirin turns to you with a smile, “do be careful. I can mend your body easily enough, but not your soul. You're mostly on your own in that department.”

Not a soul doctor, huh? Just as well.

You change the subject again. Partially to change the mood, and partially out of curiosity.
>> No. 14368
“So, Mokou... how was wearing Kaguya's clothes for a week.” You've got a good idea of how it was for Kaguya, since you were there, but no idea about Mokou.
“Fine.” She's brief. Too brief.
“I'm sure. Nothing more that you'd care to add?”
“No. I got dressed each day, did nothing, and that was it.”
“Surely there's more to it? Kaguya was fine, but still she occasionally looked like she felt uncomfortable wearing pants and a shirt.”
“Really. That's it.”

Mokou remains defiantly concise. Your lucky break comes when her friend intervenes.

“Come now, be a good sport.” Keine places her hand on Mokou's shoulder. “You could tell him about when you came to class.”
“I'd rather not.”
“Don't be like that. I'll tell the story, if you don't.”
“Come on, tell me all about it Mokou.” You grin, smelling a juicy story. There's not much she can do against a united front.
“Okay. Fine. I'll tell it.” Mokou succumbs. “I went to the school because I needed to ask Keine for a favor. While I was there, the children acted a bit different than usual. Nothing major.”
“Well,” Keine laughs while adding detail, “if by a bit different, you mean that regular classes were completely disrupted, then yes.”
“Really? That bad? What happened?” You ask.
“Well, everyone started to comment about the clothes for different reasons. That's it.” Mokou shrugs.
“So she says.” Keine adds more spice, “The girls all wanted to know where she got the dress and the boys couldn't stop staring at her. I thought for a while that I would never get them back to order.”
“Yeah, yeah. It was real annoying.”
“Hey, you even got a bunch of pretty wildflowers from the boys. That couldn't have been annoying.”
“That part was especially annoying.” Mokou frowns. You picture her unsure of what to do in the middle of an over-active classroom.
“It didn't end there, did it though?” Keine prods her friend.
“Yes. It did. Nothing happened afterwards.”
“What happened then?” You feel like you're hitting the mother lode here.
“Oh nothing.” Keine smiles. “She just happened to walk by the village.
“Shut up.” Mokou glares daggers; Keine ignores her.
“Nothing at all happened. Just a few love confessions and free treats. It's really not even worth going into detail, I'm sure.”
“It really isn't.” Mokou has reached her limit. Keine backs off.
“That story makes the experience worth it.” You conclude.
“All of that was thanks to my clothes, you know.” Kaguya whispers to you. “Don't ever ask me to give them up again please. I missed them terribly.”

You wait until the end of the meal when things have died down. You address everyone;

“I really have to thank you all for doing this. It was really nice eating together.” You give a small speech. “I appreciate spending time like this, given how very busy you seem to be at times. It makes me glad that I'm alive. And that's worth celebrating together I think. I enjoy being with you all.”

Your replies range from solemn nods to a snarky “I just came for the free food.”. Your relationship with these people is certainly strange, if not outright ambiguous at times, but you think that you're managing to move along at a decent pace. Well, you'll keep telling yourself that even if you get nowhere by the time you're on your deathbed.

After dinner, there's more talk amongst sweets and tea. It's more relaxed and slow-paced than dinner. The lack of conflict now is blissful. You catch Kaguya occasionally looking at you, and you smile at her every time. You find it silly because she looks at you as if you might disappear without a moments notice. You're not going to do anything as rude as suddenly disappearing.

She's not the only one that is eyeballing you; Tewi comes and goes out of the room, apparently being busy with 'work' (whatever that may be to her), occasionally looking at you on her way in. Reisen is with her, mostly minding her own business.

Mokou is off in a corner. She was talking to Eirin just a moment ago, but now there's no trace of her. Keine is keeping Kaguya company next to you, so you have no idea where she might be. Mokou lets out a yawn – she looks tired. You assume that she'll be leaving soon, no doubt taking Keine with her. You let out a yawn yourself. Moving about so much after a week in the clinic has taken its toll.

[] See what Tewi is up to
[] Go look for Eirin
[] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine
[] Invite Mokou to stay over
[] Step outside for some fresh air

Sorry that took so long. I kind of feel like this update sucks. Writing-wise. But I guess I'll get over it.

Note that not all the choices here are mutually exclusive (nor would they necessarily be to a write-in either). Some are though, and I'll point it out if the most popular choices conflict.

That''s alright. I already got more than enough hoorays from watching Blackadder.
>> No. 14371
Tough choice. All of them are feasible, but sometimes you can't just pick all of them, can you?

[x] Step outside for some fresh air.
>> No. 14372
[X] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine

Eh, going with this for now.
>> No. 14373
[X] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine.

Hey, Kaguya seems really worried about us. We can at least stick by her for a little while longer.
>> No. 14374
[X] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine
>> No. 14375
[x] See what Tewi is up to

Having a girl think we're her property isn't fun. We should really put forth an effort to reverse the situation.
>> No. 14377
[x] See what Tewi is up to

>Having a girl think we're her property isn't fun.

Unless you're into that kind of stuff.

I am.
>> No. 14378
>>Having a girl think we're her property isn't fun. We should really put forth an effort to reverse the situation.

And fail miserably, making her hold on you even stronger.

>> No. 14379
[X] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine.
>> No. 14380
[X] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine
>> No. 14381
[x] Step outside for some fresh air
>> No. 14382
What would be amusing if, in turning down the various love confessions Mokou makes one of the boys depressed, which causes another girl close to said boy to declare Mokou an enemy.
>> No. 14384
File 123664012896.jpg- (382.91KB , 800x800 , 1225572386321.jpg ) [iqdb]
That would be gold. FUND IT.

[!/] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine.

>Having a girl think we're her property isn't fun. We should really put forth an effort to reverse the situation.

Chill. Lastly, I have do believe Keine toyed with history a little to find out why we collapsed. Hence that Erin comment.
>> No. 14385
[X] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine.

Keine certainly loves embarrassing her friend.
>> No. 14386
[X] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine.
>> No. 14389
>You catch Kaguya occasionally looking at you, and you smile at her every time. You find it silly because she looks at you as if you might disappear without a moments notice. You're not going to do anything as rude as suddenly disappearing.

Yeah, it's not like there's any chance of you suddenly dropping dead on her for reasons completely unrelated to the drugs Eirin is testing on you.

[X] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine.
>> No. 14390
[X] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine
>> No. 14395
Alright. Writing soonish..
>> No. 14397
>> No. 14399
This might be a little late to say but I choose...

[X] step outside for fresh air.
>> No. 14401
>I already got more than enough hoorays from watching Blackadder.

I fucking love this series.

[x] See what Tewi is up to
>> No. 14402
[x] Chat some more with Kaguya and Keine

Over here, things are going well. Kaguya is getting along famously with Keine. You catch Kaguya mid-way through a story. You listen quietly as she finishes her tale of bygone days. You don't really concentrate on the story, instead contenting yourself with enjoying the happy look on both of the girls' faces.

“That's really fascinating.” Keine concludes at the story's end. “I had no idea that things were like that over there.”
“That was just an example of a common occurrence. I can't help but wonder what it's like there now.”
“Sorry if I disappoint you with this, but I think I know.” While you haven't actually been to the place they were describing, if it's part of the normal world, then you can tell what it's like.
“Oh, that's right.” Kaguya smiles. “I guess you would know, having come from the outside.” You can tell that both girls are eagerly awaiting for your input. You suppress the urge to grin. The weight they put on the continuation of history is, bluntly put, endearing.
“Like a lot of the outside world, it's an urban area.” You tell them with a shrug, “I haven't personally gone, but I can assure you with confidence that there's likely to be a highly dense area of tall buildings and skyscrapers with people moving about at every hour.”
“That sounds quite like something alright...” Keine puts on a face like she's picturing it right now. She sighs. “I can't picture it. It sounds like something otherworldly.”
“People sometimes refer to the urban sprawl as a 'concrete jungle'.” You note. “It's like that sometimes. It's a mess of streets twisting around, with cars acting like rivers and large buildings blocking out the sun like a leaf canopy would.”
“Except this sounds a bit more nauseating.” Kaguya offers her own opinion.
“Oh, it is. The smells, the smoke, and pollution can be overwhelming.” You recall that part, none too fondly. Who hasn't seen those images of waves of people wearing face masks because of the pollution? The concept itself seems grossly alien and incompatible with Gensokyo. You doubt that you would be able to enjoy the city if you were to go back tomorrow. “But that's the reality of the world. There aren't very many untouched places left.”
“That's a shame. But there's plenty of good things about the outside as well, right?” Keine asks you a question. You realize it's because you let your face form a depressing frown unknowingly.
“Oh sure.” You return your expression to normal. “Loads of things. Some aspects of mass communications are nice. Like having the whole world at your fingertips at any time of day.”
“Instantaneous conversations over great distances is a priceless commodity.” Kaguya gives you a warm smile. You nod appreciatively.
“I don't think I'd mind seeing the outside for a day or two.”
“I'm sure that you'd like it Keine.” You wonder how she would react faced with a large public library. You have an inkling that she'd spend all day reading up on the most inane topics. All in the name of getting to know history better. “I don't think I'd mind giving you a tour based on what little I know.”
“That's not a bad idea.” Kaguya is tickled by your proposal; “Of all the people I know, you'd probably be the best guide. I'll depend on you if it ever comes to me having to leave Gensokyo for any reason.”
“You can count on me.” You show your buddy a hearty smile. It's nice to feel useful.

Keine tells a story next. Quite frankly, it's a bit boring. Not the actual content, but her execution. You catch a glimpse at what it might be like being one of her students. But you still listen carefully, interrupting with appropriate questions with Kaguya. You don't mind being a bit bored as long as you're next to these nice and lovable two. You catch Mokou looking over to this direction a couple of times. She pretends (very poorly) to not notice you looking at her. You call her to come over with your hand, but she pretends not to see that as well. She eventually goes to talk to Reisen.

Eventually the two outsiders go and take their leave.

“It was a lovely evening. I'm glad to see that you're alright Shirou.”
“Thank you for coming.” You thank Keine.
“I enjoyed talking to you tonight,” Kaguya says a few words to Keine, “it's an experience that I wouldn't mind having more often. Please feel free to come on over more often. I'm sure there's a lot more that we can talk about.”
“Thank you for the kind offer.” Keine nods.

Mokou gives her goodbyes in passing.

“Glad you're alright. See you some other time.” She economizes words. She tugs on Keine's arm to hurry her along.
“Right. Take care now.”

They leave, with Reisen escorting them outside.

“I hope they get home soon.” Kaguya looks outside. “It looks like it might start raining at any moment.”
“They'll be alright.” You assert with no proof.

You spend the rest of the night talking with Kaguya over refreshments. It's all lighthearted and easy talk, but it feels fulfilling. You stay up until the wee hours of the morning, with the soft sound of rain as the backdrop.

You start to suspect that the effects of the daily injections are finally showing themselves. You can't quite explain why, but you've been genuinely happy these last couple of days. And being happy, you notice that the rest of the world seems happy as well. In the days following that party, you have a great time relating to the inhabitants of Eientei. The smile that's permanently plastered on your face seems almost infectious. From Kaguya to the bunnies, everyone seems to smile back. You particularly enjoy the laughter that you've been hearing on an almost daily basis.

Your buddy's is lovely and alluring, but she's not the only one to strike you as enjoyable. Reisen has a divine giggle she lets out when amused. And Tewi, despite her best efforts forcibly guffaw, has let out the occasional soft laugh when you catch her slightly off-guard. Eirin's throaty and almost-seductive laugh has been also exhibited more often. You've taken to enjoying the banter between the two of you during your daily visits. Sure, she mercilessly pummels your behind with tangible enjoyments, but you like to think that she enjoys talking to you too.

You're enjoying your lunch after a midday bath. Reisen is eating with you; the conversation isn't very interesting – you're asking about how often she does the laundry. You're feeling a bit uncomfortable today. It's not you, you think. Something about Reisen is rubbing you the wrong way. She seems to be doting over you much more than she ever has. You note how she seems to take forever to pour you another glass of juice, leaning in needlessly close to you and taking her time.

“It's a bit hot in here, don't you think?” She comments while carrying out the dirty dishes.
“It is a bit warm today.”
“I”m practically sweating here.” She comes back, having loosened the first few buttons on her shirt.
“Maybe it's because of the food.” Porridge does have a tendency to make one feel warm. Then again, you're wearing a long-sleeved outfit with no problem.
“Shaved ice might have a better choice.” She places a portion of fruit in front of you and another at her place.
“I don't mind.” You begin to eat your dessert. You notice that she's squirming a bit, moving slightly from side to side. “Are you alright?”
“I'm fine. It's just the heat.” She nods, her cheeks slightly flushed. During the course of the dessert, she inches closer to you, ending up sitting right next to you.

She ignores any concern that you show for her, instead saying that she'll be fine after she takes a bath. You finish your dessert.

[] Something isn't right here; leave.
[] Continue to talk to Reisen
>> No. 14403
[] Something isn't right here; leave.
[] Be sure to thank her, though.

Stay on target...
>> No. 14404
File 123667234570.jpg- (70.24KB , 300x217 , ehehehehe.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Continue to talk to Reisen

>>I'm fine. It's just the heat.
>>It's just the heat
>>the heat

I think we can all see where this is going, and I would think if you have your sights set on someone else, you would do well to act accordingly right now.

Then again, I'm all for Kaguya, but the potential train-wreck this could create is too potentially entertaining to pass up.
>> No. 14405
[x] Something isn't right here; leave.
[x] Be sure to thank her, though.
>> No. 14407
[x] Something isn't right here; leave.
[x] Be sure to thank her, though.
>> No. 14408
[X] Continue to talk to Reisen
Fuck targets.
>> No. 14410
[] Continue to talk to Reisen
>> No. 14411
Last time we checked the PDA a route was about to be locked, and judging by the following events we probably were locked into Kaguya'a route. Besides, Reisen isn't acting like herself. Something must be wrong with her, and I don't think she would appreciate us taking advantage of the situation (remember her reaction to the Tewi 'incident'?).
In short, going after Reisen can only hurt us right now.

[X] Something isn't right here; leave.
[X] Be sure to thank her, though.
[X] Check PDA.
>> No. 14412
[] Continue to talk to Reisen

trainwreck ahoy
>> No. 14413
[x] Something isn't right here; leave.
[x] Be sure to thank her, though.
>> No. 14414
[x] Continue to talk to Reisen
>> No. 14415
[] Continue to talk to Reisen
>> No. 14416
[x] Continue to talk to Reisen

>> No. 14418
right. I wonder how often you voted here. We need a Mode to clean this up.
>> No. 14419
ITT Anon hasn't learned anything from the last playthrough.
>> No. 14422
[+] Something isn't right here; leave.
[+] Be sure to thank her, though.
>> No. 14423
[x] Something isn't right here; leave.

Reisen's behavior is just too off for your tastes. Instead of staying and chatting with her, you opt to leave. She looks at you with a disappointed face as you get up and thank her for the meal; It tugs at your heartstrings. You turn down her other offers for you to hang around her. As you make your way to the door, you get the feeling that she might just physically restrain you for some reason. But it turns out to be just your runaway imagination. You leave her sitting in the room alone.

You definitely feel that something is up with her, and can't shake off a feeling of unease. You wonder for a moment if it's just her that's acting funny. Or if you should tell anyone else about your observations. Yeah, that might be prudent. Two options come to mind.

[] Go talk to Eirin
[] Go talk to Tewi
[] It's just a temporary thing; Relax.
>> No. 14425
File 123671490340.jpg- (9.33KB , 150x180 , shirou_emiya.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>“I'm practically sweating here.” She comes back, having loosened the first few buttons on her shirt.
>>“Maybe it's because of the food.” Porridge does have a tendency to make one feel warm.

It really does never get old.
>> No. 14426
[] Go talk to Tewi

This is the best idea ever!
>> No. 14428

Entirely too true.

Seeing as how I was too late to cast my vote on Reisen being Un-Reisen (which I have a good idea as to WHY), I now cast the following vote regarding the last choice:

[x] It's just a temporary thing; Relax.
>> No. 14431
[] Go talk to Tewi.

Eirin will just dance around the issue if we ask her but we might get a good answer out of Tewi.

>> No. 14433
[] Go talk to Tewi.
>> No. 14437
[x] Go talk to Tewi
>> No. 14439
[x] It's just a temporary thing; Relax.

As much as I love interaction with Ms. Tewi, I don't trust this situation at all. Sexual situations in Teruyo's stories NEVER work out as Anon wants it to. As it is, I wouldn't be surprised if trying to talk to Eirin or Tewi about this will result in us getting pounced and raped...only to have Kaguya walk in on the assault, blame us, and give us the silent treatment for the rest of the month.
>> No. 14441

You say that like it's a bad thing... That said, talking to Tewi would be the best way to get a proper grasp of the situation. If she's acting oddly too, then we can pretty much safely say the side effects of Eirin's drugs. In comparison, Eirin would probably dodge around the issue if all we had to base our thoughts off of being Reisen, and we're likely to cause more misunderstandings if we just let things be and cause the situation to reach an uncontrollable situation we could have avoided if we had known exactly what we had to deal with.

Thus, talking with Tewi and seeing what her thoughts are as well as her actions would be best for pretty much everyone. Those who like Tewi, get Tewi. Those who want other characters get the option most likely to prevent misunderstandings.
>> No. 14442
[X] Go talk to Tewi

Oh, rabbits. You and your permanent mating season.
>> No. 14443
File 123673412698.jpg- (145.49KB , 600x600 , sample-b0f0238025e197a616c56d4bd5f22ac0.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Go talk to Tewi.

Reisen ;_;
>> No. 14444
[x] Go talk to Tewi
>> No. 14445
[x] Go talk to Tewi
please let our dear hero OBSERVE more than talk in this next choice
>> No. 14446
Alright. Those are enough votes for now I guess. I'll be gone for about three hours, but after that I'll have plenty of time to write.

You assume too much.
>> No. 14447
[x] Go talk to Tewi
>> No. 14448
[X] It's just a temporary thing; Relax.

Too little, too late, but I just got home so it's not my fault.
>> No. 14464
[x] Go talk to Tewi

There's a host of rabbit between you and Tewi's room. A large mass of fluffy bodies occupying the space in front of you. They're all very excited, shuffling about and breathing shallowly. Your arrival seems to stir up the proverbial hornet's nest. They sway around like a directionless wave or fluffy tails and ears. You're swallowed up by the bunny whirlpool, accelerated towards the center of the group. You cry out in protest, telling everyone to calm down. You don't understand their behavior. They aren't acting rationally at all.

Luckily, the rabbit vortex spits you out eventually. You're dumped in front of your objective. You gather your wits and scurry in without knocking before the rabbits envelope you again. You pause to catch your breath.

“Oh? What a pleasant surprise.” Tewi welcomes you. She's lying on her bed, belly up. “Come to your master like a good little pet?”
“What the hell is going on out there?!” First thing you do is to ask for an explanation, ignoring her comment. You can deal with her delusions later.
“I don't know. I've been here all day.”
“So you have no idea why the rabbits happen to be in a frenzy just outside your door?” That's a bit hard to believe.
“I've been trying to sleep all day. They're on their own.”
“Well, if you say so.” You come in close, intent on asking about Reisen. “Reisen was acting strange as well earlier. I'm not sure whether or not something is wrong with her.”
“Well...” You see Tewi wrinkling her nose as you come closer. “You really stink. Maybe it was that.” She waves her hand, shooing you away.
“Wha-?” You sniff yourself. You can still smell soap and shampoo from your bath. “Are you sure it's not you? I just took a bath earlier. Sure the rabbits roughed me up, but I don't think I stink.”
“Pretty damn sure.” She starts to hold her breath; you put some more distance between you and her. “It's like you've rolled around in mud and sweat all day long.”
“You're joking. I can't smell a thing. Plus, Reisen didn't say anything. On the contrary, she kept moving extra close to me. If I stink as much as you say, she couldn't have stood it.”
“I can't really breathe properly.” She opens up a screen window. Her breath becomes rapid to the point that she sounds like she's panting.
“Fine, fine, I get it. I'll leave.” She's not very subtle. You wish that she would quit playing games with you all the time.

You leave, trying to figure out what else you can do. You navigate the sea of rabbits with a little more dignity this time, with the competence of an old sea dog. Tewi was acting strange as well. But her acting strange would technically be 'normal'. So you don't really know if she was just behaving like she usually would. You scratch your melon, trying to think of what to do next. There's really not that much choice, thinking about it.

“Lovely to see you as always. You came earlier than usual for your injection today.” Eirin greets you with a dazzling smile when you go see her. You wonder just how much of her enthusiasm is legitimate.
“I didn't really come for that.” You correct her assumption. She already had a syringe in her hand.
“Oh? Perhaps you wanted to spend some time with me then? I'm flattered.” She leans back on her chair, relaxing her body.
“I'm afraid it's not a courtesy call.” There might be time for that later.
“What a shame. I do so enjoy it when you grace me with your stalwart person. But please, do go on.”
“It's about Reisen. I think something was wrong with her.” You add the other details from just now, “The rabbits in general seem to be acting strange. They were in a frenzy outside Tewi's room. But Tewi didn't really care nor felt like taking time to talk.”
“The rabbits, eh?” Eirin, quite frankly, doesn't look that interested. She barely asks you about Reisen.

You tell her the details, hoping that she'll throw you a bone.

“It does sound like something is going on, but I think it's probably nothing to be too concerned about.” She plays with her braid while talking to you. “They're all free spirits deep down – there's no helping that.”
“Reisen seems more grounded than that. Well, usually at least.”
“Outward appearances can be deceiving. Who knows what others are thinking deep down inside?”
“So you're saying she's a wild and reckless girl?”
“Not at all.” She twirls around the end of her hair with a subtle grin on her face. “I'm just saying that you shouldn't take things at face value.” She shakes her head and gets up from her seat. “But listen to me go on and on. I'm not your mother. I shouldn't be giving you the same boring advice.”

You try to get on her good side.

“Oh please Eirin, no one would believe you capable of being my mother in any case – a younger sister maybe.” A classic compliment but it should work.
“My, my, yet again you compliment me with that silver tongue of yours. You really are a sly one.”
“It's the simple truth. I wouldn't say it if I didn't believe it.” And you do sort of believe what you just said. While she's obviously older than you, she does look stunningly young.
“Now now, enough flattery. I'm really going to swoon this time if you keep it up.” She turns back to her desk to get her things. “Let's get your daily shot over with. Drop your pants please.”
“Yes ma'am.” You go along.

You could swear that she derives actual physical pleasure from injecting you from behind. When you turn around after the dead, a broad grin dominates her face and she looks as if she were in rapture.

“So how about a cup of coffee now? Perhaps a smoke?” She pours herself a cup from her thermos.
“Nothing thanks.”
“Well then, perhaps you'd like to stay awhile. I'm not very busy, and I so do enjoy your company.”
“Alright. Do you think you could at least tell me more about what you think about what's going on?”
“No problem.” She looks you in the eye. “It's not a big secret or anything. The rabbits are probably doing their seasonal thing. Undonge just might be in a good mood and given how she's treated you in the past, I don't think you should be surprised at Tewi.”

That's not telling you much. Your suspicions at this point are too strong to be easily brushed aside like that. You know that she knows more than she lets on. But whether or not she's putting on an act to keep you in the dark on purpose is another issue. It might be a good time to make your grievances known.

[] Demand a better explanation from her
[] Ask her if she's feeling alright herself
[] Better not risk getting on her bad side – just small talk and not much else
>> No. 14465
LOL, classic Shirou.jpg moment.
>> No. 14467
[x] Ask her if she's feeling alright herself.

>> No. 14468
Well, it's pretty obvious (as if it weren't before) what's going on. Should probably steer clear of bunnies for a bit. Let's chat with the good doctor.

[x] Ask her if she's feeling alright herself
>> No. 14469
[x] Ask her if she's feeling alright herself.
>> No. 14470
File 123681860843.jpg- (123.59KB , 500x700 , 0335ff9de9722c11e3f0588d82ec403c.jpg ) [iqdb]
>“So how about a cup of coffee now? Perhaps a smoke?” She pours herself a cup from her thermos.

She came. I know I did.

[!/] Ask her if she's feeling alright herself.

Emiya time.
>> No. 14471
At first I was like shirou.jpg

[x] Ask her if she's feeling alright herself.

Then I serioused the fuck up

[x] Ask how much more intense the behavioral effects of the pheromones will get, and how long you can expect until it's out of your system.
[x] No matter what happens, no more shots.
>> No. 14472
[x] Ask her if she's feeling alright herself.

Then I serioused the fuck up

[x] Ask how much more intense the behavioral effects of the pheromones will get, and how long you can expect until it's out of your system.
[x] No matter what happens, no more shots.
>> No. 14473
[x] Ask how much more intense the behavioral effects of the pheromones will get, and how long you can expect until it's out of your system.

[X] Ask her if she's alright

[X] Go to bed. (rest is best, AMIRIGHT?)
>> No. 14475
[x] Ask her if she's feeling alright herself.

Eh, what could go wrong?
>> No. 14477
[x] Ask her if she's feeling alright herself.

I'm still tempted to hang around Tewi some more to get some more in depth research performed.
>> No. 14480
File 123685771360.gif- (361.27KB , 740x850 , 1236140495428.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask her if she's feeling alright herself

Putting aside accusations for now, you ask her if she's alright. She replies with an almost regal pomp that she is, in fact, more than fine.

“The only thing that's been bothering me is my knee.” She motions to her left leg. “I accidentally bumped it earlier today when I got up in a hurry. It'll be fine in a while, I doubt it'll bruise.”
“That's fine then.”

You change the topic, making small talk. You keep a normal disposition about. Eirin, however, seems to be struggling with something. Her lips purse and pucker, making her look silly. Her eyes are alight with some latent mischief and her whole body seems to want to let whatever she's holding back out. You can't ignore something this obvious. You facilitate things by giving her a small verbal nudge.

“Is something the matter? It looks like you're thinking about something amusing.” Almost on cue, Eirin lets out a sigh of relief.
“There's no hiding it eh? My body seems to be more honest than my mind.” She lets out a throaty giggle, a higher pitch than usual.
“Was it something I did then?” You furrow your brows. Have you made an ass out of yourself without realizing it?
“Actually yes.” She laughs, with less restraint. She tries to drink a bit more of coffee but decides against it after putting the cup to her lips. “I must look like quite the fool now, laughing like this.”
“So just what is so funny?”
“You.” She takes a deep breath and gets her laughter under control. “And it's not really that funny.” A smile cracks across her flush face, “It's more like you're completely adorable.”
“Thank you. I've been getting that a lot lately. But just what about me is adorable.”
“This. You. Talking together.”
“I don't follow.”
“Simple, simple.” She holds a finger up. You just hope this doesn't turn into a lecture. Well, even if it does, it might be worth it – if only because you got to see Eirin really laugh. “You coming here, your questions, and even now after we've sat down. You came here with such an obvious angle, that it might as well be written all over your face. I really do wish you would trust me more. Otherwise your sweet nothings just sound empty and cliché.”
“I can't really deny that. But how is that adorable?”
“Because it looks like you're trying so hard, but keep taking steps in the wrong direction. There's no way you'd get any results doing what you're doing.”
“I don't understand what you're getting at.” Does she expect you to be totally transparent or, do a 180 and become a subterfuge master?
“Well, these half-hearted probes for information and continuous feints would, normally, be insulting. After all, it's like saying I'm too stupid to notice them. But with you, I can't help but find that somewhat charming.” She offers you some coffee. “Have a cup since I think we'll be a while.”
“Alright.” You accept and she pours you some of the thermos' contents into an empty cup. “I guess you're right about that. But aren't you doing the same to me? Hiding facts and dealing with me in a roundabout way?”
“They say that part of a woman's charms are her secrets.” Looking at the way she molds you like putty, you're inclined to believe her.
“You may be right. But don't expect the same standards from me that you don't comply to yourself.”
“But I don't.” She laughs softly. “That's why I said that I find your actions adorable.”
“Then am I doomed to be just a plaything to you?” If that's how it's going to be, you might as well avoid her from here on out. She erupts into a fit of laughter. She holds her sides.
“Rest assured-” She gets in between her sultry laughs, “You're not my plaything. I don't think I could get away with that. Not for long anyways.”
“And just what is that supposed to mean?”
“Don't take it personally... you're more than worthy of being my plaything. It's just not possible right now.”
“That's not what I meant!” You're straying further and further from topic. She's enjoying this, smiling as you scramble to make sense of things.
“Right. I'll let you know if it comes to that.”
“Okay.” You take a deep breath. “Tell you what, if you make me an offer, I'll give you an honest reply. On becoming your pet, that is.”
“Don't you already belong to Tewi?” She shows you a more restrained, sympathetic smile.
“So she claims. There isn't a grain of truth to it.”
“Well, someday I just might make the offer if the opportunity presents itself. Right now, that's impossible.”
“Any reason why?” You wonder why now, of all times, it wouldn't be possible. Not that you actually want to become her pet or slave or whatever.
“That's-” She raises a finger, wagging it, “is a secret.” She winks and then makes a sign with her finger – her lips are sealed.
“Part of your eternal charm then?”
“That's a lovely way to put it. I know Ive said this, but I think you've got real potential at being a smooth talker.”
“I'm flattered.” You raise your eyebrows.
“I mean it. If you're not careful, you'll end up breaking hearts.”

The conversation drags on for a bit. She offers you some general advice, in order to make you a 'better person'. It does seem like sound advice, with no ulterior motive behind it. Just general tips ranging from elocution to critical thinking. You keep up with her, indulging in some mild banter while you're at it. The coffee is bitter, but it's good. And together you finish off the thermos.

“So since I'm apparently too transparent, and the cat's out of the bag, you wouldn't mind dispensing some truth, would you?”
“I always dispense truth.”
“Right.” Varying degrees of it. “Can you tell me what's the point of these injections for starters?”
“I told you, it's a case study.” She looks at you for a moment. She then adds a bit more of information, “I'm seeing how giving you certain proteins and other chemicals affect your disposition. It should have no malignant side effects. I wouldn't hurt you, you know.”
“Why me?”
“Because I needed a human. I plan to market this in the village after I finish running a full test case. And since my target consumer are the farmers and laborers, I preferred a male.”
“Well, if that's all you're going to say about it...”
“Like I said, I haven't lied to you. And I don't believe in needlessly exposing sentient creatures to unknown substances. I've already done my research.” The straightens out a fold in her dress. “Not to mention that I wouldn't compromise a friend of Kaguya's.” If anything, she should be sincere about the last part. You don't think Kaguya would appreciate it if you suddenly dropped dead.
“Then what about the rabbits? Why are they like this. And how long will it last?”
“I don't very long. I'll probably go see if there's anything wrong with them later.”
“And Reisen.”
“Saw her earlier today. She was fine.”
“She'll be coming in later here. If something is wrong with her, I'll notice.”
“You don't look too satisfied with my answer. I'm not omniscient nor omnipresent. I'll deal with Reisen when she comes over.”
“And what of the meantime?” If she's ill, then time isn't really a luxury you have.
“...You're not going to let this one go, are you?” Eirin shakes her head exaggeratedly. “Tell you what; I'll let you stay around me all day. That way you'll be able to see for yourself that you're mistaken about all of this. You can be my assistant for the day. I'll drill it into your head that everything is fine, and today might just be an exception. How does that sound to you?”

[] “Sounds just fine.”
[] “I'll pass.”
>> No. 14481
[x] "Hell no."
>> No. 14485
[x] “Sounds just fine.”

But no injections.
>> No. 14487
[x] “Sounds just fine.”
>> No. 14488
[x] “Sounds just fine.”
>> No. 14490
Playing doctor?? with Eirin???

[X] “Sounds like fun.”
>> No. 14491
It may be an affront to Eirin that we don't trust her word on this situation and demand to tag along but... a day with Eirin? Yes please.

[X] "A whole day with Great Physician Eirin? I'd be honored."

>“You're not my plaything. I don't think I could get away with that. Not for long anyways.”
I don't know how to feel about this.
>> No. 14492
[] “I'll pass.”
>> No. 14493
[x] “I'll pass.”

No matter the situation, I shall always recall the injury we suffered at the hands of Eirin last time
>> No. 14494
>“I don't very long."
Did she accidentally her verb?
>> No. 14499
File 123690452060.jpg- (56.52KB , 550x550 , eb.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] “Sounds just fine.”

“Alright then.” She wastes no time, bossing you around the moment you agree to stick around her. This even after you flatter with a small compliment about her competence as a physician. “First things first. We can't have you assisting me dressed like that.”
“What's wrong with my normal clothes? Can't I just put on a lab coat and be done with it?”
“No no no. That's not satisfactory.” She walks over to a supply closet. She bends down and gets clothes from the last cabinet. “Put these on.”

You're thrown a pair of scrubs. Pink scrubs. You stare at them blankly until Eirin's coughing prompts you to put them on. You're given no privacy to change, with Eirin claiming that getting undressed in front of her is no big deal. At your insistence, she does turn around slightly. But that's the best you get. Five minutes as her assistant and you already feel like it's been an eternity.

Contrasted by Eirin's no-nonsense attitude is the severe lack of work. Eirin has done most of her quota for the day, so she invents things for you to do. You're relegated to the position of glorified maid. It's not all bad however – cleaning instruments and dusting is made easier by several factors. The most obvious is that everything in the clinic is almost spotlessly clean to begin with. The other that Eirin chats you up, taking your mind off work. Time passes quickly. There certainly is a natural aptitude in you for cleaning.

Later in the afternoon, you get a chance to see Eirin at work. Reisen comes in, as Eirin said she would. She's looking a bit pale to you, but other than her weakened gait, there's nothing else that looks wrong about her. She certainly doesn't look as flustered and strange as she was during lunch. She looks at you with a strange expression – a mix between confusion and curiosity. It must be your getup.

“Right. Shirou here told me that you weren't looking very well today. So I'm going to do a quick checkup on you.” Eirin points to an examination. “Sit there and take off your clothes Undongein.”

She goes over to the table, but hesitates taking off her clothes.

“What's wrong? Hurry up.” Eirin sounds impatient.
“...Okay.” She begins to strip at a snail's pace. You can see that she's looking at you from the corner of her eye.
“Uh, Eirin. Maybe I should step out of the room. It must be embarrassing for her to undress in front of me.” You start to walk over to the door.
“Nonsense.” Eirin is firm. “Undonge, he's my assistant today. You are not to think of him as a person, just as my assistant. Nothing more, nothing less.”
“I really don't mind leaving. I'll just be outside the door if you need me.”
“...” Eirin stares at you. And then at Reisen, who looks upon the both of you with an uncertain expression. “Very well. I probably won't need you right now. Stand outside the door and I'll call for you when we're done.”

The examination takes a quarter of an hour. You tap your feet while waiting for Eirin to call you back. It's very quiet in the clinic, with Eirin's voice occasionally ringing out to tell Reisen to do something. When you're called back in, Reisen has already put most of her clothes back on and is buttoning her shirt. She looks at your direction and nods. A silent sign of thanks.

“I would say that you're blood pressure is a bit low. Eat something with a bit of salt and that should clear right up. And I haven't done any blood tests, but maybe I should give you vitamins for a few days. It shouldn't hurt.” Eirin rummages around a large drawer on her desk, producing a small pill bottle from within. “Here. Take this in the mornings. There's enough for a week.”
“Thank you very much.” Reisen bows her head. “I'm sorry to be a bother.”
“It's no bother at all.” Eirin smiles but her voice remains the same. “It's better to be safe than sorry. Try to get continuous sleep tonight as well. Don't stay up too late.”
“I'll try.” Reisen smiles shyly. She looks like a kid obeying her mother's recommendations.
“You can go now. I won't be needing you today. I've got Shirou to help me.”
“Oh, okay.” She comes in and leans in close to you. “Thank you for worrying about me.” She might be coming in a bit too close than what would be considered normal.
“Don't worry about it.” You smile, all the while preparing yourself in case she leans on you. She doesn't, despite coming within a few centimeters of your chest.

After Reisen leaves, there's another downtime. Eirin uses this time to, in a move that can only be caused by absolute boredom, tease you. You'd have a warm and fuzzy feeling inside of you, because she's treating you like family, if it weren't for the fact that her accusations are totally misleading.

“Tough luck about Reisen, eh? I'm sure that you wanted to examine her body as well.” This is just one of her many lovely comments. You really have only two ways to deal with this. You get the feeling that this will extend all night, so a good strategy is a must.

[] Turn her comments around on her; try to 'smooth talk' her – as she eloquently put it
[] Take the comments with feigned ignorance
[] Resign to her ceaseless barrage

I accidentally a whole Eirin, is this bad?

Also, I know for the last week or two some of the time my updates have been sporadic, but come on. I am trying my hardest to update regularly. And in general, more votes = faster updates.
>> No. 14500
[] Take the comments with feigned ignorance
>> No. 14501
[x] Take the comments with feigned ignorance

Of course being who we are, it's hard to feign what comes naturally to us.
>> No. 14502
[x] Take the comments with feigned ignorance.

First option is unlikely to work and third option is just no fun.
>> No. 14503
[x] Take the comments with feigned ignorance
>> No. 14504
File 123690645663.gif- (0.97MB , 486x289 , 1236826974175.gif ) [iqdb]
[!/] Take the comments with feigned ignorance.

>> No. 14505
[x] Take the comments with feigned ignorance
>> No. 14506
File 123691101579.jpg- (292.78KB , 720x1000 , when will anon learn.jpg ) [iqdb]
Writefag needs to take a nap. But after that I really ought to have plenty of time to write.

Oh anon, you and your logic...
>> No. 14507
>And in general, more votes = faster updates.

This place is the first thin i am checking for updates.

[x] Turn her comments around on her; try to 'smooth talk' her – as she eloquently put it

Time to put an end to her screwing around with us.
>> No. 14510
[x] Take the comments with feigned ignorance

Even the "Genius of the Moon" is no match for Shirou's... Emiya-ness.

Let's continue down this path until she cracks, gives up her(correct) theory on Shirou's behavior, and decides that Shirou is the innocent simpleton that he seems (which is also very much correct.) Then, and only then, do we make our move. After all, who could pull this off, if not Shirou? If we can actually manage to catch the infallible Eirin off-guard-- even a little-- it will all be worth it.

I'm not suggesting a last-second switch to the Eirin route; I just want to play a game. We've been forced to run our share of mazes, but no one will expect us to turn it around...

Show 'em what we can do.
>> No. 14511
[x] Take the comments with feigned ignorance
>> No. 14512


[x] Take the comments with feigned ignorance
>> No. 14513
File 123692313425.jpg- (70.02KB , 400x400 , d1428f7fb3f6c8c3e386a2e5540219a6.jpg ) [iqdb]

You can't deny us.
>> No. 14514
[X] Turn her comments around on her; try to 'smooth talk' her – as she eloquently put it

Futile gesture, or opportunity to build upon our charisma and speech abilities?
>> No. 14515
[x] Take the comments with ignorance

why feign it?
>> No. 14516
Shiro is a timid rabbit. He can feign ignorance all he wants, but he'll never be able to "Pounce" as you say. Just run and hide and maybe bite if he gets trapped in a corner.
>> No. 14517

Maybe so. But you forget that Shirou is guided by an intangible spirit: Anonymous.
>> No. 14520

> But you forget that Shirou is guided by an intangible spirit: Anonymous.

Even from the beginning, the poor thing never had a chance.
>> No. 14522
File 123697957124.jpg- (61.32KB , 290x400 , esf1.jpg ) [iqdb]
As you expected, Eirin keeps up with the pointed remarks. The attitude you take doesn't seem to do much. If anything, she seems to enjoy the dumb act even more. Or maybe that's just an act to conceal her frustration. Either way, she doesn't let the teasing get in the way of bossing you around. She expects you to do everything that she orders you to with extreme efficiency. You're not cut out for nurse work, it'd seem. Moving stuff is fine, but clerical duties are a bit daunting. You haven't gotten around to actually caring for patients.

Eirin's records and notations are very thorough. She writes down every single thing she does, and archives it. Filing duty is hell. You honestly feel sorry for Reisen. There's no way that you could do this day in and day out. It takes you an hour to find the right places to deposit Eirin's latest notes; it's worth mentioning that her ordering is extremely efficient, it only takes forever because of the share volume of files within her cabinets.

There's all sorts of stuff here, some things which you feel should never see the light of day as well;

►Case study YT-1300 - “Rwook
Operation Götterdämmerung
►Object “Lunokhod
►Foie Gras – preparation

And those are just a select few files. There's really all sorts of stuff here, and some of it is in a script that you can't read. You assume that that's written in another language.

“Still not done?” Eirin pops into the records room to check up on your progress.
“I'm sorry, I've only done about half. I'm not used to this.”
“I wasn't expecting you to be good at it. But you've taken four times as long as Undonge would.”

She adds another remark, targeted to tease you. You apply your strategy of pretending not to understand. Although, to be fair, you really don't quite get why you'd want to go through those case files.

“Well, no matter. I'm going to check on the rabbits. Come along. You can finish that later.”

She relieves you of this duty. You now carry her large leather doctor's bag. There's no one in the hallways. The rabbits have long since left the area. She stops in front of Tewi's room.

“Stay here and block the door.” She makes you stand by the door. She takes her bag.
“If there's something wrong with the rabbits, I don't any sick rabbits escaping and infecting others. If they are sick, that is.”
“Alright, you can count on me. No one will get out of here.” You nod and get ready to catch anyone as Eirin goes in and closes the door.

You hear Eirin speak with someone for a few moments. There's a reply, an excited voice, probably Tewi. Then there's the scuffling of feet and the sound of running. You get ready. The door slides open violently.

“Ooof!” You get the wind knocked out of you as something slams into your chest. You fall to the floor with Tewi on top of you.
“Ow! Let go of me!” Tewi complains, you're holding her tight so she doesn't flee. “Dammit! You stink! Let me go!” She squirms as you try to get your breathing regularized.
“Nice work there Shirou. I knew I could count on you.” Eirin removes an item from her bag. “Just cooperate already. You know that running will just delay the inevitable.”
“Tsk, fine.” Tewi stops struggling. Eirin nods at you. You let go.
“Now take these pills. I already explained what they were for.”
“Am I supposed to take these without a drink?” She dusts herself off and gets up. You get up as well.
“I don't think I can swallow these dry. Just let me go get a glass of water.”
“No need.” Eirin smiles, “If you don't want these pills I've also got some suppositories here that will do the trick.” She turns to you. “Shirou, get a pair of gloves and prepare to administer a suppository.”
“Right, right. I'll take the pills, there's no need for that.” Tewi takes the pills from a smiling Eirin. She pops them into her mouth and swallows. “These taste awful.”
“Good thing that you'll only need to take them once per day then, right?” Eirin produces a large bottle filled with pills.
“You're joking-”
“I'm afraid not. You are to take one of these daily. And give these to your friends as well. A quarter of a pill will do for each one, given their mass. You can take these in the morning or with a meal.” Eirin gestures to you. “See you later then.”
“...” Tewi stares at the bottle in her hands.
“Oh!” Eirin turns back around to face Tewi, “Before I forget: I'll know if you or the rabbits aren't taking these pills, so don't even try, okay?”

You leave a sour-looking Tewi and go with Eirin back to the clinic.

“So what was wrong with her?”
“Too many things to count.” Eirin jokes.
“Okay, let me put it this way, why did she have to take that pill?”
“I'm afraid that that's confidential. If you want to know, you'll have to ask her about it. It's the same if someone asked about you. I wouldn't tell them what it was you had unless you wanted me to.”

How very ethical.

After that, it's back to filing duty. You finish this time around. It takes forever, but you're not beaten by that labyrinth of paperwork and files. Just in time for dinner too.
>> No. 14523
File 123697962376.jpg- (49.89KB , 415x600 , ezr.jpg ) [iqdb]
Dinner, huh? Eirin is grateful enough to thank you with a special dinner. She made it herself apparently (well, Reisen also took the rest of the day off, presumably she didn't make any dinner). The lights in the clinic have been slightly dimmed, and the examination table has been converted into a dining table with two places. You sit at one end will Eirin sits at the other.

“It's not much, but you've done a decent job today.” Eirin opens up a bottle of clear-looking liquid and pours two cups of it.
“Thank you...” You're grateful, you really are, but you don't understand what you're going to eat.
“Is something the matter?”
“Ah no. Not really.” Rectangles. Different-colored rectangles. That's all there is on your plate. Three of them. They wobble slightly when the table is moved.
“These are a traditional lunarian recipe.” Eirin explains. “I'm afraid I'm not a very good cook, but I think I can at least make these taste good.”
“Oh, I see.” Her humble attitude aside, you're not very sure about these things. But well, Eirin is going to be eating them, so it can't be bad, now can it?
“Well then, if you don't mind...” Eirin takes a forkful of blue rectangle. You watch as she shovels the food into her mouth and chews. “Mm! I really outdid myself this time!” She looks happy with her creation.

Ah, what the hell!

You follow her example and dig in. You take a bit of red rectangle and try that first. You prepare your taste buds for the worst. But that's not necessary. It is quite good. The texture is nice and consistent, and the taste is unexpected. You try each rectangle. They're all different in taste. Some seem to be vegetable-flavored while others are animal-flavored. They have rich, but not overwhelming, flavors and all compliment each other. You're impressed. The liquid she poured earlier was a kind of white wine with an understated taste – a perfect companion to the meal.

“So I take it you liked the food?” Eirin asks with a grin on her face.
“Ah yes.” You realize that you've finished your food in mere instants. Eirin still has half a plate. “Sorry for that.” You are embarrassed about your lack of manners.
“Don't be. I'm glad you enjoyed so much something from my land.” She points you to a container on her desk. “There's more there if you want; Help yourself.”
“Thank you.” You help yourself to some more.

You've got to give Eirin credit. This was nice of her. If the way to a man's heart is his stomach, then she's definitely found her way into yours. You sit back after the meal, feeling satisfied. Eirin looks satisfied as well. It occurs to you that she might be pleased because you're pleased. That would be sweet of her, but you doubt it.

“That was great. Thanks for the meal.”
“It was nothing. You'll need the energy for the rest of the evening.” She gives you a mysterious smile.
“And what will I be doing later?”
“You mean, 'what will we doing'.”
“Oh, so we're doing something together?” That might be nice. The solo tasks that you've been doing most of the afternoon have been boring.
“Well, I could do it by myself.” Eirin admits with a pensive look. “But it might be boring that way. A little variety is nice once in a while Shake things up.. It's definitely more enjoyable if the two of us participate together.”
“So what is it?” You're curious. Especially since after her last comment, she's been looking you over from head to toe. “If I need energy for it, that means it'll be physically rigorous, right?”
“That's right.” Eirin gives you a sly smile. “And you'll know once we start. For now, we can take a tiny break. Aid our digestion.”
“Well, fine. I don't mind.”
“Or if you want, we could get started right away. Either way, it's your call. I'm used to it, so I don't need to prepare myself.”
“Wait.” You realize something. About what she just said. “Something physically demanding? With the two of us?” This is important. “I can't really do that with you, I'm sorry.”
“Why not?”
“Well, I shouldn't work up a sweat in these clothes, they're not even mine.”
“Don't worry about that.” Eirin laughs. “You won't need them for what we're going to do.”
“Oh. That's a relief.”

You drink the remnants of your cup. An after-meal laziness besets you, your body feels a bit heavy and slow. You might want to wait a while before doing whatever it is Eirin wants to do.

[]Ask how much work is left for today
[] Ask her about the food - you'd like a recipe
[] Other/Write-in
[] You're good to go now

If you go for a write-in vote, try not to be out of character.
>> No. 14524
Hahaha, Shirou at his best.

Couldn't be it. Eirin is just screwing around with us again.

>“Don't worry about that.” Eirin laughs. “You won't need them for what we're going to do.”
[x] You lost me.
>> No. 14525
[x] You lost me.

When in doubt, be yourself.
>> No. 14526
[x] You lost me.

Clueless loveable idiot.
>> No. 14527
This joke just does not get old.

[x] "Feeling torpid. I'm going to vegetate in the courtyard for a few minutes. Wake me if I fall asleep, would you?"
>> No. 14528
[X] You're good to go now
>> No. 14529
>[] You lost me.
Doesn't fit the situation on its own.

[x] Ask how much work is left for today
I don't think I want to know what was in the jello.
>> No. 14530
[x] Ask how much work is left for today.
>> No. 14531
[x] Ask how much work is left for today.

"You lost me." really just doesn't fit right now.
>> No. 14532
[X] Ask her about the food - you'd like a recipe, or at least know what to call it.

There's a chance the stuff could be like the Lunarian equivalent of hotdogs or bologna, the less you know about what goes into making them, the happier you'll be.
>> No. 14533
Agree with the thought.
[x]Ask how much work is left for today
>> No. 14534
[x] Ask how much work is left for today.
>> No. 14535
[x] Ask how much work is left for today.

I really do love how you phrase things to sound so...erotic.
>> No. 14536
Alright. That took a bit longer than I expected, but writing now.
>> No. 14537

>> No. 14538
File 123700513843.jpg- (111.06KB , 640x600 , ela.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x]Ask how much work is left for today

“Already grumbling because of your workload?” Eirin leans back with a smile.
“No, that's not it. Filing was a bit hard, but it was all very manageable.”
“That's good to hear. But all the same, there's not much left for today.' She crosses her arms, as if she were disappointed. “No, I'm afraid that today is a slow day and I'm ahead on where I thought I'd be work-wise.”
“So I can change out of these clothes?” The pink is okay, but you don't like how it feels against your skin.
“Don't worry, you'll be getting out of those soon enough. Keep them on for now.”
“Well, alright. Being your assistant for today, I ought to follow all your orders to the dot.”
“That's a lovely attitude.” She grins. “If only Undonge were this cooperative.”
“Reisen gives you trouble? That's hard to believe.”
“No she doesn't really. I might be exaggerating a bit. Although she does sometimes seem to lack eagerness. I'm simply commending you on your willingness to follow instructions. Later on it'll be important that you pay attention to what you're doing. So as to not hurt yourself nor me.”
“So I'm going to be doing something dangerous?”
“No, not really. It's only dangerous if you're rough and not paying attention to what you're doing. Like I said, we could both end up injured.”
“I'll be mindful then.” You'll listen to her when the time comes. “And after that, will there be more work?”
“Good heavens no!” She laughs. “It'd be a sin to work after doing that. We'll both be tired and probably sweaty. After finishing that, a bath would be in order.”
“I'll take my other clothes to change into then.”
“Yes. That would be prudent.”

You help Eirin clear away the operating table. It's up to you to wash the dishes, and you do that in a small sink right there in the clinic. When you're done with that, you finish up several miscellaneous tasks, such as turning off the lights in other parts of the clinic. After you're finished you return to Eirin's office.

“Well then, I think we're done here. Let's go.” Eirin guides you out and locks the door behind her. She flips around a small sign hanging on the door, now indicating that the clinic is closed.

You're taken to a part of Eientei you've never gone to before. It's amazing that by taking a few strategic turns at what usually are very familiar intersections, you can end up in a completely different area. The color of the walls here seems to be a darker shade of the usual beige and tan. Even though its nighttime you can tell the difference.

Eirin does all of the navigation, looking as if she could get there with her eyes closed. In fact, you think she actually does close her eyes at times. A part of the trip involves going outside. You walk in an area between the outer wall and the main building to another building. You can't tell how large it is, but it presses up against the wall and might be rectangular. Eirin opens up the wooden gate and bids you inside.

“Wait here for a moment.” You find yourself in a small darkened room with an open door at the end. While you wait for Eirin to come back, you strain your still-adjusting eyes to make out the contents of the room. You can definitely see the racks on the walls, but you can't tell what the back items on them are. Nor can you tell what all these containers and baskets might be for. “Here.” Eirin comes back without you noticing, throwing something to your feet. “Change into that and met me in the other room. We'll get started there. Hurry up.”

You strip down and get dressed as quickly as you can in the dark. This is an odd set of clothes to be wearing. You wonder why she chose this outfit as you move to the other room.
>> No. 14539
File 123700516247.jpg- (434.34KB , 600x800 , eb1.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I don't understand why do I have to be dressed like th-” Your voice trails off as you see what lies beyond the door. “Oh.”
“Judging from your reaction, I don't need to explain what happens now, do I?”
“No, not really.” You move closer to her. “But why do you want to do this with me? I'm sure that someone else here is better at this.”
“Why indeed? I could praise the virtues that you posses, which you undoubtedly are aware of, or I can simply say that you're the only one that's available right now. Either way, take this and I'll walk you through this.”
“Wait, do you do this often?”
“Oh, I do this all the time. Oftentimes alone. But like I said earlier, it's definitely more fun to have someone else here. I should ask though, do you have any experience doing this type of thing?”
“Can't say that I have. This would be my first time.”
“Ah! That's lovely! I'm glad that I can be the one to open up this door for you.”
“Well, being here, I think I'm looking forward to it.” You bow your head. “I entrust myself to your care.”

Eirin lights another lantern on the wall while you pick up the bow.

“Now I'm sure that you understand the basic idea here. Pull the string back, aim, and fire. At first glance archery isn't much more than that. But the truth is that it's more complicated than that.”
“Well, it also should be about visualizing the trajectory of the arrow, right?”
“Not just that.”Eirin picks up a bow. She points the bow at a target and mimics the firing motion. “Breathing is also vital. Knowing how to breathe and how to control your body ensures that there's no deviation from your intended target.”
“Anything else that I need to watch out for?”
“Plenty. There's also the philosophical side behind archery. Not to mention almost ceremonial-like rituals some archers do. We'll deal with things one step at a time though.”

Eirin is a good instructor. Posture, stance, targeting – you feel that you've learned a lot of it in such a short time. It's not that hard to pick up. It does, however, require a lot of effort on your part. Not just concentration, but strength. You upper body is being worked hard, every time you pull back on the bow, it takes plenty of effort. With her assistance, you manage to almost hit a target downrange.

“I think you're getting the hang of it. That's good.” Eirin pats your shoulder. “I'll be over here, shooting at the other target, try your best.”

Easier said than done.

The range isn't very big, but it's big enough to cause a total beginner like you to miss constantly. Your muscles are tense and it feels like you're doing something unnatural if you let your concentration slip for just a moment. Forget visualizing, getting your breathing in sync with your actions is challenge enough.

Completely opposite you in behavior and confidence is Eirin. You stop to look at how she gracefully goes about shooting. She makes it look like child's play. She has absolutely no problem in drawing the string back, aiming, and firing at a target. She does it as if she were flipping a page in a book or opening a door. Her face shows no worry or alteration. And she manages to her the target every single time. Its awe-inspiring. What's more, just watching her execute these repeated actions is enough to bewitch you.

Eirin the skillful archer. It's both natural and amazing at the same time.

During the course of the whole session you manage to hit the target only three times – and one of those times was with Eirin's help. You're tired, disappointed, and ashamed. You feel like you were terrible company to Eirin. Compared to her skilled and beautiful movements, your grotesque fumbling was a rude eyesore.

“Don't look so sad!” Eirin comments while putting away the bows and other equipment. “You look like you just accidentally killed your beloved pet.”
“Well, it's just that I was horrible. I bet you were disappointed.”
“Not at all. This was your first time. And first times tend to be disappointing. I think you did well. You got the stance right without much trouble. It usually takes people a lot of time to get it.”
“You're just saying that to make me feel better.”
“It's the truth. And, at the very least, I enjoyed having you here. Shooting with someone is more fun than doing it alone.”
“Well, if you enjoyed it, then its fine. I guess I just need more practice and I'll become better.”
“That's the spirit!” Eirin congratulates you. “I've had plenty of time to practice, and practice makes perfect.”

You sit down on the wooden floor, your clothes sweaty. “So you do this all the time?”
“At least twice a week. It's fun and distracting. I helps put my mind at ease.”
“I see.” So this is her hobby. You thought that she was totally committed to working in the clinic.
“I know it sounds strange coming from me, and I wonder if you'll ever experience it, but I can feel myself projecting out with every arrow I launch.”
“That's got to be an archer's instinct.”
“Mm, maybe it is that.” She blows out a lantern. “Well, it's later. I think I'll be taking a bath now. I suggest you do the same.”

You walk back to the main building with her.

“After you take a bath return those clothes to me please, I'll go to the clinic after bathing.”

Your own bath is uneventful. You realize that it's late, you've spent quite a bit of time at the range. Yeah, that range. It was a surprise to you. You didn't think there'd be one here. It's an interesting building; It's not very long and the area with the targets has no roof over it. It's also out of the way, and probably is used only by Eirin. She sure surprised you with that one. You thought that she was all business and no fun. Well, that's an exaggeration. She behaves well enough socially, but you didn't think she'd have a hobby. Especially a hobby she was so damn good at.

You get out of the bath before your skin prunes up and get dressed. Eirin is already at the clinic, waiting by the door, when you get there. Her braid has been undone and she's wearing a more casual blouse.

“Here are the clothes.”
“Just put them inside. I'll deal with them tomorrow.” Eirin opens the clinic door for you. You do as she asks.”Good.” She locks up again. “Ready to go?”
“Go where?”
“To my room.”
“Oh. I see” You look at her with a confused look. “What for?”
“To sleep.”
“Ah.” You blink twice quickly. “Why would I sleep in your room?!”
“Simple. You agreed to spend all day with me right? Then that means that you'll be staying tonight in my room as well.”
“Don't be difficult. I'm trying to prove a point here, or do I need to remind you that you were the one that brought all of this on?”
“Right, but-”
“No time for arguing. I'm tired. So, come along already.”

[] “...Okay.”
[] “Shouldn't we ask Kaguya first if this is alright?”
[] “I'm sorry, but I really have to decline...”
>> No. 14540
>“I'm trying to prove a point here”

I'm hoping she gives up. Prove that Shirou is infinitely thickheaded.

[x] “...Okay.”
>> No. 14541
[X] “...Okay.”

I find that sleeping with someone else is always nice.
>> No. 14543
File 123700814987.jpg- (510.40KB , 566x800 , 0a44b6439353e3095c231e3f9d3c1380.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Yes, ma'am!
[!/] Resolve to tell Kaguya of the events.
Bleed warrant less enthusiasm.
>> No. 14544
File 12370082909.jpg- (39.45KB , 649x536 , 1237003247788.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 14545
>>Simple. You agreed to spend all day with me right?

But it's night now.
>> No. 14546
God dammit, I spilled my drink due to seeing this play out all too clearly.
>> No. 14547
[x] “...Okay.”
>> No. 14548
[x] You lost me.
>> No. 14549
Oh, hell with it.

[X] "But it's night now."
>> No. 14556
oh wow.

[x] “...Okay.”
[X] "But it's night now."

This is Shirou at his finest, best moment ever.
>> No. 14557
[X] "But it's night now."
>> No. 14558
[x] "... Okay, I suppose it's always better to sleep with company"
>> No. 14559
[x] “...Okay.”
[x] "But it's night now."
>> No. 14560
[x] “...Okay.”
[x] "But it's night now."

THIS! THIS x 1000!
>> No. 14561
Old vote deleted; vote changing.

[+] "I'm sorry, but I really have to decline..."
[+] "It's night now."
>> No. 14562
[x] “...Okay.”
[X] "But it's night now."
>> No. 14563
[x] “...Okay.”
[x] "But it's night now."
>> No. 14568
Curses. No updates.....

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