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1392 No. 1392
You're dead.

It's hard to believe that it'd end like this, but it seems now like it's only natural that this is how it would end.

As you look at your assailant, knowing that any moment the trigger will be pulled and it'll all be over, you think back on these past few weeks. You've had your fun, enjoying life living among those at Eientei. Befriending the two rabbitgirls was a task that was sometimes very difficult, but you ultimately succeeded. You helped Eirin out, saving the lunarian race from extinction, and more importantly saving her. You enjoyed your chats with your buddy, even coming to understand how you really felt about her. Hell, you even became quite close with the schoolteacher and her friend. You know that the work you did in reconciling Moukou with Kaguya will have repercussions that will span the whole of eternity. You smile, recalling these fond memories and more, as your assailant squeezes the trigger.

You close your eyes and think of your loved ones as the inevitable happens.


“I won! Hahaha! I won! In your face Shirou!” The girl in front of you blurts out excitedly. “Oh man, I didn't think you'd be so stupid as to fall for my trap! Hahaha! I really love this game!”

You frown. While it's true that it was pretty stupid of you to come out into the open, it was more because you got bored than you were fooled. Man this girl sure is vicious when it comes to competitions.

“Heh, what's wrong? Feeling the shame of having lost?!” She starts smirking uncontrollably. “Don't worry, haha, there's no shame to losing to the best!”

God she's getting on your nerves. There's no need for her to rub in your defeat.

“Well, I guess it can't be helped.” She continues. “C'mon, you've got to treat me to ice cream now, like we agreed that the loser would. Let's get outta here.”

You nod and follow her out of the play area.

>> No. 1393
File 121084247163.jpg - (109.42KB , 566x378 , amusement-park.jpg ) [iqdb]
You can't help but think that you should've chosen another activity to compete in. Ah well, at least you're making the most of your day at the amusement park. You came here in a group of five friends, most of them from Eientei. Too bad Eirin declined to come, since you would've loved to see if she would have screamed while on the roller coaster, you're sure it would've have been a cute scream. But instead, you came here with the two bunnygirls, Kaguya, and that girl. Kaguya had decided to hit the arcade (she said that rollercoasters and thrill-rides were not her idea of fun), Tewi had saw a chance for fun, scamming people at the fortune teller's booth, and dragged an unwilling Reisen along to help her. Being left alone with that girl. you had felt awkward at first, not sure of what to do, but her domineering personality had led the two of you to try competitive games and place bets on who would win. You had chosen to play laser tag because you're pretty good with projectiles, but it seems that beams of invisible light are not the same as arrows and rocks. Well, despite everything you think that the girl was warming up to you, she seemed to be treating you with *slightly* more respect.

Still feeling slightly bitter over your loss, you make your way to the ice cream stand and ask her what she'd like to have.

“Uhh, I think I want mine to be mint flavored.” She says.

You go up to the booth attendant and ask for two ice creams one mint flavored and one vanilla. Truth be told you just chose vanilla as a reflex action, you'd rather not muse over the many different flavors of ice cream. You're irritated enough to just be done with it. You pay for the ice cream, and go back to the girl. You hand her hers, and she suggests that you go sit under a tree that's a bit off to the side of the path. You figure that it'd be a good idea because of the shade, and go together with her to the tree.

You sit, and start to enjoy your ice cream. After sitting pensively for a bit the girl turns to you to say something. “You know, I know that I come off a bit too strong at times, but that's because I'm always expected to clean up other people's messes. Every single time something happens, it's up to me to go and fix things. It's quite bothersome and sometimes I get so frustrated that I just wanna blow everything and everyone up.” As she says this you think to your self that she probably could do it too, provided how scary she is when mad.

“I don't know why I'm telling you this. After all, we've only just met once or twice.” She concludes. “You must think me a strange person, after all no one normal would tolerate my kind of attitude.” With those words, you can't but help to think about the strange hobbies you have. You try to reassure her by telling her that no matter the kind of person that she was, that she had friends that cared about her, and that should be enough.

“Thanks.” She says. “You're a really nice person. I didn't see what everyone saw in you, why they thought so highly of you.” She pauses. “But now I see how they all can like you. I mean I think that even I am starting to like you quite a bit.”

That's nice to hear. She recognizes that you're a nice guy and she likes you. Likes you quite a bit.

“Hu-huh!?” You blurt out when you think about what she last said. You look at her and see that she's looking away, avoiding your gaze. You ask her what she meant with that last bit.

“I-It's nothing! Now come on, let's go to the next attraction before it gets too late.” She gets up and starts running off, turning around and signaling you to follow her. You sigh and decide to drop the matter for now and just follow her.

You spend the rest of the afternoon going to ride after ride, having a whole lot of fun. However, soon enough it's closing time, and you have to go. You bump into Tewi and Reisen on your way to find Kaguya, and they tell you of the fun they had giving messed-up fortunes to strangers.

Tewi starts talking about one particularly amusing incident. “Kid, you shoulda seen the face of this one guy that came in with this girl, actin' high and mighty. Guy thought he was hot stuff. So we told him that his past infidelities would be discovered and that his girlfriend would find out about him cheating on her with her sister.” Tewi starts grinning while Reisen starts looking uncomfortable. “The expression the girl had before storming off angrily was priceless. It was a combination of shock and anger that was most delicious. The guy totally panicked too, and tried to convince her that it wasn't so and he was faithful to her. And get what happened next! The girl got pissed at him and THREW one of them slushies she took from a little girl at him. The guy got soaked and the little girl, from whom the slushie was stolen starting crying like no tomorrow. Eventually a crowd formed, security came, and the girl told them that he had tried to molest the little girl and he should be arrested. Security took him in and beat the crap out of him. Sure served him right.”

You stare in amazement at this cruel tail as you wonder if this bunny really IS good luck for humans or is the devil's own.

You tell her that that was indeed interesting and urge them to help you find Kaguya. The four of you enter the game center. There are rows and rows of machines out there. Knowing Kaguya, she's probably playing either a fighting game or a shump. You split up in order to find her faster. You go check out the shumps. After looking for a while, you find Kaguya playing the same game as always. How predictable. You tap on her shoulder and tell her that it's time to go.

“Hold on a sec, I'm about to beat the high score.” She says, while all the while remaining focused at the screen. You look at the screen and you see her deftly dodging bullets and attacking the on-screen foes. Eventually she reaches the boss and starts fighting it. You become entranced as you watch the beautiful bullet patterns and her masterful dodging and grazing. After what seems forever she beats the boss and the credits start rolling.

“Yay! I now set the high score on all of these machines!” She exclaims. Wait, ALL of the machines? You're about to ask her if she really beat ALL these games when the others come and find the two of you.

“Come on Shirou and Lady Kaguya.” Reisin says. “We've got to leave before we get into trouble.”
>> No. 1394
You nod and the group leaves the amusement park. You go to the train station to take the train back. Upon arrival Tewi shares with the group a suggestion.

“Well we've got to take the train, but she's gotta walk home. How totally dangerous for a young maiden to be walking home alone at this hour! So I was thinking that what better than a big strong man to accompany her home? What about it kid, are you up to the task?” She gives you a look like you can't possibly refuse this one, or you'll pay later. You agree but ask if it'll be a bother.

Reisen (having seemingly been conned into this plan as well) says. “It'll be no problem for us, we're safe as a group, plus our home is near the other train station. Please go.”

You still express your doubts when the girl who's escort is in question pipes in. “I don't normally need anyone to come with me, but considering how late it is, it might not be a good idea. Plus, I don't mind being with you.” Hearing that Tewi smiles impishly. “See that!? Now you've got no excuse. Go!”

You sigh, and agree to accompany her. You apologize to Kaguya who's been standing idly by, and tell her that you'll be home later to watch this week's episode of Macross F with her. She nods and tells you that she'll be waiting. Leaving the group, the two of you start walking towards her house. The two of you talk little on the way, partially because you're wondering what Tewi is up to and partially that girl is acting way out of character and remaining silent. It's as if she were embarrassed to be walking with you.

After a while, you arrive to the girl's place. She seems extra-fidgety and asks if you want to come in. “Umm, would you like some tea? It's the least I can do to repay you for your escort, as well as the great day of fun.”

You're tell her that you're flattered but there's no need to thank you, plus you'd surely be a bother to her family.

She repeats her invitation, adding a few new lines. “My parents are out today, and I don't have any siblings, so it'd be just the two of us.” She pauses strangely on the words 'two of us'. “There's something of which I've been meaning to talk to you about anyways.” Her eyes seem to indicate that whatever it is, it seems to be important. You cave in and decide to take her up on her offer.

The two of you are sitting in her room drinking tea. You wonder why it had to be her room, and why it couldn't be anywhere else. There's her bed, a desk and chair, and the small table you're sitting at. There seems to be little in the department of decorations, and the boxes in the corner seem to suggest that they only moved here recently. You feel slightly agitated at the notion of being in a girl's room, especially it being just the two of you. Besides, there is an awkward silence. And that makes it all the more difficult to bear.

Luckily, the girl says what she's wanted to say. “You know, about what I said earlier under that tree... I really meant it. I know we haven't known each other that long, but I can't help but feel that we've got a bond. More than that, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've fallen head over heels for you.” Seeing your surprised face she continues. “Truly, you're the greatest guy I've ever met; you're kind, sweet, responsible, sensible, and strong. I can't think of anyone more cool than you are.” She's now blushing heavily and you're sure to be as well, as you feel your heart racing and face burning up. “I want to give you a gift so that you can appreciate my feelings for you. Please turn around and close your eyes while I get it.”

Seeing no other way out of this (and feeling your heart and mind racing at the speed of light) you quickly nod and turn around and close your eyes. You hear only your own breathing, hers and some rustling and the opening of drawers. “Okay.” She says. “You can turn around now.”

When you turn around you see that she's now in a frilly camisole and not much else apparently. Your heart races at the sight of this. “I-I thought a long time about this and I decided that I want you. So please, if you're fine with me, enjoy my b-b-body.” She stutters the last bit and is now as red as a tomato. You're unable to say anything as you're completely shocked. Feeling anxious about the silence she continues. “Am I not good enough, or is it that you've got another woman. I don't mind if I'm not the only one, since you're truly a great guy.”

With those words, your guy instincts kick in and make you close the distance and hug her. She's tense, but you try to make her relax by telling her that she's a great girl and any guy would feel lucky to have her. She tries to protest but you quickly seal her lips with you own. Soft. Very soft. You can't help but to feel lucky to be able to kiss a girl with such soft lips. Breaking the kiss, you both look at each other's eyes and you can tell that her feelings for you are truly serious.

Kissing once again, your tongues intertwining, you move her onto the bed as you start massaging her breasts. She seems to be extra-sensitive, as anytime you near her nipples she begins to moan and her kissing becomes erratic. Her soft moans are making you extremely excited. You decide that you'll make her writhe in pleasure and decide to enhance her experience. You take off the camisole's straps off her shoulders, lower the fabric, and expose her breasts. Her perfectly shaped breasts and puffy pink nipples look absolutely erotic, inviting you to enjoy them. You move your mouth to her nipples and playfully bite them. She wriggles with every nibble, as she gets even more excited.

You move your hand up her thigh, massaging your way up to her crotch. She seems to be completely drenched down there and you waste no time in stimulating her further with your fingers. Upon feeling the new stimulus, her moans become louder and she is losing herself to pleasure. You kiss her neck and then kiss her passionately again, you so get lost in this kiss that you almost forget to stop in order to breathe. She seems to be ready enough as you take off your clothes and she finishes undressing.

She seems to nod and accept that you're about to make love. You position yourself over her and kiss her once more.

“Take it easy.” You hear a voice say. You assure her that you'll be gentle. She looks at you in a confused manner. Upon seeing her reaction you get confused yourself. You ask her if she said to take it easy. She denies it. You decide to ignore it when you hear it again. “Take it easy!”
>> No. 1396
File 121084259040.jpg - (79.46KB , 512x382 , yukkuri.jpg ) [iqdb]
Now the two of you stop and examine the source of the sound. Then she notices something. A large deformed head is in the corner of the room. Upon seeing that it's both speaking and moving, and more strangely apparently bears a strange likeness to her, she passes out in shock. You curse the head for interrupting and go punish it. “T-take it easy...” the head seems to say almost apologetically.

“Stupid head!” You think. But as you keep staring at it, there is a strange sort of fondness that overpowers you. In fact you could swear that the feeling your feeling is.... love. You take the head with you as it continues to continually spout that one line over and over and go to the nearest bus stop. You get on a bus, go to the airport and book a flight to Las Vegas. Ignoring the strange looks you get from people on the way, you reach Vegas and go to the nearest marriage drive-through. You convince the 'priest' that the head is a person and the two of you get married there and then. Even though the head can only say “Take it easy” you know it loves you as much as you do.

You live out the rest of your days living on a farm on the Spanish plains, taking it easy.
>> No. 1397
You wake up startled. You don't remember what it was but apparently you had a pretty freaky dream. You feel uneasy as you can't quite figure out what about the dream upset you. From the bits you can remember you were having fun, but something seems a bit off. You sigh and decide that if it were important you'd remember it.

You try to get a hold of yourself and look around. It seems to be early morning still, as the sunlight isn't that intense, a your clothes where you left them and the door to your room is open. “Wha-?” You say to yourself as you see the open door. Looking around you notice that Reisen is sitting to your left smiling nervously.

“Ah, I umm didn't mean to intrude but I was walking around with Tewi discussing that plans for the next time we make rice cakes we heard a weird noise coming from here.” She pauses for a bit to judge your response and seeing your blank look, she continues. “You were talking in your sleep, I didn't hear much except you said something about 'taking it easy'? In any case, I'm sorry but we couldn't help ourselves.

You feel extremely embarrassed at the fact that you were overhead sleeptalking, but you notice that Reisen's alone and ask her where that other person is. “Oh I guess she left without me noticing. I wonder why? In any case I'm sorry again for intruding and breakfast will be ready soon.” She leaves and closes the door.

“Well,” you think. “What a weird way to start my day.” You can't help but feel a bit overwhelmed by the events of the past two days and you decide that it's only natural that you'd react to it somehow, albeit in a strange manner it would seem. This whole thing does not help your enthusiasm for the day and you feel like you could go back to sleep at any moment.

[ ] Go back to sleep
[ ] Go get breakfast
[ ] Go to the courtyard and meditate
>> No. 1398
What the christ

Oh, and [ ] Go to the courtyard and meditate

By the way, is there any particular reason the subject of our dream was that girl, as opposed to some other girl?
>> No. 1399
Also, now I'm thinking of THAT picture.

That goddamn picture. If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.

Thanks a lot.
>> No. 1400
The glorious return of Teruyo!
[C] Go to the courtyard and meditate
Now reading that MOTHERFUCKING long post holy god.
>> No. 1401
[ ] Go get breakfast

for being Kaguyas guest, we have little to no interaction with her
come on, I want my kaguya route
>> No. 1403
Some say that dreams are prophetic, some say that they're meaningless, while some say they're manifestations of our subconscious. All I can say the mind works in mysterious ways. In any case the identity of the girl should still be fairly obvious.
After I was done writing, I too remembered it. It was on /jp/ fairly recently as well.

Hey now, if it were my own personal fantasy I'd spend all my time with Kaguya, but that'd make the story dull and stifle freedom. I mean, I can't favor her any more than I have already, even my name/tripcode are related to her. Plus, you haven't really spent that much quality time with any of the characters yet.


I had planned on making it longer, but instead cut out stuff and made another really short story that might get used as a sidestory.
>> No. 1404
[ ] Go get breakfast
>> No. 1405
What the fuck Teruyo.



>> No. 1406
I'm dumb. Was the girl in question raymoo?
>> No. 1407

Take it easy.
>> No. 1408
You should be able to solve this. If you can't then think of her identity to be in the same category as the fig that anon had to buy in the beginning.

Also fuck, this is supposed to be thread 4. And I noticed a 'your instead of you're'. I hate myself so much now.
>> No. 1409

Take it easy.
>> No. 1410

[ x ] Go get breakfast
>> No. 1411
[ ] Go get breakfast
>> No. 1412
[X] Go get breakfast

Food first. Meditation later.
>> No. 1413
[x] Go get breakfast

You decide that it'd be best to go grab some breakfast now. If Reisen's there, you'll feel a bit awkward but you guess that it can't be helped. You put on your kimono and leave for the dining hall. When you arrive you see that breakfast still hasn't been served but your feeling of awkwardness prevents you from going to the kitchen to see what's up. You're hungry and that's all that you can think about. If you it weren't for that strange voice in the back of your head telling you to 'take it easy', you'd have started chewing on the table for nourishment.

After what seems to be an eternity (or five minutes, you can't tell), Reisen comes out with breakfast. It's a pretty typical japanese breakfast. You guess that the food here is japanese because of Kaguya's background, but you wonder what lunarian food is like. In any case, you guess that you still prefer western-style breakfast but an inner voice says that this is better. Trusting that voice, you dig in.

You finish your food quickly and find yourself alone. Apparently no one else eats at this hour. Maybe you should wake up at another hour to have some company. Well, that doesn't matter, thing is that you've got free time since no one has asked for anything yet. That's good enough of a pretense for you to do whatever you feel like.

[ ] Clear your mind - Go meditate in the inner-courtyard
[ ] Keep your word - Go help Eirin out with her request
[ ] Head out - Go to the village or somewhere else
[ ] Wander Aimlessly
>> No. 1415
[X] Clear your mind - Go meditate in the inner-courtyard

Gotta get that damn head outta our head.
>> No. 1416
[x] Clear your mind - Go meditate in the inner-courtyard

Takin' it easy with the moon princess.
>> No. 1417
[ ] Keep your word - Go help Eirin out with her request
She wanted help "whenever you're free". We're free now.
>> No. 1418
[ ] Clear your mind - Go meditate in the inner-courtyard

Erin won't mind if we go a little later, she probably needs some to prepare anyway
>> No. 1419
[ ] Keep your word - Go help Eirin out with her request
>> No. 1420
File 12108564233.gif - (3.88KB , 481x463 , zen1.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Clear your mind - Go meditate in the inner-courtyard

You decide that the best thing to do right now would be to meditate. You get up and go to the courtyard in the middle of the manor. It's completely empty of people. You find a good spot amongst the rock and decide to sit there. Before sitting, you take a final look around the courtyard, nothing seems out of the ordinary; the carp are in the pond, the rocks and gravel are spread out as they should be, and there is nothing to distract you.

You close your mind and try to empty your mind. You confusion, anguish, fear, and apprehension all fade away as you gradually slip deeper into a meditative state. If it weren't for the gradual feeling of peace that creeps into you, you'd be surprised that you could even meditate. After all, how should a lonely nerd like you even begin to know the peace of enlightenment?

Your senses sharpen, as you focus on the small details of the world around you. You hear the wind blowing, gently making sounds as it hits the paper screens around the house. You can appreciate the day better as the warm rays of the sun and good weather conditions are felt on your skin. Even your sense of taste becomes more sensitive, as you taste the wonderful aftertaste of breakfast. Your mind thinks of nothing important, making your life at that instant seem like the best life anyone could ask for. You even forget about what was bothering you in the morning

You continue to bask in the glory of your new found state of mind when you are suddenly overcome with the sentiment that you're being watched. You slowly open your eyes and look around. There is nothing visible but you can almost feel like there was someone watching you by the far end of the courtyard. It disturbs you to know that you're being watched and you can't for the life of you shake off the feeling. You sigh as you're force d to end your meditation for today. Maybe by training more, you can completely filter out the outside world in the future.

You get up, feeling as refreshed as if you had slept for three whole days. If this feels this nice, maybe you should meditate every day. Well, it's only been a short while, but you feel like it's a whole new day. You can still pretty much do whatever you want.

[ ] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.
[ ] Go see Eirin
[ ] A brand new day? I should take a nap to commemorate my first steps towards enlightenment
[ ] Leave Eientei, go somewhere like the village
Since eveyone seems to be dead now, I'll hold off on updates until later. This damn new timezone makes it hard to know when everyone is active. I'll still be answering questions and such, so feel free to post.
>> No. 1421
[x] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.

Delicious NEET
>> No. 1422
[ ] Go see Eirin

A promise is a promise.

Who was watching us?
>> No. 1423
[x] Go see Eirin
HotGluenonymous is going to receive so much enlightenment today it'd choke a horse.
>> No. 1424
Suddenly, walls of texts, thousands of them.
This is gonna take a while to read

Good job Teruyo!
>> No. 1425
[x] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.
>> No. 1426
[ ] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.
>> No. 1427
[x] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.

delicious NEET FEET
>> No. 1428
[x] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.

she is a NEET

10 gensokyo bucks (or whatever money they use) that we run in on her browsing porn
>> No. 1429
[X] Go see Eirin
>> No. 1430
[x] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.

We've neglected our NEET for too long. Eirin will understand.
>> No. 1431
[X] Go see Eirin

Welcome back, T.
>> No. 1432
[x] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.
Provided we don't forget about Eirin.
>> No. 1433
[X] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.

We promised Eirin to help her when we're free.
She never said we couldn't spend our time doing other things as well, and she certainly wouldn't want us to ignore the princess.
>> No. 1434
[X] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.
>> No. 1435
If ya don't see yer NEET, ya can't have any pudding!
HOW can ya have any pudding if ya don't see yer NEET?
>> No. 1436
[ ] Go see Eirin
>> No. 1437
[X] Go see Eirin.

Delicious sexy doctor, we promised to help her.
>> No. 1438
[X] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.
>> No. 1439
[x] Go see Kaguya
Get our Daily Dose of delicious NEET, then we can move on to Nee-er, Research.
>> No. 1440
[X] Go see Eirin.

"I wish to be the little lab rat."

After this we'll at least have something to talk to Kaguya again.
>> No. 1441
[x] Go see Kaguya

>> No. 1442
▷ Go see what Kaguya has been up to.
>> No. 1443
So, what character was the figure we hotglued?
>> No. 1444
Oh, and adding to this, I think we should tell Kaguya we hot glued it. For the lulz.
>> No. 1445
[x] Go see Kaguya
>> No. 1446
Kaguya will eliminate us with a giant laser.

>> No. 1447
Well you know, Kaguya knows, Eirin Knows, and maybe someone else knows of whom the fig was. If you really want to share your hobbies with these people whilst living under their roof, go ahead. It might be interesting depending on who you tell.

Oh, I'm going to update soon, just looking for a suitable pic to put.
>> No. 1448

I need some epic moonwalking action damnit.
>> No. 1449
So my thoughts on the thread so far...

Started off as "Who the hell is the girl in question?", followed by "Hey, this is hot.", then it shifted to "God no..." the second I saw those words mentioned, and finally after reading the rest of that section, I was slamming my head against my desk to make the voices stop.

>> No. 1451
File 121089139087.jpg - (160.67KB , 400x400 , how does that happen to one.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go see what Kaguya has been up to.

Well, with inner peace seemingly within grasp, you decide to go see what Kaguya has been up to. You have hardly seen her over these past few days, and it only seems right that you spend some quality time with your buddy. You leave the courtyard, navigating the long corridors of Eientei towards Kaguya's room. You wonder at what time the princess gets up anyways, since you haven't seen her eat breakfast nor walking around save for a brief bit in the courtyard. Arriving at her door, you knock.

After a short bit of silence silence a reply comes from within. “Yesh... come in...” Well that's funny, you think to yourself, you could've sworn you heard the voice slurring a bit. You cast away that thought, and open the door. It's dark. Despite the fact that sunlight should come in through the paper screens, it's really dark in there. Kinda like a cave, if you had to describe it. There is a single source of light, the familiar glow of a computer screen, off in the distance (from what you can tell is the back room). Looking around you don't see Kaguya anywhere.

Just as you're about to leave in confusion you hear the voice again. “I'm in the back room.” Trusting the voice you make your way through the various obstacles on the floor towards the light (from what you can tell it's mostly magazines and games). You manage to make it without stepping on anything and enter the room at the back. There, you can faintly make out the silhouette of a person on the floor. Upon sensing your entrance the person turns to you. “Oh, who ish it?” The person wriggles closer. “Oh it's just you Shirou. What do you want?”

You take a better look and see that it's Kaguya, wrapped in a futon and (from what you can tell), wearing nothing but a nightgown of sorts (or maybe a camisole?) and panties. OH SHI- This is really *really* hot. You can see do to your angle most of her body, you see her milky white skin pretty well even in these poorly lit conditions. You're getting pretty excited, you don't know if it's from not fapping for a couple of days now (or you mind seems to suggest, something to do with a barely remembered dream?) but this is bad, she should be able to see your shame poised and ready if you just keep standing there.

“So Shirou, what do you want? I wassh sleeping...”

[ ] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to
[ ] Say that you wanted to play something with her (and attempt to crouch or somehow hide 'it')
[ ] Stay Silent
[ ] Moonwalk the hell out of there
>> No. 1453
[x] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to
[x] Moonwalk the hell out of there
>> No. 1454
[x] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to
>> No. 1455
[x] Say that you wanted to play something with her (and attempt to crouch or somehow hide 'it')
>> No. 1456
[x] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to

if nothing/things get too awkward

[x] Moonwalk the hell out of there
>> No. 1457
[x] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to
[x] Moonwalk the hell out of there

>> No. 1458
[X] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to.

Bah, our buddy is hot and our buddy, she won't care if we get a little excited by her.
>> No. 1459
[x] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to

>> No. 1460
[ ] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to
>> No. 1462
File 121089233356.jpg - (70.18KB , 353x454 , Summary.jpg ) [iqdb]
see attached pic. It explains everything neatly.

Also, [x] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to
won, writting now.
>> No. 1463
[ ] Hold nose to prevent bleeding.
>> No. 1464
[x] Anemia option
Collapse right onto the NEET. This WILL WORK.
>> No. 1465
[ ] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to
[ ] Offer to get in with her

>> No. 1466
[x] Say that you came there to see what she's been up to

Resisting the urge to moonwalk, and not trying to raise suspicion by staying silent, you instead tell her why you came here.

“I just came here to see what my pal has been up to.” You say.

Kaguya rubs her eyes (SHI- you can see delicious armpit as she raises her arms) and yawns a bit. “Well, I was just sleeping, I spent all night marathoning Ideon to prove some idiot wrong on the internet and well, needless to say I won that round.” She starts getting out of the futon and you can almost see her breasts through her clothes. You REALLY CAN'T even begin to hope to hide your erection now, seeing this much is akin to dying and going to heaven. She gets up now and you see that she has a pretty shapely body, while not as curvaceous as Eirin's, it has it's own particular charms that is superior in a few ways to her lunarian ally.

As you fantasize about what her face would look like as she moans in ecstasy, she notices your brave little soldier boy saluting. “Oho~ Is that because it's morning, or are you excited at seeing me like this?” She says smiling. “If it's the latter I'm glad to see that you're interested in real women, not just figures as your background would suggest. But I have to admit it's kind of embarrassing to have you see my humble body like this.” With that last phrase she blushes slightly and you can only say that she looks more refined and lady-like than ever.

“Well, I'm going to get dressed so please leave the room.” She coaxes you out of the room. You step out and wait while she changes. You try your best to tell your soldier to stand down, but the vivid image of her beautiful skin and sensual curves are causing insubordination amongst the ranks.

After a short bit, Kaguya comes out in her usual getup. “So, I'm up, what do you want to do?”

[ ] Just talk
[ ] Play something together
[ ] Watch a show together
[ ] Go out on a picnic
>> No. 1467
[x] Watch a show together

Bible Black preferably.
>> No. 1468
[x] Just talk

maybe while talking you can ask if she wants to do any of the other options.
>> No. 1469
[ ] Play something together
Picnic not an option, NEETs don't go outside.
>> No. 1470
[X] Play something together.

Multiplayer gamin'.
>> No. 1471
[x] Play something together

Impress her with our skills. Well, we hope.
>> No. 1472
[ ] Watch a show together

And then either share a chair, or share her bed
>> No. 1473
[ ] Play something together

Let's play some POFV.
>> No. 1474
[ ] Just talk

she's going to pick, dumbass
>> No. 1475
[ ] Play something together
>> No. 1476
[ ] Play something together



>> No. 1477
[x] Play something together

Find out if she was that fucker that kept kicking our ass in melty blood.
>> No. 1478
File 121089488555.jpg - (44.13KB , 472x227 , 1206062042298.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1479
>“Well, I was just sleeping, I spent all night marathoning Ideon to prove some idiot wrong on the internet and well, needless to say I won that round.”
That's it. We're taking her NOW.
>> No. 1480

>> No. 1481
File 121089516424.jpg - (63.19KB , 389x543 , kaguyap2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Play something together

While the dark side of you wants to get her into watching bible black with you, something tells you she already has seen it and you might be the one ending up scarred for life. You suggest that you two play a game.

“A game?” She muses for a bit. But then her face lights up completely. “Great Idea! Well, I've been bored of playing by myself anyways, and I've got quite the selection.” She motions you to a big pile of game cases. “I've got most of the classics as well as a lot of the good new games.” That last bit almost makes you want to say “NEW? GOOD? LOL NO U DON'T IDORT.” But you hold in the urge.

You browse through the games and see there are quite a few that you're familiar with. “Well?” Kaguya asks. “You pick first. What do you want to play?”

[ ] Isn't that combat amphibians?
[ ] Let's play some danmaku games!
[ ] How about some mario kart?
[ ] Meltan' gaems
>> No. 1482
File 121089526324.png - (31.57KB , 1028x643 , RAAAGE.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Meltan' gaems
Do not want Mario Kart. Blue Shell = RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE
>> No. 1483
[ ] Isn't that combat amphibians?
>> No. 1484
[X] Let's play some danmaku games!

Shot type A, no bombs, TRUE LAST BOSS

and we can make grazing jokes.
>> No. 1485
[x] Meltan' gaems

Incoming rape.
>> No. 1486
[x] Meltan' gaems
>> No. 1487
[ ] Let's play some danmaku games!

I prefer irony.
>> No. 1488
Battletoads wouldn't end well considering how much of a bitch it is 2 player, unless we've honed our skills

Mario Kart would definately not end in us getting some action

Touhou might prove interesting, but I'll go with this
[ ] Meltan' gaems
>> No. 1489
[X] Isn't that combat amphibians?

And then we get to the riding segment, and she shows us how much better she is.
>> No. 1491
[x] Let's play some danmaku games!
Maybe the irony of it all will make her laugh.
>> No. 1492
[ ] Isn't that combat amphibians?

Actually it's Doom 3
>> No. 1493
[x] Isn't that combat amphibians?

This will be glorious.
>> No. 1494
File 121089609124.jpg - (4.05KB , 120x90 , thumbnaillol.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Meltan' gaems

“How about some Melty Blood?” You ask her.
“Sure that'd be fine, it's an enjoyable fighter. It's been a while since I've had an opponent, Inaba sucks and Eirin says that she's got no time to waste on these games.”

You insert the disc into the console, and boot up the game. You hand over a controller to her and grab your own. You skip over the intro and the title screen shows up, choosing VS mode you're dumped into the select character screen.

You can choose any character you want but you feel strongest with a few. Kaguya seems to be making up her mind as well, which character do you choose?

[ ] Wallachia - KATTO KATTO KATTO
[ ] Nanaya - You can't help but feel like this man is a comrade-in-arms
[ ] Ciel - Curry. Ass.
[ ] Sacchin - isn't it sad ;_;
>> No. 1495
[ ] Ciel - Curry. Ass.

Fuck Yeah!
>> No. 1496
[x] Nanaya - You can't help but feel like this man is a comrade-in-arms
>> No. 1497
[x] Ciel - Curry. Ass. It's Shit. Shit, right? It's shit.

She's like the Ryu of this game. THERE'S NO WAY WE CAN LOSE.
>> No. 1499

[x] LEN

>> No. 1500
[X] Ciel - Curry. Ass.

Truthfully this is the only character I know since I've never played it but one of my friends goes on about it and uses Ciel.
>> No. 1501
[x] Wallachia - KATTO KATTO KATTO
>> No. 1502
[x] Let's play some danmaku games!

Hey, I wonder if she's good at danmaku games...
>> No. 1503

SLOWPOKE! You're alive!
>> No. 1504
[ ] Nanaya - You can't help but feel like this man is a comrade-in-arms

Shirou playing as Nanaya, huh? I love me some irony.
>> No. 1505
[x] Nanaya - You can't help but feel like this man is a comrade-in-arms.

VN protagonist gotta stay together.
>> No. 1506
[x] Nanaya - You can't help but feel like this man is a comrade-in-arms.
>> No. 1507
[x] Sacchin - isn't it sad ;_;

There's our real comrade in arms. Doomed to never know love, and only creepily stalk the person she likes.
>> No. 1508
[x] Ciel - Curry. Ass.

Let's swordspam.
>> No. 1509
>> No. 1510
[ ] Nanaya - You can't help but feel like this man is a comrade-in-arms
>> No. 1511
[x] Nanaya - You can't help but feel like this man is a comrade-in-arms

You pick Nanaya. There's something about him that seems to you familiar. Like he went through something similar. Well, you choose him and then see what Kaguya decided. Kaguya thinks for a while longer and chooses Aoko. “Ms. Blue, huh?” You ask her. “Yeah I haven't used her in a while, it makes for good practice.” She replies.

Well the first round is about to begin, judging by that last comment Kaguya might be a little rusty.

[ ] Go easy on her, let her regain her footing
[ ] Go all out from the start
[ ] Play normally
also I can't find any prefight pics, so use your imagination.
>> No. 1512
[x] Play normally
>> No. 1513
[ ] Play normally
>> No. 1514
[ ] Play normally
It's just THE GAME.
>> No. 1515
[X] Go all out from the start.

She is our lovely NEET, and so we will assault her with all our love. There's no room for weakness here.
>> No. 1516
[X] Play normally
>> No. 1517
[ ] Play normally
>> No. 1518
[ ] Play normally

Going easy would insult her, going all out might make her adjust quickly and then we'd be fucked. Better to play normally and go all out once she loses her rust.
>> No. 1519
[ ] Play normally
>> No. 1520
[] Play normally

And also, Kaguya route could be cool. Heck, Kaguya's cool period.
>> No. 1521
File 121089838737.jpg - (3.12KB , 120x90 , aokonanaya.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Play normally

You decide to play normally, there's no need to go easy, nor panic and try to overwhelm her. You start by pulling off the typical moves, dashing, knife cut, kick, etc. Kaguya seems to be playing well, but like she said, she seems a bit rusty. She's trying to get back into the groove using Aoko. She manages to land a few blows on you, but ultimately you win the round.

Kaguya turns to you and smiles, “That was a good first round, but I think now that I can play to my full capacity again. Let's have fun.”

You find that last bit a bit strange but continue playing. You start playing normally again when suddenly Aoko's movements start getting faster and bolder. She starts shooting lasers and spamming those annoying globes with pretty good accuracy. Soon, it's taking all of your being just to dodge 80% of the attacks. You take a glimpse at Kaguya and she seems to be completely focused on the game. You try to land a few hits on Aoko when you see an opening and - JESUS CHRIST IT'S AS IF THE LASERS ARE SHOOTING LASERS. Getting past the shock, you take a blow and use your recovery time to try to get close. Just as you get close you hear Kaguya going 'heh' and you get trapped into a move she pulled off in blood heat. Oh crap, she got you good with that one. You lost that round.

You look at Kaguya dumbfounded as she says, “C'mon things have only started to get interesting, let's go.”

You start the third round and find yourself back under a barrage of lasers. Since your shock has worn off, you can still counter and get a few hits in but things don't look good. At this rate you'll lose.

Wait - it seems that if you try hard enough you could probably try attacking from the air, you might be able to land a few blows and lower her health, maybe even KO her. It seems like she's ignoring the air, but only for a bit, so you only have this chance.

[ ] Attack from above
[ ] Try bearing it as you have
>> No. 1522
>> No. 1523

She's purposely leaving herself open, I know it! It's time to enter the zone.
>> No. 1524

>> No. 1525
[x] Attack from above
>> No. 1526

Mystic Eyes of Sword Projection.
>> No. 1527

[►] Frantically mash buttons

hey, it sometimes works in 50% of fightan gaems
>> No. 1528
[ ] Attack from above
>> No. 1529
>> No. 1530

Yes, but button mashing against someone who actually knows what they are doing never works. Only the computer.

>> No. 1531
>> No. 1532

I've never even played Melty Blood but this sounds like a good idea.
>> No. 1533
File 121090004387.jpg - (14.90KB , 160x120 , red.jpg ) [iqdb]

You take a deep breath and the whole world seems to slow down around you. You go back to the state of mind you had while meditating, and you suddenly feel that you can win. You start to visualize every single one of her movements in your mind, and you can almost see the game playing in your mind; the rules, characters and moves. In your heightened state of awareness you feel like the game is an extension of you, a body part that can be manipulated at will.

Kaguya is left dumbstruck after your character seemingly moves faster and blocks all of her attacks. You gracefully execute the most complex of combos, and easily dispatch her. After a moment of silence Kaguya speaks up. “Ho-how did you do that? It's as if you could know what the game was going to do before it did it.” She turns to look at you, inching closer. You don't quite know what happened yourself. Your guess is as good as hers.

“Well in any case, you beat me. I'm impressed.”

You turn to muster a reply when suddenly you see a flash of red.


A throbbing.

You feel as if your whole body is going to give way.

Your head is pounding and you feel like you're going to go insane.

Kaguya is now looking at you, worried. “Hey are you okay, you look pale.”

You can hear the words but you can't understand their meaning.

All you can do now is hope to use your remaining strength to make it stop.

Your vision is already turning completely red

[ ] Headbutt the wall
[ ] Try to get up and leave
>> No. 1534

I'm with HY
>> No. 1535
[ ] Headbutt Kaguya
>> No. 1536

[X] Try to get up and leave

fight the inner power
>> No. 1538
[X] Try to get up and leave

Collapse into Kaguya, woo
>> No. 1539
[x] Headbutt the wall

>> No. 1540
[x] Fall onto Kaguya for support before you black out.
She'll understand, we have KEYAIDS.
>> No. 1541
[X] Try to get up and leave.

Do not want to accidentally headbutt our delicious NEET.
>> No. 1542
File 121090065562.jpg - (10.87KB , 225x275 , 1205801335380.jpg ) [iqdb]

[ x ] Headbutt the wall
>> No. 1543
[x] Fall onto Kaguya for support before you black out.
>> No. 1544
[x] Fall onto Kaguya for support before you black out.

>> No. 1545
[x] Headbutt the wall

Clear our head with throbbing pain
>> No. 1546
[x] Fall onto Kaguya for support before you black out.
>> No. 1547
[x] Fall onto Kaguya for support before you black out.
>> No. 1548
File 121090162439.jpg - (78.29KB , 800x600 , sortalikethisbutnight.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Fall onto Kaguya for support before you black out

With the last of your remaining strength, you fall onto Kaguya for support. She looks surprised but tries to hold you up, but you still manage to collapse on the floor. She calls your name anxiously and you think that you can hear her sobbing just as you drift into a state of unconsciousness.

You wake up in an unfamiliar bed. It's now nighttime apparently. You look around and see that there quite a few beds in what seems to be a hospital room. There's a window next to you, and it seems you're on the first floor. You look outside and see that the moon is ever so slightly closer to being full.

You try to remember what happened, but a splitting headache forms when you try to remember it. You start to breathe deeply in an attempt to calm yourself and you headache slowly subsides. You think that it's not a good idea to try to push your mind just yet. You fall back asleep while relaxing.

During your slumber you can swear you heard the voices of Kaguya and Eirin speaking about you, Kaguya frantically asking Eirin if everything was alright. But when you open your eyes, you can find no trace of either one of them. Now wide awake and feeling better, you could try to leave or wander around if you wanted to. You even notice that the window is open and you can feel the allure of the deep night calling to you, beckoning you to seek something in the depths of the night. The door to the room seems to be slightly ajar so you could leave by that way, but the chances of getting seen are much higher.

[ ] Stay in bed, try to sleep again
[ ] Leave through the window into the night
[ ] Leave through the door, into what might be Eirin's clinic
[ ] Search the room
>> No. 1549
[X] Leave through the window into the night.

I hear it calling me.
>> No. 1550
[x] Leave through the door, into what might be Eirin's clinic
>> No. 1551
[ ] Leave through the door, into what might be Eirin's clinic.

There goes day 3.
>> No. 1552
[X] Search the room

My inner-klepto compels me...
>> No. 1553
[ ] Leave through the door, into what might be Eirin's clinic
>> No. 1554
KEYAIDS = best plot device ever.
>> No. 1555
[ ] Leave through the door, into what might be Eirin's clinic
>> No. 1557
[] search the room.
Clepto-mode on!
>> No. 1558
[ ] Jump

wait, wrong eientei

[X] Search the room
>> No. 1559
[ ] Leave through the door, into what might be Eirin's clinic

So our NEET that we're fine.
>> No. 1560
File 121090439411.jpg - (7.18KB , 254x500 , mystery bottle.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Search the room
[x] Leave through the door, into what might be Eirin's clinic

You decide to leave the room through the door. After all, you are most likely in Eirin's clinic and that means that there should be people around. You first take a cursory glance around the room. Besides the bed and medical equipment, there doesn't seem to be much of importance. You get up from the bed, ready to leave the room. Wait, on the bed near the door there's a bottle of what seems to be some sort of liquid. You can tell by the symbols that it's medicine, but you can't tell what kind nor what it's supposed to do. You decide to pocket it before leaving. You some how manage to find room in the folds of your kimono.

As you leave the room you at least hope that you can find someone around this place. You make your way through the equipment and open the door. You peek out into the corridor, the posters and charts on the walls pretty much confirm that this is Eirin's clinic.

On the far end of the hallway there seems to be the exit (from what you can recall), and the door just to the left should be Eirin's office. However there's also a door to the right with a light on. There also seems to be some faint noise coming from there. You're a bit anxious since you don't know if you'll run into anyone and what they'll say. They might chastise you for leaving your bed. But to be fair, you just want out at this point.

[ ] Try the exit
[ ] Go to Eirin's office
[ ] Go to the room that has the light on
[ ] Go back into your own room
>> No. 1561
[ ] Go to the room that has the light on.
>> No. 1562
[x]The room that has the light.
>> No. 1563
[X] Go to the room that has the light on
>> No. 1564
[ ] Go to Eirin's office
>> No. 1565
[ ] Go to the room that has the light on

In b4 something horrible such as Reisen experiments involving skin grafting
>> No. 1566
[ ] Go to the room that has the light on
>> No. 1567
Was that a subtle hint? You sick fuck, you. Alas, I think I'm bad at writing guro.
>> No. 1568
[] Go to the room with the light on.

Totally not dangerous.
>> No. 1569

[x] Go to the room that has the light on
>> No. 1570
[x] Go to Eirin's office

Report to the nurse.
>> No. 1571
File 121090675017.jpg - (98.40KB , 650x370 , eirin kaguya.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go to the room that has the light on

You decide to go to the room that has the light on. After all, that probably means that there's someone there. You cautiously work your way up to the room, and open the door. You can see that this room has two additional exits, a door marked 'storage' and another marked 'research'. The room also contains shelves full of equipment and there's a table in the middle. Looks like this is some sort of operating room.

Just as you start wondering if Eirin conducts a lot of surgery, you spot a sleeping Kaguya in the corner of the room, sitting in a chair. You immediately approach her. As you reach her you hear a voice. “Oh, finally awake? Kaguya was most worried about you, she stayed near you this whole time, in fact everyone here was in a hustle. Even the rabbits.” You turn around to see a smiling Eirin. “Really now, it simply won't do if our guest were to collapse under our hospitality.” She continues to smile and approaches. “ I thought it was anemia but it seems that I'm wrong, it's something else. Well then Mr. Patient, do you know anything about your condition?”

You tell her all that you know and describe the terrible headache and other things you felt. Eirin listens to your side of the story and then gives a satisfied 'Hmm” at the end of the tale. “Well now you should get some rest, I'll look into your condition later. I doubt it'll repeat itself if you don't exert yourself.” She smiles again. “Well then Kaguya, how long are you going to pretend that you're asleep?” Hearing those words, the previously unmoving Kaguya gets up and heads over you.

“I'm sorry.” she says. “I didn't mean to eavesdrop. I was just so worried that I wanted to hear what happened. After all, you collapsed pretty out of the blue and I was shocked. I tried to help you but you had passed out so I called Inaba and Eirin to help you. I stayed here hoping you'd be alright and apparently you're just fine. I'm so relieved.”

Oh god she's so cute when she's all worried. You just want to take her home HAUUU~

Restraining yourself, you tell Eirin that you're feeling much better and you don't need to stay here any more. Eirin sighs, but says that she can't keep you here, but it'd be better to keep you under observation.

[ ] Insist on leaving
[ ] Stay at the clinic

Okay guys, I need to go out to buy a router, I'll be back in an hour or two. until then keep posting and whatever.
>> No. 1572
[ ] Stay at the clinic
>> No. 1573
[X] Stay at the clinic

why the hell not
>> No. 1574
[x] Stay at the clinic

Don't we have business with Eirin?
>> No. 1575
[ ] Insist on leaving
It's not like we're going anywhere far. A couple doors down at max.
>> No. 1576
[Q] Stay at the clinic
>> No. 1577
[ ] Stay at the clinic
>> No. 1579
[X] Insist on leaving

She said we'd be fine as long as we don't exert ourselves, right? So we just spend more time with our NEET. There should be nothing strenuous about marathoning a couple anime series while cuddled up with her under a blanket, should there?
>> No. 1580
[ ] Insist on leaving

Hospitals are uncomfortable
>> No. 1581
[X] Stay at the clinic.

Just in case our KEYAIDS acts up during the night.

And because the prospect of waking up to sexy doctor Eirin leaning over us is wonderful. Maybe she'll ask to strip, so she can run some tests...
>> No. 1582
[x] Insist on leaving
What >>1579 said.
Let's chill with our fellow NEET some more.
>> No. 1583
[X] Stay at the clinic.

Needs more Eirin
>> No. 1584
[X] Stay at the clinic.
>> No. 1585
[X] Stay at the clinic

Medical observations, mirite.

Also, maybe also help Eirin with what she wanted if it's AWWWWRIGHT.
>> No. 1588
[ ] Insist on leaving
>> No. 1589
[ ] Stay on target

>You just want to take her home HAUUU~
I ಠ_ಠ'd. I'd rather take her home AND auUuU! If you know what I mean.
>> No. 1590
[ ] Stay on target.
[X] Stay at the clinic.
>> No. 1591
File 121091670757.png - (213.71KB , 450x600 , e4426be3eeb2746ab943198a0954db64.png ) [iqdb]
[X] Stay on target.
[X] Insist on leaving
>> No. 1592
[ ] Insist on leaving
Target. Stay on it.
>> No. 1593
[X] Stay on target.
[X] Insist on leaving.
>> No. 1594
[X] Stay on target.
[X] Stay at the clinic.
>> No. 1596
The only way I can support staying in the clinic is if the NEET keeps us company at our bedside.
>> No. 1598
▶ Insist on leaving
>> No. 1599

This man speaks the truth
>> No. 1600
why must linux hate wireless? Configuring my wireless connection took longer than expected and I couldn't even enforce WPA. Well I guess monitoring network traffic and filtering by mac should be enough ( I doubt people will start spoofing mac addresses).

>> No. 1601
File 121092364727.gif - (28.08KB , 600x600 , 2iyc.gif ) [iqdb]
[x] Stay at the clinic

You feel that it'd be best if you remain in the clinic, under the care of the lovely Eirin. “I'll be staying on second thought.” You tell Eirin.

“Good. Now go back to bed, I'll swing by later to check up on you after I finish my paperwork.” She replies.

Kaguya starts to say something as you leave, but Eirin cuts her off. “Now, now princess, visiting hours are now over and you'd best leave. I wouldn't want our patients to feel uncomfortable, now would you?”

DAMN, you've just been completely cockblocked by Eirin. Goddammit. even if you wanted to say something to Kaguya, Eirin had already driven Kaguya out in a flash. You sigh in disappointment and make your way back to bed. Ah well, at least the lovely doc will be checking up on you later, so it's not a complete loss. You run into Reisen in the corridor, who's dressed up as a nurse, and she just nods as a small acknowledgment as she passes you. Looks like you've still got a ways to go to warm yourself to Eientei's head bunny.

Making your way to bed, you lie down and start to think. You basically wasted an entire day because you somehow overexerted yourself. You don't understand why it happened and hope that it never happens again. Looking out the window in boredom, you think you notice one of the bushes rustling in a strange manner. If you wanted to, you could climb out the window and investigate. It seems just a bit too suspicious that you can't see anyone and just hear slight noises coming from the bushes, if it were one of Eientei's rabbits there'd be no need for secrecy. Plus there's the fact that they usually travel in groups. Eirin should be making her rounds soon, but you think you could get away with this.

[ ] Go check out the bushes
[ ] Stay in bed
>> No. 1602
[ ] Go check out the bushes
And walk straight into one of Tewi's traps.
>> No. 1603
[ ] Go check out the bushes
>> No. 1604
[x] Go check out the bushes

Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi Tewi v
>> No. 1605
[ ] Stay in bed

Eirin: I'm going to give you a choice between staying in bed and not staying in bed. A choice. Meaning, it's up to you.
Anon: I'll definitely be staying in bed.
Eirin: Righto, then. I'll just be off t--are you sneaking out the window?
Anon: ...no.
Eirin: I just ASKED you if you wanted to stay in bed or not!
Anon: ...well, you know...things...
>> No. 1606
Hey, you only live once, meaning that it's important to act like you have ADD sometimes. Anon sometimes has to just spread his wings. Or get (hopefully) treated by the lovely Eirin.
>> No. 1607
[X] Go check out the bushes
>> No. 1608
[x] In Soviet Gensokyo, Bushes check YOU out.
>> No. 1609
[X] Go check out the bushes

>> No. 1610
[X] Go check out the bushes

Tewi will tell us a secret. Or an outrageous lie.

Anyway, staying in the hospital for the night is a good opportunity to ask about the specifics on Eirin wants us to do.
>> No. 1611
[X] Go check out the bushes
Those Bushes, they scream for us.
>> No. 1612
[x] Take a leak in the bush.

No bathroom in sight.
>> No. 1613
File 121093027940.jpg - (7.65KB , 400x266 , Siren.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go check out the bushes

The rustling of the bushes is a bit too suspicious in your opinion. You think that you could check it out and make it back in time for Eirin's check-up. Carefully getting out of bed, as to avoid making any noise, you sneak to the window. Since it's slightly open, you don't have to worry about making noise unlatching it. You slide it open slightly more, so as it's a big enough space for you to pass through. You manage to climb out without making too much of a ruckus.

You take another glance at the bushes, one of the bushes is clearly moving more than the rest. Carefully making your way through the foliage, you try to inch your way closer to the source of the disturbance. You manage to advance making only the minimum amount of noise possible. Whatever lies ahead will surely be caught unawares. You advance boldly into the clearing, confident in your ability to detect the anomaly.

But as you enter the location of the source of the sound, you find nothing. It's completely empty. “Huh, I could've sworn there was something here.” You think almost disappointed. You turn to go back when suddenly your mouth is covered by a hand and you're subdued by what seems to be a standard judo move. Lying on the ground, you turn your head to look at your assailant. Why it's none other than Mokou, crouching with a finger on her mouth, telling you to keep quiet.

You obey her, since you don't want to be subjected to more painful martial arts, and instead crawl closer to her. “Hey kid, sorry about that, but I'm scouting this place around and I can't afford to attract attention, since there are alarms and traps everywhere.” She whispers to you. “I'm lucky it was you who saw me and not one of the rabbits, otherwise there'd be hell for me to pay.” You assure her that you'll be careful on your way back and ask her to let you go. Without even bothering to hear her response (because you're worried that you'll be missed if you don't go back) you head off in the direction of the window. “Wait kid, don't go that way!” Mokou shouts out in warning. But it's far too late.

You've triggered an alarm. Even though you're sure it's a standard alarm, to you it sounds like the loudest alarm ever invented. It sounds worse than the cacophonous air raid sirens did during the multiple bombings of Alexandria or the bombings of the German industrial heartland during the Second World War. You're almost sure that your eardrums will burst at this rate.

Seeing you in a stunned state, Mokou grabs your hand and urges you (in truth, basically drags you along) to come with her. “You can't stay here, the automatic intruder defense system will make short work of you. Once it's activated it can only attack until all of the invaders have been defeated. Trust me I know.” You are in no position to protest as the lights come on in Eientei and you can hear what seems to be the sound of machines activating. You continue to run away with Mokou as the first few projectiles are fired at you. Rockets, bullets, and even stones seem to be being shot at you. You yelp in surprise as a rocket whizzes past your ear and explodes a few meters away from you. You're running through a part of Eientei that seems to be a small ridge overlooking a stream that cuts through the bamboo forest.

“C'mon faster!” Mokou urges you to pick up your pace.

You certainly want to go faster, but truth be told, you're tired after the day you had and you just don't have the stamina. Seeing that you keep lagging behind, Mokou decides on an alternate course of action. “C'mon kid, we're going to jump off this ridge!” You can only manage to stare at her in shock as she grabs your hand and hurls you over the edge. You fall, tumbling down the whole of the slope. Mokou follows closely behind you. When you reach the bottom, you fall into the stream whilst Mokou uses the inertia to clear it and land on her feet. She urges you to get up and makes you follow her further. “We're not in the clear yet!” She states as you continue running away.

After about 7 minutes, you stop running and turn around. You can see what seems to be multiple beams of light coming from Eientei. You can't help but wonder if they're from searchlights. Goddamn the security is tough over there. I mean you almost got blown to smithereens.

You turn to Mokou, who seems to be trying to catch her breath. “Nice going kid, you almost got your self killed out there. You should really listen to what people say to you. Next time don't move when someone tells you not to move, will ya?” Despite her stern tone, her voice soon softens and almost turns into a laugh. “Well, it was one hell of a spectacle, wasn't it? We sure are livin' it large!”

While you agree it was definitely exciting, you try to pretend you're annoyed. “Oh lighten up kid, you know as well as I do that you loved it. I can tell. When you're immortal like me, you get your doses of excitement only very rarely.” You nod in agreement. Wait, wut? “Immortal?” You ask.

“Yeah, didn't I tell ya? I'm a bona fide immortal, no matter what you do to me I won't die. So you better not ever get on my bad side, if you know what's good for you, hahaha!” She says as if she were telling the funniest joke on the planet. “Well, we better get some shelter for the night, I mean stargazing is romantic n' all, but if it starts to rain we're screwed.” She stops to think for a moment “I know a cavern nearby where we can take refuge, follow me.”

You follow her to the cavern and find that it's pleasantly suited as a shelter. Mokou hands you what seems to be a cloth of sorts she seemingly got out of nowhere and says. “Here take this, it's not much but it's the best we got, I don't know about you but I hate sleeping without a blanket.” You thank her and lie down in a comfortable spot. It seems that Mokou doesn't have a blanket of her own and just sits in a corner and closes her eyes. There's a lot of questions you could ask Mokou right now, but you're afraid that you'll fall asleep if you try to have a complicated conversation, so you should try your best to focus if you ask her something before sleeping.

[ ] Ask Mokou what she was doing at Eientei
[ ] Ask Mokou if she wants to share the blanket
[ ] Ask Mokou how she got so good at avoiding traps
[ ] Screw it, just go to sleep
Also sorry Tewi fans, but you had 3 chances to meet her today, and you blew it. The last one was just 3 choices back.
>> No. 1614
[ ] Ask Mokou if she wants to share the blanket
>> No. 1615
[x] Ask Mokou if she wants to share the blanket
>> No. 1616
[x] Ask Mokou if she wants to share the blanket

Kaguya won't mind this one bit
>> No. 1617
>"...I hate sleeping without a blanket.”

[x] Ask Mokou if she wants to share the blanket
>> No. 1618
[x] Ask Mokou what she was doing at Eientei
[x] Ask Mokou if she wants to share the blanket
Interesting change of circumstances.
>> No. 1619
[X] Ask Mokou if she wants to share the blanket

You know she wants to, with that giant hint and all.
>> No. 1620
[x] Ask Mokou if she wants to share the blanket

Bodily cantact Bodily cantact Badily contact yeah!
>> No. 1621
File 121093359593.jpg - (152.07KB , 1000x1296 , mokoux2.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Mokou if she wants to share the blanket

“Hey Mokou.” You say.
“Yeah, what?”
“Wanna share the blanket? You did say that you hated sleeping without a blanket, right?”
“Yeah that's true, but don't you mind?” She asks.
“Mind what?” You reply quizzically.
“Sharing the blanket. It's quite small and it won't cover the both of us completely.”
“Even if that's true, I can't let someone who hates sleeping without a blanket do so.” You state simply.
“Hmm, fine. If that's the reason then I have no problem. But know this, I AM an immortal so don't get so chummy with me, if you know what's best for you.”

You nod and motion her to get closer. She comes by your side and lays down next to you. You try to spread the blanket equally amongst the two of you but like Mokou said, it's way too short. You only cover about half of each others' bodies with the blanket, but it'll suffice for now. Satisfied with the way things turned out you close your eyes and try to go to sleep. As you drift to slumber you think you hear Mokou speak. “You really are a nice guy, I can see why the princess likes you, I think I'm starting to like you myself.” Shrugging it off as the product of your exhausted mind, you finally end your long day.

In the middle of the night, you feel a strange warm sensation on your left side; you're still fatigued from the previous day's activities so you're about to ignore it and go to sleep, but something tells you that it might be interesting to check out. Making an it might not be a good idea to get too worked up now though, you need your rest.

[ ] Go back to sleep
[ ] Open your eyes and see what's going on
>> No. 1622
[x] Snore loudly
>> No. 1623
File 121093384886.png - (22.96KB , 520x520 , 121003897955.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Open your eyes and see what's going on
>“You really are a nice guy, I can see why the princess likes you, I think I'm starting to like you myself.”
>a strange warm sensation on your left side

>> No. 1624
[x] Open your eyes and see what's going on

Time to investigate!
>> No. 1625
[X] Open your eyes and see what's going on
We're being incinerated :<
>> No. 1626
[X] Open your eyes and see what's going on

oh silly~!
>> No. 1627
[X] Open your eyes and see what's going on
>> No. 1628
[X] Open your eyes and see what's going on
>> No. 1629
[x] Open your eyes and see what's going on

>> No. 1630
[ ] Open your eyes and see what's going on
Does anyone smell burning?
>> No. 1631
File 121094155079.jpg - (119.02KB , 420x600 , moukoux3.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Open your eyes and see what's going on

You open your eyes to see whatever it is you feel on your left side. Taking some time to adjust to the low levels of light in the cavern, you look around to see what it is. At first you get an uneasy feeling that you're being watched, but you shake it off and look to your side.

And then you see it. Instead of getting burned to death as you initially thought, you instead see Mokou snuggled up to you. She apparently yearned for more blanket space in her sleep, so naturally she got closer to you to get it. She's got her arm on you and her head is resting on your shoulder. If anyone were to see you, you might get mistaken for a pair of young lovers embracing each other whilst sleeping. You have to admit that Mokou does look pretty cute, her peaceful sleeping face is adorable. You take a moment to look at her closely, noting that each ribbon is carefully tied on, as if each one were equally important.

You have to admit that as a guy, you're extremely happy with this situation. Sure, you can't move for fear of waking her, nor can you do anything to her for that matter, but you still can enjoy this moment. You lie awake, your sleepiness gone after seeing the sight next to you. You think about all the things that have happened since you got here, and the ridiculousness of it all. After a while, you get the courage to try to wrap an arm around the sleeping Mokou, and so you carefully move your arm, gently cradling her head in the process. She doesn't wake up from your maneuver and it looks like you're in the clear.

Finally in what seems to be the pre-dawn hours you manage to fall back asleep, content with how fortune has smiled upon you.

You wake up a few hours later when the sun's rays reach your position. You look around and see that Mokou has apparently disappeared from sight and you're completely alone. You don't think she'd ditch you, but what if she had some urgent business to attend to? You clearly have two courses of action here. Wait for her to come back, or go out looking for her.

[ ] Wait here, surely she'll come back
[ ] Go outside and look for Mokou
I'm going to stop writing for now since it seems this hour has low traffic. I'll resume later with a brand new thread. But as usual vote, and comment, and ask questions and I'll reply to any inquiries.
>> No. 1632
[ ] Wait here, surely she'll come back
>> No. 1633
[ ] Go outside and look for Mokou
>> No. 1634
[x] Go outside and see if Mokou's nearby
Do not feel like getting lost after 'looking around'.
>> No. 1635
[x] Wait here, surely she'll come back
>> No. 1636
[X] Wait here, surely she'll come back

I think we're going to have to hit Eirin up for some Ritalin when we get back. Not that I don't like this turn of events (SLEEPING/SNUGGLING WITH MOKOU FUCK YEAH), but considering we snubbed our NEET to stay in the clinic, only to get distracted by a bush moments later, we've got one hell of a case of ADD going on.

Until then, though, we should probably wait for her to come back to guide us through the forest.
Unless getting lost causes us to meet someone new...
>> No. 1637
[X] Wait here, surely she'll come back

Last thing we need is to get lost in the middle of.. who-knows-where
>> No. 1638
Wait a second...wasn't there one instant where wandering off into the bamboo grove alone would have let us meet Tewi?

I will laugh if we find out that this was, yet again, a moment where we evaded a meeting with Tewi.
>> No. 1639
Anyone else feel bad for Kaguya?
We collapsed in her arms due to KEYAIDS, had her so worried for us she actually left her room to stay near us in the clinic, and now we've gone missing after she was forced out by Eirin only to wind up in a cave snuggling with her sworn enemy.

The girl needs more love, damn it.
>> No. 1640
I will also laugh if it turns out that Kaguya went storming out and is freaking out because she thinks Mokou kidnapped you. Maybe Mokou and Kaguya are battling it out right now.
>> No. 1641
[x] Go outside and look for Mokou

Tewi may still be watching us
>> No. 1642
Tewi is Ceiling Rabbit?

It would've been awesome if we'd checked the ceiling, and ended up face-to-face with Tewi.
>> No. 1643
>Anyone else feel bad for Kaguya?
>We collapsed in her arms due to KEYAIDS, had her so worried for us she actually left her room to stay near us in the clinic, and now we've gone missing after she was forced out by Eirin only to wind up in a cave snuggling with her sworn enemy.

Dunno. It doesn't make much sense. She doesn't even bother to remember Reisen's or Tewi's names but remembers ours, brought us here with no explanation, yet doesn't seem to want to spend much time together, and now she's crying because we fainted.
>> No. 1644
Are you sure she doesn't WANT to spend time together? She's a NEET, they don't really know how to be social.
>> No. 1645
Most of the time, anyway.
>> No. 1646
This. There's more to Kaguya than we've seen so far. She's probably having trouble understanding her own motivations for brining us here. We need to get back to Eientei and talk with her a lot more. I have a horrible feeling that we need to be by her side when the full moon hits.
>> No. 1647
[x] Go outside and look for Mokou
But that's in the sense of 'just go to the cavern entrance and look around/call out a bit', not go wandering off and get completely lost.
>> No. 1648
Can we only meet Tewi if we do something completely retarded and we need her to rescue us?
>> No. 1649
>> No. 1650
>> No. 1651
( `∀´)o彡゜てーゐ!てーゐ!助けててーゐ!
>> No. 1652
File 121096994197.jpg - (105.57KB , 540x746 , 329_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1653
File 121097241840.jpg - (113.18KB , 461x347 , 120869393646.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1654
( ゚Д゚)ノ゜て・・・てゐ?
>> No. 1655
File 121097519323.jpg - (152.54KB , 632x798 , 331_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1656
Alright, I'm going to create a new thread in a little bit. Shouldn't take more than a couple minutes.


If I were a player, I'd be choosing all the options that lead me to Kaguya. I want to love her tenderly. It takes a lot of my willpower to not bias the story towards her. The more I read the canon and fanon, the more I love her. Thankfully I think I've avoided blatant skewing.

Also, you you might've met tewi if you had gone outside yesterday on another occasion, but like I said there was another option relatively recently that would lead you to her. Well, now is a new day and anything could happen.
>> No. 1657
File 121097701980.jpg - (379.38KB , 600x800 , 1206240957985.jpg ) [iqdb]

>> No. 1658
File 121097717025.png - (60.39KB , 450x500 , 244_1.png ) [iqdb]

To make you cry.
>> No. 2072