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13475 No. 13475
[x] Offer to treat her to something at a cafe

You have an idea.

“If you don't mind, I'd like to treat you to something.” Yeah, she's been good to you. It's only proper to reciprocate especially since you have the money.
“Treat me to something? That's not necessary. I'm fine.” She gives you an appreciative smile.
“It may not be necessary but I want to do it. Surely there's no reason why you can't have a cup of tea and maybe something to eat with me? You said that you do as you please on your days off, so I hope you'd like to join me.” You then add, “That is, of course, if you'd even like to spend time with me. I understand if you want to spend your own time by yourself.”
“Oh I would like to spend time with you. Don't worry about that.” She assures you. “But I'm not really sure that I feel comfortable with you spending money on me completely on a whim. If we do go, let me pay for myself.”
“I've no use for money.” You tell her the truth. “There's nothing here that I wish to buy and so it'll all just weigh down my pockets. I have no problem in spending it to treat someone who has been exceptionally nice to me to something good. Therefore, I'll be more than happy to treat you to as much or as little as you want.”
“I see.” She lets out a feminine giggle. “You make an eloquent argument. When you put it that way, I feel it'd be rude to refuse.”
“Great! That settles it.” You pick up your bag, happy that she acquiesced. “Just one thing though. You'll have to pick the place. I'm not at all familiar with the eateries and locales here.”
“That's no problem. There's a nice place by the outskirts, facing a small plot of woods. Its just off the main road leading to the lake.”
“That'll be fine. Please lead on.”

Turns out that the place she led you to is quite lovely. The architecture of the small house is unlike that of the rest of the village – it's more like something you'd find in a village in Belgium than anywhere in Asia. The place needs a new coat of paint, but other than that it's well presented. An old man in a spotless uniform greets you upon arrival and seats you.

“This place seems a bit out of place in the village.” You observe, looking over the menu.
“Maybe you're right. I hadn't really thought about it.” Keine takes a glance around at the décor. “This place has been around for several generations though. In a sense, it's more part of the village than a lot of the other buildings.”
“It has, huh?” Go figure. “In any case, please feel free to order whatever you want. It's not quite noon yet, but if you want, I'll treat you to lunch.”
“Thank you. But I've already made up my mind. I'll be only eating something light.”
“Suit yourself. I think I've made up my mind as well.”

You place your order. You'll be having a cup of black tea with (from what you've understood) what seems to be a croissant sandwich. Keine opts for a blend of green tea with some herb and pastries. It only takes a few minutes for both your orders to be ready.

“I didn't take you for the pastry-loving kind of person.” You say as you try your food. It's not really a croissant, more like the lovechild of a baguette and a croissant – a bit flakey with different layers but with a soft crumb.
“And just exactly what sort of tastes did you think I had?”
“Truth be told – I'm not sure.”
“Hah, if you weren't sure to begin with, why bring it up at all? It seems to me like you need to think things through a bit more before you say them.” She laughs softly.
“I guess you're right. After all, you do look natural enough with that sweet. I would now even say that it complements your character.”
“If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you were flirting with me.” She takes a small bite from the pastry, waiting for your reaction.
“Ah, this is just me talking again without first thinking enough again.” Her comment caught you off-guard. You drink some tea to cover your fluster.
“That's alright. I was just joking. I'm enjoying this. Last time we talked we didn't really have a good chance to get to know one another.”
“Well, we did talk about history mostly.”
“That was hardly a conversation where we got to know one another. Now I think I know a bit what Mokou meant.”
“Mokou mentioned me?”
“Only in passing. She said that you were, and I quote, 'worth keeping tabs on'.”
“That's not saying much.”
“To be fair she doesn't usually care enough to get to know just any random stranger.”
“Then I suppose I'm honored...?”
“I wouldn't go that far. But when I asked her about what she meant she was ambiguous, so that's a sign that she is indeed interested with you.”
“So... that means you're interested in knowing me as well.”
“Sure, I guess.” She sips her tea leisurely. “It's not very often that I meet someone new. Especially someone roughly my age.”
“I'm glad you feel that way. I don't consider myself that interesting a person.” You tell her the truth, “I only really have just one close friend now. That's usually an fair indicator of how great I really am.”
“That just sounds like you're being a bit too harsh on yourself.” She gets a bit preachy, “Even if you have just one close friend, that doesn't mean you're a boring or uninteresting person. It just means that you've yet to meet more people with whom you can open up.”
“That may be, but I'm just saying the truth.”
“Right, right. Sorry, I got a bit carried away there. But my point still stands, there's no need to depreciate yourself needlessly.”

You finish up your sandwich. Keine is almost done with her pastries.

“Would you like something else?” You offer.
“I think I'm fine.”
“Are you sure? My sandwich was delicious, I'm thinking of trying something else. So don't feel constricted in doing the same.”
“That would hardly be 'something light' like I said I would have.” She explains. “I wouldn't want to eat too many sweets and get roly-poly.”
“You'll be fine.” You coax her. “You can always walk it all off. There's no harm in enjoying yourself once in a while. It's not every day that you'll be treated by me anyways. And I enjoy treating you to as much as you like.”
“Well... if you put it that way. I guess I can have something else. Just a little addition.”
“That's the spirit!”

You order a small piece of cake. Keine also goes for cake, albeit a different flavor. It seems to you like a good moment to steer the conversation into a direction of your choosing, if you so wished.

[] Don't bring up anything in particular and continue as you are
[] Ask Keine more about herself
[] Try to find out more about Mokou and what she's currently doing
[] Tell her about the upcoming festival and invite her to it
>> No. 13477
[] Don't bring up anything in particular and continue as you are
>> No. 13479
[X] Ask Keine more about herself
>> No. 13482
[X] Ask Keine more about herself
Staying on target? I don't even know what that means.
>> No. 13483
We really bounce back and forth between complainer and gentlemanly, don't we?

[x] Don't bring up anything in particular and continue as you are
>> No. 13485
[] Don't bring up anything in particular and continue as you are
>> No. 13486
[x] Don't bring up anything in particular and continue as you are.

Companionable silence.
>> No. 13488
[x] Don't bring up anything in particular and continue as you are.

wand baggoning gaems
>> No. 13490
[] Tell her about the upcoming festival and invite her to it
>> No. 13491
[x] Don't bring up anything in particular and continue as you are

>> No. 13495
The conversation after that is mostly just smalltalk. Commentary on the food and the ambiance. Things just inevitably lead to asking for the check and preparing to leave.

You're surprised at just how much money you have. Even with all that you've bought today and treating Keine you've got a bit left over. You wonder if Kaguya purposefully meant to allocate so much to you.

“Well, I enjoyed that.” You pick up your bag and walk with Keine out of the cafe.
“It was indeed nice.”
“I'm glad you bumped into me. Otherwise I'd probably still be looking for sugar and would have never had a nice cup of tea with good food here.”
“Running into you was also nice for me.”
“I'm glad you don't see it as invading your personal time on your day off.”
“On the contrary, I think that this only served to enhance my relaxation today.”

You walk with her back towards the village.

“Well, I think I ought to get going. I wouldn't want to be yelled at for being too slow at shopping or something.”
“Alright.” Keine nods. “But before you go, I want to extend an invitation to you. It's nice spending time with you. And so I'd like to invite you for dinner some time. It's just a general invitation for whenever. If you'll meet me after I'm done teaching one of these days, I'll gladly have you over for dinner.”
“Thank you, that's kind of you. But I hope it's not out of a sense of obligation or anything... I treated you today because I wanted to.”
“It's nothing like that. It's just nice to have company. Mokou eats with me sometimes, but she often does her own thing. I'm used to cooking for more than one, so it'll be no bother for me either.”
“Alright then. If I'm ever hungry and around, I just might take you up on that then.”
“Please feel free.” She smiles. “Well then, see you around.”
“See you.”

And with that you part ways with her.

You deliver your payload straight to the kitchen. Since there's no one around, you leave the bag on the counter. You look for Kaguya.

“Hey, Kaguya, you there?” You knock on her door. “I'm done with the shopping.”

There's no reply. She must be sleeping. Or maybe somewhere else.

It's a bit boring here when you don't have anything in particular to do. You try to waste some time by lying about the courtyard. No matter how much you try, you can't seem to relax there. Yeah you have plenty of energy and the day is still far from over.

[] Go see what Eirin is up to
[] Go back to the village and find something to pass the time
[] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei
>> No. 13496
[♪] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei.

I don't remember if we've actually ever done any exploring.
>> No. 13497
[x] Go see what Eirin is up to.

Because Kaguya is asleep, Reisen is MIA, and T-e-w-i is also spelled t-r-o-u-b-l-e.
>> No. 13499
[X] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei
>> No. 13502
[X] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei

Would it be too soon to look some things up on the PDA again? I'm interested to see what the entry on "werecow" might contain.
>> No. 13503
[x] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei
Just don't attempt to find the end of that hallway that doesn't end
>> No. 13504
[X] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei

but before...
[X] Grab some kind of weapon and check the PDA, for teh lulz
>> No. 13506
[X] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei
[X] check the PDA

We should check it from time to time.
>> No. 13509
File 123311054350.jpg- (77.69KB , 400x400 , 1206774111986.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei
[!/] check the PDA

>> No. 13511
[x] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei
[x] check the PDA

meandering option
>> No. 13512
[] Go see what Eirin is up to
>> No. 13513
[] Go see what Eirin is up to

pushin' against the tide here ...
>> No. 13514
[Z] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei
[Z] check the PDA

I like that we are finally getting around to exploring Eientei on the board dedicated to Eientei. it's only been what, 6 months? I kid, I kid.

Seriously, though, this board often becomes "Human Village with occasional trips to Eientei."
>> No. 13525
[x] Dedicate yourself to exploring a bit of Eientei

The lack of anything obvious to do leads you to make up your own entertainment. And apparently that somehow translates into exploring. Come to think of it this place is huge. So huge it could have... forgotten rooms and annexes. And by extension ancient treasures and loot.

Oh man, you feel like a swashbuckling archaeologist embarking upon a great adventure. All you need is a felt fedora, a whip, and an awesome jacket and you're set to go. The fact that you lack a totally sweet belt is painful to remember. Ah well, it's not like you can get any of the other things either. What's important is the spirit. You get up, whistling a well-known tune as you go.

You know the layout for the areas that you normally use. The hallways there are long, and there are lots of door, but it's not at all complicated in design. What you're going to dedicate yourself to doing is turning those corners that you've never turned before and opening doors you've never opened.

The ones near the entrance are boring. Turns out they're just neat little rooms with the occasional table and vase. Sometimes a scroll hanging on the wall as decoration. The ones that aren't rooms are supply closets and the like. Where's the loot?

You don't want to get discouraged so easily. You hole up in a vacant room and check your PDA. After this, you'll resume exploring.

[] Look something up in the encyclopedia (specify article)
[] Play 'Unending Afternoon' (There's no time for this if you want to keep exploring right now!)
[]Other function

Maybe in the future things like looking up just a single article or two can be directly voted-in (as in "[x]Look up 'Battle of Tours' on the PDA's encyclopedia" or something similar). Or checking the file or rules again or something could also be dealt like this. Actually exploring other features of the PDA (playing games, listening to music, etc) may consume 'story time' since they require input and concentration. And have results in the story in a way.

Yeah, otherwise it's a bit tedious to interrupt like this, get specific votes, and resume. And it should go without saying that just a random vote to look something up won't do anything, you need more than one vote for it in order to do it (leaning towards 2-3 at the moment).
>> No. 13526
[X] Look something up in the encyclopedia (specify article)
- [x] Werecow
- [x] Waffles
- [x] Gap
- [x] Flag
- [x] NEET

>> No. 13527
[x] Look something up in the encyclopedia (specify article)
- [x] "Werecow"
>> No. 13529
[X] Look something up in the encyclopedia (specify article)
- [x] Werecow
- [x] Waffles
- [x] Gap
- [x] Flag
- [x] NEET
- [x] Foreigner Belt

>> No. 13530

inb4 meta-knowledge rebuke.

[X] Look something up in the encyclopedia (specify article)
- [x] Waffles
- [x] Flag
- [x] NEET

>> No. 13532
[!/] Look something up in the encyclopedia (specify article)
-[!/] Hakutaku
-[!/] "Werecow"
[!/] Open up IMPORTANT.JAR
>> No. 13533
[x] Look something up in the encyclopedia (specify article)
- [x] Werecow

>> No. 13535
[X] Other Function: Find a Navigation Software!
we dont know really how big, 3Dimensionally, Eientei is, right?
>> No. 13536
Just letting anon know that general laziness got the best out of me. Most of the update is written (has been for a while), but I haven't gotten around to the entries. And it doesn't look like I'll get to it right away because I can't resist the allure of taking it easy for now.
>> No. 13546
You look up a couple of articles – again, as they come to you.


A flag is a piece of cloth, often flown from a pole or mast, generally used symbolically for signaling or identification.

To be honest, the article is a bit boring, defining the uses of flags as rudimentary modes of communication. And tracing their history and evolution. It's a classic encyclopedia article – dry, informative, and not much else.


Gap may refer to any one of the following:
-Gap (ecology), a spacing between large trees in a forest
-Gap (landform), a mountain pass, often carved by a river


There's also a couple of dictionary definitions:

1.An opening in anything made by breaking or parting
2.An opening allowing passage or entrance
3.A vacant space or time

There's honestly too many definitions and links to follow them all through. And you don't really have any idea of what you want to look for anyways.


NEET is an acronym used to describe an individual who is Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training. Although the term wasn't used originally for this purpose, it has come to signify those individuals who do not willingly engage in such activities. In large and complex economies, having a sizable portion of the population not working might have irreversible long-term effects. [Who wrote this? -ED]

See also:


Waffles are a god-send in the form of cooked dough. I once went to Seraing during my many travels and tried the most exquisite waffle there. It was at a small cafe overlooking the Meuse. It was a family-owned business, with the men working as chefs and the women as waitresses. Quite charming. Particularly because I was there for the springtime, and there was something in the air that seemed to reverberate positively in all things.

In any case, it was there that I had the most delicious, sweet, and chewy cinnamon waffle. Having had tried many sweets during my lifetime, I was surprised at just how different and delicious this was. I asked for the recipe, but the old owners stubbornly refused to share. However, their oldest son, a sturdy-looking youth, was kind enough to treat me to a free second serving. I'm not one to turn away kindness. Especially given the way his eyes seemed to sparkled every time I talked to him. I can still remember the distinct way he attempted to pronounce my name, eventually settling for “Mlle. Yu”.

Ah, I really ought to go back some day. See if I can't snag the recipe now.


What? You stare at the article again. You're thoroughly confused. This reads more like a diary entry than an encyclopedia entry. You check the article's creation date. There's no doubt about it, this is the original article that came with the software. You begin to think that maybe this encyclopedia has some things that shouldn't be thought too much about.


A werecow, like most shapeshifters, is usually the product of a curse or magical anomaly. There is not much to be said about this creature that is not already common to other such creatures. They tend to be territorial, stubborn, and sometimes aggressive. When the person turns into their beast form, they may find themselves unwillingly becoming more violent or at the very least letting their primal desires and instincts running unchecked. It varies from individual to individual.

It's not advisable to be near a werebeast when they are in their transformed state. A werecow is no exception. Even close friends of the person may be unwittingly targeted by the creature if its feral. This isn't to say that taming isn't possible. Quite the contrary, it's a rewarding experience, if not a bit dangerous. It is said that Werecow milk is especially delicious and best drank straight from the mammary glands. Proper safety precautions, including the use of goggles, is always advised when attempting to extract milk directly or with a milking device. Even if tame, the Werecow's horns pose a significant threat and if startled, the werecow can mistakingly gore anyone standing close.

Lastly, you check that mysterious file. You click on IMPORTANT.JAR and let it load.


It won't let you access it. You try again, but it's the same result. What database is it trying to contact. More importantly, how? It's not like your PDA is connected to a wireless connection. You think.

Well, that was weird, but you think that you're done for now. You've spent enough time taking a break. You put away the PDA and resume your exploring.
>> No. 13547
You then fan out towards areas you've never been too before. You discover what looks like a laundry room, a pantry, an audience hall (a really large room which might as well be one), and even a small courtyard with a fish pond. You stay away. Carp are such foul creatures. Real agents of death and destruction. Thank god this place is far away from your room.

Opening up some of the doors in these corridors yields more interesting results. Rooms that look like they have occasional activity; Not-completely-dry stains on the floor and walls as well as some garbage and clods of fur. It's pretty clear who has been using these rooms. There's nothing valuable or interesting here. Just a stench that's a cross between a sweaty shirt and wet dog.

Navigating the hallways and exploring even more, you stop to think about the size of this place. It looks big from the outside, but it seems even bigger from the inside. The corridor you're in has no end in sight. And as you progress further there's less light and the air seems to become stiller. You smile, and the feeling of being an explorer comes back. It truly does feel like you're going to somewhere unexplored.

A turn here, a room there, you search on. Some of the things you find are definitely more interesting. Like a four-poster bed that's apparently in disuse. And some are just plain out-of-place. Farming Implements? Whatever for? You don't think that they could plant anything here unless they cleared a sizable chunk of the bamboo.

Eventually you stumble upon the most interesting discovery yet. A room full of boxes and containers. You don't understand the language the labels are in, but you rifle through them anyways. Beyond books and documents and such, you find cool little gadgets. Like a pen-like thing that when you press the clicker projects a 3d image of a jewel. You're not sure how it works, and you don't want to take it apart either.

That's not all. There's something like a big old helmet. It's shaped like a pilot's helmet complete with groves and holes for oxygen masks and other things. There are no markings on the smooth grey dome. You put it on and pretend for a bit that you're a hotshot ace single-handedly winning the war for your side. Since there's no one around, you even do the sound effects.

And there's this cool (toy? that's what it seems like to you) rectangular thing that sort of looks like a car. It slides effortlessly on any surface. What's more, lights flash when you slide it quickly enough. There's a whole bunch of them in fact. These boxes contain things that you've never seen before and you end mostly playing with. It's not the Holy Grail nor Yamashita's gold, but these are good discoveries. Makes the effort worth it.

It's only much later that you even attempt to take a look at the books and texts inside the boxes. You've never seen a language like this before. And what's more, the books themselves are pretty amazing. Some of them have charts and images that 'pop out' like holograms. They have no visible power source or batteries of any kind either, making you suspect that may the ink and paper themselves might have something to do with the effect.

The content remains a mystery to you. Some of the images are that of mundane things like herbs and some of stars. But there's a lack of consistency in the subject matter, so you can't tell what the books themselves are about.

In a pile of books, you find something you can definitely appreciate. A simple 'National Geographic'-esque magazine. It's still all written in this foreign language, but you can tell from the formatting and the pictures its purpose is probably similar. Most of the pictures are that of people. Of different skin colors and ethnicities. There's one thing that groups them all together though – the relative level of technology. Their settlements are small and society seems mostly agrarian. These are really nice shots, really high-def.

After combing through the magazine, you put it down. You've had your fun for now, it's time to clean this mess up. It takes you a while to put everything back where it was. You do the best job that you can and leave the storage room.

You look around for a bit. You realize that you've lost your bearings. You can't remember which way you had come from. In both directions there is only the dimmest of lights at the end of the corridor. Realizing that you're lost, you quickly decide to take your chances in a random direction and start walking. It's not at all a negative thing. Being lost, that is. It gives you a chance to look at more rooms around here.

You find out that there are many more storage rooms like the one you were in previously. Some hold boxes, like the other room, while others hold large objects such as tables and cupboards. You're surprised to find a fully decorated chariot assemblage amongst other things.

The good news is, you find a way out eventually. The bad news is that you've spent most of the afternoon doing it. It's practically night when you find a path out. And you're apparently opposite the main entrance as well, so you have to circle back all the way to the front to get back in. It's not that big a deal, you find out that there's plenty of things you didn't know about back here. Like small clearings where rabbits gather. They seem a bit protective of these places, eying you suspiciously as you find your way back to the front. If you had to take a guess, you'd say that there's something important to them out here.

Things are quiet back inside. You smell food – dinner will be ready in a bit. There's nothing to do but to find a way to keep busy until then. Judging by how still things are outside Kaguya's room, it seems like she's sitting this one out.

[] Hang around the kitchen
[] Kill some time around the clinic
[] You still have some money, grab something to eat in town instead
>> No. 13548
I love that this encyclopedia is essentially The Devil's Dictionary written by Yukari.

>And there's this cool (toy? that's what it seems like to you) rectangular thing that sort of looks like a car. It slides effortlessly on any surface. What's more, lights flash when you slide it quickly enough. There's a whole bunch of them in fact. These boxes contain things that you've never seen before and you end mostly playing with. It's not the Holy Grail nor Yamashita's gold, but these are good discoveries. Makes the effort worth it.


[x] Hang around the kitchen

When's dinner gonna be ready? Is dinner ready yet? WHERE IS THE DINNER BUNNY GIRL? YOU SAID THERE WOULD BE DINNER!
>> No. 13551
File 123326978046.jpg- (61.08KB , 588x541 , fefae4f24238a37c2723646c48185d570bc13a15.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] Hang around the kitchen

>>When the person turns into their beast form, they may find themselves unwillingly becoming more violent or at the very least letting their primal desires and instincts running unchecked.
>>It is said that Werecow milk is especially delicious and best drank straight from the mammary glands. Proper safety precautions, including the use of goggles, is always advised when attempting to extract milk directly or with a milking device.

Sounds fun. LET'S TRY IT!
>> No. 13552
[X] Hang around the kitchen
>> No. 13553
>It is said that Werecow milk is especially delicious and best drank straight from the mammary glands. Proper safety precautions, including the use of goggles, is always advised when attempting to extract milk directly or with a milking device.

Hey, Teruyo, remember that present you promised us?
>> No. 13554
Forgot my vote; too lazy to delete post.

[X] Hang around the kitchen
>> No. 13555
[x] Hang around the kitchen
>> No. 13557
I would, but it'd likely be a standalone thing, considering how anon isn't really showing that much interest in Keine (lol targeting). And well, I'm not sure just how good I am at /d/ sorts of things even if I am partial to the fetish.
>> No. 13558
[X] Hang around the kitchen
>> No. 13559
>> No. 13560
>I would, but it'd likely be a standalone thing, considering how anon isn't really showing that much interest in Keine (lol targeting).

Uh, didn't we just take her out to lunch?
>> No. 13561
>I would, but it'd likely be a standalone thing,
Fine too. Just replace Shirou with Mokou and you have ART/ in the works.
>> No. 13563
>>Uh, didn't we just take her out to lunch?

And did nothing to find out more about her, instead opting to stick with eating our food and making idle chit-chat. Regrettable, really, as a quite like the schoolmarm. Then again, I also like Mokou, Kaguya, Eirin, and Reisen, and if we're going to pick one that means all the others will have to eventually get the axe, unfortunately.
>> No. 13564
File 123327671139.png- (360.70KB , 550x700 , 1232841295097.png ) [iqdb]
[!/] Hang around the kitchen

We must acquire a Werecow.
>> No. 13566
[X] Hang around the kitchen

I wonder if Werecow and Werehakutaku have different articles.
>> No. 13567
We were expecting to go back but apparently we spent a few choices more than Kaguya would wait.

[x] Kill some time around the clinic

Searching for Kaguya in likely places, and it's where we found her last time ("You were asleep, I thought I'd have a quick look around the mansion so I wouldn't accidentally get lost one day." "What took you so long?" "I got lost."). Risks: 'scary' Eirin route.
>> No. 13569
File 123328043322.jpg- (155.68KB , 476x655 , Rlac.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Hang around the kitchen

Not much else to do but stick around the kitchen and wait for food.

As you get closer to the kitchen, your stomach begins to act up. It's only natural, of course. The smell cooking oil and fried foods is quite strong. What's going on inside matches your expectations. Reisen tends to a large wok, moving the handle about to shift the contents, and several other pots have things cooking in them. She's fairly concentrated. She only notices you when you stand right next to her.

“So, what's for dinner?”
“Stir-fried chicken and vegetables.” You notice a bit of a monotone in her voice.
“Oh ok. I can hang around until dinner is ready, right? I'm not disturbing you or anything I hope.”
“Do as you please. It'll be ready in a while.”

She turns the fire down and covers the pan. You watch as she gets a big spoon and stirs the contents of one of the pots. She's pretty good at cooking. Well, if she's been doing this daily, it's no wonder. You notice that, as she cooks, she seems to softly hum a tune. You can't hear it very clearly over the sound of bubbling food but she's definitely making some noise. You strain your ears to hear, but you can't make it out. So you just ask.

“Hey, what are you humming?”
“Just a song I know.” Pretty direct.
“Does this song have a name?”
“It does.”
“...” Not very communicative today, are we? “Would you mind telling me?”
“No, not really.”
“Oookaay? So what is it called?”

She pauses a moment, putting down a spoon. She looks and half-smiles. As she opens her mouth however, a single loud 'ding!' interrupts.

“Oh, the food's done.” She pays her full and undivided attention to the food, ignoring you.
“Sit down and I'll bring the food right away.”
“That's not really what I-”
“Oh, you're in my way.” She shoos you from your position, ostensibly to grab something from a drawer.

You sigh, and just do as she asks. The table is already set, with only a single place present. When Reisen comes out with the food you ask about that.

“No one else is going to eat?”
“Not at the table.” She places the food in front of you. “Enjoy.”
“Wait. Not even you?”
“I'll wait until you're done.”
“Oh come on. At least join me. Eating alone is a bit sad. I thought we would eat together like in the past.”

She looks at you and seems to think for a bit. She softly taps a foot on the ground.

“Please?” You ask humbly.
“Fine.” She caves in. “I guess it wouldn't hurt.”


Well, it's better than nothing. Even though she does sit down and eat with you, she's completely silent. You may be no expert at reading people, but you think that there's a bit of tension here. Hell, the tension in the air seems to you more than merely thick. It's like it has long-since congealed and you'd need a saw to cut through it. Every attempt that you make to start conversation ends with Reisen brushing you off with a “is that so?” or a “mhmm”.

God this is getting you nowhere. It might be time to take a more direct approach.

[] Flat out ask her what it'll take to make her act normal with you again
[] Get upset with her and leave
[] Distract, move close, kiss her, and try to use that as a way to move on
[] Leave without saying a word – this is just a matter of time
Two girls going at it?! Eww that's really gross... Hahah, can you imagine if I really thought like that?

Shirou X Albion OTP. Also, it is theoretically possible to have a harem end (or at the very least more than one romantic partner) but, yeah, by the look of things that won't really happen very easily.

>'scary' Eirin route.
That route is awesome. It's not that traumatic or anything. In fact there's a planned route that's truly 'scary'/full of mindfucks.

Also this update would been taken faster if not for the fact that I actually started writing a bit of the proposed werecow thing and then got caught up (no thanks to Van Halen's 'Hot for Teacher'!) looking for... stuff.
>> No. 13570
Passive-aggressive rabbit is passive-aggressive.

>[] Flat out ask her what it'll take to make her act normal with you again

More evasion and redirection, with veiled insults.

>[] Distract, move close, kiss her, and try to use that as a way to move on

Disgust. Maybe a slap.

>[] Leave without saying a word – this is just a matter of time

Giving her the cold shoulder, or ignoring her like her master, is just going to make her feel small and encourage her to distance herself.

[x] Get upset with her and leave

Show that you care that she's upset with you, but that you're also upset with her for not letting things go.
>> No. 13571
[X] Leave without saying a word – this is just a matter of time
>> No. 13573
[x] Leave without saying a word – this is just a matter of time
>> No. 13574
[] Get upset with her and leave
>> No. 13575
[x] Leave without saying a word – this is just a matter of time

>> No. 13576
[x] Get upset with her and leave
>> No. 13577

Why does no one see your logic?!

[X] Get upset with her and leave

Do it now
>> No. 13579
I have nothing.
[x] Get upset with her and leave
>> No. 13580
[X] Get upset with her and leave

I'd be all for the direct approach of asking how to make things right, except that way almost never works when an angry female is involved.

I wouldn't care to guess exactly WHY she's so angry about this (after all, it's not like she...could she...nah, couldn't be...) but the fact Shirou doesn't appear to be bothered by what happened, and thus implying he doesn't care what happened, probably isn't helping matters.

If you get upset at how she's acting towards you, it shows you care about how she's acting towards you, that it MATTERS to you how she's acting, and by extension that she matters.

In a place where everyone basically takes her for granted, a sign that someone actually gives a damn about what she thinks and feels might be a pretty big thing to her.
>> No. 13581
Or, she could just get more annoyed with us.
>> No. 13585
Possibly, but I don't think so.
Consider how she's acting now compared to the last time, and why she might be doing this. Last time, whatever she was feeling, she was at least still willing to talk to us, and hear us out. It's only after we attempted to justify the situation, and do so in a way that shifted most if not all of the blame from ourselves that she's started to give us the cold shoulder.

If she believes you did something wrong, then the only thing worse than being ignorant of the fact you did something wrong is basically denying you did anything wrong.

The only thing asking her directly or leaving silently will accomplish is show we still either don't know what we did wrong, or don't care if we did something wrong. That just leaves either trying to kiss her and move on, or getting visibly upset and leaving.

I don't know about you, but I'm inclined to go with the one that doesn't involve attempting to make what would most likely be a rather unwelcome advance on a girl who happens to have the power to induce madness and is currently NOT happy with you.
>> No. 13590
>>(after all, it's not like she...could she...nah, couldn't be...)
naaah, we're not on Teruyo's good side enough for him to give us a Tsundere Reisen, that is WAY too cool.
[x] Get upset with her and leave
but don't be an asshole about it
>> No. 13597
File 123333779482.jpg- (26.25KB , 450x249 , tfjlt.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Get upset with her and leave

You take a deep breath, exhaling loudly. Logic has to take a bit of a sideline for now. It makes you upset to think too much about this.

“You know what?” You get up in a swift motion. “Fine, be mad at me, keep up the thinly-veiled hostility. Just know that it'll do you no good in the long run. I, for one, will not put up with this silently, regardless of what you may think that I should do.”

You recognize that melodrama is going to do you no favors here, so you just leave it at that. She doesn't say anything as you leave, highly frustrated. This is no good for you. Both mentally and physically. Hell, the food that you just ate seems to be bouncing all around inside of your stomach. You just hope that you impressed upon her something. You're not one to yell, and you don't think it would do any good just to quibble needlessly.

You end up parking yourself in the courtyard, looking at the stars. It doesn't help calm you down and definitely doesn't help you think about something else. You even consider leaving Eientei for a bit in order to distract yourself, but you just end up staying because of inertia. Turns out that that was probably a bad call, seeing how it seems that when it rains, it pours.

“Enjoying your introspection?”
“Oh not you.” Your blood pressure starts rising.
“That's not a very nice to greet me, you know.”
“Go away Tewi.” You try shooing her away. She instead just comes and sits right next to you.
“Isn't it enough that you try to sabotage me at every turn? Must you bother me when I'm pissed off already? Hell, this is your fault to begin with!” You look at her and briefly consider choking the living daylights out of her. You drop the idea when you realize she'll probably either flee or somehow hurt you even more.
“This is your own damn fault, and you should know that.” She smiles. “I think I've paid my price for meddling with you, so I'm not accountable for the poor choices that you've made.”
“You paid your price?” You scoff. “Like hell you have!”
“Oh really? I hope you realize that I've been under the loving care of Eirin since I was taken away. And let me tell you, she clearly doesn't mind taking harsh measures.”
“Hah, I'm glad then. I won't hold my breath, but I guess the fact that you're talking to me now means that you've decided to cut it out with the over-the-top stuff.”
“Eh, whatever.” She scratches her arm. “I'm still loaded with whatever the hell it was that was given to me, so we'll see later.” She winks at you.
“I was watching you earlier. I would have stepped in, but I'm not one to get in between a bickering couple.”
“That's some nerve, you know.” She's an ass, but for some reason instead of aggravating you, you find yourself more calm than ever. “It's your fault things are like this to begin with.”
“Again, don't blame me for your own shortcomings please. And keep it down, I feel like there's five of you talking at the same time.”
“No, I won't keep it down. Especially since I'm only being slightly louder than normal. And, yeah, if it wasn't for you Reisen wouldn't have been there to begin with. Nor would that whole drug thing have gone down.”
“Hey, I asked if I could come in. You let me in. And what's more, you told me to take the drug. I'm not responsible for all of that.”
“That doesn't convince me, that's like a drug dealer saying that he doesn't make addicts buy his stuff.”
“Umm, you do, like, realize how that argument applies to you, dontcha? I'm not exactly sober here, but even I could point out that it's your lack of willpower and willingness to push blame to others that caused this whole problem to begin with. Come to think of it, I think that just might be why she's mad at you to begin with.”
“Oh great, the person that hurt me the most is now giving me advice.” You flick her ear.
“Ow!” She (surprisingly enough) doesn't get out of the way. “What the hell was that for?!”
“Dunno, but it felt right.” You smile. “You could be misleading me, yet again. There's no incentive to follow any advice you give.”
“Yeah, that may be.” She flicks your ear in return. “But you completely suck at this. If left alone you'll probably end up living in a makeshift shack in the human village. And that's a fairly optimistic diagnosis, too.”
“Don't do that!” You start a small skirmish while talking with her, exchanging flicks and light ('almost' playful) punches. “Someone needs to beat you mercilessly, then maybe you'd learn.”
“Perhaps. But that won't be you. You can huff and puff, but I doubt you even have the balls to try to rape me in my weakened state.”
“Oh that is such an obvious attempt to try to get me to do something stupid. I bet that the moment I try anything Kaguya comes in and sees me or your army of rabbits ties me up or something.”
“Right now? Not really. I literally don't have anything planned. But you shouldn't take my word at face value. Which means that you've learned a bit.”
“Is that a compliment.”
“Yes.” She teases, “It means you're not that hopeless after all.”
“Coming from you, that pisses me off.”
“Good then.” She grins.

It happens in the blink of an eye. You're about to insult her when she slumps backwards suddenly. She goes limp with no warning at all.

“Hey, Tewi, you alright?” You move next to her. “This isn't very funny as a prank.”
“...” She stares at you wordlessly. It doesn't look like she's faking this.
“You're looking very pale there. And you skin is cold. I think I'll take you to the clinic. Hold on.” You scoop her into your arms. She's very light. “Eirin'll fix you.” You start to rush towards the clinic.
“Stop.” Tewi commands weakly, “This is nothing. I don't want to go back.”
“Oh shut up and cooperate. This is no time to be difficult.” You say as she starts to struggle futilely in your arms.
“I'm serious. I don't want to go. I'll definitely get the rabbits to make your life a living hell if you take me to the clinic now.”
“Fine, fine.” You stop. Her threat sounds half-hearted, but you can tell she really doesn't want to go. “What do you want me to do?”
“Put me in my room. I'll just sleep a bit and I'll be fine.”
“Okay. Tell me which way it is.”
>> No. 13598
If anyone saw you now, they'd surely laugh. You don't think you look at all as smooth as Kevin Costner. Far from it, with the small girl weakly clinging to your neck and you awkwardly taking instructions from her, it's a bit comical.

Turns out that her room is somewhere beyond the kitchen, towards the places that you explored this afternoon. You open the door with the foot and step in. You're amazed at the sight before you. It's completely unlike what you had imagined her room (well, truthfully you thought that she slept in a hole, given her attitude). It's meticulously neat and even seems to have a nice and clean nature motif. With a small fountain off to the side and several potted plants – including a bonsai tree.

“Please put me down in my bed.” She whispers, bringing you out of your stupor.
“Oh sure.” You spot her bed off to the far end of the room. You gently place her on the soft fluffy bed with pink sheets and a 'cutesy' rabbit head embroidered on them. You cover her and place a pillow under her head. “Are you sure you'll be alright. If you don't want to go to the clinic, I can call Eirin here.”
“No thank you.” She's adamant in her decision, despite the fact that her judgment can't be any good. For Pete's sake, you can tell just from looking at her that she's got a fever.
“Is there anything I can do then?”
“It's alright. You don't owe me anything.” She closes her eyes. Her breathing looks uncomfortable. You place your hand on her forehead.
“You're burning up.”

Without thinking, you leave and go to the bathroom. There, you get a towel and wet it a bit. You come back and gently place it on her forehead. You watch as she reacts by opening her eyes any looking around.

“Still here? That's... a surprise.” She motions for you to come closer.
“What is it?” You bring your ear close to hear her well. You feel a soft, slightly wet, feeling on your check. “Huh? What was that for?”
“A 'thank you', you idiot.” It looks to you like she says that with her remaining zest. “Just let me sleep now, you've done more than enough.”

You get up, taking another look at her. You can't believe how defenseless she looks. This girl has literally made your life a living hell, and you should be glad to see her suffer a bit. But you can't bring yourself to harbor such resentment. You start to think about how she, maybe, isn't all that bad. Oh god, you're a complete pushover and you know it. It's none of your business really, but you debate whether to do anything more about this.

[] Respect her wishes and leave her alone
[] Stay here and monitor her yourself for a while
[] Go inform Eirin about this

In about 6-7 hours more I'll be forced to go on a small trip and will probably not be able to write for nearly a day thereafter so I want to get as much as possible done before that.
>> No. 13602
[x] Go inform Eirin about this
>> No. 13603
OH SHI- we're going into Tewi route, without even noticing!
[X] Respect her wishes and GTFO NAO
>> No. 13604
[] Respect her wishes and leave her alone
>> No. 13605
[x] Respect her wishes and leave her alone
Ambiguous encounter? more aimless wandering? Human Village? PDA? sleep? pandemonium?
[x] Check back at Kaguya's room
>> No. 13606
[X] Go inform Eirin about this
>> No. 13607
[x] Go inform Eirin about this

Tewi just made fun of you for being spineless, and now after clearly expressing distress over her condition, you're going to ignore the fact that she is in need of medical attention simply because she told you to? She's obviously not in her right mind; the fever is clouding her judgment. Eirin told you that the drug's side-effects were dire and possibly fatal.
>> No. 13608
[Z] Respect her wishes and leave her alone, Make a note to come check in on her come morning.
>> No. 13609
File 123335575779.jpg- (117.27KB , 400x532 , drunkdm.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, I definitely won't have enough time to write an update given that I have to leave in an hour or so (and need to get ready). So I guess voting is open until I come back (I guess something close to a day?). I really would like to update more than once per day on a regular basis again.

Other than that, I guess trying to pick a target and setting an objective might also be a productive thing for anon to think about. This doesn't mean be an asshole to everyone but one person, but simply not be all over the place. Obviously wishing to see the werecow requires a concious effort, just like growing a healthy relationship, or even not being ensnared in petty bickering. Really now, breaking hearts like last time is so not cool.

Pic related to probably the best gaming sessions ever.
>> No. 13610
On second thought...

[X] Get help, find Reisen.

She doesn't want to see Eirin, she shouldn't have to see Eirin. But if she needs help, and she clearly does, then it would be irresponsible for us to either leave her or tend to her with our nonexistent medical knowledge.

Reisen is Eirin's assistant, and a fellow rabbit to boot, so if there's anything that can be done to help without consulting Eirin, she's the one to to it.

Besides, if we are to take responsibility for our actions, we must also take responsibility for the effects our actions have had on others. Tewi is sick, it's our fault that she's sick, and as mad as Reisen might be at us for what's already happened, it will look even worse if we just ignore Tewi's condition now.

Find the moonbunny, tell her what's wrong, admit that it's your fault, that she can be as mad as she wants at you later, but that right now you need her help. She might think you're playing another prank or something, but unless Tewi can somehow fake a fever, I'm pretty sure those suspicions will go away once she actually sees her. Cue either the two of us looking after her together and making up, or use leaving Reisen alone with her so they can have a little chat that might hopefully help the moonbunny come around to forgive us.

Or this might be a horrible idea.
I really don't know.
>> No. 13611
I am going to say that I for one would like to see a Kaguya route, but I'm also starting to lean towards a Tewi route.
>> No. 13612
[x] Ask Tewi where your Foreigner Belt is.

>> No. 13613

Actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea.

[x] Get help, find Reisen.
>> No. 13614
Same, i liked her since Kira wrote MiG. But Kaguya is my goal since half a year ago.

[x] Stay here and monitor her yourself for a while

oh well, whatever. The way we are going seems to lead to a Tewi route.
>> No. 13615
[x] Get help, find Reisen.
>> No. 13617

>oh well, whatever. The way we are going seems to lead to a Tewi route.

[!/] Get help, find Reisen.

>> No. 13618
[X] Get help, find Reisen.

Because it allows us to respect Tewi's wishes (for all the trouble she's caused us) and resolve our problems with Reisen.
>> No. 13621
[X] Get help, find Reisen.

Eirin is not the right choice here
>> No. 13624
[x] Get help, find Reisen.
>> No. 13626
changing my vote to:
[X] Get help, find Reisen.
lol, logic
[x] Ask Tewi where our totally sweet Foreigner Belt is, or search the whole place.
>> No. 13631
File 123346626682.jpg- (329.70KB , 724x724 , year of the oh-so-delicious ox.jpg ) [iqdb]
This was supposed to be a simple meeting between two friends. Keine didn't know why out of all the possible moments, Mokou would ask her to meet her on the night of the full moon. She frowned a bit, conscious that her friend knew that she had limited time every month to create history. She had a half a mind to simply give her an earful and leave as soon as possible. However, this irritation was not enough to overcome the affection and sense of duty she held towards Mokou. Which was why she was walking through the bamboo to reach the clearing Mokou had described.

The moon was a bright white saucer that night. The clearing was filled with light and long shadows.

“Oh, is that you already Keine?” Keine immediately identified the voice of Mokou. However, she could not see where she was.
“Yes. What was so important that I had to come all the way here? You know I'm busy. Where are you anyways?”
“No need to be so impatient.” There's a rustle from the plants to the right. Mokou emerges with her hands behind her back. “I know you're rather impatient when you transform, so I won't take up that much of your time.”
“So? Out with it.” Keine found herself souring the more Mokou spoke. “I'm leaving if you've got nothing to say.”
“I wouldn't do that just yet. I've been looking forward to this the whole month.” She moved closer to Keine, her hair reflecting the moonlight with every step. “Plus, you know, you can't really move now. Even if you wanted to.”
“Look, I don't know what the hell is up with you, but I'll deal with it some other time. For now I've got to get back and-” When she tries to move she realizes the situation she's in. “Tar?! Why are my feet stuck in tar!?” She couldn't move either leg mover than a few centimeters now.
“I bet you didn't even feel yourself sinking in. It took me a while to figure out how to make this special mix and even longer to make enough to cover the perimeter of this clearing. But it's all worth it.”
“What's gotten into you? Have I been ignoring you too much lately or something? This is a really tasteless joke.”

Mokou doesn't reply. She circles behind Keine, jumping over the thin black line encompassing the perimeter.

“You look really cute with that ribbon, you know.” A shiver runs up Keine's spine as the other girl rubs her right horn. “I can't help but look at you and see a prize-winning cow.”
“Have you completely lost it? I'm not a cow.”
“We'll see about that.” Keine can almost see the wry smile on her friend's face.
“What are you going to do?”
“Be patient. We'll get started now.” Mokou binds Keine's hands behind her back before she realizes what her friend is doing.
“Yi-?!” Keine lets out a small yelp in response to her friend's sudden actions. She's violently groping her chest from behind. “What are you doing!? That hurts!”
“Oh, they're so big and heavy. It looks like they're just absolutely full.” She rips Keine's dress, exposing her undergarments. “I can barely restrain myself. I want some now!” Mokou comes round to Keine's front. She holds in her hands a large, empty bottle. “I should have brought another one, I think you could fill more than one.”
“Fill what what!?” Keine is now more angry than shocked at her friend. “If you don't get me out of here, I'm going to be very pissed at you.”
“There's no going back for me. I've wanted your milk for the longest time now. If I don't have some tonight, I'll go insane!” She laughs like an unhinged maniac.
“I don't even have any milk! Look, you must have eaten a poison mushroom again, I'll help you out if that's the case.”
“Why yes you do.” Mokou ignores her friend's offer. “I've been feeding you with hormones for the last month or so. I've been putting large amounts in your food without your knowledge. The plumpness of your bosom only confirms that it's worked.”
“You're hurting me Mokou!” From her friend's concentrated and blank look she knew that there was nothing she could say to dissuade her. She used all of her strength to try to break free from the tar. This only exhausted her.
“Hmm, nothing is coming out.” Mokou was focusing her attention on just one of the breasts, massaging the orb rhythmically. She pinched Keine's nipples with her finger and her thumb, expecting the sweet liquid to come out at any time. “I'm sure that sexual arousal isn't a prerequisite for lactation, what do you think teacher?”
“...” Keine was too busy gritting her teeth because of Mokou's relentless and rough fondling to reply.
“Nothing? Well, I did make a pump. But I'm not sure I want to use it just yet. We'll try the natural approach then.”

Keine felt a wet sensation on her nipple. It took her a moment to realize what was going on. With a determined look on her face Mokou was sucking on it. She felt a shortness of breath. As she stared at Mokou her body began to act on its own. She wasn't sure what was happening. After all, she had never breast fed before. All she could do was watch in stunned silence as Mokou greedily sucked and drank the liquid from her teat.

“Oh...!” Mokou gasps for some air. “This is amazing Keine! If I had known that you tasted so wonderful I would have done this ages ago!” She looks up, a pale streak of liquid coming from the corner of her mouth, “I'm definitely going to store as much as possible so I can enjoy more later.”
“Stop it...” Keine was confused. Hormones in her body made her more relaxed but she was also now flush with embarrassment. Her friend's obsession stirred conflicting feelings within.
“Let's try the other tap.” Mokou wastes no time in sucking and stimulating her other nipple, getting milk to flow from there. “How disappointing.” She said while licking her lips. “These massive juicy udders seem to be full to the brink, but it all comes out so slowly. Maybe if you tried some you'd be willing to up the flow?”
“Like hell...” 'I would' she was about to say, but Mokou sucks a mouthful of milk and then forcibly presses her lips against her own, pinching Keine's nose in order to get her to open and swallow. “Ugh!” Even if the milk was, objectively speaking, the tinniest bit tasty, she was too disgusted with the whole concept to even taste it.
“Ehe! It looks like you're leaking now!” Mokou declares gleefully, bringing a nipple to her greedy mouth. With her hands she massaged the other breast, making milk come out into the empty bottle.

No matter how much she protested, Keine was utterly unable to do anything about it. For what seemed an eternity Mokou drank her fill – far more than what even multiple toddlers would ever drink. There was no way Keine, as full of milk as she might have been, could keep fill her voracious appetite. Her nipples were swollen and in pain and her breasts sore and sticky with her own milk.

“Oh come on. You can't dry up yet!” Mokou yells out desperately. “I'm just getting started!”
“Please... enough...” Keine had long since collapsed on her back, lying like a sow feeding her young. She couldn't go on.
“No, the bottle isn't full yet. And I'm not full either.”

Keine was desperate, she realized what was to come. Mokou grabbed from nearby a crude pump – more like an air suction device. Her face was a mess, with her hair crumpled together in places were milk had landed and several stains that gleamed in moonlight. Keine could only tremble as the pump was placed on her breast.

In the end, Keine was unable to write down any new history that night. Rather, a different sort of history than what she was used to was forced upon her. There was nothing she could do at the time. And afterwards the only thing she could do was to erase that history from ever happening.

Actual update coming in a while. When I get over a certain mental image I have stuck in my mind. It's relevant to note that this wasn't the scene I originally envisioned. It was more lighthearted and had less Mokou.
>> No. 13634
Jesus christ, Keine route is a must now.
>> No. 13639
I do not have enough ಠ_ಠ for this update.
>> No. 13653
Awesome. Now, where's my BDSM sequel?
>> No. 13655
File 12335196386.jpg- (443.32KB , 991x1464 , 1232840912348.jpg ) [iqdb]
SCORN!/ sidestory is great.

Now back to our regular updates.
>> No. 13658
[x] Respect her wishes and leave her alone

You leave the room, thinking about what you should do. (Un)luckily for you, it seems like the answer is presented to you on a silver platter. Right outside the door, a score of rabbits sit and stare. Their red eyes are all trained upon you, and you see concern in them. It's obvious what they want from you.

“Guys, she's a bit weak, but sleeping right now. She'll probably be fine if she sleeps it off.” You get no reaction. Just more unflinching stares. “Hey, I'm respecting her wishes by not going to Eirin on this one. Yeah, that's right. She asked me specifically not to go to Eirin about this. You understand that, don't you? E-I-R-I-N IS A NO-NO.” You find yourself giving the rabbits more lip service than you probably would under normal circumstances. It's their eyes really. Those red little beads that don't look away for even a moment.

You try to walk away.

“...” But you can't. Stupid rabbits won't let you step over them. “Look guys, I'm going now.” No reply. You think one of them cocks its head to the side, but that may have been just your imagination. “What? What do you want from me? You want me to let you in? No?” You start to blabber on. “Maybe you want me to stay by her side, that's what you'd like, right? Or am I not good enough. You guys have totally messed up my stuff with Tewi before so I don't see why I owe you. Common decency? Hah! Where was your common decency before you turned my room into a complete mess! Nowhere, that's where!”

You feel yourself falling apart.

“Okay, so I might have to keep watch. But I'm no doctor. And she said no Eirin, and I'm going to respect that. Any other ideas?” You look at one of the bunnies. “Not that, please no. I'm not sure how to deal with her right now. Things are awkward. I just got mad at her earlier. So I don't know if it'd be like me crawling back pathetically.” To you, it seems like they're silently judging you and your poor choices. “Okay dammit. So maybe I should swallow my pride. It's another person's well-being that's at stake here! But even if I admit that, I have no clue where she'll be. Or if she'll even listen to me. I mean, I don't know what goes through her head. Hell, I don't even know what goes through my own head at times.”

The rabbits give you the answer you seek. They break formation, with several lining up to lead you.

“You'll take me? I guess you guys really are worried, huh? I'll do my best then and follow.”

The rabbits move out with a small sense of urgency to their movements. You keep up as they lead you down several corners and eventually to Reisen's room. They halt in front of the door and then disperse into the shadows. You knock. Reisen slides her door open, greeting you with a an ambivalent look.

“Sorry to bother you. But this isn't about me. Tewi is sick. She collapsed earlier and I took her to her room. She said that she didn't want to see Eirin and be left alone, but I wasn't sure that was the best of ideas. So...”
“I'll go see her.” Reisen turns away and sighs. “Thank you for letting me know.”
“Ah, that's alright. Should I go with you, in case you need help.”
“No.” She answers succinctly. “You've done enough. Go to your room. I'll call you if I need help.”

Her answer isn't that warm, but you think it sincere. Not having any other business here, you slink away back to your own room. You find your way back to your room and lie down. You wait for a while. In case the Reisen comes looking for your help. You stare blankly at the ceiling, keeping yourself busy with your imagination. Reisen never did come. And you fell asleep after reaching the zenith of boredom.

What's soft, fluffy and obstructing your breathing?

You wake up short of breath and with some of nature's fluffiest residents all over you. Some of the rabbits scatter when you start to move. Others, like the one on your face, need some motivation in the form of you pushing them off.

You sit up, trying to make sense of why there are rabbits all over the place.

“These guys really like you. Good for you. I wonder if the smarter ones will feel the same?”
“Huh? Tewi?” You spot her sitting in the corner, with a host of rabbits surrounding her. “Tewi! How are you doing?”
“Just fine. I've been through worse. I've been around long enough to be able to easily stave off the occasional complete collapse given some rest.”
“I'm glad.” You rub your eyes. “Are you sure you should be up and about? Did Reisen clear you?”
“Reisen is sleeping like a baby, kneeling with her upper half on my bed. She certainly doesn't mind right now.” She smiles. “I do wish you hadn't called her. She spent most of the night hovering around me, and being a bit of a nuisance.”
“Hey, I was worried. And when I stepped out the rabbits made me feel guilty.”
“Did they now? Is that true guys?” She looks at one of the closest rabbits. “I guess it is. Still, I would have rather you had stayed instead.”
“That's sweet of you.”
“Not at all. I just think that you would have made less noise. Reisen kept walking around and taking my temperature, I hardly got any sleep.”
“Don't be too disappointed. You take things a bit too much to heart. You should work on that.” Her advice is a bit annoying. “But well, if you weren't like that, it would be less interesting to be around you.”
“That doesn't make me feel any better.”
“Well...” She gets up, prompting the idling rabbits to do the same. “It makes me feel better. See you around.” She begins to leave. But then stops, dispensing cryptic advice. “May I suggest one thing? Keep away from Eirin and the clinic for the rest of the day. Go out, have lunch with the schoolteacher again or something. You'll regret it if you bump into her until at least until tomorrow. You probably won't be safe with your 'buddy' either, seeing as she's likely to be affected by Eirin's fey mood sooner or later.”
“What? Why?”
“Hey, it's honest-to-goodness truthful advice. I really recommend you clear out for a bit. Otherwise suffer the consequences. I'll be gone most of the day myself. You need wits to survive in this world.” She winks and then walks away with her rabbit entourage.

You have no idea what the hell she could be on about. You're curious as to what she meant, but the same time more or less convinced that she's telling the truth. You hop up, get changed and get started on your (almost guaranteed to be) exciting day.

[] Go into the thick of it – go to the clinic
[] Seek out refuge with Kaguya
[] Temporary exodus (and fun) at the village

You'd say the same thing about, say, Reisen if I wrote about her pleasuring herself with the ingerdients and utensils she used for a meal or Kaguya and Eirin if I wrote something about them taking a bath together, etc.

...I won't go there. Seeing as how I have a very active imagination and complex feelings regarding certain character's pastimes.

I just wish I had his talent for this sort of thing.
>> No. 13660
File 123352585228.jpg- (158.36KB , 800x600 , werecowparty.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>13658[!/] Temporary exodus (and fun) at the village.

You read/hear that?

Clearly Teruyo wants us to find this fabled Werecow and befriend/gore it. And that we shall.
>> No. 13662

[x] Temporary exodus (and fun) at the village.

The first real piece of advice Tewi has given you. We're off to a fairly good start here, and I'm not keen on developing hallucinations just yet.
>> No. 13663
File 123352647199.png- (429.98KB , 1408x2000 , 1233416935534.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13664
[X] Temporary exodus (and fun) at the village

If Tewi is clearing out, you can be pretty sure she's serious about staying away from Eirin for a bit. Of course, you'll have to weather the storm if you go her route, but if not it would be best to not find out what the good doctor is capable of when she's in a bad mood.
>> No. 13665
>Go out, have lunch with the schoolteacher again or something.

Eyes. they are EVERYWHERE.

[Z] Temporary exodus (and fun) at the village.

Maybe we'll run into Mokou.
>> No. 13666

[] Temporary exodus (and fun) at the village

GTFO of Eientei for now, when Eirin ain't happy, nobody's happy.
>> No. 13668
File 123353450844.png- (7.77KB , 300x300 , 1199842570872.png ) [iqdb]
>>Eyes. they are EVERYWHERE.
>> No. 13671
[X] Temporary exodus (and fun) at the village

...ಠ_ಠ... i want my belt back...
>> No. 13672
[x] Temporary exodus (and fun) at the village

There's no shame in running away if you're sure that something bad will happen. That's why as soon as you're dressed and ready, you leave Eientei. Well, flee to be perfectly honest. You avoid some of the more common junctions and slip out like a rat fleeing a sinking ship.

It's a good thing that you have money on you. It allows you to keep yourself entertained if only for a while. There's not that many people out on the streets. Not nearly as many as there were the last time you came anyways. Shops are open and people are hard at work on the fields and elsewhere. You decide to window shop for a bit. There's nothing that interesting though. Haberdasheries display their threads and buttons, the butcher has a juicy-looking pig carcass on display, and even the bakery shows off its variety of breads proudly.

You stare a bit at a particularly tasty-looking bread roll. Somehow you think that maybe this looked humorous to people walking by. It's the only explanation that you can think of when you realize that a group of young women (probably in their late 20s and early 30s) is staring at you and giggling. They smile and wave at you before walking away. You smile back, confused and wave as well. When they're gone, you quickly check yourself, seeing if your fly is open or something like that. Finding nothing, you walk away even more confused. You forget to buy the bread. You only realize that when you're standing by the edge of town.

Ah well, it doesn't matter.

You observe the villagers tend to the fields. You feel a bit guilty since boys much younger than you are at work, but you shrug it off as a fact of life. This is all back-breaking, intense labor. Normally tiling the land and sowing the fields is all done by machine in more developed countries out there. They have a good irrigation system here, or so it would seem. But it's nothing that's going to give them much of a shortcut when it comes to harvesting. That's all done by hand and the crops are carted away with animal labor.

You waste about an hour walking around, checking out all of the varieties of crops and getting a full impression of just how big the farmland is. It's pretty amazing that this is just the south-western part; there is more farmland to both the north and south of the village. You debate what to do next. You've found a good spot to rest in a disused field, but you consider maybe checking out the bamboo harvesting on the other side of the village. You're basically wasting time until lunch anyways.

[] Hang around the farmland some more
[] Go look at the bamboo logging
[] Visit the schoolhouse

Short update is short.
>> No. 13673
[Z] Go look at the bamboo logging
>> No. 13674
[!/] Hang around the farmland some more

random encounter is GO!
>> No. 13675
[x] Go look at the bamboo logging

I'd rather not get conscripted into farm-work by the locals.
>> No. 13676
[] Visit the schoolhouse

Why not?
>> No. 13678
[x] Go look at the bamboo logging
>> No. 13680
[X] Go look at the bamboo logging
>> No. 13681
[X] Go look at the bamboo logging.

I don't know why we would care to see this, but oh well. Maybe something interesting will happen.
>> No. 13683
>I don't know why we would care to see this, but oh well. Maybe something interesting will happen.

"I wonder what Eirin was planning that got Tewi so freaked out? Would Kaguya really betray my trust like that so easi--oh sod it! I never wanted to be the protagonist in some screwball romantic comedy involving anthropomorphic rabbits and moon men!"

"No, I wanted to be... a lumberjack!"

"Leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia. The Giant Redwood. The Larch. The Fir! The mighty Scots Pine! The lofty flowering Cherry! The plucky little Apsen! The limping Roo tree of Nigeria. The towering Wattle of Aldershot! The Maidenhead Weeping Water Plant! The naughty Leicestershire Flashing Oak! The flatulent Elm of West Ruislip! The Quercus Maximus Bamber Gascoigni! The Epigillus! The Barter Hughius Greenus!"
>> No. 13684
[x] Go look at the bamboo logging
>> No. 13685
[x] Visit the schoolhouse

Worked out pretty well last game.
>> No. 13697
>> No. 13698
I'm having a bit of computer trouble on my end with my desktop acting up. I'll spend an hour or two trying to fix things, if not I'll just write the update on my laptop I suppose.
>> No. 13699
I am using a laptop and a pc at the same time. So can you!
>> No. 13704

>> No. 13726
[x] Go look at the bamboo logging

This isn't very exciting. Not at all. Several groups of men carefully assess the perimeter of the bamboo forest and occasionally chop down a couple of stalks. They seem almost timid in the way they gather only the bare minimum. You stare, more out of boredom than anything else. Even the farmers, with their backbreaking labor, have a more entertaining existence than this.

Then you see something that explains the way anyone could cope with such an easy and boring existance. After hauling a 'large' load of bamboo (2 dried up stalks and a small green one), some of the villagers sit down to take a break. They all reach out and grab bottles. They gulp the contents like there's no tomorrow. It's quite evident by their reaction and joyed expressions that the bottles contain alcohol. Yeah, you wouldn't mind doing this work either if you were constantly loaded.

You walk around a bit, closing in towards the forest. You don't feel like bothering the men, but you're desperately trying to keep yourself entertained. Lucky for you, you find something to keep you busy. There's a rabbit by the edge of the woods. You almost missed the little bugger. He's definitely noticed you. You think that he's one of Eientei's. The tell here is that he looks at you and (you think) he recognizes you. You freely walk over to him and talk.

“You don't mind me staying here, right? I'm bored.”
“Good.” You sit down next to him. You pet his soft head for a bit.

You stay like that until the rabbit gets up to leave. It's a bit sudden, but you don't try to stop him. It seems like he has some place to be. So you do the next best thing and follow him. He goes into the bamboo forest, skirting outside the area being harvested. It's hard to keep up. He's much smaller than you and easily disappears from sight if you stop paying attention. And it's not like he's exactly waiting for you to keep up. Or maybe he is, given by just how slow he's going. You're sure rabbits can run faster than this.

Your assumption proves to be correct. In the middle of the woods the rabbit finally decides to ditch you. He pauses for a second, looking back at you and then dashes away. He's a blur. You curse your not being a rabbit and give up any thought of following him. You spend the next hour clumsily trying to find your way out of the green maze. There are no paths, much less any signs. You just follow your gut and do your best at not getting discouraged.

Having plenty of willpower pays off. While you don't find a way out, you find a place where you can sit down and rest. It's a small clearing with a bunch of rocks and not much else. There's no bamboo so it's easy t o find a place to sit. A noise alerts you that you're not alone. Discarding any feelings of anxiety, you calmly call out.

“Is anyone there?”
“...oh.” You look in the direction where the voice came from. You weren't really expecting a simple reply like that. “Come out then.”
“Sure. I was going to anyways.” You spot the intense red color of her trousers first. Mokou comes out carrying a small bag. “What are you doing here?”
“Being lost. You?”
“Enjoying some alone-time.” She comes closer. “You don't seem very lost.”
“Well, in the middle of the forest with no idea how to get out. Is that lost enough?”
“Snippy, aren't we?”
“What are you talking about, I'm always like this.” You add playfully, “Part of having balls like you said I did.”
“Oh, I see. That explains it. Then you'd obviously be offended if I offered to lead you out of here.”
“Obviously. I wouldn't want to ruin your precious time alone.”
“But you already have. This is my spot.” She points to where you're sitting.
“Ah, sorry then.” You move over to the edge of the rock. Mokou sits.
“Want something to eat? I've got some bread here.” Mokou opens up the bag and grabs a breadroll.
“Yeah, I'm a bit hungry anyways.” You take a piece. “So, uh, you come here often?”
“Not really. Usually I go to a spot with a small stream running through it. There's a mountain of rabbits there today, so I'm steering clear.”

Rabbits, huh? You wonder if the guy who eluded you was headed there. Mokou then asks you why you're there.

“So just why are you lost here to begin with? Kaguya sent you to get her truffles or something?”
“I think she'd just buy truffles instead of having someone hunt for them.” You, at least, hope so. You can imagine somehow being conned into combing the woods for truffles if she wanted some. “But well, things aren't very good at Eientei today. So I decided to spend the day outside. I was at the village but then I followed a rabbit here and got lost.”
“Things aren't good at Eientei?” Mokou seems to be interested in hearing that. She almost snickers the next bit, “What's up? Did you wreck something?”
“No, it's not that. I'm not sure what's up to be honest. I was just told by Tewi that I should avoid being there for the day. Something about Eirin being in a foul mood.”
“Oho, that's something alright.”
“I can't imagine it myself. But better safe than sorry, right?”
“You made the right call.” She offers you some more bread. You take another piece. “I am, however, a bit surprised that that rabbit gives you even the time of day. She's not very approachable for outsiders.”
“Things... happen.” That's all you'll say to her right now.
“Did she blackmail you or something?”
“I wish that were all. But, um, let's not talk about that.”
“That's awfully suspicious.” She grins. “I have a good idea what happened though. You're a naughty boy.”
“That's... preposterous!” You try to cover up this matter. Hell, you're red and can't hide it.
“Hah. Looks like I hit the nail on the head. I'll let this drop since you seem uncomfortable with the subject.”
“So what do you plan to do now?” She moves on quickly.
“I haven't given it much thought. I'm just killing time. Really, my previous options were either to lie around doing nothing or going to see Keine. Running into you was just chance.”
“Mm, seeing Keine might be nice. She's still holding classes, but you shouldn't let that stop you. The little runts love any interruption.” She leans in closer to whisper something into your ear, “Her lessons are a bit boring for them. Don't tell her I said that.” She places a finger on her lips signifying the importance that this remain a secret.
“I see. What are you going to do?”
“Me, I don't know. Like you, I don't really have anything to do right now. Maybe I'll tag along with you. If you don't mind.”
“I don't think I would-”
“Or maybe,” She has a devilish look on her face, “I'll go evict the rabbits from my spot.”
“...be nice to them. They're not so bad.”
“We'll see how it goes. I might just go and do something else altogether. Like going to see what's up with Eientei.”
“You should make up your mind. The sun is hot. I don't think I'll stay here much longer.”
“Fine. How about you make the call. I'll tag along with whatever.”
“I have no choice in having you come along?”
“Is that a problem?” She raises her eyebrows. “I'll leave you alone if that's what you want. Anti-social bastard.”
“Whoa, I didn't mean anything by it. No need to be harsh. I was just making sure.” You think that she'd easily kick you ass if she wanted to. “I'll choose if you want me to. It beats the hell out of sitting about indefinitely.”
“Good then. Hurry up 'cuz it is pretty hot out here. And I didn't bring any water with me.”

[] Go see Keine
[] Evict the rabbits
[] Spy on Eientei
No pictures due to harddrive temporary anarchy.
>> No. 13727
[Z] Spy on Eientei

I humbly suggest we make this a Mokou and Kaguya patching things up route.
>> No. 13728
[x] Spy on Eientei.

Remember the first time we spied on Eientei? This should be fun.
>> No. 13730
File 123379995247.gif- (544.12KB , 422x317 , 1231115155310.gif ) [iqdb]
[!/] Spy on Eientei
>> No. 13731
[X] Go see Keine
>> No. 13733
[x] Spy on the rabbits
>> No. 13735


I miss that series.
>> No. 13737
[] Go see Keine

I have bad memories with us sneaking around Eientei ...
>> No. 13740
[X] Go see Keine

We're staying away from Eientei because not only is Eirin apparently in a bad mood, but because her mood will almost certainly have some eventual effect on Kaguya as well. If we try to spy on Eientei with Mokou, there's always a chance that we could get caught. With Mokou.

If our dear NEET happens to be in a foul mood on account of Eirin, think how much worse it will get if she discovers us even APPEARING to be helping her nemesis spy on her.

Let's not continue the old tradition of pissing every single person we know off, in turn, until there's no one left to give a damn about us, okay?
>> No. 13745
[x] Spy on Eientei.
>> No. 13747
[X] Go see Keine
>> No. 13750
[x] Go see Keine

>Spy on Eientei
stupid idea is stupid
>> No. 13751
[x] Go see Keine
>> No. 13752
[x] Go see Keine

>> No. 13753
File 123388892222.jpg- (406.28KB , 711x950 , kmts.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Go see Keine

“I guess I want to go see Keine.” You get up. “Let's get going.”
“That's fine.” Mokou gets up as well. “Eientei can wait. And those rabbits won't be there forever either. I'll take us out of here, just follow me.”

She's really efficient in leading you out of there. You were so lost, but she makes it look like the whole place is as small as five trees grouped together. You hadn't realized just how close you were to the village. You're by the schoolhouse in under ten minutes. Classes are still in session. You hesitate going inside.

“What are you waiting for?” Mokou pushes you. You stop yourself by the classroom entrance.
“Miss Keine, there's someone at the door!” One of the students notices you.
“It's your boyfriend!” Another student proclaims. The entire class stares at you, emitting in unison an 'ooooOoooh!'.
“Yo, I'm also here.” Mokou steps in.
“He's with her best friend!” The kids start chattering wildly. Keine does her best to get the situation under control. Ultimately she seems to give up.
“Alright everyone, I'm letting you start your lunch break earlier today. You're dismissed.” The class goes wild with Keine's announcement. They scramble outside cheering like there's no tomorrow.

Keine walks over to where you and Mokou are.

“Shirou, Mokou, it's unexpected to see you here. Is anything wrong?”
“Oh, not really.” You feel bad for disrupting the class. “I'm sorry about interrupting like that.”
“Don't worry about it. There were only five more minutes to go in the lesson anyways.”
“Yeah, whatever.” Mokou drives the conversation into another direction. “What was all that about a boyfriend? I had no idea you and this lump here were an item.” She slaps you on the back. It hurts like hell.
“Ah.” Keine looks at you for a moment. She apparently wants to know how you reacted to that. “That's nothing. It's just a misunderstanding. I told them how I ran into Shirou the other day. Just as an example for an exercise, and they just started making up stories of their own.” She apologizes to you. “I'm sorry about that.”
“That's no proble-” You are cut off by Mokou.
“Oh? A misunderstanding, eh? I wonder about that. I for one would be glad that the overworked and stressed out friend that I had actually got involved with someone.”
“Oh shut up Mokou. Like you're one to talk.” She gets a bit bothered by her friends words. She eyes you uneasily, as if praying that you don't think too much about the implications of this conversation.
“There's nothing wrong in wanting a friend's happiness. Plus, it'd make me happy to see Kaguya's hopes get shattered.”
“You never let up, do you? You should really move on and...”
“Umm, ladies?” You try to stop this before this gets ugly. A gut feeling tells you that this can easily come to hurtful comments and name calling. “I came here to see how Keine was doing, not to argue. And if possible I'd like to have some fun while I'm at it.”
“Oh, of course Shirou. Where are my manners? I shouldn't argue pointlessly like this.”
“It's really like you're a couple.” Mokou snorts. “Complete with the taking the same side antics.”
“Is that some jealousy I detect?” You see a rare chance to get at Mokou. “Don't hate us because we're happy.” You grab Keine's hand and smile. She's confused but don't seem to mind your boldness. “I'm sure one day you'll find a wild bear of a man that can handle you.”
“Eh...?” Could it be? “Did I hit a nerve?” Mokou looks sullen.

She wordlessly walks away. You stare at Keine in confusion. She does nothing. You feel that holding hands is getting awkward as your hands get sweaty. You let go and walk after Mokou. She's just outside the class looking out at the play area.

“Umm, Mokou...”
“Don't say anything. I already know the truth.”
“Well, about that... It was only a joke. I didn't really mean it.”
“A joke?” She clings to you. “How could you say something that cruel as joke!?”
“Look, I'm sorry and I feel bad...”
“That's right you should feel bad.” She pushes you back. “You just fell for third-rate acting. As if anything you could say would get to me!” She grins. “Come on, get Keine, you sensitive soul, we're going for a walk.”

You really don't know what she's thinking doing all that. You do as she says, getting Keine to come along.

“Cancel classes for the rest of the day. I've got a plan.” Mokou wastes no time in bossing the two of you around.
“Why would I want to do that?”
“Simple. You're taking the day off tomorrow, correct?” Keine nods. “Yeah. So we'll spend all day today having fun and with no worries about tomorrow.”
“I could do that after classes end.”
“Oh come on. The kids won't miss out on much if you cancel classes. They'll be happy. You know you want to.”
“I'm not going to abandon my job on a whim. I'm not irresponsible like that.”
“Fine. That's okay as well. Me and ol' Shirou here will have our own fun. With drinking. And card games. Isn't that right?” She winks at you.
“I, well...”
“Fine. I'll do it. Otherwise I get the feeling that you'll become the talk of the town. And not in a good way.” Keine folds.
“Atta girl! We'll wait out here while you tell the little runts.”

Keine shakes her head and then goes.

“This is going to be wicked awesome.” Mokou confides in you. “We can eat and drink all we want and Keine will foot the expenses.”
“Isn't that just using her?”
“What are you, stupid? She'll be enjoying it too. So it's perfectly justifiable.”
“Nice logic.” You say sarcastically. She doesn't pick up on it. Instead she dreams up things to do.

The stampede of happy kids means that Keine has done her part. She come back several minutes later after locking up the schoolhouse. The three of you walk to her house.

“Mokou, I hate to spoil your plans, but I don't want to, umm, die. I need to be functioning for tomorrow.”
“Why's that? Can't you live a little?”
“I live plenty. I just have something to do in the evening.”
“No promises. But what's so important that you would shun some fun?” She pesters you by poking your sides.
“Cut that out. It's just a thing at Eientei.”
“What thing?” She pokes even harder.
“Considering tomorrow is the full moon, probably that monthly festival they do.” Keine guesses correctly.
“You knew about that?”
“Yes. I've heard about it. I've never gone myself, but I have wanted to see all those cute rabbits at work.”
“Then you're most welcome to come.” You extend an invitation. “I've been told that I can bring anyone I want. So I'd like it if you showed up.”
“Oh, that's kind of you Shirou. But I can't make it. I have plans.”
“I'm sorry to hear that.” You say disappointed. “I would have enjoyed seeing you there.”
“Well, we're together here and now, aren't we? That's something, right?” She smiles kindly at you.
“I guess.”

You find yourself looking forward to spending time with this gentle teacher. You smile back at her.

“Well isn't this lovely?” Mokou interrupts the moment. “You shouldn't rudely ignore me like that. It's just not right.”
“Oh, sorry Mokou.” Keine apologizes.
“Shirou, I'll go to the festival tomorrow.”
“Huh?” You and Keine are surprised.
“That is if you don't mind.”
“I don't.” You furrow your brow. “But, isn't that, well, a bit... um...”
“There's no problem if I'm you're guest, correct? And I promise to behave.”
“That's fine if you say so.” But to be truthful you have no idea how Kaguya will react. “Why do you want to come? I mean, it doesn't seem like you get along with Eientei that well.”
“We have our moments. Plus I feel like going. Isn't that enough?”
>> No. 13754
You have no real argument against her being there. You agree to meet her outside Eientei before the festival starts. In the meantime, you reach Keine's house. A lone building surrounded by fields and not much else.

“Come in please.” Keine leads you and Mokou to a sitting area. “I'm going to make us some snacks. I'll be in the kitchen.”
“Should I help you?” You offer assistance.
“That won't be necessary. Just wait here for a bit.”

You're left alone with Mokou. As soon as she goes, Mokou signals you to come closer.

“Say, about before...”
“What about before?”
“Shh! Keep it down. When we went to the schoolhouse. About what the kid said and what happened afterwards.”
“The joke?”
“Around there, yes. I noticed that maybe you didn't really mind being called her boyfriend. And that she didn't really mind the misunderstanding all that much either.”
“That's your imagination.”
“Yeah, well, she didn't even object to the hand-holding. She's picky about stuff like that, you know.”
“Maybe she was playing along. Your point is?”
“That maybe you each like each other. And could work as a couple.”
“Quite the assumption.”
“I feel it in my bones.”
“...” You can't tell if she's being serious. “And what do you want me to say?”
“The obvious.”
“That would be?”
“Don't be dense.”
“I'm not. Usually. I think. Maybe.” You go from secure to insecure in the same breath.
“How do you feel about her. Do you like her?”
“Isn't that a bit too personal?”
“Out with it. I can help out you know. If things just go their flow, it could take forever. Or you might end up with the first random trollop that expresses her lust for you.”
“That would never happen. I have standards.”
“So you say. Don't try to deflect. Answer the question. Do you like her?”

She's not going to let this go. You have to give her some sort of answer.

[] “Yeah, I guess I like her.”
[] “I can't really say...”
[] “There's someone else I like.”
[] “The one I like is you, dear Mokou.” Plant a big sloppy kiss on her.
>> No. 13755
File 123388988041.jpg- (97.71KB , 850x765 , sample-794040d3a5c356fd7a7a002f2efca0be.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] “There's someone else I like.”

We'll raise a Werecow for the Hakutaku instead ;_;
>> No. 13756
[X] I like her as a friend. But I haven't really thought of anybody as anything more.
[X] And then there's the...
[X] ...never mind. Forget it.
>> No. 13757
[x] “I can't really say... but someone has set my heart ablaze”
>> No. 13758
[X] “I can't really say...”
>> No. 13759
[x] “There's someone else I like.”
>> No. 13760
[x] “I can't really say... but someone has set my heart ablaze”

Make Mokou cringe.
>> No. 13761
File 123389160965.jpg- (135.04KB , 496x700 , 7cc5613f95f7653a52f3131e96b94558.jpg ) [iqdb]
[X] “Yeah, I guess I like her.”

Tewi is too much of a prankster, Eirin is too scary, Reisen is too easy to upset, and Kaguya is already comfortably in the friend zone. That just leaves Mokou and Keine, and since I'm fine with either I just flipped a coin.

Target: LOCKED.
>> No. 13762
>Target: LOCKED.

>> No. 13763
[x] “I can't really say... but someone has set my heart ablaze”
>> No. 13764
>“I can't really say... but someone has set my heart ablaze”

Not to rain on your parade, but this doesn't work. Quite simply because, to Shirou, it doesn't have any meaning. It's sort of a metaknowledge line. I mean sure, you can say it, but it amounts to something like an empty phrase. There's no 'clever' intent behind it for the character.

So think of something else if you want. Or vote for another option. Or let it stand and I'll make a call as to what I can append the intent to.
>> No. 13766
[X] “I can't really say...”

>Or you might end up with the first random trollop that expresses her lust for you.”
>“That would never happen. I have standards.”

Oh ho, you know us far too well.
>> No. 13767
Fortunately for Shirou, Mokou doesn't hear rumors that trickle down the bunny grapevine.

[x] "I can't really say..."
This is my only path, no regrets, blah blah blah. We've only known her a good of a few days out of the time we've been here. What's more, we've only entered Mokou's friend zone a day or so ago. This conversation is awkward.
>> No. 13768

Oh, Teruyo. Shirou is being completely honest; he's just wording it in a comically unfortunate manner. You should be able to solve this.
>> No. 13770
I know full well how to handle it. It's just a needlessly nice general reminder to anon. That metaknowledge, acting drastically out of character, or anything else of the sort is not always liable to give them the intended results. If that's clear and understood it saves everyone a lot of anguish.

That said, I'm being extra nice and letting people rephrase and change their votes if they want for a while yet.
>> No. 13771
>What's more, we've only entered Mokou's friend zone a day or so ago. This conversation is awkward.
>Mokou's friend zone a day or so ago.

You are clearly a faget who does not know what the FRIEND ZONE really is.
>> No. 13772
Don't be presumptuous. I'm being literal and you're using slang.

Alright. I'll stoop. Sentence re-phrase:
"Mokou seems to have welcomed us as a 'friend' only a day or so ago; before that, we were just another of 'Kaguya's lackeys' to her."
Though I will add, in afterthought, that the turnaround period was swift.
>> No. 13773
Would you kindly stop declaring every girl we meet in this adventure our target, Anon?

Mokou has a point here. We'll fall for the first girl to look our way, won't we.
>> No. 13774
Also, Mokou is just using us. We're conveniently let in and out of Eientei at a whim? have access to the entire place? and the mistress of the manor's mortal enemy suddenly cozy's up to us? she's either trying to use us to gain entry, or trying to win us to her side for some reason (get one over on Kaguya, steal her 'buddy' from her)

Yeah, we could do with some /sdm/ level paranoia around here.

[Z] "I.. can't say. She seems nice, but I've barely been here two weeks, so I don't know if I feel that way about anyone yet."
>> No. 13775
[x] “There's someone else I like.”

>/sdm/ level paranoia

Where the Author of the story tries to screw his readers over again and again and uses everything that is discussed against his readers. Psychologic Warfare at it's finest.

I am only glad there is no loli in this story or else it would already be decided who to go for.... or wait! Tewi does count as one.
>> No. 13776
[x] "I.. can't say. She seems nice, but I've barely been here two weeks, so I don't know if I feel that way about anyone yet."

guys, the "ablaze" line doesn't work because Shirou doesn't know she has fire powers
>> No. 13777
Shirou seems to know that Kaguya and crew are Lunarians; do we know about the immortality stuff?
>> No. 13778
Just so voting can be easier can someone list all that Shiro does and doesn't know?
>> No. 13779

Hasn't met:
Everyone else
>> No. 13780
[x] “There's someone else I like.”
>> No. 13781
Kaguya, Eirin, Reisen, Tewi, Keine,
Mokou, Marisa (encounter), Alice (route lock); we haven't run into Aya yet as far as I remember
>> No. 13782
[x] “There's someone else I like.”
>> No. 13783
>Alice (route lock)
think you mean route block
>> No. 13784
[x] “I can't really say...”

For two reasons:

1. Because >>13766 is right, we've not known Keine all that long.

2. Because I STILL can't make up my mind about Keine vs. Reisen.
>> No. 13790
File 123402217349.jpg- (231.81KB , 650x800 , kmtst.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Well, you have to figure that I've been here, what? Two weeks? A bit longer?” It's not exactly that much time to fall hopelessly in love in. “I can't really say if I like her or not.”
“Is that your final answer?”
“Not really. What I want to say is that I might like someone or I might not. I'm not sure yet.”
“You're a fickle bastard then.” She narrows her eyes, “Or maybe trying to avoid the subject, and any embarrassment, by pretending to use logic.”
“I'm just saying that I'm sure that you know who you like or not. Time has little to do with it. Like and dislike, love and hate; Those feelings tend to be pronounced and last regardless of time.”
“Then what exactly are you trying to imply?”

The conversation is cut short when Keine comes in with a tray. Mokou just gives you a knowing look and leaves it at that.

“It's not much to look at guys, but I think they're tasty.” She puts the tray down on a table.
“That's okay. We don't mind.” Mokou keeps the initiative in the planning. “I think that we should decide what to do now.”

You look over at the snacks. Its just fruit and crackers and some spreads.

“Any suggestions?” It's obvious that Mokou has thought this far ahead, but you ask anyways.
“Well, yes. I have a bunch. But it's no fun if I get to choose everything we do.”
“I have no problem with you choosing everything.” Keine doesn't seem to care.
“Well, I don't either.” You affirm.
“Where's your spirit?! That simply won't do. It's more enjoyable if all of our ideas have an equal chance of being realized.”
“So what do you propose?”
“Simple. We hold a small contest. A game. Whoever wins gets to choose what we want to do.”
“Oh, that sounds fine.” You nod along with Keine.
“That's not all. The runner-up gets to choose as well. Only that they get to choose where we do it. So, for example, the winner could say 'drink tea and talk' and the runner-up would say 'out on a grassy knoll'. And the person who comes in last is responsible for preparing things for it to happen. Sounds fair? We'll do it all over when we want to change activity too.”
“Sounds a bit convoluted.” You question her wisdom.
“I have to agree with Shirou.”
“It just sounds complicated. In reality it won't take any more than 10 minutes every time to decide.”
“What about the games themselves? Sounds like a hassle.”
“It won't be a hassle. We'll just stick with stuff like rock-paper-scissors and the like.”

Ultimately you agree with Mokou's plan. She's a bit too insistent for her own good you reckon. The first activity it determined by, as suggested, a game of rock-paper-scissors. You come out losing (rock has failed you for the last time). Keine is the one who gets to pick the first activity.

“Tea sounded nice.” She goes for something calm and not too exciting.
“Geez you're boring. It looks like drinking will have to wait a bit.” Mokou still doesn't get discouraged. “Since I was second, I want us to drink tea outside. Just around here will do. That way we can come back quickly later.”

They both look at you. That's right, you're the one that has to make this vision happen. You get up, ask Keine where the kettle is, and get to your task. Thankfully even a chimp could make tea and get some crackers. You pour the tea into a container and grab a couple of cups. You carry it all to the spot that Mokou chooses. It's a fallow field literally just mere steps away from Keine's house.

“Ah, this is nice, don't you agree?” Keine certainly does seem to enjoy her choice. “Being relaxed like this makes letting classes end earlier worth it.”
“Now there's something you don't hear everyday from our responsible teacher.” Mokou also relaxes.
“Well, I have to keep up discipline, or otherwise I'd never get anything done.”
“Is it a lot of work to be a teacher?” You ask.
“It depends on how you define work. The effort required to teach is sometimes large, but I have fun so it doesn't seem like that much.”
“There's got to be something wrong with a person like her, right?” Mokou jokes.
“It's not something I see myself doing, to be honest.” Yeah, you definitely can't picture yourself doing something like that.
“As long as you're patient and dedicated, anyone can do it. And it's satisfying as well. When you realize that you've shared knowledge and helped children grow up, it's all very much worth it.”

You suppress a sigh and just add a heartless 'I guess'. You really wouldn't know, since you've never tried.

The afternoon sun saps away everyone's strength. Not much is said as you drink tea, occasionally pouring more into the cups. This isn't bad, but it certainly isn't what you pictured when Mokou announced her plan. Ah, it doesn't matter. You lay back and stare at the clouds. There's not that many in the sky. To your right, Mokou starts to say something about what to do next, but you don't pay any attention to it.

Neither does Keine. It looks like she's as unwound as you are. You hear Mokou complain about the lack of attention. But she give that up quite quickly. It seems that she realized that if you can't beat them, she might as well join them. A cool breeze blows from behind. You let out a yawn. Being blanketed by a refreshing breeze and warmed by the gentle sun you get even more comfortable.

The sun moved. You hadn't realize it. It's now firmly on one end of the sky. You sit up and realize that you just fell asleep. And you weren't the only one – Keine and Mokou apparently did as well. Mokou's head is on Keine's shoulder. Keine opens her eyes.

“You're awake. Had a nice nap?”
“Mm, I think so. Fell asleep without realizing it.” Your voice is groggy.
“It looks like my idea for a tea time became nap time.”
“I don't mind. It felt nice to lie here and relax. Even Mokou fell asleep.”
“Well, naturally. Despite all of her energy and sometimes cool attitude she's just like us. No doubt she'll wake up soon. And probably full of even more energy.”
>> No. 13791
Keine barely says those words when Mokou stirs and wakes. Her first words are 'should we do something else now?'. You grab the empty cups as Mokou wipes the drool from her chin and decides how to choose the next activity.

It's nothing more than the shell game. She takes the tea cups from you and places a charm under one of them. The outcome of this one was obvious from the beginning. You protest but you're rebuffed with a 'thats life'. At least you came in second, with Keine totally failing to at this game of 'chance'.

“For our second activity, Shirou and I will go fetch some food for later. As well as other supplies. Keine will stay behind and prepare her home for later.”
“I fail to see how this abides by our previous convention. It's supposed to be activity, place, and actual setting up – the three possibilities. You're choosing and activity and Keine is sort of setting up, but I don't get to choose location.” You complain for the sake of complaining.
“Fine.” Mokou sees your point. “That's not fair. Which is why instead of picking a place you can pick some of our supplies.”

You look at Keine. She shrugs.

“Fine.” You cave in. There's no point in arguing about something so trivial. “Let's go.”

It's a normal shopping run. Save for the fact that you have to almost jog to keep up with Mokou. She walks mercilessly fast. She's quick and efficient at going to the right places. It came as no surprise that you're made to bear most the bags of food and liquor. You'd complain but, hey, it's not coming out of your pocket. You can put up with a little discomfort. Plus, you even get to choose between varieties. Sure, it's not like choosing between different brands, but it feels good to use your gut to pick whatever looks best.

You get back to Keine's place exhausted.

“Cook the standard fare.” Mokou bosses Keine around. Well, Keine doesn't act like she's being bossed around but you still think Mokou is a bit too blunt. “We'll be talking out here, so don't worry about us.”
“Maybe I should help Keine.”
“Nonsense. Who'd keep me company then? She doesn't mind being alone anyways. You've got to trust me on this one.”

Quick eye contact with Keine convinces you. She reassures you with her look that she really doesn't mind. You silently thank her.

The room where you sat before has been rearranged. More room has been made by removing two chairs as well as stowing away a few miscellaneous items. Mokou tosses you a small bottle. She has another in her hand.

“Should we really enjoy ourselves without her?” You sit, already knowing the answer you're going to be given.
“Nothing wrong with getting into the groove. Besides, it's just something light.” She opens her bottle up. “And it makes time go by faster.”
“That's all well and good, but just what are we supposed to be doing now.”
“Talk, I guess.” She takes a gulp. “Got anything you want to ask me?”

[] “No, not really. Anything you want to ask me?”
[] “Yeah, what were you trying to say earlier?”
[] “Why do you want to come to the festival tomorrow anyways?”
[] Other

If it makes you feel any better I don't use the things discussed in the threads against the readers. I often have concrete ideas and truths all figured out. So I don't change them on a whim. I do occasionally pick up things from threads other than my story when I get around to it. Yeah, it's basically my word, but that's all I can give.

Basically this. I'd like to ammend that we've also met Reimu. But her, along with Marisa and Alice (and Aya I suppose) are only to appear when the plot calls for it, so you shouldn't worry about that.
>> No. 13792
[x] “Why do you want to come to the festival tomorrow anyways?”
>> No. 13793
File 123403299776.jpg- (236.13KB , 849x1202 , sample-0abd132832e375da60217a4afd466188.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] “Why do you want to come to the festival tomorrow anyways?”
>> No. 13794
[x] “Why do you want to come to the festival tomorrow anyways?”
>> No. 13795
[x] “Why do you want to come to the festival tomorrow anyways?”
>> No. 13798
[x] “Why do you want to come to the festival tomorrow anyways?”

Forecast is a 70% of tsun with a 30% of dere.
>> No. 13801
[x] “Why do you want to come to the festival tomorrow anyways?”
>> No. 13803
“Why do you want to come to the festival tomorrow anyways?” You think that's a good question. “It confuses me since you don't seem to get along very well with the people hosting it.”
“And that's reason enough not to go?”
“Well, considering that you'll be in close proximity to those people, yeah.”
“Oh, I know how to deal with that. That's my issue – you shouldn't worry about it.” She lazily reassures you.
“That doesn't sound too convincing.” You open up your own bottle and take a sip. It's warm. But other than that tastes smooth; It's an almost flowery taste. “You behaving, or coping, or whatever the case may is fine. But I'd like to know why go in the first place?”
“Isn't it normal to want to go to festivals and have fun?” She smiles. “Especially with a friend or two.”
“I see that you're not going to be honest with me...” You drink some more.
“Aw, geez. Don't pout.”
“I'm not pouting.”
“Sure, whatever. You don't look good moping about.”
“Then answer me.”
“I already did. What? Don't believe me? Okay here's the truth:” She puts the bottle down and leans forward, “I don't have anything better to do. And I thought that I might have fun if I hung around you. Is that so hard to believe?”
“At times.” You sigh. “I'll let it drop for now. I'll move on to the next question then; why isn't Keine going? Like, really. It doesn't seem to me like there's that much that could be going on for her tomorrow.”
“What you just said can come off as pretty insulting. Watch your words.”
“Didn't mean it that way. Just trying to be direct.”
“Eh, I know. But others may not be as sensible as I am.” She picks up her bottle again, shifting back and forth between laid-back and more active postures. “You've got to trust her when she says she's busy. She may act a bit uptight at times, but she knows how to have fun – otherwise she would have left us alone today.”
“Well, I won't press any further if you won't say.”
“It's not my place to tell you what exactly is going on. Ask her yourself if you're that curious.”
“I'll see if I get a chance.” You change the subject. “So just what is this stuff?” The bottle is tinted, so you can't tell what color it is.
“Mead. Good heavens man, have you lived in a cave all your life or something?”
“Hey, no need to go that far. I just... hadn't connected the dots, that's all!”
“Cute. You make me want to pinch your cheeks when you say that.”
“Don't please grandma.”
“I'll let that one slide.” Mokou is relaxed enough to not get caught up in pointless bickering. “This stuff is made by the local tavern I think. It's a nice drink to have when you just want to relax, right?”
“It certainly feels right in this context.”

Mokou goes on to explain what else she knows about this mead. The village apparently takes alcohol-making very darn seriously. With no real communication nor trade with the outside world, these villagers have devised ingenious ways to get completely drunk. It's a thriving industry and the whole community participates. From harvesting to aging to storage – it's done by men and women of all ages. Apparently the bamboo that you saw being harvested earlier is more likely to end up as an alcohol than as building material or handcrafts.

You listen to the exhaustive list things the villagers do to get alcohol from plants and nature until Keine comes in with the food.

It's just stew and a few other simple side dishes. But you really like it. Somehow eating with a jolly Mokou and an amiable Keine makes it taste much better than it normally would. Keine brings out a bottle of wine as well. You all drink the wine while eating.

You can't help but contrast this with mealtimes at Eientei. Sure the food is also good (if not better), but many times eating there lacks this same warmth. It's probably because not everyone eats at the same time, or at the table for that matter. You find yourself wishing to have a nice meal with Kaguya and everyone else just like this – a lot of laughing, drinking, and merrymaking. You assure yourself that you'll get a chance yet to experience that. It's bound to be a good thing.

“Yo, Shirou. Pass me the bread, will you?” Mokou brings you back to reality. You hadn't realized that you were lost in thought.
“Sure. Here you go.”
“Is anything the matter? Maybe the food isn't to your liking?” Keine looks at you, worried.
“No, that's not it at all.” You show an exaggerated smile. “This is all good. Really good. I just started thinking about how this is lots of fun and went off into my own little world.”
“That's dangerous.” Mokou kids. “You should see a doctor about that. Otherwise one day... vwoop! You'll be lost in your head forever.”
“I'm sure that won't happen.” You shake your head.
“Have some more wine.” Keine pours you a glass.
“Thanks.” You watch the crimson liquid fill the cup. “Keine, if you don't mind me asking: What are you going to be doing tomorrow?”
“Well...” She thinks about it, almost pouring too much wine and causing a spill.
“It's alright if you don't want to tell me. It's none of my business anyways. I was just curious about why you couldn't come to the festival.”
“It's not that I don't want to tell you. It's just hard to explain. And...” Her expression clouds up.
“That's okay. I understand.”
“Sorry about that. I really would like to join you if I could.”
“Say no more.” You end the subject there. It doesn't feel like there's any benefit to insisting.

After dinner, it's time to pick another activity. It comes down to a coin flip, which you miraculously win. Keine comes in second, and with Mokou tasting the bitter feel of lady luck abandoning her. It's up to you to choose what to do next. Alcohol is definitely going to be involved whether you want it or not. It's getting late and it looks like you'll be here all night. The way Mokou eyes those bottles is a sure sign.

[] Propose telling ghost stories.
[] Truth or dare time
[] Suggest going for a nocturnal stroll
[] Other
>> No. 13804
[x] Propose telling ghost stories.
>> No. 13805

>> No. 13806
File 123406412586.jpg- (160.91KB , 464x464 , 120787531883.jpg ) [iqdb]
[!/] Propose telling ghost stories.

That update reminded me of YWUiG ;_;
>> No. 13807
[x] Propose telling ghost stories.
>> No. 13808
[] Truth or dare time
>> No. 13809
[Z] Propose telling ghost stories.

I once heard about this killer who lived down by a lake. He wore a hockey mask and killed with a machete...
>> No. 13812
File 123407200712.jpg- (163.35KB , 850x1186 , enjou.jpg ) [iqdb]

I have an even better suggestion.
>> No. 13813
[X] Truth or dare time

Do you hear it, Anon? That's the sound of opportunity knocking.
>> No. 13814
>>13813 has no idea how truth or dare works.
>> No. 13815
I just said it's an opportunity.
I never said an opportunity for WHAT.
>> No. 13816
I have to agree with you there it's an opportunity alright. But then again, technically so are the other choices.
>> No. 13827
[x] Propose telling ghost stories.
>> No. 13829
Its an opportunity to make Gensokyo's TALLEST teacher!!
[X] Truth or dare time
>> No. 13831
[X] Truth or dare time
>> No. 13835
[x] Propose telling ghost stories.
>> No. 13838
[x] Truth or dare time
>> No. 13839
File 123414618036.png- (605.08KB , 600x1400 , 1216504114602.png ) [iqdb]
[x] Truth or dare time

Ghost stories? in Gensokyo?
>> No. 13840
File 123414680990.png- (504.14KB , 872x985 , 5230936b28abcd236eb39cdfb3562a2c.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13841
[x] Propose telling ghost stories.

Here in Gensokyo, we tell Reimu Stories.
>> No. 13844
File 123422137896.jpg- (52.20KB , 550x550 , 4y8r.jpg ) [iqdb]
There probably won't be an update for another half day. Sorry about that.
>> No. 13858
File 123431767654.jpg- (166.90KB , 566x767 , 725b8fdb6a126556878e2f0b690e426d.jpg ) [iqdb]
Brb, Eientei Persona4
>> No. 13859

Huh. I'd have put Wriggle in Naoto's place, not Rise's.
>> No. 13863
File 123434855368.jpg- (210.82KB , 640x840 , kmsgs.jpg ) [iqdb]
You suggest telling ghost stories.

“Ghost stories?” Mokou laughs. “That's a good one! I bet that you'll soil yourself before the night is done.”
“Oh?” You're amused at her reaction. “It sounds like you know some really scary stories. I think I'll take that as a challenge.”
“You're on.” She's as confident as always. She's bound to lose those. You come from the age of the internet. Creepy and unsettling things are second nature to you.
“You wouldn't mind if I told my story first, then?” Keine suggests. “I don't think I'm very good at them, that's why if I go second I might break the mood.”
“Good thinking there. Let's sit.” Mokou grabs a chair. She puts out most of the candles, leaving only one sitting on the center table. “There's no rush to this, so take your time Keine.”

Keine starts her story. She narrates with a dry, almost monotone voice. As would be expected from a history teacher, she tells tales of some mythological demon. A foul beast that takes the shape of a beautiful woman, seducing men and stealing their souls. The target of the scare here is obviously you. The story is interesting, as much as a myth can be. You laugh off the notion of demons who can kill just by looking at someone and others that can manipulate fate. Even if Gensokyo isn't exactly a perfect fairly land, you think it impossible for such fiends to exist here.

“...the legend continues to this day. The last sighting happening only scant years ago. Even in the human village the foul abomination's name is only whispered lest they somehow attract it.”

A hand suddenly grabs you from the side.

“Cut that out Mokou. You're being rude to Keine.” You don't give her the satisfaction of startling you.
“Whatever you say, Mr. Nerves of steel. It's no fun if we don't spice things up.”
“I was done anyways.” Keine smiles. “Did you like it?”
“It wasn't very scary. And it sounded like one of your lessons to boot.” Mokou is harsh in her criticism.
“I thought it was fine. It wasn't very scary I'm afraid but it was an interesting myth. It's nice to learn about those things. I think it reflects the culture from whence it came well.”
“Why thank you Shirou. I think that was more of the point.” She then adds slyly, “But it wasn't a myth. If you're not careful you too can find yourself being eternally damned by this devil.”
“Sure, sure. I believe you.” You say incredulously.

Mokou freshens everyone's drinks. It's her turn next and she's really building up the suspense. You have to badger her a lot before she even gets started.

“This is a tale of a young boy living with a foster family...” So the tale begins.

Unlike Keine, Mokou is overly-dramatic. Adding too much feeling and emotion into the tale. She changes voices for each character and even goes as far as making sound effects. You listen, entertained, but not scared. It's too much of a spectacle to take seriously. And she's awfully long-winded as well. It takes her almost an hour to conclude with her tale of lust, blood, betrayal, and horror.

“Bloody footprints led to the outside. Investigators followed them, in hopes of catching any survivors, but they lead directly to the edge of a cliff. Reluctantly closing off the incident, years passed before anyone else lived in that mansion.” This is where she goes for the personal touch, “I heard that an older woman and a spoiled girl now live there with their servants and pets. Recently a dullard has also been seen there. Little do they know the horrors that await them, the same horrors that preyed upon the previous inhabitants.”

“...That's it?” You ask, unimpressed. You let out a yawn for added effect.
“Hey. Screw you. You're just trying to hide your fear. It ain't working.” She's angry at you. Precious.
“The only thing I'm trying to hide are my tears of boredom.”
“Now now, be nice.” Keine breaks it up. She has good timing. You feel like Mokou was going to lounge at you at any moment. “I thought it was a fine story. I was terrified!” That nice smile gives away her true feelings.
“Oh fine! I get it, it was a bust. So just go ahead and tell your stupid story and be done with it.”
“I'll be glad to.”

You start to tell your own story. It's a ripoff of b-movies and your standard creepy paranormal tales, but it should work on them. After all, they don't have cable in Gensokyo. You use all of your skills here to create a good mood. You think that you strike a happy balance between Keine's narration and Mokou's sass.

You finish the story with a sigh. You make it seem like this is something that to this day hasn't been explained – in short sort of what Mokou attempted but more plausible.

“Oh my, that was quite something!” Keine complements you. “You had excellent diction there. I was actually full of suspense for a moment there.”
“I'm glad you enjoyed it. Even though it didn't manage to scare you much apparently. What do you think Mokou?”
“It was alright.”
“Alright? That's all you've got to say?” You look at her, slightly disappointed.
“I said it was alright. Excuse me I'm going to go to the bathroom.” She says and leaves.

You're left stumped.

“What's her problem anyways?” You huff. It's disappointing not to get the reactions you were hoping for.
“I think you scared her.”
“Say what?” You can't believe Keine. “She looked normal enough to me. Maybe bored.”
“Trust me on this one, she probably got up to wash her face so you wouldn't notice her cold sweat.”
“Really!?” You lean in closer. “She really was scared?”
“I'm pretty sure. I don't think she's very good with horror stories.”
“She seemed to be fine with yours.”
“She probably heard it before. It's a common tale here. Plus, like I said, you added quite a bit of zest to your storytelling.”
“Well, I'll trust you on this one.”
“If I'm right she'll come back as if nothing happened. In fact, she'll seem extra cheery. But she's just hiding how she really feels.”

Mokou comes back.

“Geez! What are you two whispering about now? It's not fun if you keep things among yourselves.” She's cheery alright. Maybe too much. “Let's play cards now! How about it? We'll play while talking.”
“Sure thing.” You reply with a satisfied smile. You think you've won this round.

The rest of the evening passes by without much more incident. You play friendly games of cards, winning some and losing some. It's not terribly exciting. There's some more drinking, but you feel its moderated, mostly talking about things in daily life and the occasional joke. When it becomes very late you suggest the possibility of going back to Eientei to sleep. As you expected, the other two will have none of it; you're encouraged to spend the night. It's not that big of an issue and you readily agree.

It's a while before you actually can sleep however. Mokou keeps talking and things going for a while yet. You're drowsy – not just you really, Keine also looks tired. It takes Mokou a while to realize that you're both nodding off slightly (well in your case you're almost snoring). She, sensibly enough, suggests going to sleep when she notices just how tired the two of you are. Keine wishes you a good night and retreats to her bedroom. You and Mokou will sleep in this room.

“Good night Mokou.” You lay out your sheets and lie in them. It's the small hours of the night and you don't waste time getting to sleep. Mokou does apparently stay awake for a while longer but you ignore that, being overcome by all the alcohol you've drank and the accumulated exertion. You notice that she stares at you for a while; you feel her eyes boring your back. You pretend that you're asleep and she eventually turns away.
>> No. 13864
You hear her softly get up and head towards Keine's room. The floorboards creaks despite her best efforts to be stealthy. In the utter silence of the night, you can hear Mokou's whispered voice and Keine's replies. This lasts for quite a few minutes. You can't make out anything because of the walls and doors between you and them but you get the impression that whatever Mokou is talking about Keine will have none of it. Mokou comes back to the room, dragging her feet. With a 'tsk' she lies down on her makeshift bed. You wait an eternity to see if she's going to do anything again, but she apparently just stays quiet. You eventually fall asleep.

That night you don't sleep very well. Besides constantly tossing and turning, you have the most strange series of dreams. Well, strange might be a poor way to describe them. They were certainly bizarre, but more than that they genuinely crept you out at times. The worst part was that they felt real, like you were peering through a looking glass at a distant scene somewhere.

You saw familiar colors; any modern-day person would recognize them. It's the same colors you would see in a astronomy book or planetarium. Vast darkness, speckles of light everywhere, striking nebulae. It's lovely scene, but intrinsically solitary. As a spectator of your own dream you remember wondering why you were seeing all of this. It's not that you don't like stars and other astral bodies, just that you don't give them much thought on a daily basis.

The scene then changed to a surface world. Amber colors are intermixed with grey and black. As far as the eye can see an infinite-sized chessboard extends. Hundreds of people and objects stand; you smile for some reason when you see their expressions. Most stand tall and proud, with confident smirks, while others look outright bitter and downtrodden. In it all you spot someone familiar. You call out, fully aware that your words can't reach her.

Unlike the other things and people standing on the impossibly large chessboard, she realizes where she is. Everything starts shaking, and most fall. Bright multi-colored lights flood the scene. Still, Reisen stands in her uniform, not minding the calamity. Several others around her do the same, and you're amazed at how durable she is.

The scene changes yet again. Back to the coldness of space. Here dragons fly around, seemingly oblivious to the lack of atmosphere. They are battling against other dragons, unleashing massive attacks. Instead of breathing fire though, they emit beams of color and sound. Laughing can be heard. Even amongst dragons there are those who those who see this folly for what it is. Superheated plasma, apparently from the sun, comes and wipes them all out. The order is made anew. Just as you thought it would be.

A lot of the dream is abstract. Geometry and color seems to be redefined. At one point you get the sinking feeling that you're being stared at by a giant all-seeing eye. The stars and planets from before are tossed about like giant marbles and everything revolves around a single point. It forms a vortex – that's when you realize that this place is like an ocean. With people and things swimming, more often then not trying to remain afloat. There's fire underwater too, and its used to drive people in different directions. Here it seems that only one or two people truly hold dominion, and they're nowhere to be seen. Such a shame. You think that they'd look wonderful, these invisible centers of gravity.

Waking up, you feel like you haven't slept enough. You groan and rub your eyes. Mokou is passed out on the opposite end of the room. You get up and wobble towards the kitchen. First thing that you go for is some water. Delicious water.

“Oh, you're already up.” Keine greets you. You thought that you were the only one awake.
“Yeah, good morning.” You put your glass down and look at the already-dressed Keine. “It looks like you've been awake for quite some time.”
“Not that long. I usually get up early every day and I'm used to getting dressed quickly.” She smiles, “I trust that Mokou is still asleep?”
“That's right. It looks to me like she'll be out for a while more.”
“That's good. That gives us more time to enjoy by ourselves.” She makes fun of her friend. “She's a nice person, but she deserves to sometimes miss out on some things.”
“Hah, I guess so. But I was thinking about leaving soon. I don't want to impose more than I already have.”
“It's fine for now. If you were bothering me, I'd let you know.” She moves about the kitchen. “Would you like some tea?”

You watch as she takes the tea from a large jar and starts to heat up water in a kettle.

“Say, aren't you going to be busy all day today?” You ask.
“Only later. I can spare some time for myself in the morning. What are your plans for today?”
“Me?” You think about what to do. “Well, I've got to be there for the festival later, so I should leave sometime.” Probably sometime before lunch. After all, you don't feel comfortable abusing Keine's hospitality. She may say she doesn't mind, but you certainly do. Not to mention that you maybe should kind of tell Kaguya about your guest. Although you'd just as soon leave it until the last possible moment.

You get lost in thought before you realize it. It's only the whistling of the kettle that brings you back to the real world.

“Do you take your tea with anything?”
“Sometimes, but just plain tea is fine.” You watch as she pours a cup of tea for you and then for herself.

You drink, intermittently chatting with Keine about last night. You agree that things were kept in check and that it was entertaining at least. You don't think that you'll repeat it anytime soon, and you say as much. It's not that you don't like spending time here, you explain, but it's that with Mokou you weren't sure whether or not you'd have a nice time or end up kissing trees.

“I can understand that.” She's comprehensive. She laughs it off. “Mokou can act very immature at times, and be very self-centered. Her impulsiveness has certainly caused me headaches before.” She tells you of times where she has had to drop everything just to bail Mokou out of whatever trouble she's gotten in.
“Well, her impulsiveness was the cause for yesterday to begin with. She can act calm and rational, and all that, but it's as if she enjoys indulging as much as she can.”
“That's probably not too far from the truth. She can look strong, but there's undoubtedly a soft warm side to her.” She speaks like a mother does about her child, “You probably haven't dealt with her more selfish side yet, but if you do, I hope that you can see through it. She's just a bit headstrong, that's all.”
“I'll keep that in mind.”

After tea, you chat some more. You're told how you're welcome to come by any time and that there's no need for formality. You're not sure if Keine is hinting at anything with that. She does make a point that life might be a bit difficult for you in Eientei, and as such she would understand if you needed to occasionally get some distance. You thank her all the same and assure her that you will likely never have major problems with the residents there.

It's only when Mokou gets up, groggy and hair disheveled that you make up your mind to leave.

“Thanks for everything.” You try not to get entangled by the now awake Mokou.
“It was a pleasure.”
“Oh you're going?” Mokou seems too tired to make up her mind what to say. “See you later then.” She simply leaves it at that.
>> No. 13865
She looks like the living dead. Pale, walking with a limp, and a smell to match.

“Are you sure you'll be alright for later?” You start to question if she'll have enough energy for the rest of the day.
“I'll be there by sundown. Wait form me.”

You leave. You walk back first to the village and then to Eientei. The hallways are full of activity today. Rabbits go back and forth, carrying things in a hurry. The first thing you do is take a bath. You draw a bath and soak for a good while. After drying off you get changed and go back to your room. It's still early in the morning, and despite having slept so little, you're wide awake.

That's when you decide to go for a walk. Besides the frenzied activity that the bunnies are undertaking, things look normal. You drop by to see Kaguya. Her door is open but she's not there. That leads you to go to elsewhere. You step into the courtyard to catch a glimpse of Reisen instructing the rabbits. She looks real busy. You watch as she walks towards the kitchen in a hurry.

[] Catch up to her
[] Go to the clinic instead
>> No. 13868
[x] Go to the clinic instead.

Mokou's such a kid.
>> No. 13869
[Z] Catch up to her
>> No. 13871
[x] Catch up to her

I'd rather not get roped into whatever it was that we successfully avoided yesterday.
>> No. 13873
File 123435950090.gif- (366.45KB , 900x1200 , 20639493579f1353f1d4f1f4235c8c5c.gif ) [iqdb]
[!/] Catch up to her
>> No. 13875
[x] Catch up to her
>> No. 13876
[] Catch up to her
>> No. 13879
[X] Catch up to her

Just be prepared to stay out of her way in case she's not in the best of moods.
We and Tewi might have avoided Eirin's wrath, but Reisen probably didn't get the same luxury. Though, she could just be used to that sort of thing by now.
>> No. 13882
[x] Go to the clinic instead.
>> No. 13883
Is it just me or does Keine treat Mokou more like an annoying younger cousin than a friend?
>> No. 13884
She's still angry over the milk incident.
>> No. 13885
Writing... something now. Not quite an update but I think it won't disapoint anon. Quite the contrary.
>> No. 13895
Aya's Fantasies???
please tell me it is it
>> No. 13896

No, not from what I've heard from 20 Questions with Teru - though it apparently might involve peeking of some sort.
>> No. 13898
File 123450137926.png- (243.36KB , 486x528 , reisen is shocked at my faggory.png ) [iqdb]
You try to follow Reisen. Embarrassingly enough, you trip. The fall is painful, and it feels like it takes you an eternity to hit the ground. And even then it's as if you had just traveled at light speed through a cactus patch.

You quickly dust yourself off and get up. You hope that none of the rabbits saw that. Luckily enough there seems to be no one around. In fact, it seems like no one has been around for quite some time. You shake off the feeling and head to the kitchen You stop short of actually opening the door. Something tells you not to. You instead stain your ears to hear the noises coming from inside. All you can hear is something muffled; rustling of clothes?

You cautiously open the door slightly, being careful not to make any noise. Peeking through the crack, you at first can't tell what's going on inside. You're sure that Reisen came in here, but she's not standing by the stove or getting anything from a cupboard.


You look towards the source of the noise. You hadn't seen her because she's not even standing. Reisen sits on a counter to your right. Her face is flush and contorted. Is she in pain? No, that can't be it. You observe that she seems to be scratching herself. The fabric of her skirt rustles constantly; her hands invade the space under. She's thorough in her movements. Her arms move in small motions, diligently performing some unseen task.

You stare at her. You feel entrapped by the scene and can't look away. The realization of what she's doing comes to you as a shock. Your eyes wonder for a moment and see a small discarded item of clothing on the floor. It's a small, crumpled fabric. You first think it's a sock, a single striped sock, but then you realize she's got both her socks still on.

Why is she doing this here? You almost feel like asking, but you feel that interrupting would be a cardinal sin.

Her breathing becomes shallow and clothes, apparently, too constraining. One of her hands finds its way out of her skirt and to her blouse, roughly unbuttoning herself. Some of the buttons on her top literally fly off. This exposes her chest. With undiminished vigor she fondles herself, hands hungrily seeking to stimulate sensitive points on her body.

Her skirt it loosened and hardly can keep from slipping off completely. She pinches herself through her remaining undergarment, teasing her supple breasts. The angle you're at won't let you see her from the front properly, but the red of her skin shows just how rough she's being. Eventually she discards her shirt wholly, tossing it in your direction. For a moment you fear that she might see you, but she shows no sign of looking at the door. In fact, all of her concentration seems to be exclusive to herself.

It comes as a shock as you realize that her behavior until now was restrained. The volume of her moans increases and her hands find renewed purpose. You note how her toes seem to occasionally curl, and her legs tremble in the air. She lies back against the wall, apparently unable to keep her balance any more. Both hands go again to her crotch, and indecent squelches are almost as loud as her erratic breathing.

She starts to say something under her breath, apparently using it as additional stimulus. You give her fantasies no mind, instead you continue to stare at her erotic form. By now every singe item of clothing that she was wearing has either been discarded or is lingering stubbornly, and precariously, somewhere. One of her hands occasionally leaves her crotch, to wipe off the sweat on her brow. It takes a detour around her breasts, teasing the already tender nipples further. You become transfixed by the sight. Because of her relentless assault and constant trembling, the moist and reddened breasts jiggle ever-so-slightly, in a hypnotic fashion. You inch in closer, opening the door a bit more to feast your eyes further.

Seeing her mostly in profile isn't ideal. You greedily try to somehow position yourself to see her fully. Her gentle lilac hair sticks to her sweaty body in places, acting as a censor from your looks. You're impressed by her tenacity. This looks more intense than any workout that you can recall seeing.

Ultimately, you watch as the expression on her face changes. From a strained, almost desperate look, to one of certain bliss. She climaxes – you're sure of it. Her eyes turn upwards and she exhales with reckless abandon, as if she were emptying whole the contents of her her lungs. Her legs clench up, arms stop moving momentarily, and she convulses. She then collapses into an unmoving puddle on the counter. If not for the almost inaudible rapid breathing, you'd think her dead.

The weight of what you just saw crashes upon you. You realize just how vulnerable you are right now and try to move away from the scene. Reisen will gather her wits soon enough.

Unfortunately, in your own excitement, you had failed to notice that your legs had completely cramped up. With a clumsy and involuntary motion, you crash forwards and into the kitchen. Looking up, you see all you wanted to and more – a look of shock and confusion on Reisen's face. The look only last momentarily. Wasting no time, she takes immediate retaliation. You can't help but stare, unable to look away.

You're becoming lost in her eyes...

No, that's not quite right. The images you now see are different from a daydream.

It's almost like you're being sucked in...

Real update coming soon. Within the hour if I can shift gears properly. I've just been very busy over here.
>> No. 13899
File 123451108642.png- (14.72KB , 292x296 , 8258b6d0746448c375600b3a57f65dc6.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13900
... Yowza!

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