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File 123157355178.jpg - (518.32KB, 1400x1104, 1229886231546.jpg) [iqdb]
13210 No. 13210
// DAY ONE //

The situation is critical.

You’ve been hiding from the German troopers for- how long it has been? Hours? Days? Weeks? You cannot tell; all you know is that you’re the only surviving member of a Soviet division assigned to defend an outpost that had been killed by German artilleries. All you know is that you’re supposed to hold the line until reinforcements arrive, yet your Commissar has ordered you to retreat to Headquarters seconds before a piece of shell obliterated him.

It just does not make any sense.

You, the cream of the Motherland, the best there is, is supposed to hold the line until the last blood is spilt. You, who strongly believe in nationalism and have vowed to defend your homeland to your last breath, cannot accept the idea of retreating without giving out any fight. Yet you assume that your division leader knew things better than you are. A bitter fact to digest, but you have no time to cuss over it as the sound of stomping marches is fast approaching.

You notice that the cave you’re in seems to go deeper than you previously thought. Curious at the anomaly you slowly venture in, taking great care of not notifying the troopers outside. The deeper you go the further you are from the entrance, but you aren’t daunted. It may connect to underground tunnel network, and the prospect of meeting your comrades is enthralling.

You see a spot of light at the end of the passage. You’re excited at the sight, but you are also aware of the possibilities of traps set up by the Germans. So you have your weapon locked and loaded and you march slowly towards the light. As you approach the light, you swear you could hear the giggling voice of a woman; so vague but it was clear for your ear to pick up. You pay very little attention to it as your distance becomes closer.

You finally make your way out. Instead of fellow comrades you’re so hoping to be reunited with, or showering rains of hot lead fired from German bunkers, you find yourself standing next to a river facing what looks like a bamboo forest.

A bamboo forest.

A bamboo forest?

How in the name of Motherland, you ask, you can end up in such place? It doesn’t make sense; the place feels too Oriental, like you have just stumbled across a mysterious gate that connects your homeland with Asia, which is thousands of miles away.

Does it matter to you anyway? Right now you’re dead tired. Your body’s begging to have enough rest, and you can barely feel your legs now. Yet this seemingly exotic place is enticing you to explore further, and your adventurous self becomes restless just by thinking of it.

[ ] Sit down and rest for a while.
[ ] Disregard your fatigue and head to the bamboo forest.


Author’s note: after skimming through the SDM sections, I was kind of inspired to do the same but with Eientei casts. Actually, this idea has been around for quite a while (five months, in fact) but I haven’t had it started until now for some reasons (laziness, being one of them).

As side notes, I will seek for advices to get this stuff going. Some of them include:
+ Basic knowledge I need to gather regarding the life of Soviet soldier in World War 2 (training, equipments, tactics, etc.)
+ Some of the famous battles our Sniper Anon will refer to. Take note that our Anon comes from period before the Battle of Kursk.
+ Stuffs on whether the Lunarians know about World War 2 (in general or specific, if situations dictate) and how our Anon will relate to this.
+ Events that will broaden Anon’s knowledge and appreciation for Gensokyo. Armed conflicts are optional (?).

Also, since my Internet access is pretty much limited, don’t expect regular updates. I will update this whenever I get the chance to be online (and review all feedbacks). By the way, what’s the limit in posts before we reach auto-sage?

Thank you in advance, and please enjoy this adventure.
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>> No. 14570

Day One Overview:
Yuri Ivanov, a soldier in the Soviet Army with the rank Captain, stumbled across a cave while evading German troopers and thus passageway to Gensokyo and met Kaguya Houraisan at the Bamboo Forest who later invited him to the Eientei as honorary guest. There, while taking bath at Eientei’s indoor hot-spring he met the Lady of Boundary Yukari Yakumo who told him she had plans regarding his presence in Gensokyo but did not lay out the details. After the introductory session with the households Ivanov decided to sleep outside, without any idea of what awaited him…

// loading… //

You open eyes. It’s so dark, and you cannot see anything. You figure that it’s still night time, but then you notice that the sky is mysteriously missing and the grass you’re lying on is missing as well. You stand up and realize you are no longer at Eientei, but in a pitch black room with absolutely no light whatsoever. What happened? Who brought you to this place of nowhere?

“Well, well. Looks like our little soldier is scared of the dark. Should I turn on the light for you?”

You know that voice. It’s Yukari. You turn around, trying to spot her. She is nowhere to be seen in the darkness, and you can only hear her laughs. “Show yourself! Don’t hide like a coward!” She keeps on laughing, and you are more annoyed than you are scared. “What do you want from me?”

“What do I want from you?” Slowly she materializes out of the darkness, this time showing her full form instead of sticking out from gap like she did the last time. “Well, it’s obvious that you have something I want, but I’m not here to tell you that. I’m just… concerned of my guest’s welfare.”

You reach for the MP40, only to yourself unarmed. “Looking for this?” You turn back to Yukari and see her holding the sub-machinegun. How did she get it without alerting you? “You’re so helpless without any weapon, little soldier. How pitiful.”

“Like that will stop me from fighting!” You charge at Yukari, hand clenched into a fist and aimed at her face. She parries it with the MP40, and in the negligence that follows she counterattacks with a roundhouse that is flawlessly executed despite her flamboyant dress.

“Oh? You have guts to attack me, little soldier,” Yukari murmurs and effortlessly disassemble the MP40, before discarding the pieces into the darkness. “That’s too bad, because you don’t have any idea of who the boss is.”

“Don’t fuck with me!” you bark and pounce back at her, only to fall onto your knee. The pain on your kidney is so agonizing you can no longer stand up. “What the hell do you really want?”

“Hmm… I wonder…” She makes a pistol gesture with her hand and points it at you. “You know, I’d like to tell you all the details here, but judging from your stubbornness I guess I’ll have to postpone it to other day.”

“Then why are you here? What’s your purpose?” you reply, now beginning to lost conscious as the pain starts to seep into your veins.

“Like I want to tell you that.” You look at her, still angry over whatever she’s doing to you. “Well, I’m not going to let your sleep disrupted for any longer. Goodnight, little soldier, and have a sweet dream.”

She smirks. “Bang.”
Your eyelids storm wide. Thick sweat drenches off your face and dampens your dress. Your heart beats wildly against your chest, running out of control. Your body is totally sore, like you have gone through the longest run in your entire life. Not only that your waist is throbbing in pain, as if someone had kicked you on the body part. For a minute or two you are in complete state of cluelessness, not knowing whether it was a dream or not.

After what seems to be ten minutes of complete silence, you snap. What… what the freaking hell was Yukari doing in your dream? You reach for the MP40 and to your appalled shock it’s gone. Damn. It’s your first day, and already the lady of boundary decided to meddle with your life? What’s up with her?

To hell with that. All you know that she had disrupted your sleep, and you so want to continue slumbering. You close your eyes, cussing her name in your mother’s tongue and slowly doze off. You haven’t had proper sleep in a long time, and you seriously need one.

Or not, as you feel something hopping onto you. You ignore it at first, but then it starts to thump erratically on your chest. Oh, great. What is it this time? Can’t she just leave you alone?

You reluctantly open your eyes again, and instead of Yukari you see…

[ ] the white rabbit.
[ ] Tewi.
>> No. 14571
File 123714052338.jpg - (110.03KB, 1045x415, 1203452895488.jpg) [iqdb]
Forgot to write in that post, people, but we are now in Day Two. New day, new adventure, new whatever. So yeah.
>> No. 14572
[ ] the white rabbit.
>> No. 14573
[ ] the white rabbit.
>> No. 14574
[x] Tewi.
>> No. 14582
[x] Tewi.
>> No. 14591
[X] Tewi.
>> No. 14615
[ze] The white rabbit.

We shall call it Mie.
Someone out there probably gets that.
>> No. 14616
[x] the white rabbit.
>> No. 14619
Oh you.
>> No. 14626
File 123722295053.jpg - (9.76KB, 362x218, waitwhat - Copy.jpg) [iqdb]
I don't get it. Can anyone point me to the source?

Regardless, this CYOA has somewhat rekindled my interest in military arms, and I'm not just talking about weaponry in games but also in general. Speaking of which, had played the final stages of World at War's Soviet campaign, and I immediately fell in love with the PTRS-41. So yeah, I may give Ivanov appropriate upgrades throughout the story, if the situation permits.

Well, sorry for the off-topic content. Since the choice is pretty much decided, I'll begin the update. Seven minutes, maybe more, is all I need to have. A question, though: how's my portrayal of Yukari?
>> No. 14630
*[ ] the white rabbit.*

“Please…” you groan, obviously distraught by the rabbit’s presence. “I need to sleep a bit more. Can’t you leave me for a while?” The rabbit doesn’t pay attention (perhaps because it’s a rabbit for the sake of Motherland?) and continues thumping your chest. You try your best to resist the pounding but eventually you’ve had it enough. So you rise and pick it up, glowering at the critter as it stays placid in your grip. “Seriously, what makes you doing that? Also, how did you find me here?”

“There you are, Mister Ivanov.” You turn to the direction of the voice and see Kaguya standing not far from you, accompanied by Reisen who is obviously staring at you in intrigue. “You weren’t at your room, so I thought I should go look for you outside.”

“Did I just freak out the households?” you ask.

“You didn’t,” Kaguya replies with a smile. “Well, Reisen did freak out when she reported me of your… disappearance.”

“I did not!” Reisen interjects. “It was Tewi who told me he was missing!” Almost at the same time Tewi appears, much to the purple-haired girl’s surprise. “Tewi! Look what you’ve done!”

“What did I do?” Tewi asks with a smirk. “Obviously, the Captain wanted to sleep outdoor, and it wasn’t right to disturb him.” She, then, looks at you. “Right, Captain?”

“Hey! You aren’t even listening, Tewi!” Reisen barks.

“Stop arguing, both of you. Mister Ivanov just woke up here,” she tells them. “Anyway, I’ll be at the kitchen for breakfast. Ask Reisen if you need to find the direction.” She turns to both Tewi and Reisen and tells them something you cannot apprehend before she returns indoor, leaving the two girls to continue their argument. The rabbit finally flees your grip and follows Kaguya’s lead, which is surprising to the very least since only pets would do that.

You sigh. Regardless of the otherwise disturbing encounter with the lady of boundary, and the strange behaviour of the rabbit, you feel exquisitely refreshed after the longest sleep in your life as a soldier. Now that you’ve earned your rest, you feel ready to begin the day.

[ ] return to your room.
[ ] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
>> No. 14634
[ ] return to your room.
>> No. 14635
[x] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
>> No. 14638
>how's my portrayal of Yukari?
Perhaps too cryptic, other than that, it definitely feels like a youkai of boundaries that will fuck your life up out of boredom.

[x] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
>> No. 14639
[x] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
>> No. 14640
[x] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
[x] Pick up the two arguing girls on the way. One under each arm.
>> No. 14642
[x] Head to the kitchen for breakfast.

Harker's story, "Contemplations Under Moon and Stars" features an original character who is one of the many bunny girls at Eientei. Her name is Yue.

Yue, Mie, we all e for e e.
>> No. 14646
File 123731708155.jpg - (236.70KB, 1000x687, 1237289917776.jpg) [iqdb]
Too cryptic, eh? Well, I'll try to make it less obscure in future writing, though I admit I like how I described Yukari up till now.

Ah, yes. I'll have the story checked and read.

As usual, no updates for tonight until I can get my brain to work properly (not even a glass of coffee helped). Have an Udonge.
>> No. 14703
[ ] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
[ ] Pick up the two arguing on the way. One under each arm.

Your stomach grumbles. Right, you better have it filled before the day can start. With that decided you stand up and approach Reisen and Tewi. “Alright, enough with the argument.” You pick up the twos, one under each arm and head straight to the kitchen. “You two are coming with me.”

“What the- hey! Put us down!” Reisen yelps. The equally surprised Tewi tries to flee your arm but you choose to ignore as you continue your trip, walking pass several rabbits that are looking at you in sheer curiosity. You swear you can hear one of the rabbits saying “see? I’ve told you he’s a bad person,” and another rabbit saying, “he’s going to hunt us after this! I’m so scared…”

You halt. You look over your shoulder, and give them a very deep glare as you say “yeah, I hunt rabbits for breakfast, so what?” You watch as they back off in terror and shake your head in amusement; it’s meant to be a joke but it seems they’re taking it too seriously. Not all of the rabbits are willing to accept your presence in the Eientei.

“Way to go, zaichata,” you murmur.

You and the girls arrive at the kitchen. The moment you approach the door Tewi finally gets free and sticks her tongue at you in frustration before she heads to the table where. “Well, so much for someone who calls me Captain a lot,” you shrug (Tewi sulks when she hears this, and you can’t help thinking how adorable she in the pouting face).

“Err… Mister Ivanov?” Reisen calls you. “Could you… let go off me?” Oh, right, you almost forgot. You loosen your arm, careful not to suddenly drop her onto the floor, and she effortlessly stands straight up. “Thanks, though it was kind of… embarrassing when you were-”

“Embarrassing? You call that embarrassing?” you chide. “Or would you rather be hauled over my shoulders like how I used to carry logs in my hometown?”

“What?” By now her face is burning in a mixture of embarrassment and disdain, and you can hear Tewi chuckling over Reisen’s reaction as she growls at you in anger. “Don’t compare me with logs, Mister Ivanov! And before you even ask, I’m not that heavy!”

“She’sh gane shum weit tish week, Cap’n,” Tewi shouts, her mouth muffled with the carrot she’s eating.

“I did not!” Reisen moans.

“It seems the strange zaichata is having argument of his own with Inaba.” You turn to your left and see Kaguya and Eirin approaching, with the white rabbit tagging along. “Good morning, Mister Ivanov.”

“Good morning, Miss Kaguya, Miss Eirin,” you reply. “Thought I’d see you here right away.”

“Well, I thought I could gather everyone for breakfast,” she answers. “But here I am.”

“I can see that, though… strange zaichata?” You raise an eyebrow to emphasize your curiosity over the nick she just used. “What’s that for?”

Kaguya giggles. “It’s cute, really,” she says.

You step aside, allowing them to walk in before you and Reisen follow the lead. Kaguya motions at you to take the seat next to her, in which you do as you approach the table. “How was your outdoor sleep?” she asks.

You shrug. “It was fine, thanks.” You decide on not telling her the unpleasant encounter with Yukari just yet; not until you can have the lady of boundary explain everything. “Brought back memories of my first, too.”

“You’re aware that it’s not safe for normal human to stay outside, let alone sleeping, aren’t you?” Eirin asks while handing Kaguya ceramic glass containing green tea.

Kaguya shushes the pharmacist. “Eirin, at least he was sleeping at the courtyard,” she tells her.

“Nobody told me it isn’t safe outdoor,” you shrug.

“Nah, Cap’n wud probably be awrite,” Tewi said, still munching the carrot as you notice. Reisen scolds her for the lack of table manners but gets ignored again as she keeps talking with her mouth full.

“So, Mister Ivanov.” Kaguya turns to you. “What would you like for breakfast?”

[ ] write-in.
>> No. 14707
[x] Discipline
[x] Hard work
[x] The death of my enemies...
[x] Oh, and some orange juice would be nice, too.
[x] Have whatever they're having. You wouldn't want to impose.
>> No. 14712
>“What would you like for breakfast?”
It had to be rabbits so,
I can't choose.
>> No. 14719
[x] Discipline
[x] Hard work
[x] The death of my enemies...
[x] Oh, and some orange juice would be nice, too.
[x] Have whatever they're having. You wouldn't want to impose.

>> No. 14720
[x] Discipline
[x] Hard work
[x] The death of my enemies...
[x] Oh, and some orange juice would be nice, too.
[x] Have whatever they're having. You wouldn't want to impose.
>> No. 14723
Awesome indeed.

Writing now. Seven minutes.
>> No. 14730
File 123752972126.jpg - (118.30KB, 500x500, 1236792179129.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Discipline.
[ ] Hard work.
[ ] The death of my enemies…
[ ] Oh, and some orange juices would be nice, too.
[ ] Have whatever they’re having. You wouldn’t want to impose.

“Discipline. Hard work.” You begin your speech. “These were the things I’d take for breakfast, day after day, for weeks nonstop ever since the war started. Of course I took something else, but as soldiers these were my top priority. For extra delicacy, I also dined in the death of my enemies; fresh from hunting ground is my preference. Headshot kill is a bonus, too.” You pause as to correct your posture. “Oh, and some orange juices would be nice.”

You stop as to watch their reactions. Reisen’s eyes bulge out of their sockets, Tewi is in utter awe, Eirin keeps herself quiet while Kaguya is looking at you in amusement. The white rabbit is doing nothing else but munching on a carrot Tewi had given earlier.

“You’re scary, Mister Ivanov,” Reisen comments.

“At least I didn’t have rabbits for breakfast,” you answer jokingly, much to the purple-haired girl’s ire. Tewi points to Reisen and laughs at her feeble reaction to the joke.

“We’re going to have toast with omelette for breakfast this morning, but if Mister Ivanov wants something else, we can have it prepared,” Kaguya tells you.

“I’d take anything,” you shrug. “Can’t afford to be fussy when it comes to food.”

“Then, it’s decided.” Kaguya turns to the servant (who to your surprise is the very same person who had helped you on the bathroom and guiding last night). “Bring us tea and orange juices. And-oh, make him some pancakes, too.”

“Yes, Princess,” the servant obliges.

“Can I have pancake, too?” Tewi asks.

Toast, omelette and pancake. The very thought of it makes you feel guilty over yourself. Once again, you feel like crying over your unworthiness as Kaguya’s guest of honour, only this time you remind yourself not to show your apparent weakness. As breakfast are served, Tewi cheers and starts eating feverishly, ignoring Reisen who tries in vain to remind her on table manners.

“So, Mister Ivanov, what’s your plan for today?” Kaguya asks.

You stop munching the pancake. “I don’t know. The truth is, I don’t even know what I’m going to do after this,” you answer. “And I’m not the kind of person who would stay home when the backyard offers more adventure.”

“I’m sure that can be applied to the princess, too,” Eirin comments. You grin a little when you see Kaguya pouting over the remark. “Mister Ivanov can take her for a walk just outside the mansion. It wouldn’t hurt to bask under the sun and get free vitamin D, would it?”

“But Eirin!” Kaguya protests. “What about my MMO? You’re telling me to ditch it altogether?” MMO? What is Kaguya talking of?

“I never said anything about ditching, am I Princess?” Eirin asks with an eyebrow batted upward. “I’m merely suggesting that you should lessen your MMO time and go out more often.” She turns to you afterwards, paying no attention to Kaguya as she keeps mumbling over gaming of whatever you think. “That’s right; he’s a soldier. He can’t afford to neglect his responsibility to the Motherland, can he?”

You cough a bit. She has a point; there’s no use for a soldier to start his day without his vow to protect the Motherland until his last breath. “Though I doubt I’d consider doing the same thing here,” you speak.

“I suppose he can help us with the pharmacy,” Reisen suggests. “We could have some extra hands to carry those heavy boxes.”

“But Captain likes adventure, right?” Tewi asks. “Maybe I can take him for a walk at the bamboo forest.” When Reisen insists she wants to teach you how to prank, Tewi gives her a very mischievous smug. “Oh, you just want to be lifted like a log, right?” Tewi asks back.

“Tewi!” Reisen moans.

“Such a lively conversation we’re having this morning,” you say. “Let me think about it first.”

[ ] help Reisen and the rabbits at the pharmacy.
[ ] go for a walk at the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[ ] go somewhere else.

If [ ] go somewhere else:
[ ] ask if there’s any place you can visit.
[ ] don’t ask and trust your sense of direction instead.


Well, this should do for now.
>> No. 14734
[x] Go for a walk in the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[x] Ask Tewi to teach you the layout of area, and how to find your way back if you get lost.
>> No. 14735
[x] Go for a walk in the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[x] Ask Tewi to teach you the layout of area, and how to find your way back if you get lost.
>> No. 14736
[x] Ask if there are any other places in Gensokyo you might want to know about, so that you can visit them at a later time if need be.
[x] help Reisen and the rabbits at the pharmacy.
>> No. 14738
[x] Go for a walk in the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[x] Ask Tewi to teach you the layout of area, and how to find your way back if you get lost.
>> No. 14739
[x] Go for a walk in the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[x] Ask Tewi to teach you the layout of area, and how to find your way back if you get lost.
>> No. 14741
File 123760393191.jpg - (30.22KB, 203x189, geh - Copy.jpg) [iqdb]
Geh, can't do updates today, not until I can get over the problem with my ISP and its shitty connection service. So yeah, this will have to wait for a while. Hopefully by next Monday I'll be able to resume posting.
>> No. 14784
[ ] Go for a walk in the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[ ] Ask Tewi to teach you the layout of area and how to find your way back if you get lost.

Right. The first place you got into soon after you walked out of the cave was the bamboo forest. You’re sure you could learn a thing or two about it while you’re staying. Who knows, you may be able to apply the knowledge with your proficiency in the art of sniping “Say, I was wondering if Tewi could teach me the layout of the bamboo forest and its routes,” you utter.

“That’s quite a thought, but why bamboo forest?” Kaguya asks.

“Well, maybe I can find my way back if I get lost there,” you shrug.

Tewi grins. “I can arrange for that, Captain, if you don’t mind going out for a walk,” she says with a wink.

“As a matter of fact, I was thinking of doing that, too,” you say. “Whatever it is, let me get dressed up after this. Can’t afford to walk outdoor with this attire, can I?” You finish the last piece of the pancake and breathe deeply in pleasure, tapping your tummy at the same time. “My praise to the Motherland for this exquisite meal. My blood, my heart, my soul, I shall offer them for your grace,” you speak.

Kaguya claps her hand. “Splendid speech, Mister Ivanov. Splendid.”

You sheepishly grin. “Thank you, Miss Kaguya.”

After the breakfast, you kill some time by helping Reisen with the dishwashing, using the opportunity to forge friendship of sort with her (although Tewi’s constant teasing at Reisen for being a useless bunny takes a lot to get used to). By this time Eirin and the servant have left, though Kaguya stays behind as to feed the rabbit. With the chore finished you excuse yourself and return to your room. There you stumble across the servant, holding what looks like the uniform you had asked to be cleaned last night.

“Your uniform is ready, sir,” she speaks.

“Good to hear that, because I was about to ask you for it.” You examine the clothes and notice they are thoroughly clean; your first thought is that the servant (or whoever did the cleaning) must have gone through hard time scrubbing the stains. It smells nice, too; you wonder what kind of washing agent they used. “You did well; I appreciate it. Though I admit I’ll miss the scent of battlefield after this,” you joke.

“I’ve done everything I could to have the clothes clean as you asked, sir,” the servant answers. “I hope you find the service satisfying.”

“Yes, very much so. Spasibo.”

She tilts her head, one of her rabbit ears drooping to the left as she does. “Excuse me?”

“In your language, that would be ‘thanks,” you tell her.

“Oh, yes.” She grins, as if she’s learning the new word. “Well, I’ll hope you’ll enjoy your day.”

The servant leaves. You enter the room and take the precious minutes to dress up; it feels good to be wearing the uniform back. You also strap on your gears, never forgetting your role as a soldier and as a safety precaution in case the trip goes amiss. You examine the scoped Mossin-Nagant and open the bullet chamber, making sure the bullets are still there. Right; while you’re at it maybe you can ask Tewi of any place you can resupply your ammunition stock (and if possible, finding a replacement for your lost MP40).

You leave the room. You make haste to the gate and meet Kaguya with the likes of Tewi and the white rabbit. “Looks like the strange zaichata is all geared up,” Kaguya says.

“I don’t find the calling particularly comfortable,” you cough.

“Why? It fits you the most,” she giggles. “Plus, you used that to describe yourself, weren’t you?”

“Not on daily basis, Miss Kaguya,” you tell her. “Not on daily basis.”

Kaguya, then, turns to Tewi and speaks of something you can’t comprehend (Tewi seems to grin at every word the princess is saying and you can only wonder), before she turns back to you. “Well, have fun exploring the bamboo forest, Mister Ivanov, and please be careful.”

“I will,” you nod.

She head backs to the mansion and leaves you with Tewi; the white rabbit follows her lead, hopping all the way as they enter the door and disappear from sight. You look at Tewi who in turn looks back at you.

“So, Captain, ready for some jungle trekking?” she asks.

You nod and holster the rifle. “I’m more than ready, Comrade Tewi. Lead the way.” She grins widely at the address; maybe she’s been waiting to be called that.

“Well, then.” She tiptoes to the front and point to the bamboo forest. “Which way do you want to go?”

[ ] left.
[ ] right.
[ ] straight ahead.


Well, I hope I got the Russian right, as I know nothing of the language (had to consult my friend for its translation).
>> No. 14785
File 123782072673.jpg - (138.82KB, 500x700, donations.jpg) [iqdb]
BTW, a very silly problem nonetheless: I can't do the coding for bold, italic, underline, spoilers and such right. Anyone help me, please?

Picture somewhat related.
>> No. 14786
[x] I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi.
>> No. 14787
Coding? It's like this : (although with my current luck, I'll screw this up as well)

[ b ] BOLD [ /b ]
[ u ] Underline [ /u ]
[ i ] Italics [ /i ]
[ spoiler ] Spoiler [ /spoiler ]

Just erase the spaces between the []'s and what's in the middle.
>> No. 14788
[x] You hope to cover every inch of this ground by nightfall. Direction means nothing to you.
>> No. 14789
[x] I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi
>> No. 14790

Don't forget strikethrough.

[ s ] Strikethrough [/s ]
>> No. 14812
[x] I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi
>> No. 14814
Remind me: what's "zaichata" mean, again?
>> No. 14815
[x] You hope to cover every inch of this ground by nightfall. Direction means nothing to you.
>> No. 14816
File 123788064346.jpg - (65.19KB, 363x588, 1237869723135.jpg) [iqdb]
>>14814 from Wikipedia on Vasili Zaytsev:

>He is notable for having participated in the Battle of Stalingrad. There, the Soviets set up a snipers' training school in the Metiz factory; it was run by Zaytsev. The snipers Zaytsev trained were nicknamed zaichata, meaning "leverets" (baby hares).

It seems the votes so far are quite intriguing. I'll put the update on hold as to wait for more votes to pour in.
>> No. 14822
>baby hares
Oh u.
>> No. 14827
[x] I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi
>> No. 14850
File 123795574330.jpg - (137.85KB, 598x850, 1209268152234.jpg) [iqdb]
*[ ] “I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi.”*

You look straight ahead. Then to the left. Then right. There’s no road whatsoever you can see at each direction. Where to go? You can’t choose the direction you want to. This is very confusing.

“I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi.”

Tewi looks up at you. “Eh? That certainly is unlike you, Captain,” she says smugly.

“You know the place better than I do, Comrade. You show me.” Right; it’s better to listen to someone who’s accustomed to the area. After all, by following wherever Tewi’s headed to you hope you’ll be able to cover every inch of this ground by nightfall. Directions mean nothing to you and should pose you no problem.

Tewi giggles. “Well, then. Let’s go this way!” So saying she walks towards the nearby river, bunny-hopping all the way. “Over here!!” You follow her, looking around the vegetation for any sign of hostility; occasionally you pause and aim the scope at the gaps between bamboo trees. “Captain, you’re slowing down! Something caught your attention?” Tewi asks while standing on the river bank.

You approach Tewi. “You can’t just let the enemy attack you unprepared, can you?”

Tewi just giggles. “Oh, come on. You’ll be safe with me around,” she assures. Somehow you don’t find that convincing, not with that rather disturbing smug on her face. Or is it just you being uncomfortable with her? “Besides, you can just shoot those fairies with that gun of yours, right?”

Is she testing you or what?

[ ] Argue.
[ ] Do not argue.


Stupid update is stupid. Had to practically squeeze my brain in order to write this, and even so I never found it satisfactory.
>> No. 14851
[x] Argue.
>> No. 14864
[ze] Argue.
>> No. 14877
File 123800112012.jpg - (83.73KB, 491x450, 1206396429516.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, people, thread's almost hitting autosage, so I'll post update in new thread. It's almost done, though I can't guarantee I'll have it finished in seven minutes.
>> No. 14881
[9] Do not argue.
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