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Thread 13902 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123454739147.jpg - (515.45KB, 1238x1596, rlss.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Catch up to her

You follow her to the kitchen.

She's sorting out bags and instructing rabbits to carry different things. Not just that, but she also tries to work out a few common household chores. She cleans the stove top while directing everything, and you can tell that she's overwhelmed. Despite that, she's not agitated. She gives out orders with a calm voice, and seems to redouble her efforts for every mistake made. Her grace under pressure certainly is admirable.

Ultimately it's the rabbits that start getting overextended. They start to lag and trip all over themselves. They can't handle multiple tasks like Reisen can. One of them falls right in front of you.

“Are you okay?” You see if he hasn't hurt himself. It was just a moment of clumsiness. He's fine.

The other rabbits all stop. They turn and stare at you. You know what it is they want from you without them having to do anything more. Yeah, you'll do it.

“Can I help out?” You talk to Reisen. “It looks like you could use a hand around here.”
“Sure, go ahead.” Reisen doesn't hesitate to accept your help. She doesn't turn to face you though, instead just giving you orders. “Go move the boxes by the door of the pantry, outside. There should be rabbits there already moving some.”

You get right to it. The rabbits seem to be terribly incompetent at doing these simple tasks. They stop to take constant breaks, walk around in circles, and occasionally drop the boxes. You try to lead by example. You go back and forth, taking as many boxes as you can from the pantry to the outside. They're setting up towards the rear of the mansion, a large cleared area with the bamboo forest at its edge.

Moving about and doing your work, you notice that the rabbits start to stare at you. You feel like they're surprised at your involvement. Maybe going “hey, what's the deal with this guy” to one another. You do, however, inspire the rabbits that were clumsily carrying boxes to shape up. It only takes you over a dozen round trips, but the job is done. You report in with Reisen.

“Go sweep the front porch
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>> No. 14251

Different anon here, he's most likely raging due to the fact that Inu-Yasha had said robe in the show.

At least that's what I think.
>> No. 14252

That's what I was thinking too. And I was hoping he'd answer differently, because that's a really dumb reason.
>> No. 14253
I've been using Robe since before Inu-Yasha was even on the shelves as a manga. Besides, that's what the wiki says is the translation of Imperishable Night's spellcards 160 and 161.

It sounded more like someone was insecure about their anime ...

Thread 14171 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123549408854.jpg - (29.70KB, 600x917, eclipse1.jpg) [iqdb]
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For Mystia, who is ever-awesome, and a constant source of inspiration to me.

“That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.”


The halls of Eientei Manor, the House of Eternity, echoed ever so slightly as a single figure trod down the halls nervously, shoes tap-tap-tapping on the soft wood floor. Though sound in mind and strong in heart, the stalwart rabbit called Reisen Inaba knew something was not right as of late. The good doctor had practically locked herself up in the medical wing for longer than any doctor, magical or not, should ever do. Walking determinately through the room which served as the lobby for Eientei’s small clinic, she turned down a hallway and stopped in front of a door towards the back. It was well past dinnertime—closer to midnight even—and all the lights in the wing were extinguished for the evening, save for this one, behind the webbed glass of the room Reisen now stood in front of.

Clinical Research and Development. Dr. Eirin Yagokoro, M. D.

The woman tapped at the glass softly, one-two-three times. No answer. She repeated the process. Still no answer. Testing the doorknob and finding it unlocked, she cracked the portal open slowly and peeked inside.

To any but a true scientist, the space was a nightmare. Glass-metal shelves full of odd equipment and probes of all shapes and sizes. Giant machines of black and grey, looking more like execution devices than medical breakthroughs. Test tubes, beakers, and glass dishes lined up neatly in rows, or else carelessly jumbled in a corner, whether or not they held secretive liquids inside them. Work tables with high-precision microscopes and binders full of unintelligible charts in a foreign language to all but the sharpest and most specialized of minds. To Reisen, who had seen this room several times before, it was like an odd dream: not fully understandable, but somehow comforting, in a strange and mysterious sort of way.

Dr. Eirin sat in the corner of the room on a rubber-seated swivel chair, buried in paperwork and watching a Bunsen burner heat a g
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>> No. 14190
It's moon lupus.
>> No. 14214
This was a wonderful story Owen.

Thank you for writing this.

I hope you continue writing even more.
>> No. 14217
Wonderful story. I rather do like it.

I do like to think that Mokou would feed Reimu her liver; I mean, she does care about Keine and the other humans, after all.

It'd be interesting to see a follow up!

Thread 13475 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123305069697.jpg - (291.89KB, 900x1200, kks1.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Offer to treat her to something at a cafe

You have an idea.

“If you don't mind, I'd like to treat you to something.” Yeah, she's been good to you. It's only proper to reciprocate especially since you have the money.
“Treat me to something? That's not necessary. I'm fine.” She gives you an appreciative smile.
“It may not be necessary but I want to do it. Surely there's no reason why you can't have a cup of tea and maybe something to eat with me? You said that you do as you please on your days off, so I hope you'd like to join me.” You then add, “That is, of course, if you'd even like to spend time with me. I understand if you want to spend your own time by yourself.”
“Oh I would like to spend time with you. Don't worry about that.” She assures you. “But I'm not really sure that I feel comfortable with you spending money on me completely on a whim. If we do go, let me pay for myself.”
“I've no use for money.” You tell her the truth. “There's nothing here that I wish to buy and so it'll all just weigh down my pockets. I have no problem in spending it to treat someone who has been exceptionally nice to me to something good. Therefore, I'll be more than happy to treat you to as much or as little as you want.”
“I see.” She lets out a feminine giggle. “You make an eloquent argument. When you put it that way, I feel it'd be rude to refuse.”
“Great! That settles it.” You pick up your bag, happy that she acquiesced. “Just one thing though. You'll have to pick the place. I'm not at all familiar with the eateries and locales here.”
“That's no problem. There's a nice place by the outskirts, facing a small plot of woods. Its just off the main road leading to the lake.”
“That'll be fine. Please lead on.”

Turns out that the place she led you to is quite lovely. The architecture of the small house is unlike that of the rest of the village – it's more like something you'd find in a village in Belgium than anywhere in Asia. The place needs a new coat of paint, but other than that it's wel
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>> No. 13898
File 123450137926.png - (243.36KB, 486x528, reisen is shocked at my faggory.png) [iqdb]
You try to follow Reisen. Embarrassingly enough, you trip. The fall is painful, and it feels like it takes you an eternity to hit the ground. And even then it's as if you had just traveled at light speed through a cactus patch.

You quickly dust yourself off and get up. You hope that none of the rabbits saw that. Luckily enough there seems to be no one around. In fact, it seems like no one has been around for quite some time. You shake off the feeling and head to the kitchen You stop short of actually opening the door. Something tells you not to. You instead stain your ears to hear the noises coming from inside. All you can hear is something muffled; rustling of clothes?

You cautiously open the door slightly, being careful not to make any noise. Peeking through the crack, you at first can't tell what's going on inside. You're sure that Reisen came in here, but she's not standing by the stove or getting anything from a cupboard.


You look towards the source of the noise. You hadn't seen her because she's not even standing. Reisen sits on a counter to your right. Her face is flush and contorted. Is she in pain? No, that can't be it. You observe that she seems to be scratching herself. The fabric of her skirt rustles constantly; her hands invade the space under. She's thorough in her movements. Her arms move in small motions, diligently performing some unseen task.

You stare at her. You feel entrapped by the scene and can't look away. The realization of what she's doing comes to you as a shock. Your eyes wonder for a moment and see a small discarded item of clothing on the floor. It's a small, crumpled fabric. You first think it's a sock, a single striped sock, but then you realize she's got both her socks still on.

Why is she doing this here? You almost feel like asking, but you feel that interrupting would be a cardinal sin.

Her breathing becomes shallow and clothes, apparently, too constraining. One of her hands finds its way out of her skirt and to her blouse, roughly unbuttoning herself. Some of the buttons on her top literally fly off. This exposes her chest. With undi
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>> No. 13899
File 123451108642.png - (14.72KB, 292x296, 8258b6d0746448c375600b3a57f65dc6.png) [iqdb]
>> No. 13900
... Yowza!

Thread 11920 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 122523031067.jpg - (113.96KB, 850x637, [Title].jpg) [iqdb]
11920 No. 11920 hide watch expand quickreply

----Money Balance ----

----Game progress----
>No Game Mods unlocked.
>Triggered 1(one) flag
>Unlocked 1(one) Extra

>1: [Information locked]
2: Game parameters adapted for Rip[B]


[ ] New Game
[ ] Load Game
[ ] Options
[ ] Special Features
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>> No. 13484
Right, Investigation time. Now right away since I'm just about to go to a meeting but when I come back.

You missed a fiery encounter, but was it for the better or the worse? Who knows.
>> No. 13505
File 12331017623.jpg - (36.42KB, 463x330, 2817057.jpg) [iqdb]
I miss Mystia. What the hell happened after we passed out, did we disappear? What happened to her?

>You fall over and hit your forehead against the stone path leading to the shrine. You roll on your right and look at the Youkai; did you even ever ask her name? She stopped firing and is flying toward you with a worried expression. She’s saying something, but you can’t hear anything as your consciousness escape this world to return into the real one.
>> No. 13587
Hey Blamethyst, this needs a new thread. You're close to autosage.

Thread 12830 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123056324236.jpg - (35.22KB, 442x270, wave.jpg) [iqdb]
12830 No. 12830 hide watch expand quickreply
You tap the 'stop' button with the stylus. You let out a sigh of relief. You were unsure of this at first, it seemed like a stupid idea. But, hey, as you went along you got into it.

“Still, who would have thought that I could say so much about this last week...” You mutter, trying to suppress another sigh.

It's late at night and, save for the distant songs of nocturnal birds, it's completely silent around here. You'd be sleeping at this time normally. There's not much to do and the others seem to be asleep. The only reason you're up is because of this stupid thing.

You stare at the pale light coming from the PDA's screen. Yeah, this thing. You got it earlier today. That girl really forced it on you, called it “junk” but gave it to you all the same. Really now, just because you helped her find the clinic the other day she didn't need to repay you. Well, that doesn't bother you that much. It's that her attitude was so arrogant. But well, you're not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. The PDA works. Luckily the PIN code was taped on a piece of paper (2737, something about that number strikes you as unusual). Save for a few additional encrypted directories and files, you have complete access to this thing. Not too shabby. It has organizational functions, musical playback capabilities, and can even access the net. Too bad you don't have any Wi-Fi hotspots nearby.


You stare at the mascot, a happy-looking yak with a ribbon and silly hat, as you access the file you just created. You'll play it back now, after all it you have to see if this 'no-name' PDA did its job well.

“...Umm... testing, testing... la la lah~” You hear your voice being played back. It sounds a bit lower in pitch than you normally hear it. “I guess it's on. Yeah, that wave is definitely my voice pattern. So, uh, starting. I've decided to keep this audio log because of the events that have happened to me lately. I feel it's important to keep track of everything. After all, given how messed up this week was, I have no idea what might happen to me in another week's time. B
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>> No. 13139
Will get to writing soon. I don't see anything preventing an update in a couple of hours. I'll create a new thread since this auto-saged.

That's not a good assumption. The flow of time is exclusively a storytelling tool. Depending on the intended objective a 'scene' can be several choices or just one. There's no 'hard' day limit for the story either, it all depends on the routes and choices made.
>> No. 13146
[] Find Strelok Tewi

Needs more bunny love.
>> No. 13148
Disregard my previous post. I got caught up working on something else. I won't update for a while.

Thread 12075 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 122562154049.jpg - (79.68KB, 516x387, 42b322b06f9ad415677d4fb21fa11ca5.jpg) [iqdb]
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[X] “The people there are kind, so I’m having no problems. I can’t help but wonder about your animosity towards the Princess. She's a bit combative, yes, but not outwardly hostile.”

“Well, to be honest, I’ve been having an easy time of it there. Granted, I’ve been mildly injured, but they have been kind to me.”
“Injured? From the kiosk, yes?” Keine asks.
“Partially. I also had a bit of a scuffle with the local fauna. They thought it a good idea to take advantage of a new friend of mine and I vehemently disagreed.”
“Good on you. How about Kags?” Mokou asks.
“Wait, Mokou, I really should hear of this.”
“He obviously won, just look at him. He’s not dead or missing limbs, right?”
“Yes, but-” She’s cut off,
“He’s fine. You’re fine, right?”
“Can’t complain.”
“See? Straight from the horse’s mouth. Besides, he’s working for Eientei so if there was anything wrong they’d patch him right up. At least the doctor and her rabbits are good people.”
“You know, Mokou, I have been wondering something.” You catch the silver and red woman’s attention.
“Well, it’s pretty obvious you don’t exactly like the Princess.” She smirks and raises an eyebrow.
“No kidding. By the way, you can go ahead and say her name. It’s not like I’m going to rat you out or anything.”
“Okay, well I can’t help but wonder about your animosity towards Kaguya. She's a bit combative, yes, but not outwardly hostile.” Mokou just shakes her head.
“Listen, you don’t know her like I do. We’ve been fighting like two particularly pissed off dogs for years now and probably aren’t going to quit any time soon.”
“Yet you have been an order of magnitude more civil to each other recently.” Keine remarks.
“Hey, pipe down you.” Mokou reaches over and flicks Keine’s forehead.
“That’s all fine well and good, but would I be too invasive if I asked just why you have been doing so?” You ask while picking up a skewer of chicken.
“Nah, I’ll tell you. See, long ago she humiliated a handful of guys who wanted to marry her. One of those men was my fa
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>> No. 13131
Forget the side story! Gimme my dapper!
>> No. 13141
File 123134466065.jpg - (130.60KB, 400x517, Mokou_Reisen2.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] The underground boxer Mokou “Firebrand” Fujiwara. Who would have thought a late-night pub crawl would bring such opposites to meet?
[x] His old war buddy Reisen U. Inaba. After they were drafted, they quickly found each other to be kindred spirits.

Yes, his friends and partners Mokou and Reisen. He just can’t help but reminisce as he thinks of those two.

Mokou, the crazy pyro, has been a regular fixture of the underground boxing scene for a good year now and is one of the top fighters. It’s amazing, really, since she’s one of the only women in the league (Guess the fact her fire-augmented moves trump most of the spells the guys toss at her helps). He smiles as he remembers one time the arrogant and handsome Jimmy “The Face” Roberts tried his lame Rubber Limbs crap against her. Too bad for him it gave her a chance to land her Phoenix Punch right in the kisser and make him “The Face” for a completely different reason (Putting it bluntly, it now looks like a damn well-done steak). The girl felt bad about it, apparently, and visited him with Casey after he started to feel better.
But, (To the people in her good graces, anyway. The woman knows how to keep a grudge.) she has always been like that, Casey thinks. Even when he first met her back when he was still getting used to magic she had no problem with giving a helping hand. As per usual for him, he was roaming about from pub to bar hoping to get increasingly smashed along the way. At his second stop he came across the woman seated at one of the bar’s stools sipping at a dark drink. What really caught his alcohol-addled attention was her odd choice of attire: bright red slacks, matching suspenders, and a brownish-white shirt. Ever since the emergence of those youkai people when he was young Casey was used to seeing odd fashions and hair colors, but a woman in pants? Really? Also, red? Before he knew it he had sat down next to her and ordered himself some unholy mixture of gin, rum, and whiskey (tasted like Satan’s taint, but it got him hammered proper).
“Hey, you an oni?” She eventually asked him after a length of time.
“Well then, Mister Possibly-An-Oni, what’s the de
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 13142
File 123134484948.jpg - (159.76KB, 700x625, Mokou_Reisen.jpg) [iqdb]
Of course, not everything can be solved with brutality, and the finesse of Reisen is perfectly suited for such situations. Another “sufferer” from the Aurora, her ability to control illusions took a bit to make itself known. What didn’t wait, however, were the brand new rabbit ears and tail that came to many women and girls after the event (including Yue). However, Reisen was affixed with the rarer crumpled-looking ears rather than the far more common floppy ears. Why? Nobody knows (Isn’t that wild?). All Casey really knows about them is they feel like soft, fuzzy leather and grabbing them apparently feels like having someone scratch a hard-to-reach place on one’s back. As for the tail, as Bog (Or God) as his witness he will one day grab it (And, you know, not get slapped for it). Though, knowing her, she’d likely just yell, get huffy, and stop talking to him. Really, it’s a shock such a sweet girl got into the army in the first place, let alone be a soldier on the front lines.
It was pure chance that they met, really. Both being “Augmented Citizens,” they were assigned to the same company to fight in the Great War. While trench warfare reigned supreme at the beginning, as the nations began to use their mages, witches, and wizards more the trenches became largely abandoned in favor of guarding the spell-slingers as they did their thing. Reisen, still getting a handle on controlling her powers, and Casey, not able to use his in a combat setting, were soon assigned to the guard platoon of a sickly witch able to use spells according to the elements. She had tried to lecture the pair, whom she had taken as her personal guards, on the subject, but broke down in a fit of sickness before she could make it halfway.
As a team the two worked wonderfully with Reisen as the sharpshooter hiding at a good vantage point and Casey as a more traditional bodyguard to take care of any threats that got too close (A scattergun is a wonderful thing). This, combined with the rest of the soldiers keeping the enemy distracted, led to an almost perfect combat record and the witch suffering no damage. All in all, a real bang up job. Since Casey and Reisen worked in such proximity to each other, they woul
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

Thread 11992 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 122539071024.jpg - (71.46KB, 400x574, closest i can get without posting actual promotion.jpg) [iqdb]
11992 No. 11992 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] Make love to Alice

Words can't begin to describe the surge of emotion within you. Nor can you hope to think of the right words to say right now, that cool answer that a veteran player would dispense. No, for now, you can just think of Alice. You already knew how you felt about her even before she confessed her feelings. Despite everything, it's been her that's filled your thoughts the most.

You wordlessly step closer to her, gently lifting her head up. You offer her a passionate kiss, probing her mouth with your tongue and exchanging saliva.

“This...is my answer.” You stare at her eyes after kissing her, trying to show her your resolve. “I love you. And I'll never leave you if I can help it.”

Those words trigger another cascade of tears.

“Alice? Why are you crying? I'm sorry if I upset you.”
“Idiot...!” She buries her face in your chest. “I'm just... so happy.” She sobs and you hold her tightly.

Regaining some composure, Alice leads you to the other room in the house. She grabs your hand escorts you. It's a small room with a single window and only two objects inside – a mattress and a chair.

“If...you don't mind, we could m-make l-love here.” Alice blushes and you can feel her small hand trembling slightly in yours.
“Alice, we don't have to do anything if you're not comfortable with it. Just being with you is good enough for me.”
“No.” She shakes her head quickly. “I want this. Please.” Her eyes are puffy from all the crying that she's been doing, but you can still see steady resolve in an unflinching look.

She initiates the attack, aggressively kissing you. It's a clumsy attempt to get things going, but at the same time it's an earnest expression. However there's no follow-up. She stands, looking unsure of what to do next. Seeing her like this also sparks indecisiveness inside of yourself.

“Well, if you really want to do this, we should take off our clothes.” Ah, that came off as more of an interrogative than a statement.
“Eheh,” She laughs, a small break in the tension. “I suppose as much.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 12431
[X] A nice day like this is better with company; spend time with Kaguya
>> No. 12432
[x] A nice day like this is better with company; spend time with Kaguya

The conversation with Kaguya got me interested. we got questions to ask, people.
>> No. 12436
[x] A nice day like this is better with company; spend time with Kaguya

Thread 11264 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 122355155761.gif - (31.79KB, 350x350, 76b15f0f44bb54de387bc4ad3f7cb19e.gif) [iqdb]
11264 No. 11264 hide watch expand quickreply
[⌚] Check the time.
[x] Pursue it, your curiosity has been master sparked.
[x] Pull Téodor out of your pocket and examine him; does he need a good scrubbing as well?

“Come on, don’t leave me hanging like that. Not when you have masterfully sparked my curiosity in such a way.” Reisen wrinkles her nose a bit at this for some reason before she speaks.
“Well, okay. It started out simple enough with me flying. Since it’s pretty common, I thought nothing of it before I began to fall into a cloud’s shadow. Inside I found I was trapped in a glass house with a dark-skinned man in robes. He was swinging this weird curved sword at me and shouting.”
“Curved sword? Like a katana?”
“No, it had a more extreme angle to it. Now this is where it starts to get really strange. He walks closer to me, but I can’t fly anymore or use any of my abilities so I’m really in trouble. I try to yell for help, but my voice is completely gone. Just when he’s about to cut my head off, I turn and see Mister Morichika in a red loincloth.”
“Rinnosuke? In a loincloth?”
“I told you it was strange. Weirder still, he yells out in a deep voice ‘Somebody turn up the AC!’ and kicks the sword man after flexing. Then I woke up with one of the rabbits curled up on my chest.” Only the sound of the other rabbits scrubbing fills the room as you process this. Flying then not flying in a room with a mad Arab and Rinnosuke doing something completely absurd? The thought of him posing while shouting such a ridiculous phrase makes you snicker at first, then move to a full-blown chuckle.
“I’m glad you thought it funny. I couldn’t sleep at all after that.”
“I know the feeling. I’m prone to some odd dreams as well.”
“Really? I seem to be the only one around here who has weird dreams like that. Here I thought it was a side-effect of my power.”
“Yes, most of the stronger people here have unique powers. Mine is the manipulation of sanity.”
“Huh. So if a guy says he’s crazy for you?”
“He’s probably not too far off.”
“I like to think so.” As the conversation lapses into silence, you give your watc
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>> No. 12057
[X] “The people there are kind, so I’m having no problems. I can’t help but wonder about your animosity towards the Princess. She's a bit combative, yes, but not outwardly hostile.”

D'awww, little Keine~
>> No. 12059
File 122558383982.jpg - (74.01KB, 500x600, Mokou_Keine4.jpg) [iqdb]

California, but my sleeping schedule is a wee bit on the erratic side.


Picture very related.

Writing now.
>> No. 12062


Thread 11451 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 122409315089.jpg - (48.69KB, 363x512, ke1u.jpg) [iqdb]
11451 No. 11451 hide watch expand quickreply
“I think that I should warn you that this is serious.” You make your intentions clear, just in case. Keine's body language, her tense shoulders and straight face, tell you that she already regards this as serious. “As odd as things may seem, they're true as far as I know.”
“Don't worry, I won't take this lightly.” She assures you.
“About yesterday...” You decide to say your piece in one go, “I honestly have no recollection of whatever it is happened at school yesterday. Or in fact the whole day. The last thing I remember is going to bed, the day before and then waking up the next afternoon. I tried to find out what was up, but everyone treated me like something important had happened. Villagers were looking at me funny, drunks were giving me sympathy, and heck even Mokou seemed to be a bit off. Although truth be told, after the panic and confusion, I'd have thought that even my own mother was acting strange. I... honestly don't know who I should talk about this to.”

A moment of silence as Keine seems to contemplate what you've just said. Truth be told, your heart is pounding harder than normal. The tightening in your chest makes it hard for you to breathe. You're sure that were you in Keine's shoes, you'd think yourself stark raving mad. You take to counting the seconds in your mind, but each one seems like an eternity. It only takes only about thirty seconds in actuality for Keine to reply, but to you it feels like thirty hours.

“And just what exactly do you think is the cause of this?”
“Well...” You hesitate a bit, not exactly expecting such a straight-laced answer, “I really don't know. I would have checked in with Eirin, but I suspect she'd only give me another non-answer. She tends to glaze over explanations.”
“I see. And this has never happened before?”
“Never. I've certainly had many strange and unpleasant experiences, but this is the first time that I can't remember what happened during a day.”

You're relieved that she's apparently taking this seriously. That still doesn't change the fact that your skin is full of goosebumps and you&#
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 11974
Fuck. I had written about 3/4 of the update when my desktop decided to be cute and hang for some reason. I lost a bunch of text from the last auto-save. I'm giving up on writing until after I get some sleep. So push that already vague ETA further back. F'in demoralizing as well. Ah well, writin' smut ain't easy.

Writefags do their best now and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready.
>> No. 11976
>> No. 11988
Isn't there a rule about not having sex when you're in the middle of some big mystery conspiracy thing?

Well, if it's Alice it's fine.

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File 122300495162.jpg - (88.39KB, 800x640, ss-hyperspace1.jpg) [iqdb]
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You take some time to think, those voices, whom are they? Where did they come from? And why at the very second you stepped into the newly formed corridor? You sit down for a moment. Under the adrenaline, you didn’t realize how exhausting the fight with the undead monk was. You let out a deep sigh and wonder. What are you even doing here?

-”What do you truly seek?”

That’s right, you went down here to find out the truth about this place and that’s what you will do. Well, sure back then you didn’t expect to find something like THAT. Huge-ass catacombs and undeads, why the hell is something like this even linked to the nightclub Rin brought you to? Speaking of which, where has she gone? And does she know about this place? If yes, then why didn’t she warn you? Whatever the case may be, you’re still not done with this. Instead of finding answers, you only were met by more and more questions.

You stand up and take a look at the skulls around. With their eyes glowing like this, it almost feel like they’re alive, watching you. As if they were still alive, but jailed here, confined into those skeletal bodies of theirs, unable to move or speak.

You walk toward the wall and stare into the etheral eyes of one of them. You clear your mind and touch it very softly with the tip of your fingers. You take a deep breath and try to focus on this single skull, on what it is as an individual, on what it has been before ending like this. You close your eyes and try to listen to the voices again. They had disappeared, but now you can hear them again, ever so softly, distant. You try to reject all the voices and only allow the one you want to speak.

Suddenly, the world around you breaks. The ridiculously loud sound of something cutting through the air fills your ears. And colors invade your sight. Everything around you is now pure energy swirling all around, moving on endlessly. A ghostly sphere of purple energy is at barely fifty centimeters of you.

-“Please, leave while you still can. Don’t feed their endless appetites.” A disincarnated voice begs

-“Well, you could start by telling me what happened to you down here” you reply warmly,
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>> No. 11897

You are free to try and convince "these anons". I'll be getting another beer now.
>> No. 11898

I'm not going to try and convince anyone. Chaos still sounds like the best choice.

Also, the vote looks pretty unanimous, here. So update and BAWW like a YAF. While you're at it, torch the thread you have going in /others/
>> No. 11919
You don’t quite grasp the symbolic of this dream. Usually, dreams are manifestations of the subconscious’s worries yet this looks like a scene straight from a video game more than anything else. Well, it’s not as if your dream not making sense anymore was anything new. Thinking about it, you can’t be assed remembering any of the dreams you had except yesterday’s and this one. Speaking of which, isn’t it strange you are able to think and rationalizes everything like that within a dream? Oh well whatever.

Giving a second look to the spheres hovering slightly over their respective pillars, the only reply to your eye’s silent question is naught and a handful more interrogations. Whoever that voice of earlier was, she’s gone and you’re all alone now. It doesn’t look like you have anything better to do than examine them a little further until something happens. Couldn’t you just wake up for once?

Your eyes settle on the sphere labeled “Chaos” Although not as entertaining as watching a TV, the endlessly changing fluctuations within it are nearly hypnotizing. Never repeating the same scenery twice, the energy within the sphere dances and storms everywhere inside its shell. For a moment, your eyes gaze at the sphere, contemplating calmly its movements, alternating between grace and violence.

As if driven by a primal desire, unknown to logic, you lean over it. Closer, closer, closer. Some sort of mystic attraction, something deep inside urges you to touch it, to pick it up and keep it with you. Something deep inside is telling you that you just can’t leave it there; you have to bring it back with you out of this dream. With a last glance at what seems now to be the prettiest thing in the world, you swiftly snatch it.

Unfortunately, as your hands touch it, everything vanishes. First, the spheres, then the pillars and finally the floor itself. You feel like you’re falling, but within the naught, you see nothing but yourself and realize it’s much less frightening when you don’t see the ground growing by every second.

Suddenly, a sound . An explosion of overwhelming power breaks the through the naught right beneath you and despite the sensa
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