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Thread 15805 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 124127984691.jpg - (308.83KB, 640x960, useful bunny - when with guns.jpg) [iqdb]
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[x] Ranged

“Oh? That's an interesting choice.” Eirin butts into the conversation. “I'm afraid that Udonge here won't be much help without having access to automatic projectile-throwers. I do believe she was more looking forward to engaging some sort of close-proximity nonsense.”

Reisen nods at Eirin's words with some reservation, and adds, “I'm sure I can help him along somewhat.” It seems like she really was feeling a bit disappointed, you could detect a loss of drive behind her words.
“I trust that you can. Run the basic drills. I'll deal with the more sophisticated aspects of this most elegant choice.” Eirin smiles at you for a moment, and then winks. It makes you feel strange, seeing her so excitable. “Do teach him how to deal with the other things for now, when he's ready bring him to me.”
“Very well.” Reisen signals you to follow her. Eirin waved her fingers slightly, telling you that she'd see you again soon. At this point, you were expecting the intensity of this crash drill to die down a bit. You were sorely mistaken in expecting any form of respite.

Reisen was tougher than before, telling you to do all sorts of silly exercises. Flexing this and that muscle, she worked you like a madman trying to prove a point. It wasn't hard to connect the dots, really. Keeping your mouth shut, you just did as you were told. It seemed that the merest mention of Eirin or what was coming up later made her dish out more exercises.

You took deep breaths. It was the only way to cope.

The interesting part began when she moved on from raw exercise to something more refined. “See that over there?” She pointed to the far wall of the compound – you nodded. “With the weapons you want to train with, that's your minimum range, any closer, and they become a liability.”
“I don't mind. I think I can deal with that.”
“So we'll see.” She looks amused at you. It hadn't occurred to you to think about Reisen's attitude until then. She wasn't mercilessly tough on you, as if punishing you for past shortcomings. Nor was she lenient, making it seem like she m
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>> No. 16203
File 124365424762.jpg - (228.78KB, 645x2912, 1243650537811.jpg) [iqdb]
I'll just leave this here........
>> No. 16204
File 124365428885.jpg - (129.54KB, 645x2848, 1243650707024.jpg) [iqdb]
>> No. 16205
File 124365445362.jpg - (100.74KB, 645x2863, middle.jpg) [iqdb]
Missed something there cap'n.

And new thread up within 20 minutes despite my overwhelming urge to rewrite everything.

Thread 14889 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123804096864.jpg - (489.08KB, 1067x1200, c9fc0504ee8ca2aec7f8dc35544cb700.jpg) [iqdb]
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eh, the last thread has reached its autosage, so yeah.


[ ] Argue.

“What exactly is your purpose of asking me that question?” If you have to argue, then it’s the rationale behind Tewi’s question. Sure, you appreciate her help, and you’re more than grateful to have her company, but you can’t help wondering if she is plotting something against you. “If you really want to help me with the bamboo forest layout, what has this weapon got to do with that?”

To your irate, Tewi merely smiles and wags her finger, as if telling you she’s in charge. “Captain, believe me; you’ll use that gun more than you can imagine.”

“I already have slain lots of those fascists with this gun,” you tell her. “Don’t you ever dare underestimating my skill.”

Her smug widens. “Why so serious, Captain? This is Gensokyo, not the Motherland.” You swear you want to drive the rifle’s butt-stock into her face right now. Now she’s the second person after Yukari who’s making fun of Motherland. “Though if you want to compare, it’s one heck of a battlefield.”

You bat an eyebrow. “I don’t get you.”

Tewi chuckles. “You will, Captain. You will. Oh, by the way.”


“Enemy behind you!”

Your reflex kicks in. You turn around and aim the gun at the said direction, ready to pull the trigger at the first sight of enemy. There’s absolutely nothing in your sight, only bamboos that are rustling as the wind blows. You turn back to Tewi, obviously irritated, and demand for explanation. “I think I’m going to like you after this,” she giggles.

“Oh… whatever…” you sigh.

You and Tewi walk into the forest. This time, Tewi keeps true to her promise and teaches you the layout of the ground, the do’s and don’ts, what to do whenever a fairy strikes (fairy? Is it similar to those you frequently read about, you wonder) and how to find your way back in case you gets lost. You play the role of audience, listening to Tewi’s endless explanation regarding the bamboo forest, how people easily get lost in it and frequently brought to safety by a
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>> No. 15800
I've been plagued by writer's block for the past five days. Right now I'm taking a break until I can get over the damn problem (God knows how long that's going to be). Also, I'll have new thread opened for that purpose.
>> No. 15801

Take your time bro. We'll be waiting.
>> No. 15886
Update please.

Thread 15378 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123937506748.jpg - (181.13KB, 661x920, tsuki-what.jpg) [iqdb]
15378 No. 15378 hide watch expand quickreply
A painful sensation on your left cheek causes you to wheeze. Your lungs burn, and the air tastes like metal. Your body feels weighed down and you wriggle, trying to move about.

“Guys, he's still alive. You can stop now.” Tewi's casual remark coincides with a sizable weight being lifted off of your body. You open your eyes, immediately squinting due to the pain. You make out Tewi's figure hovering near your face. “You're a faithful little puppy, aren't you?”
“You came back for me...” Your voice is raspy. You realize that you're no longer in the middle of the smoky hell.
“I said I would, and I did.” She says in a smart ass way. This is where you'd normally get angry with her, but damn it, you're a softy after near-death experiences. You mumble out thanks. “The rabbits also helped to drag you out of there. Thank them as well. They also helped you breathe on your own again.”
“Thanks.” You close your eyes, tearing up due to the extreme irritation. “What happened? Is everyone alright? Did they manage to put out the fire?”
“That was no fire.”
“Huh?” You open your eyes out of confusion. The immediate sting makes you regret your decision. Wincing, you decide that if you're already screwed you might as well keep your eyes open. It's now that you see that you're indoors, in one of the many identical rooms in Eientei. Tewi is still wearing the face mask and there are a couple of rabbits off in a corner. “But all the smoke-?”
“Where there's smoke, there's not always fire. This was something different.”
“What was it then?” You cough. It feels like your lungs are full of soot. When you swallow, it feels like there's a brillo pad in your mouth.
“Something big, that's what. To tell you the truth, I was off in my own little corner, minding my own business when I heard those booms. After securing my assets, I naturally came to investigate.”
“You didn't see anything?” You breathe in deep. While it hurts to do so, you figure that the sooner that you get clean air in there, the better.
“When I got there I found you. You looked like you had been smo
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>> No. 15802
>What about Drillmaster Eirin?

Would rape Shirou while insulting him.
>> No. 15803
Alright going to write and finish this update, no matter what. And I won't sleep until I do. Otherwise I'll just put it off. Hopefully my motivation will remain high, otherwise this might take a while.

You'll see soon enough.
>> No. 15804
Today is a slow day. So no need to rush things.
>You'll see soon enough.
You sadistic bastard.

Thread 14867 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 12379811525.jpg - (185.33KB, 1167x847, bunnies.jpg) [iqdb]
14867 No. 14867 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] Forget this

There's no point in following her right now. She zips away as you hesitate. The wind carries your apology, but you don't think she even heard it. You slouch, feeling pretty lousy, and walk back to Eientei. It's not so much that Mokou got mad at you, but that you don't know the underlying cause for it. You're sure there's something else that's bugging her, and you really would have liked to have helped somehow. But well, she's made her position clear. That doesn't make it any less disheartening.

It does look like Eirin kept her end of the bargain. Rabbits pass you, but ignore you roundly. By what technique she managed to pull it off, you don't know. More importantly, you're not sure you want to know. There's something inherently frightening about a woman who can easily diffuse the rage found in an army of bunnies. Is that due to the gift of silver tongue or just plain old leverage? Either one makes you reluctant to mess with Eirin. You're already getting daily injections, to her obvious enjoyment, your active imagination can already see that become a more complicated ritual – one that involves a lot of unnecessary and medically irrelevant procedures.

But that's a scenario for another time (hopefully). You find yourself letting out a sigh as you sequester yourself in your room. With Tewi not hunting you down anymore, all the stress and excitement that you suffered earlier comes crashing down on you full force. It's not really fair. Your life seems to be contrasted by moments of high anxiety and tension and absolute nothing. You wonder just how much longer your ticker is going to last. You're young, but you're no immortal. Recent occurrences testify as much.

It's moments like these that are perfect excuses to regress to the mental age of ten. You keep busy, idling about with your neglected doll, pretending you're on some silly adventure together. It's not really intellectually stimulating, but hey, it's strangely relaxing. Having fun in your own little world is both quick and painless. You're grinning from ear to ear as a fabulous idea comes to mind. I
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 15374

Yep. At least if we get a bad end here, we can go out with the satisfaction of knowing we totally guiltfucked someone.

And if we know we're going to die,
and Tewi gets to us too late,
the last thing I want to say is:
"I waited for you, Tewi."

Lol douchebaggery.
>> No. 15377
i thought after the routelock we were only going to see one girl for a long time.
>> No. 26374
What a train wreck.

Thread 15084 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123866537853.jpg - (207.91KB, 850x1076, Phoenix.jpg) [iqdb]
15084 No. 15084 hide watch expand quickreply
Sometimes I write stories, on the spot, in #THP. This is one of them...


<Myschii>Anyway, let us begin.
<Myschii>For now I'll title it "The King of Fools".
<Myschii>We'll see where I can go from there.
<Myschii>“Why would I lie to you? Of all people, who could you not trust more?"
<Myschii>"And on my own birthday of all days? Tsk tsk tsk. Do you need more Faith?"
<Myschii>"More Time?"
<Myschii>“Does your trust really fly away like the Cherry Blossoms on the wind?”
<Myschii>"Would you listen to me more if we had a better Signal between us?"
<Myschii>“Or is what we have between us something Unidentified and Fantastic in its scope…”
<Myschii>Meaningless banter from nobody cascades by your ears. A whisper of a whisper. Yet so very distinct.
<Myschii>You might have even imagined it.
<Myschii>But the words themselves were so soft that maybe they were never directed you at all.
<Myschii>at you*
<Myschii>You stand in the alleyway between Big Bob’s pawn shop and the Black Bird Dinner.
<Myschii>The fragrant smell of delicious pie wafts lazily from the Black Bird’s back door.
<Jerl>I'm coding a PHP visual novel engine.
<Myschii>You flip your switchblade in your hand lazily, impatient with another boring sunny day.
<Myschii>Today will be different though, you have a gut feeling about that.
<Myschii>The Rising Phoenix stands further in the alley. The living legend of the district puffs away at a cigar, short gray hair stained black with smoke in some places
<Cruentus><%Jerl> I'm coding a PHP visual novel engine.
<Cruentus>Wait what
<Cruentus>Why would you do that
<Jerl>PHP: Hyptertext Preprocessor.
<Jerl>So I can learn PHP.
<Cruentus>But... coding an engine in it
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>> No. 15180
now that is way better
>> No. 15181
Here's a real simple way to just get things you said.

Save the IRC log to a plain text file (.txt) in the root directory (C:). Call it 'raw.txt'. Goto start->run and type 'cmd' to open the DOS shell. Type 'cd ' to goto the root directory. Now type 'type raw.txt | find "<Myschii>" > filtered.txt'. That will created 'filtered.txt' containing only things that you've said.

Only probably is that >>15109 left in votes. They wouldn't be included, since you aren't the one who said them. 'findstr' looks like it should work for that, but I can't get the damn thing to accept "[.]".
>> No. 15182
DOS sucks for command-line text manipulation, and that would miss the commentary around the votes anyway. I just used TextPad and did find/replace on selections of the text.

For the regex, I've sort of hacked together a method of matching lines that don't match a pattern, which I end up using a lot.
1. Add a unique character to the start of each matching line: "^<Myschii>" to "#&"
2. All other lines now match as NOT starting with that character: "^[^#].* " to null
3. Strip the character from the remaining lines: "^#" to null

TextPad doesn't support some of the more advanced regex functions, so maybe Perl has a way of doing this in one line.

Thread 14576 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 12371460352.jpg - (113.57KB, 650x755, closest I could get while being worksafe - similar.jpg) [iqdb]
14576 No. 14576 hide watch expand quickreply
Eirin's room is very different from all of the other bedrooms. There are several elements that you recognize from the other rooms; There's a 'double-room' like with Kaguya, the sensible and understated décor found in Tewi's room and a good degree of functionality as with Reisen's. It's part study, part sleeping quarters. A discrete silken curtain separates the two areas and obfuscates the view of the actual bed and intimate portion of the room.

You were told to follow her to her room after the last exchange. She either ignored your last comment or really didn't care what you had to say; All she did was nod and beckon you to follow her with no regards to what you might have been thinking or feeling. It's not all bad though, she designates a rolled up futon and a pillow in the corner as yours for the night. You'll be sleeping right outside the curtained doorway. You appreciate it, but think that somehow the experience is diluted by this. After all, it seems more like you're a guard dog sleeping outside the house than a guest.

“Make yourself comfortable. If you like you may look through my books to see if anything catches your fancy – I'm going to get changed.” Eirin disappears into the back, leaving you alone. You do as she says, never once it having occurred to you that you could have peeked on her changing. In retrospect, you shudder thinking about what could have happened if she had caught you.

Her books are interesting. They vary widely in subject matter. You ignore the more medical-centric ones, thinking that you won't stand a chance to understand them; Out of curiosity you take a look at On the workings of the liver – it's both daunting and boring to try to understand it. Ah, she has a lot of books on philosophy, mostly oriental. You spot the Dao de jing, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and others amongst the collection. Interestingly enough, she also has some western books, although the most 'recent' one is City of God with the rest being the usual Greek fare.

The most interesting find, however, is written by Eirin herself. Neglected at the bottom of the she
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 14857
I have no idea.
>> No. 14860

Pfft. Not by a longshot.
>> No. 14892
[x] Forget this.
[x] Apologize to Mokou for pushing the issue before she gets out of earshot, then leave.

Why you folks feel the need to press Mokou about her feminine hygene products, I don't know. Slow Shirou is slow.

Thread 13143 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 12313522997.png - (206.88KB, 650x487, Inabas6.png) [iqdb]
13143 No. 13143 hide watch expand quickreply
[X] Check the time.
[X] As the good doctor hassles away with miss Reisen, perhaps you could spend some time with your friend Yue?

Huh, for some reason you just got hit with a strong feeling of vertigo. Shaking it off, you pull out your watch and, after giving it a wind, check the time.

⌛: 7:25 a.m.

Well, since the day is still quite young, perhaps some time spent with little Yue would be in order? Yes, yes that sounds good. One issue, though: you don’t know where she is. Bah, a trifle; you simply ask a passing bunny where she would be. A little bespectacled one with two odd antenna-like hairs tells you where she thinks your little friend is and you set off with the directions she gave you.

After a bit of searching, including getting turned around a handful of times and reaching a few dead ends, you find the room described by the rabbit girl from before. Opening the sliding door, you see a group of rabbits (humanoid and animal alike) huddled together and sleeping with Yue amongst them. You notice her nibbling on the ear of a little one with green hair and a carrot-shaped pillow twitching a bit in her sleep. Cute. Not wanting to risk disturbing them, you close the door softly and slink away. You’ll have time to play with her when she is awake, you think to yourself.

Well, with your little friend indisposed, you wonder what to do next. You could attempt to find that rascal Tewi and see just what “outsider comics” she is reading, bring Rinnosuke back his guns, get to work, or something completely different.

You choose to…


Feelin' groovy~
203 posts and 36 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 14700
Youch. I'm glad you at least made it out relatively unhurt, but wreckin' your car...

Well, don't push yourself too hard, man. Nobody's gonna hold it against you if you put your life before writing.
>> No. 14701
File 12374663915.gif - (772.29KB, 512x384, Dance3.gif) [iqdb]

Yeah, I'm fine. The worst thing I have is frayed nerves that make me irritated at the slightest things (gee, I wonder why). As soon as I can calm the fuck down and am able to get some sleep, I'll be happy to get back to writing.
>> No. 14819

Thread 7967 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 121710401090.jpg - (92.19KB, 555x502, alicemarisaandpoorshanghai.jpg) [iqdb]
7967 No. 7967 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] Go see Alice

There isn't any real point to sticking around. You look at the bottle once last time. There's a strong urge that wells up within you. There's no fighting it. You promptly declare your love to the bottle. You feel your heart beating fast and you face must be red. Just looking at it is enough to make you swoon. Alas, as an inanimate object, the bottle cannot return your feelings. It's a disappointment, one which under normal circumstances might have you brooding for months, but now you just accept it. What matters here are your feelings. And as long as you feel the same passion that you do now, the rest doesn't matter. You pat the cold glass bottle and lovingly place it back with the rest of your stuff.

Now that that's over with, you head along the path into the forest. The route is pretty familiar to you. You are able to make it to the familiar intersection without incident. There's a sign as usual. This time the sign seems to read “Mega blow-out sale! Don't miss this opportunity! Get your protractor today!” Huh. Well, there's no use trying to make heads or tails out of this one. You think that this is one of life's mysteries that you're not going to be able to solve easily. You veer off to the right, towards Alice's house. You reach the familiar structure in no time.

Alice is standing in front of her house, dolls hovering around her. You recognize Shanghai but you can't really see the other dolls properly. She's talking to someone. Ah, of course, it's the person that you just saw flying across the sky a little while ago. Marisa is talking to Alice, animatedly gesturing while she's at it. What an energetic girl. They notice you approaching the house. Marisa enthusiastically waves at you and greets you.

“Yo! Emi-yan~!” She yells out.
“Hey there!” You greet them when you get close. You nod your head to Alice in greeting as Marisa leads the exchange.
“We were just talking about you! I was telling Alice how I saw you walking with Reimu just now.”
“Aha, yeah, we were coming back from the human village.”
“The human village, eh? I hadn't seen Re
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 8249
[x] Call out for Tewi

>Eirin is ill in IotMaIotE. Immortals can't become ill unless you doubt the manga's "canonity"...
Well, it is a gag comic that's not written by ZUN so...yeah. I wouldn't be surprised if they played fast and loose with canon.
>> No. 14710
Cirno on a Yain Kut-ku.... onward to awesomness
>> No. 26366
Drastic cutoff in quality.

Thread 14254 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123580582985.jpg - (128.58KB, 444x475, emb.jpg) [iqdb]
14254 No. 14254 hide watch expand quickreply
It doesn't take you very long to decide what you want. It's a bit juvenile, you'll admit, but it's not that bad an idea. It was enough to stave off the temptation from the so-called 'mystery option' Mokou flaunted. Mokou's reaction to the proposal makes it more than worth it.

“You want me to what!?” She reacts as if you asked something impossible.
“Swap clothes with Kaguya. Like I said, only for a week.”
“Is that really it? Wouldn't me plowing a field or beating someone up for you be better?”
“I have no need for those thing.” She has very strange expectations of you. “I decided already and that's that. You are going to do what I ask, right?”
“I guess so.” She sighs. It really does look like she's not going to enjoy this. “Can I at least know why you want me to trade my notoriously awesome and comfortable clothes?”
“Simple – because it's fun.”
“I could kill you just now.” You're back to threats and taunts like at the beginning of this conversation.

Thankfully, the threat of violence does not turn into actual violence. Mokou's acceptance of the request does end the conversation however. It's not that she's particularly upset with you (she seems to have convinced herself that swapping clothes won't be so bad). Rather she claims that she really should be getting out the woods. You do your duty and walk with her the rest of the way out.

“Well, see you tomorrow sometime. I'll be by to pick up the clothes.”
“Make sure to show me.” You add with a smile.
“Sure, sure, whatever.” She mumbles something and turns away with her shoulders slightly hunched.

You don't wait around for long, instead heading on back to Eientei. It's not nearly as bright as day, but the moonlight makes sticking to the path very easy. At your relaxed pace you're there again relatively quickly. Things have died down. Save for a few staggering rabbits, there's nobody outside anymore. And there's no trace of Tewi amongst the stragglers. You grab a drink of water from the kitchen, there's no one there either. L
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 14562
[x] “...Okay.”
[X] "But it's night now."
>> No. 14563
[x] “...Okay.”
[x] "But it's night now."
>> No. 14568
Curses. No updates.....

Thread 13157 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123143791325.jpg - (21.81KB, 474x356, dcl.jpg) [iqdb]
13157 No. 13157 hide watch expand quickreply
[x] Show up early and keep your 'appointment' with Mokou

You're there way before Mokou said you should show up. The village square is abuzz with people. Ranging from what looks to be gossiping groups of middle-aged housewives to worn-out men carrying tools and produce to and from the fields, it's more lively than you had thought it would be. It is, after all, late afternoon now. Then again, thinking about it, that might just be the appropriate explanation. It's the time of day that marks the transition between work and going home.

You keep to yourself off to one side of the square. You don't really know anyone here, nor do you necessarily want to. You realize that by keeping to yourself that you stand out. You're rather self-conscious but there's no helping that. You wait like a faithful little puppy until most people are gone along with the daylight.

As the last violet streaks of light fade away from the sky, the person you're waiting for finally arrives. She casually looks about the square, hands in her trousers, until she spots you off to the side. She doesn't make a big deal of the fact that you were waiting for her, casually assuming that you would be there no matter what.

“Ready to go?”
“I'm here, aren't I?”
“Alright, just follow me, and we'll have fun.” With a nod of her head she indicates that you should follow her.
“So where are we going anyways?”
“Told you – one of the finest places to eat around. I hope you're hungry.”

You're not that hungry. And you doubt the veracity of her claim the more you follow her. You're nowhere near the tavern and other eating establishments. Instead, you're in the thick of the residential area. The houses here are a bit older than those elsewhere, the wooden edifices are practically historical monuments. At the same time, it gives this area a sort of 'run-down' quality. You wonder when was the last time anyone painted any of these houses as Mokou stops.

“We're here.” She presents a comely-looking house.
“Best food in town.”
“I don't see what yo
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 13472
File 123303806831.jpg - (87.08KB, 506x461, 1231949122935.jpg) [iqdb]
[!/] Ask if she'd like to join you for lunch.

Lunch? Why BUY it when it is right above your nose?!
>> No. 13473
File 123304330699.png - (42.67KB, 264x195, cant unsee.png) [iqdb]
Right, vote is determined and I'll be start writing. I kind of nodded off before getting even the first vote. I'll start a new thread eventually.

I'd also like to say that I right-out forgot some of the subtleties to the PDA bars. And I can't find my original notes so I'm not sure I can recall all of the details. It's probably just a minor thing, since I more or less remember everything important that there is to know. But all the same I may retcon/change things next time you check it out, depending on what I decide (that doesn't mean any changes to the 'values' though, maybe their distribution). When doubt begins to take root, I question all of the things I took as fact so that may be affecting me. I'll make it clear in that update if I've changed anything. Sorry about that, it feels like I'm somehow misleading you when it's not my intention.

...also this post wasn't simply an excuse to post this picture, I swear!
>> No. 14342
wait, wait, backup backup backup....

in >>13179 (down the rabbit hole), Shirou follows mokou down the path to go drinking with her. Then he passes out in the middle of speaking to her (before he came drinking with her) and then ended up in a village with both his and her shirts off, sleeping on each other. What the hell happened after he passed out???

That's a big gap there...

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