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909 No. 909
Today I have three things ready for you. I was going to o for one of them to see how you'd react, but I decided against it.

[ ] Border Crossing
[ ] Diary
[ ] When the Fairies Cry

>> No. 910
[X] Border Crossing
>> No. 911
[x] When the Fairies Cry
>> No. 912
[X] When the Fairies Cry

I'm curious as to what this is.
>> No. 913
[X] When the Fairies Cry
This will be us killing more of the Nineball gang, and then watching Cirno and Daiyosei cry.
>> No. 914
Okay then. Higurashi parody GO!
>> No. 915
File 120983006097.png - (86.77KB , 182x247 , 1209337839588.png ) [iqdb]
Your name is Akane Maebara. You recently moved to the small village of Gensokyo, and you’ve managed to make a few friends. The village seems to be filled with generally friendly people, who have always seemed to care deeply about every member of the village. A village holiday, the Watanagashi, is swiftly approaching, and one of your friends happens to be the local shrine maiden.
You are currently on your way to school, and you see your friend Renko Usami, who recently moved here as well, waiting for you at the fork in the road.

[ ] Continue to Renko
[ ] It feels like you forgot something at home. Better go check.
>> No. 916
[x] Continue to Renko
>> No. 917
[ ] It feels like you forgot something at home. Better go check.

We require bat.
>> No. 918
>> No. 919
File 120983120313.jpg - (316.82KB , 908x642 , 269f714b146e454cdc11c91dc6b3b2a7.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Continue to Renko

No "nagashi"-festival without Hina.
>> No. 920

No shit, Sherlock.
>> No. 921
You know what, I'm really not in the mood for this story. Does anyone want to go back to Border Crossing, where you were about to take a bat?
>> No. 922

I don't really like side-gimmick stories, so why not?
>> No. 925
Bat won, right?
>> No. 926
It did and since I wasn't there:
[X] Take the bat.
>> No. 927
File 120983348711.jpg - (343.70KB , 600x750 , 1207680493619.jpg ) [iqdb]
You pick up the bat, which falls apart after being picked up. You now have half a bat in your inventory. Looking back around the room, you spot a few more things of interest, but it feels like the clock is trying to tell you something. You suddenly remember what Maribel told you about an island in the middle of a lake.

>In those dreams, I saw this one island.
>There were a lot of odd things there, including a maid that could control t…

You forget the rest of what she said. Oh well. You turn to leave the house, and walk down the stairs. You suddenly hear someone talking.
“Huh? Did you hear that? It sounds like someone is inside our club house, right?”
A few noises that sound like cats meowing follow, and the original voice speaks up again.
“Maybe I should go see what it is. I’ll be back in a second.
A door in the hallway opens up, and a young girl with cat ears on her head seems surprised at your presence.
“Nya? Who are you?”

[ ] Make up a name.
[ ] “I’m a human from the outside world.”
[ ] “I’m an illusion. You probably sniffed too much catnip.”
>> No. 928
[x] “I’m an illusion. You probably sniffed too much catnip.”

Yay the story continues
>> No. 929
[x] “I’m a human from the outside world.”

Hey, Anon loves cats right? Chen shouldn't be too hostile.
>> No. 930
[x] “I’m an illusion. You probably sniffed too much catnip.”

Stupid chen
>> No. 931
[x] “I’m an illusion. You probably sniffed too much catnip.”
>> No. 933
I've gotten the border story and the shrine story mixed up. Which was the one with a dickgirl as a heroin and she had 2 friends, and which was the one where Anon had already killed 2 persons?
>> No. 934

This is the one with the dick girl.
>> No. 935
ok thanks. Then I'm in the right place
>> No. 936

Border's got the dickgirl, YAF's got Nanaymous.
>> No. 937
File 12098348472.jpg - (107.75KB , 500x500 , 1206989482603.jpg ) [iqdb]
“I’m an illusion. You probably sniffed too much catnip.”
The girl frowns, and punches you on the shoulder.
“I’m not stupid, you know. I’ve been off catnip for 3 whole days, and I’m proud of it.”
She walks back to the door, and you see that she has two tails along with the ears.
“Come in. We need to know more about who you are before letting you go.”
You walk into the room to find a table surrounded by cats, with an open spot for the girl to sit. Most of them hiss at you, except for a gray cat, an orange cat, and a white cat. You sit down, and look at Chen expectantly.
“So then, who are you?”

[ ] “I’m a human from the outside world.”
[ ] Make up a name.
[ ] “I’m a friend of your master.”
>> No. 938
[x] “I’m a friend of your master.”
>> No. 939
[x] “I’m a friend of your master.”

Might as well try to use the knowledge we have over Touhous once or twice, to see how it can help us
>> No. 940
[x] “I’m a human from the outside world.”

Bluffing doesn't seem like a good idea to me after we got caught once.
>> No. 941
[ ] “I’m a human from the outside world.”
>> No. 942
[x] “I’m a human from the outside world.”
"I'm a friend of your master" just might backfire, hard, when Yukari goes "lolno"
>> No. 943
Enjoy getting gutted for the yakumo's dinner when we tell chen we're from the outside.
>> No. 944
Chen, I AM your master.

btw her master is Ran
>> No. 945
File 12098354924.gif - (19.49KB , 80x80 , 120769853042.gif ) [iqdb]
“I’m a human from the outside world.”
Her tails stick up, and all the cats look at her, waiting for something to happen.
“…A human from the outside? Did Yukari bring you here to be eaten?”
“No, no! I came here with two friends to see this place.”
“So…A group of humans came to Gensokyo by themselves?” Her ears twitch a little.
“Well, I guess I can introduce you to my master and my master’s master later. But I want to play first!”
She runs over to you and waits for an answer.

[ ] “Sure, I’ll play with you.”
[ ] “Let’s play the stabbing game.” Ready dagger.
[ ] “I’m kind of tired, can we play later?”
>> No. 946
[x] “Let’s play the stabbing game.” Ready dagger.

We're crazy, right? Let it show
>> No. 947

[x] “Sure, I’ll play with you.”

Nah, That's over in shrine.
Also, she's too close to Ran. We wouldn't be able to win The Game.
>> No. 948
[x] “Sure, I’ll play with you.”

Let's play along and get to Ran and Yukari.
>> No. 949
[x] “Sure, I’ll play with you.”

I really don't want to kill Chen.
>> No. 950
But we did kill Rumia and kind of lost it for a while there
>> No. 951

I just lost The Game.
>> No. 952

Chen didn't attempt to eat us (yet)
>> No. 953
[ ] “Sure, I’ll play with you.”

>I really don't want to kill Chen.
The same was said about Rumia for hours.
>> No. 954
Ah well, if she tries, it's stabby time
>> No. 955
..Every time somebody tries to eat us we stab it? At some point this logic shall fail.
[X] “Sure, I’ll play with you.”
>> No. 956
How can it fail? It sounds so perfect
>> No. 957
File 120983675851.png - (11.41KB , 400x400 , 1207681027686.png ) [iqdb]
“Sure, I’ll play with you.”
The girl throws her arms in the air and cheers.
“Yay! I don’t get to play that much, since Yukari and Ran are always busy or sleeping, and my other friends don’t know where I live. My name’s Chen, by the way.”
You say that you’re glad to meet her, and ask her what the game is.
“Umm, um…Well, how about we play hide and seek?”
You nod, and she begins to walk away, before turning back.
“I’ve got an idea! How about we bet something for if you can’t find me in 10 minutes? What would you like if you win?”

[ ] “I’d like you to call me Onee-chan.”
[ ] “I’d like to have something of yours.”
[ ] “I’d like to see your masters sooner.”

If #2 was picked:

[ ] “I’d like to have your hat.”
[ ] “I want your shoes.”
[ ] “How about that bow of yours?”
>> No. 958
[x] “I’d like to see your masters sooner.”

Back to Renko!
>> No. 959
[x] “I’d like to have something of yours.”

[x] panties.

Write-in for the win
>> No. 960
[x] “I’d like to have your hat.”

This seems like a pretty good idea to me.
>> No. 961
[ ] “I’d like to see your masters sooner.”

She isn't wearing panties.
>> No. 962
[X] “I’d like to see your masters sooner.”
Hat is important to her. Don't ask for that.
Rest of the stuff has no use. Don't ask for them.
>> No. 963
[X] “I’d like you to call me Onee-chan.”

It's tempting to ask for her virginity, but I'm guessing that would be a BAD END.

Well, WORSE END, anyway...
>> No. 964
So what is she wearing, or does she enjoy the fresh breeze of wind down there?
>> No. 966
[x] “I’d like to have your hat.”

let's steal her precious thing.
>> No. 967
[x] “I’d like to see your masters sooner.”
>> No. 968
secondet, precious thing, must steal
[x] “I’d like to have your hat.”
>> No. 969
[x] “I’d like to have your hat.”

and after we win:
"hey Chen, would you like your hat back?"
"that's not like you, anonymous, sure I'll have it."

>> No. 970
[x] “I’d like to see your masters sooner.”
>> No. 971
touhous die when certain parts of their clothing are removed

make your choice wise
>> No. 972
File 120984035780.png - (353.27KB , 700x800 , 1207680840426.png ) [iqdb]
“How about you let me meet your masters sooner?”
She nods, “Okay then, that sounds okay. As for what I’d like… I’ll just see what you have after I win.” She laughs to herself, and then runs off to some place that you can only guess. The cats follow, and split up into groups. You have no idea where Chen went, but you have something to start with.

[ ] Check the room upstairs.
[ ] Check the area out back.
[ ] Check the area out front.
>> No. 973
[x] Check the area out back.
>> No. 974
[ ] Check the area out back.
>> No. 975
[X] Check the room upstairs.

They're cats. I'll bet you that some of them fled, then leaped back up onto the roof or something.
>> No. 976
[X] Check the area out back.
For the sake of progress, othervise I would've picked to check out upstairs.
>> No. 977
[x] Check the area out back.
>> No. 978
[x] Check the area out back.

Yukari's probably up stairs taking a nap. it'd be rude to walk right in and wake her, especially after we promised to play with Chen.
>> No. 980
File 120984197778.jpg - (276.53KB , 650x620 , 120970529281.jpg ) [iqdb]
You run outside and see a large tree, a shed, and the entrance to a basement. The cats are all over, meowing and making noise to hide Chen’s presence. Where do you check?

[ ] The shed.
[ ] The tree.
[ ] The basement.
>> No. 981
[X] The tree.

If Walfas has taught me anything, it's that Chen gets stuck in trees.
>> No. 982
[X] The tree.
Cats like to climb to trees.
>> No. 983
[x] The tree.
>> No. 984
[x] The tree.
>> No. 985
[ ] The shed.
[ ] The tree.
[ ] The basement.

first rule of hide and seek : check everywhere
>> No. 986
File 120984288056.png - (5.65KB , 300x300 , 120926415417.png ) [iqdb]
You shake the tree, and a few cats fall down, one clawing your nose. From somewhere, you hear a voice mock you.
“Nya, nya! Nya, nya! You’re never gonna find me~!”

[ ] Look up at the roof.
[ ] Check the basement.
[ ] Check the shed.
>> No. 988
[x Look up at the roof.
>> No. 990
[X] Check the shed.
Cats like dark places with mice in them.
>> No. 991
[x] Look up at the roof.
>> No. 992
[ ] Look up at the roof.

only place where the voice could have come from
>> No. 993
[x] Look up at the roof.


>> No. 994
File 120984334184.png - (10.92KB , 300x300 , 120984288056.png ) [iqdb]
she saw what we did
[x] Look up at the roof.
takes also only a few seconds to check the roof
>> No. 995
File 120984355239.jpg - (114.45KB , 760x540 , 120830859050.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looking up at the roof, you notice a bunch of cats gathered there. No Chen, though. The voice must have come from where she could see you, but where could that be? The shed windows, the open basement doors, or maybe from inside the house…

[ ] Shed
[ ] Basement
[ ] House
>> No. 996
[x] House

Back to the start
>> No. 998
[X] Shed
didn't have the house as an option last time
>> No. 999
[ ] Shed

how much time is left ?
>> No. 1002
[x] Shed
Hopefully we don't find a boxing ring in there.
>> No. 1005
File 120984505440.png - (20.09KB , 300x600 , 1207681497324.png ) [iqdb]
You run to the shed, and fling the door open. A shovel falls over on the other side of the shed, and you can see the tails of a few cats in here, along with… A pair of cat ears with a green hat! You run over and stroke one of the tails, and Chen jumps out, letting out a small yelp.
“You…found me? But how? Have I really gotten that bad at this game?”
She begins to shake back and forth, mumbling about how bad she is at hide and seek, until she turns back to you.
“Okay then. I’ll take you to meet Yukari and Ran now.”
Her ears turn down, she seems upset.

[ ] Cheer her up.
[ ] Say you’d like a different prize.
[ ] Ruffle her hair.
>> No. 1006
[X] Ruffle her hair.

>> No. 1007
[x] Ruffle her hair, cheer her up.
>> No. 1008
[x] Say you’d like a different prize.
[x] steal her precious hat
>> No. 1009
[ ] Cheer her up.
>> No. 1010
[x] Cheer her up.
[x] Ruffle her hair.

>> No. 1011
[x] Say you’d like a different prize.
[x] Ruffle her hair.

Your virginity, I'll be taking it!
>> No. 1012
[X] Ruffle her hair, cheer her up.
Oh yes.
>> No. 1013
[x] Cheer her up by ruffling her hair.
>> No. 1014
[X] Cheer her up.

take it easy Chen
>> No. 1015
[x] Ruffle her hair.
[x] "Double or nothing, if you want."
>> No. 1016
[x] Ruffle her hair.

>rage choice
>[ ] yiff
>> No. 1017
and i cut out my eyes to make it easier for you
>> No. 1019
File 120984582923.jpg - (111.40KB , 520x903 , 1208339253632.jpg ) [iqdb]
You reach down and run your fingers through her short hair. Her hat had fallen off while she jumped out, so you didn’t need to remove it.
“H-hey! What are you…?”
“It’s okay to lose.” She looks up at you, confused.
“Losing may hurt, but it helps you improve, and makes you stronger.”
Her eyes are fixed on you, and you smile.
“Then again, you’re pretty strong already, right?”
She begins to pump her fists in the air.
“Yeah! I always win when Yukari has me and Ran play Boxing Day!”
She marches around, making noises to imitate a crowd cheering.
“…Well then, come on.” She grabs your arm, and takes you flying through the village. You eventually wind up at a peaceful little house in the middle of a green field, though you never noticed the transition between the two locations.
“Ra~n, Yuka~ri, I have a new friend~!”
Chen rushes into the house, and removes her shoes. She trots off to some place where these two might be, and you just watch as she disappears into the house.

[ ] Follow her.
[ ] Walk in, take off shoes.
[ ] Sit down on the grass.
>> No. 1020
If we ruffle her hair, and accidently brush our hands against her ears a few times, does it have any effect?
>> No. 1021
[ x Walk in, take off shoes, steal an item
>> No. 1022
[ ] Walk in, take off shoes.
>> No. 1023
[x] Walk in, take off shoes.

"Hello Yukari, Ran, I'm the person that will be taking Chens innocence someday. Nice to meet'cha"
>> No. 1024
[x] Walk in, take off shoes.
>> No. 1025
[X] Walk in, take off shoes.

That's good and proper.
>> No. 1026
[ ] Follow her.

because in america people don't take off their shoes when they go into houses. even if they stepped on dog poop.
>> No. 1027
File 120984659866.png - (20.34KB , 400x400 , 120813481884.png ) [iqdb]
You walk in and take off your shoes, being sure to yell “Sorry to intrude”.
You wait at the doorway, until a woman with nine large tails appears at the doorway that Chen went through.
“Is this her, Chen?”
“Yeah, it is! She’s really nice, and good at hide and seek!”
“Okay then, I’ll talk to her for a moment. Go play in the other room.”
The woman watches Chen rush off to another room with a smile on her face, apparently admiring the young girl. She then turns to you and bows respectfully.
“My name is Ran Yakumo. I hope we can get along well.”
You return the bow, and introduce yourself. Ran looks back towards the way Chen ran, and then speaks to you.
“She’s a good girl, isn’t she?”
You agree, and Ran turns back to you.
“Please be kind to her, she’s fairly young, and doesn’t know much about the world.”
You nod, and then Ran walks off to another room, probably to wash some clothing or something.

[ ] Follow Ran.
[ ] Look for Chen.
[ ] Look for this “Yukari”.
>> No. 1028
[x] Look for Chen.

>> No. 1029
[ ] Follow Ran.

[ ] Try to find and steal some panties
>> No. 1030
[X] Look for this “Yukari”.

And ask her about bringing people back from beyond the border of death...
>> No. 1031
[X] Follow Ran.
Ran is love. And delicious.
>> No. 1032
[x] Look for this “Yukari”.
And ask her to take us to Renko.
>> No. 1033
File 12098467704.jpg - (58.21KB , 392x571 , 1191818717407.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ready dagger.
It is time.
>> No. 1034
>> No. 1035
[x] Look for Chen.

As much as I want Ran, we were invited in by Chen.
We don't want to look like the type to just chase any tail that comes our way, now do we?
>> No. 1036
[x] Look for this “Yukari”.

Why's Ran being so pleasant to us?
Just because we played with Chen doesn't seem like a reason she'd wish to befriend us.

Unless Yukari's got something planned.
>> No. 1037
[x] Look for Chen.
>> No. 1038
I like the way this Anon thinks.

[x] Look for Chen.
>> No. 1039
[x] Look for this “Yukari”.
>> No. 1040

Being Chen's friend = Being tolerated by Ran.
>> No. 1041
[x] Look for Chen.

Is it already time to kill another Touhou?
>> No. 1042

I see what you did there.
>> No. 1043
File 120984750823.jpg - (166.84KB , 430x528 , 40dfede7cf71df429973035b3b16a20b.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk down a hallway looking for Chen, and eventually find a room with a TV in it, along with a few cat toys. Lying in the middle of these is Chen, who is tossing a ball of yarn into the air. She notices you and smiles a larger smile, if that were possible.
“Hey, you’re here! Wanna go play another game, or maybe watch the magical box? Either’s okay with me!”
Her tails wiggle around behind her.

[ ] “Okay, let’s go play.”
[ ] “Magical box?”
[ ] “Where is this ‘Yukari’ you told me about?”
>> No. 1044
[x] “Okay, let’s go play.”

After we have gotten tired from all the playing, we cuddle next to eachother and fall asleep
>> No. 1045
[x] “Where is this ‘Yukari’ you told me about?”
>> No. 1046
[ ] “Magical box?”
>> No. 1047
[x] “Where is this ‘Yukari’ you told me about?”

Oh she better start hitting on us when we meet her.
>> No. 1048
[X] “Magical box?”
I remember this one time when I visited my aunt, and when she went out she put a video on for me that was supposed to contain cartoons. For the first fifteen minutes it did but after that Independence Day cut in. I was traumatized for life.
>> No. 1049
[x] “Magical box?”


Exactly, Tolerated.
She seems awfully polite. I figured she'd be a bit colder.
>> No. 1050
>>Independence Day
>>traumatized for life.

Considering Independence Day came out on vhs in 97, it sounds like someone is underage
>> No. 1051
[x] “Okay, let’s go play.”

Magical Box? Anon is already familiar with "Tee Vee".
>> No. 1052

She wouldn't want to set a bad example for Chen, right?
>> No. 1053

and how exactly to you "play" with a tv ?
>> No. 1054
>Wanna go play another game, or maybe watch the magical box?
>watch the magical box?

Who said anything about playing with it?
>> No. 1055

Didn't Chen run off, though?
>> No. 1056
File 120984863347.png - (40.92KB , 300x300 , 120924077421.png ) [iqdb]
Sorry about the time it took to write this. I went to go get my cat, and she keeps waiting for attention and looking up at me while I write.

“Wait, magical box?”
“Yeah, it’s this weird thing Yukari brought home once. It shows me a lot of silly things, and these funny things called ‘cartoons’ come on it. Like this one show, I think it’s called ‘Doraemon’ or something.”
Eventually Chen quiets down, and takes your hand.
“The box is fun, but I wanna play.”
She leads you outside to an open space a little ways from the house, and turns to you.
“Let’s play Danmaku!”

[ ] Object.
[ ] Agree to play.
[ ] Run back to the house.
>> No. 1057

97 was 11 years ago. If the guy is 18 right now that would of made him 7 at the time. Probably not under aged B&
>> No. 1058
[x] Object.

>> No. 1059
[x] Object.
We can't play Danmaku yet.
>> No. 1061
[X] Object, suggest something else.
>> No. 1062
[ ] Object.


Let's play "Pin the dagger on the Nekomata"
>> No. 1063
[x] Agree to play.

We could pull it off, somehow?
>> No. 1064
[ ] Object.
>> No. 1065

Hm. I suppose. Didn't really seem like it'd be that long.
Still, Seven is a bit late to be getting traumatized. I was playing Mortal Kombat with the cool kids and sweing over the fatalities at that age.

[x] Play marbles instead
>> No. 1066
[x] Agree to play.
>> No. 1067
[x] Agree to play.

Danmaku is non-lethal, and we could just dodge untill the spellcard ends

who knows, we might even win a few cards before we get hit
>> No. 1068
[x] Agree to play.

just dodge
>> No. 1069
Ahh.. fatalities.. I always thought they were awesome
>> No. 1070
File 120984923276.png - (26.39KB , 400x500 , 1207681554545.png ) [iqdb]
“No, Chen. I can’t shoot Danmaku, I can only fight with my hand and feet.”
Chen thinks for a moment, and then her ears stick straight up.
“Okay then, let’s play boxing! It’ll be really fun, and won’t hurt as bad as Danmaku!”

[ ] NO, CHEN, NO.
[ ] Accept.
[ ] Ask her to teach you about danmaku games.
>> No. 1071
[ ] Accept.
>> No. 1072
[X] Accept.
Yes. When we beat Chen we will be the champion.
>> No. 1073
[ ] Ask her to teach you about danmaku games.
>> No. 1074
[x] Accept.

Oh ho~ Why not Beatboxing while we're at it
>> No. 1075
>“Then again, you’re pretty strong already, right?”
>“Yeah! I always win when Yukari has me and Ran play Boxing Day!”

She'll break our skull.
>> No. 1076
[x] Ask her to teach you about danmaku games.

Spellcard GET!
>> No. 1077
[X] Accept.


>> No. 1078
[ ] NO, CHEN, NO.

>> No. 1079
[x] Accept.
[X] Ready dagger.
>> No. 1080
[x] Accept.
>> No. 1081
File 120984993861.png - (26.75KB , 400x400 , 120724230778.png ) [iqdb]
“Yay! Okay then, let’s go and fight right now!”
Chen takes you to a large boxing ring, where you are given a pair of boxing glove, as well as Chen.
“Are you ready? Here I come~!”
She charges forward and punches you in the gut, flattening your innards. She proceeds to punch you in the face, breaking your jaw apart in the process. Finally, she slams you square in the face, killing you. Stupid anon, boxing is for pros!

LULZY END #1 – Chen is a Boxing Champion.
(Two continues left.)
>> No. 1083
back 1 choice, NO CHEN NO!
>> No. 1084
and again

[ ] NO, CHEN, NO.

>> No. 1085
File 120985012927.jpg - (55.29KB , 442x720 , 1208339668515.jpg ) [iqdb]
“No, Chen. I can’t shoot Danmaku, I can only fight with my hand and feet.”
Chen thinks for a moment, and then her ears stick straight up.
“Okay then, let’s play boxing! It’ll be really fun, and won’t hurt as bad as Danmaku!”

[ ] NO, CHEN, NO.
[ ] Ask her to teach you about danmaku games.
>> No. 1086
[X] Back one.
[X] Ask her to teach you about danmaku games.

Don't want to upset her by screaming "NO" at her. Plus, this could be useful.
>> No. 1087
[x] Ask her to teach you about danmaku games.

Gain in-character info while keeping Chen from being bored (maybe)? 'Kay.
>> No. 1088
[ ] NO, CHEN, NO.
>> No. 1089
Just as expected.
[X] Ask her to teach you about danmaku games.
>> No. 1090
[ ] NO, CHEN, NO.
>> No. 1091
[x] Ask her to teach you about danmaku games.
>> No. 1092
File 12098505599.jpg - (83.31KB , 640x480 , 1207691957392.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Actually, could you teach me about Danmaku? I’d really like to know.”
Chen smiles, and then sits on a stump.
“Sure! Well, first, you challenge a person. Then you use your danmaku. If they’re really annoying, you use a spell card. And if they beat you, you’re a stupid loser. Easy, huh?” She cocks her head to one side and smiles.

[ ] “You’re the loser.”
[ ] “I don’t have any spell cards.”
[ ] “It’s getting dark out, let’s go back in and see what Ran is doing.”
>> No. 1093
[x] “It’s getting dark out, let’s go back in and see what Ran is doing.”

Enjoying a quick yiff with the gap I presume.
>> No. 1094
[x] “I don’t have any spell cards.”
>> No. 1095
[x] “It’s getting dark out, let’s go back in and see what Ran is doing.”
Gotta find Yukari and get her to gap us back to Renko. She must think we're dead by now.
>> No. 1096
[X] “I don’t have any spell cards.”

Sad face, etc.
>> No. 1097
To hell with Renko the bitch finds us disgusting. Lets hitch up with someone who would be more appreciative of our unique condition.
>> No. 1098
[x] “I don’t have any spell cards. Care to become my spellcard?"
>> No. 1099
[x] “I don’t have any spell cards.”

What kind of fucked up spell card would we have anyway? Futa sign: SURPRISE COCKFAGS
>> No. 1100
like who?
>> No. 1101

Yukari knows all about straddling the border between one concept and the next.
>> No. 1102
Unlimited cock works
>> No. 1103

Anyone who doesn't puke when we touch them.
>> No. 1104
she should separate our male and female and psycho personality.
we could have the best threesome ever.
>> No. 1105
File 120985140516.png - (271.74KB , 550x400 , 2afcc679e1964fccd35caa3ab4bbfb06.png ) [iqdb]
“I don’t have any spell cards though.”
“Oh…Well, I could give you one of mine. Let’s go back to my room and get it!”
You begin to go back, and then Ran opens the door to the house.
“Chen! It’s time for dinner!”
Chen grabs your hand and runs faster, blazing past Ran and dragging you into a room with a big pot in the middle. Steam covers the inside of the item’s lid.
“Oh boy! I wonder what we’ll be having tonight?”

[ ] Peek at the food.
[ ] Sit down.
[ ] Remain on the floor.
>> No. 1106
[x] Peek at the food.

Tonight we dine on soylent green.
>> No. 1107
[x] Poke at the food.
>> No. 1108

[x] Peek at the food.

Soylent Green?
>> No. 1110
So moe I died ten thousand deaths, and even that wasn't enough.
[X] Peek at the food.
>> No. 1111
[x] Remain on the floor.
>> No. 1112
File 12098517116.jpg - (788.96KB , 1700x1700 , CHEN_HAT.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Sit down.
>> No. 1113
WHY the hell does she do that again?
>> No. 1114

Either it's cos of the touhou clothing rule or she just doesn't like being touched by something that has a dick.
>> No. 1115
'Cause she can't tell the difference between cauliflower and broccoli.
>> No. 1116
File 120985240733.jpg - (145.17KB , 450x635 , 120849237411.jpg ) [iqdb]
You decide to peek at the food. You lift the lid, and are met with a stream of steam. After you can see again, you see that there are chunks of meat, peppers, and various other items mixed in the dish.
“Nya! No peeking!”
Chen grabs the lid and puts it back down, and then watches as Ran enters the room.
“Yukari, the food is ready!” She shouts.
A gap appears at one of the seats, and a woman with long blonde hair steps out to sit in her spot.
“Okay, okay. Well then, if everyone’s her-“
She turns her attention to you.
“Eh? Who are you?”
Ran takes her seat, “This is Chen’s new friend. She came here to play with Chen, and is staying for dinner.”
“Fine, fine, so long as she doesn’t take my share.”
Yukari lifts the lid, and begins scooping food onto her plate.
“Well then, let’s eat!”

[ ] Get some food.
[ ] Ask Chen about what she normally does in a day.
[ ] Ask Ran about what is in the food.
>> No. 1117
[x] Ask Ran about what is in the food.

"Your parents LOL"
>> No. 1118

I bet she's a misandrist. That'd explain a lot of things, like why she chose to go to Gensokyo, and why she freaked out when she discovered such a dirty secret.

Obviously, it's our responsibility to sex all of her problems away.
>> No. 1119
[x] Omniruffle Chen, Yukari, and Ran.
>> No. 1120
[x] Get some food.
Then, portal time.
>> No. 1121
File 120985258886.jpg - (2.19KB , 94x64 , iguanaonastick.jpg ) [iqdb]

[x] Get some food.

Iguana stew
>> No. 1122
[X] Ask Ran about what is in the food.
Must get closer Ran-tails.
>> No. 1123
[x] Get some food.
Yukari's group is above eating people, right?
>> No. 1124

lol no
>> No. 1125
And your suggestion is counter-productive.
"What do you mean by that? Does it not taste good? Do you not trust me?"
>> No. 1126
[x] Get some food.
>> No. 1127
[x] Get some food.

Om nom nom. Soylent Greeeeen!
>> No. 1128
File 120985357873.jpg - (36.31KB , 500x387 , 120854891076.jpg ) [iqdb]
You put some food on your plate, and begin eating. The rest of the evening passes by calmly, and eventually Ran says it’s about time for you to be leaving.
“Wait a second.” Yukari walks up to you, and glances you over.
“She seems familiar. Let her stay here for the night, I have some questions for her tomorrow.”
“What? Why would you want her to stay-?”
“She’ll sleep in Chen’s room. I’m going to sleep now, so I’ll see you in the morning.” She waves to you and walks off into the house, leaving behind you, Ran, and Chen. You feel tired from the events of the day, and wonder if you should go to sleep for now.

[ ] Go to Chen’s room and sleep.
[ ] Follow Yukari.
[ ] Ask Ran what was in the food.
>> No. 1129
[x] Ask Ran what was in the food.
>> No. 1130
[x] Go to Chen’s room and sleep.
>> No. 1131
[X] Ask Ran what was in the food.
>> No. 1132
[ ] Go to Chen’s room and reap.
>> No. 1133
[x] Ask Ran what was in the food.

On the pretense that we thought it was great and would like the recipe, of course.
>> No. 1134
[x] Go to Chen’s room and sleep.

The nightly activities start now.
>> No. 1135
[ ] Follow Yukari.

Follow the white rabbit. And by "white rabbit" I mean "shmexy lady"
>> No. 1136
[X] Ask Ran what was in the food.
>> No. 1137
[x] Go to Chen’s room and sleep.

Knowing what was in the food probably won't help us now.
>> No. 1138
Taking a break, 7 minutes, etc.
>> No. 1139
[x] Go to Chen’s room and sleep.
Oh boy I sense an incoming H-scene
>> No. 1140
[X] Follow Yukari.
>> No. 1141
When comes the part where we can stab someone with our knife again? Needs more stabbing and killing choices.
>> No. 1142

[ ] Stab self
[ ] Cut Self
[ ] Lake
>> No. 1143

Oh? Do you guys want to kill Chen?
>> No. 1144
>> No. 1145

No, damn it. Not again. Do not want to kill little Youkai girls.

Also, do not want to lock the Yukari route away.
>> No. 1146
Fucking yes, this time with rape dead body choices. We are going to skin Chen and make a hat out of her, cause we have none.
>> No. 1147

It's kinda hard to lock it, but here's a tip.

She doesn't like people who brutally murder little girls.
>> No. 1149

What? You guys have a selection of silly hats, silly anonymous.
>> No. 1150
Not only Chen, everyone.
>> No. 1151
We can still get Yukari even though we murdered Rumia.

>> No. 1152
So she already hates us, we murdered a little poor girl already. She knows about everything that is going on in Gensokyo.
>> No. 1153
But no Hat made out of Chen, need that one.
>> No. 1154
Either way, the vote is a tie between Ran and Chen. Time to choose, anonymous.
>> No. 1155
>> No. 1156
[ ] Ask Ran what was in the food.
>> No. 1157
[x] Go to Chen’s room and sleep.
On to the ZAWA ZAWA
>> No. 1158
Not really. But go ahead and make it hard for us to deal with other youkai without killing them. It's fun to watch Border Crossing Anon take SAN loss from killing murderous lolis.
>> No. 1159
Oh, and [x] Go to Chen’s room and sleep.

Do not want to know ingredients.
>> No. 1160
File 120986445284.jpg - (188.24KB , 850x886 , sample-88ae573f81523814f35474bcda66bcdf.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ran turns to you and seems frustrated.
“Hmm? Did it taste bad?”
You tell her it was good, no, perfect. She smiles and begins to talk a little.
“Well, the food was nothing bad for you. It was just some beef that Yukari gapped in from the outside world. In fact, it was a type of Japanese beef that is very expensive because the cow it comes from has a fair amount of fat that encircles the meat, and gives it a delicious flavor. It is considered a delicacy, and we were lucky to get any of it. I suppose the shopkeeper in the outer world isn’t very happy, though.”
She smiles, and takes your hand.
“If you would like to learn more about cooking anytime, then please feel free to ask me about it. I’d be glad to show you some of my recipes.”
She lets go of your hand and walks away, probably to sleep. You decide this would be a good idea, and head off to Chen’s room to go to bed.

[ ] Peek in first.
[ ] Walk right in.
>> No. 1161
[X] Peek in first.

Nude loli in the middle of changing?
>> No. 1162
[ ] Knock.

The other two seem...unsafe.
>> No. 1163
[x] Walk right in
>> No. 1164
[x] Walk right in.

>> No. 1165
File 120986479236.jpg - (114.50KB , 520x451 , 2872969752a3862d5c6f7a379a948371.jpg ) [iqdb]
By the way, for those pursuing the Chen route, you may want to work on undoing what happened with Rumia.
>> No. 1166
[X] Walk right in.

We're a girl so it doesn't matter.
>> No. 1167
[ ] Peek in first.
>> No. 1168

I don't need any persuasion to try and undo what we've done to Rumia.
>> No. 1169
Oh shi--! Chen and Rumia were pals? That 's it. The Yakumo family must die. It's us or them.
>> No. 1170
File 120986527177.jpg - (97.09KB , 675x693 , f824841c5c92acc43670c8c0ba626fd3.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk right in, and are met with Chen changing out of her clothes, getting ready to go to bed.
“Nya! So you’re here! I was wondering when you would come in.”
You walk over to her and sit down.
“What are you doing, Chen?”
“Getting ready for bed! I like to sleep like I did when I was a normal cat. Ran sometimes scolds me for it, but then I call her Mama Ran and her nose bleeds. I think it’s some kind of special secret attack of mine!”
Yeah, and it’s called moe, silly cat girl.
You ruffle her hair, and she walks over to her bed.
“If it’s okay, I wanna sleep with you tonight. Is it okay, Onee-chan?”

[ ] “Sure it is.”
[ ] “No, I’d rather sleep alone.”
[ ] “Onee-chan?”
>> No. 1171
[x] “Onee-chan?”

I am already dead
>> No. 1172
[x] “Onee-chan?”
You call me Aniki this instant.
>> No. 1174
[X] “Sure it is.”

Fuck, I'm not complaining about that.
>> No. 1175
Changing to just [ ] “Sure it is.”
>> No. 1176
[c] “Sure it is.”

fuck awesome
>> No. 1177
File 120986576731.jpg - (54.25KB , 400x400 , 1207684296757.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Yeah, you feel like a big sister, since you’re really nice to me and all. If you don’t like it, I can stop.”
“No, no, no. It’s perfectly fine!”
“So, can I sleep with you?”
“Sure, it’s okay with me.”
You settle in, and Chen wiggles around before settling down.
“Good night Onee-chan, sweet dreams~.”
“Sweet dreams, Chen.”


Accept hint?

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
>> No. 1178
[X] Yes.

Hints are always good.
>> No. 1179
[ ] Yes.

Of course.
>> No. 1180
Can we trade the hint for a continue?
>> No. 1181
[ ] “Sure it is.”

The shit's gonna hit the fan when she finds out we killed Rumia. Also I'm gonna lol if we pop a boner with her curled up next to us.
>> No. 1182

I guess. But the hint may be more useful. You can gain continues by finishing certain objectives.
>> No. 1183
[X] Yes.
>> No. 1184
I hope killing Rumia was an objective
>> No. 1185
resurrecting her will be
>> No. 1186
Hint #1

There are two ways to bring Rumia back. One involves a trip to Eientei and a lot of work, while the other involves a bit of time travel and persuasion. I'd go with the latter option, if I were you.
>> No. 1187
[ ] Wake up and knife Chen in her sleep; hide by door until Ran comes rushing in to find out what happened to her Shikigami, then knife her as she comes through the doorway.
[ ] Laugh maniacally while waiting for Yukari's inevitable and unstoppable vengeance
>> No. 1188

Time travel?

Who in Gensokyo can pull that off?

I mean, Sakuya can only stop and slow time... well, I guess Yukari could manipulate the border of past and present?
>> No. 1189

It'll involve some work between two different powers.
>> No. 1190
File 120986662347.png - (68.21KB , 400x400 , 120836322042.png ) [iqdb]
You wake up to find Chen clinging to you, sucking on your shirt. You move a little to get comfortable, but she instantly wakes up and jumps out of bed.
“Yay! A new day! I hope we can play more today, Onee-chan!”
She darts out of the room, and you hear Ran telling her to change into some clothes.
“But I like the breeze~. It feels nice on my skin!”
Shortly after, Ran walk in with your second outfit, clean and laundered.
“Yukari would like to see you. I’m afraid this may be the last we see of each other for now, but I’ll save those recipes for when we meet again, okay?”
She walks off, and you change into the odd outfit. The material feels smooth, and a lot nicer than when you got it from Reimu.

[ ] Go look for Yukari.
[ ] Go look for the bathroom.
>> No. 1191
[x] Go look for Yukari.

No good keeping the gap youkai waiting. Don't want her watching us through a gap to see what's keeping us either....
>> No. 1192
[X] Go look for Yukari.

No point dawdling about.
>> No. 1193
[x] Go look for the bathroom.

We've been holding it for days now. I am also curious as to whether we sit or stand when we pee.
>> No. 1194
>“Yukari would like to see you. I’m afraid this may be the last we see of each other for now, but I’ll save those recipes for when we meet again, okay?”

[x] Go look for the bathroom.

Yukari is going to something which is going to do or say something to make us shit ourself in terror, so we should take care our this now.
>> No. 1195
[X] Go look for Yukari.
>> No. 1196
File 120986765125.jpg - (108.15KB , 530x580 , 120865473716.jpg ) [iqdb]
You go to look for Yukari, but fall through a gap. You land in a dark room, where the only light is coming from a table that Yukari is sitting at.
“Welcome to my room, where I spend most of my time. I would like to discuss something with you.”
She gets up, and walks over to what seems to be a bookcase, and comes back with a book about time and spells.
“First of all, did you happen to kill a young girl by the name of Rumia?”

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
>> No. 1197
[X] Yes.

It's Yukari. She knows.

We lie, we die.
>> No. 1198
[x] "You know the answer already, don't you?"
>> No. 1199
[ ] Yes.

Ah shit.
>> No. 1200
[x] No.

"No, I killed a dangerous youkai that went by the name of "Rumia""
>> No. 1201
[x] No, I killed a man-eating youkai by the name of Rumia.
>> No. 1202
[X] Yes
>> No. 1203
File 120986801317.jpg - (102.32KB , 462x686 , 120856791810.jpg ) [iqdb]
She nods at your answer.
“So, you aren’t a liar. Be happy, you just saved your skin.”
She gets up and walks over to you, bending down to look you face to face.
“Rumia was a very good friend of Chen’s. I would rather have her be alive, and as such I’ve decided to get the assistance of someone who knows a fair bit about controlling time to help me send you into the past. You will, however, have to persuade her to help on your own. So, ‘Onee-chan’, any ideas?”

User input required.
>> No. 1204
[x] Lift up the amulet. "I already have the Chrono Trigger, give me a doll that resembles Rumia and send me back in time to where Lavos killed her."
>> No. 1205
[X] Show her the amulet you have. Ask if that makes a difference.
>> No. 1206
[X] "Throw me in. I've survived on the fly, so far. Some information on who I'm looking for couldn't hurt, though."
>> No. 1208

[x] I'm going to need a delicious pastry and a pair of sunglasses
>> No. 1209
[x] "Couldn't you just manipulate her border between life and death?"
>> No. 1210
[x] "Blick Winkle?"
>> No. 1211

[♪] show penis to Yukari
>> No. 1212
[88] "Yeah, gap me in a 1982 Delorian."
>> No. 1214
[x] "Send me in with a big steak or something."

Hungry Rumia was quite hungry to my recollection.

forgot my x in a box
>> No. 1215
So, you guys want to ask about the amulet, take a big steak with you, but how does that persuade Sakuya to help you?
>> No. 1216
[x] Ready dagger
>> No. 1217
We can show her our dagger's awesomeness.
>> No. 1218

We don't have any in-character information about Sakuya, do we? We should ask. Especially because different writefags treat characters differently.
>> No. 1219

Pastry is for Flandre. If Flandre likes us, Sakuya has no choice.
>> No. 1221
[x] "How can you expect me to persuade ANYONE? You're the so-called mastermind here, all my persuasion skills have done for me so far is force me to kill a youkai in self defense and get me stranded in the middle of nowhere, far away from my friends. YOU think of something, genius."
>> No. 1222
>Lazy bitch
>> No. 1223
>> No. 1224
This but less angry, more polite.
>> No. 1225
But wouldn't getting Sakuya to cooperate take a lot more effort than just going 'lol, border hax, Rumia's back.'?
>> No. 1226

That's why she told you to figure something out.
>> No. 1227
She probably wasted more effort telling us to think of something than it would've took to bring her back!
>> No. 1228
File 120987051979.jpg - (45.79KB , 400x598 , e7b3647a0fc66ad6b048c09c43b95457.jpg ) [iqdb]
"How can you expect me to persuade ANYONE? You're the so-called mastermind here, all my persuasion skills have done for me so far is force me to kill a youkai in self defense and get me stranded in the middle of nowhere, far away from my friends. YOU think of something, genius."
She seems offended by your comment, but nods.
“I guess you’re right, you are useless. I would bring her back by manipulating the border between life and death, but she wouldn’t be the same. I’ll just open up a hole in time myself.”
She opens up a portal leading into what looks like the scene of your abuse of Rumia, before you were going to stab her in the head. You step through the portal, and find your mind and being combining with the other you, until you stand before Rumia, with the dagger in your hand.

“Why *hic* d-did you-AH-do this? Why di-” She breathes a trail of snot back up her nose at this point. “Why did you hurt me? Why?”

[ ] Cradle her in your arms.
[ ] Finish the job, stab her in the head.
[ ] Kick her, and call her a filthy demon.
>> No. 1229
[X] Cradle her in your arms.

>> No. 1230
[X] Cradle her in your arms.

Just got caught up. Glad we're getting to do this again.
>> No. 1231
[ ] Cradle her in your arms.

>> No. 1232
oh ho, why don't we stab her in the head again?

[x] cradle in arms.

"chen said not to eat me, dipshit"
>> No. 1233
[X] Cradle her in your arms.

Knowing Yukari she'll remember all of this, and be irritated with us - maybe even dislike us - for quite some time.

It's still worth it.
>> No. 1234
[ ] Kick her, and call her a filthy demon.

...what? She is a filthy demon.
>> No. 1235
File 120987107511.jpg - (411.39KB , 800x800 , b8a57839d353e7ff49cad52ae7d5bde2.jpg ) [iqdb]
You walk over and cradle her in your arms, realizing the error of your past actions. She sobs quietly, and clings to your shirt.
“Hush now. I’m sorry about what I did, I’ll make sure that you get better.
Tears run down her face, and she buries her head in your chest, hugging you. You imagine that, somewhere, somehow, Yukari knows that you’ve made things right. You continue to cradle Rumia, and she eventually falls asleep in your arms. You hold her as you drift into sleep, the young youkai slowly healing in your arms.

Reconciliation of Past and Present Chapter complete, +1 continue.

>> No. 1236
So moe..
>> No. 1237
And we do sort of deserve it. Chen route is superior, anyway.

Also: read the diary first chance we get.
>> No. 1238

Primary Objective fulfilled.

Secondary Objectives granted new priority.
>> No. 1239
[] Finish the job, stab her in the head.
Anything else would cause a time paradox, I wouldn't want to endanger the space time continuum.

>4/5 Objectives to unlocking Journey of the Clairvoyant Maiden complete
Unkilling Rumia could possiblly have been necessary.

No, seriously

[x] Cradle her in your arms.
>> No. 1240
File 120987149985.jpg - (233.51KB , 600x800 , ef3aa3d81ee4feee5f5f7df2e34c4c14.jpg ) [iqdb]
You wake up lying in the clearing, still holding Rumia. She’s pretty much healed up by now, but she’s still clinging to your shirt. You run your fingers through her hair, thinking about the trouble you caused. You think of what the day may hold, and where Renko and Maribel may be. You spot a white rose blooming nearby, an odd sight at this time.

[ ] Get up, pluck rose.
[ ] Lay there with Rumia.
[ ] Carry Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel.
>> No. 1241
[x] Carry Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel.

Seriously, though, Anonymous just seems way too unstable to be anyone's older sibling character yet.
What Anonymous needs is an aneki to believe in as much as she believes in him.
Just sayin'
>> No. 1242
Fuck yes that is how it has to be.
[X] Carry Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel.
>> No. 1243
[x] Lay there with Rumia.
[x] molest
>> No. 1244
[x] Lay there with Rumia.
[x] Remove her ribbon
>> No. 1245
Tears of Happiness, happy endings are needed here.
[X] Carry Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel.
>> No. 1246
[x] Carry Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel.
>> No. 1247
[X] Carry Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel.

Hopefully we can find some food.
>> No. 1248
[x] Carry Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel.

We come across Chen again.
Yakumo family is full of very much want.
>> No. 1249
[X] Get up, pluck rose.
[X] Carry Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel.

Something about that rose...
>> No. 1250
no, dude.

obvious mcguffin is obvious. DO NOT WANT.
>> No. 1251
[X] Get up, pluck rose.
[X] Carry Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel.

This. Something about that rose caused it to deflect the ants that were swarming Rumia's corpse before... there's something about it...
>> No. 1252
[X] Carry Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel.

[X] Forage for food, Rumia's still hungry.
>> No. 1253
File 120987202594.jpg - (77.22KB , 480x640 , 120900730442.jpg ) [iqdb]
You bring Rumia with you as you search for Renko and Maribel. You look for a few hours, but find nothing. Eventually, you come upon the rotting corpse of someone who probably fell victim to a youkai attack. A pained expression is on the person’s face, but you can’t tell who it is. Rumia begins to wake up.
“Nn… I’m hungry…Wait, where am I?”

[ ] Feed the corpse to her.
[ ] Keep walking.
[ ] Tell her that she is with her Nii-Nii.
>> No. 1255
Pluck rose? Anger Yuka?
>> No. 1256
[X] Keep walking.
[X] Tell her that she is with her Nii-Nii.

I think she likes her food fresh, anyway. Let's look for some place we can catch fish, or trap an animal, or something.
>> No. 1257
[x] "You tell me. Where's the shrine, Rumia?"
>> No. 1258
Food time
[X] Tell her that she is with her Nii-Nii.
[X] Feed the corpse to her.
Our own Youkai to feed and raise, awesome.
>> No. 1259
[ ] Tell her that she is with her Nii-Nii.
>> No. 1260
Huh. Yukari's even more godh4x in this story than usual. And perhaps Eientei is as well. "What, reviving the dead? Time travel? No worries, that's simple!"
>> No. 1261
[x] Keep walking.
Anonymous doesn't deserve to be called Nii-Nii yet.
And feeding her a rotting corpse is disgusting.
>> No. 1262
[ ] Keep walking.
[ ] Tell her that she is with her Nii-Nii.

Gotta try and wean her off human meat.
>> No. 1263

The fairies were only talking about what they heard. That doesn't mean the potion was strong enough to revive a person.

Also, opening borders between time and space hurts Yukari because of how much power it takes, but she did it so Chen could be happy.
>> No. 1264
>Eventually, you come upon the rotting corpse of someone who probably fell victim to a youkai attack.
Hope it wasn't anybody we know...

[X] Keep walking.
[X] Tell her that she is with her Nii-Nii.
>> No. 1265
File 120987277249.jpg - (222.75KB , 800x554 , 52e8109b9947eab3ebcffd53403e5531.jpg ) [iqdb]
You continue to walk, ignoring the corpse on the forest floor.
“You’re with your Nii-Nii.”
Rumia looks at you in frustration.
“Nii-Nii? Someone like you shouldn’t get that kind of name, you stupid adult!”
She pounds a fist into your shoulder, but it doesn’t really hurt.
“If you want me to forgive you, then give me food! I’m really, really hungry! I think that body back there would do, or even something small and fluffy.”

[ ] Go back, feed her the corpse.
[ ] Try and find an animal to catch.
[ ] Look for a tree with fruit.
>> No. 1266
[ ] Try and find an animal to catch.

Wean her off human meat, as said above.
>> No. 1267
[X] Go back, feed her the corpse.

If you say so, my moe darkness.
>> No. 1268
[x] Try and find an animal to catch.
[x] Look for a tree with fruit.
[x] Ask Rumia where the shrine is.
No reason why we can't multitask.
>> No. 1269
[X] Try and find an animal to catch.
>> No. 1270
[X] Go back, feed her the corpse.
[X] Look for a tree with fruit somewhere around the corpse.

No reason not to do this. We can feed her the corpse to sate her hunger, and if we find some fruit, we can carry it with us and feed her some whenever she gets hungry.
>> No. 1271
[x] Try and find an animal to catch.
Oh ho, why not feed Rumia a corpse lying on the ground for god knows how long?
>> No. 1272
[X] Try and find an animal to catch.

I'm all for breaking her long pig habit.
>> No. 1273
File 120987319148.jpg - (101.16KB , 400x400 , 7eeb74b2ac5d2bbd41b84165d8b724fe.jpg ) [iqdb]
After some searching and foraging, you manage to capture a few birds and harvest some apples. You take them to Rumia, who gulps your hard work down in no time.
“Uwaa~ah, I’m still hungry. Get me some more, please.”

[ ] Get some more fruit.
[ ] Look for the Shrine.
[ ] Feed her the corpse.
>> No. 1274
[x] Get some more fruit.
[x] Look for the Shrine.
>> No. 1275
[ ] Get some more fruit.
[ ] Look for the Shrine.
>> No. 1276
I kinda like your short posts (3-4 lines), they keep the story progressing. Save wall of text for special moments.
>> No. 1277

Like stabbing Rumia in the head, or the ending of a day, right?
>> No. 1278
>> No. 1279
[X] Get some more fruit.
[X] Look for the Shrine.

The moemptiness will not be so easily filled. We needs backup.
>> No. 1280
[X] Get some more fruit.
[X] Look for the Shrine.

Keep it coming!
>> No. 1281
[X] Feed her the corpse.
>> No. 1282
Cirno kept repeating the option to stab Rumia, too. Remember how well that turned out?
>> No. 1283
[ ] Get some more fruit.

There might be a bad end with either of these, but might as well pick the seemingly better one.
>> No. 1284
Or travelling through time to prevent Rumia's death. It's only, y'know, reversing one of the most major events to occur so far.
>> No. 1285
File 120987437184.jpg - (51.60KB , 480x700 , 12b718f51c0588c9a1e15807fe091781.jpg ) [iqdb]
You take Rumia with you this time, so that you can have her eat the fruit as you pick it. After going through some more apples and a peach or two, she settles down.
“Much better, now let’s go find somewhere to stay.”
You carry her on your shoulders, taking her to look for a place you can stay, preferably a shrine. You eventually find a clearing between the forest and a large wall, and you spot a building surrounded by odd items of varying size. No one is nearby, and nothing is in your way.

[ ] Go to the building.
[ ] Go back into the forest.
>> No. 1286

Don't worry, alot more horrible things will happen.
>> No. 1287
[x] Go back into the forest.
[x] Ask Rumia where the shrine is.
>> No. 1288
[ ] Go to the building.

Shelter is good, but who knows what the hell is gonna happen?
>> No. 1289

That picture is totally hot, because you can kind of see Rumia's crotch, and she's wearing stockings...


[X] Go to the building.

Fun exploring.
>> No. 1290
[X] Go to the building.

Yay, it's Kourin!
>> No. 1291
Hah, Kourindou. ...Kourin already gets pestered enough.

[ ] Go back into the forest.

...and then we give Rumia a beating. She's awfully pushy for someone who got killed for attacking us. Teach her some fear.
>> No. 1292
...no wait, odd items of varying size? Could be Marisa's junk. Usually I think neither of them leaves their stuff outside, but if one does, then the other might.
>> No. 1293
[X] Go to the building.

>You carry her on your shoulders

>preferably a shrine.
Gosh, where would we ever find one of those?

>you spot a building surrounded by odd items of varying size.
Hello, Kourindou.

Also, didn't Reimu say Renko and Maribel were headed to Kourindou?
They probably could have called us, too.
>> No. 1294
File 120987500897.gif - (12.89KB , 484x423 , 1208889114842.gif ) [iqdb]
You go to the building, and knock on the door.
“Come in! Welcome to-”
You walk in with Rumia, and the man stops speaking. He looks at the two of you, and then nods.
“A new friend, huh? You seem to make those a lot.”
“Hey Rinno!” Rumia jumps down and runs to the man, teetering back and forth.
“I just felt like coming here with this stupid human, because she fed me today.”
“Oh, really? Maybe she can befriend the three in the back?”

[ ] Ask what he means.
[ ] Look around the store.
[ ] Walk out of the store.
>> No. 1295
[ ] Ask what he means.
>> No. 1296
[X] Ask what he means.

Maribel, Renko, and undisclosed? The rest of the nineball squad?

Who could it be? I wonder, I wonder?
>> No. 1297
[x] Walk out of the store.

Maribel and Renko are just liabilities. We have a world to explore!
>> No. 1298
[X] Look around the store.

Make them come to us.
>> No. 1299
[X] Ask what he means.
[X] Look around the store.
>> No. 1300
File 120987567159.jpg - (227.98KB , 500x500 , 1208889851364.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Three people? What do you mean?”
“Oh, three people that are close friends. They normally wreck the pl-”
A loud explosion is heard, and the man rushes off to another part of the store, yelling at the source of the noise.

[ ] Look around the store.
[ ] Pick Rumia back up.
>> No. 1301
[X] Look around the store.

Rumia got down on her own... we can pick her up when she decides she wants another ride.
>> No. 1302
[X] Look around the store.
>> No. 1303
[ ] Anemia option
>> No. 1304
[x] Look around the store.
>> No. 1305
File 120987704644.png - (60.87KB , 900x643 , 2b919110591a83fb7f1c34bed46286a4.png ) [iqdb]
You look around the store and notice a few things. Some things that catch your attention include teas, computers, cameras, basically everything gets your attention. You also notice a section with weapons, and one with various toys for young children.

[ ] Look at the toys.
[ ] Look at general goods.
[ ] Look at the digital goods.
[ ] Look at the weapons section.

And now I'm finished. Good night.
>> No. 1306
[x] Look at the weapons section.
Hopefully one of our heirloom weapons made its way into Gensokyo. DUAL WIELDAN' FUCK YEAH
>> No. 1307
[X] Look at the toys.
[X] Look at the weapons section.

Maybe we can find something to amuse Rumia with. Also, maybe we can find something we can use to batter Youkai without killing them.

The latter, combined with strategic use of our knife, will be helpful on the Yuuka route when she inevitably tries to battle us.
>> No. 1308
[x] Look at the weapons section.
>> No. 1309
[x] Look at general goods.
get something useful
>> No. 1310
Say, didn't Anonko find a suspicious claymore in SHaG? Hmm...

[X] Look at general goods.

Weapon's going to win, I'll bet, but I think finding some stuff to barter would be a wiser plan in the long run.
>> No. 1311
[X] Look at the sex toys.
suika needs some
>> No. 1312
[X] Look at general goods.
and look for useful things.

[X] Look at the weapons.
>> No. 1313
[x] Look at general goods.
[x] Look at the digital goods.

We already have a weapon that's easy to handle and doesn't afraid of youkai. Even if he has the others, katana requires skill and claymore requires strength, I doubt we have much of either. We can maybe pull off a sneak attack with the dagger, at least.
>> No. 1314
[ ] Look at general goods.
>> No. 1315
Everyone's checking out Rinnosuke's goods, eh?

Yuuka/Yukari route, guys. Stay on target!
>> No. 1316
File 120989161157.jpg - (389.82KB , 637x650 , 1208555138920.jpg ) [iqdb]
Hey I was wondering, do we have to die to get the Youmu/Yuyuko routes? Or can we be flown or gapped into the netherworld?

Youmu hasn't had nearly enough attention yet for my tastes in any of the stories.
>> No. 1317
[x] Look at the weapons section.

>> No. 1318
File 120990063045.jpg - (65.79KB , 500x649 , 1181136019420.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Look at the weapons section.

Dragon slayer GET
>> No. 1319
[ ] Look at the toys.
[ ] Look at general goods.
Pick up some toys and stuff to befriend them.
>> No. 1320

Yes, you'll have to die. But you'll have to have done a list of good deeds to be counted worthy of not going to hell.
>> No. 1321
So have we got a target yet? Getting Renko to stand being in the same room as us without freaking out will take a while.
>> No. 1322
In other words, play it hard modo and get killed.

You hear that guys? No killing, avoid using the knife unless we're protecting someone else. I don't know if the Rumia thing counts as bad or good karma but let's not take karmic risks.

>> No. 1323

So we're gonna gut Youmu after we coax her into futa sex? Excellent.
>> No. 1324
[x] Look at the digital goods.

Let's look for a Dreamcast and Ikaruga, so we can play it with Chen.
>> No. 1325
And now, just for fun (and the future of the story), would you guys like to have more psychopathic choices in the future?

[ ] Yes.
[ ] No.
>> No. 1326
[x] Yes.

1. psychotic choices as in...?
2. will it lead to additional BAD ENDS?
>> No. 1327
[x] No.
>> No. 1328
Anonymous just told off one of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo and got away with it. Anonymous watched as someone he killed basically came back to life, as if that brutal head-stabbing, and the miserable ant-infested corpse right after never happened. If he hasn't lost it by now he should begin to start losing it soon.
>> No. 1329
[x] Yes.
split personality character development
>> No. 1330
[x] Yes.

Do you really have to ask?
>> No. 1331
[X] Yes.
I won't be picking them, but I want to despair as other people choose to royally screw up everything.
>> No. 1332
[x] No.

Psychotic choices would just screw us over. A sane, rational mind is what we need.
>> No. 1333
[x] Yes.

bad ends for all!
>> No. 1334
Anonymous is already schizophrenic and neurotic as is, it shouldn't just show in the choices either. It needs to show in the story as well.
>> No. 1335
[x] Yes.

Gotta kill em all
>> No. 1336
[X] Yes.

Assuming they lead to BAD ENDS.
>> No. 1337
[X] Yes.
We are CRAZY after all. Let the slaughtering begin!
>> No. 1338
Okay then. Just remember that you can only succesfully murder weaker youkai.
>> No. 1339
no killan.
japanese-style hello only.
final destination.
>> No. 1340
One side: The Lolinymous that killed Rumia and finally cracked.
One side: The Lolinymous that saw her come back to life, and was redeemed.
Side by side, they coexist, but for how long?

>> No. 1341
File 120992052852.jpg - (182.61KB , 700x600 , 20070829011354.jpg ) [iqdb]
Nii-nii I'm pregnant!
>> No. 1342
....ha ha haaaaa.

>> No. 1343

I smiled.
>> No. 1344
File 120992088491.jpg - (102.55KB , 510x602 , niiniiprego.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1345
File 120992096699.jpg - (7.93KB , 111x124 , falconpunch.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 1346
File 120992164614.jpg - (51.62KB , 240x320 , 2a80815eab11c2f9be85fb3a536c3e84.jpg ) [iqdb]
You look at the general goods. Tea, toilet paper, corn, and all sorts of things ranging from food to house supplies are there. You then look to the weapons section. Clubs, axes, swords, daggers, guns, spell cards, and many other forms of weaponry occupy the shelves and, oddly, refrigerators. Rumia runs over to you, wiggling her arms from side-to-side.
“Rinno said we could each have something for free! Can you help me find something tasty?”
She jumps up and down, watching you expectantly.

Pick 1 of these.

[ ] Look at the clubs.
[ ] Look at the guns.
[ ] Look at the swords.
[ ] Look at the daggers.
[ ] Look at the spell cards.
[ ] Look at the axes.
[ ] Look at some other type of weapon.

And 1 of these.

[ ] Look at the teas.
[ ] Look at the vegetables.
[ ] Help Rumia find some kind of beef or chicken.
[ ] Look at the toilet paper.
[ ] Look at the house supplies.
>> No. 1347
[x] Look at the spell cards.

Nothing lethal. I don't trust me with a weapon.

[x] Help Rumia find some kind of beef or chicken.
>> No. 1348
[X] Look for a spiked ball and chain.
[X] Help Rumia find some kind of beef or chicken.

I don't care if the first one is impractical, it's still awesome.

And food! Food for the adorable Rumia!
>> No. 1349
[x] Look at the swords.
Heirloom weapon GET
[x] Help Rumia find some beef or chicken.
>> No. 1350
[x] Look at the axes.
psychopath's weapon of choice

[x] Help Rumia find some kind of beef or chicken.
>> No. 1351
[x] Look at some other type of weapon.

I bet we can find something impractical yet awesome in this selection.

[x] Help Rumia find some kind of beef or chicken.
Rumia +1.
>> No. 1352
You guys aren't planning on killing the moe darkness again, are you? If so, I have one of the most gruesome, horrible, disgusting, and heart wrenching BAD ENDs ever planned in my head. Atleast as far as this board goes.
>> No. 1353
[ ] Look at some other type of weapon.
>> No. 1354

No. But armaments that are non-lethal to Youkai might be useful down the road if we need to disable someone without killing them.
>> No. 1355

At least make it a bad end this time and not an episode of star trek voyager.
>> No. 1356
kill, no. we will be willing, however, to molest at first available opportunity.
>> No. 1357
[X] Look at the clubs.
[X] Help Rumia find some kind of beef or chicken.
If not we can kill some Humans to feed our Youkai girl, she needs food the poor girl. FEED HER
>> No. 1358
File 120992310084.jpg - (148.71KB , 354x500 , ee0796d8069905afc0f0021172ad8193.jpg ) [iqdb]
You help Rumia find a large chunk of meat, one that’s almost as big as her. She begins eating, and you decide to look at other forms of weaponry.
You see all sorts of items lying around, some practical, some far too difficult to use properly. This includes a machete, a hatchet, a chainsaw, a giant knife-like object, and a selection of crowbars.

[ ] Take the machete.
[ ] Take the hatchet.
[ ] Take the chainsaw.
[ ] Take the giant knife.
[ ] Take a crowbar.
[ ] Investigate that one refrigerator.
>> No. 1360
[X] Investigate that one refrigerator.

y halo thar lety
>> No. 1361
[x] Investigate that one refrigerator.
far as weapons go, we've got the knife. i'm more interested in picking up random mcguffins at this point.
>> No. 1363
[ ] Take the giant knife.
[ ] Investigate that one refrigerator.
>> No. 1364
[x] Take a crowbar.
A decent bludgeoning weapon that can also help us open shit. Fuck yes, you are the best choice ever.
>> No. 1365
File 120992355375.jpg - (8.58KB , 152x200 , 1201445973274.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Take a crowbar.

Solves all your other-worldly problems.
>> No. 1366
[X] Investigate that one refrigerator.

Letty would be the best weapon ever. We could hold her by her legs and swing her at people to cause the Freeze status effect.
>> No. 1367
[ ] Take a crowbar.

Recommended by scientists everywhere since 1998.
>> No. 1368
File 120992395323.jpg - (85.49KB , 500x540 , hl2halo.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Take a crowbar.
>> No. 1369
[x] Take a crowbar.

A titanium crowbar is going to be much tougher than any of those other weapons. TWF with knife in off-hand, and now we have slashing, piercing, and bludgeoning.

Also, can be used to make trip attacks.
>> No. 1370
File 120992454460.jpg - (48.99KB , 350x400 , 1208889136954.jpg ) [iqdb]
Other refrigerator got more votes first, so...

You ignore that stuff and go to that one refrigerator, which oddly has various swords stuffed into it. Katanas, Long swords, Ninja swords, all kinds of things. A lot of blades and sheaths can be seen, along with various designs and sizes for the weapons. You also notice that the refrigerator next to this one is closed, and particularly cold.

[ ] Grab a katana.
[ ] Grab a long sword.
[ ] Grab a ninja sword, you big weaboo.
[ ] Pick another sword.
[ ] Open that refrigerator.
>> No. 1371
[x] Grab a katana.
Well hello there potential heirloom weapon
>> No. 1372
[x] Go back, get a crowbar.
>> No. 1373
[ ] Open that refrigerator.
>> No. 1374
[X] Open that refrigerator.

>> No. 1375

[x] Open that refrigerator.


>> No. 1376
[X] Open that refrigerator.

I am compelled.
>> No. 1377
[x] Open that refrigerator.
>> No. 1378
[ ] Open that refrigerator.

and it's spelled weeaboo.
>> No. 1379
File 120992537296.jpg - (88.79KB , 468x591 , 88e2e2d556011219373fb2e51bcbcb45.jpg ) [iqdb]
You open the refrigerator, which holds a frozen slice of watermelon. It oddly looks like a weapon, one that someone much smaller than you might use.
“Hey! Are you finished?”
Rumia trots over to you, and stops at the refrigerator.
“Hey look, that looks like the piece of watermelon that Cirno lost a long time ago!”

[ ] Take the odd piece of watermelon.
[ ] Grab a random sword.
[ ] Grab anything at random.
>> No. 1380
[ ] Take the odd piece of watermelon.
[ ] Grab a random sword.
>> No. 1381
[X] Take the odd piece of watermelon.


>> No. 1382
[X] Take the odd piece of watermelon.

Oh, hell yes.
>> No. 1383
[ ] Take the odd piece of watermelon.
>> No. 1384
Okay then. I'll either write later today, or tommorow. Seeya guys.
>> No. 1385
[ ] Take the odd piece of watermelon.

>> No. 1386
[x] Take the odd piece of watermelon.

We need this to do our limit break.
>> No. 1387
Infact, all of today's actions might just be erased. I didn't feel good enough to write, and I shouldn't have tried.
>> No. 1388

Seemed alright to me.
>> No. 1389

[ x ] Take the odd piece of watermelon.

Suika Blade?!
>> No. 1390
>> No. 1391
File 120992965037.jpg - (70.48KB , 500x700 , Cirno - Advent Cirno - pose.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ohhhhh christ.

That's Advent Cirno's sword.

>It oddly looks like a weapon, one that someone much smaller than you might use.
>one that someone much smaller than you might use.
>that someone much smaller than you
>someone much smaller than you


[x] Go back and get the goddamn crowbar.
Crowbars are nicely multi-use, anyway.
>> No. 1392
What was wrong with it? Let's try to keep the time warps to a minimum.
>> No. 1393

That just means we can wield it one-handed. Or give it back to Cirno.
>> No. 1394
Okay then, all that stays.
>> No. 1395

We will give Cirno that sword, and she will become our Onion Knight.
>> No. 1398


>> No. 1399
[ ] Kill\Rape Rumia
>> No. 1400

Much better that that.
>> No. 1401
Also, I was wondering what you guys actually think of the story and the writing.
>> No. 1402
You don't want to know that. Just keep working like a good nigg- I mean, writefag.
>> No. 1403

You've written Rumia well; she should definitely be hard modo, and there should still be potential for her to Bad End us. And glad you picked up on the Mary/Yukari duality: It will be exciting to see where that goes.

I thought Mayohiga was a little too Easy Modo overall, and Renko's freak-out has to be explained--why she's bothered more by the fact we patted her head than we have a penis.

I have a question about Yukari. Her response to our reply was odd. Why did she mention other ways to revive Rumia if she could just send us back in time? Did she expect us to just be killed by Rumia?

We'll need to be getting back to Mayohiga and/or Mary & Ren eventually, though. This is a /border/ story after all.
>> No. 1404

Mayohiga was easy modo because it was your first visit, it'll be tougher once you return. Also, I think I'll just leave the reason why Renko freaked out open to interpretation. As for Yukari, it was somewhat of a test to see how far you'd go to make things right, and you failed.
>> No. 1405

We failed by taking the pragmatic route? Well, I guess I can kind of understand that...

We'll just have to work hard to mend her impressions of us later on.
>> No. 1406

We shouldn't have failed, as we didn't refuse; we were just calling her bluff. It's more like NO SIDE.
>> No. 1407
File 120993866339.gif - (14.83KB , 275x300 , 1209258130159.gif ) [iqdb]
Fucking yes
>> No. 1408
I really wish I had started reading earlier. My first notion for that Yukari write-in option was to offer the heirloom knife. If we need to persuade the perfect maid, we offer a knife. Fair chance of losing it, but proves how serious we are.

The writing has a nice, quick pace. The installments are skewed a bit more towards choices than narrative, but still pushes the story along without falling into the trap of choices for e v e r y s i n g l e p i e c e o f m i n u t e a. Chen and Rumia are the only characters I have a good notion for characterization, but that's fair since the bulk of our time has been with them. I'm curious, though: since this is a limited adventure for the Hakurei Border, how much wandering will we be afforded?

As a personal aside, I've never been a fan of BAD ENDs. I take them entirely too seriously and end up depressed for a while. I understand the appeal, but I'll never enjoy them. Oh well, I hope there's some meaningful progression before anon turns this into an exercise in discovering the most brutal ways to torture/kill touhous.
>> No. 1410
Christ, sorry about that. What the hell is wrong with the board tonight? Not even my post password is taking. If this shows up twice I'm gonna go make myself taller.
>> No. 1412
Should I delete all of this because of the CP? Or should I just ignore it?
>> No. 1413
Just ignore it, start new thread.
>> No. 1414

Just start a new thread, it'll get deleted eventually.
>> No. 1415

Start a new thread.