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I got dragged away from the computer this weekend, so to make it up to you all, I've brought what some of you requested in the main story. Updates will resume tomorrow.


[X] Demonstrate



Wait, why are you talking? You haven't even come up with a response to her question, so why--


She spits out the harsh reply without bothering to turn and face you.

"I could demonstrate."

The words roll off your tongue before you even understand that you're saying them. The two of you screech to a grinding halt, and a deafening silence overtakes you. A chill runs through you as Youmu turns to face you, her visage nothing but cold and emotionless. It dawns upon you exactly what you've just suggested.

"Sit down."

The command causes you to panic, and you scramble to apologize.

"Youmu, I--"

"Sit down."

She puts more force into the words, and you're compelled to obey, quickly taking a seat upon one of the stairs beneath you. Youmu climbs back up towards you, her expression unreadable. A nervous fluttering wells up in your stomach as one of her hands drifts towards her swords.

"Drop the sash."

Just what the hell is she planning? You're about to protest, when you see her hand clenching around the handle of her longer blade. Nervously, you undo the sash at your waist, letting the black cloth fall onto the stairs. Youmu's grip on her blade eases, and instead drifts to the sheath.


As expressionless as ever, Youmu removes the swords from her person, setting them carefully off to the side of the stairs; she then removes her shoes, using them as a weight to hold the blades in place. Returning to stand before you, she wordlessly begins to undress. The vest comes off first, then the dress, the green fabric pooling at her feet. Her calm facade begins to falter, and she twitches, her hands shaking as she continues disrobing. As nervous as she is, as petrified as you are... the sight is still having an effect on you.

You can feel yourself stirring as she removes her shirt slowly, your excitement growing as she pops each button unsteadily. Her white dress shirt falls away to reveal a set of chest bindings, wrapped tight around her small breasts. You can see her breathing grow erratic as she hesitantly grips the white fabric of her panties, and peels the garment off carefully. Her socks come off last, and she nudges the small pile of clothes off to the side with one foot.

And there she stands, in nearly all her glory. She's nervous and quaking, but she's still a pretty thing.

"Show me."

Her voice is uneven, unsteady.


"You said that... you could demonstrate. So, please... show me."

So, she really wants you to? You're unsure of how to respond to this, but if she mustered the determination to strip down right on the spot, then...


Carefully, slowly, she climbs a few steps up toward you. With you sitting down like this, it's easy enough for her to simply face you and take a seat on your lap. She reaches out and tugs the fabric of your skirt down, revealing your mostly erect shaft. Her hand reaches out and hovers over your member, but she looks up and gives you a questioning glance. You nod, and her hand wraps around your manhood.

Her ministrations are... clumsy, to say the least. She's obviously inexperienced, and her movements are too rough. Her calloused fingers are less gentle than they ought to be, but you're mostly hard from her strip show of sorts, and it doesn't take much at all to get you completely ready to perform.

Youmu seems to catch onto your readiness, and repositions herself a bit, moving closer and using her hand to position your rod at her entrance. She takes a deep breath, and you can feel your tip pressing against her mound. However...


You use a gentle, but she freezes almost immediately, her blue eyes shine with panic as she searches your expression for what's wrong. You ease her back on your lap a bit, to make sure you don't penetrate her yet. Wrapping one hand firmly around her waist, you bring the other hand to the juncture of her legs, and stroke her lightly. She shivers in response.

"What? What are yo--"

"Youmu." You interrupt her. "It could hurt if you're dry, you know."

She looks puzzled.

"Just relax a little, alright? If you're this tense, then this probably won't go easily."

She nods and closes her eyes. You can feel most of the tension drain out of her, and she goes slightly limp. That's good, it'll make it simpler. Massaging her slit softly, you run your other hand up her back to the bindings that wrap her upper body. Searching a bit, you find a good place, and tear the bindings carefully, causing the the white wraps to fall away and onto the steps beneath the two of you. With that binding out of the way you can see all of her, and you feel her tense up again.

"Youmu. Calm down. I'm not going to hurt you, so just relax."

She whimpers a bit, but tries to do as you say, taking deep breaths to steady herself. With nothing to obstruct you, you lean forward and blow a breath against one of her nipples, causing the pink nub to stand at attention, and rewarding you with a soft gasp from Youmu. You feel a slight bead of liquid against the hand that massages her sex; constantly bound like that, her breasts must be quite sensitive. You take one of her small breasts into your mouth and suckle on it, causing her to cry out. Closing your teeth around her nipple very carefully, making sure not to bite too hard, you roll it back and forth, and you can feel her juices begin to flow down your hand with greater speed.

It only takes a bit of playing with her breasts to get her completely wet. You move back to your previous position, ready to slip inside of her. Placing both hands on her hips to hold her steady, you let her sit and pant for a bit.

"Ready, Youmu?"

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"Yes. Please... put it in me now."

Leaning forward, she wraps her arms around your neck in an embrace, as if to brace herself. Reaching down, you hold the lips of her sex open and push the head of your erection into her. You inch forward very slowly, releasing your hold on her folds in the process, and... are forced to stop. Without you holding her open, she's...


Really, really tight. Far more so than Mima was when your had your run with her. Youmu is rather obviously a virgin, and was unsure of exactly how something as big as your manhood was supposed to fit inside of her, so it makes sense, but...

You're just going to have to take it slowly, then.

You're forced to ease yourself into her very gradually, and every inch that you fit into her elicits quiet whimpers of pleasure. Slowly, slowly... your own breath begins to grow a little ragged as her tight walls close around more and more of your length. As you make one final push, fitting your erection entirely inside of her, a happy sigh escapes from Youmu and she slumps forward against you.


Her whispering voice and hot breath in your ear sends a shudder through you. Neither one of you moves, unwilling to relinquish your joining so soon after its fulfillment. Relishing the tightness and heat of her moist virginity, you're also acutely aware of the feel of her body against you. It occurs to you just how light she really is, and just how strong... her skin is soft, but it's taut over her muscle, most of which is contained in the strong arms and legs that are wrapped around you. Her usual appearance and nervousness makes her seem fragile, but the girl in your lap has to be one of the strongest you've ever met.


Her words shake you out of your reverie.


"Move... it fits, but I... I want to see if you can... move..."

Her words are broken up by labored breaths, but you oblige her much the same. Gripping her hips, you start to pull out, and both of you groan in frustration as you separate. The cold air is torturous compared to being inside of her, and it takes all your will power to restrain yourself from jamming it right back into her. Youmu seems to be wincing at your withdrawal as well, her embrace growing tighter as if in compensation. Right as you're about to slip out of her entirely, she brings her hips down again slowly.

A tide of relief washes over you as you reenter her, the warmth and tightness refreshing after being exposed to the cold air. A long, pleasured hiss issues from Youmu as she brings herself down onto you, ending with a shuddering cry as you fill her folds completely once again. She pants loudly, and begins to pull herself off of you for the second time.

"Feels good... want... more..."

She begins to pump herself along your shaft slowly, letting you sit back and revel in the sensation. She falls into an agonizing rhythm, the pace slow enough that you're forced to endure long moments of her warmth and tightness broken by long moments of nothing but the cold wind against your shaft. Without the high friction of a faster pace, each feeling is a stark contrast that leaves you in alternating bliss and dread. Tortutrous though it may be, each moment that you're apart from her only serves to heighten your love for being completely within her, and you're excitement peaks quickly.

She keeps it up for a few minutes, before she stiffens when you've filled her completely. Without warning, her walls clamp down so hard that it's almost painful. She lets out a startled cry, and her whole body shakes and trembles as she reaches her orgasm. The sudden feeling of her constricting around you is enough to cause your concentration to falter, and you feel a familiar pressure welling up inside of you.

"Youmu... careful... I'm going to... finish, so..."

Apparently your warning reaches her through the haze of her ecstasy, and she tries to pull back a ways without success. You're forced to ride it out and maintain your control desperately until she finishes, and manages to pull herself off of you, stumbling back down the stairs. Without the reassurance of being able to slip back inside of her, and frustrated by the sudden lack of stimulation when you're so close, you reach down to finish the job yourself.

Your hand is knocked aside by Youmu pulling herself up and brushing it away. Grasping your erection with one hand, she darts forward and places it in her mouth. While the action is rough and unpracticed, it's all the stimulation you need, and a sharp cleansing feeling rushes through you, leaving you feeling light as air as you unload into her mouth. Her throat pulses a bit as she tries to suck down your sperm, but she's forced to pull away as it spills out the sides of her mouth, causing you to shoot a string or two of cum onto her face.

Both of you sink down against the stone steps, feeling drained. Spending a few moments trying to regain your breath, you stare at the sky and listen to the sound of Youmu panting somewhere below you.

"Tastes funny... kind of..."

Youmu's unsteady voice trails off, and you stir a bit, sitting up again. You glance towards her voice to see her laying exhausted on her back, draped over a stone step a short ways down from you.

"Why'd you... use your mouth?"

Your wind begins to return to you, and you can feel yourself recovering.

"Not fair... if I finish... with help... but you do not..."

You watch idly as she reaches up and wipes some of your spunk from her face, rolling the sticky substance between her fingers. She watches the material stretch between her fingers in small strings for a bit, but eventually just sticks her fingers in her mouth and sucks the substance down. Much to your chagrin, you feel your member twitch in response to the sight. Evidently your ghostly stamina is already working to get you ready to go again.

A sudden pressure on your back disturbs you, and a harsh kiss comes down on your neck, causing you to suck your breath in. You turn your head to see who it is, but they swing around the other side of your body, landing in your lap before you can register who it is. You bring your gaze forward and, much to your surprise, you find the pale blue form of Myon looking back at you with a somewhat sultry smile.

To your further surprise, Myon reaches down and starts to massage your limp manhood. Much like Youmu, her movements are unskilled, but her skin seems to be softer - almost malleable - and her touch feels light and airy. Under the work of her fingers, you find yourself rapidly hardening once again.

"Youmu?" You manage to croak out.

"Want to see... how it works... with my ghost half..."

Her voice drifts back up to you, and you almost fail to register it under the ministrations of Myon. Faster than you'd expected, you're fully erect and poised to enter her. Myon's sultry gaze doesn't leave her face as she pushes herself down onto your member, the moist lips of her vagina sliding open much more easily than those of her human counterpart. As she takes your shaft completely into her, she licks her lips in anticipation and excitement.
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The sensation of being in Myon is... strange, to put it best. Like Youmu, she's incredibly tight, but her slightly malleable body allows you to slide into her without anywhere near as much difficulty, her walls stretching painlessly to accommodate you. Unlike Youmu, inside of Myon is cool, and almost liquid like. As odd as the feeling is, it is quite pleasurable.

Wasting no time, Myon begins to move her hips, and you find yourself responding likewise. Without having to worry about hurting her at all, you're free to set a faster pace, and the two of you gradually thrust against one another more quickly.Myon braces herself against you as she rides you, comfortable enough to lean forward and kiss you as she does so. You can hear Youmu herself moaning in pleasure.

"Feels full, hot," tears well up in Youmu's eyes as her hips begin to buck against the air, "so good. So good."

With Myon seeming less than nervous, you take the liberty of toying with more of her body. Gently kneading her breasts at first, you slide your hand down her stomach and down further until you can play with her clit. In response, Myon begins to make the first real noises you've heard from her - whispering, almost inaudible moans of pleasure. Youmu begins to writhe about on the stone steps, her hands drifting to her breasts and her slit as she starts to toy with herself.

Youmu's attention to herself seems to affect Myon, who speeds up the movement of her hips, crashing them against yours at high speed. A nice friction builds up along your length, her tight walls stimulating you quite well, and the strange coolness of her moist sex proves to be just as good as Youmu's warmth. In no time, her walls begin to constrict, and she lets out a voiceless scream of pleasure, Youmu howling out in unison with her.

Just like before, the sudden tightening around your erect member causes a jolt of pleasure to rip through you. Just as before, you issue a warning.

"Youmu! I'm going to--"

You're cut off by Myon's legs wrapping firmly around you, forcing you as deep into her as you can get.


Myon leans over your shoulder, and a whispery voice, like a softer, muted version of Youmu's, drifts into your ear.

"Want it."

That's it. Gripping Myon's hips tight, your fingers pressing into her skin, you find release and pour your seed into her waiting body. Myon pulls back, a trembling sound issuing from her throat as she throws her head back, and expression of pure bliss painted across her features. A loud moan of ecstasy from Youmu draws your attention to her, and you see the girl arching her body up towards the sky, a river of her juices flowing from her slit, and her toes curled in orgasm.

"I can feel it! So hot inside of me! Flooding... oh, oh it's good! So good! Pour it into me! Every drop!" Youmu's eyes look vacant save for her pleasure, and she probably doesn't even realize what she's saying.

As the last of your sperm floods Myon, the ghost slumps forward with what sounds like a happy sigh, her lips capturing yours in a forceful kiss. She doesn't seem to want to part with you, content to remain in your lap with your spent manhood still resting comfortably inside of her. Youmu just twitches and shivers in place, her limp body spread out across the stairs, drool leaking out the side of her mouth as she mumbles meaningless phrases.

Feeling content yourself, you lean back and let Myon rest against you.


Dressed again, you and Youmu have resumed your trek down the stairs. Rather than drifting in orb form however, Myon has opted to simply wrap her arms and legs around you, forcing you to carry her. She's light, though, and every now and then she leans in for a deep kiss.

"Hey, Youmu. Is it really okay that I came inside you? I'm not sure how ghost physiology works with half ghost physiology."

Myon nuzzles her head against yours as Youmu replies.

"There is no problem. If I become pregnant," one of her hands drifts towards her belly and rubs it idly, "then you will simply have to take responsibility."

You chuckle, and give Myon another kiss.

"I suppose there isn't any trouble, then."

"Yes. It is quite fortunate, as future lessons will likely necessitate that you risk impregnating me again."

"Future lessons?"

"Of course. I have many more questions that need answering."

"Because you're a healthy young girl."

"Of course."
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this makes me wish we'd gotten Youmu to sit in our lap
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This truly is lovely, Patch, but couldn't this have gone in the old thread? The one that had the Shikieki side story?
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Fappin' and forgivin'!
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Fuckin' A, man.
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You fail to disappoint once again, Patchwork~
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Thank you, Patchwork. Thank you.
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Oh, look. More porn. The only thing this guy is good for.
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Yep. That's about it.
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sage for porn with neither plot nor purpose.
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Almost got me for a second there. 6/10 for subtlety, but lacks impact.
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>>8944 >>8947
Sup [writefag that probably isnt jealous at all, but I'll claim them to be jealous anyways].

Also, 3/10 DURR HURR
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>>8944 >>8947
Thread's not called HLA for nothing. 4/10

Self-sage for obviousness.
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Well, HLA could mean Hakugyokurou LA, but I know what you mean. And only an idiot wouldn't. Sage for DERP.
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This was a triumph.
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I'm now hoping for a chapter where Youmu spends 50% Tension to use Myon Install and rape GhostAnon into blissful unconsciousness with both her halves at the same time.
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Maybe all this faggotry is due to the fags reading AoD? Anyone up for a sage bombing?
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there's no point to the porn! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just shut up and enjoy it, fagballs.
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God forbid that someone doesn't like your precious H-scenes.
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That's what makes the porn less as good. We don't work to earn it. Hell, we could pick the stupidest shit in the story and probably still get laid.
>> No. 8967

And I never looked back.
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...Well I liked it.
>> No. 8969

...who are you?
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For the most part, I like Patchwork's stuff. Aside from the whore sisters his imaginings of the characters are pretty decent. I could do without the constant skirt-chasing and such, but as long as people vote for it there isn't much that can be done. I just hope it doesn't devolve into a mindless wank-fest with no regard for anything else where there once was a chance for a good story (in before "Too late").
>> No. 8972
They're not really whores though :|

You don't even know if Merlin would actually carry through jumping your bones, Lyrica has that sundere thing going on and Lunasa well...a fling doesn't exactly make you a whore. Really, two out of the three are loose/questionably loose.
>> No. 8973

Point taken. I'd like to see them fleshed out more, but it just seems like the ones voting for them are only going for the porn (I know that's not the case, but it certainly seems that way). One lap dance and all of a sudden people go nuts.
>> No. 8974

Frankly, it's about time we had a skirt chasing CYOA that fucking delivers.
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Just curious, but how many others realize the obvious fact that this is a side-story, and that Youmu would not act this way in the main unless we had worked our way into getting a lot closer to her before this?

I mean, sure, Mima was easy - she's a mischievous spirit who's just looking to have fun and bust Reimu's chops, so it's natural she'd do that. It actually makes sense for her.

Lunasa, I find the previous H-scene to be a bit of character development for her. Despite being mature and supportive of her sisters, she does have an adventurous streak. Ghost Anon just happens to be the guy who was brave enough (or indeed interested enough) to flirt with her, so the player won some Lunasa points. Yes, she's a bit easy-mode, but it's not like it just got handed out without so much as a "By the way".

tl;dr - Take it easy, faggots.
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>Just curious, but how many others realize the obvious fact that this is a side-story, and that Youmu would not act this way in the main unless we had worked our way into getting a lot closer to her before this?
Hear hear.

I wave off the girls' apparent easiness on the fact that in HLA the upper tier characters are the more aggressive type, and Gensokyo apparently has a deficiency of good looking guys (no males at all at Hakugyokurou's welcoming party).
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I'm going to speak up here:


Not cool, brah. Not cool.
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>the fags reading AoD
But if you're not gay for traps then you're not straight so yeah!
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...Okay. I lol'd.
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>But if you're not gay for traps then you're not straight so yeah!
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Hey faggot.
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The trap can try and hide his dick behind a skirt and provide a distraction with his womanly face, but that doesn't make me forget the trap's still a man. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don't have the selective memory of people who can fap to traps.
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...Well I, for one, like traps.
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If it can fool me into bed, it deserves to be fucked in the ass.
If it's a woman, then it's all good.
If it's a trap, then justice is served.
>> No. 9028

One fatal problem with this logic.

Neither a woman nor a trap would want to sleep with you, Anonymous.
>> No. 9030
That just ensures my security.
>> No. 9036
Look at the picture, faggot. >>9020
>> No. 9038
Hey there, slowpoke.
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This was a triumph.
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I'm Making A Note Here:
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So. With Patchwork in a constant state of 7 minutes, and Nine MIA, I wouldn't mind seeing a 3rd good CYOA pop up here.

...Any volunteers?
>> No. 9389

We've never had a real Mayohiga LA, have we?
>> No. 9390

Nope. Does this mean that you'll write?