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7219 No. 7219
[x] Nurse's Hat Border

You decide on your future prospect. You think medicine is the best choice for you. You want to heal others and bring relief to those close to you. You want to study science and more about the body of a human and other species you might need to help. You want to be endowed with the knowledge of science and medical treatment, and to know what makes someone tick. You feel the burning desire to ease those around you, to help, and to gain a healing touch. You want to support those in need and assist those who fight beside you in battle. Yes, that is the true path for you.

...well, not really. Truth in point, you're only doing it because a little perverted voice told you that nurse outfits and needles are hot. You were truthfully about to go into the border with the bento box but decided against it because it was making you hungry. So instead, you find yourself nodding and walking into the gap with the nurse's hat on it, and into the darkness you go. Like a long tunnel, you see a light at the end. After walking a while you finally end up going through the light, and into Gensokyo once more. Instead of on top of the mountain, you find yourself in a vast, bamboo forest. It doesn't take long to realize you're overlooking a large, old style mansion in the bamboo thicket.

You look around and then decide to walk towards it. It's a simple walk down a hill for the most part that brings you there. Soon enough, you're standing in front of the large, open gate leading to the large building. It's pretty magnificent though, to think something like this, hidden away in a forest of bamboo. You bet this place is very secluded, and easy to live in peace here. You imagine that NEETs would have a fun time in this remote home. You look around for a bit, you can see...rabbits? No, not ordinary rabbits..these are human like. Black, short, ruffled hair, pink dresses, long, floppy ears, they must be rabbit people. Very strange, you thought you would be learning medicine here? You walk a bit slowly into the gate, feeling estranged and a bit out of it before you accidentally bump into someone.

"Oh! Excuse me, I was...n't..."

Your speech trails off as you look at who you bumps into. What a visage, a true beauty. Sanae was cute, but this girl takes the cake. Long, shine purple hair, white button shirt that shows off her figure a bit, with a cute red tie, medium length blue skirt just barely covering up some athletic and flexible looking legs, and the star attraction. Rumpled bunny ears. My god those are cute. She looks at you with a pair of red eyes. You get this feeling that if you stare into them too long, you might go insane. Or develop a fetish for red eyes, whichever comes first. She has this very innocent and vunerable look on her face the moment she lays eyes on you, like she's never seen a guy before. And then she speaks.

"Oh, uh, I-I-I'm sorry. Please excuse me, I was just uhh, a-a-are you a visitor, perhaps?"

Woahoho! This girl's voice is unbelievably adorable, and the way she says things with it only serves to make it so much worse. You're trying hard not to nosebleed at the cutiepie before you, but it's oh so hard. She's so cute, you just want to eat her up. Wait, something's wrong, part of you DOES want to eat her, literally. Argh, you feel your stomach growling again and you look down at it, as it makes an indecriably loud noise. The bunny girl looks at your stomach before looking back up at your face with a soft blush streaking across hers.

"You sound hungry...would you like to come in for dinner? I can ask my masters if it's alright."

This girl is just too much. Cute, beautiful, and nice to boot. Sanae? Who's Sanae? This girl is just so wonderful. You feel like you're in heaven just speaking to her, you want to get right in and sink your teeth into her right now, she's so cute! Though again, you somehow feel like that's your stomach talking. It's very strange, but you think you really want to eat this girl. Gah, probably not a good idea. She's cute, and that's all there is to it. Right now, she's looking at you with an expectant look. Time to give your answer.

[ ] "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"
[ ] "I'm looking for someone actually, can you take me to your master?"
[ ] "Hungry...hungry for you!"
[ ] "On second thought, I think this is the wrong address for the local pizza hut."

>> No. 7220
File 121504065049.jpg - (15.31KB , 435x328 , Mayuri.jpg ) [iqdb]
>You decide on your future prospect. You think medicine is the best choice for you. You want to heal others and bring relief to those close to you. You want to study science and more about the body of a human and other species you might need to help. You want to be endowed with the knowledge of science and medical treatment, and to know what makes someone tick. You feel the burning desire to ease those around you, to help, and to gain a healing touch. You want to support those in need and assist those who fight beside you in battle. Yes, that is the true path for you.

Haha, what? No, I picked this to torture the shit out of people and make twisted medical science experiments. That, and get some cool head gear.
>> No. 7221
[x] "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"
>> No. 7222
{X} "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"
10% tendancies kicking in~
>> No. 7223
[ ] "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"

>Sanae? Who's Sanae?

( ಠ∀ಠ)
>> No. 7224
File 121504098412.jpg - (72.09KB , 396x541 , bob_barker.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "I'm looking for someone actually, can you take me to your master?"

God damn, Yukari needs to learn to spay or neuter her pets.
>> No. 7225
[x] "Hungry...hungry for you!"
Must devour delicious moon bunny
>> No. 7226
[x] "Hungry...hungry for you!"

DO Want guro scene
>> No. 7227
[x] "Hungry...hungry for you!"

Eat her up yum yum yum
>> No. 7228
[x] "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"

I don't think that other choice will have the guro I'm looking for.
>> No. 7229
[X] "Hungry...hungry for you!"
>> No. 7230
[ ] "Hungry...hungry for you!"

>> No. 7231
[x] "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"
No acting stupid now.
>> No. 7232
[x] "Hungry...hungry for you!"
First step to becoming a doctor, treat your assistant like shit.
>> No. 7233
[x] "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"
>> No. 7234
[x] "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"
>> No. 7235
Reisen: 6
Food: 7
>> No. 7236
[+] "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"
>> No. 7237
[X] "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"

Such a dog.
>> No. 7238
File 121505261560.jpg - (85.62KB , 600x729 , 120795068085.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] "Dinner would be great, I'm starving!"

You decide to hold in your primal urges. You're so very close to just simply tackling her to the ground and ripping apart her flesh, digging your fangs into her in various places and gulping down every smack. Or, well, rather, instead you want to drag her to a nearby bush, push her to the ground behind it and start kissing the bunny girl deeply and passionately. You forcibly pin her to the ground despite her resistance and move down to her neck, kissing widly at it as she struggles. Planting your hands on her chest, you massage her deceptively large pillows and give her as much pleasure as you can, pushing your hips in between her legs and thrusting yourself into her panties, making the friction cause more pleasure for her. You can imagine yourself continuing this until she's succumbed to your pleasure, and that's when you do it. You sink your mighty jaws into her neck and suck up all the blood like a hungry vampire. You quell her screaming in pain for a moment before you tear the flesh off her neck and work your way down, ripping her shirt wide open and chewing into one of her breasts. The meat is juicy and fresh, and by this time, the rabbit is already mostly dead from the neck ripping and her vocal cords appear to have been shot too much to work any further. You continue eating at her, eventually working downuntil you get to her absolutely delicious thighs and...

Ooh, wait, you need to stop this. Not only are you angering your stomach more, but you're starting to become hard off of this, which is far too embarrassing to even present yourself with. You nervously bow in front of the rabbit girl, gulping to yourself before rising. You need to rid yourself of all hints of what just transpired in your mind. Best not make yourself look suspicious considering you're a guest. Though you're kind of doing a bad job at it considering how nervous you look now. The bunny girl is looking at you quite puzzled now, you do your best to clear your throat and make yourself more presentable to this situation.

"Dinner would be great! Truth is, I'm starving!" You look on at her in anticipation. Thankfully, she has a nice, comforting smile as she bows herself.
"Then please, follow me inside and I shall present you to my masters."

She goes ahead and walks into the interior of the mansion, inviting you in after her. You go ahead and follow her inside. My god, she is nice. She's starting to remind you of Sanae. How lucky can you get meeting two very polite, nice, kind and caring girls in a row? You actually feel bad for wanting to take this girl's life now. You make a mental note that if you ever got hungry enough to eat a live rabbit, you take one of the many drones running around here. You start seeing yourself really liking her, though you're very afraid of her showing that kindness back and saying you like her and such. You know your tsundere self is still hiding within you, just waiting to pop out at the least expected moment. Still though, you feel yourself enjoying this girl's company already.

Girl...you don't even know her name. The cooridors of this mansion are very long and twisting it seems, so as you're following her, you think maybe you could chalk up a conversation with her about something. You're unsure of how much time you'd have though so it's best to just pick something and go with it. You could ask her about herself, or where you are. Or better yet, you could find out more about her masters. One of them must be the medical expert in this place. Asking about the mansion does seem tempting too as you find yourself very interested in this secluded place. You can't think of anything else off hand though, so if all else fails, you could just listen to your stomach growl, waiting for dinner.

[ ] Ask the girl her name
[ ] Ask the girl where this is
[ ] Ask the girl who her masters are
[ ] Ask the girl what's for dinner
[ ] Ask the girl nothing
>> No. 7239
[x] Ask the girl who her masters are
Best complete your objectives first. No time for pleasantries.
>> No. 7240
[X] Ask the girl her name
[X] Ask the girl who her masters are
>> No. 7241
{X} Ask the girl who her masters are
>> No. 7242
[X] Ask the girl her name
[X] Ask the girl who her masters are
>> No. 7243
[x] Ask the girl her name
[x] Ask the girl who her masters are
Yeesh, she's about to cook you food and you don't even want to ask her name? How cold of you, Anonymous.
>> No. 7244
[x] Ask the girl her name
[x] Ask the girl who her masters are
>> No. 7257
>Sanae? Who's Sanae? This girl is just so wonderful.

An Anon with built-in schizo tendencies? I love it.

[X] Ask the girl her name
[X] Ask the girl who her masters are

>> No. 7258
[x] Ask the girl what's for dinner

"No human, you are the dinner."

And then Kei was baked into a youkai's cake.
>> No. 7262
File 121506960890.jpg - (690.10KB , 1280x1024 , 1192834530406.jpg ) [iqdb]
Sorry I took so long. A certain writefag told me to wall of text you guys so here it is!


[x] Ask the girl her name
[x] Ask the girl who her masters are

You decide you should properly introduce yourself first while walking down the halls with her. It's only polite, right? No sense beating around the bush, you go ahead and come right out and say it.

"Uh, excuse me, I didn't introduce myself...I'm Sousha Keikou. You?" The rabbit looks back at you, she almost hesitates taking another step for some reason, and her expression is one of shock. Is...it so bad to introduce yourself? She then looks back forward as she continues walking. You can't help but detect a hint of scarletness on her face, even if it's turned away from you.
"Y-Y-You may simply call me Reisen, Sousha." You blink for a moment. Is she embarrassed? Shy? You decide you want to break the ice and simply smile, trying to look at her face a bit.
"Nice to meet you Reisen. I hope we have a good dinner together." For a moment, you think you hear a squeak, but it was likely your imagination. You see Reisen clearing her throat.
"R-R-Right, I hope so too..." What's with her? It looks like she's trying to keep her calm, but is having a spectacularly bad time with it. Is she nervous because you're a male? A guest? Being nice? Or what? You decide to prod this a little further.
"What's wrong? You seem flustered." You almost think she just shivered at that comment, but it was very likely just you then.
"I-I'm not flustered. Really." Well she seems to be slowly regaining her bearings so you decide to leave it alone for now. Pushing too hard will only make her uncomfortable and annoyed. So you think for a moment, there's another thing on your mind you wanted to ask. You're about to go right ahead and ask it until she stops in front of a door. She turns to you and bows, you can see a cute blush across her face.

"I will speak to the princess about you right now. Please, wait here for a moment." She then goes ahead inside.

Hrrm, looks like you only had room for one question. Still, you might not have to ask at least, not if you're about to meet them soon enough. You can hear Reisen and this princess she referred to talking in the room. For some reason, knowing it's a princess doesn't faulter you much. You suppose it's because after seeing Yukari, it's hard to imagine anyone with a bigger authority then her. You can vaguely tell apart Reisen's voice from the princess, since, being the princess that she is, she has a much more regal and graceful tone to her voice. That changes suddenly when Reisen mentions it's a male. It seems to of shock now, for some reason. You get curious and lean closer to the door. But it's over already, Reisen mentions your hair color and the princess' voice immediately calms down, saying you're not 'him'. Wait, what? Who's 'him?' Obviously, you weren't the first male to step into this mansion. As you're thinking that, the door suddenly opens and you lay eyes on a true beauty.

"Hello, you must be Sousha. From what Reisen has told me, you are a visitor, we gladly welcome you."

Long, loooong black, shiny hair, a truly dignified expression on her face, and some very stunning purple/violet clothes. She definitely looks the part. She then walks past you and looks at you.

"You're just in time to join us for a healthy dinner Reisen just cooked up. Please, come this way." She offers a kind smile before turning and walking down the hall. She appears to be very kind and nice...too nice. Something gives. You can't imagine a princess being so awfully generous like that. Furthermore, though you have no right to say, it doesn't appear to be in her character to be that way to strangers. Still though, you see Reisen bow to you and look at you.
"Please, come this way Sousha." You blink softly and think about it. Maybe the princess is just good natured and kind hearted anyway? If not, Reisen probably would've picked up on this and acted differently. So you just blow it off and start walking behind her regardless. You can feel your famished stomach start to seriously growl as you walk behind Reisen. You feel embarrassed so you start lagging a bit almost. Man, what a way to present yourself to a princess, with a growling stomach. Luckily she's quite far ahead now so she hopefully didn't hear that. In your train of thought though, you notice Reisen slowing down and looking at you.

"Excuse me, Sousha, are you alright?" You blink and look at her. Then suddenly, it hits you again. Your Tsunderome. Your tsundere self starts showing as you reject this kindness tossed at you and you look away in a bit of a huff.
"O-Of course! I'm fine, I don't need any help. I can do fine on my own..." This astonishes Reisen almost, your sudden outburst of rejection has definitely done something to her. She makes a bit of a face as she looks at you now.
"Huh? Hey, come on. I was only trying to help. You don't need to act so harsh." You can't control your tsunderome. It's running wild. All that containing you've had while with Sanae is really biting you in the ass now.
"What? Come on, it's not like I really care, I could just as well find food on my own...s-so don't get any ideas, I didn't come here for the social interaction!" Reisen looks at you even more astonished, this is going to end very badly.
"If you honestly didn't care and could fend for yourself, why are you even here? Leeching off others is bad karma." You look her right in the eyes with that traditional, cliche tsundere look and give her the best answer you could think of.
"I just came so I didn't have to work myself, alright? Stop thinking I actually came here for something!" Reisen's expression changes suddenly, she then giggles? Wait, is something wrong with your hair or something? Does your face look funny? Did something hit it? You reach up and play with your hair, seeing if it's out of place for a moment before Reisen looks at you with a kind smile.
"I see now. You're a pretty bad liar after I saw through it. Just as well, it makes you cute at least." You blink looking at her cheery smile. What? How did she figure you out so quickly like that? Gah! You have to look away, not wanting to show your defeated face to your predator. You've won the first round, Reisen, but the next you shall go down in flames! It isn't long after until you reach the dinner room's door with the princess standing in front of it. She smiles at you.

"This is our private dinner room, take care to have a seat at the end of the table and we may begin the discussion of why you're here." Wait, discussion of why you're here? You mean, they have been expecting you? Isn't that a surprise twist. You wonder if Reisen knew this. Was that why she acted so nervous? Ah well, doesn't matter now you suppose. The door opens and the princess walks in, and so do you and Reisen.

Inside there's a table with cloths at three of the seats where the dinner is assumed to go. The princess sits on one end of the table, to her right is a mysterious, silver haired woman with blue and red clothing. She appears to have no hat on for the time being, funny that. When you first saw her, you would expect her to be the type to wear one, for some odd reason. But then, it is dinner time and it's rude to wear it at the dinner table. The table is large enough to seat six people it seems. You wonder what the other seats are for until you're motioned to sit at the end of the table. You go ahead and do so, taking care not to slip or hit the table. It's all very traditional japanese like, sitting on your knees on a pillow with a low table. The princess then looks at Reisen and nods her head, the cue for Reisen to do something obviously as Reisen walks out and into another room. The princess then looks at you.
>> No. 7263
File 12150696637.jpg - (144.51KB , 652x652 , 1190564936028.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Sousha, allow me to introduce myself and the mansion. I am Kaguya Houraisan, and the woman to the right of me is Eirin Yagokoro." The silver haired woman waves softly in that mature manner. You can most certainly imagine this Eirin being a very wise and mature woman, just by looking at her and her gentle expression. You look back at Kaguya. "Truth be told, we had no expected you to come, but rather, have been waiting for someone else, who looks almost like you. The same person that sent you had promised us his return but we had yet to hear anything from her. That is, until you came here. As Reisen said, your clothing is indeed very much like Ran's." Ran's? Who? You just need to ask.
"Uhm, excuse me...sorry if this is out of line for me to ask, but who is Ran?" Both Kaguya and Eirin blink, looking at you a bit estranged. What's their deal? Is it that bad that you don't know?
"Uh...well, Ran is Yukari's shikigami. You didn't know this?" You look at Kaguya, crossing your arms.
"No, I didn't. Shikigami, huh..." Kaguya nods.
"In other words, her familiar. Basically like a slave. Ran serves Yukari and based on your clothing, it would seem Yukari has taken you on as a second shikigami. For reasons unknown however."

So, Yukari's plot is to make you her shikigami. Basically a slave. If you're to be her familiar, it's no wonder why you're going around like this, she really is training you. If you're her familiar though, there's no point in trying to fight it. She could just as easily end your life any time she wanted, so you most definitely have no choice now. What a drag. You can't help but wonder though. You must have been one of those summoned type familiars, because you do remember a very vague few things about yourself, about your past. Even your old girlfriend, you remember having. Your entire being has not yet been explained, but at least you know now the reason why you're here. To serve some cocky old woman. She may be beautiful, but given her power, you'd wager she's at least a couple thousand years old. You sigh and look at Kaguya and she has a slightly different expression on her face.

"I know this must be a bit surprising for you, but please, consider this a gift. You may just be able to find the person we are searching for." Before she continues though, Reisen comes in, with four other rabbits walking in. Your hunger is once again, ignited, but more for seeing the rabbits then anything it seems. You're ready to take one and eat it whole almost. Almost anyway. You hold in that primal urge and await for the dinners each rabbit is holding. After seeing it, you can see that it looks like a neatly put together chicken dish, marinated to perfection with sprigs of parsley abount. Maybe not the most fanciest dish, but certainly more fancy then most things you've had in your lifetime, you feel. Kaguya simply smiles.

"Well, since it's here, I suggest we all eat now. I hope you enjoy our food, Sousha."

The three exchange their graces and you go ahead and pick up a pair of chopsticks. The thin slices of chicken seem to fit perfectly for the chopsticks you think as you expertly wield them to eat your dish. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Reisen is almost shocked at your skill with the chopsticks, and Kaguya and Eirin seem to be a little pleased at the least. You don't know where you got this finess from but you thank the mother that gave you it. You then look up at Kaguya, and she looks at you. She knows exactly what's going through you mind as she puts her chopsticks down and finishes the food in her mouth.

"I am sure you're wonder more about this person we're searching for. But I'm afraid we cannot say at the moment. Not right now. It is probably best his identity stays secret until we safely know what has happened to him. I am sure you understand." You nod silently for a moment. You're curious, but you also know that certain lines should not be crossed. You're about to continue eating until Kaguya addresses you again. "So, Sousha, what brings a messenger of Yukari's here?" Messenger? You hate to break it to them, but you're not exactly here to deliver a message. You need to do something of your own first, before anything like that goes to happening. You may be a servant of Yukari, but you're still in training.
"No, I'm afraid I don't really have a messege for any of you, nor anything to give you at all." Kaguya's expression seems to change suddenly, looking solemn, and uncaring, very unlike what she was earlier.
"Oh. I see. Alright." She then continues on with her dinner nonchalantly. Eirin seemingly picks up on this sudden lack of enthusiasm and looks at you, smiling.
"Please excuse the princess, she has been eagerly awaiting news of our old guest and was hoping you had something. But as a servant of Yukari's we humbly welcome you to our abode. Please, if you did not come to deliver anything, what did you come for then?"

Hmm, that's a good question, you could say that you came here for your mission, but then, you have plenty of things on your mind too. Like Yukari. Definitely a lot you'd like to know about Yukari. So many things you could ask about her. For one, just about everything they know about her. You get this feeling you'll need all that information. You could also ask about Ran. You weren't aware of anyone else Yukari knew about. In fact, you definitely weren't aware these people knew Yukari. You wonder what exactly their relationship is with her anyway. And who's this guy they keep talking about? The person that apparently Yukari knows something about. You get this feeling that while you were told not to ask, it would be a good idea to anyways. But that might also be the suicidal part of you gunning for it.

You look at the three before you, Reisen seems to be very interested in knowing more about you. It doesn't look like she's one that really gets outside the mansion very often. And then there's Eirin, who seems kind enough. She's also waiting in anticipation for what you have to say. And finally, there's Kaguya. She has no interest in things now it seems. After that let down you inadvertenly gave her, she looks pretty disappointed as she eats. You wonder what's her deal anyway? Guess you found out why she was treating out so unnervingly nice earlier. Most princesses don't really have the time to bother with lowly figures such as yourself you guess. You also want to know more about this place and it's past too though, as it really interests you why there's a mansion behind such a thick cover of bamboo. And the rabbits too. Mmm, the rabbits. You want to eat every single one up. But that's a primal urge best left explained later, as you need to focus on other things now.

Well, you figure you could start off with a single question to begin with, and then after that, you can go ahead and make introductions with whomever you choose at the dinner table, or ask about someone here. You think to yourself that this will be a bit of a difficult mission, much tougher then the last. But you have to be strong, you don't know what awaits you if you fail it and end up disappointing someone like Yukari. You you look at the three, two of them are still eagerly awaiting your responce. Best not hold them up for much longer now, it's time to fess up. What did you want to find out?

Choose One:
[ ] Ask about the mission
[ ] Ask about Yukari
[ ] Ask about Ran
[ ] Ask about Eientei's relationship with Yukari

And Choose One Here:
[ ] Greet Kaguya
[ ] Greet Eirin
[ ] Greet Reisen
[ ] Ask about the mansion


Might not be an update for a while, so I think that's why I wall of texted you guys now. Hope you're satisfied with this for now!
>> No. 7264
File 12150703053.png - (97.96KB , 325x326 , EX RAGE.png ) [iqdb]
>"O-Of course! I'm fine, I don't need any help. I can do fine on my own..."
>"What? Come on, it's not like I really care, I could just as well find food on my own...s-so don't get any ideas, I didn't come here for the social interaction!"
>"I just came so I didn't have to work myself, alright? Stop thinking I actually came here for something!"
>> No. 7266
[x] Ask about Yukari
Intel gathering is always nice.
[x] Greet Eirin
I guess it's best if we get to know about the person who will train us.

Also, I see what you did there. *goesbacktovotingincognito*
>> No. 7267
{X} Ask about Yukari
{X} Greet Eirin
>> No. 7268
But we're the youkai, so yeah!
>> No. 7270
[ ] Ask about Yukari
[ ] Greet Eirin
Medical gaems tiem.
>> No. 7271

[x] Ask about the mission

I'm assuming this is the response that actually answers their question.

[x] Ask about the mansion

Best to wait until Kaguya retires and the oppressive mood is lifted to make any specific attempts.
>> No. 7273
[X] Ask about Eientei's relationship with Yukari
[X] Greet Eirin
>> No. 7274
I like how you guys all want to greet Eirin without actually knowing yet that she's the person you'll be apprentice too. Just as well though, you're just speeding up what'll happen eventually anyway.
>> No. 7275
She's the only one in the room that hasn't introduced themselves. It's only natural to prompt her.
>> No. 7276

True, but Kaguya hasn't said much about herself either. And if you were obsessive, you could ask more about Reisen.

But that's not the point. Isn't the RABBITS option tempting?! *bricked*
>> No. 7277
>Isn't the RABBITS option tempting?! *bricked*

>> No. 7278
Nobody cares about guya. What we need is to have some delicious rabbit steak dinner together with Eirin.
>> No. 7279
>True, but Kaguya hasn't said much about herself either.

Her body language says well enough.
>> No. 7280
>I like how you guys all want to greet Eirin without actually knowing yet that she's the person you'll be apprentice too. Just as well though, you're just speeding up what'll happen eventually anyway.

ha ha oh wow i see we're given quite a level of freedom here
>> No. 7281

I laughed.


I definitely could've included more choices when this mission started, but for the most part, you all knew who the one person you'd be under most would be when you stepped into that nurse's hat border.

Aside from that, just think about it. You step into the Eientei with the mission of taking on a master when everyone BUT Eirin is skilled only in natural abilities that are special to them. Kaguya, Reisen, Tewi, they'd all deny your wish to be their apprentice because there's nothing they could really teach you.

Granted, you could also try leaving the Eientei, but kinda redundant considering how you chose to come here in the first place...
>> No. 7283

You lack imagination.

Tewi could school you in the ancient arts of extortion, pickpocketing, lockpicking, lying, trapmaking, shirking, along with other forms of subterfuge and criminal economic benefaction.

Reisen is a soldier. Boot camp. How to fight in the field, as well as in the domestic environment. I bet she has a lot of repressed anger, and her conditioning would make her an excellent drill sergeant.

Kaguya is a court girl. She would have vast riches of refined etiquette & aesthetic knowledge (e.g., poetry, games, musical instruments, calligraphy, flower arranging, tea ceremony), and diplomatic & political maneuvering to insult, humiliate, taunt, dehumanize one's opponent. Also, torture. Probably big on torture.
>> No. 7284
>Reisen is a soldier. Boot camp. How to fight in the field, as well as in the domestic environment. I bet she has a lot of repressed anger, and her conditioning would make her an excellent drill sergeant.

Urban Warfare and Guerrilla warfare for beginners.
Comes with a Bunny costume and ears, and don't forget that mini skirt.
>> No. 7285
>Granted, you could also try leaving the Eientei, but kinda redundant considering how you chose to come here in the first place...

Not redundant. Achieving mission goals in manners that Yukari did not expect is going to impress her, especially if the skills you learn turn out to have more utility.

For example if we ran off into the bamboo forest instead of entering Eientei, we would've gotten lost and maybe met Mokou. Mokou could teach you pretty useful stuff on how to survive in the wild: finding shelter, securing food & water, tracking, hiding, scouting, etc. These are basic things a beast youkai should know, so fits the character's idiom.
>> No. 7289

Tsundere syndrome?
>> No. 7290

How about this: Just simply take my post as an assumption as to what Anon wants. I may be the writefag in control of this LA but when I post outside of an update, what I say doesn't necessarily dictate the story. The updates are what does it. I'm not one to really wear on my sleeve what I have planned.


For all that you could've chosen the bento box border and got that done quicker. (Keine always hangs out with Mokou) Really, doing things like that isn't going to impress Yukari, it's probably only gonna yield results like "...why didn't you just choose the other borders if you wanted to do something else?"

Then again, you could blame it on not knowing where the borders went. Hurf.
>> No. 7291
Vote moar.
>> No. 7292
[+] Ask about the mission
[+] Greet Eirin
>> No. 7293
{X} Ask about Yukari
{X} Greet Eirin
>> No. 7294
[ ] Ask about the mission
>> No. 7295

>> No. 7298
[x] Ask about the mission
>> No. 7300
[x] Ask about the mission

Hmmmmmmmm, these rabbits, i will take them.
>> No. 7301
[x] Ask about Yukari
[x] Greet Eirin
>> No. 7302
[x] Ask about Eientei's relationship with Yukari

Rabbits ftw
>> No. 7321
>> No. 7323
File 121515260796.jpg - (282.60KB , 648x912 , 1193536521583.jpg ) [iqdb]
First to fives wins this vote since no one here can come to a decision. Sorry for taking so long.

[x] Ask about Yukari
[x] Greet Eirin

Well, first up, you decide you want to know more about Yukari, at least what these people know about her. Sure, you could ask Yukari about herself but a third party explaination is valuable for for a whole bunch of reasons. After all, if you're going to be serving under this woman, it would definitely be best to know what other people think of her before actually settling on doing this, even if you honestly don't have much choice in the matter as it is. You breathe out a bit and look at the group before you mentally preparing yourself for this.

"Well, since I am about to become servant to this Yukari...I thought maybe it would be best to ask others what she was like, so I know what I am getting myself into." Eirin and Reisen look at you, Kaguya's expression does not change though and she doesn't seem to pay any attention to you. Eirin looks up with a bit of curiosity on her face.
"Yukari, huh? Well, Kaguya here knows most about her but I'm afrai-"
"That information is confidential." The princess interupts Eirin. God that was rude. You're ready to go over and smack her for the intrusion if not for the fact that she was a princess. However, it can't really be helped. Eirin looks at you smiling a bit apologetically.
"I'm sorry, though are a few things I suppose I myself could tell you. For one, Yukari is a gap youkai, that is, she has control over the world's boundaries." Woah, the world's boundaries? You feel compelled to ask more about this in a deeper sense.
"Boundaries, huh? What do you mean, specifically?" Eirin seems to be a bit pleased at your willingness to learn.
"Well, any boundary between two things, visible, invisible, tangible, intangible, real, or unreal, she can alter them to her will. For instance, she can bend the boundary between reality and fantasy and cause numerous illusions." Wow, sounds dangerous. You wonder what other boundaries there are but Eirin continues talking. "She's also able to bridge boundaries between two places and open it up, allowing transfixed travel between any two points like a portal. Her powers are truly extraordinary."
"Yeah, they really are. That's amazing..." Yeah, you definitely don't want to mess with Yukari now, knowing this. Your suspicions were correct, she'd be able to torture you in a whole vareity of weird and awkward ways that'd both cause great pain and discomfort. You're very glad you haven't pissed her off yet.
"However, Yukari herself is very carefree, whimsical you could say. A large majority of the day, she's always sleeping, and thus, it gives Ran quite the workload. Especially since Ran has a child to tend to still. So I would assume this is why Yukari took you on." So wait, Yukari's other shikigami has already had a child? What the fuck. You wonder why Yukari would let her shikigami screw around until you come back to the carefree part. Yeah, that sounds like Yukari alright. Then again, you can't help but shake this feeling it's something else. No matter though.
"However, it isn't just Yukari's power over boundaries that make her strong...her magical powers are truly frightening and she even helps maintain the Hakurei Barrier." You blink, looking over at Reisen, who had just said that. It was strange, you kinda took her for the quiet type at first. But you guess that shyness wore off kinda quickly.
"Hakurei Barrier?" You ask. You're interested, it sounds very important. You look at Eirin, whom you'd assume would know the most about this.
"Yes, the Hakurei Barrier is what separates Gensokyo from the outside world." There we go with that talk of the outside world again. You first heard it from Sanae, apparently she came from that place and into Gensokyo. So the Hakurei Barrier is the boundary between Gensokyo and the outside world? Makes sense Yukari would be managing it. It is a border after all.
"So basically, Yukari runs Gensokyo?" Eirin shakes her head no, for the most part it seems.
"No, not quite. But if she really wanted to, she could just as easily dismantle Gensokyo and make it collapse. She really doesn't seem to have the patience or anything to actually run it however, so I think that while she could, she just chooses not to." Hmm, so basically you're a servant to someone who could obliterate a whole country, for the most part. At least, so you assume. You're not sure if you should feel honored, or scared.
"I see, alright then. Thank you, Eirin." You show a kind smile to her, despite your tsunderekko habits. She shows one back. She doesn't seem all that bad. Come to think of it, you feel like you should know more about her, so you go ahead and pry a bit.

"Well, it's very nice to meet you Eirin. You sound like a very nice lady." Eirin seems a bit pleased at your friendly gesture.
"Why thank you, Sousha. You seem like a nice person yourself. We're glad to have one of Yukari's esteemed shikigami over. Ran was always extremely polite and I see you are no different. Yukari takes very good care of her servants I see." Ran's very polite, huh? You shouldn't have a problem meeting up with Yukari's second shikigami then, should you get the chance.
"Why thank you, Eirin. What do you do here anyway?" Eirin looks at you and is about to say something apparently, before looking at Reisen suddenly.
"Oh, that reminds me, I do have something I should have caught up on before coming to dinner. Reisen, could you please escort Sousha to my office so that we may talk more, after dinner? I must take my leave." Reisen nods, a bit of a serious expression on her face now.
"Yes, master." Eirin excuses herself before looking at you. Brr, that look she just gave you, it was almost like an insane, yet seductive look perfect for a mature woman such as her. But you get this feeling it was more or less your imagination that did it as she goes ahead and walks off and out of the room. You then look at Reisen.
"So uhh...Eirin is your master?" Reisen nods to you as you two continue dinner.
"Yes, I am her apprentice, she teaches me a lot of stuff and makes sure I am still in working order." Working order? What does she mean by that? You feel it's best not to question though.
"Well uhh, what is it like working under her?" Reisen looks at you and gives you a gentle smile.
"Oh, Master Eirin is very nice and kind, always willing to help others and continue on for the knowledge of science." She sounds like a great girl. Also sounds familiar for some reason.
"It sounds like you like working for her." Reisen looks down a bit solemnly now, still smiling though you feel it's forced. Where did this come from?
"Yeah, it's...she's a wonderful person. I always wanted to be like her." You blink and decide nothing more needs to be said. Don't want to pry too much. You just simply go ahea d and finish your dinner and be done with it.

After eating up that delicious meal (man it's been a while!) you look at Reisen who excuses herself and she looks at you. You then nod and excuse yourself too as you follow her out of the room and down the halls. It's deep sunset now and the halls look absolutely gorgeous under the orange light. In fact, some strange urge within you is suddenly telling you this is your chance to woo Reisen right here and now with your mastery of charisma and charm. You're not sure where you're gonna get it, but you're almost positive you can scrounge around somewhere within the deep recesses of your mind and pull it off somehow. Although you can also use this time to simply chat with Reisen about other things, or just wait until she brings you to Eirin. But god damn, testing your ability to sweep her off her feet does sound tempting.

[ ] DO IT! Charm that rabbit like no other!
[ ] Maybe talk to her about herself? You want another friend!
[ ] Literally sweep her off her feet and carry her there
[ ] Ask Reisen more about the silver haired Eirin. You're into older women.
>> No. 7324
[x] Ask Reisen more about the silver haired Eirin. You're into older women.

Focus on the doc. It's likely that your luck will run out soon.
>> No. 7325
[ ] Ask Reisen more about the silver haired Eirin. You're into older women.
>> No. 7326
[x] Maybe talk to her about herself? You want another friend!
[x] Ask Reisen more about the silver haired Eirin. You're into older women.
>> No. 7327
[ ] DO IT! Charm that rabbit like no other!

It didn't work out in MiG, so we might as well make it work out here.
>> No. 7328
[x] Ask Reisen more about the silver haired Eirin. You're into older women.

who wants a Reisen when you could have delicious nurse?
>> No. 7329
[x] Maybe talk to her about herself? You want another friend!
i have no friends, maybe he can get one for me.
>> No. 7330
[ ] Ask Reisen more about the silver haired Eirin. You're into older women.
A reisen is fine too, but data is more important.
>> No. 7331
[+] Ask Reisen more about the silver haired Eirin. You're into older women.
Needle Time is Happy Time~
>> No. 7332
[ ] DO IT! Charm that rabbit like no other!
>> No. 7334
[ ] Ask Reisen more about the silver haired Eirin. You're into older women.
>> No. 7335
[x] Ask Reisen more about the silver haired Eirin. You're into older women.
We can molest Reisen with Eirin together.
>> No. 7370
File 121520086678.jpg - (61.32KB , 290x400 , 1190826237828.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Reisen more about the silver haired Eirin. You're into older women.

You decide you want to ask Reisen a bit more about Eirin as you're walking there. No funny stuff, despite how tempted you are. You really do wonder where that sudden temptation came from, it was almost as if a third party suddenly controlled your emotions. You're not sure who might've done it, but after this, you think you might want to take it upon yourself to go check it out later. There might be something funny going on. Either that, or you could just be going crazy. You're not sure. But you quickly drop that thought for now and continue on to more important matters.

"Say, Reisen, could you tell me a bit more about your master, Eirin?" Reisen looks a bit back at you, a bit puzzled. She then sighs as she continues looking forward.
"You can find out more when we get there you know, it's not too far off. You're starting to become a bit obsessive now..." Obsessive? Where'd that come from? You just want to know more about her.
"I'm not being obsessive, please, just tell me more." Reisen doesn't even look at you, her arms are crossed in a manner that give you that feeling she's rather annoyed with you now.
"Just forget it, please. I'm allowed to say much." This is frustrating, you think.
"Come on Reisen, I really want to know more..." Reisen looks back at you with a pretty angry face.
"No! Now please, be silent as we walk there." She looks back forward, having an air of frustration around her.

Well, now you've done it. Reisen does not sound too happy with you at all. You were just about to make good friends with her too...what's wrong with getting to know who she always hangs out with? She appears to be pretty upset, and you just can't gather it within yourself why. You might feel you should apologize now or later but you honestly don't know what you'd be apologizing for, thus making the job of saying sorry much harder then what it appears to be. You can only but sigh to yourself softly wondering what you should do with her. Eating her up suddenly sounds less appetizing now that she's angry with you. Soon though, Reisen stops in front of a peculiar door. It looks like it leads into some sort of clinic or something.

"Here, Master Eirin is inside. I'm sure you're very eager to know more about her, so I'll leave you alone to that for the day...goodnight, Sousha." She then walks off, in a bit of a huff you think. Man, what's her problem?

You look up at the door. Eirin is definitely past it. You breathe in a bit and prepare yourself for whatever's inside now. You bring your hand to the doorknob and twist it, pushing the door open softly and walking in, taking in what's in the room. You see several chairs, a table with magazines on it, and some pictures hung on the walls, with three doors opposite to you and all three walls. Hey wait, this looks like some sort of waiting room. Weird. You figure you may as well help it live up to it's name as you close the door behind you and simply sit down on the chair. It doesn't take long for the familiar silver haired woman to walk in from the middle door opposite to the one you came in. She's also now wearing a nurse hat. Wait, it looks exactly like the one in the border Yukari sent you through. Is she the one Yukari wanted you to apprentice to?

"Ah, hello Sousha. I've been waiting for you. Welcome to my clinic, I am Dr. Eirin Yagokoro." You blink in a bit of a spectacle, watching her. She has the most elegant and mature voice, it's mesmerizing.
"Uh, h-hello...Eirin. Nice...place you got here." Eirin smiles and walks closer to you, and bends down to you to get a better look at you. Oh jesus, you never noticed it before but this woman is packing heat under that top. Those guns could kill.
"Why thank you Sousha. You know, ever since I saw you, I have taken a bit of...interest in you." The look on her face is a calm, cool smile of hers that looks so mature and majestic. The last three words she said also had this nearly seductive tone to it. Now you can feel yourself getting nervous.
"I-I-Is that so? Why are you so i-interested in me, Dr. Eirin?" You gulps lightly as she brings her face closer to yours. You know she's just studying you rather closely, but you almost feel as if she's moving in for a kiss. It's driving your nervous system crazy.
"You're very peculiar, I know Yukari would never bring a human in as a shikigami. That would just be silly~" That gleam in Eirin's eye has really cought your attention, and you can feel yourself staring deeply into it. It's almost hypnotizing.
"Oh...I-I see. So...what about me?" You're honestly very interested in knowing more about yourself, but you're far too lost in Eirin's advances to think too much about it right now.
"Well, if you come into my office so I can run you through a few tests, I can tell you. How about it?" That smile turns into a vague grin, her teeth showing through. You can't help but feel as if this is a trap. You know nothing good can come from this.

You're stuck deciding what to do now. You could agree to Eirin's plot to make you her test subject, but you get this feeling it would be very painful and uncomfortable. After all, what do you expect from someone who looks like they're plotting a nefarious scheme? You also don't want to test yourself too much either, that burst of luck and temptation you had with Reisen has all but fizzled out and you really don't want to take risks right now. To deviate from it more, you could tell Eirin about your mission and how you want to become her apprentice. That is your mission, right? You could also try to simply change the subject casually and try to talk small talk with her in order to try and forget it. Asking more about what she does and who she is. Maybe you could lead that into the mission talk after knowing what she does and smoothly talk your way out of this altogether. If all else fails though, just get the fucking hell out of there.

[ ] Become Eirin's guinea pig
[ ] Tell Eirin about your mission
[ ] Talk to Eirin about herself
[ ] Ask Eirin what's wrong with Reisen
[ ] Holy shit, needles, DO NOT WANT, GTFO of there RIGHT NOW
>> No. 7371
[x] Ask Eirin what's wrong with Reisen
>> No. 7372
[X] Remember the basics of CQC
>> No. 7374
[ ] Become Eirin's guinea pig
[ ] Tell Eirin about your mission
[ ] Talk to Eirin about herself
[ ] Ask Eirin what's wrong with Reisen

>> No. 7375
{X} Tell Eirin about your mission.
>> No. 7380
[ ] Become Eirin's guinea pig
[ ] Tell Eirin about your mission
[ ] Talk to Eirin about herself
[ ] Ask Eirin what's wrong with Reisen

Nice combo.
>> No. 7383
[ ] Become Eirin's guinea pig
[ ] Tell Eirin about your mission
[ ] Talk to Eirin about herself
[ ] Ask Eirin what's wrong with Reisen
>> No. 7384
What is WRONG with you people? :V
>> No. 7385
DO want nurse Eirin
>> No. 7386
DO WANT indeed.
>> No. 7388
So it will be taken into consideration.
>> No. 7389
[X] Holy shit, needles, DO NOT WANT, GTFO of there RIGHT NOW

Forgot the fucking vote.
>> No. 7390
[X] Holy shit, needles, DO NOT WANT, GTFO of there RIGHT NOW

Forgot the fucking vote.
>> No. 7407
[ ] Become Eirin's guinea pig
[ ] Tell Eirin about your mission
[ ] Talk to Eirin about herself
[ ] Ask Eirin what's wrong with Reisen
>> No. 7408
[+] Become Eirin's guinea pig
[+] Tell Eirin about your mission
[+] Talk to Eirin about herself
[+] Ask Eirin what's wrong with Reisen
>> No. 7413
[x] Become Eirin's guinea pig
[x] Tell Eirin about your mission
[x] Ask Eirin what's wrong with Reisen



>> No. 7417
[x] Become Eirin's guinea pig
[x] Tell Eirin about your mission
[x] Talk to Eirin about herself
[x] Ask Eirin what's wrong with Reisen

Bunnies die if they are lonely.
>> No. 7420
[x] Become Eirin's guinea pig
[x] Tell Eirin about your mission
[x] Talk to Eirin about herself
[x] Ask Eirin what's wrong with Reisen

You decide you may as well go ahead with it, and see what results yield from it anyway. You pray you don't become too mutilated or scarred from this encounter, once she's done testing you. Both physically and mentally. You're totally unsure of what exactly Eirin will do to you, but that's just the price you'll have to pay. You do want to find out more about yourself too after all. The strange phenomenons you've been having clearly suggest you are not human. Thus, you make it priority to find out what you are so you can adjust for the future. You sigh and nod your head at Eirin.

"Alright then...I'll go ahead with your little experiment. But I want to ask you a few things if yo-" Before you can continue much longer, Eirin cuts you off with a gleeful smile, while still somehow maintaining that mature air about her.
"Alright then! Just come with me and we'll start right away!" Huh? What? You didn't even get to finish, and already she's taken your wrist and is leading you into the left door. What the hell is going on?
"W-W-Wait, Eirin, let me..." You can't get through to her, she's not listening to a single thing as you blast through the room without being able to look at it much and she takes you into the door on the right wall. It's pretty dark.
"Now then, I'm very eager in discovering what really interested Yukari in you. Ran was a very special kitsune who was destined for divinity, that being said, you shouldn't be much different and...very interesting to study~" It's hard to see, but you can clearly tell Eirin's grin through the lack of light in the room as you're pushed lightly into some sort of machine. You're about to speak again, trying to ask the questions you want to ask so dearly before you feel your wrists and ankles being locked into place by her. What the fuck?
"Eirin! What is the meaning of-"
"Ah ah, Sousha, you agreed to this. No buts. I can't help myself that I'm a bit exciting about learning more about you, so please don't mind any sort of awkwardness from me." It's no use, your questions were shot down. It looks like you can't say anything else now that you're being dragged along this. Note to self: Prioritize next time. Or at least try not to do too much at once.

You can't necessarily see well, but you know you're strapped to something. Not by metal, so it can't be a sort of machine, but you can hear the beeps and such from one somewhere in the room. You look around and the only illumination is on Eirin's front side from what is to be presumed a monitor of some sort. Judging from the differenciating of the light reflection off her, the monitor is going through lots of data. Is the machine scanning you or something? You weren't aware such technology existed in Gensokyo, especially in a place like this. So old fashioned and yet they keep machinery here. Makes sense though that it would be in the darkest corner. You can only gulp in anticipation as Eirin studies the data, though from the non-changing look on her face, it doesn't look like she's encountered anything special in particular. Either that, or the real tests haven't actually come to play yet. She goes ahead and looks at you with a comforting smile, though at this point, you feel far from comfy.

"Alright Sousha, first I'm going to put you through a few stress tests and then see how your body reacts to a few drugs I've prepared. Don't worry, none of them are fatal. Through these tests I can determine what species you are and see if there's anything truly special about you." She then blinks before putting a hand on her face, with an embarrassed smile on it. "Oh dear, I was so lost in my excitement I forgot to attach you to the testing machine! Silly me." She then goes ahead and walks over to you, you can just barely see her in the dark room. Then she says something unexpected after unstrapping you.

"Well, get to it. Remove all your clothes."

Excuse me? Did she just ask you to strip down naked in front of her?

"W-W-What? You're kidding me, right?" Eirin shakes her head no.
"Come on Sousha, I'm a doctor. Doctors see this type of thing all the time. Now undress or I'll do it for you."

Uh oh, she sounds serious. Yet, behind that veil of darkness you can sense another seductive look on her face. You're not sure if you can do this. It's your first time showing your naked body to someone you just met you feel, and it does indeed feel rather awkward. You could just put up with it and do it, since you know if you just sit there, you'll be forcibly stripped down anyways. Not a good thought, considering you have no idea what this person would do to you. Best not let your little man get damaged that way so early into your new life here. Though you can see she left the door open...you feel extremely lucky enough to make a break for it, and have something very good come out of it. You're so certain that something special would happen if you made a break for it...but it's just your intuition. It's been crazy before. Regardless, it's not like you feel comfortable doing these tests anyway, so it's probably the best choice to run.

[ ] Oblige and strip down
[ ] Sit there stammering, so embarrassing!
[ ] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"
[ ] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
>> No. 7423
[ ] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"
>> No. 7424
[x] Hot glue her face, blinding her, and make a break for it!

oh wait... wrong story.

[x] Oblige and strip down
Resistance is futile. Do as the sexy doctor asks and you will be spared. Maybe.
>> No. 7425
[ ] Oblige and strip down

What could possibly go wrong?
>> No. 7426
[x] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!

We're going to run into someone else, I bet.
>> No. 7428
why are you fools undressing yourselves, why not have the nurse do it for us?
>> No. 7429
Because asking her to do it for us is either:
a. lead to her getting insulted and NEEDLE TIME, or
b. lead to her doing it to us with little fanfare, but demonstrating that we aren't willing to be co-operative.
>> No. 7430

Aren't you as sharp as a tack?
>> No. 7431
[X] Oblige and strip down
>> No. 7432
[x] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
>> No. 7433
[X] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"
What an awesome choice, i will take it.
>> No. 7434
>> No. 7435
File 121524718248.jpg - (109.34KB , 589x550 , awesomerumia.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7437
[x] Sit there stammering, so embarrassing!
>> No. 7439
[ ] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"
>> No. 7440
[x] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
>> No. 7441
[X] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"
come and get it.
>> No. 7442
[x] Oblige and strip down

ha ha wow
>> No. 7444
{X} Oblige and strip down.
lol k
>> No. 7449
[X] Demand she strips down as well.
Well, it's only fair, right? RIGHT?!
>> No. 7450
[X] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"
>> No. 7454
[+] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
>> No. 7455
[x] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
Can't you guys take a hint?
>> No. 7470
[X] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"

This will be a lot of fun.
Eirin chasing Sousha around trying to get him naked.
>> No. 7472
[x] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
>> No. 7473
There's three choices tied with five votes.

This is getting a bit annoying.
>> No. 7474
[X] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"

BAD END get.
>> No. 7475
[X] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"
For the sake of writing.
>> No. 7476
[x] Oblige and strip down

What the fuck is wrong with you people? Seriously, if you want to get a bad end that badly, go fuck up some other anon's story, not this one. Bastards.
>> No. 7477
[X] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
I want there to be writing but I'd rather it not bad end us.
>> No. 7478
{X} Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!

>> No. 7479
[X] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"
>> No. 7480
Haven't read anything yet, just voting random here.
>> No. 7481

ಠ_ಠ No votespam on my LA
>> No. 7482
[x] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
Maybe it'll win out.
>> No. 7483
[x] Oblige and strip down
>> No. 7484
[ ] Oblige and strip down
>> No. 7485
[X] Oblige and strip down

This is the best thing on /border/, might as well keep it interesting.
>> No. 7486
[x] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
>> No. 7487
>> No. 7488
[x] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
>> No. 7489
[X] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
Must prevail
>> No. 7490
[x] Oblige and strip down
>> No. 7491
Okay, votespam has come to a point to where counting the votes is more or less an exercise in repetition. Anyone may revote after this post. First person to vote gets their outcome chosen.
>> No. 7492
[x] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!
>> No. 7493

This vote wins. Writing now.
>> No. 7494

Not agreed. Patch is better.
>> No. 7498
Yeah right, just turn it like you want with the votes.
That vote was rigged from the beginning.
>> No. 7499
File 121532994518.png - (77.30KB , 438x343 , 1204717982898.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7502
File 121533045796.jpg - (22.11KB , 340x242 , 1206615112441.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7503
lol wut?
>> No. 7504
File 121533181428.png - (117.54KB , 214x213 , 1205183525147.png ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7507
File 121533263233.jpg - (103.43KB , 1024x576 , Funny.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 7508
... WHAT THE FUCK?! The stupidest possible option won just because there was a triggerhappy faggot there?
>> No. 7509
>Sukima!g/OFHYXEWQ 08/07/05(Sat)23:16 No. 7491

>Anonymous 08/07/05(Sat)23:16 No. 7492

You are not supposed to vote for your own story.
>> No. 7510
File 121533387929.jpg - (371.29KB , 698x1200 , 1193537113122.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Save yourself and your dignity, and gun it!

Okay, you've changed your mind. You want out! You're suddenly way too uncomfortable to become a test subject this early into your mission. You gulp and look at the door leading out, very clearly visible due to it being one of the few light sources in the room. You can feel Eirin advancing on you slowly, ready to pounce, your heart is racing as you panic, trying to figure out what to do. You can't take this anymore, you need to escape. You quickly close your eyes and focus. You need to find the strength within you to blow this and make a hasty retreat. You think...you ponder...your mind becomes a blank as you push out everything in your mind. However, one thing remains...


Upon saying that, you feel a deep change within you. Your blood boils and your eyes shoot open, the once beautiful blue glow replaced by a rageful red. Your body starts to convulse as your priorities and objectives become your body's number one priority to survival. You can feel it well up within you, your primal need to survive, to live. Your thirst for life drives you beyond the point of normal human insanity and all your animal urges instantly take over. Your senses become significantly heightened, you see things you once were unable to, you can smell things you normally couldn't, your can hear things you know you shouldn't usually. A deep, fearful rage burns inside you...you know it now. This is what separates you from any other human. You're far from human, you are a youkai.

Eirin has, by this time, backed away a bit, a slightly disturbed and surprised look on her face. She certainly wasn't expecting you to come out like this. You seemed like such a nice and kind person at first, despite your tsunderekko tendancies. But surprise surprise, you're in truth, far from being anything like that at all. Eirin knows you're a threat now and rears back for attack, but already it is far too late. No other youkai could even dare match up to the perfect reaction speed you possess. The very same split second you sense her attack, you're already lunging towards her, fangs and claws outstreched. Eirin does the smart thing and sidesteps out of the way. She's reaching for her bow to incapitate you but you have bigger fish to fry. Your primal instincts tell you leaving this facility is your biggest worry and before she can even touch her weapon, you've fled the scene. Running on all fours, your speed surpasses that of any ordinary human. You can truly feel power rushing through your veins as in a couple seconds, you're already out of the clinic altogether. However...

BAM! "Oww..."

Just as suddenly as it began, it was all over. You're on the floor, on your ass, rubbing your head. You open your eyes and everything's normal again. You can tell your eye color has returned to it's normal state, and so have your senses. Your blood pressure calms down and your heart takes a rest. You see before you what you ran into in your terrifying dash. It's Reisen! She must've been passing by when you rammed into her. Oops. She's also rubbing her head as well. Sitting in a way that gives you a very clear look at her striped panties before she closes her leps and sits upright, blushing. Mmm, panties. Yeah that calms your rage down. She looks at you, she still seems a bit huffy.

"Hey! Watch where you're going next time!" You blink, you honestly don't know what just happened but you're convinced it was your fault.
"I-I-I'm sorry. I didn't me-" You're cut off suddenly, feeling a sharp shiver run up your spine. That does not feel good. You look behind you and see Eirin, holding a syringe, ready for injection. Badly enough, that isn't the most scariest thing on her right now. The serious look on her face is.
"I'm sorry to have to do this Sousha, but seeing that, you're too much of a risk to have running around." Shit! You really don't like the idea of being put to sleep like that. You can't help but feel you've truly walked into a trap now. "Reisen, hold him still while I inject this..." It's all over, you can taste that burning poison running through your veins now. You cringe and close your eyes tightly, awaiting the deadly injection while reisen just looks at you.

You don't know what did it. Was it the kindness you just showed to her? Was it your meeting from earlier today? Was she truly having an affection at first sight sort of deal? Did she not believe in Eirin or in her ways, or did she simply have too much pity for you to allow this to happen? Either way, when you open your eyes, you see Reisen standing in front of you, between yourself and Eirin, arms outstreched in a protective manner.

"No! Don't do it!" You're honestly about to question her ways when you think now's not the best time to be testing your luck. Eirin looks at Reisen shocked for a moment, before returning to her usual, calm look.
"Reisen, what's the matter? I told you to hold him still, not get in my way. Move. He's a threat to you and all of us here, he needs to be detained." Reisen looks back and down at you. You can feel your expression change but to what, you don't know. Whatever it was, must've induced one hell of a pity spell.
"No, please don't...I don't see it in him. I don't believe he's a threat. Why would Yukari send over someone that might kill us all? It doesn't make any sense...please, don't harm him." You can REALLY feel your face light up. It's burning, you know you're blushing pretty hard at this.
"...I suppose you have a point." Eirin looks at you a bit seriously before looking at Reisen. "Alright, I shall entrust his care to you then, Reisen. Keep an eye on him, don't let him out of your sight, alright?" Reisen breathes a sigh of relief. Battle won, for the most part.
"Thank you, master. I am sorry to have caused you trouble." Eirin shakes her head and has that soft, caring, mature smile on her face again. It looks like she's figured you out for the most part?
"No, don't apologize. You apparently have this situation handled. I trust you with this, Reisen. I'll be going back to my office now." She looks at you, deep inside her eyes you can see those of a cold hearted murderer for some reason. "Take care Sousha~" She goes back into her clinic as if the test meant absolutely nothing at all to her anymore. Did your sudden breakout scare her off from wanting to study you again? Or is she already convinced having saw you like that? No matter what the explaination, you can't help but feel it's related to your sudden outburst like that. You keep thinking about this for some time until you realize Reisen is extending her hand out to you and you look up at her.
"Come on Sousha, I know my master is scary sometimes but you shouldn't let her get to you like that. She's really a caring person." You almost feel short of breath...how can this girl be so kind and loving? Your blush comes back to you as you slowly nod and take her hand. It's very soft and smooth, you can tell she takes very good care of herself as she helps you up. You almost begin panting immediately as you look away, trying to regain your bearings. After that incident, you feel much more vunerable, thus it's left you much more flustered then you normally would be. Reisen tries looking at you, curiously. Oh god, that puzzled look on her face is so adorable.
>> No. 7511
File 121533391367.jpg - (312.79KB , 1000x750 , 5e6416ea76a82ca3bd699efe055c6e99.jpg ) [iqdb]
"Sousha...what's wrong? You seem worn out." Yeah, that must be it. You look at her smiling nervously, still attempting to gather yourself back together.
"Y-Y-Yeah, I think I am actually." Reisen smiles softly at you. It's like she knows how to push your buttons. Maybe that's why Eirin felt confident leaving you with her.
"How about I introduce you to your room for now then. I assume you'll be spending the night? It still seems you have unfinished business waiting for you here, judging by the look on your face." Wow, she read you like an open book. Weere you wearing your thoughts on your sleeve that badly? Wonder if she's picked up on how you've started thinking about her just now.
"Uhh, y-yeah. I would like tp spend the night actually. Could you please direct me to the guest room." Reisen smiles brightly at you. She seems unnervingly and highly joyous now for some reason.
"Gladly, Sousha. Please, follow me." She walks past you and you're left to take a deep breath and recommit your feelings. You then turn and follow.

Man, that was totally unexpected, both your sudden rage and Reisen helping you like this. You're pretty sure your primal explosion was the highlight of it all though. You're still reeling from it, what a rush it was. Quite an experience you feel, knowing that it'll follow you for a while now until you eventually learn more about yourself. You feel confident in one thing though, you're definitely not human, and you're more assuredly something close to a youkai being. You're not sure if you could count yourself as immortal though. Are all youkai immortal? Regardless, you definitely have abilities beyond that of any sort of human being you could think of, except maybe Sanae. You definitely want to learn more about yourself now but most interestingly, what your life was like before this. Were you always youkai? Did you ever exist in the outside world? Did you ever have a past life at all?

Yeah...you're pretty sure you do. You do remember some past things about yourself. Not too much but...perhaps Yukari made you into a youkai? Or maybe you always were, it was just waiting to come out at a proper time. You can't recall anything about your youkai powers before you met Yukari...is that because you didn't have them back then? Because you didn't know you had any? Or is it really because...you can't remember anything about your past life at all? So many mysteries abound by yourself that you really want to solve. It's seriously dragged you down from your typical mood and personality. You feel so different then what you did before you met Yukari. It's so strange. Knowing you're not who you thought you were, knowing you're different from what you were used to, it's a life changing experience that's a huge burden to bear when you first realize it, and it's come to you now in this form. You don't know what to do with yourself.

And all this time, you look at Reisen, as she leads you through the sunset halls of the Eientei. You were quite astonished by the bunny's sudden show of interest in you too. What exactly happened? Did she feel a lot of pity for you? Did she find herself feeling guilty about being angry with you earlier? Or did she discover something...else...that you're rather unsure of. She does seem to like you now, and to be honest, you think you're following the same path with her. It was very different having someone stand up for you like that. It was very heartfelt and you couldn't get it off your chest how absolutely kind and sweet it was. Your blush was well found, you really, really loved being stood up for, and would gladly get yourself in trouble again if it meant Reisen or Sanae would stand up for you once more. You discover here that friendships are truly irreplacable and even when it seems like you have nothing else, you always have them. Standing by your side, smiling for you, and always cheering you on. Thinking about that, you feel a great happiness overcome you.

Soon enough, you and Reisen stop in front of a door by a corner. She smiles as she turns back to you and, most unexpectedly, bows.

"This will be your room for tonight. It has everything you need to be comfortable, I hope. If you need anything, I'll be two doors down and another two doors to the left. You have a good evening, Sousha." She smiles and walks away. As she was saying the last part of her sentence, you could truly feel an air of happines begetting her, much like yours.

You really wonder what's gotten into her anyway. What suddenly made her so happy out of no where? You almost feel compelled to follow this quest if not for the fact that it likely wouldn't lead anywhere. You probably will never know and if you do, you likely won't understand. Women. You breathe out, and simply look outside. The sun has almost finished setting, bringing about a deep orange light throughout all of the halls exposed to it. You figure you should retreat to your appointed room for now and see what it's stocked with. Your suspicions and thoughts can be left for later you feel. For now, you just want to bask in the happiness of knowing you have true friends beside you.

You walk into your room and study it for a moment. Nothing too fancy. A futon in the center, a small table to one side, a closet, a dresser and a picture of the moon. Quaint place at the very least. You figure it's nice enough to live in. The bamboo forest, the beautiful sunset on the one side of it that's too low to catch the rays, You sigh happily, knowing that for the most part, at least some of you has found inner peace. Friends, a purpose in life, all that's messing with you know is who you are. But after thinking so much about your new friends, you don't feel like digging yourself back into a hole. You still do wonder about Reisen though and what she thinks of you now. You blush slightly, thinking back to when she saved you from the cluches of Eirin. You think maybe...maybe a part of you is...nah. That's more or less a silly thought. You simply want to move on and go about your ways for now.

Speaking of which though, you're unsure of what to do now. You have your options open to you, you could concentrate on yourself, or others. You feel the princess left you with a bad taste in your mouth, but you're willing to try and cheer her up, maybe make amends for not being this mystery person she awaits. Or you could go back to Eirin's clinic and ask about the mission you have, or anything else of interest to you honestly. You could also go see Reisen. Maybe she can fix you up a snack or introduce you to the baths, since you need one. You could also just wander about aimlessly and see what you discover. While it's early, you figure the earlier you go to sleep, the earlier you'll wake up. So sleeping is an option too. It's really all up to you at this point, being alone in your room gives you ultimate freedom.

[ ] Go out and find Kaguya's chambers
[ ] Go back to Eirin's clinic
[ ] Head to Reisen's room
[ ] Explore the mansion
[ ] Stay in the room and think of what else to do
>> No. 7513
>>7498 >>7499 >>7502 >>7503 >>7504 >>7507 >>7508

I actually had to ask another writefag if it was okay to count that vote since I knew there'd be suspicions. It was there after I finished loading the page posting my post. I only assumed I just posted at the same time someone else did really...the guy said it was alright though so I just went with it.

My deepest, sincerest apologies to everyone, but I think at this point, I was really tired of people fighting over a silly vote.

And for the record...I don't really consider myself above Patchworks. Or even EX_Nine. I'm still a newfag, as all of you can see.
>> No. 7514
[x] Explore the mansion
>> No. 7515
>Reisen smiles softly at you. It's like she knows how to push your buttons.

Lord, does she ever.

[x] Head to Reisen's room
Why? Well, she said not to let us out of her sight, right? Then laugh and ask where the baths are.
>> No. 7516
[x] Head to Reisen's room.
>> No. 7517
File 121533636617.jpg - (135.84KB , 251x600 , yukaridiscontent.jpg ) [iqdb]
Okay, as an apology, since I already feel so bad about all the rage I'm looking at, I will go into detail about why I feel rigging votes and spamming choice is wrong and immoral, and completely against my (and to what I assume most writefags) standards.

I feel there would be no real reason for me to actually rig votes, because that would honestly take away from all the fun in it. Everytime I finish writing an update, not only do I have a sense of accomplishment in knowing I wrote a nice chunk of a story and expanding my horizons by just a teensy bit (in my opinion anyway) but I also have the suspence and anticipation in seeing what you anons will go after, and your opinions on it. I honestly enjoy seeing everyone chat about my story and give their speculation on what's going on. Sure, my story may not be as mysterious as say, Teruyo's LA in Eientei, but it's a nice feeling overall. Sure, some of you are boring, some of you are stupid, but for the most part, a lot of you have great ideas that I love taking advantage of. The whole tsundere bit took me by surprise, and everyone (barring the manly men that RAGE'd at Sousha becoming so womanly) had lots of fun with it. I couldn't keep myself from laughing as I was writing in Sousha's crying like a bitch, it took me totally off guard how you people wrote in with that and I was continuously hoping to find more and more geniuses like the people who started those write ins to continue feeding me the proverbial fuel that kept my fire alit. Alas, some write ins never made it (YAF had one that was truly brilliant, but no one else apparently liked it) and sometimes, said people are just plainly absent. An amateurish mistake such as igniting sudden death vote when I just wanted the vote to clearly be done and over with was stupid of me, and rather inconveinient, and thoughtless. I wasn't thinking about other options I could've used at the time, like first to five or seven, or simply a roulette option. (Though, that might've made you guys RAGE more, considering it would have to be entirely within my hands) But, nonetheless, I want to say that voter below mine was not indeed, me. There are such things as coincedences and if I had thought better on it, I probably wouldn't have bothered asking and waited for someone else to vote. Though, if I could've thought that much, I would've went with an entirely different way of deciding the vote.

As a way to make it up to you all, I can go ahead and write out what the rest of the options would've led to, in non-canon posts. If the resistance is bad enough, I'll make the decision to go ahead and shift the story onto the most popular choice after everyone has seen where each option has ended. (Of course, choosing a BAD END option might not be wise...) This way, all of you win. Is that okay with you all?
>> No. 7518
I'm cool with going on with this choice. It may not have been an ideal decision, but it let us show Eirin that we at least have some teeth and we got Reisen on our side in the process.

I just thought the kneejerk vote was funny. IMHO, Sousha wouldn't have had much time to respond to that situation anyways.
>> No. 7519
[ ] Head to Reisen's room
>> No. 7521
I am okay with the choice, i voted for [ ] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!" but no use crying over spilled milk.
And stuff like this is exactly why MiG went downhill, after that voting drama.

BUT, i want one thing:
We need to go back to first 5 votes to win.

I know that people can just go ahead and vote spam, but if it is left open for a long time people will want their choices more to win if other people vote for something else and more vote spam will come out.
So i think if we make it like first 5 or 6 to win there will be lesser spaming votes.
>> No. 7522
File 121533973347.jpg - (243.91KB , 958x900 , 121242227374.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Head to Reisen's room


Relax, it's really not that big of a deal. I'm >>7507 and was set to be entertained regardless of the choice. I really doubt anyone sensible thought you voted that option the same way I don't believe anyone really thinks YAF flames his own story. We're all more than likely just messing around. >>7521 makes a good suggestion, though.
>> No. 7523
Your song has become ours again. The wounds will heal and the story result was not catastrophic (no bridges burnt) so I suppose people will get over it. But please, in the future don't do those sudden deaths except in the cases where there are tied votes and you want things solved. Just negating everything people voted before that point on a whim is a surefire way of starting a bushfire RAGE. Well, you said as much in your own post so just ignore this ramble.
>> No. 7524
Why the fuck does anyone think votes were being spammed anyway?
>> No. 7525
I'm >>7474. I really wanted to see what kind of result it would have but any option is fine.
>> No. 7527
Look /sdm/
People are spaming votes over fap or to not fap.
That is what i tried to say, the longer the voting goes the more people just double or triple vote for their choices.
>> No. 7530
File 121535031761.jpg - (254.38KB , 497x753 , Sousha.jpg ) [iqdb]
so yeah
>> No. 7531
File 121535212332.jpg - (24.00KB , 250x250 , 1170711390866.jpg ) [iqdb]

Wanna take him home~
>> No. 7533

Oh god. I don't want to fap to another (non-trap) male, but it's getting harder and harder.
>> No. 7534
Missing the dog ears. From what I know, a human can't become a shikigami, it's just youkai (possibly animal youkai). So at the moment, we are probably at least part dog-youkai.
>> No. 7536

Sousha ain't 10% yet.
>> No. 7539
When will he be?
>> No. 7540

Sukima said that the transition is going to be gradual so it's anyone's guess as to when he'll sprout the ears and tail. Best to ask Sukima when he gets back.
>> No. 7542
I don't know if this was already mentioned or not, but what routes are there?
Can we get a Ran or Yukari route?
Or a Chen route, this would be the most awesome of all.
>> No. 7543
CatxWolf? That's awesome. Wonder what hte kids would look like?
>> No. 7544

Dog not wolf. Sousha is a little domesticated bitch~
>> No. 7545
What if we do write-ins to man him the fuck up? If the process is gradual we should still be able to mold it.

CURSE YOU, ANTI-GUROFAGS! Wolves eat rabbits and you know it!
>> No. 7546
>> No. 7547
Maybe he is, have we checked a mirror since that flight from Eirin?
>> No. 7548
We should just become Eirins test subject, she will pump Sousha so full of drugs that he will be a whole new person when she is done with him.
>> No. 7549
File 121537287135.jpg - (299.13KB , 900x1450 , 5513b5b109034ada09c56caad3610a01.jpg ) [iqdb]
Speculation abound, oh boy! Time to get cracking.

>10% gradual
Yes, Sousha's transformation into youkai is gradual for the most part. Whether he always had the abilities, always was youkai, or was human turned youkai, will all be determined by the votes and what path you go down in the story. It's up to anon to mold how his youkai body comes out.

>Dog, not Wolf
Who are you guys to say Sousha's a dog or a wolf yet? No one knows, it's really pure speculation at this point since all you know about his youkai abilities is that they are from the canine species. For all you guys know, he could be a kitsune, just like Ran. :P

I've explained this on IRC, may as well here too. Yukari, Ran and Chen in this story all actually have the MOST routes. You could say they have a "True" end, Good end, Normal end, Sad end and Bad end. Five routes in total for each of the three characters. However, just about every single other character you can meet in Gensokyo has routes of their own too. Just not as many. Some have three, others have two at the most. Maybe only one for minor characters like Tewi. But out of all the characters, the Yakumo family have the most routes. Once introductory missions are over, you're given the chance to explore the Yakumo routes in detail.

I can see people would love a Chen route, and I think I would really enjoy writing that too. Though obviously, she's probably going to be the hardest to get an H scene out of. (lol wut) Good luck though Anon!

I'm also contemplating on if I should write the next part, since Reisen's room actually only has four votes and that seems a bit low to me. But I'll start writing it regardless if I have nothing else to do. (That is, after I check this place again to see if votes changed)

A general rule now: If a choice reaches six votes, it's auto-win from now on.

Also also, obligatory bunny Yukari since I doubt I'll be able to use it in the story.
>> No. 7550
Oh jeez forgot to say...


You my good sir, deserve a win sandwich. It is made of bread, and win.
>> No. 7551
>Who are you guys to say Sousha's a dog or a wolf yet? No one knows, it's really pure speculation at this point since all you know about his youkai abilities is that they are from the canine species. For all you guys know, he could be a kitsune, just like Ran. :P

First the height now the species. You're tearing my image of Sousha apart on purpose aren't you? ( ಠ∀ಠ)
>> No. 7552
Hmmmm Yukari route would have a real appeal for me.
She saying "I love you Sousha" or something like that would be pure gold.
But Ran would be even better, Ran/Chen route that would be the best.
But i fear we will get that Sad End no matter what.
MiG proved this, there is nothing we can do about it.......
>> No. 7553

Only for you, my dear~
>> No. 7554
[+] Just go to sleep already
This is not a time-intensive mission.

I, personally, am curious as to what the different options would have led to. You did offer to post that info; would you mind doing so, Sukima?
>> No. 7557
File 121537598260.jpg - (246.54KB , 424x600 , 8c11f128f90a3c8ebded306cead7cc74.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Head to Reisen's room

You decide you wanna see Reisen again. After all, she was told not to let you out of her sight. Best not get her in trouble. There's also the fact that you could ask her more about the Eientei. Like where the damn baths are. You stink like a dog. You decide you wanna see her right away and immediately about face out of the room, then follow Reisen's advice. Two doors down...and another two down the left? It leads into a darker then usual cooridor, why you're unsure. You have this feeling it has something to do with Reisen herself, and why she was planted here...but that's speculation you can leave for another day. You assume you're in front of her door and decide to knock gently, three times, with exactly 0.5 seconds between each know. You get a 200pt bonus for no particular reason.

"Sousha? Is that you?" You hear as Reisen opens up the door and smiles softly at you. "Oh, hello Sousha." You smile right back. Man, friends are good to have.
"Hey Reisen." Reisen looks at you with a bit of a happy face. She seems happy to see you.
"I assume you wanted something else, since you came by here so quickly after I left?" You feel yourself blush slightly as she smiles. You hadn't thought of that.

Though, now that you're here, what did you come over for? You could ask Reisen to take you on a lovely tour through the Eientei, or you could ask where the baths are. You can also ask her to accompany you to see Eirin again, or Kaguya. Or, the most simplest of answers, you could just say you wanna chat for a while. Any and all options lead to Reisen watching over your shoulder like a hawk, like she was told to, but it might be best that way. If Reisen gets in trouble, it might be more then just her taking to the punishment, you don't want to wear out your stay here too early into your visit after all.

[ ] Ask Reisen for the Eientei Tour
[ ] Ask Reisen if she could take you to the baths
[ ] Ask Reisen to take you to Eirin's clinic
[ ] Ask Reisen if you could see Kaguya
[ ] "Just came to chat doll"



Since there wasn't large enough demand for the write outs entirely, I'll just give a basic summery of each option.

[ ] Oblige and strip down
Simple enough, you would've agreed with no retaliation and Eirin would've stuck you to her machine and ran the tests. Premature revealing of species specific anatomy and abilities, unlike the power rush you had earlier.

[ ] Sit there stammering, so embarrassing!
Would've resulted in Eirin sneakily tearing your clothes off for you. Your embarrassed nature gets a + while you sit there even more flustered. Eirin makes snappy comments about your manhood.

[ ] "If you want me to be naked, then strip me with your own hands I dare you!"
Eirin gets a bit angry at your disposition and demands that you take it off yourself, without being a smart ass. More silly choices would result in a bad end.

Tsundere Sousha. Need I say more? Maybe it's best this one is left to speculation~
>> No. 7559
{X} Ask Reisen if she could take you to the baths~
>> No. 7560
[ ] Ask Reisen if she could take you to the baths
Since we smell like a beast this is the primary option, Reisen watching us is a bonus.
>> No. 7561
[ ] Ask Reisen if she could take you to the baths

Damn we'll have to work hard to make Sousha the perfect little bitch~
>> No. 7562
[ ] Ask Reisen if she could take you to the baths
Bath with the bunny.
>> No. 7563
[X] Ask Reisen if she could take you to the baths.
>> No. 7567
File 121537774074.jpg - (52.73KB , 397x429 , 7cef00ee566f1c607d91784434c24efb.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Reisen if she could take you to the baths

You feel bathing is first priority. You're a guest, only proper manners to not smell like you just came from a monkey pen right? You look at Reisen and decide your question.

"Reisen, would it be alright if you could show me where the bathroom is? I need to take a bath..." Reisen blinks for moment.
"A bath, huh?" She sniffs a bit close to you before suddenly veering away, apparently repulsed. "Ugh, yeah, you do..." You puff up your cheeks a bit. That was rude!
"Hey, come on, I don't smell that bad do I?" Reisen looks up at you, putting her hands on her hips.
"No, you do Sousha. I can't see you presenting yourself to either of my masters like this. Come on, I'll run your bath and you can wash yourself." No use fighting it, you follow a bit begrudgingly.

Yeah you do stink, but you didn't think it was that bad. Or maybe you're just too used to your own scent. The look on Reisen's repulsed face was pretty funny, cute and demeaning all at the same time. She's so adorable...you want to eat her right up again. You wonder how she tastes for a moment before shaking your head in embarrassment. At this rate, you're totally unsure of what you mean yourself when you say eat her up. Do you want to get in the sack with her that badly, or is it something far more sinister? You need to decide on that sometime but you feel right now is not a good time for that. You'd very much rather think about that when you're alone, especially in case it happens to be the more arousing form of eating. Reisen might be a bit traumatized from seeing the massive girth of your hot glue gun.

Eventually, you and Reisen start walking in an area without much paper for walls now. Mostly wood, this must be the exercise hall...or something. It does make sense the bathroom would be somewhere around here. Reisen finally stops in front of a door and turns to look at you.

"Alright Sousha, behind this door is a bath where you can wash up. Just wait here while I get it ready." She bows before walking into the bathroom and closing the door.

You casually lean on the wall awaiting her arrival from the bath. You look up thinking about it. A bath does actually sound very refreshing and nice right now. Then your thoughts turn to Reisen for the moment. You can already tell, even with clothes on, she's athletic and flexible as fuck. Being a rabbit youkai, it makes sense she's very well tuned for agility, but that hidden, perverted corner of your mind is thinking about how many different sex positions you could get her in with that fact. Oh man, she probably rides cowgirl style like no one else too...oh jeez, you're thinking way too hard about this, making something else grow the same way. You readjust your pants a bit to make sure you're not putting yourself on display for all to see just before Reisen comes back out.

"Alright Sousha, the bath is ready. I'll be right outside if you need me, don't be afraid to call."

Right outside? She's leaving you? You thought she was supposed to keep an eye on you always. Although, maybe it's best not to test your luck. That would be embarrassing, for the both of you, if she was right there in the room with you as your bathed. Still, you really don't want to get in trouble, do you? There's a vareity of ways you could go about this. You look inside the bath and see it's nice and old fashioned style. And looks REALLY prime for a steamy sex scene...oh god, better not think too much about that. Looking back at Reisen, you see her about to leave. Better say something now you idort.

[ ] Thank her for the bath and step in
[ ] "Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?"
[ ] Ask her if she wants to bathe with you
[ ] "I-I-I didn't need you to run the bath for me! I could've done it myself...idiot."
[ ] Say nothing. Stink too bad. Must...wash...filth.
>> No. 7575
[X] "I-I-I didn't need you to run the bath for me! I could've done it myself...idiot."
This vote PLEASE.
>> No. 7577
[ ] Thank her for the bath and step in
>> No. 7583
[x] "Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?"

Where's your spirit of adventure, Anon?
>> No. 7585
Where's YOUR spirit of adventure?
[x] Ask her if she wants to bathe with you
>> No. 7586
[ ] "I-I-I didn't need you to run the bath for me! I could've done it myself...idiot."

So moe~
>> No. 7589
[ ] "Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?"
>> No. 7591
[x] "Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?"

bunny teasin games
>> No. 7593
{X} "Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?"
>> No. 7595
[+] "Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?"
>> No. 7597
[x] "Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?"
>> No. 7600
[ ] Thank her for the bath and step in
The logical no-catastrophe choice.
>> No. 7601
[ ] Thank her for the bath and step in
>> No. 7603
[X] "Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?"
>> No. 7606
[x] Thank her for the bath and step in

Why this isn't like you Sukima, sure I'll take it.
>> No. 7607
[x] Thank her for the bath and step in
[X] "Aren't you supposed to be keeping an eye on me?"