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6132 No. 6132

You yawn, stretching your arms to either side. That blur over your vision appears for a second, but you shake your head to dispel it. Looking at the clock… it’s about 6:00 A.M. You get up and make your bed, making sure to take a glance out the window. The streets are rather empty today. Oh well, you might as well get ready for school. As you open the closet, you can hear the sound of birds chirping, greeting the new day with their merry song.

Today should be a good day.

After getting your school uniform on, you go downstairs. You can’t help but think of how Maribel is always disturbed by how you insist on wearing the girl’s uniform. She has no say in it, though. This outfit just compliments your oddly girlish figure. After tying your hair in a ponytail, you look in the pantry to find something for breakfast. You grab a box of cereal and pour it into a bowl, and you then get the milk and pour it on top of the cereal. After putting these ingredients away, you take a seat at the table.


You sigh. Living on your own is rewarding and depressing at the same time. Sometimes you wish that you had decided to live with Maribel and your parents, after the wedding had happened. At least you’d have your birth mother, who always accepted your choice in clothing. Unlike that new father, who never even cared about how you had a feminine figure. He would always rant on about how you should be wearing a man’s clothes, since you are, after all, male. Shaking your head of these thoughts, you begin to eat your breakfast. But… You still want to think about something while eating.

[ ] Think about Maribel.
[ ] Think about your mother.
[ ] Think about your father.
>> No. 6133
[x] Think about Maribel.

>> No. 6135
[ ] Think about Maribel.

>> No. 6136
[x] Think about your father.

>> No. 6138

[x] Think about your father.

>> No. 6139
[x] Think about your Mary.

>> No. 6140
[x] Think about your father.
>> No. 6141
File 121423680917.jpg- (38.76KB , 570x802 , Mary_01.jpg ) [iqdb]
You let your thoughts drift as you continue to eat the cereal. Your vision begins to focus on a memory about Maribel, and when you two first met…

“So then, this is my new brother? Is he a homosexual or something?”

Your mother shakes her head. She’s a rather tall woman, with rosy cheeks. Your new father begins to wipe his brow, an angered look spreading over his face.

“I don’t know. It seems like he isn’t right in the head. I mean, looking like that is something he can’t help, but actually dressing like a woman..?”

Your mother shakes her head, and then looks at you and Mary.

“You two should go get to know each other more. Go ahead, head up to your rooms… now.”

You and Maribel obey her orders and head upstairs. She tosses you an agitated glare at one point, but continues up. You eventually get to the rooms of this large house. Just as you’re about to enter your own room, Maribel grabs your shoulder.

“Wait a second.”

You turn about, and see that she has a concerned look on her face. She grips your shoulder again, frowning.

“Why is it that you choose to be like this? Is it because of some condition, or maybe even because of how you look..?”

You shake your head and remove her hand.

“I don’t have any kind of condition; it’s just that I think that this sort of thing suits me the best. You understand, right?”

She huffs and backs away.

“Well… I’d rather not have anybody know that we’re related. At all. Do you understand?”

You nod rapidly, and she turns to go to her own room across the hall. Her hair bounces about as she does so, and she then enters her room, slamming the door behind her. You sigh and return to your own room, so that you…

Clank. Clank. Clank.

Looking down, you see that the bowl is now empty. You spaced out and began to run the spoon into the object, not realizing that you had eaten all of your breakfast. Shrugging, you put the dish away. The walk to school shouldn’t take too long, but you might want to see if everyone at the mansion is okay. Then again, getting to the school is rather important. The thought of your superior scolding you again is rather annoying, but… you should probably have enough time to go to the mansion.

[ ] Visit the Han Mansion.
[ ] Go straight to school.
[ ] Go to school, but wander about a little first.
>> No. 6144
[ ] Go to school, but wander about a little first.

This Mary is delicious.
>> No. 6145
[ ] Go to school, but wander about a little first.
>> No. 6146
[x] Visit the Han Mansion.

Mary, Mary why are you a tsundere?

Oh that's just past recollections. There's no way she feels that way about you now, though. No way. She's gotten over it since then. We're tight now--true sibz 4lyfe!
>> No. 6147
[ ] Go to school, but wander about a little first.
>> No. 6148
[X] Go to school, but wander about a little first.
>> No. 6150
[X] Go to school, but wander about a little first.

Random encounters are fun~
>> No. 6151
[X] Go to school, but wander about a little first.

Let me guess, Mary is jealous now because we're the one who gets all the cat calls and wolf whistles at school, as well as more love letters and more chocolates on Valentine's. Even though everyone knows we're a guy.
>> No. 6152
File 121424505019.jpg- (776.09KB , 1400x1050 , Renko_01.jpg ) [iqdb]
You grab your belongings and exit the apartment. Getting to school isn’t that big a thing right now, but the mansion is in the other direction, so wandering about for a while would be a good idea. You take off down the street, carrying your bag in one hand and letting the other hand swing to the side. A few people turn their gaze as you walk down the street, making your skirt bounce about as you go into a shopping district that is near the train station. You look at all the shop’s windows, seeing all sorts of odd things here. You then hear a familiar voice as you look into the window

“Hey! Watako, what are you doing out here?”

She runs up to you, smiling. Renko Usami of the senior class, close friends with Maribel. She stops in front of you and rests a hand on one of her hips. Her smile comforts you as you stand there. Renko is rather accepting of your condition and choices, unlike your step-sister, Maribel. She huffs a few times and then looks at the store window. Her gaze glazes over for a second, but she quickly turns back to you.

“So, you were thinking of buying something from the women’s department again?”

You shake your head, a slight blush coming to your cheeks.

“U-Umm, no! I was only looking in the window; I would never go as far as to buy-”

She gets up close to you and gives you a firm pat on the back, a smile crawling across her face.

“I see, so you are really interested in this kind of stuff, eh?”

You fiddle with your hands, trying to avoid her beaming at you. Pressure rises in your head, making your eyes hurt a little. You have to admit, this is really embarrassing. You grip your skirt firmly as she tightens her grip around one of your shoulders, and gives you a firm shake to loosen you up.

“Well then, maybe we can go here together later on today. I could always use something new.”

You nod, breathing a sigh of relief. The pressure in your head fades as Renko grabs one of your hands.

“Now come on, we need to get going to the train station!”

“Wh-ah ah…”

You don’t get a chance to speak as she pulls you down the street, leading you to the train station. You see a few people pass by on either side as you head towards the trains.

“But, Ren! We don’t need to be at school right now!”

The two of you get to the station, and she gives you a slight nod. You soon find yourself on the train to the high school building, sitting next to Renko. Did she ignore you?

“Hey, Ren. You do know that we could have been there a little longer, right?”

She nods, leaning back on the seat. She puts her arms up against the back of it and leans her head back, yawning deeply. You look about as she does this to see that there are only a few students on the train right now. Probably club members and class reps, but not anybody who… Oh, right. Club members. Just as you remember why you must be going to school so early, Renko speaks up.

“Have you already forgotten about the club? Mary may have graduated already, but we can still run it at the school, until we graduate, that is. Then we should take it to the university that Maribel is at, right?”

You nod and open up your bag, pulling out a rather worn sketch book. You flip a few pages and see the illustrations you did of what Merry said she saw in her dreams. A small girl who has two tails, a woman who has ghosts follow about behind her, and even a shrine maiden. You recall the names she gave these ‘people’, and laugh to yourself. Not out loud, of course, but merely in your mind. She does have an active imagination for a girl of her age. Closing the book, you notice Renko staring at you. She grins and pats your shoulder, leaning in closer.

“Looking at those silly pictures again, huh? You sure do seem to love the stuff that Maribel imagines. She always tells you and her dad about all of those crazy dreams, and about how much fun they are. I myself am sort of interested in hearing more about them…”

She looks away, suddenly acting rather distant. You shrug and put the book back in the bag. The train begins to come to a halt, and Renko comes back to reality. She snatches your hand and pulls you up, leading you out to the school grounds. She stops in front of the school and grins.

“So then, you aren’t forgetting anything, are you?”

[ ] Oh, wait. You left a sketchbook of yours in class, right?
[ ] No, you might as well get to the club room.
[ ] “Take it easy.”
>> No. 6153
[ ] Oh, wait. You left a sketchbook of yours in class, right?
>> No. 6154
[ ] Oh, wait. You left a sketchbook of yours in class, right?
>> No. 6155
[X] Oh, wait. You left a sketchbook of yours in class, right?

Random encounters are fun, although if Renko is as much of sex fiend as she was last time, then maybe heading to the club room for some "alone time" with her might not be a bad idea...
>> No. 6156
[X] Oh, wait. You left a sketchbook of yours in class, right?
>> No. 6157
[ ] Oh, wait. You left a sketchbook of yours in class, right?
>> No. 6159
As soon as she says those words, you remember a sketchbook that you left in your classroom the other day. You take off, and Ren begins to yell at you.

“Hey, where are you going? What is it?”

She begins to run after you. It sounds like she’s mad that you didn’t tell her where you were going. Waving, you yell back to her.

“I forgot something in my classroom the other day. I’ll just be a minute.”

You take off into the building, running to get your book. Step, step, step. The footsteps of club leaders and class reps fill the hallways. You could care less about them right now; you need to get that room. A few more steps. A few more rooms. You stop in front of one of them to see your usual antagonist in there, holding what appears to be the object you came to get. He turns to see you and grins. He wags the book around in one hand, grinning in a devilish manner.

“Oh, is this the property of the new member of the Han house? Could it be that you forgot this silly thing yesterday, and left it where people like me could get it?”

You stomp into the room and grit your teeth, looking up at him. This jerk is rather tall, like a flag pole that carries your hatred about on a string. Ever since you met him he’s given you a tough time, and you’ve been rude to him in return. He holds the sketchbook up as you jump up and down, trying to get it. He laughs as you try this, and backs away.

“You really want it that much? This little piece of junk is worth nothing. Just face it. You aren’t a good artist, Watarase. And you never will be one. This thing is just as worthless as you are.”

He backs up even more and holds the book out the window, grinning. He wags it about, staring at you with a devious delight in his eyes. You step forward and he wags his head.

“Ah. No, don’t come closer. You don’t want to lose this, right?”

…He’s lying. He’s far too big a coward to do something like that. You run forwards to pull his arm back in, but he lets go of the book. It falls down towards the ground, probably landing in the bushes somewhere. A crunch can be heard down at the bottom of the school. You stand there, upset over the loss of all your hard work. How could he just throw all that out of the window?

“What, are you gonna cry or something? Third years are supposed to be more mature than that, Aoi.”

“You have room to talk.”

You turn and see the class rep in the doorway. He walks over to the two of you and moves in front of you, his arms folded.

“This is exactly why you lost the competition to become the class representative. Go be a jerk elsewhere, or else you’ll have to deal with me and the other representatives.”

The other Han family member sniffs and walks out of the classroom, his hand behind his head. The class rep turns to you and smiles.

“Hey there, Watarase. Are you okay? Did he hurt you at all?”

You shake your head and feign a laugh. Leave it to him to save the day.

“No, I’m fine. I have to go, though. Seeya later, Haru!”

With that you trot out the door, still hiding the fact that you’re sad about what HE did… You get to the ground floor and walk outside, beginning to head over to the club rooms. You really do need to get that guy back for this. But… maybe you can get the book back. Maybe it’s okay, just laying about in the bushes somewhere. You might as well try looking for it, right?

[ ] Look for the sketchbook.
[ ] Hurry on to the club room.
>> No. 6160
[X] Look for the sketchbook.

If we don't find it, we can cry to Renko.

She seems like the kind of person who can get things done.
>> No. 6161
[ ] Look for the sketchbook.

>The other Han family member sniffs and walks out of the classroom, his hand behind his head.

Wait, wut.
>> No. 6162
{X} Look for the sketchbook.
:< Poor Watako.
>> No. 6163
[ ] Hurry on to the club room.
>> No. 6164
[x] Look for the sketchbook.
>> No. 6165
[ ] Look for the sketchbook.
>> No. 6166
[ ] Look for the sketchbook.
>> No. 6167
[ ] Look for the sketchbook.
>> No. 6168
[X] Look for the sketchbook.
>> No. 6169
I believe you have noticed that I like to take it easy now. Updates will be less, but will have more to them.

Writing... soonish.
>> No. 6185
File 121425892514.jpg- (41.96KB , 450x580 , Renko_02.jpg ) [iqdb]
You shake your head. The club can wait; you need to find that book. It’s not just important to you, but it’s also important to Mary. After wading through the bushes, you begin to dig about in them, looking for the important sketchbook. Searching turns out to be rather pointless at first, and you can’t seem to find the article anywhere. Right as you’re about to give up you hear someone else in the bushes. You look over to see one of your classmates in the bushes, looking for something. It doesn’t take long to recognize who it is, as they have two large ponytails.

“…Aiko? What are you doing?”

She pops up from the shrubbery, making a small gasping sound. Her face quickly goes from being one of surprise to being an expression of glee.

“Ah, I saw you digging about in the bushes and decided to see if I could help you find whatever you were looking for.”

Her intentions are good, but how she goes about performing them is odd, to say the least.

“Why didn’t you ask me what I was looking for? I mean, it seems silly to wade around in the bushes, looking for something, when you have no idea what you’re looking for.”

She shakes her head, her twin ponytails bouncing about.

“No, I know what I was looking for. This!”

She holds up the sketchbook, grinning. You smile and accept it from her, and then get out of the bushes. The two of you brush yourselves off, and you then look in the book to find that some of the pages are ruined, though most of them are fine. You put it back into your bag and send a smile towards Aiko.

“Thanks for that. I’m wondering, though, how did you know what to look for?”

She giggles, holding a hand up to her mouth. She takes a few steps in your direction, beginning to walk by you.

“I just though of what you must have lost, and looked for it. Since you used to sit around, drawing things Mary told you about, I figured you must have lost one of those silly sketch things.”

She turns about and waves at you.

“I have to get to the Cooking Club now. I’ll see you in class, okay?”

You nod and wave at her as she rushes into the school building. You turn around to look at the club building that you have been ignoring. With a shrug you walk up to it, and then enter the building. The layout is rather generic and boring, but you could care less right now. Rushing down the hall, you enter the door with a large “9” over it, the club room that you, Renko, and Mary used. You see Renko in there, spinning a pen on its tip. She drops it after you come in, and then stands up, grinning happily.

“So, you’re here now? Well then, down to business. Mary told me that she saw two different boundaries that we could visit. One at some Hakurei Shrine, and another at some graveyard. She also told me of some dreams she had.”

Renko slides you a folder which is marked “For Aoi to Draw”. She hops a little as she puts both hands on her hips and nods.

“So then, which should we visit?”

[ ] “Neither, I want my sleep.”
[ ] Hakurei Shrine.
[ ] Graveyard.
>> No. 6186
[x] Graveyard

>> No. 6187
[x] Graveyard.

>> No. 6190
Not many votes here. Guess I'll go for a while and see if anything won whenever I get back.
>> No. 6191
[ ] Graveyard.

Oh ho, why not get raped by zombie goasts?
>> No. 6193
[x] Graveyard.
>> No. 6195
[X] Hakurei Shrine.

Oh ho, why not get raped by zombie mikos?
>> No. 6196
[x] Graveyard.
>> No. 6197
[x] Graveyard.

>> No. 6198
[x] Hakurei Shrine.

>> No. 6200
>[ ] Graveyard.

{X} Hakurei Shrine.
>> No. 6202
[ ] Divide and conquer. Handle one task while she handles the other.
- [ ] Help Youmu while Ran looks for Chen.
>> No. 6203
>> No. 6205
File 12142693005.jpg- (182.70KB , 750x600 , Memories_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
You think this over for a second, and then shrug your shoulders.

“We might as well go to the graveyard. I think a shrine sounds like an odd place for one of the boundaries to be, and that we may have more luck in the other area.”

She nods, and then sits back in her chair. You also take a seat and look out of the window. Things are slowly getting brighter, and the dew of the grass is now glistening in a golden color thanks to the morning’s sun. Renko gets up and walks over to the window. She throws it open and grins as she turns back around, her short hair moving quickly into place.

“Well then, let me copy your homework.”


She walks over to you in an overly showy manner, swinging her hips as she does. After resting a hand on your shoulder she brings her mouth to your ear, and blows into it.


You feel a heavy blush race over your cheeks as her other hand creeps up onto your free shoulder, and her chest comes to rest on the back of your neck. She plops her head down on top of your own, and you think you hear her laugh.

“It really is boring here without Maribel. Sometimes I wish she was born a year earlier or something, but… Oh well. It’s the two of us now!”

She grips your hand and pumps it into the air as she moves off of you. You hear her laugh again as you merely gaze at the odd sight.

“The Ghostly Field Club! Members: Aoi Watarase and Renko Usami! The daring duo, two who aren’t afraid of any form of barrier! We’re the group that will pierce the borders of this world, and reap of the treasures that await them!”

She lets go of your hand and begins to laugh. You shake your head and look out the window again to see… you see what appears to be a hole outside the window. A hole with eyes in it, staring at you. Eyes that send chills up your spine. You look back at Renko to see that she has stopped moving, and you then take another glance at the window to find that nothing is there. You shake your head once more as Renko walks over to the door.

“Well, we might as well get to class. Come one.”

You follow her. Whatever you saw must have been an illusion; a trick that your mind was playing on you. All that matters now is getting your morning classes taken care of. As you leave, you could almost swear that a strong wind was blowing back into the room.

Classes last for some time. It’s about lunchtime now, and you see a few students lingering in the room. You notice Aiko and Maribel’s cousin in the room, the two of them apparently sitting down to eat together. You figure that Renko is probably back in the club room by now, and that a few others are probably in the cafeteria.

[ ] Go to the clubroom.
[ ] Go to the cafeteria.
[ ] Ask Aiko why she’s sitting with that jerk.
>> No. 6206
[x] Go to the clubroom.

>> No. 6207
[X] Go to the clubroom.
>> No. 6208
[x] Go to the clubroom.
>> No. 6209
{X} Go to the clubroom.
>> No. 6210
[x] Go to the clubroom.
>> No. 6211
[x] Go to the clubroom.
>> No. 6213
File 121427486113.jpg- (55.54KB , 400x602 , Renko_03.jpg ) [iqdb]
You stretch your arms. Who cares what they are doing right now? It’s about time to get to the club room. Renko is probably waiting anxiously for you to return, and you don’t have anywhere better to be. The trip down the stairs and out of the building is rather uneventful. Upon exiting the building, you see a large number of people sitting about, eating together. The trees are rather large and full, their bright petals letting everyone know that it’s spring. Not much longer until you graduate… but then you have to deal with Mary more often. You shake this thought and go into the club’s building. It isn’t long before you reach Room Nine.

“Agh! Damn it, damn it all!”

You walk in to find a furious Renko, slamming her fists against the desk of the room. She turns to see you and begins to blush.

“Ahh… Sorry about that. You see, something happened, and…”

Her voice trails off as she looks at the window. It’s hanging open with the wind blowing in through it. The cool spring breeze tickles your face, letting you know that cherry blossoms must be blooming nearby in town. Just as you think of this, a cherry blossom petal lands on your face, tickling your cheek in a literal way. You put it in your pocket as a memento, to remind you that you should take Renko to see the cherry blossoms soon. She begins to shake her head and sighs.

“Well… It seems someone stole something from us. Before you get mad, let me just tell you this.” Renko stands up, putting her hands in front of her, as if to say that you should wait. “I didn’t mean to leave the window open, and all they took was something on that Suika Ibuki person that Mary dreamt up.”

You aren’t as angry as you are disappointed. How could Renko do something as dumb as that? After shaking your head you take a seat, pulling your lunch out of your bag. Renko sits across from you with a surprised look adorning her face.

“Oh?” She rests her arms on the table, propping her head up with her hands. “You aren’t mad? Is it really okay for you to be that nonchalant about this? I mean, I was really irresponsible. You should be angry.”

You nod. “I am angry, but it doesn’t really matter. I can always just print it again.”

Renko’s eyes light up in surprise. “Oh? You saved that to a computer?”

You nod, and Renko swiftly shuts her mouth. The two of you enjoy a rather nice lunch, the sounds of birds chirping outside of the window. One of them even rests on the windowsill at one point, watching as you and Renko share a meal. You are soon finished eating, and you notice that it’s still a while until classes start. Renko is resting her head on the chair, her eyes closed in solitude.

[ ] Inventory.
[ ] Ask her what she wants to do.
[ ] Sit back and enjoy your free time.
>> No. 6214

And, with that, I'm finished for the night. Seeya folks tommorow.
>> No. 6215
[ ] Inventory.
[ ] Ask her what she wants to do.
>> No. 6216
[ ] Inventory.
[ ] Ask her what she wants to do.
>> No. 6218
[X] Inventory.
[X] Ask her what she wants to do.

As a guy who hated BC/R, I must express my satisfaction with this.
>> No. 6219
[+] Inventory.
[+] Ask her what she wants to do.
This Mary is kinda... unlikable.
>> No. 6220
I can't sleep, so here.


You can’t help but sigh. Today is rather boring, other than the few incidents that took place earlier. The thought of talking to Renko enters your mind, and you accept it as an action to perform. Might as well, since nothing else is happening. After taking a quick glance in your bag you begin to speak to her.

“Hey, Renko? What’s up with Mary’s cousin? He was being a real jerk today.”

She yawns; her mouth stretching as she slowly moves her head back down. After giving you a sleepy gaze she begins to speak once again.

“Oh, him? I’m not entirely sure. He was never rude to anyone but Maribel until you came along, and then his hate seemed to just float over to you. Sometimes I wonder what’s up with that guy.”

She makes an odd expression, and then continues to speak in her matter-of-factly tone.

“Mary… Now that I think about it, you weren’t very chummy with her. Are you still sour over her not liking you or something?”

You give her an “ehh” as a response. You couldn’t possibly care less about Maribel right now. Your main concern of the moment is finding something fun to do. You stand and stretch your arms, and then look down at Renko.

“I’m really bored. Could we go do something now, to pass the time?”

She grins and takes a firm hold of your hand, pulling herself up. She too stretches, and then goes to the door.

“Come on. I think I know a place that’s rather relaxing. We might as well go take it easy there, until classes start up.”

The two of you exit the club room and leave the main part of the school grounds.

“Renko, is this really okay? I don’t think we should be out this far, we may be late getting back to classes.”

She waves her hand back at you, pretty much gesturing that it’s no big deal. The two of you are soon at a rather green hill outside of the school grounds, but not too far out of it. She plops down and the crisp grass and lays her back against it, spreading her arms to either side. Not wanting to break this scene apart, you follow suit. The two of you lay there, looking up at the nice, blue sky. Soft clouds float by, forming different shapes. You begin to loose track of time after a while, becoming lost in this moment.

“Hey…” Renko looks over at you. “How is it?”

You give her a generic expression. “Hmm? How is what?”

She pushes herself up into a sitting position and smiles.

“Being a boy in a girl’s body. It’s fun, right?”

You shake your head from side to side as you also get into a sitting position. Renko keeps the same stupid grin on her face as you begin to speak.

“It is fun at times, but it’s nothing more than a bother at others. Sometimes it can be a real pain, like when I’m around Mary or Goro.”

“Goro? Oh yeah, her cousin…”

Renko sighs and plops back down.

“He’s weird, that’s for sure…”

[ ] Continue to talk about Goro.
[ ] Talk about Mary.
[ ] It’s probably about time to get to class.
>> No. 6222
Yen: 3,000

Pocket Knife
Sketchbook 1: Mayohiga & Shrine
Sketchbook 2: Hakugyokuro & Higan
Sketchbook 3: Others
School books
Pencils (3)
Pens (3)
Diary of the ‘Other World’
Book on Japanese Demons
Lunch (empty)
Folder from Mary
Laptop charger cable
>> No. 6223
[x] Talk about Mary and Goro.


Also thanks for suprise update.
>> No. 6224
[x] Talk about Mary and Goro.
>> No. 6225
[x] Talk about Mary and Goro.
>> No. 6226
>“Being a boy in a girl’s body. It’s fun, right?”

Isn't that a reverse trap?
>> No. 6227
A trap and a reverse trap, best of friends.
I love it.
>> No. 6228
>As a guy who hated BC/R, I must express my satisfaction with this.

Hate is a strong word, but I'd agree the writing and depth in character background has improved markedly.


[x] Continue to talk about Goro.
[x] Talk about Mary.
[x] Who cares about classes? Sketch Renko laying on the grass while you talk to her (Pencil, Sketchbook 3: Others).
[x] Examine: Folder from Mary
[x] Talk to Renko about the folder from Mary.
[x] Examine: Diary of the ‘Other World’
[x] Talk to Renko about the diary of the 'Other World'.
[x] Examine: Journal, last entry
[x] Talk to Renko about recent events.
[x] Examine: Pocket Knife
[x] Play with pocket knife.

Screw the rules, I wear girls' clothing.

Build us walls, Nine.
>> No. 6230
[x] Talk about Mary and Goro.

Not too much. Don't want to make nine procrastinate once it's time to update.
>> No. 6232
[x] Continue to talk about Goro.
[x] Talk about Mary.
[x] Who cares about classes? Sketch Renko laying on the grass while you talk to her (Pencil, Sketchbook 3: Others).
[x] Examine: Folder from Mary
[x] Talk to Renko about the folder from Mary.
[x] Examine: Diary of the ‘Other World’
[x] Talk to Renko about the diary of the 'Other World'.
[x] Examine: Journal, last entry
[x] Talk to Renko about recent events.
[x] Examine: Pocket Knife
[x] Play with pocket knife.
>> No. 6233
You know what, fuck school. We'll at least have time to get the laptop & change out of our uniform before nightfall, and there's no reason why we can't be examining & talking about some of the stuff at a cafe, on the train, or while walking. Who the hell explores a graveyard during the daytime anyway?

[x] Continue to talk about Goro.
[x] Talk about Mary.
[x] Who cares about classes? Sketch Renko laying on the grass while you talk to her (Pencil, Sketchbook 3: Others).
[x] Examine: Folder from Mary
[x] Talk to Renko about the folder from Mary.
[x] Examine: Diary of the ‘Other World’
[x] Talk to Renko about the diary of the 'Other World'.
[x] Examine: Journal, last entry
[x] Talk to Renko about recent events.
[x] Examine: Pocket Knife
[x] Play with pocket knife.
>> No. 6234
[x] Continue to talk about Goro.
[x] Talk about Mary.
[x] Who cares about classes? Sketch Renko laying on the grass while you talk to her (Pencil, Sketchbook 3: Others).
[x] Examine: Folder from Mary
[x] Talk to Renko about the folder from Mary.
[x] Examine: Diary of the ‘Other World’
[x] Talk to Renko about the diary of the 'Other World'.
[x] Examine: Journal, last entry
[x] Talk to Renko about recent events.
[x] Examine: Pocket Knife
[x] Play with pocket knife.
wall me. Wall me. WALL ME!
>> No. 6236
It's currently a tie. If you honestly want the wall then vote for it, I'll make sure to write it as quick as I can and with as little procrastination as possible.
>> No. 6237
[x] Continue to talk about Goro.
[x] Talk about Mary.
[x] Who cares about classes? Sketch Renko laying on the grass while you talk to her (Pencil, Sketchbook 3: Others).
[x] Examine: Folder from Mary
[x] Talk to Renko about the folder from Mary.
[x] Examine: Diary of the ‘Other World’
[x] Talk to Renko about the diary of the 'Other World'.
[x] Examine: Journal, last entry
[x] Talk to Renko about recent events.
[x] Examine: Pocket Knife
[x] Play with pocket knife.

See you again in the evening, I suppose?
>> No. 6240

From Japanese 五 (go) "five" and 郎 (rou) "son". This was traditionally a name for the fifth son.

Also, wall building games.
>> No. 6241
File 121432514646.jpg- (24.64KB , 398x450 , Renko_04.jpg ) [iqdb]
“Why do you say that? He’s a jerk but he doesn’t seem that weird, in my opinion.”

Renko gives you a quick gaze and then returns to looking at the sky. This scene… it’s rather nice. In fact, it’s more than nice. You need to be able to draw something this beautiful. After pulling out the third sketch book and a pencil from your bag, you begin to draw the scene. Ren takes a deep breath and then continues to talk, closing her eyes.

“Well… I think he must have some kind of reason for being mean to Mary, and then being so cruel to you. There has to be some kind of twisted motivation there, right?”

You nod and begin to draw Renko herself. She does look rather nice today in her uniform, her hair spread out on top of the grass. Her soft face is hard to capture correctly on the paper, but you manage it. After drawing for some time you notice that she has quit talking.

“Anything else about Goro? I’m sure there must be some concern of yours involving that guy.”

She shakes he head slightly, a little grin appearing on her face.

“Nah, he’s really boring. I’d rather talk about something a little more fun. Any ideas, Watako?”

You think this issue over for a minute and remember Mary. Maybe Renko knows something about her that you don’t? Either way, it’s something to talk about out here.

“What about Maribel? I’m sure you must like to talk about her, right? I mean, you two are really good friends.”

Her grin grows ever larger, making her look like a little kid which just heard a funny joke. She opens her eyes and looks out at the blue sky as you begin to draw the hill around her. At this point she once again speaks up, her merry tone comforting your ears.

“Well… Mary is a really kind soul. Even if she doesn’t show it all the time, she really does care about you. She even cares about Goro, which surprised me. I guess she’s just the sort of person that can’t really hate people…”

She sighs, and once again closes her eyes. You might as well let her rest for now. After searching through your bag you pull out the folder that Renko gave you from Maribel. You might as well check out some stuff in here. You open the item and look at the contents. The first page particularly catches your attention.
>> No. 6242
“Dear Watako,
“This folder is a rather large collection of materials that include different inhabitants of Gensokyo which I would like for you to draw.
“In it are descriptions of some odd girl with red wings, who I have dubbed ‘Tokiko’,
“a small girl which creates webbing like a spider, which I have named ‘Yamame’,
“and there’s also a description of a great demon, which I have yet to find out the name of.
“One thing, though. Before you get to work on the contents of this folder, I’d like it if you would come to visit me and our parents today.
“Something has been annoying me, and I need to get it out in the open. It’s fine if Renko tags along, but I’d rather she not be around for the main conversation.
“If this is fine with you, then please hurry over to the Han Mansion after school.
“Yours truly,
“Maribel Han.”

You make sure that you read that right. She wants you to come over? After you left the house to get away from her and her father? This seems too good to be true, so you tell Renko about the note.

“Hey, Renko? I got this note from Mary saying that we should go to the Han mansion later today, and I-”

“Oh?” Renko sits up, grinning widely. It’s a good thing you already drew her on the hill, since it would look a little odd if you continued now. “Well, that sounds fine to me. Mary has been busy lately, and I could always use a recharge by going to see her.”

She stretches out and then lies down once more. You shrug this off and put the folder away, and then pull out this “Diary of the ‘Other World’” that Maribel wrote. It seems to be divided into chapters, each with an odd name. After choosing to read the ‘Mayohiga’ chapter, you find that said chapter focuses on three demons, ‘Ran Yakumo’, a nine tailed fox woman, ‘Chen Yakumo’, a twin tailed cat girl, and ‘Yukari Yakumo’, an extremely powerful demon that commands the other two. It recalls events that occurred at their home, and different things which they’ve done. All in all, it is a rather nice read. You look over to Renko and speak once again, telling her of this odd chapter.

“Hey, Renko? Maribel made a copy of this thing for you, right? This Diary of the ‘Other World’?”
>> No. 6243
She nods and sits up once again, now facing you.

“Yes, she did. It was pretty weird but fun to read, right?”

“Yes, but this one chapter peaked my interest. ‘Mayohiga’…”

She nods, now holding her arms below her bust, apparently folded. It would be a lot more arousing if she actually had what one could call ‘cleavage’.

“Yeah, that one was really silly. I think that the story about Ran and Chen trying to find heaven in the clouds was really fun, though. Wouldn’t you agree?”

You nod. That one was rather nice.

“Yes, but this ‘Yukari Yakumo’ lady really seems odd to me. She goes about messing with everyone in this ‘other world’, and yet she always comes out unharmed.”

“Yeah,” Renko replies “She does seem like a Mary Sue. Always going about and using her ‘superior powers’ to get free of every situation, and apparently all-knowing, it would seem. Then again, she is supposed to be an ancient demon, right?”

You nod, and Renko begins to look at the book herself. You decide that you might as well review what has been written in your journal, and you then pull the thing out. You smile as Ren goes about reading the book, a childish grin covering her face. Upon opening up to a more recent entry, you begin to read what you have written in the article.

“It’s been a rather nice day today. Renko, Maribel, and I all went to explore this one cave. Mary said that some kind of ‘boundary’ existed inside of it, and odd marking adorned the walls.
“At the end of the cave wind began to blow in. It seems that the very end of this place was sealed off with a huge stone. We tried to push the thing, but to no avail.
“Well, I’ll write in this later on, I guess. I feel like taking a nap now.”

Oh yeah, the cave with the rock. After reading that entry you remember how annoying that one place had been. Thinking back, you remember a picture of a red fish of some sort on the rock. It really was an odd sight. You shrug it off and talk to Renko once more.

“Hey, Ren? I kind of forgot, but have we done anything that interesting lately?”

She shakes her head, putting the book back into your bag.
>> No. 6244
“Nope. The most interesting thing I did lately was probably lay out here. I’d say that we could really use some excitement today, wouldn’t you agree?”

You nod. Maybe the events at the Mansion and at the graveyard will be fun, to some extent? Finding nothing else to do you pull out your pocket knife and begin to play with it. Looking the thing over, it seems to be a rather handy device. It has not only a knife on it, but many other features, such as a can opener and a small saw, and even a pair of tweezers. You flip the blade out and point it up, looking at it as the sun reflects off of the item.

You decide to examine the saw on the item. It’s a rather small feature, but an interesting one, nonetheless. The little saw is particularly interesting because of how the edges are shaped. It has a large spike and a small spike opposing it on every section of the thing. After flipping it back in you sigh, and suddenly feel a pressure against your hand. Renko pulls you up to meet her and grins.

“Okay then, which is first? The clothing store or the Mansion?”

“Eh? Why so soon? And… what about school?”

She laughs, patting you on the back.

“Oh, that? I thought it was obvious. Well, I might as well tell you.” She breathes in a deep breath, as if about to tell you a long story. “You see, we’ve been out here a long time. School will probably be out by now, but we already skipped classes, so we shouldn’t really care. So, come on! Which do you wanna do first?”

[ ] Go shopping for clothes and then visit the Han Mansion.
[ ] Skip the clothes and go straight to the Mansion.
>> No. 6245
[x] Go shopping for clothes and then visit the Han Mansion.

light speed replyan
>> No. 6246
Also, just to clear things up, when Renko said "a boy in a girl's body", she was ignoring the fact that Aoi has a penis.
>> No. 6247
[ ] Go shopping for clothes and then visit the Han Mansion.
>> No. 6248
[x] Go shopping for clothes and then visit the Han Mansion.
>> No. 6249
[ ] Go shopping for clothes and then visit the Han Mansion.
>> No. 6250
[x] Go shopping for clothes and then visit the Han Mansion.
>> No. 6251
[X] Skip the clothes and go straight to the Mansion.

Sounded important.
>> No. 6252
>Also, just to clear things up, when Renko said "a boy in a girl's body", she was ignoring the fact that Aoi has a penis.

[x] Go shopping for clothes and then visit the Han Mansion.

Her penis is cute.
>> No. 6253
>Spirited Away by the Demon Chapter

[x] Check Satoshi's locker for a baseball bat
[x] Do some practice swings


[x] Skip the clothes and go straight to the Mansion.
>> No. 6254
[X] Skip the clothes and go straight to the Mansion.
>> No. 6255
>she was ignoring the fact that Aoi has a penis
That is unacceptable. We will have to teach her to take very serious notice of our penis.
>> No. 6256

"You see this, Renko? This is my penis. WHY ARE YOU IGNORING MY PENIS?"

"Look, that's not what I..."


"Let go of my hand."

>> No. 6257

You, sir, made me laugh. Writing now.
>> No. 6258
You scratch your head, wondering what exactly you should do. Renko looks at you with intent eyes, a giddy smile on her face. You sigh heavily and begin to walk forwards, taking her along with you.

“Well, we might as well get going. Let’s go to the clothing store first, and then we can go to the Mansion. I’m sure Mary can wait.”

Renko nods and pulls forward faster than you were walking. She trots ahead of you, dragging you along behind her. You can’t help but smile as this carefree girl runs forward, pulling her close friend along, making their way to the train station. The best part is that you happen to be that close friend. The two of you arrive at the station, and she smiles.

“You know… it’s nice. It’s nice how you came along and became friends with me and Mary, you know?”

“Ha.” Your cheeks fluster slightly. “Don’t say random things like that, Renko. It’s embarrassing.”

The train pulls up, announcing its presence with the loud screech of the rails. The two of you board it and take your seats. It seems that most of the crowd has left now. Were you really out there that long? Looking about, you see a few familiar faces on the train, including Goro and Haru. The two seem to be arguing over some issue. You merely sigh and look away as the two argue, acting like dogs going at each other’s throats. School life is… rather boring, isn’t it? As the routine train ride continues, Renko tugs on your sleeve. You turn to face her, and she immediately begins a conversation, not caring about how surprised you are.

“So then, what should we buy? I’m interested in the new stuff that came in today, but I’m really up for anything.”

You shrug at her question.

“I’m just going to get whatever appeals to me, personally.”

She pats your shoulder, grinning.

“Yeah, you do run things like that. Good old Aoi only does what he wants.” She speaks in a sing-song voice now, grinning from ear-to-ear. “Aoi is such a silly boy, Aoi is an indecisive boy. He loves to buy frilly things, and he loves to-”

You cup your hand over her mouth. How could she just start singing about that? She giggles and removes your hand, holding it between her own two hands. Her hands are rather soft, nice and delicate…

“Oh come on. I was just messing with you, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” She lets go of your hand and you slowly put it back at your side. “Besides, you’re more popular this way. Almost all the boys love to have you around, you know?”

You merely nod. It does feel nice to have the guys laugh and give you attention while you’re around, but… It can feel creepy, sometimes. In all honesty you like women more than you do men. In fact, you don’t even like men like that… Renko remains quiet for the rest of the ride, which takes hardly any more time.

The two of you leave the train and run into the shopping district, where you find a rather large group of people running about. Renko grabs your hand and leads you into the clothing store. After the two of you enter she turns to you with a grin.

“I’ll go look for things on my own, and you can go get something if you have the money. And… I guess Mary’s house is our next place to go.”

With that she spins about, walking off in the other direction. You’re left in the middle of the store with 3,000 yen, and only a few general ideas of what you could buy.

[ ] Get a swimsuit.
[ ] Buy a one piece dress.
[ ] Get a new hat.
[ ] Buy some kind of shoes.
[ ] A loose top and some shorts. A nice, inexpensive combo for spring.
>> No. 6259
[ ] Get a new hat.

>> No. 6260
[X] Get a new hat.

>> No. 6261
[X] Get a new hat.

Got to have a hat if we're going to Gensokyo.

[X] If there's enough left over after the hat, a loose top and some shorts, too.
>> No. 6262
[ ] Get a new hat.

Without it we'll die.
>> No. 6263
You idiots.

Head Gear is not a condition of death or power. It is a sign of High Ranking Status.

Now, That being said.

[x] Get a new hat.
>> No. 6264
[x] Get a new hat.
>> No. 6265
[x] Get a new hat.

Sun hat!
>> No. 6266
[x] Get a new hat
[x] Tricorner hat! OLD damn school.
>> No. 6267
[X] Get a new hat.

Slouch cap with one side of the brim snapped upwards. That's style.
>> No. 6268
Well, the winner is obvious. I'll get to writing soon.
>> No. 6269
File 121433947431.png- (104.44KB , 360x1070 , popularity_poll_5_01.png ) [iqdb]
> It would be a lot more arousing if she actually had what one could call ‘cleavage’.
>> No. 6271
Just a quick note before I get back to work.
Renko isn't avaliable on playthrough 1.
Neither is Mary.
You need to get an ending in Gensokyo before either one of their routes opens up.
>> No. 6272
Are they both Coco routes or something?
>> No. 6273
Hooray friendship!
>> No. 6274
You begin to look about the store, searching for the hats. It doesn’t take long to find them, and you soon are browsing the whole collection of hats. There are sun hats, baseball caps, and many others adorning the wall. After searching for a while you decide to go with the big sun hat for 750 yen. You look around for a while and find Renko once again. She’s looking at swimsuits, and is holding two rather revealing suits. She spots you and walks over, grinning.

“Hey, Watako! You said that you like wearing girl’s clothes, right?” She shoves one of the swimsuits that has a blue and white striped pattern into your hands. “I’m getting this for you. I expect you to wear it some time soon, okay?”

You’re at a loss of words. She wants you to wear this revealing outfit while on the beach or at a pool? You feel your emotions flush away as you look at the thing and picture yourself in it. A cold chill rushes down your spine at the thought of wearing something like this.

”Umm, Ren? Are you sure about this? I mean, it seems like a really odd thing for me to wear. You agree, don’t you?”

She moves up to your ear and begins to whisper. “Oh, but if you run around in trunks then people will think that a high school girl is running about topless. You don’t want that, do you?”

…It’s a lose-lose situation. You nod in acceptance as Renko grabs the sun hat you were looking at. She feels along the edges and smiles.

“I think they have a special on this. If you get this and some kind of marked clothing, then you get the clothes on half-price, while the hat remains at a cost of 750. Come on, I know just the thing to get.”

She leads you about the store, looking all over the place. You eventually come to an area with different clothes that have green stickers on them. Renko grabs a tank-top and a pair of shorts, grinning. She then snatches up a pair of sandals that lacks the green tag, and drops them all into your arms.

“All together, this should be about… 2500 yen. You have that much, right?”

You nod, and she pulls you over to the counter. You pay for the clothes, which are put into a bag, and leave the store, then walking out onto the streets. Renko takes your hand and leads you down the streets towards your own home. The two of you soon pass the place and continue down towards the Han Mansion. You enter through the large gates and find that things are rather… calm here. A soft noise of birds calling to each other can be heard, and it seems that the front door has a pair of shoes left next to it. Ren smiles, clutching your hand.

“Mary must be here somewhere. Where should we look first?”

[ ] Check around outside.
[ ] Enter the house.
>> No. 6275
{X} Enter the house.
>> No. 6277
[X] Check around outside.

Don't want to go barging into someone else's home, even if they did invite us.
>> No. 6279
[x] Enter the house.

>> No. 6280
[x] Knock on the door and wait.
>> No. 6281
[x] Knock on the door and wait.

This. It's polite.
>> No. 6282
[z] Knock on the door and wait.
>> No. 6283
[ ] Knock on the door and wait.

Would it be right to barge right in? Probably not.
>> No. 6284
[x] Knock on the door and wait.
>> No. 6285
[X] Enter the house.

The only person inside worth our respect is our mother. Dad's a giant asshole, and Mary... well, we might make her see the light with time, but right now she's a bit...

I guess they might have some maids that are nice, or something. Nice, gorgeous maids who adore their traptastic charge whenever he comes by...
>> No. 6286
[x] Enter the house.

>> No. 6287
“We might as well see if she’s inside. Come on.”

You run up to the front door of the mansion. It’s still rather impressive, and also tall. The sides are a fine white color, and seem to have a smooth, pleasant texture. You decide to see if anybody will come to meet you at the front porch, and you begin to knock.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

A voice yells out to you, seemingly telling you to wait. A rapid movement of feet can be heard, and a young girl opens the door. Her blonde hair is tied up in a ponytail, with one end reaching over her shoulder. She has a French-maid uniform, with the headdress included. She smiles upon seeing you.

“Oh, master Aoi! You’ve returned, have you?”

You shake your head, still smiling.

“No, no. I’m merely visiting Maribel. I brought Renko here as a guest.”

The girl nods. “Right. Mistress Maribel did tell me that she had invited you. I’m… somewhat embarrassed for not knowing.” She lifts one hand to her mouth and laughs. After putting the hand back down she begins to speak. “Well then, please come inside. I believe that she will be down to see you shortly.”

You take a few steps into the building, once again seeing all the wonderful objects that adorn this space. Vases and dishes of high prices on the walls, fine rugs on the floor, and lovely furniture all about. Renko nudges you suddenly, pointing to her feet, and then to yours. You see that she’s removed her shoes, so you do the same. The maid leads you through a corridor of the mansion, and then shows you to a sitting room.

“Please wait here for just a moment.”

With that she trots out the door, turning to her left. You hear her begin to talk once more, apparently speaking to another maid. A flash of red hair can be seen as one of these maids passes by the door, rushing off to likely find Mary. The first maid returns to the room, shutting the door behind her. She takes a quick bow, now holding some kind of silver dish in her hands.

“Is there anything I can get you two while you wait?”

Renko throws her hand up, a large smile on her face.

“I’ll take some soda!”

The maid nods, and then turns to you.

“What will you be having, then?”

[ ] Write-in choice.
>> No. 6295
[X] "Your love juices should prove to be a drink worthy of my tongue."
>> No. 6296
[X] "Your love juices should prove to be a drink worthy of my tongue."

The best.
>> No. 6297
{X} "Your love juices should prove to be a drink worthy of my tongue."
>> No. 6298
[x] "Your love juices should prove to be a drink worthy of my tongue."

By way of epic fail, this will become win.
>> No. 6299
[X] "Your love juices should prove to be a drink worthy of my tongue."

Bring on Futako!
>> No. 6300
Well, I'm not feeling that good right now, so I'll update some time tommorow.
>> No. 6308
[X] "Your love juices should prove to be a drink worthy of my tongue."

>> No. 6311
Goddamnit YAF.
>> No. 6330
File 12143872624.jpg- (66.88KB , 398x450 , 508.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 6335
NOTE: "keikaku" means plan
>> No. 6342
A horrible thought enters your head. You aren’t entirely sure where this thought came from, but it’s delicious. Deliciously stupid. So stupid that something good must come of it.

“Your love juices…”

The maid and Renko glance at you, their eyes widening for some reason. Your face breaks into a grin as you continue to speak.

“…should prove to be a drunk worthy of my tongue.”



The ground begins to shake, as something moves about in the earth. A red pain fills your cheek as you fall over, and you stand to find that Renko has punched you in the face. She grits her teeth as she stomps over to you, picking you up by the collar.


A slap to the face.


You feel your cheek. It’s hot after being hit by Renko twice. She lets you down and points to the window. You look out to see what appears to be a giant entity emerging from the ground.

“Good job. Now the writer is pissed, and the fourth wall has been broken. Seriously, way to go, YAF.”

…YAF? Who is that? You don’t have much time to think of that as the mansion shakes, being picked up by this colossal beast. The roof and floor begin to move, being pushed in by this thing. You bound out the door of this room, heading to the middle floor of the mansion. The surfaces there are even breaking apart, and a section of the next floor hits you in the head. You fall over, unable to see what is happening anymore. Who would make something like this happen…?

Bad End
>> No. 6343

>> No. 6344
File 121441617034.jpg- (136.35KB , 484x650 , teachmefutakosensei.jpg ) [iqdb]

Your eyes readjust. It appears that you are now in a classroom. The place is rather empty, aside from a young girl at the teacher’s desk. She removes her glasses and glares at you.

“I guess that breaking the fourth wall is breaking the fourth wall. Take a seat, class.”

You do as she orders and take a seat. The girl is rather short, but appears to be in charge here, wherever this may be. She sighs and focuses her gaze on you.

“Well, I might as well get this over with. You see, what you did wasn’t really your fault. You can safely place the bulk of the blame on a man who goes by the alias of ‘YAF’. He controls a separate universe where your actions would probably have resulted in a threesome with the maid and Renko, whether the effects would have happened right there or some time in the distant future.”

She hops down from what appears to be a booster seat. It… it’s hard to take a midget like this one seriously. She walks over to you and places her hands on her hips, frowning.

“The main problem, though, is how much rage this ‘YAF’ has filled the DM of this universe with.”

DM? YAF? What is this nonsense? You shake your head and continue to listen to the girl.

“In the future, it would be best to resist urges like those, because you will then have to live with the consequences of your actions. Right now the A.O.D. universe is being reconstructed so that you can continue your story. Count yourself fortunate.”

She turns about, now hiding her face.

“Just… just try to do well. You need to stay in there, before you end up with a job like this.”

Your vision fades once again.

[ ] Back one choice.
-[ ] Write in
[ ] Back two choices.
-[ ] Check around outside.
-[ ] Enter the house.
>> No. 6348

>> No. 6349
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Glass o' whisky.

( ´A`) Futako~
>> No. 6350


[x] Orange Juice is fine, thank you.
>> No. 6352
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Real men drink tea.
>> No. 6354
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Peach
>> No. 6355
[x] Back one choice.
[x] Real men drink tea.
>> No. 6356
[X] Back one choice.
[X] Real men drink tea.
>> No. 6358
{X} Back one choice.
{X} Real men drink tea.
>> No. 6362
>> No. 6365
File 121442511345.jpg- (56.13KB , 645x659 , Ren_and_Mary_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
You smile, maintaining your usual happy expression.

“Real men drink tea.”


A silence follows. Renko and the maid both merely look at you, possibly wondering if they heard that right. This quiet is broken when Ren begins to laugh furiously, pounding one of her fists against the arm of her seat.

“Ahahaha… Nice one, Aoi. Well, you heard the ‘man’, one soda and some tea.”

The maid’s face turns red for a moment, and she takes a step back. “Um… yes, I’ll get your drinks. Please wait here.”

With that, she opens the door and takes off down the hall. How odd, what could be wrong with that woman? Renko folds her arms and grins, smiling over in your general direction.

“Well, I suppose that we can only wait now. While we’re waiting…” She touches a finger to her lips, gazing up now. “What size of underwear do you wear?”

“Eh?” How could she ask something as sudden as that in a place like this? “What does that have to do with anything?”

Renko shakes her head, smiling. “Well… I was wondering if you wore the same size panties that I do.” She looks straight at you now. An embarrassed expression is probably on your face at this point. “You do wear panties, right, Aoi?”

You turn your head. “Th-that’s none of your business! Just wait for Mary, and quit talking about weird things.”

Just as you finish your sentence the door opens. Maribel enters, with the first maid right behind her. The latter walks over to you and Renko, handing her a bottled soda, and handing you a small cup. She sets the plate she had been carrying the cup and soda on down. A large pot sits on it.

“Hold the cup out, please.”

You do so, and she fills the cup to the top. Pulling the cup back, you slowly sip the tea. Maribel takes her seat and glances at you, smiling.

“I see that you still prefer women’s clothing, don’t you?”

Before you can speak Renko stands up, grinning once again.

“Yup. We went to go buy frilly swimsuits before we came here.”

She casually strides over to the bag of clothing. You try to speak, and you even try to look away, but… it’s like watching a train wreck. She pulls the bag of clothes up and shows it to Maribel.

“You see, this one is his. He’ll wear this hat while wearing it, too. Isn’t that cute?”

Maribel’s cheeks redden as she looks in the bag. Her gaze shifts over to you, a look of disbelief on her face.

“Aoi… do you seriously plan to wear this thing?”

[ ] “Yes, it looks like it’ll be fun.”
[ ] “Renko got it, I didn’t.”
[ ] “Not at all! I’m not weird, really!”
[ ] “Take it easy.”
>> No. 6366
[x] “Take it easy.”

Yes. But it doesn't matter.
>> No. 6367
[x] “Take it easy.” Calmly take another sip of tea.
>> No. 6368
[ ] “Take it easy.”

Chillax Mary.
>> No. 6369
[X] “Yes, it looks like it’ll be fun.”

Swimsuit trap.
>> No. 6370
[ ] “Take it easy.”
>> No. 6371
{X} “Take it easy.”
{X} Calmly take another sip of tea.
>> No. 6372
[x] “Take it easy.”
[x] Calmly take another sip of tea.
>> No. 6373
[x] “Take it easy.”
[x] Calmly take another sip of tea.

Silly Mary, you already know the answer.
>> No. 6374
[z] “Take it easy.”
[z] Calmly take another sip of tea.
>> No. 6375
[x] “Take it easy.”
[x] Calmly take another sip of tea.
>> No. 6376
[x] “Take it easy.”
[x] Calmly take another sip of tea.
>> No. 6377
[x] “Take it easy.”
[x] Calmly take another sip of tea.

Oh wow.
>> No. 6382

Go back to /bed/, YAF.
>> No. 6383
File 12144321483.jpg- (36.83KB , 439x750 , Ren_1.jpg ) [iqdb]
…No, this isn’t the time to panic. You manage a warm smile, and calmly reply.

“Take it easy.”

After having spoken, you gingerly sip your tea. The air feels still with the building climax of this situation. You look back to Renko to find that she has set the bag down on the floor, and is now drinking from her soda bottle. Mary shakes her head and smiles.

“I guess you’re right. It… it’s nothing to get that worked up about, right?”

She giggles and pours her self a cup of tea. After taking a sip of it she happily looks back at you, apparently having calmed down considerably.

“Very well, then. I guess it really isn’t something to be… that worried about. Now then, I was wondering what you were planning on doing.”

You raise an eyebrow. “What I was planning on doing?”

Maribel nods. “Yes, about your residence. We’re willing to take you back here, if you don’t have any objections.”

…This doesn’t seem right. Why would they suddenly want you back like this? You shake your head, refusing her offer.

“No thanks, I’m perfectly fine in the apartment. I don’t really see a reason to come back to this place.”

“Oh?” Maribel brushes a lock of hair out from in front of her eyes. “But it was my father who wanted you to come back.”

The old man? What would he gain from this? You shake your head and smile.

“Well, I have no desire to return, so that’s that.”

Mary sighs, and she then looks over to Renko, who has been surprisingly quiet. The girl is in a chair with her head pointed up, a slight line of drool falling out of her mouth. Mary stands up and pouts, turning her attention to Renko.

“That isn’t funny, you know.”

Renko hops out of the chair, her typical grin making itself known.

“Maybe not for you, but it makes me laugh. It WAS funny, right, Aoi?”

They both look over to you, and you merely raise your hands up and shake your head. Maribel sighs heavily and walks towards the door.

“I’ll meet you two at the door in a few minutes. We might as well get going to that one thing now.”

She leaves the room, and you soon find yourself at the entrance of the mansion. Mary has a bag with her now, and she has changed into something a little more suitable for running about outside, as has Renko. Maribel tugs on your arm and smiles.

“So then, should we ride bikes to the graveyard or walk there?”

[ ] Ride the bikes.
[ ] Walk there.
[ ] “Why are you being so nice to me?”
[ ] “Weren’t you going to talk to me in private?”
>> No. 6384
[ ] Walk there.
[ ] “Why are you being so nice to me?”
[ ] “Weren’t you going to talk to me in private?”

wall me!
>> No. 6386
[ ] Walk there.
[ ] “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Mary is too soft.
>> No. 6388
[ ] Walk there.
[ ] “Why are you being so nice to me?”

Go back to bed YAF.
>> No. 6389
[z] Walk there.
[z] “Why are you being so nice to me?”

This isn't like you at all Mary.

You don't even want us as a sibling.
>> No. 6390
[x] Walk there.
[x] “Why are you being so nice to me?”
>> No. 6391
[x] Walk there.
[x] “Why are you being so nice to me?”
>> No. 6392
[x]Walk there
>> No. 6394
Updates where?
>> No. 6395

I was attending to my own matters, but I'm back now. Writing.
>> No. 6396
“I think we should walk there, personally.”

Renko throws her hand up, smiling.

“I think we should ride bikes!”

Maribel shakes her head, looking out at the horizon.

“I agree with Aoi. Walking sounds ideal right now. Come on, let’s go.”

She walks forward and Renko follows her. Shrugging, you begin to walk behind them, listening to the sounds of everything nearby. Birds are flying; grass is swaying and crunching under your feet… It’s rather nice. The sun has yet to go down, but the path to the graveyard is a rather long one. It should be some time before you get there, so you decide to start up a conversation.

“Hey Maribel? Why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden? It doesn’t really seem like you.”

She shakes her head, and motions for you to come towards her. After getting up next to her she leans her head over, and whispers into your ear.

“Dad told me to be nicer to you. I’m merely being a good daughter and doing as he says.”

She pulls away again, leaving you in confusion. Why would he want Maribel to be nice to you? Maybe… does it have something to do with him wanting you to return? You scratch your head in confusion, and then you feel some air blow into your ear. Glancing over you can see Renko, smiling at you. She leans in closer to your ear and whispers.

“I like secrets too.”

You bring your hand up to your face, and then proceed to shake your head.

“Geeze, Renko. That was… Weird, that’s for sure.”

She smiles, holding her hands to her hips.

“Oh, was it? Well then, you must be weird for having me that close, and yet not being excited.” She pauses. “U… Unless you don’t like me as a girl, that is…”

You violently shake your hands back and forth, a cold sweat rolling down your face.

“No, it’s nothing like that! You’re great, really! I mean, that outfit looks nice on you, and you’re fun to be around, and-”

You’re interrupted by Renko patting your shoulder.

“I was only kidding. Now stop, before I start to blush.”

You fall silent again as the three of you walk down a dirt road. You just start to notice the trees that are around you, showing that you’ve already gotten away from the city. Ren and Mary are also quiet as they walk, but you may be able to get one of them to speak.

[ ] Talk to Renko.
[ ] Sneak up behind Renko, run your finger down her back.
[ ] Talk to Mary.
[ ] Sneak up behind Mary, run your fingers through her hair.
>> No. 6398
>{ } Stab Mary.

{X} Sneak up behind Renko, run your finger down her back.
Botheran gaems
>> No. 6399
[ ] Sneak up behind Mary, run your fingers through her hair.
[ ] Sneak up behind Renko, run your finger down her back.

Sneakan gaems
>> No. 6400
[x] Sneak up on Mary, smother her to death with a pillow
>> No. 6402
[ ] Sneak up behind Renko, run your finger down her back.
[ ] Talk to Renko.

In this order.
>> No. 6403
[z] Sneak up behind Renko, run your finger down her back.
[z] Talk to Renko.

Well, I've given up any hope of liking Mary now.
>> No. 6404
[x] Sneak up behind Renko, run your finger down her back.
[x] Talk to Renko.
>> No. 6405
[x] Sneak up behind Renko, run your finger down her back.
[x] Talk to Renko.
>> No. 6406
[x] Sneak up behind Renko, run your finger down her back.
[x] Talk to Renko.

Sup Ren? Mary hates me.
>> No. 6407
[x] Sneak up behind Renko, nibble on her ear
[x] Talk to Mary

>> No. 6408
[] Sneak up behind Renko, run your finger down her back.
[] Talk to Renko.
>> No. 6411
Doesn't matter, can't get their paths anyway, right?

Huuuh, my legs hurt.
>> No. 6417

Would be nice to get some affection points for replays where we can fuck them though, right?
>> No. 6424
Not updating any more tonight. I'll be back when the sun comes up.
>> No. 6431
[ ] Talk to Renko.
>> No. 6432
[ ] Talk to Renko
>> No. 6437
What, they carry over for New Game+?
>> No. 6450
I don't think there will be a New Game+
>> No. 6453
Hey, is this thread a part of BCR?
>> No. 6454
BCR = dead
no parts
>> No. 6455
>BCR = dead

and nothing of value was lost

>> No. 6456
>and nothing of value was lost

Isn't it sad Futako?
>> No. 6458


YAF... what the hell?
>> No. 6459

( ´A`)
>> No. 6460
>> No. 6461
Stealthily, you sneak up behind Renko. She moves her hips from side to side as she walks. Her short hair jumps about with each step, making it hard to resist the urge to… slide your finger down her soft, slender back. Her skin is smooth, though you don’t feel it for long. She yelps and leaps forward as you were reaching the lower part of her spine. She turns about and looks at you in surprise, clenching her fists up near her face.

“Wh… what the hell was that about?”

You smile, placing one hand on your bag and using the other to give her a thumbs-up.

“I was seeing if I could get a reaction out of you, that’s all.”

Looking over, you see Mary shake her head. She continues forward, waving a hand back, as if to say ‘Do what you will’. Renko gives you a slight jab to the gut and wraps an arm around your shoulder, smiling.

“That was a dirty trick, Aoi. I’ll get you back for that, you know.”

You can’t help but smile. That’s one thing you like about Ren, her ever-playful attitude. She always seems to take everything well, and she always seems to be so happy about playing around. After squeezing your shoulder and giving you a slightly creepy grin, she continues to speak.

“You know, Mary did say that there were apparently two barriers in the graveyard. She said that they might even be weak enough to look through.”

Renko is now leaning on you, though only slightly. You smile as she continues to speak, and as you continue to move forwards.

“You know, I was thinking that we should check out one of those barriers by ourselves, and let Mary look at the other one. What do you think?”

Leaving Mary on her own does sound a little harsh, even if she is a bitch. You shrug in response to Ren’s question, and she merely shakes her head.

“Well then… I guess you can go with her if you want.”

She lifts off of you and walks a little faster than before. The sun sinks even more as the three of you head towards the cemetery. You are soon enough there, looking at the rather large place. A tomb is on the left side of the place, and various graves are on the right side. Renko looks at you and grins.

“So… which will it be?”

[ ] Head left with Mary, look at the tomb.
[ ] Head right with Renko, look at the grave stones.
[ ] Look around on your own.
>> No. 6462
[x] Head right with Renko, look at the grave stones.

>> No. 6464
[x] Head right with Renko, look at the grave stones.

Ren is fun to be around.
>> No. 6465
[x] Head right with Renko, look at the grave stones.
>> No. 6466
[x] Head right with Renko, look at the grave stones.

I just don't like Mary. A person who's only acting nice to us because her dad told her to.
>> No. 6467
[ ] Head left with Mary, look at the tomb.
I love me a good tsundere.
>> No. 6468
[X] Head right with Renko, look at the grave stones.
>> No. 6469
[x] Head right with Renko, look at the grave stones.
>> No. 6470
{X} Head right with Renko, look at the grave stones.
Gonna be molested by the sex-fiend.
>> No. 6471
[+] Head right with Renko, look at the grave stones.
This iteration of Mary can fuck right off. I don't like the way she's being portrayed.
>> No. 6473
>> No. 6477

Nice. Couldn't get anymore of that. Hope this one is better, but I guess I will never know this unless I start reading it.
>> No. 16341
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