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3776 No. 3776
You really have enjoyed living in Mayohiga this past year. You’ve come to love Ran, and Chen, and especially your new mother, Yukari. Ran has also become a sort of second mother for you, and you’ve come to find that Chen is like a little sister now. You’ve spent this past year in peace and joy, learning from your mothers and playing with your sister. You have just finished working today, and have become hot and sweaty from the hard work you put into putting up a new shed in Mayohiga. You have decided to take a bath today, and you’ve stripped down to your bare skin. You feel the water.

Ouch. That burns. You get in slowly and reflect upon your actions of the day. You remember how glad Chen was that you had put the shed up, since it could be a new home for all of her cat friends. You smile at the thought of the little girl cheering as you put up the walls, and hugging you after you had finished…

>”Tako! Tako Onee-chan! What is this? It looks so cool!”
>”This is a new clubhouse for you and your friends, Chen.”
>”I thought you might enjoy having thi-”
>The girl jumps around you, clinging to your shoulders.
>You smile as she rubs her head against your chest.
>”Amazing! You’re so amazing, Tako Onee-chan!”

Your nose begins to have blood trickle out of it. Huh. You guess this sort of thing happens when you- Wait, was that a tail?

>> No. 3777
You feel a group of smooth tails lift you up, wrapping around your legs and arms. You feel one of the tails brush against your small ass, and another begins to tickle your left nipple. You moan as it does, and a voice is heard behind you.

“Your moan is so cute, Tako-chan. I want to… I want to hear it. Over and over again.”

The figure raises another tail, which runs around your right nipple. Yet another tail comes up to tickle your clitoris, and you moan louder as it does. Your member is erect, and you see a hand reach forwards to grab it.

“I hope you enjoy this, and I’m sorry. I… I just can’t hold back anymore.”

Another tail sticks its tip into your mouth. You moan as the tails molest you, and the hand strokes your erect cock. A finger presses itself up your ass, and moves up and down inside you as the other strokes your manhood with tender care. You can’t hold back anymore, and you shoot your load onto your stomach. The hands move back, and the tails quit moving. You feel a slight pressure, and you’re turned around, now facing Ran.
“I really hope we enjoy this, and… Again, I’m really sorry.”
The tails lower you, and Ran lies down. Your member is pressed up against her tight gate, and she pushes you forwards, tearing that gate asunder.
>> No. 3778
“Aaahn!” Ran moans as you enter her, even though she is the one doing this. She moves you back and forth, running up and down through her delicate walls. You feel her pressing against your erect pillar as you journey through her corridor, and you moan as you feel all of this pleasure well up in the form of love. Love for Ran, and love for her tails. You continue to move in and out, until you finally blow your load again, filling your mother with your hot cum. She pulls you out and sets you down on the floor.

“So, Futako, how was it?”

You can only think of one thing to say at this time, only one thing enters your mind. You sigh with pleasure, and utter the words that made all the difference.

“Tail feel so good.”
>> No. 3779
If you guys liked this, and want me to do any more of these, then suggest them here. (Or on IRC whenever I get on.)
>> No. 3783
A pillar journeying through a corridor.
>> No. 3784
Fuck yeah, Nineball.

I love you even more.

You should do one for Chen and another for Yukari, too.

That picture, though. I love it. Especially how Yukari seems to be controlling Ran like an old-fashioned super robo.
>> No. 3786
Okay then. The next two of these will focus on Chen and Rumia individually. I might have them done today or tommorow.

Also, would you guys like one of these stories focusing on Mystia?
>> No. 3787

Well we haven't had much interaction with her in the main story but more love for Mystia is never a bad thing.
>> No. 3788
Yay, youkai idol!
>> No. 3821
Was supposed to be Ran fucking Futako, but I fapped to it all the same.
>> No. 3835

Mystia? Why not. Maybe we could show her some songs on the internet!
>> No. 3988
Do another one like this but add more detail to it!
>> No. 4002
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You’ve been living some time with your adopted daughter, Mystia. She’s grown to adore you, and you love her just as much as she loves you. The relationship was rocky at first, but it took off after you began to take her to the playground every day. She enjoys staying there, playing with her friends. In fact, just the other day, you took her there to play with her friends named Chen and Flandre. The three of them are great friends, and always enjoy playing together. You’ve also become friends with their guardians, Ran Yakumo and Sakuya Izayoi. The three of you often go shopping together, and they even suggested that you buy a certain sweater for Mystia, which she now wears as much as she can.

You just got home from picking Mystia up from school, and she trots over to the window, waving goodbye to her friends again. She runs over to you and pulls on your skirt, that same bright smile on her face.
“Hey, mommy? Can we go to the theme park soon? Chen and Flandre said they were gonna go, and I’d really like to play with them there, and I think the music must be really nice there, and and and…”
She giggles and spins around a few times. What a hyperactive child, always running around and finding something new to do. You figure that she’ll probably become the class president one day, seeing the ways she loves to take charge.

You go to your bedroom, thinking about your relationship with this daughter of yours. You know that people often give you odd looks on the street, since an amanojaku never gives birth to a night sparrow. You shrug this off and think about what you and Mystia will do when you get to the theme park, and how she’ll have that huge smile on her face…

“Mommy! Let’s go on this one next, okay?”
“Okay, okay, just don’t wear yourself out, Misty-chan.”
You picture her running over to the line and waving at you, jumping up and down as she does.
“Hey, Mommy! Over here, the line’s over here! Hurry up!”
You then see yourself walking over to her, and patting her head.
“Take it easy, Mystia. I’m here; now let’s just wait to get on.”
The two of you enjoy that nice day at the theme park, running about and playing together.

You hear a knock at your door, and Mystia steps in.
“Mommy… Something feels funny…”
You get up and walk over to her in a hurry, hoping that she didn’t hurt herself.
“Where does it hurt, Misty-chan?”
She lifts up her one piece to show you her innocence, with a white bulge poking out of it.
>> No. 4003
“Mommy, something is coming out.”
You were wondering when this day would come. It seems that Mystia has hit that age rather early, which you… You just wish she had never hit it at all. You pick her up and take her into the bathroom, setting her on your lap.
“Okay, Mystia. This will hurt, but it’ll be over soon enough. Be a good girl and take it as best you can, okay?”
“Okay, Mommy.”
You pull her one-piece back up, and put your thumbs on the sides of her vagina. She moans as the egg pushes itself forwards, and she gives birth to her first egg. You let go, and she begins to pant, taking in all the air she can.
“It hurt, it hurt a lot. I really don’t want to-”
She’s cut off by her own scream, as she begins to produce another egg. You hold her walls open, but it refuses to come out.
“Come on, Mystia, push!”
She pants, clutching her dress.
“I can’t, I’m tired, and it hurts. It really, really, hurts, Mommy!”
Tears begin to run down her face, and you decide to help her push. You stick your thumb up her anus, and feel around for the egg inside her vagina. You begin to push it, and she lets out a few more moans and screams as the egg releases itself. It falls onto her dress with the other, and she pants as she tries to regain her energy. You pick her up and lay her down on your bed, and take the eggs into the kitchen, so you can get rid of them in the best way possible…

“Hey, mommy! Did you make something tasty? It really smells tasty!”
Mystia come running into the kitchen, her arms spread out. You couldn’t bear to tell her what she’s about to it, especially after she had enough mental shock from the abuse of her former parent, Rinnosuke Morichaka. You do your best to manage a smile, and speak back to your adopted daughter.
“Yes, I made a cake, Mystia. I hope you like it.”
“Yay! Cake!”
She hugs your legs as you pick the treat up, holding it on top of a large plate.
“Hey, Mommy? Are we going to go to the theme park tomorrow?”
You smile as you cut a slice of the cake for her, and set it onto her plate.
“Yes, Misty-chan. We’re going to the theme park tomorrow.”
>> No. 4006
Did we... did we just feed Mystia her babies?

That's a little ;_;
>> No. 4009
That was delicious.
>> No. 4010
I doubt it. Many bird species lay eggs whether they're fertilized or not (for example, chickens). Seems more like this was Mystia's first ovulation, and Futako just made effective use of it (which, really, is no different than a girl swallowing after oral sex).
>> No. 4011
My daily serving of Scorn-level despair.
>> No. 4016
File 121242029845.png - (93.10KB , 350x400 , 1207181467196.png ) [iqdb]

Yeah I read that monster girl Doujin too.

>>mental shock from the abuse of her former parent, Rinnosuke Morichaka


>> No. 4041
I see no despair in those posts.

What if she asks about her eggs? Maybe they are important to her like with the first teeth. (she won't lay them under her pillow though)